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Harry Potter and The Untold Adventures (One Shot)

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Harry Potter and The Untold Adventures (One Shot)

This is going to be a series of one-shot fanfics about the unspoken adventures of Harry and his friends. The stories will not be in order. I’ll just state when they’re supposed to occur at the beginning of each one (I might even start with a quote from the book in italics). And I will be taking requests, so don’t hesitate to make them.

This first one I came up with after asking myself some questions. After finishing Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, I obviously thought of places Voldemort might hide his horcruxes. I thought the Mirror of Erised would be perfect. But I imagine that the person who owns the mirror is wise and decided to hide it. I think he (assuming it’s a wizard) would ask Dumbledor to keep it safe until another hiding place could be found. But what if Harry came upon the mirror again? That’s when I came up with this.

“Half-Blood Prince”

during Ch 24

Ginny didn’t seem at all upset about her breakup with Dean; on the contrary, she was the life and soul of the team. Her imitations of Ron anxiously bobbing up and down in front of the goal posts as the Quaffle sped towards him, or of Harry bellowing orders at McLaggen before being knocked cold, kept them all highly amused. Harry, laughing with the others, was glad to have an innocent reason to look at Ginny: he had received several more Bludger injuries during practice because he had not been keeping his eyes on the Snitch.

The worst of these, Harry had gotten within a week. Peaks had hit the Bludger much to hard and it hit Harry’s head. Fortunately, Ginny was able to mend it, all the while cursing at Harry for being the world’s biggest git.

“You going to be okay, mate?” Ron asked.

“Sure,” Harry said, making a futile attempt to stand up, “I’ll just need a few minutes.”

“Oh no you don’t,” Ginny scolded, holding him up, “You’re going strait to Madam Pomfrey and she’ll tell you if you’re fit to continue practice.”

Harry was certain that the school healer would not allow him to go back to practice. She’d probably insist on him staying in the hospital wing for the rest of the day, all the while droning on about how terrible it was that children were allowed to play such a ruffian sport. Harry was about to object, but he realized that this would give him a few precious minutes alone with Ginny.

“You’re right,” Harry said, “I can’t even stand up.”

“You must have twisted your ankle too,” Demelza said, “Can’t you fix that Gin?”

“Well, I could just remove the bones,” Ginny said with an evil smile, “I know how to do that.”

“No thanks,” Harry said, thinking back to when Lockhart removed all the bones in his arm, “Just take me to the hospital wing.”

“I’ll keep practice going here,” Katie said, “That way, at least some of us can keep in form.”

Ginny held Harry’s right side as they made their way to the castle. Harry tried to remain calm, which was difficult with the amount of physical contact between them.

“How could you not see that Bludger, you stupid git?” she said.

“Accidents happen,” Harry said, not wanting to reveal that he didn’t see it because he’d been looking at her.

“They seem to be happening a lot to you.”

“Oh,” Harry said, getting a little nervous, “Really?”

“Yes! In your second year you broke your arm, third you feel about fifty feet, fifth you got into a fight over the match, and this year you got smacked in the face twice. If this goes on, there won’t be much of you left next year.”

“You’ve got a point,” Harry said, glad she hadn’t realized the reason for his last accident, “I think my leg is a bit better.”

“You’re not just saying that so you can get back to practice, are you?” Ginny said.

“No, I just think I’ll be able to walk the rest of the way,” Harry said, putting weight on his right leg.

“All right,” Ginny said, letting go of him, “But I’ll still take you there.”

Harry wondered why he had to tell Ginny to let go of him. He was a stupid git. He decided to strike up a conversation. One that might open up an opportunity for him to ask her out.

“So,” Harry said, searching for a topic, “How are your classes going?”

“It’s becoming nerve-racking,” Ginny said with a groan, “I swear that, if I hear McGonagall drone on any more about how imperative it is that we apply ourselves, I’ll die.”

After this sunk in for a few moments, a bold idea came to Harry. Perhaps he could tutor her in Defense Against the Dark Arts privately. He did get an Outstanding in the subject, and it would give him a lot of time alone with Ginny.

Just as he was about to execute this brilliant plan, Ginny said, “Hey, what’s that?”

Harry turned to where she was looking and recognized what she saw immediately.

“That’s the Mirror of Erised,” he said.

“What does it do?” Ginny asked.

“It...it shows whoever is looking into it their deepest desire.”

“Oo-ooh,” Ginny said, stepping into the classroom the mirror was in.

“Wait, Ginny,” Harry said, walking after her with a limp, “I don’t think it’d be a good idea to look.”

“Why?” Ginny said, “What harm could it do?”

“You’d be surprised,” Harry said, “The Mirror of Erised doesn’t show knowledge or truth. Only fantasy. And it’s not good to dwell on dreams.”

“Oh come on,” Ginny said, rolling her eyes, “If it makes you feel better, just tell McGonagall that it needs to be moved after we have a look. One look can’t hurt.”

“The first time I looked, I was obsessed with it. I don’t want that to happen to you.”

“Don’t worry about me,” Ginny said, “So what did you see?”

Harry paused for a few moments, then said, “The first few times I looked in it, I saw my family. My mum and dad, and several other people I didn’t recognize.”

“That’s sweet, Harry. First few times, though? Did it change?”

“Well, when I tried to get the Philosopher’s Stone, I saw myself getting it. That was the last time I looked. I might still see my parents, but...I’m not sure.”

Ginny pulled Harry toward the mirror and said, “All the more reason to look. Just one look won’t hurt.”

Harry walked in place, not sure about what to do. What was his deepest desire? To see Voldemort dead? That would have been the noble thing to see. But he was sure it’d have something to do with Ginny. He opened his eyes.

“I don’t see anything,” Ginny said, “Well, nothing but you.”

“I forgot to tell you,” Harry said, “Only I’ll be able to see it.”

And for that, he was thankful. For what he saw was Ginny, but somehow she looked even more beautiful than he’d ever remembered. And the Ginny in the mirror was looking at him with a fire in her eyes that he’d never seen, and hoped no other man would see. The look told him that Ginny wanted to do things that he would never want Ron to know about.

His dream-like state was interrupted by Ginny saying, “So, what do you see?”

Harry felt his cheeks redden as he tried to find a way he could talk his way out of this. This was not the way he intended for Ginny to find out how he felt about her. Fortunately, he was saved the need to explain himself.

“Hello, Mr. Potter, Miss Weasley,” Dumbledor said.

Ginny yelped. That was understandable, since the last time she saw Dumbledor, she thought she’d be expelled.

“Professor, we were...just...”

“Heading for the hospital wing?”

“Yes,” Harry said, “Sorry, let’s go, Ginny.”

“You have to need to worry,” Dumbledor said, as if anticipating Harry’s next question, “I am about to discus the fate of the Mirror of Erised with a friend of mine. Hopefully, you will not stumble upon it again.”

“Thank you, Professor,” Harry said and left.

He was quick to get into the hospital wing so that he would not have to tell Ginny what he saw. In the days to come, whenever Ginny brought up the mirror, Harry would pretend he couldn’t hear her until she changed the subject.


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