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The Bravest Man I Ever Knew

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The Bravest Man I Ever Knew

The Bravest Man I Ever Knew

Made by vendetta at The Dark Arts Forums

Time has moved forward since those days,

and there is no need to relive them by feeling sorry for one's self,

but to remember the good in a person.

Disclaimers and such that I am not J.K Rowling, I don't own characters, places or anything of the such. I write for enjoyment.



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This is the story of the bravest man I ever knew. In the least melodramatic way of putting it, that is. Of all the men I knew, not one I have seen ever went through as much hardache, or bravery as he did. This is his story. I wish I could go back and apologise for every word I said to him that was hateful, and every spell my mates and I cast on him. Sadly, it does not matter how many times you can travel back in time, the past never changes.

What is done is done. Time has moved forward since those days, and there is no need to relive them by feeling sorry for one's self, but to remember the good in a person. With so much pain and sorrow in watching the love of his life fall from hating him, treating him like a best friend, and moving on with her life, he finds a way to manage moving on. May a Higher Power be with him and the suffering he endured after the untimely death of the one he loved. Not only was her life taken, but the man who stole her away from him as well, making his entire worth of living utterly wasteful.

Life goes on, no matter. For all of us. Now to move on to his story. Mind you, it is not one of complete heartache and loss: not an everyday silly romance novel. It is the telling of someone who learned what it was like to grow up before his time, and losing the little amount of control he had over his life. Here it is. The story of the man I knew; Severus Snape.

What better place to start than the end?


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Re: The Bravest Man I Ever Knew

Chapter ???:
The End: Part One
November 5, 1981
It was far past midnight now. Severus Snape waited long enough. It was time to see her. With one last look around Professor Dumbledore's office, his sanctuary of the past couple of months, he made his way out of Hogwarts castle. The last hours of moonlight were rather cold, making the grass crisp and Severus' breath visible. He had to move quickly. Soon it would be dawn and people would be out and about to see him. With the current circumstances, he couldn't risk being seen. Going too early was risky as well. Hopefully, now was the best time to see Lily.

Shortly after he was far enough from the protective boundaries of Hogwarts, he apparated, leaving that bit of the magical world behind him. The small pop of his arrival was just loud enough to stir a nest of birds and cause them to flutter about in the early morning, confused as to what was disturbing their slumber. He raised the hood over his head and made sure the coast was clear before setting out into Godric's Hollow. There was nothing out of the ordinary in the little village. That is, if you were a muggle, things were normal. Severus could see from the very place he stood, the destroyed house of the Potters.

His breathing staggered the closer he was to his destination, and his feet fumbled as his legs went numb with each step. Not only was the Potter's house visible from where he was, but so was the small graveyard where Lily Potter lay. The sight of it seemed to be several kilometers away, but the walk didn't take nearly long enough. As he opened the gate of the graveyard, a very light amount of snow began to fall. On his black cloak and hood it made him stand out momentarily, but it melted almost as soon as it landed on him.

Since the death of Lily and James Potter, Severus had not been able to make it to their grave sight. He wasn't exactly the most wanted man there either. Next to Black, Severus was most likely the last person anyone wanted to see at the funeral. It was only a minor problem, however, because it did not take long to spot the grave. Once he did, he wished he hadn't. With the amount of preparation he did for hours before coming, seeing the grave still made him crumble before it and grasp for Lily's etched name.

Silent tears ran down his face and his free hand clutched the dying bits of grass around him. His knuckles were paler than usual from the clinch of his fist. It would be considered unusual behavior for Severus if Lily was still alive, but obviously things were changed at the time being. No words were said. Severus’ head was bowed, his hair reaching the ground. He didn’t know which was worse: having held the lifeless woman he loved, or knowing he would never see her again buried under the mound.

What he was doing wasn’t exactly sobbing. The past couple of months in knowing Lily’s fate were enough to make him sob for weeks. They were silent, never ending tears. It was the heartache that seemed to be unceasing. Most men would consider themselves blubbering idiots for this sort of behavior, but not Severus. Never in his lifetime would he regret the mourning he paid for Lily. Only, he never really did stop mourning her death.

At last, Severus looked up from his vulnerable position and was able to face the large, white gravestone. His eyes were blurred with the tears unable to pass his vision before falling and working more on staining his face with wet streaks. His thumb on the hand caressing the gravestone traced over the letters of Lily’s name. “I’m so, so sorry,” he barely managed to say in an audible whisper. Severus traced his thumb over the letter L. “I’m such a failure, Lily.”

His voice broke, but it was somewhat louder, as though he were worried she could not hear him. “I gave up on my life as if there were nothing better for me to do, and you moved on! I should have taken after you! I— I should—I should have listened to you.” He traced over the letter I at the end of the rant and began on the next L. His knees seemed to bring him closer to the stone than before.

“You were right,” his voice lowered again. “I should never have joined the Dark Lord.” His thumb traced over the letter Y, but he could not bring himself to continue on to the next word. Instead, his knees completed their mission and brought him chest to stone with the grave and he let himself fall upon it. He rested his head on top of the stone and stroked the top of the smooth surface.

“I was young and made so many mistakes, Lily. You saw through them and forgave me for so long, and I blew it all in your face!” He stopped himself momentarily for shouting and then leaned his forehead against the stone. “You were so young—I’m sorry.” A small, thin layer of snow was forming around him and on top of the stone. Severus couldn’t find the strength to care about how cold his hands were, or how hard it was to breathe in the frostbitten air. Perhaps he felt his insides were so cold, the weather was not that much of a difference.

“I never meant for any of this to happen,” he said, clearing his throat as he leaned back to see the whole stone again. “Not to you, Lily. Never to you! When I thought—I did not think the prophecy was talking about your boy. I would have—I should have warned you a long time ago instead of taking it to the Dark Lord. I will do you right, Lily. I promise somehow I will. I tried helping after it was confirmed the Dark Lord chose you and James. I ran to Dumbledore. I begged for him to help! He—he tried, but failed, too. It was only a week after I told him…”

Moments of silence passed again. Severus wanted to say so many things and apologise for everything he ever did, but he knew most of it would be useless. He would never get the answers he needed, and Lily would never be able to accept his apologies again. More birds began to wake and sing around him. He hadn’t noticed before, but there was a soft light all around him now. The snow hadn’t stopped yet, though.

“Why did you put your trust in Black?” he said bitterly. “You and I both knew he was trouble from the start, it was that idiot husband of yours who decided, wasn’t it? How could you fall for that, Lily?” He didn’t want to accuse Lily. It was most definitely Potter’s fault, and he found it hard for Lily to ever fall victim to believing Black. It was Potter that pushed Black’s reputation as good blood, and Lily fell for it and learned to love him as well. Why must Potter always have his way?

Severus closed his eyes and imagined Lily’s face in front of him. Her image would forever be young and spirited with auburn hair, beautiful emerald green eyes, and the most magical smile any woman or person could ever possess. It was his fault she would be forever stuck that way. Her only survivor, her son, would carry on with her eyes as he grows, but eventually even he will outgrow his eternally young mother. Severus could only hope it was the end of James’ youth for good as well. He did not deserve the chance to surpass Lily in age. Their young boy could not look like James Potter.

“Everyone can’t stop talking about you,” Severus said with the smallest smile on his lips, “only sometimes I can manage your name brought up in conversation. It feels as though everything that has happened this past week was only a dream. Then I wake up and realise that it was all too real. You’re gone and people are remembering your name, not bringing you back to life. Back to me… They talk about your son, too. Lily, I don’t know how he did it, but he survived. The Dark Lord tried to kill him but instead, Harry defeated him. I—I don’t know if that is the end of the Dark Lord or not, though. I thought it was, but Dumbledore seems to think differently.

“Your boy lives on and I hear he is to be raised by Petunia. Who knows what sort of upbringing he will have. In many ways, I can all but hope he isn’t a wizard. Maybe then he will have a somewhat normal upraising. If he is—if he is I promise to look after him. Dumbledore has assured me the position as Potions Professor. He won’t allow for me to have the Dark Arts class, no matter how much I ask him, but he is a very wise man.” A door opened somewhere in the village and a large dog started barking. People would be up and beginning their day soon, and Severus could not be around for them. Who knew who would be lurking around Godric’s Hollow so soon after Lily and James Potter’s death. Most likely, whoever it was, it would be someone who did not welcome Severus Snape at all.

“People are waking now, Lily. I have to head back to the castle. I don’t want anyone finding me here, friend or foe. I’m still not exactly welcome around you or Potter. I had to come and let you know though that I—I,” the dog’s barking was louder and sounded closer.

“Jasper, come back!” shouted a young girl, sounding equally as close as the dog.

“I don’t know when I’ll be back, Lily. Hopefully soon.” Severus said at last. He leaned forward and lightly kissed the engraved name of the woman he never had the courage to do willingly while she was alive, and pulled his wand out. Silently, he conjured a small, golden wreathe in the middle of the stone and watched quietly as it formed. The dog was his timer and by the sound of it, it was time to go. Severus quickly switched over to the other side of the stone and closed his eyes before disapparating. The last thing he heard was the dog’s front paws hitting the graveyard gate and the young girl’s voice.

“What was that?”

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Re: The Bravest Man I Ever Knew

Chapter One:
I'll Put A Spell On You
August 23, 1975
"Severus, we'll be best friends forever." Lily Evans said sulkily with her hair in her face and head turned toward the sheets. Severus was lying next to her on the bed, arms wrapped around her waist from behind and chin resting on her shoulder. The day was meant to be a very well, planned out afternoon of planning out their Diagon Alley trip before school. Unfortunately, as soon as Severus walked into the Evans household, Petunia was determined to make sure the afternoon would be dreadful.

Lily really does try to put up with her sister’s awful remarks most of the time, but most of her comments tear the redhead down in spirits. Worse than that, the comment stung Severus more personally this time than simply feeling bad for Lily. Once he stepped into the house, Petunia’s voice screeched, “Hey, Freak, you’re second lover is here!” She only slipped those comments by while their parents weren’t home. The truth was, James Potter had been sending letters by owl to Lily all summer and Petunia was keen on picking up how much the other boy fancied her.

“We’ve lasted this long,” was Severus’ normal reply. Another thing that pained Severus more than Petunia’s stinging comments, was the fact the loving embrace they now held meant absolutely nothing to Lily. It was an everyday, common friendly gesture. After all Lily Evans and Severus Snape were best friends. Outside of the school, that is. Lily sat up, making Severus’ fingers untwine and roll back on his back to look up at her. She looked over her shoulder at him and smiled slightly. Her auburn red hair was draped over the shoulder farthest from him and her emerald green eyes were glistening from unwanted tears.

“True,” she sighed and then slipped off the bed to reach into her dresser drawers. She pulled out a notebook Severus recognised as her personalised journal. It wasn’t anything like a real journal. She didn’t write memories or anything down in it, because writing down things like that weren’t her cup of tea. Journals were more her sister’s sort of thing. What this journal specialised in was keeping the never ending lists Lily made private. Remembralls weren’t exactly fitting for a girl like Lily Evans. “Are you still up for planning out our shopping spree?”

“Don’t call it a spree, Lily. It makes it sound much less exciting!” Severus exasperated and sat up, allowing his feet to hang over the clad in pink bed.

“Sorry,” she said, her smile spreading wider, “How about an Educational Shopping Function?” The fifteen year old girl bounced onto the bed with her knees and turned quickly to sit right next to Severus. There was a twinkle of laughter in her eyes as she opened the book and turned the pages until it was nearly three fourths of the way in. Severus chuckled and made room for the two of them to breathe.

“Looks like you’ll need a new notebook soon, Lily.” He pointed out. “Your unnecessary lists are beginning to reach their end.”

“They are not unnecessary, Sev!” Lily defended. “Now, I know we both need the same books for classes this year and you have that covered, but what about anything extra? Our cauldrons seem up to date for our fifth year, but I’ve heard Dragon Scale cauldrons would be best for our O.W.L’s.”

“Dragon Scale?” Severus looked over her shoulder to see what notes she had written down. It was in quotation marks with the name James Potter written after the note. “James told you that did he?”

Lily looked slightly guilty and looked up at him. “He knows how much I adore Potions and thought it would be useful for me to know.”

“And how, may I ask, does Potter know what cauldrons are best for O.W.L’s?” Severus asked venomously. Lily noticed his tone and let him know she didn’t appreciate it by glaring back at him.

“His parents have attended Hogwarts before you know? He asked them about O.W.L’s and they told him about Dragon Scale cauldrons. He owled me the tip and I’ve written it down to remind myself to let you know.” She said hotly. Severus, rather childishly, scooted to the foot of the bed and scowled at her. “Why does it matter, Sev?”

“He didn’t send you the tip because he knows you adore the subject, Lily. He sent you the tip in hopes that it would attract you to him.”

“So what if he did? I now know what I need for my O.W.L’s to pass hopefully with an Outstanding and I don’t have an ounce of affection for Potter. Even if he did send it with other intentions does not mean I have to follow them like that, Sev, and you know that!”

Severus looked down at his crossed arms and turned slightly crimson around the cheeks. Lily was right. If he continued this behavior, he may let on that he wasn’t worried about O.W.L’s, but the chance of Lily actually liking Potter.

“If it helps,” Lily continued after he didn’t make any motive to reply, “I never replied. I haven’t given him the satisfaction of one letter this summer.” She spoke softer and smiled in hopes to get Severus to look up again. It worked and he slid back over to her side.

“Sorry,” he mumbled and then made to look back over her shoulder.

“Why does it matter so much anyway that Potter is trying to attract my interest?” she asked suddenly.

Severus was taken aback but stuttered his answer out quickly while trying to regain his composure. “I-i-it doesn’t! I just know how much you hate it when he tries to pursue you. You said it was annoying to you when he acted like an arrogant prat. Which, may I remind you, he does over one hundred percent of the time.” He looked her dead in the eye, hoping he acted more like himself in time.

Lily laughed. “You’re right,” she said, “I do hate him most of the time. I never should have bothered noting he was the one who gave me the tip. I know you hate him for what he does to you, and it always leads to these sorts of arguments. I’m sorry.”

You have nothing to be sorry about. Severus thought. For a split moment he let himself get caught in her emerald trance. It was something Lily never meant to do, but every so once in a while (more often throughout the years) she absolutely hypnotised Severus. It was like he was absolute goo and melted into her gaze. Hopefully nothing was going on with his outward appearance because he really felt no control of himself during these times. Times like this were actually dangerous to be around her for the fact Severus could admit his ultimate undying love for Lily and he would have no control over it. The feeling was like she had put a spell on him.

“Now, back to the list,” Lily brought him back to reality. “I am definitely getting one when we go. Do you think you will want one? I know you don’t particularly care about Potions but—“

“Me? Buy a Dragon Scale cauldron? Lily, I would not have nearly enough Galleons to afford all of my books and a cauldron like that. I’m fine with what I have,” he said humbly.

“I can always get it for you, Sev. If it means passing your O.W.L’s it is no big deal. I could call it an early Christmas present or something.” Lily tried making her way around buying his school supplies sound as if he weren’t some charity case.

“Absolutely not!” Severus retorted. “My cauldron was bought brand new my first year and it still works absolutely wonderfully. The day I buy a new cauldron is the day mine completely dissolves from some hazardous potion. Even then I don’t think I could care enough to buy a Dragon Scale cauldron or even a cauldron at all seeing as I don’t want anything to do with Potions once I’ve finished school.”

Lily looked somewhat lost between shock, confusion, and outrage. She didn’t know if she should be angry or understanding that he did not care about Potions at all. Then Severus realised she wasn’t angry because he did not want anything to do with her favorite subject after he was done with school, but again because of Potter. “You don’t want one because James suggested it! Really, Severus, you act so childish sometimes.” She slammed her notebook shut and made for the dresser again to put it up.

He stood, stamping the ground as he did so. He didn’t want to be angry with Lily, especially since her hypothesis was utterly wrong. There really was no money to spare for such a wasteful item and he wasn’t going to be treated as some charity case. However, her calling him childish made him lose the last bit of restraint he had for the day.

“No, Lily, it is not because Potter suggested the cauldron to you. In fact, I don’t care if he suggests you join his bloody gang of misfits. I could care less about what Potter and his crew thinks and you should know that. Stop defending him and realise what you are saying to your best friend here.” He indicated to himself and his face fell. The rant wasn’t completely overdone in anger, but hurt as well. All summer Lily seemed to be defending Potter a little more. Nothing drastic of course, but enough to realise she was seeing things on their side occasionally.

Lily’s face turned red and tears streaked down her face. Severus made a step for her but she took a step back and inhaled deeply before speaking again. “Can you come back tomorrow please,” she tried to say calmly beneath her swollen throat. “I’ve just remembered what a git my best friend is and I need some time to calm down.”

Great, now you’re the git. Good luck crawling out of this hole.

“Lily, I’m—“

“It is fine, Severus. I’m fine. I would just much rather go to Diagon Alley tomorrow. Today didn’t start off on the right foot anyway.” She said stiffly. He wanted to say something more, but thought better of it and headed down the stairs to go home. Lily didn’t follow him downstairs and he heard the gentle click of her door shutting from above.

Mr. and Mrs. Evans were home now and Petunia was sure to keep her distance and mouth shut. The couple grew used to Severus and Lily hanging out in her bedroom for long periods of time. Apparently, even they realised he never had a chance with their daughter.


Guys! Totes come find me on Facebook so we can be friends forever and ever! ^^ Just let me know you're from CoS!
Hello! I'm Maelody, and these are my stories! Check them out and review please! Seven Years and Counting/Feedback, The Bravest Man I Ever Knew/Feedback, Dying: A One-Shot/Feedback, Just One Memory: A One-Shot/Feedback, A Thousand Years/Feedback, Australian Blur/Feedback, Spiders, Dragons, and Love: A One-Shot/Feedback, Inside and Under: A One-Shot/Feedback, Eun Ae: A Misfit's Guide to Hogwarts/Feedback!
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Re: The Bravest Man I Ever Knew

Chapter Two:
Doxy Pox and Dogs
August 24, 1975
Sometimes fights aren't meant to last. Today's results of the day before's argument was a perfect example of that. It wasn't completely forgotten. The moment Severus saw Lily the next day he apologised awkwardly in the doorway. Lily forgave him instantly and ran to embrace him, followed by tugging at his hand and dragging him back down the stairs.

"Mum! Dad!" Lily shouted throughout the house. "We're ready to go!" She began placing a brown burlap bag over her shoulder and shoved her book of lists into it. Thankfully, Lily’s Mum would be driving the two of them to Diagon Alley this year while her father sat in the passenger’s seat. Years prior Severus thought he would lose his life due to Mr. Evans’ driving. Even more brilliantly, Petunia would not be joining in for the ride at all.

A loud CLANG! emanated from the kitchen and Lily groaned, slumping her shoulders as she grudgingly stomped toward the rather cheerful voice of, “I’m fine!”

“Daaad! I’ve told you a hundred times that you can’t be practicing your potions ingredients in the house! If the neighbors complain one more time, Hogwarts could expel me for Muggles knowing too much about the magical world! Besides, I’ve been fined enough times…” Her voice trailed off as she drew closer to the kitchen. Mrs. Evans came to greet Severus at the door with her keys in hand and a handsome grin following the direction of her husband and youngest daughter.

“He really is quite proud of her. Too bad he can’t go to that school of yours. Lily talks an awful lot about a class called Muggle Studies. Who better to teach such a class than a Muggle himself? Ah, well I guess I would miss Mr. Evans around the house and his constant explosions in the kitchen.” Mrs. Evans nudged Severus with her sharp elbows and winked at him. The boy only sneered and subtly stepped farther where she could reach him and said, “Yes.”

With great relief, Lily, with her father at toe, came back into the hall and smiled knowingly at Severus. Her father was always into making strange things in his kitchen. They couldn’t exactly be called potions considering they seemed most like a nuclear liquid bomb, but Lily admired his compassion for their world. Mr. Evans was somewhat convinced Lily must have gotten her traits from someone’s bloodline, meaning there was a possible chance that he too could do some magic. “Nothing too terrible, Mum,” Lily reassured her admirable mother. “Just a bit of irremovable goo all over the cupboards and tiles. I’ll see about sending a letter to the Ministry of Magic to come by and remove it themselves before I leave off for school.”

The family clasped together and Lily’s father kissed the top of her head. “You make your old man proud, Lily. Now, are the two of you ready to head off for Diagon Alley?”

“Yes,” said Severus heavily. Lily jabbed him with her equally as sharp as Mrs. Evans’ elbow and smiled sweetly at her parents.

“Yes, Daddy,” she said and steered the pack out of the house.

Only a few moments later did Severus find himself clutching anything near him he could that was stable to the vehicle. Mrs. Evans was no better, and perhaps even worse of a driver than Mr. Evans! Lily seemed able to bare it, but he could barely keep himself from turning green. When Mr. Evans drove for the first few years, Severus was convinced that perhaps Muggle transportation just was not for him. Mrs. Evans smashed the thought and made him realise the Muggles really did not know what they were doing when they allowed Mr. and Mrs. Evans a licence. Unfortunately enough for Severus, broomsticks were not his style either.

“It is such a shame Petunia never wishes to come to one of these events,” said Mrs. Evans, looking back in the backseat momentarily to let Lily know her comment was directed to her daughter. “It always seems as though she would really love to come, but every year she gives the same answer.”

“A shame indeed!” said Mr. Evans. “Perhaps next year we can convince her to come along? After all Lily only has two years after this left!”

“I don’t think bringing Tuney along is necessary, Mum,” chimed Lily. “Besides,” a mischievous grin spread across the red head’s face, “I don’t think Sev could tolerate her long enough to be in the same vehicle. As adorable as her lust for him may be, Sev finds it quite annoying. Don’t you, Sev?” Lily winked at him and Severus looked somewhat shocked and highly unenthused at the thought of Petunia Evans having an inkling of an interest in him.

“Absolutely intolerable.”

“My little Tuney fancies you, boy?” Mr. Evans said in utter surprise. “I never knew! By George our girls are growing up, Mrs. Evans!”

“Mr. Evans, don’t embarrass him!” chortled Mrs. Evans. “Sev may have his own fancies for our little girl!”


“I’m only kidding, dear! Mostly.”

“No worries, Mrs. Evans. I can assure you and Mr. Evans that I have absolutely no fancies toward Tuney,” Severus said, his face twisting at the vile nickname Lily donned her sister. The comment seemed to have killed the light spirits around the vehicle and Mr. and Mrs. Evans shared a look that Severus could easily read as disappointment in Lily’s choice in friends.

Lily cleared her throat. “Where’s the Leaky Cauldron? We could use a convenient ‘Oh look, we’re here’ moment right about now.” She sustained the laughter from her own joke. Severus glared at her for having ever set him up in such a terrible disposition with her parents. “Well I thought it was hilarious,” she said and then cracked up when she looked over at Severus. “I’m s—so—sorry!” she said between spurts of laughter. “The thought of you and—and Tuney!” She then went into a complete fit of giggles, grasping at her stomach.

Her parents, who were still contemplating about Severus not liking Petunia and there being no romantic interest going on between him and their youngest daughter, picked up Lily’s energy a bit and began to chuckle, too. Finally, Severus thought of the image with Petunia at his side and entwined with his arm and the corner of his mouth twitched at the thought.

“Saw that,” Lily said, shoving him from across the seat.

“I have no idea of what you’re talking about,” he grinned and then turned his attention outside the window as he replaced the image of Petunia with Lily.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

“Lily dear, any idea where I might find a few ingredients for a few experiments at home?” Mr. Evans brought his daughter to the side as they entered the early stages of Diagon Alley. Severus just happened to be within range to hear what she told him.

“Uh, yeah!” she said, thinking quickly. “Head over to Gambol and Japes and get a Hiccough Sweet, Sugar Quill, Lacewing Taffy, and the Spotted Acid Pops. I think those will get you by this year for a while if you buy large quantities,” lied Lily. Her father clapped her on the back and thanked her before heading off to find Gambol and Japes Joke Shop. She walked over to Severus and her mother with an innocent smile.

“You do know you told your father to buy an assortment of sweets, right?” Severus asked, reassuring she knew what she was doing.

“Of course!” exclaimed Lily. “I think my Mum would like her house in one piece this year and I’d love to come home with a full figured family! Anything he makes with those sweets won’t hurt anything and eventually he’ll realise they’re only junk food. I threw the Spotted Acid Pops in to amuse him once his tongue changes colours and he starts sprouting spots all over.”

“You’re a terrible daughter,” he scoffed.

“Or am I a marvelous daughter for keeping my father sane?” she challenged.

“You lead him on to believe he can do magic,” he pointed out.

“Not magic exactly,” she noted, “but potion brews. Really I let him cook strange things and he knows it. Only every once in a while does he happen to stumble upon a few ingredients that blow up the house." She laughed and glanced over at her mother. "Besides, I think they both know I’m only letting them on. They seem to appreciate the things I do. All they’re really doing is trying to understand it.”

“Telling secrets about your dear old Mum, are you Lily,” Mrs. Evans attention was snagged from a cart of what seemed to be mock dragon eggs.

“Every chance I get, Mum,” Lily teased. “No, we were just discussing how quickly we needed to get our shopping done. Since we were supposed to go yesterday, Sev’s mother doesn’t really approve of him being out too late tonight. We are planning an efficient way to shop.” This news was new to Severus.

Mrs. Evans’ interest was peeked and she strolled over to Lily at once. “I could help! Anything you need me to get while you go off and get whatever else it is you two need?”

“I would hate to impose on your exploring, Mum—”

“Impose on my—My dear, this is exploring!”

“Well, only if you’re sure…”

“Lily Evans, what is it that you need.”

Lily reached into the burlap bag resting on her right hip and handed her mum the book of lists they discussed only last night. She opened it to the necessary page and pointed out the books. “If you wouldn’t mind stepping into Flourish and Blotts for us and picking up each of our copies of books, I would appreciate it greatly.”

The pair could see her mother’s mouth moving as she read through the books silently and looked confused for a moment before agreeing to do it. Lily and Severus handed Mrs. Evans their Galleons and she was off on her adventure in Diagon Alley for the first time without Lily there to guide her.

“What am I supposed to do now, Lily. I came here to buy books. I don’t really need anything else.” Said Severus gravely.

“That’s not true,” she said cheekily, “you definitely need some new robes for this term. You’ve certainly grown a hell of a lot taller over the summer. After all, if you’re not going to spend your Galleons on a Dragon Scale cauldron, you may as well buy yourself something you can use and get new robes this year.”

“Why? So I can outgrow them and buy new ones next year? Lily, I see no point in—”

“Ah, ah, Mr. Snape. As a fifth year prefect I could turn you to the Head Boy or Girl for not following the dress code. Wouldn’t want to start Slytherin off on the wrong foot now would we? Or shall I say the wrong coil?”

Severus choked on nothing but air itself as he immediately went back to Lily’s poor excuse as a joke. He was one of the first to admit, especially being a person who had no sense of humor at all, that the poor girl needed help. She’d been trying all day. As things are with attractive girls however, he also couldn’t help but chuckle at her lame attempt and tease her.

“Coil? Really, Lily, I expected much better out of you.” She blushed and threw her head back in laughter. “Don’t expect out of others what you don’t expect from yourself, Sev!” She grabbed hold of his arm and they made their way down Diagon Alley. There was no need to stop by Gringotts because they already had their gold from the last time they were here during the early summer holidays. It was another one of Lily’s so called “shopping sprees” and she wanted a few new clothes to wear at school this year that would help her fit in.

Before they made their way through Diagon Alley, Lily and Severus stopped at the Cauldron Shop to buy her Dragon Scale cauldron (which she still was not able to convince him to buy his own); the Apothecary across the alley so they could pick up a few ingredients for school; Madam Malkin’s Robes For All Occasions to get Lily’s updated robes and a very beautiful set of dress robes she thought she absolutely had to have; and to Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlor to pick up two large triple decker hot and spicy caramel ice cream as Lily’s treat. After they finished the odd and very eventful delight, Lily managed to convince him that he really did need to get new robes. She wasn’t able to do a good enough job convincing him while at Madam Malkin’s due to the price, but they were nearing the Second-hand Robe Shop.

Once they entered, Severus wished there were some way he could change his mind and make it sound convincing when he told Lily he didn’t need them anymore. As soon as the tiny bell introduced their entrance, the booming voice of a very arrogant Black rang across the room. “Hey, Moony! These look practically brand new!” Sirius Black hollered while examining a set of Gryffindor robes toward the back of the shop. Lily realised they were there too and he felt her arm tighten to reassure him to stay calm.

“Oi, look you lot! Evans and Snape have entered the building!”

Where there was one Marauder, there was always another. It was Peter Pettigrew who gave away their entering. Black and Lupin both walked up to the front of the shop for what seemed to be a special welcoming. “Nice grip you got there, Evans,” Black winked at Lily and indicated her arm attached to his. “It’ll break James’ poor heart that you’ve left him for a fowl creature like this, but I suppose the average slime deserves his chance every once in a while.”

“Shove off, Black!” Lily threatened, releasing her grip on Severus immediately. At once Severus felt the loss of his confidence he had only seconds ago.

“Oh! Perhaps I’ve been mistaken, boys. Guess Snivellus is lower than slime. He’s the poor scum no one even has the pity to court.” Pettigrew took the chance to roar with laughter at what his best mate said at once.

“Padfoot, that’s enough,” Lupin said, placing a hand on the poor excuse of a human being’s shoulder. “Leave Snape and Evans alone to their shopping.”

“Not in the mood for a bit of sport, are we, Moony?” Black asked while reaching for his jeans back pocket.

“You better watch what you do, Black, or I’ll let Potter know what you’ve been up to today!” Lily threatened, this time even more furious than before. “Remus, you really should have more control over your friends!” she spat at the fellow Gryffindor prefect. He only shrugged as though there was nothing he could do and showed he would side with his friends if anything happened in the next few moments.

“James is here, Lily! Of course!” Sirius said, smiling up at her. Severus knew it wasn’t her he wanted a duel against, and picking a fight here with her would only be foolish. Severus would like to say the Marauders felt the same way when facing him alone, but unfortunately he was never exactly quick enough to defend himself against their painful spells in the past.

“And what,” Severus jumped in, tired of hiding behind Lily’s hardly helpful protection, “are a group as highly admirable as yourselves doing in a place like this, Black?” his voice sneered and he turned his nose up at the very thought of having just talked to a blood traitor like Black.

“Why the same as you, Snivellus! I’m here to buy second-hand robes. You see, I can own up to my family dropping my fortune and having to afford my own robes. I don’t need my friends to buy my things like some powder-puffs in here,” Black jeered and glared over at him. Severus made to advance toward him but Lily held her arm out and somewhat blocked him from going any farther.

“Severus, there’s no use! Some people just need to learn when there is absolutely no way to communicate with dogs!” she spat. “Come on, you can buy your robes at Madam Malkin’s and I’ll look up a charm to make them last longer. Then you can say you have the higher power over the powder-puffs Black speaks of.” She grabbed his arms in hopes of leading him out of the shop but Severus pulled back and grabbed for his own wand. Sirius, Remus and Peter all reacted quickly and pulled their own wands out. Lily, not completely unaware of the odds, and no matter the rules and trouble she could get in, pulled her own wand out.

“Wow! What have I missed here?” James Potter came strutting from the back of the shop in what appeared to be four times too small women’s dress clothes. “It took ages to get this thing on with you blokes playing up here. The fun of it sort of died a long time ago once I squeezed into the underwear. Oh, I see you took my advice, Evans,” he nodded in the direction of her Dragon Scale cauldron.

Severus' grip on his wand tensed once Potter’s shoulders went back and he grew what seemed to be a head taller as he stood straight to impress Lily. His hand ran through his already untidy black hair and he grinned at her with complete calmness. Everything about Potter’s offensive body language made Severus want to hex him into the next century.

“You need to teach your friends some manners, Potter,” Lily spat, lowering her wand to the floor. The other boys did not follow her lead.

“You need to teach your friend not to fall into our presence, Evans,” and he winked at her but she was hardly amused.

“You’re disgusting! All of you!”

“Watch it, Red. We’re not the ones walking around misleading ourselves to believe we belong on this planet.”

“That’s it, Potter!” Severus shouted and motioned his wand to cast a spell but was then knocked to the side by an exploding display case. It seemed that Peter was too eager in the tension of the room, he missed Severus as his target and cast Expelliarmus before the duel began. The display case exploded and knocked Severus to the side and caused him to hit Lily and bring her to the ground with him.

“NO’ IN MY SH’OP!” shouted an old man who was hobbling over from the corner of the shop. He seemed to be extremely dirty and his words slurred together as if he had just woken from a drunken sleep. “THE’RE’LL BE NO DUE’LING IN MY SH’OP!” Before he was able to reach them, Lily reached into her cauldron and grabbed one of the round, red potions bottles she bought from the Apothecary earlier and chucked it at the group of boys. It sounded as if there was an explosion and a red fog immediately filled the room from where the potion landed and beyond.

“Come on, Severus! We have to leave!” Lily grabbed ahold of his hand and pulled him out of the shop as they tucked their wands away.

“What was that, Lily?” he asked once the tiny tingle of the bell announced their departure of the story.

“Doxy Pox juice!” she said, catching her breath as they continued to run around people on they cobbled street. When they came to a stop to catch their breath in front of Madam Malkin’s, she burst out into laughter and grasped at her chest for air. “Hopefully, their last few days of summer will be absolutely miserable.” Her smile, though she was angry beyond belief only moments ago, was contagious. Severus laughed and caught his breath too, crouching over to keep his balance and stay low in case anyone knew what they had just done. “Come on now,” she said after catching her breath, “lets go and get you some new robes.”


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Re: The Bravest Man I Ever Knew

Chapter Three:
Potions Class Sucks
September 3, 1975
If there were someone Severus Snape hated that was not the Marauders, it was Professor Slughorn. He was at a very close second with the Marauders. In fact, Severus placed him above Peter Pettigrew and Remus Lupin. Not only did the man never take points from the rallying group of boys whenever they said something rude or jinxed Severus on a really unlucky day, but he himself never liked Severus. He was the Slytherin Head of House and he didn't do anything for his students that weren't in favor of his beloved Slug Club. As most would imagine, Severus was not a part of this elaborate club, but Lily was. Along with Potter and Black. Lupin was invited every year to join the club, but for some unknown reason he continued to decline.

Another reason to hate Potions class even more was the fact Lily hardly ever sat by him. Severus wasn't rubbish at potion making. Most of the time it was the class he really needed to work on to get it right, but he got his work done by constant note taking and occasional experimenting. However, Lily did not work with Potter either. If anything, Potter was absolutely incapable of potion brewing and he was known for partnering with Black and blowing half the room up. No, Lily worked with Lupin most of the time because next to Lily, he was the next favored student in the class. To top it all off, it was the second time today Severus was stuck in the Potions dungeons with a class of Gryffindors.

"Really starting to miss Lucius, eh, Severus?" Nott snarled next to him while Professor Slughorn was ranting on about Lily's achievement with an example growing potion.

"Not particularly," Severus said while his attention remained on Lily for a moment longer and then turned to the other boy seated next to him. “Are you?”

“Loads,” Nott said. “At least he paid attention when we were supposed to be working.”

“Mmm,” Severus said before opening his Potions book. “Perhaps if you tried reading a book you wouldn’t need someone sufficient enough in this class to do all of the work for you.”

“Nott don’t care, do you Nott?” asked Thorfinn Rowle in a slippery voice. Nott shook his head and waited for Severus to start reading.

“Right,” he said and began reading the book to himself. They were all working on growing potions so they could use it on a batch of slugs for their next lesson’s ingredients.

“Come on, Nott. I’ll read it to you.” With that, Nott was gone and at Rowle’s table. Severus would be working on this potion alone.

The potion was a startling green by the time Slughorn stopped the class and the room smelled of foul dragon dung. Severus looked around the room and saw he was the only one with the green glow and smirked at his accomplishment of being ahead of the class. The only person whose potion was the perfect shade of soft pink, resulting in the completion of the potion, was Lily. She finished ages ago after Slughorn had her start as an example and began helping students around the room. If it weren’t for her, Severus would probably never have passed the bubbling stage. He would have to remember the trick of smashing Sopophorous Beans with the blade the next time he dealt with the little buggers.

“Good job, everyone!” Professor Slughorn announced to the class, beaming in front of Lily’s new Dragon Scale cauldron. “I hope everyone here used the knowledge Miss Evans provided them to their advantage and we can all finish the potion next class! Five points each to Gryffindor!”

Remus and Lily both looked at one another with broad smiles and turned red once all of the Gryffindors started clapping for the free points. Potter and Black, who were sitting right behind them, roared and pushed their own cauldron of screaming goo to the side. With that, Professor Slughorn noticed and made the concoction vanish with the wave of his wand.

“You two boys will be starting again next class. Perhaps Mr. Lupin will be willing to help you?” he looked down expectantly at the other boy and Remus nodded. “Very well. Until Friday, I want everyone to write me a one foot essay on how to use the growing potion properly and why it should not be used on humans.” The class groaned as they brought their books together. “It is O.W.L year! Learn to love it!” he grinned and then sent the class out of his room.

Severus waited around for Lily, who thankfully the Marauders did not wait for, and carried her books once she was done.

“Thank you,” she said with a tired smile on her face. “I’m so class that glad is over.”

“Really now?” Severus stopped and smirked at her. Lily stopped as well, but she didn’t notice he was looking down at her. “Tired?”


“How come?”

Lily looked up at him and smiled sheepishly. “Studying.”

“What for? It’s only our third day back!” Severus scorned and the two started walking again. It was midday and it was apparent Lily would be sleeping through dinner.

“I know, Sev. It’s just that with Professor Slughorn expecting so much out of me this week and Professor Vulnair making us transform everything known to Godric Gryffindor—”

“Or Salazar Slytherin,” Severus noted thoughtfully.

“—I can’t do it all, Sev. Those two on top of other classes, I’ve pulled two all-nighters to get all of my reading done. I’m beginning to dread O.W.L’s already.”

A group of Ravenclaws passed them while they were beginning to make the climb up the Grand Staircase. It was nice not to have someone sneer at the pair when they were together. He couldn’t say the same for his fellow Slytherins or a few of the Gryffindors.

“You don’t need to work so hard, Lily. It is the very beginning of the year. These are some of the easiest things they’ll assign all year!” Severus assured her.

“I know. I know. I’m trying to read a few of my materials in advance though so I can be caught up in class by then. There is a lot of responsibility in being at the top of one’s class, Severus.” She laughed and started to take her books back when they saw a group of Gryffindor’s coming down the stairs from Muggle Studies.

“You’re crazy,” he teased as they squeezed through the not-so-polite Gryffindors.

“Have you met me?”


Lily slapped him playfully on the arm and yawned after stretching her free arm.

“Will you be going to sleep once you go upstairs?” Severus asked solemnly. The two normally went down to the lake or roamed around the grounds of Hogwarts for a while before being separated for the night by dinner.

Lily answered with another yawn and nodded her head. “Just a small catnap,” she said. “I’ll come down for dinner and then begin reading again.”

“You don’t need to do that, Lily.” They dodged a set of stairs since Peeves was attacking the students and terrorizing portraits by going through them repeatedly. “Take the night off and feel how nice it is not to study pointless things. I’ll guarantee you’ll love the results tomorrow.” At last they reached the portrait of the Fat Lady.

“Maybe just for the one night,” she hesitated a smile. “But I really do need to study.”

“Have you met yourself?” he shot back with the previous remark. Lily laughed and rested her forehead on his shoulder in a somewhat attempt at a hug. Severus put an arm around her quickly and shrugged her off before she fell asleep there. “Go to sleep and no late night studying for tonight. I want to go down to the grounds tomorrow and it is not the same without you.”

“Alright,” she said. “Welsh Slinkflies.” The portrait glared at her for having said the Gryffindor password in front of a Slytherin and swung open for her. Lily crawled through the hole and then looked back before the portrait closed. “Good night!” she called and then went into the common room.

The fat lady swung back onto her wall and glared down at Severus. “Don’t you get any ideas.”

Severus snarled at the robust lady and made his way back down the stairs.


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Re: The Bravest Man I Ever Knew

Chapter Four:
Close Call
September 7, 1975
...The standard growing potion, formerly known as the Lorem Potion, is a harmless potion so long as it is used properly. Once the potion has reached a sickening soft pink it is safe to use on any animal or plant one desires. The spell Engorgio has the same effect but the spell is preferred when using on humans rather than the spell. Since 1734 Lorem Potion has been illegal to give a human because, unlike animals or plants, they do not stop growing. Jack Smith gave his brother a few drinks of the Lorem Potion and the brother grew so tall and extremely dangerous to the rest of the village. He was exiled into the sky and Jack was forced to visit his brother by beanstalk (also made with Lorem Potion) until the stalk collapsed under the weight of his brother after he tried to visit the village and resulting in his death....

"This is pointless," Severus muttered under his breath and practically threw the quill back into the ink. Normally he didn't put off his homework until the day before classes, but he had been so busy convincing Lily she could have a good time without doing her homework all the time that he forgot to do his own. He couldn't bring himself to finish it right now, but he had Potions first thing tomorrow and he was meeting Lily at the lake for an hour before dinner. Later, he promised himself and packed his things and headed for the second floor where he would be meeting Lily.

When he made it to the second floor he dodged a few of the student's glares and pressed on until he saw Lily at last. She was in her standard black robes and leaving Defence Against Dark Arts with Alice Longbottom, who nudged her head in Severs' direction and said goodbye to her friend.

"Hey handsome," Lily beamed up at him and he took her books for her again. "You were right about studying. I've never had a more wonderful Monday!"

A small smile spread across Severus' face and they began walking toward the lake. "Are you ready?"

"Yeah! I'm so giddy, Sev, I could try out for Quidditch today!"

"But you hate flying."

"Not today! Oh, Sev, I owe you so much!" Lily practically twirled in front of him and her hair whipped around behind her as she did so. She then began walking backwards and watching him walk and laugh at her.

"Where did this good mood come from?" Severus, who normally walked hunched over, was beginning to straighten up as his mood was being improved by the spunky little witch.

"Dunno," she giggled, "it could be because I've been looking forward to hanging out with my best friend all day, or because I haven't felt this refreshed for a class in ages, or because Remus Lupin is absolutely hilarious!"

Severus' walk immediately returned to how it was before and he stopped laughing. Lily didn't notice. "What do you mean Lupin is hilarious?"

"Oh, Sev, not like that," she said, picking up on his implied question, "we just sat next to one another in Defence Against Dark Arts today and I had never noticed how funny he was until today. It makes sense now why James and Sirius get along with him so well. Still doesn't explain Peter though..."

"As wonderful as this story is, Lily, can we not talk about the Marauders please." He said solemnly and they sat down near the lake. Normally they sat under the tree like most students did, but it was taken by a group of studying Ravenclaws.

Lily didn't ignore the request but she didn't bother giving him a proper answer either. Instead she just hummed to some tune and sat her books down in front of her. She picked one and opened it to begin reading about Transfiguration while Severus just sat and stared out at the lake. It was a bit nippy out but it was nice and calming to be out in front of the lake. This sort of weather was a lot better than snow and freezing air anyway.

"Animagi sound interesting," Lily said, not looking up from her book. "I wonder what animal I would like to become?" This time she looked over her book as though she were expecting him to come up with something.

"Who knows," he said, "but right now I think you'd be a prancing doe with the state you're in." He was still sour about the Remus comment. This time Lily caught on and put the book down.

"What do you want to talk about, Sev?" she scooted closer to him and smiled sweetly.

"Nothing really," he answered honestly. There wasn't a lot he wanted to talk about with Lily today. They did a lot of talking this weekend, and now he just wanted to stare out and appreciate the time he had with Lily and the lake, avoiding homework at all cost. His wish came true to an extent. Lily cuddled up with him underneath his arm and stared out at the lake with him. Even to Severus this didn't seem like an incredibly romantic moment. This was something the two of them always did and it was absolutely normal. "So did I really help out with your stress?"

"Yes!" Lily said, pulling away to look up at him. "You have no idea, Sev. I mean I know I will have to do it again eventually once studies really kick in, but right now I really need to focus on what little bit of free time I have left. That doesn't mean I'm pushing them off entirely," she added quickly so she could make it clear studies were definitely important.

Severus smirked to himself and went to resume their position but Lily was already at full speed.

"I'm able to hang out with Alice and you a lot more, I can get some sleep in, and even the Marauders seem a little less annoying than usual."

That was the second time she had brought up the Marauders today with a positive outlook. He was beginning to regret bringing her out of her common room. She must have seen the look on his face because she rolled her eyes and resumed her position at last.

"I didn't say they were tolerable," she added and he relaxed a little.

"Hi, Lily!" someone called from a distance and waved. Lily waved back and then looked back out at the lake.

"I like this," Lily said, "just you and me sitting out here and relaxing. It is a bit cold though." As if on cue Severus put his arm around her more so his robes would cover her up. "Don't you?"

"Sure," he said nonchalantly and began rubbing her arm without thinking about it. What happened next was completely by accident. He turned to kiss the top of her head, a completely common occurrence, right as she turned to look up at her. Instead of kissing her head, he ended up kissing the very tip of her nose. He blushed and released her right away and she began laughing and shoved him gently.

"Careful, Sev! We don't want to give people the wrong idea!" and she continued laughing as his cheeks and ears burned more. What idea could people possibly get from him kissing her nose after seeing them cuddle in front of a lake like they did? "Are you ready for dinner?" she asked and stood up, holding her hand out to help him up. He ignored it and picked their things up, handing her books to her. "What's this?" she asked more out of surprise.

"I don't want to give people the wrong idea," and he walked ahead of her, meaning to show her how upset he was, but instead he added some sort of chuckle and she caught up with him.

A/N: Sorry that it took a while to update this, and that it is such a short post, but I'm tired for one, so it seemed to do nothing but drag. I'm happy with it for the most part, and two, I can't really get to the main bits of the story yet so I need a few things to drag along until I get there as fillers. Something to remember I guess is that they are a sort of journal entry style, too, so I guess it is best if they're not too long . I don't have this completely planned out yet, so I'm hoping it is still working out and you guys like it!

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Re: The Bravest Man I Ever Knew

Chapter Five:
A Large Problem
September 7, 1975

Dinner was another story entirely. Though they left with Lily thinking they were somewhat in good moods, by the time they reached the Great Hall it was evident that she said something wrong back at the lake. She didn't try to apologise for what she did however, more than likely she didn't even know exactly what it was she would be apologising for. Instead she left him with an awkward nod of her head and then headed straight for the Gryffindor table to sit with Alice, a short blonde who was never out of Lily's sight when Severus wasn't there.

Severus sat at the Slytherin table at the corner so others would get the general idea he did not want anyone sitting next to him, not that anyone would in the first place. He ate in silence and then headed down to the dungeons in hope of getting a bit of homework done. No matter what he told Lily about studying, they both knew it was an important factor in their O.W.L year. He finished the Potions essay quickly without really taking care in editing it, and then started on his Astrology homework. Neither of these classes were something he cared about, but he preferred to save his Defence Against Dark Arts homework for last.

After a few hours of trying to understand how to read anything from stars, and being reminded constantly of the Marauders because of Orion's Belt, he eventually gave up. Severus slammed the book shut and then made to rest in the chair he occupied in the common room before something caught his eye near the fire. Speaking of Black.

"You're back from supper early, Regulus." Severus sneered at the sight of the younger boy but did not make an effort to move.

The other boy already noted Severus' presence in the room but seemed to be trying not to attract attention.

"Evening, Severus. Not hungry, thanks." The unremarkable resemblances between Regulus and his brother Sirius were uncanny, and seeing the younger black in the Slytherin common room almost angered Severus as much as it would if he were seeing Sirius right now.

Regulus began laying out his own materials on the sofa and table as if he were about to start homework as well. Severus decided to leave him alone and pack his things up without another word.

"Still seeing that Evans girl, are you Severus?" Regulus asked curtly without looking up once he started his work.

Severus looked around the room as if there were someone who informed him of this, but then thought better of it and realised Sirius must have told them about their little encounter at Diagon Alley. "What business do you have butting in mine, Black?" His lips curled with distaste as he said the all too familiar last name. He couldn't see well, but what he could see of Regulus' face looked as though he was smirking. What he could see was the younger boy shaking his head of black locks to dismiss the conversation.


September 8, 1975
After a long week, Friday finally came around and Severus found himself sitting in the Potions room again with a very annoying Professor Slughorn. To top his mood off, Thorfinn Rowle and Theodore Nott, his so called, what other people would call them, friends, were sitting with him again while Lily sat with the Marauders surrounding her.

"What is it you're lookin' at?" Rowle asked thickly, looking wildly around the room. Severus' upper lip twitched as he glared at the idiot boy from the corner of his eye. Fortunately, Nott didn't chime in with a guess. In fact, Nott seemed very quite sitting behind the two boys and looking straight down at the desk.

"What do you s'pose is wrong with Nott, Snape?" Rowle asked without waiting for an answer before reaching over and poking the other boy on the shoulder.

Nott turned green and looked as though it took all his might not to throw up where he was.

"What ever is the matter with you, Nott?" Severus asked this time, his voice exasperated. When Nott didn't answer Severus took this as his cue to turn back around and actually take the slug that was caged on his desk out to begin his work. Today they were supposed to use their finished Lorem Potion on the slugs and record what they saw once a few drops were applied.

The slug tried to inch away from Severus slowly, but he wasn't worried about it going anywhere any time soon. Using a common glass water dropper, Severus squeezed the end of it as he put it in the large, black cauldron and applied a few careful drops onto the slug.

No immediate results was all Severus was able to record on parchment before he felt the hot, oozing vomit slide down his back. Without any hesitation Severus rose out of his seat and turned to Nott with his wand out.

"Don't!" Rowle said, jumping up to cover Nott with his own body.

This action caught Severus' attention just in time before casting some sort of hexing jinx on Nott. As he noticed what was going on before him, the entire class erupted with laughter at the sight of Severus' back.

"Look!" someone chimed, "Snape's wearing what rightfully suits him!" The class laughed harder, and even though Severus was sure it must have been one of the Marauders, most likely Potter, he didn't do anything about the comment.

Nott was on the floor and Rowle was finally out of the way enough for Severus to see exactly what was going on. He looked at the Slytherin boy that was sitting next to Nott in order to find out what was going on.

"It was only a dare, I swear!" He said defensively before directing his attention back to the boy on the floor.

"Professor!" Severus called to Slughorn, who was trying to somewhat calm the class down and warn a few students not to knock their potions over. The Professor seemed to realise the full situation at hand and finally made his way over just as Nott's stomach started to show signs of visible, rolling bubbles.

"Oh my," Slughorn said quietly as he reached the commotion. "Lily, come here fast, child!" His voice raised and he turned to see the red head make her way over. Severus watched as she made a grab for her wand and kneeled next to him, grabbing at Nott's robes to move them out of the way. "Let us see what you can do, my dear."

Lily looked up at the Professor quizzically before looking back at Nott with a sign of un-sureness.

"Professor, don't you think this is something for Madam Pomfrey?" Severus asked, not able to believe this was happening right now.

"Hush, Sev, I've got this," Lily said with a shakey voice. Finally, with no more hesitation, she cast a spell that emanated a strange, purple kind of light. She held her breath and bit her lip for a moment before the rumbling in Nott's stomach stopped at last. In the events that happened his stomach had bloated to nearly the size of Hagrid's and his fingers were all different sizes (the longest nearly able to reach the top of his knee).

Nott's breathing seemed to be normal, however, and everyone seemed to be able to breath freely at last. At least everyone that was around the situation. Some of the students still never realised exactly what was going on, or didn't seem to care enough to stop laughing.

"What was going on here?" the Professor looked at the boy who was sitting next to Nott, too. "Nate? What happened to Theodore, Nate?"

"You can't expel me for this, crazy old man!" the boy, Nate, shouted hysterically before making a run out of the classroom. Professor Slughorn looked around confused before landing his gaze on Severus next.

"According to him, it was a dare, sir," he said slowly, unsure of exactly what was going on.

"Theodore's slug is missing, Professor," Lily noted, "I assume Nate dared him to eat it after having already poured the Lorem Potion on it."

"I see. Very well then. Lily, Severus, if you would please escort Mr. Nott to the Hospital Wing, I will try and get the class up and going again." Slughorn turned and made his way to the front of the class as both Lily and Severus started to heave Nott up from the ground, each taking a shoulder. "Also," he said once he retrieved his spot at his desk, "ten points are awarded to Miss Evans and Mr. Snape. I will deal with Nate on another date."

"What about me?" Rowle growled.

"I'm terribly sorry, dear boy. What is it you did?" Slughorn asked hesitantly.

"No, I want to go with them! Nott is my best mate!" Rowle sounded almost whiny and desperate to go. Slughorn looked at Severus and Lily as if looking for confirmation before thinking better of it and nodding his head in approval. Severus groaned under his breath and snarled at Lily to turn around and head toward the Hospital Wing.

When they made it to the Hospital Wing Madam Pomfrey was already diligently helping another student at the far North end. Severus took the liberty of directing Lily and Nott to the nearest hospital bed and did not bother to put too much care in laying the boy down. It was not long before Madam Pomfrey made her way over to inspect what was going on.

"What do we have here?" she asked, the shock of her voice evident once she noticed how incredibly enlarged and grotesque Nott was.

"He ate a slug with Lorem Potion on it. I-I think I stopped the growing. Is there anything you can do to turn him back to normal?" Lily asked, unsure of what could be done to the deformed boy.

"Of course, silly girl! It will take days, maybe a week, but it is not like it cannot be done," said Pomfrey and then she scuttled off to find a remedy.

Lily sat in the visitor's chair and took a huge sigh of relief. Severus stood next to her and put a hand on her shoulder without saying a word as he observed Rowle sobbing over Nott's bed like a blubbering idiot.

"Nott! Nott! Can you hear me? I'm going to get you out of there, you hear me! Don't leave me!" Exactly what he was going to get Nott out of was not entire clear to Severus, but he thought it best not to ask.

"That sure was quite a scare, don't you think, Sev?" Lily asked, looking up at the tall, dark figure of Severus above her. He looked down and curtly nodded his head once before watching the spectacle before him again. "Did I do or say something wrong yesterday, Sev?" She asked at last, a bit of hurt reflecting in her voice. That caught his attention and he sighed while occupying the chair next to her, though his posture remained upright and stiff.

"I don't want to give you the wrong idea but-" he started but it didn't take long for Lily to catch on.

"Oh. That. Listen, Sev, I'm sorry if that offended you yesterday. I didn't think it would hurt you. You've just become so- so..." Lily found herself at a loss for words.

"Yes," Severus asked curiously.

"Sensitive," she found the word at last.

Severus scowled and looked at her with disbelief for a moment. It must have been a hysterical sight because Lily giggled.

"I am not sensitive!" he defended himself as best he could without sounding every bit as whiny as Rowle. Again Lily giggled and placed a hand on Severus' knee.

"You can deny the truth all you want, Sev, but that doesn't mean it is not true. You know, sometimes I can't help but feel something is different about you this year, Sev," Lily concluded, sitting back and staring at him as if she were observing him to figure out what it was.

Severus felt his heart's pulse begin to rush slightly faster than it was when she placed her hand on his knee. As discrete as he thought he had been so far, was she really picking up on his feelings?

"By different, what exactly do you mean?" he asked, swallowing the non-existent saliva in his dry mouth.

"I don't know, really. I mean, if I didn't know any better I would say you have-"

"I knew by the smell of vomit the two of you would still be in here," James strutted in with an extremely cocky grin.

"Of course, we didn't need help with the vomit you wear to smell it," Sirius chortled along while giving James a high-five.

Severus' fists clenched in his lap but he didn't say anything. The conversation with Lily was so close to blowing his cover that he was still unsure of if he'd rather her figure it out by now or not.

"What do the two of you want?" Lily asked rudely. She stood from her seat and made her way to the end of the bed as if to protect the three boys from harm.

"I just came by to congratulate you, Lils. That was some really impressive work back there." James' voice sounded sincere but his face showed deviance toward Severus. "Oh, and to say something witty toward Snivellus, of course. I thought that was pretty witty, didn't you, Padfoot?"

"Incredibly," Black said with his own cheeky grin.

"You have to be witty in order to come up with something witty, Potter," Severus said from behind Lily. It didn't phase the two boys at all, but Severus was now engaged in the conversation and standing next to Lily (not to protect Rowle or Nott, however).

"Well, thank you, James, but if you don't mind I would really like to spend the remainder of my free time with Severus." Lily made to turn around and sit again but Potter seemed determined to have her attention on him.

"We have a Care of Magical Creatures class to get to, Lily. Remember?" Potter nodded his head back toward Black for confirmation.

"Oh," Lily said sheepishly, embarrassed she had forgotten about class.

"We just wondered if you would care to join us on our way?"

"I'll be there in a minute. I-I want to make sure Madam Pomfrey attends to Theodore first." Lily said it calmly and the two boys nodded in understanding but made no attempt to leave until Madam Pomfrey came back.

"What are all of these people doing here? Are any of you injured? Shoo! Shoo!" Madam Pomfrey came back with a large, pink bottle in hand. After prying Rowle away from Nott's bedside, she was able to poor a glass from the pink bottle and force it into the stiff form of Nott.

The four of them left the Hospital Wing and stopped outside once Severus realised he was following the two people he hated most in this world. Lily caught onto what he was doing and told the two boys to go ahead and she'll catch up later.

"Listen, Sev, about yesterday. I truly am sorry if what I said hurt you in any way." Lily said, still not entirely sure on why she was apologising, but she meant it.

"Everything is okay," Severus said, trying to avoid her coming up with conclusions again. He decided Lily knowing he was in love with her was not exactly what he wanted right now. He didn't know why, but now did not seem to be the time. "Besides, I wasn't upset. You just have a guilty conscience." His lip curled upward in a lame attempt to smile but Lily rewarded him with her own dashing smile and leapt to her toes in order to put her arms around him. She stopped and wrinkled her nose before she was able to throw her arms around him.

"It dried in your hair!" She said partially disgusted partially sympathetic. He knew by "it" she meant the vomit that was surely drying on his back. "Here, let me clean you up." Before he had a chance to refuse her gesture (not that he would want to) she had turned him around and cleaned the mess up all in the matter of seconds.

"I'll see you tomorrow?" Lily asked to assure that they would be studying in the library tomorrow morning.

"I'll see you tomorrow." Confirmed Severus. He received the hug she meant to give him before and then he watched her run off on the trail of Potter and Black.


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Re: The Bravest Man I Ever Knew

Chapter Six:
She Loves Me. She Loves Me Not. She....Loves Me?

September 25, 1975

The weeks went by and everything slowly returned to normal. As normal as things get in Hogwarts, that is. Theodore returned to class at the end of the week with all of his body parts at a normal size. The only difference was now he sat next to Thorfinn only and Severus was stuck next to Nate. It was safe to assume that Severus was not thick enough to eat anything on a dare.

Lily and Severus managed to stay clear of the Marauders for a good two weeks and the two of them were able to study in peace. Though, with their new found quiet time, Lily seemed to be even more aware of Severus being her only company. They were sitting in the Library, studying Snargaluff plants.

"It is never too early to learn about them, Sev! We may need to know about them on our O.W.Ls!" Lily argued when he questioned her about the plant. They weren't, after all, supposed to learn about Snargaluff plants until next year.

They were sitting at a table large enough for ten more students to join them, but most likely due to Severus' presence, only the two of them were sitting there. Their knees were touching and Severus found it incredibly hard to breath and concentrate on the images in the book they picked out. Lily's scent was looming around him and he couldn't help but take a larger than necessary sniff of her whenever she leaned over just right. He did it discretely, of course, but he still couldn't shake the feeling of being absolutely creepy.

He seemed to be hyper aware of Lily's entire presence. Her red hair was tied back today but there were wisps of hair falling all around her face. Her hand that supported her head by blocking out the rest of the world around them was sporting chipped, green nail varnish. She didn't try very hard with her makeup today (not that she needed to). All she applied was a thin line of black liner around her eyes and some mascara. Because it was Monday, she was wearing her school uniform, but she draped her robes over the chair she sat in. Lily was absolutely beautiful in every single way according to Severus.

Of course, he was still clad in his school robes, so when their knees touched, it wasn't exactly as stimulating as one would think. Lily didn't seem to think much of it anyway.

"I don't think it produces any puss, Sev. Just the pods. As for its uses, I'm not entirely sure..." Lily mumbled over her readings. She was adorable when she was cross.

"That's why we learn about it next year," Severus supplied. She shot him a glare from above the book and then slammed it shut with an aggravated sigh.

"You're right. This is pointless. I have essays I should be writing! I don't understand, Sev. I have been preparing for the O.W.Ls for the last two years, and now that it is here, I can't seem to catch up!" Lily cried, slumping her head into her arms. The action startled the book she was reading and it went off to find someplace else.

Severus looked at her sympathetically. He was used to this behavior from Lily when it was close to exam time, but not so early in the year. O.W.Ls would be the death of her. He couldn't imagine what their N.E.W.Ts would do to her.

"Lily, you're just overdoing it," he said thoughtfully, taking note that she peeked up to look at him once he spoke. "If Dumbledore stood in front of the entire school tomorrow and said the O.W.L's would take place in the next hour, I know you would be ready to take them and pass every one of them."

Lily smiled up at him and laughed. She leaned her head on his shoulder and placed a hand on his arm.

"Why do you have to be so right, Sev?" she asked, not bothering to look up at him. He could tell, however, that she was smiling. Lily always smiled. There have been a few times when Lily was so angry, the corners of her lips twitched upwards and Severus had a hard time telling if she was royally miffed or joking. After the first few years of knowing her, of course, he was able to tell the difference.

"Well, you keep me around for something, don't you?" Severus took his turn at a joke, but Lily perked up at these words and looked at him with full surprise.

"What are you talking about, Sev? You're more than my confidant, I thought you knew that? You're my best friend!"

So much for joking, thought Severus. He confirmed to her that he was only joking and she smirked.

"Joking, eh? Well, that doesn't sound quite right coming out of you."

"Sorry. I won't do it again," Severus raised an eyebrow and looked down at her. Without thinking, he put his arm around her and she continued to smile up at him.

"I thought everyone knew that I keep you around for Potions help," she nudged his side and he frowned. "I'm joking, Sev."

"It doesn't suit you, either."

"You're just jealous I can joke better than you can."

She was looking up at him, and he was looking down at her. Throughout the course of the last two years, Severus found themselves in situations like this all too often. If anyone were to come up from behind, it would surely look as though they were about to kiss. Though his heart secretly ached and yearned for the passerby view to be correct, he knew it was something that would never happen between the two. Not anytime soon, at least.

Once they were in this position for too long, Lily decided to get up and find another book. Severus reached inside of his bag and pulled out a book of spells and began reading it. When Lily returned and read what he was reading over his shoulder, she didn't seem too happy. Instead of voicing her opinions, however, she just sat opposite him instead and read her book silently. Every once in a while, Severus could see her glare up at him.

The book of spells he was reading was bought from Diagon Alley a year or so ago. He made the mistake on telling Lily when he first bought it what his intentions for the spells were. He hated his father so much, and when he became of age, he wanted a few good spells to use against him. Hogwarts didn't teach a good variety of the spells he wanted to know, so he took liberty in finding them himself. Lily called it dark magic, and he would have disagreed if she was wrong. He knew very well that these spells were dark, but that was what his intentions were. In fact, there were many people Severus hated that reminded him of his father. Those people were Mudbloods, Muggles, and blood traitors. Of course, Lily was a 'Mudblood' but he never saw her that way. Her intentions and person was so different in comparison to his father, and Severus could never bring himself to hurt her.

Perhaps his meddling in the Dark Arts was what would keep the two of them apart, but he could't help but think that what he believed was the absolute only way. He knew there were other people that had the same beliefs as he did. Nearly all of the Slytherin students thought people like Lily (even Lily herself) would be better off dead. The movement had been going on far longer than Severus' lifetime, and there were much more powerful figures in the picture. Lord Voldemort, for one, was what some would consider the leader of the movement. He hated anyone that didn't have a pure blood status.

Unfortunately, in Severus' case, Lily was his only friend whose opinion mattered most to him. She didn't see eye-to-eye with him when he meddled with dark magic and she wanted him to stop, but he couldn't do that. He had seen too many people just like his retched father and would not tolerate them anymore.

"You scare me sometimes, Sev," Lily said darkly, no longer able to ignore him. He sneered at her and contemplated listening to her drone on about how what he was doing was wrong.

"How so?" he decided to listen to her just once more.

"Well, you spend hours looking up dark magic and making up your own spells that normal people wouldn't use! That's not normal! Who do you plan to use those spells against, Sev? People like me? Would you ever try to hurt me?" Lily fired, but remained quiet enough so Madam Pince didn't make her way over to the two.

"I would never-"

"If you use them on anyone like me, you may as well be hurting me, Sev! They're just people like you and I! What if you hurt yourself in the process of conjuring one of those spells?" Lily was hardly allowing him any time to answer, so he waited a moment or two before realising she actually was waiting for him to answer her.

"Wouldn't that make you happy? Knowing I wasn't going to hurt anyone now that I'm gone?" he said dryly. It was safe to say that these talks were never his favorite with Lily.

"Severus, what is wrong with you today?" Lily snapped. "Of course that wouldn't make me happy! I love you too much for you to get hurt!"

The words caught Severus by surprise. "I love you too much...." Did Lily Evans love him? He had waited for those words to spill from her mouth for the last two years, and she finally said it when she was temporarily angry at him. He couldn't even find the words to talk back to her. What would he say? I love you too, Lily. I always have, he thought, but somehow he knew that those words were not what needed to be said next. Or maybe they were, and Lily actually meant what she said but he was too afraid to find out? Either way, he didn't say what he thought.

"Alright," he said at last after she rambled on a bit more. "I won't do it anymore," he lied. Of course everything Lily said mattered to him, but there wasn't much to consider in her words. She was biased. She was like those people. Though completely different, he thought. If she only knew what the rest of them were like, she would surely side with him. From now on, he would just have to stick with learning and reading dark magic without her around. It probably wasn't the wisest thing to do around her in the first place.

"Good. Now pass me that book," she demanded, still a little huffy. He did as he was told and passed over a book that looked like it was all about defencive spells. The remainder of their studying went by relatively quietly. Their knees no longer touched and Lily must have suddenly became aware of her loose hair because she pulled it back into a tight knot. She still looked nice, but he preferred it the other way. With a few more book transfers between the two of them and an occasional question, Severus never once brought up the L word again. No matter how desperately he wanted to.


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Re: The Bravest Man I Ever Knew

Chapter Seven:
Along Came Darkness

October 3, 1975

Typically around this time, Severus would be with Lily at the Library or the lake. However, Lily was beginning to feel bad that she was skimping out on hanging out with her other friends and decided to give Severus a little bit of a break. Not that he greatly appreciated it, but he could use a bit of silence and alone time every now and then. Then again it had been somewhere around three days since the last time they properly hung out. Coping with his solitude, Severus decided to mope around the dungeons in hopes of steering clear of being seen by any Gryffindors or other rude classmates.

Since the incident with Nott, Rowle and him apparently decided Severus was some sort of hero figure and wanted to be with Severus every second of the day as well. They may have had something to do with Lily not wanting to be around Severus recently as well, though it was hard to tell. Today he managed to lose them for a while since it was Friday and the two had Quidditch practice. Severus didn't particularly care for the sport, but today he managed to appreciate it for obvious reasons.

He sat in silence and decided it was a perfect sort of day to just lay in bed all day and twirl his wand around while he read the book that Lily scolded him on so long ago. He finally had the privacy he wanted behind his four poster curtains and it was a pleasant evening. There was no homework to be done, and he decided any studying that needed to be done could wait until Saturday or, Merlin knows, Sunday. The silence remained for a majority of the day after he returned for classes and he was surprised no one had come up to bother him, but all good things must come to an end. Especially when your name is Severus Snape and the universe has plotted to take all good things away from you.

He was practicing how to non-verbally use some of the spells in his book while flicking his wand, even though the incantation and form of casting was well beyond his years. So, when Henry Evan Rosier and Markus Wilkes came into the dormitory, they were none the wiser of Snape's being in the room.

“Can you believe that Avery invited Mulciber in the club? There’s no way we can outshine him if we ever do meet the Dark Lord!” the voice Severus recognised as Evan Rosier rang out in pure jealousy. “He’s older, and he knows more spells! He’ll be an automatic favorite for sure!”

“He’s not that powerful,” the other voice, Markus Wilkes, said scathingly. “Stop worrying about it, will you? When we graduate, we’ll all be useful to the Dark Lord.”

There was a bit of shuffling in the room and Severus quietly shut his books and leaned up to hear the boys through the muffling curtains. As if on queue, however, the boys began talking again and Severus thought he was caught spying at once.

“Do you suppose we should invite Severus then? Us fifth years would be taking over, but I know he has a knack for the darker side of magic.” Wilkes suggested and Severus was, if possible, even more aware now. These boys were talking about dark magic and providing service some day to the Dark Lord. Admittedly, Severus never thought of himself going that far to prove his point, but maybe that was his only way. The man leading the new pureblood act definitely knew what he was talking about, and Severus couldn’t say that he didn’t necessarily agree with what he was doing. Then again, Lily would absolutely despise him for ever agreeing to do something of the sort. That is, if the two boys decided to invite him. He couldn’t necessarily charge out now and announce his presence now could he?

“That disgusting old chap? I suppose he is rather good at defencive spells, but do you really think he’ll be of that much use?” Rosier questioned and Severus could feel his grip on his wand tighten and his stomach lurch. It wasn’t new that his own House mates made fun of him, but it wasn’t everyday he would willingly stay quite while they did so.

“It’s only a suggest, Rosier. We can talk to the others first if you want. I’m sure I heard Avery talk about him the other day though.”

“What about that Black boy? Everyone’s been talking ‘bout him, but he’s a whole year younger than us even!”

Severus frowned. He, who was possibly the best student in their House, was being questioned while everyone in this so called ‘club’ was talking about Regulas Black. Of course they would. He was a Black after all. With the exception of Sirius, the Black family were really into dark magic and blood purity. In fact, Severus wouldn’t be surprised if Regulas got in because of his blood alone. If anyone knew he himself was half-blood, the probably wouldn’t allow him in. Not very many people, if anyone outside of Lily, knew that his father was a Muggle. For all they knew, he practiced dark magic and spells simply for the joy of it.

“Of course we’ll get Black. I think Black himself came up and demanded he be in the group. If you’re worried about anyone being the Dark Lord’s favorite, it’s him you need to worry about. Not Mulciber.” Wilkes said, though Severus could hear the scoff behind his words. However, he had a point.

“So what about Snape, then? Do we find him and let him know?” Rosier said after a few minutes. Severus was curious as to what took them so long in the first place to consider him. Then again, he had no idea how long a secret group of aspiring Death Eaters in the school had been going on. He didn’t even know if he would choose to join them if they so chose to seek him out. He really did put into consideration of Lily’s thoughts, but he was positive that if he kept her out of harm’s way, and neglected to tell her of his new activities, she would be safe. He wouldn’t have to harm her and neither would anyone else. He would be able to prove to everyone else that she was different. Not even the Dark Lord would kill such a beautiful person.

“Yeah, I think that’s a good idea. C’mon, lets find him then,” Wilkes replied shortly after and Severus heard as two pairs of footsteps left the dormitory. He waited until he was sure the coast was clear before ripping open his curtains and jumping out of bed. He needed to go someplace the other two would think to find him without them knowing he was in his four poster the whole time. There was no asking Lily about this decision. Her obvious answer would be no. He would just have to wait until they found him and he would make his decision then. Though he had a sinking suspicion that he already knew his answer.


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