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ARE YOU A SEER? Post your list of theories, then check to see if you were right

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Old August 18th, 2004, 7:24 pm
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ARE YOU A SEER? Post your list of theories, then check to see if you were right

Since a lot of these theories have their own thread, this is not intended to be a discussion thread, as that would create many duplicate conversations. This is just something I have been doing on my own for a while, and I thought it would be fun for others to participate in as well. (I couldnt find any other thread like this, so I hope I'm safe from deletion.)

Here's what to do: Post a list of all the theories you believe about books 6 & 7 or about the series as a whole, and then when the books come out, we can all come back and see which ones were right, which ones were wrong, and who was closest to figuring everything out. You can include an explanation with each of your theories telling what clues lead you to believe them if you want to.

As new information becomes available (from JKR's website, interviews, etc.) or you reread and interpret something differently you can update your list, but include the date when you make the change so we can see how everyone's guesses morph over time.


1. Luna Lovegood is a Seer (She reminds me a lot of Trelawny)

2. Neville's parents and the gum wrappers will play an important role (Perhaps they will spell out a message to Neville, like the wrappers on JKR's website)

3. We will find out why/how Fred & George won that odd bet at the Quidditch World Cup (It was too suspicious for it to have been a guess, and it has not yet been explained)

4. Harry and Ginny will get together. Ron and Hermione will get together ("Fall in love" may be too strong of a term since they will still be relatively young at the end of the series, but I definitely think this is how the match ups will play out. The coupling probably won't be a major part of the story)

5. The connection between squibs and kneazles/cats will be explained further I hope!

6. Hopefully there will be more information about the veil and the brains in the Department of Mysteries (I find it very suspicious that the veil was just sitting out in the middle of a room. If it were known to be dangerous, it should have been stored in a safe place. Perhaps someone with malicious intent put it there.)

7. There was more reasoning behind Dumbledore's strange behavior in book 5 (I was not at all satisfied with the reasons we were given for Dumbledore acting so strange. There was a line that stuck out in my head when Harry finds out that Ron is a prefect, he thinks Dumbledore "must not be in his right mind" and I think this is some type of foreshadowing.)

8. The Half-Blood Prince will be a new or underused character, not someone we are already very familiar with (I have no real reason for thinking this other than it has been done this way in the past books. The title always refers to something we know very little or nothing about.)

9. The 3 main characters will survive (There will probably be death of other prominent characters, but I think these 3 will make it)


Wow, there are so many great ideas in this thread! These theories were posted here by other people, and I agree with them so I'm adding them to my list too. UPDATED AUGUST 23, 2004.

10. Draco will remain a bad guy, not redeem himself in any way

11. Wormtail will repay his life debt (I don't WANT this so be true, but I suspect it is. If it were me, it would be a matter of honor not to accept ANYthing from the person who killed my parents. But then again, if it were me, I would have killed him.)

12. Neville will play a major part in Bellatrix's downfall (I won't go so far as to say her death, because as we've already seen in the series, the good guys don't kill the bad guys. But I do think JKR will let him have his revenge in some way)

13. Percy will redeem himself (I don't want this to be true either, since I hate him, but since he is a Weasley, I think he will have to come around eventually)

14. We will find out about house elves' "special brand of magic" (perhaps it will help the good guys out, maybe Dobby will return to tell us about it)

15. Harry will become an auror (I'm not so sure about this one, but VERY HOPEFUL)

16. We will find out what everyone else's patronuses are (Or is it patroni?)

17. We will see some of the mysterious creatures Luna talked about (I love this theory! I think Luna is far less crazy than everyone seems to think.)

18. There is something fishy, possibly criminal, going on at St.Mungos. (We have already seen evidence of their lack of security. This could mean someone keeping the Longbottoms ill on purpose, either a corrupt employee or a death eater in disguise.) (Subtheory added 9/7/04: Gilderoy Lockhart is gifted with memory charms. Perhaps he is faking his illness in order to remain in St.Mungo's and stay close enough to the Longbottoms to keep them from regaining their memories. When he tried to curse Ron & Harry, he showed that he is truly evil, not just a lying baffoon. A death eater could easily have recruited him by promising him things in return, since he is always on the lookout for things to advance himself and his career.)


ADDED JULY 8, 2005.

19. We will find out more about Neville's forgetfulness, and how it possibly relates to his parents memory problems. It's just too convenient for him to be that clumsy ALL the time. Having his own wand will help, but more than that I hope that the dopey part of his personality is due to some kind of evil charm and once he is free of it, he will come to his full potential. There is also a fishy coincidence that both boys from the prophesy live with relatives other than their parents who are not very nice to them. There seems to be some theme as far as the important characters having to endure situations like this "for their own good" even though they are miserable.

20. Harry will become closer to Luna, possibly in a semi-romantic way but not necessarily. I've always thought he'd end up with Ginny, who is still the most likely choice in my opinion as far as the books are concerned, but I personally like Luna a lot, so I'm predicting/hoping his friendship with her progresses.

21. The DADA position is indeed "cursed" and will be filled by a new person each school year.

22. There are eerie similarities between the young Peter Pettigrew and Colin Creevey. Not so much a theory as an observation. It would be interesting if it became important.

23. Snape is not really after the DADA teaching job. It's just a rumor. I saw someone else write this and I suddenly realized that I've thought this all along.

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Old August 18th, 2004, 8:35 pm
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Hermione's Theories

Ok you asked for it, you're gonna have to sit here for ages and read hahaha!!

1)Hermione and Ron will definatley get together.They will act secretive and stuff and Harry will just wonder whats going on but won't think of the possibility of them going out together.Harry will walk in on them kissing one day and thats how he finds out.

2)There will be a new person introduced in book 6 - another girl. She and Harry will go out. IM NOT SURE OF THIS ONE THOUGH SO IF IT DOESNT HARRY AND LUNA WILL GO OUT.

3)Hermione will be properly kidnapped in book 6 and Harry and Ron will have to go and rescue her.

4)Ron will die here - he will jump in front of an Avada kedavra curse for Hermione and die for her.

5)Voldy will take over Hogwarts and sort of destroy it. Dumbledore will die here when he tries to protect Hogwarts but it will be with a new killing curse that Voldy has invented that is worse than Avada Kedavra cos its slower and more painful.

7)There will be a huge battle between the Death Eaters and good people. Whoever harry's current girlfriend is will die plus many of the well known death eaters and some members from the Order of the Phoenix etc.

8)Harry will be dying at the end and Voldy will be gloating and laughing and he says something really nasty to Harry (maybe about Harry's friends/parents) and suddenly Harry will get really angry and will have enough energy to hit Voldy with a curse.Voldy will either die or lose all of his powers.Yippee!

9)Harry dies shortly after all of this but he will die still in the battle area and not go through the veil like so many people are saying. I cant see Harry killing himself somehow...

10)The last chapter I had already predicted beforeid even heard about it - I wrote in a board a week ago saying that the last chapter or two would be about the surviving witches and wizards rebuilding their lives...and then someone comes along nearly a week after Ive posted that and says thats what Jo has supposedly wrote about in the last chapter!Yay!Im a Seer!

Well those are all of my theories for now, Ill add more if I think of them...

Old August 18th, 2004, 8:45 pm
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Harry will have to choose between helping a friend and helping the Dursleys, with not good consequences for the friend. I don't know why, but I see this happening at some point.

Hermione will NOT "end up" with Ron...She will become an instructor at Hogwarts and eventually the Head.

Ron will become a sheep farmer in New Zealand, becoming quite wealthy as the wool from his flock is known the world over as the finest fleece for knitting. Luna Lovegood will write a series of children's books about muggles that are all the rage in the wizarding world and become a household name, doing massively attended book readings in England. Some of her readers will, however, become quite frantic when the sixth book takes what seems like to forever to appear on bookshelves.

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Old August 18th, 2004, 8:52 pm
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Hm..Ok. I'm only going to post the thing I strongly believe in, other wise it would become a really long wierd list :

1.There will be an attack on Hogwarts at some point
2.Ron and Hermione will get together
3.Changeling thingy is true.
4.Harry will survive and Voldemort will be vanquished for ever somehow.

Old August 18th, 2004, 9:06 pm
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Voldemort put some of his life power into Harry and in return sucked in some of Harry's lifepower. That's why they didn't die.
Either one needs to rid himself of this part first to be able to vanquish the other.

Harry will survive.

The other mirror that Sirius gave him will show up some place. Maybe Mrs. Malfoy finds it and uses it without knowing it's magic and Harry can spy on the death eaters.

Crabbe and Goyle will finally suffer from their stupidity- Maybe they'll make Slytherin tower crumble while they're in.

Ron and Hermione will of course get together and have a wild relationship with lots of ups and downs.

Dobby will marry Winkie who'll overcome her butterbeer addiction and they'll have lots of green, wide eyed, floppy-eared babys.

Grawp will get together with Madame whats her name and Hagrid will be very upset about this. He'll move to romania and take care of Norbert

Old August 18th, 2004, 9:20 pm
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1. Harry and Hermione will most definitely survive, though sadly I'm not sure Ron will.
2. Both Harry and Voldemorte will die.
3. Everyone will be very sad about this, but go about their lives somehow (yay last chapter)
4. Hermione+Ron=lurv
5. Luna will play some major roll. She may or may not become Harry's girlfriend (I have hopes for Ginny). It will become apparent in good time.
6. Gred and Forge will become monstrously and sickeningly rich through their joke shop.
7. Dumbledore will die.
8. The secret of the veil will be revealed (that's sort of a given, it has to be)
9. I will read the 6th book more times than the 3rd (which will take many, many readings). The seventh will disappoint me.

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just make this quick

1) HARRY and Hermione will get together

2) they'll realize that the prophecy has already been fulfilled and the power that the dark lord knows not was in fact motherly love

3) ron will either die or do something heroic that will get him the fame that he's always wanted

4) neville will play a major part in bringing down voldemort

5) draco will NEVER turn into a good guy like so many people want him to, but will rather either be killed or put in azkaban by ron

6) ginny will remain a minor character and date dean, maybe lend a helping hand or two in helping harry's fight with hic conscious or something

7) wormtail will fulfill his life-debt

maybe i'll do some more later...but i gotta go

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ok...Wednesday 18th August 2004

1. The brains will have an effect on Ron.

2. Hermione and Ron will get together.

3. A member of the weasley family will die. My bet Bill or Charlie.

4. Neville's new wand will improve his magical ability.

5.There was more reasoning behind Dumbledore's strange behavior in book 5 (I was not at all satisfied with the reasons we were given for Dumbledore acting so strange. (snatched that from OrbitingElle-- i totally agree)

6. I have a feeling that Voldermort or his death eaters will attack Privet Drive in book7. This will cause Petunia to use the powers that she never knew she had. JKR said we would see a lot more of them in book 7 than book 6.

7. We will be seeing a pensieve again. This is how we will find out about Lily and james.

8. Lupin, the last remaining decent maurauder, will deal with Wormtail, either killing him or chucking him in azkaban.

9. Snape... i find him so confusing. He is either going to be a complete hero or his truly evil side will come out. Either way, he is definately going to get a bigger part.

10. We will see Sirius' motorcycle again and also see Godric's hollow.

11. We will see Gryffindor's heir or gryffindor himself. It might be harry or it might be someone else.

12. Everything in the Mirror of Erised will come true. Ron will become Quidditch captain, Head boy and have both cups. Harry will sadly be reunited with his family.

13. We will find out why the Bloody Baron has blood all over him.

Aha... i have another one. Added on 28th August 2004.

14. Snape is spying on Voldermort by somehow using Barty Crouch JR's souless body. He is either impersonating Barty or controlling him. He uses Occulumens to seal his real identity from Voldy. It's a crazy one, I know, but entirely possible. Voldy never did find out about his loyal servant's ''kiss'' did he?

Ok... next update. Added on September 9th 2004.
15. Hogwarts will be attacked. The creatures in the Forbidden Forest will ahve a role in the coming war.

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Old August 18th, 2004, 11:29 pm
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What a great thread, I was thinking of starting one like it but didn't want to get yelled at, go you!

1) Ron and Hermione! But of course...
2) At least one Weasley has to go, I think it's likely to be someone closer to Harry than Bill or Charlie though
3) Dumblydore will die
4) Neville's powers will continue to improve and he'll get Bellatrix in the end
5) Harry will defeat Voldemort (just a wild guess here)
6) Hermione will be headgirl
7) Ron's chess skills will come into play, possibly in battle or maybe as Quidditch captain
8) JK will suprise us all by doing exactly what we least expect!

As of 10th October...

9) Ron'll be affected in some way by the brains
10) The final battle will take place in Hogwarts

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Old August 18th, 2004, 11:32 pm
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Originally Posted by WitheredShadow

1. Harry and Hermione will most definitely survive, though sadly I'm not sure Ron will.
2. Both Harry and Voldemorte will die.
WitheredShadow, you might want to re-read your theories. You've got a bit of a paradox there.

Anyway, on to my predictions:
BOOK 6 - August 18, 2004
1.) The first chapter will be about the night Voldemort killed James and Lily.
2.) The description JKR has given us (the "lion" guy) will be the new DADA teacher.
3.) McClagan will be mentioned only in passing and will NOT be a main character.
4.) Hopefully some backstory on Snape finally. Why does Dumbledore trust him?
5.) We will begin to see Ron and Hermione becoming more than just friends.
6.) Harry will get an explanation about the veil and why Lupin knew about it.
7.) The new Minister of Magic will be Amelia Bones.

BOOK 7 - August 18, 2004
1.) Lot's of backstory in this one.
2.) We will see the prophecy fulfilled.
3.) Voldemort will die, Harry will survive.
4.) Ron and/or Hermione may die during the final battle.
More to come...


"If there's one thing I hate more than any other, it's an Unfounded Theory that walked free."

Old August 18th, 2004, 11:48 pm
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Okay my predicitions:
1. Percy will redeem himself by dying to save a family member.
(possibly he is the reason that a threat is made on the family in the first place - ie accidently passing on info to a DE)

2. Ron and Hermione will actually go out.
I think it will happen after something happens to Hermione - an attempted attack or something, and Ron will finally realize he loves her

3. Neville will be much more powerful and have a hand in getting Bellatrix - capture or killing

4. Dumbledore, Fawkes, Hagrid and Snape play a BIG roles in the final battles, one of which will take place at Hogwarts.
I believe that Hagrid was shown being uneffected by stunning spells for a reason in OotP, and I think he will play some part in saving Harry possibly getting killed in the process. I think Snape may die protecting Dumbledore - a final redemption. I think Dumbledore and Fawkes become major players in the final battle and that Dumbledore will die and Harry on the brink of death after getting rid of LV will be saved by Fawkes.

Old August 19th, 2004, 2:50 am
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Bush Will Lose!!

Old August 19th, 2004, 3:21 am
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1. Ginny will be the one to betray Harry and the Order
2. Ron and Hermione will get together
3. Percy wll redeem himself (possibly die for his family?)
4. Wormtail will kill Lupin with his silver hand but also return Harry's life debt
5. Voldemort is going to be very upset wth Lucius for failing his plans and kill him
6. Neville is going to have a big role in the final war.

Wow naming all these theories makes me wish that book 6 was out!

Old August 19th, 2004, 3:33 am
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Book 6
1. Ron and Hermione will getogther
2. Luna will be switched to Griffendor
3. Dumbeldore will die and Hagrid will die protecting him
4. Aurther weasly will rise in the Minstry or get a raise
Book 7
1. Lupin will now lead the Order
2. Not everyone will suvive
3. Harry will defeat Voldemort and Wormtail will repay the Life deut
4. Marrieta Edgecombe will betry the DA to the Death Eaters (after a few death treats)


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This is my favourite theory of all.

1.) Everything Luna Lovegood says is true. Come on she's in Ravenclaw for a reason! (Of course I did find it funny when she said, "wit beyond measure is a man's greatest treasure" while she was reading the magazine upside down. XP)

2.) Draco Malfoy and Snape fans will be pwned somehow. >=D

3.) Moaning Myrtle will return.

4.) Harry will have a freaking parseltounge talk! (He had one when was 11 and 12, he's due for another one! >_<!)

5.) Ancient Magic is simpler than it seems. (Because I'm sure if, in real life, someone saved your life then you'd have to pay them back anyways :P)
Also, I think the putting your name in the goblet and having to do the tasks if your picked, and life debt things are ancient magic.

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Old August 19th, 2004, 4:07 am
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1. The Dursleys save Harry's life.

2. Marietta Edgecombe apologizes for squealing on the D.A.

3. Aragog will return.

4. Norbert will return.

5. Fudge does something helpful and important.

6. Harry bonds with Lupin.

7. Moody and McGonagall train Harry (in some way).

8. Hogwarts is besieged.

9. The Order of the Phoenix and the Death Eaters suffer heavy losses.

10. Wormtail and Percy redeems themselves (in death).

11. Voldemort realizes the errors of his ways, but dies nevertheless.

Old August 19th, 2004, 4:58 am
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Originally Posted by Senai
9. We'll meet a "good" Slytherin...possibly Blaise.
hee hee, a "good" slytherin. There's an oxymoron for ya.


"If there's one thing I hate more than any other, it's an Unfounded Theory that walked free."

Old August 19th, 2004, 5:00 am
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1. Harry will not have a girlfriend.

2. Ron and Hermione together.

3. Percy is actually a spy for the order. He will die defending either Dumbledore or his family. (probally Ron.)

4. Fudge is thrown out of office.

5. Hermione and Ron will help Harry in his fight to vanquish Voldemort. In doing so, Hermione will be forced to research Tom Riddles past to find out why he wasn't killed when the spell rebounded back on him when Harry was ONe. This will be the key to vanquishing him. We will finally see what happened to Tom Riddle from the time he left Hogwarts until he became Lord Voldemort.

6. Harry is really ****** and focused on training. He won't be having a pity party,. He has a job to do and knows this.

7. I'm really afraid that Harry must sacrifice himself in order to destroy Voldemort. I think they are connected in a very magical and physical way. Like Harry is the opposite of Voldemort. I'm wondering if Harry wasn't part of the steps Voldemort took in trying to become immortal. I'm really hoping time travel is not going to be the case here.

8. Snape will die protecting Harry.

9. Petrigrew must honor his life debt to Harry.

10. Luna is very informative about the dept. of mysteries. She helps in the research of the power that Harry has. Which is emotion. The ability to feel love, sadness, guilt, happiness, and to put others before himself.

11. Ancient magic will be used to vanquish Voldemort. Possibly a simply charm.

12. Trelawny has another vision.

13. Draco becomes a DE

14. Vodie has a spy within Gryffindor.

15. The HBP will be someone from the past. As part of the back history that Hermione will piece together. I'm not sure if it will be a wizard or magical creature. It could possibly be Godric Gryffindor.

Old August 19th, 2004, 5:07 am
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Here it goes:

1) Ron and Herminone will get together
2)Luna and Harry will get together
3)The sorting hat will play a large part
4)Gryffindor or his heir will make an appearence
5)Probably in book seven, Hogwart's will be attacked. Centaurs will fight against Voldemort. Lots will die.
6)Houses will be dissolved
7)Somebody very close to Harry will die
8)Harry will see Sirius again, somehow
10) Harry and LV will face off at the end of book 7.
11) I can't predict who will win!

Old August 19th, 2004, 5:22 am
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Granger's thoughts Wed. Aug. 18

1. I have read many things aginst both sides and thinkHermione will get togeather with Harry

2. Black will come backSome how!!!!!!!!

3. Harry will beat He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named

4. D.A. will still continue even with Umbridge gone

5. McGonagall will hook up with Dumbledore

6. Dumbledore will explaine more about everything

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