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The Dumbledore Family

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Old September 1st, 2007, 8:40 pm
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Re: The Dumbledore Family

Originally Posted by Liselle View Post
1) How did the fate of the Dumbledore family impact on Albus Dumbledore's relationship with Harry and the other students?
The fate of his family obviously has a great impact on his life and persona and that extends to the way he treats his students and Harry.

In short, though, I'd say that the biggest impact on his relationship with Harry is that they shared similar feelings of wanting the family reunited again. Dumbledore understood Harry and his motivations better because of it. Now that we know about his past, suddenly the Mirror of Erised scene in the first book gains a new dimension. It's like they connected that night in a personal level - this old, wise, brilliant professor and an 11 year old. Must hav been a strange feeling for DUmbledore, especially because Harry did not realize it at the time.

Originally Posted by Liselle View Post
2) How do Albus and Aberforth compare with one another?
Aberforth is more emotional (he connected better with his sister and her needs), more hot tempered. Dumbledore understood people very well, perhaps better than his brother (and I reckon he only got better and better at it as years went by), but he didn't act based on emotion. He watched from a distance, almost in a calculating way.

I loved all the insight we got into the Dumbledore family. Albus D became a human being with flaws and temptations and I think that it was important that we finally understood better his character because it was him after all, who orchestrated the Harry vs Voldmort battles.

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Old September 9th, 2007, 7:38 pm
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Re: The Dumbledore Family

I was puzzled by Ariana's injuries. Several times the books mention that child wizards/witches are likely to do magic when frightened or in pain. I'm surprised Ariana couldn't get away or give the boys a wallop of some kind. Thoughts?

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Old September 9th, 2007, 8:21 pm
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Re: The Dumbledore Family

Originally Posted by NowILikeSnape View Post
I hope this thread is a good place to pose the following question: What exactly did the Muggle boys do to Ariana?

When JKR leaves things to our imaginations, we all get a different 'take' on what we think happened, thus all the discussion and message boards such as this one thrive.

Sadly for my male, middle-aged, cynical self, I think bad things when left alone to think them out for myself. Kind of like Aberforth and the "goat" thing, I don't think JKR intended it to be an "unnatural" affinity for goats, but different people will take it in different ways.

With Ariana, when I read that she was attacked by Muggle "boys" and was never the same, bad enough to scar her mentally, my mind raced to a bad place. What type of attack do you feel she underwent?

I think the whole thing with ariana left a bad taste in many readers mouths, as 20 posts had to be deleted for inappropriate content. My own instincts told me that ariana underwent something more sinister than mere bullying. I couldnt imagine someone being scarred for life by physical assualt alone, but then again you never know. After all, she was only six and some people are more mentally fragile than others. But the fact that Aberforth skimmed over the details of what exactly happened......well.

But besides that, I think that in general the whole incident with ariana was not very well put together. A young witch permanately damaged from attacks by muggles boys makes for a very tragic and sad plot mechanism, but once you think about it a few things just dont fit. First of all where was Kendra, aberforth, albus or percival when all of this was going on? Please dont tell me that a six year old child was left unattended for that period of time. This incident occured on their own property, right under their noses and none of them noticed? Also how in the world would muggle boys just be able to "jump" over a fence to even get to ariana? We know from the books that most wizards have protective charms around their house to prevent unwanted muggle entrances, and the dumbledores didnt have this? If this happened then why couldnt they perform a memory charm on her? So many question are left unanswered that it put a very large whole in the plot of the story.

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Old September 10th, 2007, 5:03 am
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Re: The Dumbledore Family

Originally Posted by negaprion View Post
However, that said, I remember Dumbledore telling Hagrid about Aberforth not hiding away after he was in the papers (this was in GOF). Dumbledore's comment that ...of course, he's not sure Aberforth can even read ... now seems very petty and mean.
I don't think for a moment that Dumbledore said this maliciously. I think he merely mean to poke a bit of innocent fun at his younger and less scholarly brother, as is not uncommon among siblings. Take my sister and me for example. It has become our custom to ammuse each other by way of insulting the other's personal appearance (e.g. "This taco looks disgusting," "Your FACE looks disgusting!"). We even complement each other on exceptionally offensive insults. It's all in good humor!


Ryan Delaney
"It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities" -Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
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Old September 10th, 2007, 7:03 pm
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Re: The Dumbledore Family

I've always thought that Aberforth was jealous of Albus ... Albus has always been the brighter one, and the older one, Albus was concidered by everybody to be completely remarkable, and at school predicted to be one of the greatest and powerful wizards in the world ... Imagine what rested on Aberforth's shoulders then. He was bound to be over-shadowed by him, and he's got a lot to live up to that perhaps he knew he couldn't do. And as a little sister myself it's not nice to live in your older sibling's shadow.
Aberforth resented Albus, restented him for being cleverest, and restented him for leaving home with Grindelwald to go and do remarkable work for "the greater good" and leave him and his mother on their own to look after Ariana. He thought that as selfish and probably will never forgive him for that.

I've always been surprised in Dumbledore for not trying to make things up with his brother, he doesn't seem the sort to have a lasting coldness with his brother ... I thought he would have gone to him and talked it all through properly ... The Albus Dumbledore we knew wouldn't turn his back on anyone.

It's not because he said he was remorseful, It's what he did about it.

Severus Snape
Heart of a Warrior, Blood of a Prince.
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Old September 15th, 2007, 10:28 pm
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Dumbledore talks about his family?

In HBP when dumbledore is drinking the green potion in the cave, he says "Don't hurt them" while hes drinking it at one point.
We find out more about his family in DH so,

Was the potion making him recall his worst regrets?

Was he seeing his family as he said this?

I was just curious about this, what do you think?
Or am i wrong?

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Old September 16th, 2007, 4:42 pm
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Re: Dumbledore talks about his family?

in dh, harry tells dumbledore's brother (the barman at hog's head) that dumbledore was indeed forever hurting about what had happened to his family. apparently - as harry understood it - while drinking the potion that concealed the horcrux, dumbledore was reliving his single worst memory: the time when his brother, grindenwald, and himself were duelling, which resulted in dumbledore sister's death.

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