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A Total Change of Plans

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A Total Change of Plans

So I began this fanfiction back in 2008 and, I'm not going to lie, the writing was pretty bad. This morning, I woke up and just had a huge urge to fix it. I've been in a writer's block for roughly three or four years now, and I've finally overcome it. Therefore, I went back and edited this fanfiction, because I've always really loved it, and I'm going to keep working on it. I really hope you enjoy it, guys. And remember, please leave Feedback! It's always welcomed!

All things Wizard World/Harry Potter related definitely belong to my one and only queen, Ms. Jo Rowling. Thank you for reading!



I was running as fast as my size six feet could take me. My mum had always said I had big feet for such a little girl, but that my long, muscular legs really helped make me look properly balanced. Over the bushes, under the low trees, and right across the lawn; I raced and raced until I thought I’d pass out from running. I couldn’t wait to share the great news with my best friends. I recapped what my mum had said to me just a few minutes before.

“Laya, dear, would you please come into the kitchen?” called mum while I was watching a movie with my cousins in the next room.

“Sure, Mum,” I called back. We paused the movie, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, and hurried into the kitchen to find myself surrounded by my family. There was silence for some time until daddy spoke me and my brother, Joseph.

“Kids, we wanted to tell you something important that will be happening, effective immediately. As long as you guys think it’s alright,” he said, with his dazzling smile.

“What is it, Dad?” replied Joseph, with a bored tone. “I was busy playing with the worms in the backyard.” More like torturing the poor things, I thought.

“Well, we were thinking about… moving up here, just down the street from your little friend, Skye,” said mum, with her twinkling blue eyes watching us intently. It was obvious she wanted this badly, but so did I.

“YAY! Oh my god, I can’t wait to tell Skye!” I exclaimed, jumping up and down. My little brother’s face had also lightened up a fair bit.

“Really and truly?” he asked, looking up with big eyes at their parents.

“Yes dear, of course. So do you both agree on moving up here? Because we will start the moving process immediately,” replied her mother, with a very serious tone.

“Yes, yes, yes!” we cried in unison.

“Good, then it’s settled. We’ll head back to Silvermill and start packing,” mum smiled happily. “As soon as you tell your little friends about it.”

And that’s when I had taken off to Skye’s house to tell her. According to my mum, my dad had gotten a better job offer here in Aldrose. In the city we were about to move out of, he was a superintendent at the building we lived in. A man by the name of Mr. Harshop was offering him a position as a farmer, which is what my dad has always dreamed to be. So once we moved, he would start immediately at Mr. Harshop’s farm. Back to the present, I had finally reached Skye’s house and yelled up at her window.

“Skye! Skye!!” I shrieked. A little red head popped out of the window upstairs.

“What?!” she yelled back, obviously annoyed.

“If Brad is over get down here now! I’ve got awesome news!” I grinned up at her.

“Alright, alright. Keep your ‘airnet on.” Skye must have been watching those old movies again, I thought while I paced the pavement in front of her front door. When Skye and Brad finally emerged, they startled me which just added to these crazy emotions even more.

“I’m moving just down the street from you! In that big old house!” I squealed with delight.

“No way!!” Skye ran over to and gave me a big hug, and Brad.

“This is bloody well awesome, Laya! We can play every day, now. Instead of that once a month thing,” exclaimed Brad with a huge grin on his face. “How did it happen?” And I retold everything that had just happened for the third time that day.


“Laya! Come help with the rest of the boxes!” called my dad from the moving truck.

“Coming Daddy!” I replied and hurried over to help him bring in the pillows and blankets and such. A few hours later and they were done unloading and unpacking everything. The old house on the end of the street, near the bridge, was now rightfully theirs. It stood awkwardly among a row of equally as awkward houses; two one-story houses, a three-story house, a house that looked like a castle, two with balconies that rimmed the entire second floor, and a house that looked as if it was built underground.

I was so excited to move up here. My mum and aunt were incredibly close, and we visited the town of Aldrose once a month. Aldrose was so different from the large city, Silvermill, that we used to live in.

“Mum, is it OK if I go get Skye and Brad? So I can show them around the house,” I smiled hugely.

“Maybe tomorrow, dear. I want to have a few days, at least, for just us in this house,” mum answered in a sweet tone. “How about we go set up your little library in the attic?”

I hurriedly agreed with that idea, so we went upstairs to organize all of our books in the rows of shelves that my dad had built in the attic. There were five separate bookshelves, about six shelves high. They were lined up against one of the walls, and against the other a bunch of boxes were stacked that still needed to be sorted and put into storage.

“Mum, the Septimus Heap books by Angie Sage go near the Harry Potter books, right? Because it’s kind of the same storyline and has wizards and witches and things like that,” I asked, while picking up a big set of about four books.

“Actually,” replied mum from her cross-legged position on the floor. “That should stay out because the next book is coming out this weekend and we’ll need to be able to find it.”

“Oh alright,” I mumbled as I stacked the books on top of the big cedar chest. “Mum, I think we’re about done and I’m getting kind of hungry. Can I go get a snack and then go to bed?”

“Yes, of course dear,” she sighed. “I’ll just finish up the rest on my own. Goodnight,” she finished as I got down to plant a kiss on the cheek and give her a big hug.

“Thanks for helping me, G-G-Goodnight,” I yawned as I half-stumbled down the stairs to the kitchen, only to find my brother still awake. “Joey, you should be in bed. It’s ten o’clock at night!”

“There’s a spider in my room and Dad is getting rid of it,” he mumbled from his hands which were covering his red face. “And don’t you dare say a thing to those friends of yours or I’ll hide worms in your cereal,” he added with a glare as he brushed passed her to go back upstairs.

“Whatever,” I laughed after his heavy footsteps on the stairs. I got myself a little snack of vegetables and dip then headed off to my own room.

It was a pretty big room for an eleven year old and considerably decorated already since they had just moved in that day. The walls were a nice purple colour, not too bright and not too dark. I had a bunk bed with a futon on the bottom and a regular bed on the top. There was my own little bookshelf of my most prized possessions and favourite books. As well as a big closet that was right behind my door. I loved her room. It was hers, and only hers.

After finishing up my snack and reading a poem or two out of the Edgar Allan Poe book my grandmother had bought, I changed into her pajama’s and climbed into a nice warm bed and fell into a deep sleep, and dreamt about Ronald Weasley of course.

Over the next few days while my family cleaned things up and organized their possessions in the places they wanted, I decided to explore the house and the first stop was the attic. I was excited that we had so much space in this house, compared to the tiny apartment we used to live in.

So I spent the good deal of about three hours wandering around the attic/library and found nothing very interesting. As I was leaning on one of the bookcases observing the room, the bookcase moved just a touch. I jumped and turned around to look at what happened and gasped. There was a little door, under three feet tall, behind the bookcase. I bent down to slide it open and looked inside to find it pitch black. I took the flashlight off of the table and shone it into the little whole.

I couldn’t see much, it mostly just looked like a little tunnel. I sat there for a moment, my eleven-year-old imagination running through all the crazy and awesome things that I could find in there. Eventually, a child’s curiosity took over and I crawled into it on my hands and knees, a big smile on my face.

I had only gotten two crawls through when I heard my mum call. I crawled backed out of the tunnel, closed it up and marked where it was by turning one of my books around in the bookcase so that the pages stuck out instead. I wandered back downstairs to help mum clean, but was excused later when aunt Sue arrived to look around the house.

I walked down to the basement to see if I could find any other secret doorways or passages. The only one I found had been boarded up on the other end and way too small for her to fit through. Apparently, someone had disliked where it ended up. Maybe into the next house’s basement? I thought to herself as I climbed back upstairs to the kitchen to eat lunch.


Three days after they had moved in, mum allowed me to bring over my friends. She said we were pretty much settled, minus a few boxes here and there, and since my aunt’s “approval” had been given to the cleanliness (mum rolled her eyes at this), we could now have guests over. Before she even finished, I had dashed out the door and down the street to Skye’s house, who by the way was in the three-story house.

“Skye?” I called up to the window.

“In the back!” I heard, said by a distant voice. I raced around the house to find Skye, Brad and Skye’s sister, Summer, playing in the pool. I hurried up on to the dock just as they climbed out of the water.

“Do you guys want to come over? We’re done unpacking and everything,” I smiled brightly as her friends faces lit up. “Summer can come too if she wants. She can play with Joseph.”

“No thanks, yuck,” replied Summer. “He’s an ugly boy,” she added with a disgusted face and ran back into the house giggling as Brad gave her a disbelieving look.

“We’ll just dry off, change and head over,” sighed Skye, shaking her head at her sister’s immaturity. They were a year apart, but Skye was ten times more mature. “Come inside.”

Ten minutes later we were walking over to my house ready to look around the “big old house at the end of Highpine Street” which was now the “Melrosen residence”. Some of the local teenagers had tried to scare us off the first day we had gotten here, telling us the house was haunted and that we’d be tormented, but my mum told them to scurry off.

“I can’t wait to see your room. From what you say it sounds awesome,” said Skye, all dreamy-eyed.

“I’ll show you the basement first. The explorations that I told you about happened there first,” I lied, not wanting to give away my favourite place to hide things up in the attic.

We walked down the stairs into the basement and began another exploration, this time with six hands to feel around the walls, not just two. We found nothing interesting for the hour that we were there except for the hole that I showed them, so I brought them up to my bedroom and they looked around there. Obviously there was nothing too interesting in there, so I sighed and took them up to the attic.

“Wow, this is like a personal library. You have so many books!” exclaimed Skye, and Brad hurried over to examine the ‘Fantasy’ section.

"This place is truly amazing, Laya,” Brad said, looking around at all the books. “I’ll be here almost every day to read. You know you could charge kids just to take out bo-“ he stopped as he saw the look on my face.

“None, I repeat, none of these books will leave this library unless I give permission or, of course, it’s you guys,” I smiled at the two of them and they all burst out into giggles.

“You reminded me of that scary librarian, Madam What’s-her-face, from Harry Potter,” Skye smirked.

“Yes well, I was hoping to get that reaction. Okay now back to business. I’ve found this really cool tunnel behind one of the bookcases. Hmm, now where was it?”

I found the book that I had put backwards, and pushed the bookcase ever so slightly. It moved to show the small door which I had marked with a purple checkmark in one corner.

“Cool, where does it go?” asked Brad kneeling down to have a look.

“I haven’t been able to go through, I always go far enough, and then it stops. So I used it as a small hiding place for things which I love dearly,” I replied, as I opened the little door to reveal small knickknacks and things.

“Wicked!” Skye and Brad said together, as I closed it back up smiling.

“Let’s get back to our search,” I said, while pushing the bookcase back to cover the little hiding place.

After about twenty minutes of exploring, Skye had found something in the far right corner of the room. Brad and I walked over and kneeled down to examine her findings.

It was a small little door, the same height as the other one I had discovered. When Skye slid it open, it revealed a big long box about the size of two keyboards together, and we all pulled it out onto the floor between us. I first read the note that was sitting across the top.

“To whoever may find this, you have made a great discovery. You will have plenty of adventures in this great old house and find other great objects and surprise holes! But first, the items contained in this box shall help you a great deal. Have fun, my dear. Good luck.”

When Brad pushed it open, we couldn’t believe our eyes. There was a small candle, which was pretty much all melted down, with matches and another set of candles in one end. Beside that was a long box, around twelve inches. I pulled it out and opened it to find something pretty incredible.

“It’s a wand! Just like the ones they have in Harry Potter!” I exclaimed in a loud whisper, pulling it out of its box and showing it to the others.

“Laya, look at the bottom! There’s some writing,” said Brad as Skye examined the wand closely. I looked at the bottom and read aloud to the others.

“This box contains a wand that may seem fake to the Muggle eye, but actually it is real. Go ahead, try it out. Do some simple spell that you may know from one of those Harry Potter books which are so famous around the world.”

“Oh my god, it’s a real wand! Let me see it again,” I said, wide-eyed. Skye passed her the wand and she did the first spell which came to her mind.

Wingardium Leviosa!” I said strongly, pointing it to the candle in the box. To our surprise, it actually levitated! Just like in the book.

“No freaking way!” whispered Brad furiously. “Look there’s more wand boxes in there,” he pointed out as he and Skye reached into it to get their own wands and tried the same spell. It worked for both of them as well.

“Look, there’s a map as well,” Skye whispered.

She pulled out this obviously very old piece of paper and unfolded it. Oh my god, I thought, no way! It was a map almost exactly like the Marauders Map except instead of a map of Hogwarts, it was a map of my house and a little of the surrounding area.

“I can’t believe it! You know, now we should try going through the tunnel, there could be more interesting things in there,” Skye exclaimed as Brad examined the hole with the flashlight.

“Uh, I don’t know guys, don’t you think this is a little weird?” He grimaced, staring into the seemingly empty black tunnel. “I mean, there’s a box with wands in it and they work? It just doesn’t feel right.”

“Don’t be silly, Brad!” Skye laughed. “You’re just scared.”

“Am not!”

“Are too!”


In the midst of their silly argument, the flashlight died. That got their attention

“Do you guys know the ‘Lumos’ spell?” I asked, motioning to the wand. “It’s really easy, watch. Lumos!”

My wand lit up a little, almost like it was lit on fire. Brad, still skeptical, tried it out and it worked. He mumbled something unintelligent as Skye lit up her own wand as well. I smiled at both of them and gave Brad an encouraging nudge.

I crawled into the whole, with Brad following after and Skye trailing in last. We travelled for quite a bit, it had felt like an hour, and we were getting tired and hungry. Finally I heard some talking coming from a door a few feet away with a little light seeping through the bottom. We sped up but stopped about a foot away so we couldn’t be heard.

“You can turn off your lights now.” I said, but when they looked confused I added, “just say ‘Nox’.”

We crawled towards the little door and I pushed it open carefully. Once we were all out and kneeling on a hardwood floor, we stood up and brushed ourselves off quickly. We slid the wands into our sleeve to hide them. We looked up and gasped in unison. We were standing in what seemed to be the Leaky Cauldron, right out of the Harry Potter books!


So, what'd you think?! FEEDBACK THREAD!!!

"Death is but the next great adventure." - Albus Dumbledore

go 'claws!

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Re: A Total Change of Plans

So I've written 4 chapters so far for ATCOP, and I'm just going to quickly update this thread with all of them! Hope you enjoy!



“No way!” I whispered to the others as we walked out into the open. “It’s the Leaky Cauldron. Look, there’s Tom behind the bar and oh wow, there’s Hagrid! Let’s go ask him to help us.”

Brad was terrified, but he followed us anyway. We maneuvered carefully through the crowd of people in the Leaky Cauldron. I scanned the faces for more familiar ones but none stood out to me. When we reached Hagrid, I stared at him in wonder. It was so strange that he was so similar to the book. He was incredibly large, with the same shaggy brown hair and bear, in the same scruffy appearance. He loomed over the bar, sipping on some drink.

“Mr. Hagrid, sir. I was wondering if you could help us?” Skye asked with a nervous smile.

‘”Maybe, what do yeh need ‘elp with?” he asked back, turning away from the bar and looking down. “Why, yer just youngin’s, you are. Come outside, yeh shouldn’t be in ‘ere. Not safe.”

He got up and left some silver coins on the bar. He motioned for us to follow him, and we did quite closely. A lot of the inhabitants of the Leaky Cauldron were staring at us, a few of them almost hungrily. A woman reached out to touch Brad’s shoulder and I swear he jumped three feet into the air. He scurried right behind Hagrid, almost touching his heels.

“What is it yeh need, then?” he asked once we were outside in the bright sun.

“Well, y-you see sir-“ I squinted, looking up at him.

‘Don’t go callin’ me sir now. Hagrid ‘s just fine.’

“Well, si- Hagrid, we’re Muggles I think, but obviously there’s been something wrong because we’ve ended up with wands and w-we didn’t know we were magical, si- Hagrid.”

“Well, looks like we got some Muggleborns ‘ere, don’t we,” he smiled kindly down at us. “That’s quite alright, we’ll just have to go pay ol’ Dumbledore a visit.”

“B-but, I thought Dumbledore, y-you know, passed a-away?” Skye stammered.

“Oh, I see yeh’ve been listening to tha Muggle story called ‘Arry Potter?” They all nodded. “Well, listen ‘ere, that stuff is all made up, see. None of tha’ ever happened here. Harry Potter is still only eleven years ol’, just like yerselves. His parents defeated You-Know-Who ‘cause the Order of the Phoenix helped just in tha nick of time. Don’t believe everythin’ you read.” He shook a giant finger at them.

“But, you see Hagrid, we didn’t believe in all this magic stuff until we crawled through the little tunnel in Laya’s house and ended up in the Leaky Cauldron!” replied Brad, exasperated.

“Ah, I see. Well let’s just get along to Dumbledore’s house and maybe he can explain all this better than I can.” And he walked back into the Leaky Cauldron. We all looked at each other and hurried in after him.

“Instead of apparation, because I’m sure you can’t do tha’, we’re gonna use the Floo,” he said cheerfully.

“Oh, do we have to? Won’t it get me dirty?” asked Skye. Hagrid just laughed and walked up stairs while Skye pouted and followed with the others.

“Hagrid, how come we’re not using the Floo that’s downstairs?” I asked, looking around at the worn down walls of the Leaky Cauldron Inn.

“‘Cause it’ll draw too much attention considerin’ I know everyone down there. Plus, we can’t speak Dumbledore’s address aloud,” he replied.

“Oh, you mean the Fidelius Charm is placed on it?” asked Brad.

Hagrid stared at Brad for a second, a faint smile hidden behind his scruffy beard. “You lot sure know a bit about our world. Yes, of course. It’s Dumbledore’s house, it’s got to be protected.” He picked up a little bag with green powder and held it out to them. “Who’s going first?”

“I will,” I smiled nervously and put my hand into the little bag.

With Hagrid encouraging me - ‘Just a bit, there yeh go…’ - I took a small handful out and walked into the fireplace.

“Just say ‘Dumbledore’s House’ nice and clear, and it’ll know where to go,” Hagrid said.

I pronounced loud and clear, ‘Dumbledore’s House’, and dropped the powder. I tucked in her elbows and closed my eyes getting ready for all the soot. Then felt a weird spinning sensation. Just like in the book, I thought. Within thirty seconds, my feet hit solid ground, followed by my hands and knees smashing after them. Soot whirled up and I coughed like crazy.

I started at a loud and strong voice, ‘Who goes there?’ and picked myself up quickly.

‘S-Sorry sir, for intruding. B-but my name is Laya Melrosen and Hagrid has sent m-me,’ I stumbled, brushing myself off.

Then all the dust cleared and I could see the famous figure of Albus Dumbledore. My eyes widened. He looked so similar to the Dumbledore from the books. His eyes twinkled, his beard was just as white, and his smile was just as warm.

“He’s sent all of you?” he asked, while sitting at his desk in his famous position - fingertips touching and leaning against his mouth. I turned around and saw the others coughing and spluttering behind her while they dusted themselves off.

“Yes, P-Professor Dumbledore, sir. He’s sent all three of us. I’m sure he’ll be along in a minute,” she replied, just as they all heard a loud pop, making the children jump and look around quickly for the noise make. Dumbledore just smiled larger.

‘Why Hagrid, I see you’ve found yourself some friends?’ he asked the big shaggy figure that had just appeared out of nowhere. So that’s apparation, I thought to herself.

‘Yes, Professor Dumbledore, sir. You should ‘ear their story! They came upta me in the Leaky Cauldron, they did. Asked me if I could ‘elp ‘em and I thought maybe you could ‘elp ‘em more than I can.” He then told Albus Dumbledore our whole story. After he had heard it all, Dumbledore was silent for some time. A few minutes passed and he finally spoke.

“Well, obviously we do have some Muggleborns here and they will need to go to Hogwarts, but first I ought to go have a chat with all of their parents so they know what’s going on. I’m sure they’re quite worried, you know. Could you give me your full names?”

He said this all pretty fast even though the Dumbledore from books talks slow, I mused.

“Laya Lou Melrosen.”

“Skye Marie Fitzgerald.”

“B-Bradley Smith.”

“Alright, now we shall go to your homes. Do you think there is a safe place to apparate anywhere in your neighbourhood?” he asked.

“You could probably apparate right into my attic, sir. But I there are plenty of bookshelves and books everywhere so just be careful where you land,” I smiled.

‘You three children hold on tight to each other and each of you grab my arms,” he replied while standing up to join us.

“Are you sure, Professor Dumbledore, sir? When Harry described what it felt like in the fifth Harry Potter book it sounds like it hurts,” mumbled Brad.

“Oh, it might twinge a bit, Mr. Smith, but I assure you it won’t hurt.” We scrambled around him and said goodbye to Hagrid. Within a second we had poofed out of the room, leaving Hagrid with a satisfied smile on his face.


“OUCH! Brad, that is my foot!” squealed Skye.

“Sorry! Why is it so dark in here?!” answered Brad.

“Have you forgotten you’re a wizard already, Mr. Smith?” Dumbledore chuckled, shaking his head at the hopping Skye, cringing Brad and I.

I moved to the spot beside the door where the switch was and flicked it on. Everyone’s faces were lit in the darkness and Brad was still cringing because of the smack on his arm Skye had given him after he landed on her foot. Dumbledore smiled at her, and walked briskly to the stairs.

“Wait! Professor Dumbledore, sir, I think I should go down and make sure my aunt isn’t there. If she finds out it’ll be all over town in seconds,” I smiled apologetically.

“Very reasonable, Ms. Melrosen,’ he replied holding the door open for me as I rushed down the stairs. I looked in on the living room to find my parents watching a soccer game between England and the United States.

“Mum? Dad? Can I talk to you for a second?” she asked timidly.

“Yeah, sure dear,” she replied, muting the television from the roars of the English spectators because of the goal England had just successfully made.

“Okay, I know this will sound pretty unbelievable, but you should know right now that I do have proof of it and I will show you if it comes to it. I need your complete attention, Dad,” she added as her father looked back at the television set. His head snapped back and he smiled.

“Sorry, sweetie,’ he laughed.

“Well, you see… I’m a witch,” I started.

Her parents looked at each other and burst out laughing. I grimaced and glanced up the stairs to the shadows of Dumbledore, Skye and Brad’s face. After they had calmed down and my face when from crimson to pink, mum spoke up while still giggling.

“Um, ok I know you may think you’re a witch dear, but the thing is there’s no such thing.”

“Yes there is, Mum. You even said so yourself before. There are White Witches, you said that Nana knew one,” she whined. “I have proof.”

“Alright, dear. What’s your proof?” He abruptly stopped chuckling and spluttered, turning white.

“What’s wrong?!” asked my mum frantically. He pointed towards the stairs.


“Yes, that would be my name,” he said politely bowing to mum and shaking my daddy’s hand. “I see that you have changed quite a lot since you were young, Lynna,’ he added to my mum’s stunned face.

“Y-you knew me when I was young?” she asked exasperated.

“Yes, of course dear. And I knew your mother and her mother, your great grandmother and your great-great grandmother.”

“Really? That’s so cool. You knew almost my whole generation!” I exclaimed as Skye and Brad slowly came down the stairs. Her mother turned white again.

“Oh no! Please tell me you haven’t heard the conversation we were just having?” she asked.

The three of us, and Dumbledore himself, chuckled as I filled my parents in on the experience of finding the pathway into the Leaky Cauldron and seeing Hagrid. At this point her mother asked, “Is he really big like they described in the books?” to which I answered, ‘Yes Mum, very big.” Then I talked about meeting Dumbledore and finally coming back here.

“Well, you have had quite an adventure, Laya. I do hope we can get down to - how do you say it? - business?” mused Dumbledore.

“Yes, sir, that’s right,” chuckled Brad.

“Hm, alright then. Well as you may now see Mr. and Mrs. Melrosen, you’re daughter and her two friends are quite magical. Laya and her friends will certainly attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.” He now turned to the children. “I have here three letters which will tell you all the information about Hogwarts and where to get your supplies and such. Have fun and don’t forget to not use magic unless in need and do not show your Muggle neighbours either.”

“Yes, sir,” we replied in unison while we opened our letters as carefully as possible so as not to rip the front of the wonderful old parchment with emerald green writing. I ran over to her parents’ sides so they could all read it. This is what it said:



(Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorc., Chf. Warlock, Supreme Mugwump, International Confed. of Wizards)

Dear Ms. Laya Melrosen,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all the necessary books and equipment.

Term begins of September 1st. We await your owl by no later than July 31st.

Yours sincerely,

Minerva McGonagall

Deputy Headmistress

“What’s a Mugwump?” asked Brad.

“Oh yes, of course you wouldn’t know, my apologies. A Supreme Mugwump is the head of the International Confederations of Wizards. I think Muggles call it a politician?’ he added.

“I guess you could say that,” my dad laughed. “So this equipment and these books, how do we buy them?”

“Dad, you should’ve read the Harry Potter books. You have to go to Gringotts which is located in Diagon Alley. To get to Diagon Alley you have to go through the Leaky Cauldron which only wizards and witches can see. Once you get to Gringotts, you have to change the British money into Sickles, Knuts, and Galleons,” I explained to the dumbfounded face of my dad.

“I couldn’t have put it better myself, Ms. Melrosen,’ smiled Dumbledore. “I’m guessing this book of yours does not show you how to get to Diagon Alley from the Leaky Cauldron though, hm?”

“Well it does, actually,” replied Brad sitting up straighter from his slouching position on the couch. “Hagrid showed Harry in the first book. You have to do certain taps on the brick wall out back of the pub. If I watched my movie of the first book I could most likely get the combination correct.”

“I see, but there is a much easier way,” he replied. “Just take the Floo, of course. Yes it may make you a bit dirty and may give you the coughs but it is much quicker.”

“But in the second book when Harry takes the Floo, he takes it to the wrong place because he pronounced it wrong. He ended up in Knockturn Alley,” Skye said and then shuddered at the thought.

“Hm, yes, pronunciation may be tricky but anyone who is scared of taking the Floo can stay behind and apparate with me,” said Dumbledore showing them a little bag. “But first we must visit the other houses of Mr. Smith and Miss. Edwards. Laya may stay if she wants or she could come. That is up to her parents,” he added with his sparkling eyes and smile.

“She can go if she wishes while we go get –“ my mum stopped as there was a knock at the door. Then they heard a very familiar voice.

“Jenny! Tom? Where are you?” It was aunt Sue.

“Albus, you must go now. If she sees you things could get sticky. My sister has such a big mouth, you know. Sorry for kicking you out so quickly,” she added in a low whisper.

“Oh it’s quite alright. I’ll just apparate upstairs to your attic with the children,”’ he said and we hurried over to take his arms. A swift turn and we were gone again. We heard the faint voices of my parents and aunt Sue, which were too faint to understand.

“Sorry for this, Professor Dumbledore. My aunt is a big blabber mouth and the whole Muggle world would know about the magical world in seconds if she found out. Well at least after she woke up from her faint,” she added with a whisper while the others laughed.

“That’s fine, my dear. I think I should be off to Brad’s and Skye’s –” he started but stopped quite suddenly as the door opened. It was my parents. ‘Oh, thank goodness. I thought it was all three of you. Where has your sister gone, Mrs. Melrosen?”

“She left. She just needed to borrow a few eggs for something,” she smiled.

“Perhaps she’s baking a cake? Mmm,” he mumbled, rubbing his stomach.

"Death is but the next great adventure." - Albus Dumbledore

go 'claws!

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Re: A Total Change of Plans


Diagon Alley was, well, an alley.

It was a long road with tons of stores on each side of the street. To name some of the stores, there was an Apothecary for potion ingredients, a Cauldron shop for cauldrons of course, the Daily Prophet offices, Flourish & Blotts for books, and Madam Malkin’s for robes of all sorts. But the ones which interested me the most were Ollivander’s for wands, Eeylops Owl Emporium for all owls, Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlour, and the most interesting one of all, Quality Quidditch Supplies.

I was so excited about the fact that all of this was real. Quidditch was actually a sport that I could play, adding to the list of all the other Muggle sports that I love. I was desperate to hop on a broom and get started, but of course we had to go shopping first.

We headed off to Gringotts bank to do a money change. My parents had dipped into the college savings they had for me in order to pay for all of the supplies I would need. Joseph was tagging along, although he looked quite bored and annoyed. When we had told him that I was a witch he just laughed and noted that he always thought I had been adopted.

After meeting the terrifying Goblins of Gringotts and getting our wizarding world money, we travelled from shop to shop, crossing off items from the list in my letter to Hogwarts. We got my robes, my books, cauldrons, all of that school stuff that was necessary. My family decided to also get an owl, so that we could send letters to and from Hogwarts. We ended up with a white and gray barn owl, who had immediately taken a liking to Joseph, who actually really liked the bird.

“Can we call him Dude?” he asked, scratching the head of the pretty owl.

“Are you crazy? That sounds ridiculous. We should name him bandit because of the gray across his eyes,” I exclaimed.

“I could live with that, I guess.”

Lastly, we went to Ollivander’s to get him to check out this wand I had found. He was incredibly confused first off, but as I told him the story and explained the notes and such, he smiled knowingly.

“This wand right here is quite magnificent. An obviously very powerful wizard or witch have planted these in your attic. Do you think you could talk to the previous owners and see if it was them? Don’t ask them full out if their wizards or something of the sort, because they could be Muggles, but write them a letter saying you’d like to have tea with them. Be careful to make sure that they are definitely wizards before you reveal your wand, my dear,” he said, in a kind of quiet yet stern voice.

“Mr. O-Ollivander, sir. I was wondering if you could tell us what type of wand it is? As in the core and such?” My mum asked a little timidly.

“Well, dear, it seems that even Muggles find things out in ways even the greatest wizards can’t. This wand is 11 ½” long, the type of wood is Maple and Walnut, and the core is a Demiguise Hair. The core makes your wand perfect for Transfiguration. I, of course, do not sell or make wands with that core but I don’t think any wand maker I know does. I guess when you talk to the previous owners of your house you should find out where the wand has come from,” he replied still examining the wand.

“Um, excuse me sir,” I said. “I was wondering whether two kids have come here by the names of Brad and Skye?”

“Well, yes they have. You know them, do you? Well they did have the same exact wand except for the cores. Skye’s was a Hippogriff Talon –“ he started.

“Oh she would have loved that! Those are her favourite magical creatures!” I exclaimed as Mr. Ollivander smiled and continued.

“Yes, she said the same thing to me. Your friend Brad’s wand had the core of Leprechaun Hair which is only useful for people with an Irish origin.”

“Yeah, he’s full Irish.”

“And what, if I may ask, is your background dear?” he asked.

“I’m English and French,” I replied, beaming with proud.

“Ah, yes, yes. Of course.. I should have known,” he said faintly as he walked to the back of his store and came back with a long thing box that looked like the one I had gotten her wand from. “Well, Ms. Melrosen, I am pleased to inform you that I have a wand for you if you’d like to try,” he said as he opened the box and a wand with a leather handle was sitting in it. I picked up the wand while handing my mum other and held in the air in front of her.

“I feel a kind of tingling feeling. A bit tingly, actually,” I replied and did the ``swish and flick motion that I had read about in the books. I didn’t have to say anything all of a sudden the box which was just holding the wand started to hover in front of my eyes.

“B-but, I thought that only one wand is fit for one person?” stammered my mum, as she watched the wand box fly around the room.

(A/N: Earlier on, In Skye’s POV)

Skye’s family was quite a big one and very close but ever since Dumbledore had come to her house and explained everything, they’ve drifted apart. Her younger and older sister refuse to talk to her because she can do magic and they can’t. Kind of like Petunia with Lily, thought Skye as she walked down Diagon Alley with her parents to Gringotts.

Once they got there and were entering, she read something that scared her a bit about this big place filled with goblins.

Enter, stranger, but take heed
Oh what awaits the sin of greed,
For those who take, but do not earn,
Must pay most dearly in their turn.
So if you seek beneath our floors
A treasure that was never yours,
Thief, you have been warned, beware
Of finding more than treasure there.

She wondered what else would be guarding the vaults throughout Gringotts. Then she remembered the dragons and smiled. Her parents showed a goblin the letter that Dumbledore had given them. It told the goblins that Skye’s parents were Muggles and didn’t really understand the magical world yet. The main goblin which they were talking to, snickered at their reactions to all the other goblins at their stations. Skye laughed with him and the goblin seemed a bit surprised at her reaction but continued on with changing their money into wizarding world money.

When they exited Gringotts, Skye’s parents were practically mesmerized with the big gold and silver coins. They walked around and checked off everything they needed on the list. Lastly, they went into Ollivanders to ask about the wand. As they approached the old looking store where all wizards in England get their wands, a familiar friend walked out of the store with his father.

“Hi Brad!” she exclaimed while she walked towards him and his father, Bruce.

“Hey Skye! I just got my new wand because Ollivander said mine wasn’t perfect for me but this one is!” he said as he held up his new wand proudly. “Guess what the core is?”

“Oh, Brad. Don’t go getting all cocky now,” laughed Bruce as he shook Skye’s father’s hand and kissed her mother on the cheek.

“Shush, Dad. It’s a Leprechaun Hair,” he beamed. “It’s perfect for me because I’m Irish and Ollivander said it can get temperamental for people who aren’t Irish.”

“Wow, that’s so cool. I hope mine is like that, but obviously not a Leprechaun Hair,” she laughed. “I hope it has something to do with a magical creature as well. Maybe a Hippogriff.”


When my parents and I got home from our trip to Diagon Alley, I went straight up to my room with all the things we had bought today so I could sort them into the wonderful trunk my parents had found in our storage. The first thing I thought I should pack was my robes on one side of the trunk with a few Muggle clothing as well, for lounging around at the castle. I decided not to pack my books yet because I wanted to read them all.

Hopefully I can do it before the school year starts, I thought to myself.

“Laya, dear! Wash up for dinner and come down,” my mother called up the stairs just as I opened my book for Potions.

“Oh well, I’ll just start later,” I mumbled as I put the book on my side table and walked down the hall to the bathroom to wash up.

A few minutes later I was walking down the front hall towards my kitchen. Mmm, the smell of spaghetti wafted towards me as I entered our kitchen. My mum’s spaghetti was my absolute favourite, and I guess she made it because of the crazy week we’ve had.

“Laya, could you please set the table?” asked my mum, while stirring the pot of spaghetti sauce.

“Sure mum!”

As I was putting utensils beside the last plate, my brother walked in with my dad trailing behind him. He brushed past me roughly and sat down in my seat.

“Excuse me, Joseph, but that’s my seat,” I said with my hands on my hips in my mother’s famous pose and with her famous glare.

My chuckled at me and said, “Well, you should be scared now Joseph, she’s turning out to be just like her moth- ouch!” He was cut off because my mother had hit him on the back of the head.

“Joseph, move.”

“Fine,” he snarled as he got up and moved to where I was standing to sit down.

“Don’t use that tone of voice with your sister,” my dad said with a smile as he sat down at the head of the table and I sat down on his left.

While my mum was finishing up with cooking, me and my dad talked about Hogwarts and how it’ll be really awesome to finally see it in real life instead of just seeing the set in the movies. Then I asked a question which had been bothering me a lot these days.

“Mum, if the Harry Potter series was all fake then how come J.K Rowling could do the set for the movies and all that information that she supposedly made up?”

“Well dear, you don’t know whether Hogwarts really looks like it does in the movies and if it does then maybe a lot of castles look alike? The latter is most likely true because it happens a lot in the Isles,” she replied setting the pot of spaghetti in the centre of the table and taking a seat.

“Your mother is right, Laya. It might look the same or it might not. Guess you’ll find out on the first of September,” he said, as he dug into the pot and filled his plate.

“I don’t think I can wait that long!” I mumbled between mouthfulls. “Maybe Joseph is a wizard too?” This made him sit up straighter.

“You think?” he asked, trying to hide his happiness.

“Well you could be, it’s all a matter of time. We’ll have to wait a year until you’re eleven. Also, have to talked to the previous owners of the house yet, mum?”

“I’m going to give them a call tomorrow afternoon, dear,” she smiled.

After we finished eating, my family went into the living room to watch some television while I went upstairs to start my reading. I never really watched TV unless soccer was on. Oh, and Saturday morning cartoons of course. I crawled into my bed, surrounded by the books and did a simple “eenie-meenie-minie-moe” to determine which one I should delve into first.

The next morning I woke up with the sun rise, at 6:34am. I just felt like I needed to be awake. After I washed up, I walked downstairs to see if anyone else was up. Halfway down the stairs, I heard a bang from the kitchen. I went down the stairs as quietly as I could to see who or what was down there.

As I approached the open door of my kitchen I suddenly thought to myself that I must be just freaking myself out. It’s probably just my parents or brother. Boy, was I wrong. The minute I entered the kitchen, I pointed my wand towards the shadowed figure sitting at my kitchen table.

“Who goes there?” I asked in the strongest voice I could muster. It turned out to be croaky and quiet.

The person at the table jumped up and held a stick out. Another wand? I thought. I reached towards the light switch and the second I flicked it up I yelled ‘Stupefy!’ A red light shot out from the tip of my wand and the other person in my kitchen dropped to the ground. I hurried over and stared down at the man.

“What’s going on?” I heard from the door. When I got up I saw my dad standing at the doorway with my mum right behind him. I pointed to the ground in front of me.

“Our previous owner has arrived, I think,” I said and my parents hurried over to see the scared face of the intruder.

"Death is but the next great adventure." - Albus Dumbledore

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Re: A Total Change of Plans


“Rennervate,” I mumbled.
The man jumped up and pointed his wand at me.

“Why did you hit me with a stunning spell? Better yet, how did you know the stunning spell and the reviving spell as well? Why do you have a wand?!” he demanded.

“Well, I’m a witch,’ I replied. “And I hit you with the stunning spell because you scared me and I had no idea who you were. Better than throwing a knife at you or something, I think.’

“Oh, that makes sense then,” his wand lowered and he sat down at the nearest chair. “But you do know you shouldn’t do magic outside of school, which I’m assuming you attend Hogwarts.”

“Only if I’m in need, and I thought you were going to kill me or something.”

“Fair enough.”

“Would you please explain to us who the hell you are?!” my dad asked, sitting down across from the man. My mum sat as well, still quiet.

“Ah, yes. I should probably explain that,” he smiled. “Like your daughter said, I am the previous owner of this house. My name is William Bellbush. I’m actually a professor at Hogwarts, I teach Defense Against the Dark Arts.”

“So… since we don’t have to ask you if you’re a wizard, do you know about all the wands and hiding places?” I asked, narrowing my eyes.

“Ah, yes I do. Dumbledore filled me in on everything that’s happened. What an interesting way to find out you’re a witch, hm? Basically, the only way anyone would find the hiding spots in this house is if they have magical blood in them. You’re the first one in twenty years to have found it.

“My father put that chest there, and he only told me about it after they had moved out and I had gotten then house. It was used as a sort of safe house for members of the Order of the Phoenix during the Dark Times. I had hunted around the house for all of these little hiding places and could only two of them. I assume the third one, the one you found, was charmed for only a Muggleborn to find.”

“That’s strange, why would your father have charmed it that way?” It was the first time my mum had spoken since we had sat down.

“Well, the Dark Times were just that, dark. Muggleborns were being murdered and tormented for “stealing magic. The Leaky Cauldron, which is where that tunnel led you, was another safe haven for the Order. The other two tunnels led to other safe havens. This house was used to put the Muggleborns into hiding.”

“But what about the box? And the wands?” I asked.

“Well, after the defeat of Voldemort, we moved out of this house and into one in the Wizarding world. It had originally just been the tunnels, but my father placed the box in there once we had moved out. He figured if another Muggleborn stumbled upon this place, the contents of the box would be of use to them. I guess it has done its job,” he added with a smile.

“Now, I have a question for you. Do you think you could show me the other passage in your attic? The one you used as a hiding place.

“Uh, oh yeah, of course,” I blushed. I looked to my parents for approval and my mum nodded.

“Go ahead, daddy and I will get breakfast started.” We quietly ascended the stairs to the attic.

“Wow, this is like an actual library,” William said as he walked around looking at my bookshelves. He stopped at one and noticed something I had completely forgotten about. ‘How come this book is the wrong way?’ he asked, pointing to the thick book I had purposely put on the shelf wrongly and walked over to join him.

“Watch,” was all I said as I shuffled him a little away from the bookshelf. I got between that one and the one beside it and pushed the bookcase lightly and stepped back to watch William’s face again turn into complete surprise. At first he was silent, as if thinking about what to say but he finally started talking.

“Have you gone through this one yet?”

“No, I haven’t. I didn’t think it went anywhere so I just used it as a hiding place.” I said as he squatted next to me to have a look.

“Well, why not do it now?” He looked down and examined its size.

“After you,” I smiled.

He got on his hands and knees with his wand out and started crawling through the whole in the wall. I followed him as soon as I couldn’t see his feet. Lighting my wand I followed him for what seemed like ages until he stopped abruptly and I almost hit my head on his butt.

“What is it?” I whispered, trying to look around his body to the opening in front of him.

“Hang on a second,” he replied. It went semi dark and then he muttered “Alohomora” to the thing which I figure was a door and started crawling again. At first I didn’t follow him but when I saw him slide his body out of the whole and stand up to brush himself off I hurried forward. As I was brushing myself off I heard a third voice which I did not recognize.

“Nice to see you, Mr. Bellbush and Ms. Melrosen.” Immediately I looked up and pointed my wand at whatever was speaking to find the face of Professor McGonagall looking down at me. I blushed and put my wand away, whispering “Nox” to put out the light. After we had fully explained ourselves and had a nice cup of tea offered by a house elf that looked strangely familiar, I gasped.

“Dobby!” I said with a huge smile.

“Sorry, but who is the miss?” he asked professor McGonagall and bowing to me at the same time.

“This is Laya Melrosen. You should surely remember her great-grandmother, Margaret Melrosen?’ she replied.

He turned to me and immediately bowed, his nose almost touching the ground. As I told him he could stand up if he wanted to, he explained why he had bowed again, “You are a relative of Miss Margie so Dobby must show plenty of respect for when Miss Margie was alive and visited Headmaster Dumbledore she treated Dobby with respect no one had ever showed him before.”

“Well, you should surely expect the same respect from me, Dobby, because I have been wanting to meet you for a long time,” I smiled at the house elf and he bowed again then turned to leave.

“Professor McGonagall, how did you know my great-grandmother?” I asked, sipping on the tea she had given me and trying not to grimace at the bitter taste.

“She was a witch of course, and a great friend of the members of the Order. I was much younger, but I do still remember her. She was such a sweet woman, it pained her to hide the truth from her family.”

“The truth? What do you mean?”

“Well, I’m sure you know what a squib is, right?” I nodded. “Margaret was a squib. She was visiting Albus because he was helping her hide her secret.”

“Wow, what happened?”

“Well, eventually her family found out and they banished her. So, she moved to France and married a Muggle man, Logan Aristole. But you two should be getting back. Your parents, Ms. Melrosen, will surely be wondering where you went off to.” James and I nodded in agreement.

We returned to my attic by apparition instead of through the tunnel, closed up the tunnel and returned the bookshelf to its original spot. After a quick breakfast downstairs, William turned to me.

“Where is the trunk?” he asked.

“This way,” I replied, and we hurried back upstairs to the attic.

I sat down cross legged and pushed open the slat where the trunk was. I pulled out the trunk and William sat down beside me to help open it. His eyes opened wide for the third or fourth time that morning and he reached out for the letter which was lying on top. I saw in his eyes a lot of emotion as he skimmed the letter and put it down beside him to look at the things inside. The first thing he took out was the map which I had forgotten inside the trunk and looked it over.

I waited until he finished examining everything in the small trunk, than started talking.

“You can take it with you. You know, to your new home. That’s only if you want, of course,” I said, whispering kind of nervously.

At first William just kept looking at the trunk, running his hand along the edge as if remembering something from his past. When I said his name a little louder, his head snapped towards me and he smiled apologetically.

“Sorry, it was like I was in a trance or something,” he laughed. “Yes, I think I will take it please,” James finished as he started to put things away. I was about to help him when I heard a rapping noise on the window and jumped up very startled. It was an owl.

“William, do you recognize that owl?” He seemed to have fallen into that trance again and I had to nudge him with my foot. “William!”

“What?!” he exclaimed looking up at me.

“Do you recognize that owl?” I repeated, pointing at the window. He turned around and saw it and smiled. He walked over to the window to let the little owl in.

“I’m guessing that’s a yes,” I muttered following him over.

It was a little tiny, brown owl. Once I had gotten closer, I noticed it was not alone. The other owl, a barn owl, was also carrying a letter attached to its foot. I reached my finger up and it hopped down onto it and held out its leg. James was already reading the other letter, trying to conceal a big grin. I took the letter off of the owl on my finger and opened the scroll up while the owl hopped onto my shoulder. Wincing a little, I read the letter. This is what it said in neat, delicate writing:

Dear Ms. Melrosen,

You should be receiving this while William is there and he will also be receiving a letter which he should show you after you have read this one. Well, I am sure you see the white speckled owl that has arrived with your letter. This owl is now yours. She is named Specks but it is your wish to name her anything you want, since she is now yours.

Your school year is beginning quite soon and it would help if you had a tour of Hogwarts before-hand. I know I do not usually do this with new students but because great-grandmother was such a close friend of mine, I thought it could be a good exception. You may bring along Skye and Brad, but I would advise you to use the Muggle way of contacting them as I am sure their parents are not used to stray owls coming to their homes with letters.

When you are ready, just contact me back with this owl and a letter saying ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. Your parents and younger brother should surely come as well. Have a wonderful day, Laya, and don’t forget to write back.

Yours sincerely,

Albus Dumbledore,

Headmaster of Hogwarts

“Wow! I get an owl and a tour of Hogwarts.” I said loudly, startling the owls a bit. William laughed at my reaction and summarized his letter for me.

“Mostly, it just says where to bring you this afternoon if you wish to come for the tour, which I am sure you are. You’re familiar with the Floo, right?” he said, walking back over to the small trunk with his owl on his shoulder.

“Yep. I used it with Hagrid to get to Dumbledore’s house on the day this all started,” I replied, trying to snatch my owl out of the air. Finally I gave up and she came and landed on my shoulder.

“Well,” said William, half laughing, “we’ll just go inform your parents and you can call those friends of yours over. Oh, and you must write back to Dumbledore,” he added, picking up the trunk and walking towards the stairs.

As we walked down the stairs, I started talking to my owl. It was a habit I picked up from my mother, talking to animals.

“So little owl, what should I call you?”

Hoot, hoot, hoot.

“Well, how about… Alba?”


“That sounds like a yes,” I finished and smiled proudly to myself. William looked at me and we both fell into a fit of laughter.

“What’s so funny, you two?” I heard my mother ask from the living room. When we walked in, she looked at my shoulder, than James, than mine again. “Why do you have owls on your shoulders?” James went first.

“This is my owl, Eragon, who just brought me a letter from Dumbledore,” he said and held up the scroll of parchment.

“And this is my new owl, Alba, who brought me my letter from Dumbledore,” I said, smiling largely. She still looked confused.

“Why did he send you both a letter?” she asked getting up to pet Alba, my new prized possession.

“He offered me a tour of Hogwarts. I’m supposed to bring my family, Skye, and Brad. As long as it’s ok with you guys,” I finished looking up to her with big, round eyes, begging silently. She thought it over for a minute and replied.

“Yes, I guess it’s alr-“ She was cut off by me giving her a big hug and Alba hooting happily.

“Thank you!” I exclaimed as I let go of her. “I’m going to call Skye and Brad and see if they can come too.” I ran off towards the kitchen to use the phone and give my best friends the good news.


“They can’t come,” I said gloomily as I walked into the room. Immediately, Alba, as if sensing I was upset, flew over and landed on my shoulder and stared pecking playfully at my ear. I laughed and told her to stop. She hooted happily, pleased with herself, and flew off to sit on top of the television set.

“Oh, that’s alright. At least you can still go.” That cheered me up right away and also reminded me about something.

“I have to write back Professor Dumbledore with my reply!” I exclaimed.

“Here I have some parchment and a quill,” William said, pulling it out of his bag and handing it to me.

Dear Professor Dumbledore,

I received your letter and the owl, thank you so much for both! I decided to name the owl Alba, she seems to like it. Also, I would love to have a tour of Hogwarts, but Skye and Brad can’t make it.

See you soon,

Laya Melrosen.

I picked up the parchment and read through it to make sure it sounded okay and rolled it up, tying it with a piece of string that William had handed me.

“Alba!” I called to the owl holding up my hand and she landed on my forearm, which hurt a bit because of her talons. I tied the parchment to her little foot and told her where to go. “Take this to Dumbledore, please.” She pecked me affectionately on my finger and flew out my open window.

“So when can we go?!” I asked, rather impatiently. He laughed and pulled something out of his pocket which looked kind of like a galleon, and strangely familiar.

“This is charmed so when Dumbledore says a word or sentence, the letters on the side will change and it will heat up so I feel it.” I knew exactly where I’ve seen it before. Dumbledore’s Army! From the books! Of course, there was actually no such thing so I didn’t say anything, just smiled.

“Laya,” my mother spoke up as William sat back on the couch. “Why don’t you go get changed?” I just noticed that I was still in my pajamas and ran up the stairs to get changed, my face burning scarlet.

A few hours later, the coin started to heat up and William smiled. This meant it was time to go, and I was getting more and more excited. Even Joseph seemed a little excited. We gathered in front of the fireplace in my living room, waiting for my mum to come back downstairs.

“Mum, hurry up, we have to go!” I called as I hurried into the living room to find William trying to show my dad how to use the Floo. He smiled and waited as my mother hurried in the room and over to us.

“Right then, I’ll send Laya first as she knows what she’s doing, and you three,” he pointed to my parents and Joseph, “watch what she does and what she says.”

I hurried to William’s side and took a handful of Floo powder. I stepped into the fire and said confidently, while dropping the powder, ‘Hogwarts!’ The last thing I saw was my father’s scared-to-death face and my mother waving. I tucked in my elbows and closed my eyes then felt myself spinning. I stopped suddenly and felt like I was pushed out of the fireplace. I landed on all fours but hopped up quickly, indulged in a coughing fit. Once the dust and I had calmed down, I saw Dumbledore sitting at his desk with a smile on his face.

“Hello, Professor Dumbledore,” I said as I heard two light thuds behind me and turned to see my parents on all fours, coughing. I grinned and rushed to their sides, helping them both up and catching my father muttering, ‘Never.. ever.. again,’ through coughs. A few seconds later, Joseph landed, stumbling into my dad. I giggled and turned towards Professor Dumbledore.

They all brushed themselves and said hello to my new Headmaster. We then heard a pop and William appeared right behind me, almost falling into me. I smirked then turned back to Professor Dumbledore who was just getting up.

“It’s wonderful to see you all again, and to meet you Joseph,” he smiled. “I hope the trip was alright.

“Is there another way to travel? Can’t we just drive or something?” My dad mumbled.

“You could, yes, but where’s the fun in that?” We all laughed. “Ready to go?”

My eyes widened and I grinned so large, I thought my teeth would fall out of my mouth and become one of those chattering teeth toys. He chuckled, and held open his office door for us as we wandered out into the hallway.

It was better than I imagined: the moving paintings who were winking and smiling and waving; the cobblestone floor; the grand ceilings; and long winding hall. I was so entranced in what I was looking at that my brother had to nudge me. I jumped.

“Can we go now?” I asked, giggling lightly.

Dumbledore laughed and started walking briskly down the hall. I followed and walked beside. I couldn’t stop looking at everything I could. My eyes were whizzing back and forth, up and down. I was so amazed I forgot to breathe until my dad nudged me with a smile. Catching his gaze, I shot him a quick smile and returned my attention to the halls of Hogwarts. I stared longingly at the unnamed doors, not being able to control my excitement as we reached the staircases.

“Holy moly, they actually move just like in the movies!” Joseph gasped, looking as if he wanted to jump from stair to stair.

“Ah, I would be careful, Joseph. These stairs are not as forgiving as the ones that you know of,” Dumbledore smiled.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, we had to place a cushioning charm in here to stop students from, ah, maiming themselves after missing a step.” My dad looked green.

As we descended the stairs, my eyes would not stay on one spot for long. I greeted portraits and jumped the invisible step that William mentioned to us. There wasn’t anybody around as school didn’t start for another couple of weeks, but the castle still felt so lively.

Professor Dumbledore and William took turns explaining different floors and rooms to us as we passed them, and once we reached the Entrance Hall, I felt a little dizzy from all the twists and turns that the staircases took us on.

“So, what do you think, Laya?” Dumbledore asked, motioning us towards the Great Hall.

“It’s amazing, sir! It needs to be September 1st tomorrow!” I grinned

“It needs to be next year so I can turn eleven and see if I get to come here too,” pouted Joseph.

After viewing the Great Hall, the Quidditch Pitch, and the grounds outside, we went back upstairs to Dumbledore’s office.

“Haven’t they ever heard of an elevator in the wizarding world?” my dad groaned, falling into a chair.

“Well, unfortunately no electronics work in Hogwarts, Mr. Melrosen,” laughed Dumbledore, taking a seat behind his desk. “That concludes your tour, ladies and gentlemen. I’m glad you stopped by.”

After saying our good-byes, William sent us off in the Floo and I helped my mum clean the ash off of the carpet in front of our fireplace once we were back and cleaned up ourselves.

Later that day, during dinner, Joseph brought a question up that stumped all of us.

“How come you never showed any magic before you found that box?” he asked me, while wolfing down his French fries.

“Uh, I don’t know,” I frowned.

“That’s actually a really good question, Joseph,” my dad muttered, pushing his food around his plate with his fork.

"Death is but the next great adventure." - Albus Dumbledore

go 'claws!

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