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A Fate Worse than Death

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Old July 12th, 2007, 5:17 am
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Re: A Fate Worse than Death

Imagine this: Harry has managed to disarm LV, and all that's left is to kill him, either with an Avada Kadavra or the sword of Gryffindor. Harry uses a curse to immobilize LV, so he can talk to him. He tells LV that all the horcruxes have been destroyed, and the only tiny part of a soul that's left is within LV.

DD has tried to show Harry all about LV, through the pensieve. There were many gaps in the visual record, but DD kept saying that Harry has this big advantage of 'love in his heart'.

Does Harry need to reach a place where he can actually 'love' LV? He could pity him or even sympathize with him, but 'love' him? Surely if he could do this, it would be LV's undoing, since he himself can't imagine what love is all about.

Harry then tells him this:

In a way, LV is a 'father' to Harry, since he wouldn't be who he is if LV hadn't marked him at 1 yr old. He's given Harry his reason for being. He's given Harry all his stimulus to learn as much and as well as he has. He's driven Harry to be the best he can be. He's caused Harry to form friendships and alliances that might never have been. His influence has been instrumental in who Harry is, as a wizard, and through this unwanted notoriety, just from his scar alone, Harry has grown. Because of LV's mark, he's been expected to be even better than he possibly can be. Why is this? He's seen to be 'special'. Why else would the greatest Dark Wizard of the world have 'chosen' Harry?

Then he calls him "DAD", and says, with a catch in his voice, "how can I kill my 'father'?" Harry starts to walk away, and stops, turns back, wand in hand, and frees LV, who dives for his own wand, and quickly curses Harry with the Avada Kadavra, just as Harry is calling out 'Protego' on him. The wands join, and explode. Harry falls to the ground, but only stunned.

LV says, He called me "DAD"! He loved me too much to kill me! LV is horrified, and feeling love, begins to wither away. I killed him and he's the only one to ever love me! Noooooooo! And LV evaporates in a puff of smoke!


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Old July 12th, 2007, 5:21 am
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Re: A Fate Worse than Death

Fairy, I really hope it doesn't go down like that. I frankly want to see one of them finalize the other in a way befitting the nature of the books. So far, very few people have gotten what's coming to them. I truly believe that what we will see regarding Voldemort vs. Harry is a small death on the part of both. No matter who actually dies, one of them is going to wind up severely injured because of it.

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