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Importance Of the Mirrors

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Re: Importance Of the Mirrors

Originally Posted by haiya227 View Post
Does anyone know any myths about mirrors beyond the common ones like if you break a mirror you get 7 years of bad luck.

And if anyone notices anything repeating about the mirrors or any coincidental numbers and things that appear like 7 years of bad luck and 7 horcruxes?

Good Luck!
Some myths are noted in prior posts, but here are a few:

Your 7 Years Bad Luck myth stems from the lore that mirrors project the soul staring back at you, and by breaking the mirror you are damaging or breaking your soul. This is taken from the Roman belief that life cycles renewed itself every 7 years.

Early American slaves believed that if you broke a mirror, you could avoid 7 years of bad luck by immersing the fragments in the stream of a southbound body of water, thus washing away the bad luck in 7 hours, not 7 years.

Some cultures believed that the breaking of a mirror predicts the death of a loved one within one year.

Another lore believes that mirrors are a trap for the soul. That anyone who stared at one for too long would lose their soul to the mirror forever, causing death. (This could be the allusion made by Dumbledore about "wasting away")

There is a belief that a mirror can repel the most powerful of spells back on the caster. This one seems to have roots in Ancient Egypt, where someone immersed in water was invulnerable to magic.

If you were to walk into a mirror face first, then you, body and soul, would be come trapped in the mirror. Everything on the other side is backward, just as the reflections of a mirror are backward. The only way to escape is to walk against the pane of glass backward.

In keeping with the one above, words on parchment written intentionally backward, and then read from the mirror's reflection would have magical powers.

According to a historical fact, Leonardo da Vinci wrote his journals backward, and read them in mirrors to hide his secrets.

Mirrors were supposedly a key material component of scrying (looking in on a remote location). This would fall under the category of Divination. So, too, were pools of water.

The Black Mirror is a legendary piece of glass that is a window to the Spirit World. (This may be what is "behind the veil" at the DoM.)

Some say that spirits or ghosts that are trying to remain unseen cannot pass in front of a mirror because they will be revealed to those who may be looking at the glass.

Your reflection in the mirror is thought by some to be your alterego. Everything that you think you are in the flesh is exactly the opposite in the reflection.

There is the legend of Demon Goddess Lilith, who along with her daughters, called the Succubi abandoned "the Creator" and now reside just on the other side of mirrors. They wait for a particularly vain person to look a bit too long, allowing them to cross into the material world and possess the body of that person.

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Re: Importance Of the Mirrors

I really like the idea of the Mirror of Erised coming back. What role it will play is a little bit more difficult to determine, though. Maybe Harry's deepest desire at that point will be discovering the location of the Horcruxes, and the Mirror will help him with that? As we all know, the Mirror shows the heart's deepest desires, which brings up a very interesting contrast between Harry's heart and Voldemort's (lack of) heart.

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Re: Importance Of the Mirrors

What Spoiler?


Why is it over.

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