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What did you correctly predict?

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Old November 13th, 2011, 4:01 pm
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Re: What did you correctly predict?

I correctly predicted:

That Voldemort would be killed by a rebounding Avada Kedavra.

That RAB was Regulus Black.

That Harry would marry Ginny (and Ron/Hermione of course but that was pretty much a given)

That the last horcrux would be the tiara in the RoR.

That the final shoot-out would be at Hogwarts.

That Snape would be killed by Voldemort.

I didn't think Harry was a horcrux though and argued vehemently against it on the Forum - it was a shock when that proved to be true!

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Old November 14th, 2011, 4:07 am
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Re: What did you correctly predict?

1. The Snape/Lily friendship/unrequited love situation
2. Fred's death (I was so proud of that one)
3. Hedwig's death
4. RAB was Regulus
5. That Wormtail would die before Lupin (I had a theory that they would die in reverse order of the way their names are listed on the Marauder's Map)

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Old November 14th, 2011, 5:46 am
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Re: What did you correctly predict?

  • That Snape was in love with Lily.
    I personally found this obvious from PoA on, but I had no idea it went back to when they were 9 or 10.
  • That Dumbledore would die at the end of HBP. From the standpoint of the monomyth, Harry's mentor had to die in order for Harry to reach his full stature as Hero.

  • Snape's reactions to Harry during "Flight of the Prince" convinced me of the following concerning Snape:
    • That despite surface appearances, Severus Snape was Dumbledore's.
    • That Dumbledore had planned his death with Snape and that he was begging a reluctant Snape to go through with it when he said "Severus, please."
  • That Snape would die. I didn't predict the reason correctly.
    I figured that either Harry would kill him and THEN learn that Snape had been working for Dumbledore the whole time OR that Voldemort would figure out where Snape's loyalties truly lay and kill him. I never anticipated that Voldemort would kill Snape over mastery of a wand.
  • That Harry would end up with Ginny and Ron would end up with Hermione. I figured it would be Ron + Hermione from the moment Ron called her a "nightmare" back in their first year.

In the middle of DH:
  • That Snape planted the Sword of Gryffindor and sent the Silver Doe to guide Harry to it. So yeah, I figured that the Patronus was Snape's and that it had something to do with Lily. However, there was about a 2-3 hour time lag between the time I read "The Silver Doe" chapter and the time that I figured out who planted the sword.

Since I read the entire series in a period of a month, I didn't get the chance to mull over the horcruxes for two years between books the way the fandom did. So the Harry/Horcrux connection kind of hit me out of the blue when we got to that moment in TPT. However, I do think that I would have found the Harry/Horcrux argument convincing if I'd had more than a couple of days to consider the implications of horcruxes. I mean, there always was something up with that scar. So Harry/Horcrux is the side of the debate that I think I would have been on if I had been participating in HP fandom while the books were still being released.


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Re: What did you correctly predict?

That Snape didn't murder Dumbledore! I finished reading HBP and first thing I said was that there was no way Snape was a bad guy. That somehow he was still working for Dumbledore and that they must have planned Dumbledore's death between them. I felt *extremely* justified when I read "The Prince's Tale" in DH.

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Old November 20th, 2011, 4:30 pm
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Re: What did you correctly predict?

Ron/Hermione and Harry/Ginny and that Luna and Neville would NOT end up together!

That Lupin would be the last Marauder to die, though I never figured on losing Wormtail (I still hate calling him that and think he forfeited the right to it when he betrayed James and Lily) AND Moony in DH. I thought Moony would live past the final battle.

That one of the Weasley children would die; there were too many of them for them all to survive, though I did think Percy or Charlie were more expendable, and that the twins would suffer the same fate.

That Snape had a thing for Lily, though I had NOT figured out how far back their knowing one another went.

R.A.B was Regulus Black. I thought that from the moment I read the letter left with the Horcrux.

Snape's death, though I was unsure of the circumstances.

Finally, Harry as a Horcrux.

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Re: What did you correctly predict?

The only thing I can really ever remember making a prediction about was who the Half-Blood Prince was. I can't remember what my reasoning for it was, but I just remember coming up with a list of candidates and then ultimately going with Snape as my prediction before HBP was released. I think it was because I knew he had to have some kind of big role coming up soon.

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Re: What did you correctly predict?

I wish. I really did think that Harry was going to die in the end while finishing off Voldemort, and that didn't technically happen. Otherwise, the only thing I got right is that it's really difficult to predict what JKR is going to write!

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