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A Possible Voldemort Takeover of Hogwarts

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Old October 16th, 2005, 2:28 am
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Originally Posted by True_Seer
I agree that Voldermort would absolutely love to have Hogwarts as a lair, with all the magic, history and power. However, the question is, will Hogwarts alow him to enter? Umbridge being locked out of the Headmaster's office could very well have been foreshadowing for this event as it shows us that the uilding hasa mind of its own and knows when things are wrong.
Absoultely TS, but I think that the castle's objection to Voldemort will be substantially greater than simply sealing itself

Greeney, I dont see the need for Stealth. His forces are much greater than what we thought they were Pre-HBP and their is no leadership (it seems that during VWI DD was all that stood between him and lordship of Britain), let alone opposing force to match him. It's time to start kingdom building, and every king needs a castle.

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Old October 16th, 2005, 5:36 pm
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I agree that he's going to start kingdom building, and he'll want Hogwarts as his castle, but I don't think he's quite strong enough to do that yet. Whether he will be by the end of book seven is another question entirely
After all, Voldemort is still fighting the order, and the order still has some pretty powerful witches and wizards in it. Whenever the order has fought death eaters without either Voldemort or Dumbledore present, the order has been at some sort of serious disadvantage and has still been a match for the death eaters. Before, it was Dumbledore that cancelled out Voldemort in the battles, combined with the fact that Voldemort doesn't like to risk his newly regenerated neck (after all, eventually he'll run out of bone dust). So now that Dumbledore's dead, the job of cancellingout Voldemort falls to Harry. Hope he's up to it.


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Old October 16th, 2005, 9:16 pm
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I think Voldemort wants Hogwarts for the valuable magical secrets he can ferret out once he's able to enter, and as proof of his supremacy, but once the vanishing Cabinet is closed down as an entrance for the DEs I think the school is probably one of the last places Voldemort will be able to access. Of course I could be wrong too!

Old October 30th, 2005, 6:14 pm
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I'm really betting on a final battle at Hogwarts, where Voldemort takes his army of dementors, werewolves (it will be the full moon), Wizards and Inferi in a grand attack on Hogwarts Castle, which by that time will be one of the few (or even the only) place that has held out against the Death Eaters. In the midst of all this, Harry and Voldemort can have there showdown, probably in a scene where Voldemort has just blasted down that magically sealed doors and meets Harry. Since they are both backed by their own sides Voldemort will show his weakness for Grand Gestures to fight Harry by himself, and will be defeated (somehow). It could be really great, like that scene in Lord of the Rings (which they cut from the movie, and I have no idea why) where Gandalf faces the King of the Nazgul at the Gates of Minas Tirith. It'd be cool.


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Old December 1st, 2005, 5:18 am
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There was a thread on that very battle that was quite popular (until HBP came along and the blanket ban was put into place). I myself had given a thesis on that battle (a few items of which occured in HBP during that Battle of Hogwarts).

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Old December 1st, 2005, 12:42 pm
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Cool! Which was . . . ?


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Old January 17th, 2006, 9:31 pm
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The Safety of Hogwarts


There is one issue I find interesting, and I would like to know your opinion on it. Here it is:

Will Lord Voldemort try to conquer Hogwarts for himself in book 7?

There are strong reasons for this:

-Hogwarts is a powerful magical place, plenty of secrets and magical artifacts: the Room of requirements, Dumbledore's Pensieve, the mirror of Erised, the Chamber of Secrets, and the Sorting Hat, and Gryffindor Sword, ... How many of these thing may L.V. know and how many are potentially useful for him (Imagine...Dumbledore Pensieve).

-Hogwarts is possibly the most powerful heritage left by the four founders.

-Hogwarts is the only place where Mr Tom Riddle AKA Lord Voldemort has been ever happy. He was very fond of the castle when younger, and he has shown that he is willing to return.

-Dumbledore is not there anymore to defend the castle.

For all these reasons, I find it likely that we may see an attack from the Death Eaters to Hogwarts, in book 7, perhaps even early. This attack can be fatal for one or more of the most Hogwarts-linked characters, such as Hagrid (I am afraid).

Throughout the series, I have always considered the castle as another main Character of the books, with it secrets passageways, narrow corridors, changing staircases, tricking stairs, fake doors, laughing armors... I think it may become extremely important on book seven, and can even have a sort of hidden will (the "dormiens draco"), which is not impossible given that some magical objects tend to think by themselves. Remember "You will also find that help will always be given at Hogwarts to those who ask for it" in CoS. This sentence could refer to facts happened in that book, but also can be applied to the room of requirements, or possibly, to future facts. I feel that somehow Hogwarts will help Harry to defeat L.V. at the end. I do not think Hogwarts is the Key, but can be one of the keys.

How much does Voldemort know about Hogwarts? I think that at least he is very aware of the powers of the castle and know some of its secrets. Maybe we shall see who is more skilled in what we may call "hogwardry", Harry or Voldemort.

Please, let me know your thoughts on this subject.

Old January 17th, 2006, 9:52 pm
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Re: Hogwarts takeover

Here's a closed thread in the archive:

Will Voldemort invade Hogwarts?

However, there are links within to open threads, for example Hogwarts under attack and its defence . Enjoy


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Old January 17th, 2006, 9:52 pm
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Re: Hogwarts takeover

I think the idea to set up his headquaters at Hogwarts would certainly appeal to Voldemort. But the fact that Dumbledore is buried there could proof to be a very strong protection for the place.

Old January 17th, 2006, 9:57 pm
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Re: Hogwarts takeover

He could... I nearly wrote that no, Hogwarts is a safe place, until I remembered what happened in the HBP .
It would be ideal for him. I really don't want to see him taking over Hogwarts; all through the books its been painted like some sort of safe haven. Seeing Hogwarts run by Voldemort would definitely be a symbol of status for him and the rest of the wizarding world

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Old January 17th, 2006, 10:13 pm
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Re: Hogwarts takeover

I agree that he could try to overtake Hogwarts. To begin with I though no why would he. Then I remembered that he wanted to come back to teach right after he graduated. I think he was looking for something inside Hogwarts and he still may be looking for it, so he would definately want to take over Hogwarts.

Old January 17th, 2006, 10:25 pm
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Re: Hogwarts takeover

I have long thought that the final battle between Harry and Voldemort would take place in there, because it means so much to the both of them, it represents what both of them have to lose in the final battle.

Old January 20th, 2006, 10:48 pm
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Re: A Possible Voldemort Takeover of Hogwarts

I think the final battle will take place in Godric's Hollow, or some lonely place with no one else around.

Good luck, Harry, wherever you are.
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Old January 20th, 2006, 11:04 pm
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Re: A Possible Voldemort Takeover of Hogwarts

My take is that IF the final showdown happens at Hogwarts, the actual final battle between Harry and Voldemort would not. I reckon that Voldemort and Harry will start their duel at Hogwarts, but then Voldemort realises that he is at a severe disadvantage with all the aurors and so on surrounding him in the outer rooms of the castle. SO he grabs Harry and either teleports or uses a portkey to move them to a more distant and more lonely location - either Godric's Hollow or even the Graveyard again.

Old February 8th, 2006, 10:05 pm
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Re: A Possible Voldemort Takeover of Hogwarts

If Voldemort takes over Hogwarts while Harry finds and destroys 3 horcruxes, then Harry will know where to find him and his snake, for the final battle.

Harry has Dobby on his side, who is allowed to apparate inside Hogwarts. Many of us have imagined that Harry, Ron and Hermione would become animaguses, but they've never had the motivation. What if they try to transform into House Elves or Phoenixes, who are allowed to apparate in Hogwarts?

The other possibility is that Voldemort invades Hogwarts when Harry and his friends are inside; a VERY scary proposition.

Old August 16th, 2006, 4:09 pm
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Re: A Possible Voldemort Takeover of Hogwarts

There are three questions for us, Can Voldemort take over Hogwarts?, Why would he take over Hogwarts?, and When will he take over Hogwarts?

1) I'm certain that Voldemort now has the ability to take over Hogwarts. Dumbledore is dead leaving Voldemort no rival in terms of magical power. I highly doubt the castle would seal itself or fight back on its own because Voldemort has already entered Hogwarts using Quirrel as a body. No latent magical barriers created by the Founders stopped him then.

2) Dumbledore made it very clear throughout HBP that Voldemort wanted to return to the castle to explore. That desire has probably doubled now that Dumbledore is dead. In addition to the prospect of discovery, Voldemort would want to attack Hogwarts in order to capture Harry. Voldemort doesn't know about Harry's vow to destroy the Horcruxes or his refusal to return to Hogwarts.

3) If Voldemort's second reason for attacking Hogwarts is true, I believe he will wait for the school to reopen before taking over. Whether it happens the first night or sometime in the following weeks, Voldemort will gain control of Hogwarts. He will be frustrated by the lack of Harry capturing, but will take solace in the new explorations open to him and the abundance of hostages. In a scenario disturbingly similar to terrorist events in our recent past, Voldemort will hold the Wizarding community's children as collateral as he makes his demands. Some, especially Muggleborns, will die but most will be kept alive for labor or torture. I can see some students, such as the Creevey brothers, resisting in a futile attempt to overthrow Voldemort.

This is the scene Harry, possibly with Ron and Hermione and some of the Order, will walk into after destroying all the available Horcruxes.

Old August 16th, 2006, 4:40 pm
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Re: A Possible Voldemort Takeover of Hogwarts

I must admit that I was somewhat disappointed with the Hogwarts battle in Half-Blood Prince. I just expected more action, like in Order of the Phoenix but at a place we know so well. All we really got was Harry running through and a brief discription of what he saw as he ran past, but it was still pretty cool and great to read.

Now, a full on Hogwarts take-over attempt would be pure genius. It would be so exciting. The school in panic and near a full on war involving the DA, the teachers, all the students and the death eaters and Voldemort. Sure, it would probably mean the end of Hogwarts and could be a bit too "Lord of the Rings" but imagine how awesome it would be.

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Old August 16th, 2006, 7:45 pm
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Re: A Possible Voldemort Takeover of Hogwarts

Voldemort would like nothing better than to control Hogwarts. As others have pointed out, he has an attachment to the school since it is the only place were he felt at home. I do not believe that Harry will spend most of his time at school because he has horcruxes to find and destroy. This opens up the possibility that Voldemort will attack when Harry is not there. This idea would work if it happens towards the end of the book because when Harry finds out he will insist on going back to Hogwarts and saving the school. He can't battle Voldemort and win until all the horcruxes are eliminated. If the takeover is earlier, perhaps Harry will have to choose between what is right (not returning to Hogwarts until he can defeat Voldemort, even if it means friends will die) and what is easy (go immediately, wands blazing). Maybe Ginny is still at Hogwarts and Harry can't save her because that is not the ultimate goal. Voldemort may use Ginny as bait to lure Harry back to Hogwarts where their final showdown will occur.

Old November 27th, 2006, 12:13 pm
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Re: A Possible Voldemort Takeover of Hogwarts

if they close the school than undoubtedly voldemort will use it for his own nefarious reasons.he would walk corridor to corridor,classroom to classroom.using old magic and unlocking all screts.


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Re: A Possible Voldemort Takeover of Hogwarts

i agree...the main reason to take over hogwarts (besides to kill harry) would be to find more of its history and stuff. but that would be terrible...



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