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A Possible Voldemort Takeover of Hogwarts

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Old August 30th, 2005, 3:54 am
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A Possible Voldemort Takeover of Hogwarts

While I was finishing up the HBP again, something came to me about the school. During "The Phoenix Lament" it was brought up if Hogwarts was safe and if it should be closed. I think the bigger question is will the Dark Lord take over the school and use it as his own personal lair. It would make since as he wanted to go back to unlock more of the magic, and it would also give us another reason as to why he wanted Dumbledore dead.

This would obviously set up the final battle at Hogwarts, perhaps even near the tomb of Dumbledore.....

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Old August 30th, 2005, 9:04 am
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i think voldemort would love to take over hogwarts and use it as his castle, or maybe as a school for the dark arts. we still dont know if hogwarts will even be open next year, but if it isnt, it might be less well defended, and he might be able to capture. either way, im sure harry will have to go back there - theres too much unresolved in the forbidden forest for one thing, plus id like to see dumbledore portrait again.

Old August 30th, 2005, 1:40 pm
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O think it is still very protected i think dumbledore did all he could to stop anything from happenng to the school after all he loved it!

Old August 30th, 2005, 1:44 pm
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I can see him doing this if the school is closed. I cannot imagine Harry will not go back to Hogwarts ever, and I've maintained that Hogwarts could and should be used in the final battle, simply because Jo has spent fifteen years setting up this brilliant stage, complete with secret passageways and trick stairs.
Besides, it is home to the largest grouping of house elves, the centuars, and many other things in the forest. It also comes to mind how Harry and Voldemort are both sentimentally attatched to the school and considered it their true home.
I just wonder how Voldemort would be able to take over. Or the final battle would be to prevent him from doing so.


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Old August 30th, 2005, 3:17 pm
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i expect he will use it as his lair. for one thing, it will be unprotected. now that dumdledore is dead all his enchantments have been disgarded as well. also, i expect, like someone else said, he will want to learn more about Hogwarts history, and if it closes it would be easy to do so. i expect he would also still be on the lookout for a possesion of Gryindors or Ravenclaws as it never actually said he had stopped.
i think the castle is a great significance along with all its creatures who may become useful to harry in the final book.

Old August 30th, 2005, 5:06 pm
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Voldemort still needs stealth, I don't think he stayed in hiding just because of Dumbledore, if every Auror goes after Voldemort, he won't be able to do much if they all team up on him. If Voldemort stays at Hogwarts anyone knows where to find him.

Old August 30th, 2005, 5:18 pm
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i expect he will use it as his lair. for one thing, it will be unprotected. now that dumdledore is dead all his enchantments have been disgarded as well.
I think Hogwarts will still be well protected. When Sirius' dad died (i presume he is dead...) the enchantments he placed on Grimmauld Place did not disappear as DD just ADDED to them.

Old August 30th, 2005, 11:17 pm
celebrian  Female.gif celebrian is offline
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i agree, whether dumbledore is there or not, the ancient protection which was probably laid down by the founders and added to by scores of headmasters will still stand. if theres noone there though then it would in theory be easier to enter than if voldy and the des had to fight their way through the teachers and the entire student body. but it would still be very difficult, so it kinda depends on whether voldy is arrogant enough to attempt it. i wonder if he did manage to take it over, would he be able to use the defensive charms on it to his advantage - ie turn them against any of his enemies who tried to enter. also if he did manage to take it over, i bet that he wouldnt be able to get everywhere in it - the headmasters office would seal itself against anyone but the true headmaster!

Old August 31st, 2005, 1:17 am
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Originally Posted by louise1990
O think it is still very protected i think dumbledore did all he could to stop anything from happenng to the school after all he loved it!
Nobody can protect it from Voldemort like Dumbledore, and know that he is gone, it is a good chance that if it closed, Voldemort could take the castle, and use it. I think the twist will be that Harry has to go back to Hogwarts for something, not knowing that Voldemort lurks in the castle. Oh well it has a slight possibility right?

I believe also that Voldemort can basically take down anyone know, not Dumbleore but almost anyone has a excellent chance of being killed by him, if every Auror teamed up on him, all he would have to do, is like what Wormtail did to the twelve muggles and the wizard, he killed them all with a single curse. If Wormtail could do that, certainly Voldemort could as well.

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Old August 31st, 2005, 1:58 am
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I know that Voldemort would love to make Hogwars his lair, however, I doubt he'll be able to. It would be a good way to see "Dumbledore would only have left the school when there are none left that are loyal to him", so I would like if it happened. Harry having that thought about DD again in book 6 seems to foreshadow that a battle between Harry and Voldemort at Hogwarts is highly probable.


Old August 31st, 2005, 3:22 am
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I dunno, i think he would certainly love to use it as his "fortress" but i am not so sure he'll be able to.

I'm sure there is some lasting protection on the school that would not allow him to use it effectively. It would also be a very scary thing to see voldemort run the school. The school has secrets no one has yet found out and for voldemorts to find them would be horrible. It could possibly make him stronger than he is now.

Old August 31st, 2005, 3:38 am
Alora_Piere  Female.gif Alora_Piere is offline
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i think that volde may try to take over hogwarts, but i don't think that he'd use it for his lair.

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Old August 31st, 2005, 8:29 pm
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1. I think Hogwarts will be the place of the final showdown
2. I think either Harry or LV will use it as their "lair"; it will probably close, it has greast sentimental value to the both of them, they both know more about it and it's secret places than just about anyone else, and a horcrux might be there; Harry would go to find it, LV would go to protect it.

I can just see it; LV takes up residence there, Harry figures out there is a horcrux there; he goies and destroys it, LV catches him, bam! SHOWDOWN!!

Or, at least, it looks cool in my mind.

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Old August 31st, 2005, 9:01 pm
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I wouldn't be suprised if Hogwarts in the scene of the final battle. I don't think, however that it will become a lair for Voldemort. I think that it will probably be a stronghold for the good or the lesser evil side.

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Old September 4th, 2005, 3:41 am
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The second part of this post has to do with the if Hogwarts becomes the Dark Lords hideout/lair, do you think the Dumbledores grave would come into play?

Old September 8th, 2005, 1:07 am
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I'd have to agree with Alora_Piere that Voldemort may try to take over Hogwarts, but even if he succeeds (which I'm not so sure he will), I don't think he'd use it as his lair. Though Hogwarts does have special significance for him, I tend to think Voldemort would choose somewhere more secretive for his base of operations (since if he takes over Hogwarts and uses it as his lair, everyone would know about it). I also believe there are anti-dark wizard spells put on Hogwarts as protection, so any attempt Voldemort might make to take over Hogwarts would prove difficult.


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Old September 8th, 2005, 3:46 am
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I think Hogwarts is still protected as I think Dumbledore knew his time was coming and "finalized" some things such as the safety of the school. But mainly I think there will be school next year, so I don't LV will be able to use Hogwarts as his Lair. ( I am not positive where, as I can't seem to find it again, but I believe JK said in an interview somewhere that Harry would attend Hogwarts all 7 years.)

Old September 8th, 2005, 6:04 am
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After all that's happened, I think it'd be pretty unlikely for Voldy to return to Hogwarts. At least on a long-term scale. Who knows what he's up to at this point, now that Dumbledore is out of his way. I wouldn't doubt Voldemort's return to Hogwarts in some way (after all the implications that he would from Dumbledore), but.. Staying there would seem unwise.

Maybe he's already using Hogwarts as a lair, in the form of his soul.. As a horcrux.


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Old October 15th, 2005, 11:03 pm
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I think that even if the school is closed it will not be abandoned but become a fortress, for the same reason Voldemort would want to use it. Also, I think that although Voldemort wouldn't use it as lair while gaining power, he would love to take it as his seat of power, to confirm his victory so to speak. I think this means he will bring the wizard army he as been assembling to bear at long last, and we see a castle fighting off dementors, giants, werewolves (of course he'll attack at the full moon), and wizards. Should be a heck of a fight.


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Old October 15th, 2005, 11:17 pm
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I agree that Voldermort would absolutely love to have Hogwarts as a lair, with all the magic, history and power. However, the question is, will Hogwarts alow him to enter? Umbridge being locked out of the Headmaster's office could very well have been foreshadowing for this event as it shows us that the uilding hasa mind of its own and knows when things are wrong, like the wrong Headmaster. I can see that if Hogwarts is abandoned it will seal itself up so that no one but a rightful new Headmaster could re-open and enter the building. Although, that won't stop Voldy from trying, and those will be some funny pages.


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