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Sirius Black: Character Analysis v.5

View Poll Results: What do you think reflected Sirius' animagus form the most?
His loyalty to his friends. 41 80.39%
His friendship with Remus. 2 3.92%
The likelihood of him being in the doghouse (har de dar). 1 1.96%
His reckless nature. 11 21.57%
Obligatory pony option. 4 7.84%
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Old March 4th, 2013, 2:01 am
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Re: Sirius Black: Character Analysis v.5

[list=1][*]In DH, we see Sirius' room at 12GP. How does the room reflect his personality?
I see Sirius as a kind of rebel, and I think his room reflects that Sirius was not one to conform with his family's beliefs, which went against his moral fiber. His room was like an "in your face" gesture towards his pureblood supremist family.
[*]The letter from Lily shows that they got along very well. Has the letter changed your view on Sirius' relationship with his best friend's wife?
No, I always thought that the two got along all right. [*]Why did Sirius mistrust Remus in 1981? Was Peter to blame for the rift?
Maybe he hadn't seen him for awhile, and thought he'd fallen in with wrong people. One thing Voldemort could create was mistrust among people. Maybe, I can just imagine Peter hissing lies into Sirius" ear about Remus, and at the same time hissing lies into Remus" ear about Sirius, and so on...
[*]Did Sirius know that his brother left the Death Eaters at the time? Would he have helped him?
I don't think so, and I think after the usual smug I told you so's and all that, he would have helped him. I really don't think Sirius hated his brother. He thought he was a fool, but he didn't really hate him.
[*]Sirius never had the chance to grow up and have an adult life. Has the character matured at all?
Somewhat, but not a whole lot. I think he became sort of bitter, though. Who wouldn't?
[*]How did Deathly Hallows influence your view on Sirius? Were you pleased or disappointed with the role he played?
I really don't know, I may have to come back to this one.
[*]Was Sirius right in how he treated Harry? Was he a good godfather?
I don't think he was wrong, exactly, and under normal circumstances, he would have been fun to be around. I do think that he missed his friend James terribly, and he may have been trying a little bit to project James onto Harry. Which I guess was wrong, but I agree with what Hermione said about him being very lonely for a long time.
[*]Would Sirius have died for Peter Pettigrew in 1981?
More than likely.[*]Do you think Sirius asked to be sorted into Gryffindor?
He could have, but he could have just been like Harry..."not Slytherin"...
[*]What was Sirius' enmity with Snape based on?
He thought Snape was fond of the Dark Arts, everything he despised about his family.
[*]Sirius apparently suffered from depression in OotP. Do you think that he got any support from his friends and fellow Order members? How was his relationship with them?

I don't think so, I think everyone in the Order was just so busy fighting Voldemort, they couldn't take the time they needed to focus on him. I think they all got along, and perhaps others closest to Sirius knew something was wrong, but just couldn't stop what they were doing in what was ultimately a life and death situation to deal with him. They probably planned to when everything calmed down, and, well, we know what happened...

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Old December 17th, 2014, 1:04 pm
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Re: Sirius Black: Character Analysis v.5

I don't think that Sirius necessarily left Remus nothing in his will. We never saw the will, only that Harry inherited Grimmauld Place. He may have left Remus some money. However, my preferred explanation (and one which makes more sense to me) is that Sirius's will was written pre-Halloween 1981. He probably left everything to James, and may have left Remus out because at that point, he suspected Remus of being the traitor. After escaping from Azkaban, Sirius does not get a chance to revise the will, seeing as he's a fugitive on the run. Harry inherits the house because the benefactor of the will, i.e. James, is dead and has willed his estate to Harry.

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