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Old July 18th, 2004, 5:36 pm
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Spam Policy

spam policy


To all members,

It has been drawn to the attention of staff that some of you have been receiving Owls telling you to join other web forums for whatever reasons given. The recent sudden increase in this type of behaviour has resulted in the following policy being drawn up by staff in order to combat this annoyance.

From this point forth any members who spam inboxes with adverts for websites of any kind will be banned immediately from the site. There is a place on CoS Forums for all members to advertise their sites of interest (providing they are family-friendly) called The Daily Prophet. That area was created for the sole reason of preventing the type of action that some are undertaking now. If you receive an Owl from someone advertising their site, please forward it to a member of staff who will then take the appropriate action necessary.

Another incident of spamming that has come to our attention is members who mass Owl other members asking them to read fanfics in Flourish and Blotts and rate them or look at art work in Magical Masterpieces. Whilst we encourage you to write your fiction and upload your artwork, people who do not know you and are not aware of your efforts will not necessarily want to view your work and (as has been the case) will report it as spam. Though this action will not be met with a banning, it is likely that the spammer/sender will be warned to restrict their advertising to individuals that know you. There are always fellow fan fic writers who will read and review your work, so you will not be without feedback for long.

User Profiles

Recent activity in user profiles requires us to amend the Spam policy slightly. User profile messaging gives people the opportunity to communicate with their friends quickly and collectively. You can choose to limit who can comment on your profile via Magical Me or you can allow any comments to your profile. Of course, the latter means that people can be subjected to spam in their profiles and it's this we need to address.

Unless you know the individual and they are happy to receive messages promoting your new piece of fan fiction/art or a thread currently being debated, you may find yourself warned if you insist on leaving messages in peoples profiles without their consent. Establish a rapport and good-faith with your friends first, so they don't seem angered by any spamming.

If you excessively spam someone's profile and they complain about it, we will issue a warning to you. If it continues, we will ban you.

Finally, members are also to be aware that under no circumstances whatsoever will a staff member ever give approval for any individual to send multiple Owls or spam profiles of users advertising their site or work. If you are told this, please refer it to a staff member.


CoS Staff

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