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Your Top 13 Moments in the Harry Potter Franchise

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Re: Your Top 13 Moments in the Harry Potter Franchise

I can't believe no one's put the final duel in DH2. That was epic. It should have been in the book.

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Re: Your Top 13 Moments in the Harry Potter Franchise

Originally Posted by dmeagher101 View Post
I can't believe no one's put the final duel in DH2. That was epic. It should have been in the book.
I have to disagree. That battle was IMO, bad fan fiction. Very bad fan fiction.

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Re: Your Top 13 Moments in the Harry Potter Franchise

I'm still working on my top 13 moments - but the final battle won't be in there - I wanted the book ending and was so upset when I didn't get it!

But what will be in the top 13 is a Harry/Ron/Draco moment from COS - but I need to check the wording...

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Re: Your Top 13 Moments in the Harry Potter Franchise

They aren’t really in order of preference as I like them all pretty much the same.

1. In PS, when Hagrid hands Harry his Hogwarts ticket. I love the look on Harry’s face when he reads “Platform 9 and three quarters”. It’s a good bit of acting on Dan’s part.

2. The scene at the dueling club in CoS. I love Lockhart’s line “Fear not, you’ll still have your Potions master when I’m through with him.” Or something like that. And then the duel itself is great. That “Ex…pelliarmus” of Alan’s is brilliant. And seeing that annoying Lockhart getting blown up is quite satisfactory.

3. The scene in PS when Hermione takes the blame for what happened with the troll. The look of pure disbelief on Snape’s face is great. I think that’s exactly the expression he would have in such a situation. “Granger? Breaking rules? Naaah”

4. When Harry tries the wands in Olivander’s. I love how he puts them away after blowing stuff up.

5. In CoS, when Hagrid comes bursting into Dumbledore’s office claiming Harry is innocent. I think that highlights Hagrid’s character perfectly. In my opinion, Hagrid often isn’t emphasized enough in the movies, which is a pity because he’s great.

6. In OoP, when Harry is caught in Umbridge’s office and she calls Snape. I love the part where Harry yells after Snape to tell him what he’d seen about Sirius; when asked what Harry was talking about he replied “No idea”. That part is yet another one of Alan’s brilliant interpretations of Snape.

7. PS, when Snape asks the trio what they are doing inside on such a nice day and Hermione is lost for words. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Hermione lack an answer before, especially when talking to a teacher.

8. In HBP, when Harry and Dumbledore go looking for the Horcrux and they Disapparate from inside Hogwarts and Dubledore says that being him has it’s advantages. I think that’s a very Dubledore-ish thing to say.

9. In PS, after the trio see Fluffy for the first time. I love what Hermione says “Now if you don’t mind, I’m going to bed. Before any of you come up with another clever idea to get us killed, or worse, expelled.”

10. In GoF, when Harry and Ron are talking during Potions and Snape forces their heads back to their parchments. I like how he pulls up his sleeves before doing it.

11. In PoA, when Harry blows up aunt Marge.

12. Neville’s little speech in front of Voldemort in DH part 2.

13. In OoP, when Umbridge interrogates Snape about his job at Hogwarts. I love Snape’s “Obviously”. It really makes Umbridge look ridiculous.

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Re: Your Top 13 Moments in the Harry Potter Franchise

I love everything in the films so much but my favourite moment is in the RoR when each manages to produce their patronus especially the music.

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Re: Your Top 13 Moments in the Harry Potter Franchise

1. OOtP Dumbledore vs. Dark Lord
-the whole duel between the two was simply incredible. When Dumbledore first appears and says "It was foolish of you to come here tonight Tom. The aurors are on their way." That part gets me so hyped up everytime.

2. OOtP Fred and George's last hooray
-the way they get Umbridge back by setting fireworks and causing complete chaoes is awesome. That was their last act as Hogwarts students. I love that scene.

3. DH P1 Malfoy Manor
-Dobby is a free elf!

4. PS Ron and Hermione
- there wasn't really any specific scene, but I love some of the quotes between Hermione and Ron.
"I'm going to bed before one of you get us killed... or worse... expelled!"-hermione
"That girl needs to sort out her priorities"-Ron

5.DH P2 Bellatrix Vs. Molly Weasley
-"Not my daughter, you b*tch!"

6. GoF Graveyard Scene
-I love the fact that this is the scene where the movies are now going into a darker direction. I love the way LV was created and I love the whole duelling scene.

7. DH P2 "Harry Potter was spotted in Hogsmead"
-This is one scene that I actually wish would've somehow been in the book. When Snape calls all the students to the Great Hall and then Harry calls him out. "How dare you stand where he stood! Tell them how you did it. Tell them how you looked him in the eye, a man that trusted you!" I get chills still.

8. DH P2 You have your mothers eyes
- I just loved this scene. It was so moving and touching

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Re: Your Top 13 Moments in the Harry Potter Franchise

1. GoF the graveyard scene and Cedric's Death
2. OotP Department of Mysteries and Sirius's Death
3. HBP The cave and Dumbledore's Death
4. DH1 Dobby's Death
5. DH2 Snape's Death and Prince's Tale

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Re: Your Top 13 Moments in the Harry Potter Franchise

No particular order...
SS Diagon Alley-Harry's face!
CoS Hagrid's return and applause
PoA "He was their FRIEND!"
PoA Sirius's escape
GoF the whole graveyard scene.
OoP Flight of the Order of the Phoenix!! Delicious music and such a cool scene!
OoP the whole end of the movie, really...esp. Bellatrix taunting Harry. He made her cry!
HBP Weasley house burning, "how much is this?" "five galleons...", when Harry drank Felix and left through the portrait hole "Hi!"
DH1 "You! Complete! A**! Ronald Weasley!
DH2 Snape's death scene, and his memories.

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Re: Your Top 13 Moments in the Harry Potter Franchise

My list in chronological order of the films...

1. Sorcerer's Stone

-The Chess Match. I feel Ron truely shines as a character in this moment. For the first time, he takes charge of the trio and helps them win against all odds, even sacrificing himself to ensure that Harry went on. I love his speech right before the Queen takes him. "It's you that has to go on. Not me. Not Hermione. YOU."

2. Chamber of Secrets

-"Let us hope that Mr. Potter will always be around to save the day." "Don't worry. I will be." I thought Dan and Jason did an incredible job with that scene and it still gives me goosebumps.

3. Prisoner of Azkaban

-Lupin teaching Harry how to conjure a patronus. It's so heartbreaking to me when Harry tells him the memory he chose was his parents talking to him and he didn't even know if it was real and Lupin just sits down beside him.

4. Goblet of Fire

-The First Task. I love the dragon chase and everyone cheering when Harry flies back to the arena.

5. Order of the Phoenx

~The possesion scene. I love the flashbacks and Harry telling Voldemort that he's the weak one because he'll never know love or friendship and he feels sorry for him and you see his friends watching.

6. Half-Blood Prince

~The whole Felix Felicis scene. I laugh every time.

7. Deathly Hallows: Part 1

~Ron destroying the locket. It shows how much the horcrux really was influencing him and how he was finally able to ovecome it.

8. Deathly Hallows: Part 2

~The Prince's Tale. I cry every time. Alan Rickman did a phenomal job.

9. Deathly Hallows: Part 2

~The epilogue. I love Harry's speech to Albus Severus and that last shot of the trio with Leaving Hogwarts playing in the background. I cry every time at this scene as well seeing how much the trio has grown.

10. Deathly Hallows: Part 1

~The Tale of the Three Brothers. I thought they did a fantastic job putting this on the screen with Emma narrating.

11. Deathly Hallows: Part 2

~The teachers putting the protective shield over Hogwarts.

12. Deathly Hallows: Part 2

~When Pansy Parkinson tells everyone to grab Harry and they all stand in front of him protecting him instead.

13. Deathly Hallows: Part 1

When Harry is talking to Olivander about the Elder wand and he says,"The wand chooses the wizard." It's not a big moment, but I love it as a throwback to Sorcerer's Stone.

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Re: Your Top 13 Moments in the Harry Potter Franchise

1. Philosopher's Stone: The Chess scene

2. Chamber of Secrets: Basically every scene with Lucius, but especially the one in Hagrid's hut. He's just so good at being a creepy jackass.

3. Prisoner of Azkaban: The Shrieking Shack scene is just perfect (well, apart from giving Ron's line to Hermione.) It didn't have as much detail as the book, but what was there was incredible. The music, acting, pacing and so on make it so it still has the same atmosphere and suspense even after 20+ viewings.

4: Time Turner sequence. One of the few things that I thought was far superior to the book. The extra detail (the wolf call, the rocks) and the hilarious bit where Dumbles distracts Fudge as they rescue Buckbeak is just a wonderful addition. As with the SS scene, it is still entertaining no matter how many times I watch. "Did what? Good night?" never fails to have me in stitches. And then poor Ron: "You were there, I was just talking to you there and now you're there!?"

5: The scene where Lupin and Harry talk about Lily on the bridge. Just such a beautiful moment in every way; the scenery, the acting, the dialogue is lovely.

6. Goblet of Fire: Yule Ball. I love the whole thing. Hermione peeking shyly around the corner before coming down the stairs, and her little giggle when Viktor takes her hand is just so precious. The music and the dance is beautiful (and Harry's failing is hilarious.) I think I'm the only person in the world who likes Do The Hippogriff lol. Then Ron's "Ruddy pumpkinhead, isn't he?" line is just so perfectly delivered it's hilarious every time.

7. Order of the Phoenix: While I wish it had been longer, like at least 10 minutes longer, what they showed of the Battle at the Department of Mysteries was great.

8. Half Blood Prince: I was trying to only include 'serious' moments, because if I put every funny line/scene I love the list would be a hundred miles long, but I couldn't resist putting the Love Potion scene it (partly because most of HBP was such a disappointment, it's all I can think of, but anyway) The comedic timing of the whole thing is brilliant. My favourite parts are Ron toppling off the couch and the look on their faces on these lines "I think I love her Harry!" "... Brilliant."

9. Deathly Hallows 1: The dance scene. It was such a touching moment that showed Harry and Hermione's brother/sister relationship perfectly. It's a blend of sad and sweet that makes me torn between tearing up and grinning like an idiot every time I see it. The song was a really good choice too.

10: The whole Malfoy Manor scene was quite good, minus the stupid Dobby moments. Particularly the torture scene. Fantastic acting and I loved the addition of the 'Mudblood' scar on Hermione's arm. So chilling and disturbing, it really gave the scene that extra push into awesomeness.

11: I absolutely loved the whole Ministry break in sequence, even more than in the book, probably because the actors were so good and fit so well.

12. A bit of a weird moment to pick, but I absolutely LOVE the bit when the Trio Disapparate from the wedding and land in front of the bus. Such an interesting and striking way to make the point that everything is in chaos and nothing is safe anymore.

13: Deathly Hallows 2: Resurrection Stone scene. Made me cry all 6 times I saw it in cinemas.

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Re: Your Top 13 Moments in the Harry Potter Franchise

13. Harry’s and Hermione’s dance.
DH Part 1

12. Sirius’s speech to Harry.

11. Ron under Love Potion.

10. Dobby’s freedom

9. Ron’s chess sacrifice.

8. Harry’s flight on Buckbeak.

7. Dragon’s escape
DH Part 2

6. Harry resisting possession from Voldemort.

5. Harry’s aerial battle with the dragon.

4. Buckbeak’s rescue

3. Molly’s duel with Bellatrix.
DH Part 2

2. Neville’s stand and then slaying Nagini.
DH Part 2

1. Harry taking Voldemort with him and defeating the dark wizard.
DH Part 2

Harry Potter - Come on Tom, let's finish this the way we started, together!
DH Part 2
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Re: Your Top 13 Moments in the Harry Potter Franchise

I doubt I could place them 1 to 10 (or 13) but I'll take them film by film:

Philosopher's Stone
Diagon Alley - so well realised, exactly as I pictured it.

Chamber of Secrets
One of my favourite Dan Radcliffe scenes is in here - after killing the basilisk, but dying from it's bite - the line "You were brilliant, Fawkes. I just wasn't quick enough." - that's where I got the sense that YES, this kid can really act, and he's not some cutesy Disney style moppet.

Prisoner of Azkaban
Sirius battling Remus as the full moon appears. Gary Oldman and David Thewlis at their very best.

Goblet of Fire
The graveyard scene is so well done, but I'd go as far as including the return from the graveyard too. I think Dan did this so well, along with Jeff Rawle as Amos Diggory. It's one of those scenes that still brings a tear to the eye of a cynical 38 year old.

Order of the Phoenix
So many to choose from... I think the death of Sirius was so well done - the curse from out of nowhere, and he just flinches as though he's almost blocked the curse... the raw emotion from Harry as he's restrained by Remus.

But I can't look beyond the possession of Harry by Voldemort. That scene is so well done, and the whole sequence from the death of Sirius, the duel with Dumbledore and Voldemort, then the possession of Harry - high and low points dealt with exquisitely.

Half Blood Prince
Two moments in this film, and neither is depicted in the book! I adore the scene in Hagrid's hut where Slughorn tells the story of Lily's gift - the flower that turns into a fish that died the day she did.

The other is the scene where Harry consoles Hermione and they're interrupted by Ron and Lavender. To cut to the chase - "It feels like this" - four words to express such an emotional scene. Pure brilliance.

Deathly Hallows, Part 1
Yeah, we all cried for Dobby. I like the dance scene (and I understand why many don't).

But for me, that all takes second place to Lily and James' grave in Godric's Hollow. You don't have to speak to act, and in that scene it's all in the eyes of Dan Radcliffe.

Deathly Hallows, Part 2
So many moments. I could probably pick 13 just from this film.

I really loved the exchange between Ron and Seamus when they return to Hogwarts. "I'm only her brother" "She's got plenty of those, but only one Harry" "Shut up, Seamus".

Harry stepping out of the crowd to face Snape - "How dare you stand where he stood".

McGonagall (how good is Maggie Smith in this whole series, by the way?) - "It's good to see you, Potter". Such a simple line, so well delivered, not just the words but the whole face and body language.

Remus and Tonks lying on the floor of the great hall. There go the waterworks again...

Snape's death - he adds one line that's not in the book, and it works so well. "You have your mother's eyes".

Snape's patronus, such a beautiful depiction of the moment from the book.

The ghosts of James, Lily, Remus and Sirius - but the best of that scene is Dan once again. "I never wanted any of you to die for me".

But the final nod goes to the revelation of Snape and in particular, the scene where he finds Lily's body. Amazing to think that this was an invention for the film only, and isn't in the book.

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Re: Your Top 13 Moments in the Harry Potter Franchise

Originally Posted by MsJPotter View Post
I have to disagree. That battle was IMO, bad fan fiction. Very bad fan fiction.
Totally agree.

Originally Posted by yorkiedoodle View Post
I'm still working on my top 13 moments - but the final battle won't be in there - I wanted the book ending and was so upset when I didn't get it!
I didn't even really like the book ending, to be honest. I wanted a battle, I wanted Harry to be fighting Voldemort spell for spell and instead we got "circling like wolves" and "etching that perfect circle" and "circle-circle-circle" while, meanwhile, the pro and antagonists are talking their way to the climax of the book. Booooooring....

I was majorly disappointed with the end of DH, the book and the movie.

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Re: Your Top 13 Moments in the Harry Potter Franchise

Originally Posted by Goddess_Clio View Post
Totally agree.

I didn't even really like the book ending, to be honest. I wanted a battle, I wanted Harry to be fighting Voldemort spell for spell and instead we got "circling like wolves" and "etching that perfect circle" and "circle-circle-circle" while, meanwhile, the pro and antagonists are talking their way to the climax of the book. Booooooring....

I was majorly disappointed with the end of DH, the book and the movie.
Personally, I look at the book as one big battle between Harry and Voldemort. I mean you have Harry trying to destroy Horcruxes throughout, which are essentially a part of Vodemort. I don't think a proper dual between Harry and Voldemort would have worked because Harry probably would have lost, just considering the fact that Voldemort is far more experienced. For a climax of a book I think it worked beautifully. When I'm reading a book I find dialogue between two characters much more fulfilling then a battle, which you could probably say the opposite for a movie in certain cases. This is why I don't mind the movie version of the final battle between the two, because a battle obviously looks much better on screen than a chat between Harry and Voldemort.

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Re: Your Top 13 Moments in the Harry Potter Franchise

Sorcerer's Stone
  • Christmas Morning
    One of my favorite "cozy" moments of the series. Harry awakens to find Ron and those enviable Weasley sweaters along with the cloak, a connection to his father. It always just makes me feel so happy and ready for the holiday season!

Chamber of Secrets
  • Arriving at The Burrow
    I loved seeing The Burrow on screen. The Clock, the self-cleaning dishes and the wood scrubbed table all seen through Harry's eyes. Plus Mrs. Weasley's CAR GONE? NO NOTE!
  • Confrontation with Tom Riddle
    The Chamber of Secrets is one of my favorite settings in the series and I always thought the actor chosen to play teenage Tom Riddle was perfect. The entire scene from reveal that he was Voldemort (loved the re-arranging of the letters in the air) through the stabbing of the diary really stuck with me.

Prisoner of Azkaban
  • Lupin and Harry on The Bridge
    The scene where Lupin and Harry are talking together on the bridge about Lily always struck me as very beautiful.

Goblet of Fire
  • Returning Cedric's Body
    Not exactly a fun moment to watch, but I thought this scene was very well done. Cedric's father crying out when he realizes his son is dead makes me cry every time.

Order of the Phoenix
  • Introduction
    The scene of Harry sitting on the swings is my favorite introduction into any of the films. The colors are so bright and contrasting to the tone of the story and you can just feel Harry's anger/sadness after what happened at the end of GOF.
  • Fred & George's Firework display
    During the exams. A much-needed light hearted moment in an overall serious film. I love the music during this scene too, so jolly and perfectly Fred and George.
  • Dumbledore vs Voldemort
    This showdown in the Ministry of Magic is still my favorite fight scene in the series. I liked seeing different methods of fighting besides to too-often-seen connecting of colored lightning. I always felt this scene was important because you got to see why everyone would say Dumbledore was the greatest wizard because besides his obvious wisdom he has powers comparable to (and greater than) the Dark Lord. My favorite part of this scene was the possession of Harry, one of the best scenes in the series, in my opinion, always gives me chills.

Half-Blood Prince
  • Dumbledore's Death
    There were many things about this film that I have issues with. However, the aftermath of Dumbledore's death is not one of them. Though it is different from the book, I thought the raising of the wands in honor of him was a perfect and heartbreaking visual on screen. I've seen it probably a dozen times and I still cry.

Deathly Hallows Part 1
  • Tale of Three Brothers
    One of the best, most unique moments in the film was the animation style of The Three Brothers. I remember thinking before the film was out, that on screen we'd just get a run down of the story. I was in no way prepared for the beautiful art work we got instead. It's breathtaking.
  • O Children
    This is one of those scenes that people will be arguing over for years to come but I LOVE the dance between Harry and Hermione. Despite what Yates thinks, I never once got the vibe it was intended to be a maybe/maybe not scene of romance. All I saw was Harry trying the very best he could to cheer up his friend. I'm the type of person who finds friendship relationships just as, if not more interesting than romantic ones. This scene is just so sweet and the music is perfect.

Deathly Hallows Part 2
  • Return to Hogwarts
    LIGHTING HAS STRUCK, I REPEAT, LIGHTING HAS STRUCK! I love the energy and mix of joy and sadness that comes with the trio returning back to the castle.
  • Ron & Hermione in the Chamber of Secrets
    Loved the kiss! It was better than I could have imagined. I loved the moment the director chose.


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Re: Your Top 13 Moments in the Harry Potter Franchise

Originally Posted by Kings_Cross View Post
  • Return to Hogwarts
    LIGHTING HAS STRUCK, I REPEAT, LIGHTING HAS STRUCK! I love the energy and mix of joy and sadness that comes with the trio returning back to the castle.
I still can't believe that's Nigel, the chubby little autograph-hunter from Goblet of Fire.

Also, top picks all round


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Re: Your Top 13 Moments in the Harry Potter Franchise

Originally Posted by Peakes View Post
I still can't believe that's Nigel, the chubby little autograph-hunter from Goblet of Fire.

Also, top picks all round
Wow! Totally would have never caught that!


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Re: Your Top 13 Moments in the Harry Potter Franchise

I have just gone for my favourite moments in each, and really had to cut it down to 5 per film when I realised I was mentioning just about every scene in some of them!!


1) Harry's first view of Hogwarts - like Harry, we are seeing the castle and the magic that surrounds it for the first time. And in the movie, this is where Harry and Draco meet for the first time. I think that also sets up the antagonism between the two of them that will persist throughout the series.

2) The Troll in the Bathroom - As in the book, I think that this sets up the friendship between the trio, and McGonagall's shock at Hermione being the one to admit being in the wrong is priceless. I also love the look on Snape's face. Although he would never admit it, he is to a certain extent impressed at what Harry and by extension his friends, are capable of.

3) The Mirror of Erised and the Invisibility Cloak - I remember reading this part and being close to tears. It is clear how a person could become entranced by the mirror, and this moment in the film is portrayed well. What I also picked up on is the excitement Harry feels in receiving the cloak, and the possibilities it opens up, versus the longing that is there when he sits on the floor, gazing up at the mirror and his parents.

4) The Giant Chess Board - I love this scene because it really allows Ron to come to the fore. Prior to this, I think his role seems to be a combination of antagonising Hermione and explaining different aspects of the wizarding world to Harry. In this scene, he can show his true strengths and his bravery. When he says that it is Harry that needs to go forward, none of them knew the true consequences of the chess piece Ron had taken place of being taken.

5) The End of Term Feast - I chose this not because of Gryffindor and the change of House Cup winner, or of the trio, but because of Neville. The look on his face when Dumbledore awards him the points that give Gryffindor the overall lead shows that even the smallest act can make a difference.


1) The Burrow - The scene from their arrival until they leave for Diagon Alley tells you everything you need to know about the Weasley family. And in Molly, we truly see a surrogate mother figure for Harry for the first time. I also love it for the look on Ginny's face when she comes downstairs to see Harry sitting at the breakfast table. Priceless, and so sweet.

2) Ron burping slugs - Possibly a strange choice, but I love it for the introduction of the concept of pure-blood superiority (something which is important for the rest of the series) and for the way in which Ron heads in there, full pelt, to defend Hermione. In hindsight that foreshadows the scene in DH (which didn't make it onto the screen) in which he says he can teach her his family tree to make everyone think she is a pure-blood.

3) The diary and Aragog - Technically speaking you could argue this is two scenes, but I have decided to treat it as one. I have chosen it firstly because of the way that Harry unwittingly identifies with Voldemort - "The monster had killed someone, Ron. What would any of us have done?" - and secondly because it gives us a way of better understanding Hagrid.

4) In the Chamber of Secrets - Harry saving Ginny and her admitting it had been her all along. As I think someone else said, this is one of those times in the early movies where it hits you that this kid can actually act. I also chose this because of the Tom Marvolo Riddle - I am Lord Voldemort - moment. I still get chills down my spine watching it. Somehow seeing him in this incarnation and not simply as an apparition on the back of Quirrell's head makes Voldemort seem a far more real prospect.

5) Dobby's sock - I love Dobby, and taking the series as a whole, this is the final point in which a film will end with a complete victory for Harry. Ginny has been saved, and Dobby freed. In PoA, Pettigrew escapes and then each film ends following the death of one of the main characters from that film. Dobby may not be representative of house elves, but to me that doesn't really make a difference!!!


1) Aunt Marge - Firstly because her speech about "bad blood" follows on from the theme of pure-blood superiority in CoS and it shows that the muggle and magical worlds have more in common than we sometimes allow; secondly, because she deserved it!

2) The Boggart in the wardrobe - I love Remus Lupin and his introduction as a teacher is fabulous!! The nudging Neville towards imagining Snape in his grandmother's clothes somehow seems blunter in the film. To me, this scene also shows that mischief lies hidden in the depths of Lupin.

3) The Three Broomsticks - By this point, we have heard a lot about Sirius Black, and seen what he did to the Fat Lady. We have also had Arthur warning Harry not to go looking for Sirius. The extent of Sirius's supposed betrayal is shorter in the movie than in the book, but the effect is the same on Harry and on the reader/viewer. Betrayal is the big theme here, and it is clear that loyalty is a big issue with Harry. For me, that is something that reinforces his Gryffindor identity.

4) The Patronus - The simplicity of this scene is beautiful. Harry sitting down, explaining the memory he used, and the developing friendship between he and Lupin and the underlying emotion both of them are clearly feeling towards those no longer alive.....stunning.

5) The Shack - I love EVERYTHING about this scene. From Harry disarming Snape (and in Sirius's eyes probably showing himself to be his father's son), the pain in Lupin's eyes when he comes into the room and asks where 'he' (Peter) is, the difference you can feel in Sirius and Lupin when they confront Peter, and finally, Sirius and Lupin's bickering as Snape threatens him with the Dementors is priceless! While I still feel that the full explanation in the novels is better, this was pretty good too.


1)The Dark Mark - In my mind, this is the first time we truly see Harry vulnerable as he is knocked out on the ground. For me, it also foreshadows the Ministry behaviour in OotP as Crouch appears to be ready and willing to accuse and capture anyone he can pin a crime on.

2) The Unforgivables Lesson - This is freakier every time I see it, mainly because of the knowledge that it isn't the real Moody. This is the first time that something seems to be not quite right - Moody in this scene seems to be too entranced with what he is doing and the way he cooly and calmly draws Neville to the front of the class to demonstrate the Cruciatus Curse makes my skin crawl.

3) The Yule Ball - This is the part of the series that, for me, made clear Ron's feelings for Hermione. I also adored the dance practice scene for it - priceless, and McGonagall's straight face was amusing. Ginny and Neville were great, as was Ron and Harry's dissection of Viktor Krum and his intentions towards Hermione. This is the point at which we realise that the trio are growing up. And Hermione peeking round the corner fits her character so well.

4) The Ressurection of Voldemort - Everything from the death of Cedric Diggory to Peter cutting off his hand to the regeneration and then the battle. It is incredibly emotional as James and Lily appear to help Harry. So sad. When I first heard of the casting of Ralph Fiennes as Voldemort, I was incredibly relieved - a lesser actor could have turned him into a caricature, but Fiennes makes him scary in such a way that we are drawn into him, under his spell.

5) Amos Diggory hanging over Cedric's lifeless body - This was the first time a Harry Potter film had made me cry, to be honest. The raw emotion and grief in his voice is stunning and heart-wrenching. Very powerful stuff.


1) The arrival at Grimmauld Place - I have chosen this primarily for the reunion between Sirius and Harry. The importance of this moment and the bond they have is reinforced during Snape's Occlumency lessons later in the film when he says 'I may vomit'. On a secondary basis, I have chosen it because of the dinner table discussion. It is clear during this that something has shifted over the summer, and that Harry no longer commands the respect of the wizarding world as he previousy had done. Finally, I chose this scene as it shows the battle between Sirius and Molly over which one of them cares most for Harry.

2) Sirius and Harry's discussion at Christmas - Although we do not know it at the time, this is the last proper conversation they will ever have. When Sirius talks about the lightness and darkness in everyone, although he is talking to and about Harry, it is clear from his actions throughout the films, he is also referencing himself.

3) The Weasley Twins leaving Hogwarts - Finally, we have revenge on Umbridge for everything that has taken place throughout the film! The special effects were amazing and magical and Fred and George's exit made me - and I am pretty sure everyone else watching it - wish that they could have left school in precisely the same manner!!

4) Sirius's death - Again, something I cried at. Its just so moving......the suddenness of it all, Bellatrix's nonchalence at what she has just done, Harry screaming out and being restrained by Lupin, the evident pain on Lupin's face. The moments just before his death as he fights alongside Harry show Sirius, in my mind, as the most alive he has been in any of the films. One thing I do hate about this scene - Sirius calling Harry 'James'. Sorry, pet hate!

5) The fight between Dumbledore and Voldemort - Powerful, cinematically stunning and a real fight to the death almost. And the power of the two of them fighting contrasted with Harry lying weak and prone on the floor as Voldemort possesses him. I loved the moving images of his family and friends running through his mind as he fights of Voldemort. And for me, the visions of Sirius at this point reinforce his death. More tears. Eek!


1) Harry's arrival at The Burrow - For me, this sets up the romantic pairings of Harry/Ginny and Ron/Hermione and you can really see Harry/Ginny as a possibility for the first time in any of the movies. She is no longer merely 'Ron's little sister'.

2) Ron's Poisoning - I always felt that this book and the corresponding film had a distinct opposites feel to it. There is the darkness of the war, and the humour that Ron, particularly, injects into the proceedings. I think that this part of the film, with the Romilda Vane love potion followed instantly by Ron's actual poisoning and almost death shows off that split really well.

3) Horcruxes - Chilling as the ring reacts to Harry's presence. Foreshadows DH so much and so well. Also the moment when we realise that Voldemort can be beaten, and that Harry knows how.

4) The Cave - Without being flippant, this is sort of Dumbledore's last hurrah in conjuring the fire. The way he is when he takes the potion is the first time that we really see him weakened, and that is frightening - because Dumbledore is the main obstacle standing between Harry and Voldemort.

5) Dumbledore's Death and Snape's Departure - Again, this is incredibly emotional. Draco is particularly well portrayed in this scene. Then there is Dumbledore's pleading and the look of hatred on Snape's face. I love the difference between Snape, who just wants to leave and Bellatrix who is cackling and setting fire to things as she makes her way to the gates.


1) Godric's Hollow - Heart-breaking and proof that the look in a person's eye can sometimes be more telling than anything coming out of their mouth. The peacefulness of the cemetery as opposed to the sheer violence of the snake coming out of Bathilda.

2) The Silver Doe - I chose this not only because of the doe itself, and the sword they rescue, but because of the use of the sword to destroy the necklace horcrux. The monster inside it - the part that has a little bit of Voldemort in it - shouting his greatest fears at Ron, almost as a sort of anti-mirror of erised.

3) The Tale of the Three Brothers - Incredibly beautiful, and so stunningly narrated. Simple and yet awesome.

4) Malfoy Manor - Proof again that maybe Draco is wavering in his beliefs as he does not identify them; Ron's protectiveness of Hermione, Bellatrix's insanity and then there is Luna......I can see Azkaban being something she would survive because of her attitude that something will always come along. A telling sequence. And Lucius in this - it is interesting to compare him to the Lucius of CoS.

5) Dobby's death - More tears from me, and it is now becoming increasingly clear just how much I seem to have cried at these films from the end of GoF onwards! His mention of Harry as his friend, and the sheer innocence of Dobby gets me every single time.


1) Gringotts - Helena Bonham Carter playing Hermione pretending to be Bellatrix. One word - classy.

2) Preparing for Battle - I love McGonagall in this section of the film, finally getting to do that spell, protecting Harry and sanctioning Seamus's use of fireworks. And Snape's departure as The Order come in. Harry shouting at Snape, contrasted with their next meeting, is amazing.

3) The Prince's Tale - This is beautifully done and finally shows the human side of Snape. The real, hidden Severus that loved his best friend, Lily. From his plea to Harry to look him in the eye, to his contempt for Dumbledore in raising Harry only for him to be killed. He truly loved her. And again, I cry from his plea to Harry until the end of the memories. Always.

4) The Forbidden Forest - Eesht. More tears, I'm afraid. At first Harry seems so mature that we forget he is still only seventeen, and then when he asks if dying hurts, we are reminded that he is little more than a boy and maybe Molly was right on that score. For me, the key part of this scene is not with his parents, Sirius and Remus, but with Narcissa. It is clear that, whatever else, she is a loving wife and mother, and will do ANYTHING to save Draco.

5) Neville's speech - This is not in the book, and I don't think anyone else has mentioned it. Yet, for me this is one of the key things in the film and shoots back to the timid Neville of PS/SS. He speaks from the heart about how losing a battle does not mean the loss of a war, and as long as one of them is fighting, there will always be a fight.

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Re: Your Top 13 Moments in the Harry Potter Franchise

PS/SS: Harry arrives to Hogwarts castle on the boats.
Harry and Hagrid travel on the boat through Gringotts

CoS:All the Hogwarts Quidditch matches are fun to watch but the first one in PS/SS as well as the one in CoS were the best.

PoA: The Dementors swarm Harry and Sirius.

GoF: The Quidditch World Cup scene when they arrive there and when the match is going.
After the Quidditch World Cup, when the camp is on fire.
When the students from the other schools arrive.
When Snape hits Ron and Harry in the head, it was hilarious.
The Yule Ball!

OotP: Harry arrives at the MoM with Mr. Weasley

HBP: Katie goes all demonic in the air when she touches that necklace.
Ron gets infected by the love potion.
In the library, when Hermione tells Harry that everyone thinks he's the Chosen One and he like "Well, I am" and then she hits him.

DH1: When Hermione tells the Tale of the Three Brothers and the animation plays.

DH2: The Prince's Tale scene
The preparation for the Hogwarts battle.
The Hogwarts Battle.
The Fiendfyre scene in the RoR.

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Re: Your Top 13 Moments in the Harry Potter Franchise

These are my top 13 moments from the films, in no particular order-

1)Order of the Phoenix The Possession scene.
I thought this was a neat piece of adaptation of the source material, bundling several expository conversations between Harry and Dumbledore about Harry's special power over Voldemort (the capacity to Love) into a powerfully visual and cinematic scene that is, for me, more vivid and powerful than in the books

2)Goblet of Fire The Graveyard Scene
Of course, its all there in the text of the brilliant three chapters in the book. They would have had to really dropped the ball to not nail this key scene, but luckily they more than did it justice. It was operatic, intense, horrific, emotional, and visually stunning

3)Deathly Hallows Part 2 Snapes Tears
I think David Yates really nails these intimate scenes between two characters - see below

4) Half Blood Prince. Aragogs funeral and felix felicis
Another lovely intimate scene between Harry and one of his professors. The scene walks a tightrope between comedy and drama but I think nails it. Broadbent as Slughorn breaks my heart in this scene

5) Deathly Hallows Part 2 Courtyard Apocalypse
Of course I am disappointed in a way that a lot of the detail from the Hogwarts Battle didn't make the film, but what they did include was great and this scene had me hyperventilating in the cinema. No flashy modern fast cut editing, just action and emotion that really bought home to the viewer (and to Harry, Ron and Hermione) the horror, consequences and stakes of the battle being fought.

6)Prisoner of Azkaban Escape of Sirius on Buckbeat
The dialogue ("The ones we love never really leave us") and John Williams beautiful "window to the past" theme break me every time

7)Chamber of Secrets Eat Slugs
I just love the way this scene plays out in the movie. I like the change they made in adaptation so that Hermione knows what 'Mudblood' means and is obviously hurt. I think this was the first time in the movies I really connected with Rupert and Emma as the characters they portray

8)Deathly Hallows Part 1 Ron's Return
The openness of Rupert's performance here is really touching. Its a declaration of love for Hermione but not in those words and is a lovely scene.

9)Half Blood Prince Hermione and Harry (i.e. yellow bird attack on Ron)
Another of the magical intimate scenes that I think Yates does so well. And then the camera sweep to Draco, to contrast Harry and Hermione's typical (but real) teenage
angst and heartbreak with Draco's angst, borne of a situation that no child should ever have to face

10) Philosophers Stone Mirror of Erised
I'm not a huge fan of the first film but this is the first time in the entire film series that gave me emotions similar to those I felt when reading the books

11)Prisoner of Azkaban Time Turner scene
Just perfection the whole way through

12) Deathly Hallows Part 1 Malfoy Manor/Dobby's death
I think this is really the only real typical 'movie world death scene' in the series, but again Yates nails an intimate moment

13) Deathly Hallows Part 2 Prince's Tale
I like they they used montage to tell this story. They really did it justice in the movie. Alan Rickman was brilliant and so was Daniel Radcliffe, who convinced in the part where Harry leaves the Pensieve and just sits there with the realisation that after all the struggles he's faced, all he has to do now is go and lie down and die

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