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Hogwarts Champion! Hosted by.....

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Hogwarts Champion! Hosted by.....

"Thank you for tuning in on your favorite station on WWN! That's right, this is Ludo Bagman coming in with a brand new show!"

"You all know about Harry Potter, right? Well, you know of all his great accomplishments, and all he has done for us! But you do know that he isn't the only student in Hogwarts, right? Nor is he the greatest!"


"Haha, don't worry Harry, you are great! But not the only great one that Hogwarts has to offer. By the way, yes, wizarding audience, I do have THE Harry Potter right next to me. Why don't you tell them why we are on right now?"

"Ok, Ludo. Yes, this is Harry Potter announcing to the wizarding world the first ever Hogwarts Champion! Students from all ages compete to earn the title of the greatest witch or wizard that came out of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!"

"Week by week, each challenge will test their knowledge and their skill. Both Ludo and I will watch over as hosts and judges, as well as a bunch of celebrity guests, to determine who will be the winner! Each week, their will be prizes awarded to those who do best, but in the end, the true Hogwarts Champion will walk away with not only the title, but a money prize of 1000 galleons!

"Thank you Harry. Here are the competitors now!"

"Who's it going to be? 19 boys, 19 girls, only one is the best of the best!"

"Tune in this Friday for the competition to begin!"


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Who's it going to be?
19 boys, 19 girls, only one is the best of the best!

Chapter 6 is finished! Who's leaving us so soon? Please take a look!

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Re: Hogwarts Champion! Hosted by.....

Before I write anything, I just want to make a couple of things clear.

This takes place after Deathly Hallows. Of course, some of these students should be dead (Cedric, Colin, Lavender as I heard, and Crabbe). However, for the most part, we are ignoring that and saying that these deaths never took place. The only deaths that took place was Voldemort and crew. Highly unrealistic, I know, but for the sake of story, competition, and entertainment, this happened. Just think of it as a parallel universe to the canon one.

As for the explanation of why the heck Myrtle is in the competition, it will be explained. And then another note will be added at the end of this chapter.

Leanne Bellsfriend is the girl who was with Katie when she was cursed. No last name was released, so I made one myself. Same with Myrtle.

I think I got everything covered, so lets go.

Chapter 0.1: Arriving to the Competition

Two men stood next to each other at the Hogsmeade Station. Harry Potter and Ludo Bamgan both wait for the Hogwarts Express to arrive and drop off the students. But this was the summer. No students should be on their way here. This was definitely no ordinary occasion. No, what was going to happen would be the best thing that happened to Hogwarts since the Triwizard Tournament.

38 students from all different classes have been hand-picked by Ludo and Harry to determine who was the best wizard or witch to be a part of Hogwarts. The winner would walk away 1000 galleons richer and with the title of Hogwarts Champion.

The train arrives at the station. Harry and Ludo walk up to the closest door, ready to greet the contenders. The door opens, and Harry let out a little gasp at what he saw. It wasn't any student that was invited.


Sure enough, the blond woman, dressed in flashy green robes, came off the express, quill and parchment in hand. Ludo rushed in to shake the free hand of the nosy journalist.

"Yes, Harry, I invited Ms. Skeeter in as a reporter, writing reviews for the Daily Prophet."

"Don't worry, Harry, my boy. It's going to be perfectly unbiased writings of a general viewer. This show has been all the rage in Britain. I just write the reviews, and maybe even some behind the scenes action."

After letting go of Ludo's hand, she extended it to Harry. Tentatively, he took it in his own, and shook it quickly as the students piled out of the car behind her. He then went and stood next to Ludo. Rita went to the side, and started writing on her parchment.

"Welcome," Ludo started announcing, "to the first ever Hogwarts Champion tournament!" At the end, the students cheered and clapped.

"I am your host, creater of the competion, Ludo Bagman. I am joined here by fellow student and the Chosen one, Harry Potter, as well as intrepid reporter for the Daily Prohpet, Rita Skeeter!"

Hermione Granger shot a look of disgust at Rita. She did not like the fact that the vile woman that constantly annoyed her and her friends for most of her fourth year was here. On the other hand, Pansy Parkinson jumped for joy at the mention of her name, knowing full well that she would get a good image from this.

"All 38 of you have been selected by Harry and me to be a part of what we hope to be a great tradition. From Gryffindor"(At the mention of Gryffindor, Rita started pointing her quill at Hermione, Ron Weasley, Neville Longbottom, Ginny Weasley, and the rest of the Gryffindors before counting everyone else. She furiously took down her first notes of the games)"to Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff to Slytherin, each one of you will compete for the title of Hogwarts Champion! As well as a money prize of 1000 galleons!"

More cheers erupted from the crowd, until Rita interrupted.

"Excuse me, Mr. Bagman and Mr. Potter, but I only count 37 competitors. Surely you can all add, unless we are forgetting a Gryffindor back at King's Cross."

Ludo proceeded to count the contestants, noting that indeed only 37 stood before him and Harry.

"Harry, she's right. Did one not make it?"

Harry smiled, and proceeded to reach into his pocket.

"No, she's just arriving now."

He then pull out of his pocket a ring. It wasn't any ordinary ring, as Harry took out the stone and turned it three times. Everyone else looked in amazement and shock, as they all knew what that stone was. Rita, wide-eyed at the event, couldn't look away, as she started taking her Quick Quote Quill to cover for her.

"Harry," shouted Cho Chang, "that's not how the Resurrection Stone works!"

Harry, ignoring her, turned around and welcomed the student back to life.

"Thank you for joining us, Myrtle. Please join the others."

Indeed it was Moaning Myrtle (who mentioned that she would only be referred to as Myrtle). She nervously walked past the two hosts and entered the crowd of shocked students, sending a little hand wave to Draco Malfoy. Pansy looked at her with the same look Hermione gave Rita. Ludo went back to announcing.

"Ahem, well, theres our 38. Alright then, as I said, welcome to the Hogwarts Champion tournament! Everyone, grab your stuff, and let's head on over to Hogwarts, where you will all be staying for the next couple of weeks."


This is part 1 of the beginning chapter. Part 2 of this will come up tomorrow, and the actual competition will start on Friday as promised. Thank you for reading, and feedback is greatly appreciated.

Feedback thread: http://www.cosforums.com/showthread.php?t=132143

As for my last note, yes, Ms. Chang is correct, I know that is not how the Resurrection Stone works canon wise, but for now, this is the only way I can get Myrtle in.


Who's it going to be?
19 boys, 19 girls, only one is the best of the best!

Chapter 6 is finished! Who's leaving us so soon? Please take a look!

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Re: Hogwarts Champion! Hosted by.....

0.2: Hogwarts Castle

Ludo and Harry led the contestants and Rita inside the castle. The students looked around in awe at the castle they learned from. Not a single piece of damage from the final battle was present.

They kept walking throughout the castle until the hosts opened the doors to the Great Hall and were let in. Ludo went up the stairs and behind the podium as he started to speak.

"Welcome all, this is the Great Hall of Hogwarts. Each week, you will all come here and learn about what is in store for you. Also, at the end of each challenge, you will come back here, while Harry, me, and a couple of different guests reveal the results, and then finally, the person, who in our opinions, does the worst, they will be eliminated. Understood? Good, now everyone, split into boys and girls, and head to the tents in the courtyard where you will all be staying. Come back here tomorrow a 9 am for the first challenge. Good night, and good luck everyone!"

The contestants started piling out of the Great Hall. Soon, they all began talking to each other, trying to think of a plan to win. Hermione and Ron knew they would be together until the end. However, Harry would not be with them this time, so they figured that they need to get the rest of the D.A. They approached Neville to try to get into a solid alliance with them. Neville shook his head.

"I'm sorry, Ron and Hermione. But it's time for the rest of the crew to split up. Luna, Ginny, and I already have a team, and we decided that we don't need you guys to get far."

Neville proceeded to walk toward Ginny Weasley and Luna Lovegood, wrapping his arm around their shoulders as they walked toward the courtyard. Ron and Hermione stood and watched with their mouths open.

"How dare he? We help him build up his confidence and decides he wants nothing to do with us now? And he takes my sister with him? What is he doing?"

"And he needs brains on his team, so he chooses Luna? Well, they are here to have fun, it looks like, and not win. That prize will belong to us, Ron. However, we need a third person on our alliance to help us win."

As soon as the word "third person" came out, Lavender Brown came up from behind Ron, as Cormac McClaggen did behind Hermione, both with their hands raised, as wanting to join the duo. Ron glared at Cormac, Hermione at Lavender. Both took the hint, and went off. Lavender went and joined the Patil twins, Parvati and Padma. Both girls welcomed her with open arms. Cormac turned his attention the remaining members of the Gryffindor Quidditch team. Although most were annoyed by his "know-it-all" attitude with Quidditch, they accepted him.

Ron and Hermione kept looking around at the remaining students to see who they can work with when Zacharias Smith came up to them.

"Guys, I can work with you. I have the smarts, the looks, and the talents to win this."

"Go away, git."

"Why? I am a hard working team player....."

"Oh stop it. You barely worked when we had D.A. meetings, and what did you do as soon as the first years started evacuating the battle? You pushed them away so you get away! Don't talk about hard work or loyalty when you surely lack them."

"She's right. I mean, even Colin Creevey was braver than you. And he's not that great of a wizard himself!"

"Why aren't you with the other Hufflepuffs? They all seem to get along."

"They said they didn't think I was a good example of a Hufflepuff. Whatever that means."

"It means you are disloyal, and no one trusts you."

"Well, I don't think anyone else wants to be with you two. Who would you have rather than me?"

Ron and Hermione looked at each other. After Neville, Ginny, and Luna, they never thought who else they would help, and would help them in return. They started looking around until both of them saw who they wanted.


Myrtle turned around at the sound of her name. She saw Ron and Hermione looking back at her. Myrtle felt alone, ever since coming back to life. She knew that both of them had helped slay the monster that killed her, and she owed it to them. She walked over, past a stunned Zacharias, feeling welcomed for the first time in her life.

"Fine, have fun with dead girl. I'll go get a team by myself."

Zacharias looked around for someone he could team with. The Hufflepuffs didn't want him. Neither did the Gryffindors. He didn't want to be a part of a Slytherin team. So all that was left was Ravenclaw. He walked straight up to Marietta Edgecombe. She was a pretty girl, he thought, despite the word SNEAK still present, although lightly, on her face.

"Well, it seems like we are in this alone. Both of us "traitors" to the rest of the students."

Before Marietta could object, Cho came up to her friends defense.

"Who said she was alone? Go away, traitor. Let's go Marietta. And don't think the other Ravenclaws will join you."

And they left, leaving Zacharias alone. No problem, he thought. He got everything he needs to win. He can do this.


Draco Malfoy stood by as he watched Myrtle head toward Ron and Hermione. The only person that he confided with the most now allied herself with the blood traitor and the Mudblood. A sorrowful expression displayed on his face as Pansy wrapped her arms around him.

"Don't worry my dear, you don't need that dead girl when you have the rest of us."

Draco turned around to the rest of his Slytherin allies. Besides Pansy, there were his followers Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle, as well as his Qudditch captain Marcus Flint. All three of them could do a lot of work. The final male, Blaise Zabini, was the only other one who he could rely on for brains. As for the girls, there was the oh-so-loyal Pansy, Millicent Bulstrode, and Astoria Greengrass. He hadn't many interactions with with Astoria, and didn't know what she could do for them. Pansy was willing to do anything for them. And she was pretty. Millicent, through the limited conversations he had, was not all that bright, nor strong. He needed to figure out what they could do with her.


After about an hour of outside conversation, Harry came out the Great Hall.

"It's time to head to the courtyard and get some rest. You guys got a big day tomorrow."


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Who's it going to be?
19 boys, 19 girls, only one is the best of the best!

Chapter 6 is finished! Who's leaving us so soon? Please take a look!
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Re: Hogwarts Champion! Hosted by.....

Challenge 1: History of Magic

The contestants, after gaining a good night's rest, piled into the Great Hall. Ludo stood behind the podium, while Harry and Rita, with quill and parchment in hand, sat behind at the table.

"Alright, boys on the left, girls on the right. You all separated? Good. Time for the first challenge of the competition! Now, this challenge will require a lot of knowledge about what we are. That's right, this is the History of Magic challenge!"

The contestants looks ranged from the overly excited Hermione to the confused looks of Goyle and Crabbe. Rita cleared her throat and stood up.

"Excuse me, Mr. Bagman, but History of Magic? You're submitting them to a boring test for the first ever challenge?"

"Yes, Ms. Skeeter. I feel like the Champion should know all about the history, where we come from, in order to be a great wizard. So yes, as Ms. Skeeter announced, this will be a test challenge."

Rita sat back down and started writing, mumbling words such as "boring" and "could do better."

"Let me introduce the two people that will be helping us today. First, coming in on my left, is a professor that is familiar with each and every one of you. I would like you to all welcome Professor Cuthbert Binns!"

A small applause welcomed the ghostly professor. Professor Binns gave a curt nod, and sat down next to Harry.

"Coming in on my right, I would hope you will all give a more welcoming invitation to the author of Hogwarts: A History and a History of Magic, Bathilda Bagshot!"

This time, the contestants were confused, as Bathilda was dead. But lo and behold, the old historian was there, taking a seat next to Rita, who now mumbled "expired."

"These two will be grading your tests that you will be taking. After they grade, they will report the results to me, and at the end, two of you, one boy and one girl, will receive rewards, while two other, also one boy and one girl, will leave the competition. Now, we will supply all the information needed for today's challenge. When you return to your tents, you will see the books at each of your beds. Testing will take place tonight at 9 p.m. That leaves you 12 hours of studying. I wish you all luck."

The contestants exited the Grand Hall, and returned to the tents. Indeed, there was a stack of textbooks at the ends of each bed. Hermione, Ron, and Myrtle all grabbed their books and started reading. Hermione took control and pointed out all what could be on the test. Both Ron and Myrtle felt like they could do well, as they had both the help of the best witch of their year, and Myrtle did live through part of Hogwarts History.

The Slytherins, on the other hand, were having a harder time. Although all eight of them teamed up, not many of them were bright. Draco, Astoria, and Blaise all opened and started reading the books while Pansy, Millicent, Crabbe, Goyle, and Marcus looked confused. Hermione looked over to the group, wondering if any of them knew what a book was. Pansy caught her glaring at them.

"That's right, Mudblood. You only get this challenge to do well. Cause we know that if this wasn't a smarts challenge, you and your little crew would be out first!"

Hermione just ignored the loud Slytherin girl and went back to her studies. Myrtle looked back at them. Pansy continued to make faces at them, while Draco looked into her eyes. There was a sadness in his eyes. He knew that as long as each group remained in the competition, neither of them could talk to each other.

Meanwhile, each student was paired off into groups, except for Zacharias. He was ostracized by all the other students. Even the one that betrayed most of them, Marietta, was still on a team with the Ravenclaws (who all looked liked they were having the best time of their lives. A knowledge test? Ha! They can all pass this.)

No problem, he thought to himself. He was a smart guy. He could gain their trust by winning this challenge. He opened all books all at once and started reading, trying to gain all the knowledge he could get.


9 p.m rolled by, and the students were led into the Great Hall. Inside, there were 38 desks, all with the four page test on them. Most of the students gasped at the thickness of the test. Ludo stood at the podium.

"Each one of you take a seat. Once again, boys on the left, girls on the right. We have provided you with quills of our own, to decrease the chance of cheating."

Cormac groaned at the announcement, and threw his quill on to the ground.

"Now, Ms. Bagshot will be grading all of the ladies tests, as Professor Binns will the gentlemen. You have two hours to complete the test. I wish you all the best of luck. You may all begin."

The test began. The students picked up their quills and started writing. Ludo, Harry, and Rita walked up and down the aisles, making sure to catch anyone who was cheating. Harry picked up the quill that Cormac threw to the ground. As he examined it, he realized it was Auto-Answer quill, and hit Cormac on the head.

However, that was the only instance of cheating, as each student, although frustrated, finished the test quickly, with the last person, Crabbe, finishing with 30 minutes to spare. The students turned in the test to the prospective graders, and headed out the Great Hall.


After such an exhausting challenge, the contestants started to have a little celebration. Even though they were competing, they all tried to have a little fun to keep what little sanity that they had. Seamus Finnegan and Dean Thomas noticed crates of Butterbeer left in the middle of the tents. They grabbed glasses for everyone, and started pouring drinks and sharing.

Zacharias grabbed a glass for everyone in his house. He went and joined the group, handing out the Butterbeer. Hannah Abbott looked at him skeptically.

"Look, Hannah, I know I was a bit of jerk during our years at Hogwarts. But let's forget about tonight and have some fun, ok?"

Hannah still had that look on her face, but still took the Butterbeer from his hands. Ernie Macmillan stood up and raised his glass.

"To Hufflepuff finally winning a competition!"

While the Hufflepuffs applauded, Pansy stood up and made an announcement of her own.

"Yeah, about time Hufflepuff did anything. Right Cedric? Or are you all just going to fade into the background letting others take over?"

All Hufflepuffs stared at her. They all took out their wands and pointed at Pansy when Hermione stepped in between.

"Come on, everyone. It's the first night, we just had our first test. Let's just celebrate, ok? And two of us are not going to be with us tomorrow, so lets have fun!"

All but Zacharias lowered their wands.

"Sure, since you think you are still going to be here!"

Hannah glared back at Zacharias. "Not now, Zacha-"

"No, let's be real Hannah. This little know-it-all thinks she's going to beat us all because she's friends with Harry Potter! We all know that Harry has a bias for the jock Gryffindors! We all know one of those idiots will win!"

"Zach, this is exactly why we didn't allow you to join us. You are just a little troublemaker!"

"Idiot Gryffindors you say? I'll show you idiot!"

Each student took out their wands. Curses and hexes fill the tents. Colin Creevey and Myrtle took shelter behind the beds, as they wanted nothing to do with this fight. The spells kept coming out as Harry entered the main tent.

"Enough! We will have no fighting on this grand scale! The next person who fires a curse shall be eliminated on the spot! Clear?"

Everyone lowered their wands, giving half-hearted apologies to each other.

"Better. Now, the tests have been finished, and the following twelve students have summoned to the Great Hall:

Hermione Granger
Millicent Bulstrode
Pansy Parkinson
Penelope Clearwater
Myrtle Moaning
Lavender Brown
Blaise Zabini
Zacharias Smith
Marcus Flint
Percy Weasley
Roger Davies
Cormac McClaggen

If your name wasn't announced, that means you all are remaining in the competition for another week. Congratulations. The twelve I mentioned are the 6 highest scores, 3 girls and 3 boys, and the 6 lowest scores, 3 girls and 3 boys. At the end of the night, only 10 of the students announced will return to the tent. Would the 12 of you that I have annouced please follow me to the Great Hall?"


Ludo stood at the top of the steps. He conjured four platforms for the students to stand on. He urged they separate into groups.

Hermione, Myrtle, and Penelope formed one group, and stood on the top right. Pansy, Millicent, and Lavender stood on the bottom right. Percy, Blaise, and Roger stood on the top left, with Cormac, Marcus, and Zacharias stood on the bottom left. Zacharias looked nervous, but he was pretty sure that he scored better than the two he was grouped with.

"Obviously, you are grouped into the best, and the worst. The top groups, you have the best three scores of each group. The bottom groups, you did the worst, and two of you will be leaving tonight. Let's start with the best. There's nothing to say, you guys have the highest scores in each group. The highest scoring boy and highest scoring girl will receive this!"

Harry came up from behind the table and picked up two golden books.

"That's right, golden editions of Hogwarts: A History!"

Pansy was glad she didn't win. Who would want that?, she thought. She turned around to Hermione who was beside herself with glee.

"And the best of the boys is...............Percy Weasley! And the best of the girls is.......................Myrtle Moaning! Please come up to the table and grab your books! The rest in the top groups, you did amazingly well, and should be congratulated. Now, you six return to your tents while I deal with the eliminations."

Percy and Myrtle got off their platforms and headed toward the table where Harry handed each of them their golden copies. Hermione looked enviously at Myrtle. How could she not be the best?

The six of the top students left while Ludo turned his attention to the bottom.

"Let's start with the girls. You three girls have the lowest scores among your group. You young ladies didn't take this seriously. You need to know that if you want to be the Hogwarts Champion, you need to prepare for everything. Lavender, although you did poorly, you were still better than the other two, please return to the tents."

Lavender stepped off. Millicent and Pansy looked at each other. This is the last time that they would be working together in the competition. They held each others hands as Ludo read the results.

"Ms. Bagshot let me know that you two both got the same score. Which also happens to be the lowest. So I have to decide which one of you has potential to be the Hogwarts Champion."

He looked back and forth between the two Slytherin girls. "He pointed at one of them.

"I think you have more potential. Please return to the tents. Now, on to the boys."

"You three did the lowest. But one of you did so horrible that I have to single you out. Zacharias Smith, please step forward."

Zacharias stood right in front of Ludo. He couldn't be the worst student, right?

"Mr. Smith, Professor Binns actually had to show me your test. As I looked over it, I was shocked. You got nothing right! Even the founders question was wrong! A student that doesn't know anything shouldn't be a Champion! You scored worse than a Squib!"

"But sir, I studied everything!"

"Not enough, or at all if these scores mean anything. Zacharias Smith, you are eliminated. You are not the Hogwarts Champion. Join the other loser, and leave us."


The contestants in the tents looked at the opening for the others to return. They saw as Myrtle and Percy came back first, showing off their brand new books. Hermione and Penelope soon followed. Hermione, although glad for the praise, was sorely disappointed that she was not the best. She felt like she raised Myrtle to be the Champion. Although she's glad for her alliance win, she would try to help others less and focus on herself. Blaise, Roger, Lavender, Marcus, and Cormac soon came in. It seems that out of the boys, Zacharias Smith was eliminated.

Cheering filled the tents, as one of the biggest troublemakers is gone. But who left from the girls?

They soon found out as the last contestant summoned returned to the tent. Groans were heard from the Gryffindors.

"Draco, I'm back!"


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Who's it going to be?
19 boys, 19 girls, only one is the best of the best!

Chapter 6 is finished! Who's leaving us so soon? Please take a look!
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Re: Hogwarts Champion! Hosted by.....

Challenge 2: Care of Magical Creatures

The next day, Hermione and Myrtle were talking to Ron about the elimination ceremony that took place in the Great Hall. Ron listened at how they were both praised for their smarts, and how Myrtle was one of the winners. He knew his alliance was one of the best. He looked over at Neville, Ginny, and Luna, giving them a shrug, as if they should have taken his offer.

Neville was the only one to catch Ron's gesture. He turned to his two teammates.

"Listen, we need to prove that we don't need them. We can do this on our own."

Both Ginny and Luna nodded in agreement. They knew that those three were going to be the one's to beat.


After coming back from the Great Hall, Lavender, Pansy, and Penelope ran to their groups.

Penelope relayed the news about how she was one of the best to the Ravenclaws. The house cheered for her success. Roger Davies pat her on the back, congratulating her. He then went over for a kiss. Penelope retreated away from his face quickly.

"Um, Roger. Thank you and all, but that's a little to close."

He sat down, looking disappointed. Penelope looked over to Percy, her boyfriend during her years at Hogwarts. She looked at the golden tome that he won, and the beautiful reflection of his face upon the shiny cover. How she missed him.....


Pansy was also in high spirits. Although she would truly miss Millicent, she's glad she has another chance to compete.

"Yeah, I was in the bottom. But I knew that I was going no where," she bragged to Draco. "I'm sure that we will make it far."

With the absence of Millicent, though, Pansy lost her best friend. Who was she going to gossip with? To complain with? To brag with? She turned to the other Slytherin girl, Astoria. Astoria was in a different year than her. She knew her sister, Daphne Greengrass, and she liked her. Pansy put her arm around Astoria.

"Listen, we are the only girls left that can still win this. Let's say you and me work together, k?"

Astoria looked in shock. This girl she didn't know came up to her as if they were family since the day they were born. However, she was a Slytherin, and knew that they could rely on each other.


Lavender, however, was not very happy. She went to Parvati and Padma Patil, telling how scared she was.

"I was so nervous. I thought that I would be the first one out of here. I didn't think I would see you two again! I need to focus now and concentrate on winning challenges. You two will help me, right?"

The Patil twins both nodded. Lavender opened her arms and wrapped them around both of them. Tears came out of her eyes. She was telling the truth. Although she wanted to be Hogwarts Champion, she would want both Parvati and Padma with her at the end.

She looked at the clock in the middle of the grand tent. Almost midnight. Most of the contestants already headed toward the beds.

"Hey guys, it's almost the end of the day. Let's just rest. I'll see you two tomorrow."


Although most students went to bed, Myrtle decided to take a walk around the castle. Despite being a former ghost, she didn't travel around Hogwarts that much. So much has changed in the 50 years she had been dead. She saw all the classrooms, the stairs, the bathrooms. Ah yes, the bathrooms. The last stop she visited before returning to the tents was the girls bathroom she died in. It was empty and silent. She stood in one of the stalls, and let out a few screams. It only felt natural to Myrtle. She smiled, and exited the bathroom.

As she made her way toward the entrance, Myrtle noticed a boy walking out. It was Draco. They both froze where they were, and looked in each others eyes. It was a while before Myrtle decided to talk.


"Hello, Myrtle. It's weird seeing you alive."

"Yeah, it is. I missed talking to you."

"I.....I feel the same way. But you know we couldn't now. Not with everyone around like this."

"I know. I'm glad we can talk now though, right?"



Draco turned around to see Pansy and Astoria now coming out of the tent. A look of fury was on Pansy's face as she stomped her way to Myrtle. It was a wonder that no one else woke up, given how loud she was.

"You will never be with my boyfriend, get over it!"

Draco was taken aback by the word "boyfriend." He never viewed his friendship with Pansy to be taken like this. Myrtle looked like she was going to cry, and headed toward the tents.

Pansy walked up to Draco, with Astoria following by.

"You know it's never going to work out."

Pansy left Draco alone, and headed toward her bed. Astoria stayed behind.

"I'm sorry, Draco, but she's right. Myrtle is very young, and just came back from the dead. Even when she's alive, she's got seven years of education to do, while you and I would be in the real world."

She stopped for a moment. She said "I." She included herself into Draco's life. She looked at the man in front of her. He was handsome, smart, funny.....

What was she thinking? This is Pansy's boyfriend! But when Pansy said that, Draco looked like he knew nothing of this. Is what Pansy said true? Astoria let it go at the moment and motioned Draco back into the tents.

"We got another challenge tomorrow, we need the rest."


"A new day, and a new challenge!" announced Ludo as the 36 tired contestants entered the Great Hall.

"Congratulations on making it another day in Hogwarts Champion competition. As you might have noticed, Millicent Bulstrode and Zacharias Smith have left us. But don't worry, with them gone, you guys are another step closer to becoming the Hogwarts Champion! Now, for today's challenge, we're going to need to you select a card from Mr. Potter's hand."

Harry came up with 36 cards, separated into four groups of nine, each a different color. The contestants ran up to him, picked up a card and walked back to the floor. Harry was looking clean until the students knocked him down. He muttered a quick Reparo to his glasses. Ludo took to the stand again.

"Now, nine of you have red, nine have blue, nine have green, and nine have yellow. Would you please separate into those groups?"

And so they did. Ron looked around. He was the only boy in his group. Hermione would not be pleased at this, as she wasn't one of them.

"Now that we all got that settled, let me introduce the people who would be helping me judge. Please welcome famous magizoologist Newton Scamdander and Professor Wilhemina Grubbly-Plank!"

The students applauded as the two judges came in. They were all glad that they got someone alive to help them.

"If you haven't figured it out by now, this is a Challenge about Care of Magical Creatures! Each of you were divided into four groups. Each group will have a specific creature to take care of. We have Nifflers, Unicorn Foals, Kneazles, and Knarls."

The groups were as followed.

Team Niffler
Hermione Granger
Myrtle Moaning
Cho Chang
Roger Davies
Susan Bones
Marcus Flint
Percy Weasley
Penelope Clearwater
Cormac McClaggen

Team Unicorn
Ron Weasley
Parvati Patil
Padma Patil
Pansy Parkinson
Lavender Brown
Hannah Abbott
Leanne Bellsfriend
Katie Bell
Romilda Vane

Team Knarl
Colin Creevey
Angelina Johnson
Dean Thomas
Cedric Diggory
Astoria Greengrass
Draco Malfoy
Ernie Macmillan
Ginny Weasley
Vincent Crabbe

Team Kneazle
Luna Lovegood
Neville Longbottom
Seamus Finnegan
Gregory Goyle
Oliver Wood
Michael Corner
Marietta Edgecombe
Justin Finch Fletchy
Blaise Zabini

Team Unicorn, with the exception of Ron, all were elated at the fact that they would be in the possession of baby unicorns. Ron groaned at the fact.

"Each one of you will have an animal to take care of. The team who raises their creature the best will win a complementary dinner, and the best one of that group will receive a special prize. The two worst groups will be summoned to the Great Hall, where one from each group will be eliminated. Now, I have Rubeus Hagrid with me as well. He will lead you to your animals. He and the other two judges will instruct you on how to raise your creature, and then the rest is up to you. Good Luck.


It's pretty long, so I'll separate the chapter into two parts. The other part will be coming tonight/tomorrow morning. Feedback is always welcome.


Who's it going to be?
19 boys, 19 girls, only one is the best of the best!

Chapter 6 is finished! Who's leaving us so soon? Please take a look!
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Re: Hogwarts Champion! Hosted by.....


Hagrid, Grubbly Plank, and Scamander all lead the contestants out of the Great Hall and outside Hogwarts where the creatures being held. Grubbly Plank decided to speak up and describe the creatures.

"Kneazles are highly intelligent animals. They may look like cats, but they play important roles in wizarding lives. They make very good pets, but be warned. If you are deemed distrustful by it, it may act aggresively toward you. "

"Although young, Unicorns have many magical properties. They prefer to be in the company of females (Ron groaned). Their horns and hairs are used in potions and wands."

"Nifflers are gentle creatures, but don't wear anything shiny. These creatures love to pick up anything shiny, no matter the price, and they will destroy the place just to search for them."

"Finally, we have knarls. Similar to the hedgehog, knarls will refuse food from humans, on the basis that they are really trying to trick them, and will destroy gardens of the humans who give them food."

"Now, your job is to raise these creatures until the end of the day. Make them happy. Treat them properly. That is all that I am going to say. Hagrid, Newton, will you please hand out the creatures?"

Hagrid and Scamander went to the stables. First the unicorns were brought out. Instead of the usual white that the adults bore, the foal unicorns were gold. They galloped toward the team that was in charge of taking care of them. Ron's unicorn stopped feet from him when it realized who the caretaker was going to be.

The kneazles were out next. The overgrown cats pranced toward their team. All of them focused their eyes on Goyle and Blaise, growling at them. Luna picked hers up, and then turned to Grubbly Plank.

"Excuse me, miss, but do these eat nargles?"

Grubbly Plank looked back at Luna, confused. Scamander turned his attention to the Ravenclaw as well.

"Excuse me dear, but what are nargles?"

"Nargles are little creatures that hide in mistletoe. I saw some in the forest, and wondered if these kneazles can eat them."

Newton looked at Luna with fascination. Grubbly Plank shook her head, as Hagrid went on releasing the animals.

Next up were nifflers. Cho thought they looked like little weasels. They were alright, if it weren't for the fact that most of them seem to not get along. Hagrid noticed it as well.

"Yeah, they r all rivals, it seems. Goo' luck with 'em."

Finally the knarls came out. It was as Grubbly Plank described. Little cute hedgehogs walked toward their team, but refused to get into the arms of the team until Hagrid and Newton picked them up themselves and placed them into the team's arms.

"Alright, we, along with Ludo, will be back at 11 p.m. Good luck."


The girls of Team Unicorn were having a blast. Even Pansy, although disappointed in not being with Draco and Astoria, admitted she was having fun with her foal. Lavender's foal didn't want to play, though. It wanted to spend more time with her. Lavender sighed as she took out a ribbon and tied it around the tail. It used to belong to her pet rabbit, Binky, before a fox came and killed it.

"You will not leave me....."

She then turned to Ron Weasley, the only boy in her group. It seemed as though he and his foal were not getting along at all. Ron was trying to feed it, but it just wouldn't go near. It's been a while since she had been in contact with him. Last time, she had just broken up with him as he went for Hermione Granger. Her feelings at the time were furious at him, but by now, she would be friends with him, and will help him, especially since she didn't want to be in the bottom again.

"Here, let me help you."

Lavender got up and brought her foal with her. She then went to Ron's foal, and started petting it. The foal leaned into her, enjoying the young girls hand. Lavender then went to the foal's ear and whispered gently into it.

"It's ok, baby. He won't hurt you. Trust me on this. Please?"

The foal looked at her, then looked back at the carrot in Ron's hand. It went up, sniffed the food, then decided to nibble on it. As soon as it got a couple of small bites in, it then trusted Ron and ate the whole thing. Lavender and Ron's foals played with each other as the two of them watched and laughed from the hay they were sitting on.


Hermione looked at Team Kneazle with envy. How she missed Crookshanks very much. Why didn't she pick the blue card with Kneazle on it? Oh well. Nifflers aren't that hard to take care of. They, according to Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, are gentle creatures. However, theirs couldn't like each other less than they did now. The nifflers would pay attention to their caretakers, but every now and then, would look at each other with anger in their eyes.

Myrtle came with her Niffler and sat next to Hermione. Both of them were trying to keep theirs apart from each other.

"I don't know what's wrong with mine. Is he hungry or sleepy?"

Hermione was still jealous at the fact that Myrtle beat her at the last challenge, one that she was supposed to excel at. But she would still help her alliance.

"It's hungry."

"Oh. What am I supposed to feed it?"

Hermione would help, yes, but not that much. She still wanted to win.

"I'm not sure, go by Grubbly Plank. She'll know."

As Myrtle left, Hermione felt a little guilty. She did know what nifflers ate, but she just lied. Oh well, she thought, as long as she stands out this time.

She then turned her attention to Team Knarl. None of the students were interacting with their pet. Hermione was glad that she would not be in the bottom group at all. She then looked at Team Unicorn. Hermione saw how Lavender and Ron were close together with their foals playing together.

Susan Bones went to ask Hermione about the feeding habits of nifflers when she stood still at the sight. She didn't know who looked angrier, the nifflers or Hermione.


Team Kneazle was having an easy time with their pets. Kneazles were easy to take care of, if they trust everyone. At first, they didn't however. They kept growling at Goyle, Blaise, and Marietta, as they were deemed to have distrustful personalities. Marietta had an easier time convincing her kneazle to play with her, conjuring a post for the kneazle to play with.

Goyle and Blaise had harder times, as they didn't have the playful personality of Marietta to convince their pets. Goyle frequently asked his teammates what he and Blaise should do. Seamus noted to himself how pleasant Goyle really was. He guessed that he was only mean when around his friends. But Seamus didn't know what to do to help him.

Luna decided to take charge of the group. She went into the tents and brought out a book of all the stories her father would tell her. She rounded up all the kneazles and their trainers to listen in as she told the stories. Luna had to force Goyle's and Blaise's into their respective owner's laps. She then went up to the two of them.

"When I start reading, start petting the kneazles. They love that."

As Luna started reading, Goyle and Blaise did that. The kneazles, although stiff and aware at first, soon warmed up to their caretakers, and even started falling asleep in their warm laps. The kneazles and the rest of the team sat and enjoyed Luna's stories of the Crumple Horned Snorkack, the Nargles, and the Heliopaths.


Team Knarl were doing horribly. None of the caretakers would want to give them food, lest they were to destroy the tent.

Colin Creevey decided that if they wouldn't take food, then they would have to play with them and hope they find food for themselves. As Colin went into the tent, Crabbe, Draco, and Astoria were huddled in a group, wondering what to do. Draco noticed some Cauldron Cakes in Colin's pocket as he was walking toward the tent. Draco smiled, and whispered into Crabbe's ear. Crabbe took out his wand and pointed at the Colin's pocket.

"Accio Cauldron Cakes!"

The Cauldron Cakes fell out of the pocket. Due to Crabbe's magical "strength," the cakes only fell to the ground, in front of the knarls. The knarls sensed the food. It didn't like the offer of the little boy. The knarls rushed into the tents, running over Colin in the process. They started to trash the place, trampling over the fallen boy. Team Knarl looked worried, and entered the tents to try to stop the little beasts, not noticing Colin on the ground as Astoria tripped over him.

What a mean little trick Crabbe did, she thought. How could Draco hang out with company like him?


Roger Davies of Team Niffler heard the commotion inside the tents. He picked up his niffler and entered to see a bunch of knarls ruining everything, and the team trying to take control, with Colin on the ground being trampled by human and beast feet. His niffler, on the other hand, noticed the golden Hogwarts: A History books on the nightstands. It leaped out of Roger's hands and straight for the books. When it couldn't pick up the books, it went into the drawers, finding any shiny thing it could get its hand on.

The commotion inside the tents was so loud that Harry himself had to come in. He took out his wand and froze all the knarls and Roger's niffler.

"I see that you can't control these beasts. We will take them back to the stables. I will consult what I just saw with Ludo."

He then turned his attention to the body on the ground. Colin was still alive, but just barely. Astoria was kneeling next to him, trying to get him to wake up. Harry rushed toward them.

"Get away from him. We will take care of him."

Harry then summoned a cot for Colin to lay on, and led him out of the tents with the petrified knarls. Harry unfroze the niffler and returned it to Roger.

"You should know better to let a niffler inside."

Team Knarl was now knarl-less. They knew that they would be one of the bottom groups.

Astoria brushed herself off as she looked at Draco, then walked away and cried her tears out.


Myrtle from Team Niffler wanted to go and comfort Draco, but Pansy's Unicorn rushed in front of her, stopping her.

"I told you to stay away from him. You shall do nothing with him. I caught you twice now. A third time, and you are done."

Ron looked up from his conversation with Lavender. Myrtle was talking with Draco?


Roger returned to his team. The nifflers were still hating each other, but for the time being, they were taken care of. Roger looked down at his angry niffler.

"You look lonely. You need to suck things up and have fun with your fellow kind."

He then went up to Penelope, who was just having the most wonderful conversation with Percy. Her niffler wasn't with her. She and Percy talked about all the good times they had when they were at Hogwarts when Roger interrupted her.

"What do you want, Roger?"

"Where's your niffler?"

"He's over there, enjoying itself, like I am trying to do. Why, what's up....Roger, NO!"

Roger walked away from Penelope after locating her niffler, and set his down in hopes that it listened to him. He was wrong. The nifflers started fighting each other, clawing and biting each other. The other nifflers took noticed and formed a circle around the two, but it wasn't long before they got into fights themselves.

The team tried to calm down their beasts, but nothing stopped until a scream was heard. The team and nifflers froze and looked at Cho Chang, who let the scream out. In her arms was her niffler, dead from a bite to the neck. Roger came in and picked up his niffler, who dealt the final blow to Cho's niffler. Penelope was the first to speak.

"Roger. How. Could. You. Do. This? WHAT. WERE. YOU. THINKING?!"

Roger held his head down in shame when the announcement from Ludo came over the field.

"Students, it is 11 at night. Report to the Great Hall with your beast."


The teams entered the Great Hall. Team Unicorn was first. They presented their foals in front of the judges. Even Ron was having a great time with his Unicorn. Newton and Grubbly Plank applauded the efforts of the team, and even noted the decorations Lavender added to hers.

Next was Team Knarl. Or, it would have been, if Harry had allowed them to keep the knarls. The judges looked down in disappointment.

Team Kneazle was third. Each caretaker brought in their comfy creature. A look of content was on each of the kneazles' faces. The judges wondered how they could do such a thing. Goyle announced that without Luna, this team would have failed.

Last was Team Niffler. The nifflers, though calmer, still looked like they hated each other. Cho was the last to come in when Rita noticed the blood all over her robes. She was sobbing.

"What's the matter girl? First time you actually broke someone's literal heart?"

The sobbing girl looked at her, now with fury, then pointed to Roger. Ludo and Harry understood what was going on.

"I see. Well, from what I see and what Harry told me, I can tell you know that Team Knarl and Team Niffler are in the bottom, and one from each of your group will be going home. Now, the judges will deliberate and decide which team is the winner."

As the judge's were talking, Pansy's unicorn let out a little snarl at Myrtle, who jumped. The judges seemed to notice.

"Our winning team is...........Team Kneazle! You will all be rewarded with an excellent dinner by one of the best chefs. As for the winner from the group itself, we have determined that Luna Lovegood, from what Mr. Goyle has presented us, is the clear winner. She gets to take home this! A 200 galleon credit to Magical Menagerie, as well as the head position at the table for tonight's dinner. Now, as Newton and Wilhemina escort your animals back to the stables, the winning team will head on down toward Hagrid's Hut. Team Unicorn, you did well. You may leave the Great Hall and back to the tents."

As soon as both teams left, Rita spoke up.

"Miss Brown, I am really impressed with what you did with your Unicorn. I thought you should have won!"

"Yes, as Ms. Skeeter says, if your team won, you would have been the best."

Lavender let a little smile out. She went from being in the bottom last time to all the way at the top. Ludo then turned his head toward the 17 students that remained.

"Now I know that if we ever have another season, we should never do this challenge again. First, I have some unfortunate news for Team Knarl. As you have noticed, your teammate Colin Creevey was sent to St. Mungo's for injuries, including internal bleeding, bruising, broken bones, etc. etc. He will be healed, don't worry. But he will be bedridden, and can no longer compete in this challenge. I'm pretty sure he would have gone far as well, but we will never know. Team Knarl, return to the tents."

"Now, Team Niffler, Team Knarl might have done harm, but no one ended up dead. Roger Davies, please step up."

Roger stood in front of Ludo. Harry and Rita surrounded him as well.

"I know what has happened. Harry told me of the little niffler in the tents incident. Rita told me about the murder your niffler committed against Cho's. That is unacceptable! How could you let this happen? A champion, let alone a Ravenclaw, should know better. I'm sorry, Mr. Davies, but you are not the Hogwarts Champion. Leave us."

Roger stepped down, and hung his head in shame. He knew he could have done better, but a momentary lapse in judgement let his whole team, no, let himself down. He muttered a pathetic "sorry" to his team and headed out of Hogwarts.


Outside Hagrid's Hut, a table was set up for Team Kneazle. Newton, Wilhemina, Ludo, and Harry would also join them. Luna sat at the head of the table, sitting next to Newton. Luna told him about all the creatures that her father taught her about. Newton looked at fascination.

"You could have a great career in magizoology. Have you ever looked into that? I should introduce you to my grandson. He's starting to get into the field."

Luna took in his question, and daydreamed a little about it. Me, a magizoologist like Newton Scamander? She thought of it no more as Hagrid announced that dinner was ready. Blaise stood up with his plate to grab some. Ludo chuckled.

"Oh no, Mr. Zabini. The chef will bring it out himself."

Chef?, they all thought. They all soon realized that Hagrid was the chef of this great dinner, and they would all have to eat his meals. A collective groan was uttered as Chef Hagrid brought out his famous rock cakes for them to eat.


Well, that challenge is over. Feedback here please!


Who's it going to be?
19 boys, 19 girls, only one is the best of the best!

Chapter 6 is finished! Who's leaving us so soon? Please take a look!
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Re: Hogwarts Champion! Hosted by.....

Hello, readers. This is Rita Skeeter with some lovely information I got from exiting contestants. I got to sit down with Roger Davies, who was just eliminated last week for his poor care taking skills, and I also got to talk with last challenge's loser, Millicent Bulstrode. Please enjoy both!

Interview with a Niffler Murderer:    

So, that was a brutal episode to watch.

Yeah, I never meant for that to happen. I tried to apologize to Cho for it, but she was in so much shock that she couldn't understand what I was trying to say. These challenges weren't as safe as I thought.

And then Colin Creevey.....

That was gruesome to walk in to. If my niffler wasn't out of my reach, I would've gone for him. Vincent Crabbe will surely pay.....

So how does it feel being the first Ravenclaw out?

It sucks. We were hoping our intelligence and wit would carry us to the finals. Penelope, Myrtle, and Luna have been doing well for us. And the only winners of each challenge were Ravenclaw. And I did score high last time too. Let's not forget that. I at least beat Zacharias Smith.

Crabbe and Goyle beat you.

If it was a different challenge, I will still be in here, and they would be gone. They only are still in because Goyle was on Luna's team and Colin was hurt for Crabbe to leave. I still would've beat them.

Right. You're quite the romantic, leaning in for a kiss from Penelope.

Eh, I tried. I went to the Yule Ball with Fleur, and was able to date Cho Chang, so I thought I had good luck with Penelope Clearwater. Unfortunately, it didn't turn out so great. I'm not the only guy that went for her though. They only showed me. Probably to show why I am going to lose. Seamus and Dean also tried "getting to know her" as well

Ooh, romance on the set!

That's not the only romance happening. There's an interesting love....square? I don't know what to call it, but there is something going on between Myrtle, Pansy, and Astoria all going for Draco. If Romilda is watching this, she better keep a close eye on her love potion stash.

What about Lavender and Ron?

Nothing is happening between those two. Although I don't think Hermione does. She was quite mad at me too for the whole niffler experience.

Did you view Hermione Granger as your biggest competition?

No actually. There is still stuff that she cannot do. My biggest competition was Percy Weasley. Draco Malfoy was also high up there. All the wizards were pretty good. Except for Crabbe and Goyle.

And yet they still are in, and you are not.


So what's up with Roger Davies now? Where will he go?

I was hoping to win the money to go to France and visit Beauxbatons. Try my luck there and get another French girl.

Oh....that's it. Good luck with that.

Thank you.

(After he leaves)


Interview with The Unchosen One:    


Ah, Millicent, so glad I could finally get in contact with you.


So, how does it feel being the first one out, out of thirty eight students, you placed.....38th.

I like to see it as 37th. Although Ludo pointed at me to be the first one gone, I at least saw my test, and saw that I got some questions right, whereas Zacharias got none. So he's last. And pathetic.

We really didn't get to see much of you. The only time we saw you was when you were with other Slytherins.

Yeah, I was only getting settled in. If they let me stay, I'm pretty sure you would see a lot more of me.

I already am. So, back to the earlier question, how did it feel?

Scary and unfair. Scared because I was not going to see Pansy for a long time. Unfair because I didn't get the chance to prove myself. Ludo just pointed and said "K, thanks, bye loser!"

Do you hate him?

Yeah! If Harry wasn't involved, I'd say that the prize money was Leprechaun gold. I hate that he's the final judge of what happens. At least Harry's fair.

Do you really think so? I mean, look how many Gryffindors are on the show.

So? Much more applied than the other houses. Combined, we still outnumber them.

You have quite a different attitude than most Slytherins on the show regarding Harry and company.

Yeah, I guess I never really went in on the whole Pureblood/Mudblood thingy. We're all the same. But I still like my friends. Especially Pansy. After the show was done, we kept talking and keep in contact. All Slytherins keep in contact with me as well, but Pansy the most.

That's quite uncharacteristic of her.

She's softer than what she puts out.

So, what's left for Millicent Bulstrode?

I don't know. I guess it's time to head out to the real world. Gotta get that 1000 galleons somehow. (laughs)


Who's it going to be?
19 boys, 19 girls, only one is the best of the best!

Chapter 6 is finished! Who's leaving us so soon? Please take a look!
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Re: Hogwarts Champion! Hosted by.....

Challenge 3: Flying

Team Knarl was waiting inside the tents for Team Niffler to come back, awaiting to see who have left the competition.

Draco, although relieved he was still in, was filled with much stress. When his team came back from the tents, Astoria was furious with him. She did not appreciate what he did to Colin Creevey. Although he did not mean for the Mudblood to get hurt, he didn't mind that he was gone. One step closer for him. The rest of the team was angry too, but none bothered him more than Astoria.

She was part of his Slytherin alliance. He feared that with his, he would lose her. But then again, he looked at who else was in it. He might have lost Millicent, but he still had his two followers, Crabbe and Goyle, his Quidditch Captain Marcus, his classmate Blaise, and his "girlfriend" Pansy. And Pansy is getting close with Astoria, so she will come back.

Other than that, Myrtle was still in the Great Hall. What if she was eliminated? Well, Pansy wouldn't bother him and her anymore, but still, he still wanted her here.

Team Niffler started piling into the tents. Myrtle was the last one to enter the tent. Yes! She's back in the game. Draco let out a little smile. Pansy seemed to notice, as she, taking Astoria in her arms, stormed to Draco, gave him a glare, mutter an angry "Stop it!" and went to the beds.

I guess I'm losing both of them, he thought.


Pansy wasn't the only one to notice Draco's smile. Ron took Myrtle and Hermione over to the side.

"Ladies, we need to discuss something. Myrtle, have you been talking with Draco Malfoy?"

Myrtle gave a little nod. Ron became furious.

"How can you talk to the enemy?! I mean, we are not the only people you have to be with, but fraternizing with the main enemy! Come on! How could you?"

Now it was Hermione's turn.

"Oh sure, like you were talking with Lavender?"

Ron was taken aback by Hermione's accusations.

"Hermione, you know that we are together. Lavender was on my team, she was helping us. Nothing is going on between me and Lavender. But Draco is a worse case than Lavender!"

Myrtle had it. She was not going to stay silent anymore. She was loud when she was dead, she was sure that she could do this alive.

"Hey, Draco was my friend! After the whole Chamber of Secrets incident, I haven't heard from any of you. I at least saw Harry. How can any of you talk about friendship?"

"Both of you are wrong. Myrtle, you are talking with a Pureblood extremist that was responsible for the death of one of the greatest wizards of our time. And you, Ron, are getting comfortable with a dimwitted blonde whose greatest talent is looking into tea cups!"

Lavender, who was hearing the whole conversation since Hermione first mentioned her name. She had it. She ran up to Hermione, with the Patil twins close behind her.

"Dimwitted? I'll let you know that Divination is an important part of a wizard's life. And I'll make a prediction for you, you close minded little brat! It will be part of the challenges here, and you will fail, Hermione. You will fail!"

"Hah, try me. I'm going to beat you and your little girl posse here, and I will be the Hogwarts Champion!"


The little fight between the five of them continued, along with the fight Draco and Pansy were still having. The rest of the contestants noticed and watched the fight go on. They decided to ignore them and focus on the rest of the day. Angelina Johnson and Katie Bell took out some leftover Butterbeer from the first day and passed it around the ones not fighting. They decided to not to let all the Butterbeer flow, since last time there was the unlimited supply, a huge fight broke out and more people would have joined Colin at St. Mungo's.

Angelina stood up in the middle and raised her mug.

"Let's never forget Colin Creevey. May his recovery be speedy. He will be a Champion in all of our hearts."

Everyone raised their mugs in response, and all took a drink for the memory of the little Gryffindor. They will truly miss him. He was courageous, he didn't start any drama, and he was a very nice person.

Romilda Vane would miss him the most. He was a year above him, but they both shared the same obsession with Harry Potter, although hers was more obsessive. She was furious with Crabbe and Draco for their part in his injury and elimination. She would get back at them. She looked over to the fighting that was going on. It seems that after the butterbeer was drank, Crabbe, Goyle, and Astoria joined in on the Slytherin team fight. She overheard that Pansy was jealous of Myrtle. She then looked over at the fight between Ron, Hermione, Myrtle, Lavender, and the Patil twins that was still going on. Hermione was expressing some jealousy toward Lavender.

Romilda had a plan. She reached over to her bag to take out some love potions she bought from the Weasley's joke shop. With her Potions skill, she would change the love potions so that they would not love her, but instead, love someone else. Romilda would put a love potion in Lavender's drink so that she would admit to being with Ron, and put one in Astoria's so that she would be with Draco, angering Hermione and Pansy respectively. She figured more chaos within the two main alliances will help break them down.


"Welcome back to the Great Hall!" greeted Ludo as the 34 remaining contestants walked in. Harry and Rita were sitting behind, with a smile branded on Rita's face. Using her Animagus form, she was in the tents last night, spying on the arguments that broke out.

"First of all, I would like to congratulate Luna Lovegood and her team for winning the last challenge. I hope you all enjoyed the delicious rock cakes made by our very own Hagrid."

Groans from Team Kneazle filled the hall. No one wanted to hear "rock cake" ever again.

"Tonight's challenge will be a simple one. Flying on broomstick. Yes, that is correct. I feel like all wizards and witches should be able to fly on a broomstick."

The contestants were skeptical. They knew something as simple as flying would not be a walk in the park.

"Everyone, let us go outside, and meet Madam Rolanda Hooch, who will be both judging and teaching us, once again, how to fly, in case many of you forgot."

Hermione and Myrtle looked at each other, worried. It has been a while since either of them flew by broomsticks by themselves. Ron would have been able to help them, if they were not both angry at him. All the Quidditch players in the room, however, smiled and laughed at this challenge. They could beat this no problem.


Madam Hooch stood outside Hogwarts doors awaiting the 34 contestants. Two rows of seventeen brooms lined right in front of her. Each student stood next to a broom. They were all Nimbus 2001 models, excellent for flying. Madam Hooch started the lesson.

"Alright, students. First things first. Extend your arm over the broomstick, and say, with confident force, 'Up!', and wait for the broomstick to go into your hand, and grab it."

With that, 34 "Up!"'s were shouted outside. The students who were Seekers (Cho, Ginny, Cedric, and Draco) were able to get their broomstick in their grasp no problem, with the rest of the students who played on a Quidditch team were able to get their brooms no problem.

Katie turned to her friend Leanne, as she was having many problems trying to get her broomstick to listen to her. Katie gave her advice on how to show a little more force with the broom.

Hermione and Myrtle were also having problems. Ron, who was in front of Hermione, waved his hand to try to help those two, but Hermione shot down his help, insisting that she and Myrtle would do it on their own. Eventually, all three were able to have their brooms. Madam Hooch, looking rather impatient, moved on to the next lesson.

"Now, mount your brooms, and push off from the ground. Stay close to the ground, do not go anywhere."

She focused her attention onto Neville, still remembering the first time she taught him. However, he proved her wrong, successfully mounting and flying his broom. Impressed, she turned to the other students. Hermione, Leanne, and Myrtle were still the last ones to get off the ground. As soon as they finally were off, Madam Hooch then got on her broom, flew between the two rows of students, and instructed them to follow behind her. She started off at a slow, brisk pace. Everyone was able to follow her.

Madam Hooch started going faster and faster, increasing her speed every minute. As predicted by the instructor, Hermione, Myrtle, and Leanne were the first ones to be left behind. Katie fell back in order to help her friend catch up with the rest of the group. Madam Hooch kept going faster and faster. Leanne fell back again. Katie was about to get her when Madam Hooch yelled back at her.

"Leave her alone! She will be fine. Alright students, I am going at my fastest speed now! Keep up!"

With that, Madam Hooch sped up. Only the members of the Slytherin and Gryffindor Quidditch teams, with the exception of Cho and Cedric, were the only ones to catch up to her. The rest of the students fell back to the ground. A minute later, Madam Hooch and the ones that remained behind her came back to Hogwarts Grounds.

"Nice work everyone. Now, come back here in three hours, and the challenge should be set up. Back to the tents!"


Katie and Cho sat Leanne down in the tents. Katie was the first to talk.

"Leanne, I don't want you to leave. But you need to improve your flying skills. Unfortunately, they didn't allow us to take the brooms to practice, but I'm going to teach you everything you need to know."

"And I will help as well. We were both great flyers at Hogwarts."

Leanne sighed as she listened to everything her two friends said. She appreciated the help, but knew that no matter what, she had no chance.


Ron just about had it with Hermione's attitude. He wanted this alliance to work, and her insecurities got in the way, dragging Myrtle along with her. Ron sat down with Hermione and explained everything he wanted to.

"Fine, let's go to Lavender and hear what she has to say about this."

Ron sighed, but he knew this is the only way Hermione would interact with him again. Hermione and Ron went up to Lavender, who was reading and sipping on some tea. Hermione gently took the book out of her hands.

"Lavender, answer me honestly. Are you and Ron together?"

Lavender looked up quizzically.



"Yes, I do not have love for Ron Weasley, just friendship. However, you two can help me introduce myself to Romilda Vane."

Ron and Hermione looked back at her with the same expression she gave them at first.

"Romilda Vane?"

"Yes, I'm really interested in her. Please take me to her now!"

Hermione picked her up as Ron sniffed her tea. It was as he expected. But why Lavender?


Romilda was mad at herself. She tried altering the love potions so that they would love someone else. Now Astoria and Marietta were constantly following her around. She didn't remember spiking Marietta's drink. Soon, she thought, Lavender will be coming after her as well, and sure enough, Hermione led her straight to me.

Lavender, Astoria, and Marietta all noticed each other trying to get the attention of Romilda.

"I'm better than both of you for her. I'm in her house after all."

"I'm better than both of you for her. I have the intellect of Ravenclaw!"

"No, I'm better than both of you for her. I have the influence of Slytherin.

The girls started bickering as Hermione leered at Romilda, who gave a guilty look back and held her head in shame. She knew what she had to do.

She took a couple of bezoars from her bag. Thankfully, she kept these for safe keeping. She made a "contest" between the three of them. Whoever could swallow it the fastest would "win" her love. Each of them complied, and took their bezoar. As soon as that happened, the three of them came to their senses, each wondering what they were doing.

Satisfied, Hermione turned to Romilda.

"Be careful next time, ok?"


"Welcome back to the field for the challenge! Me, Harry, and Rolanda here have created an obstacle course for you all to fly through. One by one, each one of you will tackle this course, and by the end of the day, the two with the slowest times will be eliminated. The fastest time will receive a prize at the end! Now, Rolanda, will you please describe the course?"

"Gladly, Mr. Bagman. Now pay attention students, as this will be important. The first obstacle is easy, you will fly straight through these-"

Madam Hooch pointed her wand up in the air. Ten rings formed in the sky.

"-rings. Then you will fly toward the Quidditch Stadium and lap around twice, staying near the stands. Next, go out the stadium and into the Forbidden Forest, following the blue trail set up. Watch out for the creatures and the trees as you make your way out and to the final obstacle which will be flying back to the starting point. Simple, you say? Afraid not, as Harry Potter will then be Confunding you all until you reach the end, where Mr. Bagman will stop the clock. Understood?"

Each nodded their heads in agreement, with the shock of being willfully Confunded not bothering them in the slightest.

"Now, make sure you all follow the path. Time will be added to your end time for anyone going outside the boundaries. We will be going in alphabetical order, starting with Hannah Abbott. Miss Abbott, please take your broom and when you are ready, start the course."

Hannah didn't like being first, as everyone could see her mistakes. She took her broom, went up to the starting line, and started flying. Ludo started the time.

The contestants watched as Hannah maneuvered through the rings and took laps around the stadium with little problem. As she entered the forest, no one could see her.

Hannah sped through the forest as fast as she can, avoiding running into the trees. She also had to avoid arrows from centaurs and spiders falling from the branches, but she had no problem, except for hitting her face against a small branch. She exited the forest as Harry reluctantly Confunded her. the contestants saw how her broomstick seemed to move on her own. She had problems controlling it most of the time, but she was able to end the trials with a time of 20 minutes, 45 seconds.

Katie Bell was next, and she was awesome. She sped through the rings and the stadium in no time at all, successfully flew through the forest with no scratches, and moved quickly through the confundus charm to end on a time of 11 minutes flat. She had the best time.

Leanne was next. Despite Cho's and Katie's help, her attitude got in the way. She started off slowly going through each ring, then took her time going through the stadium and the forest. With her slow pace, the spiders were able to get on her broom. Leanne stopped in the forest to shake them off, taking time to make sure none of the insects were on it.

Luckily, for the last part, she had her wand, and cast a shield over herself as Harry tried to Confund her. The shield worked for a little bit before breaking and the Confundus affected her. Lucky for her, she was just a couple of feet from the finish line, and she successfully crossed it. Unfortunately, her time was a whopping 45 minutes.

The rest of the students took the course, with each person having their own trouble. Cho, however, was the exception, tying Katie's time at 11 minutes flat. Hermione and Myrtle were able to successfully navigate the course as well, each earning times of 43 minutes and 44 minutes and 30 seconds, respectfully. Katie and Cho shared the top spot when it came down to the last two people to take the challenge. It was Oliver Wood and Blaise Zabini.

Leanne and Myrtle moaned at the fact that the last two students that needed to complete the course were excellent flyers. Sure enough, Oliver completed the course in about 15 minutes. That would eliminate Leanne. She went over to Katie and Cho and gave them hugs, knowing that she would be going home. Katie silently wept.

"If only we didn't have this challenge, we would be at the end together."

Myrtle was nervous. Blaise Zabini started his route. He went fast through the rings and the stadium, almost matching Katie's and Cho's times. He then went into the forest. The students watched and waited for him to blaze through the forest. But alas, he didn't come out as quick as they thought. They waited and waited, wondering patiently what was taking him a long time. Finally, the stopwatch passed Myrtle's time, meaning that she would remain, and Blaise has been eliminated. He was even taking longer than Leanne! What was going on with him?

The challenge ended, and all students, along with Harry, Ludo, and Madam Hooch, looked in the forest to find Blaise. His broom was found on the ground first by Lavender. She looked up at the trees and found a gruesome sight. Blaise Zabini was on the tree with a branch going through his chest. She screamed and shot up flares in the sky as everyone gathered around the tree he impaled himself on. Ludo was the first to fly up to get him. Luckily, he was alive, but very close to death.

Blaise was removed from the tree. Healers from St. Mungo's were already there on the scene, and had him removed from the competition. Ludo led everyone out and back to the starting point.

"Well, that was quite unfortunate. It seems that Blaise will definitely not be joining us for the rest of the competition. Besides, he had the slowest time anyway. Now, let's see who had the next slowest time. Ah yes, Leanne Bellsfriend, I'm afraid that you are next. I'm sorry my dear, but you are not the Hogwarts Champion. Leave us."

Leanne turned back to hug Katie and Cho one more time before she went to the tents to pick up her stuff.

"Ah yes, Katie Bell and Cho Chang, you two have the fastest times on the track, tied at the moment. Let's see if any of you went off track. Madam Hooch?"

"I'm afraid Miss Bell went a little off track when she took her laps around the stadium. Although it was a little, rules state that you need to be on the track. So, I'm sorry Miss Bell, but time must be added to your score. Do not fret though, as that was still some excellent flying that I have seen from you."

Katie was not mad at all. She understood and hugged and congratulated Cho.

"Yes, congratulations, Cho Chang, you are the winner of this challenge! You will be rewarded this! Your very own Firebolt!"

Everyone looked at awe at Cho's prize. The Firebolt was the fastest broom ever!

"Congratulations to the 32 of you for making it another day. Now, return to the tents and tomorrow, a new challenge awaits."


Feedback here. Wow, that was quite a chapter, huh?


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Re: Hogwarts Champion! Hosted by.....

And now, a special chapter that happens after chapter 3, and during the 4th challenge.


After being eliminated, the contestants were not directly sent to their homes. No, they were sent to a little mansion that was outside Hogsmeade, protected by the Fidelius Charm (Secret Keeper being Ludo). Food was supplied to them by staff. They were not to leave the mansion. No one could know they were here.

They got along for the most part, seeing as they can treat each other as friends now that the competition for them is over. Zacharias was one of the first ones to arrive here. It was lonely for them, seeing as he and Millicent (who decided to still ignore him) were the only ones in the mansion. Then Roger and Leanne came, and it was more fun. The others decided to forgive him for his cowardice.

But it was still boring. First, there were more people to interact with, but the mansion still seemed so empty. Second, there were supposed to be six people here. What happened to the other two?

Zacharias sat down in the dining room table where Roger was trying to hit on Leanne, unsuccessfully.

"Hey, shouldn't there be more students here? Or were both of you eliminated by yourselves?"

"Well, I was eliminated with Colin Creevey, but he went to St. Mungo's for injuries. Trampled on by people and knarls."

"And I was with Blaise Zabini. He's also at St. Mungo's. Bit of a nasty piece of work. Stabbed by a tree branch through the chest. It's a wonder he's alive."

"Ah, I see. Well, I'm bored. Why don't we try sneaking out and seeing those two. We'll take Millicent along as well. I bet she's bored."

Roger and Leanne looked at each other. They did want to know what happened to their fallen friends, and wanted to know if they were ok. They agreed with Zacharias, and they all went to go find Millicent. They found her sitting in the living room reading a book.

"Hey Millicent, Roger, Leanne and I are going to sneak out to St. Mungo's. Care to tag along?"

"Guys! We are supposed to stay here! We cannot leave the mansion."

"We know, but we are bored. C'mon!"

"No guys, I'm staying here."

"Fine. See you later then."

Leanne groaned at the fact that she was the only female in this group for Roger to focus most of his attention to.


The trio got their wands, and transfigured a part of their body that would make them unrecognizable. Zacharias' hair grew and darkened, putting on glasses conjured by Roger, who grew a ridiculous bushy blonde beard to match his long blonde hair. Leanne's hair shrank, making her look like a boy instead. They were unrecognizable. They secretly stunned the guards, walked out the front door, and apparated to St. Mungo's.

As they entered the hospital, a few young wizards stopped the trio. They asked if they were Zacharias, Roger, and Leanne. Perhaps the disguises weren't that great. As Zacharias and Roger distracted them, Leanne took the time to modify the memories of the kids asking them.

The kids soon forgot who they were talking to, and headed out the building. The trio gave a sigh, and tried to find where Colin and Blaise were being kept. They knew it must have been somewhere secret, as if no one knew where the trio (plus Millicent) were, then the same must have happened to them.

While searching for the two injured, Roger turned to Leanne. He saw that she was the only girl that was in the building with them. She was obviously lonely. He couldn't get Cho, nor Penelope, but surely Leanne will accept him.

Leanne looked back at disgust. She never took him seriously, and him with long hair and a bushy beard made it even worse. This boy is out of his mind, she thought. I could do better.

"Roger, stop it. We are looking for Colin and Blaise. Leave me alone!"

"Would both of you two lovebirds stop it? I'm trying to overhear a conversation. It seems these two know where they are."

Both of them remained silent as the three of them listened in on the conversation between two Healers.

"Yeah, Colin should be doing alright, but I don't know about the other one."

"Let's go to them and find out."

The two Healers walked toward the stairs. The trio quietly followed them everywhere they went until they stopped in front of two doors, colored with the four colors of the houses. That must be where they are, thought Zacharias.

The healers forgot the paperwork that they needed, and headed back. The trio entered the surprisingly unlocked doors. They were inside, but Colin and Blaise weren't. All that was there were a couple of tables and cabinets, with one big enough to fit a couple of people inside. Leanne was furious. A creep hitting on her and wild goose chase led by Zacharias got the best of her.

"You took us out of a nice mansion to get us lost in a hospital? Now we are going to get caught!"

And they were. The trio started to revert back to their regular forms. And the two Healers were coming back. They panicked, wondering what to do, as Roger suggested hiding in the big cabinet. The three of them opened the door and got inside.


Millicent was bored. She was the only person left in the house. The guards were still stunned, so she could leave any time she wanted to. No no, she thought. She would easily be caught. She unstunned the guards, and decided to explore the rest of the house. The only part of the house she didn't explore was the attic.

Millicent went all the way upstairs where she reached the attic door. It was locked.


She heard a click, opened the door, and went upstairs. What she found made her laugh. It was an infirmary. There were cots upstairs, and in two of them lay Colin and Blaise. Blaise was motionless, but Colin moved around as he slept. She then heard noises coming from inside a huge cabinet, next to where all different potions and medicines were. Millicent opened the cabinet, and to her surprise, she found Zacharias, Roger, and Leanne back at the mansion. Leanne let out a little scream.

"Ah, they found u-Wait. Millicent? What are you doing at St. Mungo's?"

"I'm still here. I thought you three left. What are you doing in the cabinet?"

The three of them got out of the cabinet, closed the door, and looked at it. Zacharias smacked his forehead at the realization.

"Of course, a Vanishing Cabinet! Why didn't I recognize it? So we are back at the mansion then?"

"Yep. We are up here in the attic."

The now quartet heard a small groan in the back. Colin woke up.

"Guys, you came to visit me! I missed you all so much. It's been lonely here with just Healers coming in and out to check up on me."

The four of them surrounded his bed.

"But what about Blaise?"

"He is dead."

The four of them turned around. During the time they were talking and noticing Colin, the two healers were in the attic with them. They pulled a blanket over Blaise's head.

"There's nothing more we could do. We tried potions, spells, charms, everything. Nothing worked. I'm sorry."

The healers lifted Blaise's corpse off the cot and into the cabinet with them. The last healer turned around.

"By the way, Ludo has been notified of your escape."

The door closed. They ignored his warning as they turned their attention back to Colin. He was badly bruised, with casts on his right arm and both legs, but other than that, he was fine. He recanted his experience to the four of them.

"Yeah, I saw when they carried his body in here. I tried talking to him, but he wouldn't respond. I didn't know he was dead. Must have been shortly after he arrived here, otherwise they don't take dead bodies to fill up a patient's cot."

"Hey, I'm sorry about my niffler running over you...."

Colin looked back at Roger with a smile on his face.

"Don't worry about it. My team and the knarls already did the main damage to me. Thanks for worrying about me and caring enough to break rules to find me. But I think I heard the front door open. You should check it out, see who it is."

The four of them left the attic and ran towards the bottom floor. What greeted them shocked them. They wouldn't expect her to be here so soon.

"No way! You got eliminated?"

"But you were doing so well!"

"I can't believe you are here right now! No way!"

"How did you lose? What challenge was it?"


Who's it going to be?
19 boys, 19 girls, only one is the best of the best!

Chapter 6 is finished! Who's leaving us so soon? Please take a look!
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Re: Hogwarts Champion! Hosted by.....

Challenge 4: Beginner's Duels

The 32 contestants returned back for the night, exhausted. Six of them are gone, with a third of them at St. Mungo's. They didn't know who would make more money, the Hogwarts Champion or the hospital.

Ron, Hermione, and Myrtle all gathered by one of the fires set up in the tents. Both girls were still shaken, yet relieved from the earlier challenge. Out of the remaining contestants, they did the worst. Ron tried to comfort them.

"Bloody hell, you two did horrible. I could have helped you girls. Why didn't you ask me? Were you angry with me over talking to Lavender? Is that it? Hermione, I love you, and you know better that I didn't like it when she and I were in that relationship. And Myrtle, I'm sorry I lashed out at you for Draco. But we need each other now, and this night proved it. We need to help each other out."

Hermione and Myrtle nodded. They both would have felt bad if they went home and Ron was able to help them. They would've felt like Leanne. Hermione also pledged herself to put away her nerd jealousy toward Myrtle and help her too. She forgot that Myrtle really hasn't done anything "magical" in fifty plus years. They all shook hands, promising to help each other from now on.


"Urgh, she was so close to being gone!"

The Slytherins gathered by the beds. Pansy was the only one standing up, walking back and forth, complaining about Myrtle still being in the competition.

"How could Blaise be such a fool. Oh, he has so much to pay for! That Mudblood alliance needs to be taken down a notch!"

She went over and sat on Draco's lap, cuddling his head. Her voice turned from jealous anger to sickeningly sweet.

"And then, you and I will be together, alone! No more dead girl to bother us."

Astoria looked at disgust at the pair. While Pansy was caressing his hair, Draco looked more uncomfortable as ever. She felt sorry for the handsome man. That lovely, blonde, pure skinned......

What the heck? She thought to herself. Stop thinking romantically about the handsome man. Ah! I can't stop! I really like him! But he's with Pansy....or is he?


"A new day, a new Challenge!"

Ludo welcomed the 32 students back into the Great Hall. Most of them were tired, as the challenge went late last night, along with the search for Blaise Zabini, and no one got enough sleep.

"Can't we have a day off? We're tired!" yelled Cormac.

Ludo gave out a little chuckle.

"No. Now, we are finally at the right number for this challenge. And look up, kids, we are actually using magic!"

"Finally!" shouted Rita from behind. "It's about time we get to see them use wands."

"Yes it is. And the first wand challenge we should do is DUELING!"

Ludo's voice resonated throughout the Great Hall for a while, shaking the windows and the floating candles. The candles fell onto the ground, as the contestants ran away from the center. Susan Bones cast Aguamenti to put out the fires of the candles on the ground before they could all return again.

"Yes, well, this will be the first round of duels. These are beginner's duels. You will learn a specific set of offensive and defensive spells that every beginning wizard should know how to use, and will use these spells during these duels. Now, this will be set up as a tournament. The 32 will be paired off against each other. The 16 that win will go on to compete for the overall winner for this challenge. The ones who lose their duels will stay in the competition while the winners keep dueling. The one who wins all of their duels will be the winner of this challenge. Now, the 16 that lose first will go to a different tournament, where they will compete with the other losers. The ones who win these will stay in the competition while the losers will keep dueling. The person that loses all of their duels will be eliminated. Clear?"

That was a lot of words, but most of the crowd got it.

"Now, this for this challenge, the spells will be taught to you by none other than our very own Harry Potter, who is in the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom as we speak. Now, head out to the class!"


Harry stood at the top of the stairs of the classroom as the contestants piled in. All the chairs have been moved to the back where the students sit. The desks have been all moved to the side, all stacked on to each other. Dummies with bright red targets on them stood in the middle of the class.

"Welcome to Dueling 101. As many of you know, during my fifth year at Hogwarts, I taught my fellow classmates, many of them you, some defensive and offensive spells because of the rise of Voldemort. I taught the class until some students, which also comprised of some of you, disrupted the DA and abolished it. Thanks a lot guys."

He glared at the unapologetic Slytherins. He then continued his speech.

"Since this is beginner's duels, the amount of spells you will be allowed to used will be small. But, these spells are very effective none the less. No one will be allowed to use any Unforgivables or any other dark art related spells such as Sectusempra! Let's get that cleared out of the way. Anyone using those spells will be automatically eliminated. Now, let me teach you the spells you will use. They will be Expelliarmus, Wingardium Leviosa, Aguamenti, Tarantallegra, Rictusempra, and Flipendo. Watch as I perform each spell on Ludo here, and then you will get the chance to perform them on the dummies provided yourself."

Ludo walked up in front of Harry as each spell was performed. The contestants watched as Harry knocked his wand out with Expelliarmus, levitated him with Wingardium Leviosa, doused him in water with Aguamenti, made him dance with Tarantallegra, then laugh with Rictusempra, and finally, knocking him back with Flipendo. Ludo, regaining his composure, applauded, encouraging the others to do the same. The students did not need any encouragement, as seeing Ludo tortured was applause worthy of itself.

"Thank you. Now, you all practice right now on the dummies. Of course, you are not going to be able to make an inanimate object laugh. That spell you should try on each other......with their consent, of course. Now, practice!"

Each student got their dummy and started trying out all the spells. Everyone who was a member of Dumbledore's army were able to use each spell successfully. The Slytherins seemed to be doing as good as well. Harry was surprised how well each one of them were, particularly Pansy. He never really saw her do much when he was at school, so to see this level of skill was amazing. He was actually impressed.

Hermione went over to Myrtle, who was struggling with some of the spells. She was going to help train her. Myrtle started with the Levitating Charm.

"Wingardum Levisa!"

"No no, you're saying it wrong. It's Wingard-ium Levi-o-sa!"

Ron shot Hermione a quick glance, as he was doing the spell at the same time. He thought she was correcting him again. But no, he saw Myrtle struggle with the spells.

I hope they will take my help this time, he thought.

Harry watched proudly at this batch of students, seeing them all do well. Well, most of them. He noticed Myrtle's struggles, which upset him greatly. However, the other group of students struggling didn't mind him as much. Marietta, Crabbe, and Goyle were not doing as well either. In his mind, he knew that one of these would be the ones to go home tonight.

"Alright, it looks like most of you got the hang of the spells. Now, watch as Ludo and I duel. First, there will be a circle with a line down the middle drawn on the floor, like so."

Harry took out his wand and pointed to the floor, drawing with his wand the arena in which he and Ludo will duel.

"You will both take a half of the circle. You may not cross the line, or you lose the duel. You will concentrate your spells on each other until either one of you steps out or is knocked out of the ring, or you cannot take anymore and forfeit. Watch this."

Ludo and Harry stepped into the ring, and started dueling. Charms came out from each of the wizards wands as they tried to knock each other out. The students watched in awe as the colors of each spell mixed to create art. Ludo kept trying to knock back Harry out of the ring, with Harry guarding against each spell until a successful Expelliarmus disarmed Ludo, and a strong Flipendo knocked him out of the ring. More applause followed.

"And that is a duel, ladies and gentlemen. Now, if you look on the board in the tents, the match ups have been posted. Please look at them so you know who you will be facing, and then come back tonight at eight so we can start the duels.


The contestants all ran back to the tents. Cho was the first one to notice the list.

"Hey guys, I found it. Alright, I am going to list off all the duels that will be taking place.

1. Myrtle vs. Pansy
2. Oliver vs. Marcus
3. Ginny vs. Luna
4. Cormac vs. Gregory
5. Cho vs. Cedric
6. Neville vs. Ron
7. Vincent vs. Dean
8. Draco vs. Hannah
9. Susan vs. Seamus
10. Angelina vs. Katie
11. Justin vs. Ernie
12. Parvati vs. Padma
13. Lavender vs. Penelope
14. Percy vs. Romilda
15. Astoria vs. Hermione
16. Michael vs. Marietta

The duels will start. The winners of 1 and 2 will face off.....yada yada yada. I think we all know how a tournament is set up. Alright, let's get some practice in. Rictusempra!"

Cho pointed her wand at Cedric to make him laugh. Rictusempras went flying around the tents. They all needed a laugh.


Pansy took all the Slytherins back to their usual area. She was giddy with the fact that she will be facing Myrtle right off the bat. She took the list of the battles and figured everything out.

"Ok, I will win my match against dead girl over here. Marcus, Greg, Vincent, and Astoria, you will lose all of your duels until you get to Myrtle. Then, throw everything you got at her and get her out!"

All but Astoria agreed with the plan. She looked off at the rest of the students.

I came here to win, not to follow directions to lose, she thought.


Eight at night rolled by, and the 32 contestants entered the Great Hall. 16 duel circles lay around the Hall, with Ludo, Harry, Rita, and Gilderoy Lockhart standing at the top of the steps. Ludo was whispering with a crew member.

"They went out? Are you sure? They stunned the guards, you say? Well find them and return them....Oh, the students are here."

He switched to his loud voice to address the students.

"Ahem. Yes, welcome back to the Great Hall. Please pair off and find a circle to duel in. Good, now that we are all paired off, let me introduce you to Gilderoy Lockhart. He will be helping referee the duels."

Susan looked at the handsome teacher. Wait a minute, she thought. He was said to have lost his mind. What is he doing here? She looked at Rita, Harry, and Ludo. Rita looked like she shared the same confusion that Susan had.

"Now, start the duels!"

And with that, the sixteen duels started. Pansy wasted no time in unleashing every charm that they could use against Myrtle, easily knocking her out of the ring in no time at all. She looked to her teammates as Marcus, Vincent, and Gregory all lost their duels. She then tried to find Astoria was dueling Hermione. Harry, Ludo, and Gilderoy, who seemed to be enjoying his drink, walked around watching all the duels, catching whenever a student such as Padma step out of their area, or trying to recover students such as Ernie Macmillan being hit with a strong Flipendo from Justin Finch Fletchy.

Pansy made her way down to the duel Astoria and Hermione were having. Neither witch was making it easy for the other one to knock them out of the ring. Pansy was furious. This was not part of the plan. Astoria was to lose right away. But no, Astoria ignored her, disarmed Hermione, and knocked her out of the ring. This was the last of the first duels to finish. Pansy's plan wasn't going to well with Astoria winning.

The three referees stopped patrolling the hall. Ludo spoke up.

"Will the losers please head off to the side. The winners will keep dueling until we find our winner."

The sixteen student who lost their duels headed toward the side and watched as the remaining winners paired off. Hermione was furious with herself for losing, then calmed down to see that she would be facing the sneak, Marietta, in her next duel. She then got worried when she saw both Ron and Myrtle on the loser's side as well.

"Guys, what's going on? We can't lose this. We were trained by Harry freaking Potter ourselves! We can do this!"

As she was prepping up her alliance, the winners duels started. Both Pansy and Astoria were doing well. Pansy's next opponent was Oliver Wood, an admittedly great Quidditch player, but his dueling skills were questionable. Heck, if Marcus didn't lose on purpose, she thought he would be facing her. But, this was another easy step for Pansy to step across. She looked over at Draco, who also won his first duel against Hannah, but then lost when faced Dean Thomas. He will pay, she thought.

Astoria dueled against Michael Corner. He was a good dueler, but easily distracted as he kept focusing his attention on the duel between Ginny and Cormac. In both duels, both men lost. Pansy would move on to duel the pretty red-haired girl. But she was overpowered by the Weasley. Ginny would send charm after charm against Pansy, who kept protecting herself, not sending any offense back at her. Ginny would keep advancing closer and closer to Pansy when Pansy screamed.

"Her foot is over the line! Her foot is over the line!"

Gilderoy, taking another drink, rushed toward the duel between Pansy and Ginny.

"Yes, Miss Weasley, your foot is over the line. I'm afraid you are out of bounds, and out of the tournament."

Ginny cursed at Gilderoy, then back at Pansy, leaving the Great Hall. Pansy smiled back at her, and then looked forward to her next duel, as Dean knocked Neville out of the ring. Astoria's next duel was with Penelope, who just beat her boyfriend last time. The two girls were evenly matched, but then again, Gilderoy Lockhart was the one moderating the duel.

"Miss Clearwater, your foot stepped out of the ring. I'm afraid you are out of the tournament."

Penelope looked down on the ground, and noticed her left ankle was outside the line. How unfair!, she thought as she followed Ginny outside.

Pansy and Dean were next, and she showed him the same aggression that Ginny showed her. Dean, who never experienced anything like this, kept using Expelliarmus to protect himself.

"You will pay for knocking my boyfriend out of here!"

Astoria rolled her eyes at the comment when Dean's protections failed him. Pansy proceeded to levitate him in the air, then cast a strong Flipendo at him, flying him out the ring. Dean cast a spell at the stairs we has aiming at, which caused the ground to soften his landing. He suffered no injuries.

Astoria's semifinal duel was with Angelina Johnson. Angelina was in no mood to continue. The last couple of duels exhausted her. She raised her hand and threw in the towel. She gave up.

"Alright, this duel will determine the winner of the challenge! Pansy Parkinson versus Astoria Greengrass! This will be an exiting match to watch."

The two Slytherin girls paired off in the center circle. Pansy was mad with Astoria for not going along with the plan. No matter, she will win against her friend here.

Astoria looked at Pansy, who was trying to get the attention of Draco. This infuriated her. How could she have gone along with the plans of this rotten girl?

"Start the duel!"

Pansy and Astoria bowed to each other, and started aiming charms at each other. Pansy kept looking over Astoria's shoulder to make sure Draco was watching her win. As soon as she finally got his attention, she paused and waved. She then laughed at him, but she didn't want to. What was making her do this, she thought.

Astoria kept attacking Pansy with Rictusempra. The witch could not stop laughing. Even when Astoria decided to back down, Pansy kept laughing and laughing, rolling around on the floor. It wouldn't stop. It didn't take a strong Knockback jinx to send Pansy out of the ring.

"And we have our winner! Congratulations, Astoria Greengrass! You are the dueling champion. You shall receive free dueling lessons from Harry Potter himself! As for the other 15 who all won a duel, you all survive another day. You may leave the Hall."

All but Pansy left the Great Hall.

I lost! I cannot believe it!, she thought. If one part of my plan doesn't work, then my other one will. Dead girl will be out of here!

"Now, the 16 losers, pair off respectively, and then start the duels."

Myrtle was facing Marcus. She saw the duel between him and Oliver, and figured that it would be easy. She was dead wrong, as a new Marcus showed up and knocked Myrtle out of the ring right away. She looked over to her teammates. Ron also lost his duel right away against Cho Chang. She then looked to Hermione, who was facing off against Marietta. The two of them were still at it. Marietta wanted revenge against the SNEAK mark that still lay across her face, but it would have to wait for a while, as she let her guard down and Hermione knocked her out of the ring.

She went up to Ron and Myrtle.

"You guys still have a chance to win. Don't give up!"

Myrtle and Ron then went to go face the dumb duo that always followed Draco around. Myrtle was able to stand her ground against Goyle for a while, when Ron didn't have to do anything in his fight as Crabbe stepped outside right away. Distracted by the confusing tactics of Crabbe, Goyle then used Tarantallegra on her, and she danced her way across the line, losing and guaranteeing Goyle another day.

Marietta was having problems of her own, making the same mistakes in her duel against Romilda. She let kept letting her guard down as Romilda easily overpowered her.

The last four remaining contestants were then paired off. Myrtle vs. Crabbe. Marietta vs. Justin.

Myrtle and Crabbe stepped in to the ring, bowed down to each other, and as soon as they got back up, Crabbe landed a successful Flipendo against her, knocking her out. As she was getting back up from the ground, she realized something. The Slytherins were losing on purpose to get her out. Enraged, she was determined to win against her final opponent, who turned out to be Marietta. She didn't know what happened in their duel, but it was up to her to send Marietta home.

"The last duel is among us! Moaning Myrtle vs. Marietta Edgecombe! The loser walks out of the competition tonight!"

Ludo's voice was loud enough so that the winners from the first 16 came back into the Great Hall to watch the final duel. Ron and Hermione walked up behind Myrtle and tried to coach her.

"Alright, Myrtle, this is it. Take all your anger and focus it on Marietta, and send her home."

"That's right, take the little sneak out!"

Pansy, likewise, came behind Marietta, and whispered in her ear.

"You can do it, Marietta. Believe in yourself."

The coaches backed away from the girls and joined the crowd as Ludo announced for the duel to begin. The Hall was completely silent.

Both girls bowed to each other and took out their wands, aiming charm after charm at each other. The crowd had to move the way, as most of the spells missed the girls and headed straight for them. Neither girl was going to give up. Both of them had the will to stay here in the competition.

Suddenly, luck changed for one of them. They both were tired, and decided to take a little rest to actually breathe. But that is when she took the advantage. She was able to recover quicker, and send a mild Flipendo to the other girl. Although weak, it didn't matter, as the target fell over, exhausted, out of the ring.

The whole Hall remained silent. They just stared at one of the most intense nonviolent duels they have ever seen. Hermione was the first to speak.


"Congratulations, Miss Edgecombe, you have won, and you will stay. Myrtle, I'm afraid you lost the duel, and you are eliminated."

Myrtle was able to get up, put her hands in her face, and started crying and moaning.

"No....I cannot lose. Where will I go, what family do I have outside? I don't know what to do anymore!"

Students came from the crowd to pick Myrtle up and hug her, holding her for as long as they can. Pansy, who was excited, just rolled her eyes at the emotions being poured out. Astoria was taken aback. Even Rita Skeeter was saddened by this display. Ludo walked up to Myrtle, sending the students hugging her back.

"I'm...I'm sorry, Myrtle, but I do not now. It disturbs me to say this, but I must. You are not the Hogwarts Champion. L...."

He gave out a pitiful sigh. He didn't want to say it, true, but he had to.

"Leave us."

Rita Skeeter put down her quill and parchment, and rested her hands on Myrtle's shoulders.

"I'm sorry, honey. I'll come with you and we can figure something out. We will find out what to do."

Rita then took her hand, and they both walked out of the Great Hall together.




Who's it going to be?
19 boys, 19 girls, only one is the best of the best!

Chapter 6 is finished! Who's leaving us so soon? Please take a look!
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Re: Hogwarts Champion! Hosted by.....

Challenge 5.1:Herbology

Astoria walked back into the tents with a wide smile across her face. She got a challenge win under her belt. And she no longer has any obligations for Pansy.

Earlier, just after the 31 contestants left the Great Hall, Pansy pulled her to the side, furious.

"You were supposed to go along with the plan, Astoria."

"First of all, I am here to win, and if I have to work with others than so be it. But I didn't come here to lose, and if I do lose, I'll lose on my own, not with someone like you telling me to. Besides, in the end, Myrtle was sent home, so your plan worked nonetheless. So what's your problem? Didn't win? Suck it up, you have other challenges to do better in. You have other people that will follow your plans. I will not be one of them."

Pansy looked back in shock, mouth agape. Astoria walked away and quickly stepped up next to Draco. She could tell he was upset at the loss of Myrtle, one of his closest friends (who was actually a friend and not a follower). To comfort him, and to annoy Pansy, she put her arm around his shoulders, and looked back.

Jealousy is not a good look for her, she thought.


"Men, we need to talk."

Michael Corner rounded up Neville, Dean, Seamus, Cormac, Percy, Oliver, Ernie, Cedric, and Justin and took them outside the tents. There were other guys, but Ron was too busy grieving with Hermione over Myrtle's loss, and he still doesn't talk to Slytherins.

"If you haven't noticed by now, the girls have been winning every challenge so far."

Percy raised his hand in the air.

"I was the winner of the History of Magic challenge!"

"Co-winner at best. You know all the focus was on Myrtle. Anyway, as I was saying, girls are dominating the Hogwarts Champion. The second place positions have been taken by girls as well. What's the highest a guy has ever done? We need a significant win, to shove it in their faces! Come on guys, we can do this! Who's with me?"

Michael thrust his arm out, looking at the other men. One by one, each boy put his hand on each others. Neville looked back at Michael.

"We're in. Let's do this!"

After all the hands were in, they all cheered, and lifted them all to the night sky.


Unfortunately, the tent's walls were paper thin.

Angelina, Katie, Ginny, and Luna all noticed when the guys first exited the tents for their meeting. They quickly ran to the nearest wall where they could clearly hear them. The sound was even better when Ginny brought out a couple of Extendable Ears out for listening.

They all listened as Michael started his speech. They all giggled at each word he said. Ginny was a little taken aback when he diminished Percy's win.

"He always was a little jerk. But then again Percy was rude to us for a couple years. Let's keep listening."

And so they did. They all heard of the guys all joining together to try to get a win. Ginny then heard Neville put his commitment toward the plan.

What is he playing at? She thought. He's with us.

"Luna, we are going to need to talk to him.

"Michael? But why?"

"Not Michael! Neville! He's already with us."

"But maybe he's bringing more people to be with us. We are a team. He is our friend Ginny."

"I know, but I just want to make sure."

As the boys came back inside, the girls backed away quickly from the walls, hoping they wouldn't be noticed.

Angelina cupped her hand around Katie's ear, whispering a plan. Katie giggled, nodding at Angelina, who was giggling back. Both of them went up to their fellow Quidditch teammate, Cormac. Angelina held his hand, while Katie put hers on his cheek.

"You did a wonderful job dueling, Cormac. You sure were strong."

"Yes, both of us watched you. You are strong."

Both girls started caressing him. Others around the area looked in shock and disgust at the public display of lustful admiration. Cormac didn't mind, however, staring into space with a wide grin.

"Oh yeah?"

"Oh yes. Thinking back, if you didn't eat those doxy eggs, you would have surely made the team."

"Yeah, she's right. I don't know why Harry didn't choose you as the keeper."

"He was friends with that Weasley bloke."

"Oh, he thought he was better than you? What a terrible, terrible mistake."

"And to think Potter would be a great captain after I left. Well, Katie and I need to get to bed. Have a good night, Cormac."

"Good night, and pleasant dreams."

The two girls headed off to their beds. As soon as they were out of his sight and hearing range, they fell on the floor laughing hysterically. Thankfully, he didn't hear them, as Cormac's grin remained permanent as he lay in bed and fell asleep.



Neville woke up after he heard his name. Ginny and Luna were standing above him. Ginny didn't look too happy.

"Neville, I heard everything outside. I thought we were a team."

"We are friends, right? You wouldn't betray us."

Neville sat upright. He was upset at the girls accusations, but he felt a little guilty after hearing Luna question his friendship.

"Ladies, please. We are friends, we will always be friends. But would like it if a guy did win something, lets be honest. But I will still help you two as well. I don't want to break an alliance with you two. Ok? Now, if you don't mind, I would like to get back to sleep. I believe you two should be tired as well, and need some rest. Good night."

Neville went back to sleep. Ginny and Luna walked back to their beds.

"See Ginny? Neville is always our friend. He is very loyal and helpful."

"Yeah, but he likes to help everyone. That is going to hurt him in the end."


It was a new morning, as the students woke up out of bed and dressed for the new challenge. Despite the bright sun shining down on Hogwarts, there was still a somber atmosphere inside the tents. Most of the students still missed Myrtle. They liked her sweetness, thought she was too innocent for a ruthless game like this. They felt sorry for her, as they knew she had no where to go.

Marietta felt horrible waking up. She had nightmares of Myrtle, wandering the streets looking for people to take her in, adjusting to the new world around her. Guilt started taking over her body. She needed to talk to the two people close to Myrtle.

After getting dressed, Marietta headed over to Ron and Hermione. She was nervous, as she was the one who betrayed Dumbledore's army, and now she was the reason the innocence of the Hogwarts Champion games was gone. She started to talk, but Hermione raised her hand and cut her off.

"Enough, Sneak. I don't want to hear a word from you."

"Hermione, I'm sorr-"

"For what? Which of the things you have done are you here to apologize for? Because of you, all the good things in life are taken away from us. Go away."

Marietta tried to speak again, but was stopped short as Hermione's wand came out. She looked at Ron. Ron would have been willing to listen to her if the know-it-all wasn't around. She backed away from the duo, tears in her eyes, and started to head out the tents as an arm came around her shoulders.

"Don't feel too bad, dear."

Marietta looked up, expecting to see her friends. However, she didn't know if the tears were distorting her sight, but she thought Pansy Parkinson was comforting her.


"Welcome back everyone."

The 31 contestants piled in. It seems the gloomy atmosphere was present in the Great Hall as well, as Ludo's voice wasn't the same. It didn't have the same excitement that it usually had.

"Now, I know we are all going to miss Myrtle. But, we all need to move on. Now, for today's challenge, I'm going to hand out these books to you, and then the challenge today should be then obvious. Harry? Rita? A little help here?"

Harry and Rita came inside the Great Hall with a tray of books levitating behind them. They took their wands, pointed to the books, and sent them into the hands of each competitor.

Neville looked down at his copy. It was 1000 Magical Herbs and Fungi. He shouted back in glee.


"Yes, Nevile my boy, we are going to have a Herbology challenge today! Tonight, we will meet at the greenhouses. You will need to know all of your plants, so we are giving you the books for research. You can use the textbooks for the challenge as well, but it will help you greatly if you read beforehand. Now, this will be another team challenge, and the team lists are once again posted in the tents already. So, as soon as you get your teams, I suggest you group together quickly and start studying. Now, begone!"

Ludo shooed them away with his hand. They could tell he was still in no mood.

"He'll get over it," Pansy let everyone know.


Once again, as soon as they were back at the tents, Cho grabbed the notes that let everyone know the teams. She started to read.

"Ok, there will be five groups of five, with one group having six members. Here are the teams.

1: Pansy, Draco, Cormac, Vincent, Marietta
2: Romilda, Angelina, Katie, Gregory, Cho
3: Ernie, Justin, Hannah, Neville, Susan
4: Hermione, Ron, Percy, Oliver, Ginny
5: Lavender, Parvati, Padma, Seamus, Dean
6: Luna, Marcus, Cedric, Astoria, Michael, Penelope

One team will be victorious, with one member winning the challenge. One team with fail, with one member being eliminated."


Ok, so this chapter is long again, and will be broken up in two. This chapter we finally get a lot of characters in, and quite a lot of interactivity between them. The next part probably wont be until the weekend, so keep looking forward. Feedback is always welcome. Can you figure out who is going home before I post the next part?


Who's it going to be?
19 boys, 19 girls, only one is the best of the best!

Chapter 6 is finished! Who's leaving us so soon? Please take a look!
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Re: Hogwarts Champion! Hosted by.....

5.2 A continuation....

After Cho read out the groups, each student broke off into said groups, opened the textbooks, and started studying.

Neville looked around at his group. First, there were the guys who he just allied himself with, Justin and Ernie. The other two, Hannah and Susan, were girls that he had no obligation to, except for the fact that he was on a team with them this challenge. However, he wasn't worried. All four of his teammates were Hufflepuffs. They, along with him (Herbology being his favorite subject), should dominate this challenge.

Indeed, they were all having fun studying the various plants. They all laughed while reading. They already knew all of this. But they still read every page, every word, trying to see if they missed anything just in case.


"Mim-bowl-us Mim-blah-town-ya?"

Crabbe held the book vertically, trying to see if that would make him remember it better. Unsurprisingly, it didn't work, as he stared blankly into his copy of 1000 Magical Herbs and Fungi. Draco hit him over the head with his copy.

"Mimbulus Mimbletonia, you idiot. It's that plant that covers you with that Stinksap. It's that stinky stuff that the plant uses for self defense."

Draco opened his book and shoved Crabbe's face into the pages. Pansy opted not to open her book, instead talking to Marietta.

"You did a wonder for the other students. Everyone might seem sad, but they are actually really happy that Myrtle is gone. You did a good thing for the competition, Marietta. You got rid of the weak. Now, along with me, we can get rid of the rest of the weak, and the strong will survive."

Marietta gave a weak smile back, but in her mind, she was unsure. She wasn't a Slytherin. Why would Pansy talk to her about being a friend?

The fifth teammate, Cormac, looked at the rest of them. He saw Draco trying to teach his friend through inhumane means. He saw Pansy making conversation with Marietta. No one on his team was part of his all-male alliance he made last night.

I'm with a bunch of idiots, he thought.

He separated from his group and opened his textbook. He turned to the page detailing Mandrakes and started reading.

"Mandrakes, or Katie Bell, is used to return those who have been petrified to their original Katie Bell. It's also Katie Bell. The Mandrake's cry is fatal to anyone who's Katie Bell."

He couldn't stop thinking about last night. Two of the hottest Quidditch players ever came up to him. And they loved him. They admired him. Although Angelina Johnson was indeed pretty, her mind was truly with Fred Weasley. However, Katie Bell was single, and all to himself. He had very vivid dreams about her. They were on an island. Just themselves. Katie lay on his lap, complimenting everything about him. He would return the love as well, as he wasn't selfish. It was just those two alone, with the world not bothering them for one bit.

After finishing the entry about Mandrakes, he turned his attention over to Team 2, where she exists.


Funnily enough, all of team two was looking back at team one.

Angelina and Katie noticed that Cormac was looking back at them. Angelina shone her white smile and waved back. No response. Katie later did the same. This time, he smiled back and answered her wave with his. They both understood. He was only interested in Katie.

After his wave, they both put their hands over their mouths to stifle a giggle.

"Won't you three get a room? We're trying to win here."

They both turned around to see Romilda glaring back, with her copy in her lap. Katie whispered into Angelina's ear. She nodded back in response, and looked back at Romilda.

"Say, Romilda, how would you get a guys attention?"

Romilda looked back confused.

"Can this wait? The challenges come first."

"Katie, we can tell her what's going on. Romilda, the boys are all ganging up on the girls. Me, Katie, Luna, and Ginny all heard them. We really don't like Cormac like that, we just need to distract him. Right now, he's the only strong link on that team over there, and as soon as he's gone, that team will fail. We will be safe!"

"But what about winning?"

"Who cares about winning right now? We got to get rid of the enemy. And right now, that consists of both the Slytherins, and now the guys. What do you say, Romilda? You, Angelina, and me?"

Katie extended her arm out to Romilda. She looked down and thought for a while. A secret male alliance? That cannot be good, she would be outnumbered. Plus, she really wasn't in any alliance of her own. She put down her book and shook Katie's hand.

"Alright. Now I might not have gotten Harry Potter to myself, I sure know how to get attention. You girls got to do more that just compliment him. Give him gifts. Go up and kiss the fool!"

"Oh, I'm afraid he's not interested in me. It's more Katie that he likes."

Katie's eyes widened.

"Oh, no. I am not snogging Cormac McClaggen."

While the three girls were figuring out a plan to out Cormac, Goyle and Cho were talking to each other, also looking at the first team. This has been the longest time that he has been separated from his Slytherin friends. He felt alone, that no one on his team will help him. And he was no star student himself. No, he was far from it.

But Cho was a nice girl. She helped him. Probably because they were on the same team. Or was it genuine help? He then looked back at his friends, along with Cho. Both of them saw Pansy trying to recruit Marietta Edgecombe. Cho was furious. She turned back to Goyle.

"She's on your side, isn't she?"


"Well, I don't like her. She's vile. I don't want anything to do with her. I also want Marietta to do nothing with her. If I help you more, will you talk to Pansy for me and separate the two?"


"Good boy. Now, let's look at the chapter on Gillyweed....."


"I told you, Ron."

Hermione pointed her finger at Marietta and Pansy, guiding Ron's gaze to the duo.

"She was part of Pansy's plot. She wasn't sorry at all."


"Welcome to the Greenhouses!"

Ludo's enthusiasm was back, as the six teams made their way to the Hogwarts greenhouses. Ludo and Harry stopped them before the doors of the classrooms, and directed their attention outside.

More greenhouses were outside. There were five of them, with six doors each. All but the six doors on one of the greenhouses had locks on them.

"Now, first, let me introduce you to the people helping me out today."

He and Harry opened the doors to reveal the two helpers. First was Pomona Sprout, the Herbology professor at Hogwarts. Everyone was familiar with the short, muddy witch. However, the second person was unrecognizable. No one knew who this woman was.

"You all seem to know who Professor Sprout is, but let me introduce you to Elladora Ketteridge, the discoverer of the properties of Gillyweed!"

Rita Skeeter, who was behind the teams, was confused. This was a woman from the 17th century. Who were they trying to fool? Ludo continued his speech.

"These two ladies helped me construct the course that you will all be going through tonight. But first things first, I seem to have a problem that needs correcting. I'm pretty sure you all know see the five greenhouses with six doors each. That means that there is a door for 30 of you. Team Six, please elect one member of your team to stand out. This member won't win, but they will not be eliminated tonight."

Team Six gathered around. It didn't take long, as the vote was unanimous. Luna stepped forward.

"Since Astoria was the winner last time, she is going to be setting out."

"Very well. Miss Greengrass, you may join the two guests in watching the challenge. Enjoy the show. Now, here's the challenge. Each of you will be standing by a door, with one member per team at each greenhouse. At the sound of my whistle, the people at the first greenhouse will enter, and find a key for their teammate to enter their greenhouse. One by one, each team will find a key, hand it off to their teammate, and will go on until the final greenhouse. In the final greenhouse, instead of a key, there is a flag with your team number on it. The first team to retrieve the flag and successfully bring it out of the final greenhouse will win. The last team to bring their flag out will be brought to the Great Hall for elimination. Now, I hope you all brought your copy of 1000 Magical Herbs and Fungi, because you can use them in the greenhouses if you are stuck. However, I hope you all still studied, because that will help you be quicker in the challenges. Now, figure out which member of your team will be tackling each greenhouse, and stand by the doors."

Each team talked and decided who will be standing by each door.

Greenhouse 1: Draco, Romilda, Hannah, Ron, Dean, Luna
Greenhouse 2: Pansy, Angelina, Susan, Hermione, Seamus, Michael
Greenhouse 3: Vincent, Gregory, Justin, Ginny, Parvati,, Penelope
Greenhouse 4: Marietta, Cho, Ernie, Oliver, Padma, Cedric
Greenhouse 5: Cormac, Katie, Neville, Percy, Lavender, Marcus

"Are we all set? Ok, at the blow of my whistle, start!"

Ludo blew his whistle, and off they went. The doors opened to the first greenhouse. The greenhouse was wide, it was nothing but a floor. On the floor, however, scattered light purple bulbs. No one needed their books, as they were all familiar with Bouncing Bulbs. There weren't really that much of a threat, as all they did, as the name implied, was bounce around. The six of them ran into the room. The bulbs bounced back and forth, getting in the way of the contestants. Some of them knocked the contestants to the ground.

Dean was getting impatient with the bulbs. The next one that came out for him, he took out his wand and sent a Flipendo to it, knocking it against the wall, shaking the greenhouse. Dean was satisfied until he noticed the ceiling. Pink seedpods littered the ceiling. As soon as the Bouncing Bulb he jinxed hit the wall, some of the pods fell to the ground. Everyone was hit with at least one. They started going to the ground, sneezing uncontrollably.


It seems that they don't make trolls sneeze only. The Bouncing Bulbs increased their speed, willingly knocking into contestants and walls, dropping more puffapods to the floor. Each contestant started crawling along the floor, trying to reach the end where the keys were. Ron and Draco were the first ones to reach the keys, quickly crawling back to the exit. The rest soon followed, grabbing the keys and exiting all at the same time, each handing their key off to the next teammate. Each player from Greenhouse 1 then made there way over to Sprout, who supplied each of them with a box of tissues.

Greenhouse 2 was simple as well. It was a pool separating two strips of land, the one that they were on and the one with the keys. Michael started wading across until he hit an invisible shield, preventing the players from going across the top. Of course, they were to go under the lake.

Susan, Seamus, and Michael all started placing Bubblehead Charms on their heads and started swimming. Hermione was about to, until she noticed a plate of Gillyweed on the side. She quickly grabbed the Gillyweed and put it in her mouth. Before hitting the water, she took her wand out, because she knew it wouldn't be simple as just a swim in water.

Hermione dove into the water, growing webbed hands, feet, and gills. She swam past the three looking foolish with their heads in bubbles, swimming so slowly. She beat them all to the other side, getting out and heading toward the keys, which were rather far away. As she was about halfway, though, she started choking in the air. She couldn't breathe! She quickly ran back to the water where she met Pansy. Apparently, she took the Gillyweed as well.

"You stuck too, Mudblood?"

Resigned, Hermione nodded. They both had to remain in the water until the Gillyweed wore off, and then they could grab the keys.

Of course it was a trick, she thought as Susan was the first one to pop out of the water, taking the enchantment off as she ran toward the keys. Seamus, Michael, and Angelina, who was a very quick swimmer despite looking in her book for Gillyweed, followed behind, grabbed their keys, and swam back. After a while, the effects of the Gillyweed wore off, and the two sworn enemies tried to get into each others way for their keys.

While those two were still in the pool, the other four have already exited the greenhouse and handed off the keys to Greenhouse 3. The floor of this greenhouse was covered with half dirt, half Mimbulus Mimbletonia. At the end of the greenhouse were six trolls, each with their fist clenched and the team numbers on each troll.

Were they supposed to do battle?, wondered Penelope. However, these trolls seemed peaceful. It was obvious that the keys, however, were in the fists. Also, each troll seemed to have wounds on their arms. Ludo must have done them, she thought. How cruel!

Crabbe and Ginny made it into the greenhouse as the other four were stumped with what to do. They knew however not to touch the plants, lest they be covered in Stinksap.

Wait a minute, thought Crabbe. This plant makes other people stink! Maybe the trolls will attack the stinky ones and leave the keys to me!

He pointed his wand at the nearest Mimbulus Mimbletonia at Justin, and sent a curse, covering Justin with the Stinksap. Justin then remembered what to do. He took his book out and went to the chapter about Stinksap. He read all the magical properties. Besides being a foul smelling substance, it can also cure wounds.

He started scraping off the Stinksap and applied it to his team's troll's wounds. It worked! The troll, looking relieved, handed Justin his key, and he made his way out of the greenhouse, toward Greenhouse number 4. Each other member of Greenhouse three looked shocked, but then started attacking the nearest Mimbulus Mimbletonia, trying to extract Stinksap to apply to the wounds. They all exited, handed off their keys, and headed toward Elladora, who was really fascinated in that drink of Gillywater. Maybe it also covered the smell of the contestants, as no one else wanted to be near them.

Greenhouse 4, despite the name, was dark. The only light came from the seeds of the Fire Seed Bush. Each contestant grabbed on to a torch on the ground, summoned a seed on to their torch, and proceeded to walk in. Cho got close to Marietta.

"I saw you talking to Pansy."

Marietta looked back, guilt across her face.

"Yes, she's my teammate in this challenge."

"But is she your friend?"

"Well.....she saw me sad. She came up to me."

"Girl, she's using you! Pansy is a very ambitious Slytherin! She will use everyone and anyone. If you were feeling sad, why didn't you talk to me? Aren't I your friend?"

Marietta separated away, starting to cry. She dropped her torch on the ground, starting a fire in the greenhouse. Whatever plants that were in there were their no longer, as the fire started to consume everything. Each student put down their torch and started casting the water charms that Harry taught them last challenge at the flame. It was no good, as the fire started heading toward the end, where a group of vines lay. They were no ordinary vines. Marietta realized what she just burned down.

"Oh my God, they put a Devil's Snare in here?!"

Indeed it was. The vines on the wall were part of the Snare. They quickly burned, showing the keys behind them. They were all thankful for Marietta's accidental burning, as at the same time, they all grabbed their keys and headed out.

While waiting for the Greenhouse 4 occupants, Cormac stood next to Katie.

"So, after all of this is done, and if I win, where would you like to go with me?"

Katie started rolling her eyes. Of course she had to be stuck in the last greenhouse with him. He has been hitting on her since Ludo blew the whistle. It was getting annoying. She dreaded the thought of having to kiss him.

The occupants of the fourth greenhouse all came out at once, handing the keys off. It was a close race to the finish. They opened the door, ready to face the final plant.

Or so they thought. Neville looked in terror.

"A Whomping Willow? How the hell did they get that in here?"

Sure enough, a Whomping Willow was the last guardian. At the bottom of its trunk lay each flag. All they had to do was get them. Marcus started summoning the flags, but he couldn't do so. The flags were charmed so that they couldn't be Summoned. Each contestant huddled in a group. Katie wrapped herself around Cormac's arm. He grinned back, knowing that he would protect her from harm.

The group tiptoed their way toward the tree. It was working, as the tree didn't notice them. But they realized that sooner or later they would have to race out with the flag. Percy was impatient and separated from the group as he headed toward the flags.

The tree noticed the group, and started slamming its branches on the ground. The group dispersed, dodging each branch as they made their way toward the flag.

Lavender, Cormac, and Katie were the fastest of the group and grabbed their flags first. However, the branches of the violent tree started to swing horizontally now, and soon made a wall around the three. Neville took advantage of the situation and ran behind the wall, extending his arm between a gap and getting his flag. He looked out at Percy and Marcus were still trying to avoid the branches, but too far away. He didn't want to risk his teammates becoming last, so he grabbed Percy's flag as well, and headed back toward the exit.

As soon as he reached the door, Neville threw the flag at Percy.

"Here you go, mate!"

As Percy picked up the flag, Neville exited the greenhouse, with Percy soon following. Ludo started to announce.

"Congratulations team 3! You are the winner of this challenge. Followed closely, but not close enough, by team 6. Ah, it looks like teams 4 and 5 made it out as well."

Neville and Percy turned around to see Lavender and Marcus make it out. All that was left was Katie and.....Oh, he forgot Cormac was part of the team.

Inside the greenhouse, the branches started to get violent. Katie regretted taking the chance that Lavender did when she squeezed through the wall, breaking it and making it out of the greenhouse. It was just her and Cormac, alone.

"Some romantic setting, huh?"

She turned to Cormac, who was worried as well. She then looked out at the branches. She soon found a way out. She looked back at Cormac, who seemed to have noticed the same thing. Cormac was a faster runner than she was.

Katie braced herself, and planted her lips onto Cormac's.

Cormac was surprised, but he let it happen, kissing her back with a passion he once reserved for Hermione Granger.

What a horrible snogger, she thought.

She then let go of him. Cormac was staring into space, forgetting about the Whomping Willow. Katie took that chance and headed out Greenhouse 5.

"And Team 2 is out, making them the last safe team. Professor Sprout, can you please calm the tree down, and bring Mr. McClaggen out here please?"

Sprout headed into the greenhouse, took out her wand to calm the Whomping Willow down, and grabbed onto Cormac's arm.

"Come on, Mr. McClaggen, your love is out here."


"That was horrible."

Katie retold the story of what happened in Greenhouse 5 to Angelina and Romilda. All three girls laughed with a bit of disgust in it.

"I told you, that's how it works!"

"Thank you Romilda, you've been a great help."

"Thank you, too Katie. And you, Angelina. I like having friends here."


Draco, Crabbe, Pansy, Cormac, and Marietta all made their way to the Great Hall. Harry, Ludo, and Rita sat behind the Grand Table. Ludo rose.

"Your team came in last, so all five of you are up for elimination."

Ludo walked around the table to come in front.

"Cormac McClaggen and Marietta Edgecombe, please step forward. You two were the worst of your team."

The two walked up to the final judge.

"Marietta. You destroyed one of the challenges the contestants had to face. Do you know how much a Devil's Snare cost? Cormac. You got yourself distracted and ended up losing for the team. I should send both of you home, but however, I can only send one."

Behind Ludo, Harry had a huge grin. Although he wasn't supposed to show bias, he didn't care, as any of them could go and he would be glad. Rita looked next to him and jotted down her notes.

Ludo continued his speech.

"Marietta, although the cost of damages is high, you still got your key and made it out. You are safe again. I might say you are very lucky. Cormac, I'm afraid that since you are the only one that couldn't even get out of a greenhouse, you are eliminated. You are not the Hogwarts Champion. Leave us."

Marietta walked back with tears in her eyes to her team. Pansy came up to hug her.

I'm going to make her stronger, otherwise she'll be gone, she thought.

Cormac was in shock.

"Can I at least say good-bye to my love?"

"Your love? Oh of course. Miss Skeeter, can you bring Miss Bell in here?"

Rita ran out of the Great Hall to retrieve Katie. Both women came back. Cormac ran up to Katie, holding both of her hands.

"I'm afraid I lost, my dear. One last kiss before I go."

As he leaned in, Katie let go of his hands and slapped him across the face.

"My plan worked."

She then turned around and skipped out of the Great Hall as Cormac looked on, devastated.

"Ok, now that you said goodbye, you can leave now, Mr. McClaggen."


I guess I made that predictable, but Cormac is gone. Feedback Thread


Who's it going to be?
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Chapter 6 is finished! Who's leaving us so soon? Please take a look!
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Re: Hogwarts Champion! Hosted by.....

Challenge 6: Charms

"Godric's Sword! Why did you do that?"

Angelina and Romilda were listening to Katie as she told them the news of what had happened in the Great Hall. Although relieved that one of their biggest threats were gone, they didn't take the news of what she did to Cormac after his elimination.

"Katie, I told you the plan. We would distract Cormac, so he would get eliminated. He felt bad as it is, why did you have to add insult to injury?"

"Well...to make sure that he wouldn't be going after me anymore. Isn't that what you do, Romilda?"

"NO! You just let them down easy! Just say, like, let's be friends, or something. That's bad karma, Katie."

"Don't forget, although we were competing, and we wanted to remove a threat, he was still a fellow Gryffindor. Annoying at some times, yes, but still of our house."

Romilda and Angelina both crossed their arms. Katie could see the disappointment in their eyes. She looked down at her feet, not wanting to look back. Luckily, she was soon distracted as the boys came into the tents, cheering loudly with Neville on the shoulders of Oliver. The boys made their way toward the steps when they placed Neville down at the top platform. Yells of "Speech!" erupted from the crowd as Neville waved his hands down to calm them down.

"Yes, yes, the first win for us! And there shall be more! Now, we might have lost one in the beginning." The boys bowed their heads down in respect, with several boos "Yes, remember Cormac. But, we will take out the rest of the competition, and the boys shall win! First was me. And who knows, the next could be you! Or you!"

By then, the group of boys got the attention of everyone left in the competition.


Hannah, Susan, Lavender, Parvati, and Padma were enjoying cups of tea by the fire. The Patil twins even tried telling the fortunes of Hannah and Susan when the ruckus from the boy crowd started to happen. They found about about the male alliance that is going on, but none of them cared. They used the cheers from the crowd as motivation to do even better, especially since none of them got much recognition from Ludo or Harry.


"So, there's an alliance between you boys, huh?"

Pansy stomped her way toward the Slytherin males, dragging Marietta along the way, passing a confused Cho along the way. Cho looked into Marietta's eyes. She knew that this was something she did not want to do.

Draco, who was having a conversation with the rest of the guys, turned around.

"Not that we are a part of. None of those guys told us anything about an alliance. I think they want a man to win, just not a Slytherin."

"Good. Marietta and I were just talking, thinking that you guys were going to separate from me. We are very relieved that you are still with me, my Draco."

"Uh, Pansy?"

She turned her attention to Goyle. It was weird hearing him speak, seeing as how he and Crabbe let Draco do all the talking for those two brutes. Goyle remembered his promise to Cho. It was now time

"Why are you hanging out with....her? I mean, she isn't Slytherin. This isn't like you. It isn't like you need a friend. "

Pansy gave a faked shock expression, hugging Marietta closer to her body.

"But she needs a friend. Who else will she rely on in this ruthless competition?"


She now turned around to see Cho right behind her, now with Astoria at her side.

"I have been her friend through thick and thin. She listened to all my whining, I stayed by her side when every other Dumbledore's Army member shunned her. She should be by me. You, Pansy, are just a user."

"A user? No, I am sincerely trying to help the poor girl."

While the two of them fought, Astoria used the distraction to free Marietta from Pansy's quickly loosening grip, and brought her over to the side.

"Listen, I don't care who your friends are. But I know that Pansy is not a friend. Whether you believe me or not is none of my concern. It's your decision. You need to make up your mind instead of letting these two do it for you. Otherwise, you will be gone soon."

As Astoria began to walk away to the two fighting girls, Marietta stopped her.

"If you don't care, then why say all of that then?"

"Because....no one should be a pawn of a jealous, mean, rude, inconsiderate...."

As Astoria listed off every insult she could think of, her voice got louder and louder as she moved toward Pansy and Cho. Marietta soon backed away, not wanting to get involved. As soon as Astoria got to the two girls, she pushed away Cho to get in front of Pansy. Although taken aback, Cho got the idea and headed off toward Marietta.

".....worthless, ugly, pathetic little pug like you!"

"AHA! I knew it. You never liked me, Astoria. You used me to get closer to Draco Malfoy, didn't you? You are truly jealous of me and my relationship with him!"

"Ha! What relationship? The one in which he looks away whenever you profess your obsessive love toward him? Great relationship there! That handsome man deserves better than you!"

"Who is worthy of Draco's love? Dead girl? You?"


While that fight was going on, Cho went to Marietta. She felt bad about the way she treated her in the Herbology Challenge.

"Listen, I should have talked to you at a better time. I'm sorry I harassed you and made you burn down the whole greenhouse. I was worried, you know. Pansy is not to be trusted."

Marietta, although relieved that Cho was in a better mood, was still tired of the way people would come up to her, telling how horrible of a person Pansy Parkinson was.

But she treated me nicely, she thought. She never yelled at me, made me sad, angry. She kept encouraging me to do better.

Maybe, they are the ones who are wrong.


"I swear, Hermione, I'm not part of that group. I'm just as confused as to why they didn't invite me."

"I figured as much...."

Ron, Hermione, and Penelope lay back in the comfy chairs. Since Myrtle left, Ron and Hermione needed someone to complete the trio. They met with Penelope, Percy's old girlfriend. She was just like Myrtle, smart, funny, and good-looking, except that she could do more magic than Myrtle.

"I should have trusted you better than that, Ronald. Now listen, we need to start performing better. We are the ones that have traveled with Harry the most, and look how good we are doing in this competition. I have not been doing that great, while you, Ron, have not been noticed at all. But, we can fix this. I'm including you in here too, Penelope. We can do this."


"Good morning all, and welcome to the next event."

The 30 contestants that remained were surprised to hear Harry hearing these words. Ludo was no where to be found. Harry didn't have the same enthusiasm or loudness as he did, but he did just fine.

"Ludo couldn't be here today, he's tending to some matters. But I'm still here, so there should be no problems with today's event. I'm sure you'll find this ever so....charming."

Harry laughed while the rest of the contestants groaned at his horrible jokes.

"That's right, Charms. Now, this challenge is different, however. We are going to go into the challenge right away. That means all the charms you know have to be from memory. No help at all from me!"

Everyone looked around at each other. No help? All from memory?

"Don't worry, these are going to be all simple charms that you should all know by now. If you don't...well, things will be difficult. Now, this is going to be another team event, and the teams are back at the tents. Please look at the list, get to know your teams, and meet back here in two hours. We should have the challenge set up then.


"Cho, would you do the honors once more?"

"Oh ha, ha, Cedric. Fine, I'll read the list. Ok guys, here are the teams.

1: Hermione, Seamus, Luna, Neville, Draco, Hannah
2: Katie, Angelina, Percy, Astoria, Michael, Cho
3: Marietta, Pansy, Marcus, Oliver, Dean, Penelope
4: Ron, Romilda, Parvati, Ginny, Cedric, Padma
5: Justin, Ernie, Vincent, Gregory, Susan, Lavender

Please meet with each other, and determine who is going to be a captain. This is going to be a double elimination round. The team who loses will lose two people. Those two that will go will consist of the captain and one other person on the losing team. Please choose carefully.


Sorry this is too short, but I got to leave now and do some work. I promise, the rest will be up tomorrow.


Who's it going to be?
19 boys, 19 girls, only one is the best of the best!

Chapter 6 is finished! Who's leaving us so soon? Please take a look!
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Re: Hogwarts Champion! Hosted by.....

Moving onward....

Team 1 decided to go outside the tents to discuss what would be going on. Hermione looked around at her team. She felt confident, even with Draco Malfoy staring right at her. She remembered that all of them, except Luna, were in her Charms OWL class. And she had confidence in Luna. But who would be captain?

"I elect Granger as captain."

She turned to Draco. Although she secretly wanted to be the captain, she didn't suspect Draco would be the one who chose her.

"Really? Me?"

"Sure. You are after all the smartest witch in our year."

Hermione was flattered. She stood up in the center, proudly taking the title of Captain. Her whole team smiled back at her.

Little did they know, however, was Draco's true intentions. He was still a little sore from their fifth year, when Neville, Hermione, and Luna had their father arrested and sent to Azkaban. This way, he thought, he could try to manipulate the three to do poorly, and two of them could go home.


Katie mentally separated herself from Team 2 when they were talking about who to choose as team captain. Did she really do a horrible thing? Was she a bad person?

"So who do you think should be captain, Katie?"

She felt horrible inside, guilt consuming her.


What was I thinking?


Oh my, they were trying to talk to me!

Katie looked back up at Angelina, who was trying to get her attention.

"I need to know what you think. Who should be captain?

She pondered for a bit, and came to a conclusion.


Her whole team looked back at her, confused. While she was gone away in her mind, they all were torn between Percy and Astoria. Katie as captain never crossed their minds.

"Yes. I know I'm not the ideal captain you guys wanted, but I've done something horrible. I need to make it up. Plus, if we lose, I'll gladly go home."

Angelina knew what she meant. She was proud to have the old Katie back.

"Then it's settled. Katie will be our captain."


Marcus and Oliver were arguing over who should be the captain of Team 3. Both were used to taking the lead during Quidditch. Both men started shouting at each, drawing the attention of everybody inside the tents. Dean and Penelope were trying to calm them down until Pansy stepped in the middle of the two.

"Guys, guys, calm down, you two have already been captains in the past. Let someone else take the role. Let's say...Marietta?"

Marietta perked up at the mention of her name. She had done poorly the last two challenges. Maybe this was a way to redeem herself, improve her image, and mark herself down as a threat.

"Yeah, let me take the role. Thank you Pansy for suggesting me."

"No problem, friend!"

After the decision was made, the two smiling girls hugged. Marietta was glad she was important. Pansy was glad that Marietta went along with her.


"Well I don't know who should be captain."

Team 4 sat around looking at each other, trying to figure out who should be captain. No one wanted to be captain, for fear of elimination. Ginny came up with a solution.

"Let's put our names in a hat, and draw for captain, if none of us want to be it."

The names went into a hat that Ginny brought. She pulled out a name.

"Well, Parvati, it looks like you're the captain.


Justin, Ernie, Susan, and Lavender all came up with a plan. Since the captain will be eliminated along with one other member of the team, they knew who was weak.

"Goyle, we all decided to have you as the captain. Majority rules."


As soon as all the captains were selected, they were summoned back to the Great Hall. They had no discussion of what they predict the challenge was going to be about. When they arrived, Harry welcomed them all back, with still no sign of Ludo around anywhere.

"Alright, will the five captains please step forward."

Hermione, Katie, Marietta, Parvati, and Goyle all separated from their groups and came in front of Harry.

"Wha- This is the strangest group of leaders I have ever seen. Anyway, captains, follow me, while your team members each choose a number from 1-5."

Harry led the captains out of the Hall while each member chose a number, wondering where they have gone. Harry returned back, and brought the rest of the contestants to where the captains were.

It turns out that they were back at the tents. However, the main event was behind them. Everyone wondered how they could not hear the construction of 5 cylindrical towers behind them.

"Enter them in the order you chose, with one going first, two following, etc."

The teams went into the towers. There were seven chambers in the tower, surrounding an eighth chamber, which the captain lay in. One of the outside chambers was the entrance in which everyone came in. Another chamber had a key, while each team member had a chamber of their own. (Guide)

"Ok, can you all hear me? Good. Now, here is the plan. The captains can see what is going on in each chamber, but the members can only know what is going on in theirs. The goal is to get the key from each chamber to chamber. Once the key gets to the final team member, they will charm it to the captain, and the captain can unlock themselves and exit their chamber. The captain must unlock all their teammates from each chamber, and exit out the tower. The first team to do that will win, with the captain winning the challenge. The last team to come out will be sent to the Great Hall, and the captain and one other person will be eliminated. Sounds good? Good."

"Now, here are more rules. The captain may not use their wand on the key. You may only use charms. No jinxes, curses, or hexes. Also, no using Alohamora on the doors. That's cheating. The captains may help their teammate by giving advice. That's it. You may begin.....now!"

Player 1: Draco, Angelina, Pansy, Ginny, Crabbe.

The first members all shouted "Wingardium Leviosa" and brought the key into their chamber. This chamber was simple. All they had to do was direct the key through a tube system to get their key to the next chamber. No one had any problem with that. They didn't need advice from their captain at all.

Player 2: Seamus, Cho, Marcus, Padma, Lavender

Each member of the second chamber got their keys around the same time. In this chamber, vines covered the entire chamber, covering the exit hole.

Seamus, Cho, and Lavender all used Diffindo to cut the vines, making a clear exit to the next chamber as they levitated their keys outside. Marcus and Padma were still trying to figure out what to do.

Marietta suggested that Marcus use Incendio to burn down the vines. Marcus did just that, burning the vines out of the way. Unfortunately, the fire remained in the chamber as it chased Marcus around, distracting him from the key. Marietta shrieked, apologizing as Marcus kept using Aguamenti to put the flames out. As soon as the flames disappeared, he was able to levitate the key to the next chamber.

Parvati suggested that Padma should summon the vines away. Padma listened to her sister, sending Accio upon Accio toward the vines, with no such luck.

Player 3: Hannah, Michael, Oliver, Romilda, Susan

Hannah, Michael, and Susan were able to get their keys, with Oliver soon getting his. Romilda impatiently waited as Padma still struggled with the vines.

The hole for the key to exit out of the third chamber was higher than the other holes. The third players could not see it.

Susan tried using the Levitation Charm on herself so that she could find where the hole was, but instead quickly levitated her robe off of her and into the air. She soon dropped her wand and rushed over to get her robe on quickly. Crabbe stared at her the whole time, laughing.

Hannah had no idea on what to do until Hermione suggested to soften the floor and bounce up. She pointed her wand to the floor, shouted Spongify, and the stony floor softened until its floor was like a trampoline. She bounced on the floor, getting higher and higher until she saw the hole and threw the key out, being the first player of the third chamber to do so.

Michael and Oliver just used Wingardium Leviosa and sent their key to the wall until it found the hole and passed through. Susan followed suit.

Romilda still didn't get the key from Padma, pounding on the wall separating her and Parvati.

"What is taking her so long? Help her!"

"She's trying to summon the vines away from the hole."

"Summon? Have her cut them down!"

"Oh yeah....Padma, use Diffindo to get the vines down!"

Padma severed the vines, finally getting them down and getting the key to Romilda, who proceeded to get the key to chamber four the same way the others besides Hannah did.

Player 4: Neville, Astoria, Penelope, Cedric, Justin

Neville was the first person to get his key, as Hannah threw it through the hole as it landed on his head.

In the fourth chamber, another troll guarded the hole that the key had to go through.

"Hermione? What do you suggest?"

"Tickle him."

"With my hands?"

"No, Rictusempra! Remember that spell that Harry taught during Dueling?"

"Oh yeah."

Neville proceeded to use the charm to tickle the troll. It fell on its side, laughing. Neville used the distraction to levitate the key to Luna.

Astoria and Penelope were next to get their keys and face the troll. Astoria noted that they were recycling "props" from past challenges. She then tickled the troll and got the key to Dean.

Penelope didn't know what to do as Justin finally got his key and tickled his troll to get the key to Ernie.

"Marietta, what do I do?"


She was still in shock from Marcus's burnings. What should she suggest....

"Freeze it!"

Penelope cast Immobilus at the troll, keeping the troll frozen in place, still in the way of the hole as Cedric got his key.

"Penelope, now summon it closer and put the key in the hole!"

Penelope reluctantly Accio'd the troll to her, getting out of the way as it barreled toward her. She then picked the key up and threw it to Dean.

Player 5: Luna, Percy, Dean, Ron, Ernie

The last chamber wasn't hard. There was nothing in the way except that the hole was too small. In fact, as Percy and Ernie got their keys, Luna had already enlarged the hole and passed the key off to Hermione. Hermione grabbed the key, unlocked her door, and got out of her chamber. She then proceeded to unlock all the doors of her teammates as Percy handed his key off to Katie, who followed suit. As soon as Katie reached the last chamber to unlock Angelina, Ernie got his key to Crabbe, and Hermione and her team exited the tower. Katie and her team were out next, with Crabbe and his team out third.

Cedric had trouble with his troll, producing weak Tickling Charms until he finally got it to get the key to Ron. Ron then used Engorgio on the hole so he could get the key to Parvati. As soon as she got the key, she unlocked herself and everyone else out of her chamber. She was the fastest captain, getting her team out of their chambers in the quickest time.

Unfortunately, her team took way too long, and as soon as they left, they saw that all the other teams have left their towers. Parvati's team was last.


Harry came up to the last team to exit.

"I'm sorry Parvati. But your team is last. You are eliminated. You are not the Hogwarts Champion. Leave us."

Parvati cursed. She did nothing wrong. She might not have helped them as much, but her team was slow and got her eliminated from the tournament.

She hugged her sister, wishing her luck.

"I hope you don't get sent home as well, Padma. But it's Harry hosting today. You know he isn't going to send home Ron or Ginny. We got to try to figure out how he will eliminate either Romilda or Cedric."

"I've got an idea."

The two twins looked behind them to see Lavender coming up.

"I know how we can get rid of Romilda."


As the losing team was at the Great Hall, the rest of the contestants were back at the tents. Angelina reconciled with Katie, applauding her for her selflessness for electing to be captain herself. Katie felt better and was welcomed back to Angelina's good side.

Draco was furious. Not only did the three of his greatest enemies survive, but Hermione was the winner! How was that possible? He wanted to talk to someone. He turned over and saw Astoria.

Immediately, his fury simmered, but he still felt warm inside. He remembered the fight that she had with Pansy, and remembered what she said. He went to go talk to her.

"Hi Astoria."

She turned to Draco. The handsome man was talking to her.

"Hello Draco."

"What you said earlier, when you were fighting Pansy.....was it true?"

She looked back at his eyes, not knowing what to say for the longest time until a mousy "Yes" came out. Draco smiled, and put his lips on Astoria, kissing her. She was thrilled on the inside, finally getting what she wanted, and kissed back.


Marietta was talking to Pansy.

"Thanks for believing in me, I was able to help my whole team out."

"Yeah, sure, whatever."

Shoot, she thought. I guess Marietta is a good player at all. I got to keep her closer so she won't end up like Astoria. Where is that girl anyway?

She looked around the tents, searching until she saw Astoria embrace Draco.


"Welcome to the Great Hall."

Harry was staring down at the five losers. Ludo was back, bruises covering his face. The five members from the losing team stood side by side.

"Now this is interesting. This is the first time you guys are in here. Until now, none of you did great or horrible, you all stayed safe in the middle. Unfortunately, it took a long time for us to acknowledge any of you."


Padma raised her hand.

"Step forward, Padma. What is it you like to say?"

She cleared her throat.

"All I want to say is that Romilda brought love potions into the tents and caused a problem with some of the contestants, trying to poison them."

"Really? Romilda, step forward and explain yourself!"

Romilda was shocked. She didn't think that situation would be brought up, especially during an elimination.

"Yes, I used some of the love potions from the Weasley's joke store and used them. But nothing went wrong, and Hermione and I fixed the situation."

Harry glanced at the two girls in front of him.

"Romilda, what you did was not good. You shouldn't try to harm any contestants outside the challenges. But, you said everything is fixed, and no harm was done. Padma, out of all the chambers, you did the worst, taking the longest time to get the key to the next chamber, getting your sister eliminated. I think it is fair that you join your sister. I'm sorry Padma, but you are not the Hogwarts Champion. Leave us."

Romilda got down on her knees, crying. She tried holding it back, not wanting to make more of a fool of herself. But she got her second chance, thanking Harry for keeping her in the competition. Padma was mad, her plan didn't work! She left the Great Hall to get her stuff and leave with her sister.

Ludo came up to Harry, limping in each step.

"Not bad, my boy. But when you eliminate people, use more force in your voice. Don't be as soft. Don't worry, you'll learn."




Who's it going to be?
19 boys, 19 girls, only one is the best of the best!

Chapter 6 is finished! Who's leaving us so soon? Please take a look!
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Re: Hogwarts Champion! Hosted by.....

Hey guys, I know I said that a mansion update was coming soon, but with the timing of everything, I'm just going to skip that and put up the next challenge. Sorry guys! Anyway, this is also going to be split up in two. First part will be the main stuff, while the next part will be the challenge, which is going to be intense, because.....

Challenge 7:Quidditch

The Slytherins and Marietta sat down around the red fire they conjured outside the tents. Despite the flames warming them up, they all felt cold on the inside. None of them have been doing particularly well in the challenges, save for Astoria. Draco took a look around to see who he was working with.

There were his two lackeys, both strong with their fists but weak with their wands. There was also his psychotic, jealous, clingy admirer, who brought a new follower of her own, although only to ultimately use her to get to her own goals. That Ravenclaw follower was pathetic on her own, willing to listen to whoever gives her the slightest bit of affectionate attention. Then their was his former captain, whose leadership skills were amazing, but his intelligence level made his former house elf look like Hermione Granger. Finally, there was the only sane one in his group, laying down peacefully on his lap, one that he was now romantically involved with and who the psycho stalker just happens to hate for kissing his lips.

In short, he was screwed.

Maybe he needed new allies to work with. After the final battle, he gained a new found respect for those he at first fought and hated, especially given the help that his mother brought during the pivotal moment in the forest. Those in the war didn't judge him too harshly and he and his family escaped Azkaban. Maybe now is a good chance for him to give back the help that his now competitors shared him.

No, no, he thought. I have a team already, and they have been loyal to me. I must stick with them until the end. We can do better, though.

Draco abruptly stood up to address the group, knocking Astoria's head off of his lap. Pansy and Marietta gave a short snort as her head fell on the grass, messing up her hair.

"Alright, listen up. Individually, some of us have been doing well, but as a group, we fail. Horribly. It's no wonder that no one ever takes us seriously. But we need to prove them wrong. Let us show them what Slytherin can do!"

Cheers erupted from the guys. Pansy rapidly applauded, shining her bright yet creepy smile, while Marietta, who seemed to forget that she wasn't Slytherin joined her. Astoria, who was just recovering from her fall and fixing her hair, hugged him tightly.

Yep, he thought. I'm still screwed.


"So, what did you win?"

Ron came back from the Great Hall with the other members of his team after losing the Patil twins. Satisfied with his survival and with another win for his team, he was curious about what Hermione won from the Charms challenge.

"I get to meet Miranda Goshawk for a lunch date and I get to ask her any questions I want. Sure, it's no golden copy of Hogwarts: A History, but it will do."

As she relaxed back into the chair she was sitting in, she let out a sigh. Not for the prize she just won, but for the ginger haired man before her. Hermione had almost lost another teammate. She was upset with the loss of Myrtle. How would she have been if Ron had left?

"I thought I almost lost you."

"Yeah, me too. But Harry was the judge. No way I was going to be let go because of my best mate!"

Penelope was watching her two teammates conversation when she picked up the last comment made by Ron.

Harry saved you?, she thought. That isn't fair. What if all three of us are up for elimination, and Harry is the judge again? Even if Ron and Hermione did a horrible job at what they were doing, and I did ok, would I be safe? Or would Harry's bias let me go in favor of worse contestants?


In a far corner of one of the tents, Lavender sat down on the ground, head in her arms and knees, dark shadows from the tent tops looming over her. She just lost her two closest friends in one single night. She would truly miss the fashionable and sweet Patil twins. Also wrong, if not worse, was the fact that Romilda got off for giving her and other students love potion. She spat at the fact that, for a quick minute, she had affection for the conniving, frizzy haired girl.

She thought for a minute about what curses she should do when Romilda walked back from the Great Hall, but remembered that she could be eliminated for causing intentional harm on another. Instead, she did nothing, not wanting to cause any drama that might distract her from her ultimate goal of being the Hogwarts Champion. No, instead, she was going to sit down and cry it out, getting the pain of losing her faithful companions for a couple of weeks.

Romilda, Angelina, and Katie were walking by when they barely noticed the once annoyingly cheery girl sobbing in the sorrows.

Romilda didn't know what to do. She knew that Lavender was the reason that she almost went home. She recalled when Padma brought up the charges of use of love potion to Harry, as Harry called her up and berated her for misuse of the Weasley Wizarding Wheezes product. She winced at every piercing word that the man, whose position she once adored, yelled at her. She wanted to confront her, exhaust her anger on the conniving girl.

But she would wait. Now was not the time or place to unleash her rage. No, she would show her anger by defeating Lavender Brown and claiming the title of Hogwarts Champion. However, despite the anger, Romilda saw a sad girl, who just lost her friends. She figured that she should show a little compassion to her fellow house member when Angelina put her arm in front of her, stopping her.

"Now is not the time. Let others comfort her."

Romilda looked back with worry in her eyes, which soon went away as she saw Hannah and Susan approach Lavender. Relieved with someone being there for her, she left with Katie and Angelina to get some rest.

Hannah and Susan have been watching the sorrow of Lavender from the distance. The Hufflepuff loyalty inside them urged them to go to her side.

"Lavender, I'm sorry that your friends are gone."

"I'm going to miss them. Do you know how it feels to lose friends?"

"Well, let's be real, you're not going to see them for a couple of weeks. After this competition is over, sooner or later you will be reunited with Padma and Parvati. But for now, they are gone, yes. You need to realize that, otherwise you are not going to be hurt more. And I'm not talking emotionally either."

Wait a minute, Lavender thought. Was that help or a threat?

As the two girls hugged her tightly, her mind was made up. Sure, they didn't have the flawless looks of the Patil twins. Hannah's flat hair and Susan's tired appearance could use her help after all. But since they want her to be there, then by all means she would help them in return.


As everyone lay asleep in their beds, a lonely beetle flew around the room. Rita was their all night, waiting for information for her articles. But this was a boring night. No fights, no drama, nothing to write home about, literally.

Just days ago, wands broke out at the slightest insult and fights occurred as jealous girls accused other females of even glancing at the object of their affection. Now, after only six challenges, the competitors were just either talking things out or just avoiding each other like civil human beings.

But what would my readers think of this?, she pondered. I need readers, I could get even more crowds of fans with stories of the children fighting each other over glory and money.

But she knew she couldn't lie that much. Those days were behind her. She only went for the ugly truth.

It looks like I have to start something.

Rita exited the tents and flew up to the room where Harry and Ludo slept. As she entered through the window, she reverted back to her normal form and took a look around the room.

"Hmmm...never been in here before."

She took out her parchment and Quick Quotes Quill and surveyed the room. As she quietly strolled through the room, she whispered every detail she noticed to her Quill, taking down every note that its owner spoke.

"Well let's see, readers would love to know where Harry and Ludo have been enjoying the good life when those 38 kids sleep outside in the tents. That could be another story to write about. Why didn't I think of that before? Let's see....tidy room, the house elves must still be here, picking up every mess these two must leave. Ah, speaking of the men themselves, there they lie asleep, on opposite ends of the room. Must not stand each other. Can't blame them, Ludo giving leprechaun gold to Harry's friends. I would be rather crass as well to him. I wonder if the prize is really Galleons....let's find out, shall we? Where is the prize being held?"

Rita let the Quill know that she was going to transfigure again so that it can follow her. After turning back into the beetle, she swiftly flew around the room. The aptly named Quill was able to keep up with her as they both tried to find the cash. However, they didn't take long as the prizes were under Harry's bed. She reverted back to her human form and pulled out the chest they were in. She opened the brown container.

"Hmmmm, you would think the prizes would be in Gringotts. But lo and behold, its under the bed of the chosen one. Well, at least I think the money is real, it's under Harry's bed. And would you look at this!"

On top of the pile of Galleons lay a beautiful crown. It looked like the crowns the Muggle royals would wear.

"This is amazing. The fabric is made of a rich dark velvet. The metal is pure gold, adorned by rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and diamonds, representing the houses of Hogwarts. Adorning the crown are silver animals, one snake, one badger, one lion, and one eagle. My goodness, this must have cost much. How could they afford this? This is probably worth more than the money being offered. Readers must know!"

She checked the parchment. The Quill got every detail that she mentioned.

"Good. I sense a scandal! Now, let's get back to what we were originally going to do."

Rita put the crown back in the chest, silently closed it, and pushed it back under the bed. Getting back to her feet, she headed toward a lonely desk by the window. She first noticed the desk as she flew in, but let her curiosity take over. She looked at the paper, and noticed what the challenge was and the teams that were created.

"This is boring! Why bring me around if these two are going to make my readers fall asleep. Well, things I can change things around."

Rita then took her wand out, pointed it at the paper with the teams, and switched around the names. Satisfied, she put her Quill back in her pocket, transfigured back, and flew out and headed over to her room.


"Good morning all, and welcome back!"

The 28 contenders for the crown entered the Great Hall. Ludo greeted them, with Harry and Rita behind him. A small smile was visible on the red lips of Rita, with the other two not knowing of the antics of the reporter.

"Now, look how many people we have in here. 28 contestants left. Now, divide that number by four, and what do you get? You-"


"Yes, thank you Miss Granger. That answer was not necessary. Do not interrupt me, please. Now, when you divide 28 by four, you get seven. The amount of people that are on a Quidditch Team!"

The contestants looked at each other, looks ranging from the scared shocks of Hermione and Lavender to the proud smiles of Angelina and Oliver. Some cheered for the challenge. It is going to be the most fun they've had in a while. Others dreaded the fact that they would have to do a sport, as they had no athletic bone in their body.

"Now, back at the tents is the team list. Please check the list, get into your teams, and go to the Quidditch pitch. Madam Hooch is back to join us for this. She will be the referee of the Quidditch matches today. When your teams enter the pitch, she will tell you the rules of the game. Now, back to the tents!"

As the contestants walked out, Pansy complained the the crowd

"You'd think they let us know the teams in here instead of just sending us back out the tents everytime."


"Cho, do the honors."

"No need to, I'm here"

The students entered the tents, looking ahead as a grey haired witch was writing the teams on a chalkboard. Madam Hooch then turned around, addressing the crowd.

"See you at the pitch."

She walked at fast pace and left the tents, leaving them to see the teams.

There were four columns, showing the teams, and seven rows, showing each position. It read as follows:

The Grand Goblins
Seeker: Ginny Weasley
Keeper: Oliver Wood
Beaters: Dean Thomas, Seamus Finnegan
Chasers: Ron Weasley, Angelina Johnson, Katie Bell

The Sly Sphinxes
Seeker: Cedric Diggory
Keeper: Luna Lovegood
Beaters: Justin Finch Fletchy, Neville Longbottom
Chasers: Ernie Macmillan, Michael Corner, Romilda Vane

The Hazardous Hags
Seeker: Cho Chang
Keeper: Hermione Granger
Beaters: Marietta Edgecombe, Lavender Brown
Chasers: Hannah Abbott, Susan Bones, Penelope Clearwater

The Vicious Vampires
Seeker: Draco Malfoy
Keeper: Percy Weasley
Beaters: Vincent Crabbe, Gregory Goyle
Chasers: Marcus Flint, Pansy Parkinson, Astoria Greengrass


. Next part is the exciting Quidditch matches!


Who's it going to be?
19 boys, 19 girls, only one is the best of the best!

Chapter 6 is finished! Who's leaving us so soon? Please take a look!
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Re: Hogwarts Champion! Hosted by.....

Going on....get ready for a long one!


The crowd of students jumped from the shrill voice of Pansy. Marietta was so startled that she fell onto the chalkboard, both now lying down on the ground. She reached her hand out to Pansy, who was right next to her, but the Slytherin girl ignored her. Instead, Cho, who was in the opposite side of the crowd, rushed over to pick her up, brushing off the dust from the ground and chalk.

"Thanks Cho."

"No problem, friend."

Marietta stared into Cho's clear eyes at the last word, ignoring the ranting of Pansy nearby.

"-favoritism is what it is. All the bloody best Quidditch Players on one team. Gryffindor, no less. Potter is making sure no Gryffindor loses!"

"Wait a minute, pug. I'm not on the Gryffindor team."

"Of course not Mudblood. He has his girlfriend as seeker to protect you!"

"Now wait just another minute, vile creature. I have dated Potter for a couple of months, yes, but I am not his girlfriend. I have my Cedric back, thank you very much."

"Not true, I saw you kissing Potter just before the last challenge!"

Ginny marched her way over to Cho, knocking Marietta out of the way and back onto the ground again. Her wand pointed upwards, touching Cho on her soft chin.

"Is that true, Chang? Did you snog my boyfriend?"

"Of course not, get that wand away from me."

Cho quickly swatted Ginny's wand off of her chin, now facing Marietta on the floor. Ginny wanted a to use a non-verbal curse on her, uttering "May your lips taste like slime!", but instead of hitting her intended target, Marietta took the full blast of the curse.

She got off of her behind and onto her knees, arms wrapping around her stomach and cheeks filling up, lips holding something in. Cho rushed over to her, putting her hands on her shoulders.

"Marietta? All you alright dear?"

She turned around to Ginny, now look apologetic.

"I....I didn't mean to hit you Marietta with-"

"With what? What did you hit her with, girl?"


Both turned their attention down to Marietta, who was making noises as if she was about to vomit. Pansy quit her complaining to rush over to her minion.

"Oh, my sweet Marietta, what did that blood traitor do?"

She put her arms around Marietta, picking her up from the ground and hugging her tightly. Marietta couldn't take it any more, expelling slugs and slime all over Pansy's robes. Pansy backed off, trying to clean off her nice velvet robes while Marietta kept vomitting slug after slug all over her.

"Ew....get away from me! Look at what you are doing!"

Pansy ran off to her bag, trying to find new clothes to change into. Marietta sank back down on her knees, doing a combination of crying and throwing up slugs. Cho walked over to her, lifting her once again from the ground, glaring back at Ginny.

"You better thank god that this curse doesn't last long. We will settle this on the pitch. Let's go Marietta."

As they were walking off, Cho looked around and saw that every student had already stopped arguing about team selection, instead focusing on the argument between the two Seekers.

"What are you all staring at? Let's ignore this and get into our teams. We have to go to the field soon for Madam Hooch."


Madam Hooch stood in the middle of the humungous pitch, with a small, quivering brown chest by her feet on the bright green grass. Harry and Ludo were standing right behind, both with broomsticks in hand and shining silver Quidditch robes. The students came onto the field, separated into the teams they were grouped into. Harry looked at the four groups, confused. Most of the students that were in the same houses were on the same team. Three of the groups stared at him with angry, wrinkled expressions plastered on their faces. He leaned over to Ludo to whisper in his ear.

"I don't remember the teams being these."

"Neither do I. I guess we shouldn't have drank all that firewhisky when making the teams."

"Yes, but I don't like the look of this. It seems so....unfair."

"I know, but oh well, let's just go along with it....Welcome contestants, I see you have all gotten into your teams already! Good, I hope you like all the selections we've made!"

The Grand Goblin team cheered, while the rest of the teams looked at them and groaned.

"Well, Madam Hooch here will all tell you what you need to know about the fine sport of Quidditch, with Harry and me demonstrating. Madam Hooch, you may take over now."

"Thank you. Now the rules. The Chasers must try to get the Quaffle, this ball that I am holding right now, through those three hoops that you see over where Ludo is guarding. Each goal is worth 10 points. Now, Harry will act as a Chaser, trying to get this Quaffle through the hoop."

She tossed the bright red ball up to Harry, now soaring high in the air. Many students were impressed by the arm that Madam Hooch had in her old age. The Quaffle flew up into Harry's reach. He extended his arms for the ball, juggling it in hands until he got a good grip on it. The members of the Vicious Vampires laughed at the whole mess, joking about how Harry was not used to having big balls to carry.

After Harry got a hold of the Quaffle, he sped quickly toward the hoops. Madam Hooch continued her lesson.

"Now, the Keeper, who is Ludo, must try to keep the Quaffle from going through the three hoops. The Keeper can only guard from the front, not the back. That is a foul!"

Harry had made his way over to Ludo and threw the Quaffle. Harry's grip must have been poor, though, as the Quaffle flew slowly toward the direction of the hoops, and Ludo was able to easily block it away.

"Now, see how far Harry was? That is the closest a Chaser can be to throw the Quaffle. Any closer and that is a foul! Now, there are two other types of balls in this. First, there are Bludgers. These small little balls have a mind of their own, and will try to knock you off your broom."

Hooch bent down to the shaking chest, unlocking two small cannonball looking Bludgers. As soon as she removed the protections, the Bludgers sped up straight in the sky, heading toward Harry and Ludo. The one chasing Ludo made contact and knocked him off his broom and through the hoop, both making their way toward the ground. The one chasing Harry also hit him until a woman on a broom came up behind him, swinging a small wooden bat at the incoming ball and knocking it away with much force.

"Yes, the two Beaters must try to hit the Bludgers away from their team and toward the other team. Thank you for the demonstration, Miss Jones."

The witch who protected Harry from the Bludger came down to the ground. Gwenog Jones was tall and dark skinned, looking beautiful in her Holyhead Harpies uniform. Ginny jumped and applauded in excitement, looking at one of her favorite Quidditch players ever.

"Not a problem."

"Now, only the Beaters can use the bats to knock the Bludgers out of the way. Anyone else, well, that's a foul. Lastly, there is the Golden Snitch, this ball in my hands right now."

The students gathered around Hooch, staring down into her gloved palm. There lay the smallest ball of them all, yet the most glorious. It lay there, the golden surface reflecting the sun's rays back into their eyes, blinding them with its sheen.

"The Seeker's job is to get the Snitch, gaining 150 points at ending the game. Anyone else grabs the Snitch, and...."

"It's a foul!"

"You bet it is. Now, watch our star seeker Harry catch the snitch."

Small brittle wings erupted from the snitch, and it levitated for a few seconds over her palm, then zoomed up in the sky. The students on the ground looked all over the playing field trying to see the snitch, but no luck. Harry was able to see it however, and he sped over to try to catch it. The rest of the students were only able to see it as soon as they saw a silver blur chase a small golden speck in the air. Harry reached out and snagged the Snitch, flying back down toward the ground, brandishing the Snitch. Ludo had just finally recovered and returned to the crowd, brushing off dirt off of his knees, now covered in a new bruise thanks to the Bludger.

"Well, that covers your lesson. Now, get with your teams and come up with strategies. The first match will be the Grand Goblins vs the Hazardous Hags. Next match is the Sly Sphinxes vs the Vicious Vampires. Then the winners will fact off after, with the losers in the final match. One member of the losing team will leave us tonight. Ok, have fun everyone!"


In their room, the Grand Goblins switched into their dark red uniforms right away. They needed to strategy, as half the team were already part of the Gryffindor Quidditch Team during school, and Dean and Seamus were huge fans and knew every play, every strategy that has been executed, that there need no be to talk about it.

Ron wished he was Keeper, but he had confidence that Oliver knew that he was doing. Besides, whenever he played Quidditch at home with his brothers, he always was a Chaser. He looked over to Dean and Seamus, who were swinging their beater bats around. He remembered the days when Fred and George were the Beaters, always aiming the bludger toward him. How he missed Fred......


The Vicious Vampires took a look at their emerald green robes. They too, were confident, as the Slytherin men were already on the team. Marcus took the role as Captain of the team. He turned over to his teammates.

"Alright team, listen. Draco, as soon as you see that Snitch, go for it. Crabbe, Goyle, you guys are Beaters. I heard you were great after I left Hogwarts. So what do you guys do?"

Crabbe took his bat, holding it firmly in his fist as he shoved it into the air.

"Smash! Hurt! Hit!"

Goyle looked on at his partner in crime. He used to go along with all the things he and Draco did, but after the war, he had calmed down considerably, losing his earlier bloodlust. Marcus looked back at the Beater duo with a confused expression.

"Er, good enough I guess. Now, on to the non-players. Girls, just try to get the Quaffle to me, I should be able to pass it through. Alright?"

Pansy and Astoria nodded back.

"Good, now that just leaves Weasley here. Say Blood Traitor, how's you're experience?"

"I'll just let you know that I played Quidditch with my siblings back at home. I am a quite excellent player, thank you very much."

"Fine, just block the Quaffle from getting in. I think we are all settled in now."

Cheers erupted from Crabbe as he started violently swinging his beater's bat around. Goyle backed off, trying to not get hit. I have definitely changed, he thought. I would have done the same thing back then.

He made his way over to Pansy and Astoria, who were trying desperately to not to make contact with one other. Pansy made her way over to Goyle.

"Oh thank god someone to talk to! I couldn't stand being near that...little girl, any more. I miss that Marianna girl."


"Oh yeah, whatever that stupid girl's name was."

Goyle didn't like Marietta either. If everyone thought he was an idiot, then they must not have met this stupid girl. Marietta sold out her friends to Pansy and company, and yet she is remaining close to the people who caused such friends such pain and suffering. Even Crabbe doesn't do that! This girl can't see that Pansy is using her!

But he still remembered the promise he made to Cho back during the Herbology challenge.

"Hey, Pansy, listen."

"What is it Goyle?"

"Maybe you don't need her anymore. I mean, what has she really done for you?"

"I know, but she's now in enemy territory. She can spy for us. She sold out once already, she will do it again!"

"Do you really trust her?"

"Goyle, what's your problem? Can't you see how this is helping us? A spy will help us greatly!"

There was no use. Pansy would not listen to Goyle's insistence that they let Marietta go.


Cedric looked over the rest of the Sly Sphinxes. His team consisted of mostly men, the ones from his alliance. Luna and Romilda were the only ones he was worried about. He took Michael and Ernie over to the side, and told them to teach all the Chaser tricks they knew to Romilda as he headed his way over to Luna.

"Ok Luna, so you are the Keeper. That's a very important position to have. You know what to do?"

Luna looked back dreamily at the Hufflepuff Seeker.

"Of course. All the other teams have Loser's Lurgy, so we should be doing fine. Plus, the heliopaths can help me block the Quaffle from coming in the hoops. Believe in me, I can do this for you."

Cedric sighed and chuckled. He had no faith in Luna's skills. However, he believed in his Seeker qualities and the abilities of his Chasers, he just brushed it off and let Luna to her self. He gazed over to the room where the Hazardous Hags were planning strategy, thinking about Cho. He also remembered the accusation made by Pansy regarding her and Harry. Was she telling the truth?


Cho felt helpless. Not one person on her team had a lick of Quidditch Skill besides her. Penelope was a huge fan, but Cho didn't know if she was a good player. Then there were Hannah and Susan, who would pay attention to Cho's every word, but like Penelope, she didn't know if those two would apply it to real life. But those three paled in comparison to the Quidditch talents of Hermione, Marietta, and Lavender.

Lavender barely paid attention to her, instead focusing on fixing Hannah's hair and applying too much makeup on Susan. Hermione could barely fly on a broom, let alone play Quidditch. And Marietta wasn't even a fan of the sport, only coming out to watch the matches just to watch her. But at least Marietta is on her team and she can talk to her without interruption from Pansy. And at least the curse wore off quickly too, so it was easier for Marietta to reply.

"Ok, Penelope, you know somewhat what you are doing. Why don't you try to turn this team into the next Holyhead Harpies while I have a quick little talk with my best friend?"

Penelope nodded and gathered the rest of the Hags to discuss strategy while Cho and Marietta went to a corner to discuss their friendship.

"Marietta, please. You need to know who your friends are. I'm your friend. I don't use you for my own gains. Will you look at me?"

Cho calmly took her hand on Marietta's chin and slowly turned it, locking each other eyesight.

"You have helped me so much, when I was separated from Cedric for a while. I thank you so much for that. You burned a whole Devil's Snare for me. That I thank you for too. Let me help you, Marietta. Let me help you be even stronger. I love you as a friend, and as.....a teammate."


"Welcome to the first annual Hogwarts Champion Quidditch Matches! I am Lee Jordan, and I will be commentating today's matches! The first match will be between the Grand Goblins and the Hazardous Hags!"

Both teams, dressed respectfully in ruby red and sapphire blue, came out to the pitch and looked up at the seats. The pitch was crowded, filled with most of the Quidditch teams of United Kingdom, as well as family members and Ministry officials. Cheers erupted as the audience waved around flags in the colors of the team they were supporting. The players went on the field and in to their respective positions. Madam Hooch, dressed in her black referee robes, released the Bludgers and the Snitch. The balls went flying in the air, bludgers leaving a blood red trail in the sky, while the Snitch disappeared from plain view. Each person got on their broom and went straight up into the air.

"Alright, Madam Hooch has the Quaffle, and throws it in the air! The beautiful and newly single Angelina Johnson, hint hint, grabs it and heads toward the goal where...wait a second, where's the Keeper?"

Hermione was on the ground, still trying to get in the air. She had no luck, trying relentlessly to get off the ground, but the broom would not listen to her.

"There she is, near the base of the posts! She can't get up! No one is guarding the Hags goals! Oh dear, this should be no problem for the Goblin's Chasers! Hopefully the rest of the Hags can save their Keeper! Johnson in position to throw the ball....and she scores! 10-0, Goblins."

The Goblin's chasers high-fived each other as the Quaffle went to the Hags.

"Alright, time for the Hags to go. Chaser Penelope has the Quaffle, she's also single as well...she gets past the other chasers, throws the Quaffle and....Ooh, Keeper Oliver Wood blocked the shot as the Quaffle is now in Katie Bell's hands. Another single chaser this one is. This is a man's dream right here...Alright, Katie passes it to Ronald Weasley, then passes it to Johnson, avoiding the other chasers and...uh oh, looks like the Beaters are ready to aim the Bludgers toward them!"

A Bludger headed straight for Lavender as she took her bat, aiming her sights onto Angelina. She swung the bat at the ball.

"Ooh, and the Bludger took out Lavender Brown's bat! She must go back to the ground to pick it up. While that happened, Johnson scored another goal! 20-0 Goblins."

Cho saw as her team failed. Hermione was still on the ground, her Chasers being hit by Bludgers, and her Beaters barely hitting the balls back at the other team who kept avoiding them or sending them right back. She then focused her attention onto Ginny, who was staring right back. A mutual hatred was shared on the field between the two Seekers. Ginny hated Cho for the accusations of her snogging Harry, Cho hating Ginny for her slug spell against Marietta. Those two kept apart, circling the middle of the pitch, staring each other down.

"It looks like their has been a history between the two Seekers, as neither have looked at anything but each other for the whole game. It's been 20 minutes, score still 20-0 Goblins, but it doesn't look like either of these two care! Must be drama on this season!"

The game went on, Ginny and Cho still circling the field, Hermione still on the ground. Hannah and Penelope were able to get a few goals in, but for the rest of the match, it was a curb stomp battle. The Goblins never missed a goal, racking up point after point.

Suddenly, as Cho was staring behind Ginny, a glint of gold caught her eye. Cho headed straight for Ginny. Ginny, expecting an attack, back up quickly on her broom until she realized what Cho saw. As soon as she got next to her, Ginny followed Cho.

"And both Seekers see the Snitch! I wonder who will get it first, although with the score as it is right now, 400-50 Goblins, it doesn't matter. I guess no one else wanted to watch this murder happenin-Oh wait, they both have their arms out and....and.....Ginny Weasley has the Snitch! Final Score, 550-50 Goblins Win!"

Cheers from the red section deafened any boos that the other spectators spat out.

"Now, as that cleans up, and those teams rest, it is time for the match between the Sly Sphinxes and the Vicious Vampires!"

Moments later, players in Green and Gold poured out into the field. They mounted their brooms, and this time, everyone was able to fly into the air. Hooch released the balls, and the game started again.

"And who has the Quaffle this time? It looks like Astoria Greengrass of the Vampires. She's heading toward the the goals...Oh no, Justin Finch Fletchy of the Sphinxes knocked a Bludger into her and she's on the ground. Wow, still has a good grip on the Quaffle. Wonder if she has a good grip on other types of b-Woah, watch out there!"

Draco headed straight for Lee, stopping just moments before he crashed into the announcer.

"Alright, back to the game, it looks like Pansy Parkinson is going to save her teammate...No, actually, she takes the Quaffle out of Greengrass' hands and heads toward the goal...she throws it, and wow, blocked by Luna Lovegood! Who would have thought? Romilda Vane takes the Quaffle and heads toward the other side. Uh-oh, a Bludger is right in front of Gregory Goyle! Will he hit Vane? Hey wait a minute, Vincent Crabbe, you cannot do that!"

Romilda was trying to head toward the goal. Crabbe followed right behind her and grabbed her broom, egging Goyle on to hit her with the Bludger. Goyle looked on as Romilda tried harder and harder to escape the grasp of Crabbe. He toyed around with the idea of being as ruthless as his partner. Fortunately, Madam Hooch was able to separate Crabbe and Romilda.

"That's a foul there, Mr. Crabbe. Ms. Vane, you get a free shot."

Madam Hooch led the girl to the opposing team goals, where Percy lay waiting to block the shot.

"Vane takes aim, will Percy Weasley block the shot? And.....No, she makes it through. 10-0, Sphinxes."

The game went on, both sides being equal in terms of playing, each team scoring goals. Neville and Justin did excellent job as Beaters, knocking the ball toward the opposing team, hitting most of the time, and they were able to protect their own team. Crabbe and Goyle had a harder time. Crabbe decided to ignore the rules some of the time, either by using the bat to hit other players, or by taking his wand out. He urged Goyle to do the same. He reluctantly followed along, swinging his bat as hard as he can toward the ball or other players, earning fouls for his team, and free shots at the goal for the Sphinxes. With all of the fouls being piled up, the scores became more uneven, as the Sphinxes kept making each foul shot.

Draco kept his attention on Lee, making sure he made no horrible comments toward Astoria. Suddenly, the snitch appeared by the announcer. Draco sped toward the crowds.

"Hey, I didn't even say anything this time..oh, he sees the Snitch. Malfoy sees the Snitch. Now it looks like Cedric Diggory now does as well. Both Seekers are next to each other, but it looks like Malfoy is closer. He's reaching out and...oh no, a Bludger hits him. It looks like it was sent by Gregory Goyle of the same team!"

Goyle looked in shock. He thought he would hit the other Seeker, but was distraught when he realized he hit Draco instead. He threw his bat onto the ground, heading his way toward his friend as Cedric grabbed the Snitch, ending the game with a win for the Sly Sphinxes.

"Malfoy. I'm so sorry."

He let his wrath come back to surface. He did not want this. Goyle didn't care who was saying what, or what was happening. As long as Draco was ok. Crabbe came up from behind and tapped his shoulder.

"He'll be fine, Draco is. Let's go now, man! We need to rest so we can pummel the Mudblood in the losing round and send her home."

Sure enough, to Goyle's relief, Draco got up, and brushed himself off. He, Crabbe, and Goyle headed off to relax for their next match.

"Alright, lets take a break, and then, we will have the winner's matches, followed by the loser's matches. Be back in one hour everyone!"


Cho surveyed at her team. Some all female team she has.

"Alright team, we are going against the Slytherins. Now, of course the Gryffindor team would be perfect, and of course we lost. But not because of their team, it's because of our team! Come on, Hermione, you weren't even in the air! What's wrong?"

"I....I'm not good at flying."

"Well, here let me teach you. Penelope, teach the others more strategies. Lavender and Marietta, practice swinging your bat. Let's do it!"


The Goblins were all rested and ready to face the next team. Ginny was ecstatic with her second win against Cho.

"That'll show her to stay away from relationships."


"We are going to die."

"No we are not Neville. They may have an all star team, but we have the same talent as they do. Let's win this!"


"Kill the Mudblood!"

"Calm down Crabbe. I don't think you have to do anything to that Granger, she's done it to herself."


"And, now, it's time for the winners match. Grand Goblins vs. Sly Sphinxes. Here we go! And the match starts now!"

"And it looks like the Sphinxes have the Quaffle. Corner passes it to Macmillan, and then back to Corner, and back to Macmillan. This is getting confusing, they keep passing it back and forth to each other, I can't tell who has the Quaffle. Oh, it looks like neither of them have it, Weasley passed in en and took the ball. Finch Fletchy aims a Bludger straight toward....and it's a hit. Vane picks up the Quaffle. Finnegan sets up his Bludger and....oh, another hit. Bell picks up the ball this time, she's at the goal, and....Score! 10-0 Goblins. Oh, it looks like Corner was right behind the goals and got the Quaffle right away, now he's heading toward the goal, but Wood should be able to stop this...but no, he doesn't, and Corner ties the score, 10-10. And it looks like Vane is shouting to her Seeker. But it can't be....yes, Vane sees the Snitch and she's directing Diggory toward it! Looks like Weasley also heard Vane, both Seekers are broom to broom, with now beaters of the Sphinx team chasing them, as well as setting up Bludgers! Looks like the end for the Goblins!"

Neville had the Bludger right in front of him. Ginny was a straight line away. He could swing the bat and hit her, letting Cedric take a lead and grab the Snitch. But then he remembered what she said to him the night that he made the alliance with the guys.

Neville was torn. He should have known that something like this would happen Who should he work for, his Silver trio alliance, or his guys alliance. He shut his eyes, still keeping control of the broom, and swung the bat.

"Ooh, and the Bludger Longbottom hits goes into Finch Fletchy! Oh no, they had a chance, but they blew it. Wealsey takes the lead and...yes, she grabs the Snitch! Grand Goblins win!"

The Grand Goblin team rushed to the ground, picking up their prized Seeker on Oliver's shoulders, and paraded her around the pitch. The Sphinxes also came down, and stared down Neville, making him feel guilty inside. Both teams were ushered out of the stadium by Madam Hooch, who was getting a little tired of the matches, and wanted them to end quickly.

"Now, its time for the Hazardous Hags vs. the Vicious Vampires. A reminder that the losing team will be up for elimination, and one member will go home tonight, selected by Ludo Bagman, who just happens to be right next to me and, as the other teams are setting up, would like to make an announcement."

"Yes, thank you Mr. Jordan. Well, before the final match, I hope you all had a wonderful time watching the bright young students battle it out athletically for once. Doesn't this field look great? Look at all the stuff that was rebuilt! How can we not appreciate it? Well, first, I would like to announce the winner of that challenge. That winner will receive two tickets to the next World Cup. I proudly present those tickets to the Seeker of the Grand Goblins team, Ginny Weasley!"

Cheers erupted from the crowds as Ludo took out two tickets, and Ginny came up to the booth where he was, yanked the tickets out of his hand, and presented them to the crowds watching her. Gwenog Jones, also in the same booth, came up to her.

"You got quite a future in Quidditch, young Weasley. Ever thought of playing professionally? Come join me down stairs. We will get a bite to eat and discuss your future."

Ginny blushed as her eyes widened from shock. She never thought about playing professionally. She also never thought about grabbing a meal with the one and only Gwenog Jones.

"Oh, congratulations young Weasley. Now, Mr. Jordan, it looks like the teams are all set. Mostly. You may return to announcing."

"Thank you, Mr. Bagman! Now, it looks like Hooch released all the balls, and time for the game to start. Oh dear, it looks like Granger is still on the ground!"

Hermione kept trying to think how Cho demonstrated mounting a broom and flying, but it was no use. She would be gone. She knew it. Hermione looked up. Draco and Pansy were sneering at her. Crabbe and Goyle had Bludgers in front of them, facing her who was already on the ground. Cho was in the middle, with her hand in the air.

Wait a minute, she thought. Why is Cho not looking for the Snitch? Unless....

"Wow, I don't believe it. Audience, it looks like not even five minutes into the match, Cho Chang already found and captured the Snitch! Talk about an anticlimactic finish to this wonderful day! Sorry folks, but the Hazardous Hags win. That means one member of Vicious Vampires will walk home a loser tonight."

The crowds threw their flags onto the ground, booing at the lack of excitement of the last match. Crabbe, in his fury, swung his bat at the Bludger still in front of him, smacking Hermione right in the head, knocking her out. Madam Hooch, after collecting all the balls, ran straight toward her.

"Oh my, she's bleeding. But it doesn't look serious. Take her to Madam Pomfrey's right away!"

Cho and Marietta handed off their brooms to their team, and summoned a cot for the unconscious Hermione to lie down on. They both carried her straight to the Infirmary. Ludo stepped on to the field.

"Vicious Vampires, all of you are up for elimination. Now, before I pass judgement, I have a question for all of you. Who would do you think should go home on your team?"

Pansy, Crabbe, Marcus, Astoria, and Draco all collectively said Percy should be going home. Percy, taken aback, said that Goyle should go home for losing the first match. Goyle was the last one to answer. His face scrunched up, meaning that you know that he was actually thinking. He finally came up with an answer.

"Crabbe. He had a lot of fouls, and I think it is fair that he goes."

The rest of the team looked stunned at Goyle. No one expected him to say his own chum. Crabbe looked back at Goyle, hurt. Goyle couldn't bare to look at his teammates anymore. Ludo cleared his throat.

"Very well. Percy, Vincent, Gregory, you three were voted so step forward."

The three of them stood in a line in front of Ludo.

"Percy, although you were voted the most, you are safe, as you played fairly, unlike these two. Please step back. Good, now both of you made the most, if not the only, fouls throughout your entire match, losing a lot of points for your team. But I have noticed something. Gregory, you didn't start until Vincent egged you on. I think it might be amazing to see what happens with both of you separated. Gregory, please go back and join your team."

Goyle turned around and made the first eye contact with his teammates since their loss. As soon as he looked, Pansy, Marcus, and Draco turned away from him, not bothering to acknowledge him. Astoria rushed up to Goyle and gave him a hug, squeezing him tightly as he silently sobbed into her shoulder.

Crabbe looked back at his friend, shocked at being back stabbed against his own team and closest friend he ever had.

"Vincent Crabbe, look forward please. Due to your rage and anger on the Quidditch field, you must go. You are a poison to other people. I'm sorry, Vincent, but you are not the Hogwarts Champion. Leave us."


I think this was the longest chapter yet.


Who's it going to be?
19 boys, 19 girls, only one is the best of the best!

Chapter 6 is finished! Who's leaving us so soon? Please take a look!
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Re: Hogwarts Champion! Hosted by.....

Challenge 8: Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes

As soon as the Vicious Vampire team returned to the tents, they (with the exception of Percy, who went straight to his bed) all huddled around their usual warm campfire to discuss the trend of disappearing Slytherins. Marietta soon joined Pansy's side as Draco stood up angrily walking back and forth. He kept glaring back at Goyle, trying to find the right words to say. Every time he would speak, he would stop himself and go back to pacing by the fire while Goyle would look back, guilty with the vote of expelling Crabbe from the competition. Finally, after a few moments of silence, he finally spoke.

"Goyle, how could you?"

Goyle knew that question would come, but he didn't know how much the pain would pierce his heart. He hung his head down, shamefully as Draco kept berating him.

"We are a team, Goyle. We have always been together even before Hogwarts. We vowed to stay together throughout this competition. Weasley was right there! He would have been gone, idiot!"

Goyle had enough ow. Although he might have deserved that last remark, that was one too many insults coming from his so called friend.


The Slytherins were taken aback by the once soft voice of Goyle, now rising above a yell.

"Friends don't insult friend every time they do something wrong. I've had enough of you and Crabbe putting me down."

Goyle got up as Draco slithered back down to the ground. Goyle wasn't the greatest wizard out there, but he was physically intimidating, towering over most of the Slytherins.

"If you must know why, I said Crabbe because I was being honest. Crabbe was doing bad during the challenge. I didn't make him go. Potter did. Besides, the weak must go."

At the end of his profound statement, he added a side glance over in Marietta's direction. Pansy, for reasons known to her, decided to take offense and stood up in front of Goyle, dragging Marietta to her side. Unfortunately, the timid Ravenclaw was brought over the fire, singeing her robes and starting fire to her sleeves.

"How can you think of yourself in rough times like this? Draco, honey, this wasn't the first time he wanted to separate the team. He wanted us to ditch Marietta. Oh dear."

The flames proressed from the sleeve opening to Marietta's shoulder. Pansy finally took notice to her partner's safety, as she drew her wand and cast Aguamenti on her, dowsing the flame out. Astoria looked on, soffing at the two of them.

"About time you recognize her."

Pansy and Marietta pat down the rest of the small fires and took their seats as Astoria rose to take her turn to talk.

"Now look, yes, we made a pact to look out for each other, and Goyle did break this trust, but maybe it was for the best. Now we can be strong and win. And when the heck did we include her in? What has she done for us to keep her around?

Pansy gripped Marietta's shoulders tightly as she brought her back to her feet. Suprisingly, Pansy crouched behind her, shaking her arms, whispering in her ear.

"You tell her, Marietta."


It was no use standing up to Astoria. Although younger in age, her presence was too much for the meek Marietta to handle. She stuttered, trying to find the right comeback to Astoria's accusations of her worthlessness.

"I..led the team in the Charms challenge."

"You were second to last, dummy. When will you realize that you are just Pansy's plaything. Can't you at least be of some use?"

Pansy finally stepped forward to defend her lackey.

"She's had enough. Let's go guys."

Pansy led Marietta away from the group. Draco looked at Goyle and Astoria, tears of betrayal filling his eyes, then turned around and followed Pansy. Marcus, who sat down the entire time the accusations started flying, got up and addressed the rest of the group left.

"We can't split up more than this. We only have five people left, six if you include that feeble shaking girl. I was a captain before, I can be one again. You two get to sleep now."

Marcus headed off to his bead, leaving Goyle and Astoria to tend to the fire.

"Don't worry Goyle, I'm sure once Draco settles down, he will understand."

"And Pansy?"

"Could care less, actually. She's actually going out of her way to be mean. The sooner she's gone the better."

"And the girl?"


"Was that her name?"

"Yes, Goyle. Anyway, she's nice, but she doesn't do much or us and she should go too. I wish she had her own opinions though."

"Yeah, that Cho girl does too."

"Cho Chang?"

"Yeah, she wants her friend back and away from Pansy."

"Hm, I see. Well, if she wants her off, then we can use her to help us. We will think about this tomorrow. Let us rest."


"Hey Luna, look over there."

Ginny directed Luna's wayward attention over to the remaining Hufflepuff boys, surrounding Neville. They were arguing with im.

"Oh dear, Neville needs our help."

"He might. Let's take out the ears again."

Ginny reached into her robe pocket and brought out two Extendable Ears, putting one in Luna's palm.

"You just keep these around?"

"Yeah. You didn't live with Fred and George."

She shrugged as she charmed hers and Luna's ears under a nearby table, where the boys wouldn't see the two of them eavesdropping. They just got there in time to listen to Cedric.

"-could have won! I could have won! We could have beaten the odds!"

Justin held on to Cedric, making sure the Hufflepuff seeker would not move on to attack Neville. Of course, Cedric wouldn't physically hurt him, but Justin wanted to make Cedric seem threatening. Ernie stepped in between the two sides to give his opinion.

"Look, Neville, what we Hufflepuffs value is loyalty."

"I am loyal. I am loyal to my team."

"But, you went against us guys!"

"Not true. I helped out Seamus, Dean, Oliver, and Ginny!"

"Wait, Ginny isn't part of our team!"

"No, Justin, she's on my team and I am helping her out."

"Woah, woah wait."

Cedric wrestled himself out of Justin's half-hearted attempt to "protect" Neville from his "wrath."

"I don't think you understand how this alliance thing works. You don't form separate teams hoping everyone will get along. You stick with once team only. Neville, who are you with?"

"I want to help everyone, but..."

Ginny charmed the ears back into her pocket.

"Alright, he needs help. Lets go to him."

Ginny and Luna got up to walk over to the group. Before they arrived, Ginny primped themselves up, opening part of their robes to show more skin.

"Ok, we're ready. Let's go. Hey Neville dear!"

Ginny put her hand on Neville's shoulders, rubbing them back and forth as to massage them.

"Thank you for the win, teammate. See you later."

With an added flirtatious giggle at the end, she and Luna headed off to the beds. Justin, Cedric, and Ernie all faced Neville, who let of a small smile and a little shrug. Luna, uncomfortable with Ginny's makeover, looked back at the group, confused with Ginny's tactics.

"They look angrier. How did we help Neville?"

Ginny left out a little laugh, patting Luna on the back. Luna leaned forward a little, moved by the force of Ginny's unintended push.

"It helps Neville choose who he was with. He's now with us."


Morning rolled by, with the 27 remaining contestants slowly piling into the Great Hall, exhausted from the Quidditch matches. Ron was carrying Hermione, treating the bruise on her forehead caused from the Bludger Crabbe aimed at her.

"Feeling better?"

"Yes, especially feeling lucky seeing as I couldn't get my broom up at all. Hopefully this challenge will not be dangerous."

"That's asking for much, I'm afraid. Let's see what Ludo has in store for us."

"I'll tell you what you guys have in store!"

As if he heard the conversation between Hermione and Ron, Ludo addressed the contestants. Harry and Rita sat behind at the table, which was littered with boxes of all shapes and sizes. The students all looked in awe and fear, wondering what could be in those boxes. Harry and Rita got up and each grabbed a box, putting each hand of the sides.

"Alright, Skeeter, Potter, lift them up!"

They quickly picked up the boxes, revealing smaller boxes inside. They were bright orange with purple W's printed all over them. The students would have cheered and jumped around in joy if they weren't so tired and sore.

"That's correct contestants! This challenge will be all about the Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes! You will be forming teams and you will work together to make your very own product that, once chosen, will be sold at WWW's! Now, I understand that there have been some complaints about team selection. So this is what we will do. You will pair up, in groups of three. That way you can be sure that there is no bias against anyone. Begin!"

The students all walked around, trying to get their friends to join them. Ron and Hermione grabbed Penelope as soon as they could to form their team. Katie, Angelina and Romilda formed their all girl team quickly, with Lavender, Hannah, and Susan creating theirs at the same time.

Marcus, with the focus of getting the Slytherins back together, went over to Draco. Before he got their, Pansy butted in front of him.

"Draco, let's join forces. I have been always loyal to the team. And Marietta will help us as well."

Darn, Marcus thought. Well, there are other Slytherins to work with. He headed over to where Goyle and Astoria were.

"Alright, it looks like it's going to be us three."


Goyle and Astoria both rubbed their necks. Marcus became worried, thinking that he had been forgotten.

"I'm sorry Marcus, but we just asked Cho Chang to join us. I forgot that you were still around. Next time we will work together, I promise."

Marcus hung his head down, walking away from the two of them. He thought of what he was going to do next, but he couldn't help feeling forgotten.

I can't believe I'm alone now.


Cedric searched all over for him male alliance to form teams. He ran past Neville, who he didn't give any second thoughts of forming a team with him. Good riddance to traitors, he thought as Ginny and Luna. There are other guys to work with. He headed over to find some other Gryffindors to work with, so that Neville could see that even members of his own house would work against him. But as that thought crossed his mind, Seamus, Dean and Percy quickly joined a group of their own.

So, he thought, want to keep it inside the house, huh? Two can play at that.

"Justin, Ernie, where are you?"

"Over here, but...."

Cedric followed Ernie's voice over to where they were. As soon as he got there, he was saddened by what he saw. He saw his two housemates with Michael.

"So I guess you guys already have a team, huh?"

"Yeah, I'm sorry. But hey, at least we are still loyal to the team unlike Wormtail over there."

"I guess."

"Well, hey, Oliver still isn't on a team! You could still join with him!"

"Perfect! Anyone else?"

"Yeah, well....it's Marcus."

"Great, that means I will have to focus most of my time trying to keep those two apart. Oh well, thank you Justin. Yo Oliver and Marcus!"

Cedric headed over to his two former Quidditch rivals.

"Look, we are the only teamless people left. So, let's put aside our differences and make this work, ok?"

Oliver and Marcus glared at each other, dreading the thought of being on the same team. Oliver extended his hand out to shake Marcus', who in turn grabbed it. There was little shaking going on, as both arms remained rigid. Cedric was just glad he was on a team.

"There we go. Now, let's win!"

The nine teams, now all formed, turned their attention back to Ludo.

"Well, good, it looks like everyone now has their teams. It doesn't look as diverse as I thought it would be, but anyway, teams are set. Now, let me introduce you to the judges. Say hello to the founders of WWW, Fred and George Weasley!"

Gasps filled the room, both of excitement and confusion. As much as they were glad to see the Weasley twins again, many were shocked that Fred Weasley would be joining them. Did he come back as a ghost?

No, for as soon as the doors behind them opened, both twins came through the doors and stood next to Ludo. The Weasley contestants stood silent, tears filled Angelina's eyes, Oliver and Katie both put their hands over their mouths. Fred Weasley was standing right there in front of them.

And yet, there was something different about him. His walk was uneven, he couldn't stand still, and he had a small silver flask that he kept drinking from. George wasn't the same either. He had a blank stare in his face, staring out into the crowd. However, his cold eyes made no contact with any particular person.

The sadness first felt turned to fear, as the twins started to talk. The twins that started talking didn't have the same soul in their voice that they used to have. Rita quickly took out her parchment, and stared at Harry and Ludo.

There's no way you are fooling everybody, she thought. I will get to the bottom of this.

"Thank you all for having us here. I'm Fred, and this is my brother George. You can tell by the F on me and the G on him. Now, your teams will come up with the best joke product and present it in front of us. We will decide who has the best presentation and item that we can sell. That team will win, and the product will on store shelves as soon as possible. The product that we decide that is the worst will be up for elimination, and the one sent home will be chosen by Mr. Potter and Mr. Bagman here. Now, get to working, kids!"

"Thank you Mr. Weasley. Now, you heard the man, head straight back to the tents and get to work!"


As the contestants returned to the tents, they all split up into their little teams and put their creative and humorous minds together to come up with the perfect product for Weasley Wizarding Wheezes.

Hermione and Penelope were the first ones to get parchment out and started jotting down ideas.

"Well, I have never been to their store. I'm afraid I have no idea of where to start."

"Well, Ron and I have, and he knows everything in that shop of theirs, right Ron? Ronald?"

Ron was away from the group by the tent opening, looking out at the castle. The sunlight reflected off of his sorrowful face as Hermione walked up and placed her arm around him.

"He's back, Hermione. I thought he was gone forever."

"No one is gone forever, we will all see each other again, sooner or later. I was quite surprised too when I saw them together again."

"Why didn't anyone else tell me."

"I don't know, Ron, but we need to get back and focus on our project. After this whole competition is done, we will see him again. Right now, Penelope needs our help. Let us go back."


"It didn't seem odd to either of you?"

Susan also questioned the return of Fred Weasley to the castle. Lavender looked back at her partner.

"Why would it be odd?"

"Um, because didn't you notice Fred dying at the final battle?"

"I'm sorry, I was too busy letting Fenrir Greyback eat me to notice."

"I can't be the only one who finds this odd. Come on, Hannah, do you agree with me?"

"Yes, Susan. But right now, I don't have a win, you don't have a win, Lavender doesn't have a win. We need to get a win, is what I'm trying to say. I don't think that a revived Weasley brother is our problem. Besides, Lavender came up with a good idea, I think we should listen to her."

"Ok, but I'm not done with this. Lavender, what are you thinking of?"


"Ok, so.....yeah. Are you two getting along?"

Cedric was worried about Marcus and Oliver getting along. Even before they made it to the tent, Cedric was making sure that the two opposing Quidditch Captains got along. However, with every assurance that these two were getting along, Marcus and Oliver were getting annoyed with him. They worked together to make sure that Cedric wouldn't bother them more. The nagging wouldn't stop, and Cedric would spend most of the time making sure that he was satisfied that the two are working together.


Cho, Astoria, and Goyle were working on their project, making sure that they had their presentation set. Cho was tentative with working with two Slytherins. She didn't know why these two asked for her to work with them. Were they going to recruit her into their gang that they already fooled Marietta into joining?

"Ok, I have to ask. Why did you want me? You had another Slytherin to work with, what is it with me?"

"Goyle told me that you asked him to get rid of Marietta, correct?"

"No, I wanted Marietta away from you....you guys."

"Same thing, really. Well, Goyle and I don't want her on our team, but Pansy is holding on to her really hard, and we are trying to convince the rest of the team and her to let her go. We will help you if you will help me and Goyle here. Do we have a deal? We will ally ourselves with you so that you can get your Marietta back."

Cho looked over to the group Marietta was in. Pansy had her arm around Marietta while Draco wrote down whatever they were thinking about. A rage filled Cho as Pansy now lay her head on Marietta's shoulders.



Alright, I have been on the computer for too long, I need to take a break. The exciting ending will be up soon, so keep looking forward and talk about what's going on in the Feedback section!


Who's it going to be?
19 boys, 19 girls, only one is the best of the best!

Chapter 6 is finished! Who's leaving us so soon? Please take a look!
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Re: Hogwarts Champion! Hosted by.....

Has it been a month since I last posted? Geez.....I should be doing better than this. Oh well, the conclusion of the challenge....


"Ok, I'm glad to see you two working together. Finally, this can work out!"

"Cedric, Marcus and I haven't argued at all during this challenge."

"I know, this is great! You two can finally stay in the same room together! But, just to make sure we win, I already made up some designs and let me run them by you two to see which one we will present to the somehow revived Weasleys!"

"What, you made stuff already without any input from us?"

"I agree with Oliver...."

"And now you two are agreeing with each other! Perfect!"

"Listen to us, Cedric. We need to be a team now. Not you worrying about the two of us getting along while you go off and do all the work, possibly dragging us down."

"Oh, that's not going to happen, I got you two to be one, there's no way we can lose. Now, let's look at this....."

Oliver and Marcus kept protesting, but Cedric ignored the two, shuffling through his papers with an excited look on his face. Oliver sighed, slouching down back in his chair.

"If we lose, Marcus, he's going down."



"Yes Neville? Got any ideas?"

"Well, no, but I need to say something. I do not appreciate what you and Luna did earlier."

Ginny and Luna looked at each other, then both turned their attention back to Neville, Luna being apologetic.

"Neville, I told you, you can only be in one team. You cannot help everyone. What Luna and I...."

"Actually Ginny, I was paying attention to the Hinkypuffs in the ceiling when we walked by. You did everything."

"Thanks Luna. Anyway, we made sure that you weren't stuck in the middle of two alliances, no need to go back and forth."

"I liked Justin, Ernie, Cedric..."

Luna, who wanted out of the conversation for the longest time, suddenly piped up.

"I like those guys too. Did you know what Cedric told me about the vampires? They....."

"Ok, Luna. Yes, I liked those guys too. But now this competition, we need to win all that we can, and we can't do that by helping everyone."

Neville took a couple of steps back, staring at Ginny, her proud aura glowing from her.

"Ginny.....you are not yourself."


The afternoon went by, with the nine teams jotting down ideas, getting their final product ready to present to the twins. Rita walked back and forth throughout the Great Hall, jotting down notes for her synopsis of the program.

One thing was bothering her throughout this whole competition. Not the fact that former friends are at each others necks, nor the fact that kids are getting seriously hurt to the point of death. No, how do dead people come back to life? And why judge a reality competition? What was Ludo up to? Rita had some questions for Ludo and Harry. But those will have to wait, because....

"All right teams, time is up. You will be summoned one team at a time to present your idea to the five of us. In the end, one team will have their product selected as the winner, and will be in WWW's store soon after! Let's go!"


Lavender, Hannah, and Susan's team was first up. They proceeded out of the Great Hall and headed toward the Charms classroom where the judging would take place. The three walked down the long hallway, walls adorned with the Weasley Wizarding Wheezes logo, red and blue torches providing the only source of light. Although witches and wizards felt joy when browsing the aisles of the joke store, the three of them couldn't help but feel nervous as they took each step toward the classrom.

They finally reached the end of the hallway, when they reached the doors to the classroom, where a young girl, grey and empty in the eyes, awaited.

"Are you three ready?"

With eyes wide, the three girls nodded slowly. The voice of the young girl, dressed with WWW employee robes, opened the door.

"Mr. Weasley and Mr. Weasley, they are ready."

"Thank you Verity. Let them in."

The three were led into the classroom. Susan leaned her head over to Hannah, whispering softly in her ear.

"I don't like any of this. At all. I suspect Imperius."

The three of them walked toward the end of the classroom where Fred, George, Harry, Ludo, and Rita sat down, parchment in hand, surrounding each team that entered to pitch their idea to them. After a brief moment of silence, Hannah stepped forward.

"Hello guys, Fred, George, I have something to add to the WonderWitch product line. Lavender, if you would please show the the panel the drawings."

Lavender stepped forward with drawings of a crystal ball, similar to the ones used in Divination classes.

"These may look like the ones used to predict the future, but instead they are used to track unfaithful boyfriends. Anytime your significant other kisses, hugs, or shows any type of unloyal affection for another person, this ball will activate, showing the girl the image of the action taking place, letting the girl know what happens so that she would not be in the dark of her boyfriend's misdeeds."

"I got the idea from my sixth year, after I found my boyfriend at the time falling in love with Hermione Granger, instead of being with me."

"Yes, well, here's how it would work. The witch would buy it before starting a relationship. A magical contract will start with the first kiss, and that is when the ball will start tracking the movements of the other person. Soon as that unfaithful kiss or hug happens, the witch will know. The contract is broken as soon as the relationship ends. Thank you for listening, and we hope you choose our product."

The three turned around, Verity leading them out.


The next team to enter were Ron, Hermione, and Penelope. Ron was shaking at the knees, nervous at seeing his brothers alive and staring down at him. Hermione held him close to her side.

"It's ok Ron, let me and Penelope do the talking."

"No, I'll be fine. I can help with this."

The three arrived at the center. Penelope and Hermione, resigned with not being the leader of the group, held out the parchment as Ron spoke, voice wavering with a little fear.

"Brothers, I would like to present the ultimate payback. We came up with this product after an incident during our sixth years, when I was attacked by a swarm of small birds, for no reason at all."

Hermione rolled her eyes at this comment. He knows, she thought to herself.

"Now, I like to call this product Animal Revenge. These balls, as shown in the drawings Penelope holding, are a different color, representing the animal of choice. For example, yellow are canaries, pink are worms, etc, etc. The ball will be placed in a hidden spot, and soon as the intended target is near, the animals will release and attack the person for a specific amount of time, longest being 30 seconds."

"Now, how will the balls know who to attack? Hermione?"

"Well, this is the sneaky part. You must get a piece of hair, nail, or something of that person to insert inside the ball, same as Polyjuice potion. The charmed animals inside the ball will get the 'smell' of the target, so it would not attack anyone else."

Smiles ran across the faces of the judging panel. The shaking and wavering Ron was experiencing was replaced with newfound confidence, as now he felt he was worth something more in the eyes of his older siblings.

"Thank you for taking your time to listen to us, and hopefully, this product will be on the shelves of your guys' store!"

The team turned around to walk out, with Hermione and Penelope both patting Ron on the back.

"I knew you could do it."


Katie, Angelina, and Romilda entered next.

"Hello, Mr. Weasley. Now, I know you guys are great Quidditch Players, as are my teammates, so I know you will love this game. Katie, Angelina, and I present DodgeBludge!"

Katie brought out a bludger under her robes, tightly locked in a cage to not escape and wreck havoc in the Charms classroom.

"As you see in my hands, a regular Bludger, right? Well, how about those people who cannot fly yet want to experience the rush of dodging a bludger? Well, this bludger will help you in that experience! Angelina?"

"Yes, this game, played by up to fourteen people, the same amount of people on the field during a game, will all run around, trying to avoid the bludger. If you are hit with a bludger, you are out. Now, there's more. One time use Bludger Bats will be scattered around the area. Pick one up if a Bludger is after you, and you can knock it away from you. The bats will disappear until the next game, so use the bat wisely!"


Speaking of Quidditch, the team of Marcus, Cedric, and Oliver were next up. In the hallway, Cedric turned around to face his two teammates, walking backwards toward Verity.

"Let me do the talking. After all, it is my idea, right?"


Oliver leaned over to whisper something to Marcus.

"So when we fail on his stupid plan of his, he will take all the blame."

Marcus let a little laugh out of his troll like mouth as they entered the classroom. Cedric ran toward the center, leaving his two teammates trying to catch up to him.

"Hello gentlemen. Ever wanted to get a word in, but no one is allowing you? Use Sonorus, right? Oh, but no wand.....I present the Sonophone! A portable device you can use to make your voice loud and proud. Thank you for listening, there really isn't that much to it, it's so simple, Marcus could use it!"


"Thank you once again, you all have a great day."

Cedric walked out of the room, leaving Oliver and Marcus to trail behind him.

"THAT.....WAS IT!? That was your presentation? It sucked!"


Teams poured in and out of the classroom, boring the heck out of Rita. She just listened to the dumb ideas of Justin's team. A mini-Sneakoscope? Lame. At least not as bad as Draco's team idea of firework Death Eater symbols. Not was it lame, but that could cause some trouble in real life if some kid sent up the symbol of the former Dark Lord.

But she still couldn't shake the fact that she was sitting next to the body of Fred Weasley. He's dead, why is he here? Wouldn't that be more important than being a competition judge? She heard that the Weasley's were committed to their job, but this is just too much.

After listening to Seamus' team presenting refillable Butterbeer glasses, she walked over to where Ludo was sitting.


"Yes Ms. Skeeter?"

"Why is Fred Weasley here?"

"Why, to judge this challenge, of course."

"Besides that. He, among other judges, are supposed to be deceased."

"Now, Ms. Skeeter, I invite you here and you question things that I do? Have you no manners?"

"I do, but..."

"Then let it be."

Rita went back to her seat, mumbling to herself as Neville's team entered the classroom presenting the idea of using the Every Flavor for more than just beans.


The final team of Cho, Astoria, and Goyle left the classroom after giving their idea of Prankologies, a apology gift given to victims of a prank that can be used as either a sincere gift or another prank hidden in it. Cho separated from the group and headed toward Draco, Pansy, and Marietta. Astoria looked shocked at her.

"Cho, what are you doing?"

"Our product gave me an idea."

Cho grabbed Marietta's hand and dragged over to a separate area, puzzling Draco and Pansy.

"Marietta, I am sorry. I am sorry for how I treated you during this competition. I am so sorry that I cannot see you with other people besides me. I am so sorry for everything I might have done wrong recently. I wanted you to know that. If you forgive me, I will be forever grateful, and I promise to treat you like a friend again. I understand if you do not however, after the way I treated you. It's just, this competition. It just does things to people that....I can't completely understand it, but you must know what I mean."

Marietta felt worthy again in herself. No one was talking to her as a puppet, but as an equal again.

"Cho, I waited so long to hear this. Yes, I forgive you. As long as you are also sorry for just pulling on my arm away. That hurt!"

Cho looked down at her hand, which was still holding Marietta. She quickly let go, blushing.

"Yeah, that too."

Both girls laughed, but Marietta put her hand out to sush Cho.

"I always was your friend, and always will be. But I need to stay by Pansy's side a little longer. I'll be back with you as soon as she is eliminated."


"Well, well, well, that was an interesting day, with all wonderful products. But, we can only choose one product. So, will the following remain in the Great Hall while the rest of you return to the tents."

Ludo rolled out parchment with twelves names on it, representing the two best and the two worst teams.

"Katie, Romilda, Angelina, Ron, Hermione, Penelope, Hannah, Susan, Lavender, Oliver, Marcus, and Cedric. The rest of you are safe. Please return while we talk with these two teams."

The fifteen safe contestants left the Great Hall as the twelve names called formed into their teams. Fred also left the Hall, although he didn't follow the fifteen, instead taking a passage to the dungeons, leading George to follow him. When Ludo wasn't paying attention, Rita quickly followed the twins, making sure that no one would follow her or see her.

"Now, I have talked with Mr. Weasley and Mr. Weasley, and we discovered that your team's products got a lot of attention, either good or bad."

"We all liked both DodgeBludge and Animal Revenge. But only one team can succeed. Now, we liked DodgeBludge, but the thing is, it is just a little too dangerous, so we liked the idea, but not enough. Congratulations, Ron, Hermione, and Penelope, Animal Revenge is the newest product of Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes! And as the winner, Ron, you will be getting paid a part of what every Animal Revenge sells. Congratulations! You two teams can leave and head toward the tents."

Ron tightly hugged Hermione, tears rolling down his eyes. While Hermione was glad for him, Penelope was not. He was bothered throughout the whole day. She didn't think he worked enough for a win.

More bias, she thought.

"Now, for the remaining teams, Sonophone and.....well, you girls never really gave a name for your product. Whatever you girls called it, we found it quite sexist and intruding. However, you showed some creativity at least, so you three may leave. Now, the Sonophone, or as the Muggles call it, a microphone."

Cedric stepped forward.

"Sir, I had no idea that Muggles had that thing. I came up with it after trying to get a word in with these two arguing all day."

"We didn't argue at all! Marcus and I got along well enough, thank you very much."

Ludo raised his eyes at the group of boys arguing with each other.

"Stop it, all of you. You guys are some of the oldest competitors. Act your age. Now Cedric, you came up with this idea?"


"Well, then, you are all to blame here for your teams loss then."

"But the others didn't-"

"I have a feeling that you didn't give them a chance. I'm sorry, but, just like the Triwizard Tournament, you are not the Hogwarts Champion. Leave us, Cedric."


"Whew, that was close."

"Yeah, it was a good thing that their product wasn't as bad as ours, I guess, right Sue? Susan, where are you going?"

"Just for a walk, Hannah. I'll catch up with both of you later."

Lavender and Hannah looked at each other, shrugged, and headed off toward the tents. Susan made her way back into the castle, heading straight for the dungeons.


Rita had successfully followed Fred and George throughout the whole dungeon. She had her Quick Quill follow her, taking notes. From what she noticed, it seemed as if Fred was making George follow him against his will. Something wasn't right. She followed the two until they reached a room that Rita didn't recognize from her times as a student at Hogwarts.

This must be where Ludo keeps his secrets she thought to herself.

Fred slowly opened the door, letting George go in first, and him following. After closing the door behind him, Rita ran toward it and tried opening the door.



Still nothing. This door had to open somehow. She pondered for a little while until she heard footsteps behind her. She had been caught! She looked for a way out, forgetting her Animagus abilities in the moment of panic. She was about to charge and attack her foe when the source of the footsteps approached. It wasn't Ludo, it was one of the girls from the competition. Nevertheless, her wand was still at the ready.

"Who are you?"

"Susan Bones."

"Bones, where have I heard that name....Ah yes, Amelia Bones at the Ministry. You must be her daughter."

"Niece. She had no children."

"Oh. Sorry."

"You should be. As well as for every other mistake you wrote about-"

"Not that, girl, I meant for your loss. Amelia was one of the Ministry Officials that I respected."

"Oh, yes. Thanks I guess."

"What are you doing down here in the dungeons?"

"What, going to tell Ludo that I know something is going on with all the dead people showing up?"

Rita lowered her wand. Does this girl know something?

"What do you know?"

"Wow, this is going smoother than usual."

"Do you want me to torture?"

"No, no, that's fine. I think the Imperius Curse is being used. At least in George's case. I have no idea where Fred came from."

Drat, Rita thought. Nothing new.

"Yes, it seems that way. I am trying to figure that out for myself, but I have no idea as well."

"You don't know? Ludo doesn't tell you?"

"I'm just here as a guest, not a host, Bones."

"So I'm not the only one who noticed then. Well, then, why don't we work together, form a secret alliance to expose the truth?"

"An al-ia-nce? What's that?"

"When people work together."

"Never heard of that before."

"Like when Pansy gave you all that information about Hermione during the Triwizard Tournament."

"Oh, that's an alliance?"

"Pretty much."

"That makes much more sense now. So, we give each other information about Ludo and his shady dealings then?"


"Then it's settled. We will both bring Ludo down from the inside then. Hmmm....this is odd. I never had someone willingly work with me before."

"It's because of the respect you had for my family, and the fact that you are the only other person that I know is actively trying to figure this mystery out."

"Very well. Well, it is getting late, you should probably get some rest. We can snoop around some other day.


Well, the challenge is finally over. Please leave Feedback in the post section!


Who's it going to be?
19 boys, 19 girls, only one is the best of the best!

Chapter 6 is finished! Who's leaving us so soon? Please take a look!
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Re: Hogwarts Champion! Hosted by.....

Hermione: Has it been three months since Ludo left us here?

Pansy: I think so. I'm starting to think that they just abandoned us. Now even I'm wishing I lost so at least I would be home.

Ron: So hungry, I wish they at least left us more food.

Ernie: SHHH! I hear footsteps......

Ludo: Ah, hello everybody!

Romilda: Where have you been?

Ludo: Just enjoying myself thank you. So, who won?

Ginny: Nobody yet. You and Harry are supposed to tell us that!

Ludo: Oh yes, that's right. Where were we again?

Draco: We just finished the Weasley Wizarding Wheezes challenge.

Cho: You kicked Cedric out, don't you remember?

Ludo: Ah yes, that. Pity poor Cedric had to leave us. Well, don't you worry, the show will be back on this Friday! For now, you keep yourselves occupied in the tents. Carry on.

Remaining Contestants: AWWWWWWWWW!


Who's it going to be?
19 boys, 19 girls, only one is the best of the best!

Chapter 6 is finished! Who's leaving us so soon? Please take a look!
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