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Dodging Curtains

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Dodging Curtains

"What if she's, you know...right?"

"Ah, Wormtail, she's a right old fraud."

"You're not the one who had a moon in their teacup."

"Not you too, Moony!"

"Sirius, I'm being--"

"What, serious?"

"Silence, my valiant comrades!"

"Oh, Merlin. Here he goes."

"No stopping him now."

"Ssh, let Prongs speak!"

"Thank you, my dear Wormtail...C'mon guys, are we really going to believe someone like her? If what she says is true, then we're all doomed. Doomed, I tell you! Mooohahaha!"

"...It's like moving from one nutter to the next."

~A Conversation Between The Marauders After A Particularly Eventful 5th Year Divination Class

Dodging Curtains

"Now, really. You are disturbing the clairvoyant vibrations!"

Sybill scowled as Potter blinked at her innocently from behind his spectacles. "Erm-yeah, sorry, Professor," he gabbled quickly, then went straight back to chattering with Black, Lupin and Pettigrew around the circular table.

She tutted quietly, the bangles on her bony wrist shaking along with her in irritation. Really, there was no point in bothering with people who simply did not possess the sight.

However, Sybill decided to be in a most stubborn mood.

"Pettigrew! What do you see in your cup, dear?"

Pettigrew started in alarm, Potter and Black started snickering.

"Ah, yes, Wormtail. Are you in the beyond?!" Black blurted out overdramatically, waving his arms this way and that; nearly knocking over Lupin and Potter's teacups in the process.

The boy shook himself and stared into the murky mess of tealeaves with little understanding- no understanding. "I see-erm...I see..." he began uncertainly, frantically beseeching Lupin silently for help.

Fortunately, Sybill had forgotten him almost in an instant, and had swanned over to Lupin's side. "Let's see your cup, then," she announced but Lupin- with an unnerrving speed similar to that of a Seeker's- stuck out his hand, covering the cup from view. The Prefect Badge is most misleading, Sybill thought grumpily.

Lupin's face turned a rosy shade of pink. Black seemed to have noticed for he said loudly, "Professor! Come and have a look at ours--"

"--They'll be most entertaining!" Potter chipped in cheerfully. During this, Sybill missed the mouthed, ever grateful, "Thank you," from Lupin.

Potter's cup did not seem to conceal anything of great importance. He pouted and then said, "Bet yours will be brimming with drama, Padfoot- suits your personality, you daft blighter."

"Prongs! I am wounded by your cutting words. Here endeth our comradeship."

Sybill paid no attention to this, for she was staring at Black's cup (not with horror- that was far too predicatable), but with a vague kind of puzzlement. "How strange..." she murmered and double checked "Unfogging The Future", just to make sure. She had never seen this sign before.

"What is it?" Potter asked casually, peering into the teacup. He laughed. "Oh! A wedding on the horizon, eh, Padfoot? You certainly kept that quiet."

"What you on about, idiot?"

"You have a veil in your teacup."

"A veil?" Pettigrew questioned curiously. Sybill did not reply; she was still gazing at the teacup as if it were made of solid gold.

"I am never getting married, Prongs," Black stated firmly, folding his arms tightly. "You have made me sick of marriage with your fantasies about Evans. Who, I might add, is single, i.e, not going out with you."

Before Potter could manage to think of an indignant but all the more witty reply, Lupin cut in: "Me thinks the man doth protest-eth too much!" His voice was light hearted, almost musical- a tone he rarely used unless he was feeling incredibly and wonderfully upbeat. Which he was.

Sybill sighed and past the teacup back to the troublesome four, already dreamily planning her next class. So, unfortunately, she missed the last word of Sirius Black's on the subject:

"No, no, it's alright, my lads, I have figured it out. Obviously, I'll be dodging my Mum's curtains for the rest of my life..."

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