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Of Newts, Notes and Nargles

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Of Newts, Notes and Nargles

Of Newts, Notes and Nargles

Charming little things, cobblestones are, Luna thought with a glorious kind of wonder as she meandered through Diagon Alley. Such a lovely way that the warm sunlight almost danced lightheartedly upon them- flitting from bronze stone to bronze stone.

She supposed that the years of the Wizarding War had limited her chance to spot some of the more pleasant aspects of life but she was eternally grateful that the War was now over and she had the opportunity to do so again. Everything seemed much brighter and clearer and real.

Unfortunately (or rather, in this case, extremely fortunately), Luna Lovegood was paying so much attention to the subtle little details of the now sparkling cobblestones that she lost her footing on the uneven ground, wobbled, and watched with a dazed kind of detachment as her whole body moved closer and closer towards the enchanting things.

But, just before the expected moment of impact, she felt a firm but gentle hand clasp on her upper arm and pull her upright, saving her from the fall.

"Watch yourself there!" a refreshingly sincere voice called from somewhere above Luna and she looked up- seeing a pair of deep blue eyes and a roughly shaven face.

"Are you alright?" the young man said again, searching her again with the eyes that Luna decided she quite liked.

"Oh, yes, I'm perfectly fine, thank you," she replied happily, beaming characteristically.

A trifle startled from witnessing such an upbeat reaction from a person who had recently just (almost) fallen over, the man grinned back; a little bit shyly and awkwardly, but a true, well meaning grin all the same.

"I'm Luna Lovegood," Luna continued.

"Oh, nice to meet you. I’m Rolf Scamander." And he held out his hand for Luna to shake.

She always thought that this shaking hands business was odd, a bit too formal; she much preferred a wave or a smile but she took his hand and shook it, remembering an old, faded textbook in the back of her Hogwarts Trunk as she did so. "Your father wrote Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them," she pointed out simply, as if she was the only person who knew this fragment of knowledge.

Rolf flushed a little, shuffling on the balls of his feet. "Erm, yes, that’s right," he replied, "You’re the first person who’s recognised me by name."

"It's a very good book," Luna continued, smiling. "But some of the notes seemed to be missing; particularly the ones about Nargles..."

His eyebrows rose in interest. "Nargles? Well, you learn something new everyday." He coughed and his head tilted to the side in curiosity. There was a small pause, then:

"Listen, I'm heading out of here to go to Hogsmeade...Care to join me for a drink in the Three Broomsticks? You could tell me all about those-Nargles-were they called? They sound fascinating."

It was Luna's turn to be surprised, now. Over the years, people had said many things about Nargles but "fascinating" was certainly a new phrase for someone to describe them.

"That sounds nice, thank you," Luna replied, letting Rolf lead her through the winding streets, thinking that a Butterbeer was most definately in order.

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