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Love, Life and Laughing

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Old February 19th, 2011, 6:15 pm
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Love, Life and Laughing

Love, Life and Laughing

“I think,” James says, with the hopeless finality of a dying man, “I am going to throw up.”

Sirius (far too busy flicking through Which Broomstick? to even look up at the increasingly paling Prongs) says, “Well, that would certainly make the decorations much more colourful.”


He has appeared to have forgotten how to tie a...tie. His fingers are fumbling through the silk like fabric, and even though at first it was a joke, he does honestly feel incredibly ill.

So far, he has survived by half chortling at feeble jokes, but now, he thinks he is going to ruin everything and what if she’s changed her mind? And what if, what if, what if---

And there’s a hand on his shoulder and Padfoot’s looking at him, and he wonders if this’ll be a clichéd moment, where his best friend reveals some profound advice...

Instead, he says, “Don’t worry, Prongs; we all know you bribed her to get her to agree to this wedding.”

And Padfoot doesn’t know it, but he’s said all that James has needed to hear, and he laughs, and the knot in his stomach lessens.


“Where the bloody hell are you?!”

Remus is trying to stay calm because a fiery Lily Evans in the room next to him means that sparks will almost certainly fly, and he’d rather that James or Sirius or Peter would have to be the unlucky someone to brave them.

“Sorry, Moony. The groom and I decided to travel by motorbike.”

Remus opens his mouth, and all that comes out is a weak, disbelieving, “On the...?” and then realises that they are Marauders so the abnormal is completely acceptable. Even with the circumstances at hand.

“Of course,” Remus replies smoothly and goes off to reassure a probably now hyperventilating Lily.


It’s utterly ridiculous, she thinks to herself, how suddenly everything matters to her. She keeps on fiddling with her hair, which before, she couldn’t care less about. It’s really quite infuriating.

But then, her mother says, in a most matter of fact tone, that, no matter how bad she thinks her hair is, James’s will always be worse.

That makes Lily smile.

What makes her smile more is seeing the said man, with unnervingly untidy hair that she realises she couldn’t live without.

Lily supposes that this is meant to be a very romantic moment, but all she can do is stand on Sirius’s toes (with very painful high heels) when he makes a great show of pretending to lose their rings.

But for a moment, it’s just her and James and no-one else when her future husband pulls her close. She clings to the gorgeous warmth on his skin.


It is a dazed and confused now married man who finds Sirius and stands next to him. There’s a period of stunned silence, until James eventually states numbly, “I think I just got married.”

Sirius laughs, even though there is a lump in his throat (which is stupid, really) and he’s horrified because he’s Sirius; the one who is never supposed to be teary eyed and emotional- especially at weddings, for Merlin’s sake.

But he found he could not help it when he saw two of the four people he loved most in the world exchanging their vows. It’s silly- he knows it is- to think of such things like the War but he’s glad that James and Lily managed to steal this glorious day together because Sirius can’t help thinking that quite a lot is going to change in a very short space of time.

He doesn’t voice this, obviously. He just turns and retorts, “Why, Mr Prongs, I believe you just did.”

And they’re still laughing when a camera flashes.


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