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Harry Potter Merchandise

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Re: Harry Potter Merchandise

Originally Posted by Sereena View Post
I haven't read the whole thread so sorry if this has been discussed before but does anyone own any wand(s) from the Noble collection? Are they any good? I am somewhat thinking about getting one but I'm rather put off by the fact that they are movie replicas and not like in the books. Obviously I'm not expecting them to have a phoenix core but I was wondering whether they are at all as they are described in canon (size, color?).
They are lovely additions to have for any Potter collection. But I don't think that they're close to the descriptions from the books unfortunately. I don't think you're going to find their wands that way. I have Harry's Light up wand which I simply adore, I pull it out every year for Halloween. I also have Lord Voldemort's wand and its beautifully crafted. I like seeing it sitting upon my bookshelf.


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Re: Harry Potter Merchandise

Oh my god!what a nice photo

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