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Danny Foster

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Danny Foster

Let me start off by saying hello, im new here =]

anywho, im writing a book. Im ALMOST to chapter 3...i must ask before i post, to PLEASE not flame me. yes, there ARE some simulatirys to HP.

Its about boy named Danny Foster whos a Vampire. He goes to school for mythic creatures, where he meets two new friends Malikia and Tyler. They get sorted into "Dorms" for what they are. the dorms are for Vampyres, Lycans, Mutants, and Soothsayers. (like i said, HP simularitys only its not really sourting, its based on what you are) Later, Danny finds out hes not just a Vampire, but hes a Hybrid! (Half Vampire-Half Werewolf). The "Valcans" (well call them that for now) find out what danny is and need to kill him before the mythic world finds out about what he is (for some reason thats bad). Now Danny and his three friends are on the run.

So, thats a bit about the book. so, with out further ado, here is the first chapter of my book!

**NOTE: There are probably mistakes! i will correct them in the future**

Chapter one: The Move

The air was cool, with not a cloud in the sky. A soft breeze went threw his window. And he could feel it on this face. No sounds of the city were illuminating threw the window, just the sound of nature. Danny Foster was lying in his bed, staring at this alarm clock beside his bed. The clock was florescent blue with shiny gray trim. Danny particularly liked this clock; his dad got it for him on his first birthday. It was the only possession Danny had from his father. The clock had turned 11:11 PM. He sighed with irritation and rolled over in his bed to face the ceiling and started thinking about tomorrow morning.
Danny Foster is your average 13 year old boy, shaggy black hair with a streak of blonde in the front. His mother said it was a birth mark. His skin was more pale then the other kids, but he thought nothing of it. After all, he stayed inside majority of the time.
His astonishingly blue eyes glowed with impatience as all he could think about was that he would be moving with his family to a new house tomorrow. His family did that a lot, he never quite understood why, but all he could remember ever since he was little was that they had moved a lot. Danny couldn’t remember all the schools he had been to, he never made much friends because they moved so much, he figured it would be a waste of time to try. He hated moving schools, and he was determined to ask why they would be moving again tomorrow.
Danny awoke, the sun was barley rising. The birds were chirping and he could hear the squirrels running on the bark of the trees outside. He looked at the clock and it read five thirty-four AM. He knew this mother and step dad would be up soon, along with his step brother. He got out of bed and walked to the window, he took a deep breath in of the air here just one more time. He would miss the early morning sounds or the forest which was his back yard. As he smiled at the scenery one last time, he turned to his dresser and got dressed.
He quietly tip-toed down the stairs trying not to make them squeak as much as possible, hoping not to wake the others before they had to grab their things, but to his astonishment, he found his whole family already awake and almost done moving the boxes in the truck. It looked like to Danny, the only stuff left to pack, was his.
“Mother” said Danny as he walked towards her “Are you sure we have to move?”
Danny’s mother was lifting boxes to her husband. Her blonde hair was pulled back into a sloppy pony tail. She had crystal blue eyes just like Danny. All his life, everyone had said how they look so much alike. Even her skin matched his. As she answered, she picked up another box and handed it to her husband
“I’ve told you Danny, Yes. Now go get the rest of your stuff”.
Danny made a sour face, and ran upstairs to retrieve his things.
“Ashley” said the man who was now climbing out of the moving truck. “Have you told him yet? He really should know. You know, so he can soak it in before he goes to his new school”.
Danny’s mother looked around to make sure they were the only ones listening.
“Bryce, I will, trust me. I just want us to get settled in before I tell him”.
Bryce only smiled at her with disbelieve,
Ashley’s face turned sassy.
“Have you told Trevor?”
Bryce’s face turned to stone. And he answered.
“No, I haven’t… But at lease he knows what a werewolf is and how someone becomes one”
As Danny’s Foot steps came into ear shot, they stopped looking at each other And Danny handed the boxes to his step dad. Bryce had big muscular arms, and they were quite hairy. And unlike him and his mother, he was tan. He was quite tall as well; Danny swore he was over six foot tall; he had brown hair, and brown eyes. As Danny gave him the last box, he looked around.
“Hey Bryce, Where’s Trevor?” asked Danny, as he couldn’t seem to find his step brother.
Bryce pointed to the back of the moving truck.
“He’s already packed and in the car. But he probably wont hear you if u yell his name, he’s listening to music”.
Danny walked to the back seat of the truck where he saw Trevor listening to his disc player.
“Danny” called his mother “are you ready to go?” Before Danny could answer, they heard a slam.
“We’re all packed, everyone get in, lets get going” said Bryce closing the sliding door to the huge truck.
Danny’s mother was the first to her door. She moved fairly quickly, Danny always noticed this but it seamed normal for her. As Bryce tied the latch in the back, Danny took one last look at his old house, He would miss this house. This one was his favorite by far, mostly because they lived on the edge of a forest. He liked to go in there and look at the wildlife, and occasionally go to the stream. The stream was perfect for the hot summer. He could go there and no one would even know where he was. Bryce walked up to Danny and put his hand on his shoulder.
“You ready, Danny?”
As Danny came out of his trance of missing his soon to be old home, he looked up at Bryce, and nodded. Danny got into the back seat. And shut the door. His mom was applying lipstick in the mirror from what he could see. Bryce opened the door and asked Ashley to pop the hood. Danny’s mom leaned over and pushed a little yellow button on the dashboard of the car. And the hood popped open. Danny looked over at Trevor, who was still listening to his head phones. Danny nudged him with his hand and Trevor ripped off the head phones violently.
“What?” asked Trevor, looking slightly annoyed?
Danny took this time to notice how he looked just like his father, dirty brown hair and dark brown, almost black eyes. He too, was tan. Trevor was the same age as he was, but he looked a little older then him.
“I was wondering what you are listening to?” asked Danny, drawn back from Trevor’s reaction to his curious nudge.
“That’s none of your business is it, Danny?”
Danny just stared at his step brother.
“Why were you wondering?”
Danny noticed his expression looked somewhat concerned.
“I was only going to ask if we could share the head phones, so I can hear also”. Trevor’s face formed into a maddening look again.
“No” he said, Putting one ear bud in his ear. “This is mine, go out and buy your own”
Trevor turned away putting the other ear bud in his ear and looked out the window. Danny wondered why he and Trevor never got along. Had he done something wrong? Did he say something in the past to make him mad? The hood of the car slammed shut, Bryce opened the door and got in the truck.
“I had to make sure we had enough oil, the last thing we need is to blow up on the way there”.
Danny’s mother smiled, placed her hand on his lap, and Bryce placed his hand on top.
“Here we go!” said Bryce with excitement in his voice. And the car pulled out of the drive way.
Danny was sure, it was the last time he would see this house again.
As Danny looked at the houses in his neighborhood, he could feel his stomach rumble, he hadn’t notice he was hungry from the quick pace move they just did.
“Mom, Are we stopping anywhere for breakfast?” Danny said as he put one hand on his stomach to try to tame the roars.
His mom looked at him from the mirror on the visor.
“Yes, Danny. We’ll stop some where. Where do you want to eat? Do you want to eat at a restaurant or do you just wanna grab some doughnuts from a gas station?” She said as she stopped looking at him and looked threw the windshield.
Danny took his time thinking of what he wanted. But they hadn’t gone out for breakfast in a long time.
“I want to go to a restaurant” said Danny, Coming to a decision.
They pulled into a Restaurant, and by now, Danny was getting pains in his stomach from lack of food. They walked threw the doors and saw the hostess, waiting. “Hello” said the hostess, smiling. “How is your day going?” She grabbed four menus.
“We’re quite fine today” said Danny’s mom as she looked at Bryce and smiled. The hostess kept smiling, Danny wondered weather or not it hurt to smile that long.
“Table for four then?” asked the hostess,
Bryce nodded and said “yep, four today”. The hostess walked slightly to the right. “Right this way”.
The Hostess led them to a booth in the back of the restaurant, it had two rows of booths and the seats were all red. The hostess put the menus in front of them smiling.
“Your server will be with you in just a bit” she smiled and walked away.
Danny’s family was looking threw the menu, but something caught Danny’s attention. Danny looked over on the other side of the room, and he saw three guys sitting in a booth kiddy-corner from theirs. They seemed to be a few years older then Danny, He figured six-teen. They were laughing about something, He wasn’t quite sure what it was, he tried to eavesdrop on what they were saying, but he failed. A few moments went by and then Danny saw it. A big ball of fire appeared between the three of them. As if it was on the table. Danny jumped a bit as he saw the fire go down. His mom put down the menu and looked at him with concern in her eye.
“Danny? Is everything okay?” she said looking at him.
Danny looked backed at his mom and felt he still had the look of astonishment on his face.
“Yeah!” He said, releasing the tension in his face. “Everything’s fine”.
“Are you sure?” she asked one more time.
“Yes mom, I’m ok”. Danny picked up the menu and pretended to read it.
As soon as he heard his moms menu raise once more, Danny quietly put his down, and looked at the three guys once again. He had missed something because they were roaring with laughter now. More then before. Now that he thought about it, it was impossible that he had just seen what had just happened. But he hopped it would happen again, just so he could be sure, just so he could know he wasn’t seeing things.
It happened once more. Another big ball of fire flew into the air. But this time it seemed as though one of the guys were controlling it. The man closest to Danny’s table had his arm on the table with his palm in the air and every way his hand moved, so did the ball of fire. As Danny looked in astonishment, the ball disappeared and the waitress came around the corner. Danny looked around, and saw that everyone else had their menus down on the table, and realized they must have already decided on what they were ordering.
“Hi there!” said the waitress, who was also smiling. “My name is Amy, ill be your server. Can I start you off with anything to drink?”
Amy pulled out a pad of paper and a pen, and was ready to take orders.
“I’ll just have water” said Bryce as he looked at Danny’s mom.
“Okay” said Amy as she wrote down the order. “And for you?” she said looking at Danny’s mom.
Danny’s mom picked up the menu again.
“I’ll have a cranberry juice.”
Once again, Amy wrote down the drink order.
“What about…” she looked down and noticed Trevor wasn’t paying attention.
She turned to the parents and Bryce quickly answered.
“Just get him water also”.
Amy smiled and took down the order. She turned to Danny and asked the same questions she asked the others.
“And for you sir?”
Danny looked at his mom and asked,
“Can I get a strawberry shake?”
His mom said yes and Amy took the order.
“I’ll be right back with your drinks.” said Amy walking away quickly.
As the waitress walked away quickly, Danny turned his head back to the guys. They were no longer laughing. Then seemed to be talking amongst themselves. Danny had wondered if they had seen him watching and decided to stop, so it wouldn’t draw attention to them. As he sat there, watching the guys across the hall, he heard his mom’s voice interrupt his stair.
“So Danny, Do you know what you’re going to get?” she asked, with a questioning voice.
Danny didn’t know what he was going to get, he had focused so much on the men with the ball of fire, and he didn’t take time to look at the menu.
“Um, yeah” he said, a little hesitant. He chose the first thing that came to mind.
“I’m going to get the pancakes with strawberry syrup” he looked at his mom, hopping this choice was the correct answer.
But he failed; his mother had a slightly horrified look in her face. He wondered why this was; she usually didn’t get mad at him. Amy returned around the corner, with the tray of drinks. She held them in one hand as she sorted out whose drink belonged to whom.
“Two waters?” She said looking at everyone, looking for the first person to make a movement at the drink order.
Bryce lifted up his hand slightly.
“Those would be mine and Trevor’s” He said, smiling.
Amy put the two waters in front of Bryce and Trevor. Trevor only glanced up to look at her as he received his water.
“And the…” began the waitress, as she grabbed the notepad with the drinks on it. “Cranberry juice?” she finished, again, looking for the first person to make a sudden movement.
“Right here!” Said Danny’s mom, she barley glanced at Amy as she set the juice in front of her.
“And this, must be yours” Amy said, as she grabbed the strawberry shake from the tray, and placed it in front of Danny.
“Are we ready to order?” Amy asked, still holding the empty try.
“Um…” said Bryce as he looked around the table, giving anyone the chance to object to order. He realized everyone was ready. “Yeah, we’re ready” He said, as he picked up the menu.
The waitress took this time to place the empty tray on the table behind her. She then pulled out the pen and note pad.
“I’m going to have the…The Chiefs Omelet” He stated as he put down the menu.
Amy was catching up the writing when she asked.
“Do you want hash browns, bacon, or toast to go on the side?
Bryce thought about the options for a second. Then he answered.
“Can I get bacon and toast?” with question in his voice.
“Yea sure” she replied, finishing his order.
“And for you, mamma?” she said staring at Danny’s mom.
She also picked up the menu, probably to make sure this was what she wanted to order.
“I’ll have the French Toast” she decided, putting the menu down on the table.
Amy finished taking the order, but didn’t ask if she wanted any sides. Danny figured it came with its own set sides.
“And what about…” She looked down at Trevor, who was looking up at her; he had one of his ear plugs out of his ear so he could hear her as she asked him for his order.
“Just eggs and toast for me, I’m not that hungry” he stated with gloom in his voice.
Bryce looked at his son and wondered why he sounded so different then he usually did. Usually Trevor was a happy kid. He, like his father, always had a constant smile on his face. But not today.
Amy wrote down the order, and before she could ask the second question, Trevor replied.
She looked taken back by his response; Danny thought his tone might have struck her as rude. She finished the order, and looked at Danny.
“And for you?” She asked, Danny could tell she was relieved this was the last order she had to take down.
“I would like the pancake special” Danny replied, looking at her, wondering if she had a second order to take. He was correct.
“Do you want Bacon or Toast?” she said. Looking at him waiting, for the soon to be last order of the table.
“Bacon, please”
Amy finished the orders, and took the menus and grabbed the tray from behind her.
“I’ll get that started right away” She said, and walked away quickly.
Danny heard Trevor sign, and Bryce took this time to question him about his tone with Amy.
“Trevor, are you okay?” Bryce asked with demand in his voice.
Trevor looked at his dad with anger.
“No dad, I’m not okay” He said, looking around not to avoid his fathers gaze.
Bryce looked at him, wondering what had happened in the past ten minutes.
“I don’t get it” Trevor continued. “Why are we moving again?”
Danny was relieved it was someone else questioning them besides him. He took this time to look over to see the guys, but they were gone. He guessed during the time Amy took the food orders, they got up and left.
Bryce sighed “we’ve told you” he said “we’ve found a house that’s bigger and better, and it fits out budget.” He grabbed a hold of Danny’s moms hand now, smiling at her.
“And what was wrong with our other house?” Trevor said, now looking at his father.
“Wouldn’t you rather have a house you know you can afford and not have to live paycheck-to-paycheck?”
Bryce looked outraged by his son’s actions. He released Ashley’s hand and leaned toward his son.
“Trevor, we can afford this! Ashley and I have already looked into how much it will cost. Don’t tell me what we can, and can’t afford!”
Danny’s mom put a hand on her husbands shoulder to keep him in his seat. Bryce looked back at the force in which was keeping him from standing and sat back down. Trevor continued to question his father.
“And what about my friends? We’re moving so far away, I can’t see them!”
Bryce looked as though he was calming himself down.
“We can have then come over twice a month” He said calmly “We’ll go pick them up if you want us to.”
Trevor rolled his eyes at his father.
“This better be our last house” He mumbled, just loud enough for everyone at the table to hear.
“I hate moving from house to house.” He trailed off.
“Welcome to my world.” Danny said out of reaction, his mother shot him a glare.
As Danny looked away from his mother, he saw Amy coming back to the table with the food orders. Finally his stomach would be silent.
“Here we are” she said, Putting down a fold out table and placing it on the carpet in front of the table.
“The Chief Omelet” She said as she grabbed the dish and placed it in front or Bryce. His eyes light up.
“Here’s your eggs and toast” She placed the food in front of Trevor, who did not move.
Danny’s mom moved her cranberry juice to make more room for her plate.
“And the French Toast” She reached across the table and Danny’s mom grabbed the plate to make it easier for Amy.
Amy grabbed the last plate and set it in front of Danny. He unrolled his silverware and Amy placed the toppings on the table. They were maple, strawberry and blueberry.
“If you need anything else, just let me know.” Amy said, as she picked up the foldable table and walked away.
Danny grabbed the Strawberry syrup and poured it on the pancakes; he put on a lot of syrup. Bryce laughed.
“Geez Danny, Want some pancakes with that syrup?”
Danny’s mom looked at his dish in horror. He wondered if this was a rude thing to do. As the meal went on. Trevor finished his eggs and toast taking few bites at a time.
His Mom was full, and still had a little under half of her French toast to go. Bryce finished his entire omelet. Danny was still trailing, with one more pancake and a bacon strip left. Danny cut a piece of the pancake with his fork. And put the pancake in his mouth.
“Ouch!” Danny put his hand on his cheek as pain ran threw the side of his face. “I just bit my cheek!” Danny exclaimed.
He could taste blood in his mouth, and he knew he was bleeding. He looked up at his parent. Bother were looking at him, waiting for an updated on it his cheek.
“I’ll be right back” he told them, still holding his cheek. “I’m bleeding”
Both of his parent eyes got bigger. What was the big issue? He just bit down hard. He would be ok. Trevor got out of the booth so that Danny could go to the bathroom. Danny ran into a waiter accidentally.
“Excuse me.” He breathed.
The waiter turned around and looked down at him. The waiter had blonde hair and green eyes, with freckles on his face.
“Yes?” he said “How can I help you?”
“Could you tell me where the bathroom is?” Danny asked, still holding his cheek.
“Certainly” He said, turning around and pointed the other direction. “You go down to the end of the hall, turn left, and its going to be the first door on your right.” He said smiling.
Danny looked down the hall in the direction he was pointing.
“Thanks” Danny replied.
Danny did what the waiter instructed, he walked down to the end of the hall, turned left, and he saw the sign that said “Men” over the door. He walked into the bathroom, and looked around. He was the only one in the men’s bathroom, it was a large bathroom. He was surprised. To the right, was a walk way into the sinks and mirrors. Straight ahead were the stalls and urinals. Danny turned at the section where the mirrors and sinks were. There were four sinks and two mirrors on each side of this section. Danny turned to the right had section of the mirrors. And opened his mouth to see the damage he had done to his cheek. He took his fingers, grabbed his cheek and flipped it inside out. At first he looked at his wound. It was large and looked as if it was sliced open rather then bit open. Like a razor blade was in his mouth at some point. Danny bent town to the sink in front of the mirror, and put water in his mouth to wash out the blood. After he rinsed out his mouth, he again, grabbed his cheek and flipped his cheek inside out and what he was was more of a shock, then his massive wound.
As he looked into the mirror, His eyes got huge. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He leaned forward to the mirror to get a better look. His K-9 tooth had grown about an inch! He felt his tooth with his index finger, and poked himself. Blood began to arise out of hit finger, where he had poked it with his tooth. He turned the water on, and ran his finger threw the water. As he held his finger under the water. He looked back into the mirror. And smiled. Both of his K-9s we’re longer then usual. They came to the middle of his bottom lip. He looked down at his singer, and decided it was ok to grab a paper towel. He turned off the water, grabbed a paper towel and held it on the tip of his finger. He looked back in the mirror one last time. His teeth where back to normal. He looked harder into the mirror. Had he imagined his teeth growing? Why had his teeth become normal after he just saw them long and sharp? As he kept looking into the mirror, examining his mouth, the door opened.
“Danny? Are you okay?” Bryce’s voice echoed threw the bathroom.
Danny let go of his lips and turned to the way out of the sink area. And turned left to the door or the bathrooms entrance.
“Yeah, I’m okay” He said as he saw Bryce’s face peeking threw the door.
“Your mom wants to get going, are you ready to leave?” he asked.
Danny turned his head back to the little section in the bathroom where he had just seen his teeth become longer, and then return back to normal. He turned back to Bryce. And began to walk out that door.
“Yeah, I’m ready to go”
Together Danny and Bryce walked back to their table where they met up with Trevor and his mom. She was standing up holding her purse, and Trevor was sitting in the booth sideways ready to get out and walk to the truck.
“There you are, are you ready to get going?” Danny’s mom asked eager to get on the road.
“Yeah, we’re ready. I already paid the bill, so we can go now” said Bryce putting his hand on Danny’s shoulder.
They all began to leave, Trevor was the first to start walking to the door, Followed by Danny’s mom, then Bryce, and Danny was the last one.
As they began to walk towards the door, Danny took a look at the table the three guys had been sitting at, and in the middle of the table, was a black burn mark. Danny knew it; he knew he wasn’t seeing things. It actually happened.
When they reached the front door, Trevor opened the door hard and walked out fast.
“Thank you! Have a good day!” Said the hostess as Danny’s mom, Bryce and Danny walked out of the Restaurant.
They got back into the truck, in the original seats they sat in. Danny behind his mom in the passenger seat, And Trevor behind his dad in the driver’s seat.
“Everyone buckled in?” asked Danny’s mom, more in an announcement rather then a question. They all clicked their seat belts and left the parking lot. Trevor was still listening to his head set. Danny could tell that Trevor was upset about the move. Danny had never seen him like this. He looked forward to his mom and step dad. Again, they were holding hands. Danny looked out the window, and watched the trees pass by quickly. He liked to imagine something was running as fast as the truck in the bundle of trees he saw. This kept him entertained for a while, but it didn’t keep his mind off of what happened back in the bathroom of the restaurant. Or of the three guys playing with that small ball of fire. He had wondered if he had imagined in. But how would he explain the black burn mark on the table? He couldn’t get these images out of his head, so he tried to distract himself, to get his mind off of what had happened.
“Hey Bryce, What’s out new house like?” Danny asked, in desperation this subject would take his mind off things.
Before Bryce could reply, Danny’s mom took over.
“Oh Danny, your going to love it!” she said with excitement in her voice.
“It’s nice and big! We’ve decided we want your room to be down stairs! You can have the basement all to you self!” She finished smiling at Bryce, who agreed.
“That’s not fair!”
Danny looked to his side, and saw Trevor was sitting up now, angrier then before.
“Why does he get the whole basement?”
Bryce and Danny’s mom looked at each other and Bryce answered.
“Well Trevor, He’s older then you are.” With confidence in his voice.
Trevor looked out raged and sent Danny a dirty look.
“He’s not that much older then me! He’s only three months older!”
Trevor threw his head phones on the ground. And looked ahead at his father with fury.
“Well Trevor” Said Danny’s mom, in a soft gentle voice.
“We haven’t told you where you’re sleeping yet have we?”
Trevor turned red, it seemed like he wasn’t playing much attention to what she was saying, but he did hear what she said.
“Let me guess.” He said, with a sarcasm tone of voice. “In the smallest room in the house?” Danny’s mom looked back at him threw he mirror in the visor. And smiled.
“No. Not the smallest room in the house”
“Then where at?” said Trevor, still red faced with anger.
Bryce and Danny’s mom looked at each other smiling; Danny looked at his parents and wondered what they had in their mind.
“You Trevor” Said Bryce “Get the whole upstairs to the house.”
Danny turned to look at Trevor’s reaction. And it was exactly how Danny thought it would be. Trevor’s red colored face faded to a pale pink, Danny knew he had felt bad for having an attitude with his dad.
“I get what?” Said Trevor, astonished.
Bryce smiled again at his some threw the rear view mirror.
“This house is a three story house. A basement, a middle floor, and an upstairs. Each floor has its own bedroom and bath room. We figured we’re all get one floor. Danny can have the basement, where he can bring friends over and watch TV with out interrupting you, and your friends, because you and your friends will be upstairs. As for me and Ashley. Well, we figured we’d keep the main floor. That way we can have some peace and quiet.” Trevor looked at his father in disbelieve then he turned to Danny, and smiled. This was the first time all day had Danny seen Trevor smile.
“Does that sound fair to you, Trevor?” asked Danny’s mom; Danny could tell she had a joking tone in her voice. After all, why wouldn’t this be fair? Trevor and him get their own floor. Danny was sure Trevor had no problem with that what so ever.
“That’s fine with me!” Trevor replied with a grin on his face.
Trevor leaned down to retrieve his head phones that laid on the ground of the car, and put the ear buds back into his ears. Danny thought about what Bryce had just said to Trevor.
“Danny can have the basement, where he can bring friends over and watch TV with out interrupting you, and your friends.”
“Friends” Danny though to himself. “What friends?”
Danny was sure this would be like all the other times he had moved. He wouldn’t make friends, because he was sure they would move again. What was the point in making friends if he was just going to move away again?
They drove for hours, and Danny had become tired. As he watched the trees go by him quickly. The last thing he remembered was looking at the trees.
“Danny” He could just barley hear his mom’s whisper. “Danny, Wake up. We’re here!”
Danny’s eye flew open as he looked at his new environment. All the fast food signs were lighten up and it was very busy all around. People walking across the street, drivers all around their car, people running around. Danny wasn’t used to this. After all, his last house was on the edge of a forest.
“What time is it?” Danny said rubbing his eyes and stretching.
“It’s about six-thirty” Bryce said, as he pointed to a building with a digital clock the showed the time, and the tempter out side.
Danny yawned and looked out his window at the sights of the new city. The buildings were tall, neon lights all around the streets. Danny was amazed at the sights. He had forgotten what a city looked like.
“How much further till we’re at the new house?” asked Danny, still looking at the new place he would be living.
“Not too much further” said Bryce “It’s just right out side the city.”
They turned left at an intersection. And followed it all the way out, till the neon lights, and all the excitement had seemed to disappear.
“When we get to the house, Can we come back to the city?” asked Trevor, also looking at the new sights the city had to offer.
“That all depends on how much we get unpacked, Trevor” Bryce said looking forward.
They turned down another road to the left. This appeared to be a long road to a cold-a-sack. Danny knew, his new house would be coming up soon, he could just tell by the way the houses looked, they all seemed to have three story’s in each house. But they were built different. Danny was glad they didn’t all look the same. Some were longer then others, and some taller then others. All sorts of colors too. Danny could feel the anxiety building up; he was actually in the first time of moving, excited to see the new house. He was convinced the only reason he was this excited was because of the city. He could actually go do stuff now. The pulled into the drive way of the second to last house one the left hand side of the road. Trevor was so excited he unbuckled his seatbelt before the rest of them. The car came to a stop and the rest of then unbuckled their seatbelts.
“WOW” Danny could hear Trevor’s excitement, he opened to door and there it was.

any comments are greatly welcomed! thanks for reading my chapter! =]

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