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Love In A Letter

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Love In A Letter

Hello i write a lot of Twilight FanFiction message me if you want my link... this is one of my favourite stories


Bella and Edward have been together for three years. One night Edward doesn't turn up on their anniversary date she receives a text to check something under her pillow… what will she find? Love always finds a way.

Chapter One- The I Love You's


It's the 13th of May 2010, 3 years today. 3 years since Edward asked me to be his girlfriend.

"Edward" I said excitedly. It always made my day seeing his face. It was pure perfection and he never looked bad. Today Edward had a humongous grin upon his face. He gave me a friendly cuddle which was our normal greeting when we see one another.

"What's got you all cheerful today Edward?" I said. I couldn't stop smiling when I said his name. It made me feel privileged to be part of his life. I was a main part of his life I was his best friend and no-one could wreck that.

"Oh just you Bella" He said as if it was the most obvious thing and as if I was missing out a piece of vital information.

"MEEE? What about me?" I practically squealed. I wasn't use to Edward acting like this.

"Oh dear Bells. You really don't see yourself clearly do you?" he laughed as my blush became more pronounced.

"It seems you get more pretty everyday" He said. I could not look at him I did not want him to see how red my face actually was. It was kind of embarrassing.

" …. Okay?" was all I managed to say.

"I can understand if you don't want to. Believe me I can understand if you don't feel the same. I think that after all these years I need to get something off my chest right now. Isabella Swan I love you and I've kept it a secret for about as long as Emmett has been gay but please please will you be my girlfriend and stop my agony?" he said. I could tell when Edward Cullen was lying and this was not a time for that. I could see pain sketched upon his face as he eagerly awaited my answer.

" hmm… I thought you'd never ask" I said as I took his hand. I could feel relief in every part of his body and he smiled angelically.

"Morning sleeping beauty" Edward said as I yawned like a great big hippo.

"I believe I have something for you!... However its going to have to wait until tonight. On our surprise date" He warned. Every single year Edward Cullen organised a magnificent anniversary date. He never would let me organise it because he believed that I deserved something truly special and he wanted to commemorate 3 years together. How sweet my boyfriend is.

"Aww Edward. You know you don't…

"Hush your gums Bella! I'm going to do this my way. You will have a tremendous evening tonight and you won't spoil it" He interrupted. How could I say anything to that.

"I love you Bella" Edward whispered softly into my ear. I smiled in my own flirtatious way.

"I love you more" I said. He raised one eyebrow at me.

"Wanna bet love". He challenged. As we both walked into our different departments at work.

Edward was a General Practitioner (a doctor in other words) in Forks Accident & Emergency. However I was the receptionist. Edward got to finish earlier that me today so he could prepare for tonight. He told me the location and what time I had to be there and that was it.

After work I went home to get all dolled up for my "magnificent" date tonight. On occasions like this I always made sure I looked beautiful for Edward. I know what he would say 'you don't need any make up. You are so beautiful'. Blah Blah Blah.

Tonight I decided I would wear my new black dress. It was a black ruffle evening dress with sequined lace at the back. I knew Edward would like it. I re-read the text Edward had sent me earlier:

"Bella. Please meet me at the Port Angeles Mall, in the car park where I will take you to somewhere amazing. Be there for 7.30pm. Love you always Edward xxx"

Of course I would. It just sounded a bit of a funny place to meet him. Being me I got there completely early. I arrived at 7pm gah! I had half an hour to wait.

Half an hour soon turned into an hour. Then an hour turned into two. What was happening? This was unlike Edward. Maybe it was his plan to arrive fashionably late. I gave him a ring. Ten rings and then it went straight to voicemail.

7pm then turned into 10pm. I then left to go home my eyes filled with gallons of tears. I was heartbroken. Edward never did this, what was going on? .

That night I cried myself to sleep. No apology text or nothing, At 01.30am my i-phone buzzed beside my dresser. THIS text was from Edward.

"Bella. I know you will be hurt because I left you. That's by rights too. Please look under your pillow it will explain everything" It said. How the hell did Edward get into my house to leave anything?. It was a perfectly crafted letter folded up in three ways. Being curious of course I opened it:

Dear my Bella.

I know I left you stranded at Port Angeles Car Park. It was never my intention to hurt you. I care about you more than my own life and I always will. But now the time has come for me to leave. I know you will be upset as you are reading this but please do not cry on my behalf. This is not a break up because you are the most important thing to me. But something has happened and I have to leave urgently. It breaks my heart that I cannot tell you anything as it kills me that I can't share secrets. But I assure you know that this IS a life threatening emergency, I am doing this to save you and everyone I care about. Listen to me as I tell you this. Isabella Swan I will keep you informed of everything that happens. I will write to you every day, every single day with the hope that you don't move on. But when I return I have every intention of making you my wife so that we can be happy together once more. Bella never forget what I said all those years ago when I saw you engrossed in your book trying to hide what you were feeling. I said "someday someone will make you happy and whatever your feeling know will be insignificant because you will have someone who loves you that much they will do anything for you". Little did you know at that point that the person I meant was me. How could you know? But I did. I knew when I first laid eyes on you, you were the girl of my dreams even when you don't believe it yourself. Bella I love you so much and I always will. Every day I will think of us and how It will be when we are back together and you are in my arms once more. I promise I will write soon, as soon as I can. Please don't cry when you read this. I love you sweetheart; you are the most beautiful thing in my world.

Your Edward xx.

But how could I not cry ? A hole began to appear in my chest and then everything else faded to black.

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