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magical me

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Old April 6th, 2011, 5:09 pm
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magical me

(the storry of a girl with muggle parents)

My name is susan , my parents are muggles. This means, the got no idea how magic works.
I go to a magical me school, in the near of paris.

Happy birthday to me

"Good morning darling" Mums shout made me jumping out of bed.
Its summer, and we got hollidays. School is beginning on the first of October again.
Well I know... we got very big time space to learn for school. We got about 2 month hollidays. This is only so in the magical me school....

"Darling, breakfast is ready, please jump into your clothes!"
It was mum again, that woke me up from my day dream.
I got a special gift. I can read the mind of the others.

"Okay, i am hurrying up now" i decided to eat breakfast now.
"happy birthday to me" today is my sixt birthday and i am a talent so thats why i am allowed to go to this school.
I already got some friends: melinda, angie and herold.
I am the youngest person in this school.

Mum prepared my fave breakfast. I stunned.
Twelve pakages were on this tabel.

"This all for me , mummy?"

Yes, my darling... "

I started with the biggest parcel. I could not believe what i saw.
It was a bow, a magical bow!
.................................................. ..................................................

to be continued

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