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Surreal encounter

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Surreal encounter

This is one of the novels I've been working on for a while- and I'd like to share it with you

Feedback here
Chapter One.

Katie put her trainers on and stood up, locking the door of the flat behind her. She ran down the stairs, past the door of the downstairs flat, and out of the front door. As she concentrated on her feet pounding against the concrete, the same as every morning, she heard the door behind her open and then close again. She thought nothing of it until she heard a voice call out to her.

"Hey, Katie! Mind if I join you?" the male voice called. It sounded familiar, but she couldn't place it.

"Long as you can keep up!" she called over her shoulder. As the owner of the voice drew up alongside her, she glanced at him then did a double take. He looked familiar too. In fact, he looked just like...

"Hi, tanks for letting me join you. My name's Jon" he said, smiling at her as they jogged together.

Katie gasped. it was him! Jon Black, heartthrob and actor from her favourite TV show. And he was out jogging with her.

"I've just moved in downstairs from you" he said. "I saw you out jogging yesterday and decided I needed to get back into some sort of routine. Hope you don't mind," he said, grinning at her.

She shook her head. Did she mind? Of course she didn't mind! As they turned into the local park a thought struck her.

"How did you know my name?" she asked.

"Easy!" Jon smiled again, nd as Katie melted he continued. " A letter came for you yesterday, and as it's just you and me living in that building, I used my amazingpowers of deduction to work out that Katie was you."

Katie smiled, then started giggling. He was charming, just like all the papers said. They continued to jog aroundthe park in a comfortable silence, unusual for two complete strangers. After a while, Jon broke the silence.

"So, what do you do, Katie?" he asked as they joged past an old couple sitting on a bench. Katie sighed. She loved her job, but it didn't compare to the famous actor running next to her.

"I'm a teaching assistant" she said, trying to make it sound a lot more glamourous than it actually was. Jon slowed down and motioned to a bench.

"Park your bum there" he said, sitting down and pointing at the bench next to him. Katie sat down and looked at her feet.

"That's a greqat job. I haven't got the bloody patiece, mind you, but if you enjoy it, what's the problem?" Jon asked.

"Well, teaching assistant's a lot less glamourous than acting, isn't it?" she asked, lifting her head and looking straight at him. He rolled his eyes.

"For starters, it's a cliche that it's all glamour. I mean it's fun..."

"Right, right. It's just I love my job, but I want to do something different. I want to, I dunno, write or something" she said, sighing. She stared at a couple of ants traipsing past her feet. It's all right for him, she thought, he's a successful actor, and he's gorgeous. What have I got going for me?

"I know what you're thinking, but I've struggled too. I had a job making boxes before I started doing what I do now. I had to work hard for it, but it's not like it's a complete doss now, either."Jon interrupted her thoughts, guessing correctly what she'd been thinking. He was looking at her in earnest. Katie's head was full of conflicting thoughts. Her head was telling her this was some sort of sob story, but his eyes were telling the truth, and she decided to believe them, for now at least. As she looked around the park, Jon squeezed her shoulder and got back up.

"Come on, let' get you back. If you're not working today, I'll take you for lunch. If you like I mean" he added, holding his hand out to help her up from the bench. Katie took it and stood up, smiling.

"It's half term- I'm not working tel next Monday. What I mean is yes, I'd like that" she gabbled and in her confusion caught her ankle on the bench. She shouted in pain and Jon looked at her, his face full of concern while trying not to laugh.

"Are you OK?" he asked, giggling.

"Ouch! Yes, I am. Just stop laughing" she replied, wiggling her ankle. It didn't hurt too much.

"So, a slow jog back then?" asked Jon, grinning as he set off.Katie nodded, and they made their way back, telling each other about their families.

"But, of course, you could have found that out on Wikipedia if you'd wanted" Jon finished, after telling Katie about his parents and his sister. Katie looked at him.

"And there's me thinking he's pretty down to Earth for someone off the telly" she said
"No, that's not what I mean. You actually listened, though you didn't need to" he replied, looking uncomfortable.
"I wanted to listen" she said as they reached the front door. She cringed. Did I really just say something that cheesy? she asked herself as se unlocked the door.

"You're so sweet" he smiled, following her through the door. When she'd closed the dooe she felt an arm around her shoulders. She immediately got goosebumps which in turn gave her a prickly, embarrassed feeling around her neck. This is ridiculous, she thought. I'm 24, not 14, way too old to get daft crushes. She was jolted out of her thoughts by Jon beginning to talk.

I don't need you to respect me, I respect me
I don't need you to love me, I love me
But I want you to know, you could know me
If you change your mind

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