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Harry Potter and the Dark Lord's Soul

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Harry Potter and the Dark Lord's Soul

Book Seven: Harry Potter and the Dark Lord's Soul

Chapter One: Harry’s Idea Harry!

Seventeen-year-old Harry Potter got up out of his bed and stretched. It was 10:00 in the morning, and he still felt tired. It had been like this all summer, ever since Dumbledore died. He got up late every morning, and stayed in his bedroom all day, coming downstairs every once in a while to eat. But today would be different, other than the fact that it was his birthday. Today he would leave the Dursleys, his horrible relatives, who had un-willingly taken him in after Dumbledore had left him on their doorstep. But now Dumbledore, Harry’s headmaster, was dead. Harry’s least favorite teacher, Severus Snape, had murdered him. And thankfully, later today he would go to his best friend Ron’s house for a few days, because Ron’s older brother Bill was marrying Fleur Delacour, a beautiful French girl who had come to Hogwarts for the tri-wizard tournament three years earlier.
The day of the wedding could possibly be the last normal day of Harry’s life. (If he lived.) After the wedding he, Ron, and their other best friend, Hermione Granger who was already at Ron’s house, would plan their year at 12 Grimmauld place (which Harry had inherited from his godfather, Sirius Black). Normally, the three of them would go to Hogwarts--this year they would have been seventh-years. But as of last week, Hogwarts had closed down after centuries of existence.
Hedwig flew into Harry’s room, and Harry went over to his desk, and looked at his birthday presents. He picked up a big, box-like one, and put it on his bed. The package was wrapped with an old copy of the Daily Prophet. He took off the card, opened it, and then read it.

Dear Harry,
Mum’s in over her head with wedding plans. The caterer isn’t here yet, and he was supposed to come this morning and sleep over, Bill’s dress robes need to be washed, and not all of the decorations are up.
P.S. Happy 17th! Now that we’re of age, we can do anything we want! Even magic outside of school! (Have you told the Dursleys yet?!)

Harry smiled, and untied the string. No, he hadn’t told the Dursleys that he could do magic outside of school yet. He was planning on enchanting Dudley’s college applications to say the opposite of what ever Dudley wrote. Dudley would go screaming to his parents that Harry had done magic, and when Uncle Vernon, Aunt Petunia by his side, was yelling at him, he would perform a non-speaking charm, and before Aunt Petunia could even shriek, he would apparate to the Weasley’s house. The Dursleys would
Carefully, trying not to rip the newspaper, (Harry would save it for later. It would be interesting to look at.) Harry opened the present, and grinned. On the box it said “Grow your own chair, personalized to your old Hogwarts house! Your choice of furry, silky, or woven! House choice: Gryffindor. Thank you for shopping at Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes!
There was a note to:

For your new ‘Grimm-old’ room and it’s portable so you can take it everywhere else!
Harry went over to his desk, and took the next present. This one was smaller, thinner, and looked more like a rectangle. Of course, it was a book from Hermione. The card read:

Hope you enjoy the present! Happy Birthday! Hope my present is more thoughtful than Ron’s present to me was!
Love from,

Hermione had had a fight with Ron on the train back from Hogwarts. Ron had given Hermione an early Birthday present, as they would probably be traveling everywhere during. her birthday in September. Ron had given Hermione a book. The book was called A Biography of Viktor Krum, but all through the book, whenever the book said the words “Viktor” of “Krum”, Ron had enchanted it to say the word “Vikey”. Hermione had been furious and had gone to sit in a compartment with Ginny, who, being Ron’s sister, was happy to join her insulting him.
Harry looked at the note again, and noticed that the handwriting looked rushed, and he wondered why. Hermione’s letters were usually well thought out, was fairly long and the handwriting was extremely neat. After opening the wrapping Harry discovered that the book was entitled Advanced Defensive Arts. Harry rolled his eyes, and put the book down.
The third present was from Ginny. It was a gold picture frame. The photo inside was of Harry and Ginny together. There was a note attached.

I miss you. Happy birthday.

The note made a part of his heart split in two. He had also missed Ginny. He broke up with her for her safety. That was all he could say about it. He looked at the photo, and started to cry. It wasn’t only about Ginny, it was about everything. Dumbledore and Sirius dieing, Ginny, no Hogwarts for the rest of his life, and Voldemort. Voldemort was the cause of all of this. If it weren’t for Voldemort none of this would have happened. None of it. This led Harry to thinking about the horcruxes. He dried his eyes, pushed the remaining presents to the side, and thought.
Before he had died, Dumbledore had found a way to defeat Lord Voldemort. The Dark Lord had created horcruxes, which is a part of your soul, which you place into an object. According to Dumbledore, to kill Voldemort, you had to destroy all of them.
Voldemort made seven, as that’s the most powerful magic number. Harry had to find these horcruxes, and take the souls out of them. He had an idea of what they were, objects that used to belong to founders of Hogwarts houses, and Nagini, the snake. The last one was probably something of Rowina Ravenclaw’s, or Godric Gryffindor’s (two house founders.)
Harry sat down on his bed, and thought about what the final horcrux could be. He thought, and thought about it until Aunt Petunia came upstairs, and into his room. (Without knocking, of course.) “Harry. It’s lunchtime.” She said. Harry didn’t know why, but ever since he came back from his most recent term at Hogwarts, she had been much nicer to him. Maybe it was because of the talk Dumbledore had with her about a year ago, or because she had gotten tired of trying so hard to make him miserable. He pushed the thought out of his mind, and went downstairs, He was starving!
As he entered the kitchen, he saw his Uncle Vernon and his cousin, Dudley. Unlike Aunt Petunia, his cousin and Uncle acted towards him like they normally did…like he wasn’t even there. But this time Uncle Vernon was ignoring Petunia. They had an argument the night before, and Harry had heard it in his bed. He was surprised to find out that it was about him, and he remembered it all quite clearly.
“Why are you being so nice to him?”
“He’s my nephew!”
“His mother is my sister!”
“He’s anything but normal! You hate your sister!”
“I think it’s stupid that he should be miserable just because…because...” “Because what?”
“Because he’s a WIZARD!”
Harry ignored the silence and sat down. He took a sandwich, poured himself a glass of water and started eating his lunch.
“So, Dudley m’ boy, gonna get to work on those college applications later I
“Mmm hmm,” replied Dudley through a mouthful of pickles, turkey, lettuce and tomato. “Godna try do ged indo oksfurd.”
“Oh!” squealed Petunia. “My little Dudders is going to go to Oxford!” “Mum,” said Dudley, blushing. “I haven’t even sent in my application.”
“But my Ickle Duddykins can get into any college he wants!” Harry rolled his eyes, and continued eating.
When Harry was done, he went up to his room and sat down on his bed. He was trying to think of what the last horcrux could be, when an idea popped into his head. “Of course!” he exclaimed, jumping up. “The sorting hat!” the sorting hat was used by first-years at Hogwarts to determine which house they should each be in. “It has to be! It used to be Gryffindor’s!” He remembered quite clearly that in a song years ago, the sorting hat said that Gryffindor had taken him off his own head. The sorting hat was the perfect hiding spot. Dumbledore kept it in his office, and no one would dare steal from Dumbledore! The only time it wasn’t in his office, was during the sorting where the whole school was. Hagrid had always said that Hogwarts was the safest place on earth…

Dear Ron and Hermione,

Sorting hat=soul? (chuorrx)


Ron and Hermione would know what this meant. Harry just hoped that no one else would, (although they may be able to unscramble the word “horcrux”) should the message be intercepted. “No.” he told himself. “No. No one will be able to understand it. He sealed the letter with some wax, and gave it to his owl, Hedwig, and told her to bring it to Ron’s house.
Hedwig was in the air, about 15 feet away from his house, when Harry heard someone yell “Stupefy!” and Hedwig, along with the letter, fell down to the ground.

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Re: Harry Potter and the Dark Lord's Soul: Chap. One

He froze. He knew that voice anywhere. He had seen that voice’s face in an issue of The Daily Prophet, and he had heard that voice killing his godfather…Bellatrix Black was standing outside his window.
Harry started fishing around for his wand in a panic. Not now! Not today! Did Voldemort tell his death eaters about the horcruxes? If not, would Bellatrix be able to figure it out? He needed a plan, but he was too startled to think of one. Hedwig was his home away from home…his first friend. If Bellatrix knew that, then she would be killing her any time now! He put his ear to the wall underneath the window, and could hear her trying to figure out the letter. Why hadn’t he realized this could happen?! No, Voldemort couldn’t come here until tomorrow, when he no longer lived here. He hadn’t realized…no one had realized that that didn’t refer to his followers as well.
Harry found his wand, and crept downstairs. He stepped of the bottom stair. He turned to face the kitchen, listening hard. “Avada Kadavra!” and Harry fell down.

A/N: it’s short, I know. This isn’t the last chapter…far from it. Keep checking for new posts! (Thanks to JasonBourne for reviewing!)



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Re: Harry Potter and the Dark Lord's Soul: Chap. One

chap. 3 coming soon!


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Re: Harry Potter and the Dark Lord's Soul



Hermione Granger was crying in her room at the Burrow. Her boyfriend, Viktor Krum had just broken up with her. Well, he wasn’t her “boyfriend”, exactly. In her fourth year, he had come to Hogwarts to participate in the Triwizard tournament, and he had asked her out to the Yule Ball, and in the second task for the tournament, she was picked as something very dear to him. They had been pen pals after he had gone home to Bulgaria. Ron always teased her about him, calling him “Vikey”, which he knew annoyed her deeply. She looked at the tear-stained note again, hoping to see the words “gotcha!” or “Early April Fools!” although she had already read it too many times to count.

Dear Hermione,
I know that we have been friends for a long time, even a little bit more than friends, but I can not do that anymore. I am getting married this April, to a girl named Lisa McCarson. I am sorry I didn’t tell you earlier, but I didn’t want to hurt you. But face it, Hermione-I am four years older than you. I must tell you about her now, as and I want you to be one of our bridesmaids, and I can not live like this any longer. I hope that we can still keep in touch.
Please forgive me. I am sorry.

How could he do this t her? Tell her that he cared so much about her, and then say that he was engaged? And then, right after that, ask her to be his bridesmaid? She thought that he was more caring than that. She wanted to have a long talk with this Lisa McCarson. But keep in touch? With him? Never.
There was a knock on the door.
“Hermione? Can I come in? It’s Ron. I need to ask you something.”
“Ron?” Ron? Oh, no! thought Hermione. The last thing I need right now is an argument about some stupid thing that he wants to yell at me about. And besides. I don’t want to be comforted. Oh no! My face must look terrible! I bet that it’s all red and blotchy!
“Umm…Hermione? You haven’t said anything for about ten seconds.”
“Oh! Sorry. Umm…just a second!” called Hermione, trying to keep her voice steady.
She dried her eyes on the sleeve of her robe, and muttered a spell to make the redness go away, but she was in such a rush that it didn’t work, which she didn’t notice. She grabbed a random book, and sat down on the bed, like nothing abnormal was going on.
“Come in!”
Ron opened the door and walked in.
“What’s up?”
“What do you mean?”
“Your face-it’s red. And you’re reading How to Discipline Your House-Elf upside-down. Are you okay?”
“Oh! Umm…” started Hermione, blushing.
Ron came in, and sat down next to her on the bed.
“What happened?”
“Nothing,” She said hastily.
“Hermione, I’m your best friend. You can tell me.”
Hermione looked down for a few seconds, thinking. Then, suddenly, she burst into tears.
“Oh, Ron!” she sobbed. “It’s Viktor!”
Ron’s face darkened at this, but she didn’t notice.
“He’s…He’s…oh, I can’t say it! Read this!” she said, handing him the note.
He read the letter carefully, and when he was done, he muttered “The big stupid, ugly git.”
“What did you say?” asked Hermione.
“I said that the pig…the fig…oh what the heck! I said that he’s a big, stupid, ugly, git!”
To his surprise, Hermione laughed at this.
“Thank you for saying that. I thought that I was the only one thinking that.”
Ron smiled, and laughed. At this, Hermione poured her heart out to him. About Viktor, about everything.
3:00 found Hermione drying her eyes on her sheets, and Ron patting her back.
“Don’t worry Hermione. It’ll be okay. Someone who does something that horrible to you is no use crying over.”
“Thanks, Ron.”
“No problem. Now come on. Let’s go play chess with Ginny.”
And before he knew it, Hermione was hugging him tighter then she ever had before.
“Thank you, Ron. I don’t know what I could do without you.”
“Your welcome,” said Ron, feeling his face getting hot. “Before we go downstairs, you should write Harry’s birthday card.” He said, noticing the parchment on her nightstand, saying nothing but Dear ‘Harry’,



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Re: Harry Potter and the Dark Lord's Soul

Sorry I haven't posted in a while! (Sleepover party, etc...)


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Re: Harry Potter and the Dark Lord's Soul

Bellatrix just stood there in shock.
“I…I…didn’t think…you must understand…please, Macnair.”
“Save it for the Dark Lord. I’ll be surprised if we’ll be seeing you the next day. But for now, stuff him in the trunk. We have no use for him,” replied Macnair through gritted teeth.
“What about the muggles? They’re sure to have heard something!”
“They wouldn’t dare say anything. I highly doubt that they can contact the ministry, and who in the muggle world would believe them? No, we’ll leave them alone. I’m sure that they’ll be glad to get rid of the boy. Who wouldn’t? If anything, we’ve done them good.”
Bellatrix nodded. “Okay,” She waved her wand, and a trunk appeared in front of Harry’s body. With another flick, Harry soared in the air, and landed softly inside. She closed the trunk with one last wave, grabbed Macnair and the trunk, and with a crack, they were gone.
Harry thought inside the trunk. He was sure that Bellatrix would have seen him dodge the curse. It was good that she hadn’t, as if she had, she would have tried again, and he would be dead. The only problem was that he might not be able to make it to the wedding in time, and then what would happen? He heard the crack, and felt the apparating sensation that he wasn’t quite used to. He hadn’t even taken his test yet.
He lifted up the trunk barley a crack, and looked around and saw a familiar graveyard. He looked around a bit more, and saw Hermione and Ron with Voldemort’s wand at their throats.


Voldemort turned to look at Bellatrix and Macnair. He raised his eyes questioningly at them, waiting for an answer. Macnair gave a sharp nod, and Voldemort laughed. He lowered his wand and looked at the trunk.
“He’s in there?”
There was a nod from Macnair.
“You’re sure?”
Macnair gave another nod.
“Good,” He turned to Bellatrix. “Now, Bellatrix. You’ve been quiet. Tell me.”
Bellatrix remained silent. “Master. I will tell you. It is hard, master. I…I can’t…no, master. I cannot tell you.”
I am sorry, but you have forced me to do this, Bella. LEGILIMENS!”
Harry could see Bellatrix trying to fight it, but from what he could see, she probably hadn’t learned any occlumency in her life. He saw Voldemort relax his wand arm, and laugh.
“Bella,” he stated. “You are a fool. You do remember the prophecy? One of us must kill the other. I am obviously going to kill Potter. He is too mediocre to kill me. He must have dodged the curse. He cannot have survived it, as no one loves him enough to sacrifice themselves for him, as Dumbledore is dead. Courtesy of Severus of course. He steeped aside, and a man with a long hooked nose, and long greasy hair stepped up next to him.



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Re: Harry Potter and the Dark Lord's Soul

A/N: sorry i haven't posted for a while! i've been @ my gransparents, and I've been behind on my schoolwork, etc.
anyway,i'm changing the way i'm doing this. What i'm gonna do is: instead of posting a chapter every few days/per week, I'm gonna post a LOT every once in a while, for 2 reasons:
1) If I post one chapter every few day/per week, its 2 much pressure, and i wanna make the chapters longer and better.

2) it can annoy me when the story leaves off on a cliffhanger, and i have to wait for who knows how long!

thnk you!

Snape walked over to the trunk which Harry lay inside of, and kicked it. He tuned the latch, and lifted the lid. Harry tried to think of something that he could do. He couldn’t.
He felt the neck of his shirt being grabbed, and then couldn’t breathe. Snape had picked him up by the back of his collar, and was dragging him to where Ron and Hermione stood.
This is it. He thought. Voldemort is going to kill me. Harry never understood the saying ‘his whole life flashed before his eyes.’ He knew what it meant, but how could someone’s whole life go through their eyes in just a few seconds? Now he understood. Everything and everyone important to him went through his head. Hogwarts, the Order, my broom, Quiddich, Ron and Hermione… What wouldn’t he give to feel that wonderful sensation of being lifted off the ground one more time? To glance around for the golden snitch. To look into Ron and Hermione’s smiling faces once more. Ron and Hermione…Harry looked into their faces. He could see silent tears streaming down Hermione’s cheeks, and Ron trying to comfort her, but Harry could tell that he was just as scared as she was.
Harry thought and thought. What could he do? He couldn’t apparate, and Voldemort knew that. But Hermione could. He turned to Hermione, and took her hand. She gave him a surprised expression, and Ron gave him a reproachful glare. Harry rolled his eyes, and shook his head. He grabbed Ron’s sleeve, and leaned in towards Hermione’s ear.
Hermione’s eyes widened. She hadn’t realized how she could have been so stupid! She nodded, and closed her eyes. Destination, Determination, Deliberation. She formed a clear picture of the Burrow’s kitchen in her mind, and gave a sharp turn. Harry felt that apparating sensation again, and closed his eyes. The last thing he saw was Lord Voldemort, who was red in the face with fury.
He opened his eyes, and realized that he was at the Burrow. He could see the whole Weasley family, excluding Percy who was living in London, running towards them, and before he knew it, he was dangerously close to toppling over underneath the weight of seven people, two of them fully grown.
“Oh Harry dear, are you okay?”
“Harry, Ron Hermione. You should go rest.”
“Blimey, Mum. Give them some space!”
“Okay, then. Come have something to eat.”
Harry, Ron, and Hermione sat down at the table, where they were stuffed to the brim with sandwiches, pumpkin juice, and treacle tart. Harry would have immensely enjoyed himself, if he hadn’t been trying so hard not to look at Ginny. He could feel her gaze drilling into his heart. But if he looked at her, then he knew he wouldn’t be able to resist her. He talked to Ron and Hermione instead.
“Guys. Let’s go to my room.” He said, looking determinedly at his feet. “You can help me…unpack.”
“But you don’t have any ba…”
Harry felt his face growing hot. He gestured to Ron and Hermione to follow him, which they did. They ran upstairs and quietly slipped into Fred and George’s room where he would be sleeping for the next few days. He turned towards Ron and Hermione, and took a deep breath.
“What happened? You two wrote to me over the summer, and told me that you would stay safely in the Burrow! And then I turn around, and you’re about to get killed by Voldemort! Tell me what happened. And I want the truth.”
Ron and Hermione blushed deeply, and there were a few moments silence. Hermione was the first to speak.
“Harry. We were doing what you told us to, Harry. We really were! You see, I was upset about…something, and Ron came in to my room, and helped me feel better! I was doing just fine, when…” then Ron took over.
“When Professor Lupin came…”
“Yes, Lupin! Well, he came for a visit, and asked if he could talk to us privately. We thought that, well, it was Lupin, and he doesn’t usually do something like this, so it must have been important! We took him up to my room, when…”
This time it was Hermione took over.
“Oh, Harry! He took our arms, and leaned in close to us. We thought that he was telling us a secret or something, when he just apparated us out of there, and into the graveyard! Oh, he must have been under the imperius curse, or one of the werewolves got one of his hairs, and brewed a polyjuice potion, or something! He made us stand in one place, and then Vol…Voldemort came, and then…and then you showed up!”
Harry pondered this for a moment.
“Okay,” he said. A wave of relief swept over his friend’s faces. “But you do know that now we need to be extra careful from now on. Voldemort must know where we are, if he sent Lupin, or whoever he was to get you two. We now have no reason to leave the Burrow before we go to Godric’s Hollow. We really should just stay put.
“He’s right, you know,” said a voice in the door. Ginny was standing there, with her eyebrows raised, her arms crossed over her chest, looking at them.
“Ah!” Harry jumped back in surprise, and toppled onto his bed. He looked at Ron and Hermione for help as she stepped into the room, but they were looking at Ginny instead. They gave each other knowing glances. Finally Ron turned to Harry.
“Sorry, mate. Mum probably wants Hermione and me to…er…do the dishes from lunch! It’s our day.”
Harry couldn’t believe his ears. His friends had to leave him now? Not now of all times! Then he got it! They wanted him to come with them, so he wouldn’t have to be in the same room with Ginny for to long!
“Er…I’ll come, too.”
“No, you can’t, Harry,” Explained Hermione. “Ron’s Mum er…was very clear that we had to do it alone and um…so there’s really no point in you going. We’ll just leave.” And with that, his two best friends slipped out the door, and left Harry, feeling betrayed, gaping at the spot that they were ten seconds ago. He turned to Ginny, and tried to look convincingly interested in his fingernails. Don’t look into her eyes he told himself in his head repeatedly. Just don’t.
Harry knew that he had to say something, just to get her away. He knew, deep down, that if he stayed long enough, then she would eventually win.
“Ginny, listen…” he started. But he was interrupted by Ginny.
“No, you listen. This is stupid! This isn’t helping protect me, Harry! If Voldemort doesn’t know about me already, then he never will! Hermione told me about the prophecy yesterday. I want you to summarize it for me.”
Harry stood up, and looked at the ceiling this time. Hermione had told her? Well, that was just great. He took a deep breath. “It says that I’m supposed to kill him, or he’s supposed to…kill me.”
“Go on.”
“Er…” he was doing his best to remember. “He marked me as his equal, and I have the power that he knows not…”
“Which is?”
Harry turned red, and looked at his shoes. “Love,” he mumbled.
“What?” said Ginny, holding her hand up to her ear.
Ginny raised her eyebrows and said “Mmm hmm. I see. So what you’re saying is that the way that you’re supposed to defeat Voldemort is love, so you dump me?”
Harry sighed. “Ginny, I can’t.”
“Yes you can!”
“No, I can’t. I don’t want you to get hurt! I won’t be able to stand it if you die or get hurt because of me!”
“I don’t care, Harry!”
“Well, I do.” He turned away from Ginny. She rolled her eyes.
“For your information, I’m not the little girl that I used to be, who would run away whenever she saw you.
“I’ve noticed.”
“Harry, please!”
He turned around, and finally looked into her eyes. Darn it, she had beautiful eyes. He tried to keep his head straight, and not give in.
“You don’t know how much I want to, Ginny. You don’t know how much I miss you! But its way to risky!” He took a deep breath. “I’m sorry, Ginny. It can’t happen.”
He had tried to resist before, but now she was just being unfair. Her eyes had gotten to be what he was sure was twice their normal size, and the look on her face was just unbearable; full of sadness, and hurt. Even when she was upset, she was beautiful. He couldn’t take it any longer. He wrapped his arms around her waist, and kissed her. They stood like that for a long time, and finally broke apart when they heard Ron and Hermione s******ing in the doorway.
“See, Gin?” Ron asked. “I told you it would work!”
“It was a set-up?” asked Harry, shocked.
“Sorry, mate. We know you well enough to know what to do!” Ron said.
“We are really sorry, Harry!” Hermione looked truly apologetic.
Harry smiled. “Thank you.”
Ginny’s eyes filled up with tears. She flung her arms around Harry, knocking him onto the couch. They just lay there, kissing for a very long time. At least by the time Mrs. Weasley called Harry down to say hi to everyone, Ron and Hermione had been long gone.
Harry ignored the call. He and Ginny had a lot of catching up to do.

a/n #2: Hey! new chappie! so don't forget to review!


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Re: Harry Potter and the Dark Lord's Soul

Ron and Hermione were playing a game of wizard’s chess. Or, shall I say that Ron was beating Hermione at wizard’s chess. They were sitting on the floor, and had just stolen a few candies from the kitchen.
“That was sweet,” said Hermione absently, thinking about what and just occurred upstairs, and playing with a strand of hair that had escaped from its usual spot behind her ear.
Ron raised his eyebrows, assuming that she meant the candies. “Well, duh! They’re supposed to be!”
Hermione just laughed at this, and moved her pawn a space ahead.
“I mean,” she continued “I wish that I could just do that with someone!”
“Hermione! What do you think that we’re doing right now! This is great! I’ve wanted to do it for some time now but I couldn’t! It takes two people to!” said Ron. The candy jar had spells on it, which needed two people to break. (it was originally three people, but Mrs. Weasley had loosened up the security once Fred and George had moved out.)
“Excuse me?”
“What?” All he’d said was that they were eating candies! “I love this! And don’t tell me that you don’t! I can see that look in your eyes! You want to do it again!”
Hermione blushed deeply. “We did not! And if we did, I certainly wouldn’t want to do it again!” she stood up.
“It was your idea in the first place, Miss Innocent! Don’t go acting like that!” he stood up this time.
Hermione was shocked. That was just a dream she had had the previous night! It couldn’t have actually happened! Could it? Her heart skipped a beat. She was about to say something, but she was interrupted by Ron.
“I can’t believe you don’t want do it again! Those were the best candies I’ve ever had!
“Candies, Ron? What do you mean”
“What? Isn’t that what we’ve been talking about this whole time?”
Hermione gaped at him. Of course! He wasn’t talking about…snogging! He was talking about the candies that they had stolen! She couldn’t help it. She started laughing so hard, that she fell onto the floor. The chess pieces all ran away to the other side of the board, screaming.
“Umm…Hermione, what’s so funny?” asked a bewildered Ron. But this just seemed to set her even more off the top.
Once Hermione had calmed down a little, she explained to Ron what was going on.
“You thought that…we were…talking about candies…” she managed to say between giggles.
“But…but…weren’t we?”
“Well,” *giggle* “You were! I was talking about *giggle* Harry and Ginny!” *giggle* “You know what I mean!”
Ron’s face went pale, and then he started laughing, too.

“It was very sweet,” said Hermione, once she and Ron had stopped laughing. Ron rolled his eyes.
“Oh come off it, Ron! It was adorable!”
He looked down at his feet, blushing. “It was…odd. Hermione, you know how I feel about my sister dating. It’s odd. But I guess that it’s for her own good. Better Harry than everyone else.”
Hermione looked up at him with sad eyes. “I know, Ron. It’s hard for you. But you’ll get used to it. Just…” she paused. “Sort of…go with it. We know Harry. He won’t hurt Ginny.” She sighed. “I just hope that everything works out fine. You know…with the horcruxes and all. Ron…I’m really scared.” She said quickly. Ron had a feeling that she had wanted to say this for a long time. Her eyes suddenly filled up with tears.
“I know, Hermione.” He replied. “We all are.”

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