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Lily Evans did not arrive at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry expecting to be top of the year. However, after the initial shock of all the new subjects she had to learn had sunk in, she realised that most pupils had at least one lesson which they shone remarkably in:

For Sev, it was Potions. Remus Lupin was pretty much exceptional at everything (he was forever seen making meticulous notes in History of Magic) but he was amazing at Defence Against The Dark Arts. Sirius Black constantly messed around in each class but, on the days when it truly mattered, managed to pass each test with flying colours without so much as breaking a sweat. He, along with Remus, was also exceptional at Defence Against The Dark Arts. Peter, although not the greatest at Duels, was a master at Herbology.

James Potter-the Seeker Extraordinaire... of course.

Lily Evans...well, that was just it. She had no idea what her “forte” at Hogwarts was. Oh, she got good marks- absolutely nothing to complain about. Yet, she still felt the smallest ripples of envy when she saw the confident grins of each pupil as they walked into their best class.

So, she muddled along and, right up until Fourth Year, had still not found the lesson that she really excelled in- her absolute favourite.

Then their first lesson of Summoning Charms began. It was only at the tail end of the lesson when the question was asked by Professor Flitwick: “Miss Evans, perhaps you could demonstrate to the rest of the class, how a Summoning Charm is performed?”

And she did not feel a magical warm tingle when she picked up her wand, no. All Lily remembered was the mild surprise of being asked to perform the spell in front of all the Gryffindors in her year and the churning of nerves inside her stomach.

She stood up, wand held as steadily and as accurately as possible; pointing it at the first object she spotted.

...Which just happened to be James Potter’s glasses.

”Accio!” Lily recited and the glasses flew from James’s face, straight into her ready and open palm.

She swallowed down the urge to laugh along with Sirius, Remus and Peter at the shocked expression James now sported. And then he looked slightly upwards and his bright hazel eyes connected with her own.

In James's eyes was a lovely looking gleam of warmth, radiating surprise, humour and...admiration?

Lily felt a tiny jolt in her stomach which she knew had nothing to do with the incantation she had just cast; after all, they had studied Cheering Charms last week.

When the bell rang, Lily walked up to James and said, with as cold a voice as possible, “Your glasses,” and when he took them from her, she took extra special care to make sure their hands didn’t even brush slightly against one another.

But, from every single Charms class after that, Lily always Summoned James’s glasses to her- at different times during each lesson- so as to always catch him unawares.

And although she insisted to her friends that winding “that Potter boy” up was one of her favourite practises, she secretly knew it was only to see that wonderful, happy gleam in his eyes.

For in that split second when James looked at Lily, he became not “Potter: the arrogant toe rag” but simply James- just James.

And Lily remembers this at the most inopportune time- when James is lifting back her veil and reaching in to kiss her softly. When their lips meet, Lily smiles, glowing inside, finally knowing exactly why her favourite subject was Charms.

For it was when she first began to fall in love.

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