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The Journey Beyond Time

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Old February 1st, 2003, 10:25 pm
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"This is it, Snowflake," Alanna spoke softly to her proud white horse, keeping her calm as the army marched down the road. They rode through all seven gates, with people lining the streets and shouting their names. "We go to war."

Hermione sat up in bed, feeling well rested and happy. Then she remembered everything. She sighed, got up, and pulled her cloak about her. She walked into the garden and found Legolas sitting on the wall, watering a single flower. It was ice blue, and stood straight and tall and proud. Hermione walked over and sat down beside Legolas, "It is a beautiful flower. What's it called?"
"Lovilforera, it was Alanna's. It was her parents last gift to her, and she cherished it above all her other possessions," he answered. Just then, a harsh wind came and knocked over the flower, pulling off a few petals. Legolas frowned, "An ill omen. Some evil is astir. There is no, or little hope for Alanna. The orcs are infested with rage at their master's defeat. They will fight like caged dogs."
"Hermione leaned against him and pushed her forehead against his, staring into his troubled brown eyes, "There is always hope."

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Sorry it is so short, I will write more later!

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It was the morning of the sixth day of the army's march, when Alanna spotted a giant black mass in the distance. She halted the entire army with a motion of her hand and turned to face them.
"Draw your weapons and be very alert. I will return in a moment."
Alanna dismounted and ran to the nearest tree, climbing it as fast as she could. She reached the top and pulled a looking glass out of her cloak. Legolas had enchanted it so she could see for miles around in any direction.
Alanna peered at the black mass, and what she saw sickened her. Thousands of orcs, dirty disgusting, starved orcs swinging all sorts of dangerous weapons.
Not wasting a second, Alanna beckoned her mount to her. She jumped out of the tree with perfect grace, twirling in Elven style to slow her speed down, and landed square on Snowflake's saddle.
Alanna told the army the truth, not sparing them any details. They needed to know what they were up against in order to fight properly.
"Do not be afraid. Fate is with us," she shouted. Then she drew Elendil's sword, she had borrowed it from Harry, which was glowing with a dazzling light, and, turning Snowflake, galloped off toward the orcs.

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Alanna's army followed her as she galloped away. Instead of heading straight to the orcs, she positioned herself and the army on and around a hill near the orcs.
The moment the orcs saw the army, Alanna felt a dark, ugly, rage among them and knew this would be no easy battle. She gulped and drew her sword. The orcs saw its light and screamed, shielding their eyes. The sword brought back memories of the first fall of Sauron and they yelled with desire to quench its flame forever.
The orc army ran to the hill and surged around it. Then the fighting began. Alanna had her archers atop the hill rain flaming arrows onto the orcs, and her swordsmen below slashed at anything or anyone they could reach.
Hours passed like eternities, yet no sign of who the victor would be emerged. Alanna saw many men fall before her eyes, and knew that unless she did something drastic, the orcs would win.
Then she knew: her life was but a small price to pay for the goodness of the world. She was not important, just an instrument in the grand production. She smiled, cherishing that moment of knowledge.
Then... she jumped from the hill into the mass of orcs.

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Alanna's warriors, inspired by Alanna's jump rushed from the hill, turning from a retreat to an attack. Alanna was in the center, hacking and slashing at all orcs near her. She fought bravely and well, employing all drills and patterns she knew to keep herself alive.
Shower after shower of arrows poured down upon the orcs, while Alanna fought on. Her sword began to glow with a mystic bluish white light that frightened the orcs more than anything.
Then, a deadly black blade came slicing toward Alanna's neck, the only unprotected part of her body, but she was facing the other way, fighting another orc. The blade came closer and closer, it would find its way to her neck soon; but with one swift movement Alanna felled the orc before her, turned, and caught the black blade on its quest for her life. She struggled with its owner, a larger and heavier orc, forcing the blade away from her, while he pushed with all his might, determined to end her life.
Suddenly, Alanna broke the grip and, before her enemy had time to think, knocked him down.
She turned, not noticing that, as he fell, the orc's sword cut a long, deep gash on her leg.
The tide of the battle turned then, the orcs began retreating, but Alanna's army cut off those trying to escape. Then, Alanna ended the battle by killing the last desperate orc.
She grinned fiercely, no more orcs would trouble the peaceful lands of Gondor and Rohan. Then, she swayed, and, as she fell, she thought of Harry. Then she hit the ground, and knew no more.

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Alanna awoke on a bed tucked in among many layers of silk, velvet, and wool. She sat up on her pillows, wincing as she turned her leg.
"Don't move it too much if you can help it until Legolas can tend to it some more. He treated it a little, but had to go help the others wounded in your army." A voice spoke and Alanna turned and found herself gazing into Harry's green eyes. His hand moved across the sheets to grip hers tightly, "I thought you were going to die."
Alanna blinked, holding back tears, "I thought you were already dead." Then Harry closed the distance between them and held her in a careful, but crushing embrace.
"I love you," he whispered, fingering her soft hair, gazing deep into her eyes.
"I love you too," she said softly, then their lips met in a kiss.

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Hermione was sitting in a giant armchair in the common room of the guesthouse, napping, when a knock on the door awoke her. She opened it to find a page in the livery of Gondor standing with a scroll in his hand.
"Here, princess!" He handed her the scroll with a grin and ran off. Hermione closed the door and returned to her seat. She untied the ribbon on the scroll and unrolled it. A message was written in elegant calligraphy with the Aragorn's seal on the bottom. It read:

Dearest Princess Hermione,
We bid you join us in a grand feast to celebrate the final defeat of Sauron, our greatest Enemy. Monarchs from near and far will join us for this occasion.

With great respect,
King Aragorn

~The seamstress will come soon to measure you for a new gown and other arrangments will be made later.

Hermione felt the light fluttering of excitement in her stomach and grinned! A ball! But then, she felt her heart sink. Since Sauron had been defeated, she, Ron, and Harry would have to go home after the ball. They couldn't stay here forever. Or could they?

"That's something to think about," Hermione thought as she opened the door for the seamstress.

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After a miserable hour of turning and standing still while measurements were made and pins placed, Hermione went to the citadel to have supper with Harry, Ron, Alanna, Meridelle, Legolas, and Aragorn.

As she sat down she heard Aragorn speaking of the upcoming ball, "Everyone will be here: monarchs from every country to celebrate the defeat of the Enemy. This will be the most elaborate ball ever thrown in Gondor. Everything must be perfect."
"It will be," Legolas answered, "I will see to all the little details that everyone forgets."
Hermione beamed at him and he reached over and kissed her hand with a lofty grin, "My lady, you and Princes Harry and Ron will have to be most magnificently arrayed. After all, if it wasn't for you three, the Enemy might have conquered us all."
Hermione blushed furiously as Ron's ears turned scarlet and Harry thanked Legolas.

Halfway through the meal, Hermione cleared her throat and spoke about the thing she had been dreading for days.
"Um, I was thinking about our departure lately. I love it here, and I would stay forever if I could, but I miss my family and we still have to finish up school. I hate to say it but, I think we should leave after the ball."
Ron nodded and Harry frowned, "I agree."
"I have an idea," Ron blurted out, "I say we go and finish up our year at Hogwarts, live a few years in the wizarding world, then come back and live here for good."
Hermione thought about it for a few minutes, then spoke, "I like that idea, and that is exactly what I am going to do. A few years in the wizarding world will be enough. Hey, maybe I'll convince Mum and Dad to come too. What about you, Harry?"
Harry nodded, not speaking, but Hermione could tell what he was thinking: he loved Alanna and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, and if it meant coming back, why not? Middle Earth is a great place.
Apparently, Alanna knew what he was thinking too because she sent him a look of pure love.
"Then it is settled," Hermione announced. "At the ball, we will announce our plans. It is good to get that weight off of my mind."
Each person nodded absentmindedly and spent the rest of the meal mulling in their own thoughts.

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Hermione answered the door when she heard the knock. Outside, dressed speldidly, was Alanna, Meridelle, and Legolas. They stepped inside and took off their hoods. Meridelle looked like a princess out of a storybook, dressed in waves of shimmery pink silk, while Alanna looked truly Elven in a fabulous gown of dark blue silk that brought attention to her stormy eyes. Legolas was in a dark green tunic with the same color breeches.

When Legolas saw Hermione, he gasped and pretended to be blinded by her beauty. Dark green silk, velvet and satin made up a gorgeous gown with a shaped bodice that extended into tight sleeves that suddenly dropped into giant bell endings at the bottom. The bodice poofed out into a full skirt around her waist that consisted of three layers, each cut so the one underneath would show. Gems adorned the gown, while dark green and silver threads intertwined at her neckline, sleeves, waist , and at the bottom to form intricate embroidery. Loops, braids, and curls cascaded down from under her tiara down to her shoulders.

"Are we ready?" Hermione asked Harry and Ron, who had both opted for plain white tunics and dark blue breeches.
"We are," replied Harry, handing Hermione her cloak, which she put on and fastened.

"Well then, to the ball," Legolas said with a mischevious air of majesty and splendor. He took Hermione's arm, and the party made its way to the citadel.

Sorry it is really short, I don't have enough time right now to write the ball chapter. It'll probably be up on Thursday.

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Part One

As she handed her cloak to a page, Hermione looked around her in awe. The Great Hall of the citadel had been cleaned thoroughly and decorated so beautifully that Hermione thought it was a completely different room that she hadn't seen. She started to descend the elegant silver staircase into the room when Legolas caught her arm, "We need to be formally announced."
"Oh, yeah. I forgot," she smiled, "I'm not used to being 'announced'. She put her arm through Legolas' and smoothed her hair one last time.
The herald beat his staff on the ground three times, "Prince Legolas of Mirkwood, Princess Hermione of the Land Beyond the Sea, Prince Ron of the Land Beyond the Sea, Princess Meridelle of Mirkwood, Prince Harry of the Land Beyond the Sea, and Princess Alanna of Mirkwood."
All the guests came and stood on the sides of the silver carpet that led from the stairs to the dais.
As Hermione desceded to Legolas she whispered, "I feel like Cinderella."
"Who?" he asked, "Is she a maiden from where you come from?"
"Never mind," Hermione answered, "It is a long story."
As they made their way to the dais down the silver carpet, followed by the others, all the guests, even monarchs, bowed and curtsied with looks of awe as they passed by.
As they sat down, Hermione looked at the people around her and she realized most of them weren't people. There were hobbits, elves, dwarves, and many others. After some thought, Hermione decided that the Elven maidens were the loveliest with their gorgeous gowns and stunning looks; and the Elven men were definately the most handsome.
"The best looking of all is sitting right next to me and, not only is he adorable, he is smart, funny, strong... I could go on all day listing his qualities," Hermione thought as she looked lovingly at Legolas.
Then, the meal was served and Hermione turned her attention to the delicious food in front of her.

Part two will be up sometime on the weekend.

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Alanna remembered little of the evening, it was a blur of dancing, laughing, eating, and mingling with foreign visitors. The splendor awed her: the royal decorators had outdone themselves in completely redecorating the Great Hall, and the visitors had come dressed in their finest, which was dazzling.
The part she remembered most was when Aragorn stood up during the meal and tapped his glass for attention, 'Ahem, honored guests of the evening, you have all gathered today to recognize three special people, Princess Hermione, Prince Ron, and Prince Harry of the Land Beyond the Sea. Without them, the defeat of Sauron would not have happened. I would like to present them with new titles, not only are they royalty from the Land Beyond the Sea, but they are now Princes and a Princess from Gondor."
Aragorn beckoned to a page standing behind him, who brought forward a red velvet box and handed it to Aragorn. He opened it and took out three bright gold rings set with jewels and the symbol of Gondor in the middle. Solemnly, he placed a ring on Harry, Ron, and Hermione's ring fingers of their right hand. "We are proud to have you," he said. Then a cheer went up in the crowd, everyone stood up and clapped for the trio. Hermione blushed furiously, Ron's ears went scarlet, and Harry grinned from ear to ear.
When the cheering died down and Aragorn sat, Hermione stood up and also called for quiet.
"I am afraid that I have some bad news, but, along with the bad comes good. Harry, Ron, and I have decided that we will depart for our home tomorrow afternoon..." There she was interrupted by groans from the people.
"But, we have also decided that after we finish school and spend a few more years with our family and friends, we will come back... for good."
Then another cheer went up and Hermione curtsied and sat back down.
Alanna had started crying when she heard Harry was leaving, but when Hermione finished, she wept with joy. Harry caught her in a crushing embrace,"Do you think I would leave you forever?"
Hermione sat down and grasped Legolas' hand, "I'm glad they took that well."
"So am I," he answered, "Besides, I couldn't stand to have you away for more than a few years."
An hour passed with entertainment and dancing, then a elf seated on the other side of Legolas stood up and called for quiet. Alanna hadn't noticed any likeness between the two, but now she saw the resemblance between Legolas and the elf, the strong nose and proud eyes.
"That is your father, isn't it?" she asked, getting a nod in return.
"This is the last time we'll interrupt you," the elf promised, drawing chuckles from the crowd.
"I am King Thranduil of Mirkwood, Father of Prince Legolas of Mirkwood, as many of you know. I have talked with my son long and thought hard about the decision I had to make, but in the end, I think I made the right choice," Thranduil paused, "Legolas approached the Council of the Whispering Trees with a request: that his friends from the Land Beyond the Sea, Princess Hermione, Prince Ron, and Prince Harry, "he bowed, "be granted Elven status and eternal life. The Council debated for a long, long time, and in the end, my vote was the deciding factor. I voted yes. These three have helped us overthrow Sauron for good and, without them, we might have been slaves to the Evil One. For this they deserve Elven status."
Thranduil pulled a golden flask from a pouch on his belt. A page brought forward three gold goblets, encrusted with jewels and engraved with Elven blessings. Thranduil opened the flask and poured an equal amount of the amber liquid into each of the glasses. He handed one each to Hermione, Ron, and Harry, and raised his own goblet aloft, "Eb noe tiwh *** ertse, eb noe tiwh *** trewa, eb noe tiwh *** Lvene erca. ew lcmewmoe oyu." He drained his goblet, Harry, Ron, and Hermione following suit. Afterwards, the best they could describe drinking the special liquid was "a strange tingling sensation, like new, different energy is filling you." Then, they felt themselves growing and their ears changing shape, becoming pointed.
"Kneel," commanded Thranduil. They obeyed, and he tapped them each on the head with his scepter, then bid them to rise. "You are now members of the Elven race, Princess and Princes of the people of Mirkwood."
Thranduil sat, and so did the trio. Hermione felt as if she were in a dream. She felt tears coming to her eyes, and put no effort into trying to hold them back. She wept hot tears of joy onto Legolas' shoulder, feeling his hand on her back, supportin her forever. When she was able to talk she smiled and said, "The perfect end to the perfect night."

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The trio thought they were going to leave the next day at noon, but Aragorn rushed into the guestroom at ten o' clock with important news. He stepped over the clothing strewn all over the floor (as a good bye gift, the seamstress had made them all many gorgeous new outfits), smiling broadly.
"You can't leave today! You have to stay," he said breathlessly.
"Why?" inquired Hermione.
"I am getting married!"
"Oh," Hermione lifted one eyebrow, "and who is the bride?"
"Arwen Undomiel, daughter of Elrond of Rivendell, and the most beautiful Elven maiden to grace Middle Earth with her presence. I have loved her for many years, and she in return. She gave me the Evenstar as a token of her love," Aragorn paused and showed them a beautiful silver symbol on a chain around his neck.
"When her father,Elrond, heard of this, he forbade the marriage."
"So you are going to go against his wishes?" Ron asked incredulously.
"No. Arwen begged him to reconsider, and he thought about it for a long time. Yesterday, a messanger arrived bearing two important pieces of news: Elrond gave permission and blessing, and he and his people, including Arwen, are four days away."
Hermione grinned, she was glad Aragorn had a bride who loved him.

Aragorn started pacing, "There is so much to do. Arwen has her wedding dress already, but we need to make all the other clothing for the wedding party. Oh, that reminds me. Hermione, Arwen specifically asked that, if you were willing, you be her maiden of honor. Harry and Ron, I want both of you to be the groom's men. Agreed?"
Without waiting for an answer because he already knew it, he kept talking, "I am glad all the royalty from all over is here because of last night's ball because that way we won't have to invite them all over again. The Great Hall is not big enough to fit everyone in Gondor and the royalty, so Arwen and I have decided to get married in the Courtyard of the White Blossoms, which can hold all of the people and more. So you will stay?" he looked at them with pleading in his eyes, and Hermione had to stifle her giggles because he reminded her of a puppy begging for a treat.
"Of course," Harry replied, "Did you think for one second we would say no?"
"No, but I had to ask," Aragorn replied, mischief twinkling in his eyes.
"I have to go, but come to the citadel for dinner at around six o' clock."
With that, he was gone.
The trio started unpacking, and Hermione found three pillows shoved into one of the bags, "What are these doing here?"
Ron's ears went red as he said, "Well, they are a lot more comfortable than pillows back home, and Aragorn said I could take a few."
Harry and Hermione tried to contain their laughter, with no avail.
"You are so funny, Ron," she said while laughing. Then she threw a pillow at him, and a furious pillow fight began.

By the way, I made up the "Courtyard of the White Blossoms."

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The next day Harry, Ron, and Hermione were all still in bed, when a knocking was heard on their door. When not one of them answered (they were all still fast asleep), someone opened the door and came inside. This person went into Ron's room and drew back the velvet curtains-

*meanwhile* Ron was in a stone room, bare of any furnishings or markings. He stood at the end of the room, facing the wall, although he had no idea why. Suddenly, the hair on the back of his neck stood up and a chill went down his spine. He had the uncomfortable feeling that he was being watched. He knew someone was behind him, but he really didn't want to turn around and see. He had steeled himself to do it, and was about to turn, when that someone grabbed him by the shoulders. "RON!"-

Ron woke up from his horrible dream to find Aragorn shaking him awake. And yet, Aragorn was not wearing the look of a happy person who is going to marry their true love in three days, he wore the look of a man in despair. His hair was tousled, he was unshaven, his eyes had dark circles under them.
"I'm up, I'm up," Ron grumbled. He took a closer look at Aragorn, "You haven't slept a wink have you. Now, now, you know you have to be rested for your wedding." He chuckled, but stopped immediately when he saw the serious look in Aragorn's eyes.
"I cannot bear to repeat it more than once right now," Aragorn said. "Wake Hermione and Harry up and meet me in the sitting room."
He strode out as Ron pulled a robe over his pajamas.
Ron woke Harry and Hermione and quickly explained what Aragorn had said, and then all three of them walked into the sitting room. Hermione had a strong feeling of foreboding that would soon be justified.
They sat and Aragorn began immediately in an unbelieving, dead voice, "Last night I was about to go to bed, when a olorne tapped at my window. An olorne is a small, Elven bred bird that they use to send messages. It is the fastest bird in Middle Earth."
"Sort of like an owl," Hermione interjected. "Oh, sorry, go on."
"Well," Aragorn continued, "I let it in, and it dropped a golden scroll in my hand before landing on my olorne's perch. I opened the letter, thinking it was a letter from Arwen, saying she can't wait until she arrives. Well, I was partially right: it was from Arwen, but its contents were much different then I expected."
He handed a scroll to Hermione and commanded, "Go on, read it."
She obeyed, reading:

Help us now. Forest. Smhirats. Come quickly, don't know what is going to happen. No ransom.


"It can only mean one thing. They were at the small forest you three first landed by, less than a day away, and they were captured by a band of orcs called the Smhirats. I know of them, they were Sauron's most loyal and fiercest warriors. They are the most angry at his defeat. They will not be ransomed. Oh, I do not know what I am going to do! And yet, they must have some sort of evil weapon, for Elves are the most skilled, bravest warriors."
"There is only one thing to do," Hermione said simply. "They must be rescued."

*I invented the Smhirats*

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They started battle preparations right away. The trio were closeted with Aragorn for three hours, drawing battle plans and discussing figures and minor details. All of a sudden, an old seasoned warrior rushed in carrying a small slip of paper. He whispered something in Aragorn's ear, and the King turned deadly white. He managed to take the paper, thank the warrior, and send him out, before breaking out in hopeless sobs. Hermione soothed him; she hated seeing a grown man, especially a King, cry.
"What is wrong? We will fix whatever it is, do not worry," she said.
When he stopped sobbing, Aragorn answered, "We do not have enough men to leave an ample guard here for a few days and still have men for our rescue plans. Many were wounded badly or fell ill, or both, and need a long time to recuperate. We can not spare more than fifty men."
Suddenly, it was like a light went off in Ron's head, "Well, no duh. Why didn't I think of that sooner? Aragorn, we'll go. We can do it, we're almost fully trained wizards. I think we can hold our own, with all those curses we know." He grinned at Harry and Hermione as they dissolved in laughter, for he was referring to the curses that they looked up late at night during holidays, plotting revenges on Malfoy that they never intended to do. They had learned a lot of useful curses that way.
Aragorn had looked thoughtful and a smile began to steal its way across his face as they laughed. "You know, it just might work."
"Good,"said Harry,"it is settled. We leave at sunrise tomorrow and we'll be back by noon."
"I'm coming," Aragorn said in a quiet, commanding voice, the kind of voice that no one dares to argue with.
There was an awkward silence, which was broken by Aragorn's cheerful voice, "Now let's grab some food. My stomach is growling."

*At dinner*
"Alanna, Iamleavingtomorrowatsixo'clocktorescueArwenandherp arty.Don'twantyoutoworry,I'llbebacksafeandsoundbyn oon." Harry sighed after he had told her all of this.
"I have two facts for you,"she replied coolly, "I actually understood what you just said, surprisingly, and I am coming with you."
She put a finger to his lips as he opened his mouth to protest, "No matter what you say or do, I am coming. There is no arguing with me. You cannot win."
"Okay, okay, I give up."
"Oh, and Meridelle is coming as well and we will be sleeping on the couches of the guest room tonight. We would wake everyone up by leaving if we stayed at our chambers. Now that that is settled, let's dance." Alanna grinned and grabbed his hand, leading him out onto the dance floor.

To all around them, it seemed Legolas and Hermione sat in silence. They had no idea of the telepathic conversation that was going on in which Hermione informed Legolas of their plans, and he decided to come along.
"Well," thought Hermione," you better sleep in the sitting room of the guesthouse because you will wake up almost everyone near your chambers if you sleep there."
"True," he responded. "By the way, has anyone ever told you are the most beautiful woman to grace Middle Earth with her presence?"
Hermione blushed a dull red and replied, "No, in fact, they haven't. Thank you, Mr. Charming."
"No problem," he shot back, "Now let's dance."

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Hermione strode into Ron and Harry's room an hour before sunrise and pulled back the curtains on their beds.
"Rise and shine,"she said in an overly cheery voice with a disgustingly bright smile on her face. She was already dressed in battle gear and armed with her weapons. They brushed their teeth and dressed hurriedly, arming themselves as well.
Legolas was sprawled on a couch, while Alanna had falled asleep in a giant squashy chair. At the last moment, one of the healers had fallen ill, and Meridelle had to stay and act as Chief Healer instead of journeying with them.
Legolas and Alanna were up, and everyone was eating breakfast, when a majestic looking Aragorn strode in. He looked quite kingly indeed, with his embroidered tunic and breeches, engraved armor, and a jeweled hilt sticking out of a scabbard on his sword belt. He had traded in his crown for a crowned helm, and soft shoes for sturdy boots.
"Well," he said simply, "let's do it."

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Harry nodded and transformed into a raven. Simultaneously, Ron and Hermione mounted the broom and Hermione cast an invisibility charm over everyone. Aragorn, Legolas, and Alanna mounted their horses and they discussed their plan one last time.
"All right," Hermione said, "You ride there while we fly. We will fly around provoking them with image spells and other charms until you get there. Legolas will signal to me, don't ask how," she silenced Harry's question before it came out, "then we will lay a sleeping charm on everyone in the camp. As soon as we do that, you will eat these, " she distributed a small pill, "These contain powdered mullnuff root and gbardes, which will fight off the sleeping charm so you can ride into camp, administer the pills to Arwen's party, and bring them back. You must be quick, we don't know how long the sleeping charm will hold on the Smhirats. Understood?"
"Understood," Aragorn answered. "I posted archers and soldiers along the wall just incase the Smhirats decide to chase us back."
"Good," said Harry.

Harry, Ron, and Hermione took off, speeding through the air, silently and swiftly. Aragorn, Legolas, and Alanna rode out of the city, following the other group as best they could.
"Well, sister, make sure your bow is ready. I have an uncomfortable feeling these Smhirats will give us more than we reckoned for," Legolas muttered.
"Let them try," Alanna said gravely. This made Legolas grin, he knew that when she used that tone of voice that it boded ill for those she spoke of.

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Aragorn rode in silence, barely blinking, until Legolas reined in beside him.
"Aragorn, nothing will go wrong. Arwen will be fine. If you act like this, you won't fight well incase they do decide to attack. So snap out of it," Legolas told him. Then, with a sharp look, he rode on ahead.
"Guess he is right, "Aragorn sighed and followed.


The trio flew on until they spotted the camp. Every orc was asleep except for the night sentinels, who paced sleepily.
"Here goes nothing," Ron breathed. Simultaneously, he pulled out his wand and pointed it at a sentinel.
Then, with a swish and flick, the sentinel grabbed another orc and started tangoing like mad.
"That ought to keep them occupied for a while," he chuckled.
For the next half hour, Ron, Harry, and Hermione kept the sentinels, and the orcs they woke up with image spells and other creations.

They were running out of ideas, when Hermione heard, "We are ready."
She motioned to Ron and Harry, and together, they cast the largest sleeping charm any of them had ever tried. They watched as orc after orc fell down, fast asleep.
"All right," Hermione told Legolas tersely, "Go."

"All right," Legolas heard, "Go."
Legolas quickly motioned to the rest of the group to swallow their pills and go. They rode stealthily into the camp. Legolas and Aragorn went one way to untie the horses, and Alanna went around to each member of Arwen's party, and fed them the pill.

When everyone was horsed and ready to go, the party moved out.
"Hermione," Legolas said, "Stay a while, and tell us when they wake up."
"All right.," she replied.

Harry, Ron, and Hermione waited for a five minutes, and not one orc budged.
"I think we can go," Ron whispered.
They were heading out, when Hermione glanced back one more time to make sure everything was all right. She saw all the orcs picking up weapons and armor and assembling into battle formation.
"Legolas!" she screamed. "Fly! They were fooling, and weren't really asleep. Ride, or they will overtake you!"
Her scream had given away their position, and the orcs turned their attention to the trio.
Hermione pulled out her wand to curse them, but then something hit her head, and the world went black.

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"Unh?" Hermione sat up with a groan and quickly lay back down because of the sharp pain in her head. Someone dabbed her head with a cool cloth and gave her a cup.
"Drink," they commanded.
"What is it?" she asked.
"Something good."
"It could be a death brew, but I really don't care right now," she said absentmindedly, then drank the liquid.
Then, slowly but surely, she dropped into a deep, dreamless sleep.

************The next day***************

Hermione awoke again to a gentle murmur of people talking all around her. She sat up on her pillows, blinking rapidly to adjust her eyes to the bright light.
"Hermione!" Her name stood out in the whispers she heard.
"Legolas! Where am I? I don't remember a thing since I warned you."
"An orc with a slingshot hit you in the head, so you blacked out. You woke up yesterday, but the healing process wasn't done, so we put you to sleep again," the elf answered.
"Oh. So what happened? Is everyone all right? Where's Arwen? Is she safe? Did..."
"Stop," Legolas admonished, "you'll just wear yourself out. After you blacked out, the orcs pursued us, but we had a large head start. But they weren't just orcs, they were a renegade band of Saruman's orcs. They caught up to us and were in firing distance when we were about 500 feet away from the wall. We sent the women and children ahead and our warriors and the party's warriors turned and formed ranks. We killed most of them without any harm to any of our warriors in the beginning. But when there were about five left, they became very fierce and started attacking us. One of our men was hit with a poisoned arrow- Argof."
"Argof," Hermione said," the herald who announced us at all the balls. I didn't know he was a warrior."
"Everyone here is a warrior," Legolas said gravely. "Otherwise we would not survive."
"So did he die or is he all right?" Hermione asked anxiously.
"In between. After we killed the last of them, we rushed Argof back to the city, where our healers removed the arrow and extracted most of the poison. But some of the poison got into the blood vessel that leads to the brain, so Argof fell into a coma. He has not woken since." Legolas pointed to the man lying a bed next to hers. He looked frail and hopeless.
"But today," Legolas continued, "Prince Harry, Isildur's heir comes to visit him. Maybe something will change."

Note (on Argof and the coma): I don't know how people get into comas, so I made something up. Sorry if it is wrong (which it probably is).

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Later in the day, Hermione felt herself being shaken awake gently and looked up into Legolas' eyes.
"Harry is here to try and help Argof. I thought you might like to see," he said softly, putting more pillows behind her head and back so she could sit up without much effort.
Suddenly, Harry walked in. He had changed since she last saw him, even though it was only a few days ago. He seemed taller, more dignified. He looked at her, nodding a greeting, and Hermione noticed a look of overwhelming sadness in his eyes. She looked again and saw not only the sadness, but a spark of determination and fierceness at a level she had never seen before. Hermione wondered what caused both of those feelings.
"I'll pry it out of him later," she thought.
Just then, Harry removed his cloak, and Hermione was confused all over again. Harry wore his customary dark blue breeches and white shirt, but over the shirt he wore a glimmering silver tunic emblazoned with a crest Hermione had never seen. In it, a crowned lion and green serpent fought with a blazing sword in between them. Over their heads shone a golden ring. The whole scene was circled with a strange and intricate border that Hermione had never encountered. Also, a thin gold circlet with emeralds and diamonds lay on top of Harry's unruly hair.

Harry wasted no time with greetings and explanations. Instead, he rolled up his sleeves and strode over to Argof's bed. He placed his hands on Argof's temples and closed his own eyes. A few minutes passed in tense silence, everyone's eyes fixed unmovingly on Harry and Argof.
Suddenly, Hermione saw green vines of light that looked somewhat like holographs streamed down Harry's arms and through his fingers to Argof. Then, there was a flash, and a blinding green light erupted from Harry and Argof. Hermione threw her hands up to shield her eyes from the light, along with everyone else in the room. Almost everyone else. The moment she covered her eyes, Hermone felt Legolas' strong arms encircle her and pull her towards him. He shifted to block her from the light with his body.
Just as suddenly as it had started, the light stopped.
Everyone shifted uneasily, waiting for something else unusual to happen.
And it did.
Wisps of dark green light floated up from Argof's body. It all stopped at a certain point and joined together to form a ball. The ball writhed and squirmed for a few seconds as the people held their breath. Then it took a shape: a serpent.
There was a slight ring as Legolas drew his elven blade, quicker than lightning. Then Harry waved a hand, signaling him to put the blade away.

The serpent looked around, then focused on Harry. It moved in, hissing and spitting. It was half a foot away from Harry's face when he raised his hand.
"You have plagued the world for generations," Harry said in a deep and terrible voice, "and will continue to do so for generations to come... Unless you are stopped. I am from Isildur's line, and Elendil's before him. It is my fate, as Harry Potter, Isildur's heir, to destroy you." He bent his fingers, then opened them again, holding a lion made of the same light of the serpent. He unleashed the lion, and a terrible, ferocious battle followed.
Finally, the lion pounced on the serpent, and Harry sent a jet of green light at the serpent, which enveloped it. When the green light cleared, the serpent was gone.

A few seconds passed, and the people shared confused and awed looks. Then, another larger shape of wispy light appeared. It was clad in a full suit of strange armor, with a spiked helmet.
"Sauron." At the mention of the Dark Lord's name, most of the people fell to their knees, covering their heads with their hands. Legolas held Hermione tighter, unsure of what was to come next.
When the Dark Lord heard his name spoken by Harry in that terrible voice, he gazed directly at Harry.
"Yes, it is me," he replied in a more horrible voice, a voice that sounded like steel screeching against steel, like fingernails scraping against a chalkboard. Then, the Dark Lord lifted one armored hand and removed his helmet.
Hermione and Ron gasped: the face of Voldemort stared at Harry. Harry did not flinch, or reach for his wand. Instead he spoke, evenly and calmly, "Your time is over. You shall no longer plague innocent people."
Then rage filled his voice. "Begone, you spark of evil," he thundered.
Voldemort glared, then his glare turned into surprise as green light filled his body. He looked at Harry with mixed awe and question before the cracks started appearing where the light tried to get out. Then, with one last glare, Voldemort burst into a thousand pieces.
Hermione stared with disbelief from the spot where Voldemort had been to Harry. Then she noticed that Harry looked ill. She stumbled out of bed and over to him.
Just as Argof sat up, Harry fell into a dead faint.

Note: The lion and serpent weren't full size, they were very mini. Each were about foot tall.
Note II: Please give me feedback!

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***Just as Argof sat up, Harry fell into a dead faint.***
Hermione pushed away all the people except the healers who rushed over to him.
"Explanations must wait. Let the healers care for him."
Meanwhile, Argof sat up, utterly confused, not knowing what the commotion was about.
Ron hurried over to him, "I expect you are feeling very dazed and confused right now. Don't worry, everyone else feels exactly the same. We'll all have the answers in a while."
As the people filtered out slowly, the healers tended to Harry. Hermione and Ron watched anxiously. After a few minutes, a healer turned to Hermione, "He's fine, no injury. He's just exhausted."
As soon as the words were out of her mouth, Harry opened one bleary eye, "Need... to... explain." Alanna pushed a silver cup to his lips and poured the sleeping potion down his throat.
"Not now."

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