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Wipe up my tears

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Wipe up my tears

I only found this story recently. I wrote it, but it was a while ago. It takes place in an alternate book 6 world. Enjoy!
R/Hness ahead!

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Wipe up my Tears

The door of the Owlery opened and an irate, furious, red-headed figure pounded into the room. His brown eyes hardly took in the person that was standing confused at the side, who was before giving a letter to a handsome grey owl.

Yet Ron Weasley's mind was elsewhere. Where? Well, down in the Great Hall of course where he had just recieved, much to his detest (yet not to Draco Malfoy who had laughed his head of) a Howler.

This being the second time he had received an Howler, he was not as well prepared as someone who had perhaps received a dozen howlers. Yet he ripped it open and fell to the floor as his fathers grave and inhumane (it was inhumane whenever he was shouting at Ron) shouted out how he had shamed them and the family.

Why? What had he done that made an earsplitting roar pound the eardrums of everyone who had been in the Great Hall at that time? And then it hit him...of course it had to involve Draco Malfoy it just had to. Ron had rememberd at the start of term Draco insulting and cursing Hermione on the Hogwarts Express.

Ron had hesitated. Should he attack back? Or should he wait and tell a teacher, once they arrived at Hogwarts? Of course, being Ron and being irational he had opted for the first choice and had struck at Malfoy. Of course it had been three months ago but Tonks who had been riding on the train with them said that she would have to report it.

It was only a stunning spell, and he was so angry that he almsot missed. Would it of been better if he had? And besides he had stunned Malfoy plenty of times for him to keep track of. Yet, and it pained Ron to say this, they were at war, so they would have to give people like Malfoy certain leeway, and then send his sorry little behind all the way to Azkaban, or so he hoped.

It took a minute for Ron to realise why he was in the owlery. Then of course, it hit him, he was going to send a letter to his parents complaining that if he hadn't attacked Malfoy he would of gone further and attacked Hermione again.

Hermione... Something about that name stirred something in the back of his head, until-

'Um, Ron.'

Ron span around and sighed deeply. Of course! He had walked right past Hermione without noticing her. He tried to give her one of his laddish grins but the anger that had exploded in side of him since the arrival of the Howler, halted that.

'Are you okay?' Hermioned asked as her owl flew out of the window and into the sky, making a shirll squawk emit from the other owls, as if they were saying that this was not the best time to go and send a letter.

'Yeah,' Ron lied 'Where's Harry?'

'Out on the grounds, playing with Luna,' came the reply.

Ron stared at Hermione for a moment, his eyes flicked to the distant grounds where he saw a figure creeping up on someone behind a tree. What was that Hermione had said? 'Playing?' What playing Quidditch? But his eye darted to the Quidditch pitch to the right and saw that there was no broom in the air. It was too cold for Quidditch.

'What do you mean, playing?' he asked.

Hermione stiffled a quick giggle. What did she know that Ron didn't? Blood pulsed through him. First the Howler now this. His anger must have shown in his face, for Hermione added quickly 'Playing hide and seek.'

Hide and Seek? Was Harry completley off his rocker? He looked at Hermione but she had gone to gaze out of the open window. Gazing at the winter scene. Ron quickly joined her.

'You know Ron,' Hermione said 'You really shouldn't worry about Harry, he's happy.'

Would Ron be happy with Luna as his girlfriend? He doubted it and in any case, the screaming.

'You'd think so wouldn't you?'

Hermione stiffened her posture.

'Everynight he wakes up, screaming his head off. I'm that close,' he made a geusture with his fingers 'to screaming at the top of my lungs. Neville's thrashing around in his bed everynight, yelling god knows what and you know what, no one else cares.'

Hermione's eyes narrowed 'You think it's only you lot. You don't want to know what I dream of every night, it's as if I'm trapped, trapped inside a room I can't get out of, every night I know what's going to happen.'

A tear sped down the side of Hermione's face and for a moment, Ron felt extremley stupid. He took a hankercheif out from the inside of his robes and wiped away her tears.

'I'm sorry,' he said in a hushed voice.

Hermione hiccuped but smiled weakley. Her hand was laying on the open window, waiting to be held. Ron glanced nervously at it, but Hermione was looking at him at that exact moment and turnend back quickly to continue to gaze out of the next window.

'Weird, isn't it?' Hermione said.

Ron turned back. Hermione's face looked extremley cold and flushed. Ron knew that he wanted to hold that face. Wipe away the sorrow and pain and then-

'I mean,' Hermione continued 'We've been here for five years and in that time, you haven't once said you fancied me,'

Ron's eyes widened. He suddenly seemed incapable of blinking and could only stare at Hermione. He looked rather like Luna Lovegood, whenever she was in a staring mood.

'Sorry, I-'

'Well, I think it would help if you said it now.' Hermione said.

She turned to face Ron and he suddnely felt weird. As if he had just fallen into an enclosure with a Hungarian Horntail and couldn't get out. Hermione smiled weakley, Ron felt his stomcah lurch.

'Go, on.'

'Well...um, I...er.'

'Out with it.'

Hermione obviously was enjoying this experiance. Ron wasn't. He just wanted to get out and kiss her but he couldn't.

'I... fancy you,' Ron said slowy.

Hermione shook her head. She looked annoyed, but that was's Ron's judgement.

'Oh kiss me Weasley.'

Whereas before his face muscles were tight and unwilling to move, now they suddenly became flaccid and droopy. Ron looked up into Hermiones eyes and fell forward and his lips touched with Hermiones.

An owl shot past them. Perhaps it was an owl with magical powers because Ron felt now as if he had no other worries. As if he was going to fall into a aybss forever with Hermione.

He reached out his arm and placed it around Hermione's shoulder. Hermione reached up and placed her arms around Ron's neck.
Ron felt Hermione's weight on his back, but he also felt her warmth spread through his body.

Then came the snow. Whereas before there were small periods of snow, which led, eventually, to the snow all around them now, this snow was enough to cover the castle twice.

They pulled apart. Ron felt cold all of a sudden. Hermione looked colder. So he reached over and embraced her in a deep hug that filled him again with warmth.

'Come on,' came Hermione's voice 'Let's get some dinner.'


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