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Dumbledore Was a Horcrux

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Old July 11th, 2007, 10:49 pm
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Re: Dumbledore Was a Horcrux

Originally Posted by Vadinator View Post
I like the part of this theory where Voldemort could have altered Dumbledore's memory.

So, what if Voldemort made the sword of Gryffindor a Horcrux, and then altered Dumbledore's memory?
This has been suggested in the past but the first canon apparence of the sword in th office was in CoS, after Harry pulls it from thre hat, so we dont know where it was before that, if you look at the indentifying and tracking down thread im sure they have much more detail for you about it, but from a brief time spent there im fairly sure that is why they discounted it.


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Old July 12th, 2007, 1:32 am
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Re: Dumbledore Was a Horcrux

Originally Posted by giwdeh View Post
But how come DD hurt his hand? He hurt it when fetching or destroying a HX, so how come this could happen? I'd say when destroying a HX he MUST have been on his guard, and that just leaves that VD was better at that point. Why shouldn't he'd been better than DD once more?
I think the theory on this one is that Dumbledore inadvertantly injured his own hand. In destroying a horcrux there may be one spell that destroys it. If Dumbledore performed this spell to destroy "the horcrux" and did not focus on that particular horcrux (Why would he? At that point he wouldn't have realized he was a horcrux so since the ring would have been "the only horcrux" there's no point in focusing on that object) then he would have destroyed all the horcruxes in the vicinity. The spell would have also destroyed the horcrux in him. Maybe it started nearest to where the spell was performed. (his wand hand) This is where Snape would have come in with a potion or counter-curse to stop DD from being completely destroyed.

I think for those that accept the "DD is a Horcrux" theory this is also the point at which Dumbledore realized he was a horcrux. He didn't have anything at that point that would have given him reason to believe it besides the memory, and up until that point he had no reason to look back at that memory.

Old July 12th, 2007, 6:33 am
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Re: Dumbledore Was a Horcrux

Originally Posted by Kidney Pie View Post
There is a theory that the WATER Dumbledore drank was a horcrux, not the locket. So by drinking this, he was drinking Voldemort's soul, making himself a horcrux.
My mom suggested this theory to me a while ago, and I had not even thought of it. If this is the case and by killing Dumbledore the horcrux was destroyed, then yay! However, if Harry doesn't know this, he might spend uncessary time looking for the real locket that is supposed to be the horcrux. How would he even find out if the liquid really was the horcrux or not?

Good luck, Harry, wherever you are.
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Old July 12th, 2007, 6:35 am
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Re: Dumbledore Was a Horcrux

I think it is safe to say the theory that Dumbledore was a Horcrux has not been received enthusiastically. Well, that's not entirely true. It's been received with great enthusiasm, though that enthusiasm is mostly negative.

The first time I posted the theory, link, I'd say opinion was about 9 to 1 against the theory. Now, after about a year and a half of defending the theory, I'd say opinion is about 9 to 1 against theory. Hmmm, guess I'm not very persuasive.

From time to time someone will say they agree with the theory, but there's only been four of us (heh the same number as Hogwarts Founders - who wants to be Slytherin? ) who have actively defended the theory. Alyssa_L, PixieBee, and giwdeh (who I might add posted the idea before I did, but to be fair I did come up with it on my own). Speaking for myself, I'm pleased to be part of such a small select group.

I won't recap all the points in favor of the theory, but I will list the 7 (since 7 is the most powerful magic number) most frequent criticisms of the theory in no particular order.

1. Voldemort tried to kill Dumbledore at the MoM.
2. Voldemort wants Dumbledore dead.
3. Voldemort didn't have the opportunity or skill to overcome Dumbledore.
4. The Horcrux would have been incapatible with Dumbledore's soul.
5. Dumbledore would have sensed the Horcrux.
6. Dumbledore would have told Harry.
7. Dumbledore would eventually die.

Each of those objections has been addressed a number of times, and there have been other objections raised as well, and they too have been addressed, though maybe not to everyone's satisfaction.

Almost all of my posts in the forums have been devoted to this theory and the other Horcruxes, and since I've posted so much in defense of the theory, I think in my final post before the book comes out it is only fair that the 7 most emphatic critics get the last word.

Originally Posted by ADumbledore22 View Post
OK first off...anyone who thinks that Dumbledore was a Horcrux is just plain stupid...
Originally Posted by Essbee View Post
Dumbledore as a Horcrux?!?

Dumbledore himself says that making living creatures, ones that can think for themselves, as horcruxes is a very bad idea. So surely, having Dumbledore and/or Harry as well as Nagini as horcruxes is... a little... silly?

I think people are really getting carried away with the horcruxes now. Anything is a horcrux possibility! Hogwarts, Dumbledore, Godric's Hollow, the wall behind the Leaky Cauldron... soon, someone will suggest that the entire of England is a horcrux!
Originally Posted by Tj12 View Post
That's utterly ridiculous! Dumbledore is not a horcrux!
Originally Posted by DADAteacher View Post
i'm sorry but this theory is rubbish...
Originally Posted by IgoRetla View Post
Gee, I thought the mods closed this thread ages ago. Just nonsense.
Originally Posted by The_Scifanac View Post
I think I stumped skeelos... Another rediculous theory disproven by the Scifanac!
Originally Posted by PeNgUiNsRuLe View Post
Your proposal of the memory's usefulness being to show DD as a Horcrux is just as out there as your sarcastic proposal of the memory being useless other than saying Voldy wanted an outing to his alma mater.

If you think that Dumbledore was not a Horcrux, then I hope you remember skeelos when you read the seventh book.
Old July 29th, 2007, 1:54 am
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Re: Dumbledore Was a Horcrux

That would be cool! But how would Voldemort do it? That would be very cool, and it would add to the whole "Dumbledore planned his death" thing. THat very very would be interesting.

Old August 1st, 2007, 2:31 pm
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Re: Dumbledore Was a Horcrux

Originally Posted by ModernInkling View Post
Hmm... Sorry, I don't think this works. Your whole theory depends on the statement that Voldemort has never tried to kill Dumbledore, but we have evidence that he has at least twice: In the Ministry of Magic; and when he ordered Draco to kill him.

Also, I agree with QueenFrancis that it would be awfully careless of Voldy to make Dumbledore a Horcrux Ė it would be completely out of character for him. Then, as Nikoli said, it would make no sense for Voldemort not to kill Dumbledore when he had the chance.

Nope, sorry, I donít think this theory holds water.
Your problem is that you underestimate the knowledge of the Dark Lord

1. If LV didn't fight DD it would of looked suspicious and might of brought realization to Harry later on that DD was a horcrux.

2. Draco was sent as punishment he was expected to fail for his dad's carelessness with 2 things 1. getting caught and 2. letting a horcrux get destroyed (TR diary)

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Re: Dumbledore Was a Horcrux

how in the world would Voldy make Dumbledore a horocrux without Dumbledore knowing.... and in case u haven't noticed Dumbledore is not dumb...This theory has gotten way too far..and in case u haven't read the sixth book properly Dumbledore named the most likely objects that Voldy would turn into Horocruxes...

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Re: Dumbledore Was a Horcrux

I expect all posters to be respectful towards each other and the theory itself.

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