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Biggest Fear

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Biggest Fear

The sun gave out a nice shine, giving Stargirl a headache. If only she was normal. Well, she was, but her name wasn't. Come on! Stargirl? Who would name a girl Stargirl?
2 people, her mom and dad. How could they have did this to her? And then, they flew away, leaving her daughter staying with a foster mom. How could they?
This gave Stargirl, or Natilia, tears to her eyes. It wasn't fair. First, her name's Stargirl,(Atleast her nickname was Natilia, now.), and then her parents leave her with Abigail. It wasn't fair, it just wasn't.
"Natilia,dear, come to eat breakfast!" called Abigail. Atleast Abigail gave her a nice name. If only she could find out her memories and fears. She might not even be from Earth. She might be from a Harry Potter community. But, still, that was not true. She might believe it, but the world would not.
Natilia brushed her teeth, then dressed. She had a white t-shirt, and a jeans mini-skirt. For her shoes, she had Velcro.
"Mom, I'm here," Natilia called. "Your wonderful,beautiful, awesome daughter is here!" She joked.
"Your right, Natie! You are," Her mom said, happily. "What would you like for breakfast?"
"Waffles," answered Natilia. "I need a ride to school mom, because I have to bring the surprise!"
"Sure, dear. Whatever you like," her foster mother said.
Natilia felt safe using "Mom" to call her foster mother. After all, her parents left her, so why should she care? It's not her fault her parents left her, it just was theirs. They should have thought about their daughter, but oh how good it would be to see her parents, again.
Yes, Natilia had looked at her parents. She had blinked in surprise when they told her they were her parents. Her thoughts were broken by Abigail.
"Maddi will come over, soon, Natie. At the end of the day, would you like to have a playdate with her?" Asked Abigail.
"Mom, it's not a playdate! It's to just talk and have fun. Sure, we'll go to the park. See you later, Mom!" Natilia explained.
"Didn't you want me to drop you?" Abigail said.
"Yes, Mom. But, no thanks now."
"Now. The children these days..." She broke off, deep into thought.
Natilia rushed outside to meet Ashley. She must be late, she is usually, thought Natilia. She ran to Ashley's house, then knocked at the door.
"Yes, coming!" cried Ashley's mother. "Oh! Natilia!"
"Mrs. Jeffir, is Ashley home? Er- is she dressed yet?" Natilia asked.
"No dear. She's going to school. I thought she went with you!" Mrs. Jeffir answered, concerned.

"Oh, okay. Just, Mrs.Jeffir, have you read the Nancy drew series? I'd like to start." Natilia lied. What she really was thinking was: Mrs. Jeffir, Moddessa and Quin would like to meet you. She had no idea how that popped into her mind.
"Yes, dear. It's a mystery series."
Natilia said "goodbye", then set off to school.

O n the way to school, Natilia was deep into thought. What did she say? The answer: Moddessa and Quin wanted to see Mrs. Jeffir. Why? The answer: She didn't know.

W hat had she done? She had thought a random thought. Why did it matter? A flashback occured after Natilia left Ashley's house.
She was crouched in a small empty room; only things there were her parents and Natilia. Hunched over bread, 1 year old Natilia gasped for water. Her mother gave her some. Then, when the time came, they escaped.
A long ride, it was. Nothing was seen, Natilia was quiet. She must have knew what happend.
"Baby, keep quiet," whispered her father. "We'll escape soon, away from those dreadful people. Those rats. It will go away!"
"Yet, no. We have to fight, Rey!" cried her mother.
At the end, they had lost. But as a "gennorsity", the family could let a family member leave, to the real world. They chose Stargirl. Or was it the name?
The flashback ended as his father and mother said her first real name.
"Are you here?!" an angry Ashley asked. She could sometimes be perilious.
"Here, here! Just don't-" told Natilia.
"Okay, now lets go!" interrupted Ashley.
"Class, what'd you think?" Ashley frowned.
"Nothing, nothing," murmured Natilia.
"Natie, you forgot your lunch money!" cried Abigail, frowning.
"Sorry, Mom! Are you angry at me?"
"What do you think?" asked Abigail.
"But, anyway, here's a e-mail from Maddi. She's sick."
The letter said:
Dear Natilia,
Are you still up for the challenge? Well, sorry. We can't have the fun time.
Best of luck,
__________________________________________________ ________________
Awesome girl: Maddi Jeffir
"Awww, we can't play?" asked Natilia close to tears.
"Sorry, Natie-girl. She can't!" Abigail evenly close to tears said.
"Hey, how come you're close to tears?" asked Natilia.
"Ha, ha! Just kidding," teased Abigail.

Abigail drove back to her office in Downtown California. It was a pretty long ride, so her mother had a even share.
Natilia couldn't keep crying in class. It just wasn't fair. The tantrums and the crankiness was part of herpersonality.
"Every kid in this classroom will be part of the Youth Girls and Boys Academy presentation. Get into groups 4, then plan your idea. One group will present these: Lunch, Science, Math, English, Reading, Activities, and Specials. It will be a honor if you decide on a special something.
"Now, get into groups." Mrs. Ju announced.
Natilia got up and joined a group.

The group she got in was the "Meanies" group. But, for heaven's sake, (or in Natilia's case: Heaven's snakes!), the Meanies let her go. "Get outta here, Alien!"
It was true, she was part alien. She had the evidence: Another flashback.

Author's note: This will be the end of the chapter. Don't think I forgot to apply the flashback.

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Re: Biggest Fear

Abigail sneered at the thought of Natilia's parents pathetic girl. It was useless. Come on, take the girl, use her, then leave her mommy and daddy with her. How hard was it?
Very hard. The answer was clear in Abigail's mind: Serve the Rats.
It was the right thing to do, not mentioning how hard that Natilia and the other pathtic fools who never thought of serving the rats.
Pathetic,old,fools, thought Abigail, laughing silently at the behavior of some girl she knew.
"Ms. Gryuifnir, will you please move? Ms. Gryuifnir!" A man in a red hat cried.
"George, is that you?" whispered Abigail in peril. "I'll kill you! You let that Natilia escape!"
"Gosh, I'm sorry. That was like years ago. Maybe, we should turn ourselves to Mr. Impthrain!" George Yuivi replied, curtly with a bow.
"No, George, no. But, a thing that matters me most, is why do you want to turn yourself in?" Abigail asked.
"Because, that was a trick. Nothing more, of course!" George answered.
"Okay, George. What's the news?"
"Her? That puny girl?"
"Yes, Abby."
"Ha,ha,ha. Fine."

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