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Teeter Totter (complete)

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Re: Teeter Totter (has nothing to do with playgrounds :p)

Chapter 20: Nothing Worse

Just to make it clear, I have had depression problems before, but I think basically all teens have had them at one time or another and I've gotten over them pretty quickly. It's a product of over thinking and feeling like life is pretty pointless, for me anyways.

Anyways, what always kept me going was hope for a better future, or doing something worthwhile, and while it really doesn't reduce the depression, it gives life purpose and it kept me going, kind of like a really foul tasting cough medicine.

Why can I talk about it relatively casually? Because it was one of those things that made me stronger rather than weaker, and it was one of the things that prepared me for this experience. As long as I wasn't dead, I had a future, and as long as I had a future, I could do something with it.

I thought that I would feel better if I knew I had a chance of getting out, but on the contrary, if magic wasn't such a great boredom reliever and an easy way to get myself tired enough to fall asleep, it made me hate my situation more than ever.

And why was I feeling this way now? Because it was almost ludicrous exactly how close to freedom I was, and I was counting down the minutes at this point.

Now that I had the watch, I had noticed that Arach came at precisely midnight. And no, I don't mean looking at the watch. Somehow, I could sense time very differently now. It was as if the watch had embedded itself into the back of my mind.

I could even see up to a few seconds into the future, and up to a few minutes if I was concentrating enough. Ten minutes if I was really concentrating. And besides, I could only really see the future of me or my immediate surroundings.

And manipulating time was much harder. Changing that apple seed wasn't too bad because it was so small but humans were both larger and more complex.

Arach was becoming increasingly more smug. I wouldn't dare do it in public but I had actually been fast forwarding him a bit so he would leave faster.

Very unsuccessfully, I might add. I could fast forward or slow myself down pretty well, but not much. I could only do it for about five minutes at a time, but it was even harder with him.

It had been nearly another month in here now. Exactly twenty eight days, eight hours, thirty one minutes and eight seconds, nine seconds, ten seconds.

Honestly, I need to stop doing that! I thought bitterly.

Back to trying to ignore the vague ticking in my head. I can really see why Father Time was always so distant.

Well, today's the big day. Acera and Corin and I had finally sipped away enough of the Shadows' power, speeding up a normally slow exchange of power. Acera finally decided that she was ready.

Frankly, I'm not sure whether or not I wanted it to happen. Assuming the role of the Shadows very likely meant she would forfeit what was left of her humanity and compassion

Either way, having Arach as the Shadows was unacceptable, and rather than quietly sneaking me out, we were planning to permanently dethrone him.


It was time, midnight and he came in.

"Aurelie," he purred, a cold bluish, black hand reaching out to force me to look at him.

I had been feigning weakness and giving the illusion of being starved with a magical twist that made me seem starved and bony despite being perfectly well fed.

"What?" I whispered. But my voice was actually pretty hoarse. Speaking through your aura doesn't really help it. I forced myself to look into his blacker than black eyes, feeling a bit repulsed.

We're going to be seeing Acera and your little boyfriend," he answered, his frozen voice unable to suppress his excitement.

An indomitable force seemed to caress me as it lifted me up and I found my limbs moving jerkily and feebly, like a marionette.

"Where are we going?" I asked, injecting hope and weakness into my voice, fighting the urge to attack him.

But he did not answer and soon, we arrived in the chamber.

Acera, Corin and a few other shadowsorcerers were already there, looking rather stiff and nervous. I couldn't help but notice how Corin's eyes kept darting toward the various exits.

Acera could've been a statue, for all the movement she was making. She stood there, stony faced, not a change in expression or twitch moving her face nor body.

"Here she is," Arach began, "unhurt but weakened. If you come quietly, you have my word that I won't touch another hair on her head. Do as we planned."

Acera nodded and began walking forward, and slowly, a cage materialized, as if the shadows were solidifying around her.

I sent out tendrils of subtle magic to the cage, noticing Corin's magic there on the bars as well, testing their strength and holding the illusion of shadows as I helped Acera drain the energy on it away.

"Ah yes, Acera, my very own apprentice back when I ruled as king of our realm. I should've known you would turn against me, suspect me."

"Who's the one locked in a cage of shadows here?" Acera asked coldly, but I noticed that her eyes were heavy with weariness.

"My young protégé," he laughed, but his expression unexpectedly turned to fury.

In his anxiety, Corin had let his illusion falter.

Thinking quickly, I sent a surge of magic through the watch to freeze Arach in time as Acera took another two minutes to finally dissolve the cage.

Arach's face was frozen in mingled surprise and rage, etched into his dark features.

"Hurry up," I gasped, now on all fours. Apparently freezing people in time was harder than speeding them up.

Acera spared me one calculating but worried look and I could immediately see her skin and hair growing darker. However, rather than looking tanner, her skin seemed to look blue-grey and chilled.

I struggled to maintain the flow of magic but it was trying to take all of my energy and perseverance. I was in a trance for who knows how long, and that bit of magic linking me and Arach was my last anchor to consciousness.

I barely heard it when Father Time's voice whispered, "Let go," and finally, I could only feel cool and blissful relaxation.


I woke up feeling a bit cold and disoriented. I felt weak, as if I had just begun to recover from the flu.

My entire body ached, from my throbbing head to my aching toes. I tried to raise myself from what seemed to be an incredibly soft but cold bed, but while my limbs refused to listen to my brain, my eyelids fluttered feebly.

I heard Corin gasp from somewhere above me and his excited voice echoed in my head, "She's awake!"

His hand gripped mine and whispered, in the type of voice one reserves for those on their deathbed, he said "Are you ok?"

My voice came out so weak and hoarse that I wondered if he was reading my mind. I wanted to ask whether or not he and Acera were ok, but all that came out was "I'm freezing."

My vision was blurry but from what I could see, his expression was troubled.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"You can start giving her a little energy now," Acera said, speaking to Corin.

All the aches and pains and weakness seemed to lessen a bit but the cold didn't leave.

I sat up in bed, still slightly disoriented, but feeling better. Acera's features were still the same but it was odd seeing black's darks and lights on an already familiar face.

"What's wrong?" I repeated.

Acera looked a bit uncomfortable. "Um..." I had never seen her like this. "I don't know whether or not you'll be able to regain your magic."

My momentarily stronger body seemed to lose all of the strength again. I must have misheard, it couldn't be. "What?" I whispered, barely fighting off oncoming sobs.

"You might not be able to regain your magic," she repeated, seeming upset herself. Corin simply looked stunned. Apparently Acera hadn't told him. "When you poured it into freezing Arach, it's possible that you damaged the portion of your soul that controlls magic."

"Can't you mend it?" I pleaded. "I mean, you're the official Shadows now!"

"If you had simply degraded the portion to control shadowmagic, matters would be different, but this..."


Acera only came once a day while Corin stayed by my side in an attempt to help my progress and cheer me up.

But nothing could possibly replace the empty feeling at my very core.

Absolutely nothing could make me feel happy for more than a few minutes, but it wasn't for lack of trying, but finally, I went back to my regular life. I suppose I should be thankful that my memory wasn't wiped, but it was only a small consolation

Arach was finally dead, and probably in the winter portion of the afterlife. Which scared me a bit because he could probably come back as a ghost but either way, he wasn't a threat anymore.


A few years later, I found that I still could still control the magic Mother Earth and Father Time gave me. Besides very weak bursts of shadowmagic and regular magic, this was my only real connection to the world. In fact, it was much more powerful and easier to use than before, as if the magic had gotten in the way.

But other than that, life was normal and relatively unchanged. It was only me that had changed.

Epilogue: In a Few Centuries

Just another dream, I thought to myself, as I saw the same meadow with the upside down vortex in the sky I had once been to so many years ago. I saw my purple lupine floating in the air, making its way toward me.

I held it in my hands and saw it slowly wilt, and petals fall to the ground. And in a rush of apprehension and belonging, I was lifted off the ground and into the vortex, feeling suddenly liberated.

As the vortex swallowed me, I was spun uncontrollably by the winds, closing my eyes against the force. And all of a sudden, it stopped, and I found myself in the same place I had found myself so long ago, in between spring and fall.

Looking around, I saw a few figures approach me, Acera, Corin (he had finally settled on his name), Darius, Claire, Allegra, my parents, and so many others I had once known.

"This isn't a dream," Corin said.

"I'm dead?"

"Yes," Claire replied, smiling brightly. "Welcome to the rest of your life."

Be as harsh as possible....I pretty much completely rewrote this because I thought the original was way too cheesy...but i'm not really sure how it turned out....

Well, I am finished with my first decent book , and just before school started (unless I decide to rewrite the ending again and do some more editing, which would probably be smart)


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