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A Generation We Can't Forget *Chapter 35*

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A Generation We Can't Forget *Chapter 35*

I have it all writen in my note book. I will post it soon, I need to get it edited, and then it will be up. It is about the kids of all our main charactors we know and love. I know there are many out there, but mine is a bit different I think. Well I hope to post soon, please leave feedback for ideas, mind you I got the end of my story all writen.lol. well please leave feedback, and while your waiting, you can read my other fan fics in my siggy!

Disclaim: I am not the fabulous J.K Rowling, I do not own her charactors. I simply do this so you have a good read, and for fun.


James Longbottom Lily Potter


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Re: A Generation We Can't Forget

Ok. The first post. I hope you guys like it. I worked hard on it, I have the others written down, I’ll probably do them soon after this. Please leave feedback.

James Longbottom Lily Potter

Chapter 1: The Terrible Two

Lily Potter ran down the stairs to wish Kelcy and Kiyla, her younger identical twin sisters, an early birthday. School was about to start, and they wouldn’t be home for their birthdays, which was on the third of September. On her way down, however, she ran into James Longbottom. Looking at him, she felt a stab of irritation. She had always hated that boy. He was Neville and Luna’s son, but he was nothing like them. He had black hair and charming brown eyes. She had dazzling emerald eyes like her father, and flaming red hair like her mother. James didn’t even act like either of his parents. He was always slacking off, and seemed to love picking on her. As for Lily, she actually cared about what her parents said, let alone about other people’s feelings.

“Well, it seems I’ve run into a Lil something again.” Said James with a dazzling smile. She hated that nickname, because of its double meaning. Lily was tiny for her age. James was tall and handsome, though she would never admit it.

“Oh, you know how I hate that nickname, Jam!" she whined, but a small smile crept onto her face. She had called him Jam since he was seven, when he got into a jam jar and ended up smearing it all over himself.

“Ok, we’re even.” he said, admitting defeat as he moved to let her pass.

“Are you giving up that easily? I never knew something like this was capable of someone like you!” exclaimed Lily in true shock as she was free to step onto the main floor.

“If I were you, I’d just go now before I change my mind,” and he added a small smile which meant that he was serious. Lily smirked as she walked past him and then pushed the swinging door open without another word.

Out of the seventeen years Lily had known James, she never knew him to back out of an argument once, not even when they were at school at the lunch line. He always used to cut in front of her, but if she tried to tell, he’d deny it. But she had noticed that his behavior had been changing slightly since the end of their sixth year at Hogwarts. James actually let her onto the Hogwarts Express first, which of course was followed by a rude sound behind her and he then ran off with his friends, but still, the fact was that he had let her go first.

He’s still a git.


James watched Lily as she walked through the kitchen door. Lily was very pretty, and he didn’t know why she hated him so much. She had beautiful red hair, and the most gorgeous pair of emerald green eyes he’d ever seen. Her frame was so slight that she looked far younger than sixteen. He was a couple of months older than her, but their families had always been close friends, as his father had helped hers in defeating the Dark Lord Voldemort.

He remembered why he was going upstairs in the first place, and ran up to Sirius’s room to get the girls’ presents. Every time he came to the Potters’ to celebrate, he always ended up staying the night, even though he only lived next door. Somehow, he always ended up with Sirius as a room mate. Sirius was the oldest Potter kid, but he was not fun to hang around with most of the time. He was in his seventh year at Hogwarts like Lily and himself, but in Slytherin. His sorting had astonished the entire wizarding community. How could the son of the famous Harry Potter be a Slytherin?

Sirius was sitting on his bed, staring idly at the roof. He looked up when James entered the room, but said nothing. That wasn’t a surprise.

James grabbed Kelcy and Kiyla’s presents and started for the door. An attack of conscience gnawed at his mind, and he decided to be polite and talk to Sirius, even if he didn’t deserve it.

“Shouldn’t you be getting down to the party? I mean, they’re your sisters,” he said, as he made his way out the door. He heard a grunt and the sound of something being ripped, before he was followed by Sirius. Wondering what the sound was, James decided to head back, but with his luck, being a Longbottom, he tripped over the last two steps and crashed into the Potters’ side table sitting in the hall. He dropped the twins’ presents, cursed loudly, grabbed his knee in pain, but still no one came to see what was the matter.

The table had suffered more than he had, however, it was now missing it’s front right leg, but it had been very ugly anyway. Mrs. Potter had always said so, and Harry agreed – it had been sent by his aunt.

Sirius ran down the remaining steps, a look of concern on his face, pulled James up straight and looked him up and down, and then he glanced at the table.

“I’m fine, thanks.” Said James, sarcasm filled his voice.

“I can see that, but I don’t think Lily will like that you broke the table.” Said Sirius. James’ eyes widened in shock, it had to have been the first time he had heard Sirius speak all day.

“Why should Lily care? You all hated it anyway.”

“Oh, so just because we hate it it gives you the right to go smashing all of our things?’ retorted Sirius, raising an eyebrow, but James could see a hint of laughter in his eyes. That had been the Sirius James Potter James had grown up with when they were little, and he wasn’t surprised when neither of them commented on it. It was almost as if it were the same as old times.

There was a loud commotion of chattering in the kitchen, and James remembered about the party. When he looked up Sirius had restored the table and returned to his glum looking self. James sighed and then followed him into the sitting room, which eventually would lead the both of them into the kitchen soon.


Lily sat at the table between Kelcy and her father. She glanced at the door as James and her brother Sirius entered, both boys looking rather irritated. James looked at her, mouthed the word ‘Lil’ and then added a smile for her sake. She shot him a poisonous glare. Shrugging, he took the seat directly opposite her.

She looked around, surveying the assembled guests. All their friends and family had turned up for the party, and were crowded into the relatively small kitchen, which would soon advance into the dining room.

Lily was the second oldest in her family, being sixteen, and in Gryffindor. Her sisters Kelcy and Kiyla were identical twins, both third year Gryffindors.

She smiled as she caught sight of her boyfriend, Daniel Lupin, a little way down the table. They had started dating in third year, and had been together ever since. James had done nothing but tease her about it all these years, and even Sirius made comments about it every now and then, but she didn’t care, Daniel was a keeper.

Her mother entered the room, carrying a giant cake with twenty-six candles, thirteen for each girl. The crowd started the Birthday song, and Lily handed over her presents; posters of Kelcy and Kiyla’s favorite bands. It was customary to get the girls posters, they didn’t really expect anything else from their older sister, which was fine with Lily. She was never good with shopping for other people anyway, it was like she realized everything about them as soon as she walked into Diagon Alley and couldn’t decide what they’d like best. Last year it had been the Weird Sisters, but this time it was the Wyrd-er Sisters, they were actually a girl band with the last name of Wyrd.

The girls accepted there gifts thankfully and then tossed them aside quickly as the were already reaching for the next best thing. Everyone laughed and even though Lily didn’t mind, she couldn’t help but feel a little tinge of guilt. Maybe they really did want something more, they were just too polite to say so.

Why do sisters have to be so bloody modest? Thought Lily. James caught sight of her wondering glance and then smiled faintly, but almost at once he blushed. That wasn’t James. It couldn’t be. James only blushed when he failed at Charms when performing it on E.J Zabini last year. She quickly turned away and watched as the girls opened up each their very own copy of Hogwarts, A History from Aunt Hermione.

Lily wasn’t thinking about the twins anymore, nor their really interesting books. If anything, her thoughts were scaring her, and she wanted them to stop.

James does have a nice smile.


James watched Lily from across the table. He knew that she was going out with Daniel Lupin, but he could not help but be ‘attracted’ to her. There was just something about her that caught his attention. She was very pretty indeed, but as of last year, something had woken inside of him, and he hadn’t been able to tame it.

Get a grip, James! You just called Lil attractive! If you want to make the year any worse just tell her that and you’ll be sure to be hanging by the Quidditch goal posts before the first Hogsmeade trip!

After the twins opened their posters from Lily, he handed them his own presents. He had bought each girl a sneakoscope, and a remembrall. Unlike Lily’s gift, they gave his a second glance which made him feel guilty with the look that Lily had given him. When they opened Sirius’s present, he realized what the ripping noise had been. Sirius had taken their life-size posters of their favorite bands, torn the heads off, and presented these to the twins. All the Slytherins laughed uproariously, but stopped immediately when their parents gave them all angry looks.

James wanted to laugh too, but Lily’s eyes were almost filled with tears. Sirius hadn’t made the matter any better. He hated seeing Lily cry. Not just Lily, you dolt! All girls look helpless when they cry! He was having an inside battle with himself! Over Lily Potter, the girl that couldn’t stand him, and he the same toward her. Why did she have to stick up for him last year when he lost that duel with Zabini? He hadn’t meant to use the wrong curse, and when he realized what he had done, Zabini had figured it out first and shield it, causing it to hit back at James. Lily had told the professor off that it shouldn’t have counted since Zabini had clearly used a verbal spell to block it. She earned the both of the a detention, for he had joined in on the fight as well, and they hadn’t spoke sense, until this party at least. He had been in Romania this whole summer, visiting his uncle Charlie, but the real reason he had gone was so he could get Lily, long time foe/friend off of his mind.

When the party was over, everyone was to stay the night over at the Potters’ house. Tomorrow all the kids would be going back to Hogwarts. He packed his trunk as quickly as possible, not bothering to check if he had everything like Lily warned him to do every year. She always said that he would regret not checking it one day, and he had. All summer long, when he was without the presence of his friends, the one he missed the most was Lily, and he had forgot to bring her picture.

That should’ve taught me.


Lily had just finished packing her head girl badge, when the usual knock came at her door. Every year she had a gathering with all the Hogwarts kids, before they went their separate ways. She opened the door, and the group filed in. She looked at James as he walked into the room.

“Did you check your trunk?” she asked, raising an eyebrow. James turned around and looked at his behind.

“Yep, it’s all there.” He said, laughing as he plopped down in her comfortable chair.

“You are gross!” she shouted, wrinkling her nose.

“All for you, baby.” He smirked, but he felt his cheeks redden slightly. Lily rolled her eyes, and stomped over to the bed where she sat down on Daniel’s lap, pecking him affectionately on the lips to show she had no interest. One thing crept up to her mind though. James had blushed. Again.

Daniel wrapped his arms tightly around Lily’s waist and she smiled knowingly. She was his, and he was making sure that the message cut across to James, though she had assured him many times that James and her would never be an item, she couldn’t help but feel proud that she was wanted by James. Wait! I’m not wanted by James! He’s just my friend. We tease each other, we bicker, and we talk like everyday friends. He doesn’t think of me as anything more than that. Surely the trunk comment was out of fun. It would be unlike James if he walked into her room and didn’t make a rude remark. Daniel wanted her, and she wanted him. They loved each other.

“Ok, well I’m head girl, so who's head boy?" she asked, trying to start up a conversation as everyone had taken to their own conversations. Everyone stopped chatting and looked up at her, some were disappointed, and others were ready. She knew her brother was the most likely candidate for being a prefect Slytherin, but she didn't know about everyone else. Everyone just looked at her blankly, waiting for her to continue.

“Ok, how about prefects?” she said quickly, a little embarrassed, she should have known that the only likely candidates for head boy or girl were James, her brother, and herself. Fred and Angelina raised their hands for Ravenclaw, and George and Katie for Hufflepuff. Lilly nearly fell out of her seat at the sight of their hands.

“I bet Uncle Fred and Uncle George have had a fun time with the four of you this summer!” said Lily, shocked to see her cousin’s laugh and nod their heads. Their father’s were practically kids in an adult body. It wasn’t like they actually mind that there are prefects and other important body members, but they liked to tease whoever it was if they knew them personally. Lily had already received some of their wise cracks.

She hoped nobody would notice her blush, but to her misfortune, James did. He laughed, nearly falling out of the chair.

“Watch it James! I can give you detention!” she threatened, feeling a prick of annoyance.

“I-I’m so sorry, your majesty. It’s just that you look so lovely in that shade of pink.” He chortled, wiping tears of laughter off his face.

She felt her cheeks burn even brighter at this. Everyone in the room laughed along with him. It was family fun, she understood, but this was James making fun of her! When it came to him, it was time to stop, or else it would continue to get worse.

“All right, that’s enough!” she growled, willing her cheeks to stop burning.

“Aw, what’s wrong? Is Lil getting mad?” James said, and everyone started laughing even harder. Tears of anger and hurt welled up in her eyes, and James’ laugh started to die down and his face was bright red from the lack of air that he was now trying to retrieve by taking in a deep breath. Everyone stopped laughing, and looked at her awkwardly.

“Lily, I’m sorry. Don’t cry please.” James pleaded, his voice shaking. That was one thing about James; he hated to see Lily cry.

Not just me. Thought Lily. Everyone hates to see anyone cry! James just happens to react more when I cry is all. We’ve known each other long enough to know when the other is upset.

“Get out. Get out, James Frank Longbottom! I hate you! Everyone better get out!” she screamed, hiding her face in her hands. Perhaps she had overreacted, but as of now, with her humiliation, she didn’t care. The meeting was now over, and she just wanted to be alone. Alone with Daniel.


James felt really bad. He hated seeing Lily cry. He had known her too well and too long to think of her as anything else but a friend with . . . with feelings. He had gone too far this time. He knew that Lily didn’t take well to teasing, and she had warned him to stop. He should have listened. Everyone had left to their assigned rooms, leaving him to be the only one still outside her door. He knocked. No one answered, so he walked on in.

Lily and Daniel were standing in the middle of the room, kissing passionately. They broke apart when he entered, and turned to stare at him. In Lily’s case, glare.

Acutely conscious of the awkwardness of the situation, he started. “Ummm….I’d just like to tell Lily I’m sorry, so um, sorry Lily.” Lame..

“I’d better be going.” Daniel said. He gave her one last kiss, and left the room hurriedly. As he passed James he couldn’t help but catch that Daniel looked almost relieved? No, he glared at him just as he was about to shut the door. He had been seeing things, again. Though, it wouldn’t be the first time he noticed strange things about Daniel. His parents were family friends and all, and James even got along with his sisters, but Daniel was . . . different. He had warned, teased, and even plain out told out Lily about her choice in a boyfriend, but she disagreed. She believed him to be her one true love. The thought hit James like a bolt of lighting, almost as if he hadn’t eaten in days, but he felt that if he were to take a single bite he would throw it right up.

“Why do you always ruin everything? Couldn’t you see we were busy?” Lily shouted at him.

“Oh yeah, I see you were real busy. Tell me, is it hard to stand and snog at the same time, Lil?” he shot at her, his temper rising fast, and the bolt leaving his body instantly. He couldn’t believe that after he had apologized, which he rarely did, she had come back at him like that. If anything he deserved at least a hug.

“Don’t call me that, Jam!” she yelled back, sitting down on her bed where Daniel had been sitting just minutes before.

“Look, I just wanted to say sorry!” James said, and then turned to leave.

“Wait! Uh, I’m sorry too.” Lily muttered quickly. He looked at her, shocked. He nearly had his hand on the door handle, but he didn’t quiet make it. This was a historical moment.

“Wait…did you just . . . apologies?” he asked, looking bemused, stepping toward her, but he then tripped gracefully over the small rug in her room. She didn’t even to laugh at his blunder, though he did see a flicker of calmness in her eyes as he stumbled to stay upright.

“Well if you don’t appreciate it-” she started, but he quickly cut her off.

“You don’t need to apologies. You have nothing to be sorry for, I was the one who started it all.” He could feel his face turning red, and he moved towards the door again, hoping she would stop him.

“Well, I’m sorry anyway. I suppose you’d better go check your real trunk?” she suggested. Did she really want him out of her room that badly?

“I’ve already got everything I need.” He said dismissively, trying his best to stay. He wanted to stay with her for some, strange reason. Right now it felt comforting to be around her.

“What if you forget something?”

“Then that just means less to do during the school year.” he retorted, a little annoyed now. It was amazing how quick she could irritate him when he wanted to calm her down.

“Well I’m just trying to help.” she shot grumpily, and he felt a little hurt. He didn’t know why those words got to him. Was it because she thought he was irresponsible?

Now thoroughly annoyed, he snapped at her, “Well, don’t. All you ever do is nag.” He glowered, and noticed tears welling in her eyes once more.

“Get out!” she shouted at him.

“Wait, I didn’t-” he started, not sure what to do. He hated seeing her upset like this. He was ruining all chances of staying. He knew that Lily doesn’t like to be teased, nor snapped at.

“Just go!”

You ruined it. He told himself, angrily for what he had done.

He turned on his heel and stormed out, rushing to Sirius’ room and slammed the door behind him, hardly noticing anyone else in the room. He was angry, not at how Lily was reacting, but how he was taking in his feelings. He never thought of Lily as anything but a friend that he could tease, and on an occasional notice, poke. She never thought of his as anything but an annoyance, and it hurt him to leave, but if it made her happy.

“Girls!” He hissed angrily, plopping onto his bed. Sirius and his girlfriend Mancy were staring at him. Apparently they had been snogging as well; Mancy’s hair was tousled, and they were both standing very close. Mancy muttered something to Sirius, then left without a word to James.

“What happened between you and my sister?” Sirius asked, looking slightly concerned, as he had at the bottom of the stairs.

“How did you know I was fighting with Lily?” James asked, trying to sound bigger and less embarrassed then he really felt right now.

“Because it’s always you two.” Sirius replied matter-of-factly. James opened his mouth to retort, then quickly shut it and nodded. Sirius was right, after all.

He blurted the entire story to Sirius. When he finished, the other boy looked at him in amusement, raising an eyebrow slightly.

“Lets face it. You two are the ‘Terrible Two’.”

For a Slytherin, he was right.

I hope you liked that. I have loads more of exciting stuff. Please leave feedback, and ideas if you want


Please check out my non-Harry Potter story Elmandoroth Chapter Two is finished.

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Re: A Generation We Can't Forget

Hey, This post should be a little longer, and a little better, but chapter 3 will be better I think. Lol. Pay attention to this chapter cause it’s really important, even if it does seem pointless, well enjoy, and please leave feedback, I would love to hear some ideas.

Lily Potter James Longbottom age 4

Chapter 2: A Train Ride Home

Lily was awakened by Daniel. He had kissed her so gently on the lips that it tickled. She opened her eyes and crawled up out of bed.

“Morning sunshine.” Daniel said, kissing her sweetly on the lips again.

“Oh, no! Not again! Can’t someone walk in this house without seeing you two snogging?” James burst aloud as he was opening the door with a tray of breakfast he was about to give her.

“It’s called a room. And that’s called a door, you knock on it so we can tell you to go away.” Said Lily looking at the tray of food.

“Which makes it all the worst,” he mumbled under his breath so that the other two didn’t hear him.

“I came to apologize for last night, if that helps,” he said.

“I’ll just go.” Daniel kissed her hand and passed James.

Again, James couldn’t help but notice the fact that Daniel had winked at him! Surely that must mean something? No. As soon as Daniel reached the door he turned around and glared at James, and then blew one last kiss to Lily, slamming the door shut behind him.

James walked toward Lily, the tray was getting quiet heavy. He had spent all morning making breakfast, not just for her, but everyone, but he felt he should do something special for her. He had made her mad in the first place. After hours of no sleep last night, he realized what he should do, spent another hour trying to write it, and then finally giving up.

It was the hardest moment of James’ life. As he sat there at Sirius’ desk, he realized everything about Lily. She was caring, and she tried her best to get along with James, but he wouldn’t let her get near him. Not since they were four at least.

How could I have been so stupid? Thought James, as he placed a flower on the tray. After all this time, you were just worried that Lily would still hate you, though you continued to like her! And what have you done to prove it to her? Absolutely nothing but make her mad and tease her! She probably thinks you hate her! How could you be such a git?

He placed the tray down onto the bed, hoping he hadn’t thought what he just did. Lily, as he pointed out so many times, was like his sister. They loved each other in a family way and would do anything for each other.

“Thank you for the food, but I don’t think I’ll need it, it might lead to another problem,” she said airily and shooing him away. When she heard the door click she turned around convinced that he was gone. She looked at her bed where she saw the tray of food, along with a tulip tied to a note. She walked over, picked up the note and read;

I am so sorry about last night. I am a big git and should learn to shut my mouth. I know how much you like tulips; remember when we were four, when you didn’t hate me? I made breakfast this time, enjoy.

Your friend,

She had remembered when they were four. She tried the grits he had brought up, but nearly gagged laughing to death as she had to spit them back out.

James was a terrible cook.

She glanced at the note one last time, and then looked over to her dresser where her best pictures were. One of them being in a yellow garden full of tulips.

The whole family went to Uncle Bill’s house, where they had a giant garden that belonged to Aunt Fleur. It had what seemed like a million yellow tulips, just like this one.

She and James wanted to play a game they were told about in a book called the ‘Secret Garden’. She took one look at all the tulips and started to giggle, when James picked one and gave it to her.

“I like tulips.” She said.

“Why?" He asked, blushing a bit at his small gift.

“Because you gave me one,” she answered back with pink cheeks.

“Then I guess that means you like me too?” he asked her with the same silly grin he always had. She thought about it and nodded her head. Her cheeks turned really pink because just then, James had kissed her. She giggled then said,

“I love you James.” He blushed to a point that his cheeks were bright red. When he stood up he accidentally stepped on a tulip that was still in the garden.

She cried.

“I hate you James. How could you do that to a flower? You’re mean, and a murderer!” she cried some more, picked up the flower, and ran into the house showing her mum what James did to it.

She laughed at the memory. How did he remember that? She sniffed the tulip and put it in her hair. She ate, more liked forced most of it down her throat, her breakfast, and headed down stairs with her trunk, owl, and Firebolt 3000. He was wrong about one thing, She did say she hated him.

But was it true?

************************************************** ****************************************

James sat there thinking if he was too lame this morning. He remembered when he was four so well. It was his favorite memory because it was the first time Lily Potter said that she loved him.

He really needed to wake up, he was starting to think unclearly and his breakfast, as he had found out moments ago, was absolutely atrocious and he had to throw it down the garbage disposal. Everyone had taken their sweet time in teasing him about it, telling him how great it was as they tried giving it to an old Crookshanks, even he wouldn’t eat it!

He was glad to see Lily come down the stairs with the tulip in her hair, and smiling at him. That was a good sign. She wasn’t mad at him anymore.

At least I did something right.

When she was down the stairs that seemed to be the cue that it was time to go. He stood up, took her arm, and led her out to the ministry cars, opened the door to one of them, and she slid in. As he went to sit next to her, someone practically jumped into the car. James, thinking it might be one of her cousins being funny, he slid in next.

When he shut the door he noticed that it wasn’t one of Lily’s cousins, but it was Daniel in the car, and he was now sitting beside her. It hurt him to see them together but he never said a word about it. Whenever he did, she got mad at him.

She doesn’t deserve someone like him. She needs someone who will treat her right.

He was glad to see Harry, who still looked quite young, along with his wife, Ginny, in the front seats. He knew that they wouldn’t snog in front of her parents.

“So nice to see you two not fighting for a change.” Harry said, and Ginny nudged him in the ribs.

“It’s lovely to see you again, James.” Ginny said sweetly.

“Uh, thanks, but you saw me this morning and yesterday, Mrs. Potter,” he said slowly looking away form her to Harry, hoping for an explanation. Harry sighed, looked at Ginny, then said,

“Well, we’ve already told everyone else this morning, but you three were up stairs,” he looked straight at Lily in a fatherly teasing way, “and didn’t happen to hear.” he finished lamely. Smiling broadly as he waited to see who the first responder would be.

“What?” Lily asked no longer waiting for the good news.

“Well, Lil, what would you like? A brother or a sister?” he asked smiling.

“Oh, daddy, really? Mum you’re pregnant? Oh yes!” she jumped up and hugged her parents as best she could, which wasn’t easy considering she had to crawl over Daniel, squeeze between two seats, and manage to retain her balance. She tripped once, and Daniel made sure he grabbed her in an inappropriate place. James glared at him and then poked him very hard in the ribs with his knuckles. Daniel let go right away and Lily fell back into her original seat.

“Hey, how come you didn’t yell at your dad? He called you Lil,” asked James, trying desperately to get the image out of his mind.

“Because he’s my dad. Does that answer both of your questions?” she asked smiling still.

“But I’m the one who made it up.”

“Then I guess you’re the one I should hit for getting me stuck with it,” and she reached over and slapped him on the knee.

“Well you call me Jam?”

“Cause you call me Lil. Now we’re even,” she said smiling at him.

“Does that mean I get to hit you back now?”

“I told you it wouldn’t take long for them to start arguing again.” Harry said, and everyone laughed, including James and Lily.

************************************************** ****************************************

Lily was so happy, she smiled form ear to ear. She only felt like one thing was wrong with this wonderful day, there were other ministry cars taking everyone else to Kings Cross Station, but the one person she wanted to be with, was in this car. She didn’t know why, but ever since this morning she didn’t hate James. She was sitting between Daniel and the door, James was only one person away, but it seemed like a million miles.

Wait, what am I thinking? I don’t like James like that. He’s only a friend. I’m going out with Daniel; he’s whom I love. Did he ever give you yellow tulips? She asked herself in her head.

“No.” she said aloud, not realizing until everyone looked at her.

“No what dear?” her mother asked.

“No, I don’t want another sister. It would be nice to have a baby brother.” She said only half lied. She did want a baby brother.

James was looking at her. She blushed and then turned away. She stole a quick glance at Daniel, and felt a tinge of guilt. He squeezed her shoulder, and that was when James turned away.

She leaned into Daniel some more, hoping to feel less guilty, but just as she did so, the car had parked, and her father got out and let them all out. When she got out James was already there to help her out, she took his hand and got up, smiling at him politely.

When they all got past the barrier, and waved goodbye to their parents, they found a compartment big enough for all of them, which wasn’t easy considering there was only one like this in the whole train. She sat in Daniel’s lap James sat across from her, and everyone else, except for her brother and cousin John, sat down.

Daniel kissed her, and she slightly blushed. She turned to James, and noticed he was staring out the window. Everyone was laughing at her expense of public affection.

“What? It’s not like you guys don’t have a relationship,” she said, smiling halfheartedly. She hated not knowing what was bothering James. Now that she thought of it everybody was in a relationship, well everyone but James. It wasn’t that he didn’t have any options, he did. He had about every girl in the school after him, but he just didn’t like going out.

He had told Lily once that girls are just too complicated when they get into Hogwarts. They try acting older than they are and make everything serious, while the boys try to sit back and relax.

She didn’t do that. Did she?

************************************************** ****************************************

James was looking out the window. He was thinking about Lily. He knew just about every girl in the school was after him but he didn’t care. James knew he could never love anyone like he did Lily.

Where in the hell did that come from?

He was watching Lily out of the corner of his eye and sighed.

There’s no denying. You’re in love with the girl. Infatuated with her!

He looked away from the window. An idea had just come to him. What if I ask someone out? Would it make her jealous? It always worked in those muggle movies. No. she has a boyfriend. Well I guess that’s that. He was battling with himself, but he was also convincing himself. I have to do something, he thought, I can’t lose her.

He looked at the doorway and noticed a seventh year Ravenclaw girl walk by. He knew her, she was very pretty, and her name was Heather Chang, taking her mother’s name as she had three stepfathers.

“I’ll be right back,” he said, standing up. He glanced at Lily she was watching him, her eyes following him as he walked toward the door.

“Where are you going?” she asked.

“Well, mum, I don’t think that’s any of your business.” He said a little too harshly. He saw hurt in her eyes and she turned away. She really had to start getting used to that. Teasing was part of James’ life, without it, people might actually be able to read him like a book.

He stepped out of the compartment. He hated upsetting her, he always told her everything, even if he randomly decided to go out for a drink, he’d tell her because, normally, she would always stop him, and he let her. He sighed and turned to find Heather.

He found her in a compartment full of girls. Chattering girls. He walked in and all of them turned into profound giggles.

Why do they all have to giggle?

“Um…. May I speak to Heather alone, please?” he asked, and they all went into high pitched giggles, if that was possible.

“Anything you want to say to me, you can tell me in front of the girls.” Heather said, with a big grin on her face and an extremely misty gaze toward James. James realized whatever he said in front of these girls would be spread through Hogwarts faster than he could say Quidditch. For a split second James thought, Is this really what I want? What if the gossip hurts Lil?

“Ugh, ugh,” James stuttered, “ I was just wondering, where you got that great looking scarf? My friend wanted one for her birthday.” Liar. . . .

Heather looked a bit shocked that she wasn’t going to be afforded a coach full of laughter at James’ expense.

“Oh,” she said, “It was a gift from my great aunt.” She sensed, as did everyone else, he’d wanted to discuss something entirely different with her, but she blew it with her flippant attitude. Her smugness disappeared as James responded.

“Oh, well that’s no help- thanks anyway though.”

He quickly turned, closed the compartment door, and headed down the aisle.

Enough of that, I have to win Lil back, I can’t stand it without her, but not this way. BAD IDEA. It’s Lil or no one. I just hope she figures it out. After all, she did tell me she loved me in the garden, and I know it came from her heart when she said it. There’s got to be a way. . . . The yellow tulips. . . . the yellow tulips. . . . I wonder? James was lost in complete thought on his way back to their compartment room, sat down by the window, and intently watched the land go by, he avoided looking at Lil, it was too painful. God, how I love her. James closed his eyes in thought till sleep mercifully swept him away.

He woke up, being shaken awake by Lily. He opened his eyes and noticed that both sets of Weasley twins were gone. Lily seemed to read his thoughts.

“They’re doing prefect duties, they’re a bit late really. I woke you up because we should be changing into your robes, not that you need me to tell you, I’m not your mother.” She said rolling her eyes.

He blushed a bit, then put his robes over his clothes.

“Why aren’t you doing head duties?” James asked, trying to change the subject.

“The head boy didn’t show up, stupid git. I had to make the meeting short because I couldn’t do it on my own, he was supposed to give the other half of our speech.” Lily responded sounding irritated. James rolled his eyes, and then without thinking, for he had done it many times before, he took off the blue shirt he was wearing and placed his black robes over his body, not bothering to change his pants just yet.

When he sat back down, he heard a knock at the compartment door. He was glad the mood in the room had changed because Lily had sighed dramatically as though this was an everyday sort of thing, but Daniel didn’t agree. He wrapped his arms protectively around her waist and Lily’s eyes bulged out at the light tug he did to show James that she was his.

“What’s Heather doing here?” Rupert asked, one of Lily’s cousins. Lily got up and let her in. She shot him a hurtful look before she sat down on top of Daniel again. She already knew what was going on, but why the look?

“Hi, um, you wanted to talk to me?” Heather asked, twisting her scarf nervously as sets of Weasley, Potter, Lupin, and Longbottom eyes stared at her in disbelief. He wondered if he should still do this. He looked at Lily, she was snogging with Daniel, purposely trying to ignore the situation going on in the room.

He bit his lip, and then said loudly, and as real as he could, hoping she would accept.

“Yes. I was wondering, if you aren’t currently seeing anyone, if you would give me the honor of going out with me?” he asked, putting a sure smile on his face.

She blushed fiercely, and Lily stopped snogging Daniel with a look of sure shock on her face, and Daniel was giving him a smile with a big thumbs up now that he knew that James wasn’t after Lily at all.

“Well?” he asked, now getting a bit nervous that she hadn’t answered yet, and that all eyes were now on him.

“Yes! Oh, wait until I tell the girls about this. I’m going out with James Longbottom!” she shrieked and headed for her own compartment.

He smiled, and then turned to tell the two sets of Weasley twins about what just happened, for they had just walked In when Heather left.

************************************************** ****************************************

Lily didn’t know why she was so jealous. She should be happy for James, he finally had a girlfriend. She congratulated him, but turned away as soon as she felt a single tear fall down her face.

I have a boyfriend. I can’t let one thing that he did this morning take my heart away.

The train came to a stop. The aisles were flooded with students in black robes and pointed hats. As soon as she got outside and felt the cool air on her face, she heard the normal yell of her favorite professor.

“Firs’ years over here!” shouted Professor Hagrid, giving a cheery wave to the group.

Everything went dark as a pair of warm hands went over her eyes. She laughed at this silly tradition. James turned her around, not to him, but slightly to the left and made her stop. He took his hands off her eyes, then whispered in her ear.

“Welcome home.”

The words were enough to send chills down her back, but his whisper was warm, and welcoming. She closed her eyes, looking away from her home.
She knew it right then, that she would have to stop her craziness for James, and concentrate on what she had.

He hugged her from the back and then rested his chin on her shoulder. Her eyes opened and Daniel was standing right in front of her. Afraid he would get jealous, she ran up to him and wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing him lightly on the cheek. He didn’t seem upset at all. These past four years of tradition grew on him, for he knew it was something the two of them just – just did.

They always seemed to get separated when they got to the carriages. The only people in the carriage were, James, Kelcy, Kiyla, Daniel, herself, and to her dislike, Heather. Not that she wasn’t happy for James she just was never able to stand the girl in the first place. She always seemed to be uptight, and rather rude to less unfortunate girls that weren’t her.

She stared at Heather; she had long black hair with big, watery brown eyes, and of course a beautiful face. Her mother was Cho Chang, she ended up working at the ministry for some sort of muggle witness protection. It was no wonder James liked her she was much prettier than Lily herself.

James was one of her best friends, and if he was hoping to have a girlfriend, then she was going to be friends with Heather, even if her definition of friends wasn’t the same as everyone else’s’.

“So, Heather, can you see threstrals?” Lily asked, and started to laugh along with everyone else, because of Heather’s lost look.

“Um, no, sorry to say I don’t even know what your talking about.” She said, laughing nervously with everyone else so she didn’t feel so stupid.

Lily started wiping the tears of laughter on her cheeks. Everyone in her family, including James and Daniel, could see threstrals. When she was six her kitten had been ran over in front of all of them. She cried for hours until James gave her a kitten his cat had had a couple of months before. Now that she thought of it, it was also the day James earned his nickname.

“So, Lil, how many detentions do you think Daniel and I will get from you this year?” James asked with a bemused look on his face.

“Well I don’t know, Daniel has a special pass, but you, I don’t know. Maybe I’ll give you one for snoring too loud or something.” She said, laughing with the others.

“I don’t snore.” he mumbled, but it just made everyone laugh even harder, until the carriage came to a halt in front of Hogwarts.

This was going to be an unusual year.

How did you like this chapter? I am writing chapter 3 on this right now, so stay on. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. Remember, I love feedback.


Please check out my non-Harry Potter story Elmandoroth Chapter Two is finished.

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Re: A Generation We Can't Forget

Ok, this was a quick post. I just want to get to writing, I love it. Lol. Well please leave feedback. And tell me how you like this chapter, it gets a bit exciting.

Rupert Weasley

Chapter 3: New Surprises, New Year

James wasn’t the first one in the Great Hall. He turned around and saw her, she was staring at him with a white smile, and he smiled back and as he grabbed Heather’s hand, only to be separated when she left to sit at her Ravenclaw table.

He watched her and her friends giggling, they must have been talking about him. He smiled at the thought of being talked about being someone’s boyfriend. He was nearly a grown adult and this, he must say, was his first girlfriend.

Lily and Daniel sat across from him at the Gryffindor table. He saw Daniel’s shoulder length brown hair, chocolate brown eyes, and a perfect smile to go with his perfect muscle band body. What does he have that I don’t have? James asked himself. Sure he was good looking, but James had to look way better. He had black hair; messy, brown eyes; mud brown, perfect smile; so ones a little crooked; and the perfect body; skinny and lanky, but still strong. It was no use. He felt everything about him was wrong. He still had every girl after him though, except for Lily of course.

He heard loud clapping, and the sorting was over.

He looked at the staff table, he saw his father, who was the Herbology professor, his mother who was the new Divination teacher, Professor Lupin was the Defense of Dark Arts teacher, Professor Ginny Potter, was the Ancient Runes teacher, Professor Hermione Weasley, was the Transfiguration teacher, Professor Hagrid was the Care of Magical Creatures teacher, but as his eyes went to the familiar face, with round glasses, dark messy hair like his, a small faded scar in the middle of his forehead, and a pair of emerald green eyes like Lily’s, he clapped as Professor Harry Potter, also known as the Headmaster, stood up and spoke.

“I will hold my words till after the feast, but for now, I want you to fill yourselves up until you explode.” he smiled, and with a wave of his hand mounds of food piled on the plates of silver and gold.

He and everyone else who knew the Potters like he did laughed, for they were the only ones who knew what those special words meant.

“So when do you think anyone else will learn what that means?” Lily asked, with a twinkle in her eye, and a beautiful smile. James shrugged, and then grabbed some chicken as he watched the Headmaster and Nearly Headless Nick go into deep conversation. The answer was very simple, but students still insisted on leaving past curfew when they were dead full after eating so much.

“So what do you think about that Mindy girl?” Kelcy and Kiyla asked in unison, sitting next to Olivia Thomas and Seamus Finnegan Jr. The obviously didn’t care that they were leaning right over their plates because even though they were two people away, they were practically right beside Lily.

“Who’s Mindy?” he asked. Lily stared at him then and a small smile crept onto her lips as she realized that he hadn’t paid any attention to the sorting.

“You didn’t pay attention to the sorting again did you James?” she asked, raising one, perfect eyebrow.

“Sorry Lil, I was too busy thinking about how loud I should snore tonight.” He said biting into a roll. He watched her glare at him, but it was soon followed by her laughter, not giggles like Heather’s, but laughter.

“She is a first year, Mancy’s little sister, other wise known as Draco Malfoy’s daughter.” Lily said in a low whisper so no one could hear her.

“What about her? If we know Mancy, then we should get used to Mindy.” James said, now taking a last bite before the desserts appeared.

“Well that’s the thing, we know Mancy as a Slytherin, but we’re going to have to know Mindy as one of our new Gryffindors,” said all three of the girls in unison.

He almost spat out his pumpkin juice, but managed not to by choking on it instead. The Emma, who was sitting on the side of him, and just happened to be another one of Lily’s now first year Gryffindor cousins, started patting his back. Emma was an exact replica of her mother, Hermione, but she had freckles all over like her father, and blue eyes.

“What?” he said finally able to catch his breath.

“Is this the same reaction he had when your brother was sorted into Slytherin?” asked a girl who looked very much like her sister; long bleach blond hair, pointed narrow face, but instead of the cold gray eyes, she had fun loving blue eyes. It had to be Mindy Malfoy. Both of the Malfoy sisters were lucky enough to receive their father’s look, because their mother, Pansy, was absolutely atrocious.

“I’m Mindy Malfoy by the way.” Said the blond, holding out a hand with the slightest bit of a smile, while everyone else was trying to compress their laughter.

He shook her hand, but let go just as soon as the desserts disappeared, and Professor Potter stood up, cueing Mindy to sit next to Emma.

“May I have your attention please? Thank you. Now first I will announce the school rules. There will be no going into the Forbidden Forrest and no going out pas curfew.” He said glaring with a smile at all the children he knew and loved. James could feel other people staring at him as well, but he smiled proudly and held his thumbs up for the headmaster to see. He winked knowingly and then continued.

“Also, as well, our caretaker Madam Yewstrewa will be watching the Transfiguration hallways for these next few months, there has been rumored that someone’s owl has been transformed into a statue last year, but it is to be unidentifiable as an owl. Anyone who has found it or knows what has happened to this owl, a reward will be rewarded.

“Now it is time for the exciting part. There will be no Quidditch this year!”

That was supposed to be exciting news? It was absolutely dreadful! These words were followed by moaning and yelling, but the Headmaster just simply put up a hand and all was quiet.

“There will be no Quidditch this year because of the Triwizard Tournament. I must say that no one under seventeen will be able to participate, or if you are to be seventeen this summer, that rule added generously by me, but rules have changed since I was last in the tournament. Instead of three champions, there will be six; two from each school. Another sacrifice to these new rules, and for safety precautions there will be other schools to visit us this year as of today. They will be taking classes with you and sharing dormitories with you.

“I want you to know that this is for protection cautions only. With my own experience with the tournament, there had been plenty of time for someone to place my name into the cup, and I do not want another repeat. So, please welcome the Durmstrang, and the Bauxbaton students!.” Harry finished, smiled, and then clapped with everyone else as the doors flew open.

They saw a group of girls in blue come in, and James almost regrettably wished he hadn’t asked Heather out. These girls, these women were beautiful! If Lily hadn’t kicked him very hard on the shin, he would never have broke his gaze on them. Then a group of boys in red filed in filed by their headmaster, which didn’t look very friendly at all. He had red hair and thick, almost black eyebrows. He nearly looked like he had been caught in the middle of a very bad Transfiguration project. James and Lily frowned at one of the women who had come in late. It was Madam Maxime, Hagrid’s ex-girlfriend. She used to be very nice, but when she wanted Hagrid to come to France with her, and he refused, she practically blew her top and fled, leaving a broken hearted Hagrid. When the clapping finally faded, the Hogwarts’ Headmaster spoke again.

“Now as you may know, we will be having a Yule Ball this year on Christmas Eve, and boys, I suggest you find a date now, because if you wait it . . .” he didn’t finish because Professor Ginny Potter nudged him in the ribs with a wink that James had almost missed.

“Well yes, anyway that should be all, goodnight to you all, and welcome home.”

Just as everyone was getting up, they heard a loud cough, they looked over at a blond, cold gray eyed, and pointed face stranger at the staff table. James looked at Harry and noticed he made a childish face and then sighed with slight irritation.

“And please welcome your new Potions teacher, Professor Malfoy.” and he turned to his wife.

“Well, father always said that Malfoy was decently good at Potions. Perhaps no one wanted the job?” suggested Lily as she wrinkled her nose at the new professor.

“Yeah?” James asked, looking up at the sneering professor. “I bet he hired him because he’s hoping he may blow himself up some day.”

Lily snorted and had to bite her knuckle so she could calm herself down and tell the prefects the password.

************************************************** ****************************************

Lily thought that two new Malfoy’s were enough for her. She noticed James’s face and laughed, then told the nearest prefect to lead the first years, as she led her friends to the common room.

It felt great to walk up the staircase again, even if it did take forever to get to the Fat Lady, and two jumps over the missing stairs. Once Emma had fell into the missing stair, since she followed Lily’s group, and James was the one to get her out unharmed.


The Fat Lady swung swiftly aside so the seven of them could crawl in.

When they got in the common room, James slumped into a comfy chair by the fire.

“Are you going to miss Quidditch?” she asked him. He nodded his head and he sighed dramatically.

“I’m the captain, you’re my best Seeker, Daniel’s my best Keeper, Rupert and Tink are great Beaters, and Kelcy, Kiyla, and myself are great Chasers. It’s our last year, and we don’t even get to play!” James said, slamming his hand on his forehead.

Kiyla came over from the notice board and sat beside James on the floor.

“Looks like dad is being extra careful for the tournament since he was in it. Rule number 7: No one fewer than seventeen can enter, or if you are seventeen this summer, can enter the ring at all, and no one older than their youngest staff member, which means no staff are able to enter.

“And Rule number 9: Anyone with another persons name on their parchment will have no chance of entering themselves. Sounds like he doesn’t want a repeat of when he was younger.” She said, pretending to fight a mermaid with her wand, making strange, golden bubbles to float out of the tip.

“Well I’m going to enter, if there’s no Quidditch.” James said.

“Me too.” Daniel chimed in.

She had no intention in doing so but said she would too just to make them happy. Lily hated not being included, and Quidditch was her life. Without Seeking, she wouldn’t be able to get through the year.

She noticed her younger friends come over, Anne, Emma, and Rupert Weasley, Emma had ditched them just moments before. Rupert, Anne, and John all looked like their father, Ron Weasley. Even though John was a Slytherin, he still has trouble making those so-called ‘true friends’ as the sorting hat puts it, because he was a Weasley. Stacy, their youngest sister, though a squib, looked like a freckled brunet; she was a mixture of both parents.

“How’s Kaly?” Emma asked Daniel. Kaly was his little sister, though, she too poor dear, was a squib. Amber Lupin was a Ravenclaw second year, and is a metamorphous. Lily hadn’t seen her yet, but the last time she had, she was supporting neon green hair and a pig’s snout.

“Fine. Yours?” Daniel asked, beckoning for Lily to come join him.

“Same.” Said all three of the Weasleys. Emma was the only first year in the group. Rupert was a sixth year, and Anne was sorted into Gryffindor last year. John was the seventh year Slytherin, also best friends with their cousin, Lily’s brother, Sirius, and Stacy was only eight, but she was a squib and would never see the magnificence of Hogwarts.


They were surprised to see Mindy come over. Emma seemed to be the first to regain her senses, and then introduced everyone so Mindy didn’t feel left out of the conversation. When they were all introduced and reintroduced, the two seemed to disappear up stairs.

“Great, my sister’s first friend at Hogwarts turns out to be a Malfoy!” Rupert said throwing his arms in the air.

“But she is a Gryffindor.” Lily reassured him.

“I still don’t trust her.”

Daniel tried to change the subject.

“So, James how’s the couples life?” he asked smiling.

James blushed, and then looked into the fire, the red and orange reflecting off of them.

“I don’t fully know yet. I don’t think we’ve been going out for even two hours!” he said turning back at them laughing.

Lily forced herself to laugh, but pretended to wipe away her tears as if they were from laughing so hard. What is your problem? You’ve got a boyfriend, and he has a girlfriend. I must stop thinking about him, or else I’ll punish myself in some weird Dobby way. She thought. It seemed to work, because she now felt that new empty spot in her heart fill up again.

“I’m going to bed. It’s been a long day; new girlfriend, no Quidditch, and a Triwizard Tournament. I don’t think I can take in anymore.” James said yawning, and heading up the dormitory stairs.

“You forgot the Yule Ball.” Daniel yelled up to him.

“I already have that covered don’t I?” James yelled back down. Everyone laughed, now including herself.

“Well I think I’m going to head off to bed too, sweetheart.” Daniel said getting up and giving her a gentle kiss, as everyone groaned and laughed.

Everyone left one by one until she was the only one left. She seemed to be toying with the idea of either going to bed, or staying up all night thinking about today’s events. She finally decided to go to bed when the fire died out. The day had been full, and all it meant was that she would have to do double thinking tomorrow night.

When she woke up in the morning, the first person she saw was James in the common room. He was sitting by the newly lit fire and staring at it, and she could see the fire’s reflection in his eyes again.

“Are you that evil to have fire in your eyes?” she asked, making him jump, and then both of them smiled, she tried to give a light chuckle, but he seemed too tired.

“I’m just waiting for a familiar face to go to breakfast with. Now that I found one, will you go with me?” he asked, holding out an arm.

She nodded her head and crawled through the portrait hole, ignoring his gesture. The Great Hall was full, as usual, but she noticed that most everybody that she had been with last night hadn’t made it yet.

When they were done eating, they were joined by the others at last, just as the mail arrived. Her very old, but beautiful snowy owl, Hedwig had given her a copy of the Daily Prophet. Apparently everyone else got one too. Since most of their parents worked here, they hardly ever got normal mail, unless their parents are just playing around, or it’s urgent, but that was more her dad than her mum or other relatives.

“Nothing new, except for some old Rita Skeeter woman retiring.” Daniel said, being the last to join them. James got up, but not fast enough for her to leave him alone.

“Where are you going? -And don’t call me mum.” she said half jokily, and half seriously.

“Alright, I won’t call you mum. If you must know, Lil, I’ve got to spend some time with my girlfriend, and ask her to the dance.” He said. She rolled her eyes, then thought about calling him Jam, but put it aside.

“Oh, Ok,” she said getting up and walking towards the door.

“Is that it? Just, ‘oh, ok’? What have you done to my friend Lily Potter, and where is she?” he asked a little disappointed.

“Well she is you girlfriend. I can’t stop you, and besides, now we’re even. You can’t tease us about snogging anymore.” She said smiling and pointing at Daniel and herself, but James rolled his eyes and stomped toward the Ravenclaw table.

What did I do? Did I say something wrong or weird? She asked herself, but decided he just wasn’t in a playful mood.

At least, she hoped.

************************************************** ****************************************

James couldn’t believe it! His plan was failing. She would be yelling at him for calling her Lil right now and he wouldn’t be here with Heather, but she hadn’t and that left him standing directly behind Heather at the Ravenclaw table. Maybe she wants me to have a girlfriend, so I could leave her alone. He thought she just might not be jealous, but she had a boyfriend, she doesn’t need or want to love James, she loves Daniel.

Well at least I do have a girlfriend, a date to the dance, and I am not alone anymore. He was especially happy that Lily still wanted to be his friend.

“It’s hoping to be different this year.” James told himself aloud, “but I still have the old stuff.”

“Welcome home.” he whispered to himself thinking no one would hear him.

“OH! JAMES! I didn’t see you there! I’m sorry, darling. What did you say?” Heather said, jumping at the sight of James and flinging herself off of the bench and around his neck.

“Erm, nothing, just thinking how beautiful you look today.” James said quickly. The girls that Heather had been sitting with giggled loudly and some of the boys from the Ravenclaw table had started to glare at him.

“That’s nice, dear. So, girls, have you met my boyfriend? James?”

Yep. A very interesting year.

Did you like it. Chapter four wont be up as fast, I’m afraid, but it will be up soon. I liked the chapter, how did you like it, only one way to know, leave feedback. Lol. Well while your waiting read my other flics, and maybe send some feedback. Lol. Oh well. And in chapter 4 we'll learn why Professor Mcgonalgal isn't headmaster.


Please check out my non-Harry Potter story Elmandoroth Chapter Two is finished.

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Re: A Generation We Can't Forget

Ok, here is chapter four, we will learn why Mcgonagal is not headmistress, and have a little fun with the characters, though it may not be fun for them. Lol. Please leave feedback.

Harry Potter

Chapter 4: A Meeting With The Headmaster

When James reached the Ravenclaw table, he took Heather by the hand, and helped her out of her seat. She went to kiss him, but he turned away pulling her behind him. She didn’t ask where they were going, which he didn’t really mind. He wasn’t sure if he was ready for questions yet.

They finally stopped at the big tree by the lake. It was a beautiful Sunday morning; the sun was out, not a cloud in the sky, and the lake was still.

“Its beautiful,” Heather said trying to get his attention.

“Hmm? Oh! Yeah. What a sight.” He said staring away from her, but gathered the courage to ask her his question.

“I was wondering, now that we’re really going out? If you would go to the Yule Ball with me?” he asked. He practiced that all night while he lay in bed. Seamus, his best friend, had overheard him whispering to himself and thought that he had finally lost it. Heather squealed, and then nodded. She went in to kiss him again but James’ head had turned when the clock tower had struck eleven.

“We better get inside. I normally like to walk around the castle on the first day back.” James said as he pulled her into a hug instead.

When they reached the doors, Heather noticed a friend of hers, and left him to tell her girlfriend about the ball and how she’d be going with the handsome James Longbottom. Personally, he thought he’d be able to get used to this.

He had no intention to walk around the castle, he had asked Heather what he wanted to, so now he could go back to the common room and talk to Lily. He felt a tinge of guilt again. Not only had he been doing the wrong thing to get Lily’s attention, he had been using Heather in the wrong way as well. ‘It won’t be for long.’ Thought James as he made it to the seventh floor. ‘Lily will open her eyes eventually.’

“Password?” the Fat Lady asked. He didn’t realize he was at her portrait already. Although Lily thought he acted nothing like his parents, he did have his father’s talent of forgetting the password.

“Welsh Gnome.” Said a red head girl, who he recognized at once as Lily.

The Fat Lady opened and let them through; Lily sat at the comfy chair by the fire this time. She started to braid her hair.

“Thanks for, well, you know,” James finished quickly as the rest of the group came in sitting somewhere around the fire.

Everyone was talking about yesterday’s events. For tomorrow was the first day of classes, the opening of the Triwizard Tournament entries, and Kelcy and Kiyla’s actual thirteenth birthday.

“Tomorrow is defiantly going to be a busy day.” Lily said with her hair now in beautiful waves from her braids.

“Speaking of busy, I thought I would take your father’s… Sorry, Professor Potter’s, advice, and ask a girl to go to the ball before it’s too late. So, Lily, will you do me the honor in going to the Yule Ball with me?” Daniel asked, begging on his knees. She laughed, nodded her head, and then kissed him.

James gave an extremity loud cough, and then forcefully laughed.

“Well, now I can say that I’m the first in our lot to have a date.” Said Daniel.

“Ah, but that’s were you are wrong, mate. I asked Heather this morning.” James said, forcing a smile on his face as everyone congratulated him, including Lily. This definitely wasn’t going as planned.

************************************************** ****************************************

Lily went to her dormitory to write a letter to her father, he always said to come on up, but she thought it better to warn him whenever she was coming first. When she found a piece of parchment, and a real spell check quill, she began to write.

Dear Dad,

Daniel has asked me to the Yule Ball. Since we didn’t get around to buying dress robes, because of the Weasley twins’ birthday party, I still can’t believe they were all born on the same day! - we desperately need some

Well, anyway, I was just wondering if I could go to Hogsmeade today to get some?

Love your darling daughter,

When she went back down to the common room she noticed Daniel sitting next to a sixth year girl, and James, of course, as popular as he is, was sitting by the fire. When she gone through the portrait hole James stood up and followed her.

“I’m just going to the owlery,” she said before he could ask.

“Well I’m coming with you.” Said James.

When they had made it to the owlery she tied the letter to Hedwig, who had been getting along in years, and when she was done, she saw James tie a letter to his own owl.

“Sent a letter to the twins. They’ll have birthday cards with their mail tomorrow,” James answered her unasked question with a faint smile. Lily was wondering what could possibly be wrong; it was obvious that something was bothering him.

“Let’s just wait a minute. I sent a letter to dad. Hedwig should be right back.” Lily said sitting on one of the benches, James sitting right next to her, contemplating on what to do next. Then he said something she never would have suspected, not even in the sort of situation they were in now.

“Watch out for Daniel,” he said. Lily looked at him in shock but waited for the rest, hoping this was going somewhere. “I saw him hanging out with that sixth year a lot last year, um, Chelsy I think her name is. I think he may be cheating on you.” He said grabbing her hand, patting it as she stared at him before gathering her senses.

“What do you mean you think he’s cheating on me?” she asked pulling her hand back completely appalled.

“I’m just saying. They’ve been seeing a lot of each other lately, normally when he leaves you or you leave him. It must have occurred to you that he never seems upset to leave you,” he said looking her straight in her emerald green eyes.

“What? You’re crazy; he would never do that to me. Y-your just jealous!” she shouted, tears in her eyes. She wasn’t going to believe it, Daniel loved her, and she loved him.

“Don’t cry, Lily. I’m sorry, but I think it’s true.”

“That’s your problem! You think, you don’t know!” she shouted with a sudden urge to slap him.

“But I…”

“Shut up! I don’t want to talk to you, right now!” she shouted, with a red-hot burning face, and tears streaming down her face.

Right when she stood up to leave him however, Hedwig came in with her father’s reply. She tore it open and read to get her attention off of James.

Dear Lily,

Of coarse you may go! As a matter of fact, take the others as well; including Daniel and James, they didn’t get a chance either. You have two hours, and then I need you and James to come to my office.

Your loving father,

She didn’t like the idea of being with James for two hours, and then going to her father’s office with him. She threw the letter at James, who hadn’t been expecting it and nearly fell backward, and then started to leave. James just followed, but he made sure he kept his distance, that, and she was walking too fast for him to keep up.

She shouted the password at the Fat Lady, any student that wasn’t a part of the Gryffindor house would now know the password, and then crawled through the hole as fast as she could, scraping her knee as she did so. She quickly healed it and spotted Daniel sitting alone in one of the comfy chairs, finishing up his Potions essay. James walked in and she couldn’t bare the thought of him being right, so she raced over to Daniel and kissed him.

When they finally broke apart she told him about the Hogsmead trip they would be making shortly. Daniel hadn’t asked for an explanation for her sudden spring of action, but he continued to look gazed and helped gather everyone else, and then all three of them headed outside.

She walked beside Daniel, and everyone else was around her, but James was in the back, hanging around while everyone was asking her what was wrong with him. She would answer simply, “He failed that Transfiguration exam and found out today.”

She stepped into a lovely little shop along with the other girls; the boys went to a shop across the street that had the men’s clothes. It had dresses for any formal event, and Lily wanted to try everything on!

“Only problem, Lil, is that it’ll be hard to find something to match your hair.” Said Kelcy. “Perhaps something that’ll match your eyes?”

Kelcy and Kiyla immediately attacked the racks of clothing, trying to find Lily the perfect dress, but she had already spotted it.

Kelcy and Kiyla were wearing matching pink dresses that looked so unbelievably like aunt Hermione’s when she was in her fourth year, though they had been a different color of course, and had less lace. Emma, and Anne, were warring the same dress, but Emma’s was purple, and Anne’s, green.

She walked out of the dressing room with baby blue robes, it showed every curve of her body, and brought out her eyes beautifully. She had two-inch hills on, the same color as the dress; she had practice in these types of heels.

When they all had they’re clothes bagged and paid for, they went out to meet the boys.

“It’s only 12. We still have an hour.” Sirius said, checking John’s watch and dropping his wrist. Some laughed and others rolled their eyes. People were still trying to get used to Sirius’ sudden urge to be social. Though, he was getting pretty good at the knack of being funny.

“Let’s go to the Three Broomsticks. It’s half price on butter beer today. I’ll pay.” Lily said as they passed Zonko’s. It was getting slightly chilly, and she was very parched.

They all went into the Three Broomsticks, ordered their drinks, and started their own conversation as Lily paid and sat at their largest table. When they had all been seated James went off and found a table to himself.

************************************************** ****************************************

James didn’t want to tell her, but after last night… Seeing Daniel kiss Chelsy… He had to. He didn’t tell her the complete truth; he hadn’t wanted to spring it all upon her. It just would have made matters worse than what they already were. What had been worse, however, was that he [i]did[/] say he thought, when truth was he knew.

Now Lily hated him. She hated him more than ever. He knew that not even a yellow tulip could calm her down. Though, as he sat, he realized that he had been taking the short cut all this time. The tulip was just something he knew she liked, but they couldn’t fix everything. He sat and drank his butterbeer in peace; he had refused to let her pay for his drink. When he took his last gulp, Sirius Potter himself came by.

“What’s the matter with you? You’ve been avoiding my sister all day, and sorry, mate, but that just isn’t like you,” he said taking a seat next to James.

“I don’t think it’s any of your business.” James shot back; he wasn’t in the mood to argue with anybody, let alone Sirius.

“Listen, if it involves my sister, then I want you to know she is taken. You can’t just go roaming around, expecting things are going to go your way as always.”

“Well gee, I never would have known, I mean her and Daniel’s kissing is just out of kindness right?” James said, anger rising as he started to get up, but Sirius pulled him back down.

“Listen I know you love my sister, and you don’t necessarily hide it too well. You’re always staring at her, picking on her, and comforting her, but she has a boyfriend and you won’t ruin that. She is happy.”

“How would you know if she’s happy? You’re in Slytherin, you’re never around her, and you only care about her when I’m around! As if I was some dark omen or something!” James shouted, and her table turned to look. He looked at Sirius, his face cold and blank. He knew this was his time to go. Clenching his fists, and giving one last look at Lily, hoping she hadn’t noticed, he left the Three Broomsticks and entered into the cold.

The others followed him this time. The one time he wished that he was alone. He made sure that he was farther than the rest of them, and out of earshot; he didn’t want to hear what crazy rumors his friends were already making up of him.

When they were inside the Hogwarts castle once again, he left the others and followed Lily to her father’s office, regretting everything he had said to Sirius already. Not only was he with his sister, but he would soon be with his father.

“Schubert Lemon.” Lily said, and the gargoyle twisted upward until a staircase was in front of them.

Quickly running up to the office door, both children heard Harry before they had even knocked.

“Come in.”

They walked in and saw the familiar hundreds of portraits, all of late headmasters and headmistresses.

“I will be right with you, just hold on a second.” They heard Harry say from somewhere upstairs. James turned around to see Lily talking to two of the newest portraits, though they weren’t very new at all, Dumbledore and McGonagall.

“Now, as to why you are here,” both students jumped, surprised by the sudden voice. Harry had come down stairs and smiled at both children. “You know we have had a bit of trouble with our head boys, Sirius is the only head boy we could think of, but with his past, and I hate admitting this about my son, but he isn’t exactly the best choice for head boy. Lily, as we know, is our head girl this year, leaving us without a head boy, the fault of Neville on that one, he forgot to put in what he thought to be the best student, though you are his son, it would have looked bad.” Harry winked at James and then he handed him a small package.

He opened it and saw at small badge that looked like Lily’s, but said head boy instead. James thought he was shocked when his eyes instantly widened, but it was nothing compared to Lily’s face. Her jaw had dropped and she looked near tears.

How did you like that chapter. It took me all day to write. Lol. Send feedback, I would love to know what you think


Please check out my non-Harry Potter story Elmandoroth Chapter Two is finished.

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Re: A Generation We Can't Forget

Ok, just like I promised, here’s the next post! Now I’m prepared for the hate mail. Lol. Sorry to say, Lily and James’s relationship, is still on the rocks, and won’t get off till quiet a while. So read on. Please leave feedback, I love it!

Daniel Lupin Chelsy Roswicks

Chapter 5: Duties And Tasks

Lily didn’t know how she had managed it, but both her and James were in the common room, but she was snogging preoccupying herself with Daniel just because James was in the room; who was looking at his badge. He didn’t deserve it!

When she was kissing Daniel, however, she noticed a new smell. ‘Flowers?’ She thought. It was her favorite perfume, but he hated it. Whenever she wore it he would make her wash it off, but now he was wearing it himself.

“I thought you hated Flower?” Lily asked, no longer able to contain her question.

“I love Flower. Especially when you wear it. It’s so…” it wasn’t Daniel who had spoke, but James who said it. Both Lily and James blushed, but then he quickly covered it. “Is exactly what he’ll say.” James then walked out of the common room and went down for dinner.

‘Was what he said really from him? No. He was just being mean again. But it was so sweet, and completely different from what Daniel had responded.

“Yeah, right! I hate Flower.” Daniel said, and then continued looking at a window where a brunet girl was covered in books, you couldn’t even recognize her.

“But you’re wearing it?” Lily persisted as she stood up. He sniffed himself and he shifted uneasily.

“So I am.” Daniel’s gaze left the girl by the window. “Oh that’s right! I remember now. I wore it just for you, I know how you love it so much.” He said smiling and pulling her down in his lap trying to kiss her, but she pulled away.

“I’m hungry.” Lily said, and she ran into the Great Hall.

Whatever it was that James had told her about Daniel, it was a lie.

************************************************** ****************************************

James’ plate was full with delicious looking food. There was turkey, roast, sweet potatoes, and even fries, but he wasn’t hungry. “How come I didn’t tell her the truth? It would’ve been better than it turned out to be.” James asked himself, earning a curious glance from Seria, a fifth year girl he had only said two words to. No matter what the situation was, he just couldn’t break Lily’s heart.

He looked at the Slytherin table and watched Sirius watch him. Ever since their talk at Hogsmead this afternoon, Sirius had a look of pure concern toward him. James didn’t know how a person who had never said more than five words in his life could be so nosey now.

The whole hall seemed to turn their heads, and James, who had often missed out on things while in deep thought, turned to see a screaming, emerald green-eyed girl.

“James Frank Longbottom, you liar! He does love me! He even said the perfume was for me!” Lily had stopped. Her tear struck face just under his chin as he stood up.

“How could you lie to me? You’re my best friend and you’ve never lied to me before!” Lily shouted and everyone who hadn’t had their attention turned toward them already was definitely looking now.

Those words, ‘best friend’ hit him hard. She only thought of him as a friend?

“Well if I’m you Best Friend, and never lied to you before, then why would you think I’m lying now?” he asked calmly, placing his hands onto her shoulders.

“Because you hate him! Ever since he took your Cuddly Cannons lunch box in grade three.” She screamed. The used to be quiet room had now gone into soft giggles from the Slytherin table, everyone over there was laughing except for Sirius and John. Now James had known that matters were serious.

He had forgotten about the lunch box, but he didn’t want to mention it, it was a long time ago and it had been resolved long ago. Now it was Lily’s time.

He tried to pull her into a comforting hug but she pushed away, a raging fire growing in here eyes.

“How dare you touch me! I hate you James Longbottom, and I never want to see you again!” Lily turned on her heal, hand over her eyes as she cried, and ran out of the hall. He was shocked to see Sirius be the first to chase after her.

He stared at all the staring eyes; according to the Beauxbatons and Durmstrang this was all just a big show, for entertainment, because they were all laughing. Everyone but the Hogwarts students, well a couple of Slytherins s******ed, but to his shock, most were quiet.

He turned with red cheeks, planning on going where he always did when he was mad, the Quidditch field, but he knew it would be locked, so he went to the room of requirement.

************************************************** ****************************************

Lily was halfway to the Fat Lady when she heard footsteps behind her and then they stopped when she had. She smiled and tried to catch her breath. ’It’s James come to apologize.’ She thought. She clutched her side and turned around slowly prove to James that it was worthless to apologize.

“So you’ve come to aplo…” she yelped as she saw her brother, Sirius, looking right down at her. He wasn’t clutching his side. He was in much better fit than she was.

“You want him to apologize? You little which! You just humiliated him in front of three different schools, and what did he do? He kept his cool while you yelled your little heart out and stabbed his! Did you ever think he might be telling the truth? Did you hear him yell at me at Hogsmead today? He cares about you! And you’re just a tramp aren’t you? Don’t you look at me that way, Lily Lynn Potter? You know you care about him! I see it in your eyes everyday. Everyday since you were four! And you go for a boy that does what? Cheats on you?” Sirius was shouting so loud that he woke a few near by portraits. She felt like crying but when he had said they were four, a small smile spread across her face. Had she been that obvious?

Lily, however, was very confused as of what to think about this. Her brother had caught her smiling and she knew that he would be angry with her. Perhaps she thought she had a twisted way of enjoyment? If there was anything worse than being sixteen, it was being a sixteen-year-old girl that is very confused.

“Stop it! He is lying and I know it,” Lily finally said surprising her brother. “Daniel and I love each other and that’s that! And while your still here…” She did a very rude hand gesture at him. His nostrils flared and his eyes widened, but instead of returning the favor, he turned and stormed off.

She was just about to say the password when someone came through the door.

“I wouldn’t go in, I mean it’s a waste of your time. We’re heads and we have to start our rounds.” Said a very drunk James. He was wobbling towards her with fire whisky in one hand, and a bouquet of yellow tulips in the other.

“Oh my God! James you’re drunk! Oh, no. We can’t take you inside,” she said and then he fell to the ground. He had passed out. ‘Great,’ she thought, ‘Now I have to carry him.’

Lily dragged him to the room of requirement, which was the first place she could think of. She absolutely refused to go into the boys’ dormitory. James was very heavy. Though he was thin, he was very muscular and she was very tiny. This was something James always did once he was mad, and she hated this little problem of his. He doesn’t really think about what he is doing, he’s always just done it.

When she arrived to the room of requirement it had turned into what looked like a hotel room. It had a queen size bed, but there was no other. She knew that if she left, when he woke up, it’d change back into his liquor room. So, she’d stay here and keep him safe.

************************************************** ****************************************

James had awoken the next day with a major headache. He remembered going to the room of requirement and it had turned into a wine cellar, or something like that. He could never remember unless he sobered himself up. As of this moment, however, he was not concentrating on what the room of requirement had turned into, but where he was now.

He noticed his arm was around something warm and tiny, but slightly moving up and down. He had his arm around someone breathing and most likely, he hoped, sleeping. James looked over and saw flaming red hair and sat up in the bed. He had his arm around Lily! He looked at where they were and noticed it was something like a hotel room.

“Oh my God! I married Lily Potter last night!” he shouted, making his head hurt worse, but to his surprise – or should he really be surprised when you scream and someone wakes up – Lily woke up.

“Wh-what?” Lily mumbled as she slowly raised herself from her comfortable bed, her hair a giant ball of mess. Her eyes fell on James and she suddenly felt wide-awake. “Get off me! Just because you got drunk last night doesn’t mean I’ve forgiven you. I just couldn’t take you in the common room, you’d of gotten in trouble!” she scolded. It was true. She still hated him.

“This is the room of requirement!” Lily said moments later as she had brushed her hair and then her teeth. But before he could reach for her, she looked at him sadly and rolled her eyes quickly. Had she hoped that he hadn’t seen her sympathy? “I’m going to go eat breakfast and wish the twins a happy birthday,” she said leaving him in the room of requirement and then was shortly followed by a completely sober James, (sobering charms come in handy.)

Truth was she really liked being held like that by him last night.

‘Stop thinking that, Lily!’ She scolded herself as she caught what she had just thought. ‘That was James! I really need to get to Daniel. He’ll understand. Won’t he?’

As James had had chased after her silently, he remembered all that had gone on last night.

He had gone in the room of requirement; it had turned into the old Divination professor’s, Professor Trelawney’s, drinking room. He drank a whole bottle of fire whisky. He then went outside and picked the most beautiful yellow tulips he could find for Lily, but he noticed that they were gone. Lily must have torn them up. He went upstairs and heard everything from Sirius and Lily’s conversation and that’s when he had become even more depressed. Sirius had cared about what he said after all, and he wasn’t being shy about it this time.

James loved last night, however. What he could remember of it anyway, and with the facts he had learned this morning. He had held on to Lily all night and she kept him warm with her small, tiny body.

When they walked into the Great Hall, there was a big group around the twins. He walked over and noticed that they were reading their birthday cards he had sent when he told Lily about Daniel. He felt the smallest tinge of guilt and then when Kelcy and Kiyla looked up at his presence he smiled.

“Happy birthday!” he shouted and he tried to sound as cheery as possible.

‘Why give you a real present when I left you a perfectly good present of You-Know-Pooh in the back yard?’” Said the dog on the card. James had bought it at Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes; it had a picture of a talking dog with a little ‘present’ behind it. Everyone laughed at the card and then finally, when it began to stink, they closed the card and covered their noses’.

“I guess they really meant it,” James laughed as he covered his own nose. “I should have known better than to buy it there.”

“Thank you,” Kelcy was putting the card back into it’s yellow envelope, James found it rather fitting, and then both twins began wiping tears of laughter from their eyes.

“No problem.” He said, but instead of sticking around he left, and he didn’t feel hungry either, but mostly it was because he didn’t want to be near Lily when she was mad. He had noticed that she hadn’t laughed once.

When he finally made it to the common room he saw the last thing he ever wanted to see - especially as of right now.

“Why you moron!” James shouted, running up to the couple and grabbing Daniel by the throat of the robes. “Lily is up my throat and I find you up here kissing this hag? How dare you!” James raised his wand and pointed it right under Daniel’s chin.

“Oh right, well that’s just it isn’t it?” Daniel said with a nervous chuckle, but he wasn’t letting his guard down. “Lily is too sad. I need a woman that doesn’t cry over every little thing that goes on between us,” he said, raising his wand as well.

“She wouldn’t be crying so much if it wasn’t for you!”

“Correction. If it wasn’t for you. You didn’t have to tell her.”

“Expelliarmus!” James shouted. Daniel squirmed out of James’ grasp and ducked the spell, and Chelsy ran up to her dormitory to avoid any more conflict.

“Why you prat!” Daniel shouted and then shouted out a spell of his own. “Sectumsempra!”

James had barely dodged the dangerous spell and then continued on, but Daniel had taken a liking to certain shielding charms.

The duel had gone on for no less than thirty minutes when someone had finally came through the portrait hole. Only, neither boy was very happy with themselves when they saw, rather heard, who it was. “What on earth are you two doing?” shouted a very upset crying Lily.

“Listen, you may not want to believe me, but I caught him kissing Chelsy!” James shouted, supporting a bloody nose and an eye that had started turning a nasty shade of yellow.

“Will you stop with that? She knows better.” Said Daniel, walking over to Lily and hugging her tightly. “I love her.” The words ran cold chills down James’ back, but Lily’s tears seemed to be coming down heavier than before.

“I know, baby he is a jerk.” Daniel said, and Lily ran off to her dormitory without letting either boy say another word. Daniel was confused by her sudden leave and change of attitude, but James knew better. Lily was upset, and it was his fault.

It was a long day and everyone had avoided him. He skipped lunch, just like he had yesterday, and now realized that he was starving; it was almost time for dinner now. James looked up as the boy’s dormitory door swung open and his friend walked in.

“Well, you little prat, you and Lily have both been hiding all day, but now it is time for dinner.” Said a friend of his, Seamus Finnigan Jr.

“So what?” James smarted back. He wasn’t in the mood for his friend’s playful manor.

“Well, you said you wanted to try out for the Triwizard Tournament, and tonight is the best to do it since everyone can see you.”

“Oh, yeah.” James said sitting up and using his elbows to prop himself upon his knees.

“Listen, no one believes you, so just shut up. All you are doing is breaking her heart more and making yourself look bad, mate. Besides, they love each other too much - it isn’t possible for him to cheat on her after a five year relationship.” Seamus said suddenly. James looked at his friend in surprise, it was rare that he ever gave advice, but nodded at his friend’s direction. Seamus winked and then ran down stairs to get some food.

He walked downstairs to see an empty common room. His friends had left without him. James was about to go through the portrait hole when someone had poked him from behind.

“Excuse me, but I can’t help it anymore,” said Mindy Malfoy.

“Oh, it’s you. Go away, I can’t take anymore mouth.” James said as he started to crawl away.

“Oh, well that was nice of you wasn’t it? The only person that believes a single word you have to say and you’re rude to her because of her family’s blood.” Mindy said walking towards him. He was about to go into a light run, once he had finally made it out of the hole, and then stopped right in his tracks.

“Did you just say you believe me?” he asked, looking into those deep, cheerful blue eyes.

“Yes. I did.” Mindy said as a small smile wisped across her face. For someone so different from her father, she seemed to be exactly like him. I saw Daniel and Chelsy yesterday; I was getting my book for Transfiguration. They were, well err… Well they were really kissing.” Mindy said uncomfortably.

“Oh thank God! Someone believes me! Not only believes, but witnessed it!” James shouted and then ran up, picked her up, and kissed her on the forehead. “You’re a life saver! When do you think you can tell Lily with me?” he asked. His heart skipped a beat like a child’s when they had received what they always wanted at Christmas. Lily won’t hate him anymore, but all the joy left him when he saw the frown form on Mindy’s face.

“Err, tell her? I don’t think I can do that. I don’t have the heart. I’m sorry.” She said as tears slowly formed in her eyes. James put her down and stared blankly at her for a moment without saying a word. His jaw tightened as he clenched his teeth, he felt as if he needed something to punch, but Mindy couldn’t stand it and ran off before he could stop her.

For one minute, joy had filled his heart again but was ripped away just as fast. He walked slowly down to the Great Hall and was just in time for the desserts. He ate at the very end of the table where no one sat. When the desserts had disappeared, the headmaster stood up.

“Everybody, I hope you enjoyed your meal today, I must say the cooking comity did an excellent job. Now, will everyone please exit the Hall, unless you are a seventh year, but those of you seventh years that do not tend to want to enter the tournament, you may go to.” Harry said politely, pointing toward the doors. James gave the tiniest laugh his heart would allow himself to do. Hermione had freed all the house elves when she became a professor, and started a cooking comity, the only elves left were a couple young ones, and a very old Dobby and Winky, they were the ones who did all the fires and cleaning.

None of the seventh years left, not even Lily. The rules had changed since Harry’s tournament, they had to do this in private, and at the same time, just incase someone younger found some sort of miracle to pass the ring.

Harry explained the rules one more time and then everyone wrote their names on a piece of parchment.

Lily was the first to put hers in - more like throw it in. Then every single one of his seventh year friends put theirs in. He waited until everyone in the hall had put his or her name in before he went last.

He entered the ring, feeling a sort of warm feeling, and then dropped his name in. When he was done he left the hall but was stopped when he walked out of the door.

“We’ve only just got back and the two of you are already fighting!” said a red haired, freckle faced, Slytherin boy. Followed by a raven haired, and hazel-eyed familiar face.

“Shut up. He’s in the right to be arguing with her.” Said the second person. Sirius Potter and John Weasley, Hogwarts’ biggest Slytherins, were standing right in front of James.

Ok so the end was a little fast. But I think it was enough length. Don’t you. It leaves something to hold on to, lol. I told you that you would hate me, lol. Well please leave feedback I would love it, hate or love, lol.


Please check out my non-Harry Potter story Elmandoroth Chapter Two is finished.

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Re: A Generation We Can't Forget

Sorry it took me a while to post. I'm cheer leading now, and this year is totaly different, were doing pep rallys so it makes practices 3 hours long instead of the missed and loved 2. Well I hope you guys like this post. I want to dedicate it to galleon, because I told her I would bring Gildory back in this story, I said he wouldn't be back till more in the middle, but he's to funny to wait for. Well enjoy this next post, and I would really love to see some new names on feedback. Thank you to all who have left me feedback so far, if it wasn't for your feedback, this story would be no more.

Draco Malfoy Gildory Lockhart

Chapter 6: New Professors, Old Friends

Lily ran up the stairs without caring if she entered the stupid tournament, she would never get in anyway. She had only wanted to make her father proud. He never showed any sign of making her enter, but she felt it was something she had to do.

Chelsy coming down from her dormitory and Lily had smiled at her but when Chelsy did nothing but glare at her, both girls froze. Lily didn’t know what she was mad at her, but she was about to find out.

"What is that glare for? You're a prefect and should know to respect the head girl,” she snapped.

Chelsy didn’t show any sign of listening to what Lily had to say and flipped her hair so it would be behind her again. She advanced at Lily, and Lily had found herself gripping her wand just in case things would get out of control, when Chelsy said something. "Why don't you go off with James? At least he'll love you back." She said and then continued down the stairs without looking at Lily.

Lily ran to her dormitory, not sure if she wanted to cry or not, but she ignored what the other girl had said and laid on her bed to read a potions book. Tomorrow would be the first day of classes and she wasn't sure when she would have Professor Malfoy and how hard he'd be on her for being a Potter.

She continued to read but her eyes slowly drifted away from the pages and they had drawn her attention to the bouquet of yellow tulips James had picked for her when he was drunk. She had put them in a vase beside her four-poster where they lightened her area of the room.

She continued to lay down staring at the flowers, taking in their aroma, and then fell into a deep sleep.

************************************************** ************************************************** ****

James was staring at the two boys in front of him. Why was Sirius bothering him, and most importantly, why was John talking to him? Both boys normally kept to themselves and decided to plan things behind other’s backs. John mostly never talked to anyone unless they were Slytherin and didn’t have a care in the world about relationships and pain unless they were his own. Ron and Hermione had been a bit upset, but they still loved him.

"What?" James asked in such a harsh tone that both boys put on fake, hurt faces.

"Why, James, is that how you treat the love of your life's family? Because if so, I won't take your side." Sirius said, John following in on a loud out burst of laughter. It took James a while to realize what he had meant, and then, just like he had done with Mindy, his face lit up with realization and he felt like he could hug Sirius.

"You believe me?" he asked.

"Of coarse. Well, first of all it was because of what you said to me at Hogsmead, that’s when I knew you would never lie to her. But it was mostly the fact that I never liked the git in the first place. Lastly, Mindy told us shortly after she told you. But please don't kiss us. A decent brother in-law is good enough for me," Sirius summed up and then both boys left, giving a clear message that all they wanted to say was that they believed him. But what did Sirius mean by all he wanted was a decent brother in-law?

James managed to remember the new password, tell some prefects to get to work on the second floor, and managed to get a word in with Anne and Mindy, whom were both happily playing a game of exploding snap.

"You believe me don't you, Anne? Your brother does, and so does Sirius. I think Mindy here still does, too." James asked the pair but only managed to get his head chewed off because he startled Anne with his question when she was in the middle of her turn and had a big, burning hole in her robes now.

The other kids still weren't speaking to him and he found that he didn't care as much as before, believing that they will believe him sooner or later. So he went to bed and fell in a deep sleep, hoping that tomorrow Lily would come to her senses.

************************************************** ************************************************** ****

Lily woke up early the next morning, it was the first day of classes and she was already going to be late if she didn’t get dressed soon. She had been awake for at least an hour, but being the non-morning person she was, she had spent that time sitting in her bed, waiting for her eyes to wake up. When Rachelle, one of the girls that had shared a dormitory with Lily, had finally left Lily took it as her cue to start getting ready.

Throwing on the normal skirt, shirt, and tie, she grabbed her robes and ran down the stairs, wand at hand to use as a hairbrush. Some people gave her funny looks as she passed, even the Fat Lady had asked what was going on with her hair when she left the common room, but she didn’t stop to answer any of them. Finally throwing her robes over her frizzy but brushed hair, she shoved the hall doors with all of her strength left and was welcomed with the buzz of morning students who had been up the past hour.

When she sat down next to Daniel to get her schedule that her mother, who was Gryffindor head of house, was passing out, she realized that there was still some time for breakfast. Neville had been fumbling around with the papers, trying to get all of his Hufflepuff students the right schedule, and then there was sharp aunt Hermione passing them out in an orderly fashion to her Ravenclaw students. But Professor Malfoy, which Lily had noticed, just threw his on the table and let the students find their own.

When she had finally been able to eat, James had managed to take her schedule and read it.

After a moment’s silence, James gave it back to her and took a huge bite out of his sausage. "We have all of the same classes. Looks like neither one of you have the other for class, though," James said as he pointed at Daniel and Lily both, but she could have sworn she saw a small smile. She didn’t believe what he had to say and rolled her eyes, taking a look at her schedule for herself.

Care Of Magical Creatures
Professor R. Haggrid

Double Transfiguration
Professor H. Weasley




Professor L. Longbottom

Muggle Studies
Professor G. Lockhart


Professor N. Longbottom

She put the schedule down once she realized that Daniel, in deed, did not have any classes with her, but she had also stopped on the first day, which was enough class time to last a lifetime! She wouldn’t have Potions until Wednesday and Friday, which was double with the Hufflepuffs. She found it strange that they had the exact same classes, except for the occasional few, they even had a few different breaks, but her answer was answered quickly from the morning mail.

Hedwig landed in front of her, and then flew off after delivering the letter.

Dear Lily,

By the look on your face as of now, you don’t look too happy with your class scheduling. Your mother and I both decided that it is best for you if you spent some time away from Daniel, we’re not saying permanently, you can see him any time after classes you want, but I personally think the two of you have become too close and need some space. Thank you for taking it so well and good luck!


Lily could feel her anger rising, perhaps even bubbling, but she ignored the feeling after the bell had finally rung.

Classes had started.

‘Oh what fun.’

************************************************** ************************************************** ****

James thought that [i] Care Of Magical Creatures [i] had gone by smoothly. Haggrid made Lily and him partner up for the next two weeks for a project; they had to figure out how to take care of their own hippogriff. It was actually quiet fun. They had received a brown and black one that Lily uniquely named Peanut, and he actually loved to fly. When it had come time for them to fly him, however, Lily had to sit in front of him. He squeezed he waist when she made a very bad, and very sharp turn, trying to stay on the hippogriff, but she thought he was trying to do other wise and slapped him when they had finally made it back on the ground.

He didn't care too much for Transfiguration because of the Slytherins, John and Sirius were tolerable, but the others were the worst. When rumors hit the school, they hit hard. When word had spread that Lily was mad at James, students would walk past him whispering what they thought he must have done to make her mad. One Slytherin student had made a scene in class because Professor Weasley tried pairing the two together.

When the bell had finally rung for Muggle Studies James practically ran to the class and then found a seat near the very back.

A very fat, bald, and incredibly stupid man, in James’ opinion, had stepped up to the front of the class when everyone had finally arrived and smiled toothlessly at them. He obviously didn't know anything about muggles, but only taught the class because Harry had asked him to, most likely feeling bad for what he had done many years ago.

James waited for any instruction and just when he had gotten used to the professor forgetting what was going on and just smiling at the class, Professor Lockhart cleared his throat and started to pace the room. He strolled past his desk and James’ eyes followed, allowing him to see that Lockhart had forgotten to put on his corset again, which seemed to be his favorite to forget everyday last year, too, and it was laying untied on his desk. There a large glass of water holding his pearly white teeth, and a dummy head which had a face that blinked and smiled every time Lockhart passed it, was holding his wig.

The professor had recovered from his incident many years ago, and once he had returned home and realized all his fans found out that he was a fraud, he went crazy from the lack of fame and fans. "Please get out your coloring books and turn to page 462." Lockhart said suddenly, making James jump and sit up in his chair, and then, after he learned that for the next hour and a half all they would be doing were three coloring sheets from last Christmas holiday, he all of the sudden began to fall asleep.

His eyes drooped and before he took a nap, his eyes roamed around the classroom and at Lily. She was sitting up in the front. He wanted to squeeze her again like this morning during Care of Magical Creatures , but he knew that he’d only be slapped again.

Perhaps that slap would help keep him awake.

************************************************** ************************************************** ****

Wednesday had finally come and Lily’s first class just happened to be double potions with the Slytherins. The cold dungeon had always been the same since even her father had been a student here at Hogwarts, cold, damp, and eerie.

Malfoy only looked at each one of them when the entered his classroom. When his eyes landed on her, Sirius, and her cousin John, he told all of them to get out of his room immediately and that five points each had been taken each for sure look of hatred. Obviously he didn't care about his own house points. He probably stopped caring about a lot of things a long time ago. They all waited outside for Malfoy to come lecture them only to be accompanied by James two minutes later. Apparently he had lost another five points for Gryffindor just for being a Longbottom.

Hours had gone by and Malfoy never came to come see them, Lily would be having a talk with her father soon about this. When James was sure that the bell was about to ring, he advanced toward Lily and opened his mouth to speak, but soon as she saw he was about to speak to her, Heather came walking down the hall. The last bell had already rung without her hearing. Heather grabbed James by the hand and walked him away up stairs where the sun would be shining nice and warm.

To Lily’s surprise, however, James looked as if he didn’t want to go.

Wow! That took me for like ever. Well I am extreamly tired now, I'm off to bed. Please leave feedback.


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Re: A Generation We Can't Forget

Ok, I'm filling these spaces with chapters. That chapter didn't make much since now that I look back to it, lol. I hope to make these chapters like the first ones. I'm sure you guys miss them. Professor Lockhart had a small part in the last one, and he probably will continue to have small parts, but I tried my best to explain his funny looks, lol. Well Please leave feedback, it would be greatly appriciated. Oh yeah, and Malfoy will have more parts.

Heather Chang

Chapter 7: Shock And Disaster

It was Friday, Lily had just came from Care Of Magical Creatures. Potions was her last class on Fridays. James had tried to grab her hand without letting go when he helped her off the hippogriffe, but as soon as they heard the bell ring from the distance, she ran leaving him still talking to the professor.

She wasn't prepared for today. She had last potions class to catch up on, and all her other homework, and she just wanted to stay in the common room, but that couldn't happen, because today was the day they would find out who the Triwizard Tounrnament competators would be.

She had taken her now normal seat to the front of the room. She used to sit with James, but she couldn't now, she didn't know why she acted so mad, but it felt right. He shouldn't blame someone on cheating on her because he's jealous.

"Wait. How could he be jealouse? He's only my friend, he even said so." she thought. She sat and opened her book before she was kicked out again. To her luck, they wern't.

"It seems your father actually wants you to attend my class, Potter. Now tell me, how does a bezour work?" he said with a sneer.

"A bezour..." she tried, but only to be rudly interupted.

"Five points from Gryffindor! You did not raise your hand Potter!" he said with a cold, twisted smile.

She frowned, but put her hand up, only to be ignored. He didn't even asnwer the question.
She shot James a look, for he was clearly about to argue with the teacher, but she couldn't risk the loss of points.

Malfoy gave them more homework than the rest, they had Slitheryns for their class mates, on how a bezour works, where they are found, and how do they live.

As she went up stairs to the common room, she was stopped by a black haired boy with chocolate brown eyes, and the cutest, but slightly crooked tooth, smile.

************************************************** ************************************************** **********************************

James found himself lucky, he caught up with Lily. After his date with Heather on Wensday, he would of much rather been with Lil, he had been trying to get a decent chat with her. Now was his chance.

"Hey Lil, wait up." he said, but came to a hault when he was right behind her. She spun around, firey eyes to match her hair, and yelled,

"How many times do I have to tell you not to call me that?!" she was red around the cheeks, and her tiny body still only under his chin, but she looked so beautiful.

"Oh, sorry about that. Old habits die hard I guess." he said, with what he called, an imperfect smile.

"Well that habit better die soon. Or else the person whom is saying the habit will find themselvs in the hopital wing in less than ten seconds." she screamed, but he couldn't help notice that her eyes had changed to normal, and could of swore that she had felt hurt by what she had said, for they began to glisten just like real emeralds, but not a single tear shed.

"I'm sorry. You don't deserve that, but I'm just mad. How can you think that he would cheat on me for even one second?" she asked, with complete calmness in her voice. He couldn't help it, now was his chance, she wasn't mad.

"Because it's ture." he said, but apparently, that was the wrong answer.

"That's it James Longbottom! I try to start a normal conversation, and you have to ruin it all over again! I gave you the chance to fix it and tell the truth! But you're just to-to stupid to figure that out!" she said, running the rest of the way to the portrait. Finally losing his temper he yelled after her,

"THERE'S NOTHING TO FIX!" and walked slowly to the common room.

************************************************** ************************************************** **********************************

Lily went to her dormitry to do homework. She was on question number fifty-six when a surprise visitor came in.

"I'm surprized, not to see you with Anne, is like seeing James making a fool of himself." she said, laughing, hoping Mindy would join in to, but was shocked to see her cry instead.

"What's the matter? Are you two fighting?" she asked in her motherly, and caring voice. Mindy shook her head.

"It's really unfair what you're doing to James. He doesn't deserve punishment for telling the truth." she sobbed. Then as if expecting to be yelled at, left the room.

She sat there, wondering why she had said that. Of coarse he deserved it, she gave him a chance to fix it, but he was being stupid and made it worse. "She doesn't understand relationships, she's only a first year." she thought to herself. "And besides, what would she know about love, she was raised by the Malfoys', poor girl."

She was interupted by her thoughts when Kelcy came in.

"It's time for the pull." she said. She didn't get what she ment at first, Kelcy always did have a problem with saying the wrong words. When she finally realized what she meant, she put her book down and went to the Great Hall.

************************************************** ************************************************** **********************************

James was all ready in the Great Hall when Lily arived. He could tell she had been in the middle of studying because of her hair. The only time she pulled her hair up was when she was at parties, or in this ocation, studying. Her gorgouse hair always got in the way, so she just pulled it up into a lose, to were some hairs excaped every now and then, pony tail.

The room looked different, not because Lily was there, but because the four tables were gone. They were replaced by benches. Bauxbaton, over in the far left, Durmstrang in the middle, then Hogwarts students. Everyone was wearing their uniforms, except himself, it was a perfectly good Friday, he was going to wear muggle clothes.

Heather was seated next to him, holding his hand. Lily sat in the front with her brother, sisters, cousins, and Daniel, who oddly enough, was sitting by Lily and Chelsy. He felt like going up there just to start a fight with him again, and give Lily an explination.

The headmaster walked in, smiling at James' appearance. Then spoke the rules one last time, for the rest of the younger students were here. He gave a five minute last minute sign up. James was surprized to see that there were eight student that had gotten up and dropped their names in the goblet. "They must of been in the hospital wing, or didn't go to dinner." James thought.

Only one sixth year student from Durmstrang, tried entering, and like the stories that Fred and George had told him, he had started growing a white beard with hair, and was rushed to the hospital wing, without seeing who was chosen for the tournament.

The first couple of minutes seemed to go fine as the goblet adjusted to the new names, but then after a while, the whole room was silenced and watching the cup.

"Susan Anderson, and Rebecca Witherald!" shouted Harry. Two girls from the Bauxbaton benches stood up, took there names, and went to the back room.

"Brandon Krum and Ryan Thrush!" he shouted again as two students from the Durmstrang table collected their names and went to the back room.

"James Longbottom" he shouted.

James stood up, he was excited, and deep down inside, he knew he was going to be chosen. He went up and grabbed his name, being winked at by Harry, and Heather kissing him on the cheek, and his father and mother both patting his shoulder.

He didn't go to the back room immeaditly, he wanted to see the next Hogwarts student chosen. The goblet lit, then spat out a small parchment.

Harry smiled, put his wand to his voice box, then shouted,

"The next Hogwarts student will be..."

Haaahaaahaaa, I left a cliffy! How did you like that chapter? So you know the Bauxbaton names were names of friends of mine, the Durmstrang names were kids I don't like, lol. I'm simple minded. Well it was no surprise that James would get picked, but who is the next compeditor? We will find out in our next chapter to A Generation We Can't Forget! lol. I so totaly sound like an anouncer. Please leave feed back! *so what if it wasn't as long as I said it would be. The next chapter is definatly long.*


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Re: A Generation We Can't Forget

Ok, so I didn't wait for all the feedback, but I need to write down this chapter so you can read the next. I am having fun with this story, but I know in the end, there will be lots of hate mail, Oh yeah, I forgot to warn you in the beggining. WARNING: If you like extreamly sad stories, then this is for you. This will have a sequal. Ok now that I got that out I can write the next two chapters today, yaaaay, lol.

Remus Lupin

Chapter 8: Forgiveness?

The Great Hall was filled with cheers as she stood up. Her siblings looking at her in awe. Daniel kissed her, but Chelsy gave her an evil stare.

Lily couldn't believe that her father just called out her name. She walked up to him and took her piece of parchment, sure enough, it was her name. She gave her father and mother a scared glance, but walked to the back room, passing a shocked James.

She looked at all the others. Susan Flug was a very pretty girl, she had amber hair, brown eyes, but really short. Rebbeca had black hair and was short as well, but her eyes were a darker shade of brown.

The boys Brandon Krum, who she figured to be Victor Krum's son, was good looking and looked just like his father. The other boy, Ryan Thrush, didn't look good at all. He had green hair, a pig like nose, and purple eyes. It scared her when his hair changed to pink. The boy noticed her stairing, smiled then said,

"I can't controll my metomophing yet." he said then winked as his hair turned brown.

James came in behind her, he walked over to a Ryan and Brandon and started to to give them a hand shake as if he knew them forever.

"Alright my fellow champions. I have explained the rules to you many times, do I need to repeat anything?" asked her father, who was now walking down the stairs. No one said anything. Harry smiled.

"Alright then. The first task is this January, on this day. You don't have to figure out anything yet." and with that he smiled and dismissed them.

************************************************** ************************************************** **********************************

James new Brandon and Ryan from when he was younger. His mother had taken him to see Brandon's dad Victor. They havn't seen each other in a long time. He always laughed when Ryan would shift color or form. Ryan was Brandon's best friend, thats the only way he knew him.

When Lily's name was called, he couldn't help but stare. He knew it would be a Potter, but he thought it would be Sirius.

She still insisted to hate him.

He laughed at the daring challenges ahead of him, and how Harry had said yet. Normally Lily would freak out, but he wouldn't know because she never talked to him. Not even in class.

When he reached the common room, he noticed his father just leaving the portrait, he wanted to talk to him and tell him about Lil, but he was to late.

He walked up to the portrait, and gave her the password.

"I am sorry, I can't let you in." she said simply. James was mad, how could he be wrong? He tried again.

"No. The password has changed." she said, then sighed and fell asleep. He let out a loud cry.

************************************************** ************************************************** **********************************

Lily was talking with her sisters, her brother didn't believe her, and Daniel was studying with Chelsy. She was filled with excitment, but fear at the same time. She didn't want to do it, but was flattered that the goblet had chosen her as a noble one.

The girls left her to go to the library. She felt alone now, she continued to walk to the common room by herself. It had been an hour since the names of the champions were called. They spent their time at the lake by the tree, talking about Daniel.

When she was just about to reach the common room, professor Neville Longbottom stopped her.

"Ah, dear girl you are head girl right?" he asked. She nodded.

"Oh good, I need you to tell the other prefects and the my son the new password. It is Lightning Bolt." he said, and then left with a cheery wave.

When she finally at the portrait. She noticed someone laying on the floor. "It must be a first year." she thought. She looked closley at the sleeping face. It was James. Before she knew what she was doing, she kicked him.

"Ow! What the bloody..." he started, but she interupted.

"Good your awake. The new password is Lightning Bolt." she said, the fat lady swung open and let her through, James close behind.

"Why don't you believe me?" he asked, a warm feeling filled her. She could feel pitty for James, he didn't know.

"Because you're a lyer." she said. He looked hurt. She turned around trying to get to her dormatory, but James grabbed her arm. He pulled her up close to him, their faces three inches apart.

"I would never lie to you." he whispered, then let go of her and walked away.

Lily fell to her knees, she was crying.

************************************************** ************************************************** *********************************

James woke the next day, it was Saturday. He had a date with Heather today. He got dressed and walked down to the common room. He stopped in his tracks to see a sleeping figure right were he left her.

He went over, picked up the light body, and set Lily on the couch. He noticed dry streaks down her face. "Great, you made her cry you big oaf." he told himself. He wanted to kiss her on the forehead, but thought better of it, and turned toward the hole.

"Where are you going?" asked a sweet calm unnerved voice. He turned around toward Lily. She was looking at him with sad eyes.

"I, err, I have a date with Heather." he said.

"Oh." she turned over and looked in the fire. He thought she didn't want to continue the conversation so he turned to leave again.

"I'm sorry." she said quietly, tears lightly trickling down her face. He ran up to her and wiped them away.

"Don't cry Lil." he said, but pulled his hands back as soon as he said it, he was waiting for her to yell, but he had the most curious look when she started to laugh?

"Whats so funny?" he asked, joining in.

"That name, I don't know why I hate it so much. I really like it actually, it's sort of cute." she said, her eyes now clear of all tears. He gave a full laugh.

They spent an hour together. She had told him that she forgave him, he has the right to have his suspisions, but she would still be with Daniel, she still didn't believe him. It was a wonderful hour. She was talking to him again. Ther were talking about the time he was drunk. He blushed.

"I kept the flowers." she said, smiling. He felt his heart skip a beat, she still had the flowers. They both laughed. They were having a good conversation until it came to Heater.

"Oh my, you're late for your date. You better go." she said, smiling at her ryme. He didn't want to leave, but knew he had to. He grabbed her hand and kissed it. She blushed, but didn't slap him or hurt him at all. He smiled then turned away.

************************************************** ************************************************** **********************************

Lily thought about it all night. He was right, he would never lie, but she wasn't going to beleive him, but she would forgive him.

She was so into their convesation this morning that she didn't want him to leave. She got everyone to ease up on him, but when it came to Sirius, John, and Mindy, they were still mad at the fact she still didn't believe him.

When the afternoon mail came, she was surprised to see a flying yellow tulip. Hedwig landed in front of her, giving her the flower carefully, and she noticed a note tied to the stem. She read it,

Guess who

She laughed, then wrote on the back of it,

Orlando Bloom

And sent it away with Hedwig.

Ok, that wasn't that long, and I don't know if I can write the next chapter tonight, it took longet than I thought to write this, lol. Well I hope you liked this chapter. Please leave feedback, and I promise next post will be long like chapter 1,2,3, and 4, and if it's not, then you can leave me hatemail or something, lol. Well please leave feedback, I'll try my best to get next post up in like ten minuets, I'm a fast typer, just major writers block right now, lol.


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Re: A Generation We Can't Forget

qwertyyyyyyyyyyyOk, I'm trying my best to write this out, here you go, please leave feedback!

John Weasley

Chapter 9: Hogsmead

James was sitting under a tree with Heather, he just sent a yellow tulip to Lily, but Heather thought it was for her so he picked an extra one. He noticed Hedwig coming back towards him. She landed on his knee, and read the answer,

Orlando Bloom

He laughed, it was her favorite muggle actor, she would go non stop about him.

"It's our one month aniversery." Heather said, with a puzzled look on her face from reading the reply on the parchment. Hedwig flew away and left him alone.

"Really?" he asked, he siriusly didn't care.

"Oh, you jokester. Of coarse it is." she said tickleing him, he kind of pushed her away, looked her in her eyes, then they had a very long talk.

************************************************** ************************************************** ****

Lily was sitting in the common room, Daniel was still studying with Chelsy. She was smelling her new tulip that went with the other thirteen, she added the one he gave her at her house.

She decided to go outside for a while, it was getting hot inside.

When she made it out side, she was bumped by a crying Heather. She noticed James was staring at the lake, just standing there. She ran up to him, but before she could say anything to him, he said,

"Will you go to Hogsmead with me?" She was shocked.

"What about Heather?" she asked.

"I broke up with her." he said, not a single sound of hurt came out of his mouth.

"Just as friends?" she asked.

"Yes." he said, this time his voice was a bit shaky.

"Yes." she said, smiling at him.

************************************************** ************************************************** ****

James was waiting down stairs for Lily. She was taking for ever to wake up. It was 9 O'clock. He was shaking his leg uncontrollably.

She finally woke up at ten, wondering why he had been up so early.

"I couldn't wait." he said with his goofy grin.

"It doesn't even open until eleven." she said, unable to help herself, she laughed.

When they arrived at Hogsmead, the first place they went to was The Three Broomsticks. He bought both of their butter beers.

When they had finished every last drop of their drinks they decided to visit the shreaking shack. On their way there, he saw Daniel with Chelsy at Madam Puddifoot's, sharing a drink, and he had her wrapped in his arms. He made Lily look the other way, he had just gotten her to forgive him, he couldn't risk losing her again.

When they made it to the shack, her sisters desided to join them, making James go talk to Sirius and John.

"Well hello. I see you two are on talking turms again?" John asked, with a huge silly grin. James always wondered why the two were chosen for Slytherin, he thought that since Harry had Voldemorts blood, that Sirius got a tiny bit of it, and John always hanging aroung with him, kicked up some bad habits from him.

James nodded. He was staring at Lily, the girls jibbering away.

"Aww, look at him stare at her. Is that a little drop of drool? Hey! Don't be drooling over my sister." Sirius tried to mock him, but ended up laughing with John.

After the girls were done talking, the two got back together. She was red in the face from the cold.

"It's mid-October and you're not wearing a scarf?" he smiled, handing her his own. Now that he thought about it, next week was Halloween.

After visiting Honeydukes, James got her a box of Berti Botts Every Flavour Beans, she had loved them ever since she had tried them, he always teased her about it, and didn't know how she could like all of the flavours, but it was the little things like that, that made him love her, they stopped by Zonko's Joke Shop, then went back to the castle.

Lily had gotten him to eat a ear wax bean, he ended up spitting it out three seconds later, leaving Lily in a fit of giggles.

************************************************** ************************************************** ****

Lily enjoyed her day. James said nothing about Daniel, and she made James try her favorite bean. They were walking up to the warm common room when she couldn't help herself anymore,

"I was talking to Heather the other day. She told me about all your dates, and how you've never once kissed her." she said, with a small smile.

James stopped, making her stare in worry, then he said,

"I didn't love her." and looked her in the eyes.

"Well then why did you ask her out?" she asked.

"You know, I really don't know." he said, holding her hand tighter than before.

"Then who do you love?" she asked, she could feel butter flys in her stomache. He seemed to be giving it a lot of thought on if he should answer her or not. He bit his bottom lip, took a deep breath, then said,

"I love..." he started but he was interupted by a on coming Daniel.

"Oh sorry, I have to go. I had a wonderful time today." she called to him as she ran and kissed that no good for nothing. He finishe of his sentence in a low whisper,

"you." he said, then turned around to the common room.

Lily was at dinner when it happened, her father had called all the Triwizard champions to the back room.

She left Daniel, but was happy to see a welcomeing James. He smiled then hugged her. When he let go, she was hugged by her clearly showing four month pregnate mum. She felt her mothers stomache and asked if they had figured what it will be, but her mother told her the same thing she did when the twins were born,

"We told you, Sirius, you, and your sisters were surprises, so what ever this may be will be as well." she said smiling, but with a cross look on her face.

When things had started to settle down, her father began to speak,

"Now I know I told you that there wouldn't be any mystery solving, but I find it unfair that you have no idea what the first task will be. So I decided to give you a clue, the first task will have to do with this riddle, it's deadly fun, but will soak in the sun" he said, winking at his Gryffindors.

When they were dismissed, the two were left talking about the task.

"Well at least we know there will be Deviles Snare, but what will the rest be, I mean, dad wouldn't make it that easy would he?" she asked. James shrugged, in truth, he didn't even know that it was Deviles Snare.

************************************************** ************************************************** ****

A week after the hint, it was Halloween, but like every year since James was four, he did not care about that holiday, for today was a much more special ocasion. Today was Lily's birthday.

He got into his trunk, he had gotten her a present some time around his birthday, she would love. He ran down stairs with the small box.

When he saw Lily, he made a straight run for her, but stopped when he saw Daniel. He was giving her the same gift! He felt ashamed, he tried to hide, but it was to late, she had spotted him. He was forced to hand over the present. She started to open it, but he hissed,

"Not here." and she followed him out passed the hole. Her new birthday present was around her neck, but as she opened the present from James, her eyes filled with tears. He had gotten her the same locket, the one he saw in the window for &500, the one that was gold and had two tulips tied together, the one that he saved his muggle money for a hole two years to get.

"Oh James, I'm so sorry." she cried.

"No, don't cry, it's all right. Keep it." he said in a rush, he didn't know what to feel, hurt, upset, or angry.

He turned around hoping she didn't notice the hurt in his eyes, and left for his second favorite spot in Hogwarts. The room of requirement.

Ok so I said it would be long *sue me* my bed time came faster than expected, lol. Well this is another chapter you really have to pay attention to, there are only three chapters that are the main plot, chapter 2, this chapter, and one of the middle chapters in book 2. In the very last chapter all of these three chapters will come together, to make that sad ending I promised, lol. Well please leave feedback, I would love to hear what you think.


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Re: A Generation We Can't Forget

Ok, sorry I havn't posted in a while. Well I wrote the poem myself, can you believe it, I write my own poems as well as my own book? lol. Well enjoy! And please leave feedback.

Ginny Weasley Potter

Chapter 10: Happy Birthday

Lily felt terrible. She was already wearing Daniel's necklace. Sh e watched James walk off, it wasn't until she noticed where he was heading when she stopped him.

He had just walked in front of the blank wall for the third time. He looked at her dull and sad.

"Don't you dare go in that room just to get drunk James Frank Longbottom!" she said running up to him with a big smile.

He stood there looking at her in shock, then she ran up and hugged him. He didn't know what to do, his arms were still open, but wrapped them around her just as soon as she started to cry.

When they pullled away, she was smiling, he blushed a bit.

"I thought you were upset?" he asked, now smiling as well. She shook her head.

"I love it James, but, well you know, Daniel did come first and he is my,"

"boyfriend." he finished for her, completly letting go of her. He turned around and started to walk away.

"Yeah I understand." he said as if in disbaliefe.

************************************************** ************************************************** ****

It was James' turn to be mad at Lily. After all he had been through and done for her, she still loved that git?!

After he bought her the locket, he put a charm on it, the tulips tied together stood for him and Lily, he put the charm on his, if she didn't love him, his tulip would vanish, or if he didn't love her.

Lily stood there in tears, but not of joy anymore. When she realized he wasn't coming back, and turned around.

He wished that she would of at least opened the locket, he put something very special in there just for her.

He didn't go to the room of requirement like he had planned, instead he went down to lunch.

He didn't even get passed his first sandwitch when the late mail arrived. He never exspected anything because he would see no point in it when he knew most of the staff.

He was surprised to see his bird, Scarlette, a red owl, land in front of him with what looked like an invatation?

Dear James,

Happy Halloween! But as you know, today is my darling daughter's birthday. This year we are holding a surprise party in my office.

The password has changed, just as yours had, but mine, thankfully, doesn't have anything to do with my bloody self.

Come tonight at dinner, we have chosen you as Lily's escort, for Sirius has told me you are very good at hiding things. The password is Lilycums!

Your second father Harry

He laughed a bit at the new password. He knew that Lily would hate it.

He remembered Lily again. He stopped laughing and put the invatation in his pocket and left to the owlery.

************************************************** ************************************************** ****

Lily cried all the way to her dormitry. She didn't know why, perhaps it was just because they had just became friends again, but were now in the same posistion as they were earlyer.

She opened the beautiful heart shaped box to see the locket again. She took the locket out and opened it. Something light fell into her lap, but she didn't notice for she was to busy looking at the pictures.

One was when she was asleep and she was breathing very slowly, and the other was her and James, she was standing, arms around his neck and hair down his shoulder, while he was sitting and had one hand over hers. They were both happy.

She smiled as a tear rolled down her cheek. She closed the locket and took the one she had on off, and put James' on, she would never tell, and both boys would never know.

As she put the locket Daniel had given her away, she noticed the thing that had fallen into her lap. It was the tinyest piece of parchment she had ever seen. "Engorgieo." she did a nonverble spell. The parchment grew into normal size, then she started to read,


Tell me. What is time?
I'll tell you what I think.
Every second my heart beats for you,
every hour I think of
you, but every day I live without you,
every week I notice your smile
every month I notice your beauty,
and every year I see how you've grown.
Tell me. What is time?
Because every second you rip my heart away,
every minute you only wave, every hour you think of him,
but every day you live without me, every
week you notice my comment, every month
you notice a cocky grin, and
every year you see me as an inconsiderate dolt.
Tell me. What is time?
Because you don't seem to know.

She cried, but that didn't stop her from writing on the back of it.

For two hours she wrote, leaving tear stains on the parchment. She shrunk it back to its origanil form, then put it back in her locket, holding it close to her heart.

What she didn't realize, was that one of the tulips inprinted on her locket had disappeared.

************************************************** ************************************************** ****

James picked up a still crying Lily, he didn't know why she was still crying after so many hours ago. He rolled his eyes and told her that Harry had to see them about head duties. She followed.

He didn't want to feel the way he had for her so many years before, he couldn't do it. He now wished that he never gave her that locket so she would never have the chance of opening it, but he knew she wouldn't, she loved Daniel to much.

They reached the stone gargoyal, and he was right, she redend in the face as he said the new password.

"Surprise!" everyone shouted as they walked through the door. Everyone was there; Daniel, her brother and sisters, her mother and father, his mother and father, and everyone else whol had attended the twin's early birthday party, even the Slytherin girlfriend of Sirius's, Mandy Malfoy, though she looked like she would rather be any were but here, Sirius must of dragged her along.

Lily immeaditly lost all trace of tears and sadness and squeeled as she ran to her mother and father for a hug.

The party was going on fine, he being the only one who hadn't really been celibrating, untill Ginny brought out the cake. It had all 17 candles on it, and Lily's face was in the middle winking, while all her friends, including himself were behind her.

They all started to sing. He and Lily were great singers, they used to sing choir at church together, they even did duets, but this time he let his voice drag, and kept it down low.

When they were done singing the birthday song, he got a closer look at the cake. He couldn't help it, it just slipped,

"Look. A big head just like yours. I wonder if its full of nonsince like yours, or just full of air?" he said rudly.

He could see her hold back her tears, but she blew her candles to stop herself. Not a singl one blew out.

"Well it's definatly not air." he said, being the only one to laugh, besides Mandy.

That did it. Lily covered her eyes and ran out of the room.

When he stopped laughing, he turned around to see all the angry staring faces.

Ok, how was that? I am sorry I miss imformed you, that last chapter you don't have to pay close attention to, it's this one you need to pay attention too, sorry. It will all add up in the end, lol. Sorry it was such a short chapter. Leave feedback!


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Re: A Generation We Can't Forget

Ok, I only have a couple of minutes to write this, but I hope that it is good, and that it makes since. Please leave feedback.

Sirius Potter

Chapter 11: Clues

Lily ran at top speed. "How could he do that?!" she asked herself. She could hear her brother chasing after her now. She stopped and turned around. As soon as he reached her he grasped her into a deep hug.

She cried into his shoulder untill he pushed her away a couple of inches and looked her in the eyes.

"I'm sorry. I thought he was better than that." he said quietly, his eyes soft. She tried to stop her on coming hicups, but couldn's stop it, she hicuped right in his face.

He laughed. She stared at him for a little bit, but then started to laugh too, tears still going down her face.

After a couple minutes of pointless laughing, he wiped her tears away. This is why she loved her brother. He cared. He may seem mean sometimes, but he was really loving and normally all the hateful things he did were really just misunderstood pranks.

"Why were you put in Slytherin?" she asked, always dieing to ask that question. They started to walk, then he smiled.

"Ambition." he said.

She was confused, what did he mean. He laughed at her puzled face.

"Someone has to stop all the bad noncinse going around to make people make the biggest mistakes of their lives." he said, smiling, but stopping as they reached her portrait.

"I guess people really do need that don't they?" she asked, laughing along with her brother.

"You'll be ok Lil, I know you will." he said, his face soft, as he kissed her on the forehead, then walked off to his own common room.

She smiled, then walked into her own common room.

************************************************** ************************************************** ****

James was still being glared at by the stareing bunch. He wanted to run, he wanted to go to the room of requirement.

Harry finally put his mouth back in place.

"What in the blazes were you thinking?!" he shouted.

"That was my daughter you just yelled at!" screamed a red faced Ginny. She was now going along five months, so she had to clutch her stumache as she got a big kick.

He didn't know how to answer them. He looked at Ginny, now being aided by Harry, and his friends were all staring at him, the only person missing was Sirius. He looked at the portraits on the wall, and he noticed the one he talked to often. Albus Dumbledore. He was staring at him, calmly, but it felt like he was being burned through.

He took one last look around the room, then did the only thing he could do. He ran.

************************************************** ************************************************** ****

Lily was finishing her studying, she was so tired, she wanted to sleep. Her eyes were fluttering slowly. Her books still scattered around her bed.

James' face was before her, he was smiling. Heather was in the background, crying just as she had last seen her, and her brother was just staring at James. She was in the lake, swimming, swimming and singing.

She woke with a sudden jolt. She was about to fall off her bed, her homework now on the floor. She couldn't explain why she had such a weird dream. She would have to remember to ask Luna in her next divination class.

It was nearly two a.m. She decided to pack up her books, and straitend up her covers, then fell into a proper sleep.

She awoke the next day. She went down stairs and was surprised to see a missing James. "Thats strange. He always wakes up before me, waiting for me to go down to breakfast with him." she thought. "He must be mad at me from last night, don't know why, I havn't done anything." she shrugged and left for breakfast.

James wasn't at breakfast either. She tried to remeber what she could've done last night to lead to this, but found nothing. "He was the one who was the git last night, not me." she thought, she realised she was worring over him.

"Earth to Lily, are you there?" asked a funny looking boy in front of her, she reconized him as Seamus Jr.

"What? I'm sorry, I have a lot on my mind." she said, blinking her eyes stupidly.

"I asked if you were going to drink your water?" he asked again.

She shook her head and passed it to him, a pleased look on his face as he pulled out his wand.

"Oil rafith halfrimwhom turn this water into rum." he said, but once again it blew up in his face. It was a family tradition to try that spell, never once been complete by the Finnagins.

She laughed as he shot her a dirty look, literally a dirty look as for he had soot on his face. The others laughed to, all going down to making Seamus laugh himself.

After the amusing breakfast, she headed back up to the common room, it was Sunday and she new that that was where she should find James.

She hadn't even made it to the common room when she found him. She screamed as she saw him, his shirt a mess, glasses ascue, and hair as untidy as ever. He was drunk again.

************************************************** ************************************************** ****

James had gone to the room of requirement, again it had turned into the old professors room. He drank two whole bottles of firewisky this time. And he felt he had the worlds biggest hangover.

He walked out of the room as it quickly turned back to the blank wall between the two pictures. He saw Lily, and boy was she mad. And what was worse, was that he had to tell her what he did last night before he ever went to the room.

************************************************** ************************************************** ****

Lily ran up to him, then pulled out her wand then shouted out,

"Exspelliarmus!" and he fell back on the ground. Before she did any more harm to him, she let him pull out his own wand as she watched him point it at himself then said,

"Sobberman." and he admeaditly sobered up.

"Lily wait!" he said.

"This is not my fault. Now stop this!" he said, standing up.

"Oh, so who's fault is it?" she asked, pointing her wand straight at him.

"I'll leave you to think of that. What I want to tell you is that I wasn't here all night. I met Heather last night, and well we got back together, it put her in a right state, and then I came here." he said.

She was confused, why would he bring that up? The point was that he got drunk, but then everything came to her head. "They're back together?" she thought, then she put her wand away and ran all the way back to the Great Hall, were a unsuspecting Ravenclaw was waiting for her.

She ran up to the table, furious, but then as if suspecting it, Heather stood up and pulled out her wand.

"Lily stop! We need to talk." she said, a calm look on her prety face. Lily stopped in her tracks.

"What am I doing? Why am I mad at this girl?" she thought to herself. She admeaditly put her wand away, Heather followed, as the rest of the table sat back down.

She nodded her head then the two girls headed out to the lake.

************************************************** ************************************************** ****

James didn't stop Lily, he had no care were she went, but when Seamus came up and told him what went on, he wanted to go, but then he explained about the reasoning, and he clamed down.

Seamus had become his friend again when the two stopped argueing, but apperntly, he hadn't heard of the new fight.

He was left alone that night, everyone gone to bed, and he was the one left to do duties tonight.

He was in front of the library, just now catching a first year out of bed and giving him a detintion along with loseing 50 house points for Slytherin.

He hated doing duties in front of the Library, it was only his second time, but he hated it none the less.

There were a couple of books out in the hall, but he never bothered looking at them, but something particular caught his eye.

A Book Of Devil's Snare!

Ok, how did you like that chapter? It took a while to write, lol, and here I said that I only had a short time, I forgot that I had no school tomorrow, lol. But I should be getting to bed, I have a cold and shouldn't be up this late, but it seems like every time I'm sick thats when I have good ideas, lol. Please leave feedback!


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Re: A Generation We Can't Forget

Ok, just as promised, think you all for your suport! You guys are great, and for those of you who read this story, but don't leave feedback, please do, it really cheers me up, and it makes the others happy, because it makes me post faster, lol. Well her is the next post! Thank you everyone who had to do with the 100 feedback!

Lily Potter

Chapter 12: Devile's Snare

Lily and Heather were down by the lake, just walking and talking. Heather was telling her how she was so happy that they were going out again, and that she was truely sorry about what happened to the two of them.

Lily forced smiles every now and then. "This girl doesn't even know why I went after her! She thinks its because of Daniel!" she thought.

"You know, now that I think about it, I don't think hes ever even kissed me?" she said, stopping and causing Lily to walk back.

"Really?" she asked.

"Yes, maybe its to soon. He is really respectable you know?" she said, looking her straight in the eyes.

"Yes. Yes, he is." she said, the girls now heading back to the caslte.

Thats when Lily woke up, she was dreaming about her conversation with Heather, but why?

It was very late, the night sky with so many stars. She put a robe on and walked down the stairs.

James was sitting at the couch, reading? She didn't make a sound, it was much to late for him to be doing head duties anymore, so he must of came back. She walked up behind him, still as quiet as ever, and read the top were the title was, Devile's Snare And How To Controll It

He was finding out about the next clue?! Something she shouldbe doing, but kept putting it off. It was already November, and she only had three months left. She was reading over his shoulder.

"Devile's Snare is deadly fun but will soak in the sun."
Is the most remembered line in the wizarding world. This highly dangorious and deadly plant can only die in sun light, or some type of light.

The great Hermione Weasley used the fire charm when she was only first year at Hogwarts School Of Witch Craft and Wizardry, when she had to face devile's snare.

You need to relax. That is the key to survive. If you panic, the plant is sure to kill you. It is offten hard to stay calm when faced with the plant, for many had died because of this.

She stopped reading. All this book was tell you what it was, something she could find out easily if she would just ask her aunt.

She watched him flip all the way to the middle, turning to a chapter called, The Uses Of Devile's Snare, and then she decided that this book was of no help.

She spoke.

"How is this book going to help us? We could just ask my aunt Hermione and she could tell us right away."

He jumped, then shut the book.

"No, we couldn't of. We're not aloud any help, we have to figure this out on our own. For your information, this book has helped me out a lot already."

"How?" she asked.

"I have already read it twice, I want to make sure I have everything." he said hottly.

She stared at him as he glared at her. She wanted to cry so bad, but thought better of it and ran back up to bed instead, where she had the same dream at the lake.

************************************************** ************************************************** ****

James had spent the whole time after his duties reading the book. It was true, he had read it twice, the third he only skimmed through.

He was done scanning the chapter about the uses of the plant, and decided to follow Lily's example and go to bed.

He was smiling. The book had told him exactly what he wanted. He now knew what the first challenge was, and he wasn't going to tell Lily.

It was December now, a whole month of fighting with Lily, and a whole month of dates with Heather. As a matter of fact, according to her it was now their two month aniversary. He didn't know why she actually paied attention to aneversaries that close.

The challenges were so close together at the end of the year, that they had a lot of free time in the beggining. One of those things being the on coming Yule Ball. Heather was his date, she had showed him her dress, and it was beautiful.

Their classes were going just as they had done when Lily was mad at him. But he noticed that she looked a lot thiner, and professor Hermione Weasley didn't look to happy with him.

************************************************** ************************************************** ****

Lily was so upset about the that night. James just didn't want to talk to her.

Her stumache growled. She hadn't eaten a decent meal since that night. Why she was mad, she didn't know. She had gotten so thin, that her robes were extra big on her.

"I want you to eat this!" Sirius shouted, he had caught up with her walking to the tree by the lake after Transfiguration. He threw a roll at her.

"You've been stealing from the kitchens again havn't you?" she asked, lifting up one eyebrow.

He gave a small smile, but then pointed at the roll and told her to eat. She took a bite.

After she finished the roll, he kept giving her more, but after the second roll, she started hiding them in her oversized robes.

He thought she ate them, and without saying a word, he went after Mandy.

She went to bed that night feeling a bit guilty for not eating the roll, but fell asleep.

She woke up about fifteen minutes later, she had the same dream about the lake again, if it wasn't that dream, it was the one were she was in the lake. She had forgoten to ask Luna about her weird dreams.

After a little bit of studying to get her mind off of things, she had finally fallen asleep for the rest of the night.

************************************************** ************************************************** ****

James was ready for Christmas, most of everyone would be gone, including Heather, and he would be staying, along with the Weasleys, Potters, Lupins, and everyone else who was staying. It would be quiet, he was starting to like the quiet now.

They just got back from their second Hogsmead trip, it was for their aniversary. Which was really quite fun.

He left Heather to her waiting friends, and ran up to his dormitry, passing a red head Lily.

He saw some early Christmas presants from his friends that would be leaving, the ones that didn't want to forget, at the foot of his bed. He didn't open them, just looked at the names. One from Mr. and Mrs. Weasley Seniors, and Seamus, Heather, and to his surprise, Lily?

************************************************** ************************************************** ****

Lily left James his present on his bed, she knew that there would be no way to give it to him on Christmas day, he wouldn't let her. He hated her that much?

She had been wearing his locket this whole time, studying it. She noticed one difference. She could of swore that there used be two tulips, but now there was only one.

Surely the difference would be noticable, but she didn't take it off, she just couldn't even if she wanted to, she owed him that much.

The next day Lily was so nervouse, she hadn't been spending a lot of time with Daniel lately, he had a lot of studying, but tomorrow was the Yule Ball.

I'm sooooooooo sorry it took forever! The feedback explains, please don't hate me, and it was even a lame chapter! I'm really sorry! Well please leave feedback, and maybe if I get enough, and I will do it as fast as I can, I will type up the next post? What do you guys think about that? Well please leave feedback! I love it!


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Re: A Generation We Can't Forget

Ok, here it is the chapter you've all been waiting for! Will Lily find out about Daniel? What about the other tulip? What will happen to Lily? What will happen to James? Don't worry, this is far from the last chapter, but this is definatly a good one! Read on!

James Longbottom Lily Potter

Chapter 13: The Yule Ball

James was with Heather again. They were talking about tomorrow.

"Oh I can't wait untill everyone sees that I'm going out with you! Oh, and how we get to dance with the rest of the champions. And they're playing my favorite band, The Howlers! Have you ever heard of them?" she asked.

James shook his head, but smiled at her enthusiamsm.

They continued talking about their favorite bands, he claiming that he was more of an oldies person, loving the Wyrd Sisters, who she had never heard of, when Mindy came up to them.

"We need to talk." was all she said before she grabbed hold of his arm and dragged him along with her.

He didn't ask any questions, just let her lead, then she stopped about fifty paces from a tree. She put a finger to her lips, then pointed her wand at the tree.


James felt as if the tree were pulling him toward it, but he was in the same spot. His eyes were seeing everything up close by the tree, no wait, the tree was the one that had moved?

"But how...." he started, but Mindy put her finger back up to her lips, then pointed to the tree again.. He looked at it closer, then what he saw made him pull out his wand. Daniel and Chelsy were under that tree, and once again, he didn't like what he had seen.

Mindy pulled his wand arm down and shook her head, she pointed at a on comeing Lily, but she wasn't looking at the tree, she was talking to Emma and Rupert.

Mindy said the counter curse, then he ran up to Lily. As soon as he got to her, Sirius must of seen Daniel too, him and Sirius had one of her arms, dragging her towards the tree.

"What are you two doing? Let go of me." she said, pulling away.

They made it to the tree, but the couple was gone.

Lily pulled away finally then she glared at the two.

He looked at her then ran back to Heather, leaving Lily with a steaming mad brother.

************************************************** ************************************************** ****

Lily was talking to her brother, more like fighting with him.

"How could he do that?! He is a self centered git!" Sirius shouted.

She thought James was being a bit rude, but he didn't quite deserve that.

"Sirius, all you two did was pull me..." she started.

"What? No! I'm talking about that so called boyfriend of yours! And you! You are to much of a pig to notice! I don't think I want to help you any more!" he shouted, throwing his hands in the air before he ran off.

She didn't know what any of it was about. "What on earth?" she thought, but she ran up to the castle.

Most of the school didn't leave untill later on tomorrow night, for most wanted to stay for the ball, but most of the first years had left this morning.

She was at super, noticing the difference of the missing students. She was continuing the conversation she had earlyer wiht Emma and Rupert, but found it boreing now, and went off to the common room.

James was there on the couch, reading the book again. She rolled her eyes as she sat down beside him.

He looked her way then got up and sat in the chair instead.

She glared at him, but pulled out some of her homework, she had plenty to catch up on since her carear choice called for it. She wanted to be a headmistress to her own school of witch craft and wizardry for the slower students, to help them with their magic. And the only person in the whole entire world who knew that, was James.

She was tired of the silence, and was just about to say something when,

"I think I'm going to go to bed." James said, then he got up and left. Leaving her with her mouth half open.

************************************************** ************************************************** ****

James was tired of Lily's nagging about his book, and knew she was going to comment on it again, so he left for bed. He didn't fall asleep right away though. He sat there in thought. Why was she still insisting to be friends with him? Didn't she realize that he didn't want to be her friend?

He fell asleep.

He was standing there, watching Lily in the black lake, swimming and singing. Sirius was staring at him, and Daniel was off to the side. All he could do was watch her.

He woke when someone was shaking him.

He opened his eyes to see Dustin Thomas shaking him awake.

"Get up sleepy head! Don't you realise how long you've slept? You've got an hour before the Yule Ball begins!" he said, continueing to shake him.

"What?!" he said, jumping up, grabbing his dress robes. Dustin nodded his head, already dressed in his robes.

James' robes were standered black, with a green bow, he had to have some fun somewhere, but promised Heather that he would be as much as a gentleman as he could.

He ran outside the Great Hall, surprised to see the whole of what was left of Hogwarts school and the others already waiting for the ball to begin.

He spotted Heather, she was even more gorgeous in the dress. It was perriwinkle, and went perfect with her black hair. Its sleeves had ruffles, and so did the bottom of the dress, and her shoes were flat and black.

They waited for the doors to open, when he noticed every head turned in the direction of him. "Surely Heather wasn't that beautiful?" he thought, but then someone coughed right behind him.

He turned around and saw a angel.

"James, I'm sorry about our fighting these past few days. Do you think we can see each others differences? At least tonight?" asked, who he found out who the angel was, Lily.

She was wearing the baby blue dress she had bought, with the same colour shoes, but were two inches high. Sleevless and silky, and brough every curve of her body to life. Her hair brought the earings to life, her hair in a long braided ponytail that was then rapped around into a braided bun, her earings were red tulips.

"Red? But she hates red tulips, there just like any other flower!" he thought.

"No! I can't do this! Not after all the fighting you did. You can't fall in love with her again!" he shouted in his head. And he did just that, he turned around and ignored her question just as Daniel had taken her arm.

************************************************** ************************************************** ****

Lily thought she was the uglyest girl in the world, her dress was big when she put it on, but luckly Kelcy had known a shrinking spell, and made it fit just right.

She hadn't eaten anything since Sirius's rolls. James couldn't forgive her for whatever she did. She even tried to fix it! But he just wouldn't do it.

The Great Hall doors opened. Music was playing, and the line of champions had moved in.

Daniel grabbed her waist and right hand, she putting her behind his neck and taking his hand.

The music was beautiful, but it ended soon. Then everyone else joined in, and some how, Daniel and Chelsy were dancing. She shrugged it off and went to sit down, for she was feeling very dizy.

She watched him dance for a little while, then her gaze slowly fell on James and Heather. They were dancing around and around, James picking her up every now and then, but then the music stopped.

The two came towards her after three more dances, to get a drink.

Heather went to go brag about James to her friends, leaving the two alone.

He sat beside her, not looking at her. Then she made a bold move. She talked to him.

"You want to tell me what I did wrong?" she asked.

He turned and looked at her, fire in his eyes, then he started to yell.

"You want me to tell you what you did wrong?! God Lily, you are such a dolt! I'll tell you..."

"Forget it! I'm going to dance with Daniel!" she said, getting away as fast as she could.

The beautiful glass of punch she had in her hand had broke. She dropped it. There Daniel was, kissing Chelsy. That was when, James came up and embraced her in a hug.

"Oh my god Lily. I didn't want you to find out that way. I'm so sorry." he whispered in her ear. He squeezed her so tight, tears falling down her cheeks, then she could feel wet streeks falling down James' cheeks as well. He was crying.

He walked her over and sat her on the bench they were on before, then grabbed her hand and started to wipe away her tears.

Heather had seen this and then started to cry and ran.

He kept asking her if she was ok. She couldn't move, let alone speek.

She slowly turned her head and looked at him, tears still rolling down her cheeks, then she managed to rasp some words out.

"You were telling the truth?"

He sighed, then nodded, kissing her hand and saying he was sorry once again.

"I have to go to bed." she said, then got up and left James behind.

She looked at her locket, feeling it turn warm, it flashed then the old imprint of the other tulip had showed once again. Thats when it happened. Everything had gone black. The last thing she heard was James' scream,


Muahahahahaha! I left a major cliffy! Tell me what you thought of it please! Leave feedback!


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Re: A Generation We Can't Forget

Ok, I left you with a cliffy. And you said I was mean, and to think, I'm posting this quick, lol. I still love ya'll, lol. Well this one is good as well. This one won't have a Lily pov. Thanx to everyone who brings this chapter to life, well lets pray for Lily, she might not have a life.

Haha, now you have to read it!

James Longbottom

Chapter 14: Hospitle Wing

James felt terror rush through his body. Lily had fallen to the ground. She fainted. He was the only one who had noticed so far. He screamed,

"Lily!" then he ran up to her, holding her by the shoulders. She was cold, and she wasn't waking up. He lifted her body close to him and cradled her. He had even more tears running down his face.

It seemed to take forever before someone noticed them.

"Get out of my way! Someone get her to the hospitle wing!" shouted a panicked Harry. He was pushing his way through students, Ginny right behind him.

He tried to take his daughter's body, but James wouldn't let go. Harry took him by the shoulders, then squeezed tightly.

"Take her to the hospitle wing James." Harry told him. He picked up the small and frail figure of Lily, still holding her close, and took her to Madam Pumfry.

He placed her gently on a bed, then ran up and started banging on hte Healers door.

She came running out, placing her hat on her head, then yelled,

"What i the blazes?! Why aren't you at ..." she started, but stopped as she saw James' tear strukin face.

"Lily is hurt." he said the best he could. She looked up at the bed and noticed Lly's smaller body. She pushed him aside and went to Lily's aid with a panicked look on her face.

"Oh dear Lord! How long has she been like this?" she asked, picking up one of Lily's boney wrists.

"I don't know. Maybe ten minutes." he said.

"No, no, you silly boy! How long has she been on this eating disorder?" she said, giving him a cross look.

He was confused. Lily would never torture herself this way, but she was so thin. He hadn't seen her eat since her birthday. He felt warm fresh tears roll down his cheeks. All he could do was sit on the nearest bed, put his hands on his face, then he said in a watery voice,

"About two months." then he sobbed into his hands. Madam Pumfry told him to leave the wing, but he wouldn't take one step, not even when thretend with detentions.

She assured him that she would be in a coma, but she didn't know for how long.

Everyone had visited her that night, all crying or in shock, but he dind't leave.

It was early January, and Lily was still in a coma. He hadn't left the hospitle wing at all, not even for lessons. He hadn't even said a word, only to Lily at night, when Madam Pumfry had gone to bed. He slept in the bed beside her, watching her every night, hardly ever getting any sleep.

He was laying there again, looking at her just laying there. She hadn't moved since the night, except for when he moved her lips to feed her her soup.

She was so pale, and even paler in the moonlight, her lips were no longer red, faded white and thin pink, her hair faided and greesy.

He looked at her, then did something he hadn't done before. He crawled in her bed and put his arms around her, holding her close, just as he had at the Yule Ball. She wasn't on all the fansy muggle tubes, and was suported by magic, but magic couldn't keep her from living or dieing, magic couldn't get her out of this coma.

He continued to lay there, just holding her. Then he did his nightly talk to her.

"You're still as beautiful as ever you know? How could you do that? Its my fault isn't it? I never should of said that at your birthday party, I'm so sorry. Your brother left some chocolate frogs for you, and I left you your favorite, earwax bertie botts, along with Yellow tulips. I picked them with out a single peddle out of place." he laughed, a single tear rolling down his face.

"You asked me who I loved once, remember? I said I love you Lily. Did you hear that? I love you. Thats right, I always have too. Now you did this. You should of told someone, you should of told me. But I guess I didn't give you that chance, did I? I just hope that when you wake up, that you can forgive me. You know you can't be thrown out of the compitition right? Harry thinks that you should wake up soon, but he and Ginny cry every night. The cup will throw you out if you don't wake soon." he kissed her temple, then smiled.

"I remember when we were nine, you said that you were going to have nine kids when you grew up, just enough for as old as you were, and each girl would be name Lily, and each boy Daniel. You had such a crush on him when you were little, then you did start going out with him. Well do you think you could change the boy's names to James, well if we get married? You never saw it did you? Lily I have always loved you, and that I will never stop doing again. Not even when you die." he said, kissing her softly on the cheek this time.

He fell into a deep sleep for once. And for once, he felt he could sleep peacfully, knowing Lily would be ok. Knowing Lily would live.

I know that is a really short chapter, but I had to write it, it was soooo sweet, lol. Well I would love to know what you think. Please leave feedback!


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Re: A Generation We Can't Forget

Ok, here is another post. It won't have a Lily pov, but it is excilent! Chapter 15, yay, lol, but that means that we're half way through the first book. Well thank you to all who leave feedback, and here is the next post. Please leave feedback.

Kelcy Potter Kila Potter

Chapter 15: Wake Up Lily

James awoke the next morning, he was still holding on to Lily tightly, only to see that she was still in her deep sleep. He frowned, he was hoping to see her awake.

He gently kissed her head then carefully got up. Thats when he heard it. The shouting of Harry and Madam Pumfry, and he thought he heard the six month pregnate Ginny.

"Professors, please calm dow. There is still a chance..." started Madam Pumfry, but she was interupted by Harry.

"You're telling me my daughter is going to die! And you want me to calm down?!" he shouted.

"Harry, dear, stop it!" Ginny cried.

"No, headmaster. I"m telling you that if she doesn't wake up by tomorrow, we will have to send her to St. Mungos. If she is not better by March, then they will have to, well, then thats when they have to shut her down." Madam Pumfry said, losing her patience.

"So she will die?! screamed Harry.

James couldn't listen to the rest. Pannick filled throughout his body. "Lily can't die!" he screamed in his head. He started shaking her gently, but she wouldn't move. He tried again, but still she didn't wake.

He found himself shaking her to the point that the bed was shaking too. He was screaming at her, tears rolling down his face.

"Wake up! Wake up Lily!" he was shouting at her like that for several minutes, then he heard running. Harry came up to him and pulled him away, pulling him into a protective hug.

James was still crying, but found his voice very small and squeeky as if a small child were speaking instead,

"Why won't she wake up?" he asked, then Harry hugged him tighter.

Harry spent the whole day with James in the hospitle wing. They talked about Lily, and what the two of them did when they were little. James was actually talking to someone other than Lily.

"We really did that? Wow, I never would of expected that out of Lily?" he said. They were talking about when they were two. Lily had the talent of singing ever since she was born, but he never thought her as a make up artist.

It turned out they were having some sort of karrioke night, and Lily had put him in a dress along with bows in his hair, and she even did the eyeshadow and lipstick.

"Yep. And after she was done, you ran up to your mother and said, "Mummy, I want to wear this everyday!" You gave your father quite a scare." Harry said. He blushed, but for the first time in a long time, he laughed.

"Would you like to see a picture?" Harry asked. That was a thing about the Potter's, they always had pictures. Afraid that something might happen, they wanted to save everything.

"Don't you think I'm going through enough pain?" the two of them laughed at James' coment.

Harry pulled out a wallet, then showed him the picture, and sure enough, he was in a pink dress with orange eyeshadow, with red lipstick smeard all over his face, and green bows all in his hair. He laughed, but then Madam Pumfry came in, ushering them out, Harry left, but once again, she had failed to get him out.

He looked at Lily's motionless body. Tomorrow she would be leaving to St. Mungos, and he would be left alone.

He took her by the hand and squeezed, then said,

"Don't you die on me Lily. Don't you die."

As if by miricle, he felt his hand tighten, then someone said,

"I won't die."

Sorry that was so short, but that was what I thought, a really good stopping point, lol. Please leave feedback!


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Re: A Generation We Can't Forget

OK, you know you love me, so here is the next post, lol. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, Lily povs in this one.lol. Well here it is, and I hope you guys like it.

Nymphadora Tonks Lupin

Chapter 16: Figure It Out

James looked around the room. No one was there, but then he looked at the figure he was holding. Lily was awake! Her beautiful eyes were open, oh how he missed looking into her eyes. He was so excited, now he can see the what she had to say about all the midnight talks.

"You're awake? Do you know how much I missed you?" he said, but Lily had a confused look.

"Of coarse I'm awake. I've only been asleep for what, eight hours? How could you miss me?" she asked.

He let go of her hand, she didn't remember anything. Everything he told her, everything he said, she didn't remember. She thought she had been asleep for one nights time. He stroked her hair and smiled.

"Yeah, only one night. I don't know, I must of had a bad dream or something." he said.

Lily took notice to her surroundings. Her face looked scared.

"What am I doning in the hospitle wing?" she said, trying to get up. He pushed her back down, making her wine a bit.

"I'll go get Madam Pumfry." he said. He didn't want to leave her without answers, but he knew he wouldn't beable to explain everything.

He knocked on the healer's door again. He knew she would be angry at him for waking her at this hour of the night.

She opened the door, still in her nightgown, and her face red.

"What in heaven's name?" she said.

"Its Lily. Shes awake!" he said. He saw a look of relief and happyness on her face. He knew that she was happy to see him happy again, and that she would finally beable to get him out of her wing, but he didn't say anything, just let her to Lily.

He sat on the other bed, watching Madam Pumfry explain everything to Lily. Lily had tears down her face.

He was staring at her, he so desperatly wanted to go wipe away her tears, but had to stay still or Madam Pumfry would surely have her way and kick him out.

After her explaining, she left to go get the headmaster and every other staff member, leaving the two alone.

************************************************** ************************************************** ****

Lily was so confused. She didn't remember anything that had happened, but Madam Pumfry had made it clear that she had suffered from anorexcia and that she had been in a coma for three weeks.

She knew James had to be mad at her. She felt something around her neck, she pulled it out from under her shirt. It was the locket that James had given her. It had two tulips now. She was confused, "I thought it only had one?" she thought, but then opened it but immeaditly closed it at the site of James.

"Do you remember anything?" he asked.

"Anything before the dance, but not the day it happened. I'm not sure I even believe you." she said. Then she knew why she was wearing the locket with two tulips. "I must be wearing the one from Daniel." she thought.

"Where is Daniel? I know he had to of come by?" she said, a smile spread across her face, but she quickly lost it as James frowned and turned away.

"I better tell you, or else you'll find out all over again." he said, his face screwed up as if trying not to cry.

She couldn't believe what she was hearing. Daniel would never cheat on her. She didn't know what to do. She had tears down her face again, but all she could say was.

"You're lieing." as she accused him, he got up and took her by the shoulders.

"Lily, don't start this again. You know perfectly well that I'm not lieing. I would never lie to you. I would never hurt you." he said.

What happened next scared her the most. He looked her in the eyes. She saw her reflection, she wasn't in a good state, but most of all, she saw James. The real James. The scared boy who would do anything for her, anything to keep her safe.

He stared into her eyes forever, then he leaned in close to her, an inch apart. Then turned his head and kissed her cheek.

She felt the warmness of his skin, his warm breath as it trickled down the small hairs. He got up and then smiled at her.

"When you figure it out, tell me." and then he left just as her father and mother walked in, leaving her in tears.

************************************************** ************************************************** ****

James didn't even realise what he did untill he walked out of the wing doors. He slid down the doors, and hugged his knees, then started to cry.

"You idiot! How could you do that?! She just woke up from a coma!" he shouted aloud. He was so glad the wing was sound proof, but that didn't stop the uncomeing Sirius to hear.

Sirius smiled. Something he hadn't done since he yelled at Lily at her birthday party.
As far as he knew, Sirius had hated him.

"Ah, so you do love her?" he said, walking up to him and sat next to him.
He nodded his head. It was all he could do but to admit it.

Sirius smile even bigger, glad that James was admitting it for once.

"But I just ruined it again. I kissed her, on the cheek, and told her she needs to figure it out." he said, adding the cheek quickly as Sirius glared at him.

Sirius stared at him, his face in consentration, but then it straightend up, and he said,

"You did the right thing. She does need to figure it out her self."

He was surprised to hear Sirius agree, then smiled.

Sorry to make that chapter so short but I have to go. Please leave feedback!


Please check out my non-Harry Potter story Elmandoroth Chapter Two is finished.

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Re: A Generation We Can't Forget

Ok, this is to all the people who begged and pleaded* little dramatized, lol* Those of you who read this, but don't leave feedback, please do. Ideas and critasism are always welcome, and it would make the people who do leave feedback happy, cause I sometimes leave it to the amount of feedback. Well here is the long and awaited post, it is a really good one, enjoy!

Neville Longbottom

Chapter 17: The First Challenge

Lily didn't know what he meant. It had been on her mind all through January, James' last words to her were all she could think about. That was a problem, because the whole time she was in a coma, she hadn't been able to do researsh on the first task, she only had three days left.

She was only on the first page of Devile's Snare, James passed it to her in the halls without a word, but that was two weeks ago when he gave it to her, but all shhe ccould think about was, "Figure it out."

"Urg! What does it mean?!" she shouted. Madam Pince came running up, shewing her out, but she exploded at the site of her book.

"What have you done to this poor book?! You're just like your father, you vandalizer!" she shouted, and walked away with Lily's only answers. James had left self notes all over it, she was hoping it would help her out, but never actually got to read them.

She found no point in trying to get the book back, she would have it once again when the librarian was done erasing all the notes. She packed up her remaing books and left the library, she hated quiet rooms anyway.

************************************************** ************************************************** ****

James hadn't spoken to Lily since that night, sure he gave her his Devile's Snare book, but made sure he did nothing else. He hadn't seen Heather either, he was proud of himself, but beat himself up inside, he missed talking to Lily.

He heard footsteps, he was being followed. He turned to see both of Lily's sisters, Kila and Kelsy. They didn't say anything about being spotted, but they spoke to him.

"Word is you love our sister? Tell us, what exactly do you know about her?" he guessed Kila was the one who spoke, she was the bossy one.

"I know she loves yellow tulips, she hates lilies because of her name. She hates pizza, but would eat anything else with bread. She only listens to classical music, hating to be like everyone else. She loves poetry, wreing, and exploring. If she isn't happy, then she triess her best to cheer someone else up, which makes her happy if she succeeds. And she loves to fly, being in the air makes her fill free from the world. And most of all, when she graduates, she wants to..." he didn't know why, but he all of the sudden wanted to tell everything about Lily, but stopped at her secret.

The twin's eyes were wide, then who he would presume to be Kelcy said,

"Go on."

He didn't know what to say, but saved himself by saying a fact they all knew,

"She wants to have nine children."

"You know more about our sister than we do!" the girls said in unisun. NOt wanting to embarrass himself more, he smiled then turned away to the common room.

************************************************** ************************************************** ****

Lily was sitting in the common room alone. She had taken James' advise, and broken up with Daniel, her memory slowly comeing back about the dreadfull Yule Ball. She was just about to look at a much smaller and not as helpful book of Devile's Snare when she heard the portrait entrance open, and in came James. He noticed her, but started to walk away faster.

"Wait!" she called out before she even had time to think.

He stopped, then he smiled and sat beside her, waiting for her to be the first to speak. She didn't know what to do, but to ask the one question that has been in her mind.

"What do you mean James? What do you want me to figure out?" she asked, but her only answer was a frown apon his face as he got up and left, leaving her still as puzzled as before.

She screamed out in frustration,

"Why is he doing this to me?" she said alud, covering her face with the couche's pillow.

"You mean you don't know?" asked a very familuar voice. A girl with sleek blode hair and blue eyes, a girl who was acompanied by Anne. Mindy Malfoy was standing right in front of her.

************************************************** ************************************************** ****

James was so nervouse. He was starting to wish he had told Lily about the first task, he still wasn't speaking to her, not untill she figured it out, for she was ghostly white and her eyes were wide open, but she seemed to be more, well happy these past few days. She had been trying to speak to him, but he didn't stay around thinking that it was just as pointless as the other night.

Now he had butterflys in his stomache, it looked as if Lily did too, for she wasn't eating her breakfast and was clutching her stomache.

Afraid that she would start over her whole anorexia again, he started eating his own breeakfast, which she followed in doing.

Rupert was just telling the two that they needed to eat more, when Harry went through the whole Great Hall, finding all the champions and telling them to meet in the back room.

Lily was beside him, trying to say something, he sped ahead of her and praticaly ran into the backroom door.

He was saved from having to hang around with her when he spotted the other champions, but didn't get the chance to speak as Harry came in, ready to adress what the first challenge was.

"I have just told the whole castle to go to the quidditch stadium, as for that is were your first challenge is to be held." he said, as everyone's face turned to frightened. The last time the quidditch stadium was used was for Harry's last challenge, and that sure wasn't no picknick.

Harry laughed at all the faces.

"Do not worry, though it is a maze, there is no evil lord awaiting to kill you in the middle. As a matter of fact, you will start in the middle. Well actually the middle is divided into six parts, you will all have partners. You will be dropped into a pit of Devile's Snare, seperated from your partner. You need to find your way out of the maze, but first you must find your partner. The maze is full with many surprises, each path different, slowing one another down. Though we have it highly protected, there are many chances you might die in this tournament. Wait! Ginny, why are we letting our daughter do this?!" everyone sort of laughed, but now he could of sworn that worms had joined the butterflys. "Death." was the word going through his mind.

Before he knew what was happening, they were being ushered outside.

They were in a flying car, extended to fit them all. He could see the whole maze. It was big. He tried to see if he could memorize the path, but it was no help when one of the walls moved.

"Right, now your partners are your school mates. Remember, you must first find each other before exiting the maze. This is only the first task so it is actually the easiest. Good luck, and stay alive!" Harry said with a smile, opening the car door and then tilted the car itself, causing the six children to free fall into each of their won section of the maze.

************************************************** ************************************************** ****

Lily landed on somethin very soft, then the roof of the maze closed, leaving her in complete darkness. She had started to panick as she felt something wrap around her ankle. She pulled away, but it squeezed tighter then grabed her wrist.

With her other hand she reached for her pocket, where her wand always was. Panick spilled over her body, she had dropped her wand. The soft but moving thing was now wrapped around her waist.

"I'm a goner!" she screamed, as she realised that this was what Devile's Snare was.

"YOu stupid girl! Why didn't you read the book?!" she thought.

She was pulling herself free, only to be wrapped more and tighter by the deadly plant.

She closed her eyes, she was having a memory of James' book. She opened her eyes, then she stopped moving. She was relaxing.

The plant losened and then it let her go, leaving her to fall to the hard ground below.

She stood up, thinking she had her eyes closed, she blinked but it was stilll as dark as ever. She could feel something trickling down her knee. Blood.

She was in a panick all over again. She was injured and was in total darkness, let alone not knowing what else could be in the same room.

Dispite the pain, she got on her hands and knees, crawling around looking for her wand. Dread filled her body. Her other knee got a sharp pain as she heard something crack. At first she thought that she had broken her knee, but she put her hands were her knee had been and felt wooden splinters. Her wand was now in both of her hands, split in half.

:Great! YOu're in complete darkness without a wand, inside a maze full of God knows what creatures, and to top it all off, you have an injured knee and you still have to find your partner!" she screamed, angry at herself for not planning ahead.

She didn't know how long she was sitting ther, but her eyes were starting to adjust to the dark. She heard something move. She turned her head, her eyes weren't all the way sharp, but she saw something biger than herself. It started to walk, she started to count,

"ONe, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight." her voice was shakey and panicked. She ran, but ended up hitting al leafy wall. She was trapped in some sort of room? She covored her head as the giant spider slowly troded toward her. "Is this how I'm going to die? So early in the tournament too?" she thought.

The spider plunged toward her. She felt something squirming around her waist, then she was pulled through the wall.

She opened her eyes. She wasn't dead. Light was all on the top of the maze, no roof. She saw moving twigs go back into the maze wall.

"That was what pulled me out." she thought. She looked at her knee, it had a big gash, her whole leg covered in blood. She thought about useing her wand, but got a good look of the splintering ends.

When she tried to get up, she fell back down, her knee was to week.

************************************************** ************************************************** ****

James had conjured up a fire charm and destroyed the Devile's Snare in the matter of seconds. Unfortunatly, he had a cut on the top of his head.

He landed in a room full of nothing but bright light. He had defeated the invisable monster in the room, but it wasn't to much fun getting out of the room. He had steped on the only black spot in the room and was lifted speedly to the top. He thougth he was going to crash into the ceiling, but it had made an opening just big enough for him.

He turned a corner. "Where is she?" he thought.

He turned another corner, but stopped sudenly. THere he saw a large snake. It started sythering after him. He ran as fast as he could the other way, trying not to meet the baskalisk's gaze.

He only had one way to go in the fork, the others were dead ends. He headed for the middle, but right when he was about to turn, the wall moved, leaving him trapped and in the way of the baskalisk.

"If I'm going to die, I'm going bravely." he told himself.

He turned around, the snake had just turned the corner.

He looked into the big yellow eye. He looked at himself. He was still alive? He looked at the snake again, nothing.

"Oh my! This is a boggart!" he shouted, not saying it to anyone but himself.

He thought of his happiest memory, the time he was four.

"Redicoluse!" he shouted, then the snake was now a giant rolling tutsie roll, rolling out of his way.

He ran past the next corner, then he stopped again. There was his partner. There was Lily.

************************************************** ************************************************** ****

Lily was relieved to see James, she tried getting up, but fell back down.

He ran up, and looked at her knee.

"How did this happen?" he asked.

"So you're talking to me?" she said, raising one eyebrow.

He glared at her.

"This is because you are my partner, and I want to get out of here." he said, taking out his wand, and healing her knee.

"Devil's Snare." she answered, then he did the same to his head as she pointed it out. She still had some small cuts and bruises from the going through walls, but she was able to walk.

"Were is your wand?" he asked, putting his own away. She showed him her own wand, then he sighed.

She had been following him for at least a hour, then she couldn't help it anymore.

"James, I figured it out." she said, then he stopped in his tracks, and smiled. Then before she knew it, they were both crying with tears of joy, and she was held closly by James.

"I love you." she whisperd in his ear. He pulled her away, wiped away a tear and chuckled.

"I loved you too Lily. And nothing is ever going to change that." he said. He leaned towards her, looked her in the eyes, and for the first time through the whole year, she saw true happyness in his own eyes. He leaned in closer, she could feel his breath, but then she turned away and fell to the ground, crying.

"Lily?" he asked, bending down and grabbing her shoulder.

"James, I love you so much, but I can't. I'm afraid I'll hurt you, and I can't do that, I can't take the joy out of your eyes." she said. Je wiped a strand of her hair behind her ear and smiled.

"You won't hurt me Lil, and I won't hurt you. You've been hurt to many times." he said, but it only caused her to cry more.

"I love him. Why am I doing this? What for, I must have some reason?" she thought.

"I'm sorry James, but I-I can't." she said. She had never known what pain felt like until then, when all the happyness had left his eyes. His warm touch cold, and his smile gone.

He got up and started to walk away, turning right. She got up to follow, only to be surrounded by cheers and pats on the back.

"Lily Potter and James Longbottom, Hogwarts students, first to leave the maze after five hours and forty-three minutes!" boomed the voice of Samantha Jordan. James was beside her, stiff and quiet, and she still had tears streaming down her face.

"I hope you found out what the next clue was?" her father asked, many hours later after everyone had made it safely out of the maze. Everyone but her had nodded their heads.

"Great! After being hurt and all, I forgot to look at my surroundings!" she screamed at herself. Harry smiled and dismissed them, letting them go to the awaiting parties.

She walked with James all the way to the common room, he hadn't said a single word to her. When they stepped through the portrait hole, they were sepperated by a sea of students.

"Congradulations!" shouted her sisters, her brother was Slytherin so he couldn't be here. She had many pats on the back and cheers, but James was still no where to be found.

After everyone had started to go to bed, she was able to see the faces a little better. The boys dormitry doors opened, and thats when she saw James, but he looked a little happyer?

How was that chapter? I know it took a while for me to get down, but I did it, lol. Well I wonder what you guys think, please leave feedback!


Please check out my non-Harry Potter story Elmandoroth Chapter Two is finished.

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Re: A Generation We Can't Forget

Ok, here it is! Celebration for 200 posts! Thank you for all of you who have always been there and leave feedback. I love you and here is your present!

Mandy Malfoy

Chapter 18: I'll Make You Understand

James was in his dromitry when he thought of Lily's words in the maze. Thats when it hit him, "I'll make her understand that she won't hurt me!" He walked down the stairs and into the party, which had died down since many people had gone to bed. Lily was by the fire, looking right at him. He ran up to her and hugged her, leaving her in a big shock.

"Congradulations!" He told her. She was still shocked, but managed to say,

"You did it. If it wasn't for you, my knee would still be bleeding, and I would still be in that maze." He lauged,

"No, I mean that you figured out Devile's Snare."

"Yeah, but only because I was nosey and read over your shoulder."

"Well lets cellebrate for your noseyness." and the two of them laughed, enjoying themselvs.

He woke the next morning, he had fallen asleep in the common room chair, and Lily was on the couch. He was sore and stiff, but ge popped his neck and noticed a parchment on the table adressed to Lily and him from Harry.

Dear Children,

Next task is March 13. You have four weeks. Good luck!


Lily woke with a jolt, she must of been dreaming that she was falling off a cliff. He showed her the letter, she yawned.

"Great! I don't even know the clue!" she burst. He stroked her hair.

"Its fear. The next task is fear." he said, smiling at her confused gaze.

"She'll understand sooner or later." he told himself as the two walked down to breakfast.

************************************************** ************************************************** ****

It was the last time she was going to have these weird dreams. She is going to go see Professor Luna Longbottom after her breakfast.

She had dreamt about the lake again, but this time, she had started to drown. Thats when she woke with a sudden jolt before it went any farther.

It seemed that when they had made it to breakfast, James was ignoring her. He was talking to Seamus and her sisters, and the rest of the group. He even got hold of Sirius and John!

Since no one was paying her any attention, except the excited glances they gave her when James said something in a low whisper, she left early to see the divination teacher.

She found Luna reading a book in her tower, she normally didn't eat breakfast, when she knocked down a crystal ball and made her jump.

"Oh! Lily, I didn't know you had come in. Divination, why I ever decided to teach it? Neville and his wonderful charms I guess." the two girls left, making Lily feel a bit uncomfortable.

"Oh, you came all the way up here, there must be something you wanted to tell me?" she said, putting away the book, which turned out to be the latest addition of The Quaffle.

She coughed then told the professor all about her dream.

"I've been having this dream about me swimming in the lake swimming and singing, Daniel was staring off into space, and my brother was just looking at, well, he was looking at James."

"You're dreaming about my son?" she laughed, but only managed to make Lily blush more.

"Any way, this time I had started to drown, and well, thats when I woke up." she finished.

Luna stared at her.

"I've heard something about Daniel, cheating? I'm so sorry by the way. He must be thinking about that other girl of his. How long have you been dreaming this, cause that would of been your first clue? Any way, Sirius is staring at James out of concern and is very protective of something, or someone. You are singing because that is what you love, swimming is obviouse, you're in a lake, and you love swimming. Now James, you must figure that out on your own. You said you started to drown in the latest dream and only that dream? I say you sould finish your dream and see what happens. There are not many, but dreams do have meanings, and yours Lily my dear, has a meaning." Luna said, asking questions and not giving time for answers, so she just nodded when needed.

Her other dream, she was told, that was only a reinactment of the previous day.

"I think you ought to leave now. It is nearly lunch time." Luna said. They had been doing puzzles in the magazine when she realized that the day had fully matured.

She nodded her head and left for lunch, prepared for what she thought that the descustion was about, for a nasty prank from James.

************************************************** ************************************************** ****

James was excited. His plan would unfold in the morning. He wouldn't be surprised if the whole school knew by now. Now all he had to worry about were people who couldn't keep a secret.

He was in the Great Hall eating a mushroom sandwitch when Lily came in, wand in hand.

"All right. You try that prank of yours and I swear that you'll be hexed." she assured him as she sat, taking one of his sandwitches and taking a bite.

He laughed.

"I'm not planning on any pranks!"

She rolled her eyes then put her wand away, but had the corner of her eye staring at him.

He kept his promise, not a single prank had gone by, and when it came to the Hogsmead trip scheduled for the day, he cleared his throught.

"Lily Potter. Lil, will you go to Hogsmead with me today?" he asked, holding out an arm as he stood to help her out of the bench.

She stared at him for a while then smiled, took his arm, then said,

"While of coarse I'll join you James Longbottom. Jam, as friends of coarse." she added.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath at the word friends, then opened his eyes.

"Friends he agreed." and the two of them had left for the day.

"Oh, James, do you have an extra knut? I want to by this daydreaming kit." Lily asked him.

"Sure, but why here? Zonkos isn't as good as Weasley's Wizard Weezes?" he said, handing her a knut.

"I know. But do you see my uncle's shop anywhere in Hogsmead?" she asked, handing the casheir her galleon and knut that he had given her.

He shrugged then the two of them walked to the Three Broomsticks. He always thought it was strange that a girl like Lily had liked joke shops. "I guess its a curse when you have the blood of the Weasleys" he told himself.

He payed for the drinks this time, and handed a very cross Lily her own butter beer.

"What?! It was a joke!" he told her. He had just asked the waiter for some fire whiskey when he said they were out, but it really was a joke.

She rolled her eyes then sipped her drink threw her straw.

"Oh look!" Lily shouted. She bent under the table. She came back up with a knut.

"Here. Now I've paied you back." she smiled. He didn't let go of her hand, she tried to pull away but stopped when their eyes met. He didn't know nor care how long they stared at eachother, but he was extreamly mad at Sirius, for he was the one who had interupted them, causing James to let go of Lily.

"Parden me, but if you're no going to use that knut, can I have it? I need to pay the tax."

James tossed him the knut. Sirius left in a fit of laughter as he left to pay for his and Mandy's drink.

"I think we should get going. Its been a long day and I still have a esay for uncle Ron." she said. He was hurt at her wanting to leave so soon, but nodded his head.

************************************************** ************************************************** ****

Lily wasn't lieing. She really did have an esay for her uncle, but the look on James' face was heartbreaking. She was about to change her mind when he got up and took her hand to leave, but couldn't.

She didn't enjoy dinner to much. Maybe it was because it was pizza, wizard made, but she was sure that it was James sullen face.

When she finally made it to bed, she couldn't sleep. She was justl laying there, listening to Cordillia Jordan's snoreing.

Then she thought of James. When they were at Hogsmead. The occword moment between them. But his eyes were full of joy again, and so many thoughts had filled her head. "What should I do? I love him don't I? I even said it, and to him! Whats the matter with me?" she asked herself over and over, never finding the answer to it, then she finally fell asleep.

James was staring at her. Sirius was staring at him, and Daniel staring off into space.
She was in the lake again, singing and swimming. Daniel shouted at her,

"I love you Lily!" then she lost her ballance and started to drown. She heard a loud splash in the water and then a pair of warm hands had grabbed her. It was James, and he had whispered in her ear,

"I'll never hurt you Lil. Never"

She woke with a smile. She now understood.

She went down stairs to find the early riser in a much happyer mood.

She ran up to him and grabbed his hand.

"Lets go get some breakfast." James suggested, and she nodded.

When they entered the Great Hall, everyone was in a fit of giggles and laughter, but admeaditly quieted when the two had walked in.

He pulled the bench out just for her as she arived to a spot that was resurved just for her.

She laughed as she saw that it was set up just as it was before their departure to Hogwarts, same breakfast and flower with a note.

She picked up the flower and sniffed it. She untied the note as she placed the tulip behind her ear.

A single tear ran down her face as she read the neat writing of James's notes.

Dear Lil,

You will never hurt me, that isn't possible for you, and may I die a million deaths if I ever hurt you. I love you Lily Lynn Potter.

Your Jam

She didn't know what to do. The tear wasonher face, but shegiggled.

She turned and stood to face James, though he was a whole head taller than her, she smiled and said,

"I love you too." and before she ever took a breath, she was on her tippy toes, James' arms were around her mid back, as hers were gently around his neck, and his warm and gentle lips conected with hers.

They broke apart laughing as the whole hall had filled with cheers and hoots, she heard herbrohter whistle along with some others, but what really made the two of them turn scarlet was when the headmaster, no, her father shouted out,

"Its about time! Wait a minute! Thats my daughter! Get your hands off her." and the hall corupted in laughter, and her large mother had elbowed Harry as he tried to protest again as James had pulled Lily into another kiss.

Yaaaaay! How did you like that post? Now you know that I really ment it when I said I love ya'll, lol. Well I hope you all liked it. Only one way to know, Please leave feedback!


Please check out my non-Harry Potter story Elmandoroth Chapter Two is finished.

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Re: A Generation We Can't Forget

Ok, I know that you guys have been waiting for this, though even though I gave you guys what you wanted, I barely had any feedback, lol. Maybe I had more, but I can't remember, lol. Well here is the next chapter, hope you like it! OMG! Chapter 19!

Mindy Malfoy

Chapter 19: Mum

James and Lily were walking down to the Gryffindor common room, many hours after dinner. They had just come back from the lake with Sirius and the rest fo the friends, when a letter had arrived for them before they entered the room.

"How did the owl get in here?" Lily asked as he tore open the letter.

Get to my office now!

He passed the letter to Lily, reconising the writing as Harry's.

"What about the others?" she yelled as she was behind him.

"Knowing your father, he probably sent a letter to everybody." he yelled over his shoulder, he was starting to run out of breath. The only time Harry didn't sign or head his letters was when it was urgent.

He reached the gargoyal then turned to Lily, for she would remember the password.

"Lilycums." she said, blushing red. The password still hadn't changed.

The statue leapt to life and started moving upword in a spiral staircase way.

They ran up to find that they were the last of the friends to make it there.

"Children! Come here now! Touch the cup!" he orderd, waving them towards the cup.

They ran up and James put his hand on Lily's, causing the two to blush.

"One, two, three!" Harry called, and then all of them started to swirl in the air, all hands on the small cup.

When they landed, everyones face turned from shocked, to horror. They were at St. Mungos.

************************************************** ************************************************** ****

Lily's father had called them to his office to portkey away. James placed his hand on hers and then they landed in St. Mungos. She was scared. She looked around the room and noticed her mother was no where to be found.

"Dad, where is mum?" she asked. He gave her a small smile.

"I just got back. I dropped your mother off then came to pick you lot up. Ginny is in labor!" he said. All of the Potter children went into excited squeels. Lily was in James' arms.

She noticed Danile sitting by his father, Remus Lupin, and his mother who was an auror, Nymphadora Tonks. He was sitting close to them, keeping his eyes on the ground.

Sirius stole her from James and hugged her, then it became one giant hug including her father and both of her sisters.

"Why don't you three go get us some coffee from the snack room?" her father asked. He was gestering toward James, Sirius, and herself. The three agreed to go and took the elevator.

"What kind do you want?" Sirius asked her when they made it to the machines.

"Um, mocha please." she said, and James nodded his head, showing thats what he wanted too.

They went back up the elevator with about thirty cups of coffee. Even some of the younger kids had drank some.

When they made it back and passed out all the coffee, she was so tired she couldn't even drink her own.

"Come here." James told her. He was sitting on the floor where a bunch of pillows lay. The floor was carpeted so it was a comforatble sit anyway.

She sat in his lap, but then she quickly fell to the ground, James stroking her hair, she fell asleep.

************************************************** ************************************************** ****

James had already gone threw his whole cup of coffee and was half way done with Lily's. She was still asleep. He continued to stroke her hair, then the door swung open.

"Mr. Potter. Its time." said a nice looking witch in white healer clothes. She had blonde hair and deep blue eyes, her nametag read, Dawn.

Harry left with the healer, leaving everyone else in the room just as Fred and George Weasly had arrived. After being hugged by their kids and wives, they made their way towards him. He woke Lily.

"Ah, my loving neice. You know that you two are now the talk of the wizarding world? Thats what you get for having a big like ours. Harry told us, we told our custemores, and they told their friends. So yeah, the whole wizarding world, wouldn't you say so George?" Fred asked his brother. George nodded, looking at the two of them with a cross eye.

George was about to say something when Tonks came up.

"Hi Lily honey. Are you excited? Look at me, talking to you as if you were a toddler. I'm sorry. I heard about you and my son. I'm so sorry Lily, if I would of known, I can assure you, he would of been grounded so much sooner." she said. Lily nodded.

He was just about to speak when Harry came out, baby in arms, but face in tears.

************************************************** ************************************************** ****

Lily had been woken by James so she could speak to her uncles, but then Tonks came up in the middle of their conversation, and then in came her crying father? She got up leaving her warm and cozy spot with James. The cloak that James had layed on her fell to the floor.

She walked up to her father and looked at her new sibling, afraid something might be wrong. It was alive and healthy.

"Dad? Whats the matter?" she asked, Sirius, Kelcy and Kila came up to join her.

"Is it something to do with the baby?" she asked. He shook his head.

"No, no. Your Cory is well. Its your, urhum, your mother." he said. She took her baby brother out of his hands so he could sit down.

"Whats wrong with mum?" Sirius asked. He gestured for everyone to come in closer so they could all hear.

"Dad? Whats wrong with mum?" the twins asked this time.

"Kids, I want you to know your mother loved you very much." he started, but Sirius had his arms around all the crying girls already. Tears streaming down his own face.

She knew as soon as she saw her fathers face. What else could it be? Her mother was... her father interupted her thoughts.

"Kids, your mother, your mother is dead."

Everyone gasped. She saw James glance at her, then she ran to him as he comferted her.

************************************************** ************************************************** ****

James was shocked at the news. Lily was in his arms, he was holding her close as she cried into his robes. The new baby Potter between them.

That was when he came up, Daniel.

"Lily. I'm sorry about your mum, really I am. I know you loved her." he said, patting her on the back, but was keeping a safe distance away from James.

Before he could stop her, she had handed her baby brother to him and then got up and ran threw the hopitle doors. Leaving him to chase after her handing the baby to Sirius.

He ran after her, then he found Ginny Potter's name on the outside of the door. He walked in the room. There were no healers in the room, but Lily was already there.

************************************************** ************************************************** ****

Lily ran from James. She had to see it to believe it. Her mother couldn't die. She still needed her.

She made it to her room, there were healers all over, but understood why she was there and left.

She walked up to her mothers bed and grabbed her hand.

"Mum. Its me, Lily. You need to wake up mum. You need to help me. You need to help Cory. Mum. Wake up. Don't be dead mum. WAKE UP!" she shouted.

She didn't move. She was in tears.

"I love you mum, please, at least say good bye." she said, then she felt strong arms grab her from behind. She reconised the sent. She turned and sobbed into James' shoulder again, this time baby free.

She turned around and kissed her mother's forehead then said,

"Good bye mum. I love you." and left with James, be held steady by his strong arms.

A week later it was raining. Her mother's death had just happened, but yet she still had to take classes. It was Friday, and the last class of the day, and to her surprise, Malfoy was being desent.

"No homework today. I've got to much to grade anyway." he said as the bell rang. She had been saved from having any homework at all that week.

She was ready, but the weather wasn't. It was still raining but everyone was outside the school with their umbrellas, her father holding the week old Cory. She hadn't said a word since her mothers death. She could feel her lips sticking together from the lack of use.

James had his arms wrapped around her waste as she stared at her mothers coffin. As it slowly went to the ground as the preacher talked away. Everyone but her was able to make a speech. She couldn't bring herself to do it.

It only started to rain harder, and she was soaking wet, neither her nor James had an umbrella. They were the only ones left. She was sitting in a mud puddle. Then James put a hand on her shoulder.

"We should get going." he suggested. She didn't know what happened, but she just blew.

"What would you know! You havn't lost anybody! Now you want me to leave my mother?! Shes comeing back! You hear that?! Shes comeing back!" she shouted, but James retorted.

"Don't you dare say I don't know how you feel. You know darn well that I do! How do you think I felt when I was five and my big brother died! What about Remus?! Don't you think I loved him to?!" he shouted, but then he came up to her and hugged her.

He was right. She remembered how devistated he had been. Remus was fifteen when he was hit by a muggle car. It had killed him instantly. James always tried to forget it, but she heard him sometimes at night, crying in his sleep when he spent the night in Sirius' room.

He was still holding her, then he whisperd in her ear,

"She can't come back Lily, she can't."

How was that chapter? I'm prepared for the How could you do that?! and everything, lol. Super sad chapter I know. I'm so sorry. Well please leave feedback. Please leave feedback! I would love to know how many of you hated that chapter.


Please check out my non-Harry Potter story Elmandoroth Chapter Two is finished.

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