The Prophet Debates

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Rita Skeeter
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The Prophet Debates

Welcome witches and wizards, muggles and. . errr. . muggles to the Ministry Debates brought to you by the Daily Prophet and hosted by yours truly.

This thread is where the candidates will tell the voting public what their campaigns stand for *yawn* debate one another and well you get the picture.

Only the debate moderator *bows deeply* and the candidates will be posting in this thread. I'm sure we're all fascinated to hear what they have to say.

A far more interesting thread will be opened once the speeches have been made:

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Sirius Black
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Re: The Prophet Debates

During the years of Voldemort's attempted reign I fought, like many, against him. I remained loyal to The Order of the Phoenix, a resistance movement headed by the brilliant and experienced leader, wizard Albus Dumbledore, and my friends, who became my family. Being a part of the Order required swift thinking and an ability to adapt to a situation, qualities I can bring to the office of the Minister of Magic.

I believe the Ministry needs a fresh point of view in the fight to rebuild our community, to carry on the admirable job that Minister Shacklebolt has begun. His remarkable achievements in dispelling deeply buried prejudices are inspiring. I feel I can build on this, bringing new ideas and innovations to ensure the continuing stability of the Wizarding World and see that it remains free of self-styled Dark Lords.

If I am elected to this office I will strive to reform the legal system so that everyone can be assured of a fair, unbiased representation and that there is enough evidence to proceed before a full criminal trial is initiated.

I will give any necessary help in the research to cure lycanthropy, and will help ensure that persons thus afflicted will not feel like second-class citizens of the wizarding world. I will also continue with the current work in allowing non-wizards equal rights. As a forward looking individual, I hope to continue working with all of the talented wizards and witches associated with the Ministry to bring equality to Elves, Centaurs, Werewolves, and other groups affected by the policies and views of both our predecessors and many contemporaries. These Witches, Wizards and Magical Creatures, noble beings, all, who have suffered an a loss of freedoms and opportunities in the wizard world due to prejudice and outdated social norms, can be assured of representation and a move to change the long-held views that have so often deprived them of the right to enjoy free and happy lives.

In these endeavors, we are gratified and honored to have the assistance and support of Mr. Bill Weasley, a Wizard well-known to many of you for his outstanding efforts in the fight against Voldemort and his supporters.

Bill Weasley, a talented and brave man, has long been involved in the fight to protect those who are most at risk from the predators in our world, as he actively protected our children, keeping them safe from harm as Death Eaters invaded our beloved Hogwarts. He is well-respected among Wizards for his diplomacy and experience in his dealings with our fellows in the Magical community both here and abroad: Bill Weasley has indeed earned the respect of Goblins and other magical beings. He is sensitive to the hardships faced by those afflicted with lycanthropy, and will be extremely helpful in helping establish a cure for the same, thus allowing those previously estranged Witches and Wizards back into the fold, enabling them to be productive members of the Wizarding society. He is a fine addition to the campaign and will represent his consituents magnificently.

I may not have political experience, but I do have experience of both life and death combined with the will and drive to succeed. Additionally, I have the support of many talented witches and wizards with whom I share an open, informed relationship, where counsel is encouraged. I think I am very qualified to lead the ministry in this positive direction and hope for your continued support.

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Bill Weasley
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Re: The Prophet Debates

I fully stand by Sirius Black in his bid to become Minister for Magic. He is loyal and honest, a man whose word you can trust. Even in death he is willing to help ensure the continuation of the stability that our world has enjoyed over recent years under Minister Shacklebolt, with whom both of us have worked closely.

As a member of a large family I quickly learned that in order to be successful in any endeavor, cooperation was the key. I believe that by working with Sirius Black, we can carry on with the current work to allow non-wizards equal rights.

One of the components of Mr. Black's platform is the treatment and social assistance of those afflicted with lycanthropy. It is essential that the stigma associated with the curse not be permitted to further injure those with it. We need to find a cure, and we need to help bring these witches and wizards back into our community. It is essential that we do what we can with our many exceptional, talented people to bring help and hope to the many who have been robbed of a happy, productive life. Myself having being bitten by a non-transformed werewolf during the fight against Voldemort, I have in recent years been faced with the realities faces by those who have suffered with the condition, although I am largely free from its ravages, both physycal and social. I am strongly in favour of aiding our Healers in the bid to find a cure for this affliction, thus helping those who suffer innumerable hardships because of it. We are also dedicated to helping these Witches and Wizards return to a full, productive life in the wizarding community.

It is also vital that we bring an increased level of communication and cooperation to the table with Witches and Wizards from other nations. It is essential that we forge these ties during times of peace, and that we come together to help each other grow and remain united against forces that would tear us apart. Having worked closely with many of these talented brothers and sisters in the international magical community, I believe I can bring a unique perspective and experience to the interactions between us. The nature of my work at Gringotts allowed me to experience many different cultures. I am certain that these experiences will aid us greatly in communicating with Witches and Wizards both here and abroad, and will strengthen our relationships with others in the magical world.

Sirius Black has my full confidence and endorsement. Please join me in supporting him for Minister of Magic.

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Lord Voldemort
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Re: The Prophet Debates

To my fellow citizens of the wizarding world,

For so many years, we wizards have lived in fear of being exposed to the Muggle world. But why?

What do we have to fear from these people? Nothing.

All the public fear is the Ministry arresting or fining those who are in danger of revealing themselves.

What the public fear is that the Ministry will not be able to help them with Muggle problems because they are too cowardly or unresourceful.

However, with Lucius and I in charge of the Ministry, we can change this. We can create a world where wizards are on top - where wizards can flourish without fear of Muggle ostracization.

We'd finally be able to live in freedom, and express our magical abilities openly. We would be able to live in a world without the threat of witch burnings hanging over our heads.

I feel that we are best suited to do this, and bring peace to the Wizarding world, because Lucius and I have developed a secure working relationship over the years and we work together better than many of the other pairs. We understand each other far more than the other candidates, who have merely been brought together by this race, a race to gain power and influence, and that same cause that brought them together can tear them apart.

Additionally, we have far more political experience with handling the pressures of governing the Wizarding world. As a team, we are far stronger than any of the other candidates.

No other candidate and no other team can do more for the Ministry, more for the wizarding world than I.

Hope is good, but reliability is better. Voldemort-Malfoy 2008! We will not fail you.

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Lucius Malfoy
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Re: The Prophet Debates

Greeting fellow citizens of the wizarding world,

As you're probably aware, I Lucius Malfoy, am acting as Lord Voldemort's running partner in the 2008 Ministry of Magic elections.

I'd like to take this opportunity to formally introduce myself to the voting public, and out line what I believe myself and Lord Voldemort will bring to the Ministry (if elected) and what our priorities will be if given this seat of power.

I know many of you have raised questions at the suitability of myself and Lord Voldemort becoming Minister, and this is the first point I'd like to address.

Coming from the prestigious line of Malfoys, I've seen many honorable pure-blood wizards fight for what they believe is right for our community, and it is for that reason I chose to act as Voldemort's running partner.

For centuries, my ancestors have fought tirelessly for the benefit of the wizarding world, and to up-hold the traditions that make up our civilization. This is not a fight I wish to walk away from.

It is my belief that under Lord Voldemort, wizardkind will finally be able to come out of hiding and be able to take their rightful place in the world as a whole. Additionally, I see crime rates being reduced and violence falling to a minimum, because we'll now have a government that won't tolerate these outbursts.

Additionally, with our combined experience in politics (which we feel no other candidates in the election can compare with), Lord Voldemort and I will be able to tidy up the whole of the Ministry - reducing the amount of departments and unnecessary undersecretaries. After all, they're only serving to make government procedure more complicated, and increasing the rate of taxed Galleons.

Furthermore, we will both continue to invest our own personal money in causes that benefit the whole community, such as - foundations that develop the Wolfsbane Potion, funds for the training of Healers and low-cost treatment at St Mungo's, paid Hogwarts tuitions for thousands for young wizards and witches.

The last point I'd like to bring to your attention is mine and Lord Voldemort's compatibility as a team and why we will work well together.

In comparison to every other candidates in the election, myself and Lord Voldemort have been friends for decades, and have always worked well together. Our strong relationship can hardly be rivaled by the likes of Severus Snape and Molly Weasley, who until the elections didn't seem to get along. Nor can our partnership be bettered by Sirius Black and Bill Weasley, who can have hardly said two words to each other prior to the elections.

In closing, I'd like to remind you all that, at any time, the magical world could come under attack and danger from outer influences. We must act fitfully to preserve our culture, our traditions and our way of life!

Hope is good, but reliability is better. Voldemort-Malfoy 2008! We will not fail you.

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Cedric Diggory
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Re: The Prophet Debates

My fellow Wizards and Witches,

I believe the time has come for a change of direction in this first decade of the new Millenium. And I believe I’m the one who can bring our whole community forward into the future.

In my fifth year at Hogwarts I was made a Hufflepuff prefect. Serving the school in that capacity gave me a sense of what administration and role modeling truly was: the work involved, the extra time -- and the responsibility I owed to others -- not just a shiny badge on my chest. My experience as Quidditch Captain taught me what qualities a leader should have: how to inspire, how to encourage -- even how to provoke, when necessary. And of course, the Goblet of Fire thought me qualified enough to make me the Hogwarts Champion in the Triwizard Tournament. There, I did well enough to tie with Harry Potter despite the fact the cards had been stacked in his favour by the younger Crouch masquerading as Moody. As we now know, Crouch was working for Voldemort, seeing to it that Harry would win, reach the Cup, and thus fall into Voldemort’s clutches. They didn't expect two of us to reach the cup. And thus, I -- just a regular boy from Devon -- faced Voldemort, too, however briefly. It was long enough for me to see and recognize evil.

But it was being in Hufflepuff itself that honed in me the qualities of fairness, justice and solidarity that I will bring with me to the Ministry.

Since my death, I’ve also been able to watch the Wizarding World through the Veil. I could see the former Ministers’ qualities, and their flaws. I’ve seen where they erred -- and I will not repeat their mistakes.

I’ve observed the other Magical races: Centaurs, Merpeople, Giants, Goblins, Elves, etc. I believe we can all live in peace and even cooperation with each other and work together for a better future for us all. All we need is good will and dialogue

I’ve also watched the Muggle World and believe there are things we can learn from them. Yes, that's right -- we can learn from our Muggle brethren. More to the point, we and the Muggles share the same planet, which is in great peril today both from Man and from Nature.

Centuries ago, when our society decided the wise course meant removing ourselves from Muggle awareness, their wars were limited in scope and casualties. That time is long past. Muggle wars can now claim the lives of millions. We may think we are safe from their weapons, that they can't touch us -- but we aren't safe if we don't expect the attack. Muggle science may not be as flexible as our magic, especially on the small scale. But on the grand scale, it can do great things, astonishing things. Muggles have walked on the moon. Muggles have sent their machines to Mars. What wizard can claim so much?

But Muggle science can also do terrible things. Just half a century ago, two Muggle bombs killed over 100,000 people in two cities -- all within less than a minute. How many wizards died that day because they didn't expect the attack, believing their magic protected them? No magic can protect you from vaporization. How many wizards and witches have died in the Muggles' wars or terrorist attacks? Muggles now have sophisticated conventional and biochemical weaspons, also atomic missiles than can strike across an ocean within minutes. We cannot outrun them, we cannot outgun them, and we cannot hide from them anymore.

I am not saying these things to be alarmist. I am not trying to scare you. Unlike Voldemort, I do not believe the answer is to subjugate the Muggles. But I do believe we no longer have the luxury of ignoring them. We no longer can treat them as rather quaint and curious neighbors who, without magic, are reduced to doing things in funny ways. We need to wake up!

Right now, Muggle science -- for all its advancement, has a Dark Side, too. The Muggles are killing our planet with their science. Global Warming has already proved devastating -- and that's just the beginning. Could we adjust? Yes, of course. We are, after all, wizards. But where is our responsibility to our own planet? Do we slap hands over our eyes and put fingers in our ears? We live here too. It's time we found ways to help each other in order for our planet to survive. I will work towards closer relations between our two communities, for the benefit of all. Better yet, in the reaching, we can help to rebuild our weakened by the war economy.

George Weasley will be joining me as my running mate. He brings humour to a job that is sadly lacking in it. Even more, he brings his drive and ambition, his innovation and business acumen, as well as skill in public relations. That will help us the Wizarding Communities, at home and abroad, and the Muggle communities too. I don't think I need to remind all of you of his stand against tyranny during Voldemort's Second War -- fighting back not only literally in the Battle at Hogwarts, but also with spirit and cleverness in the dark days beforehand. He and his late brother Fred were instrumental in keeping the Wireless Free show, "Potterwatch," going, at great risk to themselves. That courage cost him and his family, just as it cost many of you. A Muggle once said, "All that's necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." George did not stand by then, and he wouldn't stand by now.

Neither would I. Neither will I.We face a different sort of challenge, as I outlined just above. A challenge that's even greater than the threat offered by Voldemort. Yet all is not dark. We stand on the brink of great possibility, great opportunity. A Brave New World. We have reached a crossroads in our history. Shall we take the safe road, the one that traverses well-worn paths into static oblivion . . . the road that once produced a Voldemort?

Or do we risk? Do we try a new road? I'm all for that new road. Together, George and I, the Ministry staff, as well as all of you, can accomplish things that the Wizarding and Muggle worlds have never known before. Will you join us? Will you give us your trust and your vote? In return, we will work tirelessly for you. I promise I will never deceive you, never lie to you. I will never let you down. That is my solemn pledge as a candidate for Minister of Magic.

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George Weasley
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Re: The Prophet Debates

Dear Witchies and Wizzies,

If someone had told me years ago, when I was still at Hogwarts, that one day I would team up with Pretty Boy Diggory, I’d have thought them barking mad and told them so in no uncertain terms.

But I’ve seen Cedric at work as a prefect, I’ve seen him as the Hogwarts Champion in the Triwizard Tournament. I’ve seen him as Quidditch Captain and Seeker and have played many a match against Hufflepuff. I’ve come to admire his qualities. I have no doubt that, had he survived his encounter with Voldemort, he’d have been the next Head Boy - and he'd have gone very far after he graduated. Face it, Cedric is fair, brave, smart and talented.

Myself, I’ve grown up since the time Fred and I were the bane of Argus Filch’s life. We started that process during our last year at Hogwarts, when we had to battle both the threat of Voldemort rebirth and the Ministry’s criminal blindness. The Ministry and its toadie (pun intended) Dolores Umbridge, the High Inquisitor. It was when we made our last stand for Dumbledore and left Hogwarts in protest that we crossed the threshhold into adulthood.

Then we opened Weasleys’ Wizard Whizzes and became businessmen. We learned to manage a shop and its staff, we learned to deal with customers and suppliers.

Soon after came the war. We became full members of the Order of the Phoenix and joined the Resistance when Voldie’s lackeys took over the Ministry. With our friend Lee Jordan and with other members of the Order, including the current Minister of Magic, we were instrumental in organizing the underground radio PotterWatch. Let me tell you, that'll teach you guts, caution, ingenuity and self-discipline.

All that I learned then, I bring to you today, under the leadership of Cedric Diggory. His spirit matured during his time Beyond the Veil. He’s learned much, and he has splendid new, even revolutionary ideas. I could not help but being impressed when he outlined his platform to me, when he asked me to team up with him He has a vision, and he made me believe in it. You will too, once you’ve heard him.

I should also like to point out that both of us have an unblemished record for fighting evil. Neither of us was ever tempted, even for one second, by the Dark Side.

I can be of great help to him.We complement each other perfectly. I’ll temper his idealism with my knowledge of everyday’s realities. My business experience will serve well in economic matters and foreign relations. But also, I’ll lighten his gravity with my sense of fun. You can’t be serious all the time, life would be too boring.

Which does not mean that I won’t take the job seriously. I will devote as much, in fact more, time and effort to it as Fred and I did to taking care of our shop. This is bigger, this is more important. The future of the Wizarding Community and of all other inhabitants of Planet Earth depends on how we, Wizards and Witches, Goblins, Merpeople, Centaurs and Muggle work together to live in harmony and prosperity, while preserving and protecting our common home, our common heritage.

There is no greater, nobler goal than this. To this goal, to Cedric and to all of you, I pledge myself to the best of my abilities.

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Professor Snape
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Re: The Prophet Debates

How is it that I, a former Death Eater, presume to stand for election as Minister of Magic? My experiences and background uniquely qualify me for this position. I was raised among Muggles in a northern industrial town by my parents, a witch and a Muggle, and attended Hogwarts, where I attained both my OWLs and NEWTs. After I finished school, I became a follower of Lord Voldemort; more, one of his inner circle. Actions I took while in his service led to the deaths of innocent people, and their blood is on my hands, to my everlasting regret. Yet, during what is now known as the first Voldemort War, I came to understand the evil into which I had fallen, so I chose to do something about it. I approached Albus Dumbledore, and undertook to serve as his spy among the Death Eaters, a commitment I kept until my death on Voldemort’s orders in the hour preceding the final stand of the Battle of Hogwarts. I am familiar both with the Muggle world and with the wizard world, and I have been in the counsels of both the Death Eaters and the Order of the Phoenix. It is the perspective I gained from these experiences that suits me to continue the work of Minister Shacklebolt to strengthen and restore Wizarding Britain from the divisions and harm caused by the Voldemort years.

From these experiences I gained a strong conviction that a Dark Wizard such as Voldemort, and the ideology of wizarding purity that he spread, must never again be permitted to hold sway in our society. Having lived on both sides of the conflict, I have a unique perspective on how this is best prevented. If I am elected, ensuring there will be no place for such an evil to grow in our society again will be the top priority of my administration. I propose a number of programs to further this aim:
  • The work of the Auror Office and Magical Law Enforcement to identify and prosecute any criminals from the Voldemort era that remain at large will continue.
  • The Ministry will institute programs to foster the integration of Muggle-raised wizards into society.
  • We will approach other governments to form a framework for international cooperation against Dark Wizards.
  • We will disband the Ministry’s Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. All Ministry contact with sentient non-humans will go through a new Department of Inter-Species Cooperation, and the nature of that contact shall reflect the wishes of each non-human community of the British Isles.

I was also, for many years, a teacher, Head of House, and Headmaster at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I value the propagation and creation of magical knowledge, and will pursue policies to further both.
  • We will work with other governments to form an international research group of talented wizards and witches to focus on problems that affect wizards everywhere.
  • We will work to establish, in cooperation with the Ministries of other countries, a Wizarding University for interested graduates of Europe’s Wizarding secondary schools.

I am very pleased that Mrs. Molly Weasley has joined forces with me. Her loyalty to the Order and Albus Dumbledore were impressive, and I have no hesitation in placing my trust in her. She will faithfully act on my behalf so long as the policies I pursue are in the best interests of the wizard world, and her boundless energy, amply demonstrated by her raising of the seven Weasley children and full participation in the Order of the Phoenix during the second Voldemort War, are especially appreciated by me due to the limitations I face as a portrait. She will be my eyes, ears and hands in places my physical form cannot reach.

The mother and grandmother of a large family, Molly Weasley has insights and experiences I do not that bring diversity to the ticket. Nonetheless, we share similar views and are united in common goals. She shares my commitment to education, a value she has passed on to her children, among whom were two Hogwarts Head boys and several Hogwarts Quidditch stars. We both, in our own ways, fought with the Order of the Phoenix to oppose the Pureblood ideology that divided wizards from other beings, and deprived Muggleborn wizards of their magical birthright. Finally, as the mother and sister of victims of Voldemort, she shares my commitment to ensure that such evils will not be repeated.

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Molly Weasley
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Re: The Prophet Debates

I am proud and honoured to be running alongside such a fine candidate as Professor Severus Snape, a man for whom I feel the highest respect, admiration and gratitude, not just for the vital role he played in bringing down Lord Voldemort, but for the protection he gave to the Hogwarts students during his time as Headmaster, shielding them, my own daughter included, from the sadistic and brutal punishments of the Carrows.

I am sure many of you are wondering why I have chosen to stand alongside Professor Snape. As a young woman, after I finished Hogwarts, I hoped to pursue a career in the Ministry of Magic, but Fate intervened. With the impetuosity of young love I eloped with Arthur Weasley and put my career aspirations on hold while I raised our seven children. During the First Voldemort War none of my children was yet of Hogwarts age, but I was deeply affected by the war. My two brothers, Gideon and Fabian, were members of the Order of the Phoenix, and they were killed. I never forgot that tragedy. When Voldemort began to gain power once again, all of my children were already at school, and I knew I must join the Order and Dumbledore to help stop Voldemort from terrorizing the Wizarding World once again. Now that our children are grown up and starting families of their own, I am eager to fulfill my youthful hopes of a career of government service, and I am delighted that I can put my knowledge and experience to use in such a fulfilling role.

Professor Snape will, in my opinion, be an exceptional Minister of Magic. Not only is he a very knowledgeable and highly skilled wizard, but he is in the unique position of actually having been a Death Eater. Now I would like to say that I was a shocked as the next witch when Harry Potter revealed that Severus Snape had indeed been secretly working for Albus Dumbledore. I had my own personal reasons for thinking that Severus Snape was a loyal Death Eater, but there is no doubt now that Severus Snape dedicated his life to protecting Harry Potter.

Like many of us, Severus made mistakes in his youth, but few of us ever have to pay such a high price for our mistakes as Severus Snape did for his. The knowledge of his own responsibility for the death of a loved one has shaped Severus into the modest and humble man he is today. He is a man who was prepared to give up not just his life, but his honour, his reputation and the esteem of his colleagues.

Severus is not a man to do things by halves, and he will undoubtedly show the same dedication and commitment to his role as Minister for Magic as he did to the protection of Harry Potter and the defeat of Lord Voldemort. We have won the war, now we must establish peace - a lasting peace in which all magical people can feel safe and secure. To my mind there is only one man who can achieve this and that man is Severus Snape; a man who knows what motivates a youth to join a group such as the Death Eaters; a man who is familiar with the prejudice of Muggle against Magical people, as well as the prejudice of witches and Wizards against muggles and muggleborns. Severus Snape has seen the very worst that wizarding kind can do, and as such he is uniquely positioned to address the problems that the wizarding world face and prevent the rise of another Dark Lord.

I believe that Snape's life experiences give him the ability to be a great Minister. I feel my experiences as a wife, mother and Order member can help him as well.

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Hermione Granger
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Re: The Prophet Debates

Commitment. Competence. Compassion.
Perhaps you have seen our motto already... but what can three words really say about us? I hope that in the next few weeks you'll all have a chance to question us thoroughly! And so we have come here today, my fellow candidate Neville Longbottom and I, to tell you all a bit more about ourselves and our aims than a simple slogan could convey.

Ten years ago, when I was on the run as an outlaw, searching for a means to defeat the dark forces, I would never have believed that one day I would be a candidate in a democratic election, for the Ministry. This is indeed a sign of how far the Ministry has come since the fall of Voldemort: a Ministry no longer guided by the whims of a few individuals with influence, but by the will of the people, to act for the good of the Wizarding World as a whole. I am proud to say that I have played some part in making those changes happen, and I stand for this post to continue on Minister Shacklebolt’s path. Much has been achieved, but much also remains to be done.

When we stood before the ruins of much that we hold dear, I hoped that we could rebuild what we had lost. – You see, for me the post of Minister isn’t about power. It’s about responsibility and service: hard work and commitment to ensure that this world continues to be a place that we can all enjoy. I want to see a Ministry which upholds the spirit of the law, rather than exploiting laws as a means of control and oppression. We all deserve a free and independent press, and freedom of expression for all citizens. We are in need of a ministry which makes the right decisions, not the easy ones. A Ministry that puts compassion above political goals. I don't know what challenges the Wizarding World will face in the future, but as a Minister I want to make sure that we are united and ready to face emergencies.

Later on, when it was time to rebuild our world, Kingsley Shacklebolt asked me to join the Ministry. That was exactly what I had been wanting to do for years. You see, when I was eleven I got a letter than changed my life: I came to Hogwarts and I learned things that I couldn’t even have imagined. I studied, observed, got involved, and just knew that all I’d ever want to do is to offer all my efforts and talents to make this world – our world – an even better place. You can imagine how glad I was that I could work with Minister Shacklebolt to rebuild and reform the Ministry – and I got the chance to work in two Ministry departments, Magical Creatures and Law Enforcement. It’s been hard work, but I know now that I can really make a difference, and I am ready to take on more responsibility. One thing you can be sure about: I’ll never make the mistake of taking the Wizarding World for granted: it is incredibly precious to me, and I am willing to give my all to preserve it and to make sure that we all, whatever our background, nature or talents, can live in it, free and equal, to fulfil our potential together as a happy society.

Finally, let me pass the word to Neville Longbottom. I am proud that he has agreed to share this campaign with me. I remember when we first had a disagreement…. I am sorry to say that Neville ended up at the wrong end of my Petrificus Totalus spell that time… but even then, all those years ago, there was no question that he would stand up to anyone, that he would be willing to face anything to defend what he believes to be right. No one who saw it will forget how Neville killed Voldemort’s snake, but what’s even more awesome is how he risked torture and death to resist the Death Eater regime at Hogwarts: he stood up for tolerance and justice when others senior in age and position would not dare to do so, and I know that with Neville at the helm the Ministry will have to stick to his high standards. In short – we are both ready to give the Wizarding World the best Ministry it has ever seen.

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Neville Longbottom
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Re: The Prophet Debates

Hello, everyone! Hermione, are you sure you’re on my side? Digging out that story about me laying in the common room while others got on with saving the world. Since you were busy getting Harry Potter to his first date with Voldemort , I guess I can forgive you for getting a little overexcited. We shouldn’t forget that this was just one of many, many times when Hermione was just there to help out, make things easier for Harry in his tricky task. And I was there a few times myself, too… and I think I can proudly say that I did my bit to defeat Voldemort. After that, I went straight into the Auror office to help clean up the remaining Death Eaters, and now I work as a teacher at Hogwarts. We’ve both always been sort of like that: the people to make things happen, to make things possible.... and others could take the limelight, while we stayed in the background, happy with a job well done. I think that’s the sort of people we all want in the office of Minister of Magic!

I had my own Ministerial campaign until a few days ago, but I am a practical man, and I decided that Hermione and I have very different talents and very similar goals. We talked it over and decided that together, we could be greater than the sum of the parts, as it were, and that should add up to more good work for everyone. Looks like a win/win situation to me! We’ll work together as joint Ministers to achieve as much as we can – and we believe that together we are a team that should be pretty hard to beat!

So, what are we going to do for you if we win this election?

We want to make sure that the Ministry works just as it should: no need to worry about it when life’s treating you well, but ready with a helping hand when the going gets tough.
  • We want to work for a fairer wizarding world, where no one loses out because of what they are.
  • We’ll keep the Dark Arts off the streets.
  • We’ll look into providing better welfare services for all witches and wizards.
  • We want to make sure that politics stays out of Hogwarts, so it can get on with being the best school around.
  • We care for the environment and we think it's time that Wizards again got involved in saving the world from disaster.
  • In the Ministry we want even more openness, more accountability – let’s make sure the system works for us all, not just for a particular in-crowd.
  • Finally, we will work closely with other Nations to help them enjoy the same freedoms and reforms that we hope to bring to our Island Home.
I guess that sounds like a pretty serious agenda, doesn’t it? I bet many of our competitors will offer you lots more fun. Well, we think that the one thing the Ministry should do is the hard work – making all your lives easier so that you all can get on with having fun just as you see fit – and with the added bonus that hopefully you won’t actually have to worry about politicians for a while. Now, that’s what I’d consider a job well done!

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Old August 22nd, 2008, 6:59 pm
Harry Potter
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Re: The Prophet Debates

Experience, dedication, honesty, creativity and loyalty: these are more than mere words to me. I am Harry James Potter and if elected as Minister of Magic, I will make these qualities more than just ideals; they will be the reality behind my efforts.

I have worked for many years with the Minister of Magic, Kingsley Shacklebolt, in reforming the Ministry of magic. During that time I became head of the Auror Department, a position I still hold. Upon the defeat of Voldemort, the Ministry was in great disarray, and I, together with the Minister and other employees, made great strides in cleaning up the Ministry, including reorganization of its departments and setting new policies and procedures for a more effective and efficient administrative process. During this process I have learned much about the other departments as we learned to work as a cohesive unit. I feel it is my duty to use the knowledge and skills I have gained through this work and my other various accomplishments to continue the work of our esteemed Minister.

I plan to bring equality to all of the beings within the magical community. I have seen, first hand, the oppression of magical beings, mixed races, and Muggleborn wizards, as well as derogatory treatment of Muggles at the hands of various Ministries and derisive groups in the past. If elected as Minister, I will ensure that past wrongs are righted so that all individuals receive fair and humane treatment, free from systematic prejudice and injustice. I will also ensure the rights and proper conditions for prisoners in Azkaban and that anyone facing imprisonment receives a fair trial. Moreover, I plan to keep an open dialogue and good relations with these communities and to provide educational training to them and other like entities. I will guarantee the proper and effective administration of those departments within the Ministry.

I have the drive, determination, and passion necessary to achieve the goals I have set. I believe that my record shows the fortitude I posses in this regard. I willingly chose to sacrifice my life for the wizarding world in the past due to my genuine love and respect for our community and I would do so again. I have done this because I firmly believe that both the wizard and non-wizard communities are of high value and worth.

My running mate, Ron Weasley, and I possess extensive knowledge of both the Wizarding community and the Muggle community, along with the instincts to know how to use that knowledge. We work exceedingly well together as, I believe, we have proven in our combined efforts against Voldemort. When we, along with Hermoine Granger, were entrusted with this task to destroy the Horcruxes set by my mentor, the late Dumbledore, we worked diligently in order to accomplish that goal. Our dedication to this effort carried us forward until the battle was won. Ron and I will work together and in the same way to ensure that the many goals we wish to achieve for the Ministry are met.

If elected Minister of Magic, I will do everything in my power to ensure a flourishing wizard community where equal rights and fairness are the standard.

Old August 22nd, 2008, 7:00 pm
Ron Weasley
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Re: The Prophet Debates

My name is Ron Bilius Weasley and it is a great honor for me to serve as Harry Potter’s running mate in the upcoming election. I feel that Harry will make a very good Minister of Magic and I will do everything in my power to assist him in that regard.

Harry and I have known one another for many years and during that time we have endured numerous experiences together. We have dealt with many hardships and celebrated successes as well, but independent of the type of experience, we were always there to support one another. Together with Hermione Granger, we worked hard to defeat Voldemort and expel him from the position of authority he had attained within the wizard world. In the aftermath, the wizarding world was once again in a state of peace and could begin to flourish once more. That experience, together with others, showed us the value of working together as a team and also highlighted how much can be achieved through the joint efforts of equally dedicated persons.

Immediately following my efforts in assisting to defeat Voldemort, I worked with Harry in the Auror Department at the Ministry. Working closely with the Minister and other departments, our efforts were integral to reorganizing and putting innovative plans into action that would assist in improving Ministry procedures and the conditions for those living in our community.

As Harry has indicated, we have many goals we wish to achieve beyond continuing improvements at the Ministry. Among other things, we plan to see that equal rights are obtained for all of those living within our community, guarantee fair trials for those accused of wrongdoing, ensure the requirements of wizard education and training institutions are met so they might run effectively and ensure proper measures are taken to suppress any evil factions from rising and threatening the wizard world at large as they have in the past.

A vote for Harry and me is a vote for a peaceful and thriving wizard world where equality and justice will prevail.

Old August 22nd, 2008, 10:54 pm
Luna Lovegood
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Re: The Prophet Debates

My running mate, Dobby, and I have many exciting ideas to bring to the Ministry. One main concern for us is equal treatment of all races, blood states, species, planets, and dimensions. Elves, Crumple-Horned Snorckaks, Blibbering Humdingers, werewolves and so many others are currently treated as inferior beings, when, in fact, they can and should be equal and contributing members of wizarding society.

Dobby and I plan on forming committees to speak with all these creatures and more to bring about mutual understanding and trust. We would like to abolish laws which discriminate against them, especially laws forbidding them from using wands. Non-humans should also be given admittance to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry where we plan to form recreational groups for all magical beings to help them to get to know each other.

And ooh, look! There, that red bird out the window just behind Rita Skeeter is quite remarkable. Ahh, there’s its nest, and what cute little baby birds they are as well! I so love to watch mother birds feeding worms to their children…and then watching their first efforts learning to fly… And speaking of Rita Skeeter, I have noticed that she has a habit of writing rather rude articles. She was so mean to my friend Harry back when we were in school.

This reminds me, of course, that Wizarding kind is very out of touch with their natural environment. We spend so much time perfecting our wand techniques and memorising potions ingredients that we forget to appreciate the magic that is all around us just outside. Like those lovely pink flowers budding on that tree near the Gurdyroot plants out the window. Yes, same window. The colour quite reminds me of a Nargle-infested tree I once saw on a journey to Nepal.

But getting back to my plans as candidate, Dobby and I would like to form committees of Wizarding botany and animal specialists to study all forms of nature so that we can be better educated about our environment and ways to both use it to our advantage and protect it from harm. These specialists will travel both around Great Britain and across the entire world, where they, with an additional team of ambassadors, will meet with other Wizarding governments to tell them about our projects and to help foster peace on Earth for all Muggle and wizardkind.

On this note, do any of you know how much parchment is wasted every year by wizardkind? Dobby and I are both eager to found a recycling program to reuse our old parchment and other items, so as not to waste them.

One other way that I particularly feel will help wizards and witches everywhere to connect with nature is to instate “Barefoot Day” as a monthly nationally recognised event. On Barefoot Day, all magical peoples and creatures would be expected to spend the day without any form of footwear at all, to foster a more personal connection with our Earth.

Speaking of footwear, please take a moment to look at my wonderful and talented running mate, Dobby, who as usual, is sporting the most interesting socks. Did you know that Dobby is quite an accomplished maker of socks? Oh look, and these ones in particular have a design of socks in them! How fantastic! Dobby himself has devised another potential national event – Funny Sock Day! The purpose of this day is twofold. First of all, the Ministry of Magic and the wizards of Great Britain at large are far too serious and gloomy. Funny socks will help restore an atmosphere of levity to our everyday lives. It will serve as a booster of morale and work ethic among all. Socks must be worn on the feet, but can also be worn on ones head, hands, ears and noses. The second purpose of Funny Sock Day is to provide jobs for people making the massive amounts of socks that will be needed for these monthly events.

Dobby and I also plan to improve the welfare and education of Hogwarts students by helping fund Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and working with the Headmistress to improve and expand the school's educational program and departments. One such addition would include student mediators, so that petty rivalries between students are stopped before they start. The program would also include a lost and found, because my blue socks haven't yet come back to me.

I would also like to assure my fellow wizards and witches that I will never ignore a threat to our society. In the past, threats to our very existence have been ignored just because they were not in front of our eyes. But I know, as does Dobby, that things can exist even if we don’t see them right now, such as many of you are unable to see the majestic thestrals. I will commit to protecting our society from these threats, including the ever elusive Nargle, so that we can stay safe.

I believe I am capable of doing all these things because I do not have experience in the Ministry. I can keep a clear head under pressure and will be able to bypass red tape, bureaucracy, and the Rotfang Conspiracy in the system in order to immediately work on my plans for the Wizarding World.

Old August 22nd, 2008, 10:55 pm
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Re: The Prophet Debates

Dobby is pleased to run for Minister alongside Luna Lovegood, who has always treated Dobby's fellow elves and magical beings kindly. Dobby thinks Miss Luna has a wonderful heart and an open mind, and can do great things for wizards and other creatures everywhere. Like Miss Luna, Dobby is not afraid to stand out and make a difference, even if other elves will laugh at Dobby for wearing Wheezy's jumpers. It is for this reason and others that Dobby and Luna Lovegood will make a good team.

Dobby thinks that Funny Sock Day and other new ideas Dobby and Luna have will make the world a much happier place for everyone who lives there. Please give Dobby and Luna a chance to bring new thoughts and traditions into your lives.

Old August 22nd, 2008, 10:56 pm
Arthur Weasley
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Re: The Prophet Debates

In the past eighteen years, each new Minister has expanded upon his predecessor’s qualities, creating an increasingly better lifestyle for Great Britain’s wizarding community. As Minister of Magic, I, Arthur Weasley, would continue in this trend and strive to better the Ministry of Magic and the entire Wizarding World.

Each former Minister came into office with a degree of experience from working inside the Ministry. I became Head of the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office in the Ministry early in my career and remained in that position for many years. Even when the Ministry turned traitor to its own ideals, I remained at this post, attempting to redirect the government to its former glory. During my time under this position, I acquired a fondness for Muggles. While some may point this out as a weakness, I believe, especially during this time, that harmony between magical and non-magical worlds is vital to both races’ success. I can ensure the wizarding population that I would strive to promote friendly links with non-magical people, while keeping our two races healthy distances apart – something no recent Minister has been able to achieve.

When He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named returned to power, I was entrusted the responsibility of Head of the Office for the Detection and Confiscation of Counterfeit Defensive Spells and Protective Objects, an immense duty requiring my skills of deduction, cunning, determination, and bravery. I vow to instill all of these attributes into the Minister position if elected.
Although I believe I am sufficient in my years of experience inside the Ministry, I would also bring to the Minister position knowledge I acquired elsewhere. During the Second War, I fought as one of the twenty-one members of the Order of the Phoenix. Although I was scarred during my service to this organization, suffering near-death injury and enduring the death of one son and the mangling of another, these scars have made me better appreciate what I have and awaken in me a desire to serve those who have suffered alongside me in the best possible manner.

All of my experience inside and outside the Ministry has also provided me a better understanding of the Wizarding World. As a father of seven children, I understand the steps needed to keep peace and prosperity among my subjects. My knowledge gained from being a parent will easily transfer to the post of Minister, for the two positions are irrefutably similar. With both titles, one must be intelligent, resourceful, and determined, otherwise one’s subordinates would be dissatisfied and rebellious. Based on my parental wisdom, I would encourage the wizarding community to operate upon its desired freedoms, yet I would be unafraid to reinforce jurisdiction if I noticed certain freedoms being abused. The three most recent Ministers of Magic lacked parental experience and the responsibility of a family. As Minister, I would break this precedent and use my knowledge gained from being a parent to improve the Wizarding World.

As has been recently announced, my running mate will be the well-respected Professor Filius Flitwick of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Both of us are highly concerned with promoting healthy ties with non-magical peoples, reforming the educational system, and granting more rights to other magical beings, in order to ensure a more peaceful world. Filius Flitwick is in a unique position to assist with this lawmaking, being a teacher and one-thirty-second goblin. His ability to relate to students’ and other magical beings’ needs alike will allow us to be successful with our jurisdiction, and it has also given him a respect for Muggles, one which I share. As a team, we would also encourage a more active role in our government’s international cooperation, intent on continuing the Triwizard Tournament and bringing us closer to our fellow witches and wizards of other nations.

I believe my political, parental, and other organizational experience leaves me fully required for the Ministerial position, and my would-be Deputy Minister fills in any gaps that opponents may see in my character. I promote your continued support and thank you for all encouragement.

Old August 22nd, 2008, 10:57 pm
Professor Flitwick
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Re: The Prophet Debates

During my childhood, I endured a fair amount of discrimination because of my goblin great, great, great grandfather. I could not care less, for I proudly cherish my heritage, and, as Arthur Weasley’ running mate for Minister of Magic, I am willing to utilize my exclusive position to better the Wizarding World. The seventeenth century brought about a surge in hostility between goblins and wizards, and ever since ties between us have been strained. The same is true for other magical beings of human intelligence; we have denied goblins, centaurs, dwarves, giants, hags, house-elves, merfolk, and vampires rights for centuries and are now reaping the “reward.” As Senior Undersecretary to the Minister, under Arthur Weasley, I would be in a unique position, as one-thirty-second goblin, to better ties with other magical beings and ensure a better world for all magical beings and creatures.

I have been called “tiny little Professor Flitwick,” and may need to stand on a pile of spellbooks to see over my desk. However, what I lack in size I more than compensate in magical ability. As a student, I was known as a “model pupil,” and as a young man I was an esteemed dueling champion, and during my years as a dueler I learned how to combat the Dark Arts and understand how my enemies’ minds functioned. As Senior Undersecretary to the Minister, I would be able to advise Arthur Weasley, who is also learned in this subject, when confronted with situations requiring knowledge of Dark magic and hateful opposition. Later in my career, I assisted in the defense of Hogwarts against the siege of Lord Voldemort, performing spells of great complexity, playing a vital role atop Ravenclaw Tower and later employed my dueling skills against He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named’s Death Eaters. My extensive knowledge of charms and enchantments would provide the Ministry with a second-in-command who understands the methods and necessities of protection and defense for the entire Wizarding World.

As I grew older I decided to channel my magical ability to teaching Charms at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I was warmly accepted and soon delegated as Head of Ravenclaw House, which prizes students of wit and intellect. As a professor and Head of House, I acted as a role model for my students and advised them so they could achieve greater success, always making decisions with the students’ needs in mind. I would bring the same facilitation to the entire wizarding community, helping to pass laws that better their lives and allow them to achieve even greater triumphs. Also, being a professor for more than thirty years, I understand the educational system and would know which reforms are needed for both students and teachers.

During my employ at Hogwarts, I was also entrusted such tasks as increasing security and decorating for holidays (a few live faeries at Christmas will certainly spice up the Ministry!), and my opinion was always highly regarded by the headmaster and fellow teachers. Mr. Arthur Weasley has the same respect for me, and I for him, which makes us a perfect team. I share his concern of bettering ties with Muggles and he understands the importance of granting more rights to other magical beings as well as the need for educational reform. Our views and experience complement one another’s, and as Minister of Magic and Senior Undersecretary to the Minister, the Ministry of Magic and the wizarding community of Britain would be guaranteed a successful leadership.

Old August 29th, 2008, 8:45 pm
Sirius Black
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Re: The Prophet Debates

I am pleased to show you all our campaign banner and slogan!

Old August 29th, 2008, 9:36 pm
Professor Snape
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Re: The Prophet Debates

The Snape-Weasley campaign proudly offers the following:

Old August 29th, 2008, 10:40 pm
Hermione Granger
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Re: The Prophet Debates

I am glad to present you the Granger - Longbottom official campaign banner:

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