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Favourite HP movie so far

View Poll Results: Which one is your favourite movie so far?
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone 42 7.39%
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets 26 4.58%
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban 121 21.30%
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire 42 7.39%
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix 37 6.51%
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince 168 29.58%
Harry Pottter and the Deathly Hallows (it will just rock the most...) 132 23.24%
Voters: 568. You may not vote on this poll

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Old July 23rd, 2009, 2:39 pm
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Re: Where does HBP rank in your favorite HP films?

HBP was my favorite so far. I feel like they nailed the story and it didn't just feel like a collection of random scenes from the book, for once.

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Old July 23rd, 2009, 5:38 pm
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Re: Where does HBP rank in your favorite HP films?

1) PoA
2) HBP
3) OotP
4) CoS
5) PS
6) GoF

Old July 23rd, 2009, 5:52 pm
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Re: Where does HBP rank in your favorite HP films?

Here's how I would order them (from best to worst):

1. HBP
2. PoA
3. GoF
4. CoS
5. PS
6. OotP

I predict that the DH movies will be better than the first five movie and possibly better than HBP. I'm hoping it will be great!

Old July 23rd, 2009, 6:15 pm
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Re: Where does HBP rank in your favorite HP films?

My order as of right now. I've seen HBP twice and liked it better the second time. Same with OOTP, but OOTP is still at the bottom of my list.

1. POA -it's my favorite book too, I really love the time-turner sequence, and it was well done in the movie
2. COS -they did a good job of capturing the essence of the book, Riddle was good, the Basilisk was good, and Lockhart was great
3. GOF (tie) - the dragon scene was too long, Dumbledore was too mean, I hated the way they did Moody's eye, and why did they explain Moody's foe glass, but not spend 1 second to actually use it when Snape, Dumbledore and McGonagall are approaching? But the basic book plot was followed well, the Ron/Hermione/Krum subplot was good, and the last part, the graveyard scene followed the book closely and was very well done.
4. HBP (tie) -I would rate this one a lot higher if they hadn't messed up the Ginny/Harry relationship. They just didn't give her any scenes or lines to allow the book character to come to life - her fiery spunk and sense of humor. It wasn't horrible, but she was one of my favorite characters, so it was disappointing. But the other basic plot elements were there (assuming that they do provide more horcrux information in DH1, I'm sure they will), Ron was great in the love potion sequence, there were other funny parts, Dumbledore was the best he's been since the first or second movie, and the Harry/Hermione relationship was well done. I did really miss the Rotfang conspiracy, but that's a minor point. Oh, I almost forgot, Slughorn was great.
5. PS
6. OOTP - too short, left out too much, but after watching it a couple of times I don't hate it any more, it's enjoyable. It at least got the essential plot elements out

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Old July 23rd, 2009, 11:03 pm
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Re: Where does HBP rank in your favorite HP films?

1. PoA
2. HBP
3. GoF
4. OoP
5. CoS
6. PS

I just think Christopher Columbus did an okay job directing the first two, but I wasn't a fan of his choice of lighting, cinematography and direction of the young actors. I love what the newest directors have brought to the screen and I love the later movies much more than the first two!

Old July 24th, 2009, 12:29 am
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Re: Where does HBP rank in your favorite HP films?

"I thought Columbus did an okay job directing the first two, but I wasn't a fan of his directing."

Sorry, no disrespect, I just thought that was kinda funny.

Old July 24th, 2009, 12:34 am
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Re: Where does HBP rank in your favorite HP films?

My order is:

1. Half-Blood Prince
2. Chamber of Secrets
3. Sorcerer's Stone
4. Order of the Phoenix
5. Prisoner of Azkaban
6. Goblet of Fire

I'd have to say, though, OotP, PoA, and GoF are pretty much tied for dead last on my list.


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Re: Where does HBP rank in your favorite HP films?

1) Half-Blood Prince
2) Prisoner of Azkaban
3) Goblet of Fire
4) Order of the Phoenix
5) Chamber of Secrets
6) Philosopher's Stone

It's not an insult or anything to Chris Columbus but the first two movies weren't that good. I think it's just because the actors were really young and, I don't know, but there were a lot of times when they were just reading the lines and not really making them their own. I don't hate the first two, I'm just not to fond of them, that's all.
Also, I didn't think that, in the Order of the Phoenix, they put some of the really important things in. It was too short and I really wish that they had Quidditch in it.

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Old July 24th, 2009, 12:48 am
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Re: Where does HBP rank in your favorite HP films?

1. Half-Blood Prince
2. Goblet of Fire
3. Prisoner of Azkaban
4. Order of the Phoenix
5. Chamber of Secrets
6. Sorcerer's Stone

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Old July 24th, 2009, 12:50 am
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Re: Where does HBP rank in your favorite HP films?

hmmm HBP was amazing but here are my rankings from best to worst

Old July 24th, 2009, 7:03 am
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Re: Where does HBP rank in your favorite HP films?

For me it's:


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Re: Where does HBP rank in your favorite HP films?

1. GoF
2. OotP
3. PS
4. CoS
5. HBP
6. PoA

I loathed PoA. The kids were asked to provide emotions they weren't ready to show, and I felt the result was painful to watch. That movie absolutely destroyed Hermione for me, and she's a character I love in the books.

Old July 25th, 2009, 4:16 pm
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Re: Where does HBP rank in your favorite HP films?

1. OotP
2. GoF
3. PoA
4. CoS
5. SS
6. HBP

The films got better and better, until this last one. HBP is such a disappointment.


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Re: Where does HBP rank in your favorite HP films?

I think I should probably see HBP again before I can make a proper judgement, because I know that sometimes, the second viewing sort of dampens my liking of the film. It also gives me a better idea of how much I actually like the film, putting aside the fact that I'm totally excited, very eager and looking for any reason possible to like the film

But as of now, the order would be:
1. HBP
2. PoA
4. PS
5. GoF
6. CoS

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Re: Where does HBP rank in your favorite HP films?

It's amazing how different all the opinions on this are! I think I've just seen every possible combination of ordering the films!
Anyway, HBP was my favorite...

Old July 26th, 2009, 3:28 am
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Re: Where does HBP rank in your favorite HP films?

1) SS-The magic in the first two felt much more mystical to me. They feel more like the Harry Potter books. The clothes that they wear, the way that Harry acts, everything felt more real. I genuinely felt that the people were there in heart and not just body. That and the scene where Dumbledor gives Neville the 10 points that wins Gryffindor the house cup is the most touching scene I can remember from any movie. Not to mention the fact that Dumbledor himself was so perfect here. Richard Harris really was much better then Micheal Gambon in every way. His interactions with Harry were so moving, and so heartfelt, that it makes me so happy just watching them, in every one of their scenes. You really felt like Dumbledor adored Harry as though he were his own Grandson. Then there were the interactions between the trio, which were also excellent, especially between Ron and Hermione. You could totally see the little tiny bit of affection for each other underneath their total annoyance even then and it was very cute. The only scene which I felt was off was the Devil's Snare, because even though it is Hermione that knows how to handle it, she is supposed to be the one who panics and Ron who keeps his cool and makes her come to her senses. That was reversed, but then they wanted each of the three challenges leading up to the Mirror to be a glory point for each one so I understand why they did it. I just loved this movie.

2) OoTP-For totally different reasons in a lot of ways, but again it really comes down to the fact that I really felt that the characters felt what they were supposed to be feeling. The only two exceptions to this were the Dursleys, who seemed braindead or somthing (they were always horrible and stupid but not stupid in that way) and Sirius, who seemed earnest but didn't quite strike me as being very Sirius-like (he never has in any of the movies actually), not to mention the stupid fact that he has suddenly changed from the powerful and awesome grimm to that curly haired, whippet shaped dog. However the interactions between the trio were excellent, Dolores Umbridge was perfect beyond belief (she is my least favorite character but often my favorite to watch because of how they torture her so) and any scene where they are messing with her makes me laugh and smile so much. And Dumbledor's interactions with Harry were very well done (which is saying quite a bit from me as I have never liked Gambon as Dumbledor, but this particular movie was great for him because of how Dumbledor acts during it in the book). Not to mention the DA meetings which were masterfully done, especially Harry's very inspiring speech (Harry makes a great teacher to his peers and Radcliff captured that brilliantly). Luna was also spectacular in this movie, especially in her interactions with Harry. But the icing on the cake for me here was the final fight scene at the Department of mysteries, all that real, awesome wizard fighting between the Order and the Death Eaters. The battle between Dumbledor and Voldemort was epic. The only thing I didn't like in that scene was when Harry hit Lucius and Sirius said "Nice one James!" or somthing like that. I always knew that Sirius sort of wanted a second shot with Harry, and perhaps saw a bit too much James in him, but that was far too much and probably tore at Harry pretty badly. I think that Sirius could always distinguish Harry from his dad.

3) CoS-It's odd, as this was my least favorite of the books. However I felt that the danger and mystery of the petrifications and the Heir of Slytherin's and the fear that is supposed to come with it is the type of thing that is better presented in a movie then a book I think. Harry coming to Ginny's aid in the Chamber was also very touching and once again you could really feel that he was frightened for her when he realized that she might not wake up, and how he was so increadibly relieved when she did wake up even though he felt that he was going to die. Not romatic yet, as Harry is too young, but very sweet and heroic and laying down the foundations for a future romance. Myrtle was also cute in her own way and very believable. Lockhart was wonderfully rediculous and phony and he really did get the part down perfectly. When Creevy (who was a good kid, if a little overenthusiastic) was pertified your heart couldn't help but reach out to the kid, and you felt so bad for him. When Dumbledor then said that the students were no longer safe because the Heir of Slytherin had indeed returned, it sent a shiver up my spine. Again the interaction with Harry and Dumbledor at the end was very moving, with him reasuring Harry with his own words that he was indeed different from Voldemort entirely, and then showing him the engravings on the sword and saying "It would take a true Gryffindor, to pull that out of the hat." You almost felt as comforted and reassured as Harry must have. The whole thing with Hagrid was just great as well and the end scene where he comes back was heartwarming. I loved it.

4) HBP-I really think that I need to see it again to get a full understanding of it, but I did greatly enjoy most of the scenes with Slughorn. I felt that his actor portrayed him more perfectly then anyone else could have. Oddly, Gambon seemed to lighten up in this one a bit (though he still just didn't make me love him like Richard Harris did) while the Dumbledor in this book seems to darken a bit, and yet he is closer to being like Dumbledor then ever. However, Alan Rickman seemed to just all of a sudden lose his grip or somthing. I don't know why, but through the hole thing he seemed very strained and emotionless. Snape's acting is supposed to be flawless, and so believable that it fooled everyone except for Bellatrix and that is only because she took the time to disect every little move that he made, but in this movie I honestly could see why Bellatrix distrusted him. I am a little suprised that she was the only one. Actually I couldn't see him fooling anyone, with how depressed he seemed. The scene where he kills Dumbledor is supposed to be the clincher for him in Harry's eyes, partially because Snape's face was filled with hate and he screamed out Avada Kedavera with such malice. This version of that scene had him almost totally deadpan. The same with when he was making the Unbreakable Vow. He is supposed to sound happy to see them and act all cordial and on his best Death Eater behavior but again he seems emotionless and deadpan. Alan Rickman was brilliant in OoTP, so I don't know what happened to him here. He had the same voice throughout the whole movie that he did when Umbridge asked him if he didn't get the DADA job that he originally wanted and he said "Ob-vi-ous-ly..." so deadpan but in a way that makes him sound threatening and like he wants her to shut up. It was perfect there, best line in the movie, but for him to have that voice when he is supposed to be a happy Death Eater, it just doesn't make any sense. Harry was also sort of out of character for the time. He was acting more like Goblet Harry, still reletively innocent and feeling all flattered when he hears that Romilda was trying to sneak him a love potion, and also ready to go out with that waitress at the beginning. This is fine for Harry two years ago, but now, after seeing both Cedric and Sirius die before his eyes, he made it very clear that he wanted nothing like that in the book, at least not with people whom he didn't even know. That being said, his awkwardness with Ginny (who he has alway been friendly with and who he particularly grew close to last year so for him to fall for her is much more realistic) was very nicely done. A lot of people didn't like the shoelace scene, but I felt that it's awkwardness, touched with an underscore of intimacy, was very endearing, and very cute.

5) GoF-Dumbledor tore my heart out, impaled it with a dozen or so rusty nails, and sewed it back into my body after stuffing down my mouth when he grabbed Harry's ear and got so rough with him. I couldn't sleep well the first time I saw that movie. Besides that the movie was decently well done. I liked the Durmstrang and Beauxbaton students and the little shows they put on. I do sort of think that the whole concept of the Triwizard Tournament and how sequencial it is did not translate well into movie form. Too much like there were three short stories one right after the other. Worked well enough in book form, but not so much in movie. That said, Krum and his interations with Hermione were very well done, and Ron's reactions were great (although I wished that we could have found that broken Krum action figure). Also, while the story around the Triwizard Tournament wasn't the greatest of adaptions I thought, the tasks themselves were fantastic. That Dragon was the single greatest creature, no matter it be magical or alien or whatever, to ever appear in a movie and Harry's struggle with it were amazing. The mer-folk were also very real, and Harry using gillyweed was so cool looking. When he was attacked by the grindylows, that was very cool. The maze was a sort of a dissapointment, but all it was was a lead-up to the graveyard so I am not too upset about that. Cedric was a great character too, and his death was very sad. More sad then Dumbledor's in a lot of ways (just because of how they handled it).

6) PoA-I am sorry, but I just didn't feel this one. I felt that the whole thing was so rushed that you never got a chance to let anything sink in. I remember when Mr. Weasley was telling Harry about Sirius, he almost seemed like they were trying to talk it out as quickly as they could because they knew that they didn't have much time to finish the movie. It was very phony to me. Hermione was oddly the only one in that movie that seemed real, but she was also out of character for Hermione. In fact this was the one when they started to mess with Hermione's and Ron's characters. Hermione became a sort of Mary Sue, super smart and able to take out Malfoy with a punch, and apparently more athletic then Harry considering that she dodged the Whomping Willow's first swipe while Harry was knocked to his stomach. Harry is a Quittich player, Hermione is a bookworm, she shouldn't outdo Harry in those things. She essentially becomes the most flawless of the three from this movie onward. Ron on the other hand becomes increasingly stupid, which he never was. He was increadibly thick at times, especially in regard to his stubborness and girls, and he is certainly the least intelligent of the three, just because Hermione is such a genius and Harry is still a decent bit above average, but Ron has always been averagely smart. Prisoner and on seem to make him say and do a lot of stupid things. They wrote him much better in the first two. Dumbledor was also just terrible in this one. He had a few good scenes true, like when he distracts Fudge and Macnair to give Harry and Hermione enough time to get Buckbeak away, but in general he just felt too stern to be Dumbledor. Richard Harris had a twinkle in his eye, which Gambon totally lacks. He seems like he wants to help the students because it is the right thing to do, but he doesn't really adore them like Harris did, and like Dumbledor did. I also could not feel the affection between Harry and Sirius at all after Harry realizes who Sirius really is. I mean Harry seemed to be very happy, but it just wasn't strong enough, or personal enough. Oh dear Merlin and don't even get me started on how TERRIBLE their Werewolf was. It's snout looked nothing like a wolf, more like a cyote and even that is really pushing it, it's fur was so short and thin that it looked like one of those Mexican hairless dogs, it's limbs were so long and thin that I felt that they should break far too easily, it had no tail at all, or canine ears for that matter, and all in all it was just so pathetic that I wasn't able help but laugh at the rediculousness of it. I felt that if your boggart turns into a proper Werewolf, then this is what you should turn it into to get a good laugh. Then the humor wore off and I was just desgusted with how bad it looked. Oh yeah, and Harry's crying scene wasn't very real either. He acted it as best he could, but how he reacts is just not realistic at all. He's furious not brought to tears at this "revelation".

So in short,
1) SS
2) OoTP
3) CoS
4) HBP
5) GoF
6) PoA

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Re: Where does HBP rank in your favorite HP films?

Well, right now its top on the list, but I'm waiting for DH to come out so that I can put that in the ranking. To me it's sort of cheating if you put it in there before it's even out. Anyway, my list of the movies in order of favorite is this...


I just thought that HBP was really good. it seems every time a new movie comes out It goes on the top of my list!


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Re: Where does HBP rank in your favorite HP films?

For me HBP was a big dissapointment and I don't understand why it gets so many positive feedback here ???

Old July 27th, 2009, 12:15 am
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Re: Where does HBP rank in your favorite HP films?

From favorite to least favorite:

1) Order of the Phoenix: my favorite book as well, and I just think they did a really good job on it. The Department of Mysteries and Harry's brief possession at the end were, IMO, awesome scenes.
2) Half-Blood Prince: they did a very good job. Good acting, good visuals, just great stuff overall.
3) Goblet of Fire: I think they handled the transition from 3-400 page book to 700 page book remarkably well. And the graveyard scene was wonderfully done, IMO.
4) Chamber of Secrets: very magical, you still got the amazement and the wonder of the first film, but with better acting and a good villain in Riddle.
6) TIE) Sorcerer's Stone and Prisoner of Azkaban: I can't decide which I like better. Sorcerer's Stone was so magical, a really good introduction. Prisoner of Azkaban was very artistic, and Sirius and Lupin were great.

So, in short:

The variety here is very interesting!

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Re: Where does HBP rank in your favorite HP films?

Here are my rankings of the "Potter" films, from my favourite to my least favourite.

1. Half-Blood Prince: Excellent cinematography and acting (I believe that Delbonnel, Broadbent and Gambon all deserve Oscar nominations, though I doubt that would happen), and the script, though I have minor irritations with it (most of which are not related to differences between the book and film) was far from terrible. The musical score was not the best, but, upon listening to it a few more times, I have developed a slight liking for it. Overall, I cannot wait to see it for the fourth time in the near future.

2. TIE: Order of the Phoenix/Prisoner of Azkaban: My preference between the two alternates on a frequent basis. In reference to the latter, I love Cuarón's direction and the cinematography, as well as the John Williams's soundtrack; in addition, the acting is, for the most part, good (Gambon is his usually superb self, though the younger performers had yet to become connoisseurs in their profession), and the film is, overall, enjoyable. Order of the Phoenix also had good acting, and an acceptable script, though the cinematography is quite poor and overly blue, and Hooper could have composed a superior musical score. I believe that I primarliy enjoy this film for nostalgic purposes, as the summer of 2007 was a very prosperous time for me.

3. Goblet of Fire: This film is a bit rushed towards the beginning, the script and musical score are not perfect, and Newell's director of certain actors, such as Gambon, is a bit schizophrenic, but, overall, it is a decent movie. The visual effects were especially impressive, and the cinematography was, for the most part, good.

4. Philosopher's Stone: Columbus is easily my least-favourite director of the franchise, and though this is the film that initially made me interested in "Potter", when I watch it nowadays, it simply lacks something. The musical score is good, as are some of the adult actors, but the trio are, for the most part, poor (I cannot help but laugh whenever I hear Ron, using a voice that is much too dramatic, say "Jinxing the broom?—what d'we do?" during the overly lengthy Quidditch match), the cinematography is bland, and the film is paced dully. I snickered at its lacklustre quality several times while I was watching it on ABC Family a couple weeks ago.

5. Chamber of Secrets: Ugh. As yoshi2542 said on, I believe, the first page of this thread, this film is just embarrassing. The script is god-awful ("There's only one place we're going to get all of this—[dramatic pause]—Diagon Alley!" and "There's no Hogwarts without you, Hagrid!"), the direction is as equally poor to that of the first film, the pacing is dreadful and the score was, primarily, recycled material from the film's predecessor. I believe that the cinematography is the only element of this film that is better than its Philosopher's Stone counterpart. How, exactly, did I enjoy this film upon my first viewing of it in November 2002?

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