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Batman 3 - The Dark Knight Rises

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Re: Batman 3 - The Dark Knight Rises

Originally Posted by Goddess_Clio View Post
Was just watching The Hunger Games and was struck by how much more effectively they used the concept of torturing people with hope and helped me realize part of the issue I have with how it's used in Dark Knight Rises.

In Hunger Games there's a winner. There's one person who leaves the games still alive which gives all 24 tributes hope that they can be that one even if they don't really believe that they will win.

In Dark Knight Rises no one is given hope; they are told that in 5 months they will die and that no one will escape this fate, not a single person can do a thing to save themselves from being blown up. They've locked up everyone the public believes can save them by imprisoning all the cops in the sewers and telling everyone that a single Navy SEAL or army soldier or SWAT team member that is found setting foot on the island of Gotham will cause them to detonate the bomb (Batman at this time is still seen as a pariah so he's not a viable candidate to save Gotham at this point). No one is hopeful they will live. No one has reason to hope.

I hope (no pun intended) that this helps to explain why I have a problem with the torture them with hope idea in DKR.
thats a good point, that is one thing i wish we would have seen more of, the people of gotham living in hope. But i dont recall them being told they would die anyway in 5 months, that would certainly defeat the object.

I watched this movie again though recently and this was one of the main things i looked out for, how the people are and how they reacted when bane locks down the city. In his speechs at the football game and outside blackgate he first terrorises them with the threat of the bomb then he says that they have not come as conquerers, and that they want the people of gotham to take back there city from the rich and powerful and the corrupt while the rest of them have been living with nothing. During his speech we see the people of gotham storming into the houses of the rich and tearing it down and cheering, and we see a huge army of people in the streets who all seem to be celebrating taking over the city, also in the courts we see the rich and powerful being sentenced, with either death or exile as there only two options and the courts are full of the people of gotham who all chant death, and are cheering. Its only really the rich and powerful or the law that we see that are huddled up together with the board members of Wayne enterprises, the exact people bane wants the people to rise up against.

So although i do agree that the idea of giving hope to the people wasnt fantastically shown, i do believe there was an element of it, it just wasnt shown in the way you were thinking it should of been, with people believing they can escape and survive and trying to, cos i dont think it was ever meant to be like that, it was more give the people there city back from the corrupt and the rich and powerful, cos youve been living in a city were the justice system is based on a lie, he reveals the truth bout dent, and he reveals truths about the city and how corrupt it is, he gives the people reason to rise up. He feeds them hope that the people can rule and take over the city and tells them to do as you please. We do see an element of this with people storming into houses and cheering in the streets. Also in his speech he claims a random gothamite has been given the detonator to the bomb, and if any outside help comes or any one trying to stop them they will blow up the city. The thought of one of the people been given this power will give a sense that the people have the power and they are rising up, theres a movement, they will believe they are in charge, and in a sense there given hope, they are taking back there city.

As i say though it wasnt shown that well apart from the points i mentioned. On that note, during this period of the film the focus was more on Bruces recovery and escape from the pit, and Gordon and his men trying to locate the bomb, cos only they know it will blow anyway cos fox told them. So to show more of the people of gotham in the streets and taking back there city from the rich May have been offputting at this point in the movie. So we did get elements of the people given hope, thats how i interpreted it anyway.

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