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Snape's Point of View 2: Post-HBP PTSS version.

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Old September 4th, 2006, 9:13 pm
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Re: Snape's Point of View 2: Post-HBP PTSS version.

Great stuff, Sly_Lady, thanks! Wonder what the plan for the Ministry is? Or is it all double feint triple bluff ? And just 4 DEs to attack Hogwarts?! Anyway, I sorta wondered how effective giants, Inferi, Dementors, and other non-human allies of LV can really be. I mean, giants are resistent to most magic, but what about good old Avada? And they aren't human beings, so many Aurors may no have any compunction against using it. A good patronus takes care of "hundreds" of Dementors. And a simple fire spell keeps Inferi in check. Now, maybe not everybody could create the "lasso of fire" like DD's, but everybody can summon fire, so... That's a challenge both JKR and fan fic writers face - to make LV and his troops look really dangerous after they have bumbled their way through 6 volumes and were repeatedly defeated and humiliated by kids .

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Re: Snape's Point of View 2: Post-HBP PTSS version.

Sly_Lady, please write more if you can!

I am incapable of hating someone who, instead of using a spell to guard the Sorcerer's Stone, uses a logic puzzle.
I'm sorry.

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Re: Snape's Point of View 2: Post-HBP PTSS version.

Sly Lady: I was so thrilled to see that you had posted another excerpt to your story! I cannot wait to read more!!!!!

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Re: Snape's Point of View 2: Post-HBP PTSS version.

Aww. Snape and Aberforth. Wonderful and painful.

Severus Snape: More Enigma Than Riddle

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Re: Snape's Point of View 2: Post-HBP PTSS version.

MorE, hpFAN101 and Slylady fantastic!

I still trust Severus Snape

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Re: Snape's Point of View 2: Post-HBP PTSS version.

Superb stories SlyLady and hpFAN101. Very enticing, thrilling, and exciting, please write more!

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Re: Snape's Point of View 2: Post-HBP PTSS version.

Excellent piece Sly_Lady. I also loved the bit where Voldemort fears that Severus might be plotting to overthrow him because he sees in him qualities that he himself has. And a bit of rat abuse for good measure ;-)

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Re: Snape's Point of View 2: Post-HBP PTSS version.

Hey Morgan Emerald, Maiab, ignisia, JENGEORGE, UselessCharmMaster, waddiwassiwitch, siriusroxx, LouisaB,

Thanks so much for reading and saying nice things about this chapter. It's really fun playing with JKR's characters. Especially Snape, of course. I haven't figured out what comes next. Writing Voldy and the gang gives me a headache, although as you say, LouisaB, rat abuse is always fun.

Maiab, I have no idea how real any of this attack business can be. Voldy's effectively evil, but if he thinks he can do much with his current group of morons, he's delusional too. With Lucius and the most dangerous DE's still in Azkaban, this is really a Keystone cops kind of affair. Alecto and Amycus strike me as an older generation of Crabbe and Goyle. The most together DE's left are Wormtail, who probably shouldn't be written off, and Bella, whose insanity overcomes her intelligence at the drop of a hat. Evil? Yeah. Effective? Not so much, I think. Well, then there's Greyback, but he's pretty nuts too.

Of course, the Order's full of misfits too. Moody's paranoid, Lupin's out of commission as a werewolf, Mundungus in Azkaban (smelly sneak thief!) Tonks is lovesick, Shacklebolt is stuck babysitting in the PM's office. BTW, I think Kingsley is probably super-Auror extraordinaire. Hopefully in Book 7 we'll see more? Minerva's got her hands full with Hogwarts. The Weasleys? Arthur's stuck at the Ministry a lot, the guys don't respect Molly, the twins are in commerce. Bill's chewed and getting married. Charlie? I dunno. I think Aberforth has a lot more on the ball than anyone knows yet, and I hope I haven't made him seem too weird. I like him.

Anyway, these chunks I've written are parts of a massive fan fic, very little of which is from Snape's point of view and much of which is irredeemably silly.

I'll post more when I can contrive another Snape POV chunk. In the meantime, somebody write more!!! This seems to be a rare place in CoS where we can indulge our appreciation for the Great Billowy One in peace. I love reading all of your contributions.


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Re: Snape's Point of View 2: Post-HBP PTSS version.

Yes, this is a VERY rare thread here. A peaceful oasis in a desert of Snape-Haters.

I will try and post something during the weekend. Been half way through a piece for the last two days but being very slack about finishing it - too many distracting threads here.

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Re: Snape's Point of View 2: Post-HBP PTSS version.

Sly_Lady, nice POV!

I haven't been posting my stuff here lately, because in the story I am currently working on, I have decided to write some chapters from another character's POV, so I started a thread for it in Flourish&Blotts.

But the first chapter is...so I'm posting it here too. (The link to the rest of what have written so far is in my sig: "Unintended Consequences"). The story is some speculations set in Snape's young adult years.


Severus Snape sat on a high wooden stool, hunched over a pair of bubbling cauldrons. He stirred the cauldron on the right steadily, remembering to add a clockwise stir after each dozen counter-clockwise turns of his wand. Every once in a while, he switched his attention to the cauldron on the left, and added another pinch of the dried, chopped violets piled neatly on the worn wooden surface of the worktable next to the cauldron. The sallow skin of his face glistened from a thin sheen of sweat, for despite the cool, rainy October day outside, the windowless room in which he was working was uncomfortably stuffy from the heat of the flames and the fumes of the potions.

He hoped Madam Sophronia would not walk in. The flowers were a strictly non-regulation ingredient for the Strengthening Solution, but he had discovered they increased the shelf life of the finished potion considerably while adding a beneficial analgesic effect. His employer, however, did not set any store by his discoveries. His black eyes flashed as he remembered the time, a couple of months ago, when she had made him brew a new batch of Euphoria from scratch after happening to come in when he was adding peppermint to it. He had reeled off a sound theoretical explanation of the reasons peppermint would lessen the most common side effects of Euphoria, but it had fallen on deaf ears.

He supposed he should just make the potions her way, but he couldn’t accept it. It seemed wrong to use a less efficient process, or to use ingredients which resulted in an inferior final product. If one was going to make a potion at all, one should make the best potion possible.

NEWTs and book learning did not matter very much in Knockturn Alley, he knew. His Outstanding NEWT in Potions made him more than qualified for this job, but he knew that was not why Madam Sophronia had hired him. That piece of paper from the Ministry meant nothing; the fact that he was the grandson of Airmid Prince, whose potions were well-regarded throughout Knockturn Alley, meant everything.

His lips twisted into a bitter smile as he reflected that in this regard, Knockturn Alley was not much different from the Ministry of Magic. His assortment of NEWTs had not yet gotten him a post over candidates with lower grades and better Wizarding family connections. Even the Death Eaters were less selective. Unfortunately for him.

He had become a Death Eater about a year ago, and his duties mostly involved brewing Potions. Almost like his day job, without the pay. Although the infrequent odd jobs involving unique cursed items or other applications of Dark Magic could be quite interesting. Occasionally, because of his low profile, he would also be assigned to surveillance, as he had been the night he overheard a candidate for the post of Divination Professor make a prophecy in front of Albus Dumbledore.

He recalled the one and only raid he had been on, shortly after he had reported the prophecy. A test of his courage and his loyalty, he had been told, that all Death Eaters had to pass. He suspected the assignment had at least as much to do with the fact that he had been caught eavesdropping on Albus Dumbledore while on duty.

The target had been a young witch, a pureblood, not at all powerful or pretty, just having the bad luck to have relatives who had angered the Dark Lord. Letitia McKinnon, that was her name. He doubted he would ever forget her face, either. She had been no threat to them, or to anyone else. The others, whose duties involved participating in such raids regularly, had been happy to attend to the torture and killing themselves, he had just watched. He had said nothing and done nothing, knowing that to do otherwise would be to meet her fate. He had been fervently grateful for the mask he wore, which had hidden not only his identity but also his feelings from the others. It was a test he had passed, with flying colors. He was a coward, and that would keep him loyal to the Dark Lord, come what may.

He realized abruptly that he had no idea how many counter-clockwise turns he had made. Another advantage of his job, the close attention potion making required served to keep out other thoughts, most of the time.

Suddenly, the door from the shop creaked open. Snape cursed under his breath; the last of the dried violets were still piled before the nearly finished cauldron of Strengthening Solution. His employer was supposed to have been busy with her weekly inventory of the front room of the shop for at least another couple of hours.

Straightening, he pushed his damp, shoulder-length black hair back from his face and turned to look towards the door. It was indeed his employer, a very short, plump little witch. The mass of snow-white hair piled high under an enormous, fruit-bedecked hat in a style that had been popular among Muggles about a century ago only served to make her seem even shorter. Her beady black eyes and wrinkled face were positively glowing.

“Hello, Severus! We just got a large order today,” she explained, rubbing her claw like hands together. Her voice dropping to a whisper, she added “Veritaserum antidote.” This explained her good mood, Snape realized. Veritaserum and its antidote were Ministry-controlled substances, illegal to make, let alone sell, without the appropriate licenses. Licenses could only be obtained by persons willing to explain their need to make such a potion. Persons not willing to explain their need for it could be expected to pay a large premium to preserve their privacy.

“I’ll have to check on our stocks of moonflower,” Snape said. “When will they need it?”

“As soon as possible, he said,” she responded. Snape got up from the stool and walked over to the storage shelves. Rolling the ladder up to the right spot, he climbed up and opened the appropriate jar.

“If he needs more than a couple of vials, we don’t have enough,” Snape told her. Looking down, he saw she had walked over to his worktable and was standing on her tiptoes to peer into the cauldron.

“I’ll run out and see if I can’t buy some this afternoon; it would be good for us to make a start on it today,” she responded. “But what are you doing with the Strengthening Solution? You know I don’t like these newfangled ideas,” she added with a frown. Snape climbed down from the ladder and walked over.

“If you add violets in the final stage of the brewing process, the finished potion retains its effectiveness for a couple of months, and can help to ward off aches and pains,” Snape explained. “This is the batch for St. Mungo’s. They could really use that.”

“Severus, I am generally more than pleased with the quality of your work, you know that,” she said, her voice rising in exasperation. “But I have made it quite clear you are to use the standard recipes in my workshop. You’ll just have to brew up a new batch for St. Mungo’s this evening, is all. They are a regular client and I will not risk disappointing them. Hold on to what you’ve made, though. If it really does keep, maybe we can bottle some to keep on the shelves out front.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” Snape said disgustedly.

“Well, I’m off,” she said, bustling back out towards the front room. As she left, she turned back. “I’ll leave the door open while I am out shopping. You’ll have to attend to any customers who happen by while I am away.”

“Yes, Madam Sophronia,” Snape agreed, sitting back down on his stool.

The remainder of the afternoon passed uneventfully. Snape finished the two potions he had been working on and poured them into bottles neatly labeled with the name and date. He sold a few bottles of off-the-shelf potions to customers who, for whatever reason, preferred to shop at Madam Sophronia’s instead of the larger, more popular apothecary shops of Diagon Alley. He looked over the potions in various stages of long-term brewing to be sure they had all the ingredients and stirring they needed for the night.

Finally, he got the containers of ingredients for the Veritaserum antidote off the high storage shelves. As he was measuring out dried, powdered newt skin using the small copper scales, his employer came bustling back into the workshop.

“Here’re the moonflowers…Oh, I see you’re starting already. Excellent, I’ll just go and shut up the shop, and then join you.” She dropped a few parcels on the table next to Snape and bustled back out.

She returned shortly, now hatless and wearing a large, leather apron over her fancy, old-fashioned robes. As Snape continued his preparations, she started a magical fire on the worktable and with expert flicks of her wand, set up a huge cauldron far too heavy for her to lift above it. Standing up on another stool, she started adding the ingredients Snape handed up to her, humming a sentimental-sounding tune Snape did not recall ever hearing before under her breath.

In the two years he had been working at the shop, Snape had gradually taken over most of the potion making from her. He supposed it was the importance of the unknown customer that led her to involve herself in the making of this batch. A loud banging on the back door of the workroom interrupted his thoughts.

“Merlin’s beard and whiskers!” exclaimed Madam Sophronia, hopping down from the stool with agility surprising in a woman of her years, as Snape hastily drew his wand. Knockturn Alley was actually surprisingly safe for its shop-owners, since the more dangerous denizens relied on their services, but both he and his employer had their reasons to fear the Ministry.

“Severus, you just be ready to Vanish that mess on my signal,” she hissed as she bustled over to the door to peer through the peephole. As she fumbled with the deadbolt, a relieved smile replaced her worried frown. Snape relaxed. To his surprise, the door opened to reveal Lucius Malfoy, dressed as always in immaculately-cut dark robes that set off the perfectly groomed silver-blond hair that fell over his shoulders.

“Please, step right in, Mr. Malfoy,” Madam Sophronia said, bobbing her head respectfully. “How may I help you? Did you forget something earlier today?”

“Madam Sophronia,” Lucius acknowledged her as he stepped into the workroom, his cold grey eyes resting for a moment on the enormous cauldron and piles of ingredients on the worktable. “I see you are already working on my order. I hope this means it would not inconvenience you if I absconded with your assistant.”

“You mean Mr. Snape?” she asked, puzzled.

“Severus and I are old school friends, Madam Sophronia,” Lucius replied smoothly. “My wife and I had our first child in June, and the baby is crying every night. You know how mothers are. She is convinced a potion Severus once mentioned to her is just what little Draco needs, and she must have it.”

“Congratulations, Mr. Malfoy!” she said. “Of course Severus will be of help. I am fortunate to have hired such a talented assistant.” Turning to Snape, she added with a broad smile, “I can close up on my own tonight, Severus.”

“Good night then, Madam,” said Lucius, stepping back outside

“Thank you, Madam Sophronia,” said Snape, grabbing the long black cloak that hung from a peg near the door.

As he started out the door, she grasped his arm and hissed, “Tomorrow morning, take the Strengthening Solution you made to St. Mungo’s, I’m sure it will be fine.” She let his arm fall.

Suppressing the urge to make a sarcastic remark, he said simply, “Good night!”

“Good night, Severus!” she caroled as he joined Lucius in the back alley. After the door closed behind him Snape heard her start singing the old song she had been humming all evening. Lucius looked around him at the narrow, detritus-strewn alleyway, his nose wrinkling in aristocratic disapproval.

“I want to get away from here. Shall we Apparate to my place?” Lucius suggested.

“Very well, Lucius,” Snape agreed, swinging the black cloak on around his shoulders. Lucius Disapparated with a small pop and Snape followed.

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All was well.

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Re: Snape's Point of View 2: Post-HBP PTSS version.

Originally Posted by Sly_Lady
Maiab, I have no idea how real any of this attack business can be. Voldy's effectively evil, but if he thinks he can do much with his current group of morons, he's delusional too.
He-he, well, I was under impression that there were more folks in the graveyard whom we didn't yet meet. Wasn't the headcount about 50 or so? And that's with Bella and Co. still in Azkaban. Also, I really hope that LV has been recruiting some fresh talent . Anyway, it is fun to watch the bumbling gang as depicted by you, so no worries. Voldy didn't make much impression on me in puncto effectiveness as an Evil Overlord in the books so far, so this would be quite in character

Where do you post your epic, BTW? I'd like to ingest it in all its glory .

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Re: Snape's Point of View 2: Post-HBP PTSS version.

Oh great!!! Two new stories! Sly_Lady and zgirnius, both completely amazing!!! Nothing like a little Snape-fic to make my day a little better!


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Slytherin on Pottermore:
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Re: Snape's Point of View 2: Post-HBP PTSS version.

Zgirnius fantastic! I really enjoyed it.

I still trust Severus Snape

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Re: Snape's Point of View 2: Post-HBP PTSS version.

Sly_Lady, zgirnius those where wonderful pov! I really loved them both: love:

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Re: Snape's Point of View 2: Post-HBP PTSS version.

Goodness this thread has been dead recently.

Just a quick post to notify everyone who was reading my Spinners End Years pieces on this thread that I moved them a while ago to the Flourish & Blotts section so that they are all together and in one place. I am sure you will agree that it was getting a bit long and a bit out of hand. I have been posting one part a week (each Sunday) and today finally got up to the part that I posted last on this thread. Since that same part had a bit of an important re-write before posting it in F&B I thought I would just leave a note here now rather than next week when the first entirely new part is posted there.

The link is in my signature.

Sorry I haven't posted anything here recently. The piece I mentioned that I was working on a couple of months ago didn't really work out too well. I was not happy enough with it to post it here.

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Re: Snape's Point of View 2: Post-HBP PTSS version.

Thanks for reminding us that this thread still exists, LouisaB. I've been very distracted by stupid old "real" life, for a while.

zgirnius, that was a great piece. Poor, young Severus, it captures the tone of what his life must have been like. Marvelous!

I'll try to carve a bit more Snape action from my fic and post here. From here, til the end of my big fic, it's kind of cunfused, and there may be mention of the OC woman and other silliness at some point. Please forgive me if it's annoying. I'll try to keep it Snape focused. I'd really like to keep this thread going.

“It is finished!” Voldemort proclaimed triumphantly. “The hour of our victory is nigh.”

Peter Pettigrew gave a last, weary stir to the huge cauldron and looked up proudly. “It’s perfect, Master,” he announced. He glanced down at the brownish, boiling slop and then hopefully looked up at the Dark Lord.

“Very good, my Wormtail,” said Voldemort dismissively. “Now where is my faithful Snape? We shall leave within the hour and there is much for him to do.”

“That’s always the way of it with Snape, Master,” Bellatrix said, frowning. “He’s always out for himself. I think he should be the one to test the Polyjuice before we use it.”

“Ah, my excellent Bella. Always so skeptical,” the madman murmured indulgently. “We have all admired Wormtail’s hard work in the past weeks and the Polyjuice is indeed perfect. Now, have your people acquired the samples needed for transforming?”

“Of course, Master,” replied the witch defensively. “I shall be the first into the Ministry and disable the protections. All is in readiness, and your Death Eaters will lead the Inferi inside.”

“Splendid!” Voldemort murmured in a false pleasant voice. “I look forward to seeing you acquit yourself splendidly, Bella.”

“I look forward to that too,” proclaimed Severus Snape, striding through the entrance to the cellar. “Please forgive me, Master, for my tardiness. My team members are present upstairs and I only await your instructions before we apply the Polyjuice Potion.”

Bellatrix flushed an ugly red. “Do you expect that my team will give way before yours, Snape? Defeating the Ministry, once and for all, is far more important than your bloody school,” she barked.

Snape studied her coldly, as though she were a substandard student in his Potions class, then turned his back on her and asked calmly, “What are your orders, Master?”

The air between Bellatrix and Snape crackled with the energy of their mutual hatred, exciting the mad Dark Lord. He enjoyed watching Bellatrix’s discomfiture, but felt he must put Snape off balance too. The black-clad wizard was too smooth for comfort, he thought nastily.

“Control yourselves, my Death Eaters. We are on the break of a great victory and must unite our efforts.” Lord Voldemort studied Snape. “Severus, I wish to oversee our affairs here. You will go yourself and Apparate the giants to Hogsmeade. At most it will take ten trips, and then you shall return to collect the rest of your attack force.”

So it began Snape thought. The energy involved in Apparating giants such a distance was enormous. This could only mean that the Dark Lord wished to weaken him before the attack even began, and he wondered what other unpleasant surprises were in store for him. He allowed shocked dismay to be seen in his eyes and saw a sneer appear on Bellatrix’s face. He knew better than to speak, however. He nodded and climbed the stairs, feeling the red eyes boring into his back as he left the cellar.


The giant land was cold and desolate. An icy sleet was blasting into his face. There were no giants to be seen, so he shot red sparks into the sky from his wand and waited. Perhaps all the giants had decided to leave, he thought. But then a howl came from on high, and an enormous brute, the Gurg, began clambering down the mountainside. Rock began crashing down under his frantic onslaught. From other directions two others were descending too, and Severus saw several faces peering out from shadowed crevices, but no more appeared to join him.

“WHERE ARE THE OTHERS?” he screamed, forcing a furious scowl to contort his features. “The Dark Lord said there would be twenty. Where are your people?” Inside, he felt almost weak with relief. The Order had performed admirably to remove most of the giants.

The Gurg crashed to a halt in front of the tiny black wizard. He looked frantically at the mountainside behind him. One massive, lumpish giant was shambling toward them, and one other, a smaller one was moving toward them more slowly.

Snape glared coldly at them. Thinking quickly, he realized that if he could keep this news from the Dark Lord until the attack began it would make the Death Eaters far more vulnerable. If they stayed hidden near the gates until the attack began…

“Where are your people?” he asked again, Legilimencing the Gurg to see the giant leader’s intentions. He saw terror in the huge, bloodshot eyes and wondered how such a powerful, vicious creature could be so frightened, even of Voldemort.

Golgomath gestured distractedly around at the vacant mountain valley, looking bemused. He then pointed to the other two giants with a desolate air.

“They are gone,” Snape said disgustedly. “Will you and these others honor your commitment, Golgomath?”

The Gurg dropped to his knees before Snape, gesturing desperately to his last two followers to join him.

Once the vile ritual of accepting their abasement was complete, Snape gestured to the Gurg and the larger follower. “I can take two of you at once. You must remain hidden until I return for you. Do you understand?”

They all nodded. Snape placed one firm hand on each massive arm. Concentrating fiercely, he Apparated.

“You are near the gates,” he told them. “Stay in the forest here, while I go to fetch your companion. Remain hidden no matter what happens.”

They nodded; looking befuddled at the sudden change to green summer, but went immediately into the trees and peered out to watch as he Apparated away.

Upon returning to fetch the last one, Snape discovered that two others had joined the smaller giant. They were females, and they were pulling at his arms, dragging him toward a distant slope. All three started, froze and stared guiltily at him, and he looked pointedly at two enormous knapsacks on the ground. Interesting, he thought. He looked enquiringly at them and saw a gleam of passionate desperation in the eyes of one.

She challenged him without words, and then began dragging the male giant away again.

“Go then,” Snape said firmly. “Hide yourselves and do not be captured.” He nodded respectfully to the three. He might have a few moments now, to touch base with Aberforth before returning to Riddle house, he thought, and then he was off again.


When Snape entered the kitchen door of Riddle House again, Percy Weasley, Cornelius Fudge, Kingsley Shacklebolt, Dolores Umbridge and Lord Voldemort met him.

“Well, Snape?” asked Kingsley Shacklebolt in Bellatrix’s voice.

“Impressive,” he replied grudgingly. He turned immediately to the Dark Lord and said, “How soon will we attack at Hogwarts, my Lord?”

“Your associates are in the cellar. Transform them and be on your way. In thirty minutes our associate within the school will open the gates and the doors to allow our force entry. You shall lead the giants into Hogwarts and the Inferi shall join you when you are inside the gates. When you Conjure the Dark Mark, they will hasten to your side.”

My Lord, will you not be with us?” asked Snape, looking concerned.

“I wish to ensure that the Ministry is ours. Nagini is hiding near the gates and will join you when you enter Hogwarts. I shall join you when our victory at the Ministry is assured.” The red eyes glowed brilliantly.

Snape nodded curtly. “I hope to see you with us very soon, Master,” he said firmly. “I now hasten to obey your orders.”

In the cellar, Pettigrew, Amycus and Alecto waited nervously. They all leaped to their feet at his approach.

“My congratulations, Pettigrew, on making a superb Polyjuice Potion,” Snape murmured insincerely.

“Do you have the samples?” he responded irritably. “Who am I going to be, Snape?”

“Yeah, Snapey, who’m I gonna be?” Amycus slurred, obviously blind drunk.

Snape flicked his wand and slammed the idiot to the dirt floor. “You forget yourself, fool,” he snapped.

All three of his associates were slightly sobered by his show of temper, so they waited in silence. Amycus crawled onto his knees and managed to stagger to his feet, holding the side of his head.

“Now, each of you will take a dose of the Potion and I shall add the sample to it,” Snape hissed, his icy glare daring any of them to challenge him.

Even Pettigrew ladled a dose of the Polyjuice into a goblet without protest.

Snape dropped a small sample into each goblet, causing the revolting mess to froth and bubble.

“Bottoms up,” he sneered, watching them gag and force the stuff down.

Then, before his eyes the fools had become three very familiar witches.

Professor Trelawney narrowed her protuberant eyes in fury at him. “Snape! You bloody slimeball, you made me a woman!” she snapped in Pettigrew’s whiny voice.

Snape smiled. “I suggest you Apparate to the attics and find appropriate clothing, Pettigrew. Your bony ankles are showing.” He drew his wand and added smugly, “We must all make sacrifices in our master’s service.”

“Look at me, Alecto! I’m a lady,” Amycus caroled, mincing drunkenly across the cellar as Madam Pomfrey.

Alecto’s movements were nothing like Madam Pince, Snape saw with delight. The three buffoons would only deceive an utter moron.

“All of you, you now have five minutes in the attics to clothe yourselves suitably,” he snapped. “Alecto and Amycus, wear black and look modest and discreet. Pettigrew, if you do not remember what Sibyll Trelawney looks like, you are even dimmer than I thought. Wrap some colored draperies around yourself or something, and burden yourself with hideous jewelry. And spectacles. I shall meet you at the kitchen door in five minutes.”

The three Disapparated at the same instant, and Snape wished briefly that they would all be melded together in a random blob of stupidity. He put aside his frivolous thought then and wondered who was to open the gates for them. He walked up the cellar stairs, his gut clenching painfully. He had done all that he could, and realized that he would soon have no control of the outcome. He allowed himself to think briefly of Zelda, and felt grateful that she was safely away from danger. He hoped that somehow he would be able to see her again when it was all over. He took one last deep breath and put aside all thoughts except of the coming situation. He must do what he could to preserve Hogwarts and the good people in and around the school. He sighed briefly and, assuming a sinister glare, he waited outside the back door for his team.

The Death Eater team Apparated to the road between Hogsmeade and Hogwarts. Snape wished he had leisure to be amused by the appearance of these morons. Shacklebolt had been right to suggest these three staff members, he thought. But it was time to inform them of the giant situation.

“I had no chance to tell the Dark Lord,” he said casually, “but when I went to fetch the giants, most of them were nowhere to be found.”

“What?” shrieked Pettigrew, sounding more panicked than a competent wizard should. “We have no giants?”

“We have two,” Snape said calmly. “The Gurg and one other huge creature. With the army of Inferi that the Dark Lord has given us, we shall have no trouble. Remember, we are completely unexpected.”

“That’s right,” giggled Alecto. Her voice sounded especially demented, coming as it did from the rigid form of Madam Pince.

They were nearly at the gates of Hogwarts. A subtle rustling came from the side of the road, and Nagini slithered out of the shrubbery and fell in behind them.

“I must warn you, do not speak until we are within,” Snape said firmly. “None of you sounds remotely like your host.”

“What about you, Snape?” Pettigrew asked belligerently. “No one’s going to open the gates to us if you’re visible.”

“I shall Disillusion myself at that time, but first I must collect the giants. They only know my appearance, so I must be visible,” he explained smoothly.

“Get on with it, then,” snarled the miserable Animagus. Being Sibyll Trelawney obviously did not agree with him.

“First, your instructions,” Snape said icily. “I do not know who will open the gates when you arrive there. But your task is to go straight to the doors of the school and begin the attack within. I shall follow you, deal with the gatekeeper and bring in the giants. I shall then summon the Inferi and follow you with our army. Do you understand?”

The three nodded with varying degrees of enthusiasm. The plan sounded completely clear.

“Walk slowly, now and I shall soon return with the giants.”

The three fake witches walked slowly on in silence. Whether or not they had misgivings, none dared to question the plan at this point. When a loud rustling noise came from the woods near the road, they paused.

“All right, we are ready. Go!” hissed Snape. He had Disillusioned himself and was walking behind them. Nagini’s presence was loathsome and unavoidable. All he could do was move forward now and hope that the Order was prepared. He spared a thought for what might be happening at the Ministry of Magic, but as the three transformed Death Eaters approached the gates, he focused on what was happening before him.

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Re: Snape's Point of View 2: Post-HBP PTSS version.

Sly Lady fantastic. It was great seeing Peter Pettigrew transformed into Trelawney. I am sorry that I have been away from this thread for so long. It seems that the thread has gone dead somewhat.

Anyways here a bit of silliness. In fact it is so silly I was not sure whether to post it or not.

Severus Snape could barely conceal his smirk. Thank Merlin that his mask was covering his grin. Voldemort had called him in as he was sure that tonight he would finally be able to turn into his Animagus form. However he sure did not anticipate morphing into a little bunny.
“Severus, my most faithful and loyal servant. I require your presence for a most interesting project.” he had demanded smiling in the macabre way only he has. Ever since his fleeing from Hogwarts, the Dark Lord had taken to inviting him for tea and crumpets. Even Severus had to admit that the Dark Lord’s taste in crumpets was exquisite and was only surpassed by Dumbledore’s. Not that he ever would inform his “Master” of that. As always the food had been delicious and the Dark Lord had informed him, as he had done every other night since he began his quest to be an Animagus, that tonight would be the night. The Dark Lord believed that being an Animagus could only prove advantageous. To his displeasure and Severus’ pleasure the attempts thus far had been failures. The task was proving more difficult than anticipated. However since Snape was now permanently in the fold the Dark Lord had been making him devote his time to providing potions that could aid this. Of course they were all perfectly brewed but never worked as the Dark Lord hoped. Once the Dark Lord stood up from the table Severus had handed him yet another useless potion. He knew that he would face his “Master’s” wrath if this attempt was a failure as he seemed even more confident than ever tonight. He had supposedly been working on this potion for the last month but as Severus knew no potion could aid the transformation into a Animagus but as always the Dark Lord knew better and he knew better than to question the madman. A round of crucios was once thing but an avada kedavra meant that there was no one to pass information to the Order. He had sat watching the attempt in trepidation bracing himself for the revenge.
Once the tea and crumpets were finished the Dark Lord had swallowed the potion that he had demanded of him. He stood up and went far away from the table as if anticipating a transformation into a macabre monster. Severus blinked and when he looked again a small fluffy white rabbit glared back up at him. For one brief moment Severus got an urge to roar in laughter but thankfully checked himself.

So this was why he stood in a room hiding a smirk behind his mask. The Dark Lord rapidly turned himself back into the normally terrifying creature that he was. Severus could tell that he was infuriated and embarassed at the unexpected shape his Animagus form had taken. He also knew that it was likely that the Dark Lord would place the blame on him.
“You are not to inform anyone of this development”, he ordered looking at him as if daring him to laugh.
“Of course not, my Lord.” he replied, “ but if you permit me to say I think that this unexpected occurrence could prove to be advantagous in some way”.
Voldemort looked warily at him.
“In what way?” he asked his voice icy cold.
Severus shivered but composed himself once again.
“Well, my Lord, nobody would expect such a handsome rabbit to be the greatest sorceror in the world.” Severus began but was soon interupted.
“Do not attempt to ingratiate yourself with compliments, Snape. I can see right through them and I know what it is that you are doing.” Voldemort said. However despite the icy tone of his voice Severus could tell that his master was really gratified.
“Now you were saying” Voldemort continued.
“Potter’s little girlfriend and his mudblood pal are very attached to furry little creatures. As well as that, that half-wit Hagrid could be fooled. One could use this as a way to trap young Mr Potter.”
“Perhaps..” Voldemort mused with a sadistic smile on his face.
Severus was proud of his quick thinking. Besides not even Potter and his foolish friends would be idiotic enough to believe that the furry little creature was harmless once they saw the Dark Mark imprinted on it’s rump. As long as it remained a secret between the two of them there was every chance that the Dark Lord would never discover it.
“Well you have a point but I must remind you that this is not to escape your lips. Now you may go.”
Severus bowed and disapparated. Once he reached a safe place Severus burst into the laughter that had been thus far denied him. He had to send a message of warning to the Order somehow but for now he was going to enjoy the first chance he had to laugh in a long time.
It had been a long and exhausting day. After he had laughed till he could not do so anymore, he had headed back to his “home”. However the place that Severus currently called home was not exactly ideal for a man who required a long rest. While he was never overtly concerned with comfort and opulence, somewhere nice and warm would have been nice. As it was, he could not afford to draw attention to himself. Having a fire burning in the grate was therefore out. The squat was at least clean and there was a lumpy sofa, which doubled as his bed as well as many other things. He had been on the run since Dumbledore’s death and being a wanted murderer did not make for a quiet life. This lumpy sofa had been transported in his pocket all over Britain as he had fled the Aurors. It had been disguised as everything from a piece of mouldy cheese to a dirty hankerchief. He had been determined not to leave his all of his precious library to the vultures and had brought a few of his most cherished volumes transfigured into potions materials. Getting an Outstanding in Transfiguration had helped immensely in his job as a spy and was proving to be equally useful when on the run. Of course when he was serving the Dark Lord he did not have much to do besides read, eat or sleep. Being a famous murderer had not done much for his social life either. He may have been mentioned in every wizarding home but he certainly was not invited into them.

Severus made himself a nice warm cup of tea and sat himself down on the lumpy sofa. Despite his tiredness, he was happier than he had been in a while. He sat, drank and reflected on a job well done. After a few minutes of well earned relaxation, he remembered that a message must be sent to his contact in the Order. He picked up his wand and summoned a piece of parchment and a quill.
“Beware of white rabbit Aminagus. His task completed. But marked on rear. -HBP”, he wrote. It was cryptic but the person who would receive it would understand. Hagrid may appear to be a half-wit to many people but Severus knew that the half giant was a lot smarter than he seemed. He put down the quill and picked up his wand once again muttering “Expecto Patronum”. His phoenix shaped Patronus appeared and using his mentor’s spell to turn it into a messanger he sent his note to Hagrid. He was grateful that the upheaval since Dumbledore’s death had resulted in a change in the form of his Patronus. It seemed that there was no getting rid of Dumbledore after all. Voldemort was wrong. As long as there were people who remained loyal to the dead Headmaster, he would never truly be gone.
The following morning, Severus awoke to feel his Mark burning.
“So much for yesterday’s cheer”, he thought grogilly as he grabbed the cleanest black robe that he could lay his hands on. Not only did black serve as the illustration of his demeanor but also had practical applications as black robes could hide many stains as well as scare little children. As soon as he was dressed he put his finger to the Mark and Disapparated. He found himself in front of the Dark Lord, who did not appear to be in the best of form. Severus bowed deeply and he soon realised that this was to be a private interview, which did not bode well. He strained his ears hoping that he was wrong and that he would hear another pop signalling the arrival of another of his compatriots. He stood up slowly and Voldemort met his gaze. He hid his unease with a respectful smile in Voldemort’s direction.
“My Lord, how may I be of service?”, he asked.
Voldemort’s eyes flashed and he raised his wand.
“Severus, I have discovered that you have misleaded me. What say you?”, Voldemort hissed with a malvolent grin on his hidious face. Severus feigned ignorance. If he had been discovered but he was not likely to play into Voldemort’s hands with a confession.
“My Lord I fear you are mistaken. I have not misled you about anything.” Severus replied.
“Really” hissed Voldemort, “Why then did you not inform me of the ah misfortunate placing of my Mark?”
“Your Mark, my Lord! I did not know it was there.”
“Do not play the fool, Snape. You are no fool and you know that I do not suffer fools gladly.” Voldemort whispered dangerously. When Severus made no reply, he walked over to the window and then he continued.
“I was rather excited last night and I sought to examine my animal physique in the full length mirror in my chamber. I was pleased with what I saw until I spotted the Mark right there on the check.”, he explained pointing towards where it had been placed. Suddenly he turned around and shouted “Crucio”. Severus fell to the ground twitching. The pain was intense but it did not last very long. His first coherent thought was that he was surprised that Voldemort’s punishment had not been worse and more painful.
“Perhaps my Animagus form may not be as beneficial as we had hoped”, Voldemort mused.
“But my Lord..”, Severus interjected.
Voldemort glowered at him.
“Are you daring to question me, Snape? I simply will not be seen like that in public. I refuse to”, Voldemort roared.
He stood up and flung his customary crumpets on the floor. Now Severus really knew that he had been badly affected. Every Death Eater knew that if the Dark Lord was off his crumpets then things were seriously wrong. He was a struggle to prevent himself from rolling his eyes in disdain. Severus watched as the most powerful Dark wizard in the world began to smash all his precious tea bone china. The more he watched the more he realised that this was good. The Order could benefit if the Dark Lord was lacking in comon sense. So he began formulating plans to further madden Voldemort.
Severus stood watching the Dark wizard throwing a childish hissy fit. Smirking beneath his mask, he found his mind whirling with interesting plans for Operation Madness. Over the course of the previous night, he had been thinking if there were any interesting ways in which to use Voldemort’s Animagus form against him. His first thought had been perhaps if they could find a way in which to force the Dark Lord to retain his bunny shape. However he knew that even if that was case that a man as power-hungry as Voldemort would always have an army of sorts. Even if it was of the rabbit variety… However, there were some things that Severus could do in order to make Voldemort uncomfortable. Fleas were a terrible disadvantage of having an Animagus form. Perhaps he could help with that. He was so preoccupied with his thoughts that he barely noticed that the Dark Lord had stopped abruptly and turned to him.
“What were you saying, Snape.” he asked just as if the last five minutes of destruction and childishness had not occurred. Severus wondered for a moment if he was the one who had gone mad and that he had dreamt up the last few minutes.
“My Lord, very few humans are likely to pay much attention to that part of the anatomy of a rabbit. The only ones that may notice are other rabbits.” he reasoned. He could see that Voldemort was thinking. He seemed much calmer now and he decided to take a chance.
“Perhaps if I could have a look then I could see about creating some camouflage” he suggested.
To Severus’ absolute glee, the Dark Lord obliged him. Not only was he getting a chance to see Bunnymort again but also he had a great idea about sabotaging the potion with some of the Weasley Twins’ boil cream. The little white bunny was in front of him again and turned to give him a look at the Mark. He could feel his lips curving upward into a smile behind his mask once more. The mirth soon turned to panic when he realised that a near human Voldemort was standing in front of him and preparing to relieve him of his mask. He composed himself rapidly as the mask was torn from his face.
“Do you think it is funny, Snape?” Voldemort demanded.
“No my Lord truly” Severus replied trying to maintain an even tone. It seemed that he had been satisfied.
“Good. Now go and see if a camouflage can be created.” Voldemort ordered.
Severus was wary. He knew that Voldemort was suspicious. He was unsure as to whether he managed to convince him fully or not. He bowed once more but just as he was heading out the door to disapparate he was called back.
“Severus, you will not go unpunished for laughing at my plight. Do not deny that you were amused”, he smiled and handed him a leaflet. Severus unfolded the leaflet and read.
“Welcome to the Death Eater karaoke”
Severus looked at Voldemort in horror.
“And you will be performing so practice your dancing and singing”, he said with a malicious grin. Severus knew that he that there was nothing that he could possibly say to get out of it. As he left the room and Disapparated, he could have sworn he heard someone whistle “Grease Lightening”. Severus resolved that he would not be forced to perform some banal pop tune. He was a punk through and through. Voldemort may have thought that he had won this round but there was more to come. Severus had plans to put in action.

The End.

I still trust Severus Snape

Vote Severus Snape for Minister of Magic!
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Re: Snape's Point of View 2: Post-HBP PTSS version.

Good heavens, waddiwasiwitch, I'd forgotten about this thread! How clever of you to revive it. A good laugh was very welcome this morning, so thank you for posting. A bit of silliness is just what I was needing.

Perhaps the Order should be informed of this bit of wisdom:
Every Death Eater knew that if the Dark Lord was off his crumpets then things were seriously wrong.
Are you going to write the karaoke scene? Please??????? Pretty please?

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Re: Snape's Point of View 2: Post-HBP PTSS version.

Gods, Sly_Lady! I had forgotten about this thread and your thrilling tale! Good to be here again and read your latest installment!

waddi: I knew this one, but the second read was just as good as the first, hilarious!

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Re: Snape's Point of View 2: Post-HBP PTSS version.

I'd forgotten the thread myself, but it seems to be a quiet little refuge where Snape can have a bit of fun, free of irritating distractions.

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