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Harry Potter and the Blue Box

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Harry Potter and the Blue Box

Ok. So I was thinking, What would life be without voldemort? I tried to do a story before about it, but it was horrible and I thought it would probably be better if I just did it later on, seeing as it was based when Harry was a baby.
I'm not so sure how this will work, or even if I finish it but I have a rough draft.
It should cover most of Harry's Seventh year, maybe a bit after.
I don't think I'm much of a writer, but it's fun

I'm not sure if people will find this interesting, but I don't really care.

All characters and most of the setting is from J K Rowling's brilliant mind, and I do not own it. I don't wanna be sued, not trying to be rude

Um... I think that's all. Except just because there was no Voldemort, doesn't mean there aren't any people who follow pure blood stuff and practice the Dark Arts.

They will feature sometimes in this, being the bad guys.

Hope you enjoy, and If anyone is reading this, I would appreciate some feedback?


EDIT: I have added in a fair few new characters which may be confusing so sorry about that! They are mostly people who are the descendants of people who have died in the actual books, so of course wouldn't have actually came into existence.

Kate Black: Sirius's wife

Danielle Black: Sirius's oldest daughter (16 years old)

Alisha Black: Sirius's second oldest, (13), also the twin of Felicity

Felicity Black: Sirius's third daughter, (13), also the twin of Alisha

Olivia Black: Sirius's youngest daughter, (7)

Asher Potter: Harry's younger brother, (15)

That is just to name some of the more main ones, of course there will be a lot more in there. If there is anymore confusion about these characters, please feel free tot ell me and I shall try my best at making it easier to understand.


Chapter 1: Introduction

If say a normal person were too look at a certain platform located at Kings Cross Station, they would see the usual throng off people, standing in the warm Autumn breeze, waiting for the magnificent scarlet train that just pulled into the station to stop. They would see a rather large waiting crowd holding excitedly onto trolleys, waiting for some luggage to weigh it down. In fact, it was a very ordinary scene indeed. Only two things would alert a normal person that something wasn’t quite right.

The first being the people’s choice of clothes. Long robes of many colours swishing around twice as many ankles.

And the second being the small sign reading, Platform Nine and Three Quarters.

Fortunately, there weren’t any normal people looking in on the platform. Or what would normally be considered normal. To the robe wearing people, a normal person would be defined as a Muggle.

Every single person on that platform was in on possibly the world’s biggest secret. The secret of Wizards and Witches being in existence.

Among the magic folk there was a couple standing side by side. They couldn’t have possibly looked more different. Her, with the long, auburn hair tied back into a ponytail to keep it from blowing in the breeze. The arm wrapped protectively around her waist belonged to a man wearing glasses and even in his mid-thirties looking very handsome with jet black hair that stuck up in all directions.

This was Lily and James Potter.

Their eyes stared hungrily at the recently halted train doors as children started pouring out . They only looked away when a man around the same age standing next to them said, “There they are.”

The man’s name was Sirius Black. He and his wife Kate were also searching the growing crowd of young teenagers. His long wavy black hair blew into his wife’s face until she gave a soft chuckle and slapped him playfully on the arm. Her young seven year old daughter’s laughter was cut short when she squealed upon setting eyes upon the rest of her family, and running up to them, wanting to be the first person to welcome her siblings back from their school year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.


I know it was super short but please just bear with me! After all, it was only really a setting-the-scene/introductory chapter..

Feedback here is very appreciated thanks!

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Re: Harry Potter and the Blue Box

Next chapter! I know the last was extra short, so I'll try to make it longer.
Chapter 2: A warm welcoming

What a year it had been.

After OWLs, Harry thought that sixth year would be more relaxed, and it was, in a way. But still, advancing to the next year is still harder work no matter what. Being quidditch captain took a lot of his time too.

Harry looked around at his surroundings. He saw the dull grey and brown of trunks, the different colors of the owls, their hoots adding to the usual hubbub of the train activities, people slowly starting to step off the train and he saw two red heads bobbing along with all the people. Finally.

"Oi! Over here!" He caught the attention of the red headed boy, long and lanky he stood out a mile. He saw Harry, tugged at the female red haired person and they started to make their way towards him.

"Hey Ron. Do you know where Hermione is?" Harry had been looking for his two best friends since they left for their prefect duties.

"Yeh. She's on the platform I think supervising first years as they get off the train, the little farts.

The girl kicked him in the shins.

"Ow! Ginny! What did you do that for?" He howled in pain.

She said "Don't call them that. You were exactly like them when you were their age, and I know you were worse."

She walked over and stood next to Harry, and he put an arm around her shoulders. She had been his girlfriend since February, yet it just happened to slip his mind everytime he would go to tell his parents about her.

The three walked out the train door and continued to look for their respective families. Ron and Ginmy immediately spotted theirs, as the mass of floating red heads wasn't easy to miss, and Harry started to follow to say hello to them when someone close by cleared their voice. He looked up and saw his parents smiling at him. He grinned back and hugged them both, having not seen them since Christmas break.

He chatted to them, the usual conversation they had at the end of every school year.

"Exams go well?"

"Well, I can't fail them. Hermione would kill me!"

"Any girls? Sixteen now mate."

"James. You didn't have a girlfriend till I came along"

"That's cause I was madly in love with you from the moment we met."

"Snape still giving you a hard time?"*

"That slimy old git!"


"He is."


And on it went. Harry said goodbye to his other mates from his year, and finally spotted Hermione. He made his way over to her, and quickly said goodbye after promising that he would see her sometime on the holidays.

He heard another voice near him, one that was extremely familiar.

"So you'll say hi to your parents, and goodbye to your friends, yet you don't waste any breath on your Godfather?" He turned to see Sirius standing there, looking just a bit older then when he had last seen him.
Harry hugged him. Though he was the same age as his father, Sirius could of been a cousin of Harry's.

He was about to ask how he had been when his father and mother came up with Harry's younger brother Asher, telling them about his fourth year at Hogwarts. Despite that small sadness that he wasn't going to see Hogwarts or most of his other friends for a couple of months, Harry felt extremely energized and couldn't stop himself from grinning.
He was about to ask where was Remus when he was interrupted by a loud squeal.
"Daddy!" A girl about the age of thirteen came running towards them, followed by her mother and sisters..

Sirius opened his arms and she came to hug him, nearly knocking him over with the force of her hug.

Sirius had four daughters.
The oldest was Danielle, she was in the year bellow Harry at school, having just completed owl year.
Next came the twins, Alisha (who finally let go of her dad. It was a sort of tradition in the family to stay at Hogwarts for at least one Christmas So she hadnt seen him for a whole year) and Felicity, thirteen years old.

Youngest was Olivia, who had still yet to go to Hogwarts.

As Sirius let his girls ramble on about the years events, Harry's dad started to talk to him again. He barely got the first word out when very obviously, Lily stood on his foot.

"Ow! What did you do that for?"
Harry smiled as his dad held on to his foot, hopping about.
It seemed to be the trend today to hurt people.

"What were you going to say?" He asked his dad but it was his mum that answered.

"He wanted to know if you had a thing for Hermione. I said that you were good friends, and I'm betting my wand that Ronald has an eye on her."

"Yeh. There is no way I would ever like her like that. She's like a sister to me."

Asher said quietly under his breath "Or maybe there is someone else."

At this his parents both raised their eyebrows and Asher snigered.

He had been forced not to tell their parents Harry had a girlfriend. Though they had their moments, they were really good and loyal brothers.

"So you must like someone then?"

"Yeh. It must be a red head. If he looks like me, he must have the same taste as me." His dad said, making Harry blush and causing Asher to laugh even louder.

"Well, actually..." But then the Weasleys came up to him to say hello.

Harry tried to delay the time when he had to tell his parents the truth by talking to Rons older twin brothers, Fred and George. He didn't know why, he could tell anyone but them. Sirius and Remus knew. Peter, another one of James really close friends knew too. The only four who seemed to not know was His and Ginny's parents. His dad wouldn't of forgotten their conversation, and sure enough, ten minutes later he brought it up again.

"So who is this girl of yours? A crush or a girlfriend?"

He put emphasis on the last word, and he and Sirius started to return to their childish behavior, 'Oh la la-ing' and wolf whistling.

Harry glanced at Ginny who seemed to be fighting the urge to laugh and she went and stood next to him as Sirius and Janes broke out into a 'Harry and someone kissing in a tree...' Her hand sneaked down and found his. She locked eyes with his, and a moment later, they turned to look at the others. James had stopped being an Idiot, and seemed to be in the middle of shock, embarrassment and deciding whether to grin or not.

"Mum, Dad, you know Ginny?"

"Oh that's wonderful!" Lily exlaimed, throughing et arms around Ginny's neck.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a figure approach Sirius and Say "I believe you owe Prongs fifteen galleons Sirius."

Once Harry had been released from Molly's strong hug, he ran over to Remus who was in the middle of an argument about James' and Sirius' bet.

"It was who Harry married!" Sirius was saying.

"Nah! His first girlfriend would be red headed!"

Remus broke in saying, "We wrote it down, remember? The day he was born and we were all bored? It's at my house. Hi Harry."

In Harry's early days, he had called Remus his uncle, even though they weren't blood related.

"We were just discussing our bet. James knew the moment you were born you would probably marry someone a lot like your mother."

"Right. Slow down. We've been going out for four months."

"Four months! Why didn't you tell me?"

Harry avoided answering his father by Remus saying he should probably go home, as he had wedding plans to discuss with his future wife, Tonks and that the full moon was in a six days . He winked at Sirius and James before disaparating.
They said their last goodbyes to the Weasleys, then walked out through the barrier, much easier now most people had gone home and when the reached the front of the building, his dad called the Knight Bus.

As Harry climbed the stairs, waiting for it to take him back to his house in Godrics Hollow, He thought how lucky he was to have a family.


I promise the next chapter will be more exciting!

Feedback of any sorts would be more welcome than a mango.

Thank you for anyone reading this, even if you don't feedback.

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Re: Harry Potter and the Blue Box


I'm just saying that we don't really get to the main part till after the holidays.
And I really suck at writing romance things so sorry when that comes into the story.
I know bill and fleurs wedding is earlier in the holidays canonically but I don't care coz I have to make room for Remus and Tonks.
This chapter is pretty poorly written, but I just needed to fill it up.
Chapter 3: Summer Begins.

By the time the sun shone brightest over Godrics Hollow, announcing Midday, Lily decided that it was time to wake up Harry.
She turned the frying pan off that she was frying bacon in and walked up the stairs.

"Wake Up Harry!" She banged on his door.

She heard him groan and then their was a sound that sounded oddly like a pillow was thrown at the door.

"It's been a full week since you got back from school and you have no excuse to sleep in this late again. Hear me?"

She walked into his room to see her words had simply bounced off him and with a flick of her wand, she pulled the sheets off him.

He shot her a sleepy glare and attempted to pull them back over himself but she just threw them out of the window with another wave of her wand.

"Oi! I thought that was Dad's signature wake-up move!" he said groggily as he gave up and Started to pick out some clothes for the day.

She smiled and said "Well, he let me use it for today if I payed him three sickles. And I must say it works like a charm."

She walked out of the room and Harry started to pull on his clothes. He was meeting Ginny in Diagonal Alley today And wanted to look nice.

Running down stairs he nearly bumped into Asher, coming out of the shower. He smirked at Harry and walked right past him.

Harry glanced at the clock.


Nine mintues to have brekky. He had ages.
He went into the kitchen and saw the bacon on the frying pan. He took a couple and gulped them down, returning for more.
He went for a fourth piece when his mother came in.

"No more. The rest his for your father."

"Blimey! You know everything! Is he still asleep?"

"Yes. You know after every full moon he likes to sleep till around two."

Harry went to leave, but just before he was out of the room his mother called back, "By the way Sweet pea, your flys undone."

He zipped it up and scowling, he walked by Asher's room and knocked. He opened it and Harry threw in a dung bomb,then turned around and ran. Ever since Weasley Wizard Wheezes opened, the two Potter boys had been the most frequent customers. Harry, himself had helped them with one of their newest inventions, the Venus Fly-Undoer.
Of course Asher had to use it against him.

He glanced at his watch and he ran back downstairs, grabbed floo powder and tucking away his glasses he felt himself wirling away to the Leaky cauldron.

He stepped out of the fire place and immediately saw Ginny at the bar, talking to Tom.
He walked over and gave her a quick kiss. They said goodbye to Tom and left.

"How have your holidays been so far?"

"Good. Bill and Fleur have set the date for their wedding."

"Am I going to know?" Harry asked.

"Oh! Sorry, I just zoned out. Yeah it's the 29th August."

Harry glanced at her. She did seem a bit unrelaxed. He put an arm around her shoulders. "Do you want to talk about it?"

She sighed and said, "Its just that it's sad to see my big brother getting married."
Inwardly, Harry sighed with relief. He thought it would be much worse.

"Right then. I'll buy you something to cheer you up!"
She giggled and together they walked off down the street to Ginny's favorite shop,Used and Old Stuff.
Harry always laughed at the name, as it sounded so unprofessional but he knew the person who owned it, and thought it suited it perfectly.

"Hiya Tim."
A burly man looked up and smiled. he looked a lot like his brother, Oliver Wood that the only way you could tell the difference is asking them about quidditch. The one whos answer lasts for hours is Oliver.

"Hi you two. What can I do for you today?"
He stood up and walked around to see them properly.

"Just looking for anything interesting for the lady."

"Well step this way. You might like my latest find."

They followed him over to a very old and cramped shelf and he pointed to a blue box, big enough to hold someone's chess pieces. It had strange patterns on top that reminded him of something The Quibbler would like.

"Do you like it Ginny?" Harry asked her. He didn't see it as something she would.

She grinned at him. " I think Luna would like this better."
Harry decided to buy it, after he found a pretty necklace for Ginny. He wasn't awfully close to Luna, but it was a good gift.

They spent the day looking around Diagon Alley and by the end of it, they were both quite exhausted.

Just before he flooed away, he heard Ginny yell out to expect a wedding invitation soon.


A rough night it had been for Remus. Since the wolfs bane potion had been invented, full moons were a lot more fun, yet still painful for his best friend.
Sirius sat at his study desk, trying to work on some files that were meant to of been handed in to the auror office two weeks ago.
He heard a knock and saw Felicity walk in.

"Can you help me with my homework?"

"Do I have to?"

She grinned and walked over, sitting opposite him. Obviously, she thought he was joking.

"What is it? Potions, transfiguration, Herbiness?"

"Tranfiguration, and it's Herbology Dad."

"I know." He grinned to himself. He liked to play dumb about his old school.

He immediately saw it was about animagi. Easy. So this would explain why she would ask him, and not her mother.

They got started, but were rudely interrupted half an hour later when an owl swooped in.

He undid the letter from the scaly leg and began to read.

To the Black family,

Mr. & Mrs. Weasley and Mr. & Mrs. Delucour invite you to join in the celebration of the marriage of
William Weasley and Fleur Delucour.

He finished reading the details and grinned.
Two weddings in one Summer. Awesome.


"James! If you don't get your sorry butt ready You will be doing your best man duties with a pair of flippers for arms!"

A loud banging echoed through the house and a minute later, he came running down stairs, fully dressed and doing up his tie.
Asher and Harry chuckled at their mother and father. It happened a lot, yet it never got old.

They each grabbed on to a parents arm and aparated to the little church picked out by Tonks.

"Hey Dad. Can I ask you something?" Asher said, letting go of his mothers arm.

"Sure thing."

"What are we going to call Tonks after she's married?"
He shrugged. Clearly, he hadn't thought I that either.

They walked in and found their seats near the front while their dad went off to find Remus. It was Harry's second wizard wedding; the first one he had been less then a year old.

The ceremony was beautiful, Tonks was in a nice white dress which suited today's look for her, a blonde bob.
Harry looked up and examined the groomsmen. His dad and Sirius, and Peter.
Peter was a funny one. Harry didn't like him as much as his other "uncles" but he was still family. He wasn't married, but Harry had a strong suspicion that if he were, he wouldn't follow his parents around as much.

Harry zoned back into his surroundings just as he heard the minister say they were man and wife.
The couple kissed to many cheering, and next thing Harry knew, they were aparating away to the reception, at the Three broomsticks.


Ginny couldn't stop thinking how wonderful the wedding was, and the fact that one day, it would be her. She hummed quietly to herself as her mother aparated her to the pub. Though some hated aparation, she found it fun and thrilling.

She watched in silence as Remus and Tonks danced their first dance as husband and wife, and eventually, Harry caught her eye and they joined the growing crowd on the dance floor.

"Having fun?" Harry whispered in her ear. It tickled and she bit back a giggle to say "Yeah, but I'm tired."

They walked out to the drinks table and after getting some punch, walked outside for some fresh air.

They sat for a while, trying to stay warn against the chilly night breeze, watching the stars until a figure wearing a dark cloak walked out of the Three Broomsticks and down the road.
Harry quickly got up and followed out of curiosity to see what the figure was doing and Ginny, after a moments hesitation, was following.

They walked up a street to where The Hogs head was, and they heard the distant tinkle of the bell as the person stepped through the door. They followed up and tried to look through the window, but it was so grubby all they saw was a blurred outline of the figure removing his hood. He was awfully plump, and by the blurry looks of it, he was very frightened of the three people sitting at the table.

"Should we go in?" Ginny asked Harry.

"No. They might be dangerous."
They were about to give up and walk away when Ginny suddenly grabbed a pair of extendable ears and handed one to Harry, letting the fleshy string work it's way under he door.
It sounded very muffled for a few seconds, but when it cleared they heard a very cold voice say, "You have done well. If that boy has it we must retrieve it, using the things he loves most."

"Whats that?" A woman's voice said, sounding not too unlike the other.

They could almost hear the grin of the man as he answered back.
"You'll see."


I know it was boring, but I did warn you the first few chapters would be like that!!



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Re: Harry Potter and the Blue Box

Right, So thank you from Chedartrek for their lovely honest feedback, helps a lot So this chapter I had a bit of a mental blank while writing, so it may seem a bit.... in places.

Chapter 4:

The conversation he and Ginny had overheard the eve of Remus's wedding seemed to slip his mind faster than a firebolt as the rest of the holidays continued by.
Harry went to stay at The Burrow for a few days with Hermione to visit Ron and Ginny. A definite highlight being the Puddlemere United vs. Appleby Arrows quidditch games that he, Ron and Ginny went to with Harry's dad and Asher, where they got to see Oliver Wood play for the last twenty minutes of the match once the keeper took a bludger to the head.
Towards the end of August saw Harry at Bill and Fleurs wedding. It seemed overwhelming, even, that Harry had been to two weddings in a summer when the last time he had been to one was when he was two years old.
It had been one of the best summers Harry had ever experienced, having Ginny as a girlfriend, turing seventeen and having his family there to celebrate it

A week or two before the First of September they got their school letters, and Harry was delighted that he had been chosen to be quidditch captain again. A Surprise came from Hermione when she owled them to say she had been made Head Girl, causing Ron to groan (“She’ll be a nightmare!”
But there was only so long that their perfect summer could last for and before they knew it, it was the night before they were expected at Platform Nine and three quarters for the last time as Hogwarts students.
They wasted it by playing four on four quidditch in the Potters back garden (Ron was staying the last few days).

Coming inside an hour later, they sat at the kitchen table drinking chilled butterbeer.

"Hey Asher, are you going to stay in the quidditch team this year with your OWLs and everything?" Harry asked his brother.

"Maybe. I guess chasers open because of Katie finishing school. Yeah maybe."

"Good luck with that." Ron said, trying to pick out an ice block from his drink.

"Oi! I'm good! I was on the team last year!"

Ron looked up. "Nah mate. I meant with your OWLs. You’re going to be so busy this year."

"Yeah but I guess we have NEWTs, so we can't really talk." Harry said, already starting to dread the new school year.

Lily then chose that moment to come into the kitchen then, saying that they should be in bed if they wanted to get up early the next day.

Slowly, the three boys got up and filed out of the room.

"And you too James." They heard her say, and they all snigered as they climbed the aging staircase.


"Can anyone see Hermione?" Ron asked, stretching his neck so he could see above the rustling crowd.
They were slowly making their way to the train, Asher long gone to find his friends and the two boys already having said goodbye to Harry's parents at the barrier.

"There's Ginny talking to Neville." Harry looked over to where Ron was pointing and indeed saw that beautiful red headed girl he loved so. They walked over and said hello. Together, they found a compartment towards the end of the train, and they sat down, talking about the summer and what they hoped for the new year, reminiscing over being seventh years and talk of quidditch.

The compartment door slid open and everyone looked up to see Luna with a Quibbler magazine tucked under her arm wearing a necklace with a shell on it that would of looked nice had it not been turning brilliant orange then blue, then back again.

"Hello Harry", she said in her usual dreamy fashion.

"Hi Luna."

"Hello." She said again, now acknowledging the other three.

"May I sit here? I don't want to sit near anyone else at the moment."


Just as she sat down, the door flew open again and Hermione walked in, (Ron’s face seemed to brighten a lot at this).

"Hi!" She went over and hugged her friends, hesitating at Luna.

"It's ok." She said. "You don't need to hug me."

Hermione nodded her head somewhat awkwardly, then turned to Ron.

"Prefect duties!"

By the looks of his face he had clean forgotten it, and the two left for the prefects compartment together.

"So how were your holidays Luna?" Ginny asked her, and Luna, who had been gazing out the window, stared at Ginny for a whole minute until she answered.

"Quite well. Me and Daddy were going to go to a festival in Ireland where there were some Blubbertums doing a staged version of Carlon the Charmed Octopus. They are very muchly musically gifted. But we couldn't go because he couldn't get off work. He brought me this necklace instead." She fingered her necklace fondly, which was flashing brilliant blue and orange. "If you press it like this, it will call Roochters." A small high pitched whale sound emitted from the shell, and it flashed even more brightly.

"But if you leave it going for too long you can turn into one. It wouldn't be that bad though. They are sweet things, yet I don’t think I would like to be colour blind."

Harry glanced at Neville who was looking at Luna, but his expression vacant. He looked as if he got lost at “Blubbertums”. Ginny was making a very big effort not to laugh was making rather a bigger deal than usual with looking for something in her bag. He looked up again when the sound stopped.

"Oh! That reminds me Luna. I saw something I think you would like."

Harry dug his Hand in his bag and after much rummaging, he pulled out the blue box. He handed it to Luna and she smiled at it, then took it in her hands.

"That's really quite lovely!” And then, she continued talking to herself in a quieter tone. “The message on top of the box is obviously in Heliopathic language. Need to ask Daddy about that one."

Harry grinned at her as she placed it on her lap, then pulled out her quibbler, settling behind it and not likely to resurface until a few hours.
The compartment door slid open again, and Harry, expecting to see one of his most least favourite people in the world, Draco Malfoy, fixed a murderous glare on his face.

He relaxed when he saw it was just Danielle Black.

"Hey. Do you know where Gin..." she broke off when she saw Ginny.

"Hey!" Ginny rushed forward to hug her Friend. Danielle came and sat down.

Though Harry had only one cousin by blood that he had met once in his life, Sirius' kids were a lot like family to him.
Before Harry had come to Hogwarts, his father gave him two things. His invisibility cloak and a shard of a broken mirror that he could communicate with the one Sirius owned. Sirius lent his to Harry also for him and Ron to use, but they had to give it back so he could hand it to Danielle, so that the Black family could pass it on to the next generation.
Harry used it to talk to her whenever either of them were particulary bored, or she was in one of her frequent detentions.
Danielle looked a lot like her mother. Beautiful straight blonde hair that fell down her back, a face that boys dreamed of when they were sitting in class and had nothing better to do, and a figure of an angel. The only resemblance she had to her father was her nose, and his sense of humour.

The country side soared by, giving Harry the feeling of flying and then once the thought was in his head, he immediately couldn’t wait for spare time to do it.
The lunch trolley came, just as Ron and Hermione entered, buying their fair share of sweets.

"Good lot of prefects this year?" Danielle asked them.

"I don't know any of them."
A long silence followed this statement.

"Right Ron. What an interesting Conversation that was." Ginny said, rolling her eyes to Harry.

"Hmm?" Ron said looking up, His mouth full of what appeared to be a well chewed up cauldron cake.

The hours until the train would reach Hogsmeade station seemed to go quicker than what they would have wished, and soon they were getting off the dark, deserted platform and heard the usual "Firs’ years! Firs’ years! Over ‘ere!” coming from Hagrid who taught Harry Care of Magical creatures. Harry had known him before he came to Hogwarts, his parents being good friends with him.

The seven of them joined the crowd heading towards the thestral drawn carriages. Harry had seen them since his fiftht year when his last remaining grandparent had died of Spattergroit.
They were about to climb in to a carriage when a hand pulled Harry roughly onto the ground , and then sat where Harry had intended to sit.

"Sorry Potter. This carriage is taken."

"Bugger off Malfoy." Harry said, standing up and dusting himself off. Since the moment they had met, Harry and Malfoy had just absolutely hated each other. You could say that Harry had inherited his father’s prejudice against Slytherin House, and Malfoy had inherited his father’s dislike of anyone who wasn’t from Slytherin house.

Malfoy looked in amusement at his Slytherin cronies who were soon joining him in the carriage, then back to Harry.

"I wouldn’t say that unless you had a threat to back that that rude comment up,” he sneered, his pointed chin adding to the bully effect quite well.

"Harry. Let's just get another carriage." Ginny said, tugging his raised wand out of his hands. "It’s not as if we would want to sit there now they area’s been contaminated by those dumb d*cks." She said, glaring at them all leering down at her from their seats.

"Yeah Potter. Listen to your blood traitor girlfriend. Don't want to go getting in trouble on your first day of school."

Harry started forward again, drawing out his wand. But Hermione stepped forward and slammed the door shut. The thestrals immediately started to trot back up the hill through the winged boar gates.

"Had to Harry. I hate to admit it, but his right. Don't get into trouble your first day."
He knew she had been acting for the best, but he couldn't help feeling a tiny bit annoyed with her. He could nearly hear the laughter travelling up the hill in the carriage, and he knew that it would be at least a week before Malfoy dropped it.

They jumped into the next carriage and they followed on, just as it began to drizzle.
Twenty minutes later, they were safely inside the castle as it began to pour watching the sorting.
As Lauren Yachel was put into Hufflepuff, people put their heads together again to continue catching up from the holidays.

The chattering came to a halt as everyone saw Dumbledore stand up and raise his hand for silence.

"Another year for us to learn the great wonders of magic! Another year for us to meet new friends. Another year I will go on with a boring speech, but not this one. Eat!"

On the last word the plates were filled in front of them and the sound of hundreds of dishes being passed around filled the echoing hall. He could imagine the house elves down below, hurriedly finishing the preparations for desert.

"Hello Nick." Harry heard Hermione say, and he looked up to see him, pearly white as ever greeting her back.

"Did you have a good summer?" He said, his voice bouncing in the usual start-of-year-adrenalin.

"Oh yes! What about you?"

"I don't exactly do much in case you don't know." He frowned. "I'm always at this castle, and not much goes on while it’s empty. But I got to see the new Defence against the Dark Arts teacher."

Harry glanced at the table to see that the DADA teacher seat was empty.

"Who is it?" Ron asked rather delayed as he had made sure he swallowed first. Not because the one time he talked to him with his mouth full ended with Sir Nicholas being highly offended, but because the chicken leg he had ate was apparently marinated in Hot chili sauce.

Nearly Headless Nick looked both ways before leaning in closer through Ron, making him drop his chicken drumstick in surprise.

"Professor Jordan Sylvester."

"I know who that is! She got kicked out of the auror squad. My dad knew her."

"Why was she kicked out?" Hermione added.

"Well, she quite nearly killed a colleague. No it wasn't on purpose" he added when Hermione gasped. "They were on a mission and ran into a dementor. She slipped and pushed him into the dementors arms, and knocked herself out while he only just managed to produce a patronus in time."

"Well, couldn't the man she nearly killed give witness that she wasn't trying to kill him?" Hermione said.

Ron looked aghast. "As if he would get all buddy buddy with the person who nearly killed you."

Nick chuckled. "Actually, they are quite happily married and have had a baby."
Harry couldn't help agree with Ron. As if someone could marry a person who nearly caused them to get their soul sucked out??

"Well where is she?" Ginny asked and Ron craned his neck towards the doors, like she would just suddenly come through.

"She should be here by the end of the feast"
And sure enough, three helpings of treacle tart later and the doors opened and in walked a woman around her mid-twenties who took Harry's breath away.

She was stunningly beautiful, and many guys whose attention she had caught stood up to get a better look. She wore dress robes that were made with about twenty different types of materials and colour.
Harry remembered how once his mum pointed out a muggle hippy to him when they were walking down the street and she was really just a wizard version of that.
Ron was looking at her with his mouth open, and out of the corner of his eye, Harry saw Hermione looking rather irritable.
She reached the staff table and Dumbledore clasped her hands in greeting before turning back to the student body.
"We have a few announcements to make. Mr. Filch has asked me to remind you that magic is forbidden in the corridors. First years please note that the forest is out of bounds..." He continued with the usual announcements, and every student was hanging onto every word to see what he said about the new teacher.

"And finally, this year’s Defence against the Dark Arts teacher, Professor Sylvester."

A loud cheer went up, louder than any Harry had heard for a new teacher and the Professor stood up and did a small bob that could of been interpreted as a curtsy.
That night, in the seventh year Gryffindor boy’s dorm the topic of conversation was the new teacher.

"Looks may Deceiving." Seamus was saying.

"Whatever. Well I guess we find out soon."

Following morning the sun seemed to have decided that it was going to forget about the heavy downpour from the previous night and the great hall roof was ablaze with sunlight. Ron was eagerly awaiting timetables to see who they had first. His impatient rambling and Hermione's glaring was interrupted when Professor McGonagall coming around the table to hand them out.

"We have Flitwick first." Ron said as he scanned his timetable. "Then Snape then Mconagall! We don't have Sylvester until first lesson tomorrow!" He threw the timetable down in frustration, scattering cereal and Hermione scowled at him.

"I think it's a bit of a joke really. I'm not going to judge her until our first lesson."

But by the looks of her face, she had already made up her mind that she was a hateable person.
The day couldn't have gone quickly enough. Just like OWL year, Flitwick gave them a quarter of an hour lecture on how important the NEWTs were, then they were asked to replicate a perfectly good copy of a teapot by using the 'Geminio' charm, which was so hard that it took Hermione four gpes to get absolutely right.

By the end of the day, they had gotten as much homework than what they would of gotten in a week in first year.

They trudged back up to the Gryffindor common room, ready to break the growing pile of work.



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Re: Harry Potter and the Blue Box

Okay, so later in this chapter I wanted to introduce James and Lily in a bit more, since we don’t know an awful lot about them, so I hope that’s okay with you people out there? If it works well, then I think I will do it every now and then to show a bit of their history. Thank you for your lovely feedback, and I hope you will continue telling me what I need to improve, it helps so much!!!

Chapter Five:

The seventh years studying Defence against the Dark Arts had all lined up ten minutes before their lesson in anticipation for their teacher. Everyone seemed to be blown away by her. Harry could see that she was a beautiful woman, but he seemed to be the only guy in school immune to her.
She swept out of the room, interrupting the whispered predictions about her that people were saying. “Come in, and we’ll get started, shall we?”
They eagerly followed her through the door into the classroom and took their seats, every guy trying to get the front row. Harry plonked down next to Ron just as Hermione arrived. She sat on the other side of Harry, looking like she usually would when she wanted to learn, except this time, it looked like it took some motivation.
Professor Sylvester cleared her throat for the attention of the class, though it was hardly necessary.

“Right. First thing first, this is one of the most complex, hardworking and important subject that you will learn here at Hogwarts.” Harry glanced at Ron, who looked as if he completely agreed with her.

“I will continue teaching you how to arm yourselves against evil, keep yourself safe and to fight back.” She paused, eyeing the class in an almost suspicious way with that extra excited glint. “Now, who can tell me what you’ve done so far?” And she was only taken back a bit by Hermione’s fast moving hand as it shot straight up in the air.


‘Granger, and so far we’ve gone through fighting off Dark animals, defensive spells, blocking and last year we learnt non-verbal.’

‘Right. So curses and beasts you’ve done, but what about cursed objects? That will most certainly come up in exams, as well as defensive spells which we will cover after a few weeks.’
Slowly, the attention of the class was slipping away as they started to realise that Professor Sylvester was a pretty face who took education as seriously as McGonagall would. To top that class off, she gave them a mountain of homework.
‘I can’t believe the amount of homework we have! And at the start of the year I actually thought she was a good teacher, yet she gives us the most homework!’ Ron exclaimed as he flung his hands up in frustration. They were now into their fourth week of their seventh year and Ron wasn’t coping well under the pressure, having his prefect duties, quidditch practice (Harry had held the trials a week earlier) and the amount of work they were supposed to do.
Hermione looked up, trying to hide a smug grin that crept across her facial features. ‘I think she’s good.’
Ron scowled in her direction, before looking back down at his homework piled in front of him.

‘Oh honestly Ron, the way you go on about it makes her out to be a total troll. Just because she is dedicated to learning.’

‘Yeah, well you were quick to judge her too.’ He snapped.
Harry, having had enough of their bickering stood up. ‘I’m going to the library quickly before it closes to finish that essay for Snape.’ He had been dedicated to trying to get as good marks as possible for Potions because he had made a deal with his mum about it. If he didn’t do Ancient Runes, then he would double the effort in Potions, one of his weaker points. That’s as strict as she got with schooling, so he was happy to honour her wishes.
They murmured goodbye as Harry climbed out of the portrait hole and continued the familiar route to the library.
He arrived with ten minutes till it closed and immediately walked to the Herbology section, looking for a book that would tell him how rose thorns helped in poisons.
He had barely found one and sat down with it before Madam Pince, the librarian came up and shooed him out.

‘I still have four minutes!’ He protested, but she wouldn’t hear of it. A few other students joined him in being shooed out and they started to go there respective ways when a loud scream made them all freeze in their tracks. A sixth year girl was first to recover and she led them all running towards the sound. They turned the corridor just as they saw four retreating figures run away. But in the middle of that group, something Harry saw made him turn ice cold. There was a student there. Her face was pale and looked so frightened. Harry had no idea who it was, but he was sure that whoever was taking her wouldn’t treat her exactly like she was on vacation. The other three people there saw her two, and stopped, but before anyone could do anything, they vanished.

On the floor in front of them was a b students bag. Harry crouched down to read: Denise Huchinson. He knew from sight. She was in Ravenclaw and a friend of Luna’s.
A crowd was slowly starting to build around the scene and Harry joined the throng of people.

‘What is going on here?’ A voice rang out over the students and Professor McGonagall pushed through the students, some in dressing gowns.
The sixth year girl that had been in the library explained all they had seen, and McGonagall’s lips tightened with every word.
Nothing like this ever happened at Hogwarts. It was one of the safest places Harry knew.

‘So this girl was taken?’ She asked eventually.

‘Yes ma’am.’ The sixth year answered back. The crowd started to murmur again when more teachers arrived, including Dumbledore.
The story was repeated again, and then Dumbledore politely asked everyone to go. Harry followed along, and was nearly at the foot of the staircase leading to Gryffindor tower when he bumped into something. Hermione and Ron appeared under the invisibility cloak.
Harry opened his mouth to ask what they were doing when Ron through the familiar piece of material over him to. They were all crouched low as they slowly made their way back to the crime scene. Harry again tried to ask what was going on but Ron cut him off.

‘I was about to head to the prefects bathroom, so I took your cloak, but then we heard the commotion so now we’re trying to hear what the teachers will say.’
Hermione shushed him as they were approaching where the teachers stood. They slowly started to hear the buzz as teachers discussed this recent drama.

‘Yes. Her friends were distraught, As anyone would be in there situation.’ Sprout was saying to Flitwick.

‘May I have your attention please.’ Dumbledore called out. There was instant silence as they waited with bated breath. He went on saying how severe this was and then a lot of instructions about renewed security. Harry started to get bored, as they could have guessed everything that the teachers were saying. They were about to leave when Snape said, ‘Why do you think she was kidnapped?’

‘Well Severus, I have many theory’s, and of all of them swimming around in my head, I wouldn’t know which would seem the most possible. It could be as a trap or ransom, or they might want revenge for some reason or not. The main point is trying to get Miss Hutchinson back as quickly and safely as possible.’
Hermione then nudged Harry and they walked as fast as they could, and only when they had walked through three different tapestries did Hermione through the cloak off and started giving out her opinion. Harry pretended to listen, yet he too was caught up in his thoughts. Why would anyone just randomly come in to kidnap a Hogwarts student? It was just… unexplainable.

James’s POV: (usually I won’t write it like that…)

Hey Mum, Hey Dad,
How is life in Godrics Hollow? Is Daphne still alive? For a cat, she is pretty smart and might want to avoid your umm, ‘lovely’ food you give her.
Here at Hogwarts life is super busy. Fifth year is harder than I thought it was, so I guess your predictions were right. I think Harry is really stressed out at the moment. I got onto the quidditch team, in case I didn’t tell you. I’m chaser again, (hope your proud of me dad!) When I mentioned I was going to write, Harry asked me to apologise that he’s only written once, and he’ll try to soon.
The school’s in a bit of a buzz because the other day, a girl was kidnapped for some reason or other. Harry saw it I think. I dunno though. It seems a bit spooky but don’t worry about us mum, they’ve doubled security and the Ministry of Magic is onto finding her.

It’s only the fifth week in and the teachers are already preparing us for these exams! I am so behind at the moment because of all those dumb detentions I keep getting for no reason whatsoever. I mean, you’d think the teachers were blind to all the times they think I’m getting in trouble! Oh. And by the way, if you get any owls about me from school, don’t bother reading them…
I need to go now, Snape’s given me a detention for owling him a bottle of shampoo. I don’t know how he found out is was from me…


James chuckled. He was happy to have a son that lived up to his expectations. Harry wasn’t a goody goody, but you could tell it was more his mum he took after.
Lily looked up from the cross word she was doing at the far end of the table, pushing her reading glasses up her nose a bit more.

‘Who invented the golden snitch?’ She asked, her small nose screwed up in concentration. ‘I know it, I just can’t put a name to it.’

‘Bowman Wright,’ James said immediately. ‘Hey, have you read this letter Asher wrote? Says some interesting stuff about the goings on at Hogwarts.’

‘Yeah, about the kidnap. But it says not to worry.’

‘I’m not worried, oh-so-pretty one. Just interested.’

She smiled at the renewed use of the nickname he gave her. ‘Are you writing back?’

‘Yeah, he needs some mischievous help.’ Lily just gave an amused sigh and continued with her cross word. The two of them were rather tired from the day’s events, especially Lily, only just starting to work again after seventeen years.
James took out his wand and summoned a quill from upstairs. He caught it as it came whooshing past an then moved down to sit next to Lily and use her ink.

‘I would prefer it if you stopped doing that. It makes such a mess.’ She said without looking up.

James just rolled his eyes. ‘I’ll clean it up.’ He said and started to write on a fresh piece of parchment.

Hiya Ash,
You should be happy that your not home at the moment. I went to Sirius’ house for lunch and he tried a hand at cooking. Remember last time? Yeh, it was worse.
I hope Hogwarts is treating you well enough. OWL year is like that, and don’t let anyone hear me saying this because it would kill my reputation, but it is really important so study hard, mate!
Wow! I knew you would get onto the quidditch team! Good on you, your mother and I are very proud. Who’s the next match against? If it’s Slytherin, then you kick their a***, you here me, son?

It is definitely fishy about that poor girl. I can hardly imagine what her parents would be going through. But Dumbledore’s onto it, so the case should be solved soon!
On a more serious note, I need to congratulate you on the Snape prank. But he is very, very good at finding the one who did it, so be careful. One time in fifth year, Padfoot shot a soap spell so hard at Snape’s head that he was knocked out cold for five hours.
I’ll write later, and say hello to Harry for me.


James finished and was about to call for their owl, Sian, when Lily asked if she could say hello to their son to. He obliged, handing over the letter. He didn’t feel guilty about reading over her shoulder as she wrote because he knew she had been doing it to him.

Hey Ash,
It’s mum here. I know you might think I’m over-reacting, but I’m just being cautious. I agree wholely with your father, but please just keep a look out in the future for anything out of the ordinary. It isn’t easy to break into Hogwarts, so there must have been a reason behind it.

Hope that the rest of the semester goes well for you, and can’t wait to see you for Christmas! I hear your dad has booked some tickets for a Puddlemere United game…
Love Mum Xx

James grinned as she tied the letter to the leg of the owl. Standing next to her, he helped her open up the window and watch Sian fly away.
I know that the forum is closing, but I’m still going to post until it actually shuts down, so that means you can still feedback! I’m also going to try finding another HP fan fiction site to continue simply for the fun off it so if any people know any good ones?

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Re: Harry Potter and the Blue Box

Chapter 6:

Harry woke within seconds of his alarm going off. He peeked around the hangings of his bed to see if he woke up any of the other boys. He saw Ron slowly trying to bite off sleepiness as he too was awaken.

‘Quidditch practice, mate!’ Harry said, and happily got up and through on his robes.
He heard Ron grumbling behind him and grinned. Once they were both ready, they descended down to the common room and met up with the rest of the team. By the looks on their faces, You would of thought it was the crack of dawn, yet it was only eight o’clock.
Ginny was standing near Asher and Demelza Robins, the three chasers, and Harry had to tell himself three times that it was rude to stare at such beauty.
The beaters, Jimmy Peakes and Richie Cootes were standing just near them with their broomsticks. Harry thought that he had the best team out of all this year, even though other houses thought that some of these people were here only because they knew Harry. Poor Asher had coped with a lot of insultments hurled his way, for being the quidditch captains brother. But Gryffindor would show them, this coming match against Ravenclaw.

‘Right you lot. Let’s head down and play some quidditch!’ Harry led the way through the corridors and down to the quidditch pitch. And they were met with pouring rain. Gritting his teeth, Harry mounted his broom.

‘Shoot!’ Lily said, trying but failing to summon her wedding ring from the bottom of the u-bend. She tried again, but to no luck. It must have been caught on something. ‘James?’ She yelled out. A few seconds later he waltzed into the room, whistling ‘Beautiful Witch’ by some band or another.

‘Yes my beautiful witch?’

She grinned. ‘Do you know anything about plumbing?’

‘Maybe. Why the sudden interest?’ He asked, raising his eyebrows in a way that always made Lily giggle.

‘I dropped my wedding ring down the sink, and summoning it won’t work.’

James bent down on his knees to have a better look. Usually if she lost something then she wouldn’t mind, but that was her most prized possession (after her wand), so full of memories…

‘Come on Lily, we’re going to miss it!’ James called out behind him as he ran up the grass hill. Lily stopped trying to follow him at hi annoyingly fast pace and quickly turned on the spot, swishing her skirt around her knees as she went. The suffocating feeling of aparating was only temporary, as she opened her eyes and was immediately on top of the hill.

‘What the..’ Sirius said, stepping back in shock and knocing remus over in the process. The two young men fell about, James and Kate burst out laughing and Lily joined him, t was only so rare when she could outsmart one of the Marauders…
Wormy was still half way up the grassy hill, and seeing the bright idea of Lily’s, appeared moments later by their side, and they all turned around to be instantly blinded by the terrific sunset as it shone red over the town of Godric’s Hollow. Looking back, Lily could see how far they had ran from James’ house when he had spotted the magnificent glow.
She leaned her head on his shoulder, transfixed by the skys. Beside her, Moony and Kate mirrored her gaze. On the other side of her, Sirius had already gotten bored by scenery and was flicking grass at James, who was trying to avoid the temptation to fling it back.
This was how life had been for Lily for two years now. Since she had agreed to going on a date with James Potter, and had really started to like him.
Getting bored with James not fighting back, Padfoot stood up and offered a hand to his girlfriend, Kate. She took it and was immediately pulled to her feet. Sirius started to dance around the hill top, bringing her along for the ride. Lily laughed as she watched kate’s face turn from one of shock to one of laughter.
Everyone was just so happy, not a care in the world, as most twenty olds should be.
She stood up and offered a hand to James, who took it in turn. He led her in a wild kind of joyful waltz, following Sirius and Kate around. She almost didn’t hear his next words over the sound of her laughter, but she did.

‘What?’ She whispered, not daring to hope for the best. He said it again, but still, she couldn’t believe her ears. James rolled his eyes and laughed.

‘Marry me?’ He yelled and then continued to turn her around, even when the others had stopped.

‘Sure. Why not?’ She said back, laughing along. She knew he knew what was buried beneath those words, and when they kissed, he shot his wand up into the air crying, ‘Expecto Patronum!’ And out burst a pearly white stag, charging around them as they embraced.

‘Lily? Lily? Are you with me?’ A hand fluttered across her line of vision and she immediately realized she was laughing merrily. She tried stopping but the worried expression on James’ face cracked her up again.
He held out her ring, which goes to show how long she was out of the present time.

She laughed and James frowned. ‘Am I missing something here?’ He asked.

She was about to answer when Harry’s OWL Hedwig, soared threw the window and stood patiently on the kitchen table. Since Harry hadn’t written in so long, Lily almost flew to the table in anticipation of reading what he wrote.

‘Hey, slow down there,’ James said coming up behind her and looked at her, amusement etched over all his facial features as Lily tore open the envelope.

Hello mum, Hello dad, (it read),
I really am super sorry for not writing earlier. It’s just been… hectic over here. The weather is horrible, Quidditch is starting to get insanely busy, and I think the teachers are under the impression that the exams are next week, even though we still have months. To top it all off, security around the castle is getting tighter and tighter. You know Neville, right? I guess, since your all buddy buddy with his parents. Yeah, he was taken the other day, when he was returning from the greenhouses after talking to Professor Sprout. It was actually a bit weird. There was a note where his stuff was left, but no one knows what it said, except the teachers of course. Don’t worry mum, as I said, they did tighten security so don’t worry about us.
I know this is short, but I really need to go. Hermione is fidgeting in her chair, my pile of uncompleted homework apparently torturing her…


Hey! I know, this chapter is very super short, so sorry! I won’t always have James and Lily scenes, I just thought to show a bit of their background in my story, and because I didn’t want to make the story too repetitive.

Feedback here

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Re: Harry Potter and the Blue Box

Ok, I’m going to try and make this chapter longer to make up for the last one.
Oh, and just to make things clear, I don’t live in England, I live in Australia, so if things seem a little out of place for a story that’s meant to be set in England, tell me please!
Chapter 7:


The weather had started to turn well again, abnormal for late November. Harry made the most of it before Saturday’s quidditch game against Ravenclaw by making the Gryffindor team practice harder than ever. It was going to be tough competition. Jemma Sornets was captain that year, and though this was her first year at captaining, she took the badge well enough to be a major threat.
Friday afternoon was the worse. Double Herbology.
He usually didn’t mind Herbology, but that afternoon he couldn’t wait to get out of the greenhouse, have a hurried dinner, fall straight asleep and play the match tomorrow and get it over and done with.

‘Stop worrying, you two.’ Hermione’s voice brought him around to the present. ‘Tomorrow will be fine.’

Ron glared at her as though she had insulted him; the anxiety before quidditch matches always brought out his worst.

She rolled her eyes at him, and picked up her two-sizes-too-big toothbrush, and faced the Venomous Tentacula they were working with, a true look of Gryffindor bravery on her face.
Harry went around, and distracting the plant with food, Hermione and Ron were able to get the brush in its mouth and clean his teeth, only sustaining a few cuts on their arms.
Everybody was thankful when the bell sounded, signalling the end of that lesson.


‘…and the weather outside is perfect for quidditch, so rise and shine boys! The game’s in two hours and we’re going to win. I can feel it.’

Harry opened up his eyes, his sight blurred for the few minutes that he didn’t have his glasses on. But he could still see that gorgeous red head floating around his room, opening up the curtains. Once his glasses were restored to their rightful spot on his face, he got up, shaking himself awake and grabbing his quidditch gear.

‘You didn’t have to wake me, Ginny. I am the captain and I can be responsible.’ He grunted out, the sunlight streaming in through their dorm windows starting to finally take effect on his semi-conscious state.

‘Sure, sure. I bet your very, very responsible.’ She smirked. She walked over and gave him his firebolt broomstick, a gift from Sirius and his dad on his fourteenth birthday. She lifted her head up, and gave him a quick peck on the lips. Harry leaned forward, hoping to get it lasting a bit longer, but they were interrupted by Ron's voice.

‘Get a room...’ He mumbled through his hangings.

‘Harry, can you hear something? It sounds just like there is someone else here.’ Ginny asked in that adorable sarcastic way of hers…

‘Or three someone’s…’ Seamus’s familiar voice said. A grunt came from Dean’s bed in agreement.

‘Okay then, voices from the deep.’ Ginny muttered, then to Harry, ‘See you in five?’ Giving him one final kiss, she turned on her heel and pranced out of the room.

Now that the match was less than two hours away, Harry’s nerves had disappeared. He had been a reserve in his first year, finally making the team in his second, so by now he was pretty much used to pre-match jitters.
Ron definitely wasn’t. He was pale when they started walking to breakfast, ghostly pale by the time they had eaten and when they started to head to the pitch, he had gone a sickly green.

‘Right you all.’ Harry said, once his team had geared up and they were starting to hear the thunder of the crowd coming down from breakfast.

‘This is the first match of the season, and we are going to win it. We are a very talented team, every one of you with your different strengths. Yes, Ron, I am including you in that’, he added when Ron made a sound of disbelief.
‘Let’s go and play some quidditch!’ Demelza shouted.

Harry led his team out and onto the pitch, doing their warm up lap as they went. When Madam Hooch signalled to them, they flew down and joined her and the Ravenclaws.

‘Captains, Shake.’ She ordered.

Harry found that this was the first gentle handshake he had received from any quidditch captain, and, startled, he looked up at Jemma Sornets. She immediately blushed and let her hand fall limply to her side.
Harry grinned cockily and he was first in the air when he heard Hooch’s whistle.

‘And the quaffle is immediately seized by Luke Carmen and- wait, no, the lovely Ginny has taken it now, passes it to Demelza, and back, to Mr. Asher Potter, to Demelza, to Ginny. It’s intercepted by, umm, oh, that’s right! Ben Over, I remember, because I went out with him in my fourth year. Wait! It’s stolen back by Ash Potter, one dear family friend. Oh, and for those people who think that the only reason half the people on the team got there only because they are so well connected to the captain, than you have another thing coming for you.’

Harry grinned from his position above the centre of the field, Danielle Black had been the commentator since Lee Jordan had left, and she certainly added a heap more interest to the game. She had been on the quidditch team once, playing keeper, but had stopped after that year, preferring to commentate then play.

Chelsea Keith, the Ravenclaw seeker, was on the opposite side of the field from Harry, circling as she too looked for the Golden Snitch. He tried to lead her in a few false dives, but she was hard to distract.

He thought back to when Cho Chang was the seeker of Ravenclaw, and how he had used to like her. He had even asked her to the Yule ball in his fourth year, but she had been going with Cedric Diggory. He had become friends with him, and still half kept in touch as his mum used to work with Harry's mum. As far as he knew, they were still going out.
He shook his head, thankful that he had Ginny, and not Cho.

‘So now the game has been going for five whole minutes, and not one team has scored. I actually need something to comment on you know!’ She yelled, the magical microphone raising her voice above the crowds yells and boos.

Ginny flashed a grin her direction, and, speeding with the quaffle tucked under her arm, she headed straight for the goal posts.
‘Well I think they got my message as Gryffindor chaser goes for the score, feigns left but then throws straight to Demelza, who scores! That poor keeper, Angus, was it? It was a very clever move that could fool anyone. The poor guy seems fairly confused. Very nicely played.’ Over the roar of the crowd, Harry noticed Dani looking at Angus with a peculiar look in her eyes. The type that said, “How come I’ve never noticed this handsome young fella before?” He hardly noticed, scooping his dark brown, wavy hair out of his eyes.

‘Oh Dani..’ Harry grinned, diving down below the game.

‘Ok, so, Gryffindor 10, Ravenclaw, zilch. And so it continues. The quaffle is thrown back into the game, captain Jemma, takes control, zooming towards Ronald Weasley. The other chaser, David, gets thrown the ball, and he- no, he is knocked off his broom with a perfectly aimed bludger by Peakes. Ouch, that must have broken something. Ravenclaw captain calls time out, and Madam Pomphrey is there, doing some fancy spell work.’
Whilst Harry was gathering in his team, he noticed Dani looking at Angus again. You didn’t need an OWL in Divination to know what she was hoping for.

The game continued, each team fighting hard to get the quaffle in the gold hoops. The score twenty minutes later was announced as Gryffindor- 90, Ravenclaw- 110.

‘Right. Gryffindor in possession as Ash has the quaffle, and is immediately unseated by a bludger by a Ravenclaw Beater, so David takes the quaffle and shoots, but Ron has saved it! Good on you mate- oh, and Chelsea has found the snitch at precisely the same moment the Gryffindor Captain and seeker, Harry Potter has. She is riding a brand new Nimbus 2001 I believe she received for her birthday, yes, she was telling me that the other day, so there will be some more competion than there has been in the past. It has been a very even match, so this may well be the decider.’

Her words were drowned out by the screams issuing from the stands, whether in encouragement or not, it was hard to tell. Harry urged his Firebolt on, the need to get that snitch giving him the adrenalin he wanted. Closer and closer they got to the stands, and right before Harry’s hand closed around the cold metal of the snitch, he looked up and saw a familiar eagle perched atop Luna’s head getting closer and closer...
BOOM. The fall didn’t hurt, he had landed on somebody else in the stands, and he heard them gasp in surprise, but he didn’t care. He had the snitch!

“GRYFFINDOR WINS! 240-110! Woohoo! Party tonight in the Gryffindor common room! You do know that’s just a saying Professor. We are all very responsible and good students…’

The team were all hugging in victory, midair, and Harry clambered back on his broom to join them. As he got closer, he felt his broom sag in weight. The weight seemed to be attached to two small, pale arms that snaked around his stomach and a beautiful head of red hair that pressed into his head.

‘WE DID IT!!’ Ginny yelled for the world to hear.

‘It’s only the first match, you know.’ Harry laughed.

‘Yes, but it still counts.’ She shouted back.

Ten minutes later, they were flying through the castle, dodging suits of armour and ignoring the painting’s inhabitants disapproving remarks until they finally reached the painting of a large fruit bowl.

‘Shall I do the honours?’ Ginny asked imperiously.

‘Why yes of course.’ Harry responded, bowing to her with a little wave of his hand.

Over dramatizing the motion of pointing her finger, Ginny tickled the little green pear who squealed out with laughter, then swinging forwards, it let them through to the castle kitchen.
Immediately, house elves were offering a spoon of soup to them to taste it, trays came bobbing to their direction with tea on it and there were even more little hands holding out pastries of all sorts.
After many thanks and many petite hands shoving food and butterbeers into their arms, enough for the quidditch after party, Harry and Ginny managed to get out of there, grinning from ear to ear.

‘Oh, hey Luna’, Ginny said, and Harry looked at the direction her voice was aimed and, sure enough, she came waltzing down the hallway towards them, looking at all the tapestries and Paintings lining the walls.

‘Luna?’ Ginny said, louder, for Luna had surely not heard them. She was only a few yards away now, and yet, she still gave the impression that she hadn’t heard.

‘Hey Luna!’ Ginny half-shouted out.

Luna looked around. Immediatley, Harry’s high spirits from the quidditch match disappeared. In fact, the previous few hours had been knocked from his mind.

Luna had been crying. Not only that, but her face was filled with anger and sadness, and shock. Yes, definitely shock.
Was she really that beat up about Ravenclaw’s loss?

‘Luna! Are you all right?’ Ginny asked, rushing to her side to comfort her.

She didn’t acknowledge Ginny in the slightest, just merely shook her shoulders as if an irksome fly had landed there.

Ginny’s hands immediately fell back limply to her side.

‘What’s… ?’ She trailed off, looking to Harry for support. It was indeed a situation they had never thought of. Luna and tears. It was like a fingernail and chalkboard. They just didn’t go.

For a second. Luna just stood there, staring at them for what seemed an eternity. When it seemed as though she wouldn’t ever say anything again, she spoke.

‘Thank you for your gift to me Harry, but if you would have preffered me to leave you alone, you could have just said so.’ Her voice shook, with tears or anger, it wasn’t certain. From within her robes she pulled out the blue box Harry had given to her on the train ride the first of September. It was glowing slightly pink.

Thrusting it into Harry’s unsuspecting hands, she started backing away.

‘I wouldn’t have thought it of you to give me Droomatius. Yet I guess you got what you wanted, I won’t bother you no more. I won’t no longer consider you my friend.’
She then turned and walked stiffly away.

‘Wait! Luna! I have no idea what you’re talking about!’ Harry shouted out. He ran after her to catch up, Ginny stepping on his heels.

‘Luna! I swear! It was just in a shop, and I thought you’d like it!’

He reached out once he was close enough and tugged at her arm.

‘Don’t touch me you evil foul little monkey! You did it knowingly. I know you did.’ She hissed, and taking advantage of Harry’s shock on the choice of words she used, she yanked her hand out of his grip and ran into the next corridor with the entrance sealed by a tapestry with a goblin army camping in the middle of a daisy field. They all scowled as the ripple of the tapestry being shoved around knocked them about.

A hysterical ‘Go away!’ came from the other side of the tapestry, muffled by the thick fabric

‘C’mon.’ Ginny said, pushing past Harry. Hesitantly, he followed behind her.

And then the corridor was lit by spells shot straight towards them. With the superb quidditch reflexes born to him, Harry pulled Ginny and himself down on to the ground, dodging each beam of multi-coloured light.
They scrambled around to a wide cupboard lining the wall, and stood against it, managing to collect their bearings. A stunning spell whistled by, chipping some wood right next to Harry’s ear.

‘Petrificus Totalus!’ Ginny screeched, reaching over Harry to get a good aim. He pushed her back to the area furthest away from the direction the attackers were.

‘Hold on! There are five of them and two of us. We can’t fight! We’re outnumbered! We need to get out of here, and fast!’ She thought for a moment, than nodded her eyes wide in anticipation and fear. Squeezing her hand quickly, Harry fired a shield charm straight to the coming attackers, and bolted.

Protego!’ He heard Ginny shout out from behind him and grinned when he heard a thud that must have meant that she had knocked someone back with the force of the spell.

He kept running, not even when a slicing charm shot a searing pain down his ankle. He was ten steps away, six, three… And then a scream. Completely forgetting the fact that there were people behind him trying as hard as they could to hurt him, he turned and saw a sight that made his stomach drop unceremoniously away.
Ginny had ran back to the group of cloaked men, fists flailing , whether they were hers or not, and she screamed, trying to get past.
And then Harry’s stomach came flying back up, past its original location. They had Luna.

He started running back too and fired a freezing charm at them, hitting one squarely in the chest.
The hood fell back and Harry saw that it was a women, with an oddly familiar expression of loathing etched on a pale and pointed face…

Then everything went blurry and the last thing he remembered was the people retreating away, taking Luna and the lady he shot with the freezing charm away, then he passed out.


Sorry it has taken me a while to upload, I tried to make this a long chapter to make up for last
Remember, feedback is always welcome!


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Re: Harry Potter and the Blue Box

Chapter 8:

A hand was absentmindedly stroking his face. He couldn’t tell who it was, but his best bet was it would be Ginny.

Now that he was coming around, he could hear her talking to someone else. Slowly, he opened his eyes.

He winced as the light tore painfully into his vision, and everyone looked over.

Ron, Hermione, Danielle and Ginny were sitting around his bed in comfortable looking chairs, all looking fairly alert and concerned.

‘Hey Harry,’ Hermione said softly, covering one of his hands in his. ‘Are you alright?’

‘Yea-‘ His voice came out all horsey. Clearing his throat, he tried again. ‘Wel-‘

Ron laughed at his attempts to talk and passed him a glass of water.

‘Good to know mate.’

After taking a few sips, he felt his throat moisten again. Feeling better he said ‘How long have I been out for?’

‘Only two hours. You were hit with two stunning spells at once and then Madam Pomfrey kept you unconscious because she had to fix your ankle. It was a pretty bad cut.’ Dani explained.

There was a long silence as everyone waited for Harry to digest the information.

‘So what actually happened?’ Dani burst out; clearly she had been waiting a while to ask.

‘Well…’ He glanced at Ginny, and saw that she had a large bruise that had nearly finished forming on her face and a swelling cut lip. He remembered when she was straight in front of the group and one of the people’s fist must have made contact. Even though her eye had temporarily dissolved into a puffy slit, she was still beautiful.

‘I was a bit fuzzy on the details, so I left the explaining to you.’ She grinned, then winced and touched her fat lip.

So Harry explained as best as he could to his friends, trying to make sense of it himself. Except that it made no sense.

Did they come for Luna especially, or did they just kidnap students for the hell of it? No, they definitely were trying to get something. He let his mind drift back to Remus and Tonk’s wedding night, and he and Ginny’s night time stroll.
“…We must retrieve it, using the things he loves most.”

Well maybe…

‘Wait a second!’ He said, fighting against the blankets on top of him to sit up.

‘The kidnaps are all connected!’ He said loudly. All four of them hissed at him to shut up and looked at him in exasperation.

‘Well that much is obvious, Harry.’ Hermione said.

‘No, I didn't mean it like that. Well, I did. But Denise was a pretty close friend of Luna’s, right? Well, as close to Luna as you could get. And so was Neville. And then Luna was taken. And do you remember that conversation we overheard Ginny? In the Hogshead? “We need to retrieve it, using the things he loves most.” I think it’s a bit more than a coincidence!’

They all continued looking at him, each floating in their own thoughts.
‘Well, in the Hogshead they were talking about a guy…’ Ginny said, after another long pause.

‘’Could have changed since then, or they had it wrong.’ Harry supplied stubbornly.

‘But it still doesn't really make sense.’ She said thoughtfully.
Harry growled in frustration. Why couldn’t they see the point he was trying to make?

‘Well, I think it’s a bit farfetched.’ Hermione announced and Harry looked at Ron, who just kind of nodded.

‘No offense Harry, it’s a good theory, but…. Well, it’s like one in a million shot that you’re right. Why would it be Luna these baddies are talking about?’

‘Whatever. Dani?’

‘I think you might be right.’ Hermione looked in her direction as if she were out of her mind.

‘It seems to sort of fit together. I don’t know.’ She turned her head to look out of the window.

There was another awkward silence, this one lasting for a while.

‘But if-‘

‘Oh give it a rest Harry!’ Hermione said, exhaling louder than usual. ‘Once you have finished trying to be Sherlock Holmes, I believe that there is still a celebrating Gryffindor team up in the common room.’

They sat there in silence until Harry said ‘Who’s Sherlock Holmes?’

Hermione rolled her eyes and was about to answer when Dumbledore walked in.

He took into account the people around Harry and walked up to his side.
He asked him to explain, sitting in silence the whole way through.
Once Harry had finished, he stood up, wished him a speedy recovery, and left, taking the feel of his presence with him.

‘Right. The quidditch party.’ Danielle said, standing up.

He could tell they just wanted to forget the previous confusing conversation, so Harry started to stand to.

‘Not so fast Potter!’ Madam Pomfrey said, shuffling into sight with a bottle of medicine in hand.

‘I’m seriously feeling perfect. Can’t I go?’

She tutted. ‘You can go if you let me check you over and make sure that you are in fact, “perfect”.

She did just that, rubbing some ointment over the scar on his ankle, (now looking a week old) and giving him some sort of refreshing medicine that tasted of blueberries.

They walked via the kitchen to pick up the food in replacement for all the stuff he and Ginny had dropped, and were soon at the portrait of the fat lady.

‘Where have you been?’ She said. ‘The big celebration is just beginning..’

They didn’t bother answering, they just said the password and she let them in with a huff. (‘No one ever tells me anything!’)

And indeed the celebrations were well under way. Food was lining the table over yonder and drinks were spread everywhere. The rest of the team were in the middle of the room, being congratulated by everyone on their win. You’d have thought that they had one the final.

It was hard to stay fully focussed in the fact that Luna was missing and all his suspiscions as people came swarming over, each congratulating the Gryffindor captain.


The Saturday before the Christmas holidays was announced as a Hogsmeade trip. This got everyone super excited, as they had spent the last three months in the castle grounds.

‘I wonder why we haven’t had a Hogsmeade trip yet.’ Ron wondered aloud as they joined the end of the line of the people being let slowly through the winged boar gates by Filch, rugged up in numerous coats and scarfs.
Hermione murmured in agreement, and gazed off, her face bright with the cold.

‘So where to first?’ Ron asked as soon as they were walking down the track towards the village.

‘Well I was going to meet up with Ginny for a while.’ Harry said slowly.

Ron rolled his eyes. ‘Fine. Ditch us for your girlfriend.’

‘I was still going to hang out with you guys later on. Oh come on!’ He said loudly, punching Ron in the arm playfully as he turned his nose up in the opposite direction, a smirk plastered onto his face.

‘I’ll meet you at the Three Broomsticks at 1:30?’ And when Ron still gave him the silent treatment, Harry pushed him over.

Hermione laughed as she held out a hand to help Ron up, and he took it enthusiastically, holding onto it a bit longer than was necessary.

A few short minutes later, they reached the cosy little pub and walked in. Looking around, they saw Ginny, Dani, and a dark haired girl sitting at a table against the wall. Hermione went and got drinks, while Ron and Harry joined them.

‘Hello ladies.’ Harry announced himself, squeezing in next to Ginny and putting his arm around her.

‘Oh hey Harry, Ron.’ Dani said, looking up at them through a moustache of butterbeer throth.

‘Dani, you have a little something on her face.’ The dark haired girl said. She seemed to be nice and simpled natured, and Ron raised his eyebrows at Ginny, silently asking for an introduction.

‘Oh, right. This is my brother Ron, and well, I guess you’ve guessed this is Harry Potter. Guys, this is my recently befriended friend, Astoria Greengrass.’

‘Well it’s nice to meet you.’ Ron said. ‘How come we’ve only just met you though?’

Ginny answered, ‘Well, I only became friends with her this year, in Potions. She’s in Slytherin house.’

Harry and Ron looked at each other. Slytherin house? Why was Ginny friends with her if she’s a Slytherin? Everyone knows that’s the house of evil.

Just then, Hermione came with the three drinks and squished in next to Ron. Ginny quickly introduced Hermione to Astoria, and she made some conversation with the girls wile Ron and Harry had a silent conversation using mainly their eyes. A full fifteen minutes was all it took for Harry to realize that Astoria was a really nice person, and seemed to actually not be a typical Slytherin. She must have known what Harry was thinking, because she grew very talkative about her past.

‘In first year, my sister was already in this house, so I asked the hat to put me in Slytherin. At that time, I just wanted to be like her, and well, I guess I’m an ambitious person too, I study more than I socialise,’ (Ron looked in amusement at Hermione) ‘No one likes me much in my house, I guess that’s how I became friends with Ginny, because I avoid sitting with them in classes and stuff.’

There was a pause, when the distant tinkle of the door being opened reached their ears. Dani glanced up and kept her face there.

‘What are you looking at?’ Harry asked.

‘Angus.’ Three voices answered.

‘It’s rude to stare you know.’ Ron said as she gazed at him.

They all followed her gaze, to the sixteen year old with his friends.
He looked around casually, and they all dropped their gaze immediately.

‘Yeah, I guess he is kind of cute.’ Ron said. They all looked at him.

‘I just realised how that sounded from your point of view..’ He said, blushing redder than his hair, while everyone sat and laughed at him.
Again, they looked over again as Dani did, trying to see what was grabbing her attention.
Angus looked around the room curiously, and as his eyes travelled over their table, they each averted their gaze as quickly as possible, each looking at various areas in the room.

‘But Dani, you never have trouble talking to any guy!’ Ginny stated. ‘You’ve dated half the guys in the school!’

She frowned. ‘It’s different though. In the past, I would just flirt and casually hint I liked them, and then they asked me out. You know? I’ve never talked to him before, and all of a sudden I’ve forgotten how to just walk up to someone and start talking.'

Ginny stood up, pulling Harry with her. ‘Right. We’ll leave you five girls to continue talking about Dani’s crush, while Harry and I go out.’

They threw their coats back on, and were instantly hit by the freezing wind. They walked up the street as quickly as they could to Honeydukes and Zonkos, where they bought majority of their Christmas shopping, and also bumped into ash and his date, some pretty Ravenclaw.
Walking back outside, the temperature seemed to have dropped another five degrees in the twenty minutes they’d been inside. The clouds above were a misty grey, saying plainer than ever that it would be snowing later that day.

‘Let’s take shelter somewhere.’ Ginny said, and she led him into:

‘Madam Puddifoots?’ Harry blurted out with disgust.

Ginny giggled. ‘Let’s have some fun, shall we?’

He followed her to a table in the corner, right behind a kissing pair of sixth years.

Madam Puddifoot came up and asked what they would like and they ordered two coffees, than sat back to wait.

‘So why are we in here, of all places?’ Harry asked again.

Ginny shot him her infamous mischievious grin, and dug into her robes to pull out her wand.

Under the table, a pale sort of force shot out of her wand tip directly to the table infront of them, straight to the snogging couple.

And nothing happened. They just kept kissing.

‘Just keep watching.’ She whispered to him when he frowned at her.

Thirty seconds went by, and they broke apart. Or tried to. They seemed to be stuck together at the lips, and Harry had a laughing/coughing fit, as he realized that Ginny had shot a short-lasting sticking charm on them. It was another three or so minutes until they managed to break apart, both of them looking around for the caster of the spell, while Ginny casually engaged Harry in conversation.

Having another idea, Harry dug his hand into his pocket and got a few Tongue-ton toffees out. He levitated them over to a Slytherin couple who were holding hands in the far corner, leaving the toffees resting on one of the saucers. The girl, who was gazing into the boys eyes, took one and popped it into her mouth. She chewed it, swallowed, then she leaned in for a kiss…

On and on it went, evil plan after brilliant evil plan, making people’s hands turn into octopuses tentacles as they tried to trail them through their partners hair, or giving people large mustaches in a rather intense moment, no one detecting Harry and Ginny of the evil doings as they doubled up with silent laughter in the dark corner.

‘Right. Are you ready to run?’ Harry murmured to Ginny as he spied Madam Puddifoot making her way over to their table with their coffees, oblivious to the random chaos around her.

‘Thank you,’ Ginny said sweetly as she plonked the drinks down.

‘That’s rather a nice necklace,’ Harry said conversationally as Ginny put a purple wrapped sweet on the empty tray.

‘Thank you dear,’ She said, walking away.

‘Quick! Skull.’ Harry whispered frantically, and they burned their throats as they consumed the steaming liquid.

They threw the money down on the table, and just as they were about to exit out the door, a loud commotion caused couples to break apart to stare as Puddifoot leapt up onto the table and started to sing and dance. It was a Celestnia Warbeck song, and she stripped her apron off in time to the music, throwing it into the audience. She undid her bun and whipped her hair around, still singing all the while. When she was just about to wrap the song up, Harry and Ginny bolted outside, headed for the Three Broomsticks, their laughter causing the few people braving the cold outside to stare.


The Christmas holidays couldn’t be more welcomed as it came into sight. Everything seemed to be that little bit more stressful, and hardly no one was staying over the holidays. There had been no word of Luna’s where abouts and a fair few people had let it slip their mind.

On their last day of lessons, everyone’s minds had wandered off to 36 hours away, when they would finally be getting on the Hogwarts express and leaving for a couple of weeks of holidays.

‘Potter! Please pay attention.’ A voice barked out, and Harry felt himself unwillingly slide into the present, to be face to face with an annoyed Professor Sylvester.

‘Sorry ma’am.’ He mumbled, picking up his quill and trying to look alert, but failing miserably.

She humphed. ‘To continue, dark objects can be anything. A ring, a show, a butterbeer bottle, ect. It is extremely rare you will find something bigger than, say, a trunk. That is so difficult that even the headmaster would find it hard to do. These things are hard to destroy. I want everyone to write this down…’

And slowly, his concentration was slipping away from him.


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Re: Harry Potter and the Blue Box

To the brave people reading my book,

If you are still reading this story, thank you a million times. It is extremely encouraging to know people are reading my attempts at writing

Just a quick note to apoligise for not really updating recently. I have been very un-motivated and actually completely forgot about it for a while.
And also, I feel like I could have done a lot better in my story and this is the half of the year that I am trying at everything so I decided to bully myself into going back over the chapters and editing them and trying my hardest to improve sometime in the new future so just thought I would let you all know.
I will put a little smiley face at the bottom of all the ones I edit. Yup.
Cheers, Baarney

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'When Life sucks, Just Dance! And since life nearly always sucks, Always Dance...' -Joe Walker, AVPSY

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