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Accidentally In Love

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Accidentally In Love

This is an idea for a story that has been playing around in my brain for a while. I'm very nervous about posting it, so I would really appreciate any feedback you have. It will have some lovey stuff (hence, the title) but my plan for the story includes more than love and fluff. I am going to try and keep to canon as much as possible, but since we know only limited things about the next generation, some of it will be my assumptions.

Thanks for reading! Don't forget to leave feedback when you've finished!

DISCLAIMER: I am not J.K. Rowling and I do not own Harry Potter.

Accidentally In Love

Chapter One

For the first time in her school life, Lily Luna Potter wasn’t surrounded by either of her older brothers. She sat on the Hogwarts Express, bound for her sixth year, and realized that she was the only Potter left in the school. Now she’d never really felt overshadowed by her brothers, but there was a small part of her that resembled her Uncle Ron, and she was excited at the prospect of being the only Potter.

She gazed around the compartment and smiled at her friends. Hugo Weasley, her cousin, sat next to her and was arguing with her best friend, Dana Jemison, who sat across from them. Dana, a muggleborn, had never heard of Harry Potter before Hogwarts, which Lily admitted was probably part of the reason for their easy friendship. Next to Dana was Roxy, her other cousin, and next to her, Michael Boot, Hugo’s best friend. She was about to comment on the argument between her cousin and friend when a sandy colored head poked into the compartment.

“Hey guys,” Jase Finnigan smiled at the group. “Hugo, you coming Mate? We’ve got a prefects meeting.” Jase was the son of Seamus Finnigan and a muggle woman named Mary. He was a seventh year Gryffindor Prefect.

“Oh yeah, I’m coming,” Hugo left the compartment with a wave to the others. Once he was gone, Lily turned to Dana with a laugh.

“What?” Dana asked.

“What were you two arguing about?”

“Nothing, Hugh was just being a right prat, that’s all,” she turned a light shade of pink, but her face was full of resentment.

“About what?” Lily pressed. Dana, still pink, looked out the window.

Michael and Roxy, who had been listening to the argument, both laughed. Dana shot them a death glare, but it had no effect other than making them laugh harder.

“Well,” Mike began, “Dana didn’t like the way Hugh stored her trunk in the overhead compartment,” he kept laughing.

“Hugh, in response, said she couldn’t know much about storing trunks because she could barely lift hers without levitating it, and you can imagine where the argument went from there,” Roxy finished the story with a giggle.

“Oh sock it both of you,” Dana was now red in the face and looked a mixture of angry and embarrassed. She was saved from any further discussion by the arrival of the food trolley. Lily and Mike jumped up and bought snacks for everyone.

Once seated again, the four remaining in the compartment began munching happily on Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans and Chocolate Frogs.

“Ugh,” Lily opened her first Chocolate Frog and glanced at the card expectantly. “I’ve gotten my Uncle Ron again!” She tossed the card aside, and Ron, looking offended that she didn’t want him, huffed from the small frame. “I think that was about the 12th one of him I’ve seen and I still don’t have my dad or Neville yet!”

“I thought you said they gave your dad a bunch of his cards when they were printed?” Dana asked through a mouthful of Droobles.

“Well, yeah, but I told him I didn’t want one that they gave him, I wanted to actually find it and collect it like all the others.”

“Oh,” Dana opened one and laughed out loud. “I’ve gotten your Uncle Ron too!” They all laughed as the train sped along.

The meeting with Headmistress McGonagall had gone better than he could have expected. Being a recent graduate of Hogwarts, it was unlikely she would appoint him as a teacher, but allowing him to work alongside Professor Timmons and “train” was a step in the right direction. She said he would have other random responsibilities in helping care for the grounds and school, and probably help Madam Hooch with Quidditch. All in all, he knew it would be worth it just to be on Hogwarts grounds, and get paid for it too!

The salary wasn’t much, but considering it includes room and board, it’s a fair price for not having an official “title.” Of course it’s nothing compared to the money he could have if he remained under his parent’s control, but he needed to get out and experience the world; a world his father has never really known. Scorpius Malfoy wanted a different life, something his father hadn’t experienced.

Being the son of a known Death Eater hadn’t been easy growing up. Sure, his grandmother helped Harry Potter in the end, but that hardly excuses a lifetime of evil behavior. Without her lying to the Dark Lord, he most likely wouldn’t be here, since he was certain his father and grandfather would have both ended up in Azkaban. She did lie however, and that lie proved to be the savoir of the family. Of course, really, Harry Potter was the savior of his family, as he saved his father’s life; something his father will never forget or live down.

The Magical world is a great place to grow up in, but again, his family history has kept him from truly enjoying all aspects of it. Sure, his father and mother don’t “do” anything evil anymore, but just knowing that under their robes are hearts that would have killed innocent people at one time is enough to make him sad. Admittedly, his mother was never a Death Eater, and her parents weren’t branded with the Dark Mark, but she grew up in a household that held the purity of blood at high standard, and they didn’t disagree with the Dark Lord.

His parents had always taught him that wizard’s blood was the purest there was, and he should be kind to Muggles only because it was “nice” to be kind to those who were beneath you. He never heard his parents speak of Muggleborns, and he didn’t know what a Muggleborn was until the summer before he went to school. Yes, he had led a fairly sheltered life, and thinking back, he couldn’t blame his parents. If he had committed the acts his father had, he would shelter his children too.

The summer before he left for Hogwarts his parents gave him two books to read, Hogwarts: A History and A School Endangered. He read through Hogwarts: a History first and enjoyed finding out about the school, which made his excitement of attending grow even stronger. After his read of A School Endangered, though, he cried in his room for two days. In the book, written by Rolf Scamander, he read about a Dark Lord named Voldemort and his Death Eaters. One of the final chapters of the book was entirely devoted to Death Eaters and their fate after the War. He could still remember every word on the page.

Lucius Malfoy is one of the most recognizable names associated with Death Eaters. He supported Voldemort during the his first attempt to rise to power, and avoided imprisonment after Voldemort’s downfall by claiming to have never meant any of the harm he had caused. He is known for giving great donations to many Wizarding establishments, including the Ministry, so it is a common belief he “bought” his way out of imprisonment.

He was, however, involved in an attempt to steal a prophecy from the Department of Mysteries in 1996, but was thwarted by Harry Potter and his associates. The contents of the prophecy in question still remains highly speculated, the most prominent belief being that it predicted the fall of Lord Voldemort to Harry Potter. After his mission to steal the prophecy failed he was captured and imprisoned in Azkaban until Spring of 1997.

During the year after his incarceration he allowed his home to be used by Voldemort as a headquarters and prison. He and his wife, Narcissa Black Malfoy, had a change of heart when it looked as though their only son would pay the price of death for Lucius’ mistakes. Harry Potter gave testimony to the fact that the Malfoy’s were no longer fighting with and supporting Voldemort in the final showdown, so he evaded imprisonment again. He now lives at his Manor with is wife and is rarely seen.

At first he couldn’t believe it was true. Not his Grandfather, not the man who gave him a racing broom for his eleventh birthday and provided him with all the supplies necessary to learn to play Quidditch. He could still remember the beating of his heart as he looked down the page and saw his father’s name in bold print.

Draco Malfoy is the son of Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy, and became a Death Eater in the summer of 1996. He is foremost known as the attempted murderer of Albus Dumbledore. He was unsuccessful in his attempt, and from that moment on was only a half hearted Death Eater.

Afraid to leave the Death Eaters, he followed orders and did as he was told, albeit fearfully. In the summer of 1998 he participated in the Battle of Hogwarts and tried, unsuccessfully to capture Harry Potter and bring him to Lord Voldemort. It is assumed he hoped to reestablish favor in the eyes of Lord Voldemort by capturing Harry, but in his attempt, he watches a friend, Vincent Crabbe, die and his own life is saved by Harry Potter. He was not imprisoned after the Battle because Harry Potter gave testimony that he and his family did not support Lord Voldemort during the final showdown. Draco lives with his wife, Astoria Greengrass Malfoy and his son, Scorpius in their Wiltshire home and keeps his family to himself.

At seeing his own name listed with his father’s, he had to run to the bathroom and be sick. At the time he didn’t know those facts about his family, and refused to talk to his father for several days after reading the book. His mother answered all his questions, and encouraged him to be friendly to his father, who had “been through enough and didn’t need his son hating him along with the rest of wizard England.” He didn’t hate his father, he was disappointed in him and hurt that he had never known his family history. Now, looking back, he completely understands the reason his father never shared any of it with him. Draco Malfoy was nothing but a coward, and he always would be. In his heart, Scorpius knew his father had only had a “change of heart” because it was in his own best interests, but he had loved his father through his adolescence. He still loved his father, but couldn’t stay at home to become like him. No, he wanted to make a life for himself, and getting a job at Hogwarts was the first step.

“Welcome to the first years and welcome back to our returning students!” Headmistress McGonagall said with a pleasant expression on her face. “We are thrilled to have each of you here and are looking forward to a new year…”

Something pelted Lily upside the head and she turned with mild anger, in the direction the Bertie Bott Bean had flown from. She quickly found the source, her friend Samantha Williams, a Ravenclaw, who was apparently throwing it at her just to say hi. She waved at her friend.

“Hey Lils,” Hugo whispered beside her. “Isn’t that Scorpius Malfoy sitting next to Professor Timmons?” Lily looked to the staff table, and did indeed see Scorpius sitting there, looking nervous.

“Sure is,” she whispered back. She was about to say more when McGonagall’s voice rang in her ears.

“We have only one new staff edition this term, and that is Scorpius Malfoy. Many of you will remember him, as he was a student last term and graduated in June. He will be assisting Professor Timmons during Potions and will have various duties around the school. I trust you will all greet him kindly,” Scorpius gave a little wave, still looking nervous. It was well known that he had very few good friends at Hogwarts, and Lily knew he closest friend, Trenton Nott, had graduated with him, and to her knowledge he didn’t have many, if any, younger friends.

“Do you know him?” Hugo whispered again.

“No,” Lily shook her head, “not really. He and Al were acquaintances, meaning they were Prefects together and occasionally did rounds, but I’ve never actually spoken to him. I did smile at him in the Charms corridor once.”

“Why do you remember that?” Hugo gave her a strange look and she simply shrugged. “I wonder why he’s here,” he was still concerned with this new staff member.

“Apparently he wants to be Professor Timmons’ assistant. Why are you so concerned about it?” Lily hissed.

“I don’t know!” Hugo defended. “He’s a Malfoy, and my dad says not to trust a Malfoy.”

“Come off it Hugh---he didn’t do anything to you or any of us. My dad says we should give everyone a chance, regardless of their family.”

“Whatever,” Hugo murmured and cast another look at the staff table. After looking at Scorpius for a long while, his gaze shifted and he looked at the other Professors. The Sorting Hat had finished it’s song, and he watched Neville Longbottom, a close family friend and his Herbology Professor, clap as the first student was placed in Gryffindor, which he happened to be the Head of. Hugo kept looking down the staff table and his eyes brightened when he saw his Defense Professor, Teddy Lupin, grinning at him. He grinned back and made a mental note to discuss Scorpius with Teddy, err, Professor Lupin, later.

Thanks so much for reading! I'd love to know what you think---the good, the bad, and the ugly!

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Re: Accidentally In Love

I've got the feedback link up now! Thanks!

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Re: Accidentally In Love

I wanted to thank amandaevans, Kristin, Jenn, and MissGryffindor for leaving feedback! Thanks so much ladies! I also wanted to plead with others who read this stroy (153 views!) to please leave feedback! Even if you don't like the story or something about it, I'd like to know because I might be able to use your constructive criticism to make it better. Please, I'm begging!

Enough of that I suppose---here you go! I hope you enjoy!

(pst....leave feedback!)

Chapter Two

The Weasley boy had been staring at him all night. It wasn’t that surprising considering all that his father had done to the boy’s mother and father. Trenton said according to his father, Theodore Nott, Draco had been horrible to Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley during their school days. There were times Scorpius wished his father had been more like Theodore Nott and not been in a gang of pure blood enthusiasts. Mr. Nott had told him that he never felt the need to be part of a gang at school, which did have some disadvantages, but he liked keeping to himself. Why couldn’t Draco have done the same thing?

There you go again, Scorpius thought to himself, wishing things were different. You’re never going to get over the past, and it can’t be changed, so thinking on it will do nothing but depress you further. So STOP!

He was constantly having this inward fight. He loved his father and mother, but had a really hard time getting over all that had been done. He always tried to focus on the happy memories, and he did have some. Despite all the evil, his parents had loved him and given him a happy and stable home. He always felt loved and never wanted for anything. He smiled, thinking of the happy times as a knock sounded on his door.

“Come in,” he called, curious as to who would be visiting him so early the first morning of classes. The door to his room swung open and revealed Teddy Lupin, the Defense Professor.

“Morning Scorpius,” Teddy said with genuine kindness. “Just wanted to stop in and see how you were, I know last night was difficult for you.”

Today Teddy had sandy brown hair, exactly like his father, and looked normal. Of course, what exactly was normal for a metamorphagus was relative.

“Oh, uh, thanks,” Scorpius stammered. This man had been his own Defense teacher last year, and an excellent one at that. Scorpius had always liked him, and he’s always been kind to him. He wasn’t sure how Teddy felt about him being here though, so he decided to remain wary until he knew his motives. “It was a little weird being at the Staff Table, and none of the students looked to thrilled to see me.”

Teddy laughed, “Yeah well, they’re students, they’re all pretty self absorbed and were probably trying to figure out if you would be easy to manipulate.”

“I guess,” Scorpius smiled.

“I felt the same way last year when I sat at the big table for the first time.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah,” Teddy smiled again. “I’m heading to breakfast, you want to join me?”

“Sure, thanks,” Scorpius rose and got his small bag that held a notebook, ink, and quill.

“No problem, what are cousins for?”

The Great Hall was bustling with activity, excited voices heard ringing through the large room. The first morning back always gave Lily a thrill, and her sixth year was no exception. As she sat eating her sausage and sipping Pumpkin Juice, she saw Neville approaching the table, a stack of schedules in his hand.

“Hello sixth years!” He greeted them with a smile and they all returned it. “I have some class schedules here,” he passed them out. “Congratulations to all of you on the classes you’ve been accepted into! I was incredibly proud of the scores Gryffindor made last term on their O.W.L.s. Great job!” He grinned at each of them and then with a small wave, made his way toward the Staff Table. All the sixth years excitedly checked over their lessons, although none saw anything that shocked them. After looking at their own schedules, Hugo and Lily swapped.

“We’ve got all of them together except Ancient Runes and Care of Magical Creatures,” Hugo said.

“Makes sense, since I don’t take Care of Magical Creatures and you don’t take Ancient Runes,” Lily laughed. Those classes happened to be the first on their list, so with a quick swallow she and Mike left for Ancient Runes while all the other sixth year Gryffindors left for Hagrid’s Hut.

On the way to Ancient Runes, Lily and Mike were talking animatedly about the first night back.

“He could not get over it,” Mike was saying as they placed their bags on a table in the middle of the classroom. “I think he talked about it for over an hour! Landon finally told him to shut up, or I think he would have kept on going.” Landon Green was a muggleborn who was one of Hugo and Mike’s roommates.

“Yeah, he seemed really caught up with it at dinner too,” Lily said, and shrugged. “For some reason his being here just really gets under his skin I suppose…” she trailed off as Samantha chose the table next to theirs and grinned.

“Hello you two!” She said cheerily.

“Hey Sam, how was your summer?” Lily asked genuinely.

“Great thanks! How was yours?”



“Can’t complain,” he grinned, but then his smiled faltered. Lily looked around Samantha and saw Richard Corner sit beside her and flash a smile at the Gryffindors.

“Hello Lily,” he looked right at her and his smiled broadened. “Boot,” he nodded at Mike, who returned the nod with a slight scowl on his face. Samantha and Lily shared a look and Sam rolled her eyes at the boy’s exchange.

“Are you the only Gryffindors again?” Sam asked.

“Why would any of the others have taken an O.W.L. for a class they’d never had?” Mike asked with a laugh. “I thought you were smarter than that Sam, being in Ravenclaw and all.”
Sam looked befuddled for a minute, and then laughed. “OK, you’re right Mike; I guess I just had a ditzy moment.”

“Ah,” Mike laughed again, Lily and Richard joining in.

“Lily,” Richard said, leaning around Sam. “I heard you got an O on this exam.”

Lily blushed, but nodded.

“That’s really impressive, you must really understand the translations,” he sounded like someone trying to suck up to a teacher.

“Um, thanks Richard,” she said uncertainly and looked at Mike with questioning eyes. Mike only glared at Richard.

“Oh, my friends call me Rich,” he flashed her another smile, but Lily was saved from having to respond by Professor Vines entering the room. He looked at his students and waved his wand at them, then at a parchment on his desk.

“Alright class, I’ve just assigned you permanently to the seat you’re currently sitting in, so don’t try to sit anywhere else or you’ll have a nice little burn on your bum,” the teacher laughed and moved to the board. “Let’s get right to it, shall we?”

As Lily pulled her book, parchment, and a quill from her bag, she and Mike exchanged another look.

Hugo was a great guy, and generally got on with everyone at school. All but one student. Richard Corner. The two boys hated each other from the beginning, even thought neither could explain it properly. Hugo had told Lily he “just had a bad feeling about him.” Mike didn’t particularly care for Richard either, even though they had known each other prior to school. Their fathers were friends, but they only tolerated each other.

The rivalry between Hugo and Richard was intensified in their third year, when both were chosen to play Keeper for their respective Quidditch teams. On a rainy day in October Hugo had missed two goals for the Gryffindor team. Gryffindor was up by 149 points when Ravenclaw’s Seeker caught the snitch. Richard rather loudly and publicly pointed out to Hugo had he not missed those goals, Gryffindor would have won. Hugo served detention for a week for hexing Richard right in the Quidditch pitch. Ever since, no chance of reconciliation existed between the boys and this left Lily and Mike in a strange situation since they were now seated next to him for all of term in Ancient Runes.

“I say we just don’t tell him,” Lily was saying as the two of them approached the Fat Lady. All the sixth year Gryffindors had the next period free and had agreed to meet in the Common Room.

“Yeah, I think that’s probably best,” Mike agreed.

“I don’t really know what his problem with him is though,” Lily shrugged. “I don’t think he’s all that bad.”

“Lils, you know he hates him, so for now, that’s enough for us. I’d rather not have to give him a play by play after each time Ancient Runes meets, and you know he’ll want to know if he so much as looked at either of us wrong. I agree, we don’t tell him,” he gave a firm nod and gave the password to the Fat Lady.

“Alright,” Lily shrugged again and took a place by Dana around the fireplace.

The students were chattering happily waiting for Professor Timmons to start class. The kind Professor was excellent in his field, but not the most organized person. Scorpius has asked if he needed help, but the man had smiled genially and said he could handle it, so Scorpius sat in the corner, observing the chattering students.

The door banged, causing him to look up, startled. The seven sixth year Gryffindors had entered, all looking a bit flustered. Professor Timmons glanced at them from over his glasses and smiled, even though they were late.

“Sorry Professor Timmons,” the girl he thought was called Dana, said. All of them looked at their professor, clearly thinking a detention was in order. Their professor only smiled again.

“I will excuse your tardiness today, only because I haven’t started yet,” he turned back to what he was going. The class continued chatting among themselves, and Scorpius continued observing.

This was the only sixth year class, and it was a large one. All the Gryffindors and Ravenclaws were taking it, with a few from Hufflepuff and Slytherin thrown in. Professor Timmons didn’t seem deterred by the large group though, as he finally got to work and started class.

The period went by quickly. Scorpius was impressed with how much the class knew already. Someone from each house answered at least one question, and Ravenclaw House answered several and earned 30 points. Before long the class was over, with a homework assignment given, and the students piled out, all finished for the day.

The first day was over and it hadn’t been too bad. He actually helped the first and second years with their experiment and he found he really enjoyed teaching. A small, first year Hufflepuff had hugged him on her way out and although he was taken aback, it made him feel really good to know he’d helped her on her first day of school, and it was another reminder to him that this was exactly where he needed to be.

As he felt the dungeons, he could still hear the students chattering several paces ahead of him. The Weasley boy taking dark glances over his shoulder, and Scorpius was startled for a moment, thinking he was glaring at him. Upon closer look though, Weasley wasn’t looking at Scorpius at all, but at a Ravenclaw boy who walked behind them with his friends.

It’s pretty bad that you don’t know most of their names. You were only two years ahead of them in school, so it shouldn’t be too hard to remember their names! He chided himself with a sigh.

He heard the clicking of heels on the cold, stone floor and looked up to see Professor McGonagall coming around the corner. She looked utterly out of place in the halls of the dungeons. She stopped for a brief minute and said something to the Gryffindor and Ravenclaw students she passed, and then looked up and met his eyes.

“Mr. Malfoy, I’d like a word before dinner,” she said and turned on her heel, expecting him to follow he assumed. He racked his brain for what she might need, the fact that she came to find him before dinner, instead of just seeing him at dinner, made him nervous. As he followed her quickly, the students moved to let him by and he briefly caught the eye of Lily Potter. She had a strange expression on her face. Was it pity? Disgust? Curiosity? He wasn’t sure, but he looked away as quickly as possible.

He entered McGonagall’s office behind her and she took a seat behind her large desk. Albus Dumbledore waved at him from his portrait behind her. She pushed her glasses up on her nose and pointed to the chair in front of the desk.

“Have a seat,” she said.

Thanks for reading! In case I didn't plead my case well enough---I'd love, love, love your feedback! I'm still laying a lot of ground work for this story, but more action will occur VERY soon, I promise. Please leave feedback!

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Re: Accidentally In Love

Thanks so much to MissGryffindor, OLP, and Kristin for leaving feedback on the most recent chapter. I was reading some canon stuff today and realized that JKR stated that McGonagall wouldn't still be headmistress later on because she was "getting on in years" so I changed McGonagall to Headmistress Hackwood. My thoughts on her backstory are just that she came to teach Potions when Slughorn retired for good, eventually became Deputy Headmistress. The other teachers who had been there longer didn't want the job for one reason or another. Even though they are much older, both McGonagall and Flitwick are still there teaching. So there you have it! I'm planning to go back and edit previous posts.

Thanks so much for reading and please leave feedback when you've finished!

Chapter 3

Scorpius sat. Hackwood looked around for a half a second and then looked back at him, a strange expression on her face. She looked like she wanted to smile, but was trying to convince herself not to. He just sat patiently, waiting for her to address what this impromptu meeting was about.

“Did you have a good first day?” She finally broke the silence.

“Yes, it was good, thanks,” he smiled slightly.

“Professor Timmons told me how helpful you were with his morning classes,” she didn’t waste any time in getting to her point. “He said you helped the Hufflepuff firsts years extensively and that you were rewarded for your kindness by a hug from one of the small girls,” she raised her eyebrows at him.

Was this what she wanted? Was she angry at him for allowing the little girl to hug him? It wasn’t like there was much he could do about it, she just hugged him round the waist before he could stop her. He started to panic inwardly. Had he broken some rule? He racked his brain, thinking what he might have done wrong.

“Mr. Malfoy?” Hackwood called him out of his panicked thoughts.

“Yes m’am,” he thought it best to be polite, “A little girl did hug me,” he said slowly. “It was completely innocent, she was scared of the dungeons and I just talked to her and helped her with her project. She meant nothing of it and I didn’t encourage the behavior.”

This time Headmistress Hackwood did smile.

“I didn’t think you did encourage the behavior, Mr. Malfoy. I just found in interesting that you’ve already gained such approval by our younger students.”

“Well, none of them know me, you see,” he smiled somewhat sarcastically. Hackwood frowned and looked thoughtful for a moment.

“Mr. Malfoy, do you think the older students won’t take kindly to your being here?”

“I don’t know, but most of them, at least the sixth and seventh years, remember me from when I was a student,” he grinned in spite of himself. “I think some of the Gryffindors are still holding last year’s Quidditch Cup against me.”

Scorpius had led the Slytherin team to their first Quidditch Cup in ten years last season, and he thought that might be part of the Weasley boy’s problem with him.

“Ah, well,” Hackwood smiled again, “they’ll get over it.”

“Maybe,” he smiled back, feeling unusually at ease with the Headmistress.

“Well, all of this, the approval you’ve earned from the young students, and thinking about the older students knowing you has made me realize there was something we should have discussed from the outset of your appointment, but I failed to think of it.”

His nerves shot up again. What could she possibly be thinking?

“You are not a teacher here Mr. Malfoy,” she started, not sounding mad, just stating it matter-of-fact. “You are a staff member, who has the right to give detentions and take and give house points away,” he doubted he would ever give anyone a detention or take points away, “but I failed to think that the closest people to your age in the castle would be students.”

He still didn’t follow her logic completely. They had talked about his age in his interview, so he had no idea where this was going.

“I don’t expect you to have no friends on this campus,” she smiled again. “Teddy Lupin is the closest staff member to your age, but he has a wife and now a son, so he does return to his home as often as he possibly can. I don’t want you to hole up in your quarters, but be aware that the students will probably try to befriend you.”

He doubted that, and she must have read that doubt on his face.

“Oh they will. Maybe not quite at first, but give it a week or so and I expect you’ll have boys asking for Quidditch advice and girls hoping for a date,” she laughed now.

How could she possibly think that? In his seven years at Hogwarts he’d only dated one girl, Tess Zabini, and only because Trenton forced him into it last year. None of the girls would be interested in him. Hackwood seemed to read his thoughts again.

“They will, Mr. Malfoy. There is just something about younger professors and staff members that attracts the students. I watched it happen with Professor Timmons fifteen years ago and with Teddy Lupin as well. The boys still love Professor Lupin, but the girls are quieter about it since he’s married and a father. I promise you, it will happen and I want you to be prepared when it does.”

Scorpius was still silent; thinking this line of thinking on her part was ridiculous.

“So, when the boys come for help, have fun. I think it’s perfectly fine for you to bond with the students, expected actually. I suspect the young men of all the houses, especially your former house, will want to hear what you have to say.”

“OK,” was his reply, his mind still swarming with protests. She raised her eyebrows at him, questioningly. He decided more than nodding or a one word answer was going to be required, so he took a deep breath and spoke slowly. “Professor Hackwood, I have to admit, I think you’re wrong in this assumption.”

“Oh really?” Her eyebrows were up again.

“Yes,” he spoke with more resolve now. “I was never a popular student, and I think being in a somewhat position of authority would only make me less popular.”

“I understand your thinking, I just know different from many years of teaching experience, that things will change and they will seek you out.” He just nodded in response, so she continued. “The girls will be a different matter altogether.”

“Yes,” he nodded again.

“While I can’t directly order you not to date any female students who are of age, I will say I think it’s a bad idea. However, I think you understand that any female under the legal wizard age is completely off limits.”

“Yes, ma’am,” he wanted to laugh. Like any of the girls here would want to date him.
“Do you have any thoughts or questions?” She asked kindly.

“No ma’am,” he shook his head. “I’ll be on the lookout for the type of behavior you’re describing, although, I will admit, I’ll be shocked to see any of it come to fruition.”

The older witch laughed again.

“Alright then, time for dinner,” she rose and he mimicked her. “Oh, and congrats on a great first day Scorpius,” she smiled motherly at him. “I think you’re going to do a great job here.”

“Thanks,” he returned the smile and followed a few steps behind her, his head full of their conversation.

Lily grinned as she read the note from Neville.


Please come by my office tonight before dinner. I have some wonderful news to share!


She grinned again and pushed a lock of her long red hair behind her ear as she landed on the final step entering the Common Room from her dormitory. Looking up from the letter, she saw Hugo reaching the Portrait Hole.

“Hugh!” She hollered, and he turned, giving her a grin as she approached. “Where are you headed?”

“To Neville’s office,” he said as he pushed open the hole. “How about you?” He asked as she landed next to him and the Fat Lady swung herself back into place.

“Same,” she grinned. “He has wonderful news he said, what do you think it is?”

“Um, I don’t know,” Hugo short of shrugged.

“Hugh? Seriously, you have no idea?” Lily looked at him incredulously.

“What?” He was offended.

“I think he’s getting married!” Lily looked excited.

“Really? I guess that could be it,” Hugo shrugged again.

“Oh good grief, you’re just like your father!”

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“Well, Mum and Aunt Hermione have said many times that your dad never really understood feelings and emotions, and that he was basically clueless about anything having to do with women,” Lily stated matter-of-fact.

“I am not clueless when it comes to women!” Now he was really offended.

“Oh right, you’ve always got a bimbo around,” Lily rolled her eyes. Hugo had a bit of a reputation for dating a lot.

“I’ve dated more than you have,” he pointed out.

“You know as well as I do that I don’t date much by choice,” she shivered at the thought of dating the boys who usually asked her. She was constantly turning boys down, all the Hogwarts boys were too immature for her.

“Either way, you can’t say I’m clueless about women.”

“Hugh, snogging a Hufflepuff fifth year in a closet isn’t exactly what I call ‘knowing women.’”

“Whatever,” Hugo mumbled, put off that she knew what he’d been up to last night. He was going to have to steal the Marauders Map from her next time he had the chance. She only laughed at his mumblings because they had arrived at Neville’s office. She knocked once and heard him call for them to come in.

The two cousins entered the familiar office and were greeted with a hug from their parent’s good friend. Around his office Neville had photographs of Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, and Luna, along with his girlfriend, Hannah Abbot. Framed in a shadow box directly behind his desk was a picture of him with Harry and Ron taken sometime during their fifth year, with his Dumbledore’s Army coin also in the box. Lily grinned as her father waved to her from several pictures around the room.

“Hello you two!” Neville sounded so excited and about to burst with his news. He pointed to two arm chairs that sat facing his desk, but he didn’t sit behind it, instead he perched on the edge of the desk, moving a framed photo of Hannah over. “Want a Butterbeer?”

“Yes,” they replied, and Lily added a “Thank you.”

“How has the first week been?”

“Good, but I’m glad it’s the weekend,” Lily admitted.

“Me too,” Hugo nodded in agreement.
“Jase told me he was having Quidditch tryouts next Saturday,” Neville passed them each a bottle of butterbeer.

“Yes, me too,” Hugo took a swing from his bottle. “I think Jase is looking to replace the Seeker and at least one Chaser. We lost Al and Gregory Bunch to graduation last year, so we’re going to need more players.”

“Yes, we will,” Neville agreed. “If you can, try and practice this week Hugh, we’re really going to need to be at top notch the year if we want to reclaim the Cup.”

“I will, Jase and I are planning to fly tomorrow morning with any other team members who want to.”

“Sounds good,” Neville grinned. “Sorry Lils, I guess we’re not interesting you much,” he smiled at his Goddaughter, who was daintily sipping from her bottle.

“Neville, you know I’m used to the Quidditch talk, I mean, I live with Harry and Ginny Potter when I’m not at school, and their Quidditch obsessed sons. Not to mention him,” she pointed at Hugo and grinned.

“Ah, I guess you’re right,” he grinned. “So, about my news….” Both kids grinned back at him expectantly. “I asked Hannah to marry me last night and she said yes!”

Lily squealed and Hugo grinned. Lily jumped up to hug Neville, and Hugo followed quickly.

“That’s so great!” Lily was overly excited in Hugo’s opinion. “I told you,” she added a little haughtily to Hugo.

“Whatever,” Hugo muttered again, and then turned to Neville, “when is the wedding?”

“I’ve talked to Professor Hackwood and she’s agreed to let us have it by the Black Lake on October 30th, it’s a Saturday. Hannah has always loved the Hogwarts Halloween decorations, so it seemed perfect,” he grinned.

“Sounds great Neville!” Lily was practically jumping.

“Anyway, I just wanted to let you two know first, you know I couldn’t keep it from you,” he was still grinning from ear to ear.

“Thanks for telling us,” Lily leaned in to hug him again.

“You’re welcome,” he hugged her back and gave Hugo a punch on the arm. “Alright, head on off to dinner now,” he ordered with a fictitiously stern expression.

Once they were on their way to the Great Hall, Lily turned on Hugo with a smug look.

“Told you!” She cried.

“Very mature Lils,” Hugo shot her a glare. “So you were right, that doesn’t mean I don’t know women,” he gave her a pointed look.

“I guess we can find out right now,” Lily looked at him slyly, “because here comes your Hufflepuff!” Sure enough, Brighton Ferris was coming their way, a grin on her face, her arm waving frantically at Hugo.

Hugo looked a tad annoyed, but he smiled at Brighton nonetheless. “Hello Bright,” he greeted her.

“Hi Hugo!” She said enthusiastically.

“Bright, do you know my cousin, Lily Potter?” Hugo pointed at Lily.

“Um, well, no, but I know who she is, of course!” Brighton giggled, Lily rolled her eyes. “Nice to meet you, Lily,” more giggling.

“You too,” Lily said. “See you later Hugh,” she waved and gave another annoyed eye roll, and began the rest of the walk to dinner alone. She rounded the corner and saw a blonde head crouched on the floor, bending over something. She smiled.

“Scorpius?” She approached him, and he turned, looking slightly startled that he was being addressed.

“Yes? Oh, hi,” he smiled uncertainly.

“What have you got there?” Lily leaned over to look at what he was looking at on the floor.

“I think it’s a caterpillar, but it looks like someone tried, unsuccessfully, to transfigure it into a pencil,” he chuckled softly. He waved his wand and the sort of pencil changed immediately into a bright green caterpillar.

“Great job,” Lily said appreciatively.

“Thanks,” he smiled and scooped up the small creature and placed it carefully on the side of the castle, out a nearby window.

Lily stood, waiting for him to return to her side, which he did, looking awkward.

“Are you heading to dinner?” He asked politely.

“Yes, you?” Lily smiled warmly at him.

“Yes,” he nodded.
“Let’s go then!” Lily began walking, and he really had no choice but to follow her, so he did. “Did you have a good first week?” Lily spoke to him like they were old friend, when in fact, he’d never actually spoken to her.

“I did, yes,” he spoke quietly. “Did you?”

“Oh yes, the first week is always the best,” her eyes shone a pretty chocolate brown. “I have quite a bit of homework this weekend though, but that’s to be expected in sixth year.”

“Yes,” he nodded. They reached the Great Hall then.

“Thanks for walking with me! See you later!” Lily waved cheerfully and departed him, heading for the Gryffindor table. Once she reached her seat, she plopped down next to Dana, who eyed her curiously. “Hey!” Lily said, helping herself to a piece of Roasted Chicken and some potatoes.

“Hey,” Dana replied. “What was that all about?”


“You just walked in, talking to Scorpius Malfoy and grinning like an idiot.”

“I was not grinning like an idiot,” Lily protested, but still had the same grin plastered on her face.

“Lils, you still are,” Dana laughed and gazed at her friend carefully. She suddenly gasped. “Lily Luna Potter! You like him!”

“Of course I like him, he’s a new staff member, and he’s very nice,” Lily just kept on eating, although her face changed to match her hair.

“No, I mean you like him,” Dana emphasized the word like.

“Dana, don’t be absurd, he’s a staff member and completely off limits.”

“No, Lily, don’t you be absurd,” Dana argued. “You’re always saying that none of the boys here are mature enough for you, so you go for the most mature one you can find!”

“Dana, I do not,” Lily insisted, but her tone had changed; she now sounded defensive.

“Oh yes Lily, I know you better than that….” Dana trailed off because Lily shot her a look as Hugo and Mike, who had saved Hugo from Brighton, sat across from them. Dana returned Lily’s look with one that clearly stated that their conversation wasn’t over.

The rest of the sixth year Gryffindors arrived soon and the meal passed without incident. Lily and Hugo announced about Neville’s engagement, and everyone was excited. They were all in hopes that all the Gryffindors would be able to attend, since the wedding was going to be at Hogwarts, but no one knew for sure. Lily wanted to kick herself for not asking, but assured Dana and the others she would ask Neville the following day. After filling up, Lily declared she needed to head back to her dormitory to study, and Dana, giving Roxy a significant look, followed quickly behind her. Once the girls were in their room, Dana turned on her friend.

“Lily, tell Roxy who you like,” she insisted sternly.

“You like someone?” Roxy plopped on her bed and began brushing her auburn hair.

“I don’t like anyone,” Lily mumbled, getting her Potions book out.

“Lily,” Dana said with a no-nonsense tone. Lily looked up at her in defiance, Roxy stifled a giggle. Lily shook her head and buried her nose in her book. Dana gave an annoying sigh. “Fine, I’ll tell her. Lily likes Scorpius Malfoy.”

“I do not!”

“Then why did you walk into dinner tonight with him, grinning like a complete fool?” Roxy laughed but looked intently at Lily, waiting for a response. Lily rolled her eyes.

“Dana, I ran into him in the hallway. He was also on his way to dinner, so it was only polite for us to walk together. I was smiling because he’s a nice guy and I enjoyed talking to him.”

“Oh, I don’t think so missy,” Dana moved to Lily’s bed, pushing her Potions book away.

“I was reading that!” Lily reached for the book, but Dana passed it off to Roxy, who was coming over to sit on the other side of Lily. Roxy tossed the book in the corner and grabbed Lily’s hands, preventing her from going to retrieve it.

“Lils, do you like him?” Roxy asked calmly.

“No, I don’t. He’s a staff member.”


“So? I don’t think it would be appropriate to like a staff member.”

“If he wasn’t a staff member would you like him?” Dana was being very pointed.

Lily didn’t reply, she sighed and thought for a moment before answering.

“No, I wouldn’t. I don’t even know him,” she insisted a little too passionately.

“Do you think he’s cute?” Roxy grinned.

“Not particularly.”

“Oh really?” Roxy laughed now.

“No! What are you laughing about?” Lily was getting annoyed and finally broke free of her cousin’s grasp and jumped from her bed. She busied herself getting her book, and when she turned, saw her friends grinning at her. “WHAT?” She demanded.

“Lils, you can’t look us in the eye when you say anything about him, and your face is reminiscent of a bright red tomato right now. Just admit you like him.”

Lily looked about her, and without a hint of what she was about to do, threw her book at her cousin, who barely got out of the way in time. Roxy and Dana began howling with laughter then, and Lily, with one last death glare, stomped from the room.

Thanks again for reading! I'm BEGGING for feedback!
PLEASE?! Pretty please?! With a Cherry on top?!

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Re: Accidentally In Love

Here is the next chapter! It's a bit long---hope you have a snack! Thanks so much to all who left feedback. I love, love, love reading your thoughts about the story! I'd love to know what everyone who reads the story thinks, so please, mosy on over to the feedback thread after you read and let me know---good or bad! Thanks!

Chapter 4

The following day, the first Saturday of the term, dawned clear and bright, with a slight crisp to the air, indicating fall was on it’s way, albeit a little early. Lily, who had pulled her bed hangings shut in an effort to discourage further conversation about Scorpius, now, peeked through to look at her clock.


UGH, she though, why am I up at this time of the morning? It’s Saturday for Merlin’s sake!

She heard a soft rustle coming from Roxy’s bed, so she quickly pulled her head back in, still not wanting to talk to her cousin.

Lily and Roxy hadn’t always been close. Being first cousins, they had grown up together, attending birthdays and holidays and family dinners and even sleeping over with each other, but their close relationship hadn’t begun until Hogwarts.

They were complete opposites. While they both had the Weasley red hair and freckles, the similarities ended with their appearance. Roxy enjoyed playing Quidditch and building mud castles with the boys. She and Hugo always got on well, because although Hugo and Lily were fiercely close, he always wanted Lily to get dirty, and she didn’t want to. Roxy would though, and not only would she be covered in dirt and grime by the end of the day, but she would usually be filthier than any of the boys she’d been playing with. Lily still didn’t completely understand that, except that Roxy was who she was, and she wouldn’t change for anyone.

September first of their first year at Hogwarts, Hugo, Lily, and Roxy stood nervously beside their parents at platform 9 ľ, awaiting the departure of the train. Lily had heard all the horror stories from James and Al, and as she had looked at the large train, tears of nervousness formed in her brown eyes. Another reason Lily hadn’t been close to Roxy, was Roxy always seemed to understand Lily’s feelings and she wasn’t good at keeping her mouth shut. Lily had been embarrassed many, many times when Roxy had called her on a feeling Lily was hoping no one knew about. Knowing this, Lily looked away from Roxy, desperately trying to hide her tears, not wanting her loud mouth cousin to point out for all her family that Lily, who had begged to come to Hogwarts, was now afraid to go.

Keeping her face from Roxy had been easy, as Lily hid in the hugs and kisses of her parents, but once the three of them boarded the train and waved from the window, Lily knew Roxy would see her tears and correctly analyze all her fears. With a gulp Lily had looked at Roxy from the corner of her eye and saw something she never expected. Roxy too, was crying. Tears streamed quickly down her face as she reached to wave to Uncle George one last time. Roxy caught Lily looking at her and her face burned, her fists moving to her eyes to push away the offending tears. Lily could have drawn attention to this emotion, seeing as Roxy was crying even more openly than she was. Instead, Lily went to her side and hugged her cousin tight. Roxy, hugging her back, whispered, “Thanks Lily, I don’t know what I’d do without you.” Lily realized then, that Roxy needed a friend, a girl who would love and care for her. Lily had been that person for her ever since, and even though her mouth does still get away from her at times, Roxy isn’t so quick to shout about others as she once was.

The uncanny knack Roxy had always had for understanding her, even when Lily was unwilling for her to, was what had Lily so riled up. The pit of her stomach churned thinking about what Roxy had said to Dana after Lily stormed out last night. Had Roxy solidified Dana’s notion about Lily liking Scorpius or had she kept quiet? Lily yearned to know, but feared to actually find out.

With a sigh, Lily decided to check the clock again.


Basically no time had passed while she remembered the past, so sighing again, she pulled her bed hangings away completely and as quietly as she could, retrieved her things for the shower and headed off to the bathroom. She feared she might have woken up Wisteria when she stubbed her toe on the side of her trunk, but the girl only rolled over in her sleep.

There were five sixth year Gryffindor girls. Lily, Dana, and Roxy, along with Wisteria Daniels and Colleen Creevey; all five got on well, but Dana and Lily became fast friends the first night in the dorm, so along with Roxy, they were really close, while Wisteria and Colleen were close.

Wisteria’s mother was a witch who had been raised in America, but came to Britain for vacation and met a young wizard named Brett Daniels and married after only dating two days. Most people still thought them completely crazy. Colleen was the daughter of Dennis Creevey, and she was proud to be named for her uncle Colin, who had died during the Battle of Hogwarts.

Lily’s shower lasted thirty minutes, and after slipping into her terrycloth robe, she was secretly glad she’d been up early, because a shower that good didn’t come around that often at Hogwarts. She sighed, slipping back in the room, to see all but Roxy were still sleeping. Roxy grinned at her and waved her over. Lily debated for a moment, then grabbed her wand and her makeup bag and then sat on her cousin’s bed and began using her wand to dry her hair. Roxy cast a charm on her bed hangings so the girls knew they could speak freely, without disturbing the others.

“What on earth are you doing up at this hour?” Roxy asked.

“Dunno, couldn’t sleep,” Lily shrugged. “You?”

“I’m going flying here in a bit with Hugh and some of the other players on the team.”

“You are?” Roxy was not on the Gryffindor Quidditch team, nor had she ever tried out, even though she was quite good.

“Yeah,” Roxy smiled, “I’m going to try out this year. I talked with Hugh about it last night and he told me they were going to do some flying today and invited me to join.”

“That’s great Rox!” Lily grinned and really meant it. She hoped beyond measure that Roxy would make the team. “What position are you trying for?”

“Seeker,” Roxy blushed. “I don’t know, I usually play Beater when we play at home, but we really don’t need a Beater and I’ve always thought Seeker would be fun.”

“Maybe Al could give you some pointers. You should write him.”

“Maybe I will,” Roxy began brushing her hair and then started using her wand to form two braids on either side of her head. “Lils?”

“Mmmmhmm,” Lily was concentrating on her hair also at the moment.

“I know,” Roxy whispered and Lily didn’t have to ask what she meant. She knew. Lily sighed. This was why she had been hesitant to talk with Roxy in the first place.

“Oh yeah?” She tried to sound nonchalant.


“Well,” Lily sort of smiled, “OK.”


Roxy knew Lily would talk to her about it when she was ready, but for now, she still wanted her cousin to know she understood her feelings.

“We don’t have to go into it all Lils, but its ok you know.”

Lily looked skeptical.

“It will be fine,” Roxy patted her knee and Lily smiled.


“You’re welcome.”

The cousins talked about different things for over an hour, then the other girls started stirring and they all decided to head to breakfast. Once in the Common Room, they found Mike sitting alone in front of the fire, writing a letter, his owl, Fowler, perched on his shoulder.

“Morning,” Lily announced the girl's presence. Mike looked up and smiled.

“Mornin’,” he turned back to his letter for a few seconds, sealed it, and sent Fowler on his way. “Sorry,” he apologized, pointing to the owl retreating from the window.

“No problem,” Dana grinned. “You heading to breakfast?”

“Yeah, I’m just waiting on Hugh,” as if on cue he appeared at the bottom of the stairs leading from the boys dormitory with Jase Finnigan, Landon Green, and Mark Savage, all wearing Quidditch robes and talking animatedly, their brooms on their shoulders. Mark Savage was a fifth year, who was the son of Damien Savage, who worked in the Auror office.

“I think we’re going to have to practice at least four times a week,” Hugo was saying when they reached the others. “Morning,” he nodded to Lily and the other girls, then went right back into conversation about Gryffindor’s chances this year. “We’re going to need a top notch Seeker,” he shot a look at Roxy with a grin, “because losing Al is really going to hurt us.”

“I agree,” Jase nodded as they all went through the portrait hole.

“Seriously, Quidditch season hasn’t even started yet,” Dana whispered. “Why do we have to hear about it all the time?”

“Um, Dana? Try living at my house for a week. This is nothing,” Lily rolled her eyes and laughed.

“Well, yeah, but your parents are famous for their Quidditch skills, I mean your mum played professionally!”

“So you see my point,” the girls laughed.

Mike, who didn’t play Quidditch on the house team, walked silently beside them. Lily had a feeling he sometimes felt left out when Hugo was with his team. It had been a real shock when Landon, a muggleborn, had been an excellent flier and player, something Lily thought still bothered Mike on occasion. It wasn’t that Mike couldn’t fly or play, just that Landon was so much better, it was truly amazing that he’d never heard of the game or flying until he was eleven. Mike, Landon, and Hugo were the only male Gryffindor sixth years. According to Harry, this was the fewest boys in a year in a hundred years. They seemed ok with it though, and Lily thought it secretly made them all proud that they were the only ones.

“So, what did you guys do last night?” Lily addressed Mike, who looked up from his feet and smiled.

“Um, nothing,” he said unconvincingly.

“Michael Boot!” Lily said sternly.

“We didn’t really do anything, in the way you’re implying. We sat around our dorm for most of the night,” he grinned.

“Interpreted: they started planning a prank, they just didn’t pull one,” Roxy chimed in, bored with the Quidditch talk.

Lily rolled her eyes, “Honestly, sometimes I wonder why Hugo was picked to be a prefect.”

“You know what they say,” Mike laughed and raised his eyebrows. The running joke among the students was that the Headmasters had a competition going to see who could chose the most unlikely people to be prefects and/or head boy and girl. Many students had even inquired with the portraits in the Headmaster’s office at different times. Albus Dumbledore encouraged the whispers, Severus Snape usually just snarled at any student who spoke to him. Well, all but Albus Potter when he’d been here. Snape, even in his portrait form, still looked sad when looking at those green eyes, but he always allowed Al to talk to him.

Mike had been a shoe in for the position of Prefect, so obviously, he didn’t expect to be appointed, and he wasn’t. Lily did think it had helped Hugh grow up---well, sort of.

“Yes, still though, Hugo Weasley? Hackwood must have won something for that one,” everyone laughed again and Hugo shot Dana a look. “What? I’m not allowed to talk now?” She said sarcastically.

“No, you are,” Hugh let the others go on ahead of him and he joined his friends. “Just not about me,” he said cheekily.

“Oh, as if I sit around and talk about you,” Dana made a face. Lily and Mike exchanged a look.

“Sounds to me like you do,” Hugo retorted, then, as his friend’s laughter rang in his ears, he stopped short. Lily followed his gaze and saw Richard Corner and his friend, Jeremy Patterson, coming their way, obviously also on their way to breakfast. Richard spotted them too and a strange smile spread across his face.

“What on earth is he smiling about?” Roxy whispered to Mike, who was also looking at the other boy with disgust. He didn’t answer her.

“Well, well, look who it is!” Richard and Jeremy were upon them now. “It’s the Gryffindors! Good morning, Lily,” his smile broadened and Hugo turned on Lily with a fire in his eyes. Lily’s own eyes went wide and she just shrugged at Hugo.

“Morning,” she was careful not to address him by name, but just give a general “good morning.” She made a move to leave, but even though she smiled sweetly at him as she tried to pass, Richard pulled on her arm. Hugo’s eyes flashed again, his hand pulling his wand from his back pocket.

“Where are you off to?” He held lightly onto her arm, and his eyes shiftily looked at Hugo and he smirked at his angry reaction.

“Um, breakfast?” It sounded like a question. Mike took hold of Lily’s other arm.

“Yes, breakfast. See you Corner,” Mike pulled Lily’s arm, and although neither held on tight, Richard didn’t let go either. For a second, no one moved or said anything. Dana stopped breathing, her eyes boring into Hugo’s back, wondering what he was going to do. Roxy finally swore under her breath and Hugo, his wand out, and stood in front of Lily.

“Why are you holding onto my cousin, Corner?” His teeth were clinched.

Richard laughed and looked down at his hand as if he didn’t have control over it. He opened his mouth to speak, but was interrupted by the sound of steps behind him.

“What is going on here?” Scorpius Malfoy, on his way to breakfast, had stumbled onto this scene.

“Nothing,” Richard dropped Lily’s arm, Mike slid his hand down her arm, taking Lily’s hand in his.

“It didn’t look like nothing,” Scorpius looked from Richard to Mike to Lily to Hugo, and then to the onlookers. “It looked like you were trying to make Miss Potter the rope in a game of human tug of war,” his eyes landed for a split second on Mike, holding onto Lily’s hand, then his grey eyes found her brown ones. “Are you ok Miss Potter?”

Lily blushed, “I’m fine thanks,” she then noticed Mike holding her hand and pulled hers away.

“Well, let’s all move along, shall we?” Scorpius raised his eyebrows and smiled, but it was a smile that clearly said, “NOW.”

Hugo led the way for the Gryffindors, shooting a glare at Richard over his shoulder, then meeting Scorpius’s eyes. Without a smile, Hugo nodded to the new staff member, who nodded back and passed the Gryffindor table to take his place at the Head Table.

He watched as the students he’d just intercepted all sat and tucked into their breakfasts. He heard the chair next to him move and looked around to see Teddy Lupin, then, hearing the chair on the opposite side, he looked up to see Neville Longbottom.

“Morning,” Teddy greeted him.

“Morning,” he responded dully. His mind was else ware.

“I’m sorry I haven’t spoken to you before now Scorpius,” Neville smiled at him.

He’s a nice guy, Scorpius thought. He’s even nice to me, and my family is responsible for him not knowing his parents properly.

“I’ve had a busy week,” he grinned and looked over Scorpius’s head and winked at Teddy.

What is that about? They’re probably in on a joke or something. I mean, my great aunt tortured Neville’s parents and killed Teddy’s mum. That must be why they’ve sandwiched me. Thinking of being sandwiched reminded him of the scene he’d just witnessed in the corridor. Should I tell Neville about it? He is the head of Gryffindor house.

“I got engaged on Thursday!” Neville said in a voice that could only be described as pure joy. This startled Scorpius, who wasn’t expecting to be included first hand in Neville’s excitement. He’d heard about it already, but never expected Neville to tell him himself.

“Congratulations!” He hoped he sounded excited and sincere. That’s what he was going for.

“Thanks!” Neville poured himself some coffee. “We’re having the wedding here, on October 30th. Hannah, my fiancée, loves the Hogwarts decorations for Halloween and Headmistress Hackwood said we could have the ceremony by the Black Lake. The reception will be in Hogsmeade though.”

Scorpius was a bit confused about why Neville was being so forthcoming with him. He’d always been nice enough to him in class, but Herboloy was never Scorpius’s best subject, so he’d dropped it in third year.

“That sounds nice,” Scorpius smiled as best he could. If he was honest, his thoughts were still on the Gryffindor sixth years and what was really going on in the corridor. He was still debating about whether he should tell Neville or not. It took him a minute to realize the other two men wanted a response from him. What had they asked?

“I’m sorry?” He questioned.

“I asked,” Teddy chuckled, “if you were dating anyone.”

“Oh,” he knew his face was probably turning redder than a Weasley’s hair. “No, I'm not.” This question confused him.

“Well, you’re welcome to bring someone to the wedding if you’d like,” Neville smiled at him, but was then distracted by Professor Sinistra speaking to him.

Scorpius just looked at him incredulously. He was invited to the wedding? That was not something he was expecting, even being a member of the staff. The family history of such bad blood between his family and the Longbottoms seemed enough to skip inviting a Malfoy to the wedding. Not just his aunt, but from what he’d heard, his father had been a bully to Neville while at school.

He was thinking about a lot of things when he looked up from his plate and noticed two things at once. Out of the corner of his eye, he realized Teddy Lupin was studying him, and looking straight out into the Hall of students, he saw a pair of brown eyes quickly look away as soon as he looked up.

Working here is going to be harder than I thought.

Thanks for reading!

Feedback, Feedback!

My Fic:
Choices and Feedback

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Re: Accidentally In Love

Here is the next bit! I wasn't thrilled with it at first, but I ended up liking it in the end. Thank you so much to all who left feedback! I really appreciate it! Please keep it coming!

Chapter Five

Lily decided to get some work done, heading to the library after breakfast. Hugo hadn’t said anything about Richard during the meal, but he kept shooting looks at Lily. She knew he would corner her later and demand an explanation for what had happened.

What did happen? Lily thought. What did he grab my arm? Why did Mike grab the other one? Why was Mike holding my hand?

Of all the events that happened that morning, including Roxy discovering her secret, she was most concerned about Mike holding her hand. Was it just a reflex reaction to a straining situation? She wasn’t sure, but she was sure about her feelings for Mike, and they were brotherly, not romantic at all. This was what worried her; did he feel something for her? How could he? They’d always gotten on well, as friends.

“Earth to Lily!” Dana was waving her hand in front of Lily’s face.

“Oh sorry,” Lily said sheepishly, pulling her thoughts from her fears about Mike and focusing on her friend.

“I said do you know if it’s two leaves of Figg Spruce or three in the Calming Drought?” Dana was working on an essay for Potions, which Lily had already completed.

“Three,” Lily replied and then turned her attention back to her own easy for Ancient Runes. She worked on a difficult rune for several minutes in silence, and then realized she needed a reference book. Sighing, she got up from the table. “I’ll be right back,” she said to Dana, who nodded and went right back to her essay.

Lily walked quietly across the Library, to the reference section and began perusing the titles on the shelf, looking for the one she needed. She had just located the large brown book when she heard her name whispered. She looked around, thinking someone was wanting her attention, only to realize the whisper wasn’t directed at her, but was about her. Three students, fifth year Hufflepuffs, were sitting at a table behind the shelf Lily was in front of. She realized they couldn’t see her, but she could see them through a crack in the books.

“I heard Hugo Weasley cursed Richard Corner again and that Scorpius Malfoy gave him two weeks of detention,” the blonde girl was saying.

“No,” the boy replied, “Corner was at breakfast and didn’t looked cursed in any way.”

“Malfoy could have performed a counter curse,” the other girl, with raven hair, said. “Malfoy…” her voice took on a dreamy undertone. “He’s so hot…” she trailed off.

“Still, I don’t think so,” the boy sounded disgruntled. “I did hear that Mike Boot kissed Lily Potter after the whole thing was over though.”

Lily didn’t hear the response from the girls; her ears rang with the boy’s version of the gossip. Why would anyone say Mike had kissed her? Had Mike wanted to kiss her? Panic began to wield through her body, coursing through her veins at a fast pace. She had to steady herself against the bookshelf to avoid falling over. Giving herself a moment, she shook her head, trying to shake the thoughts swimming around away, and headed back to her table. Her heart stopped when Dana came into view. She was no longer alone at the table.

Mike had joined her.

The morning had flown by, no pun intended, for Hugo, who had enjoyed flying with his team immensely. Roxy looked excellent out there, and he felt confident that she would make the team. He really hoped so. JAse had seemed to think so too, which was a good sign. Of course, he couldn’t be certain about who else was trying out and what sort of talent they had, but Rox was definitely an excellent flier. His hopes were soaring, he pictured Hackwood handing Jase the Cup, Jase passing it to him…he was so happy he had almost forgotten about the incident this morning.


He told Roxy and the others to go on without him, and only Roxy had looked at him funny. She knew him too well, and knew something was up, but she didn’t press him. Instead of going to his dorm, he headed to an office he’d visited a lot in the past year. Once he reached it, he knocked and heard the offer to enter, so he did.

Staring at him from all over the walls were pictures of people he knew and loved. The Potter’s, His family, his cousin’s, a little blonde baby grinned from a large portrait above the bookcase to the side, while another large wedding picture proudly displayed his only blonde cousin grinning at him, holding onto the arm of his Defense Professor. A couple also grinned at him from a photo on the shelf, and although he’d never met them, the pink hair of Tonks made him smile. Teddy looked up from the essays he was marking and grinned.

“What’s up Hugh?” He stood and the two did the handshake they’d made up years ago with James and Al. Teddy had always been like a big brother to all of them, always hanging around for birthdays and holidays. Hugo knew the relationship they shared was much more than a student-teacher relationship was supposed to be, but he couldn’t help that he’d grown up idolizing the Professor.

“Hey Teddy,” he grinned and sat across from his friend and teacher, reaching out as Teddy passed him a butterbeer. “Thanks.”

“No problem,” Teddy pushed the papers he’d been grading away and grinned, obviously knowing Hugo needed to talk. “Have a good week?”

“Sure,” Hugo nodded, “nothing too much to really go on about. I’ve already got a ton of homework,” he said and groaned.

“Sounds about right,” Teddy laughed. “Sixth year is like that; you’re going to have a much heavier work load.”

“Right,” Hugo sipped his drink absentmindedly. Teddy watched him for a few minutes and then couldn’t hold in a laugh any longer. Hugo looked up at him sharply. “What?”

“Nothing, it’s just you’re funny when you’re thinking. You frown as if it’s hard for you,” Teddy was still laughing, and although part of Hugo wanted to throw his bottle at him, he couldn’t help but add a sheepish laugh.

“Oh,” he said and finished his drink, setting the bottle on the edge of Teddy’s desk. He finally decided to just get to the point. “So, what’s up with Scorpius Malfoy?”

Teddy raised his eyebrows.
“What do you mean?”

“I don’t know,” Hugo shrugged, “isn’t it sort of weird that he’s working here now?”

Teddy seemed to ponder this question carefully before answering. His answer came out slowly.

“It’s a little unusual, but I understand why he’s here.”

“You do?”

“Yes,” he was firm in this statement. “He didn’t tell me, but I can see it in his face and read between the lines of things he does say.”

“Why is he here?”

“He’s ashamed Hugh,” Teddy said gently. “He can’t fathom the things his family did and he doesn’t want any part of them.”

“You mean he doesn’t love his family?” Hugo tugged at the sleeve of his robes.

“No, he loves them very much, he just doesn’t want to be considered like them, and to his reckoning, moving out and finding a job they don’t approve of was the best way to go about doing that.”

“They don’t approve of this job?” It was hard for Hugo to comprehend a family that didn’t approve of Hogwarts; his own parents were in love with the school, as were his many aunts and uncles.

“Not really, the money’s not good enough for a Malfoy, in their eyes.”

Teddy let Hugo chew on this for a few minutes. He really seemed curious and uncertain about the new staff member, and Teddy wasn’t sure why. In fact, Teddy thought, it was ironic that Hugo felt the same way about Scorpius that Scorpius felt about everyone. Unsure and confused, not understanding the motives behind the actions.

“How do you know all this?” Hugo seemed to doubt Teddy’s facts.

“I can tell, but I know about the money part because Professor Hackwood told me. She was concerned about him not having any friends here at school.”

“Oh,” Hugo was pondering again.

“See, I’m the youngest Professor. To be honest, the closest people here to his age are the students.”

“Yeah, I guess,” Hugo shrugged again.

“Why do you have a problem with him, Hugh?” Teddy thought it time to get to the point of the conversation.

“I don’t really,” he met Teddy’s eyes and saw the skepticism in them. “No, honestly, I didn’t like it at first, but he sort of helped me out today and I feel like I should thank him for it.”

“And it’s hard for you to feel indebted to him?” Teddy guessed.

“I guess,” another shrug, “I mean, he’s a Malfoy and I’m a Weasley, aren’t we supposed to hate each other?”

Teddy laughed, “Hugh, your father’s feelings for his father aren’t relative here, nor should they determine how you feel about him.”

“I guess so,” shrugging was his face body movement today.

“You said he helped you today?” Hugo nodded. “How?”

Over the course of the next few minutes, Hugo explained about the confrontation in the corridor on the way to breakfast. Teddy also seemed curious about Richard Corner’s actions, but he encouraged Hugo to let it go. Even Teddy, the son of a Marauder, didn’t want to see Hugo in detention for cursing another student, again.

“It sounds like a good thing Scorpius showed up when he did,” Teddy said once the conversation was nearing an end.

“Yeah,” Hugo grinned, “especially for Corner’s sake. I would have obliterated him.”

“Well, maybe so,” Teddy turned into teacher mode, “but I was thinking more for Lily’s sake. Sounds like she was in the middle of something she didn’t need to be in the middle of.”

“Yeah,” Hugo agreed.

They visited for a bit longer, the conversation turning to lighter topics, like Teddy’s little boy, Remus, and to Neville’s pending nuptials.

Hugo returned to the Common Room, the day almost gone now, he’d missed lunch, so his stomach was beginning to growl. He didn’t see any of his friends in the room, so he headed for his dorm, to see Mike on his bed, staring glumly at a Quidditch magazine.

“Hey,” he said, throwing himself on his own bed.

“Hey,” Mike said with melancholy.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” Mike flipped a page with more force than was necessary.

“Doesn’t seem like nothing,” Hugo stated.

“I made a fool of myself this morning,” Mike shook his head, ashamed.

“Oh. That.”

“Yeah, that.”

“Well, you were just protecting her.”

“I know, but it seemed like more. Why did I have to continue to hold her hand?”

Hugo shook his head, “It was just an impulse thing Mike, don’t worry about it.”

“But what will she think?”

“Probably that you like her.”

“That’s what I thought.”

Thanks for reading! Please leave feedback!

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Re: Accidentally In Love

Hello there! It's been almost a year since I last posted, so I don't know if anyone cares about this story any more. I took a break from writing because I didn't like where the plot was going once I got into it, but I've changed a few things so I thought I would post again and see if anyone would like to read it. If you do read it, I would love feedback! Thanks!


Chapter Six

The evening was fading into darkness and Mike still hadn't talked to Lily. He loved Lily like a sister, and he would do anything for her. He hoped she knew that, but now he knew he was going to have to explain. He
wasn't good at feelings, talking about them or feeling them. He always felt like an idiot when he tried to explain how he was feeling. He didn't understand his own feelings most of the time, so to have to explain them in detail...to a girl...who was beautiful...and could usually see right through him...was going to be difficult, to say the least.

Lily was sitting in the Common Room, scrunched into an armchair with Roxy. Eyeing them, he couldn't figure out why they were sharing a chair. There was an empty spot on the sofa to Lily's left that either of them could have easily sat in. His curiosity got the better of him and he approached them, momentarily forgetting the doom that awaited him in the form of having to talk to Lily.

"What on earth are you doing?" He asked as he reached them, but before either of them answered, he understood. Lily was squirming around, trying to retrieve her wand, while Roxy sat very specifically in one
spot, obviously keeping her cousin from her wand. Roxy was laughing, and while Lily wasn't angry, she didn't laugh.

"Oh," Roxy looked up at him, still laughing, "Lily made a snide comment about my hair and I decided to sit on her." Roxy seemed to think this hilarious, while Lily was just annoyed.

"First of all, I did NOT make a snide comment about your hair. You asked me if I liked it and I told you the truth---it looks like a the mane of a very frizzy haired lion. Don't ask if you don't want the truth. And secondly, I know you're a tomboy, but I do not understand why you think you can sit on me. It's something Hugh would do!"

Being compared to Hugo didn't seem to agree with Roxy, who scowled at Lily, but nonetheless, got up. Pushing back her hair, which was teased and sprayed about 3 inches from her scalp, she turned to her cousin, stuck out her tongue, and stormed off.

At this, Lily laughed.

"Great, she's probably up there charming my shampoo," the redhead shook her head. "Leave it to Rox to decide on the worst hairstyle for a Hogsmead visit."

"Hogsmeade, huh? But the first visit isn't until Halloween, she's got weeks until then!”

Lily shrugged.

“You know Roxy, she likes to be ahead of the game.”

Mike nodded, his heart picked up pace and he felt overly nervous. He’d talked to Lily hundreds, probably even thousands of times, not to mention written letters to her and received letters from her. They were friends. There was no reason for him to be so afraid of telling her he loved her, just only as a friend.

While Mike was contemplating these feelings, Lily was analyzing his facial expression and stance. She knew him so well, and had seen that look and nervous weight shifting before. He was scared to talk to her, scared to tell her how he was feeling. Hugh had mentioned to her that he knew Mike thought of her like a sister, so she hoped she would be able to help him feel better.

“Mike?” Lily smiled at him. He looked down on her, he still hadn’t sat down, and tried to smile, but he wasn’t sure it really came out as a smile. “Thank you so much for defending me this morning and sticking up for me to Richard. I really appreciate it. I’m so lucky to have a good friend like you, someone I know I can count on.”

He might as well have been standing there with his jaw on the floor, for as shocked as he was. He had been expecting an entirely different conversation, and as was typical Lily, she had put him at ease and made his carefully planned out speech unnecessary. His heart began beating at a more normal pace and he let out a breath he hadn’t known he’d been holding. He finally sat beside her and smiled a genuine smile.

“You can count on me Lily,” his smile grew more serious as he looked into her brown eyes, “always.”

She reached over and patted his knee, her face honest with feeling for her good friend.

“I know Mike, thanks,” she stood up and opened her arms for a hug, which he accepted without hesitation. Their friendship would stand and remain strong, stronger in fact, than it had been in the past.


“Hello, Mother,” Scorpius smiled at his mother, who was taking his coat.

“Good evening, Scorpius,” Astoria Malfoy smiled warmly at her son. Her face showed her emotion, she loved him deeply, and any onlooker could see that. She wanted him to be happy, and even through his small expression and smile, she could see a look of happiness that hadn’t been there before. “Thank you so much for humoring your mother and agreeing to a monthly dinner.”

“You’re welcome, I’ve missed you,” he was being honest. He did miss his mother and father, he loved them so much and genuinely enjoyed their company. He especially hated the way he’d left things with his father on their last visit, and was anxious to patch things up. He only hoped it would be possible. He reached for his mother and hugged her. Hearing a voice being cleared, he looked up into the face of his father, who had just entered the foyer.

Draco Malfoy may have been a Death Eater and a school bully, but he had definitely done at least one thing right in his life. He loved his son, and he made sure to tell him often. They did not always agree, and he didn’t love the job his son had taken (a Malfoy as a glorified servant?!), but he did love his son, and he needed to make sure Scorpius knew that. He had been angry the last time they saw each other. Angry that Scorpius was determined to leave his home and family and work as the cleaning boy for the Hogwarts Potions Master. His son could have had so much more. Regardless, he wanted Scorpius to know he loved him. He looked at Scorpius, who was embracing his mother, and it was like looking in a mirror. The only noticeable difference in the two men was their eyes. While Draco’s were gray and cold, Scorpius had his mother’s soft blue eyes.

“Hello Son,” Draco greeted him with a smile that was reserved for Scorpius and his mother. He reached his arms out and hugged his only child. Scorpius returned his father’s smile and hug.

“Hello Father,” he was a little surprised at how happy he was to see his father, and how his anger from their last visit had subsided.

“Well, come on in,” Astoria grinned, “dinner’s already on the table.”

“I’m sorry I’m a little late, I got hung up at school,” he said school was some apprehension, not sure how his parents were going to take it.

“It’s fine,” his mother assured him, “I’m just glad you came,” she gave her husband a pointed look.

The family left the foyer and entered a large dining room, set for three. Scorpius was surprised.

“Are Grandfather and Grandmother not coming?”

“Not tonight,” Draco cleared his throat again, as the house elf began serving salad to the Malfoys. “We thought tonight would be better if it was just us, but they will be here next month.”

“Oh, alright,” Scorpius began to eat. His mother timidly asked him about school. “It’s great, really,” he insisted. “It was definitely strange to be at the staff table the first week, but it’s gotten a lot easier to sit there. Teddy said it was strange for him too, the first time he sat there.”

“Teddy?” Astoria asked.

“Oh, Lupin, he’s the DADA teacher.”

“Lupin,” Draco muttered, “I forgot he was there now, teaching.” His eyebrows pulled together in a look of distaste.

“I forgot we were related until he pointed it out to me,” Scorpius was measuring his father’s responses. He wanted a relationship with his parents, but he wasn’t going to pretend and leave out the people who were now a large part of his life.

“Related?” Draco practically spit out his wine. “I mean, yes, technically, you’re related, but still…” he trailed off, Astoria interrupting him.

“You’re second cousins, that’s right, has he mentioned his grandmother?”

Astoria knew that Andromeda Tonks hadn’t spoken to her sister, Narcissa, since the war, but she wasn’t going to let that relationship hinder her son from his happiness.

“No, he hasn’t,” Scorpius answered, glancing at his father, then back to his mother. “He has a son now, Remus.”

“Who did he marry again?” Draco knew, but he was trying to keep conversation flowing.

“Victoire Weasley.”

“Oh, right,” Draco snorted into his plate. “I forgot.”

Scorpius gave his father a look of contempt. “Father…” he began.

“Sorry,” Draco muttered.

The meal went on with similar issues arising. Draco almost couldn’t contain himself when he found out Scorpius was planning to attend Neville Longbottom’s wedding, but a swift kick from his wife quieted him. His son was becoming someone he didn’t know. Why wasn’t he proud of his heritage? Sure, mistakes had been made, but it was because his family truly believed in the purity of blood. Why couldn’t Scorpius understand that?

Scorpius left his parents house and was happy, for the most part, with how the evening went. He knew his father wasn’t pleased with his new acquaintances, nor the fact that Scorpius seemed to want to get to know them better, but he wasn’t going to hide. He would eat with his family, see them from time to time, but the more time he spent at Hogwarts, the more he knew his family’s views weren’t the right ones. He still felt a lot of fear and awkwardness around a lot of the staff and students, but he was making an effort. He wanted to know more about life without hiding in a manor, life without being sheltered from the past. He wanted a lot of things his father could never give him.


Thanks for reading! Please take a minute and hop over to the feedback thread! I would really appreciate it!

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Re: Accidentally In Love

Here is the next bit...I hope it's not too boring, it's setting up the stage for other parts of the story. Thanks so much to Kristin, MissGryffindor, and gillikitty2000 for leaving feedback on the last update. I really apprciate it!

Chapter Seven

The dinner with his parents hadn't been as bad as he had expected, and for that he was grateful. He knew his parents, mainly his father, disapproved of his job and his desire for a different lifestyle, but he wasn't going to let that deter him from his goal.

He practically fell into bed that Sunday night, exhausted both emotionally and physically from the first week of classes. It had been amazing though, and he was really beginning to feel like he belonged in the Potions classroom. More and more of the students were looking to him for advice, and he was giving it as freely as he could. He was an excellent Potions maker, much better than his father had been. He laughed out loud, in spite of being alone in his room. His mother told him once that his father, who's favorite subject was Potions, really only squeaked by because of Professor Snape. Not that he was bad, but he wasn't as good as most people thought. Scorpius was though, and he knew that was the main reason Hackwood had allowed him to come on. She knew he was great at the subject, and that he would be a real asset to the Potions Master. Professor Timmons mentioned possibly allowing him to take on some of the first year lessons on his own after Christmas, so he was already really excited about that.

As he began to drift off to sleep, he couldn't help smiling to himself. Asking for and taking this job was the best thing he'd ever done for himself. He couldn't wait for the next morning.


"What's going on with Corner?" It was late on Sunday night, and Lily and Hugo hadn't been alone since the incident. Hugo had intentionally hung around the Common Room, waiting for their friends and the other Gryffindors to leave. Lily knew he was waiting to talk her, and had decided to humor him, not going to bed when Roxy and Dana went.

"Nothing is going on with him Hugh," she shook her head. "I'm as clueless about his attention as you are."

"Mike said you're sitting by him in Ancient Runes."

"No, he's actually sitting beside Sam, and I'm on the other side of her," Lily sighed. "Hugh, I promise, nothing is going on."

"Maybe not for you, but it seems like he's got some agenda," Hugh balled his hands into fists. Lily looked at his hands, then back up at him and laughed.

"Hugh! Look at yourself! You're getting way to worked up over this. Listen," she leaned in and held into his arm, "if it makes you feel better, I will stay with Sam or Mike at all times on my way to Ancient Runes, on the way out, and during. Although I think that's unnecessary and overly dramatic, I will do that if it makes you feel better."

Hugo didn't say anything for a minute, but he finally put his hand over Lily's and smiled a small smile. "OK Lils, thanks."

The next morning, the Gryffindors made their way to breakfast, not having a run in with Richard Corner that morning and the breakfast was pretty uneventful. Toward the end of their meal, Neville approached the table, smiling.

"Good morning House!" He grinned at them, very chipper for a Monday.

"Morning Professor," the table chorused. Neville sat on the bench, his legs facing out, and propped himself up on the table, looking around what they'd eaten. Some of the first years sitting a few feet down from him looked scared, and quickly got up. Hugh and Roxy both laughed.

"I didn't know I was so frightening," Neville grinned. "Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that Hannah and I changed the date of the wedding."

"Moving it up, huh? Can't wait?" Hugo laughed.

"Inappropriate Weasley," Neville tried to sound stern, and he did, a little, but there was still humor in his eyes. "And, no, we've moved it back one day. Halloween is on a Sunday this year, so we've moved it back to that day instead of the Saturday before. Since there's a Hogsmeade visit that day, a lot of the students won't be on campus. We like that a lot of the students won't be on campus, it will make it easier to keep it simple."

"Oh, makes sense," Lily nodded.

"What about the Halloween feast?" Leave it to Hugo to worry about the food.

"The wedding will be around lunch time, then we'll have a reception, and the feast will still go on that night. I won't be here though," Neville grinned at them. "We'll already be gone by then."

"So, I guess we'll have to skip Hogsmeade then?" Roxy looked slightly disappointed.

"Yeah, can you forgive me for that?" Neville made a puppy dog face at her.

"Stop it Nev..I mean, Professor. You're giving the other students lots of gossip ammunition," Roxy laughed, "but yes, I can forgive you, if you'll allow us to bring dates," she raised her eyebrows at their Professor, who was more like an Uncle.

"Sure, I guess I could allow that," he grinned again. "Alright, off to class!" He stood and moved with a slight spring in his step, obviously thrilled with the life he'd been delt.

The sixth years all grinned after him, and left the table and headed toward their prospective classes. Mike and Lily left the others at the front door, waving as their friends headed to Care of Magical Creatures, then they headed to Ancient Runes.

Once in class, they sat chatting with Sam, laughing about a prank the sixth year Ravenclaw girls had played on their male counterparts over the weekend.

"You should have seen Richard's face when he woke up and his bed was in the Common Room! Oohh, he was mad!" All three were laughing hard as Richard entered with some other Ravenclaw boys. They tried to die down their laughing, but it didn't help that the Ravenclaw male faces looked ready to kill when they looked at Samantha.

As their Professor began class, Lily leaned over to Sam and whispered, "How did you get their beds in the Common Room without them waking up?" Professor Vines was answering a question from a Hufflepuff, not paying any attention to Sam and Lily. Mike perked up and leaned around Lily, straining to hear over the conversation around him.

"Paisley's really good at Transfiguration and Jenna's really good at Potions," she grinned, trying not to start laughing. She glanced over her shoulder, but Richard was talking to his friend, Jeremy. "Richard didn't have a shirt on, and his boxers were," she paused for dramatic effect and laughed again, "pink!" Mike and Lily joined her laughter, not really doing a good job of stopping when Richard did turn and look at them. He definitely knew what they were laughing about. Lily's face felt warm as she blushed, feeling a little bad that he caught them laughing at him.

After class was over, Mike and Lily gathered their belongings and were headed back to the Common Room for their free period, an essay from Professor Vines on their minds, when Lily felt someone pull her arm.

"Lily," Richard was there, holding on to her arm again and looking slightly annoyed that Mike had stopped when Lily did.

"Yes?" Lily let her annoyance show in her tone as she pulled her arm from him.

"I was wondering if you'd like to go to Hogsmeade with me on Halloween?"

Lily marveled at his confidence and his early planning.

"That's weeks away," she pointed out. Mike shifted his weight beside her and glared at Richard, ready to intervene if Lily needed him.

"Yes, well, I wanted to make sure I asked you first," he smiled.

"Lily doesn't go with a date to Hogsmeade, she never has," Mike said through bared teeth. "You think she's going to chose you over all the other guys who've asked her?"

"I think Lily is capable of speaking for herself, Boot," Richard smiled sarcastically.

"Anyway, yes I am," she shot a be quiet look at Mike, "but I can't. I'm planning to go to Professor Longbottom's wedding that day. He's a close friend of my family."

Richard frowned. "Oh, right," he glared at Mike, then looked at Lily and tried to smile. "Maybe next time then." He reached out to her again, but she stepped back, leaving Mike almost in-between them. She just smiled at him and turned, leaving the Ravenclaws. Mike followed her, looking back at Richard in time to see him clinch his fists and shake his head.

"What on earth?" Lily demanded. "Why did he just ask me to Hogsmeade more than a month in advance? Does he think I like him?"

"I don't know," Mike sighed. "You've got to tell Hugh though."

"I know."


Hope you enjoyed this update! Thanks so much for reading!

I would love to know your thoughts---good or bad!

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Re: Accidentally In Love

Thank you so much to all who left feedback on the last chapter! I really appreciate it! I hope you enjoy this next bit.

Chapter Eight

Monday morning dawned bright and clear, with a hint of fall cooling off the air. Scorpius happily dressed and left for breakfast, but not looking where he was going, he ran into Teddy, who also appeared to be on his way to breakfast.

“Morning Scorpius,” Teddy sounded sleepy.

“Morning Teddy,” he debated and then decided to ask when Teddy gave a tremendous yawn. “Are you ok?”

Teddy blinked and rubbed an eye, looking quite like a small child for a moment. Scorpius, who was trying to be proper at his new job, had to give in to a laugh.

“Oh yeah,” Teddy grinned sheepishly, “I was up most of the night with Remus. He hasn’t been sleeping well, and Victorie is exhausted too, so I try to help out as much as I can when I’m home. I’ll be home all this week, but next week she’s going to France with her mother and sisters to visit their grandparents, so I’ll be here attempting to catch up on my sleep,” he laughed.

Scorpius smiled, appreciating Teddy sharing a little of his life with him. He didn’t know anything about Victorie Weasley or her family, so he was impressed that she had French relatives.

“She has family in France?” He didn’t want to pry, but he was trying to be normal and get to know Teddy, so he figured asking this wasn’t stepping out of bounds.

“Oh,” Teddy was surprised by his lack of knowledge. Scorpius felt a pang of regret at the circumstance of his upbringing. “Well, yeah,” he yawned again as they entered the Great Hall. “Her mom is Fleur Delacour Weasley. She was one of the Four Champions when the Triwizard tournament was held here at Hogwarts in 1995, the one where Harry Potter was the youngest Champion. She was the represnative for Beauxbatons.”

He knew he needed to say something but all he could think about was what happened at the end of that Tournament. Harry Potter, portkeyed without wanting to be; Cedric Diggory, younger than he was right now, dead just for being at the wrong place at the wrong time; he was a pureblood too. That night his Grandfather had answered when his Dark Mark burned and stood around, taunting Harry Potter while Voldemort tortured him; he’d read about that in detail, several times. He stomach turned as he pictured the scene, a younger Harry fighting for his life among adults who hated him and wanted him dead.

“Scorpius?” Teddy was sipping coffee, but looked concerened. “Are you ok? Did you hear me?”

“What?” He had to quit getting lost in thought all the time, “Oh, I’m sorry, I got lost in thought.”

“I understand,” Teddy smiled and yawned again.

“Anyway, I have heard of your Grandmother, I just hadn’t made the connection until now.”

“Ah, well, anyway, so next week I’ll be staying here at Hogwarts, able to sleep as much as I can, so I’m trying to let Victorie sleep now.”

“That’s nice,” Scorpius smiled. The two men chatted about other things while they ate their breakfast, then with a quick look at their watches, they realized it was time to face Monday.

As Scorpius was leaving the Great Hall, he saw Neville Longbottom sitting at the Gryffindor table, talking with the sixth years. That wasn’t something you saw everyday, and he did a double take, but yes, Neville was indeed sitting there, making a puppy dog face to the Weasley girl.

OK, seriously, I need to learn their names! In fact, I need to focus on learning all the students’ names in the classes.

Once in the hall, he began heading to the Dungeons for the Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff second years, when he noticed some Ravenclaw upperclassmen loitering about. Upon closer inspection, he saw it was the same boys who were involved in the small incident with the Gryffindors on Saturday. As he approached them, he was able to see their eyes as they talked to each other. He just didn’t like the look of the kid he thought was called Corner, he had a look in his eyes Scorpius had seen many times in the Slytherin Common Room; a look that usually meant trouble.

When he was almost upon them, he heard a snippet of their conversation.

“…so I’m just going to wait here and walk to class with her. I’m sure she’ll have her bodyguard, Boot, but I’m not going to let him deter me…” Corner was glancing at the door to the Great Hall while he talked.

Boot? That’s the kid who hangs out with Lily and the Weasley boy. He’s talking about Lily Potter. The same girl he had a hand on Saturday when I had to break things up. Something isn’t right about this situation.

“Good morning,” Scorpius said as pleasantly as he could muster. “Heading to class?”

“Oh, uh,” Corner looked like a deer in the headlights. “Good morning, um, Mr. Malfoy?” He asked it like a question, the same tone Scorpius had heard all last week. Most of the students weren’t sure exactly what to call him. He’d corrected most of them and asked them to call him Scorpius, but he did not correct Corner.

“As I said, are you heading to class?”

“I was just waiting for a friend,” Corner looked at his friend, who Scorpius saw shrug from the corner of his eye.

“Looks to me like you’ve got some friends here already,” Scorpius cast a look at the other Ravenclaw boys standing with him, and raised his eyebrows. “Why don’t you go on to class?”

Corner looked like he might argue, but after a minute of Scorpius not breaking eye contact, he finally gave a little huff and walked away.

I’m going to have to watch that kid. If he keeps waiting around for Lily Potter, and she doesn’t want his attention, I need to talk to Neville. Of course, she might want him to wait for her, but I get the feeling she doesn’t welcome his attention. At least, it didn’t look like she did on Saturday.

He was still pondering over the situation when he entered the Dungeons, the second years already arriving and getting out their quills and books. He smiled at them and Richard Corner left his thoughts, he was already excited about the day awaiting him.

The day had been good, only one caldron exploded during the Gryffindor and Slytherin fourth years’ right before lunch. He couldn’t be certain, but he suspected Greg Hooper of Gryffindor had added something to Lawrence Higgs cauldron to make it explode. He found it interesting that none of the Gryffindors were covered in the pink potion (which was supposed to be white, he might need to offer some tutoring to Higgs…) even though they were at the next table. But, without any evidence except his suspicion, he wasn’t going to do anything. Other than that, he’d had a really good morning. Lunch had been good too; he felt he might be making a real friend in Teddy Lupin.

He looked around the room, which was beginning to fill with the sixth year students. Professor Timmons was excited about this lesson, and had been talking about it for several days. According to him, this was the first lesson of sixth year that his old Potions Master, Professor Slughorn taught. He had decided to wait a week and go through some vocabulary and specific stirring techniques before teaching it, but he’d been brewing all weekend to prepare. Scorpius could see a caldron of a thick mud like potion, which he knew was Polyjuice Potion. He remembered this exact lesson from 2 years ago when he had sat at the tables as a student. Looking about him, he also noticed a smaller cauldron with spirals of steam emitting from the top. Even without looking to the cauldron and seeing the mother-of-pearl sheen, he knew this was Amorentia, the greatest love Potion in the world. Smiling to himself, he wondered if the Professor would offer a small vial of Felix Felicis as a prize for concocting the best Potion today. Looking about him, he didn’t spot the Felix, but then he did see a very small cauldron of it on the Teacher’s desk. He could see the potion jumping around like goldfish. He again allowed himself to smile. If he ever became the Potions Master, which was his eventual plan, he would try to come up with his own clever and fun introduction into N.E.W.T Potions. However, he knew the students would love this class.

Professor Timmons entered and smiled at the students, who had all gathered now. He began talking; asking if anyone knew what was in the first cauldron, the Polyjuice Potion. Scorpius looked around and saw several hands.

“Miss Potter?”

“It’s Polyjuice Potion sir,” her voice was clear and strong, and didn’t hold any heir of importance at being able to correctly answer the question, something Scorpius found slightly odd. Most students at least sounded proud when they answered, especially when they were correct. He looked at her and saw her smile as her cousin, the Weasley boy, whispered something to her. Professor Timmons noticed too.

“Mr. Weasley, something interesting about the Potion you’d like to share?” He smiled genially at the boy. This was something Scorpius had loved about the Potions Master when he was a student, and something he was coming to have more and more respect for as he worked alongside him. He kept order to his class, and was fair to all the students, not showing favoritism to his own house, Hufflepuff.

The red haired boy grinned from ear to ear, knowing that he’d been caught, but not afraid at all. Usually, unless something completely inappropriate or dangerous was said or done in class, detention only came from tardiness.

“Well sir, I was just reminding my cousin that our parents took Polyjuice potion on a few occasions,” his face was still grinning as the Professor smiled back. There was some muttering around the room, and some small laughs as some of the students recounted the stories.

“Ah, yes, I believe your mother learned a valuable lesson on her first attempt, did she not?”

The Weasly boy, (Why is his name so hard to remember?!) laughed loudly now.

“Oh yes! She learned to be careful when taking hairs from the person you’re changing into,” he looked around the class, seeming to relish the attention, “she took a cat hair once and ended up with a tail and everything!”

The class erupted in laughter. Scorpius knew that the details of that event had been written in a book entitled The Adventures of the Trio. He had read it in his fourth year. Hermione Granger had been only a second year when she brewed the Potion and she, Harry, and Ron had taken it. Most of the wizarding community had been excited and curious to know more about Harry Potter’s dealings at Hogwarts, now they knew he’d really done all those things and had always been telling the truth. From what he’d heard from his parents, Harry, Ron, and Hermione had been hesitant to give information for the book, but decided to participate for fear of more lies and rumors starting. Even his father admitted to him that all everything in the book was true.

Not that Father read the book. He only listened to me recount what I’d read and confirmed it. He wasn’t thrilled to learn that he’d given information to Harry and Ron when he thought they were his friends, Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle. They’d only Polyjuiced into them to try and trick Father into telling them if he was the heir of Slytherin! How awful he must have been for people to assume he might be the heir…

His thoughts trailed off and he returned his mind to the class. A Ravenclaw girl (Names, learn their names!) was explaining about the Amorentia. She mentioned the smell if it being different for different people and he wondered what it would smell like to him now. When he’d been in sixth year, he’d smelled broomstick polish, turkey legs, and what he could only describe as the smell of Hogwarts. Back then he’d loved the school more than he could explain properly and the scents made perfect sense to him.

I’m sure I would still smell all of those things. Nothing has changed about what attracts me.

He took in the looks on the students faces. He saw more than one person with red faces, glancing at a girl or boy in the class. The last two students he looked to for a response stuck out in his mind. On Lily Potter’s face there was nothing but a calm peace, as if she’d already known exactly what she would smell. Next to her, her cousin’s face read nothing but absolute shock, as if he’d only realized his attraction at that exact moment.

Scorpius began to walk around the room, as had become his custom, to see if anyone needed anything. This lesson he wasn’t to assist, since it was a competition, but he was still interested in seeing how everyone was doing. Professor Timmons was grading essays at his desk. Scorpius saw many potions, of many colors, few really looking like winners. He reached the Gryffindors and was amazed at how well the “Weasley” cousins seemed to be doing. In fact, those three, Lily Potter and her two Weasley cousins, were the only ones in the room who seemed to have a real grasp on the assignment.

“That’s not looking too bad,” he smiled at the young red-haired boy, who he hadn’t forgotten didn’t seem to care for him. He looked up at Scorpius, surprised, but let a sheepish grin cross his face.

“Thanks. I’m really not that good at Potions usually, but my dad and my uncle gave me a few hints about this particular potion,” he shrugged and looked at Lily, then the other Weasley girl. “Unfortunately, they also told Lily and Roxy.”

Scorpius couldn’t help but laugh. “They had to be fair of course.”

“Yeah, I guess,” Weasley grinned. Lily, who was working next to him, helped Scorpius that day, although she didn’t know it. Right then she looked up and spoke to her cousin.

“Hugh, could you pass me the dagger?”

Hugh! His name is Hugh Weasley! Although, now that I know that, I’m thinking it’s short for something, but what?

He turned his attention back to the Gryffindors and saw that the 3 cousins, did indeed, have the best Potions in the class. Timmons was going to have a hard time deciding which of these students to award the Felix Felicis to. He gave a shake of his head.

As he continued to make the rounds, he saw that the Corner kid was doing decent at the potion, but not as good as Hugh, Lily, or Roxy. His effort was commendable though, and this annoyed Scorpius for some reason.

That kid’s not the nicest in the world, and he’s got some sort of agenda concerning Hugh, Lily, and the Boot kid. Why do I care about that though? I mean, I guess now I am in a position of authority and I shouldn’t want any students harmed or having troubles with each other. I don’t know that he wants to really do anything bad to them; I just get such a bad feeling from him.

His thoughts carried him around the room and he was surprised when he smelled something so heavenly his entire body suddenly felt warm all over. He looked around, pondering what that delightful smell was and stopped short when he realized he was directly in front of the Amorentia potion.

I’ve definitely never smelled that before.

Trying not to be too obvious about what he was doing, he very consciously sniffed the potion again. No one seemed to be paying him any attention, luckily.

Alright, I have smelled that before, I think. It smells sort of familiar, but I have no clue where I’ve smelled it before.

The scents of broomstick polish and turkey legs still hung with the new scent, which had obviously taken the place of the Hogwarts scent. He huffed to himself.

Of all the times for me not to love Hogwarts; I’ve just taken a job here at risk of family disownment, but no, something else is now attracting me more.

He wasn’t sure what to make of this new development and now Timmons was inspecting each cauldron. He no longer cared who won the Felix. He slipped out the back and left for his room, as this was the last class of the day, seeing as it was a double session of Potions.

Plopping on his bed, he sighed, and only then did he notice his father’s owl, Crabbe, sitting on the windowsill. With another sigh he took the letter, gave the owl a small treat, and watched it soar away until it was out of sight. He hadn’t looked forward to reading his father’s letters his he was a second or third year. With another sigh, he tore the wax seal.


I hope you enjoyed this chapter. So far, I think it was the most fun for me to write! I would love to know your thoughts---good or bad! Thanks so much!

Your Thoughts?

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Re: Accidentally In Love

It's been almost two years since I posted to this story. I really love it though, and I would like to come back to it, if there is anyone who cares to read it! I would love to have feedback. Thanks for stopping by!

Chapter Nine

"Still, I think it's a bit freaky," Roxy shivered and jerked her head. "I mean, it's one thing to have a general since about what you personally like, but to have it smelled out for you in a classroom like that, it's just not normal."

"First of all, 'smelled out?'" Lily laughed and shook her head. "That's horrid Rox. Second of all, I think you're just mad because you were surprised by what you smelled." She gave her cousin a knowing look, smirking.

"You couldn't be more wrong," Roxy gave Lily a sarcastic smile.

"Oh really?"

"Yes really," she paused, and then sighed dramatically. "I was actually surprised at what I didn't smell."

"That makes no sense."

"Yes it does! I thought I liked someone and I didn't smell him at all!"

The door to their dormitory opened and Dana came in with a weird expression on her face.

"I know exactly what you two are talking about, but that last sentence is one of the weirdest I've ever heard," Lily and even Roxy laughed. "Anyway, I think it's just barking. No way what I smelled is what I'm most attracted to."

"Why, what did you smell?" Lily asked curiously.

"Strawberries, pine needles, and sweat."

"Sweat? That's disgusting Dana," Roxy made a face.

"My point exactly. I think it's a bunch of hogwash. No liquid can just magically know what I'm attracted to," Dana firmly nodded her head.

"I know you're muggleborn and everything Dana, but you do realize that's what Hogwarts is? A school of magic," Roxy raised her eyebrows at her friend.

"Oh very funny Weasley," she threw a pillow at her friend, "All I'm saying is, there is no way I'm attracted to sweat. I mean, seriously!" She looked almost pleadingly at the other two.

"Maybe you're right," Lily said, "I smelled Roast Lamb, no surprise there it's my favorite, the smell of a candle after it's burned, which is my favorite part of a birthday, but I also smelled pickles. I despise pickles, so I don't know what that means exactly."

"Pickles? I think that's almost as bad as sweat," Dana laughed. "So, if you didn't smell the guy you thought you would, who did you smell Rox?"

"What do you mean, who? It could be something other than a person you know," the other girls smirked at her, Lily's eyebrows raised. "Oh fine, I smelled some type of cologne, but I can't place it. I don't even know anyone who wears cologne!"

"Uncle Percy wears cologne," Lily's eyes danced.

"Oh Merlin help me," Roxy banged her head against her headboard while Lily and Dana laughed.

"Anyway, that is weird. Maybe there was something wrong with this batch of Amorentia, since we all three smelled something odd and slightly out of place," Dana shrugged. "I'm hungry, let's go eat."


Son, I hope you're having a good week. Your mother and I enjoyed having you for dinner the other night. She has talked of almost nothing else since you left and is anxiously awaiting the next meal.

I know you're not going to like this, but I am going to ask you anyway. I implore you to skip Neville Longbottom's wedding. Before you get angry, I'm thinking of you. There is very bad blood between myself and Neville Longbottom. He and I never got on well, and I fear you will be an outcast at an event held in his honor. His family was forever changed by our family, and he and I personally had several run ins while at Hogwarts. I do not want you to be made a fool. It is an unwise decision to spend time with him and his friends and family. Please, just think about it.

Write when you can, your mother awaits the owl each day hoping you've written.

He reread the letter three times before sighing again. He should have known something like this would be coming. He had seen his father's face when he mentioned the wedding, and felt his mother kick him under the table. Draco had wanted to say something then, but wanting to keep his wife happy, he had refrained. Knowing his father, Scorpius felt certain his mother didn't even know he had written this.

He wanted to rip it up, throw it in the fire, and not give it a second thought, but he couldn't. Unfortunately, his father was right. Neville had never had a proper conversation with his parents because of his great aunt and uncle. They had tortured them into insanity when Neville was just a baby. He knew they had both passed a few years ago, only a few days apart. The daily prophet had reported it. Had it not been for Bellatrix Lestrange and those with her, Frank and Alice Longbottom would be at the wedding, beaming as their son bonded himself to the love of his life, for life.

Harry Potter would undoubtedly be there, along with all his Weasley relatives. While a part of him yearned to meet Harry, to actually speak to the man who had saved his father's life, there was another part of him that was terrified to meet him. He now felt extremely uncertain about his decision to attend the wedding.

He sighed again. Sighing was becoming as common with him as breathing. Aside from wedding thoughts weighing him down, he was also thinking of the unusual smell from the Amorentia today. It had been a tiring day. As much as he didn’t feel like being around anyone, he was feeling hungry and decided he would have to go to dinner. Once in the hall, he saw some Ravenclaw students from 6th year. Looking blankly at them, he realized he had another problem to solve.

I have GOT to learn their names!
I would love to know what you think! Especially if you think I should continue with this. Thanks for reading!

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Re: Accidentally In Love

Hi again! Thanks to Kristen and MissGryffindor for leaving feedback...love you both! Here is the next chapter. I hope you enjoy it and please leave feedback!

Chapter Ten

The following Saturday Scorpius was as excited as the students that it was the weekend of Quidditch tryouts. All the captains had wanted to have their tryouts this Saturday, which obviously couldn't happen, so a compromise had arisen. He had to give Teddy credit, because it was his idea to have an entire weekend of tryouts. The Headmistress agreed to the terms, so the scheduled tryouts were on a first come, first serve basis. Jase Finnigan was on top of things and was the first to request the pitch, so Gryffindor would hold their tryouts Saturday morning, bright and early, starting at 8am. The house elves had been asked to prepare an early breakfast at 7am for those trying out and anyone else who was up to watch. Ravenclaw would have the pitch after lunch for their tryouts, and Slytherin and Hufflepuff were scheduled for Sunday.

Scorpius rose at 7:15, ready for the day. Quidditch was his absolute favorite part of school. He loved the game, loved the feel of the wind while flying, loved the feel of the Quaffle in his hands, and loved the ding of the bell each time a goal was scored. He had always felt the most comfortable when on the Pitch, and his time on the Quidditch team was when he felt the most accepted by not only his house, but all the student body. For no one could deny that he was an excellent player. He had the natural flying ability of his father, with more skill than his father at the actual game.

Looking in his trunk, he had to fight the urge to put on his Slytherin Quidditch robes. It had only been six months since he last wore them, and they looked welcoming and comfortable at the bottom of his trunk. He decided against it, since, as a staff member, he was technically supposed to show no partiality in the Quidditch rivalry. He bled green and silver though, as he knew the other staff members also did for their houses. A witch or wizard could graduate from Hogwarts, but you couldn't graduate your house. You would always have a special place in your heart for the green, red, yellow or blue. It was just the way it was. He knew Teddy would be rooting for Gryffindor as much as he would be for Slytherin. Funny, in a lot of ways he didn't feel the connection to Slytherin that he always expected to, but when a Quaffle, Snitch, and Bludger were involved, the Serpent in him would always come out.

Once he had his fill of breakfast, he quickly headed out to the pitch. He had seen a smattering of students in the Great Hall, but he assumed most had already eaten and left, or were having a lie in. How you could sleep with the excitement of Quidditch going on was beyond him. He quickened his pace in excitement. As he reached the pitch, he laughed out loud at the sight in the stands. Sitting at the very top, the very best vantage point, were three young men, two with black hair wearing Gryffindor Scarves, and one with scarlet hair with golden streaks running through it like lightning bolts.

“I thought we weren’t supposed to show partiality Lupin,” he said, sitting next to his cousin and colleague.

“Don’t know what you’re talking about Malfoy,” Teddy shrugged. “Hey, you know James and Al, right?”

Scorpius did know the Potter brothers, although he knew Al better than James, having been in the same year at Hogwarts. He was surprised to see them here. Although he knew family could come to the grounds for tryouts and games, they rarely did.

“Hi Scorpius,” Al reached around Teddy to put his hand out. “I heard you were working here.” He smiled, and Scorpius thought, not for the first time, how much he resembled his father. Something he was sure Al heard a lot, because he heard it all the time himself, looking like Draco Malfoy made over.

“Hey Al,” he returned his smile, “Hi James.”

“Hey Scorpius,” James looked distracted by something on the field, so Scorpius turned his attention there to see Jase getting the hopefuls divided into groups. “Come on Rox!” James stood up and clapped loudly as Roxy moved to join her group.

“Oh that’s lovely, embarrass her before she’s even mounted her broom,” a voice from behind them said sarcastically. Along with the others, except James who was still focusing on the field, Scorpius saw Lily Potter approaching with two other 6th year Gryffindors, who he was pretty sure were Mike and Dana. Turning back to the field, he did notice that Roxy Weasley’s face was bright red and she threw her older cousin a murderous look. “What are you doing here anyway?” Lily asked, plopping next to James.

“Had to see Roxy tryout didn’t we?” Al grinned and patted his sister on the back from behind James’ back. “She wrote me and I gave her a few tips, so I wanted to see her tryout for myself. This git tagged along when he heard I was coming,” he pointed at James, who finally looked around at his little sis.

“Lils! Marvelous to see you,” he planted a loud kiss on her cheek. She made a face and wiped it off. James grinned. “What, not happy to see us?”

“Not particularly, no,” she gave him an incredulous look. “You’re just going to make Roxy more nervous! She’s already terrified, now she’ll be even more so knowing you’re watching her.”

“Don’t be stupid Lily,” James said scathingly, “we’re the ones who taught her to play, and we’ve seen her play a hundred times.”

“Well, I still think you being here might make her more nervous,” Lily stuck her tongue out at her brother when his back was turned.

Scorpius had to agree with Lily, he felt it would make her more nervous, having her older cousins, who both excelled at Quidditch, watching her. Even if they had seen her play before.

Seeker tryouts were first, because they could take the longest. You never knew how long it was going to take the Seekers to catch the snitch. There were four Seeker hopefuls, Roxy being the only girl. Al had played Seeker last year, so this was the only position that didn’t have a player returning to tryout. It took the first boy a long time to catch the Snitch, Scorpius would assume at least 30 minutes. He couldn’t understand it. All he had to do was locate the Snitch and catch it, while trying to dodge one Bludger that Landon was hitting at him every so often. Scorpius saw the Snitch six times before it was caught. He shook his head.

“Hopefully these others are better, or I think Gryffindor is looking at losing another cup,” he grinned, waiting for the arguments to start.

“Shove it Malfoy,” Al said. “It’s hard to replace the best,” he grinned, nodding his head and pointing to his chest. Scorpius laughed. “You just wait until tomorrow. See how well you think the Slytherins will do without you.”

“Hush Al, Roxy’s coming up,” Lily whispered. Her quiet voice was quickly overpowered by James loudly cheering for his cousin as she soared through the air.

Scorpius looked around the pitch for the glint of gold. It took a few minutes, but he finally spotted it flying in and out of the goal posts on the opposite side. Roxy saw it too, and took off like a shot, straight for it. Landon saw her going for it, and sent a bludger right for her. Without missing a beat, she expertly turned her broom upside down and did a twirl, coming right side up again just in time to wrap her gloved fingers around the flying golden ball. Her family and friends erupted, and Scorpius found himself standing and clapping for her.

“Now that is Seeking,” he grinned at Al, who gave Teddy, then James a high five. Lily, Mike, and Dana were chanting her name. Roxy’s face was red again, but even Scorpius, who barely knew her, could tell it was the red face of adrenaline and triumph, not embarrassment.

Feedback please!

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Re: Accidentally In Love

Here is the next bit! It's a little long, but I wanted to get the weekend of Quidditch trials over so we could move on. Thank you so much to Kristin, MissGryffindor, BubblyShell22, and HogwartsWizard for the wonderful feedack!

Chapter Eleven

Roxy was still on a high from making the Quidditch team, and Lily couldn’t be happier for her. The girls had eaten lunch with the rest of the team, Mike, Dana, Al, and James, the latter two leaving shortly after lunch. Even though she was a little irritated at her brothers for showing up today, it had been sort of good to see them. She enjoyed their jokes and banter, and missed seeing them at school in spite of herself.

The library was emptier than usual for a Saturday afternoon, because Ravenclaw was having their Quidditch tryouts. Lily, Dana, and Mike had taken this opportunity to work on their Transfiguration homework, since they knew Richard Corner would be at his tryout. Richard had taken to being in the library every time they were, and usually came to their table to speak to Lily and no one else. Hugh was none too thrilled with the attention she was receiving from his arch rival, and she was confused about it herself. He had asked her to Hogsmeade, which was still over a month away, but she wouldn’t be going with him since that was the day of Neville’s wedding. Hopefully soon he would take the hint and just leave her alone.

“I’m never going to get this right,” Dana groaned, throwing her quill down in frustration. “I just don’t know how to explain Gamps Law on paper. I understand it, but it’s hard to put into words.”

“For that part, I summarized saying that the Law refers to the way in which objects can be transfigured or conjured. I gave the example that food cannot come from nothing. Something has to be there to be transfigured into food, summoned, or food can be magically altered once you have it. You cannot make food from nothing,” Mike’s best subject was Transfiguration.

“I said something similar, but I used the example that an animal cannot be conjured. Animals have to be born, or an item can be changed into an animal, but you can’t create a mouse with the wave of your wand,” Lily nodded to her friend, hoping she was beginning to understand properly. Dana groaned, but picked up her quill and began writing again.

“Like I said, I understand the concepts, I just have trouble putting my thoughts into words,” she sighed.

“You’ll get it,” Lily encouraged, putting her own quill down. “I’m getting tired of homework and I haven’t even completed one piece yet!”

“I know,” Mike wrinkled his nose and rubbed his eyes, “sixth year just might be the death of me.”

“Nah! You can do it,” the group looked up, surprised. None of them had seen Teddy walk up. “It is tough, but I know you all have what it takes in you. Just keep working,” he grinned at their exhausted expressions.

“You know Ted, err, I mean, Professor Lupin, you were much more fun when you were just my dad’s godson and not a teacher,” Lily made a face, making him laugh.

“Ah, one of the pitfalls of growing up,” he pointed out the window. “I’m headed to watch Ravenclaw tryouts, want to come?”

“No thanks,” Lily shook her head, “I’ve got homework up to my eyeballs and I don’t want to give Richard Corner any more reason to keep talking to me,” Teddy laughed. “I’m serious! That boy won’t leave me alone.”

“I’ll come with you,” Dana began packing up her belongings. “I’ve had enough for now.”

“I’ll come too,” Mike said, “if you don’t mind us abandoning you Lily?”

“No, that’s fine,” Lily sighed, “I’ll just finish up Transfiguration and head back to the dorm. I might take a nap.”

“Alright, see you later,” Dana waved as they left the library. Lily returned the wave, then turned her attention back to her incomplete homework.


It had been an excellent day. Scorpius could think of nothing better than spending an entire day watching Quidditch, even if it was just trials. After watching Gryffindor assemble what he had to admit was a good team (this was a hard thing to admit, Gryffindor was Slytherin’s biggest rival), he was really enjoying watching Ravenclaw. Several feet from him sat Hugo, Roxy, Jase, and Landon, the others from the Gryffindor team having left to do other things. Just like this morning, he could see members from last years Hufflepuff team, and beside him sat Heath Flint and Fitz Burke, both on the Slytherin team. Scorpius had always been irritated that anyone, including the opposing teams, could come watch tryouts. That was the way it was though, and few would miss the opportunity to scope out the competition.

“We’ve got to replace you and Trenton,” Heath was saying, “I think we’ve got a few good prospects. I know Jacob Bristing and Hillary Goyle are both trying out and I know they’re both good fliers.”

“Hillary really is,” Scorpius nodded, “I’ve played with her before.”

“Oh right, I forgot your fathers are friends…”

Heath was still talking, but he wasn’t listening anymore. Yes, his father was friends with Gregory Goyle, and had been for basically his entire life. They were friends before boarding the Hogwarts Express and from what he’d heard from his best friend, Trenton Knott, Gregory, Draco and Vincent Crabbe had made up a rather unpleasant gang while at school. He had never heard about this aspect of their friendship from his father of course, Draco rarely gave out information that put him in a bad light. Trenton’s father, Theodore, hadn’t held back though, so Scorpius knew a lot about his father’s dealings at Hogwarts secondhand. Bad or not, I would have rather heard those things from Father. It was so embarrassing the first time Trenton mentioned something about that and I had no idea what he was talking about, Scorpius thought. He laughed and then asked me what else I thought my father might have been hiding from me.

“Scorpius? You in there?” Heath was waving hand in front of his face.

“What? Oh sorry, just got lost in thought for a minute,” he shook his head, visibly trying to shake the thoughts from his mind.

“Oh, well, I just pointed out that Professor Lupin waved at you,” Scorpius followed the 7th year Slytherin’s eye line and did see Teddy sitting down next to Landon Green. Scorpius returned the wave, but stayed in his seat. “He’s over there sitting with the Gryffindor lot,” Heath was saying, “even though I thought teachers weren’t supposed to be biased.”

“Professor Lupin isn’t biased,” Scorpius stole a look at him to be sure he was no longer morphed with that hideous Gryffindor hair, and saw that it was a shade of blue now.

“I saw him this morning with that Gryffindor hairdo,” Heath rolled his eyes.

“Well, look at him now, he’s got blue hair for Ravenclaw,” Scorpius had no idea if his hair was actually blue to support Ravenclaw, but he figured it was as good a reason as any, and would hopefully get Heath to shut up.

“I guess…”he kept talking, but Scorpius tuned him out because the Keeper tryouts were now going on, and he wanted to watch the Corner kid. There was something strange about that boy, and he intended to keep an eye on him. Although he was a little ashamed to admit it, he really didn’t remember much about his Keeping from when he played him. All he knew was that he had beaten him every time that they came up against each other, and since Ravenclaw came in last the previous year, he figured he couldn’t be that good.

Richard was at the goal posts, and the first chaser came up quickly and threw the Quaffle hard. At first it looked like he was aiming left, but at the last minute he changed positions and went right. Richard anticipated the move and easily blocked the shot. The tryout continued, and of his five attempts he stopped four, barely missing the fifth. Scorpius admitted to himself that he was a decent Keeper.

When Richard dismounted, he high fived some other Ravenclaw players, then stood back to observe the others trying out for Keeper. He stood with his arms crossed and occasionally made a comment to his friend, the two of them looking smug. Scorpius saw him look to where Hugo sat twice, once holding his gaze for much longer than normal. Scorpius, who had a theory about what the deal was with Corner, looked there too, expecting to see that Lily Potter had joined the group of Gryffindors. However, he was surprised to see that she wasn’t there, but that Hugo was obviously enjoying the company of Dana Jemison, who was seated beside him. Hugo was laughing about something and playfully tugging on Dana’s hair, while Dana tried to look annoyed.

This will be interesting, Scorpius thought, I may be able to prove my theory after all, in a way I least expected.


“All I’m saying is,” Hugo’s voice was almost dripping with self-righteousness, “you claim to hate Quidditch, but this is your second time out here at the pitch today.”

“So?” Dana said defiantly. “I was sick of studying and wanted some fresh air. Is there something so terrible about that?”

“Oh no,” Hugo mocked, “far be it from me to keep you from your fresh air,” he laughed.

Dana, her face fuming, smacked him hard. “You are the biggest prat in the world Hugo Weasley!” She looked to Mike for support, but he was conveniently discussing something with Professor Lupin with false intensity. She could tell he was just avoiding getting in the middle of another of her arguments with Hugo.

“Oh really? Hmmm, guess you enjoy hanging around prats then, cause I can’t seem to get rid of you,” he reached up and pulled on her hair, laughing at her expression. “See? You can’t even be mad at me, you’re just pretending to be,” he wagged his head from side to side, his arrogance coming out in full force.

“That’s it!” Dana rose, “I’m leaving!”

“Oh don’t go!” Hugo clutched his chest. “What will we do without you?”

She looked as if she wanted to retort, but stopped herself. Her expression changed to one of almost pain, but she just shook her head and left.

“Why don’t you lay off her for a while?” Mike said, “and what are you sniffing?” Hugo had taken a loud sniff as the wind caught Dana’s hair as she walked away.

“I’m not sniffing anything, can’t a guy just sniff?” Mike and Teddy laughed. “And, what do you mean, lay off her? I’m not on her,” Hugo made a face and pretended to brush something off his pants.

“Yeah, you are Hugh,” Roxy shook her head, “you’re always bickering with her and something you act like such a bloody idiot I want to punch you myself.”

“I do not,” Hugo rolled his eyes. “It’s just my way of dealing with her, ok? She really drives me mad.”

Teddy, who had been listening, bemused, to their conversation, laughed. “I’d say she does, Hugh.”

“What are you on about?”

“Oh nothing, just that I think you’re exactly spot on. She does drive you mad,” Teddy, Roxy, Landon, and Mike laughed. Hugo shoved Mike on the shoulder so roughly that he fell into Teddy, which only made them both laugh harder.

He didn’t like being made fun of, and he defintely didn’t like what they were implying. Out of all his friends, Dana could wind him up the most and she drove him crazy. After some of their arguments, Hugo would lay awake at night and wonder if he had any buisness actually being friends with her, and he had thought on more than one occasion that if it wasn’t for her friendship with Lily and Roxy he probably wouldn’t be. His gaze turned to Scorpius Malfoy, sitting not far from him. Teddy had told him he thought Scorpius really missed playing Quidditch. Hugo still felt like he owed him since he helped them out of that situation with Corner a few weeks ago. Especially since Scorpius didn’t tell Professor Longbottom about it. Hugo knew that for sure because he knew Neville would have talked to him about it if he had, and he was happy to have avoided that conversation.

“Hugo? Mate? What’s with the glazed look all of a sudden? Thinking of Dana?” Landon laughed, the others joining in.

“Oh come off it,” Hugh left them laughing at him and approached Scorpius Malfoy, who had been sitting close by. “Hi Scorpius,” he looked uncertain, “enjoying the tryouts?”

“Yes,” Scorpius looked surprised Hugo had approached him, and the other Slyhtherins with him seemed positively thunderstruck. “I enjoyed your tryout this morning too; you’re a good keeper. I think you’ve improved since last year,” he grinned. Hugo smiled too, remembering how many goals of Scorpius’ he’d let in the Quidditch final last season.

“Thanks, but if we want to win I’m going to have to get even better.”

“Too right,” Heath Flint spoke up.

“Shut it Flint,” Hugo didn’t give him time to respond before addressing Scorpius again. “I was wondering if you might be interested in helping me. I’d like to do some extra practice and thought you might want to toss a few Quaffles my way. Ted, err, Professor Lupin reckons you might miss playing.”

“You can’t help a Gryffindor!” Heath said angrily before Scorpius had time to say anything. “He’s not helping you, Weasley. If he helps anyone, it will be Slytherin.”

“Weren’t you just saying staff members shouldn’t be partial?” Scorpius gave Heath a scathing look. “And I can speak for myself, thanks,” he couldn’t help but grin at Hugo. As a Slytherin, it was difficult to agree to help a Gryffindor, but he wanted to make a good impression on the other staff members and he didn’t think they would think it right of him to only help Slytherin. “I’d love to. All I’ve wanted to do since getting up this morning was get on my broom and play.”

“Great, thanks,” Hugo smiled, “how about Monday afternoon? I’ve got a lot of homework to work on today and tomorrow, but if I get it all done I should have some free time Monday. I’m out of class an hour before dinner, would that be ok?”


“Cool, see you later,” he turned and walked back to his friends.

“How could you help them?”

Scorpius, smiling at the thought that it looked like Headmistress Hackwood had known what she was talking about, just shook his head at his former house mate.

“He asked first,” Scorpius shrugged, “I’ll help you too, if you want.”

“Whatever,” Flint muttered.

Scorpius turned his attention back to the pitch, excitement coursing through him. He was going to play Quidditch on Monday! Who cares if it was to help out a Gryffindor? Being on a broom and holding a Quaffle in his hands was his favorite thing in the world, and he had missed it something awful. He smiled to himself, all of a sudden anxious for the weekend to be over.

Things are starting to happen! I hope you enjoyed this update....I would love feedback, as always!

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Re: Accidentally In Love

Thank you so much to all who left feedback! I appreciate it so much.

Chapter Twelve

It had been a good weekend, but one that seemed to drag on. Lily was tired of doing homework and was just ready for a break, but there wasn’t one in sight. Monday morning dawned and she rolled over and groaned at the sound of Dana chattering away with Colleen. It was time to get up and face another week of classes, which meant another weeks’ worth of homework. She vowed to keep caught up during the week so this weekend she wouldn’t be in the library pouring over books and parchment the entire time.

“See you later!” Colleen waved to Lily as she sat up and pulled her curtains open. Dana, one bed away, was using her wand to dry her hair and from the looks of it, Roxy was already up and in the bathroom.

“Morning Lily,” Dana smiled, but it didn’t quite reach her eyes.

“Morning,” Lily yawned and stretched, then rose and began searching her trunk for her toiletry bag. “Sleep well?” She could tell something wasn’t quite right with her friend, but she knew sometimes with Dana it was better to let her come around on her own time.

“I slept alright,” Dana shrugged, “it wasn’t a very relaxing weekend, was it?”

“You can say that again,” Lily located her bag and grabbed it along with her favorite pink and white striped towel. “I did get all my work done, thank Merlin, but I know I’m going to just have a book bag full of assignments again after today.”

Monday and Wednesday were Lily’s roughest days of classes. She began her day with Ancient Runes, and just sitting in that class with Richard Corner one person away from her was draining. She also had Potions (doubled on Wednesday), Transfiguration (doubled on Monday), and Astronomy on Monday nights. It was a lot to head into after a weekend of constant work and she wondered if she had made the right choice to take so many courses. She had dropped Care of Magical Creatures and Muggle Studies this year, but she still had a full schedule. She and Hugo were the only Gryffindors who continued with Astronomy and they were the only ones who had ever taken Arthmancy. Aunt Hermione had really wanted Hugo to take Arthmancy and Ancient Runes, but he had wanted to continue with Care of Magical Creatures, so they compromised and he only took Arthmancy. He had some interest in possibly working with Uncle Charlie one day, so Magical Creatures was a must have for him. Lily was undecided on her career after Hogwarts, but she was covered for most jobs she might decide to pursue.

After her quick shower, Lily dressed and the girls headed to breakfast. As usual, the boys were already well tucked into their meal, but Hugo, Mike, and Landon all seemed subdued this morning. Lily smiled when she saw that Mike had his copy of Spellman’s Syllabary out on the table. Their homework had been especially difficult and he seemed to be rechecking his parchment.

“Checking over your work?” She poured herself and Dana some pumpkin juice and helped herself to the scrambled eggs and bacon.

“Yes,” Mike looked at her, “we should have done this together Lils. It was a really difficult passage to translate.”

“I thought so too, and I’m not certain I got everything right. The second paragraph especially gave me trouble.”

“I think I got that one actually,” Mike gave her a sheepish grin, “care to compare notes real quick?”

Lily laughed and began rummaging through her bag under the table. Her parchment was stuck under her Transfiguration notebook and she was having difficulty retrieving it, so it took an extra minute. When she looked up, she felt, rather than saw that there was palpable tension. It took her a couple of seconds to understand the mood of the table, but then she spotted Richard Corner standing next to her, talking to Dana.

“Oh, good morning Lily,” Richard smiled a smile he obviously thought was a winning one. “Not the best weekend, eh? Dana was just telling me you were incredibly busy with homework.”

“Um, yeah, I had something due in every subject this week,” Lily gave Dana a questioning look. Her friend only shrugged in response.

“Ah, and I see you and Boot were going over Ancient Runes. Mind if I compare notes too? I really struggled with the second paragraph,” without waiting for a response, he sat next to Lily and helped himself to a piece of bacon.

“Corner,” Hugo said through gritted teeth, “shouldn’t you be dining at the Ravenclaw table?”

“No, I think I’ll just work on Runes with your friends here, Weasley,” Corner cast a glance at the staff table, then raised his eyebrows at Hugo tauntingly. “That’s ok with you, right?”

Hugo was turning a dark shade of purple. Richard held his eye contact with Hugo, daring the angry Gryffindor to act with all the teachers watching. And, they were watching. Professors Lupin and Longbottom were both very interested in the scene transpiring before them, and Professor McGonagall had her customary stern look boring into the students. Even Scorpius Malfoy was watching, and Lily felt her own face flush red, realizing she was at the center of this conflict.

“As I was saying,” Richard looked about to explode with laughter at Hugo’s trapped expression. “I had trouble with the second paragraph, did either of you understand it?”

Lily and Mike just sat there for a second, and then shared a look. Without words they came to an agreement. They would discuss the homework to keep Richard happy and not taunting Hugo, which would in turn, hopefully keep Hugo from blowing a gasket. The aforementioned was looking from his cousin to his best friend, the purple color still on his cheeks.

“I also had trouble with that paragraph, but Mike said he understood it,” Lily shot Dana another look, but her friend was whispering to Hugo, who didn’t seem happy about what she was saying. Lily looked to Roxy, but the other Weasley just shrugged.

“I just don’t want him here,” Hugo hissed at Dana. Lily tried to focus on what Mike and Richard were saying, and hoped Richard was oblivious to the whispered words going on around him.

“Just stop!” Dana hissed right back. “For the love of Merlin Hugh, he’s just asking about homework!”

“You stop, Dana!” Hugo made a face at her. “I don’t need you telling me what to do!” He rose from the table, took another look at Richard, and stormed away. Dana tried to grab his arm as he went, but he angrily pulled it back. She looked round and Lily, who nodded, and then also got up and chased after him.

Lily returned her attention to her Ancient Runes classmates and found with a mixture of dismay and confusion that Richard had not been oblivious to Dana and Hugo’s argument, and that he looked pleased by it.


The day had been one of his best at Hogwarts. Scorpius was enjoying Potions classes more and more, and he had a good reputation with the students. He was always willing to offer assistance during a lesson, unless expressly told not to by the Professor. His mentor had told him that he felt like having him here was really making a difference with the students and more students than he had ever seen were beginning to understand or even excell at Potions. Scorpius smiled to himself, remembering the conversation before the sixth year class.

“I think you being so much closer to their age is really helping,” Timmons smiled, “they aren’t afraid to ask you a question. They don’t fear you’ll take points from them or give them a poor mark. It has really helped,” he nodded in affirmation .

“Thank you sir,” Scorpius had been taken aback by what he said, but was quite pleased Timmons thought he was helping. “I really enjoy working with them.”

“It shows,” the older man regarded him thoughtfully. “You seem much happier than I’ve ever seen you.”

Not knowing what to say, Scorpius just smiled and was luckily saved from the need to comment further by most of the Gryffindors entering the dungeon, Hugo and Dana arguing about something while Landon and Mike tried to intervene. Lily and Roxy weren’t with them, but Scorpius barely had time to question it when they walked in slowly, attempting to read a parchment together. With her head down, Lily wasn’t looking where she was going and she ran smack into a table. A red blush that matched her hair crept up her face and she looked up for a split second and met Scorpius’ eyes. He smiled at her sympathetically and the red on her face deepened.

Scorpius smiled, remembering her face has he entered the Quidditch pitch. He arrived before Hugo, so he mounted his broom and began sweeping the pitch. He had missed this. The wind blew his blonde hair off his forehead and he swooped and even turned a flip or two, relishing the freedom he felt.

“Oi! Malfoy!” He heard Hugo call him, and expecting to see the younger player on the field, he was surprised to see him already at the goal post, ready to begin, the Quaffle in his hand and a grin on his face.

“You don’t waste any time then, do you Weasley?” Scorpius flew close enough to catch the Quaffle, then mischievously smirked at his Opponent and flew a ways back. After a moment he heaved the Quaffle toward Hugo at a speed not many school-aged Chasters could match. Hugo barely caught the ball, and the force of the impact scooted him back on his broom slightly.
They grinned at each other and played that way for half an hour, both enjoying the time on the pitch.

Scorpius knew it was getting close to dinner when his stomach began to growl, and after two more attempts (Hugo blocked them both), he waved.

“Let’s head in for today!”

“Alright,” Hugo began his decent to the ground, Scorpius right behind him. They landed with soft thuds on the grass. Hugo stuck out his hand. “Thanks for helping me, I appreciate it.”

“You’re welcome,” Scorpius shook his hand, “I had a blast.”

They headed into the changing rooms and Scorpius quickly changed back into his teaching robes while Hugo put his school robes back on. Hugo had a small bag with him, and Scorpius kicked himself for not bringing one of his own. He would have to go to his room before heading to dinner to put his Quidditch robes away.

“You want me to put your robes in my bag and give them to you after dinner?” Hugo shrugged when Scorpius looked doubtful. “It would save you a trip back to your room.”

“Yeah, ok, sure,” Scorpius handed over his Quidditch robes. Hugo began to dig through his bag, seemingly making room for the extra robes. Scorpius was about to change his mind since it was obviously a bit of a problem for him to carry his robes in his bag, when the young Gryffindor pulled a scarlet and gold scarf from his bag.

“What’s that you’ve got there?” Although fall was approaching, it wasn’t cold enough to need a scarf yet, so Scorpius was curious as to why Hugo was toting one around.

“This,” Hugo grinned and unrolled the scarf, “is the lucky Snitch.” He held up a golden snitch, but it looked old, though well taken care of.

“Where did you get it?”

“It’s my Uncle Harry’s,” Hugo held it out. “It’s the Snitch he caught in his first Quidditch match. Professor Dumbledore left it to him in his will when he died.”

“How come it’s lucky?”

“Uncle Harry said it helped him defeat Voldemort. He said it gave him courage and peace when he needed it most,” Hugo shrugged. “That’s all he’s ever said about it, at least to me. He may have given James and Al more details. They both had it when they were here at school, and this summer Uncle Harry gave it to me since Lily doesn’t play Quidditch.”

“That’s really cool,” Scorpius looked at the Snitch and wondered how it had helped Harry Potter. He would probably never know.

“Yeah,” Hugo couldn’t contain his excitement and was beaming at the small object. “I knew Al had it, he showed me after our first match last year,” he seemed embarrassed, and Scorpius knew why. In that match, Hugo had failed to save twenty-seven goals that Scorpius had thrown at him. Gryffindor had lost that match, but only barely. “Anyway, I was pretty down on myself that day,” Hugo shrugged, “and Al showed me the Snitch and gave me one of his famous pep talks.”

Scorpius laughed. He may have been a Slytherin, but he knew what Hugo was referring too. Albus Potter had been dubbed “Tony Robbins” by his friend Bryan Grently, who was a muggleborn. Apparently Tony Robbins was a muggle man who gave motivational talks back in the late 90s and the following decades. Yes, Al had a reputation for trying to help people cheer up and see their own potential.

“I was really, really shocked when Uncle Harry gave it to me. He gave it to me the night before we left. My dad was more surprised than I was, and basically said he would murder me in my bed if anything happened to this Snitch,” Hugo grinned again. “Funny, I don’t think Uncle Harry would react like that, but I wouldn’t cross my dad if I can help it.”

Scorpius knew Hugo’s father, Ron Weasley, was an Auror and had played an important role in the defeat of Voldemort. While Harry Potter got most of the public credit, Ron and his wife, Hermione, along with countless others had also sacrificed much and given everything they had to bring Voldemort down. Scorpius had often thought Ron deserved the fame he had and had always wished to meet him. He had a feeling Mr. Weasley wouldn’t be thrilled that Hugo was spending time with a Malfoy. He knew his father had been terrible to both Hugo’s parents. Hugo was saying something, so Scorpius shook his head trying to return his brain from his thoughts.

“…so it’s not mine to keep, but I can keep it until I’m finished at Hogwarts,” he finished and held out the scarf. “Would you hold this for a minute?”

“Sure,” Scorpius reached for the scarf but almost dropped it the second it touched his hands. Upon touching the scarf, a heavenly scent had entered his nostrils. The exact same heavenly scent he had smelled from the Amorentia the day Timmons brewed it for the sixth years.

What in Merlin’s name? He thought. The unknown thing I’m most attracted to is, what? The inside of Hugo’s bag? Harry Potter’s lucky snitch? The confusion most have shown on his face, because Hugo smirked at him, but didn’t say anything, just kept rummaging around in his bag. Still trying to understand, Scorpius pulled the scarf through his fingers and then felt the roughness of initials sewn into the fabric. Turning it over, he looked at the initials. LLP. LLP?

“Alright, I’ve got room for it now,” Hugo reached for the scarf. “I need to give this back to Lily. She’ll be needing it soon.”

Scorpius had to restrain from giving an audible gasp, but he nodded, agreeing with Hugo that the weather would soon be cooling off. The room seemed to be spinning somewhat and Scorpius felt as if he would suffocate from the heat in the room. He had to get out of there.

“I’m going to the loo,” he hoped his voice sounded calm, although his heart was beating faster than he had ever felt it beat before.

“Kay,” he heard Hugo respond.

Scorpius practically bolted to the stall door, just around the corner from where Hugo was tying the laces on his trainers. He pulled the door open, locked the door behind him, and slumped against the wall, panting slightly, still in shock. Only one thought moved through his mind.

Lily Potter is who I’m most attracted too?


That's all for now! I always appreciate feedback!

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Re: Accidentally In Love

Thank you so much to everyone who left feedback! This is a little shorter than usual, but I will try and post again soon. Thanks for reading!

Chapter Thirteen

Lily was glad Monday was over. The day had definitely not started out on the right foot, with Richard sitting at their table and Hugo leaving in a huff, to then only have another argument with Dana. Those two were arguing on a daily basis now. They had always argued, seeming to enjoy winding each other up, but lately the atmosphere of their fights had changed. There was a new, unexplained tension between them. Lily knew she would eventually get to the bottom of it, but she would have to be patient. Dana liked to share her thoughts and feelings in her own time, and Hugo was short and defensive about these types of things. All they needed was for Hugo to be more upset than he already was, so Lily would just have to wait. Roxy was no help, her mind still on making the Quidditch team and the letter she had received from her older brother, Fred, that morning.

Lily blushed, remembering when Roxy showed her the letter on their way to Potions. She had run straight into a table because she wasn’t looking where she was going. Of course Scorpius had seen her, and she had caught his eye directly, which only made her blush deeper.

Fred, Roxy’s older brother, was getting married. Roxy wasn’t a big fan of his girlfriend, Gretta Aubrey, so she was less than thrilled to know she would be her sister-in-law before long. Lily sighed. She was indifferent to Gretta, but she felt for Roxy. She couldn’t imagine what it would feel like if James or Al married someone she wasn’t fond of. Not that Fred knew of Roxy’s feelings, she had kept them from him to spare his feelings, but she had obviously never thought he would marry her. Fred had written Roxy that morning to tell her the news, and since that time Roxy had been in a distant and somewhat foul mood.

All in all, it hadn’t been a good Monday.

Lily sighed and chose a piece of baked chicken from the platter in front of her. She really wasn’t that hungry. Hugo hadn’t appeared in the Great Hall yet, but she knew he would be here soon and would be cranky and hungry. Although he had been playing Quidditch this afternoon, one of his favorite pastimes, she knew he would still have a chip on his shoulder from the morning and she wasn’t looking forward to dealing with him. Although she sat next to her, Dana was purposely in deep conversation with Colleen, Wisteria, and some fifth years, her eyes completely avoiding the entrance Hugo was expected to come through at any moment. Mike and Landon sat across from Lily, Roxy on Mike’s left and still in a mood. Mike and Landon were talking, but Lily had tuned out their conversation. She had just cut into her chicken when she saw Hugo come in, chatting with Scorpius.

Lily had been shocked to her core that Hugo had asked Scorpius to help him play Quidditch. Hugo had just shrugged and said that he was an excellent Chaser and that he needed the practice. Pressing him, Hugo admitted to Lily that he had been talking with Teddy about Scorpius and that he thought his opinion of him was changing. Lily was glad. One thing they did not need in their lives was Hugo having another grudge against someone else in the school.

“Hey Lils,” Hugo sat beside her, “have a good afternoon?”

“It was alright,” Lily only shrugged. “How was Quidditch?”


“Really?” Mike joined the conversation.

“Yeah, Scorpius is such a good Chaser. He’s got so much power behind each throw, it’s amazing,” Hugo was piling his plate high with food. “I think he’ll really help me.”

“You’re going to do it again then?” Mike passed Hugo some Pumpkin Juice.

“We didn’t plan a time, but yeah, I think so,” Hugo said through a mouthful of potatoes. “I think he enjoyed it too.”

“Cool mate,” Mike turned to say something to Roxy.

Lily wanted to talk to Hugo more about Scorpius, and hopefully Richard and Dana as well, but she knew she would have to wait until they could be alone, which might be a while. She was surprised that Hugo was in a jovial mood, she had been expecting a much more irritable version of her cousin to arrive at dinner. For the remainder of the meal they sat and chatted about classes and school things, nothing of any real importance. Lily talked with Dana some, and Hugo some, but the two were pointedly ignoring one another. As they were getting up to leave, Hugo turned to the staff table.

“Bugger, Scorpius forgot his clothes,” he said, slightly annoyed.

“His clothes?” Lily questioned.

“Yeah, I stowed them in my bag for him after we played so he wouldn’t have to go back to his room,” Hugo picked up his bag and tossed it on his shoulder. “I’ll just take them to him,” he waved to Mike, who just nodded and left the Great Hall with the other Gryffindors.

“I’ll come with you,” Lily offered. “Do you even know where his room is?”

“I think so,” Hugo grinned and pulled an old, slightly tattered piece of parchment from his back pocket. “Let’s just check to be certain though. I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.”

“I forgot you had the map,” she smiled at him, “silly Al, thinking you wouldn’t share it with me. Honestly, why he didn’t just give it to me is ridiculous.”

“He just didn’t want his baby sister wandering about the castle getting into any trouble,” Hugo laughed and pointed at the map. “Yeah, here he is. I thought his room was by the staff room. Let’s go.”

The two redheaded cousins headed out, Hugo allowing Lily to put the map into her bag.


Scorpius had barely made it through dinner. His eyes kept wandering to the Gryffindor table and landing on a certain redhead who seemed not herself, although he couldn’t put his finger on what was different. She seemed to be caught, literally, in the middle of something going on with Hugo and her friend, Dana. The two didn’t even acknowledge each other and Lily, sitting in-between them, would go back and forth talking to them separately. She seemed tired.

He still couldn’t quite wrap his brain around his newfound feelings for her. He barely knew her. How could she be the one he was most attracted too? He couldn’t deny that she was very pretty. Her red hair and freckles were cute and she had the deepest brown eyes he had ever looked into. There was more to caring for someone than admiring their looks, though, and he didn’t know her personality all that well. Only what he’d witnessed in class and the few times he’d spoken to her.

I need to get to know her. Be friends with her. It might just be a physical attraction, and once I know her better, I may not feel the same way. She might have a horrible personality. Even has he thought it, he knew she had a sweet disposition and although he didn’t know her all that well, he had a feeling getting to know her would only increase his attraction. He was pulled from his thoughts by a knock at the door.

“Come in,” he called as he was putting his broom away. Expecting to see Teddy entering his room, he almost fell over when he saw Hugo and Lily standing in his doorway.

“Are you ok?” Lily asked, concerned as he pulled himself together.

“Fine thanks, just tripped,” he smiled sheepishly. Hugo opened his bag and Scorpius realized he had forgotten to get his clothes. Why hadn’t I just vanished them from the changing room? Oh well, now is as good a time as ever to start befriending one Miss Potter.

“Sorry to barge in, but you forgot your clothes,” Hugo handed him his Quidditch robes.

“No problem, thanks for bringing them,” he tossed them in his laundry hamper. Lily was looking at the pictures on his wall and Hugo had picked up his copy of Quidditch Monthly and had started reading an article. He walked over to Lily and pointed at the picture she was looking at.

“That’s my mum,” he smiled, “last Christmas. She had just opened my gift when Father snapped the picture.”

“What did you get her?”

“A framed photo of me in my Quidditch robes with an engraving on the frame. She was emotional over it being my last year at Hogwarts and was all about me keeping mementos like that. It was more important to her than me, so I gave her the picture,” he smiled.

“I’m sure your parents were proud of you last year, winning the Cup and all the year you were captain.”

“They were, Father especially,” he looked at his feet, not wanting to discuss Draco Malfoy with Lily Potter, of all people. Getting to know her means her also getting to know you, little voice reminded him. We’ll talk about our families another time. He was trying to think of another topic of conversation, when he realized she wasn’t standing next to him anymore. She had walked over to his desk and was staring at something. He joined her.

“Do you want a pickle?” He went to remove the lid from the huge jar his mother had sent him just that morning. Pickles were his absolute favorite snack. Trenton used to tease him that he smelled like Pickles he ate them so often.

“What?” Lily was distracted, although by what he didn’t know.

“A pickle? Would you like one?”

“Oh, no thank you,” she shook her head. “You like pickles then?”

“No, I love them,” they both laughed. “I could eat this whole jar in about a week.”

“Wow,” Lily still seemed a little distracted and she turned abruptly. “Hugh? You ready? We’ve got loads of homework awaiting us.”

“Yeah,” Hugo dropped the magazine, “see you tomorrow Scorpius.”

“Goodnight,” he called as they were out the door.

“Night!” Lily called over her shoulder, and he thought her face looked red. Was she blushing? Why? Nothing had happened other than discussing pickles. What was embarrassing about that?

Thanks for reading! Feedback?

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Choices and Feedback
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Re: Accidentally In Love

Hello and thanks for reading! I would like to thank MissGryffindor, Kristin, HogwartsWizard, BubblyShell22, and Mike1732 for the wonderful feedback. I truly appreciate it!

This chapter is a bit long, and has a lot of dialog, but I hope you enjoy it!

Chapter Fourteen

“Rox? You ok?” Dana knew something was going with her friend, but she didn’t know what. She hadn’t had a moment to talk to her all day, and they had been at opposite ends of the table that night at dinner.

“Hmmm?” Roxy looked up from the parchment she had been reading. “What Dana?”

“I asked if you were ok; seems like something is bothering you,” Dana sat on the edge of Roxy’s bed. For a moment Roxy just looked at her, and she sighed before she spoke.

“It’s nothing really,” she wasn’t convincing Dana, “I got a letter from Fred this morning,” she handed Dana the parchment she had been reading.

Dana didn’t know Fred well. Although he had also been in Gryffindor when he was at school, he was a fifth year when they were first years and he was completely intimidating to Dana. Not that he was ever mean to her, but he was notorious for his pranks, usually against someone he didn’t like, and she had always been slightly scared of him. She’d never had a proper conversation with him, even though she had spent the Easter Holidays with the Potter/Weasley clan several times. She read his letter.

“He’s getting married? Isn’t that a good thing?”

“You would think,” Roxy was fiddling with a fray on her blanket. “I’m not that fond of his fiancée, Gretta. Do you remember her? Gretta Aubrey?”

“Wasn’t she the Head girl our third year?”

“Right, that’s who he’s marrying,” she sighed and looked glum.

“Okay,” Dana was confused. “Why is that bad?”

“She’s just annoying. She’s overly sweet and tries to be perfect about everything. She never says a negative thing, and it’s just so irritating!”

Dana understood. Roxy was a fun-loving tomboy who occasionally had a smart mouth and enjoyed playing tricks and having a good time at others expense. She could see how Roxy would be annoyed by someone who was sweet and perfect.

“She can’t be that bad though, if Fred loves her,” Fred was a lot like Roxy, so for him to want to marry Gretta, she couldn’t be all that bad.

“I guess opposites really do attract,” Roxy made a retching noise.

“Maybe opposites make the best sister-in-laws,” Dana put her hand on Roxy’s knee. “If not, introduce her to Hugo, he might scare her off,” she said with obvious malice.

“Okay Dana, spill, what’s going on with you and Hugh?” Roxy said, her own issues taking a backseat for the moment. “I was in my own world today, but even I noticed something was going on, and you’ve got Lily all worried about the two of you.”

Before Dana could answer, the door to their room swung open revealing Lily, who looked shell-shocked.

“Lily! What’s the matter?” Roxy jumped from her bed and pulled Lily over, making her cousin sit down. Dana, on the other side of Lily, took her other hand. Lily just shook her head, her lips in a straight line.

“What in Merlin’s name Lily?” Dana was worried.

Lily sat there, rigid, unmoving for a long time. Her friends exchanged looks over her head, both wondering where she and Hugo had gone after dinner and what had transpired there. Something was wrong. She finally let out a hefty sigh and looked at Dana first, then Roxy.

“I know why I smelled Pickles in the Amorentia,” her voice was shaking. Dana patted her hand, but neither she nor Roxy spoke. They waited, Roxy a little impatiently, for Lily to continue. She moved her hands from their grasp and put her face her in them and said something.

“Sorry? Can’t understand you Lils,” Roxy pulled her cousin’s hands away from her face.

“I said, it’s because,” she took a gulp; “Pickles are Scorpius Malfoy’s favorite snack.”

For a split second, you could have heard a pin drop in that room, but then Roxy started to laugh. Lily huffed and looked at her incredulously, but was unable to say anything because the look on her face only made Roxy laugh harder, and then Dana joined the laughter. Lily, completely put out by their reaction, tried to get up, but they pulled her arms at the same time, not allowing her to rise.

“Why is this so hilarious?” Lily was mad, which didn’t help. They only laughed harder. “Ugh! Seriously you two! What is so funny?”

Dana got herself composed first.

“It’s just that we already knew you had a crush on him, Lils, so it makes sense,” she shrugged, “I just find that and your overly dramatic reaction to it funny.”

“Honestly Lily, you’re acting like you just discovered you were in love with Richard Corner or something,” Roxy laughed again. “Or Lord Voldemort!” This sent Dana and Roxy into another round of raucous giggling, but Lily stopped struggling to get up, frozen in her spot, her face so pale some of her freckles disappeared. Her sudden reaction brought the girls to their senses and Dana, looking apologetic, squeezed her hand.

“Lily? We were just joking…”but Lily cut her off with a look that can only be described as terror. “Lily! Merlin, what is the matter?”

“L-l-l-l-ove?” She looked at Roxy, her gaze intense and full of fear. “You think I l-l-l-l-ove him?”

Her cousin’s face softened and she put her arm around Lily gently.

“Lily, I was just joking,” she was hoping to be reassuring, but there was a slight tone to her voice that suggested she wasn’t being entirely honest.

“You know how I feel about that ruddy love potion,” Dana and Roxy laughed, and Lily cracked a small smile.

They sat there for a few minutes, Roxy with her arm around Lily and Dana holding her hand. All three were lost in thought, trying to discern what it all meant. What everything in their lives meant lately.

“This year things are going to change, aren’t they?” Dana whispered. Her friends both looked at her, their expressions uncertain.

“It seems so,” Roxy reached over Lily and took Dana’s other hand. Silence fell between them again, all three thinking of all the things that had changed in the month they had been at school. Roxy making the Quidditch team, Scorpius Malfoy on the staff, Hugh and Dana suddenly at each other’s throats, and no one knew what was going on with Richard Corner, but he was acting different as well.

“I do like him,” Lily whispered, “a lot.”

“We know,” Dana patted her hand, “but I don’t think it’s that big a deal Lily.”

“The thing is,” Lily paused and looked at the ceiling. “I haven’t dated, well, anyone, really. I know I’ve been asked, but I’ve never been remotely interested in any of the boys who ask me out. So, how is it that I can feel so strongly about Scorpius now?”

The other girls contemplated her words for a moment, Roxy speaking first.

“I don’t think your dating history is really a factor here,” she shrugged, “some people are just meant to find the person they love sooner than others, without having to date around much.”

“There you go again, talking about love,” Lily accused, but her eyes weren’t angry, they were afraid. Roxy, picking up on what was truly bothering Lily, smiled gently at her cousin.

“Lily, why are you afraid to love Scorpius?”

Lily sighed, and Dana gasped. They were best friends, but Dana had never caught that sixth sense about Lily’s feelings like Roxy could. Lily shook her head, her eyes involuntarily filling with tears.

“I don’t know how to love someone like that,” she gave a little sob. “And, what if he doesn’t feel the same way?”

“Why are we assuming you love him and it’s not just a fleeting crush?” Dana said, sounding a bit annoyed.

“One word,” Roxy gave her a hard stare, “Amorentia.”

Dana huffed, “I still say it’s barking mad to believe that potion knows how you feel even when you don’t!”

“Dana,” now Roxy was annoyed, “I hate to break it to you, because I know you don’t want to be attracted to what you smelled, but that stuff is the real deal.”

“How can you be so sure?”

“My dad uses it in his shop.”

“Your dad sells the most powerful love potion in the world?” Dana said doubtfully.

“No,” Roxy waved a hand dismissively, “it’s used in the making of almost all love potions. A few drops diluted with other ingredients won’t have the same powerful effect it would have if used in it’s pure form. He uses it for the love potions he does sell. Aunt Fleur brews it, she’s the only family member who is truly skilled in the subject, and she says it’s real and I believe her.”

Dana still looked dubious, but she didn’t continue the argument. She turned back to Lily.

“Alright, well, Lily, I wouldn’t worry too much about it right now,” she held her hands up defensively when Roxy looked as though she wanted to argue. “What I mean is, he’s a staff member and you’re a student. I don’t think anything can happen right now regardless of how you feel.”

Lily regarded her friend, and then nodded.

“You’re right, of course,” she said. “Plus, I don’t really know him, you know? I feel like I need to get to know him before I even think about acting on anything.”

“As if you, Lily Potter, non-dater, would act on your feelings,” Roxy playfully smacked Lily’s arm, and all three girls laughed. “I think you’re right though, just try to be his friend for now. And, if you wanted to, you could accept a date from a student sometime this year,” Roxy mimicked the defensive hands Dana had used when Lily looked shocked. “All I’m saying is you just admitted you don’t know much about dating and relationships, so going on a few dates might help you figure some of that out.”

“I don’t think that would be fair to the boy,” Lily said, “wouldn’t it be like I was just using him?”

“If he asks you, and you enjoy his company, I don’t think so,” Roxy shrugged. “It’s not like you’re going to get married or pretend to be in love with him. Just go on a few dates. I think it would be good for you,” she smiled. She also thought it might be a good way to get an idea if Scorpius felt anything for Lily, seeing his reaction to her dating someone else. She didn’t share this with the other girls though, because she didn’t think they would agree with that part of her thinking.


The week had been a long one. The air was cooling off, October bringing the fall weather and students were beginning to pull out heavier jumpers and scarves on a daily basis. Every afternoon and some mornings the Quidditch teams could be found on the pitch, each preparing for the upcoming season. The first match would be the first weekend of November, Gryffindor verses Ravenclaw, and even now, a mouth out, the tension between the two houses was mounting. All the students, especially the sixth and seventh years, were interested in seeing Hugo Weasley and Richard Corner go against one another again. It was always a grudge match when those two were involved, and bets would be made about who would come out on top. The cheekier students would also be betting on who would hex who first, Hugo or Richard, once the match was over.

It was Friday night, and Lily and Hugo could be found walking to Professor Longbottom’s office. They had both received a message from him to stop by, that he needed to talk with them, and so that’s where they were headed.

“I wonder what he wants,” Hugo asked as they climbed the staircase.

Lily shrugged, and then offered a smile and wave to a group of girls from their Arthmancy class.

“His wedding maybe? Unless you’ve done something he needs to give you detention for,” she looked pointedly at Hugo, whose face broke into a grin.

“If that was the case, why did he ask you too?”

“Maybe to see if I can rein you in a bit?” They both laughed. She knew Hugo, Mike, Landon, and Jase had been plotting something, but so far, she hadn’t seen any evidence of a prank from them. They arrived at Neville’s office door and Hugo knocked.

“Come in,” they heard one of their two favorite Professors answer. Upon entering his office, Lily smiled at the faces of friends and family smiling and waving from framed photos. Frank and Alice Longbottom waved from their portrait over his desk, Frank offering Lily a wink. “Hello there!” Neville grinned at them both, acting as if he hadn’t seen them three hours earlier in Herbology. Handing them each a Butterbeer, he pointed to the seats opposite his desk. “How was your week?”

“Good,” Hugo replied at the same time Lily said, “Long.” All three laughed.

“Some weeks seem longer than others,” Neville nodded, “anything wrong, or it just felt like a long week?”

Lily felt the blush creeping up her cheeks, but she tried to act nonchalant and just shook her head. “No, nothing wrong, just a lot of homework and late nights,” she mustered up her best smile. She had a feeling she wasn’t fooling her Professor, but Neville was never one to push so he just smiled and let it drop, turning to Hugo.

“Hugh, I heard from Professor Lupin that you’ve been practicing Quidditch with Mr. Malfoy this week.”

“Yes!” Hugo gulped down a large sip of Butterbeer, and if either of them noticed Lily’s face blushing at the mention of Scorpius, they didn’t comment on it. “It’s been great. He’s so good; I know it’s going to make a difference in the first match.”

“Glad to hear it,” Neville smiled, “I’m glad he’s willing to help out. I know he’s also been playing with a few of the Slytherins and Hufflepuffs.”

Hugo nodded, “Yes, he loves being back out there.”

“Ravenclaw doesn’t think they need the help, I reckon?” Neville grinned.

“Guess not, which makes no sense, I thought they were known for their brains," Hugo rolled his eyes. “Doesn’t sound too smart to me to not take advantage of last year’s Quidditch Cup Winner’s Captain if he offers to help,” Hugo laughed, “but I’m not complaining.”

“Well, sounds good,” Neville sat across from them. “I wanted to talk with you about the wedding a little,” he smiled when Lily let out a girly giggle. “It’s at the end of the month, as you know, and will be out by the Black Lake, with the reception in Hogsmeade immediately following. However, we’ve decided to move it again,” he gave a sigh that had a slight sound of frustration in it. “We moved it back to the 30th.”

“Why?” Hugo asked.

“We originally moved it because we thought not having the students around would be good, and with the Hogmeade visit that Sunday, we figured less students here at the castle. However, we’re planning the reception at the small field not far from the Shrieking Shack, which means that students would be milling about if it was the same day as the Hogsmeade visit, so we moved it again.”

“This means we’ll get to go to Hogsmeade!” Lily said excitedly, thinking about Dana and Roxy encouraging her to do some dating this year. Maybe this time she would actually have a date to the village.

“Yeah!” Hugo agreed with a look Lily couldn’t decipher on his face.

“I also wanted to let you know that not all of Gryffindor is going to be invited to the wedding,” Neville held up his hands to stop the arguments forming on their lips. “It’s just too many kids to have, plus it shows a lot of favoritism.”

“But you’re head of Gryffindor house, you should be allowed to favor us a bit,” Huge looked pleadingly at Neville. He really wanted Mike to be able to come.

“No Hugh,” Neville looked at him firmly. “It’s just too many kids for the school to be responsible for at a non-school event. There will be alcohol there, and the Headmistress doesn’t want to address all the problems that could cause,” he chuckled at their forlorn expressions. “However,” he laughed outright when they both got visibly excited at this one word. “Students whose families are invited are welcome to attend, since their families will be there and will be responsible for their own children.”

“Who, other than us?” Hugh looked confused.

“You dolt, do you think our parents are the only friends of Neville and Hannah’s who have children here?” Lily smacked him on the back of the head. He glared at her, mumbling and rubbing his head. Neville, knowing as their teacher he should say something, just cleared his throat and their attention was back on him.

“We invited all the members of the DA,” Hugh pumped his fist, “except for one family.”

“Which family?”

“The Smiths. Zacharias was an idiot back then, and frankly still is from what I know of him nowadays, so Hannah and I decided we could do without him at our wedding.”

“So that means the Boots, right?” Hugh looked like Christmas had come early.

“Yes, that means the Boots,” Neville regarded the cousins, who were grinning happily. “It also means the Corners, Hugh.”

Hugo didn’t say anything, just stared at Neville.

“Can I trust you not to get into any arguments with him?”

Hugo had to give this some thought. His whole family would be there, meaning any fights he might get into would be seen by his parents. His dad probably wouldn’t care, but he knew his mother would never let him get away with hexing anyone on Neville’s big day. After a long pause, he looked at Neville.

“You can trust me.”

“You better honor that,” his head of house pointed a finger at him. “I think you need to just stay away from him Hugh. Not just at my wedding, but all the time. There is just no need for you to constantly be in detention for hexing him. He’s just not worth it.”

Hugo looked as if he was able to respond when Lily let out an “ugh!”

“What, Lils?”

“I guess this means Dana won’t be able to come,” she made a face.

“Well, her family won’t be invited, no. While I’m sure they’re perfectly pleasant people, they are muggles, and I’ve never actually met them. However,” another hopeful look from Lily, “parents may give their children permission to bring a date, so if she is asked to come by someone already coming, she’s more than welcome. The parents of her date just have to understand that they are technically responsible for her that night.”

“Oh, Hugh, I’m sure Uncle Ron and Aunt Hermione would let you bring her. You’ll ask her, right?”

“I don’t know Lils, I might want to take someone else,” he shrugged.

“Hugo Weasley! I would gladly bring Mike for you!”

“But you don’t need to, he’s already invited,” for pointing this out, he was rewarded with another smack on the back of the head.

“OK you two, cut that out and get out of here. It’s almost curfew,” Neville gestured to his door and the cousins bid him goodnight and left, their pace quick toward the Fat Lady due to the intensity of their discussion.

“Hugh, how could you not invite Dana? She’s one of our best friends.”

“Correction, she’s your friend, I simply tolerate her.”

“Hugo! That’s a horrible thing to say!”

They had reached the portrait hole. Neville’s office wasn’t too far from Gryffindor Tower. Giving the Fat Lady the password, they crawled through the hole and stood right by the entrance, still talking, only in quieter voices.

“I’m sorry Lily, but it’s true.”

“How can you say that? We’ve been friends with her since first year.”

“Again, correction,” neither of them noticed the portrait open again, “You’re friends with her. Dana drives me crazy and I don’t think I would want to spend an entire night as her date, even for you.”

“Hugh, you prat,” Lily was raising her hand to smack him for the third time that night when she let out an audible gasp. “Dana!”


Thanks for reading....I would love to know what you thought!

My Fic:
Choices and Feedback

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Re: Accidentally In Love

Thank you so much to all who left feedback! I love reading your thoughts on the story. I hope you enjoy this next bit!

Chapter Fifteen

“So I’m annoying, am I?” Dana spat at Hugo. He looked completely caught off guard and Lily knew he would never have said that for her to overhear. Dana’s eyes narrowed at him and she poked him roughly in the chest, looking up to him with the most angry expression Lily had ever seen on her face. “You know what Weasley,” she said his surname as if it tasted bad. “I find you annoying too.”

She whipped around, her long chestnut hair smacking his chest and stormed into the Common Room. Hugo snapped to attention and Lily saw his own eyes narrow and he made to follow her, but Lily grabbed his arm.

“Leave it Hugh,” she ordered, but he glowered down at her and jerked his arm from her grasp. Dana was already well on her way to the staircase leading to the girl’s dormitory. Hugo had his father’s height, although he wasn’t lanky, but built more solidly, like his Uncles Charlie and George. He only had to take a few quick, long strides and he caught up to her easily. He pulled her arm forcefully, twisting her around until she was facing him. She looked livid at the action. Lily ran in and stopped a little behind them, and Mike, who was sitting with Roxy by the fire playing gobstones, sprang from his seat and hurried to stand by Lily.

“What’s…?” Mike’s voice was lost in the shouting coming from their two best friends, who now had the attention of every student in the room.

“Don’t walk away from me like that!” Hugo’s voice was tense.

“I’ll do what I please, you pompous berk!”

“Dana, you took what I said the complete wrong way!”

Dana stood there for a minute as if petrified, and then she laughed a mirthless laugh.

Sorry? How did you mean that and I quote, “Dana drives me crazy and I don’t think I would want to spend the night as her date?”” She was breathing heavily, her eyes never left his face, her bright blue eyes glaring into his own blue eyes.

Hugo just stared her down, obviously at a loss for what to say because he could think of no other way to interpret that sentence.

“Dana, please,” he lowered his voice and he reached for her hand, his eyes softening and silently begging her to forgive him. She jerked her hand away, not allowing him to take it.

“Bugger off Weasley,” she turned again, but he was too quick, and was in front of her before she could blink.


“Hugo,” she whispered dangerously and pushed his chest with both hands, trying unsuccessfully to push him out of her way. “Leave me alone. NOW.”

“You’re impossible!” He yelled and her eyes filled with tears.

“Don’t talk to me,” she spoke so softly Lily and Mike couldn’t hear her, but Hugo’s eyes went wide. He reached out to her again, but she sidestepped him and turned around, glaring at him. “Ever again,” and with that she was up the stairs, leaving Hugo dejected and angry at the foot of the stairs. Not caring that every pair of eyes in the room were on him, he turned, meeting Lily and then Mike’s eyes. Lily expected him to stomp up the stairs in a huff, but he just stood there, staring at them for what seemed like a lifetime.

“Did that really just happen?” He whispered after walking over to them.

“Did you really say that to her?” Mike pointed to the couch where Roxy was still sitting, her body turned completely around to face the scene that had just unfolded. The three of them moved to the couch. Everyone was still looking so Roxy stood up.

“Go back to your knitting everyone, nothing more to see,” she waved both arms a little wildly over her head and received a few laughs, and most of the Gryffindors heeded her words and looked away, getting back to their previous activities. Hugo sat on the floor, his back to the fire, facing his best friend and two cousins. “Now, Sir Prathead, also known as Hugo, do explain what that horrendous row was about,” she gave him a harsh look.

Hugo put his head in his hands. In all her years of being his friend and cousin, Lily had never seen him in this state. He was usually overconfident and arrogant, reminiscent of her own Grandfather, James Potter, as Professor McGonagall once pointed out. He seemed in no hurry to explain, so Lily decided she would.

“Basically, Hugh announced that he didn’t even really consider Dana a friend, and that he wouldn’t invite her as his date to Professor Longbottom’s wedding, since she won’t be invited because she’s muggleborn.”

“What?” Mike asked, shocked. “Professor Longbottom isn’t inviting muggleborns to his wedding?”

“No, it’s nothing like what you’re thinking,” Lily said hurriedly. “Only students whose families are invited are going to be able to go to the wedding. That way their parents can be responsible for them.”

“Oh, ok,” Mike gave a genuine sigh of relief, as if he actually thought Neville Longbottom and Hannah Abbott were discriminating against muggleborns.

“But, Professor Longbottom did say that we could bring dates, assuming our parents agreed to be responsible for them, and that’s when Hugh stated that he wouldn’t be asking Dana.”

“Hugh, you told her you wouldn’t want to spend the evening as her date and that you found her annoying?” Roxy was incredulous.

“Not intentionally,” he muttered. “I didn’t know she was there. I didn’t mean for her to overhear!”

Lily just stared at him. She knew he didn’t mean to hurt Dana, but she couldn’t understand what caused him to say it in the first place. From his reaction to this situation, she didn’t believe for one minute he actually meant what he said. He cared about Dana. Roxy voiced Lily’s thoughts.

“Hugh, why would you say that in the first place?”

He just shrugged.

“Well, since you put it that way, makes perfect sense,” Roxy said sarcastically. “Lily, I think we should check on Dana,” she stood up, waiting for Lily to do the same. Lily hesitated, but did get up. They both gave Hugo a look as they swept from the Common Room.


Something was off with the Gryffindors. While they were all still sitting together, they had entered the room at different times, and they weren’t chatting with each other like they usually would. Scorpius felt certain there was a row going on. He couldn’t help it. Anything concerning her mattered to him now, so as Professor Timmons ended the class, he walked as casually as he could around the room, hoping to overhear something that would help him understand.

“…well, I tried to ask her this morning, but she flat out refused to talk to me,” Hugo was saying to Mike.

Who is the “she” Scorpius wondered, but all he had to do was follow Hugo’s eye line to see he was talking about Dana, who was now talking to Richard Corner as they left the Dungeon.

“What the bloody hell is she doing with Corner?” Hugo hissed at Lily, who also looked surprised by this and gave a genuine shrug of ignorance. “Let’s go,” Hugo was heading to the door quickly, but Lily didn’t have her things together yet. “Go on, I’ll catch up to you at dinner,” she waved to her friends, Roxy giving her a strange little smile and off the others went. Scorpius was almost to their table, trying to keep his interest in their affairs unknown, he stooped down and pretended to examine something on the floor. When he stood up, she was still at her table, the only one left in the room. She was leafing through her notes. He approached her.

“Good afternoon Lily,” he smiled as she looked at him, her face growing pink, but she offered him a smile in return.

“Hello Scorpius,” she snapped her bag shut. “Alright?”

“Yes, and you?” They were being extremely formal and unnatural, and while he knew why he was acting like that, he didn’t know why Lily was. “I’m on my way to the Great Hall, you?” Of course she’s on her way to the Great Hall you idiot, it’s time for dinner. The entire school is on the way to the Great Hall. He mentally kicked himself, but his annoyance with himself faded when he saw her smiling.

“Same,” her cheeks were still pink, which he found curious. “I’m definitely ready for dinner.” They seemed to come to an unspoken agreement and left the room together.

“Long day?” He was hoping to decipher what was going on.

“Oh yes,” she sighed, “very long day and long night last night.”


“No,” she seemed uncertain, as if not knowing if she could confide in him. He just remained silent, allowing her to decide if he was trustworthy. She sighed again. “Just an argument in the Common Room last night that ended up keeping me up once I headed to my dormitory.”

“Ah,” he smiled, “do I need to hex someone for you?”

She laughed, “Yes, Hugo Weasley!” Scorpius joined her laughter.

“Your own cousin? Lily, I’m shocked!”

“Yes, well, he deserves it sometimes,” she smiled.

They had reached the Great Hall. She paused, her eyes scanning the room and growing wide. Scorpius followed her gaze to see Dana sitting at the Ravenclaw table next to a girl named Sam and, on her other side, Richard Corner, who looked haughty and delighted to have the Gryffindor girl on their turf. Lily gave a small gasp, and again, following her eye line he saw that Hugo was also looking at the Ravenclaw table, his face red with anger, his eyes narrowed in hatred.

“That can’t be good,” he murmured.

“No,” Lily whispered, “not good at all.”

He felt a tap on his shoulder, and turned to see Johanna Jenkins.

“Hi Johanna,” he smiled at her, and noticed Lily head to her table out of the corner of his eye. “How are you?” He walked with her toward the Hufflepuff table, where their Quidditch team were all sitting together, a place where she must have been before approaching him on one end.

“I was wondering if you would have time to play with us tonight. Slytherin was supposed to have the Pitch, but their Seeker had an accident today in Herbology,” a few of the Hufflepuffs snickered and Scorpius wondered what had exactly happened, “so we were able to get the Pitch at the last minute this afternoon.”

“Sure, I’ll meet you out there after dinner,” he smiled and made his way to his normal seat, beside Professor Lupin at the Staff Table. He noticed Teddy was eying the Gryffindors and Ravenclaws, shooting careful glances between. “Hullo Teddy,” he said as he began filling his plate with Roast Turkey and vegetables.

“Evening, Scorpius,” Teddy replied, but he was still looking at the students with a concerned expression. After a moment, he turned looked at Scorpius. “I saw you come in with Lily,” a sinking feeling crept into his stomach. Did Teddy suspect his feelings? “Did she by chance mention anything about the obvious strangeness going on with them?” He pointed at both tables with his fork. Scorpius breathed a sigh of relief.

“Just that they had an argument last night, but she didn’t specify who the argument had been between,” he just realized this himself. She hadn’t elaborated on who said what and to whom, just that there was an argument. “She did mention something about Hugo needing to be hexed though.”

“Hmmm, I might need to get Hugo alone sometime soon then,” he put another forkful in his mouth and nodded to Professor Longbottom as he sat down

“Evening,” Neville nodded at both of them. Scorpius remembered that something had happened to Jacob Bristing in Herbology, so after greeting his colleague, he asked him about that. As Neville recounted the story, Scorpius listened, but continued to regard Lily and her friends, and he didn’t miss it when Hugo stood abruptly, threw his napkin on the table and stormed out.


Thank you for reading! I would love feedback!

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Re: Accidentally In Love

Here is the next bit! Thank you to all who left feedback, you're all aweosme! Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy!

Chapter Sixteen

The arguing was going on and on, with no sign of stopping. After Hugo stomped out of dinner, Mike had gone after him and Lily had approached Dana at the Ravenclaw table. Dana had agreed to take a walk with Lily, Richard looked irritated but he smiled and told Dana to join them for a meal any time. Lily wasn’t exactly sure what he was playing at, but she had an idea and she didn’t like it.

The two friends walked around the corridors, not really going anywhere, finally making their way to the portrait of the Fat Lady a few minutes before curfew. They talked about Hugo and the fight, Dana’s feelings about it, Lily’s feelings about it, and why Dana had chosen to eat with Richard Corner. It was when they entered the Common Room that the arguing had started. Hugo had pounced on Dana the moment she came through the portrait hole, angrily wanting to know what she was doing eating dinner with Richard Corner. The fight had escalated from there, Mike and Roxy pulling them to a corner in an attempt to keep all of Gryffindor house from overhearing. Lily stood in between them, trying to get a word in, shushing them and looking scared of the implications this state of things would bring. She saw Colleen approaching, and knowing what the other Prefect wanted, she put both her arms out, and screamed.


She not only had their attention, but the attention of anyone in the room who hadn’t already been watching the scene unfold. Hugo looked at her bemused and Dana crossed her arms and glared in Hugo’s direction.

“Now,” she put her arms down and glared at the both of them, “you two are making a complete spectacle of yourselves, and as Colleen has bravely decided to walk over into this madness, I can only assume that you have Prefect duties tonight Hugo.”

Colleen nodded, cocking her head at Hugo with a glare. “I’ve always wondered why you were made a Prefect Hugo,” she shook her head. “Now I see you must have bribed Hackwood,” she motioned for the Portrait hole, then left without him.

“Shut it, Creevy,” Hugo muttered under his breath. “This isn’t over, Dana,” he glared at her.

“Oh yes it is!” She screeched. “I have nothing, nothing, more to say to you!” She turned sharply toward her dormitory.

“It’s not over!” Hugo yelled after her, leaving nonetheless.

Lily sighed and looked at Mike and Roxy. The three friends exchanged troubled glances, each looking at Hugo one more time as he pulled himself through the hole and left the room.

“That was a disaster,” Roxy groaned.

“Yes it was,” Mike ran his hands through his hair in frustration.

“What are we going to do?” Lily was forlorn.

“Nothing,” Mike shrugged when Lily looked mutinous. “Lils, I know you want to fix this between them, but you’re not going to be able to. I’m not defending what Hugo said, but Dana sitting with Corner? That was uncalled for. She knew how Hugo would feel about that and did it just to spite him.”

“I wouldn’t say uncalled for,” Roxy said defensively. “I’d say Hugo needed to be taken down several notches and she did just that.”

“Try that took him up several notches,” Mike said scathingly. “I’ve never seen him so wound up. How can you compare him saying something mean to her befriending his mortal enemy? Especially since she only heard it by accident, he didn’t intentionally hurt her.”

“According to him, he’s not even friends with her, so I think she can befriend whomever she likes!” Roxy’s voice was rising. “Plus, who cares if she was meant to hear it or not? She did hear it and it was hurtful!”

“Richard bloody Corner? Who has never had a nice thing to say to any of us? The guy will do anything to get under Hugo’s skin, and Dana knows that. She went to him on purpose, for the sole reason of hurting Hugo.” Now Mike was getting louder. Lily groaned.

“Not you two as well!” She said firmly and they both looked at her as if they’d forgotten she was there.

“You’re right Lily,” they both nodded, “I just think Dana took it a step too far tonight,” Mike said.

“It was only dinner,” Roxy shrugged, “she probably won’t do it again.”

Roxy was wrong.

Dana took to spending a lot of time with the Ravenclaws. Not just Richard, but their friend Sam as well, who confided in Lily that Dana and Richard were flirty with each other. Dana and Hugo were not speaking to each other. Lily had to give her cousin credit, he tried to talk to Dana a few more times, but Dana refused to say even one word to him. Lily convinced him that forcing a conversation would only lead to more public arguments, which weren’t good for anyone, so now he was pretending to ignore her. Mike, who Dana treated coolly but would still talk to, invited her to the wedding, but she declined saying she already had a date. This scared Lily, who hadn’t heard anything about it, because she had a sinking suspicion who was taking Dana and she knew it would cause a blow up like none they had ever witnessed from her cousin. Dana refused to elaborate, and Lily finally quit asking about it.

The weeks dragged by, no one loving the new tension between their friends, but they each tried to stay as neutral as possible. Dana was excluding herself, but Lily and Roxy both tried to keep their friendship with her intact. It had difficult moments, but they were making due, getting by spending time with either Hugo or Dana, not sharing the chairs around the fire as a group anymore.

Thursday afternoon before the wedding, Lily had taken refuge from the strain of the situation and was sitting by the lake alone. She knew she only had a few minutes until she needed to head back. She had a task to do before dinner and she was nervous. She had never done anything like this before, and wasn’t entirely sure it was the right thing to do now, but she was acting on orders from Roxy and Dana. With a sigh she picked up and started back to the Castle.

She saw him come out, his blonde hair was falling almost to his eyes as they scanned the grounds for her. He had the look of the heart throb Quidditch hero down pat, and he was a popular student, but she knew he didn’t have a date to the wedding. No one had asked him, which was somewhat of a surprise, and he wouldn’t be going unless someone did. She had asked him to meet her here so she could talk to him privately, without the prying eyes and ears of their housemates.

He smiled as their eyes met, and she returned it genuinely.

“Hi Landon,” she shifted her bag to her other arm and pushed a lock of hair behind her ear. Something her mother said was a nervous habit.

“Hey Lily,” he faced her and folded his arms across his chest in an awkward manner. They were friends and classmates, but Landon was extremely close to Jase, who was a year older, so a lot of his time was spent with the seventh years. They didn’t interact together a whole lot, other than classes and occasionally in the Common Room. He was friends with Mike and Hugo, obviously, being they were the only sixth year boys, but he didn’t hang around with them as a group much. In fact, Lily could never remember being alone with him until now. “Good day?”

He was obviously trying to make conversation in an attempt to drain the awkwardness from the scenario, for which Lily was grateful. She wanted to get this over with though, and she had to swallow down the sigh that was threatening to escape her mouth. She smiled.

“Yes, you?”

“Sure,” his eyes held questions, “not too bad considering,” he smiled tentatively. “So, what’s up?”

“Oh, well,” she looked down at her feet, then back up at him and said quickly, “I was wondering if you would like to go to Professor Longbottom’s wedding with me?”

His face broke into a grin and all the doubt instantly left his eyes. He relaxed his arms.

“I would love to.”

“Great,” she did sigh now, from pure relief that the task was over.

“Thanks for asking me,” he reached out and chivalrously took her bag and slung it on his own shoulder. She smiled, not knowing exactly how to take this, but she didn’t object.

“It’s my pleasure,” she giggled.


“We’re just acting so formal!” She giggled again, her nerves getting the best of her. Landon laughed too.

“I guess,” he stopped and turned to face her. “I don’t know how to act exactly, I mean, who I am to be the first guy at Hogwarts to date Lily Potter?”

She felt the blush creeping up her cheeks, but she did smile. Hugo teased her about not dating a lot, so Landon knew she wasn’t a dater. He also knew she had been asked a lot, but never consented.

“You’re a great guy, and one of the only ones I would date,” she was still blushing, but she wanted him to know she did want to go with him, and not think that Hugo, or even Jase had put her up to asking him. Although it was Roxy’s idea, she admitted that Landon would be fun to go to the wedding with, and he wasn’t as dumb as so many of the other boys around the school.

From a ways behind them, Hugo, Roxy, and Scorpius were coming to dinner from the Quidditch pitch. Hugo and Scorpius played together often, sometimes joined by the other Gryffindor players, sometimes just the two of them.

“Looks like she asked him,” Roxy said, pointing ahead where Lily and Landon could be seen entering the castle, Lily’s bag on his arm.

“Who?” Hugo hadn’t been looking ahead, but talking with Scorpius about the upcoming match with Ravewnclaw.

“Lily, she asked Landon to the wedding.”

Hugo stopped dead in his tracks, looking ahead just as her red hair turned the corner, Landon a step behind her. His mouth hung open in shock.

Lily? Asked a guy out? Lily Potter?”

“How many other redheaded Lily’s do you know?” Roxy said sarcastically. Hugo smirked and opened his mouth, but she cut him off. “That goes to school here and is still alive?”

“Oh, well, none,” he grinned. “Seriously though? She asked Landon?”

“I assume so,” Roxy shrugged, “she was planning to and he was carrying her bag for her. Plus, it’s not as if the two of them hang out together a lot without anyone else around. I think it’s safe to assume she did ask.”

“That’s, well,” Hugo seemed at a loss for words. Scorpius cleared his throat.

“Seems like a nice thing to do. He’s your friend, right? He wouldn’t be going unless someone asked him.”

“Sure,” Hugo shrugged, “you just don’t know Lily. It’s unheard of for her to ask a guy on a date. She never dates! She’s never accepted a date to Hogsmeade from anyone.”

Roxy was watching Scorpius closely, excited she just happened to be with him when he found out this news. She could tell he was trying to act uninterested, but something made her think that he was interested in Lily’s dating life, and the thought gave her a little thrill. It was his eyes. The way they softened when he said Lily’s name.

“Looks like she’s dating now,” Scorpius said a little too enthusiastically.

“Guess so,” Hugo shrugged. They had reached the Great Hall and waved to him as he left them to head to his usual spot at the staff table.


Thank you again for reading! I would really appreciate feedback if you haave a second to head over to the book club! Thanks again!

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Re: Accidentally In Love

Here is the next chapter! It's a long one...you might want to get a snack! Thank you so much for reading and to MissGryffindor and HogwartsWizard for leaving feedback.

Chapter Seventeen

It was early Friday morning and Scorpius was awake even though the sun hadn’t peeped through the clouds yet. He’d slept restlessly, thinking about Professor Longbottom’s wedding and the fact that Lily would be there with another guy.

It’s not as if you could have taken her. Hackwood forbade it because she’s not of age yet. Come to think of it, I wonder when Lily’s birthday is. When is she going to be coming of age?

He’d spent some time with her lately, trying to get to know her. Rarely alone, but he felt like he was getting a decent feel of who she was, and he was wrong when he had thought maybe she would have a bad personality. She had a wonderfully sweet personality and knowing her was only making his attraction intensify.

You just don’t know Lily.

Hugo hadn’t meant this sentence as hurtful, but Scorpius had to admit it hurt a little. He wanted to tell Hugo exactly how much he wanted to know Lily, but he didn’t think that a wise idea at the moment. Hugo was in better spirits now, but he had been quite cranky for weeks over the Dana situation. Hugo had said a few things that hinted at his feelings and the argument, but Scorpius knew about it because of Teddy Lupin. For an unknown reason, Teddy had decided Scorpius was a good ally in dealing with his younger cousins-in-law, not that Scorpius was complaining. He enjoyed hearing about them from Teddy and he agreed to keep an eye on them during Potions.

His mind wandered back to her. Lily. His feelings for her were something he never really saw coming, like he had fallen for her by accident. He was so overcome with these feelings he could blissfully dream of her for hours. He figured he was making up for lost time since he never had feelings like this for any other girl, ever. He and Lily had that in common, it seemed. Neither of them dated much. Even though he hated thinking of Landon Green holding her hand and twirling her around the dance floor, he had to admit that knowing this was her first real date made him happy. He loved that she wasn’t into dating every guy that asked. He was afraid he might begin hexing guys who liked her if that scenario happened. But her, asking out a friend from her house so he could go to the wedding? That he could live with.

He only wished he could be at the wedding, to get a real feel for their interaction, to make sure it was nothing more than friends going together. Professor Hackwood had asked him last week if he would stay behind to help the Head Boy and Girl keep order at the school while the wedding was going on. He wouldn’t be the only staff member still on campus, but most of them would be attending the wedding, as Professor Longbottom was a colleague and at least three of them had known him when he was a student as well. He was loved here and everyone wanted to be there. Seeing as he was the lowest on the totem pole, Scorpius couldn’t deny her request for him to stay, so stay he would. He would be at the castle during the wedding, helping ensure students kept away from the Black Lake until after the ceremony, and would also be around making sure no one tried to sneak off to Hogsmeade.

A lot of students would be attending, of course. There were over a dozen students who would be attending with their parents, and he had heard from Hugo that everyone old enough to date had a date. So, there would be a small dent in the student population that Saturday, but the castle would still need monitoring.

He rolled out of bed and looked at the clock on his bedside table. 6:15. The sun was beginning to shine through the darkness of the night, and he looked out his solitary window and smiled. Today looked like excellent Quidditch conditions and he was excited to be playing with Hugo and the other Gryffindors this afternoon. He had played with just Hugo and Roxy yesterday, but tonight before dinner was the whole team would be practice. He had played and worked with all the teams except Ravenclaw. Hugo liked to joke that they must not be as smart as their house represents to not have him helping them. He was fine with that though, because he was starting to really dislike Richard Corner and he would have a hard time helping him. His heart would be pulling for the Gryffindors without question next weekend when the first match took place, even if he couldn’t show it outwardly.

His morning went by quickly and he had a word with Professor Longbottom, who was beaming like a first time grandparent at breakfast. He wished him luck with his nuptials and explained why he wouldn’t be there. Professor Longbottom seemed genuinely disappointed he wouldn’t be attending, but expressed his gratitude for his willingness to stay behind.

At lunch a very excited Hugo came right up to the staff table.

“Scorpius! Guess what!”

“Well, hello to you too Hugo,” Professor Lupin said sarcastically.

“Hi Professor Lupin,” he was practically jumping. Scorpius and Teddy laughed.

“What’s up Hugo?” Scorpius took a bite of his potatoes.

“Professor Longbottom cancelled our Herbology this afternoon so we’re able to head out to the Pitch! It will just be Landon, Roxy and me, since the others will be in class, but I’ve already cleared it with Madam Hooch!”

“Great!” Scorpius gulped some Pumpkin Juice.

“Can you come?”

“I have one Potions class right after lunch, but I’ll come out once I’m finished there, sound good?”

“Great!” He bounded away, Teddy and Scorpius laughing again.
Hugo returned to his seat in-between Lily and Mike. Dana was sitting at their table today, but she kept smiling at Richard and Scorpius noticed Lily looking distraught by the glances.

“Have they said anything to you about the Dana situation?”

“Not directly,” Scorpius shook his head, his eyes focusing on Richard’s face and the delighted looks he was sharing with Dana. “Hugo has mentioned things here and there, mostly comments about Richard, not Dana.”

“Same here,” Teddy said, “other than the afternoon I forced him to tell me what happened he hasn’t said much other than to insult Richard. They got into in my class the other day,” he grimaced. “Nothing magical, thank Merlin, but still had to give them both a detention.”

“Timmons gave them detention too,” Teddy looked at Scorpius, shocked by this.

“What did they do? He never gives detention.”

“It was during their double class this week, and they were brewing an Anti-Fungal Potion and Richard walked by Hugo’s cauldron and must have dropped an extra couple of bark chips in, because about a second after he walked away, Hugo’s potion exploded, which is common for that Potion if too many bark chips are added.”

“I know that only too well, in my sixth year Gretel Belby did the same thing and covered our desk with the boiling liquid. Not the best day of my school career,” Teddy laughed, and then turned serious again. “What did Hugo do?”

“Got him with a tickling charm; Timmons wasn’t happy, although you know him, he’s not the type to get full on angry. I think he would have just punished Hugo, because he didn’t see Richard do anything, but Sam Williams told Timmons what Richard had done, so he gave them both an immediate detention. They had to stay and clean the room without magic.”

“Oh, I wondered where Hugo was Wednesday night at dinner,” Teddy said. “Lucky Sam told the truth. She’s in Ravenclaw too, must not be good friends with Richard then.”

“Guess not,” Scorpius shrugged. “I’d say lucky that Hugo only thought to use a Tickling charm and not something more dangerous, or Timmons would have probably had to send him to the Headmistress.”

“So that’s two incidents this week between the two of them then,” Teddy shook his head. “I’m plum sick of how they are with each other.”

“Looks like you’re not the only one,” Scorpius pointed to the Gryffindor table, where Mike and Roxy seemed to be trying to force Hugo to leave. It was obvious they were trying to do so without attracting too much attention, but anyone paying attention could plainly see that Hugo’s hand was gripping his wand, which Mike was holding down as Roxy pulled his other arm and they finally made it out the door. Hugo’s eyes were glaring at one person throughout this: Richard Corner.

“It does look that way,” Teddy sighed. “Well, let me know if they say anything this afternoon.”

“I will.”

“I’ve got to go get some stuff situated in my office, Harry and Ginny are stopping in before the rehearsal,” he said this under his voice, as if just reminding himself. Scorpius was surprised, although he didn’t know why he would be. Harry Potter must be standing up for Professor Longbottom at the wedding, which made sense. He wondered if Lily would be seeing her parents today or if they would just meet up tomorrow. “See you Scorpius.”

“Bye Teddy,” after finishing his lunch, Scorpius stopped by his room to grab his Quidditch gear so he wouldn’t have to stop back by his room after his class.

The afternoon whizzed by, the Gryffindor practice going extremely well. Scorpius spent time talking with Landon Green under the pretense of helping him with his Chasing, but he really just wanted to get a feel for the guy. Lily had chosen to take him to the wedding after all, and if Scorpius couldn’t date her, he wanted to make sure the person who was dating her was good enough for her. A part of him had hoped Landon would be a jerk, someone unworthy of Lily dating. Unfortunately, Landon was a really nice guy and someone Scorpius would have liked to be friends with. He was extremely popular, Scorpius remembered that from his own time at Hogwarts, but he lacked the arrogance associated with most guys of his social status. He seemed genuine and he was an excellent Quidditch player. For the first time since hearing that Lily was taking him, Scorpius began to feel a nervous pit of fear that she might actually like Landon and not just be taking him as a friend. They sat beside each other at dinner, unaware that Scorpius was watching them as often as he could without drawing suspicious.

At dinner, Lily talked with the team about their practice, sitting with Landon again. She had sat by him at dinner last night, but not during breakfast or lunch. She enjoyed hearing him talk about Quidditch. He seemed to have a real love for the game, and she couldn’t help but feel excited about the upcoming match herself.

“Scorpius Malfoy is so good,” he was telling her. She felt her cheeks grow warm and hoped he didn’t notice. “He showed me some amazing moves to use in the match. A way to keep the Keeper guessing that I’d never thought of!” He grinned at Hugo, “Corner’s not going to know how to stop the Quaffles I’ll be tossing his way!”

“Aim for his head,” Hugo said malevolently.

“It’s so big it should be an easy target,” Roxy said to general amusement. She still didn’t think Hugo had handled things with Dana right, and he knew it. She wasn’t one to keep quiet about her feelings, but in the end, her genuine hatred of Richard and her love for Hugo won out. She was on his side, as she always would be.

“Don’t worry, he won’t know what hit him,” Landon grinned evilly and opened his mouth to say something else, but stopped short, a shocked look crossing his face. Lily looked up from her plate and saw what quieted him. Richard and Dana were leaving the Great Hall together, hand in hand. Thinking on her feet, knowing Hugo hadn’t noticed, yet, because his back was to them, she hopped up suddenly.

“Hugo! I’ve only just remembered I forgot to owl Mum and Dad about bringing Landon to the wedding! I was supposed to get their permission first,” Hugo laughed.

“Little late now isn’t it Lils?”

“Yes, but I can still get it. They’re here, on the grounds,” Hugo looked confused and Lily rolled her eyes. “You dolt, they came to rehearse out by the Black Lake. Your parents are here too.”

His eyes grew wide. “Really? How come this is the first I’ve heard of it?”

“They must not have wanted to see you until tomorrow mate,” Mike laughed, everyone but Lily and Hugo joining in.

“Will you come with me to find them?”

“I don’t know Lils, I don’t really fancy…” she cut him off with a pleading look.

“Please Hugh? I don’t think we’re supposed to be going out there tonight, it’s already dark, but if we’re together and we need to see both sets of our parents, we might be granted permission. Please?”

“Come on mate, don’t leave me hanging tomorrow!” Landon gestured at Hugo with a grin. “Go with her and make sure I can come.”

Hugo grumbled but got up nonetheless and headed to the Staff Table with Lily, approaching Professor Hackwood. The Headmistress wasn’t thrilled with the situation, but she agreed to let them go. They rushed out of the castle and as soon as the Blake Lake was in view they could see their parents. The area around the lake where the wedding would take place was magically lit with a blazing white light.

They could see their parents, Neville and Hannah, and Hannah’s best friend, Susan Bones Macmillan and her husband Ernie. Also present were several older witches and wizards, including the elderly lady they knew to be Neville’s grandmother, and the same little wizard who had married Teddy and Victoire. Hermione caught sight of them before they reached the light and rushed toward them.

“Hugo! Lily!” She exclaimed. “What are you doing out here? And without your cloaks! You’ll freeze!” Before they could say anything she conjured a jar from nothing and then conjured a fire within it, handing it off to her son, who was grinning.

“Thanks Mum,” he smiled and his mother pulled him into a hug. Hermione then turned to Lily.

“Hello dear,” as she hugged her niece, Ron, Harry, and Ginny joined them. Hugs and exclamations abounded, Lily finally putting her hands up in defense.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” She laughed, “It’s my fault we’re out here cloakless! I forgot that I needed permission to bring a date to the wedding and seeing as you’re not home to receive an owl tonight…” she trailed off grinning with a shrug.

“You want to bring a date?” Harry Potter’s face contorted slightly and he looked unhappy with this development.

“Yes Daddy,” she wrapped her arms around his waist and looked up at him with her best puppy dog eyes. “He’s a nice guy,” she batted her lashes and everyone, including her father, laughed.

“Don’t give in Harry,” Ron grinned, enjoying teasing both his best friend and niece, “you can’t have her dating with a puppy dog look as good as that.”

Harry shoved his best friend and brother-in-law playfully, but he glared at Lily through his glasses, trying hard not to smile. Her sweet smile at him finally won out and he laughed.

“Let’s see then, who is it you want to bring?”

“Landon Green,” she smiled at Hugo. “He’s on the Quidditch team and in our year. I think you met him once at the Remembrance.”

“Ah yes, blonde and strapping young man?”

“That’s him,” Lily and Hugo both laughed.

“I can’t wait to tell him you called him “strapping” Uncle Harry,” Hugo put his arm around Lily, sandwiching her between him and Harry. “He’s good,” he nodded confidently at his Uncle, who laughed again.

“Is that supposed to give me some peace of mind for him dating my only daughter? Alright well, since Hugo says he’s good, must be so,” Harry ruffled Hugo’s hair with the hand from around Lily’s shoulder.

“Honestly Harry,” Ginny tapped her foot impatiently and grinned, “it’s not as if you’re not going to be right there to chaperone.”

“Too right,” he kissed Lily’s cheek. “You can bring him, but only if I’m allowed to sit in between you two.”

“How are you gonna manage that, huh? You’re standing up with Neville!” Ron exclaimed.

“Fine, then only if you allow your Uncle Ron to sit between you,” Harry grinned wickedly at his daughter, who laughed good naturedly.

“Or Granddad,” Hugo smirked.

“Or Uncle Percy,” Ginny grinned mischievously.

“I draw the line at Uncle Percy,” Lily said defensively.

“What’s wrong with Percy?” Hermione asked innocently. They all loved Percy, and although Ron had a hard time with him sometimes, he was still a loved and welcomed member of the family, if sometimes the butt of jokes. It was hard to pass up, he was just so unbelievably pompous so much of the time, jokes about him just flowed naturally from everyone but the grandparents Weasley. Laughing, Harry kissed her forehead and although he had a glint in his eyes, the teasing was gone from his voice.

“Of course you can bring him Lily, we’d love to get to know him better,” he hugged her tightly. Lily decided not to mention that she wasn’t really interested in him as more than just a friend. She was fine letting her parents think she was dating. It might help things go smoothly later on, if she ever got to date the person she really wanted to.

“What about you Hugh?” Harry pointed at his nephew. “Who are you bringing?”

“Oh, uh,” Hugo’s face went pink and Lily cocked her head to the side. Come to think of it, Hugo never had told her who he asked. She’d been so caught up with worry about asking Landon and all that was going on with Dana that she hadn’t asked him in a while.

“Yeah, Hugh, who did you ask?”

For a moment he just stood there, nervously glancing at his family.

“I decided not to ask anyone,” he mumbled and there was a shocked silence.

“You owled us though,” Hermione said, “and we gave you permission to bring someone.”

“I know,” he shrugged and turned a deeper shade of pink. “I just decided not to.”

There was more to this than he was letting on and Lily was certain what was going on, but she didn’t bring it up in front of their parents. That would mean explaining to them about Dana, something she knew he wouldn’t want to share.

“Well, if you decide to, it’s fine with us,” Ron said.

“Thanks Dad.”

“We’ve got to get back,” Ginny glanced over her shoulder at the others. “See you tomorrow,” she kissed Lily and then Hugo. After another round of hugs and goodbyes, the two students headed toward the castle.

Once inside they meandered a bit, but soon found themselves on the seventh floor, the Fat Lady’s portrait in view. Lily’s heart dropped when she saw Dana waiting there. She was eying them as they approached, looking defiant but a bit nervous. Lily sensed more than saw Hugo’s body tense up, but he somehow managed to keep his mouth shut.

“Hi Dana,” Lily offered a nervous smile once they reached her.

“Hello Lily,” she sounded unusually formal and there was something in her voice Lily didn’t recognize and couldn’t quite place. Was it a twinge of nervousness or audacity? “Hi Hugo,” she said his name with a coldness Lily had only heard a few times, all in recent weeks.

“Dana,” Hugo nodded to her and made to walk around her, assuming she wanted to talk to Lily.

“Hugo?” Dana’s voiced stopped him in his tracks and he turned, surprised, to look her full in the face for the first time in weeks.


Lily looked back and forth from their faces apprehensively. What did Dana want? Lily hadn’t thought much more about why she had rushed Hugo from the castle earlier, but now the thoughts swarmed her head and made her stomach churn. Dana had been holding hands with Richard. What could she possibly want with Hugo now?

“I was wondering if I could talk to you for a minute.” She wasn’t friendly, her voice still cold and now bordering on indifference. Lily got the feeling she was trying very hard to sound that way. “Privately?” She glanced at Lily, who looked at Hugo. Hugo nodded, so Lily said goodbye and entered the Common Room alone.

Once Lily was gone, Hugo cocked his head to the side and raised his eyebrows at Dana. They hadn’t spoken, except to argue, for a month. He was extremely curious what she wanted now.

“I need to tell you something,” she crossed her arms and took a step back from him. He didn’t speak, only offered her a slight nod. “I don’t want to make a big scene tomorrow so I felt it was probably best to let you know tonight…”she trailed off, her eyes wandering to the ceiling, then finding his again after several seconds passed. “I’m going to the wedding tomorrow with Richard Corner.”

Hugo felt as if someone had punched him in the stomach. Anger bubbled inside of his chest and he felt his face growing red. He wanted to yell and stomp, to somehow cause her the same pain he was feeling, but his mouth seemed unable to form words. He stared at her for a long time, her blue eyes staring back with a cold animosity. They just stood there, staring one another down until Hugo let out a loud breath and turned away from her and the Common Room, heading out into the castle, uncaring that curfew was in ten minutes or that his friends would be wondering where he was.

Thanks for reading! I would appreciate feedback...thanks!

My Fic:
Choices and Feedback

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Re: Accidentally In Love

I want to thank everyone who left feedback, you all rock and I truly appreciate it.


Chapter Eighteen

Dana stood a little dumbstruck, watching Hugo’s retreating back. The conversation hadn’t gone at all as she had anticipated. In fact, calling it a conversation was an overstatement. Hugo had said what, two words? Dana and yes; that was all, no angry or biting remarks, no apologies or words of forgiveness, he had only said two words and the silence. Her blood bubbled that he couldn’t even be bothered to actually talk to her. Although, he had tried to talk to her a few times, she was so enraged by what he’d said about her to Lily and his reaction to her befriending Richard she hadn’t given him the time of day. They’d spoken twice in a month, both times to fight a bitter fight with one another.

Before she could see sense, she felt her feet following him, her pace quickening as he rounded the corner. Gryffindors were filing past them, coming back to the dormitory for curfew and she was afraid of losing him in the crowd. She needn’t have worried. Had she really forgotten how much he stood out? He was tall, much taller than all the second and third years returning from the library. He might be the tallest person in all of Gryffindor house, and that accompanied by his flaming red hair made him easy to spot. He was ahead of her, bounding down the stairs to the fifth floor. He turned off down that corridor. She saw him wrench open the door of an unused classroom, slamming it behind him.

A little frightened, she would wonder later why she didn’t just go back to the Common Room, but she approached the door in time to hear him yell “Reducto!” Her heart hammering, she cracked the door open and saw a pile of what had previously been books laying not far from where he was standing, panting slightly.

“Reducto!” He shouted again, this time at a glass jar atop the teacher’s desk. Without muttering another word, he continued to smash items around the room with his wand, his face red in frustration.

“Taking your aggression out on inanimate objects then?” She said sarcastically, making her presence in the room known. Hugo whirled around, wand drawn, and glared at her; lowering his wand he walked right up to her until their noses were almost touching.

“Better that than the person my aggression is aimed at,” he hissed. She backed away a few steps, glaring at him.

“Who, me Hugo?”

“No, not you,” he laughed a humorless laugh. “Your date,” he rolled his eyes. “He’s just using you to get to me, you realize that, right?”

“I’m so annoying no one would want to date me? Is that it?” She spat the words, her eyes blazing. Her words seemed to cut him, his face contorted and he turned his back on her.

“Just go Dana,” he shook his head, his posture tense and angry. “Maybe you can catch Richard on his way to his Common Room, the entrance is on this floor you know,” he turned around and faced her now, sarcasm and distain etched across his freckled face.

“Yes, I do know,” she said suggestively. “Maybe I can catch him. It’s not as if I’m needed here. Would you like me to fetch one of your friends to calm you down?” He looked at her incredulously.

“They’re your friends too,” he looked pained.

“Oh sure, your two bleeding cousins and Michael Boot, who has known Richard his whole life and at one word from you dropped him like a bad habit.”

My two bleeding cousins? Have you gone mad? Lily is your best friend.”

“Yes, but now since we know how you feel about me, she’s been avoiding me. Just like Mike did to Richard. One word from blessed Hugo Weasley and no one can like someone he doesn’t!”

“I don’t know what Corner has said to you about Mike, but I can assure you they weren’t friends just because their dads are good mates. I had nothing to do with that, seeing as I never met either of them before starting school. I don’t tell people who to be friends with. About Lily, she’s torn to pieces worrying over this row we’ve been having. Dana, Lily loves you.” His voice was insistent. “I’m telling you, she isn’t avoiding you. She thinks your avoiding her.”

“You’re unbelievable you are,” it was her turn to laugh without humor. “You do too tell people who to be friends with! After declaring that you didn’t even consider me a friend you tried to tell me I couldn’t sit with the Ravenclaws! What do you call that if not telling me who I can be friends with?”

“It’s not about the Ravenclaws and you know it,” he glared at her. “It’s about Corner. You know how I feel about him and why.”

“I do, but I’ve never understood it Hugh! I’ve been trying to talk you into letting him alone all term!”

“Oh, all term huh? You’ve only spoken to me for one month of this term!”

“There’ve only been two months in this term,” she rolled her eyes. “Why can’t you let it go?”

“I don’t see him letting it go,” he pointed violently toward the door, “you’re precious wedding date starts things with me just as often as I do with him!”

“Maybe so, but you could just lay off him!” She turned abruptly and made her way to the door. Looking back at him, she shook her head again. “I can’t believe after six years, this is the end for us Hugo. I can’t believe you never even considered me a friend,” her voice cracked, the obvious sound of tears threatening to be shed.

Hugo looked at her, truly seeing for the first time what his anger and resentment had cost him. He saw the hurt on her face and wondered if maybe, just maybe it had happened to her too. He wondered if at the root of this problem was unspoken feelings and misinterpreted words. She turned away again and as she reached the door, he spoke words he never thought he’d admit to her.

“I smelled you,” he whispered just as her hand was on the door handle. She stayed stock still, her back to him. Did he mean….? “In Potions, the day Timmons brewed the Amorentia. I smelled you.”

Slowly and with obvious trepidation she turned around. He was seated at a desk, his head turned away from her, one hand supporting his neck as if this conversation exhausted him to his core. She made her way to him, stopping just before reaching him. Hearing her footsteps, he turned. His face was almost unreadable, but his eyes gave him away. Confusion and pain masked the usual mischievous glint, and the blue within was cloudy and unfamiliar.

“I don’t understand,” she whispered. He rose and for a moment she thought he was going to walk away, but instead he gently touched her arm.

“Do you remember the end of last term when you gave me some lotion on the train because Corner,” he spat the name, “hit me with a drying jinx and my hands were hurting?” She nodded. He tenderly moved his hand from her arm to her waist. Butterflies launched around her stomach, and her mind told her to back away, but her heart kept her feet firmly planted. “It was apple scented. I’d never really noticed before but then I realized it was what you always smell like. Well that day, in Potions? I smelled broomstick polish, my mum’s Shepherd’s Pie, and apples. The way the lotion smells on you. The exact way you smell at this exact moment,” he said huskily, pulling her to him now with both hands on her waist. “What attracts me most,” he paused, his voice barely audible, “is you Dana.”

“Hugo,” she breathed, looking into his eyes for a trace of teasing, anything to make this moment lighter, less life changing. All she found was a painful look of sadness with intense desire fighting for prominence.

“Dana,” he moved his face toward hers and his lips barely brushed hers…

“WEASLEY!” A jet of light soared across the room, breaking a vase on the window sill, and making Dana jump. “What the bloody hell are you doing to my girlfriend?!” Hugo backed from Dana as if he’d been burned.

“Girlfriend?” He whispered dangerously, his eyes narrowed. Dana, distraught, didn’t know what to say, her eyes began to fill with tears as she looked between Hugo and Richard. “Dana?” She couldn’t tell if his voice was more angry, hurt, or confused. She shut her eyes as she felt an arm around her waist. This time though, there was no tenderness in the embrace and the only butterflies in her stomach were from dread. This time, the arm was around her with firm ownership. She breathed out slowly, but nodded. When she opened her eyes Hugo was staring at them, shock written across his face.

“She’s mine now Weasley,” Richard was triumphant.

“You chose,” Hugo seemed to be searching for a mean enough word, “this possessive berk,” although not the worst he could have said, the tone of his voice dripped a mixture of sarcasm and spite and that was enough to make her cringe, “to be your boyfriend?”

“She did Weasley. Do you have a problem with that?” Richard pointed his wand directly at Hugo’s chest. Dana couldn’t believe things had gotten this out of control. She wanted to say or do something to make them just go their separate ways, but she knew she didn’t really stand a chance of stopping the situation. She just stood there, unable to answer Hugo, unable to move from Richard’s tight embrace, and unable to fathom what to do.

She expected Hugo to reply, but instead he just whipped out his wand, pointing it at them. She could almost see his brain whirring. Hugo was excellent at non-verbal spells. While most of the sixth years were just learning them, she knew his cousins and sister had taught him how to do non-verbal spells and also how to duel. Richard was no slouch either, but Hugo definitely had the advantage in being able to cast anything he wanted without even muttering a word. She was afraid, wondering what he would cast and what would she do? Richard was still holding her by the waist and she couldn’t reach her own wand. Was Hugo mad enough to hex her too?

Wand still on them, Hugo spoke, “I guess it doesn’t matter if I have a problem with it or not, does it Corner?” He was almost whispering, his voice calm. Too calm. “Move Dana,” he demanded. Richard held her tighter. “Dana, MOVE NOW,” his tone was firm, but she detected a hint of pleading. He didn’t want her in the middle of the fight.

“No Hugh,” she said defiantly. “I’ll stay here thanks. Why don’t you just leave us alone?” Hoping it would work, that he would leave and not get in a duel that would likely land him a month’s worth of detentions, or worse, she stood her ground. Wrapping an arm around Richard’s waist, she dared him to fire a curse that was likely to hit her as well as his nemesis.

Hugo looked physically pained. He made to stow his wand inside his back pocket, and they loosened their hold on one another a moment too soon. Before she knew what had happened, Hugo lunged for them, pulling her from Richard, toward him. For a spit second their eyes met as he spun her behind him, away from the danger. Then, without preamble, Hugo fired a curse at Richard. The room began to shine with the light of their wands slashing through the air.

Hugo ducked behind a bookcase as Richard yelled “Petrificus Totalus!” The spell hit the bookcase, the force behind it knocking books from the shelves, but Hugo was protected. Dana was watching him. Was he conjuring canaries? Dana wondered if the whole thing had made him go completely mental, when she saw him stealthily look around the bookcase.

Taking a break from conjuring, he jumped up, not saying a word, and a jet of orange light sailed toward Richard. Jumping out of the way, Richard now lay on the floor on his stomach. Hugo was still conjuring what looked like canaries to Dana. She couldn’t understand what that was all about. Richard, in an obvious attempt to sneak up on his opponent, was slithering across the floor like a snake. He tried to stand up slowly when he reached the bookcase, but in the process he knocked into a desk accidentally, giving Hugo a heads up.

Cursing, Richard backed away slightly, now full on standing. Hugo leapt to his feet, his wand pointing directly at Richard and yelled, “Oppugno!” To Dana and Richard’s bewilderment, the canaries flew at Richard at top speed. He turned and began to run from the birds, but to no avail. They attacked him, each one with a sharp beak and two talons tearing at his flesh.

With a look of sad satisfaction, Hugo met Dana’s eyes once more, and then strode by Richard and the attacking birds and out of the room.


I had another part to this chapter, but it got so long I split it, plus I felt this scene was rather intense and stood well on its own. I will probably go ahead and post the next chapter later this week since its ready. I hope you enjoyed it and I would love feedback!

My Fic:
Choices and Feedback

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Re: Accidentally In Love

Hello, hello! Here is the next chapter, as promised. It's basically just a continuation of the previous chapter. I hope you enjoy!

Thank you to all who left feedback....you ROCK!

Chapter Nineteen

Hugo could hear Dana frantically trying to stop the canaries from attacking Corner, but he didn’t care. He wouldn’t go back in and help her. Corner deserved it. Fueled by anger and pain, his thoughts were hostile as he made his way through the corridor. When he was just about to round the corner, he stopped short because someone was standing in front of him.

Bugger, it’s Scorpius. He thought, wondering if he could get him out of the corridor before Corner and Dana emerged from the classroom. No such luck. Dana came out first, tears streaming from her eyes, her hand pulling Corner, who had several scratches that were bleeding and more than a few whelps. Hugo had to stifle a grin at how good the birds had gotten him. Even in the face of trouble, he felt exhilarated knowing he had come off the best of the duel.

Scorpius was looking from Hugo and the others, taking in the state of Richard, his face not at all happy, albeit slightly confused. Dana spotted them and her face filled with fury.

“Hugo Weasley!” She screamed and ran at him, her fists beating his chest. Hugo grabbed her by the wrists and pushed her back. She fought him, trying with all her might to keep striking him.

“Geroffme Dana!” He cried.

“I cannot believe you could be so cruel! How could you?” Richard was now upon them, glaring at Hugo and his hand twitching toward his wand. Casting a glance at Scorpius, he refrained.

“He deserved it Dana, and you know it,” Hugo hissed at her. Before either could say anything else, Scorpius grabbed Hugo’s arm and pulled him from Dana, and held his other arm out, blocking them from each other.

“What happened?” His voice was the angriest it had been since being a Hogwarts staff member. Hugo knew that even though they were friendly, there was no way he was getting out of this without a punishment. His mind was thinking up excuses with rapid fire, but none were good enough. He heard Dana explain the situation to Scorpius, whose face was getting red from shock and anger. Scorpius looked at Hugo, furious, and then gave the same look to Richard. Hugo was pleased that Scorpius seemed at least as mad at Corner as himself.

“Is that what happened? Hugo?” He looked at Scorpius and nodded, then looked away as if not caring. “Are you two out of your sodding minds?” Scorpius shoved them both, then looked at Dana. “Miss Jemison, you have detention next week on Tuesday and Thursday nights for your part in this,” Dana, crying again, nodded. “Now, return to your dormitory,” she looked at him, then at Hugo and Richard, who were now staring each other down, and she walked around them and out of the corridor. “As for the both of you, give me your wands.”

Neither boy moved for his wand, both just looked at Scorpius as though he had just sprouted pink bunny ears. Scorpius gave a frustrated sigh.

“Now!” He ordered and Hugo turned his over first, then Richard, both obviously reluctant to do so. “Come with me,” Scorpius stood in-between them and led them away.

This is completely ridiculous, Scorpius was thinking as he led Hugo and Richard to Professor Lupin’s office. He had the authority to punish them himself, but Lupin had asked him to alert him if something like this happened, and he had agreed. Professor Lupin would know if their Heads of House needed to know, and besides, Lupin was stepping in for Longbottom while he was away, and being the night before the wedding, Scorpius didn’t even consider calling on the Head of Gryffindor House.

He knew Professor Lupin wasn’t in his office, he was having drinks with Professor Longbottom in Hogsmeade, but he brought the two to his office anyhow.

Once in the room, he pointed to the two chairs. He was well aware that a lot of Hugo’s family was smiling at him from photographs around the room, but he knew Teddy wouldn’t let Hugo off just because they were family. The boys sat, both staring daggers at the other. Scorpius surveyed them for a moment. Can I leave them here while I go get Lupin?

“I’m going to get Professor Lupin,” only Hugo looked at him. Richard was now looking out the window. “You will not get up and you will not speak to each other while I’m gone,” Richard smirked. “I have your wands and will be taking them with me. I will tie you to the chairs if needed,” he raised his eyebrows at the enemies. Hugo sighed and shook his head.

“That won’t be necessary Mr. Malfoy,” he sounded tired, but sure of himself. Scorpius tried not to notice the sting he felt at Hugo being formal with him.

“Fine. Don’t move,” taking some powder from the small jar on the mantle, he threw it into the flames and they sparked green. Walking into the fireplace he said, “The Three Broomsticks!”

Exiting the fireplace at his destination, Scorpius looked around the restaurant. It was busy, but not packed and after a few seconds he found the table he was looking for. He made his way there, and when two men who were standing moved, what he saw made him temporarily stop.

How could I have been so daft? He was looking at not just the two Professors, but also a be speckled black haired man who needed no introduction, a red haired man who was just as familiar, and two men who he felt as though he had seen before, but couldn’t specifically place. Of course Neville would be having drinks with several people. I should have known Ron Weasley and Harry Potter would be here.

Not wanting Mr. Weasley to know it was his son in trouble, he thought about what he would say. He had to be inconspicuous. Let Teddy decide if Mr. Weasley needed to know. Neville spotted him and waved.

“Hullo Scorpius!” The other men looked in his direction too, Teddy giving him a knowing smile. Teddy knew he would be nervous about meeting these specific men. Neville was pointing at his friends. “Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Dean Thomas, and Seamus Finnegan, meet Scorpius Malfoy.”

Harry offered him a genuine smile, as did Dean Thomas and both stood to shake his hand. Ron and Seamus looked a bit suspicious, but both also held their hands out without rising.

“Nice to meet you,” Harry said, “would you like to join us?” Neville smiled at him and Scorpius could tell he was a bit sloshed.

“No, thank you, I just needed a word with Teddy,” he nodded to the men, “it was nice meeting all of you.”

Teddy followed him a ways away, concern on his face. “What is it, Scorpius?”

“It’s Hugo,” he paused, “and Richard.”

That was all that needed to be said.

Teddy walked back to the table, downed his Firewhisky, clapped Neville on the back and said goodbye to the others. Returning to Scorpius, they wasted no time and they were back in the flames.

Teddy went first, and before Scorpius even arrived at the correct fireplace he could hear the shouting. Once properly in the office though, he saw it was Teddy shouting at Richard, who was out of his seat and had seemingly been doing something to Hugo when Teddy arrived.

“I told you not to move,” Scorpius glared at the Ravenclaw. To his surprise, Hugo was still in his seat, arms crossed looking a little haughty.

“Told you,” Hugo muttered smugly. Scorpius chose to ignore it, but Teddy didn’t.

“Now is not the time for cheek Mr. Weasley!” Professor Lupin was obviously frustrated; his hair was now blazing red as if his entire head were on fire. “You!” He pointed his wand at Richard. “Sit down!”

Richard sat and Hugo gave him a smug smile. Scorpius almost laughed at how unconcerned Hugo was with the situation. Either he had been through this so much he no longer gave it much thought, or he expected Professor Lupin to let him off.

“I don’t know what possessed either of you to duel tonight, but I will say that I’m sick of having to punish you for cursing each other,” he looked at the boys. “I should banish you both from the first Quidditch game.”

Hugo looked up sharply at his Professor and Richard looked like he was going to blow a gasket.

“Professor…”Hugo started, but Lupin cut him off with his hand.

“However, I won’t because that would be punishing your entire house for your own stupidity.”

Both boys gave a sigh of relief, but trained their eyes on their Professor, waiting to see what punishment he would dole out. Professor Lupin seemed to be thinking. He sighed after a moment and looked at Richard, then Hugo.

“You will serve detention every night but Sundays for a month starting Monday night. Seeing as this is the wedding weekend, to which you are both invited, I will allow you to attend. You will not be allowed to go to Hogsmeade on Sunday, and both of you are to remain in your dormitories that day except for meals,” Professor Lupin shook his head, seemingly still marveling the events that occurred. “Twenty points will be taken from Ravenclaw and forty from Gryffindor.”

“Why do I lose forty?” Hugo couldn’t keep his mouth closed or the bitterness from his voice.

“Because you, Mr. Weasley, caused physical harm to Mr. Corner,” Professor Lupin gave the redhead a very pointed look when he seemed about to retort. “Now, Mr. Corner, you need attention from the hospital, so I will ask Mr. Malfoy to escort you there now. You will report to my classroom at 7pm on Monday night, is that clear?”

“Yes Sir,” Richard muttered and rose; going in front of Scorpius, he left in the direction of the Hospital Wing.

After depositing Richard at the Hospital, Scorpius made his way to his room. He felt exhausted, both mentally and physically and wanted nothing more than a good night’s sleep. He had just taken off his robes when a knock sounded at his door. It was late, after curfew, and he couldn’t fathom who would be knocking.

“Who is it?”


“Come in,” Scorpius said, surprised. Hugo walked in, looking much the same as he had a half hour earlier, a little haughty, with tired overtones. “What are you doing here?”

“I wanted to apologize,” Hugo said, not meeting Scorpius’s eyes. “Sorry you got dragged into that,” he met his eyes now.

“Does Professor Lupin know you’re here?”

“Oh, uh, yeah,” he wasn’t convincing.

“Really Hugo?”

“Alright, no!” Hugo huffed in frustration. “He told me to go to my dormitory,” Scorpius was glad to see he looked a little guilty.

“Hugo! If you’re caught in here, you’re going to get both of us into trouble! Come on, let’s go,” He grabbed his robe and put it back on. “I’ll walk you.”

“You don’t have to, it’s ok,” Hugo turned to leave.

“No, I’m coming,” Scorpius followed him out the door. “If you get caught, especially by Professor Lupin, you’ll just be in more trouble. I offer you a small safety net.”

Hugo grinned as they walked. “I’m not going to get caught by Professor Lupin.”

“How do you know he’s not looking for you right now, making sure you went straight where he told you to go?”

“Cause as soon as you left, he went back into the flames and returned with my father,” Hugo shook his head. “Can’t believe I forgot my dad was in Hogsmeade tonight, I mean I saw him earlier! I thought of running for it when Professor Lupin said he was getting him, but then I remembered how much the Fat Lady likes my dad. I reckon he could convince her to let him in without the password, and I felt I was better off if we had Professor Lupin as a buffer,” he grinned. “Anyway, they both returned to the bar as I was leaving his office.”

“He was pretty upset with you then?” Scorpius wondered about Hugo’s relationship with his father, and was surprised to see him grinning again.

“He wasn’t thrilled, for sure,” he laughed now. “He’s always easier to talk around when he’s been drinking, but it wasn’t his disappointment that made me nervous, it was what he told me,” Hugo shook his head and gave a little shudder.

“Which was?”

“To meet him and,” Hugo gulped, “my mum outside our Common Room first thing in the morning.” He shuddered again. “He said his anger was nothing compared to what hers will be, and I reckon he’s right.”

Scorpius couldn’t help but laugh at Hugo’s obvious discomfort knowing he would be facing his mother in the morning.

“Why did you come to my room?” Scorpius knew there had to be a reason. Hugo stopped walking as they were only a few yards from the Fat Lady.

“To say sorry,” he made a face, “sorry I got you involved in that mess.”

Scorpius considered him before replying. During the whole ordeal, he had thought Hugo acted too cool and a little arrogant, which had bothered him somewhat. Seeing him now though, he really did look contrite, something Scorpius felt certain he didn’t show too often.

“I’m sorry too,” he was still a superior to Hugo, but he couldn’t deny they were more than staff member and student. Against all the odds, they were friends. “I have to admit, I didn’t like having to fetch Professor Lupin to punish you, but I couldn’t let it go, either.”

“Yeah, I know,” Hugo smiled slightly, “sorry I put you in that position.”

“Why Hugo?” Scorpius felt he deserved to know what had happened and why. When Hugo looked up at the ceiling, something clicked in Scorpius’ mind. “Dana,” he whispered. Hugo didn’t look back at him at first, but when he did, Scorpius was floored at the pain in his eyes.

“Yes, Dana,” Hugo also whispered, and looked away again. “She’s…”he couldn’t get the words out and just shook his head.

“Dating Richard Corner?” Scorpius said shrewdly. Hugo didn’t ask how he knew, he only nodded sadly. “Aw Hugh,” it was the first time he’d used the familiar nickname and that wasn’t lost on either of them. They made eye contact and a silent understanding passed between them. They would have to be careful. Their friendship was something they both needed and wanted, but Scorpius was in a position of authority and that couldn’t be forgotten. He reached out and gripped Hugo’s shoulder. “I’m sorry.”

For another moment they just stood there and Scorpius knew he should send Hugo off to bed, but he waited, hoping he would confide in him, because something told him it was what Hugo needed the most.

“I smelled her,” he said softly. “In the Amorentia, I smelled Dana.”

Scorpius thought of who he smelled and wondered if he’d ever be able to share that with Hugo. He nodded, so Hugo went on.

“I was completely flummoxed when I realized it,” he put one hand on the wall and just shook his head again. “I mean, how could I not see that? It made me nervous, and a bit angry.”


“Yes,” Hugo nodded emphatically, “I was so mad at myself for falling for her.”

“I don’t understand,” Scorpius shook his head.

“No one, and I mean no one, can wind me up like Dana can. Not even Corner,” he smacked his hand against the wall a little too loudly. “How could I have fallen for her?”

“Hugh, I think it’s fairly common that the people we care about the most are sometimes the people who we find it easiest to fight with,” Scorpius thought of his father. “It doesn’t mean we don’t care about them,” he was careful not to say love, in fear of setting Hugo off.

“I guess,” he looked a little lost, “I just never would have imagined it. I mean, I’ve always loved teasing her and being around her, but then she can push all my buttons in all the right ways,” for a moment it was quiet, then they both laughed. “I don’t mean that the way it sounded.”

“But it’s so true,” Hugo raised his eyebrows and Scorpius laughed again before continuing. “I’m serious. Because you care about her, and my guess is she cares about you as well, she can push all your buttons, both good and bad.”

“She doesn’t care about me,” Hugo smacked the wall again and Scorpius gave him a look. “Sorry. She doesn’t though. Her boyfriend is sodding Richard Corner. Not me.”

“Have you ever asked her out?”

Hugo was quiet for a few minutes and Scorpius could see his brain working. It looked like thinking was hard for him, and Scorpius stifled a laugh. Hugo didn’t seem to notice.

“No, I’ve never asked her,” he admitted. “Lily wanted me to ask her to the wedding, but I was still feeling angry and confused over knowing I liked her and I just wasn’t ready for that. I didn’t think I could handle being her date, and I told Lily this, but Dana overheard and all hell broke loose from there.”

Scorpius wondered if this was the fight in the Common Room Lily had referred to not long ago. It made sense that it probably was.

“I told her tonight though,” his face was a mix of sadness and frustration, “and she still chose Corner over me. That made me mad. Really mad,” he looked at Scorpius and shrugged. “You saw the aftermath of how well it all went over.”

“Yes,” Scorpius nodded, “but Hugh, I think you handled it wrong.”

“You sound like Mike,” he sounded annoyed.

“Mike’s a smart guy, and a good friend. Listen to him every once in a while,” he gave him a slight shove.

“Mike doesn’t know,” he said quietly, as if Mike could hear them through the walls. “None of them do.”

“Oh really?” This surprised Scorpius, who just assumed they all told each other everything. They seemed so close.

“Yes, really. I can’t tell them. Lily is already upset about what’s going on with Dana,” Scorpius made an unintentional intake of breath at her name. Hugo looked at him strangely, but didn’t ask, he just finished his thought. “It would upset her even more to know why I really didn’t want to go with Dana to the wedding. She would just blame herself.”

“OK,” Scorpius dragged out the syllables, “I see why you didn’t tell Lily, but what about Mike? Or even Roxy?” He knew the other two cousins had gotten a little closer since they’d been spending so much time together on the Pitch.

“Mike and Roxy would both be insufferable,” Hugo said grumpily.


“They tease me about her sometimes, but they don’t know it’s how I really feel. If I admitted it to them, they’d tear the mickey out of me and I’m frankly not in the mood for that.”

“Give them some credit. After everything that’s happened, you really don’t think they’d understand?”

Hugo contemplated this, but only shrugged.

“Well, think about it,” Scorpius pointed to the Portrait. “It’s late; you’d better get in there. If Lily’s a worrier, I’m sure she’s out of her mind wondering where you are.”

Hugo smiled a little mischievously and muttered something under his breath that sounded like “map”, but Scorpius didn’t ask.

“Well, goodnight Hugo.”

“Goodnight Scorpius,” Hugo turned, and once reaching the Fat Lady gave Scorpius a wave, and then entered the Common Room.


The first wedding chapter will be next! FINALLY! Feels like its taken a long time to get there, but whew! A lot has happened. I would love feedback!

My Fic:
Choices and Feedback

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