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Accidentally In Love

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Re: Accidentally In Love

Hello, hello! Here is the most recent chapter, and as always, I hope you enjoy! I want to formally apologize for just now bringing Lucy Weasley into the story. I had planned on her being a very minor character and being sorted into Gryffindor at the start of Lily and Hugo's seventh year. However...I realized the other day that Percy was at the platform the day Harry was dropping off James and Al, so he had to have children close to their age. So, in my story, Molly and James are the same age, and Lucy is one year older than Lily. I had her new role scripted for another character, but I decided to put her in place of that character, hence the introduction just now. SORRY. I humbly ask your forgiveness.

Also....today is Kristin's (marauderfan) birthday and since she has been reviewing my writing for years...even when it wasn't good at all, I decided to leave her a little gift in this post. I hope you enjoy! Hon! (don't go too crazy on this very special birthday!)

Now, without further ado....the wedding!
Chapter Twenty

The morning of the wedding dawned clear and bright, perfect conditions for a witch and wizard to bond themselves for life. The air was cool, but with the sun shining, it was bearable. Once evening came the reception would be over and everyone would be warm and cozy in the castle.

Lily hadn’t slept well. Between nervousness of her first date the following day and the upsetting news Dana brought upon her return the night before kept Lily awake long into the night.


She loved him, and now that Dana had explained things, she understood better why he was acting the way he was. She smiled, remembering how Dana had explained about their latest argument and how it had escalated into an all-out duel with Richard. Lily was smiling because Dana, despite her definite anger at Hugo, had a gleam of amazement in her eye as she described how he explained his true feelings for her and protected her from the danger of the duel.

Lily could see that her best friend was just as taken with her cousin as he seemed to be with her, but she had a feeling it would be a long road for the two of them. A lot of damage had been done, and trust often took it’s time rebuilding between those who had lost it.

Once she was ready for the day, she and Roxy emerged to the Common Room, leaving Dana still asleep. They wanted to talk to Hugo, to hear his side of the story, and they knew Dana couldn’t be there for that conversation. It didn’t take them long to find him. In the Common Room they met up with Mike and the three of them left the Tower to find Hugo against the wall not far from the Fat Lady’s portrait, talking to his parents. Uncle Ron looked almost amused, but Aunt Hermione’s face was nothing but grim, and the smile she gave her nieces and son’s best friend didn’t go to her eyes.

After a few minutes of polite talk, they made their way downstairs, parting ways as the students headed to the Great Hall and the parents to the grounds. While they ate Hugo regaled them with his version of the event from the previous evening, and Lily was pleasantly surprised to find out that Dana had only been slightly biased in her description.

They looked sadly at their hourglass, which showed they were now in last place in House points, their only consolation that Ravenclaw wasn’t too far ahead. They had been at the table for about an hour, having a leisurely meal, when Dana came in. She looked as though she too hadn’t slept well and that she had rushed to dress in order to make it to the Great Hall in time for breakfast. Lily excused herself and went to greet her friend.

“Morning,” she greeted her as Dana sat at the far end of the table, the furthest she could possibly be from Hugo.

“Good morning Lily,” she was piling food on her plate in seeming starvation. “I see you’ve heard his side,” she nodded in Hugo’s direction as she took a bite of eggs. Lily let her eyes focus on Hugo for an extra couple of seconds and was happy to see him laughing at something Landon, who had now joined them, was saying.

“Yes,” Lily said carefully. Dana and been blatantly honest with Lily and Roxy last night. She told them she felt ignored by the two of them and that they took Hugo’s side in the fight. Roxy was also honest, stating that she didn’t like what he’d said and things he’d done, but family was family and she loved him.

“I bet his version was quite different than mine, wasn’t it?”

“No,” annoyance was in Lily’s voice and she didn’t try to hide it. “He said pretty much the same thing you did, although he also went into what happened after you left.”

“Which was?”

“They were punished,” Lily shrugged and looked over Dana’s shoulder and couldn’t help but roll her eyes. “I bet Richard will explain it all to you,” Lily nodded to the boy who was approaching and he didn’t look overly excited to see Lily talking to Dana. “I’ll see you later,” she got up and went back to her friends, who were ready to go. The group left, Lily looking over her shoulder at Dana and Richard, who were sitting close on the bench, Dana running her hands over his arms and Lily had to shake her head, wishing things were different.

Later that morning, Lily was in her dormitory getting ready with Roxy. Dana had already finished and left to meet Richard and his parents. Dana was nervous about meeting his parents, and Lily had genuinely wished her good luck. There was a knock on the door and then another red-haired person entered a strange look on her face.

“Oh, hey Lucy,” Roxy greeted their Uncle Percy’s youngest daughter, who was in her last year at Hogwarts. She was already dressed in dark green robes that complimented her red hair and freckles nicely.

“Hi you two,” she grinned, but it looked forced. “Ready yet?”

“Not quite,” Lily was putting the finishing touches on her hair, which was pulled back from her face but cascaded down her back. “You look pretty,” she smiled at her older cousin.

“Thanks,” Lucy was perched on the very edge of Roxy’s bed, obviously trying not to wrinkle her dress robes. She looked nervous and uncomfortable, which was strange because she got on well with both girls in the room.

“Who are you going with?” Roxy asked as she applied lip-gloss.

“Jase,” she shrugged. “He asked me, but it’s just as friends. He’s been in love with Rose forever,” she just shook her head. “That boy is sickeningly mad about our cousin.”

“I forgot he fancied her,” Roxy laughed. “She never would give him the time of day, would she?”

“No, she never did go out with him. She told me once she heard enough about Quidditch from Al and Hugo, and she didn’t need a boyfriend who was also obsessed with the subject,” all three laughed, but then Lucy resumed looking nervous.

“Are you alright?” Lily asked, slipping into her gold shoes that matched her shimmery gold dress robes.

“Well, um,” Lucy stammered and looked around, not meeting Lily’s eyes. “I was, well, just wondering, if,” she finally looked at Lily before saying in a rush, “are you and Landon going out?”

Lily stared at her cousin. Lucy’s face was bright red and her eyes were alive with a sort of painful hope. She wondered how she had never noticed that Lucy fancied Landon. It made perfect sense of course, since Landon spent so much of his time with Jase, who was in the same year and social group as Lucy. Lily realized with a jolt that Lucy had spent far more time with her date than she had. She smiled softly at her cousin.

“No, we’re just friends,” she crossed the room and placed her hand on Lucy’s. “I never knew you fancied him Luce. I wouldn’t have dreamed of asking him if I’d known.”

Lucy smiled but her face was still red. Roxy whipped around and looked from one cousin to the next; her creamy complexion looked gorgeous with her dark auburn hair pulled up in a mass of curls atop her head.

“You fancy Landon?”

“Yes,” Lucy looked at the floor, then up again when Roxy started laughing, her face looking hurt. “Why is that funny?”

“Sorry Luce, it’s not, it’s just that Lily is definitely not interested in Landon,” she laughed again.

“Why? Are you interested in someone else, Lily?” Lucy was no longer embarrassed, only excited at the prospect of Lily liking someone.

“No, Roxy’s just being silly,” Lily gave Roxy a pointed look, and the latter rolled her eyes and grinned.

“You can tell me…” Lucy started, but Roxy interrupted her, changing the subject.

“I’m ready! Let’s go!” She pulled both cousins by their arms, out the door and down the stairs. Their dates were all waiting for them at the foot of the stairs, along with Hugo.

“Are you actually going dateless?”

“I actually am,” he gave a small smile and a shrug.

“Not for lack of trying on the part of several girls though,” Mike rolled his eyes. “Brighton followed him around all morning long and I’ve seen much more of Belinda Daniel’s skin than I ever should have had to,” he shuddered.

“Yuck,” Roxy pulled a grimace. “What was she doing, waiting for you by the Fat Lady naked?”

“Something like that,” Mike grinned and they all laughed. He reached out and put his arm around Roxy, kissing her cheek. “You look gorgeous by the way. I love your hair like that.”

“Thanks,” Roxy smiled and blushed. “You look nice too.”

Mike offered her his hand, which she took happily and after another chorus of compliments from each boy to each girl and back again, they left for the wedding.

In his office, Neville was lying on the couch napping when he felt a shove and awoke with a start. He gave a groan and looked around. His eyesight was a bit blurry, but he could make out red hair and green eyes, although not on the same person. Harry was kneeling beside him, still giving him slight shoves and standing above him was Ron, who was grinning.

“Morning Neville,” Ron said, “we’ve just come in from the grounds. It’s just about time mate!”

“I was wondering why you were still asleep, but then I noticed this,” Harry, also grinning, held up a goblet full of clear liquid that was emitting a soft humming sound. “Fleur had Teddy drop this by over an hour ago, why haven’t you drunk it?”

Neville sat up slowly, his head pounding and his brain fuzzy. Now that he gave it some thought, Teddy had come in earlier, but he only barely remembered seeing his orange hair color. He remembered nothing about what he had said. Harry and Ron laughed.

“Wow, you really drank too much last night,” Ron said, reaching his hand out to help steady Neville, who was squinting and looking at the drink his friend was holding with some confusion. “Drink that,” Ron pointed, “it’s a hangover potion. Fleur brewed it for you special.”

“She’s the best Potion maker in our family,” Harry passed the glass to Neville, “and although it doesn’t taste very good, it will work almost instantly.”

Neville, who still hadn’t said a word to his best man or Ron, put it to his lips and downed it almost as fast as he had the firewhiskey the night before. After a moment his face went from flushed to pale, then back to normal and he shook his head quickly, looked up at them, and grinned.

“That’s loads better, thanks.”

“No problem Mate! Now into your dress robes,” Harry pointed to the garment bag hanging on the back of the door.

“I thought it might be fun for you to wear my old ones,” Ron said seriously. “They’re very traditional you know,” he unzipped the bag to reveal the dress robes he had worn to the Yule Ball all those years ago. “The might be a bit snug, but we can get someone in here to adjust them. Harry and I are no good at sewing spells.”

For a moment Ron and Harry were able to keep their faces straight, but then they made the mistake of looking at each other and they couldn’t stop from laughing.

“He’s only joking,” Harry waved his wand and Ron’s old robes changed into Neville’s real ones. “You should have seen your face though.”

Laughing, Neville finished getting dressed and then headed to the grounds to be married.


Scorpius was certain the reception was well underway. The guests from the wedding had cleared out from beside the Black Lake well over an hour ago, and he had seen some pictures being taken, but even that was over. He thought, not for the first time, that he could have gone.

“Scorpius!” A jovial voice interrupted his thoughts and he looked up to see Professor Timmons walking toward him, a piece of white cake in his hand. “Good afternoon!” The older Professor grinned.

“Good afternoon,” Scorpius also smiled, “what brings you back so soon?”

“Oh, I have a good bit of grading to do so I thought I would try and work on it this afternoon,” he had a twinkle in his eye, “I talked to the Headmistress and she quite agrees that you should join the reception since I’m now here to take your place watching over things.”

He didn’t know what to say. He had wanted to go and wished he could, and now he was getting his chance!

“Thank you sir! Are you certain you don’t want to return to the reception?”

“Yes, now go change into your dress robes son!”

Arriving at the wedding, he looked around for familiar faces. He recognized more people than he had expected, and not because they were students, but he knew their faces from his reading material. As he looked around, it was like looking at the pages of books he’d read about the Order of the Phoenix and Dumbledore’s Army. He spotted Hugo and Lily, with their friends minus Dana. He saw Dana and Richard dancing and looked once again at Hugo, and was relieved to see that the boy seemed to be paying her no mind. He was sipping a drink and laughing at Roxy. They all seemed happy and appeared to be having a marvelous time.

Without really meaning to, he found a seat and watched a group of older individuals whose behavior was almost mirroring their children’s. Harry Potter and his wife were a few tables from where he sat along with Ron and Hermione Weasley, Luna Lovegood and a man he didn’t recognize, and the bride and groom. Each adult, with the exception of Hermione, seemed to be well on their way to being hammered, and this was quite amusing. They were laughing and jabbing at each other, and he had to laugh when he saw Neville about fall from his chair. Ron grabbed him and they all cracked up laughing again. Although a little grey in their hair and a few wrinkles on their faces, they looked happy to be together, utterly thrilled with their friendship.

“Would you like to meet them?” He was startled to hear the voice behind him. He turned to see Albus Potter grinning at him.

“Oh no, I just noticed the Head of the Great Gryffindor House falling off his chair over there and, well, I found it amusing,” he grinned and Albus laughed.

“Yes, I think dear Neville may have had a few too many, although I think my dad and uncle are right on his coat tails,” he sat down across from Scorpius and seemed to be surveying him. “So, Hugo tells us you’ve been assisting all the teams with Quidditch.”

“All but Ravenclaw,” his eyes instinctively swept the room looking for Richard Corner, and he was still glad to see him far away from Hugo. Al was laughing again.

“Not as smart as they seem, are they?”

“You sound like Hugh,” Scorpius laughed and looked at Al, who was giving him a strange look. “Between us?” Al nodded, “I’m glad they haven’t asked me. The Corner kid is a right piece of work and I am whole heartedly pulling for Gryffindor next weekend.”

Al raised his eyebrows and Scorpius felt as though he were being scrutinized by his former classmate. Before either of them could say anything though, Lily walked up and put her arm around her brother.

“Hi Scorpius,” she smiled at him as Al put his arm around her. Although she favored their mother and him their father, there was something about their faces that was so similar Scorpius couldn’t believe he’d never noticed before. “Al, James and Rose are looking for you. They’re over there,” she pointed to the bar, and the two were indeed searching the crowd obviously in search of someone. Al grinned.

“Thanks Lils, see you both later,” he pretended to tip a hat and left. Scorpius felt his heart quicken at being left alone with Lily.

“Enjoying the party?” He smiled at her.

“Very much,” returning his smile, she looked away and at her parents with their friends. “I’m so happy for Neville. Hannah couldn’t have picked anyone better.”

The song changed to a slower number, and not really knowing why he was doing it, Scorpius offered her his hand.

“Would you like to dance?” He saw that Landon was dancing with a younger girl from Hufflepuff named Sarah Finch-Fletchly. There was nothing wrong with him dancing with Lily at a wedding, and although he knew this, his eyes also did a quick scan for the Headmistress and found her at a table, talking with some witches he didn’t know. Her back was to the dance floor.

“Yes,” Lily blushed slightly and his stomach gave a little jerk at the sight of it. Was that a good blush?

After they had been dancing about a minute, Lily looked into his eyes directly, and his breath caught in his throat at the depth of beauty held within them. She smiled.

“Thank you for talking to Hugo last night.”

“You’re welcome,” he said, surprised. He thought Hugo was planning to keep their conversation from Lily.

“Dana told us what happened and Hugo said you talked him down. Thank you,” she gave a sad smile, “I know he very well might have gotten into more trouble had you not come along.”

“You’re welcome, I’m glad I was there.”

“Yes,” she nodded, “Richard will be out for blood,” she shuddered and he felt her hand go a little cold in his own. He involuntarily squeezed it. She looked up, surprised but pleased, another blush creeping up her freckled face. “He’s just so, hateful and obnoxious, he’ll be looking to get revenge.”

“You’re probably right,” Scorpius looked over her shoulder and made eye contact with Richard, who glared at him, “it will be a long week.”

“Yes, it will probably get at least a bit better after the Match next Saturday. He’s very competitive when it comes to sports,” Lily laughed. “Mike told us this story once about Richard before he came to school. Did you know they knew each other when they were kids?” Scorpius shook his head. “They did, although they’ve never got on, but their fathers are friends. Anyhow, Richard and Mike went to the same Muggle Primary school and one day they were playing football, you know, the muggle sport where they kick a black and white ball around?”

“Yes,” he smiled, “I took Muggle Studies.”

“Did you really?” She grinned. “Well, one day during their outdoor play time, Richard’s team lost a game of football. He got so mad he accidentally turned a little girl’s hair red,” Scorpius laughed and Lily nodded and giggled. “He didn’t mean to, of course, and Mike was about to intervene, although he said he has no idea what he would have done, when the girl’s friend, named Kristin, hauled off and punched Richard in the face!”

They both laughed, Lily actually bringing tears to her eyes.

“Mike said Kristin said she didn’t know how he had managed to turn her hair red, but he’d better put her right or she would just keep on punching him!”

“How did they get her hair back to normal?” Scorpius said when he could finally breathe from laughing.

“They had to call in the Ministry to help. A whole playground of children and teachers had seen it, so they had to think quickly on their feet and even wipe a few memories. His parents had to pull him out of school!”

As the song began to end, they continued laughing. Looking over Lily’s head again, Scorpius made eye contact with someone else, but this time there was no glare. A pair of blue eyes winked at him, and he smiled. He only panicked briefly that Hugo may have figured out his feelings for Lily, but he found that the thought of Hugo knowing didn’t bother him at all.


Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed this chapter....I would love to know what you think!

eeekkk! page two!

My Fic:
Choices and Feedback

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Re: Accidentally In Love

Hello, hello! Sorry this is later than usual. I was out of town and didn't get it posted before I left! Anyhow, it's up now! I hope you enjoy it. It's a bit fluffy, but as I've said, I love Neville and wanted him to have a bit of emotion at his wedding and I wanted Scorpius to have some interaction with the extended Weasley and Potter family. There is some background info given though, so it's not all fluff! Hope you enjoy!

Thanks to MissGryffindor, HogwartsWizard, and Kristin for feedbacking...I appreciate it so much!

Chapter Twenty-One

“I know it’s not traditional for the groom to give a speech at his own wedding, but I’ve never really been what most wizards would call traditional, so I’m going to give it a go,” there were a few chuckles as Neville stood in front of his wedding guests, his bride smiling at his side. He turned to look at her, his face aglow with happiness. “Hannah, I love you. It’s hard for me to believe we’re here, that we made it.” He looked back at the crowd. “I never dated much,” a few snickers from a table of his close friends, who he looked at a grinned, “the only date I went on while at Hogwarts was with a girl who married my best man.”

Harry and Ginny exchanged a look between the two of them, and then looked back at Neville, smiles lighting their faces and their eyes dancing with cheer.

“I stepped on her feet so much that night that when she found out I was getting married she forced me to take dancing lessons,” this time laughter rang from the top of the tent, Ginny’s giggle the loudest of all. Once it had died down, she gave Neville a cheeky grin and said, “What can I say? I like Hannah; I couldn’t have you giving her blisters!” More laughter rang out. Neville waited a few beats, then rubbed his hand over his throat and looked as though he were getting emotional.

“I love that sound. Laughter. I’ll never forget the first time I realized this woman,” he pulled Hannah close, “was the one for me. I was sitting alone on the steps of Hogwarts on May 4th 1998 and Hannah wandered over. We were all still trying to sort through what had happened, and the pain of it all was fresh,” he paused, tears in his eyes. Scorpius saw him look at Harry, and then his eyes wandered to George Weasley, then to Teddy, then to Dennis Creevey. “She sat beside me and smiled. Although we had known each other in school, we’d never been extremely close friends, but the D.A. and the battle had changed that. We were all combatants and survivors and we were going to make the wizarding world a happy place again. She put her little arm around me,” Hannah was openly crying, as were many of the women in the audience.

“She asked if I was alright. I remember chuckling and I told her I had just had the biggest surprise of my life. The Minister for Magic,” he grinned and made eye contact with Minister Shacklebolt, who was seated at a table with the extended Weasley family, “had asked me to work for him. He wanted me to help round up Death Eaters. I don’t know why exactly, but that day I decided to confide in Hannah my fears that I wasn’t good enough or brave enough to do that. She sat quietly for a moment, and then squeezed my shoulder. “Neville,” she said, “you just helped bring down the darkest wizard of all time. You literally killed a piece of his soul, not to mention you stood up to him in front of everyone when you knew he would kill you for doing so and you worked against him and his followers all year while at school, protecting younger students and giving everyone something to believe in. Don’t be such a dunderhead and go accept the position.””

Laughter roared from every table, Scorpius laughing not at what Hannah said, but at the irony that he was at this wedding. What would his father think of this story? He shook his head thinking of what Draco Malfoy would say, what his view of the same day in History would mean. He knew Neville and Ron, along with two other higher ranking Aurors were the ones who arrested his father and Grandfather. In his sixth year he had overheard his parents talking about that day. They had come, a week after the war and brought them in. Although he knew it pained his father, he had gone willingly, knowing there was nowhere else to turn.

He would never forget the bitterness in his father’s voice when he said, “Of course Weasley and Longbottom requested to be part of the team that brought us in, they both had grudges against our family.”

He had never figured what Ron Weasley’s grudge was exactly, but he knew that they had hated each other at school so he had assumed just bad blood. Neville, on the other hand, had a well-documented reason to hate his family. His parents lying in St. Mungo’s to this day was proof enough of that. He focused again on Neville, who seemed to be wrapping up.

“…so please raise your glasses and toast this lovely lady, my bride; who gives me clarity when I need it and keeps my wine glass full!”

A loud chorus of “hear! Hear!” went around and everyone clinked their glasses together. Scorpius, who was sitting beside Hugo, clinked glasses with him and all the others at the table, Lily bringing hers to his last. Her eyes sparkled from the tears she shed at Neville’s speech, but they were cheerful in spite of the wetness, and she smiled softly when their glasses met.

“Good speech,” James Potter was saying, “although a bit mushy for my taste.”

“Oh hush,” Rose Weasley rolled her eyes at her cousin, “I loved it. I love hearing stories from that time period. Even though it was so sad, I love hearing how good triumphed.”

The collar on his robes was beginning to feel tight, and Scorpius began thinking of a way to politely get up from the table. He couldn’t sit here with the war hero’s children and pretend all was well. It was his family they triumphed over. He looked around the table, taking in who he was sitting with and how he did not fit in there. He was just about to get up, when something Lily said stopped him dead in his tracks.

“I know Rose, I feel the same way. After all those years of not knowing, I love hearing about it, even though I usually end up crying.”

“What do you mean, ‘all those years of not knowing?’?” He couldn’t help but ask.

“None of us knew about the extent of our families’ part in the war until the May before we each started school,” Al answered, but each Weasley cousin around the table nodded. Scorpius must have looked shocked and confused, because Hugo smiled as James continued the thought.

“May first, before I came to Hogwarts dad came in my room and said I would be going with him and Mum the following day to something called the Remembrance. Then he explained what it was, and why it was important to the wizarding world.”

“Same here,” every red or black head around the table nodded. “I remember Mum being almost mean about what would happen to me if I breathed a word to Hugo,” Rose gave a small giggle. “Dad looked at me, rolled his eyes and said to mum, ‘Why don’t you just make her take an Unbreakable Vow Hermione,’” she said in a good interpretation of her father’s voice. “That mortified Mum of course, but they both stressed one more time that I was not to tell him. Funny, once I’d been to the Remembrance, I had no desire to share any of it.”

“You did look dreadful that morning,” Al teased his best friend and favorite cousin, who gave him a slight shove. “James came with Dad to tell me,” the brothers made eye contact and grinned, “he had some pretty choice words to add.”

“I’d read about it! Once I got to Hogwarts, I checked out every book on the subject from the library,” he stopped talking when Rose choked on her butterbeer. “What?” he demanded.

“You went to the library? James Sirius Potter, in the library?”

“Oh, you’re bloody hilarious, you are,” he launched a mint at her, but everyone around the table laughed, even Scorpius who was, despite the subject, enjoying seeing the cousins interact with each other. He had no one in his family close to his age like this, and he was seeing even more how much he had missed out on by his parent’s choices.

“They told us together, didn’t they Hugo?” Lily said once the laughing had died down.

“Yes, all four of our parents and those three idiots,” he gestured to James and Rose, who were silently charming anything and everything to fly at each other in good natured fun. Al looked affronted.

“Who are you calling an idiot, ickleHughikins?” He waved his wand and a glass soared across the table and the contents dumped themselves in Hugo’s lap. Scorpius was also victimized by this act, as he was sitting beside Hugo. They both jumped up, and just as easily as it had started, the serious talk of the war and Remembrance was dropped while they had a food fight.

From across the tent he saw red running in Hermione Weasley’s eyes, and she began stomping their way, obviously upset by the scene her children, their cousins, and friends were causing. James, also noticing his aunt, looked around frantically and yelled, “INCOMING!” as loud as he could.

In a split second, there was a blur of red hair whizzing by him in all directions, and he felt someone grab his arm and drag him along. When he finally had his wits about him and his arm was no longer being dragged, he realized it had been Hugo who grabbed him and the two of them were now on the outskirts of the reception, the former collapsing by a large rock, his face red and his eyes excited.

“It’s been a while since we did something like that!” He sat up, and Scorpius sat beside him.

“What happened, exactly?” He still didn’t know how he had one minute been about to toss a piece of bread at Jase Finnegan, and now he was here, slightly out of breath by a tree with Hugo. His friend just laughed.

“We were having a food fight, but then James said one of our parents was on the way, so we all bolted. There are too many of us for them to chase down, so it usually just blows over with a lecture after the fact,” his eyes were mischievous.

“I just heard him scream ‘incoming’ because your Mum was walking our way.”

“Oh, was it Mum? Glad I got out of there then, I’m still in hot water with her,” he laughed, “and yeah, ‘incoming’ is our code word for parental interference coming, run like mad.”

Scorpius couldn’t help but laugh. “What about all your friends and dates? Did you all leave them to deal with the wrath of your mother?”

“Nah,” Hugo waved his hand in dismissal, “they’ve all been in one of those fights before and know our code word. We have a huge New Year’s Party every year that they all come too, so they know.”

For the second time that day he found himself wishing he had cousins to cause trouble with. They all seemed to really love each other. He had two cousins, on his mother’s side, but they were older than he was and both girls. They had never got on well. He was about to say something when Hugo hissed, “shh!”

He looked around the rock to see Harry, Ron, and Hermione approaching and none of them looked happy. His stomach dropped at the thought of being in trouble with the savior of the wizarding world, but then he heard them talking and realized they weren’t looking for them.

“…unbelievable,” Hermione was saying, her voice angry. “I should have just told the Ministry back in fourth year!”

“I’m not surprised though,” Harry said, “she’ll do anything for a story.”

He watched as Ron opened his clenched fist and produced something, setting it on another rock that was several feet from them. All three of them pointed their wands at the rock, and much to his and Hugo’s amazement, a woman popped up on the rock.

She had white hair and looked much older than the other three adults.

“Hello Rita,” Harry sighed and kept his wand pointed directly at her chest. “A bit bugged, are we?”

“You three, I should curse you!”

“You won’t though,” Ron said nonchalantly as Harry disarmed the older woman easily.

“Rita, I returned your owl with a firm answer of no,” Harry gave her a pointed glare. “Why are you here?”

“Neville Longbottom just got married! A slew of famous witches and wizards are here, and you ask me why I am?”

“You’re not writing a story about this wedding for any publication,” Hermione said firmly.

“You can’t stop me…”she started, then looked at their faces, then wands and trailed off.

“Oh really?” Hermione walked up to her and stood nose to nose with the witch Scorpius now realized was Rita Skeeter. “I’ve never told anyone, Rita. Not a soul other than these two and Ginny, but I can.”

“Why even tell anyone?” Ron shrugged at his wife, a hateful glint in his blue eyes. “Rita, I assume you’re not as daft as you don’t know what our current professions are?”

“I do know,” Scorpius thought she looked angry, but he saw her eyes flicker with fear.

“Then I suppose you understand we don’t have to actually tell anyone for now, we can just arrest you, chuck you in Azkaban for a bit, and then decide when to tell everyone that you’re an illegal animagus.”

Hugo looked at Scorpius, his eyes wide. From what they said, Harry, Ron, and Hermione had known about this for some time, and they were livid at the woman. Scorpius had read some of her work, and he felt she lacked a certain sense, of well, honestly quite frankly. When he was in sixth year he had read her biography of Harry Potter and although a lot of the events actually happened, her spin of them was off from all the history books, and the book written about him by his wife and journalist. Scorpius couldn’t blame them for protecting Neville from her pen.

Hugo put his hand to his lips and pointed back toward the wedding. Scorpius assumed he wanted to get away from his parents, especially since they were irritated and angry. No need to add any more fuel to their fire by allowing them to know they had been overheard by the son of one of their arch enemies and their son and nephew, who was not in their best graces at the moment. As quietly as they could, they kept their backs hunched over and moved away from the angry adults and back to the wedding.

As they returned, Scorpius noticed that the table they were previously sitting at was cleaned up, and many of those who were involved in the food fight were on the dance floor. He found it a bit curious that Landon was now dancing with Lily’s cousin, Lucy. He hadn’t seen the two of them dance together at all. He wasn’t able to focus on it though, because, following Hugo without really paying attention, had led him right to Lily, who was speaking happily with the Minister for Magic.

“Yes, I wish Genevieve would have been able to come, but she’s sick today,” the Minister was saying. Scorpius knew from the papers that Genevieve was his daughter.

“I hate to hear that,” Lily said sincerely, “please give her my best.”

“I’ll be happy to, although that brother of yours will probably see her before I do. I know he promised to bring her a piece of cake.”

Lily’s expression went from happy and polite to utterly confused. She scrunched her nose and tilted her head to the side; an expression Scorpius thought was adorable. She shook her head slightly.


Minister Shacklebolt looked confused for a minute, then the look changed to one of amusement and he laughed a booming laugh.

“Why Lily, you mean dear James hasn’t told you he and Gen are dating?”

Scorpius felt certain Lily would have dropped her drink had Hugo not grabbed her elbow and prevented it.

“What?! James Sirius Potter!” She screeched and ran off in the direction of her older brother, who, seeing her coming and who she had been talking to, gave a sheepish grin and shrug.

“Hugo, good to see you,” the Minister stuck out his hand, which Hugo took and smiled.

“You as well Minister.”

“You must be Scorpius Malfoy,” Minister Shacklebolt now offered his hand to Scorpius, who shook it nervously. The Minister didn’t smile, but he didn’t glare either, he just seemed to be examining Scorpius. “I hear you’re doing a wonderful job at Hogwarts, keep it up.”

“Thank you sir,” he said before the Minister nodded and waved to the boys, moving on to speak to someone from the table to their left.

He felt bemused that he had just met the Minister for Magic, and although he hadn’t been openly warm, he hadn’t been insulting either and had paid him a compliment. He looked at Hugo, who was grinning.

“I hope you know how weird it is that you’re friends with the Minister, mate,” he said to his friend, who laughed outright.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it! I would love feedback, thank you!

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Re: Accidentally In Love

Hello, hello! Here is the next chapter...thanks so much to all who left feedback!

Chapter Twenty-Two

It had been a pretty uneventful day. Seeing as he wasn’t allowed to go to Hogsmeade, and was restricted to his dormitory for the day except for meals, Hugo decided to study. They had an essay due for Transfiguration and he was working on a report Hagrid had assigned him for Care of Magical Creatures on Porlocks. Hagrid, knowing Hugo’s interest in possibly working alongside his Uncle Charlie one day, worked tirelessly to help him master the subject. He had scored an O on his O.W.L., but they both knew he also needed an O on his N.E.W.T. to even be considered for Dragon Training. Hagrid had high hopes of domesticating a Porlock, because he felt their skill with guarding and protection could be utilized in other areas, and not just horses, but their scorn for humans made that difficult. Hugo was researching interactions between Porlocks and humans, and had found very few references. He sighed and put down United Kingdom Magical Beasts.

He hadn’t seen any of his friends yet, and a glance at the large Common Room clock told him it would probably be at least an hour before anyone returned from the village. He hoped maybe Lily would come back early, but he hoped Mike and Roxy enjoyed their first official date to the village. He hadn’t seen that relationship coming at all. Granted he’d been rather preoccupied lately with Dana and Quidditch, but he was thrilled when his friend told him he had asked Roxy to the wedding, and not just as friends. He couldn’t think of anyone better to date his cousin other than his best friend, although Mike knew Hugo would hex him into oblivion if he hurt her.

He felt protective of Roxy, but not in the same way he did with Lily. She had always been hesitant, almost indignant, toward dating and he was glad. Who she was, the fame of her family, made boys drawn to her and he, like her older brothers, wanted to keep her protected from the harsh reality of guys with one thing on their mind: adding Lily Potter to their list of conquests. Luckily, she hadn’t dated of her own volition, because if she had, and a bloke treated her wrong, either him, Al, or James would be in Azkaban by now. She didn’t know that he and Al had spent a week in detention for cursing Gerald Abercrombie and Ferdinand Realm after they overheard them talking about her in the Boy’s Lavatory one day. He would protect Lily, and her heart, with all he had because she was special and he loved her as much, if not more (if he’s honest) than he did his own sister.

He knew Lily and Landon weren’t going to couple off, even though they had gone to the wedding together and technically gone together to Hogsmeade. They weren’t alone, though. Landon had told him the night before that Dana was coming with them, since Corner was also banned from the village today and also had to remain in his Common Room. He had to admit he felt a lot of satisfaction about dueling Richard on Friday night, even if they had gotten in trouble. He couldn’t help grinning at the memory of Corner running from those birds.

He heard the Portrait open and looked up, surprised anyone was back. Even the first and second years were avoiding the Common Room, enjoying the unseasonably nice weather. His eyes met blue ones that he would know anywhere and he blinked a few times before looking around her for Lily or Landon, but she was very much alone. He picked up his book and began reading again, not even acknowledging that she came in.


When he looked up he saw that she was standing little away from him, clutching several bags from the different shops in Hogmeade. He gave a quiet sarcastic huff when he saw the one facing him was bearing his surname in huge gold lettering. A part of him wondered what she had bought from his Uncle George, but he wouldn’t ask her. He didn’t say anything, but kept eye contact with her, waiting to see what she wanted.

“I was wondering if I could talk to you.”

“You are talking to me,” he looked back at his book and turned a page. He heard her huff indignantly, and then quick footsteps stopped right in front of him and sat down in the chair opposite him, her face red, from anger or embarrassment, he couldn’t tell. She took a deep breath.

“Did you really smell me in the Amorentia?” In spite of his attempts to act indifferent, she caught him off guard with this question and he knew it showed on his face. He took a moment to just look at her face, and then he gave a sarcastic smile.

“Why would I say I did if I didn’t?”

“Just answer yes or no Hugo.”


In the span of about thirty seconds several emotions registered on her face. Happiness. Anger. Confusion. Hurt. She opened her eyes wide and cocked her head, seemingly hoping he would expound. He didn’t. They just stared each other down for a long time. She finally threw her arms up in frustration.

“Used to, I couldn’t get you to shut up, but now, when we have something important to talk about, you won’t say more than a few words!”

He shut his book abruptly and she jumped, startled by his sudden action.

“What do we have to talk about that’s important?” He hissed, his Weasley temper beginning to flare.

“Are you joking?” She asked incredulously.

“Not even a little bit.”

“Hugo! You. Are. Infuriating.” She threw her arms up again, standing she began to pace in front of the fire. “How can you pretend you don’t know what we need to talk about?” Her voice wasn’t angry now, but pleading, her eyes begging him to talk to her.

“You want to talk about Amorentia?” He also stood and she stopped pacing. They weren’t close enough to touch, but the look on his face felt intimate, but strained at the same time. “Let’s talk about it. We can talk about how I admitted very deep feelings to you and I was this close,” he held his thumb and pointer finger so close they were almost touching, “to kissing you and your boyfriend came in and stopped me.”

She just gaped at him. She had wanted him to open up, but in reality she hadn’t given a lot of thought to what she would feel and say when he did.

“Nothing to add?” he took a step closer.

“If you felt that way about me, why did you tell Lily we weren’t even friends?” It was a valid question, and he knew it. His face gave away that he had hope to avoid the question. His eyes flicked all over the room, as if he were looking for the answer in the Gryffindor hangings on the wall. “Well?”

“I wasn’t expecting to have feelings for you Dana,” he took on a quiet, pained voice. “It took me by surprise and I’ll admit I didn’t handle it well.”

“No, not well at all,” she whispered tears in her voice.

“Lily was pestering me, wanting me to ask you to the wedding. She made it seem so casual, but knowing my feelings, I knew it could never be casual. She wanted me to take you because you’re muggleborn. She never even considered I might want to take you because I just liked you,” he fiddled with the hem of his shirt absentmindedly. “I wasn’t ready. I knew taking you as my date anywhere, for any reason, would be it. I wasn’t ready for the commitment.”

Tears were running down her face now and she took a step toward him.

“Hugo, you should have just asked me.”

“No, I couldn’t. I’ve always been a player Dana; just a bloke who liked to snog and have a good time. I hate it about myself sometimes, but I’ve never been interested in a girl for more than a good time. Not once,” his face burned red at this admittance.

“We could have just had a good time,” she whispered and they both took another step, now just inches apart. She reached out and put a hand on his arm.

“No, we couldn’t. If it was going to be you, it was going to be more and I was. Not. Ready.”

“Are you ready now?” He could barely hear her, but it didn’t matter. At the same moment they both leaned in, their lips meeting for the first time. Neither of them was prepared for the electrifying tingle that shot through their bodies the moment Hugo deepened the kiss, wrapping his arms around her. Her arms snaked up around his neck and she wove her fingers into his soft red hair, giving it a tug.

The hair-tugging brought Hugo back to reality. He let go of her and backed away.

“You have a boyfriend,” he accused. “A boyfriend you chose over me.”

“Hugo…”she started but he just kept backing up, until he bumped into the chair he had occupied when she came in. He shook his head.

“No Dana, no,” he grabbed his book bag and began stuffing all his parchment, quills, and books into it. “No, you shouldn’t be kissing me like that when only two nights ago you stood there and asked me to leave you alone with him,” his voice spat the last word like it was poison.

“Hugo, please fight for me!” She pleaded, but he just shook his head again and threw his bag over his shoulder.

“No, Dana, it’s not going to happen.”

With that he left the room, leaving her trembling and crying in his wake.


It was Halloween and Scorpius would have liked to have been at the Hogwarts Feast, but his family was hosting a large party for the holiday, as they always did, and he promised his mother he would come. He hadn’t been back home for dinner since his father’s letter asking him not to go to the wedding. He doubted his parents remembered when the wedding actually was, so he decided to just not bring it up. No one on their guest list would have seen him at the wedding, and he wanted to avoid a scene.

He took a deep breath and opened the back door to his Grandparents home, Malfoy Manor. He had spent many hours here flying the racing broom his Grandfather had bought him. He had many good memories of the place, which had been like a second home to him until he went to Hogwarts. A small part of him wished he could have been kept ignorant of the War, of Death Eaters and Voldemort for his entire life. So many things he had loved now seemed tainted, almost as if the Dark Mark were hovering in every corner.

Stop dwelling on the past; on things you cannot change. It won’t do anyone any good. He thought for the millionth time. He wanted to stop his thoughts. He wanted to just forget it and move on, but his heart wouldn’t let him.

He was a half-hour early, as his mother had asked him to be, and as he entered the kitchen the aroma of pumpkins wafted to him and he saw his Grandmother bending to pull a pan from the oven. He smiled at her, even though she couldn’t see him. Her homemade Pumpkin Pasties were one of the highlights of his childhood and their smell and taste was home to him.

Narcissa Malfoy turned around, apron on and hair a bit frazzled. When her eyes found her grandson’s she smiled broadly.

“Scorpius,” she moved slowly to him and pulled him into her arms. Her once blonde hair was now mostly gray and she wore it short, where she had once worn it long. “I’m so happy to see you.”

“It’s good to see you too, Grandmother,” he said sincerely. He loved her dearly, and not just because she was his father’s mother, or because she had spoiled him as a child. No, his love for her ran so much deeper than that. He knew without her strength and will to survive, without her courage, he wouldn’t be standing here. She had changed swing of the war. She had given Harry Potter the upper hand, and lied outright to the man who had made her family’s life miserable. He loved and respected her for it.

“How is Hogwarts?” She asked matter-of-factly. While she and his mother had been on his side about him taking the job, he never could figure out if she truly liked that he worked there or was just on his side to keep him happy and a part of the family.

“It’s wonderful,” he said with warmth, “I’m so happy there.”

Her eyes were scrutinizing him, but she finally smiled.

“I’m glad,” he picked up a carrot off a nearby chopping block and popped it in his mouth. She swatted his hand away, “none of that now! Could you please do me a favor?”


“I need some more wine, but I’m all out up here. I thought I was going to have enough, but I need more. There is some in the cellar, would you fetch it please?”

“No problem,” he left the kitchen and made his way to the Drawing Room, then he entered the passageway that lead to the steep staircase that took him to the cellar.

Once in the room, his body gave an involuntary shudder. Even as a boy he’d never liked the cellar. Something about this room gave him the creeps. Retrieving the wine and turning to leave, he shuddered again; his eyes closed, and was taken by surprise when his father spoke.

“This room makes me shudder as well.”

“Father,” he walked to the man who raised his, who put his hand on his shoulder. “I didn’t hear you come down.”

“I can still see them. All of them, in this room.”

Scorpius didn’t know what his father was talking about, but every so often his father would share things with him for unknown reasons, and this seemed one of those times, so he remained silent.

“A goblin, Ollivander, Dean Thomas, Luna Lovegood, Potter and Weasley; they were all here in this room. Bella sent me to get the goblin. She was interrogating Granger,” he said Mrs. Weasley’s maiden name with a scornfully sad tone. “She wanted the goblin to confirm the Mudblood’s story.”

He paused and looked at his son, his eyes showing something Scorpius had never seen in them before. Remorse.

“I got him. The goblin. They wanted me to say it was Harry Potter, but I wouldn’t. I couldn’t. I was so disgusted with my family. I stood by and watched Bella torture Hermione Granger; watched the Curse send pain coursing through her body. I heard her promise to give Granger to the werewolf, Greyback. I was injured when the Chandelier fell and Potter forcibly removed my own wand and two others from my hands. I was a coward. A helpless coward,” he hung his head and only met his son’s eyes after a long moment. “Scorpius, I’m not proud of those things, but I thought you should know. I thought you should know before you get too close to Hugo Weasley what my Aunt did to his mother. That I was a part of that; I want you to know that they were here, captured and we would have gladly handed them over to the Dark Lord. I just want you to know before you get in too deep what it will mean to be friends with a Weasley. He might let you in, but they never will. His parents will never be alright with his being friends with you.”

With that his father turned and left, his shoulders slumped. All Scorpius could do was watch him walk away, his mind racing with what he’d just learned.


Sorry to end the chapter abruptly, but I was going for the shock factor on Scorpius' part. What do you think about Draco's revelation?

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Re: Accidentally In Love

I'm sorry for the delay on this post. Writing Quidditch gave me a lot of trouble. I'm still not super happy with it, but I needed to just post it! Thanks so much to all who left feedback---you ROCK and I appreciate it!

Chapter Twenty-Three

“Now entering the Pitch, the Gryffindor Lyons led by seventh year Quidditch veteran Jase Finnigan!”

The commentator, Julianne Tower, a Hufflepuff seventh year said excitedly into the microphone. The stands were buzzing, the entire school on pins and needles to see who the victor would be. It had been a long week, and students and teachers alike were ready for this particular match to be decided and over with.

“Finnigan has assembled a team of players who shine even through this cloudy weather! He’s got not one, but two Weasleys! At Keeper, Hugo Weasley and at Seeker, Roxanne Weasley will be counting on beaters Liam Peakes and Mark Savage to keep the bludgers out of their way. Hoping to keep the Quaffle in their hands are Chasers Jase Finnigan, Landon Green, and Dorianne Grady.”

The Gryffindors landed on the Pitch, none of them smiling. Jase had instructed them to look as intimidating as possible, so smiles were not permitted. Hugo looked especially menacing, his eyes slanted in a glare as Ravenclaw took to the air.

“We now have the Ravenclaw Eagles entering the Pitch! Captain Harper Fawcett has brought together a team that fly as good as any I’ve seen in my seven years, and she is proud to Seek for this squad! Chasing the Quaffle are Samantha Williams, Peony Branson, and Jeremy Patterson. Watching their backs and battling with bludgers are beaters Tom Bradley and Jed Cornfoot. Finally, Keeper Richard Corner will fight to keep the Quaffles from his rings!”

There were boos and cheers alike. The school seemed to be evenly divided today, some cheering for Gryffindor and some for Ravenclaw. Lily sat nervously in the stands between Mike and Dana. She had wondered who Dana would support today, but her friend was decked out in her Gryffindor best, complete with a lion painted on her cheek.

The captains were shaking hands, both shooting daggers at the other. The teams had been told explicitly by their heads of house (Professors Davies and Lupin, filling in for Longbottom while he was away), to keep away from one another in the week leading up to the match. For the most part they had, but there had been a few incidents in classes that couldn’t be proven one way or another. Harper Fawcett had ended up in the hospital wing when she ate a ton-ton toffee in Transfiguration and her tongue kept on growing and growing. An irate Professor McGonagall (who had muttered under her breath that these types of stunts were why she had handed the Head of House responsibilities to Professor Longbottom two years ago) had easily stopped the jinx, but sent her to see Madam Pomfrey because Harper had bitten her tongue pretty badly whilst it was growing. Roxy had been caught in the air by her ankle on Wednesday in front of her Charms class, but no one could pinpoint who had cast the non-verbal curse. Professor Davies had threatened his house with testing each wand for its last spell when she had been released, falling with a thump on the floor. In the distraction of her landing, Richard Corner then ended up in the air and, losing his patience, Davies dismissed the class in anger and assigned them two rolls of parchment on cause and effect of the Confundus Charm.

The tension was palpable in the Pitch.

“The Quaffle is released! Madam Hooch will be the referee today and she is also in the air. Green has the Quaffle and is flying in haphazard fashion in the direction of Corner, who is ready and alert. Close, but not quite for Green as Corner easily saves the goal! Patterson now with the Quaffle is flying at top speed to the Gryffindor Posts! He shoots, but no! Weasley has saved the Quaffle!”

The Gryffindors broke into a loud chorus of “Weasley is our King”, a tune Al Potter had learned from his parents and had taught the house the year Hugo was made Keeper. Lily grinned at Dana, who was singing the song with as much heart as any of them, her eyes on said king.

“Finnigan with the Quaffle, but a bludger has thrown him off course! A nicely timed bludger by Cornfoot prevented Finnigan from reaching the goals, but wait! Here is he is, flanked on either side by Green and Grady! Now Grady with the Quaffle, now Green, now Finnigan! They’re merely tossing it amongst themselves! Another bludger was coming their way, but it’s blocked by Peakes and they continue toward the goal.”

Scorpius watched them fly and was proud of their hard work. He had tried to focus each team he helped on their strengths, and for Gryffindor, their strength lay heavily on the talent of their Chasers and Keeper. Their Seeker was good, but inexperienced, and their beaters had their moments, but were nothing to write home about. He knew they had been practicing that formation, working together in a line, passing the Quaffle to keep the Keeper guessing. It worked. He gave a small fist pump when he heard the ring of the goal, the roar from the Lions fans.

“Gryffindor scores! Amazing flying from all three chasers!”

They high fived, then flew upward as a Ravenclaw chaser took possession of the Quaffle, his eyes on Hugo. Hugh was ready and waiting, but at the last minute the chaser swerved and he would have saved the goal had a bludger not come careening for him at the same moment. He ducked, the bludger barely missing his head, and the bell rang out again, this time to Ravenclaw cheers.

“The score is tied, 10-10 in this grudge match between the two Keepers!”

Hugo’s eyes narrowed at this assessment of the game. Part of Gryffindor’s strategy was to have high scoring games. Jase determined it would give them the biggest chance of coming out in the lead in standings, since Slytherin’s Seeker was easily the best in the school and usually caught the Snitch quickly. Unless the other Seeker was going for the Snitch, he wanted Gryffindor to be at least to 150 points in goals before Roxy went for the Snitch. It was a dangerous strategy, but one that would give Gryffindor the best chance of keeping ahead in points. Hugo kicked the Quaffle out of his way and into Landon’s hands, his friend grinning as he shot upward at a high speed.

“Green seems to be confunded as he flies upward into the sky and not in the direction of the opponent’s goals!”

Landon wasn’t confunded, and Scorpius gave another fist pump. He and Landon had worked on that flying motion and Landon had been extremely excited about it. He was such a good flier, better than most students at the school, and the control he had over his broom was astounding. Scorpius watched him lower his body to the handle of the broom, the Quaffle clutched closely to his left side. Looking around the pitch, Scorpius smiled when he saw Jase and Dorianne both flying toward the goals also, unobserved by many because Landon’s straight shot to the clouds was taking most of the attention.

“Green is now plummeting toward the earth! Has he lost control of his broom?” The crowd gave a gasp, but Lily, who knew how well Landon flew, wasn’t worried. Hugo had told her at breakfast that Scorpius had taught them some tricks they would be utilizing today and for her not to worry if things seemed strange. Before Julianne could even get the words out, Landon had shot back up, every eye in the Pitch on him, and with flourish he raised his right hand, aiming for the goal, but as Richard moved toward the right goal, Landon changed position slightly and whipped his left arm up, holding onto his broom with his knees and with force threw the Quaffle through not the right hoop as he led everyone to believe, but through the left. Richard tried to recover, but Landon’s throw was too fast and before anyone could blink the bell had rung not once, not twice, but three times for Gryffindor.

“I can’t believe it!” Julianne screamed. “Green scores in an amazing deception of the Ravenclaw Keeper, and Grady was waiting just under the left hoop, caught the Quaffle and scored again with an amazing throw through the right hoop! Awaiting the Quaffle on the other side was Finnigan, who caught it and put it back through before Corner could even get back!”

The Gryffidors were on their feet, cheering for their team. Lily and Dana jumped up and down while Mike high-fived the seventh year guys sitting behind them.

“Snitch siting!” Julianne yelled into the microphone, her hand pointing to the far right of the Pitch were sure enough, both Seekers were in pursuit. Scorpius shook his head, wishing Gryffindor could have reached their 150 point goal before the Snitch was caught, but glad Roxy was going for it. He couldn’t help holding his breath as he watched both girls chasing after that little golden flutter. The snitch abruptly changed course, and was now flying toward Hugo, who would have to move out of the way if it kept to the direction it was flying. From the corner of his eye Scorpius saw it a split second before it happened.

Bradley, one of the Ravenclaw beaters, sent a Bludger flying hard and fast, straight at Roxy, unbeknownst to her. Her focus was solely on the Snitch, and the Bludger was headed straight for her. If it made contact with her broom it would hit directly behind her, most likely knocking her off in surprise. She would fall at least 15 feet.

Hugo, seeing this as well, made a decision that had almost nothing to do with winning the match, and everything to do with saving his cousin from a fall that could truly hurt her. Lowering himself to his broom, he took off fast toward Roxy. The spectators saw him and there was no groan from them as Ravenclaw scored twice in a row with the Keeper not at his post. Jase, catching the Quaffle, stopped midair, Landon coming up beside him and both watch with baited breath as Hugo flew himself in the path of the bludger and it hit him, not Roxy.

The force of the bludger shunted Hugo’s broom forward quickly, him holding on tight, body low. He wouldn’t fall, he had braced himself before the connection was made, but his broom knocked into Fawcett, the Ravcenclaw Seeker, and she fell, one hand gripping the handle of her broom. Roxy, who had just closed her fist around the Snitch, looked around, and seeing the commotion, flew back and she and Hugo helped Fawcett back onto her broom.

“Thanks,” Harper Fawcett smiled ruefully, “nice catch.” Roxy looked down at her hand, then her eyes met Hugo’s and in a delayed reaction she held the Snitch up for all to see and the crowd went wild. Gryffindor House was screaming and Ravenclaw House was groaning all mixed in together made for one loud buzz from the stands.

The other Gryffindor players circled Roxy and Hugo, who were hugging.

“We did it!” Dorianne cried, “Excellent catch Roxy!”

“I can’t believe you left the posts!” Jase was yelling at Hugo, although was grinning. “Brilliant team work you two!”

As they landed in a clump, Roxy felt herself being hugged by a lot of unfamiliar arms, until she finally felt herself being hugged by Mike, then Lily and Dana. Scorpius arrived along with Teddy, who both gave her a high five and Professor Longbottom, just back from his Honeymoon, put one hand on her shoulder and one hand on Hugo’s.

“Great playing you two; you’ve definitely got the Weasley Quidditch gene.”

Hugo grinned at his Professor and family friend and turned as he felt a hand on his shoulder. Dana stood there, grinning at him as if there had never been an argument, and for a moment, he forgot there had been. He gripped her waist, holding her close and she threw her arms around his neck. Laughing, he saw Corner glaring at him across the pitch and he remembered that he was holding Corner’s girlfriend in his arms. Putting her down, he wanted to walk away, but her appearance stopped him. She was dressed head to toe in Gryffindor colors, her face painted and her eyes shining from their win. He glanced back up at Corner and knew that their relationship wasn’t going to last much longer, and not caring, he kissed her cheek.

“Thanks for cheering for me, Dana.”

“You’re welcome, Hugh,” she grinned and moved aside for Lily to hug her cousin. With a happy heart, Hugo linked arms through his cousin’s and together the Gryffindor’s left the Pitch, ready for the celebration awaiting them in the Common Room.

Whew! I know this was a bit shorter than usual, but I was spent after writing the game. I had a second part of this chapter planned, but I'm just going to make it into the next chapter instead. I'll try and get it posted later this week if I can, but I'm not making any promises! I hope you enjoyed the Match!

I would love to know what you thought---thanks for reading!

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Re: Accidentally In Love

Here is the next chapter...a bit earlier than normal. Thanks for reading and to MissGryffindor, marauderfan, PotterGirl654, and HogwartsWizard for leaving feedback. I really appreciate it!

Chapter Twenty-Four

The game was over and the party was on. Gryffindor tower was alive with cheers and toasts, students being hoisted in the air by their ankle in fun, laughter abounding at the defeat of Ravenclaw. Hugo was in his element, loving every gloating moment of the victory.

Only one student seemed to not be enjoying herself, and her best friend noticed. Lily didn’t like that Dana had chosen to go out with Richard, but she still loved her friend, of course. Dana had shocked them all when she joined in the giant on-the-Pitch group hug that commenced when Roxy caught the Snitch, and she truly seemed happy that her House had won the match. Lily eyed her downcast expression and looked in the direction she was gazing so unhappily.


“I’ve really got to go,” Hugo was grinning at his house as there were protests among his apparent fans. He had played well and probably deserved to be adored for the moment. Lily smiled in spite of the twinge of annoyance that this adoration would only make him harder to get along with for at least a fortnight. “…I’ve got detention,” he was saying. Without missing a beat, he handed off his cup to Mike and bowed dramatically to loud cheers and whistles. “I bid you all goodbye!”

He waved at her directly before leaving the room and she smiled at her cousin. As soon as he was gone she headed to Dana, who was still watching where the red-haired Keeper had left the room.

“Hi Dana,” Lily greeted her friend.

“Hi Lily,” she tore her eyes away from the Portrait hole that had swung closed behind Hugo.

“Why so sad Dana?” With Dana, Lily usually waited for her friend to come to her with her problems because that was how Dana dealt with her emotions. Today however, Lily decided to go straight to the heart of the problem, because she was tired of the feud going on with her cousin and best friend. Dana looked surprised by the question, and for a moment Lily thought she wasn’t going to answer, but then Dana looked at her hands and whispered.

“I didn’t smell just sweat in the Amorentia.”

“Sorry?” Lily’s eyebrows knitted together in confusion.

“It was just any sweat,” Dana’s eyes met Lily’s and she looked sadder than Lily could ever remember. “It was Hugo’s sweat that I smelled. I know, I know,” she held her hands up defensively, “it’s really gross, but today when he hugged me after the match I realized.”

Lily wasn’t quite sure what to say. She knew Dana had feelings for Hugo, but she hadn’t thought about what her friend had smelled in a long time.

“Okay,” Lily drug out the words, “how do you feel about that?”

“I don’t know,” Dana tried to say nonchalantly, but she wasn’t fooling Lily.

“Yes you do.”

“You’re right,” their eyes met again, “I knew I had feelings for Hugo, but I had no idea it went that far. I mean, until I smelled him I didn’t really believe in all that, but once I recognized his scent from the Potion, it was like something else took over and my heart started pounding and my stomach was in knots.”

Lily smiled, “Sounds about right.”

“So you felt something similar, when you realized about the pickles?” Lily appreciated Dana not naming names, in case anyone was eavesdropping.

“Yes, definitely.”

“Wow,” Dana looked at her hands, “I don’t quite know what to make of everything.” She looked up, her blue eyes clouded with confusion and uncertainty. “I’ve really screwed everything up, haven’t I?”

Lily couldn’t help but laugh, “Maybe a bit.”

“Lily what am I going to do?”

Lily looked away, contemplating what to say. She had thought about the situation a lot because these were two people she deeply cared about. She wanted them talking again, but she had to be honest with Dana, so taking a deep breath, she gave her best friend the best advice she could.

“First of all, break up with Richard Corner. Why you ever started dating him is beyond me,” she had never said such a thing to Dana and her friend looked slightly taken aback, but nodded after a few seconds. “Second of all, apologize to Hugo, but keep it simple. When he apologizes to you, accept it without rehashing anything, and lastly, don’t try and rush into a relationship with him. Just try and be friends again.”

After several minutes of staring off into the distance, Dana nodded again, looking sad.

“You really think we should just be friends?”

“For now,” Lily said kindly, “I may not know much about dating and relationships, but I do know both you and Hugo. After all the rubbish that has gone on the last month, you need to be friends again before you can be anything else.”

“Thanks Lily,” Dana smiled and looked around at the party still going on around them. “Where have Roxy and Mike gotten to?” Lily laughed.

“Oh, probably just snogging in a corner somewhere,” Dana joined her laughter and the girls helped themselves to some butterbeer just as Landon and Jase started another round of Gryffindor cheers. Their eyes bright, Lily was certain there was something much stronger than butterbeer in their cups. With a shake of her head, she joined in chanting about the “Great Gryffindor Lions.”

Sunday afternoon Scorpius was in his room, writing home to his parents. He had given a lot of thought to what his father had said on Halloween over the last week, and finally felt he could write to them. When he had left that night, all he could think of was how much he wished his father had made different choices. The same thoughts he always had. He sighed and signed the letter, which was informing them that he planning to spend the Christmas Holidays at Hogwarts and would only be home for their actual Christmas dinner. He knew his mother would be upset, but he didn’t know what to say or how to act around his father now. He knew more would be said eventually, but he also knew with his grandparents present nothing would be brought up, and so for that reason alone he decided to go for that meal only.

You’re a coward. A little voice that sounded a lot like his father nagged him. How can you blame Father for all he did, think of him as a coward when you’re just as cowardly?

He shook his head, trying to physically shake the thoughts from his mind. In truth, he did feel cowardly about talking to his father in more detail about what happened during the war. Draco Malfoy had never opened up to his son about that time in his life. What Scorpius knew he had learned from his mother, books, or other people who unwittingly gave him tidbits of information. When he learned what had happened, he felt embarrassed and angry with his father and was glad when the time came for him to leave for school. He had needed distance from the man he thought he knew and the man who was in actuality his father.

At the time, only eleven years old, Scorpius had felt betrayed. He thought he didn’t know his father at all, and the thought pained him even then. Time and maturity helped Scorpius understand that the past didn’t change who his father was to him, not really at least. Draco had loved him unconditionally, and Scorpius knew that his father had kept so much from him to protect him. He didn’t doubt there was a slight ulterior motive of his father not wanting to relive that time in any form or fashion that also kept him from sharing with his son, but he knew his father loved him and wanted the best for him. He couldn’t deny that. He knew Draco Malfoy thought his only son working at Hogwarts was beneath him and yet he hadn’t tried to keep him from the job.

Over the week, Scorpius had realized that his father was younger than he was now when he made the decisions he did about following Voldemort. He must have felt backed into a corner and under a pressure Scorpius had to admit he couldn’t even fathom. He didn’t give his entire allegiance to Voldemort. Why else would he have not told them exactly who they had? But he hadn’t. He hadn’t; and there was something there. A small light of hope Scorpius had never dreamed of knowing about his father. He knew he felt some remorse for his actions, and that one concrete fact gave Scorpius hope that maybe, just maybe, the man he had long since written off as a coward was actually much braver than anyone gave him credit for.

All these thoughts and more were still jumbling around in his head, and unless he figured out exactly what he wanted to say to his father, he couldn’t stay at his parent’s home. He would talk to his father though, and they would sort this out, but for the time being, Scorpius needed time to shift through his thoughts and emotions. He waved his owl from the top of the Owlery, and giving him a treat, sent the bird with his letter home. He was distracted as he left the Tower, and was only pulled from his reverie at the sound of arguing voices. He stopped, backed up and looked around the corner in the direction of the entrance to Ravenclaw Tower. His stomach tightened in anger when he saw Richard Corner with his wand drawn on Dana Jemison.

Enough is enough. He thought and took a deep breath and rounded the corner.

“…you stupid little *****, you looked like Godric Gryffindor threw up on you! You’re supposed to be my girlfriend!”

“I may have been your girlfriend, but I’m a Gryffindor! What did you expect, me to support Ravenclaw over my own house?” Dana screamed at him, her own wand drawn. Scorpius was proud of her for not backing down. He slowed his pace since they hadn’t seen him yet and he felt he would quite like to see her give Richard what for. If she needed him though, he would intervene.

“May have been my girlfriend?” Richard spat at her. “What does that mean, you’re not now?”

“You’re not as daft as you look,” she spat right back and took a menacing step toward him; her wand poked him in the chest. “We’re through Richard. I don’t even know why I dated you in the first place,” she started to walk away, but he grabbed her arm roughly and pulled her back until his nose was touching hers. Scorpius gripped his wand, ready to hex the little prat if he needed to.

“You know exactly why you dated me,” he hissed at her demeaning, “for the same reason I dated you. To p*ss off Weasley.”

Dana jerked her arm from his grasp and Scorpius could read on her face that his words stung. Scorpius wasn’t sure if she was upset because Richard was right, or if she was upset because she thought he actually had feelings for her.

“So, he was right then,” she said bitterly. “You only went out with me to get to him.”

“Sure,” Richard shrugged, uncaring, “what, did you think I actually liked you?” He laughed mirthlessly at her hurt expression.

Scorpius knew then that regardless of how she felt about Hugo, Dana had thought Richard actually liked her and finding out otherwise was hurting her. He was slightly aware of the sound of hurried footsteps coming from somewhere a few corridors away, but he ignored them, his eyes watching the two arguing teenagers. He began to walk again, knowing he needed to break it up before someone got hurt more than just emotionally.

“Although, I have to admit, I never imagined you would be so forthcoming with all the snogging,” he raised his eyebrows suggestively and laughed again at the pained look on her face. “Bet you’ve never kissed Weasley like that,” then he grabbed her again and shoved his mouth against hers in a forceful and angry kiss. That was enough.

“Oi! Corner!” Scorpius, momentarily forgetting he was a staff member and technically shouldn’t curse a student, pointed his wand and shouted, “Tarantallegra!”

Richard’s legs started dancing around uncontrollably, and after a second of shock, Dana started giggling and looked at her rescuer with a look Scorpius couldn’t identify, but he didn’t care.

“How dare you, you little maggot!” He was upon them now, and he was angry. This insolent boy was making Lily’s best friend miserable and suggesting that the girl Hugo loved was a *****. He wouldn’t stand for it. In the back of his mind in that moment, he knew his father’s warning was futile. He was in way too deep, his feelings much too real and profound for it to matter if Hugo’s parents liked him or not.

“Malfoy!” Richard spat.

“That’s Mr. Malfoy to you,” he seemed to come to his senses and remember his place in the school and with a wave of his wand, Richard’s legs stood still again. The boy pulled his wand, but Scorpius only laughed. “You’re going to curse me? Go ahead. You’ll be in detention for the rest of term if you do.”

Richard seemed to contemplate this and decided against cursing a staff member. He glared at Scorpius though, his eyes blazing a hatred that had formerly been reserved for one person: Hugo. The two regarded each other until Scorpius turned to Dana.

“Are you alright Miss Jemison?”

“Yes, Mr. Malfoy,” she said quietly, her earlier giggling gone. Scorpius felt it odd to hear her address him so formally. He felt as though she should be his friend, as he was friends with her Gryffindor classmates. In actuality though, the two of them weren’t friends and he didn’t know why but that also bothered him.

“You can’t curse a student you know,” Richard said haughtily, bringing the attention back to him.

“I think the circumstances were extenuating,” Scorpius shrugged, unconcerned. “You were assaulting this young lady,” he pointed at Dana, but his mind wandered to Lily and what he would do if some bloke ever treated her that way. “I will not have you treat any young lady that way.”

“It’s not as if we haven’t kissed before, right Dana?” His expression dared her to contradict him.

“We have kissed before, Corner,” she said his name the way Hugo always did and Scorpius had to suppress a smile. “But never, ever again.”

“Besides, you kissed her without her consent and that is just not acceptable,” he stepped a few paces toward Richard and smiled in a purposely cruel way.

“What are you so upset about? Because she’s Weasley’s precious girl and you’re his new best friend?”

Scorpius was surprised at the audacity of the young Ravenclaw and for a moment he just stood there, shocked at the way he was behaving. In all likelihood, Richard didn’t view Scorpius as any one more than a glorified Head Boy and found little fear in being disrespectful. His wand hand twitching, he felt a powerful urge to show him exactly how much respect he deserved, but the practical side of his brain caught up to him and he simply took a deep breath.

“Miss Jemison’s relationship to other students is no concern of mine,” he took another deep breath in effort to hide the fact that was an outright lie. “However, I am concerned that I found you all alone in this corridor, wands drawn. The argument then proceeded to an uncalled for assault on her personal space and, frankly, hygiene,” didn’t know where the cheekiness was coming from, but he had to admit he didn’t mind it. “I’m afraid I’ll have to give you detention.”

“What? Then you’ll have to give her detention as well, she also had her wand drawn!”

“You’re correct,” Scorpius sighed, but knew Richard was right. He couldn’t be that blatant in showing favoritism. His favoritism had very little to do with liking Dana or her house, but with how much he disliked Richard Corner. “Miss Jemison, you will serve detention Monday evening. I will tell you time and location in class that afternoon. Mr. Corner,” his eyes narrowed, “if I remember correctly, you are already serving a month of detention every day except Sundays, correct?”

“Yes,” Richard mumbled.

“Very well, then you will serve detention tonight in the dungeons. Professor Timmons and I have some cauldrons that are in need of thorough cleaning. I will meet you there following dinner. You will also serve detention a week from now. I will determine time and place and let you know later this week.”

“Why do I get two detentions?” Richard cried indignantly.

“Because you forced her to kiss you.”

“This is rubbish,” he barely got the words out before he found himself dangling upside down by his ankle. Scorpius came and stood under him.

“The only rubbish at the moment is you, Mr. Corner,” he waved his wand and Richard fell with a thump on the floor. “Now, get in your Common Room and stay there until dinner.”

With a glare but without a word, Richard turned on Scorpius and Dana and stomped toward the entrance to his Common Room.

“Thanks Mr. Malfoy,” Dana whispered and smiled.

“You’re welcome, Miss Jemison,” he contemplated her for a moment. “I have to say, I hate that I’ve had to give you detention twice for circumstances that involve Mr. Corner.”

She nodded and looked at the floor.

“Just stay away from him,” his tone took on a brotherly tone of admonition but he smiled at her when she raised her eyes to meet his. “He’s not worth the trouble he’s caused.”

She only nodded again, but Scorpius felt certain she understood exactly what he meant. He hoped she would tell Hugo soon that things were over with Richard. He wanted happiness for his friend and he felt this girl was somehow at the center of that.

“Go on, you don’t have long before dinner,” he smiled at her again and she returned it, then walked away toward Gryffindor Tower.

"Oh, and Dana?" She turned, surprised.


"Just call me Scorpius."

Thanks for reading! I would love to know your thoughts!

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Re: Accidentally In Love

Hello, hello! Here is the next chapter. Things are beginning to heat up now! I hope you enjoy! Thank you so much to all who left feedback!

Chapter Twenty-Five

It had been a fortnight since Gryffindor defeated Ravenclaw and Lily had been right. Hugo had enjoyed strutting around the school in victory. Lily knew if it weren’t for his making up with Dana he would have been snogging all the girls who seemed more than willing, and there were several. He and Dana had made up, however, and even though things were a bit awkward, they were both trying to find their friendship again. Lily was relieved when Dana took her advice and didn’t try to rush into anything, and she wanted to snog Scorpius senseless for telling Hugo the same thing. It was Mike, not Hugo, who had shared this with Lily; that in a conversation between Hugo, Mike, and Scorpius, the latter had advised Hugo to take things slowly with Dana for the time being.

Of course, you’d snog Scoripus senseless for the pure fun of doing so, she thought as she walked to dinner alongside Dana and Roxy, who were discussing the essay they had to write for Care of Magical Creatures, a class Lily didn’t take so she had tuned them out. Her mind was often wandering to scenarios that put her in an empty classroom with Scorpius and how he would declare is undying love for her. It was silly really and she wasn’t quite sure where such thoughts were coming from. She had never been kissed, and although she had thought about her first kiss before, it was never with a grey-eyed blonde. No, that particular part of the fantasy was new and Lily still wasn’t quite sure what to do with it.

As the friends descended the staircase and made for the Great Hall, Lily looked around and her heart gave a leap. The same blonde man (he was no boy) was standing just outside the door, talking with Professor Vines, both smiling broadly. Just that morning Slytherin had defeated Hufflepuff in the second Quidditch match of the season, and Scorpius and Vines both seemed chuffed about the success of their house. She watched from under her lashes as her Ancient Runes Professor clapped Scorpius on the back, both men laughed and the older of the two left in the direction of the Slytherin Common room. Scorpius noticed the girls and waited for them, holding the door to the Great Hall open for them with a smile.

“Vines happy with the victory then?” Roxy said with a slight tone of sarcasm to her voice.

“Sure is,” Scorpius grinned, “he’s just gone to see if he can convince them to give up their party and come to dinner.”

“Doubtful,” this time Roxy grinned, “I know we all skipped dinner and still stayed up until the wee hours of the morning!”

“I’ve just come from the party, and I doubt they’ll be joining us,” he was still grinning as they approached the Gryffindor table.

“You went to their party?” Lily asked while her stomach dropped when he looked her right in the eyes.

“I did, Flint invited me since I helped them practice and since it’s my former house and all,” he chuckled. “I think he really just wanted me to get Firewhiskey for them.”

“Did you?” Lily asked, incredulous.

“Well, no,” Scorpius laughed, “I didn’t give him any for the party…” he blushed and trailed off, his lips forming a sheepish smile.

“You just gave him some for after the first years go to bed, didn’t you?” Roxy laughed.

“No comment,” he winked at the girls and turned toward the staff table.

The girls also laughed and began eating, Lily shooting looks at Scorpius throughout the entire meal. More than once she blushed when she found him also looking at her. She found that he looked and smiled at her a lot and the thought gave her a thrill.

She frowned when Harper Fawcett approached the staff table and struck up a conversation with him. Her stance made her intentions clear: she was interested in him and wanted him to know it. She watched as Harper touched his arm. Looking to his left, Lily noticed Professor Longbottom had his head turned toward Professor Davies and the two were talking animatedly. She doubted Harper would be so flirty if two of her Professors were paying attention.

Harper tossed her long hair behind her and leaned on the staff table with both elbows, her face as close to his as she could manage with a table between them. Lily felt her blood rushing to her face in a blush of anger. Without thinking she pushed away from the table and left without a word to Roxy or Dana. She heard both girls and Hugo calling to her, but she kept walking, her feet and heart wanting to be as far away from Scorpius and the flirty Ravenclaw as she could be.

Once in the Entry Way, she stopped short and leaned against the wall by the broom closet. Running a hand through her hair, she sighed.

What in the name of Gryffindor has gotten into me?

When she found out he had stood up to Richard Corner for Dana her feelings for him had become even more prominent. She knew she was falling for him fast, and with him working for the school their situation was wrought with complications. She didn’t know if he had feelings for her, but she suspected he might because he spent a lot of time with the Gryffindors and he seemed to pay her extra attention. She had seen other girls flirting with him, but something about Harper made her more upset than with any of the others. Harper was a truly beautiful girl, she was closer to his age, and she loved Quidditch. Lily, while she didn’t hate the sport, she could take it or leave it, which was a notch against her in regard to Scorpius.

All that and their families were known to dislike one another. She had no business feeling the way she did for him, or being jealous of another girl, but she was. There was no point in denying it. She felt, admittedly without purpose that she had a small claim over his affections and she felt had she remained in the Great Hall one more minute she would have very publically made her feelings known by using a curse her mother was famous for. She could feel her hand practically itching to reach for her wand.

Shaking her head in frustration with herself, she stood rooted to the spot for a few moments, and then turned toward the stairs.

Lily had gotten up abruptly and left, and he wanted to know why. Harper was still going on about how she now wanted him to help with Ravenclaw’s team and that she never should have listened to Richard Corner and just asked him in the first place.

“Excuse me Miss Fawcett, but I’m going to have to discuss this with you later,” Scorpius didn’t even make eye contact with her, just rose from his seat. Once he reached the Gryffindor table, he looked at Hugo, who had sat down just before Lily left. “What’s wrong with Lily?”

“I don’t know, she just got up and practically ran out of here,” he shrugged and gave Scorpius a strange look which he didn’t take the time to dwell on at the moment. He looked at Dana, she had a knowing smile on her face, and then to Roxy who had her eyebrows raised at him. Hugo made to rise, but Scorpius put a hand on his shoulder.

“I’ll check on her,” and in his distraction of wanting to know she was alright he failed to see the looks being shared by the Gryffindor sixth years and the dawning of comprehension lighting Hugo’s eyes.

Once out of the Great Hall, he spotted her just beginning up the stairs.


She turned, her face surprised and a bright blush crept up from her neck. He smiled. He loved to see her blush. It gave him a sense that something more was going on between them and he cherished the thought that one day they might be more than friends.

“I saw you leave, are you alright?” He reached out and touched her arm gently.

“I’m fine,” she said to her shoes. He frowned. She seemed to not want to meet his eyes.

“Lily?” He put a finger under her chin and lifted her face until their eyes met. The action felt extremely intimate and he was glad they were alone in the Entry Way.

“It’s nothing,” she whispered.

“If something upset you, it’s not nothing,” he said taking a step toward her. She stared into his eyes for several seconds then crossed her arms across her chest as if protecting her heart.

“What did Harper want?”

“Is this about her?” The look on Lily’s face and the way she bolted from the hall confirmed something Scorpius had been suspecting since the wedding: she also had feelings for him. He guessed it was more a crush for her than anything else, but if he ever had the chance, he would show her he was worth more than just crushing on.

“She seemed awfully flirty with you,” Lily shrugged and looked at her feet again. “There’s a Hogsmeade visit coming up, you could take her,” she had the tone of someone trying to sound indifferent but failing miserably.

“I’m not taking her to Hogsmeade,” he said quietly and took her hand. He knew it was bold, but he had to reassure her. The look of pain mixed with anger and embarrassment on her face was both adorable and heartbreaking for him. “Lily?”

“Yes?” She met his eyes as he moved his hand to interlock their fingers together. He took a step closer. He resisted the urge to brush her hair out of her eyes and stroke her cheek.

“When is your birthday?” She looked confused but didn’t move away from him and smiled.

“June 14th; why?”

“June 14th,” he whispered and smiled at her, “I’ll let you know why on that exact day,” he squeezed her hand and let go. “Are you going to your Common Room, then?”


“See you tomorrow.”

“Yes, see you then,” with another smile she turned around and left. He had a feeling she knew he was watching her walk away, but he didn’t care and he smiled to himself when she went round the corner.

“What the bloody hell was that all about?”

The tense voice behind him made his heart stop for a moment. He had known this day would come eventually, that he would find out, but now did not seem the opportune moment. Turning slowly he found himself facing not only Hugo, but Roxy, Mike, and Dana, the girls looking nervous, Mike confused, and Hugo a mix of baffled and annoyed.

“What do you mean?” Scorpius hoped his voice sounded innocent.

“I mean, it looked like you and Lily were getting pretty friendly just now.”

“I was just asking her what was wrong.”

“Why do you care what’s wrong with her?”

“Hugh,” he approached the four students, making eye contact with Roxy and Dana, who both seemed to be trying to send him unspoken messages.

I wish I knew Legilimancy. Right now he could use some advice from Lily’s friends, who both appeared nervous, but not about Scorpius, but Hugo. Both girls kept looking at him, then at each other, then at Scorpius and he now had no doubt of Lily’s feelings. She felt something more than friendship for him and her two best friends were afraid Hugo would ruin it in this moment with his big mouth and bigger temper. Taking a deep breath, Scorpius looked at Hugo.

“I care about all of you,” he gave his head a nod.

“Hugh, it’s not a big deal,” Roxy shrugged, “they were just talking.”

“It looked like more than talking, they were holding hands.”

“Let it go Hugh,” Dana took his arm, which he shrugged from her grasp.

“Dana, this is Lily we’re talking about. You know, your best friend who never dates?”

“They’re not dating Hugh,” Mike spoke up and Scorpius was pretty sure Roxy had been communicating with him silently for the last minute.

“I can’t date her, I’m on the staff,” Scorpius used his calmest, most reassuring voice.

“But you would if you could, wouldn’t you?” For how daft Hugo had been about the whole Dana situation, he was incredibly quick on the uptake now.

Scorpius thought about how to answer. He didn’t want to lie and if he had any real hope of a relationship with Lily once she was of age he knew he was going to need Hugo’s blessing. He made eye contact with the over-protective cousin.

“Yes,” he said quietly. The looks of absolute excitement on the girl’s faces were enough to make him want to quit his job then and there, but he forced himself to focus on Hugo.

“Why Malfoy? Why her?”

Scorpius winced at Hugo’s use of his surname.

“I care about her.”

“You barely know her.”

“That’s not fair Hugh,” Roxy spoke up, “we’ve all gotten to know each other this year, including Lily and Scorpius.”

“Do you feel like you’ve gotten to know her?” Hugo cocked his head to the side and Scorpius felt like he might be making headway.

“Yes, but we’re still getting to know each other.”

“Again, why her?”

With a sigh Scorpius looked at the ceiling for a long moment, realizing he was going to have to tell Hugo much more than he would like.

“I smelled her in the Amorentia Hugh.”

The two boys looked thunder struck and the girls looked as though they were holding in squeals. Scorpius knew that piece of information would have a grand effect on these teenagers, whose sixth year had been inundated with change that all started that day in Potions with the powerful love potion. Hugo seemed unable to respond, so Scorpius kept going.

“I didn’t realize who I was smelling until that day in the locker room and you asked me to hold her scarf. It was then I realized it was Lily I had smelled.”

Hugo took a deep breath and blew it out hard.

“I don’t really know what to make of all this. Does she know how you feel?”

“We’ve never discussed it.”

“Does she feel the same way?”

“I don’t know,” he couldn’t help looking at the girls who’s expressions were easy to read. She definitely did. “But, again, nothing is going on between us. I work here and she’s a student here.”

Hugo looked at the ground then around at his friends.

“That doesn’t seem fair either though. If you have feelings for each other, it’s not like you’re a teacher.”

Amazed at the change in attitude, Scorpius gave a relieved smile.

“It’s not appropriate at the moment. If she was of age…” he trailed off.

“She will be in June,” Roxy pointed out quickly.

“I know,” he smiled. “Hugh, are we alright?”

Hugo shrugged, “I suppose.”

“Let’s go find Lily,” Dana said.

They said goodbye and the Gryffindors went up the stairs with a wave. Scorpius felt a little relieved that Hugo knew about his feelings and seemed to at least not be angry. He knew Hugo didn’t know how to feel about the situation, but he had until June to prove he was genuine and that he would never hurt her. Because he wouldn’t; no, he knew he would go to the ends of the earth to make her happy.


Thanks for reading! I love to know your thoughts, so if you have a moment, please head on over to the feedback thread. Thanks!

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Re: Accidentally In Love

Hello, hello and sorry for the delay! I had a very busy week traveling last week for Thanksgiving and just wasn't able to get this posted. I'm sorry it's later than usual. I must say though, this post completely took on a mind of it's own. Harry and Ron were not supposed to be in it, but then they appeared out of nowhere! I like the way it turned out though. I am super, super excited about the post after this one and I am so excited to be at this point in the story! Anyway, sorry for such a long A/N!

Thanks so much to MissGryffindor, HogwartsWizard, James_Potter7, and Zeelee for the lovely feedback on the last post. I appreciate it!

Ok...I'll hush now...

Chapter Twenty-Six

“Morning Lils,” Hugo stretched as he plopped down on the couch opposite her in the Common Room mid-morning one week before the Christmas holidays; the cousins had agreed to work on their star maps for Astronomy. The maps were due Monday night, and neither of them had done much work on them yet. Lily enjoyed that she and Hugo had two classes together, just them. Hugo pulled out his map and a quill with an overly long bright orange feather that always made Lily giggle.

“Morning,” her eyes danced with mirth, “that quill is ridiculous you know.”

“I do,” Hugo laughed, “but that’s only because you don’t know quality school supplies when you see them.”

“If that’s quality, I’ll stick with rubbish, thank you.”

“Have you started without me, then?” Hugo pointed at Lily’s map, which was half completed and lying on her lap.

“You are a half-hour late.”

“Sorry,” Hugo shrugged, “but I was up early with Mike going over possible Christmas gifts for Roxy. Seriously Lils, he’s completely smitten with our cousin.”

“Why wait until this morning?”

“He’s in Hogsmeade, isn’t he?”

“You could have talked last night.”

With a sheepish look Hugo rubbed the back of his neck, his eyes looking anywhere but in hers.

“Hugo Frederick Weasley, what did you do?”

“Nothing,” he grinned, “at least, not yet.”

“Do I want to know what you’re planning?”

“Doubtful,” he grinned. “Come on Lils, don’t worry about it. Let’s finish these maps so we can head to the Village.”

Hugo and Lily had agreed to have a bit of a lie-in, then do their maps, then head into Hogsmeade for the last visit before they left Hogwarts for three weeks. Neither of them had dates, and Dana had agreed to help Roxy shop for Mike and the five sixth years planned to meet for a late lunch at the Hog’s Head.

For the next hour they worked, then laughing together they made their way into the village, only stopping twice to pelt each other with snowballs.

“Feels like old times, eh?” Hugo grinned at his all- time favorite cousin.

“Definitely,” Lily grinned back, “takes me back to Christmas shopping in Diagon Alley with just our mums.”

“Yes, our dear older siblings already off at school learning all about Charms and Potions and there we were, being forced to spend the wintery days running amuck about the Alley.”

“I don’t know how we got away with some of the stuff we did.”

“Come on Lils,” Hugo rolled his eyes, “famous parents and all that.”

Lily laughed, “Maybe, but at the time we just thought we were clever to get away with it.”

“We do have some Uncle George in us both, after all.”

“Yes,” finally reaching the Village, they had a little over an hour before their late lunch plans, so they quickly descended upon the shops. Although they both enjoyed visiting Uncle George, they decided to skip his Hogsmeade branch of WWW when they noticed the line was out the door.

“Christmas is his buisiest time of the year,” Lily said as they offered him a wave from the window. They could easily get anything they needed from him later on, so they stopped in at Scrivenshafts to purchase some stationary for their mums and then headed to The Hog’s Head.

Once inside, the cousins blinked in the dark room, their eyes taking a moment to adjust from the bright, snowy outdoors. Lily shivered and removed her gloves, a smile plastered on her face when she made eye contact with a man behind the counter. He had dark black hair, glasses, and a scar in the shape of a lightning bolt on his head.

“Hi Daddy!” She leaned on the counter and kissed his cheek, Hugo coming up behind her looking around for their friends.

“Hi sweetheart,” Harry reached for and squeezed her hand. “Hello Hugo, glad to see my daughter has good taste in her dates to Hogsmeade, although I must advise against marrying your cousin. You should see some of the records of the Black Family, who had a habit of doing so,” he shuddered. “Not advisable a’ tall.”

“Hi Uncle Harry,” Hugo grinned, “Although probably my favorite person on the planet, I have no plans of marrying Lily, so you don’t have to worry.”

“Good to hear,” Harry winked at the pair of them, “so, having a good day?”

“Yes, got you a gift,” Lily said slyly, “but you’ll have to wait until Christmas.”

“Damn. Are you sure I couldn’t convince you to show me early if I give you free Butterbeer?”

“Harry are you mental? Don’t be giving away free drinks, even to your daughter and my son!” Ron appeared from behind the door leading to the kitchen, laden with a tray of food and drinks. “Neville is trying to turn a profit! Hi you two,” he nodded at his son and niece as he made his way to one of the occupied tables.

Harry and the kids all laughed.

“Why are you here today anyway, Dad?” Lily asked.

“As you know, Aberforth left the place to Neville in his will and Neville and Hannah would love to make another place for the students of Hogwarts to come. So they’re working on reviving the place, hoping to turn a profit eventually. It’s been difficult of course, because the place hasn’t always had the best reputation, not to mention it has required some extensive repairs.”

“Extensive and expensive,” Ron stated, returning with a now empty tray. “So, your dad and I, being the wonderful people we are, have volunteered to help out on days the students are in the Village.”

“We’re the free labor,” Harry shrugged and grinned.

“Yes,” Hannah appeared from the same door Ron and come from, “and it’s a good thing we’re not paying you because you’ve done more talking than working,” she grinned at her two former classmates.

“Can I help it if I’m so famous everyone wants a piece of me?” Ron said indignantly as a group of third years ogled at Harry, who was attempting to take their order. Lily and Hugo laughed.

“Some things never change,” Hugo said. “How about five butterbeers then? We’re meeting Mike, Roxy, and Dana.”

“Coming right up,” Ron made for the kitchen again and Hannah faced the teenagers.

“Bless them both, honestly. Last Hogsmeade visit we only had two customers, Hagrid and George. None of the students want to come around here anymore. It was Hermione’s idea for them to work. She said that people would come just to see Harry, and I have to say, she’s quite right. It’s slower now, being later in the day, but we had quite the lunch rush. Half of them just wanted to stare or get an autograph, but each one ordered at least a drink.”

“Better than nothing,” Hugo smiled, “we’ll pass along that there are famous people working here today. I’ll lie and say it’s Gwenog Jones, that way you’d get a lot of business,” he winked at her and they all laughed.

“Since when is a retired international Quidditch player a better draw than me?” Ron said tetchily. “Next you’ll be telling me my own sister is more famous than I am,” he shook his head and walked away, leaving more laughter in his wake.

Once seated, Hugo and Lily chatted while waiting for their friends, who appeared to be running a bit late. Lily felt her stomach drop when Scorpius walked in, looking gorgeous in his dark black winter cloak, gloves and Slytherin scarf. He shook his head, snow falling from his white-blonde hair. He looked good with his cheeks rosy from the cold and she had to look away to keep from blushing.

“Scorpius!” Leave it to Hugo to draw his attention the moment he entered the Pub. He looked in their direction and his face broke into a grin as he headed for their table.

“Hi you two,” he rubbed his now ungloved hands together and sat across from Lily. “Having a good morning?”

“So far,” Hugo waved to his dad and pointed at Scorpius, asking for another drink. Lily didn’t miss her uncle’s narrowed eyes at the sight of Scorpius, but he added a drink to his tray and made for their table.

“Scorpius, have you met my dad?” Hugo asked as Ron put the bottle on the table.

“I have had the pleasure once before, yes,” he rose and stuck his hand out, which Ron took, unsmiling. “It’s nice to see you again Mr. Weasley.”

“The pleasure is all mine,” Ron said in a tone that suggested just the opposite. “I’ve got to get back, have a fun day.”

Once Ron was gone they chatted about their mornings in general, Scorpius amazed they had remained at the Castle to study that morning.

“It needed to be done,” Hugo shrugged. Hugo cared very, very deeply about his grades and making top scores on his exams. He was like his mother that way, although he hid his studious habits better than she did and many would be shocked if they knew just how much he really cared about Academics.

The door jingled and Mike entered, but Hugo stood and motioned him to the counter.

“We’ll just order the food from up there. What do you want Lily?”

“I’ll just have the onion soup. Hannah uses Grandmum’s recipe. Oh, and some bread too.”

“Alright,” Hugo looked to Scorpius, “would you like anything?”

“Sure, I’ll take some of that soup,” he smiled at Hugo who nodded and gave him a very pointed look. Lily shook her head. She didn’t know exactly why, but lately Hugo had been finding excuses to leave her alone with Scorpius. She wasn’t complaining, but she had plans to corner him once they were home and find out exactly what that was all about.

“What brings you to The Hog’s Head?” Lily asked.

“Professor Longbottom asked me to check it out. He told me what he and his wife are trying to do and I think it’s a brilliant idea, so I agreed to stop in and show my support.”

“I think it will be nice, don’t you? Hannah really has a knack for running an Inn and Pub.”

“As is evidenced by the huge and continued success of the Leaky Caldron,” Scorpius smiled at her which made her heart beat a fast, irregular rhythm.

“Yes,” she nodded, “my dad and uncle are here helping them today. They’re waiting tables and tending bar for free to help them keep costs down.”

“That’s really nice of them,” Lily saw him reach out for a split second, then stop. She wished he would take her hand again like he did the day they talked outside the Great Hall. That was the moment she used in Charms last week to produce the first corporeal patronus her class had seen. It was a wonderful moment indeed. It did help that her dad had already worked with her on that charm, but she had to think a happy thought nonetheless, and that thought was the happiest she had at the present time.

Just then the door jingled again to reveal Roxy and Dana, both looking cold but excited. The girls joined them at the table, Hugo and Mike coming along soon with hot steamy bowls of soup for everyone. Lily was scooted over to sit directly beside Scorpius and the fact that they looked as though they were on a date wasn’t lost on her. She had a hard time focusing on her lunch that day.

Much later that day, once almost everyone was already in bed, two Gryffindor boys sat in the Common Room plotting.

“I want in on the Christmas prank,” Dana’s voice made both Hugo and Mike jump. They hadn’t seen her walk up, Lily and Roxy right on her heels.

“No way,” Mike shook his head.

“I want in,” she said stubbornly.

“Forget it Dana,” Hugo said, “you don’t even know what we’re doing.”

“I don’t care. I want in. I know you’re going to do something extra to Richard, so, I want in,” her eyes never left Hugo’s, and the two seemed to have a conversation with their eyes. Dana had as much reason to hate Richard as Hugo did, probably a bit more reason, and they all knew it.

“Fine,” Hugo sighed and moved over to make room for the girls to sit.

Lily just sat in front of them, her back to the fireplace. From the angle she sat, Hugo and Dana looked more like a couple than they ever had before. They sat very close together on the sofa; Mike and Roxy sitting close at the other end. Lily sighed quietly, thinking that she knew it was only a matter of time before they actually were a couple. She would be the only one not coupled off. All because the boy she wanted was completely untouchable.

“We’ll have to split up,” Mike was saying. Lily snapped her head back into the conversation.

“Roxy and I will go to the entrance to the Ravenclaw Common Room…”Hugo stopped when Lily cut him off with her hand.

“You most certainly will not.”


“You and Roxy will stay far away from the Ravenclaw Common Room.”

“Sorry?” Hugo seemed genuinely confused.

“Listen Hugh, you’ve got way too much history with Richard Corner to run even the remotest possibility of being caught near his Common Room after hours. You’ve been in detention for cursing him, not to mention it’s pretty common knowledge about the whole triangle with you two and Dana,” she smiled ruefully at her friend.

“You have a better idea?”

“Yes,” she said calmly, “while I don’t know exactly what you’re planning, my guess is that Mike and I can handle the prank outside Ravenclaw.”

“She’s right mate,” Mike nodded, “she and I will do that part while you three head for the Great Hall.”

“Alright, if we’re splitting up, who’ll take the map?”

“You will Hugh, obviously,” Lily rolled her eyes.

“Why obviously?”

“You and I have been in a lot of trouble this year,” Dana said quietly to Hugo. “If we get caught out causing trouble it could mean a lot more than lost house points and detention.”

“Precisely,” Lily nodded.

“Roxy will go with you because she was told to keep away from Ravenclaw as part of the Quidditch warning,” Mike said. “The three of you take the map. If Lily and I get caught, we’ll think of something.”

“I don’t like that we can’t all have the map,” Hugo shook his head, “I don’t want any of us landing in detention.”

“None of us want detention Hugh,” Lily said, “but Mike and I haven’t had detention this term and if someone catches us they’ll go easy on us.”

“Right, just say you were snogging or something,” Roxy put in and Mike snorted in surprise. “What? I know you won’t have been, but it’s a good excuse for you to be out after curfew together.”

“Fine, we’ll make up a good snogging story,” Lily rolled her eyes at Mike, who grinned. “Anyhow, let’s go over exactly what I’m doing.”

“Alright,” Hugo took a deep breath, “here’s the plan…”

A little cliffie for you! The next chapter is a good one...I've had it written for a long time so I'm very excited to be at this point in the story! I would love to know what you think! Thank you so much for reading!

My Fic:
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Re: Accidentally In Love

Thank you so much for stopping by to read this fic! I am extremely excited about this chapter...it's been written since the very beginning. I'm excited we're finally at this point! I hope everyone reading enjoys it.

Thank you to MissGryffindor, HogwartsWizard, and Pottergirl654 for their feedback---I appreciate it so much!

Chapter Twenty-Seven

Monday morning Scorpius could be found in the Owlery, sending off another letter to his mother. She was disappointed he wouldn’t be home for the three weeks in-between the two terms and he felt bad about it, but wouldn’t be changing his plans. A feeling of inevitable distance was creeping into his relationship with his parents. After his father’s revelation on Halloween, Scorpius knew things would change between them. While his father was struggling to comprehend life with the Weasleys, Scorpius was struggling to comprehend life without them. He feared the difference of opinion would come to blows when they faced it head on. Christmas was not the time for that, so Scorpius would stay away for the most part. There was also the detail of him not being quite ready to talk about the past with his father that was bringing them to his childhood home for only one dinner.

His childhood home; he realized with a rueful smile that was exactly how he saw his parent’s house. It was no longer home, but the home from his past. He no longer felt the pull of home from within those walls. His future lived within the chilly walls of this castle, both figuratively and literally. If his plans went as he hoped he would have a future not only at Hogwarts, but with someone who lived here as well. A red-haired girl with warm, chocolate brown eyes that could light up the darkest night with her smile.

The weeks leading up to today had found him alone with her more than ever. He smiled to himself, knowing that Hugo was doing that on purpose. If there was ever a chance to, Hugo would leave him with Lily. On the Quidditch pitch, in the hallway, the library, Potions, the Great Hall, and the other day at the Hog’s Head; all places Hugo had found reasons to make himself scarce. He knew Hugo hadn’t revealed his feelings to Lily and he assumed her friends hadn’t either. She acted the same around him, while knowing he had Hugo’s support gave him some boldness he hadn’t had before. He was going to miss her and Hugo as well, over the holiday. He was invited to their New Year’s Eve Party and he was already counting the days. He would try and make this week a good one; the last one until Lily wouldn’t walk these halls for three weeks. It was going to be a lonely Christmas.

“Scorpius?” Hearing none other than her sweet voice behind him, he turned with a grin. She was in the doorway bundled up in her wool cloak, her Gryffindor crimson and gold scarf clashing yet complimenting her hair at the same time. She smiled at him and gave a little whistle. A beautiful spotted owl flew to her and took the treat she offered from her hand. She leaned against the rail and stroked the bird’s feathers.

“Hi Lily,” he walked over and put his hand on the rail behind her in a move that was meant to be unobtrusive, but what he hoped still showed his affection for her. “Sending a letter?”

“Yes, to James,” she leaned away from the rail and tied the envelope to the leg of her owl, who nipped at her hand with affection before taking flight.

“Are you and James close then?” He knew she was close to Hugo, and he had witnessed her with her brothers from afar at the Quidditch tryouts and then again at the wedding but he craved to know more. He wanted to know more about her relationship with her brother, her parents, and her huge extended family. Would James and Al be as easy and understanding about his feelings for her as Hugo was? He somehow doubted it.

“Not really,” she shrugged, “we love each other of course, and James lives to tease me when we’re all under the same roof, but in actuality, he and I have little in common.”

Scorpius was surprised at how much this surprised him, and how matter of fact she was. He shifted the position of his hand slightly and when he did he brushed the small of her back with the back of his hand. He felt goose bumps spread on his arm, and not from the cold air blowing in from the open windows.

“Oh really?” He raised his eyebrows hoping she would go on without him having to physically ask her.

“Yes, really,” she laughed, “not to mention he’s four years older than me. Most of what I remember from before he left for Hogwarts is unpleasant, and once I got to Hogwarts with him he didn’t want anything to do with his little first year sister.”

“That doesn’t sound like him, though,” he said thoughtfully.

He didn’t know James extremely well, but he had a vivid memory of James and Al cornering a Ravenclaw, who he only now realized was Richard Corner, in the lavatory once for saying something about Lily. James was in his Seventh year at the time, and Lily her third. Scorpius couldn’t remember her from that time, but he remembered the event clearly. James had his wand pointed directly at Corner’s nose, while Al had his directly over his heart, and, Scorpius realized with a jolt, Hugo had been at the door watching for teachers. He now wondered if that incident played a part in Hugo’s hatred of Richard.

James hadn’t realized he was in the bathroom and had glared at him when he came out of the stall. Scorpius remembered being slightly afraid himself, wondering if the Potter brothers would turn on him simply because he was a Malfoy. James had simply looked at him and said, “You going to give me detention Malfoy?” As a prefect, he certainly could have, but he made eye contact with Al, also a prefect, and then thought about what he had overheard them say. “Not for defending your sister,” he had shrugged it off at the time, but now he was overtly happy he had let them be.

“Well, he put on a show in front of others as the kind and understanding big brother, but if he could, he always shooed me away,” there was unmistakable hurt in her voice.

“I’m sorry,” Scorpius moved his hand from the rail to her shoulders in a comforting manner.

“It’s ok, I understand better now, but at the time it hurt.”

“I expect he cared a lot more about you than you realize,” he said, again remembering that day in the bathroom.

“I’m sure you’re right, and I don’t want to leave you with the wrong impression, we get along and even spend time together now, I just wouldn’t say we’re close. I’m much closer to Hugo and Al.”

“You and Hugo do seem like brother and sister sometimes.”

“Yes, and Al and Rose are just the same. They were always close, as were we. James might have felt left out sometimes, especially once he had come home and we had all lived on without him,” she laughed. “I think he thought life was just going to stop once he left for school; as if we would be frozen in time on Platform 9 ¾, just waiting for his return.”

“A bit arrogant, is he?”

“I can see you’ve met,” her eyes sparkled. “He and our cousin Molly are the same age, but they’ve never gotten on well. They simply tolerate each other and I overheard him telling Al once that he was glad they had been sorted into different houses.”

“Is he close to any of your other cousins?” He wanted to keep her talking, to continue learning about her family. He moved his arm from around her shoulders to the rail again. They were turned slightly facing each other, and he hoped his arm looked casual in case someone came in.

“Fred, Roxy’s brother, is a year older than he is and they are good mates,” she laughed again. “They are always the ones playing pranks.”

He opened his mouth to ask another question, but the sound of others coming to the Owlery stopped him. He pulled his arm to his side and took a step away from her, toward the door. She gave him a knowing smile.

“It was good talking to you,” he nodded with a smile as some younger Gryffindors came chattering in. “Hope you have a good day.”

“You too,” she smiled and then spoke to one of the younger girls, who was asking her something. He turned and looked at her one last time when he reached the door. Her kind smile and sweet nature with the girls warmed his whole body. He was really going to miss her over the Holidays.


The week had flown by for Lily, who was sad to be leaving Hogwarts for three weeks. She loved Christmas with her family and she had no doubt it would be fun. It always was. Fun or not, she would still miss Hogwarts and her friends here over the break.

One friend especially.

She sighed to herself but felt an excited jolt in her stomach when she saw the owl at the window. James’s owl, Quid, was tapping on the glass peering in at her with amber eyes. She quickly rose from her place in front of the fire to let the owl in. Flying into the Common Room, Quid rested on the first table looking only a bit spent from carrying the parcel attached to his leg. Lily found a treat in her bag, fed it to Quid, grinned as she opened what he’d brought her. The silvery material slipped through her fingers and she gently placed it aside, opening the attached letter.


I have to admit, I was shocked, SHOCKED when I got your letter. Ickle-Innocent little Lily wanting to borrow the cloak for a PRANK? It was a proud moment for me. I feared the good name of Potter pranking was over without Al and me at school any longer. I am thrilled to know you’re carrying it on.

Now, I did not tell Dad I sent it to you. It’s still technically his, although he and I both use it for work and it will be mine exclusively at some point. So be careful and take care of it. Do not get it confiscated. We would both be in for a world of trouble if that happened.

If you don’t mind, let Quid rest and carry him home with you on Saturday. I kept Dot here for you, so your cage will be empty. We can make an Owl exchange next time I see you. Looking forward to hearing all about this prank you’re pulling. I assume Hugh is also involved? We may have to make a cousins-only trip to the Pub soon after you arrive home.

Good luck. Don’t get caught.


She had to grin at his reaction to her request for the Invisibility Cloak. She felt excited at the thought of telling James and Al, and probably Rose too, about their prank. Thinking about her conversation with Scorpius earlier, she felt some hope in her heart that this might be bring her closer to her oldest brother.

“Head to the Owlery for some water and food,” she stroked Quid. “Come back tomorrow and I’ll take you home,” the owl hooted in response and soared out the still open window, Lily closing out the cold air behind him.

A few hours later Lily, Roxy, and Dana crept down the staircase, cloak under Lily’s arm, to meet Hugo and Mike. When they entered the Common Room, she noticed the fire barely burning in the grate. She knew the house elves would be along to add wood and stoke it soon, but at the moment the small flames gave an eerie orange glow to the room. The boys were already there, the map pulled out. Lily gave Hugo a smug smile.

“What is that about?” he asked grinning back at her.

Without a word she simply held up the cloak. Hugo gawked at her for a moment, and then his Face broke into another grin.

“Brilliant Lils; James send it?”

“Yes, along with his shock that I was pulling a prank.”

Everyone laughed but they quickly got down to business, going over the plan one last time. Hugo finished talking and made eye contact with each of them.


“Ready,” they chorused in response.

“Good,” he nodded, “Lily, Mike, under the cloak.”

Standing close enough to Mike that Lily felt a bit guilty and gave Roxy an apologetic look, which her cousin waved off.

“I’m just glad you’re not going to be so exposed Lily,” she laughed, “cuddle on up to my boyfriend, I trust you.”

“Alright Rox, thanks,” Lily also laughed and threw the cloak over herself and Mike.

They all quieted now as Hugo checked the map and Dana opened the Portrait hole.

“See you here in an hour,” Hugo whispered. “Go, the coast is clear.”

Lily and Mike crept carefully down the corridor, in the direction of the Ravenclaw common room. Moving as quickly and quietly as possible, it only took them a few minutes to reach the bronzed Eagle knocker. Mike grinned at Lily, who pulled off the cloak as the knocker began to speak in a sleepy voice.

“What are three wand trees?” It said with a yawn. Lily had to giggle in delight. She had been concerned about not knowing the answer to the question. Sam Williams had told her sometimes the questions were very difficult.

“Elm, Ash, and Cherry,” she whispered clearly. The door opened and they crept in, pulling the cloak over their heads as they went.

Lily was glad to see no one was still awake once they reached the Common Room. She made eye contact with Mike.

“You take the cloak,” she shook her head when he began his whispered objections. “The girls will be much less suspicious if they awake to see me. I can make up something about needing to wake Sam. If the boys see you, they’ll hex you before you can get out of the room.”

“Fine, you’re right. You remember the spell?”

“Of course,” she grinned, “meet me back in the corridor in ten minutes. If something goes wrong, I’m just going to run for it, so don’t wait around for me. If everything goes according to plan, just whisper where you’re standing.”

“OK,” Mike whispered and Lily slipped out and stealthily moved up the stairs. Once she reached the door marked “sixth year girls” she grinned evilly to herself and tip toed inside. Quickly hiding behind a curtain over a window by the door, she pulled her wand out. Peering around the curtain she saw all four girls had their hangings pulled and she breathed a sigh of relief. Pointing her wand around the room she began to whisper the incantation, a yellow haze settling over each bed as the spell was cast. With a satisfied smile she crept out of the room and back down the stairs.

She didn’t relish that she was pranking her friend Samantha, but they had all agreed to just play the prank on Richard would be too suspicious. Instead, they agreed to prank the entire Ravenclaw sixth year class, so Sam would also be missing some of her things in the morning. Lily stifled a laugh thinking of Richard Corner touching his wand and seeing it disappear before his eyes.

They had decided to place a temporary Vanishing spell on the personal belongings of each sixth year. The spell would only take effect if they laid their hands on the item. Once it was touched, it would disappear and not return until 10:45 that morning, giving them just barely time to make the Hogwarts Express before it left for the Holidays. Lily didn’t expect to see any of the Ravenclaws from her year at breakfast. She doubted they would come down still in their pajamas.

Once outside their Common Room, Lily stupidly looked around the dark corridor. Shaking her head at her own stupidity she barely croaked out a whisper before the noise started. She didn’t know what was going on, but something loud had suddenly begun inside Ravenclaw Tower. She froze for a moment, worrying for Mike, then she remembered he had the cloak and she needed to get out of there and fast. No longer trying to be quiet, she took off running back toward her own Tower.

Fear gripped her when she heard something from around the corner. There was definitely someone coming. A teacher possibly, coming after being altered by a ghost that something was going on in Ravenclaw tower. Skidding to a stop, she looked behind her in the direction of the Tower, but no one was pursuing her from that direction. She then looked to her left, which was a dark corridor, and then to her right, which would take her back to Gryffindor. Her heart leapt to her throat when she realized someone was standing there. Without a word, Scorpius put his finger to his lips and, grabbing her waist he pulled her behind a large tapestry that was hanging on the wall. It took her a moment to realize they were in another corridor, this one still and silent. They made eye contact, his eyes questioning. She wanted to answer the unasked questions, but her voice seemed stuck in her throat.

The corridor was dark; Scorpius’ white blonde hair was practically glowing in the in moonlight coming in from a nearby window. His skin smelled of the strange combination of Cinnamon and pickles, but Lily thought she had never smelled anything so good. Her mind was reeling, wondering how they had gotten here in the first place. He looked a little bit concerned, but overcoming that emotion on his face was a look of longing and tenderness. Lily blew out the breath she had been holding since his strong arms had wrapped around her waist. He smiled at her, his eyes looking upward for a half second and his smile changed to the biggest grin she had ever seen on his face. She was about to inquire about what he was grinning about when he pressed his forehead to hers.

“Mistletoe,” he whispered huskily. She looked up and saw the plant gleaming above them, as if the castle had placed it in this spot just for them. She looked back at Scorpius and he was still smiling at her but his eyes had changed. The grey in them now glinted of hope and wanting, and he leaned toward her. Taking a deep breath, she leaned in too and met him halfway in a sweet kiss.

He pulled back first, and began examining her face as though trying to memorize each detail. She smiled and he returned it, leaning to kiss her again, this time with more passion, and his left hand moved from her waist to her hair. She returned his kiss hungrily and for a long time they stood there; completely lost in each other. She finally pulled away, needing breath and he wrapped her into a hug.

“Wow,” he breathed against the top of her head.

“Yeah,” she spoke into his chest.

They both drew back slowly, gazing into each other’s eyes. She could not believe she was in his arms, in the middle of Hogwarts, in the middle of the night. In only a few hours’ time she would be boarding the Hogwarts Express and heading home for the Christmas Holiday. He seemed to sense the same and pulled her to him to kiss her again. She could have kissed him for hours. This felt right. Nothing in her life had ever felt so completely meant to be. He took her by the face and gently rubbed her cheek with his Quidditch calloused thumb.

“You’ve got to get back to your dormitory,” he whispered. “It’s only a matter of time before a ghost or Mr. Rem comes along. I don’t want you getting into trouble,” he seemed to tense at the word and she gave him a questioning look.

“Are you alright?”

“Yes,” he looked at her again, his eyes trying to say what his voice wouldn’t at the moment, and gave her one last peck. “Go on,” he let go of her and she smiled, then turned and walked away. Knowing he was watching her walk away, she waited until she was at the end of the hall before turning around.

“Goodnight Scorpius,” she smiled.

“Goodnight Lily,” he returned her smile, but it didn’t quite go to his eyes. Just before she turned the corner, he called out quietly. “Oh, and Lily?” She turned around again. “Happy Christmas.”

“Happy Christmas Scorpius,” and she went around the corner, leaving him slumped against the wall, contemplating what he had just done.


Thank you so much for reading! I'll just be biting my fingernails nervously waiting to read your wonderful feedback!

My Fic:
Choices and Feedback

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Re: Accidentally In Love

Thank you so much for reading! I also want to thank all those who have left feedback. It means so much to me and I really appreciate it. Here you go---it's a long one! I hope you enjoy.

Chapter Twenty-Eight

Hugo was pacing the Common Room. Lily and Mike weren’t back yet, and although they technically weren’t late, Hugo was worried. He pulled out the map but couldn’t locate them anywhere near the Ravenclaw Common Room. He was searching for their little dots, panic beginning to engulf him when the Portrait opened and Lily entered, looking a bit dazed.

“Lily!” Dana rushed to her friend and the girls hugged, Roxy close behind. Hugo focused on Lily, who seemed to be fine if just a bit loony looking, before he registered that she was alone.

“Where’s Mike?” He had barely gotten his friend’s name off his lips when Roxy let out a yelp of surprise, her red hair flying past him to the window. Astonishingly, Mike’s head was just outside the Common Room window, Uncle Harry’s invisibility cloak keeping his body concealed. Roxy let him in, taking a bit longer than usual because her fingers were nervously fumbling with the lock.

A chill entered the room when Mike soared in, removing the cloak to reveal an unfamiliar Nimbus3500, which he was clinging to for dear life. Once he was safely on the carpet in front of the fire, Roxy threw her arms around him and he kissed her with more passion than Hugo cared to see. Pulling away when Dana awkwardly cleared her throat, Mike shook his head and began warming himself by the fire.

“How did it go in the Great Hall?” Mike asked.

“That can wait,” Hugo said, joining Mike and Roxy on the floor. Lily and Dana followed suit. “How did you end up outside on a broom?”

“Lily and I split up, just as we planned and I went to Corner’s dormitory. I guess they had a Caterwauling Charm in place because I had barely stepped in the room when it started going off.”

“That must have been the loud noise I heard just as I got back to the Corridor,” Lily said. “But why did it take so long for you to get to the room?”

“There was a younger Ravenclaw, first or second year, who was sleep walking on the stairs! I had to be very careful to avoid him. He wasn’t walking in a straight line and he kept weaving toward me. I very nearly knocked him over once.”

“So the charm started going off when you went in,” Hugo shook his head, “that’s a pretty advanced charm. We’re not due to learn it until seventh year.”

“They are Ravencalws Hugh,” Dana pointed out, “no matter how you feel about them, you have to admit they are clever.”

“I suppose,” Hugo said reluctantly, then nodded at Mike to keep going.

“The charm woke them up though and they were disoriented for about thirty seconds, all looking around in confusion. I was so lucky I had the cloak, thanks for thinking of that Lils.”

“You’re welcome, I’m so glad you had it too,” Lily said with a funny little smile.

“Were you able to cast the spell?”

“Yes,” Mike grinned and looked proud of himself, “while they were confused I got it cast over two beds, starting with Corner. Once they were all out of bed looking for the intruder it was harder, but I did manage. I had to duck a few times, but I made it to the window. Corner was standing at the door back to the Common Room, so they only way I could think of to get out was through the window. I was trying to think of a charm to keep me from breaking my neck after jumping when I noticed Patterson had his broomstick out by his bed, which was right by the window.”

“You grabbed it and made a break for it,” Hugo grinned, “brilliant thinking. Did they ever actually see you?”

“No, but when I was out the window I heard Corner spouting something about you. I also heard “Potter” so my guess is he knows there is an invisibility cloak in your family.” Hugo and Lily shared a look, and the latter shrugged.

“It wasn’t you under the cloak Hugo, so when he confronts you, just be honest.”

“I’m sure he’ll believe me too,” Hugo, Mike and Roxy all snorted.

“There is no way to prove it was you. Even if he told on you and they went as far as to check your wand for past spells, you didn’t conjure the Vanishing spell so you’d be cleared,” Dana stated.

“True,” Hugo nodded, “but how are we going to get the broom back without raising suspicions?”

The group got quiet. Mike absentmindedly pulled Roxy closer and Lily began twirling a lock of her hair. They couldn’t risk getting anyone else to return it, because that would mean explaining how they got it in the first place. Although there were some other Gryffindors they could trust, like Jase, Landon, and Lucy, they did not want to draw attention to their own house.

“I say we leave the broom with Patterson’s name attached outside Hufflepuff or Slytherin’s common room. Someone will find it and return it. They won’t know where it came from and it will place the suspicion on them and not us,” Roxy said finally.

“But then someone else might be punished for what we did,” Lily said and everyone went quiet again for several minutes.

“I can’t think of any other solution,” Hugo shrugged, “anyone got a better idea?”

When no one said anything he motioned to Mike.

“Give me the cloak, I’ll take the broom right now.”

“No, if you get caught it will look like it was you,” Mike shook his head, the girls nodding in agreement with him.

“Why don’t we get up really early and take it?” Lily suggested. “We can all go together to the dungeons, with the map and cloak. I’ll make up an excuse about leaving something in Potions yesterday if anyone comes along and then one of us can go under the cloak and leave it by the Slytherin Common Room.”

“When did we decide to frame the Slytherins?” Hugo said with a grin.

“When I remembered we had Potions yesterday, the last hour of the day, so it’s a decent excuse to be in the Dungeons.”

“Right you are,” Dana nodded, “sounds like a good plan to me.”

“Fine, meet here at 6am. Once we’ve finished we’ll go see Hagrid before breakfast. He’ll be up and he won’t ask too many questions about why we’re up so early.”

At breakfast the next morning, five tired Gryffindors began filling their plates with food, nervous pits in each stomach. The morning rendezvous to frame the Slytherins had gone fine and Hagrid was just pleased as punch to see them and didn’t ask one time why they were up at such an ungodly hour. Now they were sitting on pins and needles waiting for the next part of their prank to start. Hugo glanced at his watch and looked around the Great Hall.

“Four minutes till nine,” he said quietly.

“They’re going to know it was us,” Lily whispered nervously looking around the room.

“Not you,” Mike shook his head, “if they blame anyone, it will be Hugh and me.”

“He’s right Lils,” Dana patted her friends hand and opened her mouth to say more but stopped when she saw Hillary Goyle come in with some other 6th year Slytherins, Patterson’s broomstick under her left arm. She looked perplexed when she noticed he wasn’t at the table. She looked around for a moment, then shrugged and headed for the staff table. She handed the broom to Professor Davies, Ravenclaw head of house, and spoke with him for a few minutes, then headed for her own table.

Hugo looked at his watch again.

“One minute,” he whispered. “Davies must not have heard from any of them yet, he’s not too upset about the broom.”

“I wonder what excuse she gave him for her having it.”

“If she’s a true Slytherin she came up with something good that wouldn’t make her look bad. She’s not an idiot, she must know something amiss was up when the broom was found. She’ll have thought up something to look out for her own good,” Mike said and as he finished the last word a loud jingling sound rang through the Great Hall.

Giggling like a first year, Lily gazed at her classmates and Professors. All around the Hall people were laughing and squealing as all the tables and benches disappeared and in their place were small plastic balls in Red and Green. The plates, platters, candles, and goblets all floated slightly higher than table level, not a drop of food spilled. Hugo laughed out loud at the sight of Professor Longbottom falling backward into the balls, his backside popping up where his head had just been. Headmistress Hackwood was also flailing about, and all that could be seen of Professor Davies was the handle of Patterson’s broomstick, which he was still holding. All around the Hall students and now even teachers alike were laughing. Hugo gave Roxy the nod and George Weasley’s youngest child flicked her wand and fireworks exploded in the snowy sky-ceiling above them.

Red, green, gold, and blue lit up the Great Hall, ending in a spectacular scene of Christmas trees, yule logs and snowflakes, the flakes falling around the students, who all gazed excitedly at the display. In huge, sparkling green litters HAPPY CHRISTMAS HOGWARTS was spelled out, a loud jingle ringing once again throughout the hall. Just as quickly as it had started, it all ended. Tables and benches returned, and breakfast was as it once was. Hugo grinned at Roxy.

“Great job with the fireworks Rox.”

“Thanks Hugh,” she laughed, “I’m not the heiress to the Weasley’s Wizarding fortune for nothing!”

They all laughed, not even stopping when their head of house approached.

“Good morning Professor!” Hugo said with enthusiasm. “Wasn’t that a marvelous display of Christmas Cheer?”

Neville Longbottom regarded his sixth years, his face eventually breaking into a smile.

“Yes, I daresay it was. Although I would advise the perpetrators keep in mind that Professors do not like to have their backsides on show for all their pupils to laugh at.”

Lily couldn’t help but start giggling, which got everyone around them from all years laughing too. Professor Longbottom joined in, patting Hugo on the back.

“Happy Christmas,” he said as he walked away shaking his head, passing Scorpius Malfoy, who was heading in the direction of the Gryffindor table. He sat down next to Lily, who blushed, but smiled at the blonde man.

“Very nice,” he nodded at them, then looked at Lily. “So something interesting happened up at the staff table before the Muggle ball pit arrived,” he now looked round at all of them.

“I’m impressed you know what those balls are used for,” Hugo gave his friend an appreciative nod.

“I did take Muggle Studies,” Scorpius shook his head, “I didn’t believe it when we studied Muggle activities for children. It seems ridiculous to me, but I did go check out a ball pit in London just to be certain such a thing was real.”

“It’s not ridiculous,” Dana said defensively, “I adored the ball pit when I was little. It’s really a lot of fun!”

“I’ll take your word for it,” Scorpius grinned at her and she returned it. “As I was saying though, Hillary Goyle brought a broomstick up and gave it to Professor Davies. It’s Jeremy Patterson’s. I notice he and none of the other sixth years from their house are here this morning.”

“Oh really?” Lily looked at her plate, suddenly very interested in her sausage links.

“Yes, really,” Scorpius gave a small laugh, his tone mocking, “I just wonder if this has anything to do with my finding you in the corridor outside Ravenclaw common room last night Miss Potter.”

Lily just looked at him for a long moment, her eyes seemed to be trying to read his thoughts. She blushed again, this time no smile, and shrugged. Hugo looked at her, wondering why she hadn’t told them she had run into Scorpius the night before. Scorpius only laughed and stood up.

“My dear Lily,” he leaned close to her, “I’m not complaining, just curious,” she blushed again but let a smile cross her face. Scorpius stood tall again. “Happy Christmas,” he said with a wave.

Once on the train, Lily sighed and kept her eyes trained on the window, watching for the late arrival of the Ravenclaws. She could still feel Scorpius’s hot breath whispering close to her face and his arms around her from the night before. Her body gave an involuntary shudder. Her friends had wanted details of how he caught her and what was said, and she had promised to fill them in once they were on the way home. She didn’t know what she was going to tell them, but she would think of something. Possibly even the truth.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a gaggle of figures running for the train, who’s whistle had just begun. She watched as Dempsey Lange pulled Sam, the last of the group, onto the train just as the wheels started moving. Nodding at the others, they braced themselves for their angry classmates.

It only took a few minutes for Richard and Jeremy to find them. Lily was surprised it wasn’t all of them. With a menacing glare Richard slide the door to their compartment open.

“Weasley,” he spat, “I know it was you.”

Hugo’s ability to feign innocence never ceased to amaze Lily, who gripped her wand inside her muggle coat just in case.

“What was me?” Hugo said lazily, but Lily could tell he too was clutching his wand in his pocket.

“You were in our dormitory last night,” Richard glared around the compartment, “and someone must have helped you because there was a girl in the girl’s as well.” He made eye contact with Lily, who narrowed her eyes in a look that had given many man the chills, both from her, her mother, and grandmother alike.

“I was nowhere near your dormitory last night,” Hugo rolled his eyes. “I’d put off packing and was working on that until early this morning.”

“You lie,” Richard pulled his wand on Hugo and as he did his motion was mimicked by each Gryffindor.

“I’m not lying,” Hugo stood and faced him. “You shouldn’t make accusations unless you can back them up,” he turned his wand hand and took a deliberate step toward Richard. Richard opened his mouth to respond, but was cut short by Jase Finnegan, who had just walked up.

“What’s going on here?” Jase, also with his wand pulled looked from the Gryffindors in the compartment to Richard and Jeremy. “Coming to cause some Christmas chaos, Corner?” Jase had animosity in his voice as he addressed the Ravenclaw.

“No, not at all,” Richard back up and stowed his wand, then looked right at Hugo. “This isn’t over Weasley,” and then he turned and walked away, Jeremy following close behind.

“I was just coming to get you for rounds. Remember we offered to do them the first hour?” Jase and Hugo liked to do rounds together whenever they could; neither got on well with their female counterparts. “What had Corner’s knickers in a twist?”

“Same ole, same ole,” Hugo shrugged as the two of them left the compartment, “just blaming me for something.”

Lily didn’t hear Jase’s reply, but she gave an audible sigh of relief.

“I hope that’s all we have to endure on that front,” Dana said and everyone nodded. Dana would be traveling with her family to visit muggle relatives in America over the holiday and wouldn’t be back until the day before the new term. It would be the first year in a lot of years that she hadn’t been at their annual New Year’s Eve party, and Lily was going to miss her. Now that things were getting back to normal with Hugo (things were still awkward at times, but for the most part it was better), she and Dana were closer than ever.

Lily knew she only had until Hugo returned to stave off questions about Scorpius so her mind was working in overdrive to come up with something to tell her friends. In the end, she decided on the truth. Dana and Roxy already knew about her feelings for him and she knew she could trust Mike. She was a little nervous about Hugo’s reaction, but she would have to tell him sooner or later and she decided sooner was the right choice.

Hugo came sauntering in about an hour later a smug smile on his face.

“Corner is fuming,” he laughed, “but I overheard Sam telling her friend Daphne from Hufflepuff it was the best prank she’d ever had played on her, not that she would admit it to, get this,” his eyes sparkled with mischief and mirth, “RICHARD and the other boys from their year!” Hugo started laughing harder than Lily had seen him laugh in a while, but she was a bit confused.

“What does she mean?”

“She said she knew it was the boys from their year because they had played a prank on them earlier this term involving them waking up in their common room?” At this, Lily laughed.

“I had forgotten! Sam told me about it, but I don’t remember all the details. Somehow they got the boys beds down in the common room during the night so they woke up there in the morning. She said Richard especially was mad,” now everyone laughed. “But we also pulled the prank on them, so why does she think it was Richard?”

“I dunno,” Hugo shrugged, “but I’m not going to complain!” Hugo paused and looked at Lily curiously. “Speaking of not complaining, what was Scorpius on about this morning?”

Lily took a deep breath.

“I ran into him last night as I was running. He grabbed me and pulled be behind a tapestry that transported us to a completely different corridor of the castle.”

“Why didn’t you tell us this last night?” Roxy asked with a sly smile.

“Well, once we were alone,” Lily colored but kept going, “some mistletoe appeared right above us, and well…” she knew her face was as red as could be. Dana let out a squeal.

“Did he kiss you?”

Lily looked around at the faces of her dearest friends. Each one was expectant and excited, but there was no surprise in their eyes. Even Hugo had a grin on his face.

“Yes,” she whispered. Dana and Roxy ran over to her, Dana squealing again, and Lily saw Mike and Hugo give each other a high five. She pushed the girls away from her and her eyes found Hugo’s. “You’re not surprised,” it wasn’t a question.

“No,” he moved to her and pulled her into a bone crushing hug. Pulling back the blue eyes studied the brown. “How do you feel about it Lils?”

She just stood, slightly pulled back from Hugo’s arms, her mouth slightly agape in shock.

“Since when do you ask about feelings Hugh?” The others laughed and Hugo gave her a sheepish smile.

“Since the feelings have to do with my favorite cousin and her first kiss,” he said quietly. Lily knew everyone in the compartment knew that was her first kiss and she blushed.

“I feel, well,” she looked at Dana and Roxy, then grinned, “Wonderful!”

“You like him, then?” Hugo asked.

“Yes, I like him a lot,” she sat back down. “I’m not sure about how he feels about me though---”

“Lils, he snogged you in the middle of the corridor,” Roxy interrupted, rolling her eyes, “how do you think he feels?”

“There was mistletoe,” Lily insisted, “he probably just kissed me because of that.”

“You’re barking mad,” Roxy said.

“I am not! I will not get my hopes up to have them shattered. It was an amazing kiss, or,” she blushed again and looked at her feet, “kisses,” Hugo wolf-whistled, “but I’m sure that nothing will come of it.”

She was gazing out the window and missed the silent conversation happening between her friends. She turned around and saw Roxy nod at Hugo, who moved beside Lily and put his arm around her.

“Are you ready for this Lils?”

“For what?” she asked apprehensively.

“Scorpius feels the same way about you.”

“What?” She felt like the wind had been knocked out of her. “What do you mean? How do you know?”

“He told us,” Hugo used the arm not around Lily to gesture to the others in the compartment.

“Why would he do that?”

“It’s a long story, but believe me Lily. I wouldn’t lie to you about this,” his eyes were serious and she blinked a few times in shock.

“Lily?” Dana sat on her other side. “Are you alright? What are you thinking?”

Lily slowly smiled. “I say I can’t wait until New Years!”

Hours later the train pulled into platform 9 ¾ and the Gryffindors disembarked and looked around for their families. Seeing his parents not far away, chatting with his Aunts and Uncles, Hugo turned to Dana.

“I hope you have a good time in America, Dana,” he smiled at her and noticed they were being watched by none other than Richard Corner who had a strange twitch about his face.

“Thanks Hugh,” she returned his smile, “I’ll miss being with you for New Year’s though.”

“I’ll miss you too,” an idea suddenly struck him and he grinned, “You know what would make it more bearable though?”

“What’s that?”

“This,” he pulled her into his arms and kissed her, slowly at first, then with more urgency than should be shown in front of first years and parents. When he pulled back he smiled at her, his body wishing they had more time. His heart soared with affection for her; it was just a bonus that he saw Corner stalk off, angry as a female dragon protecting her egg.

“Hugo?” She whispered his name and he cocked his head to the side.

“Happy Christmas Dana,” he leaned down and kissed her again quickly, “I’ll write you.”

She just nodded and he turned toward his family, his father’s eyebrows raised at him and his mother looking a bit put on by her son’s public display of affection. He didn’t care; at the moment he had nothing but three weeks to remember that kiss and so he did just that the entire ride home.

Thanks so much for reading! I would love feedback!

My Fic:
Choices and Feedback

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Re: Accidentally In Love

Happy Holidays to everyone! I am sorry this post is a bit delayed in being posted, but took a holiday hiatus from the forums. I hope you all have had wonderful times with your friends and family celebrating. Thank you so much for reading and thank you much to all who left feedback---I appreciate it so much!

Chapter Twenty-Nine

The castle was silent.

Scorpius was surprised to find that he missed more than just the students who had become his friends. He missed the giggling first years and the cocky third years. He missed the sound of rushing feet in the corridors and he even missed the preparation for each Potions class. He knew there were a handful of students who had remained for the holidays, but so far he hadn’t seen any of them. He surmised they must be having lie-ins and snowball fights and were keeping as far from the teachers as possible.

In the 24 hours she had been gone his thoughts had returned over and over again to Lily and the kisses they had shared the night before she left. When he saw her the next morning he acted self-assured when he approached her table about the prank they had pulled, but on the inside he felt anything but. What was he thinking, kissing her like that? The combination of his shock at finding her wandering the castle alone late at night and the intoxication of her scent he felt when he pulled her to safety was enough to muddle his thoughts. He always wanted her to know he cared for her and he had tried to make that known without being overly obvious or breaking any of the rules the Headmistress had set before him. He had come close once or twice to being overly affectionate, but he had never crossed the line like he did that night and his conscience was getting the best of him. He had no regrets about kissing her and even if he could he wouldn’t change anything. It was the not feeling guilty that was bothering him. Shouldn’t he be more concerned about his job?

He couldn’t help but smile as he remembered her kissing him back. Any doubt he had about her feelings for him had diminished when their lips met. He could sense her attraction to him and having her in his arms was the most wonderful feeling he’d felt in a long time. The blush on her cheeks the next morning at breakfast was sweet and beautiful, a sure sign of her feelings for him. He wished he didn’t have to wait until June to officially date her. He shook off the flicker of fear that she might find someone else before then, remembering Hugo saying how she didn’t date. His heart surged with hope and love for her at the thought of her waiting for him.

A knock on his door roused him from his thoughts of Lily. He didn’t know who it could be; most of the teachers were also gone to be with their families. Opening his door, he was pleasantly surprised to see Teddy Lupin in front of him.

“Hello Teddy,” he moved aside and motioned for the DADA professor to enter his small living quarters.

“Hi Scorpius,” Teddy smiled as he came in the room. Scorpius motioned for him to sit.

“I thought you had gone for the holidays,” Scorpius offered a butterbeer, but Teddy declined.

“I am gone, technically, but the fireplace in my office is hooked to the Flu network so I can come and go when needed. I had a few things to catch up on and my wife and son are visiting her grandmum today so I thought I would come in for an hour or two.”

“Is there anything I can do to help so you wouldn’t have to come back?”

“Oh, no, thank you,” Teddy grinned, “just keep an eye on the students still here. I know the headmistress is here and a few others, but somehow it seems something always happens over the Christmas holiday when we’re all gone!” Both men laughed and fell into easy conversation, just visiting as friends. After a while, Teddy stood.

“I better be going. I’m due for dinner at the Burrow in a half hour.”

“The Burrow?” Scorpius questioned and Teddy grinned again.

“The large and lopsided home of my grandparents-in-law Arthur and Molly Weasley; we’re having a pre-Christmas dinner to plan for Christmas dinner. It is a tradition they started back when Victoire went off to Hogwarts. Basically, everyone wants to see the Hogwarts kids before Christmas to catch up a bit and talk about needed gifts and things,” he shook his head as if not completely understanding this tradition. “So we get together a few days before Christmas and have a big dinner in number of people, but all we have is soup. Each of the mums make a soup and grandmum Weasley makes bread and we eat and catch up.”

Scorpius smiled at the knowledge of what Lily was doing that very evening. He pictured her in her bedroom with Roxy giggling and gearing up to enjoy an evening with her family. Not knowing what her room or even her house looked like; he pictured her in a room much like his own at his parent’s home, but with feminine touches and Gryffindor colors.

“That sounds like fun,” he smiled a little sadly, jealous of Teddy getting to not only see Lily, but also being a part of such a large family.

“It is,” Teddy laughed, “although a bit crazy at times.”

They bid each other goodbye and Scorpius fell back into thoughts of Lily. He pictured her laughing and joking with Hugo, their faces slightly flushed from the steaming bowls of soup they were eating. Every little detail of her life was fascinating to him; even things has trivial as what she was having for dinner.

Far from Hogwarts a large group of people were beginning to gather near the charming village of Ottery St. Catchpole. The villagers were used to the hordes of people with ginger hair coming and going from their town, most commonly at Christmas. Although many of the villagers knew Arthur and Molly Weasley, they did not know where their home presided exactly and they knew their children and grandchildren only by sight. At the moment, two pretty girls were making their way from the local market, each with a small shopping bag on their arm, both smiling. One of the girls had a pretty shade of strawberry-blonde hair and the other red hair as flaming as fire. They pushed a small pram with a chubby little boy grinning from within; the shopkeepers all did double takes because his hair seemed to change color frequently. They each convinced themselves it was a trick of light, because it was impossible for hair to act that way.

The girls left the village heading the direction they always did, although no one could ever figure exactly where they left too. There was nothing but trees in that direction, although the cluck of a chicken or a strange popping sound were occasionally heard. Yes, the villagers had stopped wondering exactly where the Weasleys lived years ago and had just accepted that the family was large and although not unfriendly, they did not want to be disturbed when in their home. The proprietor of the local pub had once joked they must have a cloaking device set upon their home to keep it so well hidden.

Little did that pub owner know how close he was to correct. Once Victoire and Rose were away from the Village, the sight of their grandparent’s home came into view along the lane and they both smiled at the thought of seeing their cousins, fresh from a term at Hogwarts that very evening. Once in the kitchen, they passed Remus off to their Aunt Angelina, who had just arrived with her family and turned to give the ingredients they picked up to Hermione when the fireplace turned to green flames and a young man fell from the flames, cursing the clumsiness passed on to him from his mother.

“Teddy, you’ve been using the flu network your entire life. Are you ever going to keep from falling?” Victoire laughed at her husband, whose dark blue locks were falling in his face.

“Not likely,” he laughed and kissed her in greeting. “How was your day?”

“Lovely,” she hugged him round the waist, “Rose and I just returned from a walk to the village. Aunt Hermione needed a few things for her Leak and Potato soup.”

George came in then, followed by his daughter, Lily, and Hugo, the last of whom seemed to be on the hunt for a pre-dinner snack. He was soon at his grandmother’s side, picking off small bites of bread she was slicing with her wand. Teddy laughed when he heard Molly Weasley, his grandmum in law, scolding her grandson good naturedly. He looked around, tuning in to the conversation his wife was having with her Uncle George.

“I’m sorry Uncle George, but mum and dad are going to be in France all this holiday. In fact, mum is set to return indefinitely.”

“Indefinitely!” George seemed put out and slightly panicked. “I needed her help with the Amorentia. We had unusually high sales of our love potions this year for Christmas, and I’m going to have to make more before Valentines.”

Teddy now understood his distress. His mother-in-law was the sole brewer of Amorentia for the advanced love potions sold at WWW. She was by far the best potioner in their family and had been brewing Amorentia for the store for as long as Teddy could remember.

“It takes an entire moon cycle to brew, and the new cycle starts on Christmas Day this year. What am I going to do?” He looked around, his eyes finally falling on Hermione, who was busy with her soup at the stove. He grinned, walked over to her and put an arm around her shoulders. She was shaking her head before he even began to speak.

“I can’t George,” he made an exasperated sound in response.

“Hermione you were always decent at Potions. Much better than any of the rest of us,” Harry and Ron had just come in from the Garden and exchanged an amused look. “Harry only got good the year he had help from the Prince,” George grinned and even Teddy knew he was now trying to antagonize her into helping him. “You were still better than him with your natural skill and ability,” the room heard chuckles coming from all directions.

“George,” Hermione faced him, her hair frizzy around the edges from the steam of the soup pot, “do you really want someone simply decent at Potions brewing the stuff for you? What if I did something wrong? With that potion only one small slip could be disastrous. You could be in serious trouble if the love potions don’t work properly. It’s too risky.”

Teddy could tell George agreed on principal, but he also knew he needed the Potion desperately, for Valentines was a busy time of year for the stuff. He knew WWW began selling out as early as mid-January, which was when the new batch of Amorentia would be finished. Perfect timing for the busy season; his thoughts turned to Hogwarts and what those blasted Potions did to the students there, and in the blink of an eye he had the solution.

“Why don’t you ask Scorpius Malfoy to brew it for you?”

For just a moment a pin could have been heard dropping in the kitchen. All the noise from cooking ceased and he saw Hugo exchange a look with Lily, who blushed, and Roxy nudged her in the side with a twinkling in her eyes.

“Malfoy?” George said incredulously. “Why would I do that?”

“Because he’s a master at Potions,” Teddy shrugged. He knew the Weasleys and Malfoys had never got on well, but Scorpius was different from the lot the Weasleys knew. “Just ask them,” he pointed at Hugo and the girls, who were all looking a bit bemused. Hugo grinned at his uncle.

“He’s right, Scorpius is brilliant at Potions, and I know he’s staying at Hogwarts for the majority of the holidays.”

“How do you know that?” Ron spoke up, his eyes narrowed at a bit at his son, who only shrugged.

“He’s a friend of mine,” it looked like Ron was about to retort, and based on the shade of red his face was changing to, Teddy thought it best to steer the conversation away from the controversial friendship and back to the need for the Potion.

“He could brew it easily and I’m sure he’d be happy to help,” he smiled at George again and was happy when Ginny spoke up from her seat at the table.

“George, don’t be a prat, just ask Scorpius to do it. From what Lily, Teddy, and Neville have said he’s been very kind to our children and all the students. He sounds nothing like his father or grandfather,” George was contemplating the situation. After several minutes in which no one said anything he finally nodded.

“I’ll offer to pay him, of course. Would you take me to see him after dinner then Teddy?”

“Sure,” he grinned at his Uncle in law, who had always been one of his favorite Weasleys.

“He can brew it in our kitchen,” Ginny spoke up, “it’s huge and that way you won’t have to open your shop.” George always closed the shop the week between Christmas and New Year’s, which was the time the potion would have to start brewing. Teddy noticed Hugo, Lily and Roxy exchanging nudges and that Lily was blushing, her eyes wide. He decided to find out what was going on there later.

“Thanks Gin,” George hugged his little sister from behind and the talk turned to other things. Teddy noticed Lily rush from the room the first chance she had, Roxy right behind her. Ron had begun brooding, his eyes traveling to his son, who had moved to the sitting room and was chatting with his cousins Fred and Domique. Teddy knew that of all the Weasleys, Ron had the hardest time giving up grudges and he assumed his feelings for the Malfoys went back to school days. From stories he knew even before the war Ron and Draco had been enemies and he wondered if he would ever be comfortable with his son being friends with Scorpius.

On his way up the stairs once back at home, Hugo overheard his parent’s voices from the kitchen. Hearing his own name, he did the only thing any teenager would do. He crept down the stairs and eavesdropped.

“…Scorpius Malfoy? I just don’t get it Hermione,” his father’s voice was rich with incredulity and was that pain? Or bitterness?

“What’s to get Ron, their friends is all,” his mother’s voice was patient. Too patient. Hugo had heard that tone many times. Hermione Granger Weasley was trying to be patient, but she was borderline annoyed. Hugo couldn’t help but stifle a grin that this time it was his father, not himself, at the brunt of her annoyance.

“Malfoy? Can we stand for this?”

“Of course we can stand for it Ron. We’re not going to tell our son who he can and can’t be friends with.”

“Have you gone mental? You’re really alright with his being friends with a Malfoy?”

“What is your exact problem with Scorpius? His surname?” His father had made many offhanded comments over the years about the Malfoys, none of them good. Although he never went into detail or actually said words like “hate”, Hugo and Rose knew how he felt about them. Rose told Hugo once if not for their mother’s warning looks she felt that their father would have said much worse about the family.

“Yes, to start.”

“Ron I want to ask you something,” Hermione had taken on what her children referred to as her “lecture voice” and Hugo felt his father would be better off to drop the topic all together and run as fast as he could to bed. Knowing his father though, he doubted he would.

“Ask away.”

“How would you feel if someone were prejudice against Rose and Hugo because their last name was Weasley?”

Hugo could picture the expression on his father’s face. He bit his lip to keep from chuckling.

“I’d hex them.”

“Oh honestly Ron,” again, Hugo could see his mother’s exasperated eye roll in his mind’s eye. “You wouldn’t like it at all. Don’t you see that you’re doing the same thing to Scorpius because his last name is Malfoy?”

For a several moments all that could be heard was the clinking of glasses. Hugo wondered what his parents were drinking. His mother never drank tea this late at night, so they must be having something a bit stronger. His father, at least, was probably working on a glass of Firewhisky.

“I just can’t trust him, Hermione. Not with all the history.”

“Ron,” her voice was gentle and he heard her move from her chair, presumably to his father’s lap, something she only did when her husband need true comfort. “I know how you’re feeling, but you have to remember that what happened had nothing to do with Scorpius, the same way it had nothing to do with Hugo.”

What had happened? He knew the Malfoys had been Death Eaters, but Scorpius’s grandmother had lied for Uncle Harry in the end. A fact which had saved their skin, as his father had put it once. His mother’s tone suggested something much more significant had happened. Not a good something.

“I can still hear you screaming.”

Screaming? His mother had been screaming?

“I can still hear you bellowing for me from that cellar.”

His father gave a little huff and he heard the noise of a kiss. His mind was whirring so fast wondering what had happened he didn’t have time to feel disgusted by his parent’s affection for one another.

“He’s a Malfoy Hermione. Had he been alive he would have been right there next to his daddy,” Ron’s voice was vicious. “That’s who you want our son being friends with?”

A loud noise alerted Hugo that his mother was now on her feet; He could picture her frizzy hair shaking wildly about her head at the sudden movement.

“Ron, you’re being childish.”

“I’m not! They tortured you, Hermione! Used Crucio until you went limp!”

Hugo gasped, and then covered his mouth, hoping they were too engrossed in their conversation to hear him.

“Who did Ron?”

No response.



“Right. Was it Draco? Or even Lucius or Narcissa? No, it was Bellatrix Lestrange, who was NEVER a Malfoy.”

“They stood by and watched though. All three of them,” his father spat and Hugo felt sick to his stomach.

“Oh Ron, whether you want to admit it or not, Draco saved us that night.”

A glimmer of hope for the Malfoys, and for his friend, surged through Hugo.

“How do you work that one out, Hermione?”

“You’re so blinded by hatred you’ve forgotten that he wouldn’t tell them it was us. He knew. He knew it was us. His own mother recognized me from the one time she’d ever seen me and he still wouldn’t give them a positive identification.”

This was a story he’d never heard or read in any of the books. A part of him wished he wasn’t hearing it now, but he felt as though his bum were glued to the step, forcing him to hear this long kept secret.

“Don’t you remember that he was the one who came and fetched the Goblin? He threatened to kill us if we moved!”

“I’m sure he would have killed you, just as he killed Dumbledore,” Hermione said sardonically.

“That was different. We were prisoners at HIS HOUSE HERMIONE!”

“Not that different. I saw his face you know, while she was torturing me for information,” her voice was quieter now.

“What? You’ve never told me that,” Ron’s tone changed and his voice was almost too quiet for Hugo to hear.

“There was never a real need to until now. But I saw it Ron. He was scared and disgusted by his aunt.”

Prisoners at the Malfoys? The horror just kept getting worse for Hugo and he couldn’t help but picture his mother on the floor being cursed over and over again. The thought made the soup he ate all those hours ago feel unsettled in his stomach.

“Why did he fight us then? Why did Harry have to forcibly remove the wands from him? Why not help us.”

“Fear and desperation; he was terrified of his family Ron, and desperate to keep himself alive.”

“No way, he always hated us.”

“Yes, he did. But at school he could talk a big game; in real life things were different. He couldn’t walk the talk he’d talked.”

“You make it sound so simple, as if you’re defending what he did.”

“I am defending him in a way, Ron.”

Hugo shared his father’s shock, which was written all over the silence that followed this statement.

“You’re defending Malfoy?” Ron’s voice was nothing short of baffled.

“I only want you to see that Scorpius shouldn’t be punished for the sins of his father. Draco didn’t torture me, Draco didn’t kill Dumbledore. There was something more than hatred in him and I want you to see that.”

“He came after us in the Room of Requirement.”

“Yes, a final desperate attempt to win favor from Voldemort. An attempt which ended in the death of one of his friends; which I’ve always believed was the last straw for him.”

“What are you saying?”

Hugo wanted to understand too. What did his mother think of the Malfoys?

“I’m saying that Draco Malfoy was scared and followed in the footsteps of his family. He made choices that cost him much more pain in the end than he could have ever imagined.”

“If he was all talk, why ever take the Dark Mark? Why not just stand up to his family?”

“What’s right isn’t always what’s easy, Ron.”

“We did it. I did it. I’m as pureblooded as he is and I never even considered fighting with Voldemort.”

“Right you are. But Ron, your family chose what was right; Draco’s didn’t. Your life and the choices you made could have been hugely altered if you had parents like Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy. From what Neville and Teddy have said, Scorpius isn’t anything like Draco. Don’t punish the son for the sins of the father. If you do, you’re no better than Voldemort.”

Hugo finally felt as though he could move. So much was running through his mind he knew he wouldn’t sleep, but he also knew he understood his parents better now. He hoped a time would come that he could ask about what he’d overheard. For now though, he had to decide if this information changed how he felt about Scorpius.


Thank you again for reading! I have had that convo between Ron and Hermione written for a long time. It's so exciting to get to where you were going! I hope you enjoyed this chapter and I would love to read your thoughts on it. Thanks!

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Re: Accidentally In Love

Here is the next chapter---sorry for the posting delay! I hope you enjoy it and thank you so much to all who left feedback! I appreciate it!

Chapter Thirty

Scorpius had eaten in the Great Hall with the very small smattering of students remaining for the holidays, the Headmistress and Professor Trelawny, the Divination teacher. He was surprised to see her there; she hadn’t eaten at the staff table since he’d been working at Hogwarts. She mentioned that she had “Seen” herself eating there, so she came on down. She also announced she was planning to eat there for Christmas dinner as well. Having never taken her subject, he only knew her by sight, and a very few sightings at that. She asked him a few times who he was, as if she couldn’t remember his answer. He couldn’t help but wonder about the accuracy of her “Seeing”, and he was silently glad he would be at his parent’s for Christmas dinner.

He was settling in to his room with the latest Grinitch Wasstling book, a wizarding mystery author whose books he enjoyed, when a knock caught him off guard. It was late, much too late for a student to visit him. His thoughts quickly went to Professor Trelawny and as he pulled open his door he had an excuse to get rid of her on his tongue. He stopped short; shocked to see Teddy Lupin back again, but this time he wasn’t alone. George Weasley, who Scorpius recognized from his shop in Hogsmeade, was along with Teddy, which was very confusing for Scorpius.

“Good evening,” he said uncertainly. He remembered that George was Roxy’s father. Had Roxy said something to him about Lily? Was he here as a warning to keep away? Scorpius began racking his brain for a time he might have wronged Roxy, but nothing came to mind. He just looked at the two men, who both smiled at him, Teddy his usual happy grin, George a little uncertain, but most definitely smiling. Not scowling a warning look.

“Evening Scorpius," Teddy motioned into the room and Scorpius rushed aside, feeling his cheeks flush at his forgetting to invite them in. If there were ever a man to make a good impression on, it would be George Weasley. Anyone related to Lily he must make a good impression on. Any one of her uncles could make life hard for him if they wished.

“Yes, come in,” they came in and Scorpius motioned to his lone chair. “Have a seat, Mr. Weasley,” George nodded and sat. Scorpius looked at Teddy, “The only other place in here to sit is on my bed, I’m afraid.”

“Not a problem,” Teddy plopped himself on the bed, Scorpius sitting at the end of the bed and he faced the other two men. “Sorry to come at such a late hour, but George needed to speak with you and it is somewhat urgent.”

“Oh, it’s fine,” Scorpius felt his insides begin to squirm. Something urgent? What could it be?

“Scorpius,” George gave him a warmer smile than before, “I have an enormous favor to ask of you. I’ve gotten myself in a little pickle. You see, this year for Christmas we had an unusual amount of our love potions sell. It’s usually not such a high demand item until closer to Valentine’s day so I underestimated how many we would need. I’ve run out of Amorentia, which as I’m sure you know, is a main ingredient in most love potions.”

Scorpius nodded, but kept silent his mind whirring with what this had to do with him.

“So, to get to the point, Teddy and Hugo tell me you’re a master potion brewer. My sister-in-law usually brews it for me, but she’s out of the country indefinitely because of a health problem with her father at the moment, so I find myself in need of another Potioneer. I was hoping you might be willing to brew it for me? I’m rubbish at Potions, as are most of my family members,” he and Teddy shared a grin, “and seeing as I’d rather not cause anyone to sprout extra limbs or any of the other issues associated with a bad brew of Amorentia, I was hoping you’d help me out. I’d pay you for your time, of course.”

He smiled again and looked at Scorpius expectantly. It took a moment for what he was asking to sink in, but once it did, Scorpius nodded with enthusiasm.

“Of course, I’d be happy to.”

“Wonderful!” George stood and clapped him on the back. “I’ve got all the necessary ingredients, all I need is someone to brew it.”

“It will take a while,” Scorpius also stood. “It brews for a moon cycle, which begins,” he looked at the calendar tacked to his wall, “on Christmas day.”

“Right,” George gave him a rueful smile, “I’ll pay you a bit extra for having to begin on a holiday.”

“It won’t be a problem; my family has a large Christmas lunch so I can be with them and then come to your store to begin. As long as I begin before sundown it will work out just fine.”

“Ah, well, that’s another thing. I usually close my store from Christmas to New Years. It’s a slow week and I enjoy the time off with my family. My sister offered her kitchen to you though,” he handed him a slip of paper. Scorpius nodded and only when he saw what was written on the paper did he remember that George Weasley had only one sister. He hoped George and Teddy missed his breath catching in his throat. “There’s a safe apparition point about two blocks down, and with memorization of that note, you should be able to see the house no problem,” he clapped him on the back again and stuck out his hand, which Scorpius shook. “Thanks again, I really appreciate it.”

They said their goodbyes and only after they left did Scorpius breathe out heavily, not realizing he had been holding his breath. He looked at the slip of paper again, his stomach churning at the thought of seeing her again so soon. Heart beating he memorized the note.

The headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix and the home of Harry Potter and his family is at Number 12 Grimmauld Place.

Christmas morning dawned bright with beautiful snow puffed on the frozen ground like marshmallows. Lily rolled over and sat up blinking and looking about her room, her eyes falling on a large pile of gifts at her feet. She grinned and began opening gifts from her family and friends. The last gift she pulled onto her lap was addressed to her in a hand she wasn’t familiar with. The card was folded over, just her name on the outside and before she opened it her heart began to beat quickly in hopes it would be from him. She had sent him something, but there was no guarantee he would send her anything. With a quick breath she opened the card, a grin breaking on her face and her stomach turning a flip flop.

Happy Christmas Lily! I hope you’re having a wonderful holiday. I’ve been thinking of you, hoping the season is full of everyone and everything you love. I’ll be seeing you this afternoon!


He had remembered her. She could hardly believe it, but in her hands was proof that he was thinking about her even while she was gone. Hugo and the others had told her he also had feelings for her and her first reaction had been excitement. On the train she had gotten swept up into giggling with Roxy and Dana, plotting and planning ways to be with him that wouldn’t break the rules set forth because of his job. Once home, in her own quiet room alone, she thought better of those ideas. Doubt and fear began to creep into her heart and mind along with a terrifying fear that her friends were wrong. She fretted about what he really thought of her and how would she make it through seeing him on Christmas Day? Since finding out he would be here, in her home, working on the Potion made her heart hurt from both anticipation and anxiety.

Now, seeing his subtle declaration and understanding that he was also excited about seeing her made her heart feel a different way. Happiness and overwhelming joy flowed through her and one look in the mirror at her flushed face made her laugh out loud. She was falling for a bloke, he was falling for her, and they were going to see each other today. With another laugh she picked up the box from Scorpius and began tearing the paper with trembling hands. She heard, but ignored the sounds of footsteps on their way to her room.

Inside the box was a large piece of Honeydukes best chocolate covered peanut butter in the shape of a lily. She knew the store sold these types of items, but she usually just bought several boxes of bulk chocolate and was done with it. Her breath caught in her throat when she realized that he had remembered her favorite sweet. She could recall the conversation vividly. It happened the week between the wedding and the Quidditch match at a time she was feeling overwhelmed and annoyed with the feud between Hugo and Dana.

She’d been on the grounds bundled up against the now chilly weather and on her way for tea with Hagrid. He had thankfully not invited Hugo or any of the others and she was relived to be away from the tension between her cousin and best friend. As she neared his hut she watched Scorpius, who she had long since spotted sitting by the lake, rise and noticing her as well she saw him grin and head her direction.

“Hullo Lily,” he said easily, “where are you off to?”

“Tea,” she pointed at the hut which had an enticing spiral of smoke coming from the chimney, “with Hagrid.”

“Ah,” Scorpius smiled, “is he a good cook then?” He must know the answer based on the grin he was trying to hide. She laughed.

“Not especially, but his heart is in the right place. I go for the company, not the food,” her eyes traveled to the hut again and then back to Scorpius. “Although, lately he has been keeping my favorite sweet; and from the looks of it has a fire going, which sounds lovely about now.”

“Your favorite sweet, hm?” He cocked his head thoughtfully. “Which is?” He splayed his hands in front of him in a questioning manner.

“Honeydukes Chocolate covered peanut butter. I love it,” she licked her lips and made a smacking sound, making him laugh.

“I won’t keep you from it then,” he waved, “see you at dinner.”

“Bye Scorpius.”

“Goodbye Lily.”

At the time it had seemed so insignificant, but now her whole being warmed with the thought of him remembering such a trivial thing. He also took the time to buy it in the mold of the flower she and her grandmother were named for. There was a good chance she would never eat this chocolate.

“Lily!” Her door banged open and James and Al came thundering in, as though they were still children and not grown men holding down jobs. “Happy Christmas!” James flopped on her bed knocking off her brown jumper from Grand-mum and the bottle of her favorite Wonder Witch lotion from Dana. He planted a noisy kiss on her cheek and grinned at her. Laughing, Al pushed some of the wrappings aside and planted himself on the floor looking up at his older and younger sibling.

“Ugh,” she gave James a shove, “don’t you two knock? I could have been starkers.”

“Right Lils,” James rolled his eyes. “I’ve never known you to get out of your pajamas on Christmas until time to go to the Burrow and as if you’d sleep in the nude.”

She couldn’t help laughing and rolled her eyes. Al was surveying her present from Mike, a book about the history of love potions, when James shifted and pulled the card from Scorpius from underneath his bum. He had been sitting on it and Lily’s eyes went wide as she made to grab it.

“Whoa little sister,” James grinned cheekily. “Who is this from that you don’t want me to see?” With that, before she could get it, he opened it and with a grin tossed it to Al. “Who is Scorpius? I don’t recall anyone by that name except…” he trailed off his eyes going round as saucers.

“James Sirius Potter you are so nosy!” Lily stood and stamped her foot. “First you come barging in without knocking, and then you go through my gifts and read a personal card. You complete arse!”

“Lily!” Al stood next to her and put a hand on her arm. “Is this from Scorpius Malfoy?”

“How that is any of your business Albus Severus, is beyond me!” She threw his hand from her arm and could feel her face burning bright red. Tears began prickling the edges of her eyes and she stomped to her door she wrenched it open. “Now get out of my room, the both of you!”

It looked like James was going to retort, but Al pulled his arm and they left the room, James walking backward with his eyes focused on her. Once they were gone she threw herself onto her bed and let the tears flow, not completely sure why she was crying.

An hour later she had to pull herself together. Both her parents had stopped in her room to say good morning and Happy Christmas. She had somehow pulled off pretending to be fine, but now they were heading to the Burrow and pretending wouldn’t cut it around her cousins, aunts, and grand-mum. Giving herself one last look in the mirror, she grabbed the wrapped package for Louis and was out her door.

Arriving in the kitchen, ready to floo, she noticed immediately that something was off. James and Al sat at the table, both with gifts in front of them and both looking contrite. James made eye contact with her and his look said it all. He wanted to know what was going on, but he did feel remorse about the scene earlier. It took her a minute to figure out what was off was her parents weren’t there and the large pudding her mother made for brunch was no longer sitting on the counter.

“Where are Mum and Dad?” The Potter family always flooed to Christmas brunch at the same time, one right after the other because her mum liked to arrive as a family.

“They left already,” Al said, “apparated instead of flooed since Mum had the pudding. We said we’d wait for you.”

Neither of her brothers made a move to rise and she gave a little huff.

“Well? Let’s be on with it then,” making her way to the large fireplace in their basement kitchen she almost tripped when Al grabbed her arm.

“Lily, please sit down,” he said in a kind tone, but one that she recognized as the same one her father used when he was pretending to give her a choice but in reality was giving her an order. When had her older brother grown up? She hesitated but finally sat; figuring this conversation had to come eventually and her brothers seemed to be of the “no time like the present” mindset.

She was across from James and next to Al. For a moment her breath caught in her throat. She hadn’t been alone with them like this in a long time. In fact, she couldn’t remember the last time the three of them had sat at this table alone. It would have been sometime before James left Hogwarts, so more than three years ago. When had they grown away from being with just each other?

“I’m sorry I was nosy this morning,” James started. Again she marveled at how much older he seemed, but then she supposed, he was older. He’d been working in the real adult wizarding world for over two years now. The thought of an older, more mature James seemed foreign even as her brain formed the thought.

“It’s alright,” she sighed, “it bothered me though.”

“Obviously,” Al rolled his eyes. “That much we understood Lils.”

“What we don’t understand is why it bothered you so much,” James cocked his head and gave her a look she had never seen cross his face; an understanding one. Never in her life would she have thought she would be sharing these types of feelings with her oldest brother. Hugo, sure. Teddy even and maybe Al if the circumstances had been right, but never, ever, James. She had written off their relationship a long time ago as one of mutual sibling love and toleration.

“I don’t know,” she whispered and again felt the tears coming. She willed them to stop; she didn’t need to look as though she’d been crying when they finally made it to the Burrow. “It’s hard,” she shrugged. “I’ve never dated before and thinking about you two knowing about it made me feel uncomfortable.”

“You’re dating him? Scorpius Malfoy?” Al asked as calmly as he could.
“No!” Lily said defensively. “He works at Hogwarts, I can’t date him.”

“You can’t?” James emphasized the word and Lily knew they knew even without her telling them. In the very far depths of the back of her mind she had often wondered what the two of them would think when she decided to date. Although when it came to James she also worried what he might do.

Her older brothers exchanged a look she couldn’t define.

“We knew this day would come,” Al said to James in a resigned tone of voice.

“Yes, but Malfoy?” James shook his head.

Lily was still seated at the table but she put her hands on her hips and felt her face growing hot.

“What, pray tell, is wrong with Scorpius Malfoy?” She said a little too passionately. James’ face broke into a grin.

“So you do like him then,” he nodded, satisfied.

“I never said that!” Her voice was rising which elicited a laugh from James and a smile from Al.

“You didn’t have to Lily. Your voice, hands on hips, and red face said it all,” Al also laughed for a minute and then they were suddenly serious. “But Lily, you surely aren’t dating a member of the staff?”

“It’s like I said,” she huffed, “we’re not dating. We can’t because of his position,” feeling her face grow even hotter she met both of their eyes and then whispered, “but we do have feelings for each other.”

There. She’d admitted it to her brothers; a step she didn’t think she would ever take. Al put his arm around her and James moved to her other side, his arm also going around her.

“Alright we can’t pretend this isn’t big Lily,” James said quietly. “And it is a bit strange that he is the one you chose.”

“However,” Al said just as softly, “we’ll keep the secret for you.” She looked from Al to James and back again twice, James nodded in agreement to Al’s statement. She marveled at how without her saying anything they knew it was a secret.

“You will?” Her chin quivered as the full weight of the moment and conversation dawned on her.

“Sure!” James clapped his hands together. “Of course, we’ll have to have a chat with the bloke this afternoon…” he trailed off, rubbing his hands together cheekily.

“You most certainly will not!” Lily was about to punch him when a loud Pop from the hallway above them made them all jump. Rarely did anyone Apparate into the house. She saw James pull his wand quickly, his Auror instincts coming out. Al mirrored his brother and both pointed their wands at the door to the Kitchen, which was pushed open roughly a moment later.

“Have you three lost your minds?” Their father stood in the door looking put out. James and Al stowed their wands, which Harry eyed with a slight grin, but didn’t comment on. “Your mum and grand-mum are having kittens because you haven’t shown up yet. All your cousins are waiting for you in the sitting room to do the gift exchange and here I find you just sitting about the kitchen.”

His three children laughed and each grabbed the gift for the cousin they had drawn in the cousin gift exchange. Al held out his hand to Lily and with a turn on the spot they were gone.


There it is! This post gave me a headache and deviated from my original outline but I am happy with it! I've never quite gotten my mind wrapped around the Secret-Keeper thing and how all that worked once DD was gone in reference to Grimmauld Place. I knew I wanted Harry's family to live there though, so I decided Harry would have to tell people where it was in order for them to find it. I have no idea if this is right, but that's why he wrote the note to Scorpius. Cheers!

I would love feedback. Thanks!

My Fic:
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Re: Accidentally In Love

Here is the next chapter! I hope you enjoy it. Thank you so much to all who left feedback!

Chapter Thirty-One

The Burrow was a flurry of activity. When the entire family was there, it always was and this year a few were even missing yet it was as loud as ever. Hugo rolled his eyes at Al as his grandmother made a fuss over baby Remus. Al shook his head and grinned at his younger cousin. Victoire was the only grandchild married and with a child, although Dominique and Fred were close behind, and if Hugo was reading the signs James wasn’t too far off either. It would just get louder and crazier around here, but in spite of the eye rolling Hugo loved his loud, boisterous family. He swung his head around as Lily’s giggle came from the next room. They had just finished their cousin gift exchange. Each year they drew names among the cousins and swapped. Lily, Roxy, and Rose were all still in the sitting room exclaiming over each other’s gifts. Al leaned over conspiratorially and whispered.

“Lily told us about Scorpius.”

Hugo wasn’t sure how to respond. He highly doubted Lily had told him anything, so was he trying to trick him into giving something away? That seemed more like something James would do, and James was in the kitchen at the moment swiping a bite of food before brunch was served. Not sure what to say and not willing to give up Lily’s confidence or Scorpius’ for that matter, he met Al’s eyes and raised his eyebrows.

“Well, she didn’t so much tell us as yell at us when we saw the gift and note he sent her,” Al returned Hugo’s raised eyebrows with his own. “I’m assuming you know?”

Still unsure of what to say Hugo only nodded. Al gave a frustrated laugh.

“I’ve never seen you so close lipped about anything Hugh.”

“Well,” he shrugged, “Lily’s my best friend.” This simple statement settled it in his mind. He wasn’t going to blab her secrets to anyone, even her older brother who he also considered a very close friend.

“Fair enough,” Al’s eyes were serious, “but he’s your mate, right?” Another nod from Hugo, “Tell him we know and that Lily is our sister, and we’re watching him.”

There was no trace of teasing, the way Hugo would have expected. He hadn’t given much thought to how her brothers would react to the news of her feelings for Scorpius, or his subsequent feelings for her. He felt like a dolt now though; he should have thought about it and warned Lily. He took a deep breath and met Al’s eyes.

“He’s a great guy. You have nothing to worry about; he’s nothing like the stories of Malfoy’s we’ve heard,” he remembered the conversation he overheard of his parents recently. After a lot of thought he had decided his mother was right; Scorpius had nothing to do with any of that and he was nothing like his father. He couldn’t see Scorpius standing by and watching anyone being tortured, regardless of the reason why.

“Our watching him has nothing to do with his surname Hugh,” Al lowered his voice even more when Lily and the other girls entered the room. “It has to do with a bloke being interested in our only sister, who in our minds is too good for any bloke, his surname notwithstanding.”

“Don’t you think you’re being over dramatic?”

“You just wait until Rosie starts dating someone seriously. You’ll understand then.” His mind wandered to his Quidditch captain and fellow Prefect, Jase Finnegan, who had an attraction for Rose he had never been ashamed of hiding. Rose had never shown any interest in him and Hugo hadn’t given it much thought now that she wasn’t at school any longer. He had to admit, no matter how much he liked Jase, the thought of Rose with him, doing some of the things he’d done with girls made his stomach hurt and he realized his fists were clenched at the mere thought of it. “Exactly,” Al gave a satisfied nod.

“I’ll be watching too,” he would be protective of Lily too, friends with Scorpius or not.

“We know,” James whispered as he walked by. Hugo didn’t know how he knew what they’d been talking about, but he made eye contact with him and gave another nod of his head. They would be watching; because Lily was priceless and she mattered more than any friendship Hugo felt for Scorpius.

Brunch with the family passed in a fast and furious blur of laughter and utter merriment. Hugo sighed as he closed the door to his bedroom and plopped himself down on his bed. It was early afternoon, and as was tradition in the Weasley family, he would be returning to the Burrow for Christmas dinner in about five hours. His stomach was so full right now he couldn’t imagine being hungry, but he knew he would be. One whiff of Grand-mum’s roast turkey and chicken and he’d be drooling and piling his plate high.

He needed to write Dana, but he couldn’t decide what to say. He’d kissed her that day on the platform and the feel of her lips on his was seared into his brain. He’d done a lot of snogging over the years, but not a single kiss from all those girls compared to what he felt when he kissed Dana. It scared him, hence the not writing. He’d sent her a Christmas gift, of course, but hadn’t written anything more than a salutation on the card. He looked at the gift she’d sent him; a small zooming figurine of a Gryffindor player holding a Quaffle. It wasn’t him, but she’d picked out one with red hair. At brunch Lily told him she’d also sent one to Scorpius, although that one blonde and in Slytherin robes.

Thinking of the two of them, he checked his watch again. He was planning to head to the Potter’s before Scorpius arrived. He still had plenty of time, but still unsure what to write to Dana, he laid on his pillow for a nap instead.

Several hours later, a small pop could be heard in an alley way a few blocks down from Number Twelve, Grimmauld Place. Scorpius Malfoy emerged from the alley and looked both ways. No one was around directly, so he was safe to head in the direction of the Potter’s. Lunch with his family had been tense. His father and grandfather had not been pleased with his plans for the afternoon, or that he was working for George Weasley now. Trying his best to be patient, he had done his best to keep the conversation away from anything to do with the Potter’s or the Weasley’s, but the tension was still present and he was relieved to leave.

His grandmother had caught up to him in the front garden before he Apparated. Her eyes were sad, but she gave him the best smile she had. She told him that she knew the house he was leaving for, because it had once been owned by her Aunt and Uncle, and then by her cousin Sirius, who left it to Harry. With a sad smile she said she hadn’t been able to actually see the house for a long time, although she had tried on more than once occasion. He didn’t ask because instinctively he knew her wanting to see the house had something to do with the war and he had no interest in discussing it. He wasn’t sure what emotions were etched on her face as she told him the story, but when she finished he had kissed her cheek and left.

He now stood facing the house, which he had no trouble seeing. It had the look of being very old, but well cared for. It appeared to have a recent paint job and the shutters looked only a few years old. From what his grandmother had said he was expecting a dilapidated structure. With a deep breath he walked up the path and rang the doorbell, as there was no knocker on the door. He heard a pretty chime from his position on the step and the door open by magic to reveal none other than Harry Potter himself smiling at him from the brightly lit entry way.

“Scorpius! Good to see you again,” he stuck his hand out and Scorpius grasped it and returned his smile.

“Good to see you as well, Mr. Potter,” he entered the house at Harry’s beckoning and he took in both his surroundings and his host's appearance. Harry Potter, hair askew, still wore glasses and Scorpius had a feeling if his hair would lie down he would have gladly covered the scar he was so famous for. He wore jeans, a green sweater with a large gold H on the front, and relaxed looking trainers. Nothing like what the most famous man in the wizarding world would be expected to wear.

He entered a long hallway that was cheery and lit with bright lamps that were obviously glowing as a result of magic, because they were slightly brighter than one would expect. The floor beneath him was made of beautiful mahogany planks of wood and along the walls were family photographs. Lily’s face smiled at him and her pudgy little-girl hands waved to him from more than one frame, but his eyes were drawn to a very large portrait that was blank. Following his eyes, Harry clapped him on the back and grinned.

“That’s a portrait of my godfather, Sirius Black, who left me this house,” his voice gave away a smirk, but Scorpius didn’t get the joke so he just smiled politely. “He's away at the moment, but this is his least favorite place in the house. I thnk he's a bit mad at me for putting him here. Sirius, well he wasn’t fond of his family,” if Harry was embarrassed that Scorpius was part of said family, he didn’t show it. “A large painting of his mother used to hang there, and, well, let’s just say she wasn’t a particularly pleasant woman.”

“What an understatement,” a woman entered the hall. She looked like an older version of Lily and she laughed and shook her head. “Good ole’ Mrs. Black hated that we wanted to live in this house.” She was upon them now. “We haven’t met,” she gave him a warm smile; “I’m Ginny Potter.”

“Nice to meet you, I’m Scorpius,” he said then gave a rueful smile, “you knew that though.”

Mrs. Potter laughed, “That I did. Anyhow, had our sister-in-law Hermione not had the brilliant idea to clean this house up with the help of Felix Felicis that portrait would still be there and would probably still be yelling.”

“You used liquid luck?” This fascinated Scorpius, who had only seen the potion once before in sixth year potions class and had never known anyone who had taken it.

“Oh yes,” Harry pointed and let the way down the hall, “we had no choice if we wanted to live here, and I really did.” His tone was nostalgic, but Scorpius didn’t ask. At the end of the hall was a narrow staircase and once at the bottom Scorpius realized he was in the kitchen. He saw all the ingredients he needed for the Potion already positioned on the longest table he’d ever seen outside of Hogwarts.

“Do you need anything else?” Mrs. Potter asked.

“No thank you Mrs. Potter,” he picked up the largest jar of rose petals he’d ever seen, “this looks like everything.”

“Please call me Ginny,” she crinkled her nose, “she’s Mrs. Potter,” she pointed to the large fireplace at the far end of the room where he saw a portrait of a couple who could have been Harry and Ginny Potter both asleep. It must be James and Lily Potter; the thought of them made his stomach tighten. It might be more difficult to be in this house than he originally thought. “And he’s Harry. All this Mr. Potter nonsense makes us feel old,” she smiled at him again.

“Alright,” he returned her smile, “I don’t need anything else Ginny, thank you.”

“Let us know if you do, and you’re planning to come with us to Christmas dinner, right?”

“Right,” nerves bounced around in his stomach and he wondered for the first time since he arrived where Lily was. Being greeted by Harry Potter had thrown him off, but he now wondered if she was here. He wasn’t about to ask her parents though. “I’m looking forward to it,” he hoped he sounded convincing. It wasn’t a lie, but he was very, very, nervous about being with her whole family.

“Everyone is looking forward to getting to know you,” she gave him a wink and he realized that they must understand to an extent his nervousness, although he doubted they knew about Lily. They began to back out of the room, “Well, let us know if you need anything.”

“Thank you,” he said again and turned his attention to the table. It was time to get started. With the way his stomach was feeling he was glad the potion wouldn’t smell like Lily today. That effect didn’t happen until a fortnight in.

He was engrossed in his thoughts when he heard the click of a door behind him. Assuming it was Harry or Ginny again, he turned with a smile that faltered when he saw James, Al, and Hugo in front of him. He was reminded of the time he saw them all threatening someone in the lavatory for something concerning Lily. They weren’t smiling and only Hugo appeared even remotely friendly.

With a raise of his wand, James whispered, “Muffilato.”


Thanks for reading!

I haven't had a cliff hanger in a while, so I thought I would leave it there. I hope you enjoyed this chapter. I would love to know what you're thinking so please head on over here and leave feedback. Thanks so much!

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Re: Accidentally In Love

Hello! Thank you all so much for the lovely feedback, I truly appreciate it. I hope you enjoy this chapter!

Chapter Thirty-Two

Scorpius just stared at them for a moment, his eyes met each of theirs ending with Hugo. His friend gave a doleful smile and looked at his cousins, who were both sizing Scorpius up.

“Hi Malfoy,” James started and Scorpius had to make a conscious effort not to roll his eyes. Using a surname to be menacing was beginning to get on his nerves. He would make an exception for Richard Corner, but otherwise he felt as though it were juvenile.

“Good afternoon James,” he nodded to the oldest, “Al,” who stood in the middle, “and Hugh,” his eyes bored into Hugo’s. Had Hugo had a change of heart about Lily? There could be no other explanation for their sudden burly entrance into the kitchen. James and Al knew something about his relationship with Lily. He just didn’t know what or who had told them.

Unsure about what to do or say, he decided to let them bring Lily into the conversation. Doing his best to seem aloof, he turned back to the ingredients, but he was anything but aloof. His hands were shaking and he nearly dropped the bottle of lavender he held.

“Got everything you need?” Al asked as the three others joined him by the table.

“Yes,” he looked up and on closer inspection he realized their eyes weren’t threatening, but each held a look of understanding he had not been expecting. “Your mother made sure everything I needed was at the ready for me,” James began poking about the ingredients, obviously curious about this potion. It wasn’t one that was allowed to be brewed by students so it was doubtful he’d ever seen it other than in a caldron in sixth year.

“Good,” James said dismissively then turned and faced Scorpius head on. “She’s our little sister. I think that pretty much sums it up, don’t you Al?”

Scorpius regarded James while Al began speaking. Lily had said she wasn’t close to him, that she thought he only tolerated her and barely gave her a second thought. His face said different. While he listened to his younger brother elaborate slightly on how special she was the genuine love and protectiveness was shining from hazel eyes.

“…just don’t hurt her,” Al finished up. He met the emerald eyes that matched his father’s exactly and Scorpius couldn’t help but smile. He was going to be cooperative yet vague.

“You don’t have to worry about that,” he smiled at them and turned back to his work. He heard Hugo snicker and mutter something under his breath to Al. James, however, was still right beside him at the table, his interest in the potion piqued.

“I’ve never seen so many expensive ingredients in one place like this before. Even the supply closet at school didn’t have this much money in it.” His eyes ran over the table laden with rose petals, lavender oil, and a small jar of gold flecks, a bottle of champagne, two dove feathers, a small vile of turtle dove blood, and four oyster shells. “Are these real?” He pointed at the shells.

“Yes, but they’re not edible, the pearl is already formed. See that grinder, there?” He pointed at the small hand grinder a little down the table from the ingredients. James nodded.

“Each week of the moon cycle as the potion brews, I’ll grind one genuine pearl in. It’s the pearl that gives the potion the different scents for each person.”

“How much do these ingredients cost?”

“Why?” Scorpius eyed him, “Do you fancy brewing some for yourself?” Hugo and Al laughed at Scorpius’ shrewd eyebrow raise at James.

“No! Nothing like that,” James gave a cheeky grin; “I’ve already got the girl, no need for a love potion.”

“Mmhm,” Scorpius laughed softly, “why all the questions then?”

“I dunno,” James shrugged, “Potions was never by best subject, I barely scraped the O.W.L. to make it into Auror training. I’m just amazed that these ingredients put together produce the most powerful love potion in the world.”

“I think the ministry monitors the cost of most of these items,” Scorpius began measuring the champagne, “in an effort to keep novices from brewing the potion. It can be very difficult and as you know, dangerous when not brewed correctly.”

In Scorpius and Al’s sixth year a not-so-bright Slytherin tried to brew Amorentia and two students grew extra limbs as a result. It had been a tense few weeks while the students were in St. Mungos and there was speculation that one of the girls would have to live with her extra leg protruding from her left one. Thankfully it was able to be removed, at great pain to her. None of the Hogwarts students around at the time would forget that.

It looked as though James was about to say something when the kitchen door opened and an angry looking Lily came through.

“Oh, hey Lils,” James said. She walked over to him and stamped her foot, pointing to her ears. “Huh? Just say it Lily.”

“WOULD YOU PLEASE REMOVE THE BLASTED MUFFILATO SO I CAN HEAR?!” She yelled at her brother, who jumped at little and quickly removed the curse. Her face was red from anger and she took a deep breath and rounded on James, who had tried to escape the kitchen. Pointing her wand at him she cursed him so his legs danced about uncontrollably, and then hit Hugo and Al with the same curse. Scorpius couldn’t help but laugh a little. She had temper and she was not to be underestimated.

“Lily! You’re not supposed to be using magic!” James protested, panting slightly from the exertion of his constantly moving legs.

“You can tell the bloody ministry it was you if they come asking,” Her eyes were narrowed, “you’re lucky I didn’t do worse you miserable nosy boys!”

“It’s only cause we love you—“Hugo started but he shouldn’t have. She looked at him with a fire in her eyes Scorpius had never seen before. He was glad he was in her good graces.

“Hugo Frederick Weasley you should be ashamed of yourself for aligning with these two!” With a wave of her wand three times, all three sets of legs were still again, the sudden stop causing them each to fall to the floor. “How dare any of you think you could come down here and threaten Scorpius? As if I wouldn’t know that you’d put a charm on the room. My ears started buzzing before I was on the stairs. You’re just lucky Mum and Dad haven’t found out…”she trailed off and a look of pure delight and mischief filled her chocolate eyes. “Perhaps I’ll go enlighten them,” she started to the door when Scorpius stopped her with a gentle pull on her arm.

“No need Lily,” he tried not to, but he feared her name sounded like a caress on his tongue. The way it always sounded in his mind. “They didn’t threaten me,” his quickly made eye contact with each of the others and a silent understanding was formed between them. Lily need not know her brothers were prepared to hex him into oblivion, nor that Hugo would gladly hold him down if need be if he ever hurt her.

“They didn’t?” Her voice softened and her cheeks began to flush again, but not from anger this time.

“No, we were just talking,” with a smile he turned to the stove and waved his wand to start the very low flame under the caldron. “There,” he smiled with satisfaction. “I’ve got it going for now. I’ll have to check on it later, but that’s all until tonight.”

Lily looked around at her brothers and cousin, who all had pretend looks of innocence on their faces. Scorpius figured she didn’t believe him, but she decided for whatever reason to drop it.

“Would you like us to give you a tour?”

“Sure,” he secured the lid on the jar of gold and smiled, “lead the way.”

He followed Lily, who was behind her brothers and Hugo. He had the distinct feeling that although she quickly came to his aide just now, she was incredibly nervous around him. She was opening and closing her hands at her side, running her thumbs across her ring fingers with each consecutive rub. A tick he’d noticed before when she appeared nervous. Although he understood her nervousness, the last time they’d seen each other had been at breakfast the morning she left, the morning after they’d kissed. He’d been nervous that morning, not sleeping well, fraught over the implications and complications of his rash decision to kiss her. The blasted mistletoe that had appeared above them as if a hidden force in the castle knew about their feelings for one another. His job notwithstanding, he couldn’t say he regretted kissing her. No, it had been a defining and fulfilling moment for him and nothing had ever felt so right.

They were at the top of the stairs now, James at the front of the group, his arm stuck out in a wave to the portrait of Sirius Black, who was resting in the frame with a strange look on his face. He didn’t speak, and neither did any of the others, but Scorpius felt certain the deceased man (his third cousin?) was sizing him up, curious to his being there. He watched Lily offer her father’s godfather a smile and a little wave, and then she entered a room with an oversized mahogany table that matched the floors.

Not sure exactly what he had been expecting, he knew it wasn’t the sight before him. There were at least two dozen chairs around the huge table, mismatched in a way that gave the room a very homey feel. The fireplace within glowed with a roaring fire and rather large bowl of decorative balls sat in the center of the table, all in different shades of red and yellow. The walls were painted in a very light shade of yellow with draperies hanging from the windows in coordinating colors. A china cabinet stood at the very back of the room, dishes in all shapes, colors, and sizes were placed hapzardly inside, complete with a silver tea service atop it.

“This is the dining room,” Lily said, “which you probably could have guessed,” she gave a small laugh.

“Yes,” he also chuckled, “I’ve never seen such a large table.”

“We do have a massive family mate,” Hugo said with the easy camaraderie they had at school, all pretenses he’d put on for his cousins earlier seemingly gone. “They don’t use it much except holidays, do you?”

“Not really,” Al shrugged, “I think Mum does come in for her morning coffee sometimes. She enjoys looking out the window.” At his words they all turned to the window in time to see a muggle woman clutching her child’s hand cross the street, a bag laden with gifts in her other hand. It seemed only then did they remember it was Christmas Day.

“Are you still planning to come to the Burrow?” Hugo inquired. “Teddy said you were last he checked.”

“I am,” he said warily, “although judging by the table I doubt I’ll even be noticed in the sea of red hair.”

Everyone laughed and James shook his head and raised one eyebrow. “Not noticed, huh? You don’t think a roomful of Weasleys will notice a Malfoy in their midst?”

He hadn’t said it in a threatening tone, simply matter of fact. Scorpius had to admit he had wondered about how the rest of the family felt about his being around.

“I’m sure they will, but will they only notice, or will they be, ah how to say it…” he honestly couldn’t finish the sentence in a way that seemed suitable.

“Pleasant? Welcoming?” Hugo finished for him and meeting her eyes, Scorpius saw that Lily looked distraught.

“Well, yeah,” he gave a small smile.

“No worries mate,” this time the friendly endearment came not from Hugo, but Al. “I think everyone is so damn curious about you they’ll probably talk your ears off.”

They all stood, uneasy for a moment, until James clapped him on the back. “I’ll stick with you and play interference.”

“It’s run interference James,” Lily rolled her eyes, “honestly why even use a muggle phrase if you can’t do so properly?” With his grin and her second eye roll the unease faded and they all laughed. For better or worse he felt something with them. A connection and for the first time he felt he might actually find a place in their lives, in their family.


Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this chapter! I know it was a bit short, but I felt seeing the beginning of the dynamic between Scorpius and the brothers Potter was important. Plus, if I'd gone on to the next bit it would have been massive. Christmas at the Burrow next chapter! I'd love your thoughts on this one, so please head on over to the feedback thread. Thank you so much!

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Re: Accidentally In Love

Hello there! Sorry for the posting delay...but not too sorry because I was on vacation in Florida and was visiting The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! Which was amazing, btw. Anyway...here is the next update! I hope you enjoy...there is some information in this chapter that will lead to other things.

As always, thanks so much MissGryffindor, marauderfan, and HogwartsWizard for their feedback. I appreciate it!

*****I went back and added some to the end of this chapter after I originally posted it. I decided to add it here instead of the beginning of the next chapter. Just FYI.*****

Chapter Thirty-Two

Christmas at the Burrow had been in full swing for over an hour. The family was seated in the front garden, warming charms enveloping them like a dome overhead as they ate. Lily glanced at Scorpius, who was laughing at something James was saying. She felt warm at her brother’s reception of Scorpius. She had been worried when she’d realized they had him cornered in the kitchen. Not that they were prone to violence, more like pranks, but she didn’t want Scorpius subjected to either for her sake. It seemed they were now getting along smashingly. He sat beside James, and Al, Teddy, Victoire, Hugo, and Rose were also at that end of the table. She looked at her plate, which was only half eaten and tried to focus on what her Aunt Angelina was saying.

“…so they’re thinking sometime this summer, after Roxy is home for the summer holidays,” she made eye contact with her daughter, who was at least attempting to be happy about her older brothers pending nuptials. Lily knew it was mostly an act though; that Roxy hadn’t come to terms with Fred marrying a girl she didn’t particularly care for.

“That sounds lovely,” Aunt Audrey said, “is there anything we can do to help Ange?”

Lily then tuned her aunts out and tried to focus on Lucy, who seemed down.

“What’s up Luce?” She asked as she took a sip of her Pumpkin Juice.

“Oh, nothing,” Lucy blushed.

“Looks like more something than nothing,” Roxy pointed out. “Is it about Landon?” Ever since Lucy had confessed her crush to her cousins both girls had been watching the two of them together and they had decided that Landon was clueless. He wasn’t dating anyone, and he wasn’t mean to Lucy, but he seemed completely oblivious to her feelings for him.

Lucy blushed again. “He didn’t send me anything for Christmas,” she said glumly.

“Does he usually?” Lily asked.

“He did last year,” Lucy shrugged, “and I sent him something.”

Lily bit her bottom lip. She didn’t want her cousin to be hurt, but it seemed that for now at least Landon wasn’t returning her feelings.

“Maybe he meant to,” she said vaguely.

“Lils,” Lucy’s voice was completely dejected and she rolled her eyes sadly, “thanks but I doubt it.”

“Don’t give up Luce,” Roxy put her arm around her cousin. Lily and Roxy looked at each other sadly, Lily finally shrugging and getting up from the table. As she walked into the house, she heard voices in the kitchen and she turned, not wanting to eavesdrop, but her Uncle Ron’s voice wafted to where she stood.

“Have you told Malfoy?” He sounded tense. Malfoy? Was this something about Scorpius? She knew her Uncle wasn’t overly excited to have him here, or that he was now friendly with his son and nieces, but she couldn’t understand what he would be talking about.

“Yes,” it was her father’s voice now, “I flooed him this morning.”

Oh, seemed they were talking about Scorpius’ dad, Draco.

“What was his reaction?”

“He’s worried, obviously,” Harry said, also sounding tense. “He’s also as frustrated as I am that we allowed this to happen in the first place.”

What were they talking about? Had her father discovered the feelings she had Scorpius shared? She had to clamp a hand over her mouth to stop the gasp that escaped her lips from being audible. Had they somehow found out about the kiss? She was surprised her father felt this way about it. He had always told her not to judge people based on their name or house, but on who the person was, and to always give everyone a chance. She couldn’t believe he would change that now. Maybe the reality of a Malfoy cozying up with them was different now that he was facing it head on. Anger at her father surged through her, and had Louis and Molly not walked in the house right then she probably would have.

“Hey Lils!” Louis gave her a sideways hug. “I haven’t talked to you tonight. Thanks again for the Broomstick servicing kit. I used it this afternoon and the new formula for the Fleetwood polish is awesome!”

“You’re welcome,” she had drawn his name for the cousin’s gift exchange and had been nervous about shopping for him. While they loved each other, she didn’t feel as though she knew him as well as some of her other cousins, as he was so much older than she was and they didn’t interact socially. “I have to admit, I had help,” she gave him a sheepish smile. “Teddy told me you wanted a new kit.”

“No worries,” he leaned in and whispered conspiratorially, “I had help from Al when I was shopping for Rosie.”

Lily laughed and answered something Molly was asking her about one of her classes, and then she moved back into the garden. Most everyone was up from the table now. James made his way to her with a cheeky grin.

“I understand,” he whispered in her ear.

“What?” she asked confused.

“Why you chose him,” he met her eyes, “he’s great Lils.”

Feeling warmth spreading up her neck and face Lily searched her brother’s eyes for teasing and found none. He reached out and squeezed her shoulder. Suddenly she felt the sting of tears behind her eyes and it was only then that she realized how much she had wanted James to approve.

“Thank you,” she whispered back.

“I’m off,” James said in a slightly louder voice that drew the attention of their mother.

“Behave James,” Ginny gave him a stern look.

“Mum!” James looked affronted, “I think I know how to behave in front of my girlfriend’s parents long enough to have Christmas pudding with them.”

“Yes well,” Harry had reentered the garden and placed a hand on his eldest son’s shoulder. “These aren’t just any parents. He’s the Minister for Magic and my boss. No funny stuff.”

With only a grin James nodded. He yelled a goodbye to everyone, hopped the fence and apparated out of site.

“Of all the children in this family to date the Minister’s daughter, did it have to be the one with the most Hogwarts letters sent home?”

“I think Fred might have him beat,” Uncle George said with a laugh, “or at least tied!” Fred wasn’t there that evening or Lily was sure he would have objected. The adults began comparing notes on who had had what letters sent home and Lily couldn’t help but laugh when Aunt Hermione mentioned Hugo’s number and that he still had a year and a half left. Lily, noticing Scorpius off to the side alone, excused herself and walked over to him.

“Enjoying yourself?” She asked quietly. He looked around at her, surprised but pleased.

“Yes,” he nodded. “I truly am. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know your family and I think this house is amazing.” He made a sweeping hand gesture toward the Burrow, which towered about them all in its teetering whimsical way.

“I know,” Lily nodded, “I love this place. I have so many memories here.”

Scorpius looked thoughtful for a moment and Lily was going to ask him about his family home, but he smiled softly at her, his silver eyes luminous in the light reflecting off the snow.

“Thanks for the miniature Quidditch player, I love it,” he sounded so sincere. “Did you have it specially made?”

“Yes,” with a smile she pictured the gift she had picked for him. It was a small Quidditch player who zoomed on a broom. For Scorpius she had picked a blonde one in Slytherin robes, holding a Quaffle, zooming around on the latest Model of the Firebolt. “I’m glad you liked it. Thank you for the chocolate.”

“You’re welcome. Your favorite, right?” He smiled again.

“Yes,” she hoped he couldn’t see the blush creeping her cheeks in the dim lighting of the garden, but she feared the brightness given off from the snow was giving her away.

“Lily,” he said quietly with a look around to make sure no one was listening. They were hardly alone but no one seemed to be paying them any mind. “I guess it’s obvious I have feelings for you.”

She said nothing just nodded and offered what she hoped was an encouraging, yet demure smile.

“I can’t date you,” he whispered and she was slightly taken aback at his directness, but appreciative of it at the same time. She wanted a man who could take charge of a situation. She gave another nod. “I want to. I would take you on every Hogsmeade visit from now until you graduate, but since I’m a staff member it wouldn’t be appropriate until you’re of age.”

“I understand,” she whispered looking into his eyes and seeing the feeling there she knew he was telling the truth. It had nothing to do with her but everything to do with the rules set before him by the Headmistress.

“I’ll be thinking of you though,” he touched her arm briefly and the sensation at the physical contact gave her a start. “From afar I’ll be thinking of you.”

She wanted to tell him she would be thinking of him, but at that moment Al, Hugo, Rose, and Lucy walked up, the boys looking a little bit drunk. They always got into the Firewhisky after Pudding. Lucy grinned and pointed above where Lily and Scorpius were standing.

“Ohhhh, mistletoe!” She squealed. “Kiss her!”

“Yeah mate,” Hugo’s grin stretched his entire face. “Kiss her!” He raised his voice and quickly had the attention of the entire family. Blushing again, Lily looked around at her family and finally found her father’s eyes. Those bright green irises looked back at her softly. His expression was hard to read and she was reminded of the conversation she’d overheard in the kitchen. What was he thinking? How did he feel about Scorpius Malfoy, son of Draco Malfoy, kissing her?

“Kiss her, kiss her,” Al and Hugo began to chant, making Scorpius laugh in spite of his own red face. With a tentative smile he leaned over and kissed her cheek. Several grunts of disapproval sounded, but to Lily, the kiss seemed perfect. Along with the secret they shared of caring for one another in more than a friendly way, even a kiss on the cheek felt intimate and rebellious, giving her a thrill.

When he pulled back he waved to the crowd of Weasleys and was clapped on the back by Al, who passed him the flask. With a grin at her he tipped his head back and drank in a very public moment of bonding with not only her, but her family as well. She made eye contact with her father again and he smiled at her. She once again felt strange, wondering what he was thinking about Scorpius kissing her. Her father's approval meant a lot to her. What if he didn't approve? She couldn't worry about that right now. As her Grandmum said, "you can't borrow trouble from tomorrow." She would worry about her father's feelings when there was something to really worry about.

Later that night, as the Potter clan and Scorpius were leaving they stood in the front garden again with Grandpa, Grandmum, and Hugo's family. Grandpa had been extremely quiet around Scorpius all night. Not unfriendly, just unsure. Now though, with most of his family already gone, he stuck out his hand for Scorpius to shake.

"Thank you for your help with the Potion, I know George appreciates it."

"You're welcome Sir," Scorpius smiled. "I'm enjoying it, to be honest," he cast a quick glance at Lily that didn't go completely unnoticed. Her mother raised an eyebrow that only Scorpius saw. With a gulp he turned back to Mr. Weasley.

"We also appreciate the help you've given Hugo and the Quidditch team. Teddy has told us all about it. Thank you for taking an interest in our grandchildren."

The words were so ironic Scorpius almost laughed, especially when he saw Hugo and Al holding in laughs. Their faces were turning slightly purple and Lily blushed. Again, Ginny Potter noticed with another raise of her eyebrow.

"I'm also enjoing that, Sir. I love Quidditch."

"Yes, I remember Al bemoaning how good the Slytherin team was with you at the helm," Harry spoke up and laughed.

"I was never much of a player myself," Arthur Weasley chuckled, "but almost all of my children were, so I do enjoy the game."

"They get their talent from my side of the family," Molly gave a girlish grin and linked arms with her husband. Her eyes took on a faraway look and she spoke her next words quietly. "My brothers were excellent players."

"Yes, they were dear," Arthur patted her hand and turned his attention back to Scorpius. "We've known your family for some time, obviously," there was a slightly awkward feeling to the air now but Scorpius knew he would have to talk about his family with them at some point. Why not get it out of the way now?

"Do you see much of your Malfoy Grandparents Scorpius?" Molly asked with a forced looking smile.

"Yes m'am," he nodded, "my father and his mother are very close."

There it was. Without having to say anything else he knew he had given them some vital information. Although not a saint by any means, Narcissa Malfoy was viewed in a much better light than Lucius in all wizarding circles. With that one statement he had said it all. Draco was close to his mother. Not his parents. He saw understanding in all their eyes and he knew his father had risen at least slightly in their eyes, even though he thought he heard Ron Weasley chuckle and say "mama's boy" under his breath. He couldn't help but smile, even though the slight was directed at his father. Hugo was so like his father.

"I'm glad to hear it," Molly said sincerely. "Well you all best be off."

"Yes," Ginny stepped forward and everyone began hugging and saying goodbye, making plans for the following week. Plans Scorpius would be included in, as he would be at the Potter's for the next week working on the Amorentia.

With a final wave, he turned on the spot and was gone.


Thank you so much for reading! I would love to know what you thought so please head on over to the feedback thread. Thanks so much!

My Fic:
Choices and Feedback

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Re: Accidentally In Love

Hello! Thank you so much to MissGryffindor and marauderfan for leaving such wonderful feedback. I truly appreciate it and I love reading your thoughts on the story! Here is the next chapter. It's long, mostly dialog and full of information! I hope you enjoy.

Chapter Thirty-Three

A few mornings after Christmas, Hugo received two owls.


I’m looking forward to New Years, but just writing to say that we’ve got a problem. A big problem that looks like Richard Corner---I’ll explain when I see you. In the meantime, come up with a good reason Scorpius was holding her hand that day on the stairs.


Hugo cursed under his breath. He and Mike rarely wrote to one another during school holidays, usually using the floo network if they needed to talk, so he had been surprised to see his friend’s owl that morning. It made sense now though. Mike was smart enough not to share that information through the floo where their parents might over hear. Hugo punched the air in frustration, wondering what Corner was up to now.

Dear Hugo,

Hi! I hope you’re having a nice holiday. I am, although I miss jolly old England. I’m in Florida, which is a very warm American state, even for this time of year. I’ve been doing some touring with Mum and my aunt and cousins. There is some interesting history of Wizards here. I guess someone tried to find the fountain of youth, but a Wizard named Grant something or other prevented it; which means it’s still out there, which is pretty cool when you think about it.

I wish I could be at your house for New Years. We’re not coming back until the day before term though. I’ll be flooing into Longbottom’s office. See you then!


He sighed and reread her letter. Dana never wrote to him about history. She was usually making fun of stuff like that, but now she was acting like his mum. He’d read some old letters his dad and uncle had saved from his Mum when they were at school and she often wrote about things she saw on vacation that were historical in the magical world. Something was wrong with her, but he would have to wait until term started up again to know what.

His mind turned back to Richard Corner and what they could say about Lily and Scorpius and not watching where he was going, he ran smack into his father on the stairs.

“Well, good morning Hugo,” his dad said sarcastically. “Lost in thought, are we?”

“What?” He focused on his father bemusedly, his mind still on the letters lying on his desk. “Oh, yeah, sorry Dad. Hey!” He just realized the time. “What are you still doing home? Aren’t you going back to work today?” His father and uncle had both taken time off from the Auror office over the holidays, but had been called in for some sort of emergency this morning.

“I’ve already been there and come back home,” Ron Weasley looked at his son with an expression Hugo didn’t quite recognize. “I was coming home to talk to you, actually.”

“Oh,” Hugo was surprised by this, “I’m on my way to the kitchen. Can we talk there?”

“Sure,” father and son headed downstairs and once Hugo found something to eat, sat across from each other at the table. “Your mum tells me you and Lily want to go to Diagon Alley this morning.”

“Yeah,” he swallowed a rather large bite of bacon sandwich. “We both have some Christmas money to spend and we’re going to meet Roxy for lunch at the Leaky Caldron.”

“Alright, but while you’re there today I want you to keep to the main alley. The Leaky Caldron is fine; Hannah and Neville will both be there.”

“Um, alright,” Hugo stopped mid-bite. Something was a little off about this conversation. Although he and his cousins had gotten into trouble before for going to Knockturn Alley before, his father had never given him such a speech. His mother, sure, but not his father; he wasn’t “that kind” of dad.

“I need more reassurance than that Hugh,” upon closer inspection Hugo saw something in his father’s expression that was rarely there. Tension and was that fear?

“Dad what’s going on?”

“Nothing, just keep to the main street and don’t wander, alright?”

“Alright,” he knew his father wasn’t telling him something. “Are you sure there’s nothing wrong?”

“Your Uncle George is going to be at his shop today working on Inventory. If you need anything, go there.”

“What would I need Dad?”

“Just remember that he’s there, alright?”

“Alright,” Hugo said slowly. He opened his mouth to ask again what was going on, but at that moment the flames of their kitchen fireplace glowed green and Lily came out. She took one look at Ron sitting with Hugo and locked eyes with Hugo. He had a feeling she had received a similar lecture.

“Hi Hugh, Hi Uncle Ron,” she put her hand on Ron’s shoulder and kissed his cheek. The fire glowed green again and James emerged.

“What are you doing here?” Hugo blurted to his older cousin.

“Mum sent me,” James shrugged, “she wanted me to go with you to the Alley.”


“Dunno,” James didn’t meet his eyes and the look shared between him and his uncle wasn’t missed by the students in the room.

“Dad?” Hugo stood now and faced Ron, who had also risen, heading for the fireplace.

“What?” Ron turned.

“Are you going to tell me why Lily and I all of a sudden need a chaperone to go to Diagon Alley?”

“Best take that up with your Aunt Ginny,” Ron shrugged and picked up some floo powder, “seeing as she sent him. I’ve got to get back. Have a good day,” he met his son’s eyes and held them for a beat longer than normal. “Love you guys,” Ron said and he was gone.

Lily and Hugo rounded on James.

“What the bloody hell is going on?” Hugo demanded. James sighed, shook his head and moved so he could put an arm around both of them.

“Nothing, nothing,” he said in a would-be casual voice, “I was going anyway so Mum said I should tag along with you two. You know Mum,” he raised an eyebrow at his sister, “always wanting us to bond and stuff.”

“Aren’t you working?”

“Oh,” he released them and made for the Fireplace. “I’m off today.”

“I thought new Aurors never got time off.”

“It helps that Dad is the Head of the Department,” he shrugged.

“That doesn’t sound right,” Lily pulled his arm, “Dad never lets us use him that way.”

“Don’t know what to tell you Lils,” he threw the powder into the fireplace. “Come on, let’s go!” He stepped in and was gone.

With a shrug and another eyebrow raise, Hugo and Lily followed him, both wanting to get to the bottom of their families strange behavior.

Once in the Alley, they shopped around, James keeping annoyingly close. It wasn’t that Lily or Hugo minded having him around, but under the circumstances they were both irritated.

“Alright you two,” James stopped in front of a jewelry store. “It’s about a half hour until you’re supposed to meet Roxy, right?”

“Right,” Lily rolled her eyes.

“Listen, I want to run in here and look at something for Gen,” his face turned a light shade of red. “You still need to go to Eeylops, right?” He pointed across the street to the Owl Emporium.

“Yes,” Hugh nodded.

“Alright, I’ll go in here,” he pointed at the jewelry shop, “and you go get your owl treats. Meet back here in twenty minutes. Sound good?”

“Sure,” Hugh shrugged and Lily nodded. James went into the shop and began a conversation with the proprietor. Hugo crossed his arms. “I have half a mind to go as far from here as we can,” he rolled his eyes. “What is going on with them anyway? All of a sudden they’re making James babysit us and my dad comes home from work to lecture me on staying on the main street, and reminds me to go to Uncle George if we need him? Why would we need him? Sod it all,” he turned and started in the opposite direction.

“Hugh…” Lily started but she stopped abruptly. Rushing toward them was a man who could have been Scorpius, only he was much too old. He looked to be about their father’s ages and he looked a bit panicked.

“Lily, Hugo,” he said in a rush, “please come with me to your Uncle’s shop.” He pointed toward Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes. After looking over his shoulder quickly he touched Lily’s arm. “Please, I know you don’t know me, but please come with me to the shop. Now.”

Hugo looked as though he might argue, but Lily’s instincts said it was best to listen to him, especially in light of how strange everyone was acting today. Forgetting about James, she gave a quick nod and reached for Hugo’s hand and pulled him along. Draco Malfoy walked behind them nervously looking about them the entire time. Lily noticed he had his wand drawn at his side.

The shop door jangled as they opened it and Mr. Malfoy ushered them inside. Lily was surprised it was unlocked considering the store was closed. Hugo still hadn’t said anything, but Lily thought he looked a bit dangerous at the moment so she called out to Uncle George before he could open his mouth. Their Uncle emerged from the back room with a smile, but soon his expression changed to a much darker look than Lily ever remembered seeing on his face. His eyes traveled over her head and she knew he was glaring at Mr. Malfoy.

“Lily, Hugo, is everything alright?”

Again, Hugo started to say something but he was cut off by Mr. Malfoy, whose voice was uneasy.

“George,” the way her Uncle looked when he heard his name from this man struck her. It was as if he’d never spoken it before. “We’ve got to get Harry and Ron.”

“Malfoy,” his eyes were still narrowed and his voice was laced with malice, “might I ask why you have brought my niece and nephew in here and why you need their fathers?”

“I just saw Addanc Dearborne in the Alley.”

It was a name Lily had never heard but it meant something to her Uncle. As quick as a flash she saw him whip out his wand and then his silvery monkey shot past her at rapid speed.

“In here,” he moved aside and pointed toward his office. Lily and Hugo obeyed and once in the office saw Roxy perched on the edge of her father’s desk reading The Quibbler.

“Hey!” She smiled at them. “I thought we weren’t meeting until…”her voice fell flat as Draco Malfoy and George Weasley followed her cousins in, her father shutting the door behind him. Before anyone could say another word the fireplace began to burn emerald flames and Harry Potter came stumbling from the grate, Ron Weasley close on his heels.

“What is it George? Something with the kids?” Ron came from the fireplace already asking questions while he dusted the soot from him. Looking up he seemed to take in everyone in the room for the first time and his eyes narrowed and his face began to turn red. “Malfoy! What are you doing here?”

Harry also looked alarmed and as he took a moment to wipe the soot from his glasses Lily could see he was doing all in his power to remain calm. Once he could properly see again he looked from his daughter to Draco Malfoy and then back at his brother-in-law George.

“Calm down Ron,” he said pointedly, “so George, what’s going on?” Lily smiled at her father’s efforts to keep the peace, her brain whirring with questions about what was going on.

“Malfoy came in a moment ago, practically pushing those two,” he pointed at Lily and Hugo.

“What is the meaning of that Malfoy?” Ron said angrily stepping up next to his son. Harry put his arm out in front of Ron, blocking him from Draco and gave him another pointed look.

“The meaning of it Weasley,” Malfoy said, “Is that I was in Diagon Alley shopping and saw Addanc Dearborne right behind them.”

The color that was a moment ago so prominent on Ron’s face faded fast, leaving his face sickly pale behind his freckles.

“Are you sure it was him?” Harry said tensely.

“Positive,” Malfoy looked disgusted, “he was practically licking his lips as he walked behind them.”

There was no question the older men were concerned deeply about this. Lily saw her father and Uncle Ron exchange a look and her father nodded. For the second time that day she watched a patronus message go out, this time from both her father and Uncle Ron.

“Would someone please tell us who this bloody Dearborne bloke is?” Hugo said impatiently looking at his father. For a minute Lily thought they weren’t going to, but then Uncle Ron sighed and nodded at Harry.

“He’s someone who fought in the War,” Harry glanced at Draco and grimaced slightly, “on the side of Voldemort. He was never caught and from our in tell has been in Asia all this time and just returned to this area a few days ago.”

“What does he have to do with us?” Hugo asked sitting in-between Lily and Roxy on Uncle George’s desk, from which Roxy had pushed all the papers aside. Before anyone could answer him the fireplace burned green again and Scorpius emerged from the flames more graceful than any Weasley could, quickly followed by Ginny. As soon as Ginny was in the room a “pop” was heard from the front of the store and Hermione came in with a stricken look, her hair flying all over the place.

“Harry?” Ginny said.

“Father?” Scorpius looked beyond shocked to see his father, especially once he took in all the people standing about in the small office.

“Ron?” Hermione breathed. The two women stood beside their children, Ginny running her hand over Lily’s long hair. Hermione seemed to be checking Hugo over, which appeared to be irritating him. Harry sighed and rubbed the back of his head, making eye contact with his wife and then his sister-in-law.

“Dearborne was in Diagon Alley. He appeared to be following Hugo and Lily when Ma---Draco spotted him and got the children here.”

The two mothers seemed shocked and then did something neither of them had ever done before. In a flash they were across the room and both hugged Draco Malfoy at the same moment. Draco stumbled backwards at their advance and his face was beyond stunned.

“Thank you,” Hermione said through wet eyes, “for recognizing the danger and protecting our children.”

“Yes, thank you so much,” Ginny also wiped a tear from her eye and as one she and Hermione stepped back.

“You’re welcome,” Draco whispered, “I would never have let him touch them,” he looked at his son, who was now standing where Hermione had been next to Hugo. “The “sins”,” he did silly looking air-quotes, “of the father should never be transferred onto the son. I know that more than most.”

“Yes,” Harry said quietly after a moment, “but thanks are still in order.” Draco gave a nod, which both Harry and Ron returned.

“So he’s back in Britain,” Ginny said blandly.

“Yes,” Ron shook his head in frustration, “I can’t believe we never caught him.”

“Agreed,” Harry also shook his head and at that moment James came rushing in, panic on his face.

“Uncle George!” He shouted, and then stopped abruptly when he saw everyone in the room. Making eye contact first with his sister, then his father his face burned red although Lily wasn’t sure if it was from embarrassment or anger.

“Lily! Hugo! I was terrified,” he stood in front of them, looking ready to hex them both into the New Year, but Harry stopped him with a hand on his shoulder.

“James, they were brought here by Mr. Malfoy,” James whipped around and spotted Draco for apparently the first time, and his mouth gaped open slightly. “Dearborne was here, following them when Draco saw him.”
James looked at the ceiling and his face flushed again. Very sad eyes turned back to his sister and cousin, then his father and mother. He put a hand over his eyes and Lily thought she heard him sniffle.

“Dad, I’m so sorry,” his voice cracked, “I…” he trailed off, hanging his head in his hand again. Harry tightened his grip on his oldest son’s shoulder.

“James, we’ll talk about it later,” nodding James moved off to the side, his face still stricken.

“Dad?” Lily asked tentatively. “I understand he fought in the war and got away, but what does that really have to do with Hugo and me?” She cast a look at Scorpius, also wondering why her mother had brought him along.

It was Draco, not Harry, who spoke up to answer her.

“He’s a werewolf,” he said the word with disdain, “who hates me and both of your fathers. He made direct threats against all of our children.”

Lily felt Hugo take her hand, but her eyes never left Draco.

“Neville and I took down Fenrir Greyback in the final showdown,” Ron stated, “who was Dearborne’s father for all intents and purposes.”

“Greyback liked to bite children and then bring them up away from their parents. Dearborne was such a child and he blames Ron and Neville for the man he called his father being taken to Azkaban, where he died a few years later,” Harry explained. “He hates me for obvious reasons. Most people associated with Death Eaters don’t care for me,” he gave Draco a rueful smile, which Draco returned.

“He blames my family for Greyback being in the castle so he could be taken down at all. Said if mother hadn’t lied the Death Eaters never would have entered the castle again,” Draco said. “He made himself scarce pretty quickly once the Dark Lord and Greyback had fallen. He resurfaced around the time you,” he indicated James, “were born and made threats against any of Po---er---Harry’s children. He made some public statements threatening you,” he indicated Scorpius this time, “as well as Weas----um----Ron’s children once they came along.”

“It’s been an incredibly frustrating situation. He’s been right under our noses more than once, yet always evades captivity,” Harry gave a frustrated sigh. “The Minister is adamant that this time be the last time he has a chance to scare people and make threats. He wants him captured.”

“Naturally,” Ron added, “we’re working hard in the Auror office to do this, but it’s proving more difficult than we would have ever expected.”

“How so?” Draco said a little impatiently.

“He’s moving around constantly and very quickly. It’s disconcerting, especially since he’s supposedly traveling with a gang of other werewolves. Although the Ministry has tried to keep it under control, there is still a decent amount of underground activities from groups of werewolves that are most definitely aiding him,” Harry gave another shake of his head. “For example, all of our sources said he was as far away as Romania just yesterday but then all of a sudden he’s back in England? It’s very troubling.”

“Uncle Harry?” Roxy asked, speaking for the first time since the story had come out, “can’t he just apparate? Wouldn’t that make it easy to get from one place to another quickly?”

“About ten years ago there was a gathering of all the European Ministries for Magic and it was decided to put limitations on apparating in and out of countries,” Harry answered. “There was some trouble back then with a lot of illegal smuggling that resulted in several wizard and muggle deaths. There are supposed to be Magical wards at the borders to prevent traveling in and out without being monitored. He shouldn’t have been able to move across so many borders in such a quick time.”

“I thought you said he’d been in our area for a few days?” Hugo asked.

“You see our problems,” Ron said sarcastically.

“The Ministry can’t get a handle on him,” Draco said bitterly, “and sources they’ve trusted don’t seem trustworthy any longer.”

“Right,” Harry said just as bitterly. Lily had the distinct feeling her father and Draco Malfoy had had this discussion before. Probably when her father flooed him the other day she realized. This must be the situation that Draco was frustrated had ever been allowed to happen. It didn’t have anything to do with her and Scorpius; at least not about their feelings for one another. “We’re doing everything we can, but until then you all need to keep to home.”

“Scorpius I’d like for you to come home,” his father looked at him imploringly.

“Father,” Scorpius looked torn. “I’ve given my word to Mr. Weasley,” he pointed at George, “and the Potion still has three weeks to go before its ready.”

“Scorpius,” George spoke reassuringly, “I’m sure Hermione and I can finish it. If we ruin it, we’ll just have to figure something else out,” Hermione gave a nervous nod and Lily remembered her Aunt didn’t feel comfortable brewing the potion.

“Of course,” Hermione agreed, albeit a little warily, “your safety is more important than this potion.”

Scorpius and Draco both regarded the Weasley bunch with similarly bewildered expressions.

“No,” Scorpius shook his head, “I have to finish what I started.”

He and his father never stopped looking at one another until Draco gave a very slight nod of his head.

“Why don’t you just stay at our house?” Ginny said. “You’ve been going back and forth from school to our house, so why don’t you just stay until it’s finished?”

“You don’t have to finish here at the story like we originally planned either,” George piped up. “I can easily transport it from Ginny’s once it’s ready.”

“Are you sure my being there wouldn’t be an imposition?” He asked meekly.

“Not at all,” Ginny gave a wave of her hand. “You’ll be safe there and hopefully it will give your parents some peace of mind,” she looked at Draco, who nodded.

“Great!” Harry clapped his hands together. “It’s settled then. Lily, you and Hugo return home with your mother,” he smiled at Ginny. “We’ve got to get back to work,” he made a gesture that indicated himself, James, Ron, and Hermione.

“Thought you were off today James?” Lily asked with a grin.

“Um, well,” James stammered. “You two might have been my assignment today,” he said sheepishly with a look at his father. Lily’s heart went out to James. Harry would no doubt have something to say about him letting them go off alone. Harry, at the moment wasn’t paying them any mind though. He was looking thoughtfully at Roxy.

“In the meantime, I suggest you staying out of the Alley as well. Although you were never specifically threatened, I doubt he’d think twice about harming you simply because you’re a Weasley.”

“You’re right Harry,” George agreed immediately. “Gin? Can Rox go home with you? Angelina is at our Hogsmeade store with Freddy doing inventory and I daresay Roxy would rather go with Lily than be stuck here all day with me.”

“Sure,” Ginny held her hand out to Roxy, and one by one they left through the fireplace.

Once they were all gone, George left Draco and Scorpius alone. Father and son looked at one another and without words they came together in a hug.

“I’m proud of you, son,” he whispered into Scorpius’s shoulder.

“Thanks Father,” they pulled apart and both smiled sadly at the other.

“Will you please come for at least one dinner before the term begins?”

“Yes, tell mother to owl me the best night.”

“She’d have you any night you want, or every night for that matter,” he gave another small smile. “But I will tell her. Bring your friends if you’d like.”

“My friends?” He raised one eyebrow in question.

“The ones who just left with Ginny Potter,” Draco said shrewdly. “I can’t ignore any longer that you’ve made friends with them. I know your mother would like to get to know them.”

For a long time he only looked at his father. Draco was making an effort, but wouldn’t go as far as saying he would also like to get to know them. Scorpius didn’t know that he would bring anyone around for dinner, but he appreciated the offer.

“Thanks Father, I’ll think about it.”

“Fine,” Draco squeezed his shoulder one last time. “Be careful son.”

“I will be,” Scorpius said and with that they left in separate directions.

Thank you so very much for reading! I hope you enjoyed this chapter. I would love to know your thoughts on it! Thanks again.

My Fic:
Choices and Feedback
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Re: Accidentally In Love

Thank you so much to all who left feedback! I appreciate it! Here is the next update...hope you all enjoy!

Chapter Thirty-Four

Scorpius was asleep in one of the Potter’s guest rooms, a room on the first floor of the massive house, which Al told him had originally been a drawing room. On one wall was a large family tree, which Scorpius found curious because it wasn’t the Potter’s family tree. In fact, he had been startled to find his own name on the tree, connected to his parents by a little golden thread. He’d asked Al about it; wondering why it was still there. Al said his father originally left it up because their old house-elf, Kreacher, had been attached to it and as Harry was cleaning out the house and changing everything, he didn’t want to overwhelm the elf with too much change all at once. After Kreacher died, everyone expected Harry to remove it, but again, it wasn’t removed. Al said his father didn’t have much to say about it, but it remained nonetheless. Al and James had a theory that he was using it to monitor anyone who might have ties to Death Eaters procreating. When Al said this, he gave Scorpius a rueful smile because Scorpius was obviously just such an offspring. With a shrug Al just said after all this time they were all used to it.

Scorpius had just begun a delightful dream about Quidditch when he felt something begin to pelt him. Rousing himself, he rubbed his eyes and looked around the room, his gaze finally falling on Hugo, who was grinning at him from the chair next to the roll-top desk in the corner. Picking up a small object, Scorpius realized Hugo had decided to wake him by throwing Bertie Bots Beans at him repeatedly.

“How many of these bloody things did you throw?” Scorpius asked; his voice still laced with sleep.

“At least fifteen,” Hugo shrugged, “you’re a sound sleeper mate.”

“Yes,” Scorpius was fully sitting up now and swung his legs off the bed and stretched. “Wait, why did you wake me up again?”

“I haven’t told you yet!” Hugo said gleefully, earning a laugh from Scorpius.

“So?” He extended both his hands toward Hugo obviously asking what on earth had been so important to wake him.

“So,” Hugo grinned, “get dressed! We’re going to the Pub!”

“We?” Scorpius gave what was becoming his trademark eyebrow raise around the Weasleys.

“Sure!” Hugo said enthusiastically. “You, me, Lily, Roxy, Rosie, James, Al, Freddy, Lucy, Louis, and Dommy.” Seeing as Hugo had just named off most of his cousins, Scorpius had to raise his eyebrow again.

“What about Molly, Victoire, and Teddy?”

“Oh, well, Molly’s a bit of a kill-joy and only comes if we’re not sneaking out. Plus, she doesn’t approve of under-age drinking and James always buys for all of us not seventeen yet,” Hugo shrugged. “Teddy and Victoire have a child now. Plus, we didn’t invite them this time.”

“Why not?” Scorpius said as he pulled on a pair of jeans. Hugo looked a bit guilty, which Scorpius took as a bad sign.

“Well, we figured Teddy wouldn’t want us sneaking out to go, you know, with a maniacal werewolf after us and all.”

Scorpius, now tying his trainers, stopped mid-tie and looked at Hugo in shock. How could he have forgotten about Dearborne?

“And he would be right,” Scorpius finished tying but shook his head. “Hugh, this isn’t the best idea. I think we should stay here.”

“Nah,” Hugo waved his hand. “James will be with us, he’s an Auror, and Freddy is excellent with all kinds of curses, and Louis and Dommy both work for the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. Not to mention Rosie, who has a temper like Aunt Ginny and could probably kill someone with just a look. Plus you and Al are top notch wizards…” he trailed off with a grin. Scorpius couldn’t help laughing.

“Flattery will get you nowhere Hugh,” he gave his friend a pointed smile.

“Fine, we’ve got a plan. Should Dearborne show up, we’re just going to apparate. Rose with me, James with Lily, and Freddy with Roxy; come on Scorp! We’ll be fine!"

Laughing again at the nickname Hugo had chosen for him, Scorpius had to shake his head, wondering how on earth James Potter, Auror and over-protective brother extraordinaire, hadn’t managed to see all the gaping holes in the plan.

“Hugh, seriously, this isn’t a good idea…” he trailed off as a soft knock sounded on his door. Hugo called “come in” and the door opened to reveal Lily. She looked a little sleepy still, but her brown eyes were bright and cheery. She had on no makeup, save a little lip-gloss, and her red hair was pulled into a messy bun almost directly atop her head. She was a vision of loveliness in a strange way, and just the sight of her made Scorpius forget his argument. “Hi Lily,” he said a little dumbly. What is wrong with you? He thought.

“Hi Scorpius,” she said softly, pulling her right arm through the sleeve of her zip-up jumper. “Um, Hugh? Come on, Teddy and Victoire are here,” she gave him a regretful smile and Hugo groaned, leaving Scorpius still slightly gaping at Lily.

He didn’t know what was coming over him, but he was beginning to have that I-like-a-girl-and-can’t-act-normally-around-her thing going on. And he didn’t like it; he much preferred how they were before, at Hogwarts when he liked her from afar. Giving a shake of his head, he left the room behind Lily, only to see Victoire Lupin coming from the room across the hall from his. She gave him a smile, which he returned.

“I’ve just put Remus down,” she indicated the room, “Aunt Ginny set up a nursery for us here. They’re Teddy’s second family,” she smiled again and gave a little laugh. “Remus, not even a year old yet and has not one, but four nurseries. One at our home, of course, one at my parents, Teddy’s grandmother’s, and here,” she laughed again.

“He’s a lucky little guy,” Scorpius said.

“Teddy knew Hugo and Al would still plan the traditional sneaking out tonight. We’ve been doing it since Teddy was a seventh year and I was in fifth. My younger brother, Louis, also went that first year. We’ve added cousins each year as they’ve gotten older,” she laughed again. “Hugo only went for the first time last year. He really enjoyed it and he’s still arrogant enough not to worry about Addanc Dearborne,” she gave a sigh.

“Sounds like you’ve got him pegged right on,” Scorpius laughed softly. She gave him a quizzical look, tilting her strawberry blonde head to one side. A very small smile slowly formed on her mouth.

“You know, you’re the first non-family member to be invited to come.”
He stopped in the hallway and stared at her. She stopped with him and the two of them watched Lily enter the kitchen, and then looked back at each other. She finally broke the silence with a laugh.

“Don’t look so shocked! Teddy’s told me how you’ve become good friends with them all this year.”

“Yes, but, no other friend has come before?”

“Not that I can remember. I know James and Fred have never brought their girlfriends, although I suppose next year Gretta will be with Fred since they’ll be married by then,” she started walking again and he followed her, not sure what to do with the information he’d just learned. They walked into the kitchen to see the whole group of Weasley cousins Hugo had mentioned, along with Molly after all, all standing, Hugo in the middle arguing with Teddy.

“…you’re ruining the tradition!” Hugo cocked his head angrily.

“Please,” Teddy gave a wave of his hand, “I started this tradition with Victoire and Louis the Christmas of my seventh year.”

Hugo stopped and regarded him with a confused look on his face. Scorpius snorted a laugh, knowing that Hugo either didn’t know Teddy had started this or had conveniently forgotten.

“Come on Hugh,” James came to stand next to his cousin. “Teddy’s right, let’s just stay here.” It looked like Hugo might argue, but after a long pause he gave a huff and practically threw himself onto the bench.

Once everyone had a drink and was settled in, chatter about their lives broke out. Scorpius learned a lot more about the Weasley crew that night than he would have ever expected. He discovered that Dominique (or Dommy, as Hugo called her much to her annoyance) was dating a wizard from France who she’d met the previous summer while staying with her grandparents. With a sad sigh she talked with her sister Rose about how Grandmum wasn’t happy about the relationship because for it to go anywhere it would mean one of them would have to move. As Pierre, the Frenchman, was second-in-command of the French Ministry’s Department of Magical Law Enforcement, it would be Dominique who would have to move. She felt torn between someone she was falling in love with and her family, who she loved and adored. Scorpius shook his head, realizing he was in a similar situation.

He also learned that Fred was to be married in late July, just before Harry’s birthday and Bill and Fleur’s anniversary, which had most of the family very excited. Scorpius noted that Roxy’s smile about the wedding didn’t reach her eyes and she had little to say on the matter. He also saw Lily pat her back with a sympathetic smile when Fred wasn’t looking, so he deduced that Roxy wasn’t a fan of Gretta Aubrey, Fred’s fiancé. James and Al were having a lively conversation with Louis about a girl he’d been seeing, and from the sound of it was thinking of marrying. Scorpius noticed that James asked Fred and Louis a lot of questions about proposals and figured another wedding would be taking place soon. One that would lead to a maddening scene of publicity, with James’s girlfriend being Genevieve Shacklebolt and all; he wondered how the family would handle such a mob scene, but figured they were used to it on some level.

He hadn’t said much, as he was enjoying learning about their lives. He didn’t know that Albus had taken a job at Flourish and Blotts because he was undecided about his future. Most had expected him to follow in one of his parent’s footsteps, Auror or Professional Quidditch Player, but he obviously wasn’t prepared to go into either profession. He listened as Molly talked with Teddy about possible job openings at Hogwarts, apparently she wanted to teach. His own ears perked up when Teddy told her the only teacher he knew of who was retiring was Madame Hooch, to which she and Teddy had both laughed. Apparently, Molly wasn’t much of a flyer.

“So she’s finally retiring though?” Molly said as she sipped her Mead. Molly and Dominique were the same age, three years older than Scorpius and Al.

“Yes and she’s quite sad about it,” Teddy answered. “She’s been there forever though. If I remember correctly, she started teaching in my father’s sixth year. She can barely see anymore and she’s still flying about, refereeing games. It’s a bit mad, to be honest.”

Scorpius tuned them out, his thoughts now focused on the flying teacher and Quidditch matron leaving the school. I could do her job, he thought with a thrill.

He sat, thinking about the possibilities of being the Flying and Quidditch teacher when a peel of laughter from down the table pulled him from those thoughts. He wasn’t sure what they were laughing about, but Lily was right in the middle of all her female cousins, Molly having left Teddy to chat with the other girls. They were laughing as Dominique made enthusiastic hand gestures. Seeing her smiling and laughing sobered the excited thoughts he had been entertaining of actually teaching at Hogwarts.

As it was, he wasn’t to date any underage students. Although hated admitting it to himself, he knew his Slytherin nature that disregarded what the Headmistress had told him and kissed Lily anyhow. He was already planning to date her this summer, assuming she was willing and he was fairly certain she was. She would be of age then, and frowned upon or not, as an assistant he could date a student as long as she was of age. As a teacher though, he wouldn’t be able to date her regardless of her age until she’d taken her N.E.W.T.s and left her education behind. He felt a pit forming in the bottom of his stomach and he knew what his mind was doing.

So push her away for a year and a half. You’ll have the job you want, and she’ll be out of school, completely available for dating.

He shook the thoughts from his mind. He was getting ahead of himself. He needed to find out more about the job opening. For all he knew Hackwood wouldn’t even consider him for it. He had an overwhelming urge to go to the castle now and request a meeting with her. Which was completely mental considering it was after two in the morning now. With a sigh he turned his attention back to the Weasley family cousins, who were now beginning the largest game of Exploding Snap he’d ever seen. He grinned at Hugo as the redhead passed his some cards, and joining in he tried to put thoughts of a new job from his mind.

With a yawn Lily rolled over a few hours later, stretching her legs under the covers.

“Ugh,” someone mumbled when Lily kicked said person while stretching. With a laugh Lily pulled the comforter up. “Lily Luna Potter, put that back!” Roxy turned her face to the mattress and groaned again when Lily gave her another kick.

“I forgot you spent the night,” Lily giggled as Roxy began moaning about a headache and wanting to go back to bed. Rubbing her eyes, Lily sat up and laughed out loud at the state of her bedroom.

Draped in a very uncomfortable position across her desk chair was Lucy, a large red splotch on her cheek from sleeping with her head resting in her hand. Rose and Molly were on the floor, even in the morning hours fighting over a quilt. Dominique was atop the desk, looking quite comfortable with a large pillow under her strawberry blonde head. The only female cousin missing was Victoire, who was most likely snuggled with her husband on a couch somewhere. Lily’s heart gave a leap. Although they had each had their share of arguments with each other, these girls were her best friends.

“Lily? Lie back down and keep sleeping. We’re not ready to get up yet,” Rose’s voice was muffled from the floor, making Lily laugh again. “And give me the quilt Molly!” She pulled on the quilt roughly, making Molly roll over and bump her head on Lily’s desk. Still laughing, Lily took her watch off her bedside table and her eyes went wide.

“Girls, I think it’s time to rise and shine,” she sung her legs over her bed, accidentally stepping on Molly’s hair. “Oh, sorry Molls,” her older cousin only gave her a soft grunt in response. “Seriously though, I can’t believe Mum has let us sleep this late. It’s after ten!”

Expecting them all to jump up, startled, Lily just shook her head when the only reply she got from any of them was Roxy’s snores.

“Lily, we went to bed after five,” Rose said without opening her eyes in a tone that suggested no more explanation was necessary.

“Not to mention some of us had more to drink than just Butterbeer, Princess Potter,” Dominique spoke up opening just one eye and immediately shutting it again.

“Fine,” Lily said good naturedly, “but I’m not going to stop Mum when she comes in here. You know she’ll be a tyrant today with the party tonight and all.”

“You know, I’ve never understood the logic of that tradition with it being the night before New Year’s,” Rose actually sat up, stretching both her arms behind her head. “Two nights in a row doesn’t seem like the best idea.”

“I think it’s the Gryffindor thing,” Molly joined Rose in a sitting position. “I’ve always thought careless should have been one of the qualities of that house.”

“Very strong words for a Ravenclaw in a roomful of Gryffindors to say,” Dominique also sat up now. “If we’re adding careless to our qualities, then let’s add insufferable know-it-all to Ravenclaw.”

Molly opted to throw a pillow at her cousin in-lieu of a repsonse.

“I second Dom,” Lucy said as she massaged her lower back, which must be hurting after sleeping in such a position. “You are insufferable Molly.”

“Fine,” Molly stood now and gave a little huff, “if you’re all just going to gang up on me,” she started for the door, but Rose tripped her and she fell in a heap on the floor. Giggling, Dominique used her wand to make Molly’s hair change from red to a very bright blue.

“Now Molls, don’t think we don’t love you just because you’re such a smarty-arty,” Dominique shook her finger, her tone a good imitation of their grandmum.

“I was almost put in Ravenclaw, you know,” Rose pointed out.

“Yes well,” Molly looked around and her cousins. “What are you all smirking about?” Without a word Lucy conjured a mirror and placed it in front of her sister’s face. “Oh honestly! Change it back please!”

After some more banter the girls all finally made it downstairs for breakfast, Dominique levitating Roxy from the bed and all the way down the stairs.

After a raised eyebrow from Ginny, she served them breakfast, the boys emerging once the house smelled like bacon. Several hours later found Hugo, Lily, and Roxy in Hugo’s living room, all looking at the fireplace expectantly. The flames burned green and Mike emerged, a huge smile on his face.

“Mike!” Roxy rushed forward and her boyfriend leaned down and gave her a kiss that may have lasted longer than Hugo or Lily would have liked.

“Oh good grief,” Lily rolled her eyes and pulled on Roxy’s arm. Roxy and Mike laughed, then Lily hugged him and he and Hugo did a strange handshake.

“Aren’t you too old for secret handshakes?” Lily said, her eyes rolling again.

“It’s not a secret,” Hugo shrugged, “plus it’s better than snogging him like Rox here,” he pointed his thumb in Roxy’s direction.

“Yes,” Mike’s eyes went wide in pretend shock. “I will snog no other Weasley but Roxy.”

They laughed and sat around the room, catching up, Lucy joining them after a while. Lily had a feeling Lucy might be hanging around them more often in the coming term. She still fancied the pants on Landon, who didn’t seem to feel the same. Unrequited love was hard and Landon was with Lucy’s main group of friends all the time. The night before Lily had told Lucy about Scorpius. She wasn’t sure why she’d decided to tell her, but she trusted Lucy with the secret.

“What are we going to do about Corner?” Mike had explained earlier than he had seen Scorpius holding Lily’s hand and was planning to make it known to the school.

“He’s such a tattletale, and he has no proof!” Roxy said, agitated.

“True, but he could still do some damage with just a rumor,” Lily sighed.

“We need to get his mind off of it,” Hugo said. “We need a diversion.”

“Lily could date someone,” Roxy suggested. “It would make any rumor about the two of them less plausible.”

“What about Landon?” Hugo piped up. “You went to the wedding with him and then Hogsmeade too. No one would think twice about it.”

Lily looked at Lucy, whose face was blank but there was pain in her eyes. Looking back at Hugo, Lily shook her head.

“No anyone but Landon.”

“What’s wrong with Landon?” Mike asked.

“Nothing,” Lily shrugged, “I’m just not going to date him.”

“Why not?” Hugo insisted.

“It doesn’t matter Hugh,” Lily’s eyes told him to drop it. “If me dating someone is the best idea we can come up with, fine, but it has to be someone other than Landon Greene.”

After a while it was time to get ready for the party, so they all parted ways. Lily felt ridiculous that they had to come up with a plan of this nature. Hugo still thought Lily dating someone was the best idea, but Lily wanted to come up with an alternate solution. She just didn’t know what.


Thank you so much for reading! Only one more post before they're back at school. I'll miss the extended Weasley family, but I have to say I'm looking forward to getting them back to Hogwarts. I'd love to know your thoughts on this update, so please leave feedback if you have a minute! Thanks.

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Re: Accidentally In Love

Thank you to all who left feedback and thanks for reading.

I'm sorry for the delay on this chapter...I haven't had access to my computer. I want to say two things before you carry on to read the chapter. The first is that I am not JK Rowling and these characters, locations, and spells are all hers. Secondly, there is death in this chapter and I'm sad about it. Just wanted to warn you.

Chapter Thirty-Five

The Potter’s New Year’s Eve party had been going on for several hours and midnight was just a breath away when Scorpius got the freight of his life. He had been at the party for a little over two hours, having first attended the party his grandparents always threw and was chatting with Louis and James about the Magpies when a commotion from the drawing room caught his attention. His mother, looking extremely frazzled emerged from the fireplace, looking around frantically. He was just pushing his way to her when he realized she wasn’t seeking him.

“Harry! Harry!” She cried, her countenance the most afraid he’d ever seen. He finally reached her side and clutched her by both her arms.

“Mother what is it?” She ignored him and watched as Harry came from the hall, Ron Weasley hot on his heels.

“Astoria what’s happened?” Harry reached her much quicker than Scorpius did because his guests moved from his path as if he’s jinxed them all to do so.

“Dearborne,” she took a heavy breath, “at Malfoy Manor. Lucius, dead.”

Scorpius dropped her arms and gaped at her. Had he heard her right? His grandfather was dead? Harry and Ron shared a quick but grim look and both made for the fireplace, knowing it would be quicker than walking to the safe apparition point.

“Astoria, stay here,” Scorpius, frozen in place watched Ginny Potter and Hermione Weasley come and take both his mother’s hands. She was shaking and he saw Molly Weasley conjure a cup of tea and begin trying to coax her into taking a sip. Before she took the tea cup she looked up sharply and met his gaze and he saw the tears. Seeing his mother crying gave him the jolt he needed. He moved rapidly to the fireplace where Harry was just about to step into the flame.

“I’m coming with you,” it wasn’t a question and he felt a hand on his shoulder and started to shake it off until he realized it was James, who also had his wand drawn.

“Me too,” the youngest Auror on the squad squeezed his shoulder before taking a handful of powder. He vaguely heard the mothers begin their protests, but they were stopped by Harry holding up a hand.

“Fine, but keep close to me, Ron, or Draco,” he paused and as what seemed an afterthought he sent a Patronus, no doubt sending for Auror reinforcements. “Your presence there will throw him off guard, but he’ll definitely want both of you as badly as any of us.” He and James gave identical nods of their head.

He was the last to leave and as he turned in the fireplace he made eye contact with Lily. She held her hand up in a sad wave, tears shining on her cheeks.

Once out of the flames he was nervous because the room was silent. He knew they would come out through the fireplace in the study, it was the only one hooked to the Floo network in his grandparents’ house. He swallowed a large lump in his throat as he stepped over the dead body of his grandfather, who was just at the threshold of the room. He wanted to stop and grieve, but he knew he would have time for that later. At the moment he had to find his father. He followed closely behind Ron as they crept through the room, his thoughts turned briefly to the fact that Harry and Ron hadn’t been here since the night his father alluded to. The night Hermione was tortured.

“Scorpius,” Harry whispered and motioned toward him. “What floor are we on?”

“The second,” as he was speaking yelling voices could be heard from below. “Sounds like they’re in the drawing room,” he couldn’t help but cringe.

“Alright, let’s go,” Harry crept down the hall and slowly made his way down the stairs, his wand at the ready. Scorpius was slightly aggravated that he wasn’t in more of a hurry to reach the battle. His father was down there. His stomach dropped. Not only his father, but for all he knows, his grandmother as well. He didn’t know where she was.

Once they reached the first floor, Harry looked around and made his presence known.

“That’ll be enough Dearborne,” he said with chilling authority. The werewolf turned and grinned, his teeth yellowed and pointy.

“Potter!” He sounded delighted to see the man who has saved the wizarding world. Ron stepped around Harry and the brothers-in-law stood shoulder to shoulder as if they’d done this a thousand times. Which, he thought as he watched James join their stance, they probably have. The watched Dearborne’s eyes light up at the sight of the other two men. “Weasley and junior Potter! I’m shocked you let him come. Now, if only your boy was here Malfoy,” at hearing his surname he took a deep breath and stepped up beside James. Looking as if Christmas had come again, Dearborne turned to completely face them now.

Scorpius surveyed the room, not really listening to the dialogue Harry was conducting with his opponent. His father was being bound, but he could see his wand still in his hand. They had magically bound him, but failed to take his wand. This gave Scorpius some hope for the seemingly small mental capacity of the men facing him. There were four. Dearborne himself and three others, who all looked downright scary and brute-like, especially the one by the entrance to the cellar; his eyes were incredibly large and buggish, his hands must have been as big as dinner plates.

His eyes twitched to his father’s wand hand, which was trying to break free of the magical charm. He made eye contact with his father and gave him a slight nod. With careful hands he let his wand fall to his side. From the corner of his eye he saw James giving him a questioning look. He couldn’t believe Dearborne was still chatting with Harry and Ron, but from the sound of it a full on battle would be taking place momentarily. He had to act right then and at the moment the only people looking at him were his father and James. Raising his wand ever so slightly he pointed at his father’s hand and without muttering a word thought Finite.

He knew it had worked when his father ever so slightly moved his wand hand forward, but not enough to give him away yet. He watched his father make eye contact with Ron and he suspected for the first time they agreed on something. He didn’t know if they were using Legilimancy or not, but he knew they had a plan from the very slight nod Ron gave.

Harry shouted something at Dearborne and Draco acted. With a swiftness of a former Seeker, he elbowed the goon holding him in the nose and did a spin.

“Stupify!” Draco Malfoy yelled and the man who had mere seconds ago been holding onto him crumpled. Now all the men in the room were slashing their wands through the air, the room alighting with color. Scorpius did a spin move similar to the one his father had just done to dodge a jet of green light one of Dearborne’s minions had sent his way.

“Protego!” his father’s voice shouted and Scorpious felt the rush of the shield behind him. He turned and fired a cure of his own, barely missing Dearborn himself. His stomach gave a lurch as he moved behind the table, only to see Theodore Nott lying there, blood pouring from a wound above his left eyebrow. Casting a quick shield charm he bent and realized he was still alive, and must have been stunned only to hit his head on the table. Leaving him with the shield charm around him, he moved around a chair in time to see James barely miss a killing curse. Harry, seeing his son in need rushed over and Draco took over dueling Dearborne. The latter was mocking his father, jeering and jabbing as they fought against one another.

Scorpius felt a wand at his back. One of the others with Dearborne was behind him. He wrapped a monstrous arm around his neck and began to squeeze. Scorpius, struggling for breath began to move as much of his body as he could, anything to get his wand from being pinned to his side. With one final kick he was free and turned his wand on his attacker.

“Stupify!” He yelled and the sound of his voice made his father falter for one second and grey eyes met grey eyes.

“Avada Kedavra!” The split second Draco had turned to his son gave Dearborne the opportunity he’d been waiting for and the jet of light sailed at his father in what seemed to be slow motion to Scorpius. Their eyes were locked on one another when Draco fell unceremoniously to the ground.

“No!” He called out and made to run forward, which seemed to be exactly what Dearborne wanted. He menacingly turned his wand to Scorpius, who only saw red.

Ava---“ he started but was distracted when he felt arms around his waist. Expecting an enemy, he was shocked when he realized Ron Weasley was much stronger than his lanky frame would suggest. The red headed Auror, father of his friend, uncle of the girl he was falling for, pushed him aside and took his place in the fight against Dearborne.

“Stupify!” Ron yelled at the same time Harry screamed “Expelliarmus!”

Scorpius watched as Harry deftly caught Dearborne’s wand in the hand not holding his own and the man fell to the floor from Ron’s stunner. Breathing heavily Ron turned to him. Scorpius didn’t know what to say. His mind was reeling with the fact he had just watched his father die, although his heart hadn’t accepted it yet. Ron put his hand on his shoulder heavily and the look in his eyes said he knew Scorpius didn’t want to talk at that moment, but he didn’t care. He had something to say.

“I understand son,” this was the man who had glared at him more than once over the holiday and who was notorious for hating the Malfoy family. Now he was calling him son. Scorpius didn’t know what to say, so he said nothing. “I watched my brother die so I understand you wanting to avenge him. But your father wasn’t a killer and I reckon he wouldn’t have wanted you to be one either.”

The words were simple and true. Scorpius nodded and looked away, not wanting Ron to see the tears swimming in his eyes. Not that he was ashamed. He figured Ron would expect him to cry and would think no less of him for it, but something in his being pulled his face from the freckled Auror who was still gripping his shoulder. It was probably the proud pureblood in him. He gave a scoff at the thought of his pureblood. That blood hadn’t saved his father or grandfather. He had a strange desire to tear a cut in his flesh to bleed the blood that was supposed to be so important.

Feeling someone by his other side he looked up and met James’ brown eyes. They looked so like Lily’s that he felt a pull from his heart. In almost the same instant he felt his heart grow cold. Now wasn’t the time to think of Lily or anyone other than his family. He began to wonder what had happened to his grandmother when Harry approached him.

“Your mother got a message to me just now to let us know that your grandmother is safe and sound at the Nott’s residence,” Harry said quietly. Scorpius only nodded. “I’m sorry for your loss.” Harry gave him a fatherly pat on the back and turned to the other Auror’s who had arrived a little late on the scene. “Get him out of my sight,” he said bitterly pointing at Dearborne, who had just come to.

Scorpius watched all four of the men who were after him, after the Potter and Weasley children taken from the room. He saw Harry and Ron talking with some other official looking men who seemed to be dealing with the deceased. He watched a medi-wizard levitate Mr. Nott onto a stretcher. The only one of his grandparent's guests who had stayed to fight, Scorpius was glad he would survive. He only wished he could say the same for the two men who had raised him.


I'll be nervously awaiting any feedback you might have. Thanks for reading.

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Re: Accidentally In Love

Hello, hello! Thank you so much to all who left feedback, I appreciate it so much. This chapter isn't as intense as the last....I hope you enjoy it! Thank you for reading!

Chapter Thirty-Six

The corridors at Hogwarts were as busting with students and their laughter as ever, but Lily couldn’t help but feel melancholy. School had been back in session for a fortnight and she still felt out of sorts from the events on New Year’s. The party had been going so well and everyone was having such a fun time until chaos broke. After the “rescue team” as she’d taken to calling them in her thoughts, had left most of their guests began leaving as well. There was something disconcerting and buzz killing about a former Death Eaters wife arriving with information that another Death Eater had died and a werewolf out for revenge was seeking it at that very moment.
There had been no midnight kisses that night and no toasting the New Year. Shortly after midnight her father had come home and given those remaining the news that although Addanc Dearborne and his followers were in custody, Draco Malfoy had been lost in the fight.

Scorpius was taking it hard, Lily knew, even though on the exterior he was putting forth a strong face. He had spoken briefly at the funerals, but other than that Lily hadn’t heard his voice since the night it happened. Because of everything going on, Uncle Bill and Aunt Fleur had returned from France and her aunt finished brewing the Amorentia so Scorpius’ time in the Potter household had come to an abrupt end.

Lily sighed and looked at the Fat Lady, her brain momentarily forgetting the password.

“McKinnon,” she said in a lifeless voice. She usually loved it when the password was something in connection with the history that so framed the wizarding world and her own family, but she just didn’t have the heart for it today. Once in the Common Room, her desire to head up to her dormitory for nap before dinner was put on hold when she saw Hugo waving her over to the fireplace, where he was sitting with Dana, Roxy, and Mike.

“Where’d you go after Arithmancy? I turned my paper in and looked about, but you’d already left,” Hugo asked her quizzically.

“Sorry, I was talking with Sam and just left the room with her. She was telling me that she was planning to work at Flourish and Blotts over Easter and possibly this summer. I didn’t know it was her Uncle that owned it. Anyway, so then I was telling her about Al working there and before I knew it we were at the library. We went ahead and did the assignment too, if you want to look over it,” she took a breath and then sat on the couch by Roxy.

“Oh, ok,” Hugo said. “So, finish what you were saying Mike.”

“Right,” Mike nodded to Lily, “I was just telling Hugh that in Muggle Studies Corner was talking about you and Scorpius.”

“What?” Lily felt her face flush in anger and her hand automatically twitched to her wand. “After everything Scorpius is going through right now Corner thinks it’s alright to spread untrue rumors?”

Sam Williams, Lily’s Ravenclaw friend, had told her what Corner was saying. He said they were secretly dating and had some other elaborate details that were ridiculous, not to mention that he made it clear his intent wasn’t to hurt Lily, but Scorpius. She didn’t know what his problem with Scorpius was, but it was a petty man who would try and ruin the reputation of another who just lost his father and grandfather. The situation just didn’t make sense on so many levels and it was beginning to grate on her nerves to the point she was ready to hex him, which was saying something.

“I know Lily,” Hugo put his hand on her wand arm, “I want to hex him too but I don’t think that’s the right course of action in this case.”

She gaped at her cousin, and not just because he seemed to be reading her thoughts, but that he thought there was a better way than hexing to solve this problem.

“Who are you and where is Hugo Weasley? He thinks hexing is always a good course of action.”

Everyone chuckled at that for a minute, Hugo most of all. He took a deep breath and grinned at her.

“I think I have an idea that will take care of our problem and p*ss him off in the process…”

At dinner Lily’s sad attitude was gone and in its place was a girl on a mission. With determined steps she made her way to the Ravenclaw table. Sam saw her coming and scooted over slightly so there was room for her to sit down. Although Sam wasn’t in on the plan, this couldn’t have worked out better because when Lily sat she was directly across from Richard Corner.

“So, Corner,” she didn’t smile and met his gaze with a stare he should have been afraid of, “I hear you’ve been talking about me.” Richard raised his eyebrows and looked at her disdainfully.

“It’s Corner now then?” He said callously.

“I only call people I like by their first names,” Lily said flatly.

“Oh really? So you and Malfoy must be on a nickname basis then, since I’m sure there’s more than like going on there.”

Lily had been worried she would give her feelings for Scorpius away, but now, in the moment, she felt anger and absolute loathing for the boy in front of her. She’d never disliked anyone more and she was ready to give him a piece of her mind, but knew that would ruin everything so she simply took a deep breath and never broke eye contact with the little liar.

“Not that it’s any of your business, but I call him Scorpius. You know he’s a family friend, right?”

“Family friend,” Richard snorted into his pumpkin juice. The other Ravenclaws looked on and Lily felt Sam stiffen. House loyalty or not, Sam and Lily were good friends and the former had never liked her housemate much. Lily put a hand on her leg to let her know to keep quiet. “It’s pretty widely known that your family hates the Malfoys.”

“Things can change,” Lily cut her eyes at him. “You’re spreading lies about me and a staff member. If he were here I’d be willing to bet you’d be in detention for degrading his good name.”

“Malfoy will never be a good name.”

“I guess it depends on who you ask,” Lily shrugged and then glared at him. “I just wanted to make sure I completely understand what you’re plans are. You are spreading lies about my relationship with him despite the fact that only two weeks ago he lost his father and grandfather in the same night. You’re still willing to destroy his reputation and possibly get him fired; am I correct?”

“You are,” he glared right back, “and you know I’m not lying.”

“Alright, if you’re going to be that way,” Lily pretended to reach for her wand and he reacted quickly, pulling his on her. Lily removed a tissue from her pocket and gave him the confused expression. “Are you going to curse me?” She said with just a touch of sarcasm in her tone.

“Oh, um, no,” he replaced his wand and Lily felt satisfaction spread through her being. He was completely expecting a magical duel and he was ready for one. He’d probably been walking around on edge waiting for them to ambush him all week. Lily wanted to laugh, but she kept her face deadpan.

“We’d like to settle this Corner,” she sighed in exhausted fashion. “Care to settle it around 8 in the Commons?”

The Commons was a room that had been developed sometime after the war in an effort to promote interhouse relations. It was located just off the Great Hall, had a mixture of all the house colors and was like a large Common Room where everyone was allowed.

“Absolutely,” he said without reservation and again Lily wanted to laugh. He thought he knew them so well. He was in for a surprise.

“Perfect,” Lily gave him a sardonic smile. “See you then,” with a little wave she got up and didn’t look back, a grin on her face that told Hugo all he needed to know before she sat across from him.

The Gryffindors had come prepared and went straight to the Commons from dinner, although they did linger over their plates longer than usual. It was the first time that school year Lily had been to the room. She had hung out with Sam here some, but overall, her friends were in Gryffindor and she hadn’t dated anyone from another house so she had little need for the room. She knew Dana and Richard had come here a lot when they were dating, which made the use of this room even more sweet to Lily. She figured the thought hadn’t been lost on Hugo either.

Richard entered his wand out but pointed at the floor. Lily snorted and looked away, not wanting him to see her laughing. He was accompanied by his friends Jeremy and David. Sam had also come along, her friends Jenna and Paisley with her. They reached the table, where Hugo and Mike were playing wizard chess, Mike defeating Hugo rather badly. Neither boy looked up nor acknowledged the entrance of the Ravenclaws. Mike made his last play and Hugo shook his head, frustrated as his friend laughed.

“Checkmate Hugh,” Mike grinned, “again.”

“Whatever,” Hugo muttered and sat back in his seat, looking as if Richard being in front of him, wand drawn, was nothing to be concerned about. “So, Corner, you ready to settle the disagreement we’ve been having?”
Richard only nodded and raised his wand at Hugo. Per their plan, Roxy and Lily both pulled their wands and stood up, pointing at Richard. They would disarm him if needed. Hugo still sat as if bored.

“Well,” Hugo pointed at his demolished chess pieces that were magically restoring themselves and looking disgruntled. “I overheard Sam talking about your new chess set and how you’ve been annihilating people left and right in your Common Room,” Hugo kept his tone indifferent.

“That’s right,” Richard gave an arrogant smile, “I haven’t been beaten yet.”

“Care to play then?”

“With you?” Richard was clearly surprised. “Now?”

“Sure,” Hugo waved his wand and his pieces were at attention again. “With some conditions, of course.”

“I want my own pieces.”

“Certainly,” Hugo said pleasantly, “why don’t you summon them?”
With a nod Richard summoned his pieces and a few moments later they soared over to him and he directed them to the board where they placed themselves opposite the set Hugo had inherited from his father.

“What are the conditions?”

“I think what we want from you is obvious. If I win, you stop telling lies about Lily and Scorpius.”

“And if I win?”

“I’ll quit playing Quidditch.”

The room went silent. There was a smattering of students from other houses there and now Hugo had every eye in the room on him. Richard, who’s mouth had actually dropped in shock, pulled it together.

“Have you lost your mind? You think Malfoy is worth quitting Quidditch over?”

“Yes,” Hugo sat up now and took a defensive posture, a glare in his blue eyes. “What you’re saying could cost Scorpius his job even if you have no proof to back it up. He’s my friend and I don’t want his job in jeopardy, especially now.”

“So,” Richard drug out the ‘o’, “this is more about him than Lily?”

“Yes, he’s my mate and I’m not going to have you ruin his reputation. He’s taking care of his mother and grandmother now. When he returns to work next week I don’t want him returning to stories of his involvement with a student. He’ll have enough people whispering about him as it is.”

“Fine,” Richard said smugly, “if you really think it’s worth it, I’ll play you for it.”

“One more thing,” Hugo held up his index finger, “you will also have to go to everyone you’ve already told and tell them you lied.”

“I don’t know who all I’ve told!”

“Not my problem,” Hugo shrugged. “You want me to quit Quidditch or not? Is it worth it?” He turned his own words around on him.

“Fine, I’ll make a bloody declaration if I have to,” Richard laughed, “not that I will.”

Hugo stuck out his hand. “Do we have an accord then?” With slight hesitation Richard took Hugo’s hand and shook it. Hugo gripped his hand tightly and before he could pull it away Lily pointed her wand at their hands and said “Plegan Sempiternus” very clearly. A flash of light her wand spun around their hands.

“I’ve just made that an everlasting pledge,” she smiled at Corner in an overly sweet way. “If you lose this game and ever mutter anything remotely like them again you’ll be branded untrustworthy. For life,” she added darkly.

Corner didn’t look happy, but he gave her a curt nod. Hugo simply smiled.

“Let’s do it then,” Hugo started the game and Richard followed his lead quickly.

The others looked on, nerves in each stomach. The game had only been going on ten minutes when Lily saw Hugo give a slight smirk and pull the card from his pocket. He’d done it.

“Oi,” he spoke to Richard for the first time since the game started, “do you collect chocolate frog cards?”

“Yes,” Richard said in confusion, his eyes still on the game. It was Hugo’s turn.

“Oh good,” Hugo stood and the other Gryffindors joined him. “You might try actually reading them sometime.” He spoke to his chess piece, which moved into position and Richard finally looked up at Hugo, his eyes angry. “Checkmate,” Hugo didn’t smile. “Stop the lies Corner,” he vanished his chess pieces and dropped a Chocolate Frog card on the table in front of Richard and strode from the room.

Fuming, Richard looked at the card and his face burned with anger.

Ronald Billius Weasey
Best known for befriending and standing by Harry Potter in the defeat of the Dark Lord Voldemort.
An avid Chudley Cannon supporter, he works as an Auror. He is a master at the game of Chess, a trait his has proudly passed on to his son.


I've been planning this for a while and have been excited about it. I'm happy with how Hugo brought Corner down a peg and didn't even raise his wand. He's growing up. I'd love to know your thoughts! Thanks so much for reading!

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Re: Accidentally In Love

Thank you so much to MissGryffindor, marauderfan, PotterGirl654, Urainia, and BrightestWitch for leaving such lovely feedback. Thank you all so much! I hope you enjoy this update.

Chapter Thirty-Seven

Scorpius sighed and put down his quill, running a tired hand through his blonde hair. With a sigh he sipped his drink, a small glass of firewhisky, and looked out the window. The alcohol burned his throat but he savored the burn. He reread the document, folded it and used his father’s signet ring to seal the parchment with the official Malfoy family crest.

He was assisting his grandmother in selling Malfoy Manor. She wasted no time in accepting his mother’s offer to move in at their home and was already looking for a buyer. The two women were going to live in the house he had grown up in, his grandmother taking one wing and his mother the other. She had explained to him that there were too many bad memories there, the most of all being the night she lost both her husband and son in the Manor. She had no intention, nor desire to stay there. She had offered the house to him, but he really didn’t want it either. It seemed tainted and cursed now. Not a place he wanted to make into a home.

He was fairly certain it wouldn’t take long to sell. He’d already had two families ask him about it and all that was left was the paperwork he had just sent off to the Ministry. Once it was officially for sale he knew families of former Death Eaters (the Carrows and Dolohovs to be specific) would be fighting over it. The thought of it made his stomach turn. Although the actual Death Eaters were in prison, Alecto Carrow actually died there last year, they all still had families on the outside and many of them still held onto the hopes of Voldemort, albeit much quieter than before. To them, this home was a monument, the last place their precious Dark Lord had laid his head. He didn’t really care, as long as it sold and gave his grandmother enough money to live comfortably for the remainder of her life.

That was something he was concerned about. Although his family wasn’t about to be in the poor house, they didn’t have the Malfoy fortune of only a generation ago. Although kept from a life in Azkaban by Harry Potter, Lucius Malfoy lost his job with the Ministry and had trouble investing from then out. Draco had some investments, they had mostly lived off the family fortune since the war and that money would eventually be gone. He was now responsible for taking care of his mother and grandmother, both physically and financially. He dreaded leaving them to go back to Hogwarts for fear that something might happen to them, but he had to be gainfully employed. He wanted to keep money in their vault and let them have enough on the chance that something ever happened to him, they wouldn’t be left in a lurch. It was consuming his every thought, the fear of his dying and leaving the two women most important to him with nothing. He would make sure they were always taken care of.

A knock on the door pulled him from his thoughts.

“Scorpius?” His mother entered the room and he greeted her with the best smile he could muster.

“Hello mother,” he rose and took the tray of tea and cookies she was carrying. “Is it tea time already?”

“Yes,” she gave a sad smile, “so it’s almost time for you to leave.” He had told Professor Hackwood that he’d be back tonight in time for dinner so he would be leaving shortly after their afternoon tea, in order to have time to settle back in before having to eat in the Great Hall.

“I can stay another day or so mother, if you need me,” he said as he poured her a cup of tea.

“Oh no,” she shook her head and took the cup from him. “I know you have to get back to your own life, but I will miss you. It’s been lovely having you home.”

“I wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else,” he said sincerely. “Where his grandmother?”

“She’s having a lie down and asked not to be disturbed, even for tea.”

He just nodded and they chatted for a half hour about what he had planned for his return to Hogwarts. He had talked with his mother the previous evening about his plans to apply for Madam Hooch’s position and she was extremely supportive. His grandmother joined them then and the three of them discussed what needed to be done for the sale of the Manor, and he assured them he’d be back the following weekend for Sunday dinner.

They walked with him to the study and both women held onto him a few seconds longer than usual and then with a toss of powder and green flames, he found himself in Teddy’s office. Dusting himself off, he looked about and realized the DADA professor wasn’t there and was glad. He hoped he wouldn’t encounter anyone from here to his own room.

Once in the familiar corridor he walked quickly in the direction of his room. He passed a group of second years who all smiled at him, but none actually spoke. Luckily they were the only ones he saw and he made it to his room without having to converse with anyone. He began unpacking his trunk with a sigh and then layed down for a spell before pulling on his robes and heading to dinner.

As soon as he entered the Great Hall he knew something had happened in the first fortnight of school, but as to what he wouldn’t find out until later. His eyes were immediately drawn to the middle of the Hall, where Hugo and Mike were standing with Heath Flit and Fitz Burke, both Slytherins and boys he’d never seen Hugo or Mike interact with. A further look made him realize that Dray Jennings and Samuel Fletchly from Hufflepuff were also in their midst and all the boys were laughing at something Hugo was saying. He then noticed Lily, Roxy, and Dana sat at what was usually the Gryffindor table with Sam Williams, the only Ravenclaw in the group, and Hillary Goyle and Jeanette Babcock from Slytherin, and Frieda Jones and Natalie Hamms from Hufflepuff. Roxy was talking and making wide gestures with her hands while the girls laughed. He watched Jase and Landon join the group of boys, Landon pointing at him.

The Hall went silent all of a sudden and all eyes were on him. He was expecting some gossip and whispers behind his back, but what happened was something he had never in expected. Fitz Burke smiled at him, but it wasn’t the sympathetic smile he’s received since New Year’s, it was hopeful and full of a genuine emotion he’d never seen cross the boy’s face. As if in slow motion, Fitz started clapping, Hugo following behind and before he knew it all the students, save a few at the Ravenclaw table who were glowering at him, were all on their feet giving him a standing ovation.

His mouth hung open in shock and he saw Hugo nudge Mike, the both of them smirking at him slightly. He closed his mouth, the applause still thundering around him. Even the teachers were on their feet. Before he knew it, students had rushed him and a first year had her arms around his legs, while seventh years patted his back. He shook hands with so many he couldn’t count, the students eventually letting him go. He made his way to the staff table.

“Oi! Malfoy!” The voice was so familiar and even in his state of shock and the sadness that still plagued his heart, he couldn’t help but grin. Turning, he met Hugo’s blue eyes and raised an eyebrow.

“Yeah Weasley?”

“Welcome back.”


As that week wore on he was still reeling from the shock he’d had the first night he came back. The students had all been so happy to see him and Timmons told him he could take over the first years lessons anytime he felt ready. He was happy at Hogwarts, but his heart still hurt and his mind was often on his mother and grandmother and how they were doing. He sent more letters that first week back than he’d sent all of the first term he worked here.

That was probably what was bothering him the most. He’d taken this job to make a way for himself, to be someone other than Draco Malfoy’s son. His father hadn’t wanted him to take the job, but that only made it more appealing to him. He let his anger and confusion over events from thirty years ago keep him from going home for Christmas and he felt guilty. He should have been a more supportive son, but all he could think about was his family’s history and his own shame of it. Now his father was gone and there was nothing he could do about it. Nothing he could say would bring him back and nothing he could do would change that the last few months of his life; his father hadn’t known how much he loved him.

The weeks were crawling by for Lily. They’d been back for a month now, and the school was beginning to chatter about Valentine’s Day. She didn’t hate the holiday itself per se, but the whole not dating much thing had an impact. She received Valentines every year, certainly, but she’d never gone on a Valentine date to Hogsmeade or had anyone she truly wished to share it with. Even though she hated it, she knew this year would be no different. The one person she would like to spend the day with had not only told her over the holidays that he couldn’t date her, but she was fairly certain he’d been avoiding her this term.

With a sigh she looked up from her Ancient Runes book and took a glance around the library. She was expecting Mike soon, they were working on a project for the class together, but at the moment she knew he was with Roxy and she didn’t really want to know exactly what they were up to. Her thoughts began to wander and she wasn’t sure how long she’d been staring off, thinking of a certain man, but she was startled back to reality by a hand waving in front of her face.

“Lily? Lily?” Jase Finnegan stood in front of her, his book bag slung over one shoulder and with the hand not waving in her face he pushed his sand colored hair out of his eyes. She smiled at him and motioned to the seat opposite her.

“Sorry Jase,” she gave a small chuckle, “I must have been in my own world. What’s up?”

He sat down, but Lily noticed he didn’t lean all the way back in the seat, as if he would only be there for a minute or two.

“How are you?” He gave her a smile.

“Oh, fine,” she shrugged, “a bit tired and I’m getting impatient for one Michael Boot who is supposed to be here with me working on this project,” she indicated the Ancient Runes books and parchment scattered on the table. Jase laughed.

“You might be waiting a bit,” he grinned, “he was, err, how do you say? Occupied with Roxy in the Common Room when I left.”

Lily shook her head and gave a huffy laugh. “Figures,” she rolled her eyes.

Jase laughed again and keeping a smile on his face met her eyes. “I have a question for you.”

“Oh, sure,” she smiled warmly.

“I was wondering if you’d like to go to Hogsmeade with me for Valentines.” If she’d had a mirror she would have seen how shocked her face looked, which made Jase laugh. “Is it really that shocking?” He kept on grinning and cocked his head to one side.

“Um, well, err,” she stammered and he laughed again. “I just, well, what about Rose?” she whispered her cousin’s name. The cousin Jase was notorious for fancying since his fifth year. He leaned back in the chair now, the laughter gone from his face. He gave a sad shrug.

“I’m trying to get over her,” he looked at the ceiling, then at his hands and finally back up into her eyes. “I talked to her at New Year’s and she’s still not interested. Not to mention that Grady bloke.”

Lily hoped he didn’t notice when she winced. Grady Vine was a close friend of James’ from his Hogwarts days and had reconnected with Rose when she started her job. From what she’d heard, Grady asked James to fix him up with Rose, and he did and they were dating now. She reached out and patted José’s hand and gave him a sad smile.

“Yeah, I’m sorry about that.”

“Not your fault,” he shrugged, “I’m trying to move on.”

“I think you’re smart. Rose doesn’t know what she’s missing out on,” Lily gave his hand another pat and kept smiling at him. She meant it too; Jase was a great guy if all but a bit obsessed with Quidditch.

“So what do you think? Be my Hogsmeade Valentine?” He gave her puppy dog eyes and she couldn’t help but laugh. A part of her wanted to go, but there was another part that said no. She hated the conflicting emotions. She considered him for a moment and gave a regretful smile.

“I know this is going to sound trite, but can I think about it?” If her answer surprised or upset him he didn’t let on, he just smiled and patted her hand.

“Sure Lily, that’s fine. Just let me know,” he rose something at the door caught his attention. “Ah, your study buddy,” he grinned and pointed at Mike, who looked slightly flushed and had half his shirt untucked. Lily rolled her eyes. “Honestly Lily,” he said quietly, “it’s not a big deal, but if you’d like to I would love to take you.”

“Thanks Jase,” she smiled, “I will.”

He walked away, stopping to chat with Mike for a moment. Lily observed him and let her mind wander to what it would be like to go out on a date with him. She was certainly allowed to date, she hadn’t told Scorpius she would wait for him or anything. With a shake of her head she tried to rid her mind of such thoughts for the moment. Mike sat down and after she narrowed her eyes and scolded him for taking so long, they got to work.

I hope you enjoyed this update. I know it's a bit fillerish, but several things were in it that are leading to more major plot points. I would love feedback if you have a minute to head over to there! Thanks so much!

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Re: Accidentally In Love

Hello! Thank you so much for reading. A huge thank you goes out to all who left feedback. I appreciate it so much!

Chapter Thirty-Eight

“What about Scorpius?” Roxy asked later that night when Lily told the girls about Jase asking her to Hogsmeade.

“What about him?” Lily shrugged and stretched out on her stomach on her bed, propping her chin on her hands. “It’s not like I can date him.”

“True,” Roxy said and Dana nodded, “but are you really going to start dating someone else?”

“Hugh reckons it might help ease people off the rumor mill,” Lily pointed out.

“You told Hugh about Jase asking you?” Dana asked in voice that was a bit higher than normal.

“Well, no,” Lily gave Dana a strange look, “not about Jase, but he mentioned my dating someone over the holidays to alleviate suspicion about me and Scorpius.”

“Oh right,” Dana nodded.

“Everything alright Dana?” Lily asked.

“What?” She looked up sharply and met Lily’s eyes.

“Yeah, you’ve seemed a bit off since term started,” Roxy said.

“It’s nothing,” Dana murmured and picked at the fringe from the blanket covering her bed.

“Dana Elizabeth Jemison, it is something,” Roxy threw a throw pillow at her, “and you will be telling us.”

In spite of herself Dana giggled and threw the pillow right back at Roxy and for a moment just took in her two best friends. Although they shared a bloodline, the two girls couldn’t have looked more different. Lily, fiery red hair and deep brown eyes, was a beauty. The smattering of freckles on her pale face only made her cuter and her slight figure just screamed for strong arms to wrap around. Roxy, ever the tomboy, had very long hair that was more a very, very, deep auburn with a lot of brown tints and her skin was creamy and caramel colored, both thanks to her mother’s dark heritage. They were both gorgeous and it was no wonder they each had boys who wanted them, while Dana didn’t. A sigh escaped her lips.

“Is this about our prat of a cousin?” Roxy demanded, hands on hips. Dana felt tears spring to her eyes unbidden.

“I just thought he would ask me to Hogsmeade, but he hasn’t.”

The room was silent for a few beats and then Lily sighed and shook her head. “I thought he would to, especially since it’s Valentines’ weekend and all.”

“Has he given any indication that he might?” Roxy asked while she pulled a bar of Honeydukes chocolate from her trunk.

“No, not really,” Dana shrugged, “we haven’t been alone since we got back.”

“Not at all?” Roxy looked taken aback.

“Not once,” Dana gave another shrug, “maybe it’s just not going to happen for us. I mean, he kissed me on the platform and all, but he barely wrote to me over the holidays and all he included with his gift was a note that wished me a happy Christmas and signed his name.”

“What did he get you again?” Lily asked.

“Some chocolate and a book I’ve been wanting.”

“He got you a book?” Roxy was incredulous and gave the chocolate a sharp snap and gave each of the others a piece. “Hugo Frederick Weasley gave you a book?” She said dubiously.

“Yes,” Dana said sadly and chewed a bite of chocolate. “Doesn’t exactly scream romance, does it?”

“It is Hugh though,” Lily said thoughtfully, “he’s never really been much of a romantic and he doesn’t do relationships. Isn’t that why he told you he didn’t ask you to the wedding?”

Dana gave a depressed nod. “Said anything with me would be serious and he wasn’t ready.”

“Give him some time,” Lily moved to sit by Dana on the bed and patted her friend’s knee. “I bet he’ll come around.”

“And if he doesn’t, I’m always looking for an excuse to hex him,” Roxy said with a grin. Lily and Dana laughed, but Dana’s didn’t quite reach her eyes. She’d thought he was coming around, and had expected him to ask her out soon after returning to school. He was trying not to act awkward around him, but it was a bit, although now that was almost becoming normal. She sighed and tuned back into the conversation, which had now turned to Scorpius and what he was going through.

“I don’t know what I was expecting,” she said sadly, “but not this. I’m pretty sure he’s avoiding me. He hasn’t even looked at in class, much less spoken.”

It was true and it was puzzling. While no one had thought he would change his mind and just start dating her, last term he would go out of his way it seemed to talk to her, so the change was a bit unsettling.

“He’s just had a huge shock,” Dan tried to push Hugo from her mind and focus on Lily. “He’s probably just having trouble coping with everything at the moment.”

“I suppose,” Lily shrugged, “it’s just that we stuck up for him to Corner and now he won’t even look at me?” She sounded more hurt than she would normally let on.

“Does he even know about that?” Roxy asked.

“I don’t know,” Lily said slowly, “but regardless, he just changed overnight. Do you reckon my brothers and Hugo scared him out of liking me?” Her eyes shone with a fear Dana couldn’t believe Lily felt over a boy.

“No,” Roxy, now sitting on the other side of Lily, “he handled that well from what you told me.”

“Plus, didn’t he kiss you under the mistletoe at the Burrow?” Dana pointed out.

“Yes,” Lily slowly dragged out the word, “but only on the cheek,” she said dejectedly.

“You know what?” Dana said kindly.


“I think you should follow the same advice you just gave me,” she smiled and made sure her voice didn’t sound rude or sarcastic, “give him time. I’m sure things will get better.”

“Maybe,” Lily shrugged and Roxy agreed with Dana and then suggested they start working on their Transfiguration essay that was due at the end of the week. Lily worked with them, almost finishing by the time the lights went out, but she couldn’t shake the feeling that things for her and Scorpius were going to get worse before they got better.

Scorpius had been back at Hogwarts for a week and things were going as well as could be expected. He’d endured the stares and whispers, but the sweet first years hugged him around the waist several times after class so that helped. He’d unknowingly assembled a fan club of first year girls, from all houses even, who adored him and each of them had sweetly given their condolences along with the hugs. He knew their crushes would fade with time, but for now their blushing smiles warmed his heart and made getting back into the swing of things easier.

He hadn’t seen much of Hugo and company outside of Potions, seeing as the constant snow fall and freezing temperatures were keeping them from the Pitch, and he had to admit he was glad. Not so much about Hugo, but Lily. He’s purposely been avoiding her and he got the feeling she knew it, from the questioning look she’d given him that very day as she gathered up her belongings and brought her vile of Calming Draught on Timmons’ desk. She didn’t actually speak to him though, and for that he was glad.

The guilt he felt from leading her on was eating him up. Oh, he was attracted to her without a doubt, but nothing, nothing could happen between them. Maybe if the timing were different and if he wasn’t in desperate need to not only keep his current job, but hopefully secure a better one for next year they could have had something. He knew kissing her was wrong on so many levels and daily he felt his face flush and stomach churn with remorse for his actions. He should probably apologize to her, but for now he couldn’t get up the courage to even talk to her, much less about something so personal. He wasn’t a Gryffindor for a reason, and he had to look out for himself and overly fraternizing with students wouldn’t help him in the slightest. He only wished he hadn’t gotten so carried away last term and hoped Professor Hackwood wouldn’t hold it against him.

He had just poured himself a glass of Firewhisky when a knock on the door of his room brought him back to reality and from thoughts of a new job and a guilty conscience.

“Come in,” he winced momentarily afraid it would be Lily or Hugo.

“Hi Scorpius,” he breathed what he hoped wasn’t a too obvious sigh of relief to see Teddy enter his room with a smile. “Just stopping by to see how you are. I haven’t seen much of you since you got back.”

“I’m doing well, Teddy, thanks,” he offered his most convincing smile.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes,” he paused taking a sip of his drink and decided to elaborate slightly, “I have bad moments, but for the most part I’m doing fine. I am worried about my mother and grandmother though.”

“Why are you worried?”

Scorpius took a deep breath and pointed at his drink, offering Teddy one. Teddy shook his head no, and after taking another sip of his, Scorpius answered him. “Neither of them has ever worked and really has no idea what to do with themselves now. I’m supporting all of us.”

Teddy looked confused. “Oh,” he shook his head, “I thought your family was rather well off.”

“We are, well, sort of,” he didn’t really want to go into this now, but figured it would come up again eventually so he might as well just get it over with. “We’ve been living off the family fortune since the war, you see. Because of their crimes,” he saw Teddy give a small wince, “father and grandfather neither worked after the war. We’ve done fine, father has a few investments, but it’s dwindling and someone in the family has to be gainfully employed.” He shrugged. “That’s me,” he gave a false smile.

Teddy was considering him in a way Scorpius hadn’t been expecting, almost as if in awe.

“Wow,” he whispered under his breath.

“What?” Scorpius was slightly annoyed.

“Sorry, it’s just that, wow,” Teddy ran a hand through his turquoise hair and looked uncomfortable. “I mean to say, well,” what was he on about? Scorpius rolled his eyes.

“Alright there Lupin?” Teddy looked up at him sharply, obviously surprised at the sarcasm in Scorpus’ voice. He wasn’t a sarcastic person, and rarely took that tone with anyone, much less someone trying to be kind to him. He topped off his drink. “Sure you don’t want one?”

“No, thanks, it’s just that, wow, your family must have had a lot of gold to be able to live off of it for thirty years without working,” he looked uncomfortable again.

“Old family and all, you know,” Scorpius shrugged, “we got all of the Lestranges gold when Rodolphus and Rabastain both died in Azkaban, so that helped. Grandmother also has most of what’s left of the Black’s fortune as well.”

Teddy’s head snapped up at this statement and Scorpius winced and turned his back to him, downing his drink and wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. He wanted to pour another one, but decided to wait until Teddy had left. He figured Teddy was probably thinking that some of the Black family gold should have gone to his grandmother, who was the older of the two living sisters.

“I was under the impression the Black’s gold had been left to Harry along with Grimmauld Place,” he said slowly.

“Sirius Black’s portion was, or rather, the portion that came with the house,” Scorpius shrugged, “he was disinherited and according to my grandmother, once Regulus also died Walburga Black moved a lot of their gold around to the other family members so Sirius wouldn’t get his hands on it. She knew she couldn’t change his getting the house, that old magic was set in the proverbial stone, but the money she had a handle on,” he took a deep breath, wishing this conversation was over, but wanting Teddy to understand so hopefully they wouldn’t have to have it again. “There was a dowry of sorts that came along with Grimmauld Place, but it wasn’t much. I believe Sirius acquired most of his money from an uncle or something.”

“You know a lot about it,” Teddy wasn’t accusing him, but there was something in his tone that was a little unfriendly and Scorpius had to laugh without humor again.

“It’s all part of being in the pureblood line. We have to understand where it all comes from and who it should go to once we’re dead and gone,” he said bitterly and decided that if Teddy was going to keep hanging about he was going to have another drink, which he did.

Teddy gazed at him for a few beats longer than necessary.

“I understand,” he said quietly. “Well, I’m glad you’re back and you’re doing alright. I’m around if you need anything.”

Scorpius felt bad for what he’d just said. Teddy Lupin, of all people, to go on about money from the Lestranges and Blacks. Money that, had things been different, might have been his, at least in part. Because Andromeda was also a Black sister and a portion of it should have been hers.

“Alright, thanks,” he wanted to offer an apology, but he couldn’t seem to form the words. Teddy looked at him one more time, his eyes flicking to the amber liquid he was drinking.

“Are you coming to dinner?”

“Sure, I’ll be there in a few minutes.”

“Alright,” Teddy hesitated, “I can wait and we can walk together if you’d like.”
Not tonight, because in actuality he had no intention of going to dinner. He was planning to ask a house elf to bring him something so he could have something stronger than pumpkin juice in his goblet.

“That’s alright, thanks,” he waved dismissively but Teddy still hung by the door, his eyes looking troubled and like he wanted to say something. “I’ll see you Teddy,” he said with finality to his voice.

“Sure, see you,” Teddy sounded defeated but with a last look, left the room.

Scorpius breathed out once he was gone, wishing things were different. But things would never be different. He was the son of a Death Eater and that didn’t change even with his father’s death. Some things in life, the most unfair things, were never going to change.

Thank you so much for reading! I would love to know what you think if you have a minute to leave feedback. Thanks!

My Fic:
Choices and Feedback

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