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Looking down from Heaven above

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Looking down from Heaven above

This I just a short idea I had... I want to see if it will work on paper as much as it does in my head so yeh

This story is about James and lily AFTER they die.
I am a Christian and believe there is a heaven and stuff but I'm actually going to make up what happens after they die. The first part is a bit boring just Setting up the theme, so sorry about that.
It should be a relatively short story. Most of it is just the important parts of Harry's life looked on by James and Lily.
And I am most certainly not J K Rowling. I don't want to steal her magnificent work. I'm just writing a story using her characters and themes from her amazing Harry potter books.
So please don't get angry with me!!

Ps: I don't know what happened to Voldemort after he was killed or if their was a body. But in Goblet of Fire he says he was 'ripped from my body' so I'm going to go with that.
31st October, 1981

The small little town of Godrics Hollow was quite content and well. The night was still young as all the children of the neighborhood went around collecting treats from others and dressed up as whatever they fancied.
People were laughing and comparing costumes, but they didn't know they were being watched.
James Potter stared at them through the window of his house. They were so free to do what ever they wanted, unlike him who was cooped up inside their house barely able to open a window.
For around 6 months, he and his wife Lily had been in hiding because according to Dumbledore, their son Harry who was no less then fifteen months old, was targeted by Voldemort because of a prophecy. But at least throughout those months he could make short excursions outside and have people visit.
But here he was, sitting on their nice midnight blue couch, watching Lily playing with Harry.
Only recently had there been a change in their routine. A week ago, Dumbledore, one of the most trustworthy people they knew, had suggested the fidelius charm to be useed on their house. They had wanted Sirius Black, the closest friend the Potters had, to be secret keeper. But at the last moment they had bluffed and chose Peter Pettigrew instead, thinking noone would target him.
This had been so secret that no one else knew except Sirius, Peter and of course, Lily and him. He thought about his two good friends who were both in hiding at separate places. Come to think of it, Sirius was planning to check on how Peter was going that very night.
Lily's amazingly beautiful laugh drew him out of his thoughts and he smiled at the two most important things in his life. She looked back at him and her gorgeous green eyes met his and she smiled.
Harry then chose that moment to squeal and James looked at his son, who had a great resemblance to himself, but excluding his eyes. There was no mistaking were his mothers.
It was moments like these that reminded him why he hadn't been able to see his friends or go outside for a week. Why the past few months he had lived in fear of being found. He would protect these two great beings to within an inch of his life.
Lily picked Harry up and placed him next to James on the couch.
Harry cooed and James laughed, then lazily picked his wand up and made smoke rings float around Harry who tried to catch them, making James laugh even more.

"Night little man," he said as he ruffled Harry's hair.
Lily bent and picked him up, walking out of the room with him. James threw his wand lazily right where Harry had been sitting previously and rubbed his eyes. He should probably get in an early night to.

Suddenly, there was a sound of the front door bursting open, as if it had been forced and James went to investigate. There, silhouetted against the darkening sky was his worst fear.

Lord Voldemort looked directly into James's eye. But unlike before there was no love or warmth like Lily's eyes had.
It was just a dark, cold and empty connection between his hazel an his scarlet.

"Lily! Take Harry and go! It's him!"
James was going to fend him off. But he realized that his wand was still on the couch. Voldemort laughed and raised his wand.
Realizing that he probably had moments to live, he allowed thoughts of Lily and Harry to cloud his mind and as green light filled the dark hallway and ripped through James skin, who braced himself to feel pain, but all of a sudden, he felt like he was asleep. All swoopy and floaty he lay still as Voldemort stepped over where his body had fell, walking on to where Lily was. A sudden thought made the hair on his neck stand up. If Lily had gone upstairs, she was trapped. The anti-disaparation spells made sure of that. When James was sure Voldemort had gone he stood. It was the the weirdest sensation, like he was floating. Funny, he thought, I could of sworn he shot a killing curse at me. He looked at his feet but they weren't there. Instead, he saw himself lying spread-eagled on the ground and dead.
What? How come I'm still alive? He couldn't figure it out.
But a thought came into his mind, as if it had always been there. My body's dead, but my soul is living on.
And he felt himself being pressured up wards like a giant vacuum cleaner sucking him upwards.. He knew he must go. I must go. I need to. These thoughts took over his mind and it became fuzzy as he slowly drifted up.
But then a more quieter but stronger thought came.

Lily and Harry.

He resisted the pleasant feeling and instead made to go upstairs. But he barley made it to the landing when he heard a terrible scream, more green light leaking through the doorway of the nursery and a distinct thud.

"Lily! Harry! Hold on I'm coming!" He knew he couldn't do anything about it but he still pressed on. One of them had just died. He knew it. The pressure was becoming stronger and he could barely resist.

But he heard something. A soft calling of his name.
James.. James..
He looked up and saw Lily's head, that was surrounded by a glow and he floated over to her.

"What happened to Harry?" but she was saved answering by a high cackle coming from the nursery and they both floated in in time to see The Dark Lord poke his wand straight at the infants face who now knew it was no joke his parents were playing on him and his face changed like it did when he was about to cry out for mum or dad.

"I want to make this quick boy. And they say you would be my downfall. Lord Voldemort will show them. Avada Kedavra!"

Many things happened at once then. Lily screamed out "No! Harry!" and Harry squealed out as the green jet came towards him, but then started to cry as it rebounded off his forehead, straight into Voldemort himself who cried out in pain, then he too fell over. Something dark came up from it and it had the distinct shadow of Voldemort who snarled at James and Lily's spirits, then fled.

The pair of them could no longer resist the force, so with one last look at their child, who was whimpering in the cot, they fled.
Rising up they gained speed, but not a sound was heard.

But James distinctly heard Lily say to him, "He has a mark. Yes, a scar on his forehead."
And together they rose up through the clouds, through the atmosphere and then with a bang, exploded.


I know that chapter was boring but it had to be there for the rest of the story which I promise will be better!
And I'm sorry it's so short, it just can't drag on because then it will be horribly dull.
It was really badly written but I just need to get the hang of it. So if you started reading this and thought it was a goner, can you please give me a second chance??
I would appreciate any feedback If anyone is reading this because it helps me more than you would think.


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Old December 19th, 2012, 11:38 am
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Re: Looking down from Heaven above

So, I think I'm just gonna end this because you know how you think of an idea, and your like at the time, that's supercalaffragilisticexpealadoshus? But then later on your just like Screw this I want to go to Hogwarts? Yeh, that's how I'm feeling now, so maybe at a stage in the future I will continue this, but I wouldn't count in it.
I think it would of been a good idea if someone with the ability to write did it, but that ain't happening.
Thank you to anyone if. They ever read this, even if you thought it was shi*tty.

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