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Living: A One-Shot

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Living: A One-Shot

Hello all! This is my "Merry Christmas" post to anyone who wants something new to read. It's a one-shot, and a sequel to "Dying". It's unique though because it's also an outline to a future story called "Living is a Forced Habit". It's short, sweet, and quite sad. I just had the idea of outlining it and it turned into this, so I hope you enjoy it, and let me know what you think! Thanks!


(Banner made by me).


My name is George Weasley and there was once a time in my life where I forgot how to smile. As told by my mum for every Christmas, birthday, and family get-together where she was not driven crazy by her six boys and one daughter with boyish tendencies, my identical twin brother and I have been smiling since birth. As a matter of fact, when I was in my father's arms for the first time, I sneezed and turned his famous red hair an unnatural shade of green. It was the monumental moment in my life that turned my innocent smile into a prank-filled grin for years to come. Of course, that story was always assumed by my mum since she so often confused the events of my twin's life and my own.

At the same point in time of my life when I forgot to smile, I also forgot all about pranking. It did not seem right to pull such outrageous gags so my friends could laugh and my family could yell at me until their faces matched the red hair on top of their heads. Of course, that was just at that time.

Once, and this seemed odd to everyone around me except for those very close to me, there was a time when I covered all of the mirrors in the Burrow because I was too afraid. People have very weird phobias, and mine was not necessarily unheard of, it was just sudden. Mum and dad never asked why I did it, because they knew the answer and they let me be for the time being. The siblings were upset, but Mum hushed them and sent them on their way. Besides, it was just at that one time, and I got over it after a while.

I really hurt Mum one time, too. Not physically, but mentally, and at the time I had no idea I was doing so. Not only Mum, but dad, the boys, and my one sister who is slightly more feminine than I remember. I went by another name. Not my own, but something close: my twin's name. It wasn't my fault because, at the time, I truly believed it was my name. In the past, my twin brother and I questioned if Mum had even been calling us the right names at all. Our identities could have been switched around throughout the years and we would be none the wiser. That time was also the time Dad finally had enough of me and it was one of the first times I have seen him get so angry. Mum stood up for me one more time, though, and everything returned to normal. As normal as things were at that one time.

That one time was not really a normal time for my life. In the past, I always smiled, pranked, looked into mirrors, and still went by the wrong name: but not by my own choice. Those were all normal things I did for just a little over twenty years, but then something happened and that's when I forgot how to live for just over two years.

For over two years, or "that one time" as I like to call it, living became more of a forced habit. Something that was a part of me went missing, and my life took a drastic turn. It was not my own anymore, and there was not a whole lot I could do on my own. Eventually, it was like someone was calling to me and wanting me to wake up. The family whose names had escaped my mind needed me in some way more than I could find an excuse to leave them behind. They were too desperate, and too needy. Most of the time I could not recognise their faces or put a name to them for that matter, but I knew they were mine in some way. That was all I could recall.

Six months during "that one time" I went by that other name. The one that hurt everyone else, but eased my mind in some nonsense way. I knew, at the time, if my twin were around, that he would not mind. In fact, more times than none, my twin would let me know exactly what he thought. I don't know how, but during that time, it was like he was still with me sometimes. It is important to grieve, as every Weasley knows, and he left me to it. Though maybe things went too far when I thought Katie Bell, one of the only names that made sense in my messed up world, could possibly be my girlfriend.

Things were alright for a little while. As alright as things could get at that time. Katie and I drank and talked, and we slurred thoughts on life. She was uncomfortable at first, but at last she started to believe me when I told her what I really thought my name was. It did not last long though, because she ran off and I never saw her again. That was when I realised I needed to wake up a little and become George again. Oh, and also that I am now a father to a child I will never get a chance to meet as Katie once wrote me.

After a while, but during that one time, the details on my hazy life started to become clear. The realisation of the situation before slowly came to me, and I started to get better. It was slow at first, but things finally started to take a turn. I smiled a little more, my pranks were lame but present, the mirrors remained covered, but my name changed and reality was coming into place. What everyone else had been forced to realise in the beginning was finally coming to me.

My twin brother, Fred Weasley, the name I took on for those many months, was killed on the second night of May earlier in the year of that one time. My Mum's name is Molly and Dad's name was Arthur. I have four other brothers that are still alive named Charlie, Bill, Percy, and Ron. And then there's my sister, who to me will always be one of the guys, named Ginny. I went back to work and hired Ron on to help, and after a few more months I was able to move back out of the Burrow. Oh, and I saw Katie again and learned that she never had our child.

There were only a few relapses since my new awakening, and in that time I dated some girls, made poor decisions, and forgot to smile again a couple of times, but things would always find a way to get a little better. Life has started anew and I never want to visit that time again. I'll always think of Fred, but I will also remember that he's probably moved on, assuming he's in Heaven or something like that. Most likely, he's been screaming at me since day one to get over it, but I won't apologise for everything I did. I lost my twin on May second of 1998, and we were both twenty years old. My whole life up to that point was shared with another human being entirely. Our bond was sort of like a mother and her pregnancy, only we were both men and he continued to grow alongside me instead of inside me. Then he disappeared in the blink of an eye. I'm entitled to a little sadness. I just won't let it get that bad again.

I don't know where Freddie is now. We were never really that religious, but for his sake I hope he's somewhere he can continue living on and reeking havoc. I never expected someone so close to me to leave so suddenly, so the thought of not dying with my twin brother and not having to worry about if we would be together in the afterlife or not never bothered me. Honestly, with all pranks and jokes aside as a young boy, I realised we were in a war and the thought of actually losing someone in my family never occurred to me. My sister survived her second year, and Dad survived a snake attack, Charlie is still alive after all these years dealing with dragons, Bill seems alive and well after the werewolf attack, and I haven't killed Percy for being an annoying little twit with any of my pranks. I just always assumed we Weasleys were immune to death and we'd beat anything thrown our way.

I wish there were some way to get ahold of him, but I suppose long distance extendable ears don't go wherever he is. It's probably out of apparition distance, too. I suppose I'll have to wait for the day when Death rears his ugly head at me and I die to see if Fred and I'll ever reunite. As for now, I need to take care of my wife and children. They're my life now, and I don't plan on dying now just to join my brother, wherever he may be. My daughter Roxxie and respectfully named son, Fred, are six and four years old. I had twenty years with my brother, and I hope to have that much and more with my children, as long as Angelina and I are successful as a mum and dad.

There was a time in my life where there was nothing but death and dying. I would be lying if I said I never thought about joining my brother during that one time in those two years, but now I can't help but see any other option other than living. Besides, who knows, if Fred would have survived, I may have never decided to settle down and get married in the first place. I may not see my brother any time soon, or ever again period, and I do miss him, but I'm living proof that life does get better after it pours. I've never been happier.


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