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R.A.B. is Not a Person

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Old June 27th, 2007, 9:22 pm
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R.A.B. is Not a Person

Discussion for R.A.B. is Not a Person by Ben.

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Old June 27th, 2007, 10:09 pm
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Re: R.A.B. is Not a Person

Read All Books.. very creative. I do find the parallels to Tom's Midnight Garden very intriguing, however, I still firmly believe that R.A.B. is a person. In the same interview, they somewhere discuss R.A.B. Then, Melissa, I believe, starts discussing Regulus. Jo fails to notice and she keeps talking on R.A.B.
I'm not sure whether this is how it went and I'm too tired to look it up, but I'm sure that somewhere, there was an editorial that mentioned this.

Also, "That is a very fine guess", does not explicitly imply what you mean, I think. Especially in spoken language, "that" usually equals to "whatever sentence you just said" instead of a specific antecedent. And "We've come up with Regulus Black" would be the antecedent of the relative pronoun "that", I think.

I trust that Voldemort would recognize the initials... he's a smart guy. If he'd have found the note, he'd have known by whom it was written. After all, Regulus was a Death Eater and I think he knows his followers by name.

(Btw, I thought R.I.P. meant "Requiescas in pace" (may you rest in peace)... but I may have that wrong)

I do like that you're open to new possibilities. The RAB=Regulus theory is commonly acknowledged, yet you are open to other options. I don't buy them, but I admire you openness

After re-reading my post, I realise it's very critical. I'm very sorry for that, I hope I'm not rude. I'm very tired, so chances are that I've offended half the world unknowingly, but please forgive me

Good night!


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Old June 27th, 2007, 10:32 pm
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Re: R.A.B. is Not a Person

You could be entirely correct, but I think you're reaching a bit on this one. Rowling said that careful readers would be able to identify at least one of the horcruxes and the locket taken by Regulus Black is the predominant theory that readers come up with. Although I think there are many parts of the series that most would not be able to come up with on their own (I certainly never would have imagined such a thing as a horcrux), I do not believe the mystery behind R.A.B. is one of them.

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Old June 27th, 2007, 11:09 pm
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Re: R.A.B. is Not a Person

Interesting article. I love the editorials that don't have anything to do with Snape.lol.I do believe that R.A.B is a person, but your editorial puts an interesting spin on it.

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Old June 28th, 2007, 12:20 am
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Re: R.A.B. is Not a Person

Your thoughts are intriguing and gave me a further thought. Now,in Tom's Midnight Garden, he wrote to his brother Peter and the initials were B.A.R. "What if..."-- the note Harry found in the locket which was written to Tom (Riddle) and bore the letters, R.A.B. was written by Peter (Pettigrew?). A really neat twist by an author who HAS probably read everything ever written and is famous for neat twists.

So, what to make of the letters? It couldn't simply mean, "Read and Burn" could it? Sometimes the answer is right under our noses and we complicate things. Well, maybe it is an oversimplification but it's not unheard of for JKR to draw on many different genres and interpretations of what already exists in literature.

Good theory, Ben. I think you're on to something.

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Old June 28th, 2007, 12:24 am
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Re: R.A.B. is Not a Person

I'm inclined to believe that R.A.B are not initials for a persons name but initials for a title or something other than a name. I'm not the most well versed in Potterverse, however a similar thing has happened just one book ago only in reverse.

We all wondered who the Half Blood Prince was with most assuming that Prince was a royal title and it turned out to be a proper noun for Snape's maternal family name. In this case, my sense is that while we are (mostly) all assuming R.A.B to be initials for a proper noun, they may well turn out to be in reference to a title or a phrase.

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Old June 28th, 2007, 1:02 am
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Re: R.A.B. is Not a Person

Interesting editorial!
Your theory is just as viable as the Regulas Black theory. The only thing standing in the way is that interview with JKR.
But I also agree, she never really gave them a definite answer to there guess.
I wondered why she would be so cryptic about it, when she seemed so eager to be asked about R.A.B.
Unless, she was misleading us on purpose to create an interesting twist later on.
We shall find out.....soon enough!

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Old June 28th, 2007, 1:30 am
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Re: R.A.B. is Not a Person

Not too shabby.

I think Lord of the Rings (and Gandalf 'burning' the Ring to see the inscription) just sort of popped into my head, but what if RAB stands for "Read After Burning"? Perhaps there's a spell on the paper and burning it reveals a secret message.

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Old June 28th, 2007, 3:51 am
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Re: R.A.B. is Not a Person

Whoever wrote the note and (presumably) destroyed the Horcrux is a "person" (which doesn't necessarily mean human), so I think that even if this theory is right we still will need to figure out (or, at this late date, read in DH) who challenged Voldemort in this matter, and why. This theory, if correct, means that the person's initials could be anything. I'm still inclined towards Regulus even so because we heard some, at least, of the story of his death, because he died in the same year his father did, but later, which jight suggest some issue specific to the Black family, and because he, like Snape, seems to have gotten involved with Voldemort and then been unwilling or unable to follow through with it (JKR does love to twin situations). We also know that we're not going to meet any major new characters, which suggests that the writer of the note in the basin will turn out to be someone whose name we'll recognize.

Ben, I do like your note to JKR at the end.

WHY DUMBLEDORE TRUSTED SNAPE: PoA 204-5, 285, 361; GoF 588, 590-91; 709-10; OotP 363, 841-3; HBP 549 (American hardbacks). It's not because he said he was remorseful, it's what he did about it.
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Old June 28th, 2007, 5:03 am
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Re: R.A.B. is Not a Person

I really like the theory. ^.^ I'm in the boat about R.A.B. being a woman, but the idea of it being a message is very interesting . . . congratulations on thinking of something new!

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Old June 28th, 2007, 5:10 am
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Re: R.A.B. is Not a Person

I actually really like this editorial. I'm with the general populace on RAB being Regulus, and have formulated *** scenario which I deem most likely out of the million and seven scenarios given for Regulus. But this acronym stuff is interesting. I let my mind wander on the letters RAB, and I came up with "Revenge Approaches Boldly". Might that be it? Or it might be "resistance" instead. Lemme know what y'all think.

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Old June 28th, 2007, 5:46 am
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Re: R.A.B. is Not a Person

It is an interesting idea, but the editorialist doesn't mention if the correspondance marked "B.A.R" were also signed. It the "RAB" is a coded message rather than a signature, then two possibilities face us:

1) The writer of the note expected Voldemort to recognize him by his handwriting, and perhaps wanted no one else to know his identity. (Since the writer expects to be dead, one wouldn't think his own security would be guiding him.) This would lead us only as far as someone who knew Voldemort, perhaps at school. Hermione would recognize Ron's handwriting, because she has corrected it so often. I don't really see Riddle doing that, nor relying upon someone elses notes in a class.

2) "RAB" may be a codeword that the writer knows that Voldemort knows. It could be a code name, or, to take the editorial a bit farther, a clue to how to read the note. Perhaps "RAB" means "Read After Burning." Perhaps if the note were burned, a new message, one which clearly identified its writer, would appear.
Again the motivation would be unclear. Perhaps the writer doesn't really expect to die, but is concerned that should Voldemort be defeated, one of his followers might one day find the note, and seek revenge. But in that case, I would be more worried about Voldemort finding the note.

This would be a better theory if we had seen some instance of this type of technique for concealing messages. But I don't recall any examples of burning something to make it useful. JKR would have given us some sort of set up if she expected us to get it, as the interview suggests she did.

I think Shewoman has a good point, that what we really need to know is who wrote the note, and "R.A.B." is apparently our only direct clue to him. If it is not a clue to his identity, we still need to figure out who wrote the note to verify the destruction of the horcrux.

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Old June 28th, 2007, 6:42 am
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Re: R.A.B. is Not a Person

Really Addled Brains, you have?

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Old June 28th, 2007, 6:59 am
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Re: R.A.B. is Not a Person

Sorry but it doesn't work. In nearly every other languages the letter is signed by RAB, and believe me, in the french edition, they won't leave any english word except for names like Potter, Black, etc... In some other, it doesn't, but the letters always fit with R.A. Black (whatever translation was used for the name Black). That doesn't make RAB a Black 100% sure, but that makes him (or her) a person.
No, no, no, and no Getting hard to find something/someone else than Regulus isn't it??!!

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Old June 28th, 2007, 7:21 am
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Re: R.A.B. is Not a Person

It was great to get a new spin on R.A.B other than Regulus (although I am firmly on that side) and I could almost believe it until the last poster mentioned languages and the whole R.A.Z in french (sirius' surname begining with z) equaling near undeniable proof. Another thing I thought is why would the writer (no longer being R.A.B but someone else entirely) want it burned??
I do like the acronym idea though and it really is a great editorial - I'll keep it in mind. I also loved the message a the end. If it turns out your right you will be the one who discovered her acronym...

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Old June 28th, 2007, 1:52 pm
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Re: R.A.B. is Not a Person

It's funny. I had a similar train of thought after reading the editorial about Aberforth Dumbledore. My deduction was that R.A.B. stood for
'Remember Albus' Brother'
But then really, Albus would have had the locket. Or perhaps it was someone else saying that, or perhaps Aberforth isn't trustworthy.
But then I thought that maybe I had stayed up late too long.
And that any tool could come up with a relevant wizard acronym for R.A.B.
However, I like the theory that it's a message and not a name. There's a bit of J.K. in that.
Just had a thought then. What if it is a person and their name is an anagram of another name that they made up. Or the anagram means something and makes their name.
Ok. Sleep time.

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Old June 28th, 2007, 1:55 pm
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Re: R.A.B. is Not a Person

I thought it was worth mentioning after Harry reads the Letter of RAB, he crumbles it up and his "eyes burned with tears"(emphasis added)

It could be that as another person said, RAB stands Read After Burning. A magical enchantment could be placed upon it and the real message may only be revealed if thrown into a fire. Harry may at some point consider the letter useless now, and throws it into the fire to get rid of it.

It may contain the locations of all the Horcruxes.

Perhaps it was Peter Pettigrew who did it? He has been described as an opportunist, and he is in Gryffindor, perhaps he has been scheming something all along against Voldemort. It would also explain why she showed Peter again in HBP, reminding you of him.

JK may have chosen RAB because she knew we would have figured it out to mean Regulus. Its another Red Herring. To throw us off from the real person who put there.

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Old June 28th, 2007, 2:14 pm
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Re: R.A.B. is Not a Person

Ok if it was the same in all the translations to other languages perhaps it was in an ancient language - Latin which is studied by some people from all over the world. I mean if it was in Latin then perhaps it wouldn't need to be translated into the other languages the books are published in. SO the question could be what is a good Latin phrase with the letters R. A. B. for each word?

However the possiblility that it is Regulus looms large in my mind as I don't know whether Jo would want to waste too many words in her last book explaining R. A. B. when she has so much other explaining to do to tie up loose ends plus tell the last part of this story and an epilogue.

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Old June 28th, 2007, 2:37 pm
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Re: R.A.B. is Not a Person

I think in many discussions and interviews R.A.B. has always been discussed as a person. But when bringing up the topic of it not being a person, possibly a clue to something else it does make sense in some way. The person who destroyed the horcrux may never be known.

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Old June 28th, 2007, 4:15 pm
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Re: R.A.B. is Not a Person

Read After Burning!

Sorry, couldn't resist. Although I DO think it's a really safe bet that Reggie was R.A.B. I found the essay really interesting!
Most likely because, despite the fact I heard of these books for the very first time in my life, it seems glaringly obvious now that the initials have been inspired by the books you quoted and the name Tom being so directly linked to the whole business.....Maybe there are other (more general) parallels between HP and the book that the B.A.R. thing is from?

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