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Throwaway Remarks and Minor Details...

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Old July 12th, 2007, 12:34 am
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Re: Throwaway Remarks and Minor Details...

Scrimgeour was mentioned in OOTP and became Minister of Magic in HBP, he was just mentioned by last name, when 2 of the order were talking. It was an extremely brief mention, but he was an important character in HBP.

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Old July 12th, 2007, 7:48 am
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Re: Throwaway Remarks and Minor Details...

The locket mentioned while the kids were cleaning Grimmauld Place was a throwaway remark, and while we all seem to think it's the real horcrux, it might just be a random statement. JKR did throw us all on a loop when she mentioned a muggle that Dudley beat up named "Evans", but when we swarmed online discussing, she jumped on her site and cleared up confusion saying the boy didn't have any significance.

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Re: Throwaway Remarks and Minor Details...

Here's one. Luna's stuff always goes missing but always comes back. Ravenclaw does not seem to be a particularly malicious house. Perhaps someone is looking for something in her possesions, perhaps what her mom was experimenting with when she died?

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Re: Throwaway Remarks and Minor Details...

For instance, it`s only a minor detail that Hermione is a Gryffindor, but surely she should be in Ravenclaw (the house that favours the academic)? I`m sure that that`s leading somewhere.
Everybody refers to Ravenclaw as strictly a house for those who are smart, but it's not necessarily so. It's a house for those who have wit and cleverness. Hermione is only so smart because she memories books, which, don't get me wrong, is still smart, but it's different then the natural wittiness and cleverness that some people have without trying. THe houses are choosen on a person's true being. Some one could easily study their head off for their whole life to try and get into Ravenclaw, but the sorting hat would look more at the qualities that a person is born with, the way a person is inside. HErmione is smart but she studies hard to become so, however a more defining and more natural characteristic is her courage. With all she's been through with Harry and Ron, there is no way anyone can deny she is brave and that is something one cannot learn from a book.

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