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The Serpent Master

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The Serpent Master

The Serpent Master is a Post Epilougue +2 years, story following the lives of three new students at Hogwarts, and the challenges, they're about to face.


The Serpent Master

-Chapter One-
The House of Abel

Never before had Jenny realised. Never before had she paid attention to herself or her brother. It didn’t make sense, it just seemed to wash over her. The news, the revelations, the plans. It wasn’t right, it wasn’t normal.

But mum was normal.

No she wasn’t. She could do odd things. She never told Jenny what she did for a living. She never told her what her childhood was like. She hadn’t lied she had just avoided the truth.

So when Jenny’s mother sat her and her brother down that evening and told her that she was a witch. It didn’t really add up.
A witch? Someone who made spells and did magic? Jenny had been reminded of a picture of a witch in one of her books, and she seemed mildly offended.

She didn’t understand it. She was offended somewhat, she was confused. Witches weren’t real they were made up. They were things girls dressed up as on Halloween. They were not real!

Jenny was eleven years old. A feisty brown haired girl who had done well in school who had friends, who was hot headed at times but who loved her family more than anything, now told, she could do magic. Sorry? Magic? No. Definatley not. It was a joke. It was April fools day surely? No?

Her brother, Cleo, on the other hand took a more positive view on the matter. A wizard? Him?


That was the main difference. Cleo would accept that, even if something strange happened, there would be a reason why it was definatley true. And of course it made sense. Or at least to him it did.

Cleo had always been odd growing up, he remembered changing the colour of his walls as he slept one night. He remembered shattering the glass of a window as he looked out of it. It all made sense.

‘So I’m a wizard?’ he asked his mother after she had finished a long winded story of her past.

‘Yes Cleo, a wizard. Jenny dear what’s wrong?’ For Jenny was looking at the floor, he hands under her upper legs which were swinging slowly.

‘How can I be a witch?’ she said slowly not looking at her mother ‘I’d know surely, wouldn’t I? And I mean, they don’t exist.’

Her mother, Clara, considered her daughter for a moment. She strained her memory back until an image of Jenny, six years old and running from bullies at school, came into her mind.

‘You remember when Peter Wilbur bullied you at school?’

Jenny nodded.

‘Do you remember what happened?’

Jenny blinked then said slowly, her voice crackling somewhat ‘He flew across the playground.’

‘He flew across the playground. A boy twice as big as you flew half way across the playground and landed in heap surrounded by people playing hop scotch. What do you make of that?’

‘I dunno, it was windy it was-’

‘Magic, look.’

Clara pulled out of her jacket a slim wand. It was lightly coloured and scratched along the sides. She waved it in mid air and with a small pop a rabbit appeared out of nowhere.

Jenny raised her eyebrows, finally looking with acceptance towards her mother who beamed.

‘Can we call him Flingles?’ Cleo asked stroking the rabbit with the back of his hand.

‘No.’ said Clara and she waved her wand and the rabbit disappeared. Cleo groaned.

Jenny had to believe it. There was no way that she could not be a witch. Magic was real and she would be learning how to perform magic herself. It was like a bomb had gone off in her stomach. Her friends would not know what happened to her, a life she wanted was denied her. Yet, she knew Cleo had a point. What if she didn’t take this chance? What if she ended up regretting it for the rest of her life?

Clara spent the evening explaining to Cleo and Jenny what they would be expected to do at Hogwarts, entering the magical world. All throughout their mothers explanation Jenny watched her twin. His eyes were wide and he was taking in all his mother said, the classes at Hogwarts, the castle grounds, and a sport played on broomsticks! Jenny knew her brother, an imagination so good he had won the school’s writing competition twice in a row, could never have dreamed up a place like this.

Midnight came and Clara decided that the twins had had enough, and that it was time for them to go to bed. Jenny followed her brother upstairs and into their separate bedrooms, where she laid on her bed her mind racing.

The next day she was woken early. Her mother was standing over her, smiling. She seemed excited for some reason and not until Cleo had dragged himself out of bed did she finally explain what was going on.

‘Today, she said ‘We’ll be going to Diagon Alley. Your letters have arrived from Hogwarts and so we’ll be going to get your things.’

She handed Cleo and Jenny identically sealed envelopes. Jenny opened hers and unfolded the thick parchment within.

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Headmistress: Professor Minerva McGonagall
(Order of Merlin Second Class)

Dear Miss Abel,
We are pleased to inform you that you’ve been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of books and equipment. Term starts September the first we await your owl no later than the 31st of July.

Professor Filius Flitwick
Deputy Head

‘Where is Diagon Alley?’ Cleo asked looking up from his letter.

‘London. Now we better be quick, I want you washed and ready in half and hour.’

The Abel family lived on the outskirts of London. Near enough so they knew what was going on within the city, but far enough out so that they didn’t have the pleasure of calling themselves Londoners.

Clara had always known that there was a great possibility that her children could become magical. She had known that there was a huge chance that they could be sent to Hogwarts. She didn’t mind, but the separation from her children was bound to cause her some trouble, bereavement.

Her husband, Phillip didn’t seem to take such a view on it.

‘How did your parents feel when you went off to Hogwarts?’ he had asked her.

It had taken Clara a few moments to think, then she replied ‘Happy, they knew Hogwarts was the best place for me to go.’

‘Exactly.’ he paused looking over the top of his newspaper ‘If they want to go then you should let them.’

It took an hour for Cleo and Jenny to get ready. Cleo had found his Nintendo DS and had started playing on it before his mother had shouted down to him to get ready or she would come up there and rip the Nintendo out of his hands.

Jenny had been ready within minutes and had waited at the bottom of the stairs, her hands holding up her face as she looked solemnly forwards.

Eventually however Cleo made it downstairs, his mother telling him off for holding them up, and they got into the car and drove off.

The journey to The Leaky Cauldron took under and hour. They were held up in traffic just outside Finsbury for twenty minutes but apart from that they arrived in good time.

They parked in a car park a short distance from the aged wizarding pub. Clara led her two children across the road and past the book shop to the right . She opened the door and stepped in.

It was here that Jenny realised that something was wrong.



Mai fan fics... let me show you them. (click the spoiler tag!)

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Re: The Serpent Master

-Chapter Two-
An Odd Afternoon

A wizard was stood with his wand outstretched pointing it at the bartender who was shaking from behind the bar. The wizard with the wand had a pointed face and sleek blonde hair, although he did have a bald patch appearing at the top of his head.

‘Draco please.’ replied a woman next to him. She too had blonde hair although her face was not as lined as aged as Draco’s appeared to be.

Draco considered the woman for a moment then lowered his wand gruffly. He pocketed it.

‘Come Ankaa, Scorpius.’

He led the woman and a young boy, about two years older than Jenny, out of the pub and back out onto the muggle street. The atmosphere changed suddenly. Babble broke out again, some wizards were shaking their heads in contempt.

The bar man, a man so old he seemed to radiate the years throughout the pub, stood up shaking still. He noticed Clara and the twins and sighed in relief.

‘Clara! It’s been too long.’

Clara made her way over to the bar, Jenny and Cleo followed nervously.

‘It has. What did Draco want?’

‘I am not sure,’ replied the barman ‘He seemed to think that I had lied to him. I told him that I did not know what he meant. When I said this, he got out his wand.’

Clara sighed then remembering that her children were with her spoke to the barman again.

‘Tom, you haven’t met my children have you? This is Cleo and Jenny. They’re about to start Hogwarts this term.’
Tom smiled a toothless smile at the twins, they nervously smiled back.

‘How do you do? How do you do? I suspect your buying their school supplies today then?’

Clara nodded ‘Yes, in fact we better be off. Two sets of robes to buy, two lots of books… and two wands, it‘ll be a nightmare. Come on you two.’

They left Tom, still shaking after his encounter with Draco, and headed out to the back courtyard where a cat sat looking enquiringly up at the three, as it sat upon several dustbins.

Clara took out her wand and tapped several bricks in the wall. She stood back and watched the amazed fazes of Jenny and Cleo as a hole appeared in the wall, widened and then opened fully leading to the packed wizard street of Diagon Alley.
Jenny had never seen such a vast array of shops. There were shops selling cauldrons, shops selling books and weird smelling ingredients. Shops with broomstick, robes and wands. At the very end of the long street was a towering white building, odd figures standing at it’s doors.

‘What are they?’ Cleo asked pointing. His mother hit his hand, stopping him from pointing.

‘They’re Goblins,’ she said ‘and don’t point! We need to get some money out and I doubt they’ll be to kind if you point and gawk at them. Stop it!’

They made their way up the marble steps into a hall and then into a larger, longer hall which had goblins up on each side, measuring gems, or counting coins. One harassed looking wizard seemed to be arguing with a Goblin over the exchange of pounds into wizard money.

‘Never argue with them. It’s Griphook all over again. I’ll have to have a word with Cuthbert Mockridge.’ he said to no one in particular.

Clara approached a desk where a goblin was sat doing nothing but reading a long piece of parchment which trailed onto the floor.

‘Hello there. I’m here to withdraw some money out of the Abel vault.’

The Goblin looked up at her and clicked his fingers. Another small goblin appeared at her side instantaneously.

‘You have your key?’ the Goblin asked.

Clara shook her head sighing ‘I don’t use a key. It’s that kind of vault.’

The Goblin looked at her enquiringly then nodded, leading them off the hall to a smaller, colder room where a cart on tracks was laid out before them.

‘My name is Nerudz.’ The Goblin said stepping into the cart at the back.

Clara, Jenny and Cleo followed. They were rather squashed but fitted nonetheless. Nerudz flitted about at the back and they were off.

The cart swerved and dived. Left, right and forwards. They went over a giant underground lake swerving to the left then stopping suddenly. Cleo had to grab on to his sister’s hand to prevent himself from being flung over the cart and onto the track.

Clara stepped out with Nerudz. She touched a the blank wall she was standing against, then the Goblin ran a spindly finger down it. All of a sudden a door appeared in the wall. Clara opened it up and stepped inside. Nerudz closed the door behind her and stood, his pointed black eyes looking over at the two children.

After a moment, Clara came out again, clutching a heavy bag which swung at her side.

One quick cart ride and they were back in the main bank. Nerudz led them back out into Diagon Alley and bowed them out to the street.

If ever Jenny had experienced anything like this before, it had been nothing. Nothing compared to what they were doing now. After Gringott’s they went to a robe shop, where they were both fitted with robes, hats and cloaks. Then off to a bookshop where a huge pile of identical books were bought for both of them. Cleo looked in horror at the books. If he had to read all of them…

As the day dragged on they were taken to shop after shop. Eventually however, the last shop was in sight. As they approached, Jenny saw a dusty window with a wand placed on an equally tattered cushion. Cleo pushed the door open, hearing a ring come from within the depths of the shop.

An old man appeared at the counter. His eyes were wide and slightly blank like moons and his hair was a whispy white. He greeted Clara with a crisp shake of her hand and then peered down at Cleo and Jenny.

‘Children of yours?’ he said in a light voice, Clara nodded.

‘Pleased to meet you. We shall try the young man first.’

He flicked his own wand and a tape measure appeared and began measuring Cleo, his arm, his height; even the length of his ear lobes.

‘At Ollivanders, we use only the three best magical materials for cores of wands; Dagon Heartstrings, plucked from the chests of the mighty beasts, Unicorn Hair from the innocent, beautiful creature, and Phoenix Tail feather from the most magnificent of all magical animals.’

He clapped his hands and the tape measure fell to the floor then vanished altogether. Mr Ollivander moved to the back of the shop, then returned holding a armful of boxes. He placed them on the counter and opened the top most box and handed it to Cleo.

‘Holly and Dragon Heartstring, eleven and three quarter inches, quite snappy.’

Cleo took the wand and stared at Ollivander. What did he have to do now?

‘Well wave it boy!’

Cleo looked sharply at the wand in his hand and raised it above his head but before he could bring it down it was snatched out of his hand by Mr Ollivander.

‘No, try this a mixture of Willow and maple ten inches and with unicorn hair. Nice and delicate.’

Cleo raised his wand over his head and brought it down with a swooping motion and as he did. Purple and Scarlet sparks erupted from the end of his wand. Clara clapped and Mr Ollivander beamed.

‘Excellent. Now miss-’

It took a lot longer for Jenny to get a wand. Try and try as she might she couldn’t seem to be able to produce any results. Mr Ollivander didn’t seem upset, instead with every failed attempt he seemed to get more and more excited.

‘Tricky Tricky! Try this perhaps, Ash and Willow, Dragon Heartstring, ten and a quarter inches. Nice and springy.’
Jenny took the wand and waved it.


An explosion filled the room. Dust emerged from every possible location and Jenny fell to the floor coughing insanely. As the dust settled, she dared a look at where the explosion had taken place. A snake was slithering away. It seemed to be made out of the dust of the explosion more than anything else.

It left the shop entering the thong of people in Diagon Alley. Jenny stood up and peered out of the window, but the smokey serpent had all but vanished from view.

‘Was that supposed to happen?’ Cleo asked, brushing dust off his hair.

‘No,’ Mr Ollivander replied, ‘but only the true owner of that wand would be able to do that, so in that sense, yes it was.’

They paid for their wands and then left. The sun was low in the sky now as the day was drawing to a close but for Jenny, only one thing was on her mind.

The snake that she had seen, made out of the dust and slither away, was shaking her head. She thought for a moment what it could mean but gave up almost instantly. She had only been in this world a mere few hours and already she was asking herself questions like that.

Sighing, she said nothing as they made their way back into the Leaky Cauldron and out onto the muggle street, where thoughts of snakes, were driven from her mind.


Mai fan fics... let me show you them. (click the spoiler tag!)

Ravenclaw and proud
until JK puts me in Hufflepuff...

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Re: The Serpent Master

-Chapter Three-
War and Water.

September the first approached, and for Jenny and Cleo that only meant one thing. The beginning of their magical education at Hogwarts. In the weeks that passed Jenny spent most of the time in her room. She was reading mainly, the only thing that she could do to separate herself from her twin who kept going on about how great Hogwarts was going to be. He hadn’t been reading his textbooks thoroughly, something Jenny thought should be done with an avid passion. But he was talking, he was excited. Jenny was secluded.

Ever since she had found out she was a witch, an enigmatic pull had fastened over Jenny. She had gone through various stages of bereavement. Anxiety, fear, excitement and now depression. Did she want to go Hogwarts at all? Did she want to be a witch? No, was the answer she had given herself now. She didn’t want to wear robes. She didn’t want to go to Hogwarts school. She didn’t want to carry a wand around with her constantly, casting spells and making potions.

Yet she was reading. She was reading about a world just revealed to her and although she understood very little of it, some words and phrases meant as much to her as someone speaking double Dutch, she was still reading about it all.
I’m only reading because I want to make sure I’m making the right decision. She thought to herself whenever this point was raised in her thoughts, I want to be exactly sure.

Nevertheless, as the days went by, Jenny saw little of her family or her brother, and was constantly in her room. Only for meals did she dare leave her solitude, keeping a pinched happy demeanour whenever someone spoke to her.
On the last night before they were due to leave for Hogwarts, Jenny was, yet again, sat on her bed alone. She hadn’t packed. Most of her equipment (albeit her books) remained on the floor beside her cabinet, where they had been placed after arriving home from Diagon Alley.

She was listening to music, she was clenched up in a tight ball. Her friends were going if she left for Hogwarts tomorrow. Her life was on the brink. Teetering over two possible lives.

There was a knock at her bedroom door, but with her headphones on, Jenny heard nothing.

Several moments later and there was another knock, then a voice.

‘Jenny? Come on I know your in there. Don’t think I don’t know what you’ve been thinking.’

Cleo’s voice rang out amongst the pangs of Jenny’s music. She turned off her CD player and opened the door slowly.

‘About time!’ Cleo said, ‘I was wondering where you’d got to. Can I come in?’

Jenny shrugged her shoulders. Cleo took this to mean ‘yes,’ and so entered the room before Jenny could close the door.

‘I know why you’ve been hiding up here.’ Cleo said.

‘Do you?’ Jenny asked.

‘Yes.’ Cleo looked at her sisters face, a face which seemed to have aged many years in the past few weeks.

‘Do tell.’

Cleo’s voice hardened ‘You don’t want to go to Hogwarts do you?’ he asked her ‘Your worried that your friends will leave you, your worried that this path can’t offer you the same or more, as if you stay here and go to Cresswood High School. I know how you feel.’

‘You?’ Jenny laughed bitterly ‘You don’t know how I feel. You’ve no idea, you-’
Cleo raised his voice. He wasn’t going to have her missing the best chance of her life.

‘Think about it for a moment Jenny. What would happen if you go to Cresswood High? GCSE’s? A-Levels? Then what? A normal job, a normal life?’

‘At least I’d know what to expect!’ Jenny retorted, with anger she didn’t even know she had.

‘But what about Hogwarts? Seven years there and who knows what you could become? Who knows what’ll happen to you?’

‘But it’s so unpredicted! Who knows what I’ll be doing in ten, twenty years time! That future is so full of shadows. There’s too much to risk.’

Cleo’s reply was soft ‘Then take the risk.’

Jenny looked at her brother. The brother she had grown up with, the brother she loved. He may be foolish, ignorant at times, but she was his brother. She tried to imagine, ten years from now, Cleo and her meeting up after going separate ways. Cleo looked happy, he was successful. Jenny was an accountant, something to do with numbers. She was successful, but her face showed longing as she looked at her brother. Longing that she had took the same path as he had.

‘Come on sis.’ Cleo raised his hand ‘power of two.’

Jenny raised her right hand, where a small scar was visible. This scar was a gift, she had received when Cleo had pulled her out of a fast flowing river. Cleo’s left hand held an identical scar.

Jenny smiled. There was now only one way to do things. This was the only way. She clasped hands with her brother then said ‘power of two.’

Cleo grinned sounding relieved. ’Thank god you came round. You better pack. Mum’ll go mad if she see’s you haven’t even started packing yet.’

Cleo opened the door and stood on the entrance to Jenny’s room.

‘I’d have dragged you along, even if you didn’t want to come.’ he said ‘I’m not having us miles apart.’ he laughed ‘Night sis.’

‘Night Cleo.’

Cleo and Jenny woke early the next morning. Jenny too finish her packing, and Cleo to play on his Nintendo DS the last time before he left for Hogwarts. He had seemed, close to tears, when his mother had told him he couldn’t take it to Hogwarts with him. Jenny had packed less personal belongings, apart from a few things that meant the world to her; a picture of her family and a bracelet her best friend had given her. These trinkets had been packed deep in Jenny’s trunk to ensure that she would not loose them whilst at Hogwarts.

As eleven O’clock neared. Jenny, Cleo and their parents got into the car and made their way to Kings Cross station.
The station seemed generally more packed than usual, at least according to Phillip who regularly used this station.

‘It’s because there’s loads of magic people about I bet.’ said Cleo.

Magic people or not, the amount of people at Kings Cross hampered their departure more than they thought it would. There was no trolley’s available an so the trunks had to be heaved by hand by a unwilling Phillip.

‘God what have you got in her Cleo? Hogwarts itself?’

Cleo laughed and watched as his dad dragged the two trunks towards a barrier between platforms nine and ten were luckily,
Clara spotted several rusty trolleys standing abandoned on the platform.

Once they head heaved the trunks onto the trolleys, Clara opened her purse and pulled out a piece of heavy looking paper.

‘Right platform nine and three quarters. It’s just along here.’

‘Platform what?’ Jenny said.

‘Nine and three quarters?’ repeated Cleo.

‘Haven’t they finished building it yet?’ said Phillip who sounded deeply amused.

‘Hush all of you. I have to remember. It’s been a while since I went through. Yes here.’

She led the three to a bare stretch of wall, dividing platform nine from platform ten.

‘Okay, you just need to walk through the barrier. Run if you want, but don’t hang around. You don’t want the muggles to see.’

Walk through a solid wall? Was her mother absolutely barking mad? Cleo had taken the opportunity, of Jenny’s bewilderment to walk forward slowly towards the wall.

Then he was gone.

Jenny’s eyes widened. She hadn’t been expecting that. Or maybe she had? This new world was bound to give her some surprises and this was clearly one of them.

‘Your turn Jenny,’ her mother said from a distance and clenching the trolley’s handle stepped forward.

It seemed to take ages to reach the solid wall. Jenny felt that her sub conscious was telling her not to walk into a solid wall, that it was as stupid thing to do. But Jenny obviously didn’t care for her subconscious as her feet moved her forward still towards the wall, the barrier.

Then darkness. Then light..

She was standing on a platform, in front of a delicately bright scarlet train. Along the platform families stood talking to one another, some laughing and chasing siblings, other’s talking with friends as they were reunited after the long summer break.
Jenny spotted Cleo a little further up, he was staring with awe at the train as if he had never seen one before.

‘Boo,’ she said speaking over his shoulder.

‘It’s… great isn’t it?’ Cleo said.

Jenny laughed ’Yeah, if you hadn’t seen a train before. Look here come mum and dad. Try not to act like a gormless idiot.’

The four of them made their way down to the end of the train where the amount of people were thin. As they walked Jenny spotted the thin pale man she had seen in Diagon Alley. He looked angry and Jenny wondered, for perhaps the umpteenth time what had caused him to be so angry.

They hauled the trunks onto the train and into and empty compartment. With only a few minutes to go before the train left, they said their goodbyes.

‘Be good.’ Clara said hugging Cleo and Jenny in turn.

‘Let us know what it’s like, Hogwarts I mean.’

‘Dad your such a prat. Just because your not magical-’

Jenny saw the pale man ##### up his ears.

‘-doesn’t mean you have to live your dreams through us. You’ve got mum for that.’

‘Oh thanks.’ Clara said but she laughed all the same. ‘Be good. We’ll write to you and you can come to ours for Christmas if you want. Let us know!’

The train whistled and there was a sudden movement around the platform, as parents said a final goodbye to their children and the last vestiges of peoples belongings were put onto the train.

With a lurch the train moved Jenny had hold on to the window to make sure she didn’t fall off and onto the railway.
Clara and Phillip were waving goodbye. The train was picking up speed, they rounded a corner and platform nine and three quarters vanished from sight.

Cleo and Jenny stood in the corridor looking out London passed them. Then deciding it would be better to sit in the compartment rather than the corridor they moved and sat.

It was odd. But as they sat there, a pull was beginning to take over Jenny, she wanted to try something. She wanted to see if it worked.

‘I’m going to try something.’ she said ‘Do you mind?’

Cleo shook his head.

Jenny withdrew her wand from her trunk and a spell book she had been reading earlier that morning. She found the spell she had been looking for then waved her wand

‘Aguamenti!’ she said.

A blast of water erupted from the end of her wand, the force was too strong. She dropped her wand and try to catch it as it flew around the compartment, soaking both Jenny and Cleo.

Whether it had ran out of water, or whether the wand had lost energy, the water bean to cease. Dripping wet, Jenny picked up her wand and then attempted to wring her shirt dry.

‘No wonder I had no control.’ Jenny said carefully placing her wand back in her trunk ‘It says I need to be at least fifth year
before I attempt it. Oops.’

A voice rang out from the door.

‘Or at least sufficiently skilled in magic.’

Jenny and Cleo spun their heads to look at the new arrival. The figure was male. He was scrawny and looked as if a single poke would make him fall, but what he lacked in muscles he gained in hair. His hair was messy and a dark brown, borderline black. His eyes shone through his pale complexion, as light as the rest of his skin but prudent enough to stand out on their own cause.

‘Is there anywhere free? I mean here?’ the boy asked looking nervously from Cleo to Jenny.

‘Yeah, sure.’ Cleo said ’Just mind you don’t get too wet.’

The boy entered the compartment closing the door behind him he sat next to Cleo then offered a hand to both him and Jenny.’

‘I’m Will, Will Douglas.’

‘Will?’ Cleo asked shaking the boy’s hand and giving him his own name ‘Is that like William?’

‘No,’ Will replied sharply. Jenny saw his jaw muscles tense.

‘What’s it short for then?’ he asked.

Will bit his tongue and looked, obviously embarrassed, at the floor.


There was a silence throughout the compartment. Jenny eyed her brother, trying to tell him without speaking, what she knew, he shouldn’t say.

‘Wilbert?’ Cleo said in an almost laughed ‘Bit old fashioned isn’t it?

Will narrowed his eyes. Obviously he wasn’t too keen on his name. Jenny could tell it. His eyes were shifting from side to side and his lip was unnaturally still.

‘Yes.’ Will said ‘And I’ll thank you for not making fun.’

‘Sorry.’ he said adding ‘Wilbert.’

Will ###### his head ‘Guess I’ll have to put up with it then.’

‘You don’t need to.’ Jenny said ‘If he get’s on your nerves just hit him. It works all the time for me. I’m Jenny, Cleo’s twin sister.’

Will shook Jenny’s hand. Then there silence, pray for the train moving, now past open fields, and the chatter of people in other carriages.

‘So are you Pure bloods?’ Will asked.

‘What?’ Cleo replied with a look a deep bewilderment.

‘Pure Bloods? That is too say, are your parents both magical.’

Jenny gave Will a piercing look. ‘Why, does it matter.’

‘No, not to me anyway. Some people will say it is. You’ll get the odd person having a go at you just because your not, what they call pure blood.’

‘Our mothers magical.’ Cleo said.

‘That’ll make you half blood.’ Will said. Jenny thought it was rather rash of him to ask about their blood, but he must have had a reason.

‘And you are?’

‘Pure blood. But like I say, it doesn’t matter. Some muggle borns are better wizards and witches than Pure Bloods. You know Hermione Granger?’


Will laughed ‘No you wouldn’t know. She’s head of the department of magical law enforcement at the ministry of magic. Invented the concealing hex and the Ever-Lasting time spell. She’s muggle born.’

Cleo gave Jenny a fleeting look. Despite what their mother had told them, there were obvious gaps to which they had not been filled in. Gaps which, she didn’t think needed filling.

The countryside below them changed constantly as they travelled further north. The scenery got wilder and at around midday, the window gave view to only a dark forest, light feebly attempting to filter through the gaps and hit the sodden marsh ground.
At midday, a plump elderly woman arrived at the door offering various sweets and foods, Jenny and Cleo had been given a considerable amount of money and were eager to try out the sweets. They, therefore, bought a bit of everything and once they had bought as much as they could hold, returned to their seats to eat.

There was chocolate frogs with wizards cards in them, every flavoured beans, cauldron cakes, liquorice wands and more.
Jenny had started on the liquorice wands, she wasn’t a big fan of chocolate and she wasn’t brave enough to try the beans.
Cleo, meanwhile was munching through a pile of chocolate frogs. He had seemed so excited to find out that there was cards with the frogs as well. Will kept looking at Cleo oddly when he began talking about battling the cards.

‘They aren’t Pokemon cards.’ Jenny said as she but through yet another wand, ‘You don’t battle them.’

‘Oh I don’t know, I could find a way.’ he tossed aside Merlin and ripped through another card ‘Hey who’s this? Harry Potter?’

Will raised his head at the mention of this name, up until now he had seemed less interested in the frogs. It was obvious, to Jenny, that he had collected most of the cards, and he had eaten more frogs than he dared to remember.

‘Harry Potter?’ repeated Will ‘What does the caption say.’

Cleo turned over the card and read ‘Harry Potter is the only person known to have survived the killing curse at the age of one. He is most acclaimed for the defeat of the dark Lord Voldemort at the age of seventeen, the unification of the ministry of magic and the fastest capture of a snitch in a game of Quidditch at nought point seven six seconds. Mr Potter lives in Godrics Hollow with his wife Ginerva Weasley and his three children.’

He finished reading the card and then looked up ‘He’s something isn’t head. Defeating this… Valdy-Murt at seventeen.’

‘You don’t know the real Potter.’ Will said ‘Those who grew up knowing his story.’

Cleo and Jenny edged in closer. This was something their mother had not told them and something that Jenny personally wanted to know about.

‘Potter was marked as a baby. Given a scar, whilst his parents were killed. He went to Hogwarts and odd things happened around him. They say he could speak to snakes, that he could fight off dementors. But then Professor Dumbledore was murdered and Harry vanished.’

He paused, looking eager to continue, with an audience so enthralled ‘No one knew where he went. No one saw him for months. He was gone. The one person who people believed could destroy Lord Voldemort. But then, a year later, he came back to Hogwarts.’

‘He came back?’ Jenny asked ‘Where had he been?’

‘No one knows.’ Will took a bite of his cauldron cake then continued ‘He’d been gone for ages, so why now. Why should he come back now? But…Voldemort was after him and there was battle, the greatest of all. So many people died but then at the end Harry Potter stood triumphant, he had killed Lord Voldemort.’


‘He’s definitely something.’ Cleo said sounding amazed.

‘Oh it doesn’t take much to impress you Cleo,’ Jenny said ‘As long as someone knows the football results you think their a god.’

Cleo gave her a sharp look, then turned back to Will. ‘So what happened then?’

‘What do you mean, what happened? He mourned, he moved on. What would you do?’

Cleo raised his eyebrows ‘You sound as if you read that in a book.’ Jenny said ‘You sounded so… sure of things.’

‘Well, my mum use to tell me the story all the time.’

‘What do you mean, she ‘used’ to tell you?’

Before Will had the chance to retort, a cool voice rang out. ‘We will be arriving at Hogwarts in ten minutes time, please leave your trunks on the train. They will be taken to the school separately.’

‘We better change into our robes, come on.’

It took a while for them to change into their robes. Jenny wouldn’t let the boys change with her and so they waited out in corridor as she put her robes on.

Eventually the train began to slow. The outside had got increasingly dark as the day had drawn on. A misty full moon was visible in between the clouds.

The train stopped and all along people began to get off. Nervously, not knowing what awaited her, Jenny led Cleo and Will out into the corridor then out of the train doors and stepping onto a cool hard platform.


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Re: The Serpent Master

-Chapter Four-
The Ballad of Ethel Kreios

‘Firs’ years over ere’ please,’ said a voice and looking up Jenny saw the biggest man ever. He was wild and hairy and his beard was so overgrown it looked as if he was wearing a forest.

The giant figure waited at the edge of the platform whilst counting the amount of first years that were arriving. Once a group of forty had arrived he nodded then led the first years down a few stone steps and to the edge of a great black lake where several small boats were moored.

‘Four to a boat please.’ the giant figure said and Jenny got into a boat with Cleo, Will and a small girl who was trembling with fright.

And the boats set off smoothly across the lake. Above them ######### in the night sky was the grand castle of Hogwarts, turrets and towers sparkling down at them.

The boat trip was short lived; eventually they came to a small boathouse and they all got out. The giant figure led them up stone steps until they arrived at grassy space underneath the castle. He walked to the main front doors, the students following in his wake. He knocked twice on the great oak doors.

The man on the other side couldn’t be anything different. He was small with grey whispery hair. He looked up at the giant man and nodded.

‘Thank you Professor Hagrid.’ said the man and he led the first years into a grand cavernous hall. There was a large door on one side and Jenny could hear voices coming from it. However the small man led them instead, into a small door off the hall and they all squeezed inside.

‘Welcome to Hogwarts.’ squeaked the man ‘I am Professor Flitwick. Now before you enter the Great Hall and sit down to eat, you must be sorted into your houses. The four Hogwarts houses are Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. Each house has a great history and many great wizards and witches have come from each houses. While you are at Hogwarts, your house will be like your family. You will take classes with the rest of your house, sleep in your house dormitory and spend free time in your house common room. Any rule breaking will loose your house points whilst good deeds and good work will earn you points. Then the house with the most points will be awarded the house cup!’

Professor Flitwick looked up at the students then continued tersely ‘The Sorting Ceremony will begin in a few moments time. Until that point I suggest you all prepare yourselves. Um- one moment-’

Professor Flitwick edged out of the room and babble broke out almost immediately.
Cleo looked shaken as if he had been asked to conduct an orchestra. Jenny’s insides were squirming as well, not as much as she knew her brothers were.

‘So, how do they sort us?’ Jenny asked Will who looked quite relaxed but slightly edgy

‘No idea,’ Will said ‘Dad wouldn’t tell me when I asked, he said I’d find out. Hope it isn’t to hard.’

Professor Flitwick came back, attempting to jump high enough to gain the first years attention.

‘If you’re ready, please follow me!’

He led them out into the large entrance hall and through two large golden doors and into the Great Hall.

Jenny felt as if every eye was pressing into her. She tried to look at the floor but she almost tripped and so instead looked at the ceiling, where the night sky was clearly visible amongst the rafters of the roof.

Professor Flitwick led the students up to the front of the hall where an old and patched wizards hat placed upon a three legged stool.

There was silence all throughout the hall. Every eye seemed to be on that hat which as still remaining stationary. However suddenly a rim opened and that hat sang.

Hello there to all you few.
Your young your eager and your very new
So what do I do. What is my job
I’ll tell you in a sec.
I am the Sorting Hat and I sort until I’m wrecked

The brave and chivalrous I send to Gryffindor
Their hearts are pure and their want for good is more.
The hardworking and loyal I send to Hufflepuff.
True and loyal is a must!
The wise and clever to Ravenclaw they go.
Hard work and intellect where these people flow.
And for the cunning and ambitious it’s Slytherin for he.
Their wise tails will get what he surely sees

So now it’s your turn to sing.
Your turn to put me on
I’ve done my bit, now it’s yours
As I finish my song!

The hall burst into applause. Jenny relaxed and she saw Cleo sigh. Even he could put a hat on.

Professor Flitwick stood, on his own stool making him several feet higher, and held out a long parchment that fell to the floor, he read the first name and then called it out.

‘Abel, Cleo’

Jenny saw Cleo stumble forward and nervously put the hat on his head. It fell down way over his face and for a moment he looked comical, a hat for a head. Then the brim opened and the hat spoke.


The table on the far left cheered, Cleo took off the hat and, shaking, joined the Gryffindor table.

‘Abel, Jenny.’

Jenny heard her name called out but it took several moments to remember that she had to walk up and place the hat on her head.
The insides was dark and dusty. For a moment she felt extremely stupid sat there with an overgrown hat on her head doing nothing.

‘Let‘s have a look then shall we?’ the hat’s voice said in her head.

Jenny almost jumped with fright!

‘It can speak in my head.’

‘Why yes, I can.’ the hat replied.

‘You can hear me?’ Jenny thought.

‘Why of course I can!’ the hat replied and
Jenny blinked ‘Now let’s see where to put you…’

She had no proof, but for a moment it felt as if the hat was inspecting her mind, her thoughts and memories.

‘I know where to put you.’

‘You do?’ Jenny asked hoping to god that the hat wasn‘t messing her about. ‘Where?’


The hat was taken off her head and she walked clumsily over to the Gryffindor table to sit next to Cleo. He patted her shoulder and grinned, pleased that they were in the same house.

The hat had just declared someone a Slytherin and Jenny noticed that three quarters of the hall seemed to boo them. Obviously, Slytherin’s weren’t that popular.

‘Douglas, Wilbert.’

Will stepped up and placed that hat on his head. For a moment there was silence then the hat cried out ‘Gryffindor!’ and Will came and sat opposite Jenny.

The lined thinned. Jenny noticed how nervous some people were, whilst others jammed the hat eagerly on. ‘Peterson, Eve’ the girl who had ridden with Jenny, Cleo and Will on the boat sat on the stool for five minutes before the hat called her a Ravenclaw.

Eventually however, only four students remained to be sorted.

‘Weasley, Macey’


‘Wood, Heather’


‘Young, Kirsty’


‘Zeller, Dominic’


The hat gave a final bow and Professor Flitwick took the hat and two stools aside.
Then an aged witch, who sat in the centre of the staff table, stood and spoke to school. She looked old and frail. A walking stick was at her side.

‘Welcome back to Hogwarts!’ the witch said ‘To those who are new, my name is Professor McGonagall and I am the headmistress of Hogwarts. I hope we can get to know each other during your time here.’ She looked up, now addressing the school as a whole.

‘It is lovely to see you all back. I hope you have rested and that you are prepared for this terms lessons and learning. I will say nothing more now and let you eat this fantastic feast, which has been prepared us.’

As she sat, a wide range of food appeared on the tables before them. Roast Pork, Beef, steaks, lamb, chips, potatoes peas, carrots, sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, and much more.

Jenny took a bit of everything and began to eat. She had never experienced hunger like this before, but she had never experienced food which tasted so good. She seemed to eat more and more despite knowing that if she ate this much, she would bring it all up again.

Around her, her fellow Gryffindor first years were talking about the castle and the lessons they were soon to have.

‘I want to learn charms.’ said little Macy Weasley ‘Auntie Hermione told me loads of great charms I can learn. When I’m better at it, though.’

‘You know Hermione Gr-Weasley?’ Will burst out, a sausage hanging limply from his fork.

‘Auntie Hermione. Yes.’

Will’s eyes widened ‘So you know Ron Weasley?’

‘He’s my uncle.’ replied Macy.

With everything Macy seemed to say Will seemed to get more excited.

‘So you know Harry Potter?’

‘Uncle Harry?’ questioned Macy ‘Yeah.’

Will’s sausage fell to his plate. Jenny laughed. She didn’t realise how much of a connection Macy seemed to have.

On the other side of Macy, Fred Denton and Cody Vasco were talking about Quidditch.

‘I can’t believe they let Ephunes transfer. He’s the best keeper the Wasps have We’ve got no chance of winning the league if he goes. Our Quidditch season is already over.’

‘Qwib*****?’ Cleo said, his moth full of roast beef.

‘You don’t know what Quidditch is?’ Cody asked sounding shocked ‘You wait. Best game in the world.’

Cleo had to take their word for it, for they said nothing else to him on the subject, but instead began to whisper excitedly between each other.

On Jenny’s left, Tandy Riggs and Issy Thomas were talking about the boys in the other houses.

‘What about him?’ Issy asked pointing to a hooked nosed young boy over on the Hufflepuff table.

‘No! Imagine what it’d be like kissing him. Like kissing a sack of potatoes.’

Tandy mimed the action. Issy laughed, Jenny looked on interested.

‘Your brother’s nice looking.’ Issy said leaning in to speak to Jenny ‘Is he going out with anyone?’

‘No,’ said Jenny sounding shocked that anyone found Cleo attractive ‘But he’s rather… immature for his for his age.’

‘Im-a ture?’ Tandy replied raising her eyebrows in a confused fashion.

‘Stupid.’ rephrased Jenny ‘He doesn’t even know were talking about him now. I’d leave him for a couple of years. Give him time to grow a brain.’

Issy and Tandy laughed. Tandy the most. Her blonde hair shook and fell back, as a set of pure white teeth were revealed.

After they head eaten their full of main course. The dishes were wiped clean. Jenny was warmly thinking of bed, when the plates sparked again and a mound of deserts appeared before them.

‘Ugh I don’t think I can eat any more.’ Jenny said looking the apple crumble before her with great detest.

‘I can. I could eat loads more.’

‘You would.’ Jenny said laughing ‘You’d eat the castle if it was iced and sprinkled with sugar.’

Tandy laughed again. Jenny wish she wouldn’t. It was getting rather annoying.

As she had decided not to eat anything. Jenny took a chance to look around the hall.
Firstly she looked round at the older students. Some of them looked much older than they did, and it dawned on Jenny all of a sudden how long she would be here.

Then over at the teachers table, she saw Professor McGonagall talking to Professor Flitwick who was bobbing his head up and down in agreement. Next to him a wizard with long blonde hair and piercing eyes was talking to a wizard with long black hair who was quietly listening. Next to him, was a tall and skinny pale wizard. His eyes were, unhealthily blank as if he saw little daylight. His thin face finished off with a small whispery white beard.

Before Jenny could get a closer look. The food vanished for a second time and Jenny, hoping to god there wasn’t another course, saw Professor McGonagall stand up to address the students for a second time.

‘I hope you are all fed. Your lessons tomorrow will require your full concentration and it is a well known fact that learning on an empty stomach can be a dangerous task indeed.’

She paused, hoping perhaps for laughter, but upon hearing none she continued in a more strict voice ‘I have a few announcements to make. Mr Filch has asked me to remind all students that magic in the corridors is forbidden. Professor Odenten mentions that there are now three open positions on gobstones team. Anyone interested in joining should contact her. Finally Madam Grace has asked to say that there are currently positions available on all Quidditch teams and those who are interested should contact their head of house.’

Professor McGonagall looked over to the wizard with the whispy white beard.

‘Professor Kreios? A song perhaps?’

Professor Kreios stood, and nodded. He moved to the front of the teachers table, and, arms outstretched, began to sing.

‘There’s an ancient tale that goes around.
It squanders in the sea.
For life and death do play a part
In this misery.

Young Wayla, proud and honest to
The very last end,
Did find herself in a muck
To which she had to mend.

Whilst walking in the valley moors
Upon old England ground
She did happen to discover
A secret, now known, found.

A creature living underneath
Beneath our world and all
A monster of great solitude
A master to the call

But Wayla couldn’t master the strength
She fell beneath the soil
So the young man took her place
And the deadly toil

And so the tale ends here
Poor Wayla underneath
The young man over head
With the sharp memory of teeth!’
As Professor Kreios finished his song, Professor McGonagall led the applause. Jenny didn’t understand the song at all, and she didn’t seem to be the only one. Many people were shaking their heads looking confused. On the other hand several people were nodding. A fifth year up the table from Jenny said ‘I remember that song. Uncle Brandlewood told it to me ages ago.’

Professor Kreios bowed deeply and then returned to his seat. Professor McGonagall stood one more time and looked over the students.

‘Well, that is all for now. Prefects would you please lead the first years to your house dormitory. Good night to all you.’

There was clattering as people stood up and began to make their way out of the Great Hall and up into the castle. A blonde haired prefect moved to the bottom of the table where the first years were sat.

‘First years please follow me.’ he said and the small cluster of first years began to follow him. He led them out of the Great Hall and up the marble staircase. Through corridors, up staircases and behind secret passages. Jenny’s legs were beginning to ache and she wasn’t taking in where they were going at all.

Up another staircase and along a corridor where eventually, the prefect stood in front of a portrait of an fat lady in a pink dress.

‘Password?’ she asked.


The portrait nodded and swung forward revealing a opening into a room further on.

The prefect stepped in and the first years followed. They emerged in a great circular room which was obviously part of a tower. It was lushly decorated in red, a blazing fire roared up at them. Desks and chairs were scattered around the room and a wall was completely covered in a portrait of a grand wizard, wearing scarlet robes and carrying a sword at his side, a ruby encrusted into the helm.

The prefect stood up at the edge of the room where a door was built into the wall.

‘This is the Gryffindor Common room. This is where you’ll eat you’ll spend time socialising and doing work,’ His eyes flickered. Tandy Riggs laughed.

‘Girls your dormitory is up this staircase and to the left, you’ll find a door marked First Years. Boys, your dormitory is on the right and marked first years.’

He stepped aside, letting them climb up the stairs. Jenny turned to Cleo ‘Good Night Cleo.’

Cleo nodded and they hugged. Cleo heading up the steps and to the right, Jenny to the left. The Girls Dormitory was a small circular room with four beds placed in different gaps around the edge. Their trunks had been brought up and Jenny found hers, right next to the window. Several red and gold ties had been placed on the stool next to her four poster, along with a matching coloured scarf.

Too tired to think. Too tired to act. Jenny got into her pyjamas and fell instantly asleep.


Mai fan fics... let me show you them. (click the spoiler tag!)

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Re: The Serpent Master

-Chapter Five-
Erin's Problems.

Jenny had thought it would take ages to get into the Great Hall the next morning. She had not, however considered the fact that Will had remembered the way down to the Great Hall and so breakfast was attained much earlier than she had expected.,

Breakfast contained as many different and delicious dishes as the feast the previous night; egg, bacon, sausages, fried bread…and despite having eaten so much last night, she was surprisingly quite hungry.

Tandy Riggs was sat opposite Jenny, her blonde hair stringy and falling in front of her face as she read a newspaper
entitled ‘The Daily Prophet.’

Jenny’s observations of Tandy from the previous night hadn’t given her an impression she could be impressed with. Rather, she had seemed, gigglish, girly and rather loud as well, attributes which rather annoyed Jenny, something she aspired not to be as she was older.

However Tandy was sat quietly reading the newspaper and whatever way Jenny looked at it, it was a very different activity, something she would have not have affiliated her with last night.

‘Morning.’ Tandy said, laying aside her newspaper and picking up her fork to dig at a couple of fried eggs ‘Sleep Well?’

‘Yes. Thank You. I didn’t think I would… not sleeping in my own bed and all… but… no it was okay…’

‘I’m sure we’ll get used to it.’ Tandy said and she looked up as a figure approached.

‘Professor Longbottom, head of Gryffindor I have your class timetables.’

The man was round faced and short, he was wearing dark green robes. He seemed older than he actually looked. His face was scratched and gritty, his hands were blotched and frayed as if he had been tugging on a rope for a long time and had sustained rope burn wounds thusly.

Out of the corner of her eye Jenny saw Cleo mouth the word ‘Longbottom,’ and seemed on the verge of saying something, no doubt insulting, before Jenny kicked him in the shins in order to be quiet.

Professor Longbottom handed Jenny a piece of parchment with details of each lessons. Jenny saw they had Friday afternoon off. Monday read:

9 o’clock
Professor Valmir


11 o’clock
History of Magic
Professor Binns


1 o’clock
Professor Kreios

‘Not a bad day is it?’ Jenny asked Cleo, who was rubbing his shins.

‘I dunno. I don’t like the sound of History of Magic’

Jenny laughed. Will was looking at his timetable with detest. ‘What’s wrong?’ Jenny asked.

‘Nothing,’ Will said and he put his timetable hastily into his bag and looked up and away from Jenny as if he had not just scowled at the timetable.

After breakfast, Jenny, Cleo and Will left the Great Hall and clambered up the grand staircase to Transfiguration. They wandered the first, second and third floors but it was not until the fourth floor that they came up with any breakthrough. Along a corridor containing a tapestry of a batty witch who was attempting to set fire to her own hair with a dragon, they met Daniel Hooper, a fellow Gryffindor first year who said that the Transfiguration classroom was on the first floor and not the fourth.

‘If only someone had told us that before.’ Cleo said as they hurried down a narrow staircase which led to a unfamiliar corridor.

‘Were’ bound to get lost.’ Will said and he slid down the banister after Jenny and Cleo had both made ‘Dad got lost on his first week. He said he never really found his way to Charms. But that’s him.’
Down a swirling staircase which wouldn’t let Cleo past until he sang the staircase a song, and they appeared in a corridor. A door stood ajar. Will and Cleo looked at the door inquiringly, suspecting that it too, may ask him to sing. However it did nothing, except open.

The man with long black hair from the previous evening stood before them. Now that Jenny could see better, she saw that he had dark eyes and a lined face. Professor Valmir smiled at them then nodded.

‘Yes, Transfiguration.’ he said as if it were obvious ‘We’re still waiting for Tandy Riggs she should be here any moment.’

Indeed seconds later the sound of clattering feet met their ears and Tandy Riggs was running down the staircase, her hair flying over her head and her face red.

‘Sorry-I’m-late.’ she panted.

Professor Valmir nodded ‘Not to worry getting around here is quite hard. Come in and sit down.’

Jenny, Cleo, Will and Tandy all entered the classroom, the only seats that were available were at the front of the class, pray for a seat near the back, which Issy Thomas had obviously saved for Tandy.

Once the register had been called, Professor Valmir began to speak to the class.

‘I am here, to teach Transfiguration. I am here to teach you how to transform one item into another. However. I am a teacher, and this is a lesson. A dangerous lesson need I add. You will be learning things here which, despite it, may be more dangerous than the dark arts themselves. You have been warned.’

He clapped his hands and the curtains which had been pulled across the windows were jerked open. Professor Valmir moved to the board.

‘The first things you need to know when studying Transfiguration is what you can transform and what you cannot. This theory is known as Gamps law of elemental Transfiguration. I wonder if anyone knows what the laws are?’
He scanned the classroom, no one put a hand up. Macy Weasley was etching to.

‘No one? Oh well then, the five laws of Transfiguration are; You cannot conjure Food. You can transfigure something into food. You can summon it. You cannot conjure it. The second law is that you cannot transform something into someone who is dead. You can only transform something living, if is, previous to that moment did not exist. You cannot transform anything into those who have past left us.
'The third law is that conjuring works better when thing you which to conjure exists. You can try to conjure it but it is likely that it would not work or if it did it’s capabilities would be limited.’
He paused looking over the class. He caught Jenny’s eye and she blinked. ‘The third law is not a strict magical law, rather a guidance. I could attempt to conjure a fire breathing spoon, but as they do not exist nothing would happen. I would use charms after conjuring a spoon, to make it breath fire.'

After explaing all five laws. Professor Valmir got them all to work on groups of two to try and transform a match into
a needle. Complex methods had been written on the board and a diagram which made Jenny's head ache if she looked at it for too long, but none of these were of any use for her, she could not do the spell.

She was partnered with Tandy who seemed to have about as much trouble with the spell as she did. And by the end of the lesson no one in the class had managed to transform the match. Professor Valmir did not seem to mind. He set them a peice of Homework and then waved them out of the classroom as they headed to History of Magic.

Cleo's assumption about History of Magic were most definatley correct. Professor Binns was a pearly white ghost of a teacher who monotonous drone seemed to drain the life out of every student in the classroom. His only introduction to the class was that they were to take notes as he read out. Jenny found this particulary weresome and when the bell rang to signify lunch, she had only written several lines of notes.

'What did I tell you?' Cleo asked as they shouldered their bags and attempted to make their way down to the Great Hall for lunch.

'History of Magic would be the most boring subject imaginable. You were right.'

Cleo looked smug and grinned as several Ravenclaws walked past them.

'I bet Potions is good though.' Will said, slamming his History of Magic book into his bag 'Making stuff like... erm..potions...'

Potions, it transpired, took place down in the dungeons. It was cold here, and even the extra torches along the walls didn't help, instead only creating a grim and shadowy ambience.

Professor Kreios seemed not to care about the cold, that or he was indifferent to the idea of his students being cold.
He called the register out and then stood before them, like a great willowy ghost. He outstreched his arms as he had done the previous night and spoke to the class.

'Welcome to Potions,' he said, his voice rising 'You are here to learn the infalliable art that teaches you to be kind, patient and above all percise. Potion making can be fun, but it can be dangerous, if you mis-read or mishear the ingredients you could end up loosing your life, or those who are unfortunate to taste your work.'

His eyes flickered around the class. Jenny blinked. She was getting tired of teachers telling them that their subject was dangerous; well, apart from History of Magic, but Cleo would say you were at risk of dying of boredom, rather than the content of the subject.

Professor Kreios lowered his arms and moved to the board where he began to draw a elegent diagram of a cauldron, adding lables with swishes of his wand. No one seemed to be copying it down, which seemed to be what he wanted, as he turned around, once finished, and raised his eyebrows at them as if asking them why they weren't copying it down.

'Thank you.' he said once the ruffle of noise as people went to get out parchment and ink had subsided and people had started to draw 'You will be today making a boil curing potion. Please pay attention while I write out the ingrediants.'

They were then set off with making the potion. Jenny seemed to know that it was simple, yet she couldn't help finding it fiendishly difficult, and by the end of the lesson her potion was a pale mauve colour instead of the intended blue. Nevertheless Professor Kreios did not seem disheartened; he moved about them, his eyes sweeping between them and inspecting their work.

After an hour, he clapped his hands and asked for the potions to be flasked before being brought to the front desk, he set some simple homework and then dismissed the class.

'Mr Vonganotch, may I have a word please?'

Professor Kreios was talking to a Slytherin boy with a pale face and dark hair. He raised his eyebrows in shock then slowly nodded. Jenny was halfway out of the door when she tripped and dropped her books over the floor.

'You okay?' Cleo asked.

'I'm fine. Look I'll meet you in the Great Hall in a minute for dinner.'

Cleo shrugged then climbed out of the dungeons and into the entrance hall. The door behind Jenny had swung shut and she began picking up her books and her ink which had spilt across the floor. As she picked it up she could not help but hear voices coming from within the dungeon.

'...if your father knew...'

'He doesn't,' came the voice of Erin Vonganotch 'He does not now nothing.'

'I understand Erin, but please listen. You are envoking a serious danger into this school. You are only eleven years old.'

'No one knows vot I am, even you.'

There was a long pause.

'Just think about what I said please.'

'I cannot promise.'

The door of the potion classroom opened and Erin stepped out without a look at Jenny who quickly began to pick up
the remains of her bottle of ink.

'Problem Miss Abel?' said the voice of Kreios.

'No sir,' Jenny said 'I just dropped my ink bottle.'

Kreios looked over Jenny's shoulder and waved his wand twice 'Reparo! Scougify!'

The bottle became fixed and the ink vanished.

'Thank you sir.' Jenny straightened up and held her books close to her chest 'What's wrong with Erin?'

'Nothing for you to fret about my dear. Now why don't you hurry off to dinner, before it's all gone.'

'Yes sir.'

Jenny quickly left the scene.


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Re: The Serpent Master

Wow... again... I must apologise... I actually lost this story but I am able now to carry it on... if you haven't already started reading please do and please review!
Anyway, here is a lovely chapter for you. Enjoy!


Chapter Six
A Special Visitor

Jenny could not get the sound of Erin Vonganotch arguing with Professor Kreios out of her head. That night as she, Cleo and Will sat in the Gryffindor common room trying to work on their Potions homework. The work was nothing to how Jenny was feeling. She couldn’t help but relive Erin’s words over and over again. The Slytherin had definately wanted to put as much distance bweteen himself and Professor Kreios as was possible and for the umpteenth time that evening, Jenny wondered what he had been talking to Professor Kreios about.

When she brought this up with Will and Cleo, neither of them seemed too interested. Will said that Erin was probably just boasting to Kreios and Cleo didn’t seem too concerned either way.

The next few days went by with the trio continuing to go to new lessons. On Thursday they went out into the grounds to do Herbology with Professor Longbottom, Will had to spend the evening in the hopital wing when he got too close to the Venemous Tentacula. Within all the lessons however, the three had to find their way around Hogwarts. The castle was a maze of seven floors, hundreds of staircases and various different sized corridors. Then, there was Dannis Croaker. Jenny heard the other students say that Dannis was the new caretaker and often joked that they’d prefer the old one back. If he was near you at all when you misbehaved, he would jynx your legs together and send you hurtling down the corridors. There was also the school cat, Mrs Norris, who supposedly belonged to the previous caretaker. She didn’t like anyone, particulary Croaker and would follow him around looking menecingly up into his eyes.
Friday eventually came. Jenny, Will and Cleo were exhausted from their first week at Hogwarts and were looking forward to a weekend relaxing. In the morning they had Charms. An hour of copying notes on the levitation spell wingardium leviosa. But the class everyone was looking forward to was Defence Against the Dark Arts. Jenny, Will and Cleo had heard from and enthusiastic Macey Weasley who had been told by her sisters that Professor Leander, who taught it, was a very good teacher. Such was there enthusiasm for the lesson that they arrived ten minutes early, in order to get a good seat.

Professor Leander was not there when they waited outside of the classroom. In fact, ten minutes after the lesson had started he was still not there. They were all very confused. Tandy Riggs and Issy Thomas were giggling in the corridor and Will and Fred Denton were trying to explain Quidditch to Cleo with disastrous resuts.

Eventually, the class was silent as they heard, not one pair of footsteps but two coming down the corridor. It was, it appeared, Professor Leander, but who was this with him?

The other man was shorter than Leander and with messy black hair and round glasses, on his forehead they could clearly see a thin scar, shaped like a bolt of lightning.

Upon seeing him, Will went stiff with shock. Around her, Jenny’s classmates were opened mouthed in shock. Only her, Cleo Tandy and Issy remained impassive.

‘Good Morning class.’ Professor Leander said. Will shut his mouth but still stared at the man. ‘Please go sit down inside, I will be with you shortly.’

The class hurried into the room. Jenny, Cleo and Will took three seats right at the front of the class. Will turned to Jenny and Cleo as soon as the door swung shut. ‘It’s Harry Potter!’ he exclaimed. ‘Harry Potter?’

Cleo moved his head slightly ‘The one who defeated Lord Rodlyport?’
‘Voldemort yeah.’

‘I didn’t know Harry was coming here today.’ Macey Weasley said slowly ‘I wonder what he’s doing?’

Then suddenly the whole class realised that Macey knew Harry and they all turned to barrage her with Questions.

‘What’s he do?’

‘What’s he like?’

‘Is he nice?’

Jenny thought the class were being a bit mean to her. She hated to think how she would feel it it happened to her.

Luckily though, the door opened suddenly and Macey was spared the job of asking the Questions. Professor Leander had returned, Harry Potter following him into the classroom.

‘Again, welcome to Defence Against the Dark Arts, I would like to introduce you to Harry Potter an old friend of mine who has agreed to come here to help me introduce you to the world of Defence Against the Dark Arts.’

As soon as the register was called, Leander stepped aside to allow Harry to talk.

Harry Potter took a step forward, smiling at the class. ‘Hello all. Well, as you probably know, I am Harry Potter. I am the head of the Auror department. Myself and Professor Leander here go way back and... well we’ve had a few interesting encounters. Anyway, I am here to introduce you to Defence Against the Dark Arts. I have spent my life fighting the dark arts. I have travelled the world. I have fought Vampires in Tuscany. I’ve battled Lethitolds in Paraguay and dementors in Japan. But I’m not here to list my achivements. I am here to introduce you to Defence Against the Dark Arts. It is a subjecy always changing. The dark arts change, they adapt, as someone trying to protect yourselves from them, you must change in order to fight them. Someone... once told me that the dark arts are like a many headed beast. Once you decapitate one head a feircer head comes to replace it.’

Leander looked nervous. He moved to stand next to Harry and, his face loooking flushed said ‘Yes.. but you’re not here to scare them are you Harry. Haha... now... we are going to start by looking at the different types of spells you can use to fight off the dark arts. The three main ones are Jinxes, Hexes and Curses. Curses are mainly afilliated with dark wizards and dark magic, but there are some curses that can be useful. If you would get your quills out we shall see.’ As he said this, Jenny was sure that Harry had been talking very seriously.

The next hour was spent analysing the three different types of spells to use. It was odd having Harry Potter standing in the corner watching over things and Jenny was sure that he had something else planned. As soon as they had finished the work, Professor Leander moved to the front of the class. He looked pretty exited.
‘Now, If you would all please stand up. You have a treat today. Myself and Harry will be having a practice duel. I’d advise you not to try any of the spells we use, but just enjoy the spectecle. If you could move either side of us please. Create a dueling stage.’

The class stood up and Harry and Leander pushed each desk to the side. Half the class stood on one side, the other on the far side.

‘Before any professional duel,’ Harry said ‘The two contestants bow to each other, to ensure that they respect the other and that they will not cause the other duellist any severe damage.’

Leander was stood at one end, Harry at the other. Harry bowed his head sharply; Leander followed suit.

‘Stupefy!’ Harry yelled.

‘Protego!’ Leander screamed, his wand out in front of him.

Harry’s stupefy crashed into Leander’s protego shield and darted off into the room eventually crashing into thin air.

‘Locomotor Motis!’ Harry cried. Leander’s duck was too late as Harry’s spell swiftly stuck his legs together and Leander fell to the floor.

‘Very good... very good. I would say Harry won this match. Haha...’ his voice seemed oddly strained. ‘Homework. Research the great duelling championships of 1884 and identify why Hukey Benglegurt lost. For next week please.’

Harry pulled Leander up chuckling. Macey Weasley headed over to Harry and began chatting happily. Jenny filed out of the classroom behind Fred Denton wishing the duel could have gone on just a bit longer.

The gin tasted refreshing. After a duel like that anything would be refreshing. Harry poured himself a sizable glass and sat down in Zephyr Leander’s office. He turned to face Leander and smiled grimly.

‘I let you win too easily today.’ Leander sighed, ‘I’m not as young as I use to be.’

‘I notcied. Still, I imagine that will excite the first years for a few weeks.’

Leander chuckled. ‘I hope so, then I won’t have to do another practical until they’re in their fifth year.’

Harry smiled. His face then turned sour.

‘You know of course why I am here?’


‘Yes... he’s been causing some trouble at the ministry... nothing too bad but things are best left said for other times. He feel’s betrayed.’

‘I would... if that happened to me. Isn’t there anything you can do.’

‘I’ve tried to speak to him.’ Harry sighed ‘But he just plain refuses, you know he was in Diagon Alley not long ago. He is trouble. He’s accused a few member of Hogwarts staff.’


‘I can’t say... but he has a point. If he’s trying to warn us that something is happening then he’s doing a good job of it. The aurors have... well, like I said I can’t say.’

Zephyr surveyed his old friend then said in a soft voice ‘And what do you think?’

‘The legends said it would come back. And if anyone’s going to know it would be him.’

‘Do you think he’s behind it?’

‘No,’ Harry said firmly ‘years ago I had a talk with Draco. He is as far away from the dark arts now as we are. Something else is going on.’


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Re: The Serpent Master

Chapter Seven

An Unexpected Visitor

In the weeks that followed, all the Gryffindor's could talk about, was the duel between Harry Potter and Professor Leander. Though it had not lasted long, most first years were so impressed that Harry Potter had duelled their Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher. Will though, was the only one who didn't find it interesting ('I've seen my dad and my uncle duel plenty of times and it's a lot more exciting than their duel was.')

Nevertheless, the first years found it incredibly interesting and in no time at all Professor Leander became they're favourite teacher.

The older students, who had seen the duel plenty of times before shrugged it off as pure nonsense. Jenny heard James Potter (Harry's son) talk loudly in the common room about how he had beaten his dad at duelling plenty of times.

Something else was coming to occupy the first years time though. A notice went around the common room saying that the Gryffindor's would have their first flying lesson on Saturday morning at ten o'clock. Cleo confided in Jenny that he wasn't particulary looking forward to flying.

'Have you seen me walk?' he said 'I can barely walk two feet down the corridor before I fall off. Imagine what I'd be like on a broom!'

Jenny laughed but privatley she felt more worried about herself. She had never told anyone before but she was terrified of heights and the thought of flying up into the sky unprotected on a little piece of wood was terrifying.

The day finally dawned and Jenny Cleo and Will made their way down to the sweeping lawns where the flying lessons were to be held. On the floor were eighteen splintering broomsticks lying in paralell lines of nine. A group of people were already stood waiting when thy arrived. By the looks of the green and silver in their ties, Jenny assumed they were doing this with the Slytherins. Not all of them by the looks of it. Erin Vonganotch was missing. There was no mistaking his thick voice speaking with the other Slytherins was missing from the other group. Jenny wondered, for what seemed like the millionth time, what had caused him to lash out at Professor Kreios.

Their instructor, Madam Hooch, was a feirce looking woman with a face like a Hawk. She barked at the first years to pay attention, her grey hair mimicing the sky above.

'Morning first years.' She said 'No Vonganotch today?'

'He's feeling ill.' Danielle Withecome, a Slytherin girl with a fearsome face and brown curly hair.

'Hmph,' Madam Hooch grunted 'Well go stand by a broom then, go on quickly quicly!'

They all hurried to stand next to a broom. Jenny looked down at hers to see the tail end was falling apart.

'Now, put your right hand over your broom and say up.'

Jenny movede her right hand over her broom and cried 'up.'

Nothing happened.

'Up!' she tried again. The broom moved feebly on the floor.

'You alright?' Will said. His broom had moved into his hand on the first try. Even Cleo had done it on his second go.

'Pitiful...' a voice called from the opposite side. It was a girl with straight black hair and a hard face and pointed chin. Another girl next to her laughed.

'Enough chitter chatter please!' Madam Hooch said 'If you haven't managed to get a hold of your broom pick it and now mount it. Grip it tigthtly please, I don't want any of you to fall of and break your neck.'

Mounting the broom was harder that Jenny thought. The splintery broom was very uncomfortable and the broom didn't seem to want to support Jenny at all, it figeted and shook in her hand.

'Looks like someone cant control her broom.' The girl with straight black hair said again and she laughed.

'Miss Parkinson, are you paying attention?' Madam Hooch was sweeping through the students checking that each of them was gripping their broom correctly. Will had it done perfectly and even Cleo wasn't far off.

'Now,' Madam Hooch was speaking again but Jenny wasn't paying much attention. She glanced at Mandy Parkinson who smirked at her. Her face boiled up and she turne back to her broom. Madam hooch blew her whistle suddenly and people around Jenny were kicking off from the ground hard and rising into the air.

'Come on Jenny.' Said Cleo who was shaking a bit but still flying five feet into the air.

Without thinking, Jenny kicked the ground. Her broom jutted and she jerked high into the air. She leant down hard on her broom and managed to control it again slightly. It didn't stop Mandy Parkinson laughing at her from across the way. Next to her, a small girl with a pointed face and sleek blond hair nodded at her.

'Miss Abel are you having some troubl?.'

Jenny fell off bloom as it landed back onto the floor. Her face rushed with blood she mutterd 'No... pro-miss.'

'Well get back on your broom then come on. We're going to do a few exercises to get you use to the feel of it.'

The rest of the lesson continued on the same way. By the end of it, Jenny hadn't managed to stay on her broom for longer than five minutes before falling off. Luckily, Madam Hooch told her that she would eventually learn to control herself. That made Jenny feel slightly better but whenever she thought of flying, Mandy Parkinsons laughing face filler her mind and she felt furious.

That night, while Jenny attemped to finish some Defence Against the Dark Arts work, Will brought up the flying lesson earlier that day.

'I was suprised you did so well Cleo.'

'Me too, I can't wait to fly again... Jenny...'

'I don't want to talk about it.'

Cleo gave Will a nervous glance then said 'I wouldn't worry about that Parkinson girl, she's just being silly.'

'Who is she anyway?' Jenny asked Will.

'I dunno. I think my dad was talking about the Parkinson's going to a hearing in the ministry but that's it...'

'She's a right foul-'

'What are they looking at?'

A small group of people were staing out of the window down into the grounds. Though they were high up and Jenny wondered how much they could actually see.

Cleo, Will and Jenny abandonded their homework for a moment as they hurried over to the window to see what was going on. Jenny, as the smallest of the trio was able to snake through the older students to get a good view of the grounds and the lake in the dusk.

'What's going on?' several people behind her muttered. Jenny heard James Potter say 'Probably Hagrid setting his cabin on fire again. He did that last year..'

But Jenny could see no flames and virtually no sign of life, someone must have thought they saw something but was mistaken. She turned away and was about to worm back out of the crowd to return to Will and Cleo when someone shouted 'There! By the lake!'

She was almost squashed as she was pushed against the window, as people tried to get a better veiw. But then she saw it, a man, a man that was obviously not a teacher at Hogwarts was looking up at the Castle, he looked oddly familiar but Jenny could not tell who it was at this height. Then he heard someone behind her say 'Isn't that Draco Malfoy?'

Jenny would have to take his word for it, because she wasn't entirely sure if it was him. Sure the man was blond and pale but from up in the Gryffindor common room there was no way she could be sure. James Potter's voice rang out again.

'What's Malfoy doing here in the middle of the night? I might have to ask dad.'

But soon, the thrill of seeing Draco Malfoy out in the grounds seem to die down and people left the window to return to where they had been before. Jenny took another quick look and saw that Malfoy had gone completley. She narrowed her eyes and returned to Will and Cleo.

'I wonder what he was doing?' Cleo said as he finished off his homework with an elegant strike of his wand. 'Come to think of it, what was he doing in Diagon Alley that day?'

'You saw Draco Malfoy in Diagon Alley?' Will asked seeming interested.

'Yeah... he was pointing his wand at the barman... why?'

'Dad said the Malfoy's haven't had much luck since the last war, they've been pushed aside by most of the wizarding community, so what's Draco doing out in Hogwarts on a Saturday night?'

Will looked to Cleo and Jenny, trying to get an idea of what was going on but by the confused looks on their faces, they didn't understand it, any more than he did.


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Re: The Serpent Master

Chapter Eight
The Vanishing Boys

Jenny was still curious as what Draco Malfoy was doing, even two weeks later when, on their way out of History of Magic, she bored Will and Cleo with a theory she had read in the Daily Prophet, that Draco was trying to bring back Lord Voldemort.

‘Please Jenny, I’ve just had to suffer through an hour of Binns droning on and on. Don’t you start as well.’

‘Besides,’ Will said as a group of chatty Ravenclaw’s passed them in the corridor. ‘You can’t bring people back from the dead. It’s impossible.’

‘Is it? How do people know that Voldemort is actually dead?’

‘People saw him die, I’m pretty sure that he is dead.’


Perhaps it was clutching at straws but Jenny was adamant on finding out what was going on with Draco. She began reading the Daily Prophet, almost religiously, in the hope that it would mention Malfoy and whatever he was doing.

October arrived and with it, the start of the Quidditch season. People began talking excitedly of the first game of Quidditch of the season, Gryffindor versus Slytherin, which would take place on Halloween. Jenny was still no good at flying at the thought of spending all morning out watching people race around on broomsticks did not appeal to her. Will was adamant that they go to watch it though, he kept saying that Jenny and Cleo wouldn’t fully appreciate a game of Quidditch until they saw one.

Someone who did not look interested in the coming Quidditch season was Erin Vonganotch. Jenny saw him many times, standing alone looking sulky and annoyed. She was still intrigued as to what he and Professor Kreios were doing but with all the work the first years had been getting, as well as trying to find out what Malfoy was up to, there wasn’t much time left.

On Halloween morning, the first years woke to the smell of burning leaves, wafting through the castle which had been decorated over night with Pumpkins, live bats, and walking skeletons that shrieked at you as you passed. Jenny wasn’t so sure she liked it all, in fact she found most of it particualry scary but not that she would admit that to Cleo and Will.

The sky was clear and there was a light breeze in the air when Jenny, Cleo and Will made their way down to the Quidditch pitch at eleven o’clock. Jenny had wrapped herself up in a warm coat and a Gryffindor scarf as there was a seemingly unnatural chill in air.

The Quidditch pitch was immaculate, and the crowd was very very noisy. Jenny wished again that she was back in her dormitroy reading. They found seats up in one of the raised stands, behind Mandy Parkinson and Lyra Malfoy who were laughing about something. Jenny ignored them.

‘Welcome to the first Quidditch match of the Season! I’m Lily Potter and I’m here to commentate the match between Gryffindor and Slytherin, with me as always is my asteemed co-commentator Liam Peakes, good morning Liam.’
A girl’s voice called out to the stands and people began to cheer.

‘Good morning Lily, it’s a fine day for a Quidditch match today I must say.’

‘It is indeed, but what do you think of Slytherin’s chances in this match? Surely the lack of a decent left side chaser will impede on them somewhat.’

Jenny fazed out slightly as they began to talk about the mechanics of the game. She wasn’t that interested and just wanted the game to be over so she could go back to the castle. Cleo though was taking in every word with deepest interest. He kept asking Will a question who would respond as best as he could. Jenny sighed.

‘Not her again,’ a voice moaned behind her. Jenny turned to see Mandy Parkinson groaning whilst pointing an accusing finger at Jenny. Jenny had become less than favourable towards Mandy, especially after the flying lesson. In Potions, it was even worse as Mandy would make snide remarks about Jenny’s less than brilliant Potions and Professor Kreios was not one to step in and stop them.

‘Do you have a problem Mandy?’ Jenny asked aggressivly as the teams began to walk out onto the pitch.

‘No, I just thought it would be rather annoying to have such a silly girl watching a Quidditch match, a girl who can’t even understand the rules and can’t fly.’

‘Oh shut up..’ Jenny said mildly though her hand had gripped her wand tightly underneath her cloak. Mandy laughed and nudged Lyra next to her, who also laughed though rather begrudgingly.

‘And we are off, Potter takes the quaffle and passes to Jenkins who passes to Harris, very quick passes from the Gryffindors today. I don’t beleive it, and that has to be a penalty. Potter was stopped dead in his tracks by Nott and I think he pulled his arm back.’

‘He definatley did Lily. And yes, Madam Hooch awards Gryffindor with a Penalty. Potter puts it away no problem.’

The match was fast, brutal and bewildering for Jenny. But it was beautiful. She may not have like flying but there was something so methodic about the game which entranced her. She couldn’t help but cheer on the Gryffindors, cheer when they scored and moan when Slytherin scored.

Within half and hour, Gryffindor were leading eighty points to thirty and the game was turning more and more violent. The Slytherin’s annoyed by the fact that the Gryffindors had got such and early lead, had resolved to use brutal tactics. James Potter was attacked twice by a Bludger in a matter of minutes and Dani Finnegann, the Gryffindor Keeper had to be held back after Albus Potter smashed into Jenkins as she was about to score.

‘They’re being too rough, they’re going to loose this game for sure.’ Will said as he stood up to try and see what was happening. Then Jenny saw it happen. Olivia Newhart, the Gryffindor seeker had gone into a tremendous dive her arms outstretched, Albus Potter was not far behind her, they were now level. Somewhere in front of them the Golden Snitch was flitting here and there. Then Olivia fell clutching something in her hands.

‘Gryffindor win!’ Lily Potter screamed ‘Two hundred and forty to one hundred and ten! What a fantastic result.’

Will was cheering, Cleo was screaming in excitement. Out of the corner of her eye, Jenny saw Mandy and Lyra stalk away, and she couldn’t help but grin too.

The Halloween feast they said, was always fun but today, and with Gryffindor’s victory, it would be twice as sweet. They were treated to a cavacade of various foods and treats and the Ghosts all performed for them that was until Peeves the Poltergeist started throwing a pumpkin around, bouncing it off the walls. Once removed by a bang from Professor McGonagall’s wand could the feast continue.

It had been such a good day, and Jenny was now incredibly tired she wanted nothing more than to go straight up to her dormitory and sleep until Monday morning. She had only just go into bed though, when there was a knock on the door. Tandy Riggs went to open it. It was Lily Potter.

‘Hey girls, sorry... um... Jenny?’

Jenny, who had just placed her head on the pillow and was hoping to fall asleep looked up.

‘What?’ she asked grumpily.

‘Your brother’s gone... I mean he left his dormitory with Will just a moment ago. Said he was looking for something.’
‘Oh no...’ Jenny said annoyed ‘I better go and look for him.’

Lily nodded glumly and retracted herself from the dormitory, Jenny picked up her wand and put on her dressing gown in the dim light. She sighed deeply to herself.

‘Can I come?’ Tandy asked looking excitedly towards Jenny.

‘Eh...’ Jenny was unsure. Issy Thomas also stood up looking excited ‘I’ll come as well!’ she said.

‘Fine... do you want to come Macey?’ she turned to the red headed girl but found that she was sound asleep. Not wanting to wake her, Jenny climbed down the stairs into the common room followed by Issy and Tandy, and then out through the portrait hole.

‘Should you three be out at this time of night?’ the fat lady asked sleepily. Jenny ignored her. ‘Where do you think Will and Cleo went?’

Issy closed her eyes as she thought, eventually she said ‘The Library?’

‘Why would they want to go to the Library?’ Tandy asked ‘They’re not really a reading type are they?’

‘Well I don’t know, maybe-‘

‘Shush I hear someone.’

It was a couple of light footsteps coming from somewhere in the corridor beyond. Issy started shaking in panic and Jenny quickly looked around for somwhere to hid. She saw an old tapestry hanging on a wall nearby, it was big enough that it would cover all three of them and their feet.

‘Here, come on quickly!’ Jenny hissed and she dragged Issy and Tandy behind the dusty tapestry of which the fibres were weak enough that she could just about see through it. ‘It’s Professor Valmir.’ She muttered.

The transfiguration teacher was wearing dark robes of black and was walking down the corridor with his wand alight. He took several looks around the end of the corridor and then to her horror, Jenny realised that she had left the portrait hole wide open. Professor Valmir approached it and closed it so that the fat lady was facing him.

‘Fat lady did you let someone out just a minute ago?’ he asked.

‘Yes I did... I told them they best not be out at this hour but did they listen to me?’

‘Who was it?’

‘Three girls...I think they are first years.’

Jenny heard Professor Valmir sigh. ‘Well, where are they now?’

‘Why they’re...’ she trailed off ‘They’ve gone... I swear to you they were right there in front of me.’

Professor Valmir glanced around again. Jenny felt his eyes pass over the tapestry and she tried not to breathe as loud as she was.

‘They must have ran up the corridor back there. Could you do me a favour. Go alert Sir Cadogan, I think he’s around the fourth floor.’

‘Yes sir,’ and the fat lady flitted out of sight. Professor Valmir extinguished his wand with a wave and the soft patter of his footsteps told them he was retreating back down the corridor.


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Re: The Serpent Master

Chapter Nine

Jenny was rooted to the spot in fear. Now what was she going to do?

She couldn’t go back to the common room as the fat lady had gone and now people were looking for her. She bit her tongue annoyed then stepped out from behind the tapestry, making sure that Professor Valmir had gone.

‘What do we do now?’ Tandy asked loudly, making Issy hit her hard over the head.

‘We’ll have to try and find Will and Cleo, and hope we don’t get caught. Come on.’

Jenny knew it would come to this. She had had an inkling from the moment she hid behind the tapestry. She withdrew her wand and told Tandy and Issy to do the same, which they did. They set off down the corridor.

Every now and again, Jenny could have swore she heard the patter of feet against the stone floor or the whisper of voices. Twice they had to hide as a pearly ghost passed through the corridor. With each step they went deeper and deeper into the castle. Jenny wondered for what seemed like the umpteenth time, why Cleo and Will had decided to leave the safety of the common room and wander around the castle at night. She thought fleetingly of her attempts to try and find out what Malfoy was up to and wondered whether they had decided to find out once and for all, to shut her up.

They approached the staircase leading to the second floor when Jenny heard another sound coming from a nearby classroom. Someone, a boy, was muttering to himself and Jenny was sure it was a voice she had heard before. Then before she could process it, Will and Cleo appeared, sneaking up the corridor towards the room where the voice was coming from.

‘Will, Cleo!’ she hissed. Cleo looked up to see Jenny, Tandy and Issy peering around a corner. He swiftly walked over to them.

‘What are you doing here?’ he said.

‘What am I doing here? What are you doing here? You could get caught!’

‘So could you.’ Cleo said simply. Jenny ignored him.

‘Professor Valmir know’s someone’s out of bed. He could come along any moment.’

Now Cleo ignored Jenny. ‘Will saw Erin Vonganotch acting really funny earlier. We wanted to know what happened so we followed him. He’s in that classroom. Let’s check it out.’

Jenny bit her lip. Trust Cleo to want to investigate in the middle of the night. Not that she didn’t want to find out was was going on, especially after the episode with Professor Kreios.

‘Oh alright then.. you two coming?’ Jenny turned to Tandy and Issy. Tandy nodded gripping her wand, Issy looked less than eager but still withdrew her wand.

‘We’ll be fine. There’s only one of him. Five of us.’

He knelt down, creeping along the corridor until his ears were level with the door, Jenny, Issy and Tandy followed until they were right behind them.

‘On the count of three,’ Will said ‘We go in and see what he’s doing. Try and stop him if he attacks us.’

‘How?’ Issy asked but it didn’t seem that Will heard her.

‘One,’ Jenny held onto her wand tightly.
‘Two,’ she waved her hair out of her eyes.
‘Three,’ she narrowed her shoulders’s ready to pounce.

Will pushed the door open and Cleo was the first to enter, he pointed his wand in front of him like the action movie heroes did with a gun. There was a bang, and Cleo few backwards against the wall.

Inside Jenny found Erin sat at a desk reading. His wand was his hands as if he had been expecting trouble. The door swung shut behind them as the other’s enter. Cleo groaned.

‘What are you doing?’ Will asked in a voice that much braver than that which he usually used.

‘I am reading. I vud appreciate if you didn’t burst in on me like that.

‘But...’ Will stuttered ‘But it’s half past twelve at night. Why are you out of your common room?’

‘Vhy are you?’

Jenny looked at the book he was reading but Erin spotted her and snapped it shut, Jenny saw the flash of a green bound cover.

‘I have permission to be out late. Do you?’

Cleo was slowly getting to his feet holding his back and groaning slightly.

‘Come on out with it? Why are you out so late and not in a Library... if you have permission.’

‘I grow tired of this conversation.’ Erin said and he slid the book into his bag and stood. The group kept their wands pointed at him as he approached the door. He said nothing but swung it open and stepped out into the corridor beyond.

For a moment there was silence then they heard the unmistakable voice of Professor Kreios in the corridor beyond.

‘Erin, what are you doing out this late!’

‘I am sorry Professor, You gave me premission to do that research at night time. I vos just doing that.’

‘Ah I... I see, who is in there with you?’

‘Some Gryffindor’s burst in. They wanted to know vot I vas doing... they are nothing but trouble Professor.’

‘I shall see to them I shall.’

Without realising it, Jenny found that Will had grabbed onto he and pulled her into and antichamber from the room. A small spiral staircase ran down into the depths of the castle and at the front, ran Tandy, Issy, Cleo and Will following. They heared the door open behind them as Professor Kreios entered to investigate but the group was half way down the staircase before he had even noticed it. It was difficult to run and not trip us as the stairs were very narrow and it was difficult to keep a steady foot when they were going so fast.

Eventually they reached the bottom of the staircase, what seemed like a storage cupboard for Dannis Croaker. A selection of mottom mops and brooms filled the space as well as a rank stench that none of them could put their finger on. Cleo leaned against the door and pushed it open ever so slightly.

‘I think we’re down near Croaker’s office.’

‘Can you see him?’ Tandy asked nervously.

‘No..., I can’t hear anything either.’ Cleo said ‘Come on, we should get back to the common room.’

‘Finally,’ Jenny muttered to herself and they crept out the cupboard and along the dimly lit and dank corridor. Then up a flight of steps until they found themselves in the Entrance Hall.

‘This way...’ Will muttered and he led the way up the marble staircase. But his feet had barely touched the top step when footsteps were heard coming out of the dungeon corridor. The group froze for a milesecond, then Issy seemed to get the better of herself and ran. Past Will and up into the castle beyond, the other’s followed her also at a run.

Jenny had no idea where they were going, for they definatley weren’t going towards Gryffindor Tower. Tandy and Issy had both vanished and now it was just Jenny, Will and Cleo. Jenny was out of breath, she couldn’t run.

If it hadn’t been for the loose rug on the fifth floor corridor, Jenny would have made it but as it was she tripped and fell into a ornate table with a silver goblet on top which sent crashing sounds around the corridor. She was done for.

‘Cleo!’ she called out. She could see him but he didn’t respond to her cry. He leg was hurting, and the whole school had probably woken up with the sound she had made.

‘Ooohh...’ Peeves had arrived on the scene, ‘You made a messy ickle firsty, must be punishedy. Hehehehe!’ he made a rasberry sound and started to juggle with the smashed goblet and a rotted pumpking he seemingly pulled out of nowhere.

Someone was pulling Jenny up. She had no idea who it was and didn’t want to see. Then a voice, an angry voice called out.

‘Every year someone thinks they can wander the corridors at night. I’ve had it! Every year... are you alright Miss Abel?’

It was Professor Valmir. Jenny nodded.

‘I’ve had enough of this. This means detention and forty points from Gryffindor. I’ll be telling Professor Longbottom about this as well... if you’re not hurt you should get back to Gryffindor Tower immeadiately. And no daudling!’

She was broken. Forty points taken from Gryffindor. It hardly was worth thinking about. Professor Valmir fixed the goblet and the table with one wave of his wand but Jenny didn’t stick around. Limping slightly, she slowly made her way back to Gryffindor Tower, where the fat lady was now stationed.

‘Ah... there you are... been caught have you? It’s for your own good. I just had to let a load of other people past as well... password?’

‘Snippity Wippet.’ Jenny muttered and the door swung open.

Will and Cleo were at around the fire, obviously waiting for Jenny’s return, out of all people though, Jenny would rather have spent an hour talking to Mandy Parkinson then speak with her brother at the moment.

‘Hey,’ Cleo asked ‘What happened?’

Jenny ignored him. She’d go straight to bed. Maybe if she was up to it she’d shout at him in the morning.


‘WHAT?’ Jenny span round, the anger that was building in her since being caught was now being let out.

‘Are you alright?’

‘No I’m not. I called out for you Cleo. I needed your help. But you plain ignored me. And now... thanks to you and your stupid little escapade... I’ve got a detentiom.’

Will tried to speak but words did not come out. There was no need to say anything else now. They knew what was going on. And as Jennny hurried up the stairs to her dormitory, she thought that she did as well.


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Re: The Serpent Master

Chapter Ten

Jenny didn’t speak to Cleo all day the next day though he tried to initiate conversation. In the afternoon she sat alone with Will in the Library working on a fiendishly difficult piece of History of Magic homework. Jenny had decided to forgive Will, for it wasn’t his fault directly that she had got a Detention, for that, Will was very grateful.

‘I can’t do this.’ Jenny groaned and she threw her quill down on the table in disgust. Will looked up from his parchment but said nothing.

‘I can’t believe Kreios gave Erin permission to work out of the common room on a Saturday night, what was he doing that was so important?’

Will shrugged. ‘I dunno... maybe he has more work to do than us?’

Jenny shrugged. She had no had idea. The image of him sliding a green book into his bag lept into her mind. She shook her head trying to push it out. ‘I doubt he had more work to do than us, unless...’

‘Look, I’m sorry me and Cleo got you in Detention, but perhaps you should just try and focus on your work, and forgive Cleo. He didn’t mean it.’

‘Fine...’ Jenny hissed. Whenever she had been angry with Cleo when they were younger he had always forgiven him really quickly. It was an annoying habit of hers.

Will finally dropped his quill on to the table, obviously the stress of work had got too much for him. He sighed then began to pack up his books.

‘Come on, let’s go find Cleo...’

Jenny quickly packed up her things and followed Will out of the library. As they passed Madam Pince’s desk where she was stamping books, Jenny saw Erin Vonganotch sitting at a desk a short way away reading that green book again. He smirked at her but she ignored him.

Cleo wasn’t in the common room, nor was he in the Great Hall when Will and Jenny went down for Dinner. Jenny was slightly concerned but she saw Cody Vasco along the corridor as they returned from dinner and decided to ask him if he had seen Cleo.

‘Have you seen Cleo?’ Jenny asked making Cody jump.

‘Don’t make me jump Jenny. Yeah, I think he’s at the Quidditch pitch with Fred Denton.’

They dropped their bags in the common room and hurried down to the Quidditch pitch. The sky was a dull grey and it looked as if it was about to rain any minute. Even the ground was soggy and slightly damp from a previous downpour making it slightly slippery. Will almost fell flat on on his backside as they hurried down to the Quidditch pitch.

There was definatley activity going on there. Jenny could see two figures flying on broomsticks throwing a muddy brown ball to each other. Once in the stands, Jenny noticed that it was Cleo and Fred Denton. Cleo was flying towards the goal post, quaffle under his hand, he shot towards the left hoop, Fred dived for it, but missed.

Jenny clapped. Her clapping must have alerted Cleo for he looked around to see where the sound had come from. He spotted Jenny and Will and flew over to them stopping just above them.

‘Wow,... you’re doing really well... you thinking of trying out for the Quidditch team next year?’ Jenny asked as politely as possible.

Cleo raised his eyebrows. ‘Uhh maybe...’ he muttered.

Jenny knew that Cleo still felt the tension from the previous night. There was no point in denying it. But if Jenny wanted to apologise she’d had to act very very quickly or else she knew Cleo would attack her.

‘Look Cleo, I’m sorry for last night.. I didn’t mean to act like an idiot... can you forgive me?’

Cleo shook his head. ‘No, cos you’ve got nothing to be sorry for. It was all me. I should have taken the fall with you... so to speak. Sorry.’

Jenny grinned. ‘It’s okay... what you doing anyway?’

‘I wanted to see what Quidditch was like... Fred said he’d show me... it isn’t my broom. It’s a school broom.’

Jenny nodded, relief seemed to spread through her that Cleo had forgiven her. She smiled and sat back on one of the wooden seats to watch Cleo and Fred play. Within minutes however, the rain that had threatened as they had walked down to the Quidditch pitch began to fall so ferociously, that they were soaked within seconds. Deciding that it would be better to head up to the castle, Cleo and Fred put the brooms away and the four ran, slipping slightly over the muddy ground and back up to the school.

Once in the Entrance Hall, Jenny shook herself dry, sparks of water dropping onto the cold stone floor, she would need to clean herself properly when she got back to the common room, but as long as she was dry enough that water didn’t drop onto her face she would be happy.

There was someone else in the Entrance Hall as well. Professor Longbottom. He stood observing the house points (of which Ravenclaw had much more than any other house) and turned when he heared squishy footsteps approach.

‘Ah Miss Abel a word if you please.’

Will and Cleo said they would meet her in the common room so, feeling nervous Jenny followed Professor Longbottom into a corridor off the entrance hall and down some steps where she could see various portraits, including a portrait of a bowl of fruit. Professor Longbottom led her away from these into a small and cramped office. He lit the torch with a wave of his wand, sat down and motioned for Jenny to do the same.

‘Well, that was rather unfortunate wasn’t it?’

Jenny stared at him. What did he mean?

‘Look I know you think it’s cool to wander the corridors at night time Miss Abel but we have rules for a reason. What made you come out of your dormitory so late?’
Jenny sighed, she should have known why Professor Longbottom wanted to talk to her. Valmir had said that he would tell him (Longbottom). It was only a matter of time before Professor Longbottom reprimanded her.

‘Oh um... my brother Cleo was...’ she stopped. Saying that Cleo and Will had been out of bed as well would mean that they would get Detention too. Then what about Issy and Tandy, she didn’t want to put them in trouble.

Jenny swallowed and smiled lightly.

‘He was hungry, I said I’d go to the kitchens and get some food for him.’

Professor Longbottom raised his eyebrows. Would he buy it? Eventually he nodded grimly and said ‘Yes, I’ve heard that boy has a rather large appetite.’

Jenny felt a wave of relief pass over her and she relaxed. Professor Longbottom had delved into a filing cabinent next to his desk and was ruffling through the files.

‘I’m afraid you’ll still have to do the Detention... with me as a matter of fact. Wednesday, Greenhouse two oh, and bring your Dragon Hide Gloves.’

Wondering what on earth he had planned for her, Jenny nodded and sat up. Professor Longbottom said she could go and so Jennny hurried back out along the corridor and up the marble staircase to Gryffindor tower.

The fat lady was chatting to her friend Violet when Jenny got back. A large glass of wine was in her hand.
‘Oh... been caught again have you? This is the one I was talking about Violet....’

Violet giggled and fell off the pouffe she was sitting on.

‘Mandrakes.’ Jenny muttered, that being the new password and the portrait swung open.

Inside, she found Cleo and Will sat by the window, now completely dry and working on their History of Magic homework which Jenny and Will had given up before in the library.

‘What did Longbottom want?’ Will asked, dipping his quill into his mouth to think.

‘Oh, my detention on Wednesday...’ the raging fire was drying her extremeley quickly though her bag and homework inside were soaked.

‘How am I suppose to do my homework now?’ she moaned, pulling out her essay which was now blotched and splattered with ink.

‘Ah...’ Will said awkwardly ‘You should have put a repelling charm on it.’

‘Yes but I don’t know how to do a repelling charm do I?’ There was only one thing to do, rewrite it from scratch. Annoyed with herself, and the circumstances she had been put in, Jenny spent the night reworking her essay, she was the last person to go to bed and almost overslept if it hadn’t of been for Macey who had the foresight to wake her up before she went down for breakfast.

The day dragged by, her History of Magic essay was not as good as what she had written before and she was sure it would be marked down. The rain which had begun Sunday afternoon continued, meaning the first years were kept inside during their morning break and to cap it all, Jenny spilt a vial of vanishing potion down her robes and had to wait for Professor Kreios to fix it whilst she endured Mandy Parkinson laughing at her for half an hour.

Tuesday was not much better than Monday. Only on Wednesday did Jenny think that things may improve when, whilst in Charms, Professor Flitwick announced that they were ready to try and make objects fly.

The class was split into two and Jenny was partnered by Tandy Riggs, Will and Cleo were lucky enough to get to work together and Jenny was sure Tandy wanted nothing better than to be with Issy (who was partnering Fred Denton).

‘Now remember, Wingardium Leviosa! Make the gar nice and long and its swish and flick... off you go!’

‘Wingardium Leviosa!’ Jenny muttered but the feather on her desk lay motionless.

‘Wingardium Leviosa! Wingardium Leviosa!’

‘Let me try.’ Tandy said and she pulled the feather towards her and started making elaborate movements with her wand which didn’t help one bit.

Looking around the classroom, Jenny saw that only two people had successfuly managed to levitate their feathers, Will was looking extremley pleased with himself as he nervously held up his wand and feather in the air, and Macey was making the feather bounce off the window and tickle Professor Flitwick at the back of his head.

‘This is pathetic...’ Jenny grumbled, placing her wand on the table in detest. Will glanced at her for at least two seconds to long as his feather fell off his desk and onto the floor below were it suddenly ignited.

After the lesson, Jenny’s mood had not improved. She found an empty bench in the courtyard and was not speaking to anyone even though Will was trying.

‘Come on Jenny,’ he said ‘People do struggle... but its not as if you’re a bad witch, you managed to transform that snuff box in Transfiguration, no one else could.’

Jenny twisted her head. Will came round to face her.
‘Everyone struggles at the beginning, people catch up though... and you will as well.’

‘Hey isn’t that Draco Malfoy?’ Cleo suddenly exclaimed.

Jenny was awoken from her depression instantly, she looked up to see Draco Malfoy walking across the courtyard with Professor McGonagall. He looked furious.

‘Shall we... uh... follow them?’ Will asked but Jenny had already stood and began a slow pace behind them so that Profrssor McGonagall didn’t see them.

‘I can’t have you entering the grounds at night Draco, it’s not right...’

‘I had to see whether they were up to something..’ Malfoy replied nervously.

‘Honestly Draco, you’re getting more like Potter every day-‘

‘Don’t say that...’

‘Oh please, it’s been years, surely you should put this feud behind you, it’s not healthy.’

Malfoy ignored her. They had come to an empty and silent corridor. Professor McGonagall stopped.

‘So what is it then? You obviously came for something.’

Malfoy glanced around to see that no one was listening. Jenny quickly hid behind a suit of armour, concealed.

‘It’s Hubert... he’s up to something.’

‘Not this again, I can assure you he is not.’

‘Not just him, but Maxwell as well. You remember what he’s done?’

Professor McGonagall was silent.

‘Maxwell and Hubert are old friends, they were arrested by the Danish ministry in Copenhagen a couple of years ago, surely you remember.’

‘All the same Draco, have you any proof?’

Draco twisted his head and sighed.

‘In that case,’ Professor McGonagall said ‘I would ask you to put this whole thing behind you.’

‘I can’t... they said it would rise again, they said it would come back and it’s only a matter of time before another is chosen.’

‘Enough!’ Professor McGonagall said ‘I appreciate you telling me this but keep this up and you’ll end up in Azkaban, again.’

Draco glanced at Professor McGonagall then turned his head away and left along a different corridor. Professor McGongall turned away and headed off in the opposite direction.

Will, Jenny and Cleo all looked at each other.

‘What was that all about?’ said Jenny.


Mai fan fics... let me show you them. (click the spoiler tag!)

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Re: The Serpent Master

Chapter Eleven
The Serpent Master

‘So Draco Malfoy has been in Azkaban?’ Jenny muttered to Will and Cleo a week later as they hurried along the sixth floor corridor after a particular brutal Herbology lesson where Jenny was unfortunate to be bitten by the Snarfulglump. Her hand in bandages she brushed a strand of hair out of her eyes.
Will nodded. ‘Yes, how many times have I told you?’ He was arrested for performing dark magic in public.’

‘So what is Azkaban again?’ Cleo asked.

‘It’s the wizard Prison in the north sea, don’t you listen.’

They turned a corridor narrowly missing Peeves who was throwing snow balls at passers by.

‘And did he?’

Will shrugged his shoulders.

‘I don’t know. He might have done. Hearing what Dad’s said about them I wouldn’t be suprised. But I heard he was aquitted of Death Eater Charges, so it can’t be because of that.’
The chill of the castle was creeping up on them and Jenny in particular could not wait to get into the Common Room and relax for a bit.

‘I told you we should research it.’ Jenny moaned ‘There’s a load of old newspapers in the library. We could look there.’

‘Maybe, but not now, it will have to be after the holidays. Mandrake.’

They had reached the Gryffindor Commoon room and inside there was a great deal of cheer around. Today had been the last day of lessons and tomorrow, Jenny and Cleo would be getting the train back to London to spend Christmas with their parents. Will would be staying at Hogwarts. He didn’t mind. In fact he kept saying that he’d have a lot more fun here than at home where his father and uncle would be constantly fighting.
Collapsing in chairs, Cleo grabbed a mince pie from the table and took a bite. Jenny sighed and looked around the common room.

It was hard to beleive that she had finished her first term at Hogwarts. It didn’t seem like two minutes ago she had just arrived. She thought of how her mum would react when she saw her tomorrow. As a proper witch...

By the next day, a heavy blanket of snow had swept over the castle making getting to the train station extremley hard. Eventually, they’re trunks were aboard and they were ready to leave. Jenny looked out of the window as Hogwarts dissapered from view. It was hard to believe she wouldn’t see it for three weeks.

The train ambled through the country as the hours passed. The further south they went, the less snow lay about. Eventually, when they got to London in the late afternoon. Jenny and Cleo were forced to take off their wooly hats ande scarfs because the temperature just didn’t call for it.

‘There’s my two!’ they’re mum was waiting for them at the platform, she embraced them both in a deep hug as soon as they had stepped off the train.

‘I want you to tell me everything about your first term.’
And they were off, telling about the classes, the Quidditch and the castle. Jenny and Cleo had agreed not to say anything about the Erin and Draco Malfoy. They did not want Clara to worry.

Finally, Christmas day arrived, Jenny was pleased when she got a load of new books and Cleo was more than estatic when he recieved a brand new broom sticks.

‘You’re not allowed broomsticks though,’ Clara had said, ‘so best keep it under wraps until next year.’

A few days after Christmas, Clara said she wanted to take a trip to Diagon Alley and so asked Cleo and Jenny if they want to come as well. Jenny was all for another wander around the place, but Cleo said he was going to visit his grandfather with Philip.

It was a chilly day in London when they arrived. Soft snow would fall from the sky and melt before it touched the ground. The muggles going about their shopping wearing wollen hats and scarfs didn’t notice Clara and Jenny sneak into the battered Leaky Cauldron. In fact, Jenny was sure they couldn’t see it at all.

Diagon Alley was fairly packed. A group of wizards were waiting outside the Apothecary and and a haggle of witches were trying to push their way into Flourish and Blotts. Clara led Jenny into Gringotts where she started to complain about the pound to Galleon exchange.

Jenny slid onto the hard marble floor prepared for a long wait but she was suprised when her mother stuck her head down and said ‘Why don’t you have a wander around dear, but stay out of Knockturn Alley.’

Pleased to be able to do something, Jenny left Gringotts and headed out into the busy street. But after an hour of trying to get into shops, getting into them and then being squashed against the walls as people tried to grab everything they could, the thrill of the place had dropped somewhat.

Considering it would just be best to go up to Gringotts and wait for Clara, Jenny headed back up the street until she noticed a shop that was pretty much empty. It seemed to be an old second hand book shop. A wizard with greying hair was as asleep inside but Jenny decided to go in anyway.

Tattered books lay in shelves that reached the ceiling. Around her, books were stacked in haphazard piles making navigating the shop floor was incredibly difficult.

Nevertheless, she spent a good hour in their, looking at books that may have interested her. The shop owner lay asleep still and outside, a flurry of now was falling to the ground.

Just as she was about to head to the counter to pay for all her books, she saw one, in the corner of her eye that at caught her attention. It was a leather bound green book with silver writing on the spine. She headed over to it and pulled it out. The tile ‘The Serpent Master’ shone out at her and that’s when she realised.

‘This is... Erin’s book.’

The sleeping wizard woke up with a snort. Looking around he noticed Jenny and a wide smile spread over his face.
‘Oh hello there, how are you? Looking at books eh?’

‘Erm... yeah.’ Jenny said.

‘Ah! Then I must reccomend this particular –‘
He stopped suddenly and rounded on Jenny.

‘What house are you in?’


‘Ah Gryffindor, I was in Ravenclaw myself, though I preferred the Gryffindor common room, I sneaked in their once to see my Girlfriend Gurtrude. Then she turned me into a penguin for cheating on her with Mary. I say cheated it was more like-‘

‘How much is this?’ Jenny asked holding up The Serpent Master.

‘Oh um.... six sickles.’

‘I’ll take it... and these.’

AS soon as the books were paid for, Jenny headed out of the shop and back up to Gringotts to wait for her mum.

Luckily, at that moment, Clara was walking down the steps with a big bag in her hand.

‘There you are Jenny, sorry that took so long... Goblins... never deal with them if you can help it. Oh you bought some books.’

Jenny wanted to start reading the book strait away but not with her mother so close at hand. Instead she decided to wait until she got home and read it with Cleo.

There was a lot of traffic on the way back so when Jenny finally got home it was dark and the snow crunched under her feet as she walked towards her house.

‘Cleo.’ Jenny whispered, ‘Cleo come here!’

Cleo was playing on his XBOX and it took him a while to realise that Jenny was calling him. Eventually he met her in her bedroom.

‘You know that book, Erin was reading?’


‘I found it, I thought we could read it together.’

Cleo agreed so Jenny pulled out the book, opened it at the beginning and read.

The Serpent Master
Eons ago, when the sun was new, and wizards were finding their way in the world, their was a box. On the edge of the world it sat but wizards were afraid to go near it in case they would go insane.
One wizard tried to approach it, his name as Jamus and he was the mightiest charmer in the world. He approached the box and tried to charm it’s secrets out but although he was learned in magic the box consumed him and he went insane.
Years later another wizard tried to approach the box. His name was Cavis and he was the strongest transformer in the world. He approached the box and tried to transfigure it so that it would reveal it’s secrets but although he was learned in magic the box consumed him and he went insane.
Many years later, another wizard, who had heard tell of the box tried to approach it. His name was Gyas and he was the strongest at defence magic in the world. He approached the box and tried to get it’s secrets out of it but although he was learned in magic the box consumed him and he went insane.
For centuries after, no man would attempt to approach the box and after a while it got lost in rubble never to be found again.
However, at this time there was a King who was just and kind but who had a lust for magical artifacts and would not rest until he had the box in his posession. Under his service he had an enchantress. She was just and kind to the king but her heart was truly black and grim. She was a master of wicked magic and would have the king dead if she could.
But one day, the king asked the enchantress to go forth from this place, find the box and then return it to him.
The enchantress looked for many years, but her skill in evil magic meant she did not grow old but she grew stronger with every passing year.
Eventually, she found the cave where the box was buried and she approached it. Because she was strong in the dark arts she did not go insane. She opened the box and found inside a great evil serpent who said unto her.
‘I am the shadow and the dakrness. I am the living evil. Answer this riddle and my powers shall become your powers and I will cease to exist.
‘I’m old and young, I’m wild and free. I shed fruit for all and a home for many thee. Answer me this, or else you will perish. What am I, that you should cherish?’
The witch thought for a while and then said ‘You are a tree.’
‘Correct, the Serpent said. ‘I thus grant you my power but know that one day it will be gone and others will have to chose another master.’
Then the enchantress joyed for she had the power of the serpent. She transformed into a great snake and slid from that place into the darkness.
On the way back to the king she came across a miner who was having trouble with his wife.
‘What ails you?’ the witch said
‘My wife is cheating with the stable master of this village.’
The witch went from there as a snake and tore the woman and her lover to peices. When she returned to the miner he was thrilled.
‘I have served you once. Now you must serve me.’
And so the miner joined the serpent.
The Miner and the enchantress went on their way. After a while they found a cook on the side of the road.
‘What ails you?’ the witch said.
‘No man eats what I cook, my food is stale. If only I could catch a rabbit running free.’
The witch went from there as a snake and caught many rabbits in it’s jaw. When she returned to the cook, he was thrilled.
‘I have served you once. Now you must serve me.’
And so the cook joined the serpent.
So the enchantress, the miner and the cook went on their way. After a while they found a man on the roaside who was crying.
‘What ails you?’ the witch said.
‘No woman will take a man like me. I have no woman to wed.’
The witch said ‘I shall be your bride and that I have served you, now you must serve me.’
And the man married the witch and joined the serpent.
So the Enchantress, the miner, the cook and athe man went on their way.
After weeks of travelling, they arrived back at the castle. The good king was impatient for they had been gone for many years.
‘Pray,’ he said ‘Have you brought me my box?’
The enchantress hook her head ‘I have not. I found inside it wonders that no man could conceive of.’ And she went as a snake over to the king and striked him down dead.
A knight who was in court at the time, saw the enchantress do this and so he took a trusty dagger from his side, threw it and struck the enchantress down.
As she was dying she called for her husband, the miner and the cook to come towards her.
‘Though I am dying, my work shall not go unforgotten. You must continue my work and in two hundred years, another master of serpents will be created. You must guide them in their duties, you are my servents. Though I say, after me, no woman will be the serpent master again. Only man shall have the honour to become the serpent.’
And in her husband’s arms, she died.

The End.

‘Is that it?’ Cleo asked ‘Is their any more?’

Jenny flipped through the rest of the book but it only contained odd diagrams and pages of words written in a language she didn’t understand.

‘So that’s it then’ Cleo asked.

‘I think...so..’

‘What?’ Cleo was impatient for at that moment, Jenny flipped the book over then smacked her head ‘That’s what he’s doing?’


‘Erin, he’s trying to summon the next serpent master. This is why he was reading it, he’s trying to understand what to do!’

‘But... what about Kreios... is he in on it to.’

‘Maybe... but when I heard it Kreios was trying to make Erin stop summoning it.’

‘You think he’s the next serpent master?’

‘Maybe... I don’t know.’

‘Kids! Auntie Beth is here!’

Jenny stuffed the book under her matress and hurried downstairs, but for the rest of the night Jenny remembered the smirk Erin had given her when she had seem him in the library a few weeks ago.

It finally seemed that Jenny had figured out, why he had seemed so smug and how he was going to do it.


Mai fan fics... let me show you them. (click the spoiler tag!)

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Re: The Serpent Master

Chapter Twelve

Jenny was worried. Now that she had found out what Erin Vonganotch was planning to do she couldn’t help but feel nervous. That he needed to be stopped was obvious but just telling Professor McGonagall that Erin was carrying a dangerous book was hardly grounds for expulsion and imprisonment. Instead she decided to wait and see what happens to Erin, watch his movements and keep a general eye on him.

In January, when Jenny and Cleo returned to Hogwarts they found Will as quickly as they could and carted him off to a deserted classroom. Then they explained what they had found. Will was particulary shocked.

‘So he’ll be able to turn into a snake... I wonder if he’ll be able to speak Parseltongue.’


‘Parseltongue. Snake Language, don’t you listen in History of Magic, Voldemort could speak it.’

Jenny shrugged but for a while whenever she saw Erin, wandering the corridors in a sulky mood, she imagined him talking to a python that seemed to have the voice of Professor Longbottom. But Erin, for his part, was not doing anything untoward. Now and again she would see him carrying the book around but he didn’t attack anyone he didn’t behave odd in fact he wasn’t doing much at all.

Near the end of January, tensions were getting high within the school. Gryffindor would soon be playing Ravenclaw in Quidditch. There was a great deal of excited tension for this match. If Gryffindor won, Ravenclaw (who had been beaten Hufflepuff) would be out of luck for the Quidditch cup and Gryffindor would be closer to a Quidditch Cup victory than they had been for five years.

On a chilly Saturday morning, Jenny, Will and Cleo headed down to the Quidditch pitch early to pick out several good seats.
Soon, the stadium filled up and the Gryffindor’s were chanting, eager for the match to start.

‘Well we have a very interesting match for us today. The Gryffindor team remain the same from their last match but Ravenclaw have had to make a few changes to their side today. Cygnus Pyris is out replaced by Sandy Jenkins and Lysander Scamander unfortunatley recieved a nasty bump to the head during training the other day and is being replaced by Simon Flowers.’

The teams flew onto the pitch to a tumultuous echo of applause and cheering from both sidees. Jenny, distracted as always, wasn’t paying attention to the match. Her eyes wandered around the stadium, Quidditch didn’t interest her as much as it interested Cleo, who was so excited he couldn’t sit still. She spotted Professor Leander, wearing a thick brown coat and hat to protect him from the cold, she assumed Professor Valmir would be sat next to him as the two appeared to be good friends. Professor Valmir though, was nowhere to be seen. Jenny saw Leander lean in to whisper something to Professor Longbottom who chuckled. She turned to Will and Cleo.

‘I wonder where Professor Valmir is, he’s not with Leander.’

‘What...’ Cleo asked not looking at Jenny, Ravenclaw had just scored and there was a loud roar from the Ravenclaw end of the stadium. Thinking that she may as well question Valmir’s absence after the match, Jenny remained silent and tried to enjoy the match. By the end of it, Jenny felt she’d have rather stayed in the common room doing work, as was the intensitiy of Gryffindor’s defeat to Ravenclaw. Cleo swore over fifteen times as they made their way back to the Great Hall for a late lunch, the cheers of Ravenclaw’s echoing in the background..

‘So Valmir...’

‘What about him?’ asked Will who was almost as upset as Cleo was.

‘He wasn’t as the match.’


‘Well... he always goes to Quidditch matches.’


‘He might be...’

‘Oh shut up Jenny, you don’t knwo what he is, and liklihood is he isn’t doing anything strange or mysterious. Just back out of it.’

‘Just because Gry-‘

The winning Ravenclaw team entered the Great Hall at that moment and both Cleo and Will mournful so Jenny stopped and was silent.

Will and Cleo’s bad mood continued for the next two weeks. Though they started talking to her again, they weren’t as talkative as they had been before. Then again, Jenny was rather happy with this situation, because the first years workload had increased incredibly. Professor Valmir, who had returned to the castle on the Monday after Gryffindor’s loss, was marking the point by saying that this is the most impotant part of the term for them and that their work now would affect them in the years to come. Jenny was unsure how, but nevertheless she spent the evenings working on assignments and homework set by the teachers, even Cleo was working hard, but Jenny suspected that he just wanted to focus on something that wasn’t Quidditch.

Three weeks after Gryffindor’s defeat however, something happened which cheered up Cleo and Will considerably. Slytherin were hammered in a match by Hufflepuff meaning that in April, Gryffindor had an slim, but achievable chance at leapfrogging Ravenclaw in the league and winning the Quidditch cup.

‘If Slytherin beat Ravenclaw,’ Cleo explained to Jenny who was trying to take all the facts in by failing miserably ‘then Gryffindor can beat Hufflepuff and overtake them both and win the cup, do you understand now Jenny?’

‘No, but I’ll live with it, how you doing on that potions essay?’


‘Cleo, that’s not you’re potion essay that’s a picture of a Dragon.’


Jenny sighed and turned back to her own work for a moment to work on it.

It was Saturday evening and Jenny, Cleo and Will were working in the Gryffindor common room on a potions essay that was due that week. Will had written at least six pages more than he had done but Jenny was struggling slightly. It didn’t help that James Potter and his friends were trying out a type of explosvie sweet nearby making, which made a tremendous ‘BANG!’ when it had been chewed for two long.

‘Oh can’t they do that somewhere else.’

‘Try and ask them, they might stop.’

‘I doubt it,’ Jenny muttered, ‘we need a decent Gryffindor prefect, or a Potter one then he wouldn’t dare.’

‘Eh,’ Will sighed ‘It runs in the family,’

After another hour, James and his friends went up to their dormitory, leaving Jenny, Cleo and Will alone in the common room.


A whipping sound filled the air and had Jenny been leaning back in her chair she would have easily fallen off it. Cleo dropped the book he was reading.

Something was in the common room with them. Something small
and with bat like ears.

It was an odd creature, it small thin arms were shaking, and it’s dry grey skin vibrated with each shiver. It landed right in front of the fire and relaxed suddenly dropping his ears to his head to catch the warmth.


‘Master Wilbert! Styk wondered where you were!’

‘What are you doing here?’

‘Styk got into trouble sir, awful mess.’

‘But...’ Will looked from Cleo to Jenny expecting them to answer this odd creature but they were silent.

‘What happened.’

‘Oh Styk wouldn’t want to say sirs, nasty business.’

‘Jenny... try and talk some sense into him.’

‘What do I know about... house elves?’

Will’s voice crackled with empty words, and he looked from Cleo to Jenny with eyes that were wide with bewilderment.

‘You... don’t know what a House Elf is do you?’

Jenny nodded, ‘I do, but I don’t know if Cleo does.’

Cleo shrugged his shoulders, obviously more confused than Jenny was.

Will, nodded ‘Yeah he’s mine, well our family’s, Styk why are you here?’

Styk didn’t reply. He shook his head several times and then shuddered even though he was right next to the fire.

‘Come on Styk, what happened.’

‘Styk made an awful mess sirs, all over the pantry and all over the gardens, Master Douglas had had enough, he... he... he gave Styk clothes!’

Will’s eyes widened as the house elf burst into tears, Jenny and Cleo were both still speechless with the appearence of the House Elf and remained quite quiet.

‘What did you do?’

‘Turkey everywhere sirs, they duplicated sirs, Styk didn’t mean to, but there was potion sirs, all other the kitchen and Styk didn’t have any other choice sirs.’

The house elf looked quite quiet.

‘What are you doing here then... if you were given clothes...’
The House elf wiped it’s tears away from the corner of the large vest it was wearing and said ‘Styk wondered whether he could work in Hogwarts sirs? Styk knew many House Elves went to Hogwarts to work sirs,’

Will blinked twice looking at the house elf then said.

‘Okay... go to the kitchens, then tomorrow morning, go and speak with Professor McGonnagall. She’ll be able to help you out... I think...’

‘Thank you sirs, thank you master Wilbert!’

Styk bowed and with another crack vanished.

There was silence except for the sound of the fire, Jenny and Cleo looked at Will who had his palm to his forehead.

‘Are you going to tell me what was going on? Or are you just going to stay quiet for the rest of your life?’

‘What?’ Will snapped his head back to Jenny and Cleo as if he had just remembered they were in the room as well.

‘What... was all that about?’ Cleo asked.

‘That was our house elf.’

‘Our housse elf?’

‘Well, my family’s house elf.’

Jenny nodded. Though the sudden appearance had shaken her, the house elf itself hadn’t. She had read up on house elves in a essay for History of Magic, an essay Cleo obviously hadn’t bothered to do.

‘What’s a house elf?’ Cleo asked, ‘I didn’t look like any elf I’ve ever seen before.’

Jenny stopped staring and Will and turned to Cleo ‘Any elf you’ve seen, since when have you seen an elf?’

‘I mean.. like in films and things... they’re always a bit more... human.’

‘Styk serves out family, he’s bound to... that’s just what house elf magic does, and now my father’s given him clothes... like... he’s disowned him. He can’t serve our family no more.’

Jenny nodded slowly, remembering her research. Though she would have admitted that seeing a house elf up close would have been an odd experience, now having seen one she was more interested in them than ever before. Cleo, at least seemed to be finally getting the idea of it and nodded several times and then said ‘So he’s come to work in Hogwarts,... as what a teacher?’

‘No... House Elves don’t carrry wands.’

Cleo raised his hand absentmindly as if raising his own wand, he caught himself halfway through and dropped his hand to lap.

Cleo spoke again, ‘What is he ... a... slave?’

This time Jenny decided to let her knowledge be known.
‘No. He serves the house like a slave... but he’s not a slave. Is that... right Will?’

Will chuckled ‘Yeah, but there are some people who think they are slaves. It’s like, if it was in your blood to work for people would you not do it, Cleo?

‘I, dunno. Maybe. I guess.’

‘But you wouldn’t have a choice, it’s hardwired into you, it’s what happens.’

‘But he could run away couldn’t he?’

‘I doubt it..’

Will took a look at hi watch, and yawned. He closed his potions book and with a stiff cough, said ‘Look, I’ll tell you more tomorrow, you’ll get it more then. I keep forgetting you were raised as a muggle.’


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Re: The Serpent Master

Chapter Thirteen
A Visit from Maxwell Vonganotch

They didn’t hear from Styk until two days later as they walked across the lawns from Herbology back up to the castle. Professor Longbottom was striding across the grounds looking rather serious. He spotted Jenny, Will and Cleo and approached them.

‘Douglas. May I have a word.’

‘Yes, sir.’

Professor Longbottom moved away slightly from Jenny and Cleo and spoke to Will. They edged slightly closer to hear.

‘Mr Douglas, your house elf came to visit the headmisstress yesterday. He said that you sent him.’

Will nodded ‘Why... isn’t he going to?’

‘He... said he would but he would still like to serve you. I think he’s having a bit of trouble adjusting to the news of his dissmissal.’

Will lowered his head. ‘Oh.’

The two were silent for a moment, then Will said slowly ‘I guess I could have him help me out now and again. It wouldn’t be too bad.’

‘Excellent.’Professor Longbottom said looking releived. ‘I shall make the arrangements for him to work in the kitchens and he’s yours if you need him Will.’

‘Thanks, sir.’

Professor Longbottom nodded,he stood and started to walk back to the csatle.

Jenny widened her eyes. ‘Wow.... so you have your own house elf now I guess.’

‘Yeah.’ Will said still looking outstanded ‘I still can’t belive my dad gave and clothes... I’ll have to speak with him.’

‘Is that really a good idea?’ asked Cleo harshly.

‘What do you mean?’

‘Well,’ Cleo continued awkwardly and Jenny could tell he was trying to work whether what he was saying was going to offend Will or just simply insult him, ‘I mean, if I get your dad he’s not the most calm person in the world is he? I mean... he fights with your Uncle and dissmisses your house elf, would you want to talk with him really.’

‘Well... I.’

Jenny raised her head and nodded. They had just entered the Entrance Hall and were trying to navigate their way through several groups of chatting students

‘For once, I agree with Cleo. I’d keep quiet if I were you. Thats your best bet I reckon.’

‘I guess...’

They found their way finally, into the Great Hall and managed to sit themselves at the Gryffindor table, next to Macey Weasley and Fred Denton who were talking enthusiastically.

‘Excited?’ Cleo asked as Fred, in midsentence, waved his hands into the air striking Professor Leander as he was passing.

‘Yeah...’ Fred said, after apologising profusly to Leander who had narrowed his eyes distastefully for being struck in the stomach, ‘It’s my Birthday.’

‘Ah!’ Jenny exclaimed, ‘Happy Birthday... oh, I should have got you something.’

Fred chuckled ‘No it’s fine... you don’t have to-‘


For the second time that week, Jenny jumped backwards to see Styk standing on the Gryffindor table. People turned their head to see what had caused such a commotion and laughed as they saw Styk fall backwards into jug of orange juice, spilling it over Tandy Riggs who was sitting in the wrong place.

‘Styk...’ Will moaned ‘What are you doing here?’

‘Styk has come to see master, if master needs help. Professor McGonagall has allowed Styk to work in Hogwarts sirs.’

He scratched his long batty ears then sneezed. Will looked at Jenny and then Cleo.

‘I don’t need any help. Not now Styk.’

‘Does other sirs need help?’ Styk asked.

‘No... thank you Styk.’ Cleo repplied.

Jenny observed the house eld, close to tears on the table, out of the corner of his eye, she could see Professor Kreios rise from his seat at the high table and begin to make his way down to Jenny, Will and Cleo.

‘Will..’ Jenny said, shaking her head towards Professor Kreios.

Will’s eyes widened ‘Yeah.. um... Styk... if I need you... I’ll call for you... how’s that. Go back to the kitchens.’

‘If that’s what master wants,’ Styk said and he bowed and with another ‘Crack!’ vanished, just as Professor Kreios arrived on the scene.

‘What’s going on here then?’ he asked roughly.’

‘Nothing sir,’ Will said trying to look innocent.

Professor Kreios sighed ‘Five points from Gryffindor Douglas. I saw the house elf. Try and control him please.’

With anohter swish of his cloak, Professor Kreios headed back
up to the staff table.

‘Idiot house elf...’ Will moaned, if he did what I said first of all I wouldn’t have lost those points.’

For the next few days at least, they didn’t see head nor tail of Styk, who, they assumed was busy working in the kitchens, but after a week, he reappread asking if there was anything he could do for them. Will sent him away but a few days later he reappared and asked again.

Will, Jenny could tell, was getting frustrated and she assumed Will was regretting letting the house elf back into his service.

‘You should just give him a task to do.’ Jenny said ‘He may calm down then.’

‘Like what? Do my Homework? Carry my books? He’s not a slave. He just needs to realise that Hogwarts is better for him than I am.’

It was two days after Styk had appeared in the middle of a Defence Against the Dark Arts lesson and Will was still feeling rather grim. They were on the way to Potions and Jenny was feeling tired and rather stressed. The Easter Holidays were not far away. But they wouldn’t be the relaxing holiday they had hoped for, their exams were just after easter and if they failed they wouldn’t be able to move on to the second year.

The stress of work and Styk arriving had done one good thing, Jenny had stopped worrying about the Serpent Master and about Erin Vonganotch completley. Erin was still grumpily walking around the castle so they could be sure that he had not turned into the Serpent Master just yet.

The dungeon was particulary damp and cold today, but Jenny hoped the warmth from the cauldrons would warm her up soon.
‘Has everyone got their rat’s tails from last lesson,’ there was a murmur around the classroom.

‘Fan... fantastic, right then today we will be continuing with several of the antidotes we discussed last week. If you were assigned the Prasla Antidote , don’t forget to add the Earwigs at percisely the right time. Off you go.’

The work was particulary dull and the cauldrons did not need warming at this part of preperation so Jenny continued to shiver for the rest of the lesson.

‘Sir?’ Erin’s voice, so quiet in lessons ususally was loud and curious today ‘Do we need to add the rat spleens before or after the tongues?’


‘Thank you sir.’

Jenny was not very sure of her own concotion. It was far to grey at this stage, she was sure it wouldn’t mature into a thick silvery substance by their next lesson.


Expecting Cleo to have done something wrong, Jenny turned to him on her left but was shocked to see that Cleo was not in trouble. It was Erinn Vonganotch. He had spilled most of his potion down his left side of his face which bubbling and cracking. Professor Kreios gave a shudder and started rumaging through a cabinet at the back of the class.

‘Don’t worry Mr Vonganotch, stay calm and I will get the antidote, out of the way Weasley.

Pushing Macey aside, Professor Kreios hurried over to Erin and gave him several drops of a bright blue potion. Erin’s skin stopped bubbling but it still looked horrifically vibrant.

‘Mr Benson, could you take Erin up to the hospital wing right away... I... you... class dismissed.’ And Professor Kreios was out of the classroom before Erin was.

‘At least someone got what he deserved...’ muttered Cleo.

‘Yeah, he’ll be fine.’ Will replied and they packed up their potion and headed up to Gryffindor tower.

‘You’d think Erin would be a bit more careful, if he’s planning something huge.’

‘Maybe... maybe he’s just overexcited... I don’t know, I... I don’t know what he’s up to.’

Erin was not in dinner that evening, but they heard Lyra Malfoy and Mandy Parkinson talking about his injuries over at the Slytherin table. Neither seemed to have a decent idea of what really had happened to him.

‘Maybe that’s just it then.’ Jenny said stirring her soop lazily with her spoon, ‘Maybe Erin doesn’t summon the Serpent Master and everything goes on as normal.’

Will and Cleo gave her a grave look. Will shrugged and Cleo bit his lip.


Cleo hesitated, then after a glance at his sister quickly added ‘I mean... he might... but this is Erin we don’t know how comitted he is.’

‘Yeah,’ Jenny said ‘But-‘

‘We don’t know enough about him either way. There’s a likelihood he may continue but he may also not bother. I don’t know him well enough, you and Will don’t know him well enough. Together we barely know him at all.’

Jenny sighed. She knew Cleo was right and there was no point arguing with him. Besides, slip ups in Potions happened all the time, only last week Laura Kingsley, a Hufflepuff girl in their year, had spent a week in the hospital wing after growing sprouts all over her head. It was probably nothing.
As they set about their work for that evening, the thought of Erin eventually left Jenny’s mind, this was until around quarter past seven, when Macey arrived in the common room looking rather grim.

‘What’s up?’ Will asked as she slumped into a chair next to the fire.

‘Professor Kreios. He just took twenty points from me for going to see my own mother...’


‘She’s a governer... so I thought I’d pop over to Professor McGonagall’s office to see her, but I heard Professor Kreios talking to someone on the way back up.’


She shrugged. ‘I don’t know. I think it must have been a friend of his. He was saying that they chose the wrong one. Oh... and I think the other person was Erin’s father, he was saying how he almost killed his son today.’

‘Erin’s father?’ Cleo asked ‘What’s his name?’

‘I don’t know... I think Professor Kreios was calling him Max.

‘So thats all they said?’

Macey shook her head ‘I wouldn’t have thought so. But I don’t know... he spotted me and took away as many points as he could muster before I managed to escape.

Macey sighed deeply then went up to the grils dormitory to get some work. Jenny looked awkwardly from Cleo to Will. ‘Who’s Max?’ she asked.

‘I don’t... know.’ Will said, ‘I think I may have heard the name before but... of course!’


‘Draco Mafloy said that Professor Kreios was a good friend of someone callled Maxwell... you reckon it’s the same one?’

‘How many people called Max do you reckon he knows.’
The group was silent for a moment. Jenny was ready to go and confront Professor Kreios and Erin, but Cleo and Will were less than motivated.

‘Come on,’ Jenny said ‘We got to do something... we know what it all means, Professor Kreios and Erin’s father are going to create the Serpent Master. Come on we have proof!’

‘No... no we don’t’ Will said slowly. ‘All we have are a few bites of conversation from different people... thats not evidence.’


‘Besides... Macey said that they had the wrong person. What if they have?’

‘So what? We wait until they’ve decided to do it? Until they’ve unleashed god knows what out onto the world?’

‘Yes. Without any evidence we can’t proove it... I’m sorry Jenny... but we have to wait.’

Jenny tried to speak but she her throat was dry and her frustration wasn’t budging. She knew the boys were right but that didnt mean she couldn’t be angry at the whole situation. If Keios and Erins father thought they had the wrong person would they find someone else? Would they use Erin anyway?

‘Let it go for now Jenny, just let it go.’

Jenny groaned and nodded reluctantly. She would give in and forget about it, but not until she was absolutely sure.


Mai fan fics... let me show you them. (click the spoiler tag!)

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Re: The Serpent Master

Chapter Fourteen
The Ritual

The Easter break finally arrived and for Jenny Will and Cleo, what they assumed to be two weeks of relaxing were actually two full weeks of hard work. The exams were approaching and many students were starting to worry about whether they knew a certain fact or not. Whether a spell had been performed correctly or remembering the ingredients for certain potions. There were heightened tensions in the Gryffindor common room as James Potter and his friends spent most of the day in the library and then the evenings in the common room, revising hard for their OWLs. Jenny thought this was particulary ironic, for what she knew of James Potter revising for exams didn’t seem like something he would usually do.

Nevertheless, the first years had their own equal share of work to do and everyday was a mental struggle for Jenny. Though she hadn’t forgotten what Macey had said about Professor Kreios, she had been forced to put it aside while revising for her exams. Cleo for one mentioned how nice it was to have a sister who wasn’t obsessing over what Professor Kreios and Erin were or was not doing.

After Easter, they had two weeks more revision, until their exams began on the sixteenth of May. Jenny was pleased to get back to the routine of lessons as the time she had spent in the common room over Easter was far too much when she could have been enjoying the warm sunshine that had spread over Hogwarts in the past few weeks.

Eventually, May the sixteenth arrived and with it, exams. Their first exam was in History of Magic where they were forced to remember dates of Goblin rebellions, wizarding inventions and other menial dates and figures. After History of Magic came Transfiguration and here Jenny was at least pleased that she had managed to transform her rabbit completely while she noticed that Cleo and Will hadn’t.

‘You don’t have to go on and on about it do you?’ Cleo said as they were stuck, yet again, in the library before their charms exam the next day ‘You did well, stop rubbing it in our faces.’

‘I wasn’t!’ Jenny exclaimed but Cleo just moaned and looked away. She wasn’t sure why, but Cleo wasn’t in the best of moods recently, the onslaught of exams had hardly helped but she wondered if there had been any other reason why.

‘Well... I’m going to go for a walk...’ Jenny said and she began to clear away the books on her table. ‘Anyone coming?’
Both Will and Cleo shook their head and so deciding to go off on her own rather than stay, Jenny headed out to the grounds, where she would be able to get some much needed fresh air.

The grounds were remarkably quiet; most of the students were to be found revising inside. But here and there she saw the odd person enjoying a bit of sunshine in between exams. Jenny headed down to the black lake where she would sit and relax for a few hours and clear her head before her next exam.

At least, that’s what she thought she would do. She had barely laid down staring out to the lake, when she heard a large

‘CRACK!’ and turned to see Styk hurrying towards.

‘Sirs!’ he said looking around ‘Where is Master Douglas?’

‘I... I assume he’s in the library, why, what’s wrong?’

‘I need to tell master something, sirs, it’s of vital importance!’

The elf was bouncing up and down and looking extremely anxious.

‘Can’t you tell me?’

‘I could sirs, I could tell you, but it’s for Master Douglas really sirs.’

‘But... I’m his friend... you can trust me Styk, I promise. What’s wrong?’

Styk seemed to be thinking hard, shaking his head and trembling. Then, after a brief pause he launched into speech.

‘Master Douglas asked Styk to keep an eye of Mr Voganotch and Mr Kreios. He said that they may be planning something sirs. Styk overheard them, saying they’re going to do it tonight. Mr Vonganotch, is preparing now sirs.’

Jenny’s eyes widened. Erin was about to become the Serpent Master.

‘Do you know where they are going to do it?’ Jenny asked her voice beginning to tremble with each passing second.

‘Yes sirs! The potions classroom sirs! Tonight!’

‘I have to... go get Cleo and Will, tell them to meet me in the Great Hall.. Someone needs to tell Professor McGonagall.

‘I can do that as well, sirs. Styk can tell both of them sirs.’

‘Okay... I’ll head up to Gryffindor tower then back to the Great Hall... hurry up.’

‘Yes sirs!’ Styk said and with another crack he disappeared.

They must have found out something, they must have known that Erin is the Serpent master... otherwise why would they have chosen him. Jenny ran all the way up to an empty Gryffindor tower, dropped her bag off and hurried back down to the Great Hall expecting to see Will and Cleo ready. But they weren’t there. Where were they?

She waited over half an hour, but it was time she didn’t have. She couldn’t wait any longer.

‘Styk!’ she called out, standing in the empty entrance hall,

The House elf appeared looking more worried than before.

‘Where are they Styk?’

‘Sorry sirs, but... Styk cannot find Master Douglas. And Styk can’t see Professor McGonagall sirs, they are hidden away..’

‘Well...,’ Jenny breathed in ‘Well, keep looking, I’m going to go down to the potions classroom and, see what I can do. If you find them, tell them where I am.’

Styk nodded and disappeared again. With a gulp, Jenny made her way across the Entrance Hall and down into the dungeons, her heart pounding, not knowing what she would find down in the potions classroom.

There was a dim light shining from underneath the door and a murmur of voices from within when she arrived. Jenny couldn’t hear what they were saying, but she knelt down so she could hear through the crack at the bottom of the door.

‘Hubert... are you ready then?’ a gruff voice was saying.

‘I... I guess so then. Though I must admit to being a little bit weary of the whole situation.’

‘Do not be weary. This is natural. You will be helping in a great thing today Hubert. Erin are you ready.’

Erin must have nodded, for no sound came out from beyond the door.

‘Then we must begin.’

Footsteps, a man cough, and then the man with the gruff voice spoke again.

‘Erin Vonganotch. You have been chosen to take on the Mantle of the Serpent Master. Are you willing to take on this honour.’

She had to stop them she had to do something. She didn’t act.
The door was pulled open and staring down at her, was a man wearing purple robes, and a face covered by a dark hood.

‘I thought I heard someone outside.’ The man with the gruff voice said. Looks like we have a visitor to our little show.’

And grabbing Jenny by her ponytail, the man dragged her into the room and threw her onto the floor.

The coldness of the hard stone floor was nothing to the fear that had gripped Jenny by the throat. She tried to move but couldn’t though she knew that no spell had been placed on her.

‘Tie her up.’ Kreios said, his voice sounded worried and anxious. Jenny was pushed to the wall and the man with the gruff voice stood over her.

‘Incarcerous!’ he shouted sprouting ropes from his wand which entwined around Jenny tightly. Making her unable to move.

Now she had a better view of the proceedings, Jenny could see that the desks had been pushed to the sides and a group of six people, all wearing purple robes were standing in a circle.

‘I always knew you would be following me around. I never tried to stop you finding out, but I assumed you would eventually. But if I am honest, you were a bit late in the game weren’t you?’ Erin’s voice was cold and vicious. His eyes were alight with anger and delight. He approached her.

‘If you’re wondering where your idiot brother is, don’t worry. He’s here to enjoy the show as well as you. But... I wouldn’t get too optimistic. He’s my dinner...’

The circle moved aside and had Jenny been able to speak, she would have gasped. Cleo and Will were hanging upside down from the ceiling, both tied up like she was but alive.

‘I wouldn’t get too hopeful about your situation either. You’re going to be my dessert.’

And raising his leg, he kicked Jenny in the shins.

‘Very well Erin, if you are ready shall we continue.’

‘Maxwell.. Please... these are my stu-‘

‘You’re not going soft again are you Hubert?’

Professor Kreios shook his head swiftly. Maxwell smiled.

‘Good, then we shall continue. Into the centre if you please Erin.’

The circle was remade and Erin pushed his way back into the centre.

‘Erin Vonganotch. You have been chosen to take on the Mantle of the Serpent Master. Are you willing to take on this honour?’

‘I am.’

‘And will you take on this honour and uphold the values of the serpent?’

‘I will.’

‘Then let us begin.’

Each person in the circle knelt down, apart from Maxwell who stood over the group. He placed a hand on Erin’s head.

‘Cassara, Karee, Saleena.’

The group chanted back.

‘Cassara, Karee, Saleena.’

‘Irca san dalan’ Maxwell said and again the circle chanted back.

‘Irca san dalan’

Maxwell withdrew his wand and placed it over Erin’s head.

‘Take the form of the serpent. Be the master. Dracus, Ae, Caro.’

‘Dracus, Ae, Caro.’ They chanted.

‘Katha dalan!’

‘Katha dalan! Katha Dalan! Katha Dalan!’

With a large sweep of his wand Maxwell shouted ‘Paran!’

Jenny clenched her eyes shut, not knowing what would happen next. Her fear had forced her to watch, but now she didn’t want to know. She didn’t want to see.

There was silence. Then a muttering of voices from the circle.

‘Father?’ Erin said weakly. ‘Father, please! What has happened?’

Jenny opened her eyes. Erin was still stood in the centre. Worried eyes looking up at his father, the group around them were now silent.

‘Father, I-‘

‘ENOUGH! You have failed me son. You were not as it was prophesised.’

Erin trembled, then fell to the floor in tears.

‘My lord what has happened?’ one of the robed men asked.

‘We have... chosen wrongly... I always wondered...’

‘But,’ Professor Kreios’ voice rang out ‘but then who would it be? Why would it say it was Erin?’

‘The latter... I cannot answer. But the former, is staring me straight in the face.’

The group was silent for a moment, then Maxwell spoke again.

‘The Serpent, is sly, cunning and secret. They know things others try to hide, who else can it be but one of our visitors today.’

Maxwell stared at Jenny. To say she was frozen with fear would have been an understatement. Her mind was stuck, her body was frozen. He couldn’t...

The robed men seem to protest instantly.

‘But my lord she is female. And there was never to be a female again.’

‘Exactly. Which makes our friend here rather special. She will be our weapon of war. She will do as we command and lead us into glorious victory. Bring her here.’

The rough hands of Kreios brought Jenny into the middle of the circle.
‘Girl. Today is an important day in your life. Today is the day you will cast off the shackles of your human life to become something different and special, something unique. Today is the day, you become, The Serpent Master.’


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Re: The Serpent Master

Chapter Fifteen
The Enchantress

Maxwell looked down at Jenny, he seemed excited, eager. A hand grasped the back of Jenny’s neck, forcing her to look at Maxwell.

‘Let’s let her speak shall we.’

Maxwell pulled the ropes down from her mouth, allowing Jenny to speak, but she was still frozen with fear and the only sound that managed to escape her was a quiet crackle. Maxwell laughed.

‘Let’s get this started then shall we,’ he said and he withdrew his wand yet again.

‘Girl. You have been chosen to take on the Mantle of the Serpent Master. Are you willing to take on this honour?’
Jenny didn’t say anything. The robed men jeered at her.

‘Answer me, imperio!’

Something felt weird. Something felt wonderful. Marvellous, brilliant flowing through her. Say yes...

‘Yes.’ Jenny said and the crowd laughed.

‘And will you take on this honour and uphold the values of the serpent?’

‘I will.’

‘Then let us begin.’

Jenny didn’t know why she had said yes, but for some reason she had. Now, as the group chanted and chanted over and over she began to loose the wondrous feel and started to struggle. But Professor Kreios’ grip was too tight and she could not break away. She wanted to slither away. She wanted to strike.

‘Paran!’ Maxwell shouted and Jenny lurched onto the floor. Something was inside her; something was forcing its way out.
And then pain. Pain so dreadful she wanted it to end and for her to just die there.

Kill me here... leave me here... LET ME DIE!

And she was changing. He legs joined together, becoming a long tail, her arms which had been trying to escape the bond vanished and her head shrunk and elongated.

Someone was speaking. Jenny couldn’t hear it. She could hear nothing.

Then her senses became better. Much better. She could see so much more. She felt the vibrations in the ground as speech and slithered from her bond.

‘It is done. The Serpent Master has.... become the enchantress once again.’

Jenny looked up at Maxwell. He looked ready. Jenny wanted nothing but to serve him. He was his loyal subject. She was his soldier, but also his master.

‘I would imagine she is hungry. Erin. Do not shy over her. Release our guests.’

Erin hurried over to Cleo and will and untied them from the ceiling, the fell to the floor with a crash which sent shivers down along the ground to Jenny.

‘Tuck in, madam,’ Maxwell said and the group bowed. Jenny slithered over to Cleo and Will who looked terrified, Cleo especially. His eyes met Jenny’s narrow ones, he would make a good supper...

And she saw a tear roll down his cheek.

‘Please... Jenny... no...’

Or would he?

The human part of Jenny was taking over again, she couldn’t dare too attack her brother... why would she... she wasn’t a monster.

She screamed as a wave of pain shot over her, making her tail thrash in anger and disgust. Making her head contort and spin. As she became her self yet again, as she left her snake form.
Someone was at the door. Jenny was sure that Maxwell would have dealt with Jenny first but he was stood at the door, with at the side. He quickly withdrew his wand and, holding back the door with his hand. He took a glance at Jenny and she saw that he was furious, enraged and even a bit upset.

‘You have ruined hundreds of years of work... thousands...’

He looked like he was going to cry but before he could make a sound; the door burst off its hinge and fell to the floor.

Draco Malfoy was stood in the doorway holding his wand tightly in his right hand and a look of anger over his face.

‘All of you!’ He shouted ‘in the corner.... now!’

Something about Draco must have spooked Maxwell and the others for they all hurried over into the corner, allowing him entrance into the classroom. He spotted Jenny, Will and Cleo and knelt down next to them, while still keeping his eyes on the group to the left.

‘Are you alright... Jenny isn’t it?’

‘Yes...,’ Jenny said but she had no idea why. She felt as if she would never be human again.

Draco stood again continuing to point his wand at the group.

‘Drop your wands!’ He cried ‘Now!’

There was a clatter as the majority of the group dropped their wands, including Kreios. Maxwell however, continued to grasp his firmly.

‘You’ve gone a bit soft, Malfoy. What happened to the Death Eater we all used to know?’

‘Those days are behind me,’ Draco, ‘I’m a changed man,’
Maxwell snickered. ‘Helping mudbloods and muggles... what would your dear father say?’

‘He’d say I was helping them!’

Maxwell grinned. Jenny, who had been untying Cleo and Will, looked up to see Maxwell looking directly at her with a mad gleam in his eye.

‘This girl has become the enchantress, the Serpent Master... you knew we were going to do it, didn’t you? But... poor girl, she could not control the beast. Would you like to slay her-‘

‘ENOUGH!’ bellowed Draco and even Maxwell looked shocked. Then he simply laughed, still gripping onto his wand and said ‘So be it, you have chosen your way, and I mine. Extorteria!’

A jet of silver shot of Maxwell’s wand but Draco was too quick and dodged out of the way. ‘Stupefy!’

Either the others didn’t want to duel, or they were too frightened, either way none of them lifted a wand to help Maxwell. All of them had shrunk into the corner. Kreios however, was the exception; his eyes darted madly between the duel in front of them and the door.

‘Impedimenta!’ Draco shouted and Jenny saw Maxwell freeze in his place. Draco raised a final hand and stunned Maxwell, who fell to the ground unconscious.’

‘Accio wands!’

The wands of each of the men flew up towards Draco who caught them in his left hand. All except Kreios’.

It happened suddenly. Draco lent against the wall panting, just as Kreios saw his moment and ran.

‘No!’ Jenny shouted. Draco was slightly late on the action and hadn’t initially realised that Kreios had fled. As soon as he noticed however Draco was running after him.

‘No! Mr Malfoy!’ Jenny took a quick glance at Cleo and Will who nodded to Jenny to go after them.

With haste, Jenny hurried after Draco Malfoy and Professor Kreios. By the time she had reached the Entrance Hall however, she noticed that they must have been halfway through the grounds by now. She carried on.

The moon was her only source of light though she could hear struggling duelling sounds from near the gamekeepers hut. With all the strength that was left in her, Jenny sprinted towards the sound of the duelling.

She found Kreios lying in mud outside Hagrid’s hut, with Draco standing over him, both their wands in his hand.

‘I could finish you now...’ Draco was muttering ‘I could end this all.’

‘You could...’ said a spluttering Kreios, ‘but I know you too well Draco... you never have... you never will...’

Draco was trembling with each word out of Kreios’ mouth; he gripped his wand tightly, keeping his focus on the Potions master.

‘I am waiting for the end Draco. Can you bring it to me? Do you have the stomach for it?’
Draco was shaking yet again. Jenny raised her hands and pulled his arm down to his side.

‘Don’t... don’t fall to his calls...’

Draco looked at Jenny, his wand now slacking at his side; he looked at her, and then sighed. In this time, Kreios had stood, and fled and they watched his body slink into the forbidden forest and out of sight.


Mai fan fics... let me show you them. (click the spoiler tag!)

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Re: The Serpent Master

Chapter Sixteen
The Reckoning

Draco continued to stare off into the distance though Jenny did pull at his arm several times. Eventually though Draco moved away from the forest edge and began a walk back up to the castle.

Was that it for them? Was this whole ordeal over? No, Jenny thought and she looked to her hands in fear of what she had become what she had almost done to her brother and her best friend.

I’m not human any more...

But she felt, she could reason, she acted as human. So surely she was? She must be!

Before she realised it, she was back in the Entrance Hall. Draco seemed to be leading her back down into the potions classroom and while that was the last place she wanted to go right now, but then she remembered that Cleo and Will, and those which had caused her to become what she was, were still in their.

Upon opening the door, they found Cleo and Will with their wands out pointing at the other men. Erin was still shaking in the corner but otherwise everything seemed fine.

‘Jenny!’ Cleo said and he dropped his arm to the side and ran over to hug his sister. ‘Are you alright?’ he asked.

‘Yeah,’ Jenny nodded ‘I think so...’

‘What do we do with this lot now?’ Cleo asked Draco.

‘We tie them up,’ Draco said, ‘and alert the ministry. Incarcerous!’

A rope appeared out of the end of Draco’s wand and entwined itself around the group of men who had served Maxwell, he who was still lying unconscious on the ground.

‘Are any of you hurt?’ Draco asked.

‘I have a bit of a head pain from falling on the floor...’ Will said slowly, sounding unsure if that was a real complaint or not.

‘Well, we’ll go anyway, just to be safe. Someone try and rouse him over there.’ Draco said pointing to Erin and Will took over five minutes to rouse Erin who stood and followed them out of the classroom though a considerable distance behind as if he didn’t know where he belonged now.

The walk up through the castle was quick and silent. Before Jenny realised it they were at the Hospital wing. Jenny knocked on the door three times.

A young red headed woman, who Jenny recognised as the nurse, Madam McRae answered the door.

‘Mr Malfoy?’ she said aghast, ‘Wha-‘

‘These children have been through a lot this evening. Please give them a full look-over; I need to speak to the headmistress straight away.’

The serious tone in which Draco spoke told Madam McRae that he wasn’t lying. She ushered the group into the hospital wing and as soon as he saw an empty bed Erin climbed on it, turning his back against everyone else.


‘Give them a full look-over please.’ Draco repeated ‘Thank you Leonie.’

Madam McRae nodded slowly and hurried over to Will, who had a long scrape across his arm. Draco raised his head, and then ducked out of the hospital wing, to fetch Professor McGonagall.

She arrived a few moments later, as Jenny was being treated for a nasty scrape on her knee. Draco stood in the doorway, looking unsure whether he should come in or not. But Professor McGonagall seemed to know what to do. She turned to Draco and said, ‘Mr Malfoy, the aurors will be here at any moment, if you would be so kind as to go and meet them. No doubt they will want to speak to you about what happened.’

Draco nodded and hurried off. Professor McGonagall closed the door behind her and walked into the centre of the Hospital wing.

‘So... would any of you like to tell me what happened this evening?’

Jenny, Will and Cleo all looked at each other, then Jenny spoke. ‘It’s rather a long story.’

‘Speak all you want,’ Professor McGonagall, ‘I’m not going until I hear the entire story.’

So they spoke. They told of how Jenny had suspected Erin of being involved with something so early on, then how they had overheard Draco Mafloy talking with the headmistress about Professor Kreios, how they had discovered the story of the Serpent Master and when they finally knew what was going to happen.

‘But,’ Jenny said ‘I don’t know how they, I mean... Cleo and Will, ended up in that room when I arrived.’

‘It was Kreios; he said he wanted to speak to us about our Potions final... I should have been more careful...’ Cleo bowed his head.

‘It’s not a problem anymore Mr Abel... please continue.’
But at this point, she wasn’t sure she wanted to. Will instead, picked up the story and told all that had happened in the classroom.

‘-and then Draco ran after him. I thought he was going to kill him.’

‘I... he tried to... he looked like he was going to but he didn’t.’

‘I see. Well Professor Kreios is no longer a problem for us. I would like too turn my attention to you now Miss Abel.’


‘Magic... strange magic, has taken place today. I want to know how you feel about what has happened to you.’

‘I... don’t know... I feel, strange, odd...’

Jenny couldn’t help it she started to cry. She was a monster now. A freak. Unholy... unnatural.

Someone placed a gentle hand on her back and Jenny was shocked to find that it was Professor McGonagall, who was again speaking.

‘I knew someone like you once, who had something placed upon them against their will. He... like a brave Gryffindor, stood up to it. I am sure you will do the same. No matter what has happened to you, you will overcome you. As for what has happened I cannot say. Magic is a strange and wondrous thing. We experience things others could barely dream of. If you consent, I would like to learn more about this ability of yours, in due time of course. And if, over the summer, you feel you need to speak to anyone at all, my door is always open.’

Jenny sniffed, nodding her head. ‘I suggest you three get some rest. I don’t want you to be leaving the hospital wing for anything for a while, not even exams.’ She winked.

‘Pro... professor.’ Jenny muttered, ‘What will happen to Erin?’

‘Poor Erin... he is unlucky to have been raised as he had. I will speak to him alone at some point, when he is ready, and with luck, we will have him back in school next year.’

Officially, Professor Kreios resigned due to stress, only Jenny, Will and Cleo knew the truth, but they were still stuck in the Hospital wing, and so could not have that fact warmly in their chests. Erin was escorted out of the hospital wing, two days later in the dead of night and when Jenny, Cleo and Will finally returned to the madness of the school ten days later, he still hadn’t returned.

‘Family issues, is what I heard.’ Will said as they spent one last free day in the grounds enjoying the weather with the other students. ‘Well, you got that one right..., where do you think they are now,’

‘Apparently they were sentenced to life in Azkaban, but no one reported it, it’s not even in the Daily Prophet.’ Cleo replied.

There was something else bugging Jenny, something she hadn’t bothered to ask Professor McGonagall.

‘Where do you think Kreios is now?’

‘Well,’ Will said slowly ‘He went into the Forbidden forest. He may not have made it out of there alive.’

‘They’ll find him though, won’t they?’ Cleo asked as he threw a large stone into the lake and watched in crash into its depths.

‘Their looking for him. But they don’t want to announce that he’s gone... bad, otherwise parents would worry what Hogwarts is exposing to their children.’

Jenny nodded. She felt more at rest now than she had done for a long time. Even though there was something still wrong with her. But it hadn’t caused any problems since, and she personally hoped it wouldn’t for a long time.

In all that had happened, Cleo and Will were dumbstruck to hear that they had missed the last Quidditch match of the season, and doubly annoyed when they found out that Gryffindor had lost the Quidditch cup to Ravenclaw, after being trounced in their last match against Hufflepuff.

‘Well,’ Jenny said ‘You’ll have to improve it when you join the team next year.’

Cleo gave Jenny a startling look then laughed. She at least knew what she could buy Cleo for their Birthday in late June.
And soon, their trunks were packed. Exam results were handed out, but not to Jenny, Will and Cleo who told anyone who asked that they got sick half way through the exams. Gryffindor narrowly came second to Ravenclaw in the house cup and although it was a disappointing loss, they still had a fun night of eating laughing and joking with their friends before they caught the Hogwarts Express back to London, the day after.

When they arrived back at Kings Cross Jenny was glad to see that her parents were their waiting and Jenny had barely stepped back onto the platform, when her mother hurried towards her and enveloped her in a deep hug.

‘Oh my brave girl.’ She said crying, ‘You poor thing...’

‘Oh.’ Cleo said sarcastically ‘Hey mum.’

Realising Cleo was there as well, Clare gave her son a large hug as well and then stood, a tear in her eye.

‘Me... And your father are going to take your stuff to the car. You better say goodbye to your friend.

Will looked at Claire as she walked away and laughed. Cleo punched him.


‘Is that him then,’ Jenny asked looking over at a scruffy man with an unshaven beard and messy brown-grey hair.

‘Yep,’ Will nodded ‘That’s my dad.’

‘You... going to be alright?’ Jenny asked sounding more concerned than she had done for a while.

Will chuckled, ‘Yeah, he’s my dad. I’ll see you guys later yeah?’

‘Yeah,’ Jenny and Cleo said ‘bye.’

Will nodded and hurried over to his father.

‘Hey son, didn’t get into any trouble this year did you?’

‘A bit,’ Will replied.

‘That’s my boy!’ and he ruffled his hair.

Professor McGonagall had told Jenny to be brave. And if Will could, couldn’t she?

‘I’m a Gryffindor and Gryffindor’s are brave’ she thought.
She was, she was brave, Gryffindor’s were brave, and as far as she was concerned, she was as Gryffindor as a Gryffindor could be.
The End

The Story will continue in

The Golden Wand


Mai fan fics... let me show you them. (click the spoiler tag!)

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until JK puts me in Hufflepuff...
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