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Time for a Normal Life, Love, and Peace of Mind

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Time for a Normal Life, Love, and Peace of Mind

This is a continuation of what happened at the end of the book. I'm sorry if I am slow updating it because of my ancient computer but i will try as hard as i can. I also stink at spelling so please excuse the misspellings. I hope you like it. it is my first fanfic.

Chapter One: The End of the Pain

Harry laid down on the familiar four poster bed. It had been a long day. Harry was very tired. He wanted to talk to Ginny, but he didnt want to fall asleep doing it so he decided to take a nap first. He turned over to stare out the window. In the setting sun, he saw the forbidden forest where somewhere out there, Voldemort laid.

He tried not to think about it, as he slipped into sleep. As he had hoped, he slipped into an undisturbed sleep.

Meanwhile, Hermione and Ron walked into the Great Hall. The attitude in there was bittersweet. Everyone wanted to be happy because of the downfall of Voldemort, but they couldn't because of the loss of loved ones.

Ron and Hermione made there way over to the group crouded around Fred, Lupin, and Tonks. Hermione made to turn away and leave the family alone, but ron grabbed her arm and pulled her into a tight hug, whispering "I need you now more then ever." Hermione nodded at him and continued to kneel next to Fred with him.

Fred's hand was still clamped around his wand, as though ready to jump up and start shooting of curses again. His eyes were open, a fierce look staining his sad slump. Ron reached out and pulled his eyelids closed. "He looks more peeceful this way" he said though nobody complained.

Ginny glanced over at him. "Where's Harry?" she asked her face telling what she didn't say. She wanted to be with someone who made her happy, instead of around all the sorrow. She couldn't take it much longer, it made her want to sob.

"In the boy's dormatory" Hermione answered looking at her. Ginny smiled and stood up to leave.

"I'm going to see him" she replied, then turned and walked out of the Great Hall.

Upstairs, Harry continued to sleep, but he awoke when he felt his matress sink slightly. Sitting there beside him was Ginny, looking down at him. He sat up and took her hand, ready to talk now. "Ginny, I couldn't date you earlier because of the risk. If you still want to..." but the rest of his words were covered up. Ginny had leaned in and kissed him. This kiss though felt to Harry as though they had been dating for a very long time.

He took his hand from hers and wrapped his arms around her waist while she wrapped hers around his neck. When they finally pulled apart, Harry looked into her eyes. "I never stopped thinking about you." he said. Ginny raised her eyebrows. "You were the person i though of when I walked into the forest. I wanted to give you a better life and that is what helped me be able to do it."

Ginny smiled at him. "I never stopped thinking about you either. I was always hoping you were alright and that you would come back to me." They sat there in silence for a while just looking into each other's eyes.

They knew the unspoken. They couldn't explain why, but they knew. They were ment to be together, it wasn't supposed to be any other way.

EDIT: I just realized I misspelled Peace in Peace of Mind so if you know how to edit that send me an owl. Sorry!

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Re: Time for a Normal Life, Love, and Piece of Mind

Feedback: http://www.cosforums.com/showthread....67#post4695167

Thanks for feedback!

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Re: Time for a Normal Life, Love, and Peace of Mind

Ok, this is a continuation of Chapter One. Like i said, it is going to be in bits, which i hate so i know a lot of people wont like it but i can't help it unless i spend hours at the library for a fast computer. I will try and get it up as fast as i can.

Chapter One Cont.

Harry swung his legs over the side of the bed and sat up. His shoulders ached and his legs felt as though they were Jello, but other then that he was alright.

Ginny placed her arm around his shoulders and squeezed. "Do you want to keep sleeping?" she asked him. "I can leave if you want." she looked thouroughly dissapointed at the thought.

"No, I want to spend my time with you" he smiled at her. "You're my main focus. No more Voldemort, worries, or school from now on."

Ginny laughed. "I'm not sure about the worries part, after all there are still death eaters out there whom I am sure will want to get at you." She got up and pulled him up. "Lets go meet up with Hermione and Ron!"

"Alright, whatever." he said getting to his feet. His body was aching with ever step that he took, but he continued, being pulled along by Ginny, who knew he wanted to lay down but did the best for him by getting him active again. As they reached the third floor, people started looking up and recognizing Harry, instead of just staring at the floor.

Seamus clapped him on the back. "Great job Harry" he said continuing upward.

Neville also saw the two of them hugging Ginny, and shaking Harry's hand. "Its over" he said sighing with relief and continuing on to the common room to sit in front of the fire.

Ginny pulled Harry on even though he tried to sit down and stop his day. They walked into the great hall and though most people had deserted the sadness, there were still a select few still there, including Hermione and Ron.

"Harry!" Hermione said and launched herself into his arms. Ron stood by watching. Harry flinched and Hermione released him. "Oh, I'm sorry." she said. Ginny took back his hand and motioned to Ron and Hermione to follow.

Once outside Harry, Ginny, Ron, and Hermione, went back to the old beach tree that they had once spent so many hours underneath, either studying or doing leisure activities.

Harry sat down, spreading his legs enough so that ginny could sit between them and lean against her chest. Ron sat with Hermione's head on his shoulder.

"It has been a very long journey" Harry said with a sigh. "I am really glad that it is over"

"Me too mate, me too" Ron replied. "I was getting tired of not knowing where we would be the next week. It was too stressful."

"Yea, now we can have a normal life." Hermione added.

"I don't think there is such thing as a normal life when you are friends with Harry." Ron replied. Hermione and Ginny grinned and nodded. Harry just scoffed.

It was unreal to him that he was done with his life long journey. For once he was going to be able to enjoy life, without having to think about Voldemort. A giant burden seemed to have been lifted from his chest. It was unreal that for once in his life, it was all up to him. Not to a prophecy, not to Voldemort, not to Death Eaters, just to him. The thought excited him, he could do whatever he wanted without having to look over his shoulder. He could travel the world (although he had already practically done all of Europe) and he could enjoy having a possible family.

Harry looked at Ginny and smiled. He no longer had to look at her and see her marrying a faceless stranger. For all he knew, it could be him who ended up marrying her, forever being part of the Weasley family.

Hermione looked at him and his face said it all to her. He was completely happy for once in his life, surrounded by his friends and no thought of Voldemort.

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Re: Time for a Normal Life, Love, and Piece of Mind

Chapter Two: The Return Home

The next day, after a long rest, Harry, Ginny, Hermione, and Ron, all crowded into a compartment in the train along with Mr and Mrs Weasley and Bill and George. Because there was only supposed to be 6 people per room, Ginny and Harry along with Ron and Hermione being the smallest were squeezed together. Finally, Ginny got fed up, got up and sat on the floor leaning against Harry's legs.

"So, Harry you and Hermione must come back to the Burrow with us. I can't imagine you guys not being around with us." Mrs. Weasley said to him, perposly ignoring Ginny leaning on his legs.

"Thanks Mrs. Weasley" Harry repllied "But I think Hermione, Ron, Ginny and I are going back to Grimmauld place. You can come visit if you like."

"Ginny's coming?" Mr. Weasley said, looking strictly at him.

"Well, Harry invited me and I like it there!" she shot right back.

"Its a lost cause Molly." Mr. Weasley said as she opened her mouth again. For once she accepted defeat, and went back to her knitting.

"Exploding snap anyone?" George said as he stood up. He had pulled himself together very well considering what had happened. Ginny imediatly jumped up to play along with Ron, Bill and Harry. Hermione pulled out her book, not really excited by the game and Mr. Weasley watched. It was the most fun they had had since before the battle.

When they had gotten to the station, they had already played 5 games. Mr. and Mrs. Wealey hugged them all, Bill shaking their hands. "See you soon" he said leaving with his parents, preparing to apparate home to the waiting Fleur. George had decided to come with Harry to Grimauld place. Like Harry, that was where it all really began.

The five left the station, reaching a secluded area to apparate. Ginny, not able to apparate yet, side apparated along with Harry, when they got there though theyweren't expecting an ambush. Suddenly, a hand was ripping him and Ginny apart. His mouth was covered with a hand and his wand was grabbed away from him. The offenders though, didn't know that George, Ginny, and Hermione were coming. As Harry heard the cracks, there were also shouts of surprise and spells from wands. Harry heard Ginny scream, the excitment and surprise alone was enough for Harry to rip his arms away from his captor and get away. Standing there shooting off spells towards George and Ron were the Hangrets, two of the death eaters who had avoided Azkaban.

"Harry Potter, the Dark Lord will never be defeated by the likes of you! We shall avenge him!" They shouted. Ginny cried out as Mr. Hangret grabbed her arm and tied them with a tap of his wand. After shooting another spell at George, he tied her legs. leaving her rocking on the ground. Harry tried to free her, running to her and grabbing the ropes. Mrs. Hangret saw him though and he soon found himself tied next to her.

"Harry!" Hermione called while shooting off more spells. Ron was unconcience, leaving it just to one on one. The death eaters were winning. Harry was starting to worry. What would happen to them all if Hermione and George couldn't fight them off?

Soon the battle was over. Hermione, George, Ron, Ginny, and Harry were on the ground tied up there wands in the hands of there captors. The Hangrets stared down at them, there eyes full of glee and evil. There was nothing that the five of them could do.

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Re: Time for a Normal Life, Love, and Piece of Mind

Hey, my computer is fixed! I would put a deadline for all of you but i have a busy scedual and have drivers ed coming up so i dont want to give false hope if i cant get it up. Im sorry if there is a wait with chapters, i'll try to get it up as fast as i can. I hope you like this chapter. It was my own thoughts as to who would learn magic later in life. Remeber to leave me feedback!

Chapter Three: The Unknown Witch

The five captives woke up quite confused. It was dark where they were, and very dirty. Harry and Ginny were leaning against one wall, while George, ROn and Hermione were leaning against another.

Harry looked around at them, though banged up, nobody looked in imediate danger.

"Harry?" Ginny whispered. She had a black eye and cuts from the spells cast against her. She looked the worst out of all of them. Her lip was still bleeding and her arm was at a funny angle. There were also a lot of less obvious injurys.

Harry turned to her. Her eyes were not brimming with tears, but you could tell that she was hurting. "Are you all right?" he asked.

"Yea" she said "I just want to know what you were planning to do and if i could help."

Harry knew that she was willing. She had never really cared for her own saftey as long as she had what made her happy. He smiled and moved over to her inch by inch so that she could lean her head on his shoulder. He felt her blood trickle down and soak into his shirt as her lip bled more freely.

"I don't know" he said trying to think a way out of this mess. He didn't have his mirror shard, or any wand to contact anyone with. As far as he could tell. They were at a dead end.

Suddenly, there was a clatter from above there heads. All of them straightened up looking upward as much as they could. They heard footsteps coming down the stairs. They stopped right outside the door.

"Alohamora" the voice said, and the door burst open. "Get up!" the woman shouted at them throwing another curse over her shoulder at random.

"We can't" Harry said, breathing a sigh of relief as her face came into the light of the hallway lamp.

Mrs. Figg was standing there, holding a wand in her hand and looking at them. She stopped to listen, and they heard nothing above. Then she pointed her wand at the ropes binding them and they fell off without a word from her.

"Hurry!" she said handing them back there wands "They will wake up in a moment and i want to be gone when they do!" Harry looked at her and she read his mind before he spoke. "I'll explain later" she said at him, then pushed him through they door.

As soon as they had all crossed the thresh hold of their captors house, they disapperated. Harry grabbed Ginnys arm and brought her along with him.


When they were all fixed up, Ginny with her hair tied up in a tight ponytail and a robe wrapped around her (Harry had insisted that she had taken a shower to clean up) Mrs. Figg sat down and passed a cup of iced tea to all of them.

"Mrs. Figg, what was with all of that? Your a squib! I thought you couldn't do magic!" Harry asked incredulously. It was impossible that she had just saved them, much less known where they were.

Mrs. Figg smiled at them. "I learned at a later age then normal, I figured i would try picking up a wand and this one worked for me." Mrs Figg said gazing at her wand. "I never had any of the training but now i don't have to act completely like a muggle!" she smiled.

Hermione sat there sipping her iced tea quietly, but when she heard this she looked surprised, her eyebrows raising.

"How can you just learn magic?" she asked.

Ron seemed to know what she was thinking and hushed her. She had been thinking about the death eaters theory, and though Hermione didn't believe that was it, she just couldn't find a resonable explaination.

"How did you find us?" George asked, finally talking. He sat up, not caring how she had gotten the magic gene.

"Mrs. Hangret is my sister, not that I consider her a sister." Mrs. Figg said looking disgusted. "She invited me over to show me some real magic, of course I knew that to her, real magic ment dark magic. She might not have realized that I knew that, but I was scared of what she might be doing and on who, so I decided to take it into my own hands and check things out, mind you she didn't know that I could do magic yet so I was one step ahead of her." Mrs. Figg said this all very fast, as though she was scared that they would get angry with her from having a death eater for a sister.

Harry looked at her surprised. Hermione was still looking a little suspicious, but stayed silence. George didn't care, he just went back to picking at one of his scabs.

Ginny though sat up a little straighter. Harry, knowing that she was an action sort of girl, was ready to hold her away.

"Mrs. Figg, why did you do that?" Ginny asked simply.

"I couldn't let you get hurt again, you have all been through too much." she answered them sitting back in her seat and relaxing.

For once, none of them had anymore questions. It was a strange instance, for once, they had seen the impossible... ok, not for once. Maybe about the ninteenth time.

"We can't intrude any longer Mrs. Figg" said Harry getting up, Ginny following suit.

"Oh it wasn't a bother at all" she said looking sad that they had to go.

"Thanks again, for everything. You saved our lives there."

"Yea, thanks" said Ron and George together. George nodded to her.

"It was no trouble at all!" She said smiling at all of them. "You are welcome back here any time, and if you ever need any help, just give me a call."

"Will do Mrs. Figg" and with that, Harry, Ginny, Ron, Hermmione, and George all left the house and disapperated to Grimmauld place, Harry with a small backwards glace at Number 4 Private Drive.

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Re: Time for a Normal Life, Love, and Piece of Mind

Alright, i have some reunions planned sometime in the next couple chapters, but it should be over soon and back to interesting stuff. Remember to leave Feedback, there is a link in my signature!

Chapter Four: Meeting the Dursleys'

When the five of them got to Grimmauld Place, George excused himself and left for his shop. Though they had just had an interesting afternoon, none of them were remotly tired, so they decided it was time to get a few people out of hiding.

"Harry" Ron said walking into the kitchen where Ginny and Harry were having a drink of butterbeer. "Hermione and I are leaving to find her parents. Is that alright."

"Yea" Harry said. "How long are you going to be gone?"

"Who knows, we don't even know where they are really." he said looking sad. "But we will find them, Hermione's determined."

"Alright, its as good as time as any I guess. Anyway, I was going to go get the Dursleys' so why not now." Harry said sadly getting to his feet as Ron left the room. "You want to come?" he asked Ginny.

"Sure" she said with a small smile. "They will probably think I'm crazy but i have to meet my boyfriends semi-authoritive figures sometime don't I?"

Harry grinned and took her hand. "Yea, I guess." and he closed the door to Grimmauld Place and watched it disapear as they stepped of the last step leading up to the door.

"Where are they?" Ginny asked Harry as they were preparing to apparate.

"Deddilus Diggle took them to a house about five miles from here actually. Its not a far journey" and with that he turned on the spot, clutching her hand.

When they emerged out of the airtight tube that came with apparation, they were in a local culdisac. It's houses were not near as neat as the ones on Private Drive, but they were still all the same, very neat.

Harry knew which one it was just by looking at the lawns of the houses surrounding them. The Dursley's lawn on Private Drive, had always been very neatly cut, watered regularly except for when there was a drought, and the nicest looking of the lot. This lawn was no different.

Even though they were still in hiding, they had managed to get out of the house long enough to keep up on their yard.

Harry and Ginny approched the door slightly aprehensive.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Ginny asked.

"If not now then when?" Harry looked at her. Her eyes were giving that same fierce look that he had learned to love.

With that said, Harry rapped his knuckles against the door five times. A little eye peeped out of a hole a little more then halfway up the door, then retreated. The door handle turned and the door opened.

Standing there was Vernon Dursley, looking as angry and frustrated as always when he looked at Harry.

"What are you doing here boy?" he asked blocking the doorway with his bulk.

"Is that Harry dad?" asked Dudley from behind him. His face came into veiw just over his shoulder. "It is, let him in dad, let him in!" and he pushed his father away from the door so as to make room for Harry and Ginny to enter, Harry still clutching her hand in his."

"How are you guys?" asked Harry looking watching his uncle for any signs of violence.

"We're fine" Dudley replied leading them to a small sitting area, where he offered them seats. "Can I get you something to drink?" he asked Ginny in particular but Harry as well.

"Oh, no thank you." Ginny said surprised at being noticed by Dudley.

"So Harry, what brings you around here? I thought you were off fighting death eaters or whatever they are."

"We were, but thats over now, we've finished them."

Dudley looked startled. "You're through? Already?"

Harry nodded, "so I came to see how you guys were and if you were going to stay here or go back to Private Drive."

Dudley looked stunned. "Oh, I want to stay here, its fabulous, my room is twice as big and it is loaded with electronics."

Ginny, growing up with a muggle crazed father, said quietly "Don't let my dad know that" and Harry laughed

"Why not?" Dudley asked completely confused.

"Oh, my dad is crazy about muggle contraptions, especially plugs but pretty much everything else as well."

"You mean she's another one of your lot?" Vernon Dursley said entering the conversation finally from his corner where he had kept silent.

"Yes she's one of my lot, as you call it."

"Why is she here then?" he snarled back. Dudley looked very disturbed from his father's rudeness.

"Because she is my girlfriend and she wanted to meet my family." Harry snarled back. "Ginny, this is my Uncle Vernon. Please excuse his rudeness. He doesn't like our type." Harry said this never taking his eyes off of him his teeth set.

Uncle Vernon left the room raging up a storm and slamming doors as he left.

"I'm Dudley, and I'm sorry for my father's rudeness." Dudley said extending a hand.

"No problem" Ginny said taking his hand and shaking it. "Ginny Weasley"

"Its a pleasure" Dudley replied releasing it. "Anyway, so we can come out of hiding now Harry?"

"Yea, I don't see any reason as why you would need to stay seeing as Voldemort is dead now."

Dudley smiled as the door to the kitchen banged as it hit the wall. Once again Vernon Dursley was standing there, this time with Petunia, who looked frightened.

"There she has seen us all, not get out!" he shouted at her.

"Don't you dare talk to her like that!" Harry said jumping to his feet and pulling out his wand. Vernon suddenly looked warry at it, but Harry didn't lower it.

"Dad, Ginny's nice. I don't see anything wrong with her" Dudley stated as Mrs. Dursley ran over and tried to pull him away.

"No" he said shrugging her off. "I'm sick of your rudeness towards all of them. It isn't fair" he said, then he took Ginny's Hand and pulled her up. "Harry, can I go back with you. I'm sick of them."

"Diddykins!" Aunt Petunia wailed but Dudley ignored her.

"Um, sure." And with one last look at Vernon, he left the house shouting "You don't have to be in hiding anymore" and walking into the culdisac, grabbing hold of Dudley and Ginny's hand and turning on the spot, apparating back to Grimmauld Place.

I hoped you liked it, it has an interesting plot twist that I haven't seen anywhere else. I liked it writting it because it was so different then what i have seen so far.

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Re: Time for a Normal Life, Love, and Piece of Mind

Glad everyone liked the last chapter, thanks for all the feedback!

Chapter Five: The Arrival of Someone New

When they arrived at the House, Harry and Ginny gave the grand tour, showing Dudley to his room and setting up for dinner. Since it was Kreacher's day off, Harry set everything up answering Dudley's questions.

"So, what is that weird brown little guy that took your cloak when we came in here?" Dudley asked.

"That's Kreacher" Harry said setting out plates. "He's a house elf, kind of like a servent, its his day off but he is still getting used to not doing chores."

Dudley looked confused but left that question for later. When he had first met Kreacher, he almost passed out. It was unfathonable for him that there was an Ugly little guy living with him.

"Ok, so what are those curtains."

Harry opened his mouth to explain about Mrs. Black, but instead the question was answered for him. Upstairs a scream echoed down to the kitchen, accompanied by Mrs. Black, but Harry didn't care about her right now.

He threw down the plates, breaking one and ran up the stairs to where Ginny's scream had now stopped, Dudley right behind him.

Ginny was looking down at someone lying on the floor dead. Harry was instantly reminded of Mrs. Weasley's boggart. He knew it was a bogart at first glance, because it was himself lying there, dead on the floor.

Harry walked into the room and pulled out his wand. A large crack echoed around the room as the boggart turned into a dementor. Coldness flooded through the room, Dudley fell back looking terrified.

"Riddikulus!" Harry said, and the dementor disapeared. He immediatly went over to Ginny, who was crying into her hand.

"Are you alright Ginny?" Harry said looking into her eyes, shinning with tears.

"Yea, I'm fine." she said looking into him. "I just opened the closet and a boggart was in there. It took me by surprise, thats all."

Harry took her hand and pulled her out of the bedroom. Dudley followed behind them looking rather confused.

"What was that?" he asked, still terrified about what he felt.

"It was a boggart, it turns into what you fear the most, like for me... a dementor because of what I hear when one gets near me and for Ron, a giant spider."

All this was yelled over Mrs. Black's constant screech of "Mudbloods, Traitor's and Scum!" that was bouncing around the house.

Harry pointed his wand at her and the curtains shut with a bang, covering the house with sweet silence.

Dudley raised his eyebrows when he looked at the curtains. "Mrs. Black, my godfathers mother. She doesn't like that we are here." Harry replied to his look of confusion.

Just then, Harry heard the locks on the door click and the door opened. In walked Hermione, Ron, and to Harry's surprise, Luna.

"Hello Harry" she said in her normal dreamy tone.

"Hey Luna" Harry said "Are you staying for dinner?"

"Oh yes, thank you." she said looking over to Dudley, who's eyes seemed to slide in and out of focus looking at Luna.

"Umm... this is my cousin Dudley everyone." Harry said. "Dudley, this is Luna, Hermione and Ron."

"Hi" Dudley said, still looking at Luna who was smiling back at him.

"Shall we go down to the kitchen and eat, I'm starving" siad Ron who didn't notice anything out of the ordanary.

Hermione rolled her eyes, but followed him. Harry, Ginny, Luna, and Dudley coming too.

AN: Ok, I know that that wasn't as great of a chapter, but it is important for future events... so I had to put it in. Remember to leave feedback!

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Re: Time for a Normal Life, Love, and Piece of Mind

Thanks for being patient, I'm so sorry that I took so long to get this up!

Chapter Six: The Unexpected Occurance

Once they were all settled in the kitchen, Kreacher brought out the dishes of food. There was beef stew, roast potatoes, steamed cabbage, porkchops, and fruit salad along with treacle tart and pumpkin pie.

"Would you like some potatoes Mr. Dursley?" Kreacher asked Dudley, who jumped.

"Umm... sure" he said, Harry nodded encouragingly.

The Party ate and ate and ate ill there stomachs were full to bursting. Luna, during the dinner had been entertaining Dudley with her wild theories about the crumpled horned snorkak and the wruksput while Ron and Hermione talked in hushed tones.

Harry and Ginny on the other hand laughed there way through all the courses, talking about the stupid things some people had done through their years of knowing each other.

"Do you remember when Ron asked Fleur Delecour to the Yule Ball?" Ginny reminded Harry.

"Do you remeber when Romilda Vane and you were talking about my non-existant tatoo?" Harry replied back to her gails of laughter.

In other words, dinner was a merry occasion that evening but when it was through, the fun wasn't quite over.

Ron and Hermione retreated up to one of the bedrooms, trying so that nobody would notice. "Hermoine?" Ron said "Are you alright?"

Hermoine had suddenly ggrabbed her stomach. "Yea, I just ate too much" she replied, the stomach ache passing.

They slipped into Hermoine's and Ginny's room and settled on one of the beds. Ron reached out and took a hold of her hand.

"Hermione, I know we have only dating for a short while, but we have known each other for quite sometime so it feels like its been so much longer."

Hermoine just stared at him, confused.

"When I'm with you I'm extremely happy, I feel like you complete me and I don't want to ever lose you."

"Ron you arn't going to lose me" said Hermoine looking as though she thought something might be wrond with him.

"No, thats not what I ment, I just mean... there's no other way to say it. I love you Hermione, and I want to be with you forever. Will you marry me?"

Hermione's hand jumped to her mouth. "Oh my gosh Ron!" she uttered. "I... I... Yes" she finally spit out.

Ron smiled then jumped up and lifted her off the bed and into her arms. They stood there revolving on the spot kissing, until Ron finally put her down. He pulled out a ring in a small blue box and put it on her finger.

She gasped again. The ring band was gold, but the stone set inside was a deep crimson that shone in the light with tiny little diamonds surrounding it. It was the most beautiful ring she could have hoped for.

Meanwhile, downstairs Luna and Dudley were sitting on the couch talking about Krinkled Tallspikes.

"Wait, so what do they do?" Dudley asked in confusion.

"They follow you around and poke you into oblivion." she replied matter of factly.

"Right" Dudley said still confused but dropping the subject. "So, are you done with school?"

"No, I have one year left. I have to go back with Ginny."

"Ahh" he replied, looking sad.

"Why?" Luna asked reading his disappointment.

Luna never did figure out why though, because just then Ron came bounding down the stairs, pulling behind him an out of breath Hermione. Harry looked up excitedly. He had known all along what Ron was planning to do.

"She said yes!" he called out and Harry jumped up to give her a hug. Ginny screamed with delight and Dudley and Luna just looked confused, although they caught on quick.

"Wait are you guys getting married?" Luna asked dreamily.

Hermione nodded to her and she smiled. Dudley, who didn't know them that well yet, just sank back into the couch not wanting to intrude in the happiness.

When all had settled down though, Luna turned back to Dudley. "Anyway" she said "Why does it matter if I'm going back?"

AN: Alright, I know its a slight cliffhanger, but you'll just have to wait. Remember to leave FEEDBACK!

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Re: Time for a Normal Life, Love, and Peace of Mind

Thanks for the feedback!

Chapter Seven: Confusions and Plans

The six of them continued talking until late in the night; Hermione, Ron, Harry and Ginny were all discusing wedding plans for the two and Luna and Dudley were off in their own little world.

"Why does it matter if I'm going back?" Luna continued to ask when Dudley stayed silent. He looked extremely uncomfortable.

"Well... I" but that was all he could choke out.

Luna continued to look confused, but concerned.

"I... Ilikeyouandwonderedifyouwantedtogooutsometime."

"What?" Luna said rather confused.

"I... I like you and want to know if you want to go get a blizzard or something."

"Whats a blizzard?" Luna asked.

"Its like a Sundae" he replied, so... do you want to?" Dudley looked really nervous, it was like all his guts spilled out of him.

Luna considered him for a moment. "Sure, I like sundaes." she smiled and Dudley sighed with relief.

"Do you want to be my girlfriend?" he continued, because he wasn't sure if she considered a blizzard something more."

"Isn't that what you just asked me?" Luna asked.

Dudley smiled and put his arm around her. She snuggled up to him and looked up at him. "Did you know that Sudklers follow around couples who are rather close. There is one by Hermione and Ron right now if you look really closely."

Dudley squinted in their direction but he didn't see anything.


Meanwhile, Ron and Hermione had decided on a small amount of things.

"So Harry's the best man and Ginny's the Maid of Honor?" Ron double checked.

"Who else would it be?" Hermione asked with raised eyebrows.

Ron smiled at her. "Well, alright but then I want George, Bill, and Charlie to be groomsmen."

"What about Percy?"

"Oh yea him too."

"Alright, so who is going to be the bridesmaids to match them?" Harry asked.

"Well, Luna for one, and maybe Penny if I can ever get a hold of her."

"Who in the name of Merlin's saggy left..."

"She is one of my muggle friends Ron" said Hermione rolling her eyes.

AN: Alright, its not the end of the chapter but I have to get offline so I will get the rest up either this afternoon or tomorrow.

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Re: Time for a Normal Life, Love, and Piece of Mind

Alright, thanks for waiting. We are getting DSL soon and then i can put up more more often. Anyway heres more of the story.

Chapter Seven Continued

Over the next month or so, the house was full of busy plans. Luna was now staying with them and helping with Ron and Hermione's wedding plans. So far, they had planned out only the colors, where to have it, and the groomsmen. Hermione had some of the bridesmaids, but she was still a couple short.

"So, our colors are gold and perriwinkle blue." Hermione said, telling her friend Penny all the plans. "and Ron's brothers Bill, Charlie, George, and Percy will be groomsmen with our best friend Harry as the best man. Then, we have you, Luna, and Ron's sister in laws little sister Gabriella as three of the brides maids and Ron's siter Ginny as my maid of honor."

Penny nodded. "Where did you meet Ron again? He isn't exactly normal... is he?"

Hermione rolled her eyes. "He went to the same boarding school as me."

"Got it." Penny said, still glaring at him. "I still don't like him"

Hermione just smiled and turned to go see Ginny, whispering under her breath sarcastically "well, thats a surprise"

Harry and Ginny were just looking over the floor plan when Hermione and Ron joined them.

"Ron, try to act a bit more... normal when Penny is here" Hermoine said quietly as Penny walked over.

"What are you planning now?" she asked.

"Just the floor plan of the wedding. We are having it outside at Ron's house, just like his other brother's wedding."

Penny rolled her eyes. "Everything seems to be set around him, doesn't it. I mean, even your Maid of Honor is his sister."

"And also one of my best friends Penny, just lay off of him, he really is a nice guy."

Penny nodded, but didn't exchange her sour look.

Just then, Dudley and Luna walked over, her hand in his. "Wait, so the plinkys are just mind bogglers?"

"No, nevermind, you'll get it one day." Luna said as they sat down. "what are we doing now?"

"Floor plan" Harry said to her, then turning back to the parchment covered in notes.

"So, Hagrid is going to sit in this back corner right?" Ginny asked, drawing in his chair.

"Yea, then we want five rows of benches in front of him and six rows in the other two collums."

"Alright" she said penciling them in. "So after the wedding during the dance, there is going to be tables on either side of the dance floor right? With fairy lights over them?"

"Fairy lights?" Penny asked.

"Obliviate" Hermione said lazily pointing her wand at her. "Honestly, this girl takes more effort them she is worth."

"Can't we just obliviate her memory and get rid of her, she is starting to annoy me." Ron said, Harry nodding.

"I would, but I'm still one short, that would make me two short." Hermoine replied

"So how about, Parvati and Lavender?" Ron said.

"You want your ex-girlfriend at our wedding?"

"Over her, uh... yea" Ron replied.

"Fine" and with that Hermione pointed her wand at Penny, obliviating her memory again. Penny got up, and left Grimmauld place, none the wiser to the wedding.

AN: Its finally up!!! thanks for waiting. I promise to be faster in the future.

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Re: Time for a Normal Life, Love, and Piece of Mind

Alright, sorry for the semi-long wait. School started and i have been a bit busy. Remember... Leave me feedback, link is in my Sig.

Chapter Eight: Stress and Anxiety

Over the next few weeks, nothing big happened. Harry and Ginny helped with everything they could, while Dudley spent a lot of time out with Luna, but finally the night was almost upon them.

The night before the wedding, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Harry, Luna, and Dudley, were sitting in the drawing room. Hermione, being herself, grabbed a wedding magazines from the table every five minutes. Ron was snatching it back from her and replacing it every time.

Ginny was laying on the couch, her head in Harry's lap, glancing around at everything, making sure everything was clean. Harry, while stroking her hair was discussing things over with Ron, who was still snatching the magazines back from Hermione.

Luna and Dudley were the only calm ones in the room. It seemed as though they really didn't care how things went, not that they weren't completely supportive. They just decided not to be all stressed out.

"I can't do this!" Hermione finally said jumping up from her seat and starting to pace. "How do you handle the worry?"

"Hermione... Calm down" said Ron, not looking at all calm himself.

"I'm going to bed" said Luna getting up. "The stressful environment is very tense. Goodnight" and after kissing Dudley, she left the room.

"I think I'll join her" Ginny said getting up. "I can't sit here anymore." she got up, Harry with her and they walked out the room.

"We should all go to bed." Ron said, also getting up and grabbing Hermione's hand. "Are you coming Dudley?"

"No, I think I'll get a cup of tea and relax a bit in here."

So Ron and Hermione ventured upstairs, to Ginny and Hermione's bedroom. Throwing open the door with a loud crash, they saw Harry and Ginny jump apart.

"Gross!" Ron yelled.

"Oh, its not like you weren't coming up here to do the same." Harry smiled, yelling back.

Harry got up, looking back to Ginny. "I'll see you in the morning."

"No you won't"


"Ginny is helping me get ready and I'm helping her get ready. Its bad luck if you guys see us before the wedding" Hermione said.

"Alright Alright... see you at the wedding"

"Goodnight Harry" Ginny said as Hermione sat on her bed. Ron went to follow her, but Ginny just shook her head. "Goodnight to you too Ron!" and she got up and pushed him out of the room and closed the door.

"Hey, you got to make out with Harry!"

"Yes, but we left early, and you came late."

"So not fair!" Hermione said, climbing into her bed.

Ginny just smiled, and turned off the lamp. Neither of them relized though, that both didn't fall asleep till daybreak.

AN:Alright, short chapter, but its all I got time for right now. Remember to leave feedback. I don't get enough of it ;-)

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Re: Time for a Normal Life, Love, and Piece of Mind

Sorry its been so long!

Chapter Eight: Continued

When the sun rose, Harry and Ron got up, along with all the rest of the guys in the house at that time. Since Hermione and Ginny hadn't gotten to sleep, they didn't get up but the house was busy none the less.

"Harry, go get another stack of chairs to set up!" Ron yelled across the yard to him.

"Wingardium Leviosa!" Harry said pointing his wand at the only remaining stack of chairs and levitating it over to the rest of the group. Harry then went into the house to answer the door.

"Harry! How wonderful to see you!" Mrs. Weasley cried, throwing her arms around him. "How are you?"

"Fine, you?" Harry replied.

"Oh, just fine, you know me. I get along, this is so exciting! Another wedding and it's with somebody i like this time!"

Harry grinned, and led her to the kitchen, where she busily started to make the feast that would follow the wedding. "Harry dear, Bill and Fluer are going to be coming in an hour along with George and Percy. Hagrid told me that he wouldn't be here until a little later though, so you might have to wait on the platform for now."

"Thats alright Mrs. Weasley, we have other stuff to do."

The wedding was set for that afternoon. As Hermione said "That's when the greatest Marriages happened" so they trusted her and went with it.

Harry walked back outside, where Ron, Charlie and Dudley were struggling to get the enormous chair for Hagrid to the back corner.

"Harry! Will you go wake the girls, knowing them they will need the next eight hours to get ready."

"Yea, no problem" Harry said turning back to the house and walking up the stairs.

When he got to the girls bedroom, he knocked quietly and entered. Ginny and Hermione were fast asleep, breathing deeply. Harry stood at the door and watched them. He watched them turn in their sleep and lay there peacefully. He didn't want to wake them, but he knew they would be upset if he didn't, so he crossed the room to Hermione's bed first.

He put his hand on her shoulder gently, shaking slightly, and she stirred.

"Good morning Harry" she said, opening her eyes a fraction.

"Ron said to wake you up."

"Thanks" she said, getting up and crossing the room, leaving to go to the bathroom.

Harry stood from his seat on her bed and walked to Ginny's. Leaning down, he kissed her lightly on the lips, and grabbed on to her hand. Her eyes fluttered open.

"Do that again" she said quietly.

He kissed her again, this time liking her lips with his tongue. "Good morning" he said to her. "Its time to get ready, everyones starting to get here. We let you sleep as long as we could."

She got out of her bed, shaking her hair out of her eyes. "Harry, what time is it?" she asked him, looking out the window.

"Nine o'clock" he said, getting up. "Listen Ginny, I gotta go. People are going to start arriving and we still have to set up the platform."

"Alright, see you later."

Harry left the room, walking down the stairs, thinking about the day, when he would propose to, and marry Ginny.

AN: Remember to leave feedback. Link is in my Sig. Sorry I didn't get this up sooner.

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Re: Time for a Normal Life, Love, and Piece of Mind

Chapter Nine: Wedding Happiness

Harry walked outside where Ron had just finished setting up the stage and was walking back to the house to get ready. "Harry, lets go get ready, George said he would finish up with Dudley."

"Alright" Harry replied, and turned right back around and walked back into the house. Kreature was running around madly, trying to finish some last minute chores up for the wedding. He was in the middle of dusting the piano, when he saw Ron and Harry.

"Master, is there anything Kreacher can do?"

"No Kreacher, You can go get ready." As Harry watched him hop off to his room, he laughed. Hermione had requested that Kreacher be part of the wedding too, so instead of a flower girl, they had a flower elf. Kreacher was so proud of himself, that when they had gotten him a little suit, he had worn it all day around the house.

"You know, I will never understand him" Ron said, starting to laugh with Harry.

Meanwhile, Ginny and Hermione were getting ready in Ginny's old room. Ginny was just pulling on her slip when Hermione slipped.

"Are you ok Hermione?" Ginny said running over to her.

"Yea, I just hit my head on the bed" and becoming so much like her mother, Ginny demanded to see it. Where Hermione had hit the bed, a nice sized bump was forming and turning a dark purple color.

"Let me fix that for you" Ginny said taking out her wand.

"But you're under 17!" Hermoine said pulling her own out. "I'll just do it in the mirror."

"No, the ministry won't be able to tell. There are tons of overage wizards here" and with that, she pointed her wand at Hermione and uttered a charm.

At once, the bump started getting smaller and less noticible. The bruise changed back from the purplish color to her normal skin tone. "Thanks" Hermione said, looking at it in the mirror, the got up and started pulling on her own slip.


Once everyone was ready, and all the guests had been seated, the wedding started. Kreacher walked out first, smiling broadly. After him, the multiple bridesmaids and groomsmen walked out, followed by Harry and Ginny.

Ginny had on a soft blue dress, with a tiara in her hair. The silver and blue together looked great with her red hair. It was on her request that at this wedding, she didn't have to wear gold.

Harry had on black dress robes with a blue tie to match Ginny's dress. Her arm was wrapped around his, and they walked down to the stage, seperated, and went to their spots. At this point, Ron and Kingsley apparated to the stage. As Kingsley was the minister, and a good friend of their families, he was going to be performing the ceremony.

At this point, everyone stood, and Hermione and her father walked down. Hermione looked gorgeous. She was wearing a white dress with gold appliques all down the front. She had her hair tied back in an elegant bun, with some of it cascading down to her shoulders.

Ron uttered a soft "wow" when he saw her. Harry and Ginny were stunned. This was like the Hermione they saw at the Yule Ball, not like the normal everyday one that they normally saw.

When her and her father got to the front, he kissed her softly on the cheek and went to sit down. Ron wlked forward to her and took her hand, then walked back up front.

The wedding was like any other. They said there vows, there was a short little speech, and then Kingsley was pronouncing them married.

"You may kiss the bride" he told Ron, and then Ron turned to her, lifted her vail, and kissed her. When he pulled away, his ears were bright red, as they always were when he was embarrased or nervous. Harry, seeing this, assumed it was the latter.

Once everyone had been seated to eat, he breathed a sigh of relief. He was finally married, to one of his best friends and the best girlfriend that he had ever known.

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Re: Time for a Normal Life, Love, and Piece of Mind

Hey everyone. Thanks for the feedback, whoever left some. Remember to leave more. I love suggestions and helpful hints. Also, tell me what you like.

Chapter Ten: Occurances Beyond His Control

Ron and Hermione sat side by side at an upper table with Ginny, Harry, Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, and Mr. and Mrs. Granger.

"Hermione dear, open your presents. There are some very nice ones in there from what i hear." Mrs. Weasley told Hermione.

Hermione grabbed a present and held half of it, while Ron took the other half. Together they tore the paper off to find a gorgeous clock like the Weasley's.

"Arther and I find ours so handy, we figured you might want one too" Mrs. Weasley said. So far, only Ron and Hermione's faces smiled back at them, but there were instructions to add faces when their family got bigger.

"Thanks Mrs. Weasley!" Hermoine said grinning. She had always loved that clock. It took a lot of magical skill to make one too, so it had always interested her.

"No Problem dear."

Hermione took another present off of the stack while Ron took a different one. Ron's was a set of very nice China for formal meals like the one in their forth year at Hogwarts, while Hermione's was only a card, with a peice of paper slipped inside.

"Whats this?" Hermione said. She read the card. It was from Harry and Ginny.

"Open the paper and read it" Ginny said grinning at her.

Hermione opened the slip of paper. Ron looked over her shoulder, curious as to what it was. The paper looked very official.

"Harry! I can't take this!"

"I don't care if you won't take it, your going to. You and Ron are now partial owners of Grimmauld Place."

"Bloody hell Harry." Ron said

They sat there stunned. "Thanks Harry." Hermione said quietly. "This means a lot."

"No problem."

Meanwhile, Luna and Dudley were talking to Ralph Scamander.

"So, what year of school are you in?" Luna asked, suddenly very interested.

"Oh, I've been out for two years. I've been with my dad researching magical animals of the north."

"Cool. Did you find any Crumpled Horn Snorkaks?"

"Uhh... no, I can't say I've ever heard of them either"

"Don't get her started" Dudley added.

Ralph smiled at him, and nodded. "So, Luna, do you want to dance?"

"Do you mind if I do?" she asked Dudley.

"Go ahead." he said, not thinking anything about it. "Have a good time"

Luna left with Ralph leaving Dudley alone at the table, not that he minded. He watched Luna from afar, thinking about the glorious time they had had together at lunch. Though it had been rushed, they had still gotten a chance to go to the broom shed of the Weasley's house and have some alone time.

Flashback Begins

"Dudley, where are you taking me. Do you realize how much we have left to do?" Luna asked as he pulled her along.

"In here" Dudley said, cramming into the shed with her. He wrapped his arms around her and looked down into her eyes. "I love you" he said.

Luna was shocked, this was the first time he had ever really done anything more romantic then just holding her hand, and for the first time ever, she was kissed. She felt his rough lips against hers, and she almost melted in his arms.

"Dudley, what brought that on?" she asked once they had pulled apart.

"Nothing in Particular, I just thought it was about time to get along with it."

Luna smiled

End Flashback

The dance ended and Luna and Ralph returned. Luna's cheeks were blushing. She looked happier then she ever had. Dudley started to get worried.

"Do you want to go on a walk?" he asked her, trying to get away from Ralph.

"Alright" she said getting up again. "I'll see yo uin a bit" she added in an undertone to Ralph.

As they walked, Dudley started getting nervous. What was happening? He grabbed her hand and started leading her back to the shed.

"Are we going back to where I think we are?" Luna asked him.

"How did you guess?" Dudley said, trying to act as if he hadn't noticed her connection with Ralph.

"Dudley" she said pulling her hand out of his. "We need to talk"

AN:I was going to add more, but I've decided that I want to leave it on a cliffhanger. Remember to leave feedback. The more I get the faster the next bit gets put up.

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Re: Time for a Normal Life, Love, and Piece of Mind

Chapter Eleven: The Departure of a New Friend

Dudley turned to Luna. He knew what was coming, despite his efforts to turn her on.

"Dudley, I think you are a great guy, but, i think we are better as friends. This just isn't working."

Dudley felt his heart puncture. He knew it, but it didn't make the blow any more comforting. He nodded and Luna smiled.

"I still want to be friends, you are a great guy. Almost as cool as a crupled horn Snorkak" she said dreamily, before wandering back to the dance floor.

Dudley stood there in shock, thinking about what he possibly could have done wrong, or if it was because of this new boy. Looking over he saw Luna, sitting alone. The boy walked over to her, but she shook him off.

At least she has enough pride to not jump on with another guy right after. Dudley thought. He walked slowly back towards the house. He couldn't believe what had just happened, but he knew he didn't want to party any longer.

"Dudley?" Harry asked as he ran to his side. "Are you ok? you look a little upset."

"I'm fine Harry" Dudley said, before walking up to his bedroom. Harry stood in confusion.

"Luna!" Harry called. "Whats up with Dudley"

"Did you ask him?" she asked in her dreamy voice.

"Yes, but he just said he was fine. Did something happen?"

"If he doesn't want to tell you we broke up, I'm not going to tell you either." she said, then clapped a hand to her mouth. "Whoops, I guess I told you"

Harry smiled, and sat down next to her. "What happened?"

"I just see him as a really good friend now, nothing more. I didn't want to lead him on."

Harry nodded. "He'll get over it, don't worry"

Luna smiled, then went back to humming a tune that Harry didn't recognize.

"Harry!" Hermione called. "Come dance!"

Harry got up and walked over to her. He decided to keep the news from her till the next day, they were after all celebrating. Hemione was smiling the biggest smile he had ever seen on her face, and he didn't want to ruin that.

AN: Sorry about the Huge delay! You have no idea how full my scedual has been. Leave feedback. Link is in my Sig. I need more of it. It only takes a second! Once again, sorry for the delay, and sorry this is so short. Technically, I'm not supposed to be on the computer right now, so I'm kinda rushed. Remember to leave feedback!!!

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Re: Time for a Normal Life, Love, and Piece of Mind

Chapter Twelve: Secrets and Planning

Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny were sitting out on a blanket on the lawn, when everything suddenly got dark.

"Lumos Maxima!" Harry and Hermione said at once, but no light came out of their wands.

"Don't even try." Ron said, sitting back with a look of knowing, even though nobody could see what he was doing. "It's peruvian instant darkness powder, you can't cast Lumos or anything, You know from Weezes."

Hermione laughed. Harry on the other hand, was perplexed. "Why would they do this?" he asked nobody in general.

"You know, its George and Lee, why wouldn't they is a more sutible question." Ginny stated, looking for Harry's hand in the dark. "Harry where are you?" she asked.

Harry got up and walked to nowhere in particular. "Ron, see if your deluminator works." Harry said.

Ron rolled his eyes and got the deluminator out of his pocket. He clicked it, and surprising everyone there, light popped out of it, lighting up the darkened yard.

"Maybe they didn't make the powder to work with this thing seeing as it is one of a kind." Ron said looking curiously at the silver object in his hand.

"Or maybe it isn't peruvian instant darkness powder." Harry said, starting to walk around, wand out, looking for anybody.

It was his instinct to think about things other than the original thought, so he highly doubted that George and Lee had done this.

Harry didn't notice, but the shadow behind the bush next to his house moved. They were not expecting that Potter would suspect foul play. backing away slowly, the figure started to runn silently away from the house, looking back to make sure they didn't see, and with another wave of his wand, the darkness subsided.

********** ********** **********

Harry walked to the auror department, wearing his bottle green dress robes. He was interveiwing today to become part of the auror training group. It had been his lifes ambition to become an auror, and the minister knew that. Harry couldn't help but be very sure that he was going to get in thanks to who he was, what he had done, and who he knew.

The lift opened on the floor where the auror office was, and Harry walked in. The place was just as he remembered, except for now the pictures of Sirius Black were replaced with pictures of loose death eaters.

Harry smiled, glad to know that at the very least, with his death, Sirius's assumed record was no longer a general thought on who the man really was.

As he approached Dawlish's office, Harry began to get nervous. This could affect his whole life, he was so worried that he would screw it up. Taking a big breath, he walked into the head auror's office and knocked softly on the door.

"Ah, Harry please come in."

In the room was not only Dawlish, but the minister Kingsley Shacklebolt, and much to Harry's suprise, the transfiguration teacher Minerva McGonagall.

"Potter, good to see you again." she said curtly.

"Professor" Harry said nodding to her.

"Well, Harry" began Dawlish "you want to be an auror?"

"Very much sir." Harry said.

"I remember when Potter was in his fifth year at Hogwarts. That was the one thing that he wanted to do at his career advice meeting." McGonagall said. Sometimes to Harry, McGonagall minus the glasses and tight tied back hair, reminded him of the grandmothers in stories like Little Red Riding Hood. This wasn't a commomn thought though, because her voice was so curt.

"Yes, well I don't think we need to conduct an interveiw. We know this boy's story, we know what he has done. I say lets train him up and get him on the team." Kingsley said, looking to Dawlish

"I couldn't agree more minister. Harry, your training will start on Monday. Do you have any preferances as to who will train you?"

Harry didn't know any aurors besides Kingsley, and now that he was minister, he wasn't as active as the rest of the aurors because of the other things he had to do. Harry would have said Tonks, but of course, you can't bring people back from the dead. The thought that Teddy would grow up like him, without the neglect that was, with no parents still bothered him. The child was such a cute little lad.

Harry shook his head. "I don't know any aurors really" he told them.

Kingsley nodded. "Dawlish, do you have a trainee at the time? this boy deserves the best we can give, and at the moment that would be you."

Dawlish considered the thought for a moment before replying. "I will train him then." and with a gesture to the door, Dawlish said "see you Monday morning Harry, eight o' clock sharp."

Harry smiled, nodded to McGonagall, and left the room, his nervousness gone.

***** ***** *****

Meanwhile, Ginny was flying through the air, her broomstick underneath her and a quaffle under her arm. She threw it, passing it to one of her fellow teammates.

A whistle blew in the distance, and Ginny stopped and turned towards the whistle sound.

Gwenog Jones, the captain of the team, was flying down to the ground gesturing for her team to follow.

Ginny swooped down, and landed on the hard ground.

"Ginny, excellant pass, but I've noticed that you have developed a habit of always putting a spin on your passes, when you pass add some variety so they don't recognize your habit. Throw some curve balls and fast balls, just make sure you give the teammate your passing to a nod or something."

Ginny nodded and listened to the rest of the critique.

"Sylvia, when you hit the bludgers, make sure and give them a spin. Pick up Ginny's habit. When you give it a spin, it is harder to hit back and it makes the impact a lot stronger."

Ginny smiled. Her and Sylvia were the only new ones to the team, and any outsider could tell. Gwenog Jones, though Ginny had looked up to her for quite sometime, was very hard. She had tough plans to learn and was a very harsh critic.

"Now," she said "I want to start practicing the triangle formation with Ginny with the quaffle to start." Ginny was shocked. The starter usually was Gwenog herself, or as a second Sarah.

"Ginny, make sure that when you try to score with this play, that you put curve into the passes and shots, not spin. You can add spin to the curve, but you need the curve in order for it to work."

Ginny nodded. "Alright everybody lets go!" Everyone returned to the air. The three chasers got into formation, with Ginny at the point, holding the quaffle.

Gwenog's whistle blasted.Ginny flew forward, and passes the ball with a curve to Sarah, who passes it back to Ginny, who passes it to Gwenog, with spin.

Ginny rolled her eyes as the whistle blasted again. "I know" she said to Gwenog.

She got the quaffle back and they started play, this time, Ginny performed perfectly. She passed the ball to Sarah, who passed it back to Ginny, who passed it to Gwenog, who passed it to Ginny, who shot for the left hoop and scored.

Ginny couldn't help but smile. She had never been able to do that before. Not that they had really given her a chance to do that before. Ginny was still a reserve chaser, but because of a chaser's recent admittance to St. Mungos with sprouts growing out of her ears, she got to play. Ginny couldn't help but feel that this was going to help her move up in the ranks.

AN:Wow, I got a long post up the next day! Its amazing. Remember to leave feedback. I know a lot are reading it thanks to those who let me know, but nobody leaves feedback. Remember to stop by there. Link is in blue in my siggy. Thanks to nobi_fawkes for all the feedback!

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Re: Time for a Normal Life, Love, and Piece of Mind

Chapter Thirteen: Quiddich Disappearances

Ginny woke on the day of the Quiddich Match with a nervous stomach. She rolled over in her bed and looked at the clock on her nightstand, and groaned. It was only five o' clock in the morning. The match didn't start till three that afternoon.

Getting up, she pulled on her robe and slipped on her slippers. She walked groggly down the stairs to the kitchen to make herself a cup of tea.

Sipping her tea quietly, she thought about the day ahead of her. She was a starting chaser today. This was the first time ever that she wasn't just a reserve, and although she got to play a lot because she was the first reserve, she was never positive if she was going to play or not.

She knew that Harry, Ron and Hermione were going to be there. She could only hope though that Luna, Neville, Dennis, and all her brothers had gotten their free tickets in the mail. She never got an owl back from any of them.

As if that thought trigered the owls, she heard a soft tapping noise at the window. Getting up, she opened the window for the owl to fly in. She noticed the owl as George's. Taking the letter from the beak of the bird, she slit it open just as it flew out the window.

'Ginny, Can't wait to see your match. I will definatly be there with Lee. Thanks for the tickets. Good Luck!'

Ginny smiled. There was another person that was definatly coming. Giving up the fact that she would ever get more sleep, she walked down the hall to her bathroom and went to take a shower.

***** ***** *****

A black cloaked figure was making last minute plans. Gathering together his supplies, he packed his bag. In it, was peruvian instant darkness powder, his broom, invisibility hat, cloak, and pants, and some decoy detonartors. He chuckled at the fact that a silly joke shop could provide him with everything he needed to pull off the perfect kidnap. There was also a fake wand in there to leave at the scene so they wouldn't be able to identify a spell.

He had his target. The red haired chaser he had heard so much about. He knew that was the target to get to Harry Potter. He knew that The red head was the key to Harry's heart. He also knew that a silly little girl like her could pull off a fight, seeing as she also had a reputation to be very strong willed.

He added a couple silencers so that nobody could hear her make a fuss when he took her off, and just to make sure, another helping of decoy detonators.

***** ***** *****

Ginny got out of the shower and pulled on her robes. Taking out her hairbrush, she brushed through her hair and dryed it with a water syphoning charm. Finally, at ten, after reading a bit and pacing, she left the house for the eleven o' clock meeting.

When she got to the meeting, she was surprised to see that she was the last one there, and she was a half hour early. Sitting down, she looked towards Gwenog Jones, who was talking to Sylvia, who seemed to have a very set face, and looked very angry. It seemed the team wasn't to happy cloase to late.

Gwenog finished talking to Sylvia, then stood up. She looked around. "Well, since everyone is here... we may as well start." She said.

AN: Sorry out of time. I'll post the second part of the chapter as soon as i can, although with my record, thats not saying much. But i am trying. Will be soon, i promise. Thanks for all the feedback. Remember to leave some! Link is in my siggy!

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Re: Time for a Normal Life, Love, and Peace of Mind

So sorry for the delay of story... i have the most hectic scedual ever what with tennis, drama, homework, school, and babysitting and chores... I'll try to get a new piece up this week though because its spring break... i should have some time, who knows... i may even get up two.

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Re: Time for a Normal Life, Love, and Peace of Mind

Ok, so i lied... i had the busiest spring break you could ever imagine.... i wasn't home for longer than a couple hours or to sleep, which could attribute to my exaustion level at school... oh well, anyway, i'll try to get the next bit up soon... i have it written, its just the matter of typing it up. Sorry! You can owl me hate letters if you like, i deserve them.

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Re: Time for a Normal Life, Love, and Peace of Mind

Chapter 13: Part Two

"Well, this is it. Lets do our best guys!" and that was all Gwenog said before gesturing her team out of the locker rooms and onto the field. There was a tumultous amout of applause. Ginny looked around. She couldn't believe she was here, playing a match with the team.

Walking across the field, the two captains shoke hands, then the balls were released and everyone kicked off, ready to play. Gwenog Jones grabbed the quaffle from the air, and threw it to Ginny. Ginny noticed a gapin the opposing team to the right of her, so she sped of in that direction. Noticing a beater hitting a bludger towards her, she threw a curve ball back to Gwenog.

Ginny sped off towards the goal posts. Gwenog and Sarah followed. Gwenog passed to Sarah, who spin passed it to Ginny, and Ginny shot for the left hoop from the right side. The keeper, not expecting that, didn't even realize what happened before the buzzer rang out.

"Ten-Zip to the Harpies" the announcer called out. Ginny flew back, ready for the other team to try and make their point.

The team swearved, and passed, and dropped, and hit, but the Harpies got the better of them. Sylvia hit a spinning bludger right at the chaser holding the quaffle. The chaser was unable to dodge, causing her to drop the quaffle, letting Sarah catch it.

Ginny saw Gwenog hold a two towards Ginny, who knodded and shot off towards the golden hoops. Sarah and Gwenog passed the ball back and forth, or held on for it for a couple seconds. The opposing team attempted to stop them, but failed. Sarah shot, and scored in the middle hoop. Ginny grabbed the ball after it flew thru the hoop and threw it back to Gwenog, who shot it thru the right hoop, scoring two goals at once. Ginny, Sarah, and Gwenog slapped hands, before zooming back to defend.

***** ***** *****

She was good, he thought. She swerved and shot and passed with skill, she would deffinatly cause enough of a reaction for him.

Taking the peruvian instant darkness powder from his bag, he threw it in the air. Everyone screamed when it went dark. With his hand of Glory attached to his wrist by a white band, he made his way towards the red headed chaser. She was trying futily to make light with her wand.

He grabbed the girl by the hair. Realizing what was going on, she started to scream, and writhe, trying to get away. Nobody heard her though, it was to loud for anybody to hear what was happening.

He pulled the bonds from his belt, and grabbed her arms, forcing them behind her, and binded them. She kicked him in the shin, but her put that pain behind him and lifted her up. She kicked and squirmed, but he held fast. He carried her out of he stadium, and threw her in front of him on a broom. She tried to get off while she was close to the ground, but once they were high, she stopped trying.

All she could do now, was hope, that the aurors, and her family, would come to save her.

***** ***** *****

George and Lee were on the move as soon as it became dark. They realized that it was their product causing the darkness. They whispered spells, and waved their wads feriously... while throwing white powder into the air at the same time.

Suddenly, light was restored, and the paniced fans quieted down a bit. Gwenog looked around. She saw all her team, but Ginny. "Where's Ginny?" she asked fellow team members. Nobody knew.

The announcer realized what Gwenog was going on about, and announced. Will the family of Ginny Weasley, the chaser come to the field please?"

George, Lee, and Harry rushed to the field, ready for bad news.

AN: Sorry it took so ling to get this up. I feel really bad. Let me know if you like it though... leave feedback!!! Link in my Sig! Please please please!

Check Out my Post Deathly Hallows Fanfic: Time for a Normal Life, Love, and Peace of Mind and give me Feedback
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