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Setting the Example

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Setting the Example

I won't lie and say that I haven't written fan fiction before, because I have and on this site too . This story is breaking away from the tradition of everyone starting from a minute after the epilogue ends, instead it's from the first day of James' stay in Hogwarts. Hope you enjoy it.

Disclaimer: I'm still not JK Rowling and I doubt I ever will be I'm just playing around with the characters she created and created a few others that I saw fit to include.

Chapter 1: Don't forget me:

Today was the first of September; the day James Potter would be sorted and admitted into Hogwarts. He had to admit he was slightly nervous, but his thirst for adventure quickly dissolved his fear. As he looked to the orange ceiling, his attention was snatched away from him as his mother bounded into the room yelling for him to get up and get changed. “The time is 9:54 and we have to drive to King’s Cross station!” he heard something about Freddie and Roxie coming because George had to sort out things in the store.

Suddenly awake, he got up, put on a t-shirt and jeans and made a beeline straight for the kitchen to fill his empty stomach. Words of his grandma echoed in his head once more just as he put a sausage in his mouth.

James and his cousin Roxie were at the former’s house, creeping towards his father’s study. They were trying yet again to get the Marauder’s Map from a drawer in the desk his father uses. No matter what happened, however, no matter how many times they managed to get hold of it, it would wind its way back into the study.

It would seem James’ father, the great Harry Potter, vanquisher of Lord Voldemort, and head of the auror department, would put that map in a more secure place and at least placed a charm on it that wouldn’t let it be stolen, but no, it was still on the desk in that same room and the exact same spot in which the two mischief makers had found it.

But just as the cousins went through the kitchen and towards the stairs, they heard their grandma’s voice.

“James, Roxie?” the two boys stopped dead in their tracks. “Come here and sit at the table. I need to tell you something.”

They wordlessly looked at each others, conveying messages that what they were planning will be continued later.

“Grandma! How nice to see you,” James said, grinning cheekily. “What would you like to talk about?” his grandmother gave him a look that said she meant business. If that couldn’t put a stop to James’ behaviour, nothing else would.

“I’m going to tell you something about your Uncle Bill and Uncle Ron.” This immediately became interesting. James looked at his grandma and watched her far away gaze.

“Your Uncle Bill was always the popular one, the one to have an air of confidence about him, but he also had a lot of pressure on him. He was the eldest of seven children and a Weasley as well. Now you both know that all the Weasleys have been put in Gryffindor house since probably the beginning of time, but to be the eldest, that was where the pressure was. He had to think about what he had to do to be on all of his siblings’ good books as well as his parents. He had to set the example…”

The rest of the conversation died away and James was hoisted back into reality. His ten year old brother, Al, and eight year old sister, Lily, came into the kitchen looking upset. Immediately he put on his most Marauder-esque grin and spoke in a confident voice.

“Hey Albus! What are you looking so gloomy about? You’ll get your chance to come next year.” His younger brother just smiled and ate his breakfast, his green eyes twinkling.

∞ ∞ ∞

Meanwhile in George’s house, the atmosphere was much calmer. The family of George and Angelina Weasley had eaten their breakfast and the two adults were currently bringing down two trunks from their children’s rooms.

Freddie was due to go into his third year in Hogwarts after being the eighth person in his generation of Weasleys to be sorted into Gryffindor.

Roxanne, the younger one, was going into his first year and all summer, and had been teased about landing in Hufflepuff. But the young menace said quite confidently, “yeah right! Gryffindor is the only place for me, Freddie-weddie.” They heard a crack! and knew their father was in the store.

“Come on, you two, we have to go to Aunty Ginny’s house then off.”

“Coming!” the boys shouted in unison. In three flashes of green light, Angelina, Freddie and Dylan disappeared through the fireplace.

∞ ∞ ∞

“Oh good, you’re here, Angie.” With a wave of her wand, the two trunks disappeared and the three adults gathered the children together and soon enough they were in the magically-expanded car.

James and Roxie were sitting next to each other behind Ginny, next to the window. Next to them were Albus and Freddie, in the middle. On the other side, next to the window and behind Harry were Angelina and Lily. As soon as James and Roxie started whispering excitedly, the car whirled and was a short distance away from the station.

They got out of the car in pairs once they established no one was looking and with a mixture of people talking and owls hooting, the group traipsed off in the direction of the huge station.

James once again got lost in thought as realisation hit him. He wasn’t going to see his parents for some months. He wasn’t going to see Albus or Lily or any of his younger cousins either. Granted, he would see his older cousins and Roxie, as well as Teddy, but he was more used to seeing his parents and siblings.

He wouldn’t get to see Albus or tease him about not being a true Gryffindor like him. He wouldn’t get to sneak into his room to play pranks on him and be wrenched out of there by his mother by the ear and rub it better after she was gone.

He wouldn’t get to admonish those little Muggle kids for being mean to his little sister only to be hit on the head by Lily herself. He wouldn’t hear Lily say to him, “I can take care of myself, thank you very much,” before being blasted away by her accidental magic.

He turned around and saw his parents stop in front of him abruptly, “I don’t want to go.”

The parents seemed to consider their eldest son for a while before his father brought him closer into his embrace. “You’re afraid. But don’t be… It might be daunting that you’ll be away from us for so long, but don’t worry, you’ll still have family there and the teachers, most of them anyway, will be really nice. And when you see the castle, you won’t even believe your eyes. Just you wait; you’ll be mesmerised by the train waiting for you, just beyond that wall, over there.”

“But… but…” he looked pleadingly into his father’s eyes then into his mother’s. “Don’t forget me!” his parents looked alarmed and switched their gazes from each other to their son.

“I think we need to have a word, James,” his mother said. But first let’s get onto the platform.”

He did as his mother instructed, as was the case with most things he was told to do. Clutching the handle on his trolley that held his trunk and cage with his screech owl, Circe, and keeping his eyes tightly shut, he charged for the wall separating platforms nine and ten. Once he opened his eyes, he got such a magnificent sight that his breath was knocked out of him.

There was a magnificent scarlet steam train that was panting purple smoke with stars. On the front of it was “Hogwarts Express” written in green. There was a sign saying “Platform 9¾” and close by was a clock that read five minutes to eleven.

He looked to his right and saw his parents smiling at him. “Now do you want to go back home?” James was speechless for the first time in his life.

“We don’t have very long, but I’ll say this quickly. We will never forget you,” his mother began. “And don’t you think otherwise. You’re our son… how could you think we would forget you?” he watched as tears brimmed in his mother’s eyes.

“You have Al and Lily… it wouldn’t be that hard.”

“Don’t say that. We’ll owl you as often as we can. You decide how often you want us to write.”

They heard a whistle and noticed there was a rush on the platform; only a minute left. Panic-stricken, James looked pleadingly into his parents’ faces.

“I have to get on!” he jumped right on through a pair of open doors. He saw his brother and sister close to his Auntie Angie and they caught sight of him too. “Al and Lily are there. See you at Christmas!” he yelled the last sentence so that his siblings could hear him. Waving, he looked out until the train went round and they disappeared from view.

The moment he turned round he was met with a lot of stares, especially from strangers in the hallway. Whispers surrounded him like “that’s Harry Potter’s son!” and “he’s James Potter.” In other cases, he would try to look for an empty compartment and find a group full of people that were obviously talking about him, but when he opened the door, they would abruptly stop.

At last he went into a compartment where there was a boy with golden blonde hair talking to a girl with auburn hair. It looked like autumn leaves had blended right into her hair.

“Hi,” James said as soon as he found his voice. “Mind if I sit here?”

The boy said, “Sure. You’re James Potter, aren’t you?”

“Yeah,” he said, ruffling his hair in the process. “What are your names?”

“Daniel Ashton.”

“Freya Bailey. We’re cousins.”

“Are you first years?”

“Yeah, what about you?”

“Yeah, I am.”

The door opened another time and they saw Roxie, “Oh! There you are. I was wondering where you were.”

“This is my cousin, Roxanne. Roxie, these two are Daniel and Freya. They’re first years as well.”

Soon enough the four of them became friends and started sharing food from the food trolley that came in a few hours. They were visited by the older Weasleys and Teddy Lupin, who was Head Boy. Freya took a short trip to get changed and they boys saw fit to do so too.

When night fell, and the stars and a crescent moon could be seen, they knew they were fast approaching their second home. As soon as they were outside, they could hear “Firs’ years, firs’ years! This way,” followed by the sight of a good friend of his parents.

“Hagrid!” James ran up to him.

“James! Look at yer. Yeh look so much like your grandfather. The spitting image of him. Go to the boat and I’ll be there in a moment. Just four to a boat. Right there. Firs’ years! This way!”

James, Roxie, Daniel and Freya went to a boat and in a moment they caught their first of the castle. James’ mind wondered off to the moment he saw the Hogwarts Express and thought that was nothing compared to the castle in front of him. It was beautiful and his parents were right. He would grow to love it more than he did now.

The whole lot of first years clambered out of their boats and started walking up to the oak front doors.

So you've made it this far In that case, feedback would be much appreciated.

check out my fics: Beyond the skies and feedback here, Beyond Reach and feedback here, A Heart's Treasure - one shots and feedback here my sequel Forever Charmed and feedback here and my other next gen fic Setting the Example and feedback here check out these people's fics: celtmama , blue_rose, Beki14, IMissPadfoot, ASM , blue3ski, remusfan, sheilajsn, blood_river, Scamantha, Psyche3, marianna58, baseballblondie, scd, marauderfan, Melaszka, PotterLove07, Fury, Pollux_Black, styphon and USNAGator91. I'm THE Clown of IBP, KEBA, DWW + BLD.

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Re: Setting the Example

To all of you who have read this chapter, I've redone this chapter to introduce more characters that I forgot to put in. To those who are reading this for the first time, you won't know a thing

Again, I'd like to say that the Sorting Hat song was written by Tenshi and Jessica, so all praise relating to the song is due to them. Reintroducing:

Chapter 2: Sorted!

The oak front doors opened to reveal a slightly stocky man with a mop of brown hair and the most startling blue eyes. Once James got over his mesmerised trance, he noticed the man stood aside to let everyone through.

“Thank you, Hagrid. You can go to the Great Hall now, I’ll take the children from here.”

“Yer welcome, Professor Pegasus. See yeh in the Great Hall.”

Just before the Professor named Pegasus turned on his heel, they heard a raspberry and they wiped their faces of spit with complaint.

“Pegasus, Pegasus
Is such a woos
He knows not the art
Of handling a boggart.”

Then a little man with dark eyes and an inhumanly wide mouth appeared above them. And as by a miracle, he spotted Roxie among approximately fifty others and floated right in front of him.

“A terrible twin! You! Weasley!”

“I think you mean my dad.”

“I salute you, oh mischief-maker!” then he went away.

Professor Pegasus looked astonished at Roxie before leading the group to a side room next to what must be the Great Hall. In there, all the young witches and wizards stood chatting away about what they would have to do to be sorted and which house they would be sorted in.

Both my mum and dad came here, so they told me what happened…” a girl with long blonde hair and a pug nose said haughtily. “It’s really quite boring; you just put on a hat.”

“I’m not entirely sure where I’ll be put in, because my mother came here, but died before I could talk. My dad was a muggle though and he died of alcoholism a couple of years ago,” a boy with dark hair and blue eyes said.

“I don’t know where I’ll be put in,” Freya said to her friends, whilst chewing on the bottom of her long red hair. “Neither of my parents studied here. I’m afraid if I won’t be with you guys.”

Before any of the boys could answer, Professor Pegasus came in the room and ushered them into the Great Hall. James’ mouth opened and he was sure he was dragging his jaw along the floor.

There were candles floating above five large tables. Above those was what held James’ jaw down; the stars twinkling and winking down at them and in one corner, he could see the crescent moon fading in and out of vision, perhaps due to an irregular-shaped cloud or two.

He was so astonished that when the line of students in front of him stopped, he bumped right into Freya and had lost his mind so far that he didn’t even apologise.

Professor Pegasus motioned for the students to stand in a line and placed a stool on the floor with a pointed hat on top. Then, just as Teddy had told him, a slit appeared in the hat and it burst into a song:

T’was over a thousand years ago,
When Hogwarts as a whole was parted
In this hated time of envy did
My sorting work get started.
I was created in this time gone by,
To sort young wizards into housely kin
To choose where they should now belong
In Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin.
For wit, we think of Ravenclaw,
For bravery Gryffindor has been renowned,
For loyalty we all know Hufflepuff,
And in Slytherin is cunning found;
We think of these as separate traits
Within each separate house
But wizards can be wise and loyal
Cunning and not frightened like a mouse.
And once did all these traits unite
And fight for Hogwarts true
This battle against Lord Voldemort
Was quite a sight to view.
For all the houses bravely fought
And stood there side to side
Our differences did fade away
As our enemies sought to hide.
Never forget the history and all the things that were
When the four houses fought together in one’s corner.
I have to say, it is no lie, I did take part in it as well,
Was badly hurt, not to sound like a mourner.
Whether Gryffindor or Ravenclaw,
Whether Hufflepuff or dear Slytherin
It doesn’t matter what house it will be
Because what truly counts is the heart within.

James was completely lost in thought that he missed the first few names. It wants the houses to unite. If what the Hat said was right, then his dad had brought the houses together. James felt a sudden surge of pride until he was woken from his reverie by…

“Ashton, Daniel,” the professor called.

The hat seemed to consider him for a while before bellowing “GRYFFINDOR!”

The whole Hall went silent again as Pegasus called out another name called “Azure, Kathryn” who went into Ravenclaw. Next was Freya’s turn. She shakily sat down on the stool and it barely even sat on her head when “GRYFFINDOR!” erupted from its rip.

A few other names like “Clayton, Guylian” who went into Slytherin, looking awfully smug and pleased with himself, “Creevey, Micah” who went into Gryffindor and “Dunce, Caitlin” who went into Ravenclaw went by.

Soon enough the whispering started again after “Potter James” was called out. James walked confidently to the stool and placed it on his head.

Hmm… a Potter, eh? You are all made of the same brave, daring stuff. Oh yes, a lot of daring in you… you are very much like your namesake, boy. I guess you’ll have to go in GRYFFINDOR!”

Cheers hit the enchanted ceiling with a bang from the Gryffindor table, especially from his cousins and Teddy. He caught site of Teddy – through his Head Boy badge glinting in the candlelight – who was smiling at him and decided to sit down next to him.

“I knew you would end up here.”

“I knew it too. Dad says I’m so much like Grandpa Potter for me not to be a Gryffindor. Al is the one to worry about,” the boys laughed a little bit before realising “Weasley, Roxanne” was called. The hat hadn’t even sat on his head before loudly saying “Oh, another Weasley. GRYFFINDOR!” the whole room burst into laughter as Roxie sat down opposite James and next to her brother. The older brother openly smiled at Roxie and acknowledged her with a look saying ‘well done, sis’.

For the first time that night, James caught sight of the staff table and saw right in the middle of it sat on top of an intricately carved chair was Hagrid. He had not realised that one of his father’s best friends was the headmaster.

Lastly, the girl with the pug nose was called. “Zabini, Delilah” and she was a Slytherin.

Hagrid saw fit to stand up and speak, “Well, I guess yer all hungry now, so let’s eat!” James could see Hagrid’s eyes sparkling all the way from where he was sitting, which was considerably far from the staff table.

When his eyes darted back to his own table, he saw such an assortment of food that put even Grandma Weasley to shame. Then the desserts came and James was shocked to see his house ghost was nearly headless.

James’ eldest cousin, Victoire, was sitting in between her two brothers Dominique and Louis, and opposite James, telling him about the poltergeist – Peeves, who made fun of Pegasus and declared his undying love for Roxie’s father – was a poltergeist who wreaked havoc wherever and whenever he saw fit.

“Yeah,” said Freddie, chewing on a piece of fried chicken. “In dad’s last year, he and Uncle Fred evacuated the castle by broom and told Peeves to give the horrible Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher hell for them and he saluted them as they left. And they created a swamp right in the hallway.”

“Oi, Molly, get your head out of that book. You still have nine months left until your exams start.” Molly, who was very much like his father, Percy, was reading a book. She gave no indication that she heard anything as she silently ate her dinner, whilst her younger sister, Lucy, shook her head.

James had already learnt a lot and he hadn’t even had his first day of classes. Then the start-of-term-announcements were basically not to use magic in the corridors or grounds or to wonder off into the forbidden forest because, as the name implied, it is forbidden. Then quidditch tryouts will be held the following week, but of course, James wouldn’t be able to try out as it was still forbidden for first-years to play the game.

To put a nightcap to the evening, the whole school sung the Hogwarts song:

Hogwarts, Hogwarts, Hoggy Warty Hogwarts,
Teach us something, please,
Whether we be old and bald
Or young with scabby knees,
Our heads could do with filling
With some interesting stuff,
For now they're bare and full of air,
Dead flies and bits of fluff,
So teach us things worth knowing,
Bring back what we've forgot,
Just do your best, we'll do the rest,
And learn until our brains all rot.

Although everyone was singing, their attention was fixed on Freddie and Roxie doing their Hogwarts song in a romantic way. They danced the waltz and Roxanne almost fainted when her brother appeared to kiss him. Finally, Teddy took them up to the Gryffindor tower and let them get some much needed sleep.

∞ ∞ ∞

Theodore Remus Lupin, otherwise known as Teddy, was walking alongside the Head Girl, Amanda Amaryllis, making their way to the headmaster’s office. He had been told in his letter that announced he was Head Boy that he should make his way to the headmaster’s office after dropping off the first years to their common room. Meeting Amanda was quite lucky, since she was in Hufflepuff, and so they went off together.

“What do you think Hagrid wants?” Teddy was jolted out of his reverie.

“Oh, probably just the formalities. Why? What do you think?”

“I don’t know. That’s why I asked.”

“Well it should be over pretty soon. I have somewhere I need to be.”

“Is it – no, no, never mind.” Teddy knew what Amanda was thinking and of course she was right. It had become a sort of tradition to do this at the start of term every year since he came here.

The pair found the stone gargoyle and said “Albus” in unison. When the spiralling stopped, Teddy opened the door to see Hagrid feeding Fang some dog biscuits.

“Good evening, you two. Take a seat,” he motioned to a single squishy armchair. The seventh years looked perplexed at each other then Teddy sat Amanda down before sitting himself down on an arm.

“Righ’ well. Let’s get down ter business. Firs’ly yeh get a choice whether or not yeh want ter have yer own dormitory an’ common room.” He looked expectantly down at them, waiting for a response.

The two of them considered their options, glancing at each other at times. Then they finally came to a decision.

“We like our common rooms better.” Teddy stated as if reading Amanda’s mind.

“Yeah, with our friends,” Amanda said, nodding.

“I thought yeh’d say tha’. Well now… Congratulations are in order. But now I have ter tell yeh what new thing yeh have ter do.

“You will be able ter do special occasions like Balls. Yeh’ll be in charge o’ decorations for Halloween an’ Christmas, as yeh probably have guessed.

Apart from tha’ yeh’ll jus’ have ter do yer rounds every Thursday night. I guess now the two o’ yeh can go.” they both got up and Teddy opened the door for Amanda and just as he went through, Hagrid called his name. “Teddy. Don’t be too late, this time,” he took the wink as a goodbye.

By the time he stepped out of the office and into the corridor, he saw no sign of Amanda anywhere and figured she must have gone back to her common room. He found a flight of stairs and went down it. All these thoughts seemed to buzz around in his head and he had to get to the graveyard and let them out. Before he knew it, he was outside, looking at that crescent moon. His feet carried him all the way to his parents’ graves and immediately, he sat down on the cool grass.

“Good evening, mum and dad. I have so much to tell you that it’ll take a while. Firstly, grandma says hello to you both and she loves you, too. She wants to stop by here and visit you too, but right now she’s been quite busy with work. Uncle Harry has been getting injured more and more lately. I guess they’re still getting dangerous missions after all.

“You’ll be proud to know that I’ve been made Head Boy, or I should say you’ll be proud, dad. I’m not too sure about you, mum. I’ve known the Head Girl, Amanda Amaryllis, since my first year. She’s in Hufflepuff, like you, mum. I don’t think you’d like her very much, though… she’s a little too normal.

“I don’t like her that much. I mean she’s nice enough, but I like someone else and I’m not quite ready to let it out, just yet.”

“I think you’ll be particularly happy about this, dad,” he turned towards his father’s grave, “because you were a prefect, but you never managed to become the Head Boy. I’m really glad I’ve done something that neither of you have done.

“Do you remember when I came here in fifth year and got really angry at you, dad? I was being compared to you so much, like ‘you managed to become a prefect! Your father was a prefect. It suits you so much when you look like your father.’ It was really bad because both grandma and Uncle Harry told me what you did; how you kept leaving mum when she needed you. I hated you then.” Teddy wiped a stray tear that leaked from his left eye.

“Why did you have to die?!” he shouted. “I need my father right now and I need my mother! I have my grandma and a second family to me through Uncle Harry and the Weasleys, but I still need you.” For a moment, he gathered his breath and continued.

“I’m sorry. I just want more than just the feeling of your presence. I’m happy. I really am and thank you for helping to create such a good world for me.” He thought for a moment before speaking again.

“Mum? Dad?” he waited, as if expecting a reply. “Did all the houses really unite? I mean in the War against Voldemort. It’s just that the Sorting Hat said that in his song today. I suppose it’s because this is James’ first year in Hogwarts and the Hat wanted to let him know what his parents helped create. I also think it tried to tell me that about mine, too,” he sighed as he fell back against the grass. After a while of lying there, he decided it was time to head back inside.

He sat back up and spoke, “I think I’ll go back now. I love you both. Good night.” When he glanced back from the oak front doors, he thought for a fleeting second he saw his parents holding hands. Satisfied, he made his way to his dormitory.

So? How was it? Feedback is in the link in the siggy

check out my fics: Beyond the skies and feedback here, Beyond Reach and feedback here, A Heart's Treasure - one shots and feedback here my sequel Forever Charmed and feedback here and my other next gen fic Setting the Example and feedback here check out these people's fics: celtmama , blue_rose, Beki14, IMissPadfoot, ASM , blue3ski, remusfan, sheilajsn, blood_river, Scamantha, Psyche3, marianna58, baseballblondie, scd, marauderfan, Melaszka, PotterLove07, Fury, Pollux_Black, styphon and USNAGator91. I'm THE Clown of IBP, KEBA, DWW + BLD.

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