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The Naming of Al

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The Naming of Al

This is a very short, very fluffy, vignette about the naming of Harry's second son.

Characters: Harry/Ginny
Rating: G
Genre: Drama, humour. Fluffy!

Disclaimer: These are not my characters, this is not my magical world: all the credit and the thanks goes to JK Rowling.

The Naming of Al

“Albus Severus?” said Ginny. “Darling, are you completely off your rocker?”

Harry blinked, owlishly.

“I think it’s rather good,” he said mildly. “In fact, I think I was positively inspired.”

“No son of mine is being called Albus Severus,” said Ginny firmly.

“I think it sounds distinguished,” said Harry.

Ginny spluttered. “Distinguished?! For one thing, there are too many s's. Albus Severus sounds too … sibilant, somehow. For another thing, we'd be calling our child after not just one Hogwarts headmaster but two and when the poor darling eventually goes to Hogwarts he'll have the life teased out of him. Honestly, Harry, think about it.”

Harry put one hand gently on the bump underneath her nightgown.

“I’ve thought,” he said. “And I believe I could make you open to persuasion.”

“Oh, could you now? Going to Confund me, are you? Because that’s the only way you’re going to persuade me, Mr Senior Auror.”

But Ginny sounded more amused than annoyed.

Harry yawned and stretched out beside her, still dressed in his office robes and twirling his wine glass in his right hand while with his left he caressed his wife‘s huge belly. Ginny, being eight months pregnant, was not partaking of any of Kreacher’s best elf-wine.

“Gin,” said Harry, in his most persuasive tone, “I would really like to do this.”

“I know you would,” said Ginny, “and okay, Harry, Albus is just about tolerable, it’s the Severus I baulk at."

“Why?" Harry asked gently.

“Because," said Ginny.

He looked at her quizzically.

Ginny sighed. “Harry … look, I know he was an incredibly brave man, acting as a double agent all those years and taking such huge risks, which eventually cost him his life … and I do think it's terribly sad, that whole thing about him and your mother. Terribly, terribly sad. Poor guy … what a waste, really, what an awful waste. But the most I can remember of him was what an utter git he seemed to be when he was Headmaster that year. Of course I realise the truth now: it was all an act, he had to behave that way ... and I'm sure that year could have been even worse than it was, what with the Carrows let loose on the school ... beating Neville up ... torturing poor Mike ..."

She shuddered at the memory. Harry squeezed her shoulder, comfortingly. She smiled at him, and placed her hand over his.

"Of course I can see now that Snape probably restrained them from doing even more ghastly things," she resumed. "I remember how puzzled Nev, Luna and I were when he caught us trying to nick the Gryffindor sword — puzzled that our punishment wasn't worse ..."

"You were so brave to attempt that, love," Harry murmured.

"Oh, we were trying to be like the Golden Trio," Ginny laughed. "You, Ron and Hermione were our role models! Anyway ... there we were, caught red-handed in the Headmaster's office, after Luna had cracked the code ... Dumbledore was the password; I suppose that should have given us a clue as to why Snape had made it so easy to get in but we didn't really have time to think about how odd that was ... Anyway, Snape caught us in the act, and he was ... well, he was quite frightening, Harry. Ice-cold rage is how I'd best describe it."

"Oh, yeah," said Harry wryly. "I can just imagine."

"Of course I can understand now why Snape behaved like that," said Ginny. "He Who Can Be Named was watching his every move. How would it have looked to the Death Eaters, if he'd been seen to be lenient to Harry Potter's girlfriend and chums, for Circe's sake? Anyhow, the three of us were terrified he'd Crucio us, or call the Carrows to his office to do the job. Nev stood up to him though. I ... well, I gave him a bit of cheek."

She grinned sheepishly at the memory, and Harry chuckled. Then she became pensive again.

"But there was no threat of the Carrows, no torture. Our punishment was to go into the Forest, with Hagrid. 'Some punishment', Nev hissed at me."

"Just so," Harry agreed. "Snape never intended any harm to come to the three of you."

"I know that," said Ginny. "Now."

She gazed at her husband.

"But I don't have the feelings that you do, Harry. You can't expect me to. You and Snape shared a connection — if only through your mum, but that's quite a connection. And you've moved on ... somehow you've been able to forgive him, because he did protect you all those years. All I can remember of Snape is what a scary, snarky git he was. And I'm not sure I'm prepared to have any child of mine named after a scary, snarky git. 'Albus' is different — Professor Dumbledore was like a father to you, and I quite like the name.”

“Of course I hadn’t forgotten what a snarky git Snape could be,” said Harry, laughing. “Great Odin, he was unbelievable at times. That time he deliberately smashed one of my potions! That was after the disaster of those Occlumency lessons. And it wasn’t just an act either, the way he acted towards me. It would be easy to say he singled me out because he had to badmouth me in front of the Death Eaters’ kids. There is a lot of truth in that, of course.”

Ginny raised her eyebrows.

“Yes, but there was more to it than that,” she said frankly. “I guess that every time he had to interact with you it was your father he saw, and even though he was acting all the time to protect you, that was something he couldn’t get past or deal with. At all.”

"No, he couldn’t," said Harry quietly. “Poor Professor Snape.”

They both fell silent. Ginny settled herself more comfortably into her pillows, while Harry began to massage her swollen tummy, very gently.

"Gin—" Harry’s voice was low. “Gin … I never got the chance to thank him for saving me. This would be my way of honouring him. He deserves that. While he was alive, nobody on our side ever acknowledged what he did to work against Voldemort, none of us ever thanked him. The guy died thinking we all hated him. But it was all down to Snape, in the end. Without those crucial memories he chose to pass onto me … all would have been lost.”

Ginny considered.

“I do see what you're saying, Harry. And opinion on him is still so divided, even after all these years, even after you helped to clear his name; he does deserve to be honoured, I agree. I just hadn’t banked on one of our sons being called after him!”

“So, you’ll agree?” said Harry, sliding an arm around her and laying his head on her shoulder.

“I could come round to it,” said Ginny. “Just give me time. After all, we can always shorten his name to Al. Al Severus sounds quite nice, really.”

Harry smiled and kissed her hair. Ginny made a contented purring noise in her throat and snuggled against him.

“I love you,” she said.

“Yeah, so do I,” said Harry, which made her giggle.

Then she tipped her face up for a kiss. Harry obliged.

“It’s not long now,” he murmured. “Not long now before our second son makes his entry into the world.”


If you enjoyed reading this, feel free to leave any feedback
right here.


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