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Past the Point of No Return

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Past the Point of No Return

A/N: Okay I've been working on this story for the past month and I've been debating to post it here or not. I finally decided to post it, so I hope you all like it. For those who are reading my other FF, Stillness of a Night (Remake), don't worry I'm working on the next chapter as well. I hope you all like this, because its been bothering me for a while!

Summary: Audrina Jonstone is entering her seventh year at Hogwarts and everything is different. This meek, quiet pureblood princess is now facing her toughest challenge. She is stuck between what she believes and what her family wants her to believe. Now facing disownment, Audrina must become the very definition of the Perfect Pureblood Girl. Audrina is already having a hard time, but will she be able to remain calm and collected when her enemy, Regulus Black, enters the equation. Dark and difficult times lie ahead, will Audrina survive?


Survival, is first and foremost the most important thing. Survival is a natural instint that only a select few possess. Survival is something you must do if you are thrust into the world of high-society Purebloods. Survival was the only thing going through Audrina's mind as she looked from the balcony of her bedroom as she stared down at the party that was happening before her. She stood there still in her light bathrobe, her long curly black hair falling around her shoulders. She should be dressed and groomed. She should be down at the party, playing the role of the perfect daughter, entertaining her parents guests. But that is something that Audrina wished she didn't have to do.

A loud knock made the young woman jump and before she could reply, a tall woman stormed into the room. The woman's face was clenched in an unflattering way as she stormed towards Audrina, "Why aren't you ready? This is your party, and you have the edacity to be here in your nightgown? These people are here for you, and you have no manners to make an appearance?" Her mother screached as she grabbed Audrina upper arm roughly and dragged her away from the balcony.

"I was getting ready!" Audrina quickly defended her voice just barely higher than a whisper.

Her mother growled in response, throwing Audrina towards her bed. "You will be down in the garden in fifteen minutes. If you are not, you'll know my wrath!" Her mother ordered before leaving the room and slamming the door behind her.

Audrina frowned as she slowly stood up. She grumbled softly as she headed towards her wardrobe, pulling out her royal blue dress robe. She placed the silky dress on, zipping it up. She examined her reflection, as she combed her hair with her fingers.

She was very attractive, though most of the time she didn't think so. Her hair was thick black curls that fell down to the middle of her back. Her bright blue-green eyes showed through short pieces of hair that hung around her cream colored face. She was about average height and on the slender side. The halter blue dress she wore showed off her subtle curves very nicely, and the strapped heals that she chose to go with the dress shaped her legs nicely.

With a final sigh, she slipped out of her room and headed down the grand staircase. When she descended the final step, her family's house elf was opening the door to a late arrival. Audrina inwardly groaned as she watched the Black family stepped into the Entrance Hall. She didn't mind Mr. and Mrs. Black it was their arrogant youngest son, Regulus Black who annoyed her.

Taking a long sigh, she placed a sweet and angelic smile on her face as she walked towards the esteemed pureblood family. "Mr. and Mrs. Black how lovely it is to see you. I'm so happy that you could make it!" She declared.

Mrs. Black threw her cloak at the poor house elf, and turned her stern silver gaze towards Audrina. "Hello dear. I quite disappointed with your help. We were kept waiting before your house elf to come to the door and let us in." She commented.

Audrina's smile didn't falter, and she nodded, "I'm terribly sorry about that, she will be severly punished for her negligence. Will you all follow me, the party is in the garden."

Mr. and Mrs Black nodded, but walked ahead of Audrina towards the garden. She frowned as she felt Regulus' eyes on her back as she walked towards the garden. She turned to glance behind her with a raised eyebrow, "Coming?" She asked with obvious contempt.

A small smirk appeared on Regulus' arrogant face, "Well its a pleasure to see you too." He commented.

"I never said it was a pleasure to see you." She replied quickly, "I would rather kiss a goblin than to see you."

Regulus's face distorted in discust as he stormed towards her, grabbing her arm and pulled her towards him, "You should be a little nicer to me, I can make your life a living Hell." He hissed quietly, making sure that no one from the party could see them.

Audrina glared up at him. She hated the fact that he was taller than her, that he was so intimidating, but she kept her ground as she shrugged him off, "What more can you do to me? I've been through hell and back, nothing you can do can make my life worst Black." She retorted pushing him away from her.

"Don't push me, Jonstone." Regulus growled.

"I believe I just did." She added before quickly exiting to the garden. She knew that if she had stayed longer she new that wands would be drawn and she couldn't afford to get in any more trouble.

She was greeted by the cool air of the night and the sight of her parents' friends and their families. Her mother gave her an approving nod and her father smiled softly before returning to the conversation he was having.

Audrina made her way to the refreshments, and served herself a glass of punch. She downed the drink quickly, knowing by now the punch was spiked by something. When she served herself her second drink she was soon joined by giggling blonde-haired twins. "There you are!" One declared.

"Silly where have you been?" The other giggled.

Audrina refrained from rolling her eyes as she smiled at her so-called friends, "Sarah, Samantha how are you." She declared with false cheeriness.

Sarah shook her perfect wavy red hair, "We're good. But where were you, we were so bored."

"Though you two could entertain yourselves. Seeing that you are inseperable." Audrina replied.

The twins rolled their eyes, "Yes we are, but come on. Who can entertain themselves with this crowd." Samantha declared.

Audrina looked around, Samantha was right the party was mostly adults. She sighed softly slowly sipping her drink. "Though, I wouldn't mind being entertained by him." Sarah giggled.

Audrina followed Sarah's gaze and groaned seeing that Sarah was looking at Regulus. "Go on, and flirt with the bugger." She ordered softly, just wanting the twins to leave her alone.

The Twins giggled in unison and skipped off towards Regulus. Audrina shook her head and rolled her eyes. She finished her drink and walked through the crowd. She paused every now and then to talk to people she knew, knowing her mother would lecture her on not being social. The party was slowly becoming more boring then ever and Audrina was desperate for an excuse to slip away.

She slowly started to walk along the garden path, wondering away from the party. She knew her mother would yell but at the moment she could care less. She slipped into the maze, rubbing her arms in a small attempt to warm herself up. "Shouldn't wonder around alone?" A voice declared as she made her way further in a maze. It came from all directions, surrounding her sending a chill down her back.

She looked around, frowning when she didn't see anyone. She slowly slipped her wand out as she continued on her was, "Turn right" The voice ordered softly.

She looked in the direction she was ordered to follow, and she raised an eyebrow. She knew the maze by heart, and knew if she would eventually reach a dead end. But curiousity took over, and she turned right. She slowly walked along, tracing her fingers along the soft leave-walls. "Left"

She turned left and was surprised to see a small clearing. She walked further into the clearing, "Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy birthday dear Rina, Happy Birthday to you." The voice sung as it slowly came from one spot, behind her. She felt strong arms slowly slip around her waist and a warm body pressed against her back.

She tried to pull away but they wouldn't let her, "Who are you?" She asked as she tried to look over her shoulder, only seeing a shadow cast over a male face.

"Audrina Rose?" Her mother screached from a distance, "Come here now!"

The male kissed Audrina on the neck softly before pulling away. "Guess you'll never know." He smirked before apparating away.

Audrina stared at the empty space where he stood, opened mouth not exactly sure what happened. Her mother continued to yell for her in the distance but Audrina stayed where she was.

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Re: Pass the Point of No Return

A/N: Okay, so sorry for the non-existence lately but school has been hectic. Graduation is coming up and I have so much to do... Anyways here is the next post, hope ya'll like it

Chapter 1:

The Clock is Ticking

Life is coming to a complete stop, well at least in Audrina's mind. Sitting, heavily, on her ring finger was the emerald engagement ring she received as a birthday present and her only wish was to remove it forever. But like a plague and a curse it sat there, torturing her to no end. After her final school year she'll become the future Mrs. Black and that thought made her sick. Will she be like the current Mrs. Black, shrewd, arrogant, mean? How could she spend the rest of her life with Regulus? How could her parents be so cruel?

The answers were clear to her, and she hated them. This engagement was a result of being a pureblood at her stature, having to do things she did not want to do and ending up exactly like her parents. A small, quiet hoot brought Audrina slowly out of her sad thoughts. Sitting on her window seal was a small brown owl, holding up a small note addressed to her. She slowly stood up and untied it off its leg. She stared at her name, elegantly written on the thick parchment paper. "AUDRINA GET DOWN HERE!" Her mother's voice attacked her ears brutally causing her to toss the letter on her desk as she rushed out of her room.

"Yes mother?" Audrina meekly asked knowing that her mother would not take to witty remarks that currently flowed through her head.

"Your School letter has arrived; do you think you can handle shopping on your own?" Her mother declared, handing an already opened letter.

Audrina took the letter slowly and scanned through its contents. She had made a seventh year prefect but not head girl like she had hoped. Her gaze moved back to her mother and she slowly nodded in response. "Good. I will be at the Blacks' home, and won't be back till late. I will try to send your Fiancé along to help you carry your things." She added.

Audrina openly cringed at the sound of Fiancé, but luckily her mother did not notice it. Audrina dressed quickly, and grabbed her purse. She figured that if she finished her shopping quickly she wouldn't have to do deal with Regulus. Snatching her cloak from her house elf, she slipped into the chimney and floo-ed to the Cauldron. She gave a small nod towards Tom, brushing off the soot, and headed to the back. She quickly tapped her wand on the Brick wall and before her eyes the Alley appeared.

A small smile appeared on her expression; Diagon Alley has always managed to make her happy even in the more dire situations. Pulling out her letter, she scanned through the books she would need as she walked towards Flourish and Blotts. The small clerk gave her a small smile, taking the letter to find the books she needed. The bell of the store rang and Audrina turned to see Samantha and Sarah walk in. Samantha gave Audrina a warm smile but Sarah did not. Of course Sarah hasn't been very happy sense Audrina's birthday, when the engagement was announced. For years, Sarah has had her eyes set on Regulus as a potential husband but Audrina's family beat her to it. "Rina, why don't you look wonderful. Glowing because of your upcoming wedding perhaps?" Samantha asked through giggles.

Audrina rolled her eyes, "It’s not till next summer, so I have a year to find a way to break it." She replied.

Sarah glared, "You should be happy."

"Well I'm not." Audrina snapped as she accepted her books ignoring the glare she received from Sarah. "I would have thought you, of all people, would be happy to agree to help me but sadly you're not." She added.

Sarah tucked a loose blonde hair out of her eyes, "I want Reggie happy, and with you he is."

Audrina rolled her eyes, "He would be happy with anyone who wears a skirt." She retorted before storming out of the store, slamming the door behind her so she wouldn't here Sarah's usual remarks. She still did not know why she even hung out with her. Samantha and Sarah, as twins, are inseparable but Audrina would much rather spend time with Samantha than Sarah. But she couldn't concentrate on that at the moment.

Quickly crossing the street, Audrina entered Madam Malkin's Robes for all Occasions and paused to take a good look around. She gave her order to one of the clerks and set her books down as she waited. Her eyes looked around, eyeing all the different dress robes. She picked up a pale green one that had caught her eye, and smiled. "That would look great one you?" A presence behind her commented. Its voice made Audrina shivered. She turned around and frowned at Regulus.

"What are you doing here?"

"Doing what your mother asked, making sure that no one messes with you. Don't want your reputation compromised do you?" He commented with his usual smirk.

"Bloody hell, I was hoping to get done before you got here." She hissed.

"Well you didn't." Regulus replied and took the dress out of her hands, "Want me to buy this for you."

"No." She snapped snatching the dress back and placed it back on the rack. She brushed, roughly, past him and grabbed her school robes from the clerk. She quickly paid and headed out of the shop. Regulus followed behind, easily keeping up with her.

"Why are you so mad, sweetie?" He asked mockingly knowing it would only annoy Audrina.

"Go away." She growled readjusting her parcels.


Audrina clenched her jaw as she made her way back to the Cauldron, "Black, I agreed to the bloody marriage but all I ask is for you to leave me alone until I collect my thoughts." She whispered only to him so no one else in the pub could here. Like she needed were rumors that she refused Regulus.

Regulus silver eyes scanned over her face and he sighed. He held up his hands in defeat, and took a step back. "See you in school." He muttered as he turned and left the pub.

Audrina gave a small sigh before floo-ing back to her home. Giving her parcels to the elf, she rushed up to her room, slamming the door behind her. She sat at her desk, fuming. She had no idea what she was going to do. She rubbed her head and noticed her letter almost forgetting that she hadn't open it yet. She took a deep breath and broke the seal. Heavily scented rose petals fell out, and her heart stopped. This wasn't first time she received a letter from an unknown admirer. They started the day after her birthday and she figured that they were from the mysterious man from her maze. She only wished she got the chance to see his identity. With another deep breath to calm her giddy nerves, she read:

Dearest Rina,

Hope you are well since the last time I wrote. I was amused at your last response. So eager to find out whom I am. Sadly the revealing of my identity will have to wait. But I will leave you with this:

But soft! What light through yonder window breaks?
It is the East, and dear Rina is the sun!
Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon,
Who is already sick and pale with grief
That thou her maid art far more fair than she.

I do hope your Fiancé is happy with knowing that your affections only belong to me. The clock is ticking, are you willing to do what you must for your happiness?

With love,

Forever yours...

Audrina reread the letter, sad it was one of his shorter ones. She knew that responding, or even reading these letters was against all the rules. Her behavior with this admirer, even though as insignificant as it is, was very rude towards Regulus but she couldn't stop. This admirer gave her what she needed. He gave her rebellion, passion and well... freedom. She hoped that this little secret that she kept close to her heart will not be her downfall in the end. Like the letter said, the Clock was ticking.

A/N: Hope you enjoy, and please leave feedback


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Re: Past the Point of No Return

a/n: Thank you everyone whose given feedback.... It means a lot! Here is the next Chapter

Chapter 2:

The Bond of Sisters

Sarah McJames has always gotten her way in everything. She is apart of a very elite group of Slytherin girls. For years she believed that she had the one and the only Mr. Regulus Black wrapped around her finger. That all changed when the announcement of the engagement between Regulus and her closest friend was declared. Sarah, of course, kept a calm composure though she was fuming on the inside. At the end of the day, she figured that the engagement would be over within a week and she can still persue her dream of becoming Mrs. Sarah Black.

Accept... it wasn't. Audrina and Regulus were still together and appeared on the Hogwarts Express together, looking like the world's happiest couple. That thought alone made Sarah's blood boil. How could Reggie choose Audrina over her? How could he ignore the past two years? Well if Reggie wants to cast her aside like she was nothing, he has another thing coming because Sarah was a force to be reckon with. And she always gets what she wants.

Sarah sat in their usual compartment across from Audrina who was nodding off, leaning against Regulus for support. Sarah's brown eyes darted between the two, looking more and more disgusted. In her mind, a plan was forming. Though she still was unsure whether or not she should go through it. Audrina, after all, was first and foremost her friend. Sarah cared for her, though she didn't usually showed it.

But it was Regulus, and he's all she ever wanted and more. Sarah was at a crossroads. Should she choose to fight for what she wanted, and might lose her friend forever or should she choose to sit and watch her dream happen for that friend. But when Regulus kissed the top of a slumbering Audrina's head, Sarah's decision was made... out of pure jealously, which was her greatest weakness. Reggie was hers and hers alone. No one, not even a friend was going to stand in the way.

Sarah cleared her throat and stood up. "Sam, can we talk for a second." She declared to her twin.

Samantha gave a small sigh and nodded, standing up. Sarah led her out of the compartment and down the corridor until they found an empty compartment. Sarah closed the door and make sure that no one was around to spy on them. "Sam I need your help."

Samantha rubbed her eyes and looked at Sarah, "With what?"

"Breaking up Rina and Reggie."

Samantha let out a small groan and gave her sister an 'are you kidding' look. "Sarah, I thought you were over him. He's moved on, you should too."

"No!" Sarah snapped, "He hasn't moved on. He's just doing what his parents tell him. Why is Rina a better match than I? What does she have that I don't?"

"Apparently she has a better family connection." Samantha replied not sounding very amused. "Sarah, move on and find someone else. Reggie is not worth all this drama you're about to cause."

"He is too."

"No... no he's not. Sarah you're gonna lose everything if you do this." Samantha declared fully ready to give her twin a lecture.

Sarah paused a moment while a small evil smirk appeared on her beautiful face. "No I won't... not unless you help me."

Samantha frowned further, "Help you? Why should I?"

"Because you're first my sister, my twin and I've done nothing but help you with whatever you wanted. You cannot put Audrina before me. You will help me." Sarah replied standing before her twin.

Samantha frowned, now she didn't know what she should do. Audrina was a good friend, but Sarah was right family does come first. With a deep sigh, "What do you want me to do?"


Audrina yawned when Regulus woke her up, "We're here already?" She whispered still completely exhausted. Sleep, lately, hasn't been coming easy.

"Yea, everyone has left already." Reggie replied.

Audrina rubbed her eyes, "And you didn't?" She asked.

Reggie shook his head, and his raven locks fell over his silver eyes. "Nope, thought I should wake you. Come on, before we miss all the carriages." He commented, standing up and holding out his hand for her.

Audrina hesitated before taking his hand. Keeping her word to her mother, she was trying to give Reggie a chance. All morning, when he had arrived at her home to take her to platform 9 and 3/4, he had been... well not himself. At least not the Reggie she knew all too well. No arrogant comments, no groping, nothing disrespectful has coming out of his mouth. She wondered how long it will last. She hoped that the end of this change wasn't in sight.

Regulus took her hand and led her out of the compartment, heading towards where the carriages were waiting. With one swift move, Regulus helped her in and took a seat next to her. Audrina, unwillingly, let out a small shiver not use to the night's cool air. Reggie quickly wrapped his arms around her, and pulled her close, trying to warm her up. "You okay?" he asked whispering in her ear.

Audrina nodded, "Yea, I'm fine. Just tired."

Reggie nodded and rubbed her forearm. The carriage came to a stop and he helped her out. Taking her hand, they walked to the Great Hall taking a seat at the Slytherin table. Samantha spotted them and took the empty seat next to Audrina. "Hey, seems you two are getting along."

Audrina playfully rolled her eyes, "Yea a little."

"That's good. Sarah is a bit upset but she'll get over it. She said she was sorry but right now she can't deal with it." Samantha explained.

"She should be." Reggie interrupted.

Audrina rolled her eyes again, not so playfully, "Be nice."

Reggie shook his head, "Why? I told her that this was happening. So she knew and she still is acting like a brat."

"And you were being so good and sweet earlier; guess that's all over now." Audrina muttered.

"I'm just telling the truth."

"Don't have to be so harsh about it, she's my twin after all." Samantha retorted.

"And my friend." Audrina added.

"Well not a very good one." Reggie replied, "Sorry but she's making more dram than there should be."

Audrina, for once, agreed with Regulus. Sarah now refuses to talk to her, and though none of this is Audrina's fault Sarah still blamed her. She gave Reggie's hand a squeeze before looking at the First years about to be sorted.


Audrina led the new Slytherin first years through the quickest route to the Slytherin common room. She ignored the flirty comments that she usually expected from Reggie as she opened the portrait into the common room. Relief overcame her when she finished showing them all around. Taking a seat by the fire she closed her eyes and relaxed.

Unfortunately a hoot brought her out of her relaxed state. Taking the letter she recieved she shooed the owl away. Breaking the seal, she was was greeted by the all too familiar sent of roses.

Dearest Rina,

I hope you're school year is going well. You looked absolutely beautiful in your little uniform. Green and Silver are your colors. But it was sickening to see you with young Mr. Black. I couldn't believe that you allowed him to have his arm around your waist. But I ignored it because I know that you belong to me and only me...

With the deepest love,

Yours only

The letter sent a small cold chill down her back. This letter was slightly different than the rest. It didn't make her feel special or cared for. More like she was a possession to be had. "Hey, Rina you okay?" Regulus asked as he walked in with his friends.

Audrina quickly folded the letter and hid it among her robes. "Yea fine." She replied with an uneasy smile.

Regulus returned her smile, warmer than hers had been. "Ready to party?" He asked.

Audrina laughed, "Just have to change out of these clothes." she replied heading towards her dormitory.

Reggie smirked softly, "Wear something that will make me the most envious guy in the house." He added as she headed up the stairs. But neither Audrina nor Regulus noticed the glare they received from one of Regulus's friends, Zakari Ramone.

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Re: Past the Point of No Return

A/n: Thanks for all the feedback you guys... it truly means a lot. Here's the next chapter

Chapter Three

Trying to Defy Gravity

Getting back into the normal school schedule didn't take Audrina long. All her NEWT classes had her busy, and her parents kept sending daily check-ins to make sure she was being nice to Reggie. Regulus seemed to be trying his best to make good of the situation. Surprisingly, Reggie and Audrina have been spending more time together.

Audrina quickly exited the library, flipping through her potions book. She knew Slughorn was going to give a small exam soon and she was barely ready. "Rina." Someone called causing her to look up and turn around.

A smile appeared on her face, "Hey Zakari." She laughed. Zakari, who was on of Reggie's friends and the only one of them that Audrina could stand being around. His blonde hair shimmered softly against the light of the corridor and his blue eyes lit up with amusement.

"Where are you heading?" He asked.

"Um, to the new Defense against the Dark Arts Professor's office, she wants to see me." She replied as she readjusted her book bag on her shoulder.


"Wants to talk to me about my paper." She sighed. She was nervous about meeting Professor. For the past six years, never once had her teachers had something bad to say about her work. She had always done well, even in stressed situations.

"I'm sure she's going to praise you about it." Zakari encouraged giving her a friendly smile.

Audrina shrugged, "Only one way to find out."

Zakari laughed, "Well I'll be in the Great Hall if you need comforting." He added giving her a wink and walked past her.

Audrina paused as she watched him leave. Shaking her head in amusement, she continued on her way. The Professor's door was unlocked when Audrina walked in. The red-haired beauty, also known as Professor Renolds, stood on a ladder reaching for a book on her high shelf. "Um professor?" Audrina coughed.

Professor Renolds looked down with her dark blue eyes and smiled, "Hello Ms. Jonstone." She replied as she lowered herself to the ground.

"You wanted to see me?"

"Yes," Renolds responded as she walked to her desk. "Yes, about you paper about werewolves."

"Was it bad?"

"No...Well..." Renolds started, "It was unbelievably well written. I mean I felt like I was reading more of a story than an informative essay."

Audrina took a seat, allowing her hair fall over her face, covering her reddening cheeks. "Thanks..."

"Your welcome. But sadly, as well written as it was it had very little required information." Renolds continued.

Audrina cringed, knowing that she deserved this lecture but this was new to her. She had spent the night before the paper was due writing it half asleep. "Sorry."

"No, it's okay, all the students in your class did the same thing but yours was far better than everyone's" Renolds smiled.

Audrina let out a small sigh of relief, "Thanks."

"But the real reason I've asked you here is because of your career choice. During your OWLs you decided to take a small ministry job." Renolds sighed leaning against her desk, looking straight at Audrina.

Raising an eyebrow, Audrina looked back at the Professor, "Yea... so?"

"So? Audrina you have a great amount of potential. Slughorn even says you have a natural instinct with potions. In my class, you are a great student who learns quickly and performs beautifully. But all you want is a small job at the ministry?" She declared pushing off her desk and started to pace.

Audrina's expression turned from confusion to annoyance. Did she really have to explain her reasoning’s for her decisions? Like she was going to tell the Professor the reason why she chooses that career was to keep her parents from blasting off her head. She figured that it wasn't wise to tell the Professor that. Instead she replied, "So..."

Professor Renolds stopped pacing and looked at her directly, "I heard about your engagement to Mr. Black."

Audrina glared, "That's none of your business."

"You're right it's none of my business." The professor replied crossing her arms over her chest. "But what is my concern is that you're giving up something others would kill to have for some boy."

Audrina in return crossed her arms over her chest, silently mocking the Professor, "Sorry but what I do with my life is for me to worry about, not you."

Renolds paused, looking Audrina over, "True but I'm going to give you a P on your Essay because of your lack of information." She added with a stern expression.


"I'm sorry, but you need to do a little better. But I do have an extra credit opportunity." The professor explained walking back to her desk picking up a thin composition notebook. "I believe that you lack incentive on your work is due to a personal problem in your life. Since you won't tell me what it is, you'll write it down in her. I won't read it... unless you want me too."

Audrina stared at the composition, flipping through the thin parchment paper, "You want me to write in a journal?"


Audrina raised an eyebrow and hid a small smirk. "Okay, if that's what you want."

Renolds smiled and nodded, "Have a nice day Ms. Jonstone. See you in class."

Audrina nodded and stood up. She slipped the composition in her book bag and slung it over her shoulder. "Bye." She muttered before quickly exiting the office.

She slowly walked down the corridor, thinking about the Professor's confrontation. She did well in almost all of her classes. She was usually one of the first ones to get a new potion or spell. Slughorn had questioned her also about the career she chooses during her fifth year, but she never really dwelled on it. Her parents had already made it clear that after graduation her responsibility was to get married, to better connect their family name with another more prominent name. She knew then that wasn't the life she wanted, but what choice did she have? Telling her parents no would lead to a painful ending... though she would be happy. Would she be happy? Doing things that she only dreamed of doing, marrying someone that she loved and who loved her back. Was that worth disownment?

Through all her intense thinking, she soon found herself in the Great hall being waved to by Reggie. Giving a small smile, she walked over and took the seat next to Reggie. "Hey, what did the new Teach want? Didn't give you a hard time, did she?" He asked.

"How do you know I was in with Renolds? Not stalking me are you? She asked.

"Zaky-kins told me."

Audrina laughed and looked over at Zakari, "Zaky-kins?"

"Shut it." Zakari retorted.

"Make me." Audrina countered through her laughter, "and no she didn't give me a hard time."

"You sure?" Cause me and Zak here could take care of her for you." Reggie smirked.

"No you have more important things to do than that." She replied.

"Like what?"

"Like beating the Gryffindors in quidditch." Audrina smirked.

"True... Reminds me I need to set up Try-outs. Rina you gonna come out?" Reggie asked.

Audrina laughed, "I haven't even played before."

Reggie's eyes went wide in disbelief, "No way. Zak we have to show her what she's missing."

Zakari nodded and smirked, "She would make a good chaser."

Reggie nodded, "What are you doing tonight?" He asked Audrina.

Before she could reply, her fellow seventh year prefect, Nicolai Ven, walked over awkwardly smiling at her. "Rina, just to remind you, we have Prefect Duty tonight."

Audrina smiled, "Thanks Nick..."

Nicolai gave a lop-sided girl and quickly walked away. Reggie watched him leave and frowned. "He did that on purpose."

Audrina smacked him in arm and rolled her eyes. "No he didn't."

"Yea he did, he likes you more than he should." Reggie retorted.

"No he doesn't."

"Reggie's right. You don't see how he drools over you. We share the same dormitory with the mate and he's disturbing." Zakari added.

Audrina frowned and glanced over at Nicolai. He was sitting at the far end of the Slytherin table with his only friend, Richard, who was a year younger than them. Nicolai was skinnier than most, with a pale complexion and dark circles under his eyes. His auburn brown hair was cut unfashionably but he was a very sweet boy, with an obsession of history. He was a great listener and a good partner, but Audrina never thought of him more than that.

She turned her gaze back to Regulus, "Be nice to him. You shouldn't worry about him."

"Oh really why?"

Audrina mimicked his signature smirk, "Because I still have your ring on." She declared in a sweet voice, showing off her engagement ring.

Reggie shook his head, not knowing how to respond to that and Zakari let out a laugh. "Wow silenced by the Fiancé. Rina, however did you do the impossible?"

"Well it took years of research and a lot of Trial and error." Audrina explained putting on her sunglasses, pretending to be a celebrity. "Please no autographs."

Zakari laughed harder and Reggie threw his rolled at Audrina. She caught it and took a bite, "Thanks Hon, how did you know I wanted one." She joked.

Reggie rolled his eyes and grabbed another. It had been a month already and she was starting to thing that maybe she underestimated Reggie and his friends, but time will tell whether what she was seeing was real or not.


Prefect duty was long and tiring, and with the fact she had a transfiguration essay to finish. She did enjoy giving a couple of Gryffindors detention. She entered the common room, finding it nearly deserted. But the chimney, waiting for her, was an owl holding up a letter. She took it and sighed. Arms wrapped around her waist which made her jump, "Hey gorgeous." Reggie said nuzzling his nose on her neck.

"You know, you're getting very bold." Audrina commented as she turned around, tucking her letter away from sight.

"I'm a very bold person." Reggie laughed, "How was prefect duty?"


"Sorry, Love." Reggie replied pulling her closer, "Ven didn't-" He started before he was interrupted by a loud cough.

Audrina looked over Reggie's shoulder to see Nicolai standing their, looking very uncomfortable. "Yea?" She asked while Reggie's grip around her tightened.

"Just saying good night." Nicolai commented in a very low, shaky voice, ignoring Reggie's glare.

"Good night, Nicolai." Audrina smiled sweetly.

Nicolai nodded slowly and walked up to his dormitory. Reggie loosened his grip, "That's what I mean. He likes you more than he should."

Audrina pulled out of his grasp and took a seat on the couch. "He was just saying good night."

Reggie took a seat next to her and ran a hand through his hair, "Yea but he could have said it earlier when you two came back from your duty thing. He had to say good night at that moment."

Audrina leaned back and gave a sigh of annoyance, "Regulus, he's a friend and nothing more. I already explained that to you."

"Yea I know."

Then Why are making such a big deal?" She asked.

Reggie sent a small glare towards her before staring at his hands, "It’s sad that you haven't realized that I actually care about you."


Reggie rolled his eyes and stood up, "Obviously you don't feel the same." He muttered.

Audrina looked at his silhouette against the light of the fire. With a sigh she stood up and stood behind him, “Don't say that. That's not true."

"It's not?" Reggie muttered with distain turning towards her. "You've spent the last six year hating me, and when you actually see who I am, I'm still not worthy."

His words hit her like blow. Had she really been that mean towards him? "I'm sorry... I have no explanation. But I do care about you... it’s just hard to show it. I mean, I have two real friends and neither of them I trust."

Reggie looked her over, "Why?"

"You've seen my parents. All they care about are getting the right connections and not about what their daughter wants." She said lowering her gaze, her hair falling over her eyes.

Reggie lifted her chin, forcing her to look at him, "I'm sorry... about that and for... well for being a jealous *******." He replied giving a small smirk.

She returned it and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Tis okay."

"Good, gonna go to bed." He added, "Care to join me. Think a midnight desert would cheer me up."

Audrina's mouth fell open and heat rose to her cheeks, "No!" She managed to say as she lightly shoved him.

"Hey," Reggie laughed, "Can't blame a guy for asking." He asked as he ran to the dormitories, dodging the pillow she threw after him.

Shaking her head and laughing, she fell on the couch, pulling her book bag towards her. Removing the letter she just received out of its hiding place, she broke the seal and read it quickly. The contents just made her more confused and worried than ever. A major part of her knew that she had to end the whole secret admirer or even tell Reggie but a small part just wanted to keep it to herself. 'Why does life have to be so complicated?' She though as she pulled out her composition and started to write.

A/N: That ends this chapter... so I hope you like it! Please give Feedback when u can.


check out my fic, Strength of a Dragon and the feedback thread
Also, please check out my fanfics, Past the Point of No Return and please leave feedback
and Ever So Tempted and please leave feedback

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Re: Past the Point of No Return

A/N: Thanks to all those who gave feedback, it means so much!

Chapter 4:

Who to Rely on?

Maybe Professor Renolds was right about the whole writing in a journal thing, it certainly helped with Audrina's nerves. Regulus was definitely amused by it, and some what pleased that Audrina didn't find everything that he did was annoying. He slowly slipped back to his arrogant ways, and Audrina didn't mind. She figured it wasn't the best idea to change someone. Makes everything tense and uncomfortable.

Sarah slowly rejoined the group, getting closer to Zakari or so it seemed. She laughed at all his jokes, even when there wasn't any to laugh at, and flirted with him constantly. If she was trying to make Regulus jealous, it wasn't working. Or Regulus wasn't showing it. Whether that was the case or not, Audrina really didn't care. This year was turning out to better than she thought...

... Or maybe not. October was rolling to an end, and the weather was getting cold. Classes became harder and the Head boy and girl seemed to be giving Audrina and Nicolai a lot of Prefect duty. Audrina spent most of her nights, roaming with Nicolai looking for anyone who could be out past curfew. They rarely found any, and if they did it was a few First years trying to prove that they could be like the older students and not get caught.

Audrina's grade in her defense class was getting better, or Audrina made sure of it. She would rather kiss a house elf before she faced another encounter with Renolds. Renolds, too much displeasure, piled on the homework. But that didn't stop anyone from having fun.

Audrina didn't try out for the quidditch team, knowing that playing quidditch wasn't her thing but watching it was perfectly fine. Regulus half forced her to come and watch the practices whenever she didn't have prefect duty. She brought her homework along with her and every now and then she would watch in amusement as Reggie ordered his fellow players to do more drills.

Shaking her head, she stood up, "Oi Black, I think you're mates has had enough. Give 'em a break." She yelled, leading against the stand wall.

Regulus on his broom looked over and smirked, his players looking hopeful that he would comply. "Yea fine. Take a break. Ten minutes though." He declared as he flew towards Audrina and landed softly next to her.

"Aw Reggie, only ten minutes? Thought you would want a little more time alone than that." She whispered seductively giving him a very sweet smile.

Regulus straightened and smirked, "Fine Fifteen minutes and no more." He barked before pulling Audrina towards him. "So you want to be alone with me, are you sure? Or is this a trick?"

Audrina held her straight face for a few minutes before laughing. "No, no trick. Kinda just thought the boys needed a major water break."

Regulus pretended to pout as he sat down, putting Audrina in his lap, "Aw, and here I was thinking you just wanted me."

"Sorry to burst your bubble." Audrina laughed kissing his forehead.

Regulus shook his head, and pulled her closer, "Could always make it up to me..."

Audrina raised an eyebrow, "Oh? How?"

"By going as a willing date to Hogsmeade with me." He replied.

"Thought I was already going with you as your fiancé."

"How about going with me as my girlfriend, not as my arranged marriage fiancé..." He explained.

Audrina shook her head and laughed, "Sure... fine... sounds like fun." She replied. Regulus gave a victorious smirk and leaned in to give a kiss but was interrupted by a quaffle hitting him in the head.

"Oi, Cap'n! No Public Display of Affection during practice!" Zakari laughed.

"It’s a break!" Reggie retorted.

Audrina slipped off his lap, shaking with laughter checking her watch. "Sadly the break is over with, its past fifteen minutes. Told you, you should have made it longer."

Regulus gave her a playful glare before mounting on his broom to join the rest of his teammates for the rest of practice. Still laughing, Audrina took a seat and pulled out her journal, started to write again.


Sarah paced furiously back and forth in front of the Slytherin Fireplace. Samantha sat on the couch watching her twin slowly become more irritable. “Really Sis, like I told you before you shouldn’t worry about it. It will give you stress wrinkles. You know what mum says…”

“Oh shut it, Samantha!” Sarah snapped. “I don’t care!”
“Yes you do.”

Sarah glared at her twin and crossed her arms over her chest, “What do you suggest I do? Just sit still while my man marries another?”


“Well I can’t do that.” Sarah declared with vigor. “Have you found anything that could be of use to me?”

Samantha sighed and for the first time ever she glared at Sarah. Never once had Sarah asked her to do something that was against her morals, never once had Sarah asked her to do something against her friends. “Sarah… I did find a couple letters…”

“Letters? What use are they to me?” Sarah asked.

“Their love letters sent to Rina, but not sent by Reggie but by someone else.” Samantha explained.

Sarah’s furious expression turned into a happy one, “Oh really? Hand them over.” She ordered.

“Sarah this is invading Rina’s privacy.”

“SO? Give them to me.”


Sarah growled and pulled out her wand, and non-verbally summoned them. Out of Samantha’s cloak that hung limply over the couch, came three letters that landed in Sarah’s extended hand. “You see Samantha, you will learn from this. When you want something… you go out and get it.” Sarah declared tucking the letters in her own cloak and walked gracefully out of the common room.

Samantha sat there, depressed and alone, unsure of what to do. She still didn’t want to betray her sister but now she has betrayed her only true friend. Life as a Slytherin is much harder than many portray.


Audrina snuggled close to Regulus as they slowly walked back to the Castle, taking their own sweet time. For once Audrina was happy with the turn of events; for once she was thinking that maybe her parents’ decisions weren't so bad. Regulus wasn't so bad; of course he was smug and arrogant at times.

Maybe she could get use to being his wife, maybe she could actually be happy hold that title. She smiled softly, looking down at the ring. It was nothing special, just a small trinket. That trinket was once thought of as a curse, a plague but now it was nice. It sat well on her finger, and she did like emeralds. "Why are you smiling?"

Audrina looked up and raised an eyebrow, "I'm not allowed to smile anymore?"

"No, didn't you read the Prophet this morning. Smiling has been banned across the nation."

Audrina laughed, "Well then I shall go to Azkaban."

"Aw, sad. That would mean I would have to break you out."

"And have a fugitive in the Black Family?" Audrina gasped jokingly, "What a scandal."

"Trust me; there are one or two fugitives and criminals in my family." Regulus frowned. Audrina narrowed her eyes, knowing he wasn't telling her something.

"What's wrong?"


Audrina frowned further, "What's wrong Regulus."

"Oh... um nothing."

Audrina pulled out of his grasp and started to walk towards the castle faster. Regulus groaned and ran to catch up with her, "What's wrong?" He asked.

"You tell me." She snapped.

"Nothing... I swear!"

Audrina narrowed her eyes, "Would you swear on my life that nothing was wrong?"

Regulus paused and looked her over. He growled in frustration and ran his hand through his hair. "Fine... but I don't want to talk about it." He muttered now it was his turn to walk ahead.

Audrina quickly caught up with him, and grabbed his arm. "Reggie, please tell me what's wrong."

Regulus looked her over, "I can't."

"And why not?"

"Because I don't want you to deal with my burden."

Audrina glared, "As sweet as that is, by next summer I will have to deal with all your problems and burdens, not matter what. For Sick, and in health. Till death do us part, remember."

Regulus growled once again, looking as if he was fighting an inner battler. His silver eyes fell on her, scanning over her face. "Don't hate me." He whispered.

She took a step closer, looking at him, "Why would I hate you?"

"Because I'm not the guy you probably think I am."

"What kind of guy is that?"

"A simply pureblood boy, who just cares about quidditch and making his parents happy." He muttered.

"And you're not that?"

"No... well yea... sorta." Reggie muttered.

"You have to explain further." Audrina whispered.

"You know my cousin Bellatrix, right..." Regulus asked.

Audrina scanned through her memory, Bellatrix had graduated in Audrina's and Reggie's fourth year. She was a popular Slytherin, with two other sisters. One was like Sirius and escaped from their Family's beliefs and the other married into the Malfoy family. "Yea... What does she have to do with this?"

"Everything. Last summer... just before your birthday, she took me to get initiated." He explained.

Audrina paused, looking up at him. "Initiated into what?" She whispered not liking where this was going.

"Into one of them..." He whispered, slowly revealing his left arm. Audrina's eyes fell on the mark that laid there. It was slightly faded, but it was still visible. Her mouth went dry and her heart stopped.

He was one of them, one of the people that have been appearing in the Daily Prophet. He was one of them who follow... you-know-who... The Dark Lord... Lord Voldemort.

A/N: That's where I'm ending it here, hope you enjoyed it.


check out my fic, Strength of a Dragon and the feedback thread
Also, please check out my fanfics, Past the Point of No Return and please leave feedback
and Ever So Tempted and please leave feedback

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Re: Past the Point of No Return

A/N: Hey Thanks to everyone who gave feedback

Chapter 5:
Walking in Darkness and Doubt.

The News Regulus had given her came as a shock. She knew that many Slytherin’s were becoming… Death Eaters but she never figured it would be someone so close to her. To Regulus’s face, she seemed fine but truly she was unsure. After that night, she did everything in her power to avoid Regulus. She engrossed herself in her school work, she asked for more prefect duty and she no longer came to quidditch practice. Regulus didn’t push her. He knew she was scared and her understood.

Her stress level rose when she found three of her letters mission. They weren’t in her trunk or her book bag. Sarah, Samantha or her other Dorm roommates said they didn’t see them, which made her more desperate. She couldn’t afford them to fall in the wrong hands. She couldn’t afford Reggie to see them. She had a feeling that if he did, he wouldn’t be pleased.

Nicolai did his best to help, though he didn’t know why she was upset. He was concerned but avoided asking her what was wrong, in fear that she would be angry if he did.

Her days were now spent in dread and despair, wondering down the corridors like the walking dead. Sleep was no longer a welcome escape because now her dreams were filled with all her fears.

It was Halloween and everyone was heading to the Feast. Audrina headed in the opposite direction, towards the courtyard. The grey, bleak weather matched her mood as she traced her fingers along the stone pillars. “Why is dear Rina sad?” A low male voice asked surrounding Audrina in the archway.

Audrina turned and looked around, finding herself alone. She rubbed her head, shaking away the chill that roamed down her back, “I’m bloody losing my mind.”

Aw, no you’re not. Your beautiful brain is still up there.

“Go away!” Audrina hissed.

“Why?” The voice asked, “You love me. Why push the one you love?”

Audrina growled, slowly getting more angry, “Why should I love a coward, a person who refuses to show their identity.”

“You like me this way. Mysterious, romantic, you told me that once long ago.”

Audrina glared into darkness, not knowing where else to look. “I don’t love you.” She yelled feeling tears coming to her eyes, “I hate you…”

“You lie.”
Audrina smirked, sensing hurt and anger in the voice, “Why would I lie to you?”

She heard a low, menacing growl before all her senses were clouded by pain. A cry escaped her lips as she fell to her knees, her body shook violently and tears fell. The pain and torture slipped away making her to look up in dark brown eyes within the shadows, “You will love me in the end, Rina, even if I have to kill you to make sure of it.” The voice declared confidently.

Audrina stared up at those cold brown eyes and gave a sinister smirk that would make Salazar Slytherin shrink in fear and replied, “I will never love you.”

That was the last thing she said before another shock wave of pain went through her body. Then, her body slowly slipped into darkness.


When Audrina woke, she found herself in the hospital wing; her head was thick and fogged. Regulus was asleep in the chair to the right of her, Samantha had her head rested on the end of the bed. Zakari was beside her on the floor with his arm wrapped around Samantha’s lower back. Audrina slowly sat up and Samantha woke up instantly. Her blue eyes lit up in concern and she shook Zakari awake, “Reggie!” She hissed throwing a pillow at him.

Reggie woke up on the impact and sat up quickly. His eyes fell on Audrina and he looked relieve. He stood up and walked towards her. “Are you okay?”

Audrina nodded, “Yea tired.”

“What happened?” Samantha asked instantly.

“I don’t know.” Audrina frowned.

“You gave us a fright when we found you in the courtyard unconscious.”

Audrina frowned further, “Sorry.”

“Don’t apologize…” Samantha started until Regulus interrupted with a cough.

“Sam why don’t you go get Madam Pomfrey.” He commented.

“I’ll go with you,” Zakari added standing up and holding out his hand. Samantha sighed in defeat and took it, following Zakari to the nurse’s office.

Audrina glanced at Reggie, feeling his gaze on her, and quickly looked away. It was nice that he was here but she didn’t know how to act around him. “Are you okay?” He asked.

She nodded, “Yea.”

“You sure?”

Audrina looked at him again, “Yes, I’m fine.”

Reggie frowned, “I mean with what I told you…”

Audrina paused, “Yea.”

“You sure?”

“Reggie!” she snapped, “Yes I’m fine. Just shocked. Please stop asking that question.”

Reggie nodded simply and looked away. Audrina took a deep breath, “Can you hand me my book bag?”

He nodded and grabbed it, tossing it to her. She reached in and pulled out her letters and her composition. After the incident in the courtyard she knew had to tell him before he found out through someone else. “I have something to tell you and you have to promise not to hate me.”

Reggie eyed the letters and the notebook, “Okay.”

“You have to read these first,” She explained handing him the letters, “I’m missing three, and then please read what I wrote in here. Madam Pomfrey is going to make me sleep again, not enough time to explain everything but the composition will. I’m sorry.”

And on queue, the nurse walked into the wing with Samantha and Zakari. Without hesitation, Audrina took the potion the nurse had given her and slipped into a dreamless sleep. “Mr. Black, Ms. McJames and Mr. Ramone I think its time for you to leave.” Pomfrey stated.

Reggie sighed tucking the letters within the composition, standing up and leading Samantha and Zakari out of the hospital. “Hope she’s okay.” Samantha whispered her voice was shaky and hoarse. Zakari wrapped his arm around her shoulder and gave her a comforting squeeze.

Reggie slowly walked ahead to the Great Hall, taking a seat at the Slytherin table, serving himself some soups. “How’s Rina?” Sarah asked as she sat down next to him.

“Go away.”


“Just leave me alone.” He snapped glaring at her.

Sarah paused before slowly standing up and moving down that table. Regulus gave her a final glare before pulling out Audrina’s composition. He pulled the letters out, untying the ribbon that held it together. He unfolded the first letter, allowing the petals to fall. It was dated the day after Audrina’s birthday and their announcement of their engagement. He leaned on his elbow, reading the words of love, affection and a slight hint of possession that was before him. He finished the first and moved to the next. He read the rest of the letters quickly, feeling anger towards Rina and towards the admirer filling up inside him. Taking Audrina’s composition, looking for an explanation she had promise him. He flipped open to the first page; Audrina’s voice filled his head as he read. Her words elegantly flowed before him, her expression of her confusion, her loneliness and for a while her happiness. The last entry was sad and tears blotched and blurred the letters and words. Audrina’s words apologizing when she couldn’t. Making Reggie feel guilty for feeling angry towards her.

Finishing her journal, he closed the book, tucking the letters away. He pushed his bowl of stew away and grabbed an apple, walking out of the Great Hall heading towards the Hospital wing. Madam Pomfrey was away in her office and did not notice Reggie enter. He took the seat next to Audrina’s bed, taking her hand, rubbing her knuckles with her thumb.


Audrina woke up once again, this time she could think and see well. Her eyes moved around until they fell on Regulus and their intertwined hands. She moved her gaze up to his silver eyes which was on her now. Her brow rose up when she spotted his usual smirk. “Did you get some sleep?” He asked.

“Yea, a little.”

“Good… Pomfrey said you could leave once you woke up and if you’re ready.” He added.

Audrina nodded and slowly sat up. She removed her and from his and slipped out the bed. She wobbled feeling dizziness overcome her, and Regulus crossed the space and caught her before she could fall. “Thanks.” She whispered.

“No problem.”

Audrina took a step backwards out of his arms, she grabbed her book bag and started out of the hospital wing. Regulus caught up with her, holding her composition in front of her, “Read it.”

Audrina stopped and looked up at him, “Already?” She asked. She thought it would take him at least a couple of days before he finished it all.

“You’ve been asleep all day.”

Audrina paused, “Oh… and?”

Regulus wrapped his arm around her shoulder and led her down the corridor, “Okay I’ll admit I was annoyed when I read the letters, especially when it said that you responded. But when I read your journal, I felt bad for being mad.”

“That rhymed,” She muttered, “You’re not mad?”


“You’re sure?”

Reggie laughed, “Yes, I’m fine.”

Audrina nodded, “I did mean to stop it. I did stop responding…”

“I know… you said that in there.” Reggie added holding up the composition, “Was the admirer the one who attacked you?”

Audrina paused before nodding, “Yea… I think so.”

“What did he do?”

“He didn’t touch me or anything. I couldn’t see him or a wand. But all of a sudden I felt a lot of pain though.”

Reggie nodded and gave her a squeeze, “He won’t come near you again, promise.”

A/N: That’s the end of this chapter, I hope you all like it! Please give some feedback.


check out my fic, Strength of a Dragon and the feedback thread
Also, please check out my fanfics, Past the Point of No Return and please leave feedback
and Ever So Tempted and please leave feedback

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