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Thora Jinks: The hourglass

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Thora Jinks: The hourglass

Thora Jinks:

By Dandinigirl13

JULY, 2010, This fic is very nearly finished, but if you've joined late, it doesn't matter =D thank you very much. BTW, I would also like to add that this was started when I was 13 years of age. I am now 15. I feel that I have grown as a writer over the last couple of years thanks to the wonderful support the reviewers have imposed! Thank you.

Note: FEB, 2008. I don't own any HP characters invented by the great J.K.Rowling! This is my first fanfi and it would be great if y'all read it and told me what you think!
Phew! Now that’s sorted, let’s get on with the story (unless I have no fan base and am completely solitary…sob.)
OK, just for the record so nobody gets confused with the time period, it’s in the marauders era! And, if you hate it, I’m sorry!

Right, here you are:

Chapter one: Flashback and friends.

Thora froze in her tracks, paralysed by fear. She covered her mouth, trying to stop her laboured breathing. It was as if a bludger had just plummeted into her stomach. She felt her limbs tremble with fear of being heard.

Voices were coming from the barn. Unfamiliar voices.

“…But…My Lord, how can you possibly expect the Ministry to - to surrender?”

It was as if all her childhood nightmares had been moulded and sculpted into reality, springing to life with such vigour that it shook her to think upon it. But she couldn’t move, she would definitely be heard…her breath appeared before her in an ivory cloud. As she peered over the haystacks she took refuge behind her breath caught in her throat:

There were six of them; all garbed in midnight black cloaks that made them appear like death itself. Six of them against one of her.

“My Lord?” came another voice, wreathed in fear of his master.

The dark lord chuckled to himself, an empty, pitiless sound that caused her to recoil in disgust. Then, for the first time, Thora heard him speak: “ If the Minister for Magic is dead, then the entire Wizarding world will be crumpled under our boots.”

Thora gasped over the jeers. They couldn’t…

Lord Voldemort raised his hand; silence befell them once more.

“I’m assuming you all recognise our guest here tonight?” he hissed dangerously, but received grins from his followers.

Thora's heart thrashed in her chest as the ‘guest’ took a step towards the Dark Lord. With a flourish, he shrugged his hood back.

Her heart dropped.

As the ebony material revealed his face, a shock of white-blond hair tumbled forth. Even now, in the utter blackness of night Thora could see the dim light reflecting in Lucius Malfoy’s grey eyes. They were like glistening sliver orbs encased in his porcelain white sockets.

“Malfoy has just begun his work at the Ministry of Magic, am I correct?”

“You are, My Lord,” Lucius answered.

“ Inevitably, the job now falls to you.”


Lucius’s face twisted into a satisfied smile, anticipating the task he was about to be set.

“Will you murder the Minister for Magic in cold blood, for the sake of the dark lord?”

“I will…”

Voldemort’s thin lips curved into a smile for a second, “Then so be it. Give me your arm, Lucius.”

Thora’s mind raced - the dark mark. She looked around the other Death Eaters and saw the intricate black lines that formed the skull and snake on their left arms. This couldn't be happening...

Lucius Malfoy... A killer? She couldn’t let it happen, her blood boiled furiously…she could feel the veins flickering angrily in her temples…

Cornelius had employed him…welcomed him…


Thora opened her eyes with a start; her head had collided with the window with an alarming thud. The Hogwarts Express grated loudly against the track. She was still alone; nobody else was in the compartment, just her and the sounds of the Hogwarts Express grating against the track. The world passed her by in a chaotic haze of colour with the sky being a usual contrast of greys, tainted with the presence of the black clouds that had started to obscure the sunlight; rain was plastered against the glass after the storm.

Thora was glad that she was still alone. She held her knees against her upper body in a tight embrace; her jeans were still blemished with grass stains that she still hadn’t cleaned. She took a bite from her corned-beef sandwich absent-mindedly, not really savouring the taste, nor remembering that she hated the taste of corned-beef anyway, after months of protesting about it to her mother.

Three raps on the compartment door roused her from thought, a plump woman stood in the doorway…wispy grey hair drawn back from her weathered face into a bun.

“Anything off the trolley, love?”

Thora’s eyes searched the stacks of chocolate hungrily, “I’m fine, thanks.” She gestured to her sandwich.

“You’d better be getting changed into your uniform. We’ll be there in around half an hour.” Then, with a smile, she closed the door. Thora turned to the shelf above her head and wrenched the trunk onto the floor, the owl in its cage hooted angrily, sporting an impressive display of curved talons.

“Sorry…” she muttered, and placed the cage back onto the shelf. She opened the trunk and rummaged through its contents, the things she had bought at Diagon Alley would probably be no use to her in a year. After all, Hogwarts was not her school. She was here to be safe. Her first year at Hogwarts and she was sixteen years old.

She extracted a pair of black robes and scrutinized them with a curious gaze, they were soft to touch…. almost like sand falling through your fingertips. There was something about the ebony colour that she did not like, the fact that they billowed outward with the breeze seeping through the open window…or the idea that if a hood was sewn onto it, it reminded her exactly of-

“Excuse me…”

Thora dropped the robes and turned with inhuman speed towards the compartment doors - her fingers flickered towards the wand in her pocket. A girl around her age was stood in front of her, brandishing a quill and notepad. She met a pair of unnaturally green eyes, and the vibrant red tresses that cascaded past her shoulders glittered with a beauty that Thora could never acheive. Brown freckles were scattered across her nose as if someone had flicked a paintbrush in her face.

“Sorry, I hope I didn’t scare you…” She began, “…I’m Lily. Lily Evans.”

“Thora Jinks.”

Lily surveyed her through her brilliant emerald eyes, “You’re new, aren’t you?” she questioned, smiling.

Thora nodded.

“Well, anyway…I’m just doing a survey between the pupils of the houses. But of course, you’re not in a house yet…” she laughed nervously, gaze darted back towards the door, “ So I’ll see you around, Thora. You can come back to my compartment if you want, I’m sure that my friends would like to meet the new students.”

Thora considered the offer, “maybe, I might come after I’ve got changed - that’s if you don’t mind?” She offered her first grin of the day.

Lily flicked back a stray strand of scarlet, “Course! I’m in the end one.” She turned to leave, but stopped in her tracks…she met Thora’s eyes once more. “Are you sure I haven’t seen you before?”

Thora’s stomach flipped over violently, she swallowed. “Pretty Sure.”

And with that, Lily was gone in a haze of auburn and black robes. Thora bent her head, her fingertips trembled, the question replayed a thousand times over in her mind:

Had she recognised me?

Right, that’s chapter one over and done with. Was it awful, or was it great? Any feedback is welcome! By the way, if you have any complaints about this fan fiction, I’ll tell my friend, Taylor. Who convinced me to post this here, is she insane, you tell me! Sorry if it's a bit short, the next one will be longer!!!!



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Re: Thora Jinks

Just to say, you're welcome to drop feedback (good or bad, just don't try to traumatise me) Here is the link to tell me what you think:

Feedbackfor Thora Jinks

Also, thanks to Clare (WandaXmaximof) for setting the link up for moi!

Fan Fiction If You're Really That Bored

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Thora Jinks - 2008/2010

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Re: Thora Jinks

OK, I Know chapter one was a bit short, so, as promised, chapter two of Thora Jinks is longer!

A massive thank you to the wonderful: Clare (wandaXmaximof), NoraLupin, Secunda and RemusJ for their fab feedback!

Also thank you to Taylor, one of my best friends for reading this chapter again for me!

I have added spaces between my paragraphs on behalf of RemusJ; so don’t shoot me because I haven’t indented! Hopefully it will be easier for you guys to read!

Right, *clears throat, * begin:

Chapter Two: 'Chocolate' can be addictive.

She had been standing there, fingers wrapped around the brass door handle, for about ten minutes. Willing herself to walk out onto the corridor, but cowardice consumed her. Had Lily said those things as a joke? ‘I’m sure my friends would like to meet new students…’ Her mind was almost saturated with Lily’s voice.

It seemed ridiculous that someone could be that kind to a passing stranger. But, then again, Lily Evans had recognised her. Thora was sure of it. She had probably only been invited because of who she was.

The idea hurt.

Everything blurred before her eyes, she blinked furiously in order to stop the tears. She just had to finish thinking about it - and him. If the plan was to work, as Albus had told her, she would have to try her best to fit in - and that meant like acting as if nothing was wrong.

She could see Dumbledore’s aged face as clearly as a photograph if she closed her eyes; she had seen so much of it over the course of August. The light always danced on the rims of his half-moon spectacles, she sometimes found herself lost in the sympathy of his electric blue eyes, thinking that they were like tiny fragments of the ocean caught between his silver eyelashes.

Old fool, she thought with a smile, finally opening the door.

Just as Thora stepped out onto the corridor she hit someone-hard. Both went flying backwards like elastic bands as if the train had suddenly stopped.
“OI! Watch where you’re going!”

“Sorry,” muttered Thora, looking up to find a pair of black eyes (almost as black as coal) staring back at her. He had greasy, raven hair plastered against his temples. Thora didn’t like the way he loomed over her like some shadow, whoever he was; she could tell she wasn’t welcome. Thora felt rooted to the spot.

“Well, are you going to move, or what?” he sneered, just so Thora caught a glimpse of crooked, yellowing teeth. She opened her mouth to retort-

“Severus?” It was Lily’s voice. Thora saw his pupils dilate before he turned round on his heel. She had just emerged from a compartment, hair blazing like a mass of golden-red flames. “Is he bothering you, Thora?” she asked. Anyone would notice the change in pitch of her voice, and the dislike in it. Lily’s eyes flashed dangerously like a green glass bottle under the sun’s gaze.

Thora cleared her throat, “No, we just crashed into each other.”

Lily scrutinized him like a vulture, “Are you sure?” she said, still looking directly at him, “ He tends to be quite good at bothering people, these days. It’s a talent.” For what seemed like a second, Thora thought she saw hurt soften Lily’s angered features. Severus looked at his feet.

“Just leave it,” Thora said quietly, pushing past him and standing next to her. She could tell Lily was not satisfied.

“Fine, then.” Lily muttered, defeated, “but you” -Severus raised his eyes to meet hers-“stay away from my friends.”

Friends…Thora thought, savouring the taste on her tongue. She smiled secretly.


Thora’s heart hammered faster than the time she’d discovered she was a witch. She followed Lily inside the compartment, already feeling inadequate. Smiling at the girl’s faces now staring up at her, she heard Lily tell them:

“Hi guys, this is Thora Jinks.”


James propped his head against the window, he ruffled his black hair subconsciously so that it looked like a gale had just swept into the compartment. He didn’t even care that his glasses were barely suspended on the end of his nose, or that he’d just lost the game of exploding snap to Peter Pettigrew. His face looked as if a perpetual frown had been plastered onto it.

For once, the person he was looking at was not Lily. If he did she’d probably ignore him anyway, like she always did, though it had become worse since fifth year. It was the figure next to her he was concerned about.

Either she was new or the name just wouldn’t come to him.

“Oi, Padfoot,” he said, still frowning, “Who’s that?” He pointed at her, still looking at her head of dark curls. Thick, black eyelashes outlined a pair of grey eyes. She didn’t even look English.

Sirius turned, bursting out laughing so sarcastically that James felt anger surge through his veins, “ You are joking? It’s Evans. Push your glasses up, idiot.”

“No…” said James abruptly, annoyed at Sirius for reminding him that Lily was actually there, as if he couldn’t recognise hair like hers? “ …The one next to her.”

Sirius sighed; James could tell this was one of the rare moments when he was actually thinking.

“ Not a clue, mate.”

“… So, if you live here, how come you’ve never been to Hogwarts?”

Thora accepted the chocolate Maeva had offered her and sunk her jaws into it. She hated the way her eyes penetrated her mind - her soul, even. Every time she had to lie, she could feel the blood rushing thunderously in her ears.

“I only came here when I was fifteen for a summer break. Some…” she chose her words carefully, like you choose your steps on stones in a river, “…some problems came up with Dad’s work. My parents decided to we were going to stay in England, so they moved me here from Beauxbatons. I used to live in France.”

“ Do you speak French?” Alice asked, eyes dancing with light.

Thora grinned apologetically, “ No. Not a word.”

“I bet they’re really stuck-up over there, I remember when they came for that Triwizard tournament in second year. Flaunting around like the big ‘I am.’” Said Lily, more to herself than to Thora. A ripple of agreement like the response to a prayer ensued.

“Yeah, I didn’t like it that much over there, either.” Thora lied, trying to suppress the crimson travelling up her cheeks. She had lots of friends over at Beauxbatons, friends and people who she trusted with her secret. She turned her face towards the door, meeting a pair of hazel eyes behind round-rimmed spectacles. “ You do know he’s been staring at us for the past ten minutes?”

Lily rolled her eyes, “That would be Potter.” She said, flopping back onto a seat.

Thora saw ‘Potter’s’ gaze falter at the mention of his name.

Alice smiled, “She loves him really.”

“He’s a complete psycho!” Lily protested.

“But an OK-looking psycho.” Maeva broke of what was left of the chocolate and handed it to Lily. “She still hasn’t gone out with him and he’s been after her since second year, Thora.”

“Well, if you love him so much, why don’t you marry him?”

“Sorry, already got my eyes on someone else.” Thora noticed how Maeva’s gaze drifted toward the compartment opposite, “ how about you, Thora?”

Thora frowned; she’d never been asked a question like that. Ever.

“I’ve only been on the train for two hours!” she could not help the blushing now, and could only hope her face wasn’t as vibrant as Lily’s hair. The train jolted as they came to the station, the brakes screeched in protest.

Her eyes fell onto the sky, she hadn’t realised it had got so dark. It looked like a book that had ink spilt over its pages, stars glittered-suspended against the white dome of a moon. Thora couldn’t help the wave of nausea she got from the dark now, the sight of avid first years stepping onto the platform…cloaks trailing behind them…

“Thora?” Lily’s eyebrows were raised. The other girls had disappeared amongst the mass of students trying to get out. “Are you going to get your stuff?”

Alone…Thora swallowed… “Yeah, I’ll meet you on the platform in a minute.” She lied, knowing better.

And Lily was gone.

Thora sighed, it’s fine…you’re fine…safe…they won’t know you’re here. They won’t ever find you, he said they wouldn’t-

“ Sorry, are you busy?” One of the boys whom had been in Potter’s cabin had opened the door. He was smiling. “I just came to apologise about James, he scares everyone with his staring thing. He’s really got to stop it.”

Thora felt her brows knit together subtly, weird thing to say to someone. She studied him for a moment; his mouse-brown hair equalled his chocolate eyes (which were framed in gold eyelashes.) She felt relieved that someone else hadn’t changed into their robes, his jumper and jeans were faded and beaten…

Then she realised how much she was staring.

“ Oh, it’s OK. He bothered my friend more than me, anyway.” Thora made to walk past him, but he offered his hand before she could move.

“I’m Remus.” He smiled again.

“Thora Jinks.” She returned his grin gingerly and shook the outstretched hand, then, inclining her head, she walked out of the compartment. The smile still upturning the corners of her lips.


Okey Dokey, there's chapter two! Hope you guys liked it! *nervous again!!*
Sorry i've taken so long to post this chapter, my computer has been having a strange phase...

reviews here please!

Fan Fiction If You're Really That Bored

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Thora Jinks - 2008/2010

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Re: Thora Jinks

Hello, everyone!

Well, here’s chapter three of Thora Jinks, I hope y’all enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it!
Again, there are spaces between paragraphs, so please don’t shout at me because I haven’t indented. It’s to help you read it!

Before we start, thanks to the following:

Clare (WandaXmaximof), NoraLupin, RemusJ, Secunda, JJFinch and Rhiannonsride!

You guys are the greatest!

Okey Dokey,

Chapter Three: Of anger and frustration.

Dear Thora,

I have arranged for Minerva to escort you up to the castle, and also, please remember that I am now Professor Dumbledore in company! I would be delighted if you paid my office a visit tonight at around nine p.m so that we can discuss matters concerning your uncle. Enjoy your time here,
Yours sincerely,
Albus Dumbledore

P.s I enjoy liquorice snaps!

She had no idea why she had bothered to take out the scrap of parchment; she knew it from memory, having read the tiny, narrow scripted letters over and over. Thora had made sure that she’d paid attention to every detail of Albus’s letter. Professor Dumbledore’s letter.

“Thora Jinks, is it?” A sharp voice shattered the silence as a woman appeared from the corner, the tip of her wand flickering like the end of a burning candle.

Thora smiled, “Hello, Minerva.”

“That’s Professor McGonagall to you,” she replied, though her paper-thin lips stretched into a smile, “I trust you had a pleasant journey? Something must’ve distracted you from changing, I see.” She raised an eyebrow at her jeans and shirt.

Thora felt herself redden, “ Sorry...”

“Have you done what Albus told you?” said Minerva, beginning to walk. Her footfalls echoed brilliantly under the night sky.

“Sorry, Professor?” Thora tried to fall into step with her, battling with the weight of her trunk and possessions. She shivered subtly as the wind wrapped its icy fingers around her in a deathly cold embrace.

McGonagall sighed, “I’m referring to you mixing with students, Miss Jinks.”

“Oh-Yes! I have, …they seem - alright.” Thora knew that her pale, wind-weathered face had become tainted with the faintest pink. It’s lucky it’s dark, she thought.

“That depends entirely on the company you kept.” Thora heard the woman mutter something about Slytherins. Whatever they were. “I expect Albus will allow you to join the houses of those whom you have…bonded with.”

Thora frowned, “House?”

Minerva stopped as if frozen by the arctic wind, every feature screamed disbelief into her eyes. “Yes, ‘house!” she said, astounded. “There are four Hogwarts houses, Miss Jinks: Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin. I am the head of Gryffindor house.”

“ I was wondering, if you knew what house Lily Evans is in, Professor?” Thora asked timidly.

“Lily Evans," Minerva smiled warmly, “is in Gryffindor. And I daresay one of the best students in sixth year, miss Jinks. You’d do well to keep with her sort.”

And with that, Minerva McGonagall began to move once more, leaving Thora grinning in her wake as they walked in silence…gravel licking the underside of their shoes.


It was not long before both of them could see Hogwarts castle, the flickering of lit classrooms were like thousands of bats, suspended on the inside of a cave. Thora liked bats. Her Patronus was a fruit bat, after all.

It seemed that every tower at Hogwarts had another one branched onto its edge; it was beautiful, majestic even. It seemed they both smiled as they entered the courtyard.


“Where have you been?” Stuttered Lily, eyes wide in shock as Thora shuffled into the great hall, closely followed by professor McGonagall. Thora was more vibrant with blushing than the sun could’ve ever been under the gaze of so many curious pupils and teachers.

“Sorry,” said Thora, feeling odd underneath Hogwarts robes, “McGonagall wanted a word with me.”

“We were waiting ages!” cried Alice, “We thought you’d been –I dunno - abducted or something!” Maeva snorted into her soup.

“Well, at least you’re OK.” Said Lily, not taking her eyes from the copy of a magazine called Witch Weekly, “You’ve missed the sorting, though.” She said apologetically.

“The sorting?”

“It’s were Hogwarts puts first years into their houses.” Explained Maeva, her dark eyes travelled up to the front. A battered old hat lay inanimate on a rickety stool, its point drooped and sagged like a withering plant. Thora chuckled at the thought of any Beauxbatons girl allowing something so dusty to touch their head. “My brother, Jack, he’s just got into Gryffindor.” She heard Maeva finish.

Thora smiled grimly at the sight of the young, chubby-faced boy laughing with new friends…until her eyes met with another pair. Severus Snape.

His cold, black eyes bored loathingly into hers, Thora shivered from such a stare. His thin lips mouthed the frantic words: Your dead.

Then, he turned back around to speak with another Slytherin pupil; Thora noticed that her eyes had dampened. She wiped them hurriedly on the sleeve of her new robes and spooned another mouthful of soup into her mouth, allowing the warm liquid to tickle her throat gently.


“I’m telling you, she’s not from round here!” James protested, his eyes still hadn’t left her. She seemed awfully quiet since turning around. Remus Lupin paid attention to his every word, but said nothing.

“So?” said Sirius boringly, “ At least she’s good-looking, anyway! Stop moaning. If you’re so bothered, why don’t you go and ask her what her name is and what's she doing here? That’s if you want to risk Lily...” His smile turned into a grimace as James thumped him on the shoulder, shaking his dark hair into his eyes. “...Wormtail, have you still not finished that essay?” He asked sharply to the boy cowering under the table, brandishing a quill and parchment that was his homework over the summer holidays.

“I would’ve if you and James hadn’t hidden my books for the past month!”

James grinned, his eyes turned onto Remus, whose head was inclined so that masses of his light hair tumble over his face. ”What’s up, Moony? Is the furry problem due?”


(Some hours later)

Thora had waited for over an hour until the tiny, delicate black hands on her watch had reached five minutes to nine at night. She was standing in front of a stone gargoyle, It surveyed her with a fixed, unmoving gaze.

“Liquorice Snap.”

Thora felt relief as she heard the grating of stone on wood that meant she’d passed.


As she stepped out into Dumbledore’s office, she stopped at the same time. Breathless, out of all the rooms she’d seen in her life-this was the most beautiful! Better than the gentle flickering lights of classrooms, better than any room at Beauxbatons. And what was best about it was the fact that she could not name nor place hardly any object in it.

She smiled at the sight of the liquorice snaps in the glass bowl, and the bird perched on top of a bookshelf. A bright, Golden-Red bird like the Gryffindor crest. Next to it was the sorting hat.

“Albus? P-Professor Dumbledore?”She said quietly over the gentle snoring of past Head teachers slumped in slumber against their brass frames. Thora took the seat at Dumbledore’s desk. “Professor?”

“Yes, Thora. I am here.” Albus appeared at the top of the stairs, smiling. He looked wearier than ever, the last strand of auburn that had lingered in his silver beard had gone, even his wrinkles seemed more prominent. “I expect you’re here because of my letter?”

She nodded, her throat was suddenly very dry- her palms clammy. “ Is he alright?” she added, unable to contain it. His face was implacable, and it frightened her.

“Yes, your uncle is, at the moment, safe.” He answered, “ Cornelius has been transferred to a more secure environment.”

Thank God. Dumbledore closed his hands as he sat in the chair opposite her.

“These are very serious accusations you have made, Thora.” He said, his tone slipping into severity. She thought the topic might move to him. To Lucius.

“ I know what I saw, Albus.” Her voice trembled with rage. “ I saw what he agreed to do!” And they’re letting him get away with it, aren’t they?”

She rose from her chair and paced angrily, the understanding in the old man’s eyes touched her. But it wasn’t understanding or pity she wanted.

“Lucius Malfoy is being closely monitored-”

Closely monitored?” She spat, “ He can lie, you know! Will they still be saying that when he’s murdered my uncle? Will they still be saying that when his Death Eater pals come to finish me off? How’d you know he hasn’t already told you-know-who-”

“Lord Voldemort, Thora-”

“-Where I am?” She blazed, ignoring the shudder at Voldemort’s name. She quietened, her chest rose and fell like a dying man’s coughs. “He’s going to kill my uncle, Albus. The Minister for magic is going to die!”

Dumbledore smiled kindly, Thora felt embarrassed at her lack of control.

“ I completely understand how you feel about your uncle.” His voice was more of a whisper, irritatingly calm,“ But I assure you, that nobody will ever come here into Hogwarts and finish you off. I trust every pupil and teacher in this school. You are safe, and, for the time being, so is Cornelius Fudge. Everyone, including myself, is trying very hard to keep it that way.” He finished, and Thora was the first to look away. “It is very late, you should get some rest, Thora. The password to the Gryffindor Tower is Pumpkin, I’m sure you’ll find the portrait of the Fat Lady.” He smiled and held a piece of paper that read ‘timetable’ and gestured towards the door.

“Help yourself to a liquorice snap on your way out, Thora.”


To be continued…

feedbacky PLEASE??

Well, There ya have it! Feedback is extremley welcome to you all! I hope you liked it, and sorry that it's quite long...i've been up ages doing this at night!

Fan Fiction If You're Really That Bored

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Thora Jinks - 2008/2010

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Re: Thora Jinks

Don't forget to add feedback to the feedback thread! PLEASE!

*not obsessed with feedback* lol

The feedback is in my signature!

Fan Fiction If You're Really That Bored

Utopia: Teddy Lupin - 2009+

Thora Jinks - 2008/2010

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Re: Thora Jinks

Hi guys!

Quite Frankly I’ve been dying to get this chapter up! Ok, it’s not the most important chapter, but it was a breath of fresh air after writing a serious one for chapter three! So, now, it’s nice and relaxed…
This chapter has random bits of information relevant to the later parts of the fic, so look out for them! I also have added a nice little flashback for y’all! Oh, and it’s split into two parts! One large one and one smaller one!

Firstly, a huge thank you to:

WandaXmaximof, NoraLupin, RemusJ, Secunda, Vigneshnimbus, RhiannonsRide, JJFinch, Nk52, and Kathleen_hpfll for awesome reviews!

You all rock!

Chapter Four: The Marauders

“Thora, let Cornelius in will you, Darling?”

Thora tore her eyes away from the French paper she was reading and walked out of the kitchen - smiling at the sight of the cutlery washing itself in the foamy sink-puppets on the strings of magic.

She waved at the man’s face in the window and opened the door, almost thrown backwards by the intensity of the storm; the rain plummeted down with hard, thick thuds.

“Thora! Lovely to see you! Are your mother and father in?” Cornelius kissed her cheek before stepping over the threshold, shaking water from his hair; the Minister removed his black travelling cloak and slung it over the cloak stand. “ Terrible weather, you know. We had to apparate!”

Thora’s brows knitted, “ We?”

“Ah, yes. I brought a colleague of mine for you to meet – Good Lord, Lucius, out of the rain!”

It was only then she noticed the tall figure standing between the doorframes. If Cornelius hadn’t mentioned him, she would’ve drawn her wand.

The Minister sighed before saying, “ Thora, this is Mr.Malfoy.”

Thora smiled meekly, embarrassed as her eyes met Mr.Malfoy, “Nice to meet you.” It was barely a whisper.

“ A pleasure to meet you, I’m sure.” His voice was more like the purr of a muggle motorcycle, but somehow very silky. Mr.Malfoy offered his hand and his hair fell forward – the beauty of its colour took her aback. White-blonde, almost silver…like his grey eyes. He was at least a head taller than she was; his black travelling cloak was fastened with an elegant clasp that glistened handsomely on his breast. He smelled strongly of expensive aftershave.

Without a word, Thora shook his hand and looked away sheepishly.

She felt the colour rise in her cheeks as she turned on her heel towards the kitchen.


The scarlet of the Gryffindor curtains was a startling sight first thing in the morning. Thora yawned, feeling unnaturally sick.

That dream. That same stupid dream! As if she didn’t need reminded of why…

He was a traitor. Thora knew it – Why would nobody listen? Not even Dumbledore!

Before she had time to react, the curtains flew apart violently and sunlight bored horridly into her face.


“Thanks.” Said Thora, squinting blindly so she could see Lily, “Why so early?” she protested, noticing that Alice’s bed was both empty and arranged unnaturally tidy. Not a crease in the bedspread.

“Well, for one, you’re going to be late for breakfast,” Lily replied, pulling a comb impatiently through her hair, “and two, we’ve got potions first!” It was a shrill, girlish giggle that made Maeva snort.

“You mean Slughorn’s having his breakfast at around this time and you wanted to play teacher’s pet!” said Maeva, scribbling wildly on a piece of Parchment. She was half dressed; her hair was arranged like a mass of brown brambles on her head.

“ What’re you doing?” pressed Thora, half-laughing as Maeva’s writing slanted on the corner of her bed. She swung her legs over the side of the mattress and her toes flew away from the hard, wooden floor as soon as her flesh felt the cold.

“Homework, I’ve got a reputation to keep up. Alice can’t be sir’s favourite this year!”

Lily frowned, “You could give in homework scratched on a brick and he’d still give it top marks.”

“Shut up, Lils.”


By the time Thora, Maeva and Lily had reached the Hall, most of what was left of breakfast was gone. The air was thick with the fragrance of toast, and as soon as it met her senses, Thora’s stomach rumbled. At the far end, she could see Alice, in a deep conversation.

The boy across from her looked as equally as besotted. His lips barley twitched as he spoke. When Alice finally looked up, shock passed over her gentle features. Her deep blue eyes came alive with embarrassment; she turned back to the boy with rosy cheeks.

“See you, Frank.” And he was gone. Lily sat in the vacated seat, grinning knowingly. Her eyes glittered in a way that would make anyone uncomfortable.

“You didn’t have to get rid of Frank just because we got here, you know.” She said, lunging for a slice of toast and gnawing at it like a dog that hadn’t seen a bone in days.

“Yeah…well…Oh, Thora! An owl came for you,” Alice held out a letter between her fingers, Thora immediately recognised the script. Cornelius’s. “ Your owl is really friendly! Don’t worry, I haven’t looked at the letter.”

Thora believed her. She stuffed the tiny envelope inside her robes, wondering where would be best to read it. She had no idea why she scanned the teacher’s table in her haste, but seeing Albus made her feel better…safe. His beard glimmered under the enchanted ceiling as if it was wrought with stars.

As she turned back, she had the horrid impression that someone had been watching her for a while. Like laser beams boring very steadily into her back. Her first thought was Snape, making her heart pound thunderously in her chest.

But when she spotted his pale, thin frame, she saw that his head was bent over sparrow-helpings of toast. His lank hair obscured most of him, and that was the way he’d been all breakfast. She’d been watching him as she’d entered, and Severus Snape hadn’t looked at her once.

And for that, she was thankful.


“Ok, do I look presentable?”


“Thora, don’t sound so bored! This is Potions we’re going to.”

“Well, yeah. But there’s one problem: it’s the worst subject in the world!”

Lily seemed to recoil as if stung; she straightened, turning faintly pink. “Don’t let Professor Slughorn hear you say that.”

And she pushed open the classroom door.

Thora couldn’t help but laugh at Lily’s excitement on entering Professor Slughorn’s classroom. She’d never seen anything like it! Lily’s eyes glinted with kindness and adoration as a short, plump man beckoned them over. His sandy hair was thinning somewhat and gingery moustache couldn’t have looked more like a cappuccino stain!

“Lily Evans! Marvellous to see you! Have you had a good holiday?”

“Yes, Thanks, Professor.”

Thora grinned – unable to contain it. Her face reddened as she felt his pair of watery eyes scrutinise her with an implacable gaze.

“Is this girl new, miss Evans?”

Lily opened her mouth to speak but Thora intervened.

“ Yes, I am.” Said Thora, annoyed at his disbelief in her ability to speak. Slughorn looked at her thoughtfully.

“And are you taking potions at N.E.W.T.s level?”

I wish I wasn’t. “ Yes…Sir.”

Professor Slughorn’s upper lip trembled with delight.

“Fantastic…” he scanned a piece of parchment with his finger, leaving thin sweaty trails over the black ink…clearly he was living up to his name of Slug, “Thora Jinks, are you?”

She nodded. Professor Slughorn shook her hand vigorously before sending her to a seat with Lily. Thora felt the dire urge to wipe her hands on her robes – his hands were extremely clammy... almost a sponge beneath a velvet emerald suit.

Nevertheless, she was glad she’d received his approval.

On her way to the back, she couldn’t help but admire the jars that lined the shelves, all with odd…disgusting contents, but interesting. The dungeons carried a lingering, damp smell that lined her chest and made her cough throatily, and there was a cauldron bubbling feverishly. Sometimes the potion would leak over the rims and into the flames, making them lick the sides of the cauldron like wandering, golden-red fingers.

“Severus, M’boy! Where were you? I missed you at breakfast!”

Thora’s heart froze, literally froze.

For a split second she wanted to die right there at the sight of Severus Snape…with his oily hair shining unpleasantly under the light of flames. She cold hear nothing, just watch as his eyes wandering lazily across the room to meet her own. He was the first to look away.

You’re dead…

“Don’t worry. He’s not going to do anything. Trust me.” Said Lily, looking at him beseechingly, “ I know him, and he used to be my friend. He’s a coward,” It was almost as if she was admitting to murder. Lily swallowed tentatively and began to write very steadily.

There was no mistaking the thick, clear droplet that leaked onto the pages of her book.

Thora smiled, “ I know he won’t.”

And she trusted her.


“Ahh, gentlemen, nice of you to join us, but you happen to be fifteen minutes late.”

At least half the class raised their eyes from their work to watch the three of them stroll into the dungeon classroom. The last ripple of laughter died down as the door closed behind them. James Potter was first.

From the corner of her eye she saw Lily shake her head furiously.

“Sorry Professor,” he said, still grinning, “We got - ”

“- Lost.” A boy with dark hair aided his friend, rousing giggles. Even Thora herself. He was extremely good-looking, the sparse remainder of an early beard lingered on his cheeks. Sirius Black. Thora had only been at Hogwarts for little more than a night, and heard the detailed life-story of Sirius Black in about an hour. The boy next to him was at least a head shorter, he carried a rounded mid-section…he was almost…rat-like.

“ Thank you, Mr. Black.” Said Slughorn irritably, “ but perhaps you could discuss this with me after the lesson.” He smiled, “ And Remus, I would’ve thought you would have taught them something about punctuality.”

She could’ve slapped herself for not noticing him. Remus looked older in his Hogwarts robes, his hair was more unkempt than it had been, but was still the colour of breadcrumbs. There was a thick, red line on his jaw that slipped underneath his collar. A cut.

Slughorn cleared his throat before beginning.

“Right, for now, I want you too sit in groups of…. Six, please, Ladies and Gents!” said Slughorn, “ You’ve got two minutes to sort yourselves whilst I just…” the last part of his sentence was drowned by an eruption of movement. The class seemed to part like the red sea into two sections: Gryffindor and Slytherin.

Thora sighed with relief at the sight of Snape joining another group of Slytherins; she looked around for the group of Gryffindor girls that had sat across from them.
They were in a six already.

“Oh, God please, no…” Lily muttered as Slughorn appeared from the storeroom and grinned.

“Ah, there you go. Girls, you can join James’s lot.”

And Thora knew exactly why Lily looked so beaten. Lily took the seat across from Sirius, deliberately avoiding James’s gaze.

“You know I haven’t got scurvy or something, Evans.”

“I’d be surprised, Potter.”

James’s pupils dilated with frustration, his hazel eyes swivelled beneath his glasses to Thora. “ Whose your friend, then?” he asked, as politely as he could.

“Oh, yeah. This is Thora Jinks.”

“You don’t look like you’re from around here.” Said Sirius, looking at her with a strong gaze. It was almost embarrassing.

“I’m not,” she answered, “ I’m from-”

“ Thora, you can talk to Sirius after the lesson.” Slughorn interrupted. It was worrying how many girls turned to glare at her. “ Now, as to why you’re all in groups. By the end of this term, your group is going to supply me with a full portfolio of a potion. It’s almost a project! Lily, I’m sure you’ll kick them into shape.” He cleared his throat, “Before we do anything, here are the potions you can chose from.”

On his desk, three boiling cauldrons materialised.

“…Now which of you can tell me, what are each of these potions?”

Lily raised her hand eagerly, “Well, the one on the right is the Swelling potion, the middle one…I think is polyjuice potion…and the other…”- Slughorn smiled suggestively- “I’m not quite sure.” His face fell.

“Quite alright, Miss Evans. Does anyone know what this one is?”

Thora angled her head so that she could see the contents: it was crimson, and bubbling sluggishly. She raised her hand at the same time as another hand flew into the air. Severus Snape’s…her heart rate almost doubled as she heard Slughorn call her name.

“ Amortentia?” She said, her confidence slipping through her fingers like Sand.

Slughorn beamed at her, “ Excellent, miss Jinks. Ten points to Gryffindor.”

Severus spun round in his chair as soon as Slughorn’s back was turned; his eyes were alive with an anger she’d never seen before. Not even the time on the train, when she’d been little more than a metre away from him…

She heard James snort, “ Just because Thora’s better at Potions and hair care!”

Thora’s fear ebbed away and was reduced to a smirk. She was finally fitting in.


Dear Thora,

I’m sorry about the shortness of this letter. It’s just to let you know that I have arrived safely at my new residence, I regret that I am unable to tell you where I am, in case this letter was in the wrong hands. I hope you are safe and I shall be seeing you soon with any luck!

Love always,

Uncle Cornelius.


OK, There's Part one of chapter four! Don't forget feedback!

Any Positive or negative thoughts? Advice? POST IT!

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Re: Thora Jinks

Ok, now, I know this is incredibly short for part two. But I just had to add it!

Here you are:

Chapter four pt 2: Of Chivalry and Security

It was a good feeling, standing on the Quidditch pitch with nobody to bother her. There was a shrill wind blowing up from the north, sending her hair flying about her face like a ravens’ beating wing, her robes billowed outward as the afternoon sun cast pale shadows over the goal posts.

Fore the first time in a while, she was relaxed. Happy.

Thora unfolded the piece of parchment and sat with her legs crossed, the turf was damp and fleshy beneath her, and it was hard to fashion the letter with the savage wind. But she did, Thora just kept on tracing delicate and hart-felt words to her uncle. When she was finished, she held it up to the sun to read it.

Dear Cornelius,

For the first time in ages, I feel safe here. I’m missing you, mum and dad so much! If I couldn’t write to you, I don’t know what I’d do! I ‘m settling here at Hogwarts, but I do miss France. I can’t thank you enough for getting Albus to allow me to come here. I am glad that your well, but I just wish you’d stay away from Lucius –

“Hi,” said a voice.
She scrambled to her feet and pressed the letter against her chest, embarrassed. “Oh - hi, Remus,”

“Who’re you writing to?” He gestured to the parchment and stepped closer into the sun, so that a ray of light ignited fire in his brown eyes. Thora's heart drummed inside of her. Back to lying again...

“Oh, just a friend from France,” she smiled weakly, “ Estelle.”

“Ah,” Remus put his hands in his pockets and shivered, “ Why write out here, anyway? It’s freezing! You must be crazy.”

“I - just wanted somewhere private.”

He seemed to have taken it the wrong way, she saw him tense – whether from hurt or anger, she couldn’t tell. “Oh, sorry, I’ll see you later, Thora.” He muttered, he caught himself before walking away to say:“ By the way, Lily’s looking for you.” Then, He turned on his heel and walked quickly towards the end of the pitch and was engulfed in shadow.

Thora fell into step with him guiltily, “You don’t think you’re getting away that easy do you?” She smirked and looked up at him, seeing his face reminded her of a question she’d wanted to ask earlier, “How’d you do that?”

“Do what?”

“On your chin. You’ve got a cut.” Even looking at it made her want to scream in pain. It was much deeper than she’d thought, like some feral animal had dragged its claws through his jaw.

“Oh, this?” he reached up and touched it with two fingers, “It was my fault. Sirius and James dared me to go near that tree.” Just as he opened the gate to get out of the Quidditch pitch, he pointed at a tall, black tree standing perfectly silent. It’s leaves rustled like the grating of plastic bags.

“And…what is the big problem with it? It’s a tree, Remus!” She laughed, and then turned away so he wouldn’t see her reddening. How stupid of her. This was the Wizarding world; trees could do spectacular things in it.

“Well, It’s the Whomping Willow, isn’t it? It tries to…crush anything that gets to close to it.”

As if on cue, the Whomping Willow entwined it’s tentacle-like branches and suddenly lashed out on the ground, slapping it with a brutal anger. Then, regained it’s composure, and was sleeping like a dormant volcano.

“Cool,” Thora whispered, intrigued. There was nothing like that in Beauxbatons, nothing quite so dangerous. “ And it nearly crushed you?” This time, she grinned.

“No need to be quite so cheerful about it!”


[color="Indigo"]I just had to put a bit of friendship in there! I know part two was short, and I’m sorry! I just hope you liked it!

DON'T FORGET FEEDBACK PLEASE! The feedback thread does not bite!

thoughts on today's post here, me'dearies!

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Re: Thora Jinks

Okies, I know it's fairly early to post, but this is not another chapter. I don't know what to call it really, it's sort of an in-between part of Chapters four and five!

Thanks to all your fab reviews of Chapter four!
And beware, it's very short!


Mini Scene: Cornelius Fudge

Cornelius Fudge sat alone in the room; his hands were closed in his lap, his thumbs wrestling nervously against one another. His mind was saturated with images of people, of places and of words…

“Your niece is mistaken, Minister, I assure you. Trust me.”

Thora’s face…distorted with anger floated into his mind’s eye: “YOU CAN’T TRUST HIM, UNCLE!”

He felt his heart shatter in two, he inclined his head and stared blankly at his booted feet…closed his eyes…It had looked so real…he wanted to believe it. He wanted to trust his niece…but he couldn’t.

He would never forget how the door to the sitting room and smashed open, and his assistant stood between the doorframes. Blood smeared like the mark of a woman’s lipstick across his top lip…he could never have forgotten the image of his then fifteen year-old niece lying silent, unmoving, in Malfoy’s arms. How his sister had hurried over and cupped Thora’s face with trembling hands…how worried Lucius looked…

Cornelius let out a quiet, drawn-out sob.

“She fell to the floor once she had been stunned. I had no choice, Minister, but to carry her. We managed to evade the death Eaters…”

“But – But, I’m your niece! It’s family over everything else…” Thora’s beautiful eyes glared up at him, they glazed over and sparkled beneath the torchlight with sorrow, her breathing shallower, “…isn’t it?”

A knock at the door roused him from thought; he wiped his eyes on his sleeve. “ Who – Who is it?”

“Just me, Cornelius.” Lorna, his sister opened the door cautiously, as the light hit her, Cornelius saw the grey of her eyes were rimmed with red. In her hands she carried an envelope, pushing her hair behind her ears and handing it to him, she whispered:
“It’s from Thora.” Lorna patted his shoulder gently, before disappearing behind the door once more.

Cornelius looked down at his hands, looked at them as if he had murdered a living soul with them, full of bewilderment. He read the neat, black writing on the front of the envelope.

To My Uncle.


Even mini posts like feedback, too?

Well, there you have it! Another one of my famous snippits of infomation!
Hope you liked it, Feedback, Advice, critisism is VERY WELCOME! Please give me some! It's all in my signature! Hmm...should I have said VERY VERY VERY short?

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Re: Thora Jinks

Hi everyone! Well, here’s chapter five for you to have a good (or bad) read! Hope you guys like it!

Thanks for reviewing chapter four or the in-between scene! You all made my day at some point:

WandaXmaximoff, NoraLupin, RemusJ, Secunda, Nk52, Vigneshnimbus, and JJFinch!

Also thanks to my buddy Leo for telling me he thought this was good! Your the best, Lemon!

Well, in return I give to y’all:

Chapter five: Little Witch!

The rusty metal screeched in as the swings started to sway in the night breeze. The moonlight danced off the chains like it would in puddles, the roundabout started to rotate slowly…as if ghosts were manoeuvring it with their transparent limbs.
There was no mistaking the grinding of gravel against the underside of boots over the rustling of the bare trees, their auburn leaves cast away in preparation for autumn.

Slowly but surely, a tall, obscure figure emerged and strolled steadily onto the muggle play park. His breaths billowed from his lips in an ivory cloud with the cold. He glanced at his watch irritably.


“About time you got here, Lestrange.” Snarled Lucius, “You should learn a little of punctuality.”

“Oh, be quiet, Malfoy. Or else I’ll cut out that forked tongue of yours,” Snarled Rodolphus, shrugging his cloak over his broad shoulders. His pair of dark, enigmatic eyes glistened in their pale sockets. “ What message do you have for the Dark Lord?”

“Not the best,” Lucius looked directly at Rodulphus. His black pupils shone as if someone had encased diamonds in them; there was an obvious air of dislike that lingered between both men. “ The security on Fudge is very tight, not as lax and as pathetic as we thought. I cannot get close enough to him, let alone find out where he’s cowering away! I am already suspected of being associated with the Death Eaters.”

Rodolphus did not try to hide the faint curve in his lips that meant he was happy to know Lucius had not been successful. “And what about the girl?”

Lucius’s face turned to stone, “I have no idea where they’re keeping that brat.” He snarled, “ She’s going to blow the whole thing if she’s not dealt with soon. She’ll make sure of it.”

“The Dark Lord is becoming impatient! If you’re not careful - ”

“Tell the Dark Lord that he’ll get what he wants, in time! Both a dead minister and that little witch!”

Rodolphus’s lips parted as if he wanted to retort, but instead, he nodded curtly, and disappeared. Leaving Lucius Malfoy alone under the gaze of the night sky.

Lucius released a growl that was more like the roar of a provoked lion, he slammed his fist against the park bench, his lips trembled with anger.

“Where are you, Thora Jinks?”


Thora sighed at the piles of open textbooks laid about her and looked longingly towards the window; the sunlight that shone through was warm and caressed her face. If you looked hard enough, you could see the dust floating airily around the library…the smell of many, overturned pages met her senses.
But if Thora had known that Lily had wanted her to do this, she would’ve stayed with Remus that day!

They had been at this for the past week, scanning textbooks for their potions project. It had even become boring. Sirius, or James had rarely joined them. Just Remus, but most of the time, he was studying at night, apparently. Thora highly doubted that as she’d already been told that they regularly snuck into the school kitchens.

She shuffled in her seat and looked cautiously towards the librarian, whom was stroking the spines of weathered textbooks whilst peering disapprovingly at the first-years over her hawk-like profile. Her wispy grey hair was loosely entwined into a bun…other than that, she was incredibly scary!

Thora turned to meet Lily’s gaze, her golden-red hair shone in the sunlight like copper…

“What’s up?”

Thora blinked, “Oh! Nothing, just a little – tired.” She looked back to the parhment, feeling embarassment wash over her. She glanced back awkwardly.

Lily grinned knowingly, that was a quality in her that was particularly prominent. She always knew when Thora didn’t answer truthfully.

“It’s alright, you go. I can carry on from here - ” Lily’s lips froze mid-sentence, her eyes fixed…they really were emeralds shrouded in golden eyelashes! “ - I think I'm going to go and get some lunch, I’m starving!”

Without any warning, Lily gathered all of her belongings clumsily and swept almost stroppily from the room. Her hair whipped out of sight as soon as Thora heard:

“You don’t have to pretend she went for her lunch, by the way. I know she went because I got here.” James Potter slunk into Lily’s vacated seat, his hair tousled and his hazel eyes bright behind his spectacles. The brown mud-stripe across his cheek told her he’d been playing Quidditch. “What is her problem? I said I was sorry, didn’t I?” It was more to himself than to her.

Thora felt her heart swell with guilt and sympathy; James had been trying to gain Lily’s respect even more desperately for the past week. Lily had just ignored him. “Sorry for what?”

“Very Long story, Jinks. You should ask Snivellus, he wouldn’t mind telling you. I bet he’s proud.” He angled the parchment in front of Thora with two fingers and grinned lightly, “ Slughorn’s project, typical for her to want to get it over with without us.”

“Not true, Remus has added bits to it.”

Humour passed through James features, whatever it was, it made Thora redden.

“ I’d better go and talk to her for you…plus, I could eat a horse right now!” Thora closed the book in front of her, the pages rattled as the dust peeled away.

“Oh, right, here.” James grabbed her arm before she could turn, his hands groped inside his robe pockets until he brought out some folded parchment, “It’s a bit of the project I’ve been doing.”

Thora took it and smiled warmly, “ I’ll tell Lily you did it.”

He really was trying hard.


Lily ignored him and closed the door behind her, before thinking, she raced down the marble staircase and threw herself into the girls’ bathroom. She leant against the door; her nails scratched the wooden surface anxiously. Lily stared into her own reflection in the mirrors lining the walls. She looked ghostly…pale…only her green eyes glittered in the little sunshine slicing through the small window.

“Idiot!” She cursed herself, throwing her schoolbag onto the dampened tiles. She stood still and silent, with nothing but the dripping of the taps to absorb her thoughts. She was so...confused.

“You utter idiot, Lily Evans.”



Kindly come to my Office at nine p.m tonight. I have something rather important I wish to discuss with you.

Yours Sincerely,

Albus Dumbledore.

P.s. I enjoy Acid Pops!

One would love some feeeeedddbbbbaaaacccckkkk!

OKIES! Right, I have a question, Is Rodolphus Lestrange suitable for the timeline? If not, tell me so I can change it! And, please don't forget feedback! I know this post ended fairly early and I promise the next one's gonna be better! Praise or critisism is welcome!


Oh, and just for the record, I can't say this on tuesday because that's not post day but: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LEO! Yes, you get a hug!

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Re: Thora Jinks

Hey guys (and new readers, come on in!)

Hope you lot like this chapter, it was FUN to write!

Ok, thanks to:

Clare (wandaXmaximof), NoraLupin, Secunda, JJFinch, Vigneshnimbus and RemusJ for the review of the last chapter I posted!

love y'all

Okies, here you are, and beware, it's pretty long:

Chapter six: Alone in the dark...

The headmaster was seated at his dark mahogany desk when Thora stepped into his office. He was wearing a fixed, frowning expression and there were lines between his brows like creases in fabric. His blue, oceanic eyes followed the lettering on the page he was reading.

“ Sir?”

Albus looked up and smiled, “Evening, Thora. You’re five minutes early,” he dog-eared the page with his long, slender fingers and observed her over the rims of his spectacles, awaiting her response. She hesitated.

“I know, Sorry Professor. It’s just – I wanted to find what you wanted to speak to me about…” She trailed off, looking down at her shoes.

“Of course,” said Dumbledore, the corners of his lips unturned, “ I don’t want you to worry, Thora. Your Uncle is fine; I’ve had no letters of warning. Please, sit.” He gestured to the seat opposite, “In fact, today I intend to discuss something entirely different.”

“Then…if it’s not about Cornelius, what is it you wanted to talk about?”
“Merely about the Hogsmede trip in two weeks time,” He answered, clearing his throat. “ I was wondering whether you’d like to attend it.”

Thora frowned, almost masking her surprise, “ Alone?”

Dumbledore chuckled, happiness glowed from the depths of his eyes, “ My dear girl! Did you think that the Minister for Magic would allow his niece to go wandering in
Hogsmede without some protection from the Ministry?”

Thora smiled too, it disappeared almost as suddenly as it had arrived. She really was a prime target for the Dark Lord. It almost sickened her to think it. She was so frightened…. You shouldn’t feel how Thora Jinks did, nobody should be too afraid to sleep, or to be alone in the dark. Nobody…

“Naturally,” continued Albus, “ you will be monitored by the Aurors at the Ministry.”

“Monitored? As in Followed?”

Dumbledore closed his hands in his lap; his beard glittered under the gaze of the candlelight as he sighed, “ Unfortunately, yes. I expect your used to this sort of treatment?”

“Only when we used to visit,” replied Thora sullenly, watching the portrait of a snoring headmaster stir in his sleep. The brass frame was faded.

“You should be safe, nevertheless.” Said Albus, rising from his seat surprisingly vigorously. He had the posture and agility of a much younger person; he strolled over to the window.

The night sky bore no stars, just black clouds that stretched over the horizon and a crescent moon like the white blade of a sabre peering through its midst. Thora looked at his aged face, speaking quietly, “ Did you say the Aurors?”

“ The Aurors.” He reassured, raising his heavy brows to show lines of ruinous age on his forehead.

Thora had been to the Ministry of Magic before, when she was very little. She’d met most of the Aurors already.

“ Thanks, Al – Professor…I think… I’d like to go.” She grinned. The new sense of security she’d been left with wrapped around her in a warm embrace. Dumbledore’s office was the place she felt safest in.

“Good,” said Dumbledore, smiling. He had turned away from the window now, his set of magenta robes illuminated with moonlight around the shoulders and back. “ How have you found your stay to date?”

Personally, it has been a living hell.

Thora had found her past week at Hogwarts particularly difficult, people tended to make fun of her Beauxbatons background – it had triggered a lot of prejudice that she was just obsessed with her reflection and didn’t have a single working brain cell. This was definitely not true; she’d come near the top end of her class in recent assessments.

“Oh – It’s been – alright, but -”

“ – You miss your friends and family?” Dumbledore concluded gently. The warmth in his eyes softened her fear every time. He was almost…a grandfather figure.

Thora nodded guiltily, “ Yeah, I do.” She looked at the floor. Not daring to look back at the headmaster.

“Completely understandable, Thora.” Dumbledore looked happier than he had in a while, the rims of his glasses danced with the light that Thora frequently remembered and saw. “ Am I to trust that you have settled and made friends like I suggested you did last month?”

“Yeah, mostly my dorm mates though, Professor.” She answered, her mind filled with images of the people she’d met. Lily, Maeva and Alice. Remus, too. She smiled. “Thank you – ”

The opening of the office door drowned her words, both of them turned to see Madam Pomfrey bustling up the stairs impatiently; her face was red and blotchy with exhaustion. She did not seem to see Thora sitting there and looked desperately at the headmaster.

“Albus!” She gasped, “ There’s been an - ”

“Poppy, It might interest you to know that we are in company,” said Dumbledore, gesturing to Thora sitting quietly at the desk. He looked highly amused by the shock on Madam Pomfrey’s face at the girl sat beside her.

“Good Heavens, Thora Jinks! You gave me a fright,” She said, astounded. “ You should be an Auror with skills like that.”

Thora smiled weakly, “ It would be a cool job.” She mused, looking back at Albus, “ I’d better be going, Professor.”

Dumbledore nodded, “ Off you go to bed then, Thora. Sleep well.”

“Night, Sir, Madam Pomfrey.”

Thora’s hand slipped into the bowl of liquorice snaps as she opened the office door.


The corridors were darker than normal; the torch’s flames were wavering and flickering with a winter’s draught that had swept through the school. Thora chewed absent-mindedly on the liquorice snap, what was Madam Pomfrey so worked up about? She even wished that she’d stayed with her ear pressed against the office door to listen.

It was perfectly silent, par the grating of the hem of her robes against the steps that made the marble staircase. Her hands were raw and cold.

As Thora came to the top of the stairs, she frowned. Where was she? She didn’t remember this corridor…

The torch above her head flickered and dimmed... its flame disappeared, leaving her in shadow. Her heart almost froze as she watched the smoke billow outwards like lilac lace into the darkness. How could the flame have gone out? There was no draught anymore…

“Look who it is.” Drawled a voice.

Severus Snape. He looked ghostly. Inhuman.

“What do you want this time?” She forced all her poison into her words, though she could still recognise the waver in her voice, “Have you come to hex me, now? Payback for bumping into you on the train?”

He smirked. Thora suddenly became aware of how much taller he was. The way his eyes appeared as nothing but two black, gaping holes embedded in his white skin. His wand was held tightly between his lanky fingers. Thora felt the grate of her own wand against her hip…in her left pocket…

If only she could get it…but her functions seemed numbed and still…

“I will do if you don’t stop filling her head with rubbish,” He said dangerously, she could see the glint in his corpse-like eyes.

“What?” She spat in disbelief, “Whose head? Lily’s?”

“Your actually quite clever, aren’t you, Jinks?”

She discarded the comment and looked directly at him, the way Lily had on the Hogwarts express. “ Have you been waiting for me to come out, all this time?” She said, “ Or did you just follow me?”

“I waited for you to come out of your little chat with Dumbledore,” he mocked, brandishing his wand, “You’ve been going there a lot recently, haven’t you? Paying visits to Dear little Dumbledore? Why, though? There’s something going on and I want to know what’s - ”

“ - I don’t have time for this, get out my way!” She tried to push past him, but his arm obstructed her. Pushing her back against the wall so that she hit the back of her head against the brickwork, her vision blurred with tears… fingers tried to prise her wand from her pocket…

“I haven’t finished speaking to you, yet.” He whispered. She even felt the spit spray into her face. She could barely hear his voice over the thudding of her heart in her ears, and the rush if her blood. Her arms ached.

“What is your problem with me?” She shouted, surprised that nobody heard it. She pushed hard against his chest with little effect.

“I’ve had a problem ever since you brought your filth into my school,” he answered dryly, “ I’ve had a problem with you ever since you started filling her head with ideas about me! You’re trying to replace me - ”

“Get – OFF- me!” she screamed, Unable to bear the feeling of his pungent breath on her flesh. She hated him! Looking into those eyes that reminded her so much of lumps of coal made her burn with loathing. She felt relieved to feel the tip of her wand against her thriving fingertips. “Expelliarmus!” Thora shouted, catching him off guard so that he stumbled backwards. His wand flew from his fingertips and landed with a gentle clatter and rolled like a loose coin.

But why did nobody come?

“There’s no point shouting,” Snape said, grimacing as he stood after being knocked back, “ Nobody can hear us.” He took his wand that had rolled onto the floor and stood. He raised it -

“ - What do you think you’re playing at, Snivellus?” Thora’s head whipped round to look at the person who had spoken. The flame in the torch above her head rekindled and roared with life, so that she could see Remus Lupin standing at the bottom of the stairs. His hair was unkempt, like he had just woken. The cut on his jaw line gleamed brilliantly beneath the fire “…And I think you’ll find I can hear you. You might want to practise your charms a bit, Snape. It didn't quite cut it.” He added.

Severus reddened around the ears.

“Is it any of your business what I do, Lupin?” Sneered Snape, the row of crooked, mustard-coloured teeth peering from between his parted lips. He glared at Remus, and then smirked as his eyes fell onto the travelling cloak fastened over a pair of blue pyjamas, “ Out for a little walk in the moonlight, were we?”

Remus tensed, the gold eyelashes that framed his eyes could’ve been flames. Thora noticed that red suddenly crept up his face, “ Yeah, Why? Is there a problem with it?”

“Not at all,” said Snape silkily, looking back to Thora, he watched her intently…his face was suddenly dominated with amusement. Snape’s eyes swivelled back from Thora to Remus, he grinned horridly: “I wouldn’t go with his type, if I were you, Jinks. Lupin comes from a poor family, you see.”

It’s one more friend than you’ve got. Thora inclined her head and looked at her feet, embarrassed. Her breathing was shallow with frustration. She wanted to hex him, her fists ached with tension: They were clenched tightly.

“Just crawl back under your stone, Snape.” Said Remus quietly, his eyes fixed upon Thora’s bowed head, curiosity wreathed his gaze, “ Or I might just ask a favour from Padfoot and Prongs.” He finished finally.

“Ah, the dream team. Coward! Too scared to bully someone by yourself?” Spat Snape, bitterly.

Lupin shook his head, “James and Sirius would enjoy it more than me, that’s all.” Remus looked back at Snape, looked back at him with a distain and dislike that Thora had never seen in those brown eyes. “C’mon, leave him to skulk about, Thora. He’s not worth wasting anymore jinxes on.” Remus looked at her softly, but she could still see the anger that glowed inside of him. His cheeks were still faintly pink.

Thora glared at Snape and pushed past him, nudging him hard in the breast before walking down the stairs.

“Just you watch, Jinks!” muttered Snape, “ You’ll get fleas off that animal!”


Thora smiled as the fat Lady’s head lolled onto her shoulders with sleep, from the fabrics of her dress protruded a pair of fat ankles that spilled from the edges of her black shoes.

Remus cleared her throat loudly.
Thora couldn’t help but giggle weakly as the Woman’s eyes opened wearily and stared at them, astounded at the lateness of the hour.

“I hope you two haven’t come to ask me to let you in!” She said, eyeing them angrily, “A bit late for detention, isn’t it?”

Remus spoke the password grimly. The portrait opened and Thora scrambled through the hole and into the common room.

It was cold, the fire was gone and only the moonlight streamed through the scarlet curtains. It was so dark that someone could’ve been sat in the armchair for all she knew. She discarded the thought immediately.

“I’m shattered, Thora, I’ll See you tomorrow.” Remus smiled feebly and began to wander towards the boys’ dorms; one hand ruffled his mass of sandy hair – much like she’s seen James do when Lily passed him.

“ ’Night.” She answered quietly, watching his blackened figure retreat silently, but there were words on her tongue that needed speaking, she tried to bite back the sentence, but it gripped her, “Remus!” The word escaped her without her consent.

He turned, the stars reflected in his eyes, “Yes?” He said, the door screeched over him as he opened the door. The stars reflected in the brass handle. She sighed, feeling awkwardness wash over her like the first drops of a rainstorm. Like when Snape had said that she’d better not stick with his type. It was a confusing sensation, the feeling of crimson creeping up her face like flames.

“Thanks - for dealing with Snape.”

“No problem. And, I’m not going to let that slimy git get away with what he did, either, if that’s what you think! You watch, Sirius will have a field day tomorrow.” Then, he turned drowsily and stepped through the door, “ G’night, Thora, I’ll see you in about …” He glanced at his watch, “ …seven hours.”

Thora laughed weakly as he disappeared through the door, the grating of the wood on the frame thieved the silence. As the sound of his footsteps died away, Thora inhaled deeply, her eyes searching the empty room curiously as she listened to the newly swelling silence. She sat on the arm of the chair beside the fire, her fingers drummed against the soft material; she glanced back towards the door.

“Night, Remus.” She whispered, more to herself than to someone else. She was alone in the dark…but not afraid. Thora shrugged the thought from her mind and began to trudge noisily up the stairs to the girls’ dorm, vowing to speak with Lily in the morning. The name Remus was still unfamiliar – peculiar, even - on her tongue and in her mind.

Then she realised that she was smiling.


Lucius walked steadily across the road, occasionally his hair glittered as he stepped in and out of the light from the street-lamps. He placed his hands in the pocket of his robes and his fingers clasped tightly around the wand concealed there. As he turned the corner, someone fell into step with him.

“You said you had information?” he muttered, not looking at the stranger, his eyes were fixed ahead of them both.

“Eenformation? I ‘ave, yes.” Said the man next to him. He was narrow-nosed and pale. Most of the colour in his face came from a pair of small, watery blue eyes and dark, thinning hair. He was stubby, and by far much shorter than Lucius Malfoy. “ But, every man has ‘is price. After all, I am a beesnessman. ”

French, thought Lucius bitterly. His gloved hand disappeared into his robes and brought out a small pouch.

It clattered with the sound of money.

The French man smirked as he took it and patted his breast smugly. “ Now, what eez eet you wanted to ask me?”

“You know what I want,” hissed Malfoy dangerously, “The whereabouts of the Minister’s brat! That is why I am here!”

“Alright, Alright…” the Frenchman said amusedly, “ …I ‘ave ‘eard zat the Minister’s niece eez in England. Apparently, zey moved ‘er zere on August ze twelfth…” Lucius glared intensely at him, in hope of further information. The Frenchman swallowed nervously, his pupils dilated and he looked away, “…zat eez all I ‘ave got.” He finished, timidly.

“Are you telling me that I have apparated to France for this…this measly bit of information from an amateur? Is that all?” Spat Lucius, his porcelain white face flushed an ugly, red colour. “Is that all?” His tone was now more dangerous, soft and leaking with venom. The sound of a viper poised to attack. The Frenchman looked back at him with equal dislike.

“Well, What deed you expect from me? More?” he laughed cruelly, “ I zeenk not! You Englishmen, you’re terrible. You…you want everyzink all at once!” He clicked his fingers three times, “eet eez greed. Zat’s what eet eez.”

Lucius stopped walking and caught the mans’ arm with a bruising strength, “What is your name?”

“I – I don’t see how zat comes eento ze equation!”

Lucius said nothing. His heavy, angered breathing could be heard over the night’s silence. The Frenchman’s face fell as the streetlights flickered and died. His pig-like eyes suddenly swelled to the size of oranges. Both men stood in the darkness.

“What eez ‘zis, some trick - ”

A flash of emerald light illuminated both figures briefly enough to show one man fall in a crumpled heap on the pavement. Lucius’s lip curled with distaste as he stepped over the corpse, the blue eyes were stationary, unmoving. His last breath billowed from between his teeth, and he was still.

Lucius bent down and unzipped the man’s jacket pocket, and took the money he’d paid him. He smirked, placing it back inside his robes:

“A pleasure doing business with you.”


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Re: Thora Jinks

Hey guys and gals! Sorry about the wait with this chapter, firstly, I’d like to thank:

WandaXmaximof, NoraLupin, Secunda, JJFinch, Yeshm813 Vigneshnimbus, Nk52, RemusJ and hplova15165 for their amazing reviews if chapter six!

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Btw, this chapter doesn’t have as much action and stuff. This is sort of a breath of fresh air for y’all!


Chapter seven: Of flame and night black

“ So tell me again,” pressed Thora, grinning at her friend as if Christmas had come early, “ why exactly the great escape yesterday?”

“I told you,” snapped Lily irritably, “ I felt…. Sick.” Her ears were reddening beyond belief, “now, can we just get off the subject?”

“But we’re already having so much fun!” Crooned Alice, throwing masses of thick, blonde tresses from her face.

“Besides,” said Maeva, smiling, “ We all know you’re softening.”

Lily threw her an angry glance. Her eyes were rimmed with fire, as if someone had dribbled molten lava in a circle against the emerald green of a Quidditch pitch. Then she smiled.

“God, I’m only joking, guys!” She said, “ You all looked so shocked!”

The girls began to laugh wearily. Thora adjusted her scarlet-red tie so that it lay in the crook of her white collar. As Lily opened the door to the common room, an eruption of early morning conversation rung in their ears. Some of the Gryffindors were huddled around one another, frantically scribbling homework on torn, battered parchment. The windowsill, almost shadowed by the enormous blood-red curtains, was occupied sat a group of seventh year girls.

Thora looked at the armchair near the fire, the very armchair she’d sat in at half-past twelve this morning. Although it’s occupant was a short, plump boy with wavy blonde hair flattened against his face. Peter.

The other marauders – a name she’d begun to hear very often amongst the Gryffindors – were sat on the rug, legs folded against their chests with their backs towards the flames. Thora felt thrill surge through her veins when she saw Remus speaking with Sirius, his lips were barley twitching in response. There were dark shadows beneath his eyes, black crescent moons blemishing his skin. He looked angry, troubled…tired.

She glanced at her watch, and smiled. Half-past seven. It really had been close to seven hours since they’d spoken. Seven hours since Snape had…. threatened her. Following Lily to the armchair in which Peter was sat, she noticed a crumpled newspaper lying on the arm under the palm of his hand. His stubby, fleshy fingers concealed the main headline.

“Peter, are you using that?” Lily gestured to the paper.

“What –Oh!” he smiled weakly behind Lily’s shoulder, at Maeva. Maeva smiled back, it was a fake, artificial smile that made her appear like a muggle doll. “Nah, have it.” He added, and then turned back to face the flames with what seemed to him like a casual, cool shrug that had really looked more like a nervous twitch.

“Err…Thanks.” Lily took the paper from beneath his index finger and opened it. Thora caught the headline briefly, but it was enough. In big, bold lettering across the front page, was the word: MURDERED.

Thora tried to swallow past the lump in her throat, her mind raced. Her thoughts could only be traced back to one person.

Lucius Malfoy. What if… she shuddered beneath her Hogwarts robes as his pale, flawless face swam into her minds’ eye.

“Anything good?” Maeva asked, her eyes directed elsewhere. Thora grinned as she saw her eyes lock with Sirius.

Maeva smiled briefly and looked away.

“No,” Lily slammed the paper down onto the table, “Just some French guy’s been murdered …” - Thora glanced at the paper as if it had bit her, - “…don’t they ever put anything good in this thing?”

“Yeah, well, you subscribed to it last year.” Said Alice.

“Ha, ha. Very funny, Al.”

Thora couldn’t keep her eyes off the headline, it seemed to swim in front of her until she realised that tears were stinging the lids of her eyes. Thora blinked.

“Can I have a look at that?” She had already outstretched her fingers to take the paper.

“Yeah, sure. If you want to be depressed for the rest of the day.” Lily answered.

Thora wasn’t listening; the racing of her own mind and the rush of the blood pumping furiously through her veins had drowned the sound of life. She didn’t even read the article, having no faith in the prophet journalists, but looked straight at the photograph.

It only showed a little of his head and broad shoulders, even with the colourless picture, she could tell that his skin was very pale. A pair of watery, seemingly grey eyes stared back at her. His hair was dark and sparse, failing to draw attention from his plump build. Underneath was a caption:

Murdered: Sébastien Broussard, age 45.

He was French. French. That meant that whomever had murdered him, had been in France. She had the most horrid feeling that her insides were on fire, like acid was devouring her internal organs. Thora almost thought she felt bile rise in her mouth; she dropped the paper. Thora’s only thought was Lucius Malfoy.


“Oh – sorry. What?”

“ Are you coming down?”

“Yeah, I’m starving.”

“C’mon then!” Maeva grabbed the sleeve of her robe and tugged her gently.

“One minute, you go without me. I’ve got something to do first,” she smiled s Maeva let go, leaving her with a ‘see ya’ before disappearing with Alice. Lily’s head was almost in total darkness before Thora shouted her back.

From the corner of her eye she saw James stop talking at once.

Thora took three rolled up pieces of parchment from her pocket and held them in front of Lily.

“What’s this?”

“This,” she grinned at her, “ Is something James told me to give to you yesterday.”

She handed James’s contribution of the Potions project to Lily, watching for her reaction. Her face was implacable, that’s what Thora hated about her face. You could never tell what she was truly thinking. She was so…enigmatic!

Then Thora saw her friend smile.


“ Jinks! JINKS!”

Sirius Black was speeding down the corridor towards her; she could see his head over the sea of people hurtling out of doors. His dark hair was whipping behind him; he was probably running harder than in time he’d run in his life. Lily, Maeva and Alice had suddenly melted into the pupils around her.

“I heard,” he gasped at last, propping his arm up against the wall. Thora watched a group of Ravenclaw girls glare at her.

“Heard what?” She answered shakily, ducking under his arm.

“About Snivellus, that greasy git attacking you before. Moony told me about it.” He smirked, “ He thinks we should get even.”

“Wait a minute - who told you?”

“Moony, I’ve just said. Weren’t you listening?”

“So it wasn’t Remus?” she asked, forgetting the mob of girls ready to pounce on her. She glanced back at him, wondering how much of a similar grey his eyes were to Malfoy’s. It even sent chills down the length of her spine, looking back into those glistening, misty lenses.

He was smiling. “He hasn’t told you yet, has he?” Sirius shook some hair out of his eyes, “Moony is Remus. You should know, since you spend so much time glued to his side. ”

Thora reddened. Almost giggled, but she sustained it immediately. “Yeah, well, passing over that – he said we should get even?”

“Yeah. You know, an old prank of ours. We’re planning to do it today, something like water over his head. The one in fifth year – that was great - ”

“ – Sorry? The one in fifth year?” She’d heard of this incident and was keen to learn about it.

“Well… it was…Nah. I’d better not. Lily would probably tell you, and besides, she’d hex me if I spoke about it again.” He grinned down at her, “ So…what do you think?”

“I think its Rubbish!” she spluttered, enjoying the disappointment in his face. “Water over someone’s head? That’s like a - a first years prank, Black! We need to plan this thing properly!”

Sirius propped his arm against the wall again, behind his eyes she could see the glitter of amusement in them. This time, his voice was lower, “ Then, find us a place for us to do it, Jinks. If you’re taking some of the credit, that is…”

Sirius winked at her, lifting his arm from over her head.

Then he was gone.


Thora turned the corner. They’d left her! She was seriously having words when she got to the hall for lunch. The sunlight streamed in through the stained-glass windows lining the walls, so that it reflected in the suits of armour standing around her. Weapons poised for battle.

Leaving her alone with Sirius Black! How could they? She was still red after most of his comments, the tone of his voice alone! Her mind was still saturated with his speech:

“Moony is Remus. You should know, since you spend so much time glued to his side. ”

Willing herself to stop thinking about it, she shook her head as I to discard the thought. Her wild, wavy hair flying about her like some lunatic because of her frustration. Her eyes fell on the swords in their stands below the suits. Their handles were faded, some wood…some brass. Some even looked like they had once been attractive and golden. There were large dents in some of the blades were jewels must have fallen out.

She grinned to herself – they were going to pay Snape back for all of the things he’d done to her, but where would they plan it? She’d been racking her brains out since the conversation!

Just my luck, the one day I really need something –


Thora stopped walking at once, she turned so fast that some of the books from her bag slipped out and were expelled onto the floor in a pile. She heard her inkpot shatter.

Thora’s jaw dropped.

The wall at the far end – it was moving! The stone clicked and grated against itself loudly, as large segments of it shifted and clunked into place to make the outline of a large, arched door.

“What the -?”


James Potter’s feet were caked in mud from the Quidditch pitch, stripes of earth were splattered against his cheeks and his hair was wild with wind and rainwater. His glasses were again, hanging off the end of his nose and at a wonky angle. They were clouded like moors obscured with fog.


He grinned to himself, recognising Lily’s voice. Turning to face her, he slipped into a more elegant posture and character. She was running down the corridor, her hair was trailing behind her like the flames of a torch.

“What’s this? Lily Evans is speaking to me? Surely not!” He smiled again, “Have you finished running away from folk, then?”

“Don’t ruin it, Potter. I just came to tell you that, your piece of the project - ”

“ - Oh, you’ve come to tell me how rubbish it was, have you?” he said, looking down at her. She was a lot shorter than he was, her green eyes looked back at him sternly and strongly.

“No,” she said dryly, “I came to tell you that…well – it’s good. Really good.” Lily looked down at her feet. They were so close that James could count each freckle on her nose.

“It’s good?” He spluttered, surprising himself.

“Yeah. Well written.”

James smirked, “ Is that a compliment, I hear? It’s not that tough to give me one, is it?”

Lily faltered, reddening slightly around her ears, “No…” she looked back at him and then spat: “…Fine! Yes, Potter, it was a compliment! Happy?”

“I think that’s good enough for me.” Said James, his pride swelled tremendously and he pushed his glasses up to his eyes, “ I’m fine with the compliment.”

Lily’s lips upturned briefly, “ It still doesn’t mean I like you, Potter.”


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Btw, I hope you enjoyed the little breath of fresh air! Next chapter's probably going to be action-packed again! (might have more Remus, you never know!)

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Utopia: Teddy Lupin - 2009+

Thora Jinks - 2008/2010

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Re: Thora Jinks

[b]Chapter eight: Thora Jinks

Okies, SORRY SO MUCH for the wait! I’ve had a busy, tiring week! I hope you like this update, and don’t forget, any new readers come on in!

Thanks to: NoraLupin, RemusJ, Yeshm813, Secunda, hplova15165, Vigneshnimbus, WandaXmaximof, JJFinch.

^^^ You are all brilliant! Especially Taylor!!!


chapter eight: Show no anguish.

Lucius Malfoy was sitting alone in the leaky cauldron, tracing his paper-thin lips with his index finger. His left hand was still hugging the handle of his mug; Lucius occasionally looked down into it, as if checking no demonic monster would suddenly jump from the empty space. His grey eyes were full of fear.

He knew he was being watched. Like always, being watched! The ministry would hardly ever let him out of their sights, and when they did he wasn’t awake to feel like a free man.
He wrinkled his nose distastefully as his gaze wandered across the room and landed on a small, drunken wizard. He was swaying like a tree in the breeze.

“Disgusting.” He snorted, and turned towards the window.

It was a dull day, the skies were a pale blue, but he could only see the colour if he looked between the sheets of dark clouds advancing over London. Diagon alley was quiet, there were no crowds of witches and wizards bustling hurriedly up the street, he could actually see the cobbles.

Then Lucius felt the burn.

It spread up his left forearm like fire, flames licking his flesh! Worse than the jaws of a beast dragging it’s teeth through skin, worse than anything he’d felt before. Like acid - No, lava was being dribbled across his arm…like he’d stuck it into a volcanic crater and felt the heat of the ash prickle against his body.

He grinded his teeth together, not daring to admit the tears lurking in the corners of his eyes. Not now…

Please, not now…

He tried to ignore it, to stop his fingers snaking up his forearm to rub the mark. He looked outside of the window - anything to occupy him! There was only one person in the street – a woman with her nose pressed against a shop window. Blonde hair blown about with the wind…splashing around her face like rivulets of gold.

Narcissa. He’d been to school with her -


Lucius rose from his seat, knocking his mug aside and strode quickly towards the gents’ toilets. The door slammed shut behind him just before his emerald green robes whipped out of sight. He stood with his back against the wood door and exhaled, grimacing. Rubbing his forearm so vigorously that it hurt even more. He threw the sleeve up to his elbow and directed the tip of his wand at his forearm. He muttered something under his paced, heavy breathing.

The skin of his arm was bare, nothing but golden hair laced his wrist and up. Until the dark mark suddenly loomed into view. As black as the night sky, a skull with a snake protruding from its jaws that appeared nothing more than a muggle tattoo. It was bleeding.

“Blast,” he muttered, looking at the red liquid lacing his hairs and arm, thinking he looked like a victim of a savage ambush…trying not to allow his thoughts to wander to Fenrir Greyback. He lifted his weight from the door and locked it with a non-verbal spell, careful not to let his emerald green sleeve slide back to his wrist where the blood may stain it.

Then, he walked to the far wall – they were cream, though tainted with mud and stains of many years – and placed his right hand onto it. A ring glittered on his thumb.
“Let me pass.” He knew he had minutes before the ministry came for him.

The wall did nothing. His pupils dilated with anger, a vein pulsed furiously within his temple. “Let. Me. Pass!”

And, suddenly, Lucius fell through the wall as if he was nothing more than a ghost.


A pain in his ribs.

That was the first thing he thought of as he fell through the other side. Lucius scrambled up from the floor, shrugging his sleeve back and frowning – he could see drops of black liquid glistening there. His blood.

“Am I to trust the link worked, Lucius?” The cold, heartless voice shattered the silence. Voldemort.

Lucius tried to come to terms with his surroundings; he was in a large room. He jumped when he saw what he thought was another death eater, but the tension in him disappeared when he saw only himself. His reflection. Mirrors were lined across the walls. No paint. No wallpaper. Mirrors.

It was so dark he almost felt alone in the room, just his pale, ghostly reflection clad in green. That was until he saw the Dark Lord’s face loom over his shoulder, white. The slits for eyes staring back at him.

“You are, My Lord. It worked well.”

“Good, very good.” The dark lord mused, but did not smile. “ Do you know why I brought you here tonight, Lucius?”

“No,” he said truthfully. He could hear his heart hammering.

“It is because you are careless.”

“Careless, my lord? How?” He frowned, struggling to keep his features arranged calmly.

Voldemort turned away from Lucius. He relaxed. An indescribable fear was germinating within his gut. He swallowed, awaiting his answer.

“Do not pretend you do not know, Lucius.” He said dangerously, this time, a flicker of a smile could be seen in his reflection. “ You can hide nothing from me.”

“My Lord, I assure you, I carry no secrets - ” He was cut off.

DO NOT LIE TO ME!” The Dark Lord screeched, now whipping round. His robes flapped around his ankles. Lucius stood still, even though he wanted to run more than nothing in the world. His mark was still prickling.

The Dark Lord regained his composure, “ I am referring to Sébastien Broussard. Now that the entire Ministry is on your tail I would’ve thought someone of your…intelligence would have enough common sense not to kill a man…” He smiled again, leaving Lucius with an uncomfortable sensation that swept the length of his spine, “…no matter how much you enjoyed it.”

“M-my lord, I did it for the benefit of - ”

“Nevertheless, it was your mistake!” Purred Voldemort, his face set like stone. He turned his back on Lucius once more, gesticulating wildly.“ Which is why I will give you one last chance! Do not doubt that I would happily take your life should you fail me again. You have disappointed me.”

Lucius tensed around the shoulders.

Voldemort continued, “ I suggest you focus on finding the witch that has brought so many complications - ”

“But, My Lord there is nobody who knows, they have kept her hidden so well…” He realised his interruption was a mistake, as he saw white anger flash his Master’s eyes. He trailed away and looked at his feet…listening to Lord Voldemort’s footsteps echoing around him. One by one. Lucius could feel his breath against his chin. Chills surged through his veins…hot and cold. The mark on his forearm burnt. He dared to look back up into his eyes, both abysses of blackness, a gaze dripped in malice…fire…hatred…

He took in a deep, shuddering breath.

“Then find someone who does.”

*** >>>> This next scene is a day after<<<<

“Jinks, that’s a load of rubbish!” Sirius spluttered as he and Thora flew down the steps towards the grounds. She had caught him on his own.

Thora reddened with anger; she balled her fists, “Fine. Be like that. But I saw what I saw. I found us a place! And how many times have I told you its Thora? Not Jinks!”

Sirius grinned at her and shook his black hair out of his eyes. Thora wanted to slap his hand and push the hair back over them, and then she wouldn’t find herself staring at Lucius. Lucius…

“Fine. Look, if it makes you happy I’ll come and take a look at it.”

“Just you?”

“Nah Prongs, too. Why? Is that an offer?”

Thora frowned and shook her fringe into her eyes, embarrassed. Wanting to hit him. “You really think everyone loves you that much?”

“Pretty much, yeah.” He grinned again, seating himself in the grass. He leant against the trunk of an old, warped tree. Thora thought distantly of the whomping willow…hoping to god that one day Sirius might decide to seat himself beneath that…

“What’re you smiling at?”

“Just the thought of you getting crushed into tiny pieces, of course. And by the way, you’re forgetting I’m a Beauxbatons girl, I have taste.” Thora kicked his leg gently with her bare foot. It was a warm day; the sun caressed her skin with its rays. Even Lily had unfastened her top button. Thora’s shoes and socks were in her hand.

“Charming.” Mused Sirius, “ Anyway, just to remind you: Don’t ask Moony to tag along, OK? He says it would probably get us expelled. You’re new; Dumbledore’ll let you off. Only talk about it with me and Prongs, understand?” He raised his eyebrows sceptically, when she gave no response he smiled. “ Look, I know it might be the toughest thing in the world to detach yourself from Moony’s side, but you’re going to have to.”

Thora tensed, “Stop saying things like that. It really bugs me.”

“All the more reason why I should do it then, isn’t it?”

“Oh, shut up, will you? You’re driving me insane!” Thora sat down across from him, crossing her legs. Blades of the grass nestled between her toes.

“I drive all girls insane.” Said Sirius with a flicker of a smile.

She ignored the comment, “ So, this prank: what were you thinking?”

“You know about the whomping willow, right?” Sirius muttered, his gaze darting from left to right.

“Yeah,” Thora nodded, “Someone told me about it not long back.” She bit her lip anxiously, leaning in closer so she could hear his whisper.

“Well…it’s the cover for a passage under the ground. You can freeze it,” Sirius replied, not meeting her eyes. His brows were knitted, “ thing is - there’s a beast down there.”

“A what? Down where?”

“A beast. We found it, Prongs and me. I think we should send Snivelley down there – under the whomping willow - ”

“Whoa – hang on, I said payback not massacre!” Spat Thora, outraged.

“Nah, it won’t rip him to shreds or anything. It’ll probably just make him wet himself.” Said Sirius, smirking slightly. There was a gleam in his eyes that she’d never encountered before – something…more… “ I mean it. Even I wouldn’t try to murder him.”

Thora raised an eyebrow, “honestly? You’re not trying to pull the wool over my eyes?”

“C’mon! Would I?” Sirius shrugged and grinned at her. Thora scowled back, he thought a grin would be enough to turn her completely towards the idea. It wasn’t.

“Swear it,” she said. She wanted to smile, pleased with how dangerous she’d sounded. Thora outstretched her hand; Sirius considered her for a moment, and then leant forward.

“I swear.”

Sirius shook it, hiding the crossed fingers of his left hand.


Okies! Hope you liked it, guys! Sorry about the shortness...

Feedback can be left here
>>>> It's gonna kick off!!:D

Any sort of feedback is welcome, good or bad, guys!

Love ya, Taylor!

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Thora Jinks - 2008/2010

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Re: Thora Jinks

Hey guys, it’s not much, but it’s an update! Thanks for all your lovely reviews of chapter eight so here's 9.

Chapter nine: Halloween

September had passed swiftly since Sirius had spoken her, bringing with it cold, harsh weather, and also the month of October. As Thora looked out of the window of the astronomy towers she could no longer see the emerald green the grounds had once been, nor could she hear the rustling of the trees, just the gentle clattering of their naked branches. She shivered as the draughts of cold air breezed in through the windows.



“It’s your turn.” Lily gestured towards the small, golden-rimmed teacup embraced by Thora’s fingers. Thora groaned and looked into its depths. Nothing. Just a sloppy mess of green and brown, almost like Professor Nixon had thrown in earth from the school grounds. She smirked.

“Well?” said Lily anxiously, “What d’you see?” Thora grinned at her again, why did she even bother? It was just made up of the stuff left over from the tea in the staff room, anyway. Plus, Professor Nixon wasn’t worth bothering to try hard at the subject; he just spent most of the lesson sauntering around the room and breathing down pupils’ necks, stroking the sides of his handlebar moustache with an uninterested gleam in his eyes.

“Your going to get married and have one boy,” she invented wildly, “ possibly called Bob, and – Ah, yes – your husband’s gonna be James Potter.”

Lily had been grinning until that stage. She opened her mouth to retort but stopped short when another voice sliced through hers.

“Err – What about Prongs?” Sirius growled.

“Oh, just the fact that Lily’s marrying him - ”

“ – No, I’m not!” lily muttered.

“ – And they’re having a lovely baby boy called Bob.”

“Definitely NOT Bob!” Lily cried, “ If I’m having a bloody kid it’s going to be called Harry.” She added, voice wreathed in pride.

“Harry?” snorted Sirius, “ What if it’s a girl? Am I to assume it’s going to be Harriett?”

Lily rolled her eyes, “Shut up, Sirius.” The embarrassment in her eyes told Thora that Sirius was on the right track. She bent over the tealeaves so that she looked like a horse looming over a haystack, Thora sustained laughter. Too late, the giggles were cascading from her mouth like water in a waterfall! It felt like someone was tickling her insides as she burst out laughing!

“And you can stop laughing as well!”

Thora subsided, and looked back at Sirius whom looked just as equally as amused.

“Harry?” he mouthed.

Thora shrugged, rubbing her sides. “ At least it’s not as bad as Sirius.”

Sirius’s expression hardened, “At least it’s not as horrific as your quidditch.” He

“At least it’s not as awful as your potions.”

“I’m glad my potions is better than your flirting abilities.”

Flirting abilities? C’mon! Is that the best you’ve got, Sirius Black? Hanging around with a guy does not mean you’re showing off your flirting abilities!

Thora looked back at him, using her expression as a distraction as she searched frantically for a retort, “Yeah, Well, I know it’s Halloween Sirius but there’s no excuse for wearing your mask to divination.”

She turned around, grinning furiously.



I miss you more than ever. You, Mum and Dad are all missing from my life and sometimes I can’t help but feel so alone, even though my new friends are brill. They’re helping me to cope without knowing they are! Funny, really, they’re probably going to be angry when they find out (they’re bound to, aren’t they?) When all this is over, promise you’ll meet them? They’re all so amazing, especially Lily and Remus. I don’t know what I’d do without them! Sirius bugs me from time to time, but he’s all right! You should meet the games keeper, Hagrid. He’s a complete nutter but we all love him! How are you all? What about Malfoy?

It’s Halloween. Remember last year’s party in France? Uncle Tarwin staggering about and knocking over all the firewhisky still makes me laugh! There’s still a feast on tonight here, and since its Friday we’re all gonna get a lie-in! I’m scared (no surprise there, huh?) I don’t know what it is, it’s just the thought of Halloween making all this worse. I keep worrying about you-know-who waltzing in on the feast, I know it sounds stupid, but I’m actually really scared! I’ve not had many meetings with Albus lately, so I hope that means nothing bad has happened. Fingers crossed, huh?

Thora x
P.s try not to worry about me too much, I’m fine.

Thora stroked the owls’ neck, not even feeling the sensation of its silky feathers beneath her numb, pink and raw fingertips. It was freezing! She even smirked at the feel of her muggle coat over the top of her school robes, she’d never properly been interested in muggle fashions, but when she saw the coat staring back at her through the shop window, it had to be hers!

The ink in her letter was still shining in the winter sun; the cold crept up the back of her neck and ravaged her cheeks. She sniffed as the owl took flight, bearing her letter on its left leg. With a snag of annoyance, Thora noticed that it was also a slightly injured limb - it tilted slightly – only this could have happened to her! Sirius probably hexed her to have incredibly bad luck all day – if it was possible.

She was instantly reminded of last month, when they had spoken about the prank they were planning on pulling. She had not thought about the consequences until now…would she be expelled? If so, then where would she hide? She shuddered at the thought.

“How many times can someone send a letter in one week?” came the slightly bewildered voice of Remus Lupin.

Guilt suddenly pulsated within her veins as if it ran there instead of blood; she had kept her secret – or, the prank – from him for little less than a month. And there he was, being annoyingly amazing and trustworthy – and her, the liar.

“How many times can someone sneak up on me whilst writing a letter?” she regained her composure, “ Is this a hobby, walking in on private affairs? And, I think you’ll find this is the first letter I’ve sent this week.”

“Sure,” Remus muttered, smiling weakly.

“Don’t be so bloody cheeky!” cried Thora, nudging him in slightly, noticing that his chest seemed to have receded an inch or so, he looked fairly ill.“ What are you doing up here, then?”

“I,” said Remus, quite matter-of-factly, “ Was looking for you, actually. And knew exactly where to find you: in the owlery, writing poetry for some guy named Pierre in your home country of France.”

“Whose Pierre? You’re mad, you know that, don’t you?”

“Oh, of course.” Agreed Remus sincerely; fake severity gleamed within his brown eyes, “A total nut-job.” He grinned.

Thora pulled him into a hug and patted his back,” It’s OK. The men in white coat’s aren’t coming for you, I won’t let them!”

“Who’re they?” he frowned; as he spoke she could feel his jaw move on the crown of her head. She pulled away, before she began to feel used to…to…she didn’t even want to think about it!

“No idea, I just picked it up from the muggles. They’re probably some sorts of muggle aurors.” She avoided his eyes tactfully.

“Thora Jinks, you’re an utter maniac.”

You’re not wrong. I’d have to be to go through with a marauder prank, right?


“We’re only going to a feast!” Cried Alice, “School’s not the sort of place you look for to be gorgeous.”

Try and tell Sirius that. His aim in life is to practically make as many girls as he can faint with excitement.

Maeva looked into the mirror once more, “Yeah, well, I like to look good for special occasions. You should be the one making the most effort, Alice. You’ve got Frank.”

“Maeva, it’s Halloween. You’re not supposed to look good! You’re supposed to be scary!” protested Lily, “like Masks and stuff!”

“Masks?” Maeva frowned, “What do they teach you in the muggle world?” she shook her head, but jerked out of the way when a cushion came plummeting in her direction.

Thora slapped herself mentally. Her gag about Sirius leaving his mask on in Divination must’ve sounded so alien since he was a pureblood. Yet again, so was she, and that didn’t stop her from knowing a bit about the muggle world.

She looked out onto the grounds from the window – darkness had loomed over the Hogwarts grounds, and the night sky bore no stars. She could only see the black outline of the forest lacing the outskirts of the grounds, only these trees, she noticed, were not naked. They whistled eerily with the breeze. Thora felt nausea overcome her…

A tall figure…pale and tragic…slits like crescent moons embedded in pallid sockets, stared back at her. Black robes nipped at his ankles as he advanced - he raised his wand…green light…



“Thora! Thora, can you here me?”

“ – Look, her eyes are opened!”

Two pairs of eyes were on her. Green and brown. Lily and Maeva. Lily smiled as Thora squinted into the light wearily, only to be greeted by the plump face of the nurse, Madam Pomfrey. Her face was set like a statue as she kneeled over her.

“Miss Jinks? Can you stand?”

A disgusting, putrid odour suddenly ensued –vomit. She’d been sick.

“Thora?” Madam Pomfrey repeated.

“Yeah, I think so.” She heaved her body upright with all the strength she could muster and began to walk with Madam Pomfrey steadily down the stairs towards the common room. Professor Dumbledore was waiting for them there, clad in silver robes like melted coins. Thora’s eyes became unfocused whenever she looked at the colour.

“Poppy? Is she well enough to come to my office?”

“Oh, really Albus – I’m going to have to take her - ”

“Madam Pomfrey,” he said, stern, “May I borrow her?”

Madam Pomfrey’s grip hand on her shoulder tensed and then weakened. Thora staggered towards the head master, ignoring the students watching them. Out of the corner of her eyes she spotted Remus and Sirius. Standing shoulder to shoulder with their mouths parted in disbelief – and worry.

“Professor, can I come?” Lily asked, it was little more than a squeak - a tiny sound that would’ve been expected of a first year. -

“I’m afraid not Miss Evans, I’m sorry. I have something very important I wish to discuss with Miss Jinks.”


As Thora stepped into Dumbledore’s office, she’d begun to feel much more focused. Though her stomach still churned like it was turning inside out. The gruesome thought made her feel even worse. Albus stopped in front of her, placed both hands on her shoulders and looked into her eyes with the gaze of a healer or a doctor.

“What happened?” he asked bluntly.

She blinked, “I was fine, and then I –I just felt sick. I saw…him.”

“Him?” asked Dumbledore severely, blue eyes eager.

“You-know-who - ” Thora stopped herself, then: “ -Voldemort. Not a flashback like the others, just…him. And I’ve never been sick before - ”

“ – No flashbacks? Promise me that it was not a flashback from August?”

Thora breathed in, “I promise, Sir.”

Dumbledore turned away from her and paced nervously, “Good. I will have to report this to your uncle. I wonder if he suffers similar attacks to yourself?”

“You mean fainting?”

“Precisely.” Dumbledore muttered. His frown was disturbing; his eyes were glazed with trouble. Thora approached the subject sensitively.

“ Professor Dumbledore, is there something you would like to tell me?”

Dumbledore glanced back at her, sighed heavily and sat in the empty chair normally reserved for pupils. “ There’s been an attack.”

Thora felt the nausea suddenly return, “ Where?”

“ London, at the ministry. The story should be leaked out onto the prophet pages within hours.”


Okies! I know it’s not brilliant, but at least it’s something! Thanks for being so patient!



p.s Hi, Jade!

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Utopia: Teddy Lupin - 2009+

Thora Jinks - 2008/2010

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Re: Thora Jinks

Hellooo m’dearies! Thanks for the great reviews, I know it’s really early to post, it’s just I had a random bit of inspiration and I feel I owe you a second chapter after leaving it so long!

CHAPTER TEN: Of Blades and Malfoys

Thora closed the office door behind her. Her cheeks were caked with dried tears so that it looked like a film had formed over her pale skin that shimmered under the torchlight. Without warning her legs suddenly pulled her to the floor and she sank onto her knees, now unable to cry from the numbness in her stomach. She felt empty. Alone again, even though hundreds of living portraits lined the corridor walls above her head. She ignored their questioning. How could she listen to any more now? Not after…after Michael’s death. Michael her friend. Michael the Auror. Dumbledore had looked so calm he must’ve been used to being the bearer of bad news. She trembled from head to foot, shaking away the tears in her eyes with savage, vicious blinking.


Footsteps thudded wildly from the bottom of the marble staircase, Lily gripped the banisters tightly, and her knuckles were white and pallid, the same shade as her troubled face. Thora was thrown backwards as Lily pounced on her with the most restricting hug she’d ever felt. For a second, in her friends’ arms, she felt the warmth of her blood and happiness suddenly return.

Lily had been crying. She’d never seen her cry. Here, beneath the flickering flames her eyes looked even more like valuable green gemstones, the capillaries in her eyes were red and irritated, as where the rims of her eyes.

“Thora, what’s wrong?” Her voice trembled.

“Nothing, I’m fine. A panic attack, that’s all.” She said, though her lie lacked heart and she avoided Lily’s gaze. The horror within Thora’s mind was beyond any emotion someone could possibly imagine. Death. An innocent life pilfered by means of just a wand and malice beyond anyone’s ability. Michael…

Lily scrutinised her features beneath a knowing gaze, “You’ve been crying,” she stated.

“So have you.” Thora replied, now smirking as Lily offered her a hand and helped her up. Her smile faded like the sun disappearing beneath the dark horizon. Michael was dead. They had attacked the Ministry, expecting information, and leaving with a corpse on their conscience. But men like them didn’t have a conscience…

Men like Lucius Malfoy didn’t have a conscience.

Her eyes unfocused, Lily blurred and she fell backwards against the corridor wall.

*** A.N >>> This is actually the full flashback in a lot more detail.

Thora froze in her tracks, all motion halted. Her breath silenced as if a bludger had just plummeted into her stomach. She felt her limbs tremble with fear of being heard.
Voices were coming from the barn. Unfamiliar voices.
“…But…My Lord, how can you possibly expect the Ministry to-to surrender?”

It was as if all her childhood nightmares had been moulded and sculpted into reality, springing to life with such vigour that it shook her to think upon it. But she couldn’t move, she would definitely be heard…her breath appeared before her in an ivory cloud with the coldness of the atmosphere. If they didn’t hear her ragged breathing, they were sure to see her hiding behind the haystacks-that’s if she didn’t explode with hay fever.
There were six of them; all garbed in midnight black cloaks that made them appear like death itself. Six of them against one of her.

“My Lord?” came another voice, wreathed in fear of his master.

The dark lord chuckled to himself, an empty, pitiless sound that caused her to recoil in disgust. Then, for the first time, Thora heard him speak: “ If the Minister for Magic is dead, then the entire Wizarding world will be crumpled under our boots.”
Thora gasped over the jeers. They couldn’t…
Lord Voldemort raised his hand; silence befell them once more.

“I’m assuming you all recognise our guest here tonight?” he hissed dangerously, but received grins from his followers.

Thora stopped breathing in the silence, they’d hex her into oblivion if she carried on drawing in air like she was having a heart attack. She wiped her eyes on the sleeve on her jumper when tears blurred her vision of the scene. The ‘guest’ took a step towards the dark lord, and lifted back his hood.

Her heart dropped.

As the ebony material revealed his face, a shock of white-blond hair tumbled forth, even now Thora could see the dim light reflecting in Lucius Malfoy’s grey eyes. Like glistening sliver orbs encased in his porcelain white sockets.

“Malfoy has just begun his work at the Ministry of Magic, am I correct?”

“You are, My Lord.” Lucius answered.

“ Inevitably, the job now falls to you.”

“Yes.” Lucius’s face twisted into a satisfied smile, anticipating the task he was about to be set.

“Will you murder the Minister for Magic in cold blood, for the sake of the dark lord?”

“I will…”
Voldemort’s thin lips curved into a smile for a second, “then so be it. Give me your arm, Lucius.”

Thora’s mind raced - the dark mark.

Lucius Malfoy - a killer? She couldn’t let it happen, her blood boiled furiously…she could feel the veins flickering angrily in her temples…Cornelius had employed him…welcomed him…

A burning hatred surged within her veins.

“No! HE TRUSTED YOU!” She could not help it, standing; she wrenched her wand from the pocket of her jeans. It was only then she realised what she had done.
Voldemort withdrew his hand and each of his death eaters raised theirs in a simultaneous motion, wands aimed towards her chest.

“Come.” Voldemort purred, “out of the shadows. We won’t hurt you.”

Thora wasn’t easily conned.

“Do you think I’m stupid?” She sneered, though her lips quavered as she said so, “do you h-honestly think I’m going to trust you?”

She watched his cold eyes narrow. It scared her. “What did you hear?”

“Everything I n-needed to know.” She could not conceal her terror. Thora glared at Lucius, looking desperately for a sign of remorse or guilt.
For a moment she thought she saw alarm pass over his shadowed features, now was her chance. Now or never…


However futile her spell was, it certainly caused a diversion, she picked up her buckling knees and ran…ran with all the strength she could muster, ignoring her impaired vision…ignoring the contrast of emerald green and blood red light sweeping past her cheeks…aware of how tears had suddenly mingled with rain pelting thunderously onto her body.

Away. Get away!

Thora closed her eyes; unable to stop the tears rolling down her weather-ravaged cheeks.

“…If the minister for magic is dead…”

No! She couldn’t think about it, she sobbed into her jumper…No…

Her family had invited a murderer into their home. A MURDERER! She screamed at the night sky, her ribs ached with exhaustion. It would take her ten minutes to run back to her home – why had she followed him! WHY!

Thora ran, ran as hard as she could! The wind whipped cold against her weather-ravaged face – her flesh burnt beneath her jeans! She could feel the rivulets of tears pouring from her eyes – Jets of red light flew past her; she could hear them whistle as they hurtled close to her face and missed. Thora fumbled in her pockets, in search of her wand again – she couldn’t breathe, like someone was crushing her with huge fists!

She turned, her last chance to escape. Her vision was so blurred with rain and tears that she couldn’t see Lucius running towards her. Just a tall, blackened figure coming vaguely closer. She raised her wand –

“ Expelli - ”

“STUPEFY!” Lucius’s voice mingled with hers, and before she could react, his jinx hit her square in the chest. Her breath was drawn from her; it was as if someone had kicked her. Thora trembled, and her body fell limply to the floor with one last gasp.

Malfoy surged forwards and caught her before she fell to the ground. Her eyes were closed; the dark eyelashes flickered momentarily before they were still once more. She was breathing shallowly; their faces were close enough for him to feel the small billows of breath forced from her parted lips.

“Little Brat.”

Malfoy drew his wand, one hand supporting the seemingly lifeless body of the minister’s niece on the base of her spine. Lucius swallowed, his grey eyes never leaving her face, they moved over the cuts and bruises blemishing her pale skin. He placed the tip of his wand against her temples…willing himself to say it…

His lips twitched, but no sound came. He just couldn’t do it; he pressed the wand harder into her head. She was fifteen…

“Avada Ked - ” He couldn’t!

Malfoy’s wand hand flew to his side. He looked one last time into the face of Thora Jinks, before sighing angrily. He searched inside his robes and brought out a silver dagger that flashed beneath the moon’s silvery gaze…poised it over his arm and scrunched his eyes together as he dragged the point across his flesh. He clenched his teeth together – hissing against the pain like a distressed cat. When he had finished, he looked at the blood streaming down his right arm, and smiled, satisfied at how enemy inflicted the wound looked.

For a moment he placed the dagger over Thora’s neck, as if contemplating it…could he? But instead he cleaned the tainted blade with a cloth and placed it back inside his robes. Shrugging back his left sleeve, he pointed his wand at the black skull and muttered an incantation. It disappeared as if never there.
Then, he threaded his arms around her legs and lifted her from the ground completely, struggling with the weight of her body. As he began to walk, Malfoy stumbled, and began to limp into the darkness where the Death Eaters would not find them.

It was not long before Lucius stumbled into the dining room of the Jinks’ to a startled Minister, he breathed heavily. A good actor, but he had only apparated. As his eyes moved over them it was only a fraction of a second before Alexis Jinks screeched and cupped Thora’s face with the mannerism of a madwoman.

“What happened?” She screamed, kissing her daughter’s head, “Lucius…?”

“We were attacked. We cannot stay long!” Said Lucius, with forced alert, “We must go now, quickly!”

“Are you injured, Lucius?” The Minister pressed, frowning. His face was worried; even his eyes were glazed as he glanced at his niece.

“Yes, Minister.” Lucius showed them the wound that had become steadily worse, Desmond Jinks gasped. Lucius smirked for a second, pleased with himself. “Miss Jinks is worse, I can assure you.” He angled the teenage girl so that they could see the bruises properly. Alexis sobbed again.

“My baby…”

“Bastar -” He was cut off by the sound of Alexis slapping his arm. Tears streamed down her face.

“Who could do this?” She asked, whispering. “ WHO DID THIS?” Alexis screamed and fell into her husband’s chest.

“The Death Eaters.” Said Lucius, “We must go now, they are after you, Minister!”

Panic flashed across his face and he shrugged on his travelling cloak, taking out his wand. Alexis took out her own; her face was contorted into a mask of anger and malice. Like she wanted nothing more than revenge.

“Go!” Lucius urged.

Alexis nodded and walked out of the room with the Minister, her knuckles white against the mahogany of her wand.

Desmond motioned for the door, but faltered, “Are you strong enough to carry her?”

“Yes, Sir. Go!”

Desmond kissed Thora’s forehead, “You are a good, brave man. Thank you.” He slapped Lucius’s shoulder and disappeared behind the door. Leaving Lucius alone with an unconscious teenager in his arms. His lip curled with disgust as he looked back into her face, she stirred wearily and her eyes flickered open a fraction. Lucius bent close to her ears, so that they were cheek to cheek.

“You will tell no one of this plan. Or you will die like your dear uncle.”

He muttered another spell, and she slumbered once more.


Screaming rung in her ears, a voice so strained that it barley worked. A fear so terrible that it was hard to imagine who could scream that way, until Thora realised it was her own screaming. She stopped as it caught in her throat – her chest rising and falling far too quickly. Sweat beaded on her forehead, her dark curls were wild. She fell back, feeling a cushion behind her head, and the scent of the hospital wing fill her lungs.

Lucius! She’d remembered…the flashback!

“You will tell no one of this plan. Or you will die like your dear uncle.”

She shivered.

She opened her eyes to meet with the hospital wing ceiling. Cream, shadows danced against the walls. She turned on her side, feeling sick. It was half past four in the morning, on the first of November. She’d missed the Halloween feast; she could still feel the dampness of her bedclothes from the tears she’d shed over Michael’s death. Still, she couldn’t remember much…like a mental wall she couldn’t climb over.

There was only one other bed occupied, a boy wrapped heavily between the sheets. Sandy hair shimmered against the candle at his bedside; a copy of the prophet was in his hands and his eyes (brown) traced the lettering.

“R-Remus?” Whispered Thora, “What – What are you doing here?”

Remus jumped and met her eyes; a disturbed gaze stared back at her as he pointed to his arm that was bandaged heavily. “Broke it,” he muttered, though Thora could see the rest of him fairly clearly. Blood was caked around his neck and cuts sliced through his skin, the jagged cut across his jaw had reopened and slipped the length of his neck, oozing onto the collar of his bedclothes.

Worry overcame her, she tried to wander over to her friend, but her wrist ached with agony so that she fell back with a small howl. “How did it happen?” She gave up and looked back up at the ceiling. No reply. “Remus?”


“How did it happen?”

“Oh – I dunno. Can’t remember much.” He answered abruptly. There was no mistaking the quaver of his voice, it shook as if a tremor had just swept the building. He obviously didn't want to talk.

“Oh,” was all she could manage. She pulled the duvet up to her chest and rolled onto her side. Her stomach churned as she sat there for minutes, maybe hours. As the break of day shone through the closed curtains, she asked: “Was I screaming?”

No reply again. Annoyed, she lifted herself upwards. “Remus?”

But he was fast asleep.


There you go! I hope you liked it! I enjoyed writing it! Please leave you review in le feedback thread and sorry Clare for making Lucius so flipping evil! >>>> Lucius is a nasty pasty...

Fan Fiction If You're Really That Bored

Utopia: Teddy Lupin - 2009+

Thora Jinks - 2008/2010

And if you're feeling it, take a look at my art!

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Re: Thora Jinks

Helooo everyone! Well, we have here a new chapter after people asking for a new one

I'd like to thank:

Amandaevans, Secunda, NoraLupin, Sibbelien, Vigneshnimbus, WandaXmaximoff, Yeshm813, Nk52, hplova15165,Animorphagus and JJFinch. Sorry If i missed you out! Just tell me if i did!

Hope you like it!

Chapter eleven: Boiling point!

Thora opened her eyes wearily and her vision focused once more on the Hospital wing ceiling. Only to be blurred again by tears of pain – and fear. She blinked them back and sniffed heavily. She turned on her side to find the curtains drawn over Remus’s bed. A jolt of worry clawed at her stomach, the curtains flapped around gently with the breeze coming in through the opened window.

Madam Pomfrey suddenly emerged from the centre, bustling about as usual, and with a firm grasp she threw the curtains aside and they grated noisily to reveal Remus, sitting up. He looked awful. The cuts looked like he himself had been thrown into the hole under the whomping willow. Thora swallowed with guilt. Lying to her friends was awful, it made her feel sick…disgusted in herself. For that brief moment she wanted nothing more than to tell Sirius she didn’t want to be part of the prank anymore. For that brief moment she hated Sirius.

But she hated Severus Snape more.

“Morning,” came a soft voice.

Thora pushed herself up and sat against the bed frame, shivering from beneath the thin bedclothes to find Remus staring back at her. The wind nibbled at her flesh. “Morning,” she answered, sighing. Her tongue felt thick and furry. Like she’d drunk too much.

“Sleep well?” She continued.

“Alright. There’s been an attack at the Ministry, though.” Remus replied groggily. “How about you?"

“Not too good.” The flashback raced through her brain and she shook her head as if in disagreement with herself, discarding the utterances inside her head that whispered the name of Lucius Malfoy. Like a conscience, but worse than a conscience. Like someone was sharing your own mind.

Physically impossible,
she thought with a snort.


“Hmm?” Came his reply, muffled from the duvet drawn over his shoulders.

“ How did you break your arm?”

“Wrist, actually,” sighed Remus, he was being oddly abrupt. Like he was hiding something. The same way he had done in the early hours of the morning, Thora frowned at him. She felt an angry heat rise in her cheeks as she looked into his enigmatic brown eyes – what was wrong? “ I…fell down the steps in the quidditch stadium.” He continued, swallowing.

“What the hell were you doing there?” snapped Thora irritably; lying was something she could not stand anymore! Even if she was being slightly hypocritical. Her eyes mapped all the cuts and scars on his face, some were closed, others open. Some were still bleeding. They were the markings of no fall…the white scars against his skin were like rivulets of hardened candle wax dribbled across his flesh. She was about to add ‘serves you right’ when he said:

“I was looking for you.”

All her anger suddenly diffused, like the flame of a candle swept away by the wind. Even if it was a lie…it touched her as if it was thawing the ice from her heart. She smiled even though it hurt; the corners of her lips were chapped and bleeding. She wrinkled her nose at the lingering taste of vomit.


“I just…wanted to talk to you.” He looked away, shaking his hair into his eyes.

“Oh,” she said guiltily, suddenly words of the prank rolled of her tongue without her consent - but no sound came, she inhaled and sat up. She hated having to lie to him! She couldn’t do it! Brushing a mass of dark, black curls from her face, she hesitated. Her heart was thudding so fast it felt like the gloved fists of a boxer drumming against her insides. “I’m- ”

“Oi, Jinks!”

Bingo. Right on time to bug me. Talk about timing!

Thora scowled as Sirius suddenly waltzed into the hospital wing wearing the biggest smirk of the season. His gold and scarlet tie was slung around his neck carelessly, the knot loose. His white shirt was hanging freely.

“ Just under a month to go, now!” He said cheerily and sat down in the chair beside her bed. Thora looked into his grey eyes, they were happy…uncaring. Not an ounce of doubt or remorse in the depths of those silver orbs, much like the Divination crystal balls. But even they had more depth than him.

“To go for what?” Asked Remus. Sirius blinked as if to check if he was really there.

“Since when were you ill?” he spluttered dumbly.

“Since last night. As you well know, Padfoot.” Replied Remus stiffly; there was a glimmer of slight dislike that passed through his eyes before he looked at Thora. “Under a month for what?” He asked her.

She opened her mouth to speak, “Sirius - ”

“- Until the Christmas Hogsmeade trip, idiot.” Intercepted Sirius smoothly, overtaking her role in the conversation with ease. Thora bit her lip, biting back the harsh words she was ready to scream at him. “What else would it be?” Sirius continued, “ We’re going together, Thora and me-” Thora saw Sirius falter intensely, as if he’d just been stung or walked straight into an overlarge bee hive and his gaze wandered elsewhere from Remus’s tired face, “ – Nothing…serious.” He coughed.

Thora glared at him…trying to keep her mask from cracking…she wanted to throttle him. To grasp his neck between her fingers and press hard – how dare he?

“Well, forgive me for intruding.” Muttered Remus, picking at a scab on his uninjured arm aimlessly. “I had no idea - ”

“Sirius Black!” A strained voice carried across the room and echoed as Madam Pomfrey suddenly bustled in from her office, “These people need rest! Out!”

“What? Oh, C’mon-”

“-OUT!” Madam Pomfrey flapped her hands as if shooing a flock of geese. Sirius groaned and picked up his school bag, winked once at Thora (whose temper boiled with fury) and scarpered with nothing more than a “ See you, Moony.” And the door closed behind him.


Thora resisted the urge to giggle as Madam Pomfrey brushed the tip of her wand across her arm whilst examining it. She was incredibly ticklish. If someone were to grab her by the sides she would explode with laughter!

Madam Pomfrey removed the wand and suddenly shook her head, pulling the lids of Thora’s eyes up to scrutinise them. She frowned, her blue eyes (framed by thin, golden-brown eyelashes) looked confused. Bewildered, even.

“ What’s wrong with me?” Asked Thora, keeping her voice low so that Remus could not hear. The curtains were closed on her bed, and so she was invisible to the world. Nobody could see her except those she trusted, and that’s how she liked it.

“Broken bones, anything I can fix.” She replied, “ but you’ve got a memory charm here. A strong one.”

Thora felt her heart sink. Lucius. “But…I can’t have a memory charm! I remember everything.”

“Not the sort you think I mean, Miss Jinks.” Said Madam Pomfrey distantly, “ It’s a self inflicted one. No magic used at all. Something is upsetting you clearly, and I know it may not be any of my business. I can tell that you’re blocking these thoughts out mentally.” She sighed, “ I think they’ve all come flooding back to you and you couldn’t handle it.” She finished heavily. “Is something wrong at home?”

Thora almost choked. The flashback had come to her thick and fast, she had seen things she couldn’t have seen because she was unconscious. Like she was seeing through another’s eyes…she’d seen that Lucius hadn’t the guts to kill her that night…


“What?” she blinked, “ Oh – Sorry! No, nothing’s err…wrong.” She shrugged casually. Madam Pomfrey looked at her questioningly, the gaze of a hawk…

Thora swallowed, hoping she hadn’t given much away. Then, with a nod of both amusement and disbelief, Madam Pomfrey thrust a goblet of a purple concoction into Thora’s hand, and disappeared back through the curtains. Leaving Thora to stare loathingly at the goblet’s contents.

“Ugh.” She muttered, swirling it around. The odour was worse than the vomit still lingering in her mouth, “here goes nothin’.”

And she raised it to her lips.


Lucius Malfoy crossed the hall of his home, listening intently to his footsteps echoing delicately around him. He had a triumphant smile on his face that would make any other living man cower. He sniffed as the smell of wet dog met his senses.

Greyback was with them. In his home! He hated the monster, every inch of his throat ripping fetish and his fingernails lined with dried blood touching the things he owned made him recoil– of course, he would have the things Fenrir had touched replaced.

As he turned he stepped onto a second corridor, the sea green walls were lined with lamps, dimmed flames flickering so that even someone with a practised eye would have trouble seeing. It was narrow enough only to allow passage for three people standing shoulder to shouler. They air was almost foggy, like you were walking into the depths of a clouded crystal ball. He felt a sense of coldness flood him. He remembered, with a flick of the head, learning about dementors in his school days. How this new coldness in his home brought him back to that moment worried him slightly. Was he afraid?

Lucius smirked as he saw the door come vaguley into veiw, wooden and stained with a dark black. A colour that greatly resembled the blood flowing in Lord Voldemort's veins, the colour of the withered, evil muscle he called his heart. He hesitated before his fingertips touched the brass handle, then he opened the door.

“Nice of you to show your ugly mug.” Fenrir Greyback crooned, sitting back in the armchair that Lucius normally reserved for himself. He was dragging his fingernails across the emerald leather, grinning. Lucius snarled at him, wrinkling his nose in disgust. The reek of blood and death that enveloped him was overpowering. The fingernails were lined with flesh, blood and soil that he had no doubt clawed from the earth during his werewolf transformations.

Lucius seated himself next to Bellatrix Lestrange

“The Dark Lord has waited over ten minutes for you to show up, Lucius.” She hissed into his ear. Her pale, gaunt face and her heavily lidded eyes gave her the impression of a corpse rotting within its tomb. “You’d better have a good excuse.”

“Yes, Lucius.” Came the Dark Lord’s voice as he suddenly stepped forth from the shadows, the flickering flames of the fire danced on his inhuman face. “Let us hear that excuse.” He spat.

Lucius looked around warily to realise over ten other death eaters crowded in his own sitting room. “My Lord, I ask your pardon for being so late.” He said shakily, “But I can assure you that you will like the reason why.”

“And why are you so sure about that, Malfoy? After all…” Voldemort advanced on him until he was looking down on Lucius with his cold, snake’s eyes, “…all you have done to date is disappoint me. Nagini!”

“No, my Lord. There is no need!” Lucius pleaded. The snake was a sign that death would soon be placing a skeletal hand on his shoulder, “ I have something!”

“Stop.” Lord Voldemort spat to the snake in a tongue Lucius could not speak, and then he returned to speaking as a mortal. The creaking of the floorboards stopped as the grating of scales on wood ceased. Lucius sighed, happy to have the snake at bay. He looked back to Voldemort. “What have you got to offer?” His smile was demented, the wicked grin of a bewitched child.

Lucius felt courage surge within his veins; he rose from his seat, ignoring the trembling of his knees. “ Somebody knows where the Witch is.” He said proudly, only to be ridiculed as Voldemort laughed. Nobody else moved, just listened to the deathly sound of Tom Riddle’s laughter fill the room. It was empty, full of torment and willing to hurt. Like smiling at the sound of a sobbing infant or the crooning of a newly formed widow. It was if darkness had suddenly loomed over those in his presence.

“And who would that be, Malfoy?” Hissed the Dark Lord.

Lucius swallowed, his throat had become very dry. His lips parted just enough for the sound to escape…


And I think we'll stop right there! Sorry about the annoying cliffhanger but I thought it would be a good ending, and quite funny. Sorry, again!

plz plz plz plz drop som feedback (good or bad) here>>>>
No abusing Lucius's furniture, OK?

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Thora Jinks - 2008/2010

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Re: Thora Jinks

So, here is chapter twelve, I hope you like it. I promise that Lucius won't appear as much, but he isn't disappearing forever!


Chapter twelve: Deadlines.

Lucius opened his mouth, drawing in air through his parted lips. He was shaking; Lucius’s gaze flickered from side to side to meet the glistening, dark eyes that were Fenrir’s. His nails were no longer tracing the emerald leather of the armchair. His upper lip twitched.

“Any day now, Malfoy!” He growled.

“Quiet, Fenrir.” Purred Voldemort, waving him away with his hand.

Lucius formed the words, but no sound came. It was like the time when he couldn’t kill her. Thora. He was ashamed that he couldn’t find that darkness within himself to do it, no matter how much loathing he had for her. No matter how much venom lined his veins at the mention of her name, he still couldn’t kill a sixteen – year – old.

“Well?” Demanded the dark Lord. His dark eyes were furious, like flames wrought with shadow.

“I – I don’t know.” Said Lucius. Sickness rose inside him. “ He – he didn’t say his name.” He gnawed at his lip. Fear gripped him…the thudding of his heart echoing around him…his breath caught in his throat.

“What?” Voldemort spat, surprised. As if he hadn’t heard Lucius, he blinked and shook his head. “Nagini…”

“No!” Lucius pleaded once more, “ Please, let me speak -”

“We’ve heard enough of your drool!” Roared Greyback, rising from the armchair. Without any warning, he felt the werewolf’s nails grating against his throat and the breath like the stench of rotting meat make the flesh of his nose tingle. Lucius pushed back against him roughly, so that both men crashed against the wall amongst the jeering from the other death eaters. A sharp, gruelling pain flared in his jaw as Lucius’s head flew back with the force of Greyback’s blow. The sound of shouting drowned his ears as both men stood stationary, breathing heavily.

Lucius glared at the man before him.

“How dare you? In my own house!” He hissed. Both arm and wand went towards Fenrir’s neck, “ Couldn’t even use a wand!”

Fenrir’s head twitched. “Well, go on, then. Do it.” He crooned, tracing his jaw line with one yellowing nail. “ Kill me -”

“ - ENOUGH!” Bellatrix howled, a flash of her own wand blinded them for a moment before Lucius felt his wand fly from his fingertips. “You’re acting like a pack of thick hounds!”

Fenrir lowered his gaze.

“Thank you, Bellatrix,” said Voldemort; he had been standing at the side. Watching two of his deatheaters fight with not a care in the world. “ Lucius, tell me what you ought.”

Lucius sat down once more, nursing his bruise. Fenrir glared back. “He wouldn’t say his name. He wants to join us.”

Laughter rippled through the room. Voldemort smiled, amused, “ Join us?”

Lucius nodded, “Yes, My Lord. If he is allowed to be part of the inner circle, then, and only then will he tell us where she is.”

“And what about the minister?” came a voice from the shadows.

“The minister for magic is irrelevant at this moment,” said the Dark Lord abruptly, “ It’s Thora Jinks I want dead first.”

“She’s the one threatening the entire scheme,” added Bellatrix, her eyes flashed before they turned to the dark lord, “ I would gladly take the responsibility of killing her, my Lord. Nothing could be such a privilege.”

“No, Bella!” He hissed. Bellatrix shrank into the back of the sofa, wearing a look of adoration and hurt. “ Lucius will do this alone, nobody else is to interfere.”

Lucius lowered his gaze, a sense of horror washed over him. How did he expect him to find a teenage girl hidden by the Ministry itself? It was like banging his head against a brick wall – the task was impossible!

“Nothing is impossible.” Sneered the Dark Lord. Legilimency was something he had mastered long ago.“ I suggest you decide where your loyalties lie. You have until February.”

Lucius shook his head frantically, “ My Lord, I cannot - ”

“ - What’s that, Malfoy? Goin’ soft, are ya?” Hissed Greyback mockingly, leaning forward in his chair, a grin plastered against his weathered face. Teeth eroded to points that Lucius knew had been dragged through human flesh. He shuddered and anger boiled within him! He glared back at him, and in that precise moment, Lucius touched the darkness that lurked within his soul. In that precise moment, he knew that by the end of the year, Thora Jinks would be dead.



That was the first sound to drown her ears as she stepped through the hospital wing doors. A contrast a flame red flickered before her eyes as she felt the weight of Lily Evans crashing down upon her in a hug.
“You bloody maniac! You scared us so much!” Lily laughed, Thora was sure she felt the sleeve of her shirt dampen with tears; Lily broke free and looked into Thora’s eyes. The emerald lenses winked at her in the sunlight streaming through the stained glass window. “Don’t ever do that again!” she warned, smiling.

“Sorry,” shrugged Thora. Something dark strolled past behind them, black robes swamped his skeletal frame. Severus. Guilt and hatred suddenly welled up in her chest. He glanced once at her, scowled and looked away. His thin lips shaped low utterances as he trudged out off the corridor with the sort of depressed or miserable air that Remus had done when he’d been allowed to leave two days previous.

He hadn’t been to visit her since.

“Yeah, you better run.” Muttered Maeva, frowning at Severus’s retreating figure.

“I swear, Thora,” Began Alice, shaking back honey tresses, “ If he comes near you again I’m gonna show him how good I actually am charms!”

Maeva snorted, “ Wasn’t it you who managed to set fire to Ophelia Lynch’s hair in our first lesson?”

Alice scowled above the roaring laughter.

*** a/n >>>this scene is three days later<<<

Over the coming month, November had made the weather darken and the winds arrive, bringing dark, shadow-black clouds over the horizon. The sunlight streamed through them, but it was still cold enough to feel it through the material of your school shirt. Thora looked up from her potions book and squinted into the distance, and saw four boys sat beside the lake waters. Ice laced the rims and edges of the dark green water.

Her guilt over not telling Remus about what they were planning to do had almost consumed her, and by now she had tried many times to catch Sirius on his own. To tell him she wouldn’t do it, not now, not ever. Sirius was sat the closest to the lake, the chilled breeze fluttering over the school grounds ruffled his dark hair. Thora turned to her friends:

“One minute,” she muttered, not even casting an eye across to one of them, and within seconds she was jogging towards them down the hill. The grass blades rippled like that waters of an ocean.

When she stood before them, holding her sides, she found three pairs of eyes staring back at her – par one. Remus’s head was still turned away from her, all she could see was the golden haired crown of his head, and a new scar that peered out from the back of his collar. The skin was red and sore looking.

“Sirius, will you come here for a minute?” Thora asked, her eyes didn’t leave Remus. Why wasn’t he talking to her? He hadn’t spoken to her for days, and would deliberately avoid being in the same room as her if she walked in.

“Yeah.” Sirius shrugged, getting to his feet and turned to James, who was stuffing a piece of parchment hastily into his schoolbag. “See you in a sec.” He said, smirking.

Thora turned back and began to stroll deeper into the grounds towards the whomping willow. She eyed it with a loathing gaze, forcing all her poison into it. That tree was responsible for all those scars on her friends’ face. Fear stabbed at her stomach, she tried to listen for any sound of the beast beneath it. The beast that they had planned to set on Severus Snape.

Guilt. Again.

“Do you want to start or shall I, Jinks?” said Sirius. She’d almost forgotten she was there.

“I’ll start.” She replied coldly. Not meeting his gaze. “ I - I’m out. I’m not doing the prank.”

Sirius frowned, “Out? Oh, C’mon, Jinks. You’re not telling me you’ve gone soft on snivellus? Of all people!”

“No.” spat Thora, standing taller. Her gaze did not falter like his. Grey eyes stared into grey. “ I just don’t fancy getting expelled! And the lies, do you know how bloody hard it is to lie to one of your best friends?”

“What? It’s only moony. He’s hardly your mate, is he?” He smirked.

Thora frowned, and then the anger rose within her. She was sure that her cheeks were burning with a furious fire, and that Sirius could see the flames dancing angrily in her eyes. It was her turn to look at the floor, her fists clenched. She wished nothing more than to have a wand in her hand. To hex him!

“It doesn’t matter. I’m out of it!” She snapped, tears jumped to her eyes and stung the rims as she glared at him. “I can’t stand it anymore, Sirius. I’ve got enough on my plate as it is!”

“Oh, God. Look, Thora.” Sirius said, she tensed angrily as he wrapped his arm around her shoulder,“ Don’t get all upset. Get revenge on Severus and then you can be as free as you like to tell Remus about it, yeah? Besides…”

“Besides what?” she hissed, slithering out of his grip.

“You’ve still got the Hogsmeade trip with me. That’s worth it, don’t you think?”

Thora’s ears rung…every bit of anger in her body exploded with the force of a volcano’s blast and her voice cracked as she screamed:

“Are you completely INSANE?” She shoved him away harder than she’d pushed anyone. Sirius blinked, astounded at the knock back. “I thought it was just a cover-up for the – the you-know-what!”

“Well, it was,” admitted Sirius, grinning. “ But I thought about it and it would probably be a laugh, you and me - ”

“If you say that in the same sentence again I’ll knock you out!” She growled, her nails snapped at her palms her hands were clenched so tightly. “All I want you to know is that I am not doing this prank thing. It’s wrong!”

“Yeah, and so is threatening you! He deserves it!” Shouted Sirius. Thora suddenly felt like a bird against a mountain range. He towered over her, she even felt fear loom over her – his voice was frightening when angered and strained. She’d never seen him loose his cool.

“No,” said Thora, “Nobody deserves that. Not even Snivellus! People don’t deserve all these lies!” she sobbed.

“What would you do, anyway?” crooned Sirius, “Go blabbing to Dumbledore?” He laughed. For the first time, Thora saw something that was truly ugly in Sirius Black. He had no care for others…like he was wrapped inside his own little world where nobody else mattered…he may have been handsome, or cherished – but he lacked heart.

“Just – get out of my way.” She muttered, trying to push past him. He remained stationary and scowled down at her. She sighed, looking at his feet, “Please, Sirius.”

He looked at her once more, and then stepped aside.

“You do know if you aren’t doing it, I’m still going to?” he asked coldly. “It’s way too good an idea to miss,” he added, and his eyes softened as he smiled.

“Yeah,” answered Thora weakly. “I know.”

Sirius nodded, his Adams’ apple wobbled as he swallowed and he motioned for her to go. Thora sped past him, smiling. Every ounce of guilt seemed to have been lifted away as if she’d been trapped beneath an iron bar, the wind whipped against her face and all she could think about was that she was free. Free!

Well, free for now…


Well, I hope you liked it! Might i just add that "he lacked heart" is Thora's thought and most certainly not mine, it is also inspired by the situation she is in.

Btw, just because Thora isn't getting involved into the prank it doen't mean it itsn't happening... I think I might take up a full chapter for that! In this fic it happens in December, in the world of TJ, That is in little less than a month


Ooh Remus is gonna be angry...

Fan Fiction If You're Really That Bored

Utopia: Teddy Lupin - 2009+

Thora Jinks - 2008/2010

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Re: Thora Jinks

Okies, yes, I know it's early, but I have written a small-ish chapter for chapter 13. This is the point where things go slightly downhill for TJ.

Without further ado and la-de-da:

Chapter thirteen: Of birds and blood.

Heads turned as a cloaked figure swept through the streets of Hogsmeade, the hood was drawn over his head and he looked like death itself as he wandered across the cobbles, illuminated by the moonlight. He stopped in front of an old building, stained with age and framed by a swinging sign saying 'The Three Broomsticks.'He pushed open the door to be greeted by a cloud of smoke billowing from the end of men’s’ pipes. He coughed throatily and observed his surroundings – it smelt of drink and the air was thick with laughter and chat.

At the far corner, a greying man occupied a lone table. Tufts of white hair fringed the balding crown of his head.

“I was beginning to think you wouldn’t show up,” He said coldly, his eyes looked distant and made no attempt to meet the ones underneath the cloak. He shifted in his seat, “You said to Lucius Malfoy that you intended to join The Dark Lord?”

“I do.” was the reply. “ M – more than anything. I - I see the Polyjuice potion worked, My Lord? ”

The balding man nodded, then smirked, amused. Displaying a row of crooked, discoloured teeth, “ are you afraid of me?”

Even now he could see the slight glint of a pair of shadowed eyes beneath the hood, “N-no, My Lord.”

“Then sit down.” He said quietly, the hiss of his voice sent shivers down the cloaked figure’s spine, “And let us discuss. Take off your cloak. I want to see the face of the man I’m speaking to.”

“I can’t...I must not be seen.”

The older man studied the black cloak, his brow furrowed, “do I have an Azkaban convict here?” He grinned again.

“Nothing of the sort,” the other sat down on the stool at his feet. Swatting a cloud of smoke away with his thin hands, he leant forwards onto the table, “just someone who hates dirty blood as much as you do.”

The ‘balding man’ chuckled roughly, “I like you already.” His laughter ceased, “ Now, tell me, why should I go out of my way to let you join the inner circle?”

“I know something. Something of great value,” the balding man wet his lips and stared at the cloaked figure before him, fascinated. “A – apparently you have been waiting for information about a girl named Thora Jinks? I know her whereabouts. And you will only know if you allow me access to the inner circle. I wish it more than anything in the world, my Lord.”

“And how do I know you aren’t just skilled in deception or Occlumency?” he asked spitefully. “How do I know?”

“I have this,” the hooded person’s hand suddenly slipped inside his robe pockets and appeared once more, bearing a piece of crumpled parchment between his fingers. He unfolded it to reveal delicate, black script on the creased surface:


I miss you more than ever. You, Mum and Dad are all missing from my life and sometimes I can’t help but feel so alone, even though my new friends are brill. They’re helping me to cope without knowing they are! Funny, really, they’re probably going to be angry when they find out (they’re bound to, aren’t they?) When all this is over, promise you’ll meet them? They’re all so amazing, especially Lily and Remus. I don’t know what I’d do without them! Sirius bugs me from time to time, but he’s all right! How are you all? What about Malfoy?

It’s Halloween. Remember last year’s party in France? Uncle Tarwin staggering about and knocking over all the firewhisky still makes me laugh! There’s still a feast on tonight here, and since its Friday we’re all gonna get a lie-in! I’m scared (no surprise there, huh?) I don’t know what it is, it’s just the thought of Halloween making all this worse. I keep worrying about you-know-who waltzing in on the feast, I know it sounds stupid, but I’m actually really scared! I’ve not had many meetings with Albus lately, so I hope that means nothing bad has happened. Fingers crossed, huh?

Thora x
P.s try not to worry about me too much, I’m fine.

Some of the words were smeared with red. Blood.

“How did you come by this?” asked the Dark Lord, interested.

“Does it really matter?” sneered the other, “I got it, that’s all that matters. I assume that ‘corn’ means Cornelius Fudge?” He took the parchment back from the other man’s hands and stuffed it back beneath his cloak. “Now do you believe me?”

“Very much so.” He whispered, “Now I am listening intently.”


Thora wrinkled her nose in distaste as she saw what Alice was screaming about. Her blonde hair was wild as she flapped her arms about like a distressed mammal! At her feet, almost concealed in the grass and reeds was a bird. No, not a bird. An owl.
It’s brown feathers rippled in the breeze, as its almost lifeless body lay broken on the ground.

“Ugh!” exclaimed Maeva as she and Lily arrived, breathless. “Minging!”

“Is it… dead?” asked Peter timidly, his watery eyes alarmed. He rubbed his spongy hands together as he, James, Remus and Sirius observed the scene. Sirius glanced at Thora and smiled weakly. She had still not forgotten yesterday, and she had still not forgotten that Remus had made no attempt to speak to her during any lessons. He swallowed; his sandy hair flopped against his forehead.

“It looks dead.” Pointed James, smirking, “Must’ve tackled the willow like you, moony.”

Remus smiled amidst the low laughter. Lily scowled in his direction.

“Evans, you know you love my jokes. They’re genius.” James smirked, patting himself on the chest.

“About as genius as quidditch without brooms, Potter.” Lily shot back.

Thora looked back at the owl – blood stained its brown feathers and it’s leg protruded at a funny angle. A few Slytherins s******ed behind her.

Alice crept away from it and stood next to Frank, “Thora? What’re you doing?”

“Seeing if it’s dead.” She answered, kneeling in the grass. She extended her fingers carefully, tips moments away from touching…

“Thora, don’t touch it,” Lily warned.

“Why?” Said Thora, turning back. Amongst the Slytherins was Severus Snape, he looked sick, pale. He stared momentarily at the owl and then looked at her. “Why?” she repeated.

Lily shuffled uncomfortably, “diseases and stuff.” She ignored the ripple of laughter, “disgusting, just leave it, it’s dead.”

“No, it’s not.” Thora replied, its eyes were vaguely open, and not glazed like those of a dead animal. “It’s just got a broken leg,” she finished, taking out her wand. “Wingardium leviosa.”

The bird stirred as it lifted slowly from the ground, but it made no struggle. There were gasps as Thora walked along with the owl dangling in front of her like a puppet, and the crowd parted like the red sea as she came through. Alice shuddered, “what’re you doing now?”

“Taking a look at it.” Thora muttered, peering at its left leg: it was cracked and sore, caked in folds of dried blood.

“Just because you’re a perfect little snob it doesn’t mean you’re a vet!” sneered Jasmine Harrison, a tall, dark haired Slytherin. Her chin jutted out at an unattractive angle.

“Shut up, Harrison.” Spat Sirius, “Crawl back to the dungeon like a good little rat.”

Thora noticed that Peter suddenly looked at his feet with an embarrassed air. Jasmine shot a loathing scowl at Sirius and scarpered followed by many of the other Slytherins. Severus stood alone and watched the owl carefully. He looked ill, almost as sick as Remus had done at the end of last month.

“Thanks, Sirius.” Thora nodded in his direction briefly.

“And what’re you looking at?” Remus asked Snape, looking unusually bitter. His brows were furrowed, fringing his brown eyes. It was the first time he’d spoken aloud - well, in her presence – for days. Severus turned on his heel and strolled away across the grounds.

“God, I’m sure he’s the grim reaper, or something.” Muttered Maeva, her arms were folded across her chest. Lily looked away; her hair streamed out into the wind and obscured her face.

Thora shook her head and looked back at the owl – really looked at it. Recognition suddenly sprung to her mind, electric sparks suddenly pulsated through her! Then fear. Then the feeling of her heart freezing in time, and the nausea clawing at her insides…the fire burning her throat.

This was the owl she used to send all her letters.

**** ^^^^ To be continued…

I hope u liked it and feedback can be left here:

Beware of chapter thirteen - IT'S DEADLY!

Fan Fiction If You're Really That Bored

Utopia: Teddy Lupin - 2009+

Thora Jinks - 2008/2010

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Re: Thora Jinks

Helloooo everyone, well, here is the next chapter for TJ and I really hope you don't hate it!

Chapter fourteen: The other side of space

Strolling down this corridor felt like walking the distance of the Sahara desert. Thora inhaled deeply. Things raced through her mind faster than light and sound - faster than the second hand of a clock, so fast that they passed her in a blur of seemingly distant memories:

Nobody spoke. Nobody dared to speak.

The Headmaster rose from his seat, a sinister look weighed heavily on his silver brows that she was sure nobody had ever seen in Albus Dumbledore. It was clear he was angry; the light that normally danced in his eyes was gone. Everyone in the great hall looked at him.

Thora breathed in again, listening to Albus’s voice roll freely into her memories. She could recall every word:

“…The school owlery has been closed, therefore all mail is postponed. And be warned, if I catch any one of you in this hall before me interfering with anything not belonging to yourselves, you will be severely punished, believe me…”

How could she forget the blazing look plastered against the old mans’ face at this moment? How could she forget the gratitude flowing through her veins? He was doing this for her, Thora Jinks the troubled teenager that had stormed into his office over an injured owl earlier yesterday evening. But it wasn’t only that, she was scared. Scared that someone had intercepted her letters to Cornelius Fudge, her uncle.

But now, even walking towards the library doors felt more daunting than the day she’d stood before Lord Voldemort and his allies, scarier than the day Severus Snape had threatened her.

She was looking for Remus Lupin.

Thora stopped before the library doors and looked up at them, the wooden surface smelled strongly of age as she inhaled the air around her. Her fingertips were shaking, what was she so afraid of? She had the oddest feeling that someone was watching her; Thora scanned the corridor she had just left behind. Her gaze moved over no one, just old suits of armour standing proud and inanimate, bearing swords with gold-plated hilts in their hollow hands.

She almost turned and ran.


Thora pushed open the door to be greeted by a seemingly empty room, par the mutterings of a passing librarian. Madam Pince looked once at Thora, and turned back to stroking the spine of an old book with her slender fingers. The nails were longer than her sparse eyelashes. Thora set her bag down on the table at the front and walked steadily among the bookshelves, sure that Madam Pince could hear her own rapid heartbeat from where she was standing, surveying her with a pair of penetrating eyes.

Then Thora saw him.

Remus was sat with his head bent towards the parchment on the table in front of him; three books lay open, the dust gathering like a sliver blanket at the page corners. She was sure he knew she was here, but he didn’t look up.

“You look ill.” She pointed quietly, sitting on the desk.

“I am,” replied Remus, head still downcast.

An awful stretching, billowing silence. It seemed to pass with the velocity of an earth age.

“I’m sick of this,” she hissed, “sick. You were fine before, and all of a sudden you aren’t talking to me. What’s going on? What exactly have I done to deserve this? Look at me, Remus!”

He did as he was told. He turned his head to face her. Something shot through her that she’d never encountered before. Hate or Love, she couldn’t tell. Grey eyes looked into brown, but neither gaze wavered.

We’re just as stubborn as each other. Thora thought bitterly.

“Go on, I’m interested to know what I’m supposed to have done!” She urged.

“It’s – it’s different. Just - I’ll talk to you later,” this time he looked down, his hair fell over his face slightly and he flicked the page over in one of the books.

“No.” Thora lunged at the book and slammed the cover down so that dust flew into his eyes, “You’ll talk now.” She glanced towards Madam Pince warily and prised her fingers away from the book. “Either here or outside. Your choice.” She added, voice hushed.

“Look, Thora…” He brushed his fingertips against her shoulder as he grabbed it. Bolts of electricity shot up Thora’s left arm and something clawed at her insides, she shrugged it away sharply, the air drawn out of her. Disguising the movement as rejection, she looked back at him, her face set like stone:

“Just decide.” She said monotonously, trying to hide the redness suddenly looming over her cheeks. Remus looked away and began to pack his books away, standing; he strolled towards the library door.

“Where’re you going?” she asked impatiently, a little louder than she’d intended, because Madam Pince looked up from her papers.

“Outside.” Remus muttered, and he disappeared.

Thora grabbed her bag and dragged it by the strap as she raced out of the door, ignoring the comments about her sense of mannerisms made by the librarian. Her bag grated loudly against the stone surface, almost masking her frantic footsteps to catch up with him.

“Remus!” she snapped, thankful to be able to have her voice back. Thora looked from left to right, trying to spot anyone else on the corridor. Nobody. “Wait!”

He stopped lazily and looked back at her, the pain in his eyes was surprising. Thora’s gaze hardened: it was her who was supposed to feel hurt. What could possibly have upset him? She shrugged the question away with a flick of the head as she fell into step with him.

“So, it’s different, is it? Something told you that it would be a good idea to ignore your friend?” she spat, but softness in her voice smoothed the edges. She didn’t want to feel angry with him…she wanted…

“Yeah, it’s different. You wouldn’t get it. This isn’t the right time - ”

“Oh, I think you’ll find it is! And what wouldn’t I get?” said Thora, “I’m getting really annoyed of you being so, so… cold with me! What have I done? I have enough on my plate as it is with Luci - ” she stopped. Her lips froze.

“With who?”

“Nobody,” she dismissed Lucius Malfoy from the conversation. She was actually shaking – her emotions had almost cost her a secret. “It’s just – it’s not easy, doing this. Moving from Beauxbatons…”

“It’s not easy? Wait until you find out what it’s like to be me, then you’ll know how things aren’t easy!” His brown eyes glazed slightly at the corners and he turned.

“It’s not easy being you?” repeated Thora; the malice almost burnt her tongue, “what could possibly be so hard about your life?”

“Now that’s where you wouldn’t understand.” Muttered Remus, turning only to pull down his collar slightly, were she could still see clearly, the red cut from the whomping willow.

“So?” she said, slightly horrified by the wound not healing. Sympathy drove into her, and she wanted to touch it, to heal it… “ That was your own fault. You tackled an enchanted tree for Goodness’ sake!”

Remus did nothing, but shook his head and smiled bitterly. He advanced on her; she could see his hands actually shaking. He opened his mouth: “I -”


Both of them were caught off guard as the strained voice echoed through the school, it had sounded inhuman, totally warped by unimaginable anger. It was funny for a moment, and Remus smiled at her. It disappeared almost instantly; his brown eyes displayed only shock and worry. Lips formed one word:


Remus tugged his bag over his shoulder before sprinting down the corridor, his figure flickering in and out of shadow because of the light streaming through the windows. His footsteps were loud and clear on the stone floor as he disappeared behind the corner, and on impulse, Thora followed.


Thora and Remus dashed onto the school grounds to be deafened by chants and jeers. Sirius was stood in the centre of the school grounds, snarling like a distressed dog at boy barley younger than him. A boy with an unreal resemblance to Sirius, the same dark hair and misty grey orbs for eyes…a sliver and emerald scarf around his neck…

“Look at you! You’re pathetic, Regulus!” roared Sirius. A Scarlet jinx missed his shoulders by inches as Regulus’s arm and wand flew out to the older of the two.

“Padfoot!” And Remus was running towards them, Thora followed: where was the headmaster? Nobody was here! James was trying to restrain him – she couldn’t even see Lily, she could barley hear Peter shouting through the catcalls of the Slytherin crowd.

“Peter!” screamed Thora; she looked into his watery eyes, “what’s going on?”

“His brother!” he answered, “They’re fighting - ” Peter ducked as a spell flew over his head. Thora saw Remus grab one of Sirius’s arms and wrench him back, Sirius snarled and ripped the robe of his sleeve free of Remus’s fist.

“I’M GONNA KILL YOU, REGULUS!” Sirius’s wand suddenly produced a series of sparks that hit Regulus Black on his hand. Thora saw Regulus raise his wand and something clicked inside her brain, she forced her way through the Slytherins and knocked Regulus’s arm so that the yellow jinx flew towards the sky. Regulus turned towards her and Thora suddenly felt afraid…they were Sirius’s features…

Regulus sneered and shrugged her away:

“What do you think you’re doing? Get – OFF – me, mudblood!”

“Oi!” growled Sirius, “you leave her alone! And she’s – NOT – a mudblood!” He added, and his voice cracked.

Thora fell backwards with Regulus’s shove, her ears drowned by the laughter of the Slytherins. Her gaze locked with Severus Snape’s, he was not laughing. Nor was he cheering. His lank hair swayed in the breeze.

“Go on, Reg!” called one of them, “Get him! Show him what the Slytherins are made of!”

What Thora thought was remorse passed through Regulus’s eyes before he turned back, smirking at his older brother struggling against Remus and James. Suddenly the compulsion snapped free and Sirius stepped forward angrily, before Regulus could speak he was thrown into the air and landed with a thud in the grass. The jeering silenced.

Sirius began to walk.

“No! Pad, leave him! He’s – NOT – worth - ” James roared, pulling Sirius by the arm. Thora looked at him: anger flashed in his eyes that she couldn’t even have imagined. Flames kindled in his pupils, and he softened…his attempts to break free of Remus and James’s newly relinquished grasps weakened. Sirius gasped and looked to the floor, his wand fell from his fingertips.

Nobody spoke.

Sirius stood over Regulus Black, his eyes narrowed. Somebody laughed too early…Sirius did nothing, but knelt beside his brother…inhaled deeply…

And he offered his hand.

“Regulus?” he wheezed, “Reg?”

Thora watched Regulus’s face contort into anger; he shook the dark hair from his eyes and eyed his older brother’s hand warily. His eyes darkened.

“Get lost,” he spat, and crawled away on his elbows, staggering past Thora. “Mudblood.” He muttered, shaking the grass from his knees.

Thora looked at her feet and the Slytherins scarpered.

“Black!” came a strained shout.

Sirius, James, Remus, Peter and Thora glanced behind them to see Professor McGonagall bustling down the hill, wearing an expression of stone. Lily was at her side, red hair streaming out into the winter air.

“Mr.Black! Are you alright?”

“Yeah, Professor.” Sirius didn’t meet her eyes, just stared at the spot where his brother had disappeared. “Detention, right?”

“Yes, afraid so, Black.” Said McGonagall sinisterly; “I would greatly appreciate it if somebody notifies Regulus Black about detention this evening in my office. I’m very sorry, Mr.Black, but this behaviour is not tolerated in my own house. No matter whose fault it is.”

Sirius nodded grimly.

“And Miss Jinks, you should ask Madam Pomfrey to clean up that cut on your left arm.” Added Minerva pointedly. Then, she turned on her heel and was striding back towards the castle.

Thora looked down at her arm, the sleeve was torn and slightly bloodstained. She hadn’t even noticed it, but looking at it made her register the stinging of the wound. She nodded, catching Remus’s eyes. His gaze flickered momentarily over the wound and he looked away.

“You OK, Potter?” Lily asked.

Normally James would’ve grinned, but he nodded weakly, “yeah, thanks, Evans.”

Thora smiled, “Well, I’m gonna get this bloody thing sorted.” She indicated her arm.

“I’ll come with you.” Said Lily, “If I see Reg I’ll tell him about detention.”

“No.” barked Sirius, “I’ll do it myself.”


“L – Lily? Are you awake?” She whispered. No reply, par the gentle breathing of girls wrapped in dreams that bore no troubles. For this, Thora was jealous. Slowly, she lifted her feet from the mattress and stepped quietly across the dormitory. The wooden flooring groaned beneath her toes as she disappeared through the door.

The common room was empty, no light from the night sky spilled through window. The fireplace logs were plastered in embers, like hundreds of bright scarlet eyes staring back at her. She could still smell the smoke from the flames. Thora reached for a copy of the prophet on the table in front of her and squinted into its surface, but she could not read the letters. She was about to put the paper down when a voice, low and hushed, suddenly played upon her ears:

“Need some light?”

She saw her own shadow dance before her as wand light brightened the room; Sirius Black was sat in the armchair by the fire. His face was weathered and weary, but he still smiled.

“Thanks,” said Thora coldly, masking the fright that she had just endured. She still hadn’t forgotten about yesterday. Thora adverted her gaze and looked directly at the prophet page, but her grey eyes did not trace the lettering.

“Don’t pretend you’re reading, Thora.” Mumbled Sirius, “Lying doesn’t suit you, what’s up?”

Thora reddened with anger, “Don’t pretend to be concerned,” she replied, “Lying doesn’t suit you.”

Sirius groaned, getting to his feet the light flickering at the end of the wand in his fist vanished. Thora froze, feeling fear wash over her – she couldn’t see! Just a vaguely black shape that she hoped with her life was still only Sirius…


“Yeah, Still here.” He sighed, “What’s wrong – afraid of the dark, or somethin’?”

“No.” she spat, folding her arms. She winced slightly as the bandage on her left rubbed against the cut underneath.

Silence. A long, stretching silence that seemed to pass with the speed of an earth age. Thora closed her eyes and her head sagged towards the floor.

“ I – I thought about what you said.” Began Sirius weakly, “I’m err…not doing it, you were right.”

“I wasn’t,” admitted Thora, tears suddenly fringed her closed eyelids and slipped down her face. “I said you were heartless.”

“No you didn’t?” said Sirius. She could just about imagine the frown probably plastered across his face.

Oh, well done. Thought Thora. “Well – I thought it.” Muttered Thora, “and, I’m really sorry.”

“Oh, shut up with the apologies!” moaned Sirius, the light now relinquished in his wand. Shadows danced under his nose, “ I should be the one saying I’m sorry – I ruined your friendship with Remus. And I’m sorry about Reg.”

“Yeah, you did.” Hissed Thora, feeling tears drip onto her chest from her chin. “Now, he isn’t speaking to me and I don’t know why! Well done. But, thanks for apologising about Regulus.”

“Are you actually crying over moony?” He smirked. “He isn’t that special, is he?” he joked.

“No. But thank you, I’m glad you’re not doing the prank. It was a s-stupid idea! And, no, I’m not crying over Remus.” said Thora, turning away slightly, her hair fell forward and concealed the smile also upturning the corners of her lips.

“You are!”

Thora shot him a look that silenced his laughter.

“Sorry,” said Sirius, “I shouldn’t laugh. Remus being a sensitive topic, that is.”

“Yeah, he is.” She said, seating herself on the arm of the chair. “How was the detention?”

Sirius looked at his feet and swallowed, “Like hell.”

“What did you have to do?” she inquired, shivering slightly.

“File a load of transfiguration work.” He yawned, “boring. Reg just spent ages shooting me filthy glares, the git. I gave him a last chance and all! He just stared at my hand like I had spattergroit.”

Thora snorted with laughter, and, after a moment, Sirius began to laugh too. And at this, Thora knew that she and Sirius Black had come to a mutual understanding.



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Mutual understandings

Well, I hope you liked it! Please don't hate it! If you see anything terrible please tell me 'cause I've been writing this since 5 o clock!

Thank you for reading!

Fan Fiction If You're Really That Bored

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Thora Jinks - 2008/2010

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Re: Thora Jinks

Hello, I am SOOOOOOOOOO sorry for the wait. Well, todays chappie is not like the normal ones, it is composed simply of many flashbacks and mini scenes between characters. It also gives you the answers to your questions, yes, who the 'dude' is.

*looks scared for Vignesh's feedback.* I know you don't like mini-scenes.

Thanks all so much for your wonderful feedback for fourteen, if you dont like this chapter, ignore it, because the werewolf one's next!


Scene one: shortly after the incident at the Jinks's house.

“Kreacher?” No reply. Regulus crept downstairs with practised footsteps. The landing of Grimmauld place was dark, par a thin ray of light peaking from behind the door of his kitchen. He could hear hushed voices, Bellatrix’s…some he didn’t know. He was about to turn the doorhandle when:

“The Dark Lord is willing to do anything for it,” came Bella’s voice, shrouded in darkness and hush. “He wants her dead.”

“Isn’t there someone looking for her? Scouts?” came another voice.

“Yes,” sneered Bellatrix again. He could visualise her face, the roll of her dark eyes and the gesticulating. “Malfoy’s doing it. He’s about as useful as Crucio without the pain. Numbskull.”

Laughing. No – jeering, mocking rumbles. Regulus was frightened, but exhilarated. He pressed his ear against the door, the wood cold against this skin.

“Thora Jinks evaded him once, I was there when it happened.” She spat, “The Little witch is going to blow everything. Already screamed out to the world that Lucius Malfoy’s working for us – mind you, seeing him in Azkaban would be my idea of heaven.”

Regulus flew away from the door as footsteps ensued, shadows of a man’s feet could be seen clearly at the doors base before Regulus slammed his bedroom door behind him. Panting, lying against his door in the dark, he gave a dilirious grin:

“The Dark Lord was willing to do anything…”


NOTE: This scene is shortly before the discovery of the injured owl.

Regulus watched the tower closely, concealed by the reeds at the water’s edge. The weather was bleak, cold and damp. Perfect. His heart thundered in his chest – was he doing the right thing? No time for doubt now, anyway. He could just about see her, a tiny pinprick of a teenage girl now trotting down the flight of stairs. Hair as black as night trailing behind her…her head turned…bingo!

Regulus saw the owl launch into the air; he crawled into sink with it. His eyes were darting from side to side.

Standing. Heart racing. Pointing the wand into the sky. Words rolling off his tongue…flash of red light…the silenced screech of the bird. Thump.

He wet his lips anxiously and ducked once more beneath the reeds, sneaking a glance to his left. Thora hadn’t noticed, she was nothing but a black dot disappearing through the doors into the Hogwarts castle. His head snapped back to the owl, still lying motionless in the grass across the lake. Regulus angled the watch on his wrist. Just five minutes left until the end of the lunch break.

The owl was still. But it wasn’t dead. Regulus was glad – that hadn’t been his intention. It’s stared back at him wearily with a pair of astonishing, orange eyes. Regulus untied the parchment at its leg, mouth dry. What if he was wrong…? Had he jut imagined that this was the girl who…who – he didn’t want to think about making mistakes right now. Mistakes weren’t an option.

He unfolded the parchment. Read the contents. Smirked to himself, pride welling up inside his chest. He had something to be proud of; his father would cherish him, more than anyone, especially Sirius…Thora Jinks – she didn’t matter. This was what he wanted. More than anything.

Regulus nodded, as if reassuring himself. Then, his gaze wandered over the owl, twitching in anguish amongst the reeds and grass. He reached farword to stroke it, but shrieked in pain as the owl lunged at his flesh with a newfound vigour; beak dragged across his finger and slit it open. Blood dribbled onto the letter.

“Stupid animal!” He hissed, trying to shake blood off the parchment. Nevertheless, it would do. He pocketed it, smiled and staggered away from the broken bird.


NOTE: This scene is set shortly after chapter thirteen.

Sirius Black shuffled quietly along the shadowed corridor, his eyes darkened by anger. His breath whistled through his clenched teeth as he sprinted towards a nearby window, overlooking the courtyard. A black-cloaked figure was strolling across it, the ground crunching beneath their feet - trainers peeked from beneath the hem with each step. –

Sirius gave a growl like the low rumble of a dog’s bark. As soon as he heard the footsteps coming he threw himself into a shadowed corner, and, with a flourish of his wand, the torches lining the walls were suddenly extinguished. Then the figure was passing him, head turning from side to side with the air of a trapped rabbit.

“What’re you doing, Reg?” he growled.

Regulus Black’s turned with a screech of his trainers, the hood fell down to reveal his face. Handsome, young but pallid. Eyes fearful of the person in front of him, then his gaze strengthened and he drew himself up.

“What’s it got to do with you?” he leered, turning on his heel.

“It has everything to do with me!” barked Sirius, grabbing his arm. “Just tell me where the hell you’ve been! Are you that thick? There’s death eaters around.”

“Yeah, well, if I meet one I’ll say you said hi” sneered Regulus, slouching like a child. “I still don’t see what you’ve got to do with it.”

“Regulus, It has everything to do with me!” he repeated. “I’m your brother!”

“Not according to mother, you’re not,” Regulus tugged his sleeve free and took a few paces away from Sirius. He didn’t turn. “You’re not my brother.”

“Don’t you bring mum into it, y’little git!”

“You’re always disappointing her, Sirius. Always,” he grinned like a tiger. “Me, on the other hand…” He trailed away. Then he stepped closer, “Maybe it’d be better if you just disappeared. You and your little herd of half-breeds.”

Sirius swiped out at his brother. “Don’t- you – dare – say – that – again!” He lunged farword, but missed. Regulus ran backwards and he could her his hurried steps descending the stairs to the dungeons within seconds. Sirius’s head drooped.

“…Maybe it’d be better if you just disappeared. You and your little herd of half-breeds...”


NOTE: The next few scenes are set on the same day, in the right order.

Peter Pettigrew hunched over the piece of parchment, a hungry look passed through his features as his gaze wandered over a series of black dots and sweeping lines. The marauders map.

“Hello, Thora,” he said, smirking. Folding the parchment up and trying to conceal it from her view. She was behind him, as he had seen – the map never lies! – And she stared at him in shock through her grey eyes. He blushed slightly.

“How the hell did you know I was there?” she spluttered.

“Magic,” replied Peter, trying to tuck the parchment into his robe pockets, but he was too slow. Thora swiped it from his fingers quickly and unfolded it, scanning it carefully.

“What’s this?” she said, interested.

“It’s – nothing. Just give it back!” he squealed, grabbing it.

“Looks like a map of Hogwarts to me,” said Thora smugly, sitting on the arm of Peter’s chair. “What’re you lot up to?”

“Nothing.” Spluttered Peter, “just a map, really…not…doing anything!” he offered her a meek smile to Thora’s raised eyebrows.

“Severus Snape and Sirius are in the same room, if you’ve noticed.” Said Thora, pointing to two black dots stood next to each other. Alarm flooded through Peter and he fumbled around. The pair of them stared blankly at the dots.

“That can’t be good.”


Remus Lupin stretched, yawning. Trying to stop his eyelids from drooping. He was so tired; the sway of the moon was beginning to start. He could feel her already, even though it was one day away, he hated her, feared her. The pain he felt as his body reshaped, elongated and clicked into place. How his muscles tensed beneath his burning skin. The lust for blood and flesh, his mindless wandering, snarling, drooling...

He was an animal. He looked farword, where he could see the back of Thora’s head, bent over her textbook, Sirius looking at her hungrily. The one thing he might’ve stood a single chance at, and his friend had stolen it. The jealously of the inner beast…he couldn’t let it take hold…right here, in this world was where he belonged.

His stomach jolted as he realised he’d written werewolf in one of the page corners, he scribbled it out warily. Remus wanted her to know, he wanted Thora to be aware of the affliction. He was sick of lying. Sick of deceit.

He looked at his watch, noting his remaining hours of sanity before the transformation. Then, he glanced back to the scribbled out note, where the black ink from his quill glistened under the light. Nausea clawed at his insides.


Thora stopped, startled by the scene before her. A girl with red hair - cascading past her shoulders - was hunched over on her bed, staring out the window. Her freckles were even more visible on her tear-streaked face. Green eyes red around the rims.

“Lily?” she stammered, “What’s wrong? If it’s Snape I’ll go - ”

“No, no,” she intercepted shakily, “It isn’t Severus. Just leave me here, I’ll be fine.” She waved her away gently. Thora stayed in place.

“I’m not going until you tell me. C’mon?”

Lily’s face contorted like she’d just eaten sour grapes, she glanced away towards the window and sank back into the pillow, folding her arms. “Potter.” She spat.

“What’s he done?” said Thora, amused by the look on her face.

“Nothing!” spluttered Lily, eyes wide and frustrated. “That’s the point. He’s being…. nice to me! M-mature…an I – I’m not used to it!” she sobbed. “I preferred fighting! Like last year, when I hated him…”

Thora raised her eyebrows.

“Stop looking at me like that,” snapped Lily, blushing. “I’m scared I might like him, Thora - ”

“ – If this weren’t so funny I’d be gushing - ” Thora smiled, settling down next to her.

“ – It’s just not – won’t ever be – right!” Lily burst, and then fell into silence. Tears slipped from her closed eyelids. “That’s why I ran that day. Library day, when Potter came.”

Thora nodded. She had stopped laughing now; watching tears slip down Lily’s freckled cheeks broke her heart.

“Why?” she said, after a moment’s silence.

Lily sniffed, “What?”

“Why wouldn’t it be right? He loves you…. you lov - ” she caught herself from the look Lily was giving, “ – like him. Why not?”

“Because he’s a git,” The swearing caught Thora off-guard for a second, and she almost laughed. “You don’t know what he did to Severus last year. He bullied him.”

Thora’s face tensed. “Bullied?”

Lily nodded. “Used Levicorpus on him, humiliated him. I tried to help – but all I got was cocky motor mouth from Potter, and …and…mudblood from Severus. I lost my best friend because of James Potter!” she growled, falling into Thora’s arms, hugging her with the strength of a bear.

"Are you bothered, though?" Thora asked, trying not to cry herself. "About losing Sni - Severus, I mean?"

"Well..." she started shakily, "no...not really. But it's Potter! I hated him! Now – now…yeah, I like him! What's wrong with me?” Thora could feel her robes dampen with Lily’s tears; she rubbed her back and closed her eyes, wanting nothing more in the world than to comfort Lily Evans.



Feedback can be left here>>>>]Reggie and Sirius...


Fan Fiction If You're Really That Bored

Utopia: Teddy Lupin - 2009+

Thora Jinks - 2008/2010

And if you're feeling it, take a look at my art!

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Re: Thora Jinks

Hellooo guys! Well, thanks for the reviews so far – they really mean a lot to me!!!!!! Okies, this chapter is the werewolf prank, and is set the day after Lily’s confession, Peter showing the Marauders’map, and Remus being all madness about the slow approach of the full moon. Beware, it is VERY VERY VERY long! (and hopefully better than the last post!)

Chapter sixteen: I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.

Thora: I solemnly swear I am up to no good.

Thora tensed beneath the duvet as the tapping continued. It was dark; the sun had not yet risen over the treetops – just what felt like eternal shadow crept into the room. Something was tapping at the window; Thora placed a hand underneath the pillow and her trembling fingers wrapped around the handle of her wand.

Images of Lucius’s ghostly visage swam into her minds’ eye – those grey eyes staring back at him. Grey eyes with the same eeriness of Regulus Black’s…fear numbed her senses…tap. Tap. Tap. She shuffled nervously, keeping her eyes open wide enough just to see the window across from her bed…

Lily, Maeva and Alice were gone. She was about to scream, but her voice caught in her throat like a fly entangled in to web of a spider. She choked, gasping for breath.

The tapping stopped. She whipped round to face the window again, her breath flowing quickly…her heart leaped to her mouth and then almost stopped. Nothing. No one was there. She could just see the vaguely black block of shape that was the forbidden forest. Thora sighed, her heart rate returned. Her fingertips warmed…

Then she caught a glimpse of the light shining in his eyes. No – her eyes. A woman, grinning with the air of a Cheshire cat. Thora staggered away from the woman floating in mid-air outside her dorm window, covering her ears as she cackled like a werewolf howling to the full moon, her long, red-varnished fingernails scraped against the window…her heavily lidded eyes glinted as the window clicked open and Thora saw long, thin fingers trace the inside window frame…

“We’re coming.”

Thora gasped. Heart racing. Fear!

Thora jolted awake, eyes snapping open. Panting. Lying on all fours, her gaze focused on the wooden floor, cold beneath her hands and feet. Her head snapped up towards the window. Nothing, or most importantly, no-one. Just the window, shrouded in morning light. Her eyes darted back and forth, where she could quite clearly see the sleeping figures of Alice, Maeva and Lily. Her heart sank – she was sick of concealing every square inch of her life with deceit.

Then she stared back at the window, engulfed in morning sunlight. She wondered whether this was the dream – was she dead? Curiosity engulfed her; a longing - an urge – to go to the window beat her. She didn’t want to, she was scared…but she had to make sure. She closed her eyes and inhaled…

Thora stepped quietly towards the window; images of the woman floated into her head…the air had suddenly plummeted to the temperature of ice. Her cackle played over and over, she was like a witch – not a normal witch at Hogwarts, but the witches that scared her as a child, garbed in black cloaks and stealing little children to boil in their pots.

“We’re coming.”

Thora shook her head, trying to discard the thoughts. Death Eaters would never breach Hogwarts. It would happen the day Sirius Black grew an extra limb, or Snape used a bottle of shampoo…

She turned back, about to fall back into bed –


She swiped for her wand on the floor and pointed it towards the window. Then sighed, smiling. Her eyes widened at the large, brown bird fluttering close to the glass surface, throwing back it’s majestic head and then bringing it down on the glass. Tap. She studied it for a moment; there was no doubt it was a school owl. Its brown feathers were streaked with black. A piece of parchment was tied to its leg, but she couldn’t read the tiny script on the front.

Thora unlatched the window with a click, and opened it an inch or so. She stroked the bird’s neck and untied the parchment – which was pitifully small. - The morning breeze embraced her and the wind played with her hair as she unfolded the note. She frowned, staring at the only words on the parchment:

I’m sorry.

She brushed her fingertips against the narrow, untidy script and it smudged black onto her flesh. It was still wet, so it must’ve been written little more than a few minutes ago. Her first thought was Remus, and then her mood darkened as she realised that he was too stubborn to apologise.

Thora scrunched it up and leaned over the windowsill, breathing in. She could see the owlery from here, but no-one seemed to be up there. Something tottered across the ground below, a huge, black dog. Wet, shaggy fur gleamed in the sun. Thora whistled to it and the dog halted for a second to look at her, it had an intelligent gaze, but so do most dogs…

It shook itself dry, water spiralling outwards into the air. She laughed. Thora used to have a dog in France, but it died before her thirteenth birthday. A present from her uncle – she wondered where he was. She could just about see the sun above the treetops, and hills that marked a horizon. He could be anywhere, with her mum and dad. Where they thinking about her? She hoped so.

“We’re coming.”

The woman’s voice suddenly crept into the back of her mind. She looked strangely familiar, like she’d met her before. Probably not, but it frightened her, anyway. She sat on the windowsill, her legs dangling out over the edge. Thora shivered, only about a hundred foot drop between here and the ground. But somehow, sitting here in the cold air was making things better.

She looked over what she could see of the school grounds, her gaze focusing on a gnarled, black tree named the whomping willow. Her eyes danced around its trunk, close to the ground where she knew a beast lingered. The very beast she, Sirius and James (though he’d ducked out on behalf of Lily) had intended to set upon Severus Snape. But the prank had been obliterated, gone, never to be spoken about again. She could no help feel the disgust inside her, no matter how much Snape might’ve deserved it.

She inhaled, dealing with the truth. Distaste, disgust, every feeling in the book flowed through her at the thought that today was the intended date for their revenge.

“Thora!” Lily pulled her back from the window ledge, “What’re you doing?”

Thora smiled, “I was only sitting. Don’t worry, I’m not feeling particularly suicidal.”

Lily scowled at her, “Just – Don’t do it again.”

“I won’t,” assured Thora, rolling her eyes as Lily slowly crept back underneath the sheets of her bed. Within moments, her eyes were closed and she had drifted into an untroubled sleep. Thora did the same, and sat up against the bed frame. Her left fist was clammy; she opened it to reveal the note, crumpled and edges lined with her sweat.

I’m sorry.

Sirius: I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.

Sirius scowled as he closed the door behind him, yawning after a detention in the library. He glanced upwards – the moon was a fraction away from becoming full. She gleamed back at him, as did the night stars, winking against the dark black sky. It was one day to the full moon, the day when he and Thora Jinks had intended to unleash hell on Snivellus Snape. Well, not hell…just a werewolf. He hadn’t thought of offering that piece of information to her, though. He smirked, having remembered the reason for his detention. He’d only spilt a drop of ink on his textbook and Madam Pince started screeching like some deranged hyena-harpy. Well, if a drop of ink counted as the full bottle…

He chuckled, shoving his hands in his pockets.

“I don’t know what’s so funny about a detention, Black.”


“Oh, God. Snivelly’s come to ambush me with his posse of Death Eater pals.” He leered, “I’m so scared.” Sirius turned on his heel and started to walk away.

“You will be.” Sneered Severus. “Hanging around with filthy blood and flea infested beasts never did anyone much good.”

“You what?” growled Sirius, eyes ablaze. His fists suddenly clenched around his wand.

“Lupin. I know what he is,” Severus smirked. “Even a Hufflepuff could’ve figured it out.”

“Yeah? Well you were wrong!” Spat Sirius, veins pulsated in his neck. “His Nan’s ill, idiot.”

“Ah, yes, every month at the full moon.” Leered Severus, his dark eyes lingered on the moon. “Won’t be long now.”

Sirius clenched his fingers so tight he felt the workings of his wand bend; he stopped just in time, before he snapped it in two like he wanted to snap Snivellus. Silence, both of them stared eye to eye. Severus’s lip curling, Sirius scowling.

“You really want to know that much where he goes?” Spat Sirius, darkness suddenly looming over him. “Couldn’t keep that fat nose of yours out of other people’s business?”

Severus nodded, a mocking gleam in his eye. “Yeah. That’s exactly what I want to know. Or else Lupin might suddenly find people are starting to…ignore him. Not that it would’ve made any difference.” He smirked.

Sirius almost lunged for him, forgetting his magical ability, just wanting to punch every inch of him black and blue. Fists clenched so hard the fingernails started to slice his palms.

“Fine. I’ll be waiting here for you tomorrow.” Said Sirius coolly, and then his face was set like stone. “The you can see what a greasy git you are.”

Severus smiled as he watched Sirius retreat into the darkness of the corridor, but what he couldn’t have fathomed, was that Sirius was smiling in exactly the same way.

Thora: I solemnly swear I am up to no good.

Remus looked terrible. Worse than terrible. Shadows underlined his eyes, he was sat in the armchair beside the fire, looking like he was trying his hardest to read a copy of the prophet, but Thora could see clearly that his eyes were unfocused. She had never seen him look this bad; worry was the first thing that touched her. But if she went over and tried to talk to him, he would probably stand and walk away. Or just completely ignore her. Thora remained sat at the desk by Maeva, Lily and Alice.

The clock on the mantelpiece chimed lightly, a pure, high note that announced that it was seven o’clock in the evening. Thora’s stomach churned as Remus’s head snapped upwards towards the clock with the air of a wolf on alert. He nodded once to James, Peter and Sirius and disappeared through the portrait hole. Where was he going? She didn’t want him to go…

She could not help feel like she wanted to spill everything right now, and since this was the day that they’d intended a prank, without telling him…. she felt like this would be her last chance. She caught Sirius’s eye amongst a throng of people, he seemed to read clearly her intentions and he shook his head frantically.

“Thora, what’s wrong?”

Thora looked back at Maeva, “nothing, I’m fine. Why? Do I look awful or something?”

Maeva nodded, “You’ve gone really pale.”

Thora touched her cheek, even though it would make no difference. “It must be the cold. It’s bloody freezing in here.” She shivered dramatically.

Alice and Lily exchanged a look. “It’s ‘cause Remus has gone, isn’t it?”

“Yep.” Admitted Thora bluntly, “and, I’m actually boiling.”

Maeva snorted, “thought so. C’mere, what’re we going to do with you?” she hugged her tightly; Thora glanced around the room quickly enough to see Sirius check the watch on the mantelpiece and then drift slowly out of the common room…

Thora craned her neck and stared at the spot where he’d just disappeared, something was nagging at the back of her mind, stuck so that it could not come to the front. Her head felt like it was going to burst; she could feel the sweat on her forehead, hidden by her fringe. She swallowed, and rose from her seat.

It was probably just paranoia...he probably had detention....but there was something about him that Thora flt odd. It scared her. He'd promised not to...

“Peter, the map.” Said Thora shakily. Her eyes wide – she had to know. Sirius had promised…he’d assured her…She felt the ‘sorry’ note grind against her hip in her pocket. It was from Sirius she was sure.

Peter looked up, startled. His watery-blue eyes darting from James to her, “W-what?”

“The map, give it to me!” she croaked, feeling sick.

“You told her?” spluttered James. “Wormtail, y’idiot!”

“Potter, just shut up!” she spat, though no-one else seemed to notice them. “It’s important.”

Peter put one fat fist into his robe pockets and drew out the parchment, then whispered, “I solemnly swear I’m up to no good…” Thora swiped it from his fingers, shaking, trembling…

Sirius couldn’t do something. He wasn’t a bad person…

She searched avidly around the sweeps and delicate curves, her lips quavered as she found a pair of black dots, standing precisely in the middle of the grounds…advancing on the whomping willow slowly…

Sirius Black and Severus Snape.

Her heart stopped, froze in time…and for a second, she thought that she would never breathe again. It felt stuck, entangled…she couldn’t force it free.



“Come with me!” Thora grabbed his arm and dragged him towards the portrait hole, throwing herself farword so that she landed on the corridor outside in a crumpled heap, banging her head. But she didn’t care; a large circular window was directly in front of her, where she could clearly see the winking stars and a full moon standing proud in the sky.

“Thora! What-in-the-name-of-Merlin’s-moustache-are-you-doing!”

Thora stopped running at the bottom of the stairs, where, as she remembered, Remus had defended her against Severus Snape. She hadn’t even realised that she was crying, she felt so numbed with shock she couldn’t feel them slipping down her cheeks. “He lied to us.” She wheezed.

“Who – oh, this is stupid!”

“No!” she barked, “No, it isn’t. Sirius lied to us, he’s going to throw Severus Snape down there with a beast like he said he would all them months ago.”

“Well, it is Snape, what’s the fuss? And Down where?”

“The whomping willow!” she screamed, tears blurred her vision, but not enough to see the look of horror pass through his features. James tensed around the shoulders, his face suddenly moulded into severity, not the joker he once was. He pushed his glasses up and ran faster than she’d seen anyone run – it was hard to keep up with him.

Moonlight flooded the corridors and grounds, Thora ignored the stitch in her side and ran, ran against the wind and the moon and the tears. She could hear James shouting, roaring at the figure stood close to the willow – Sirius. She was about to yell that the willow was going to move – but it was stilled, peaceful…the dormant volcano suddenly extinct!

James lunged at Sirius and pushed him hard in the chest, “YOU STUPID GIT!” His face was a picture of anger, veins flickered in his temple, and his glasses suddenly flew off the end of his nose. Thora was about to intervened - how could it have triggered that sort of reaction? James shrugged Sirius off violently, “MOVE!” and he bent low, and suddenly disappeared beneath the roots of the willow.

Thora stopped running at once, her breath drawn out of her…it seemed to pass with no speed at all…the stars twinkled in a sombre fashion, and her heart thumped. Had the beast dragged him under? She didn’t know.

Then came the deafening, ear-piercing scream that split the night silence.

James: I solemnly swear I am up to no good.

James landed in the dirt, dust flew into his eyes…he couldn’t see anything…it was so dark. He could hear the blood rushing in his ears it was so quiet; the air was thick with the scent of earth and the sound of scuttling insects could be heard. He lay still, afraid…not daring to produce a light with a spell…

He had heard the scream, too. At first he had thought it was Thora, but it was the shriek of a male. He could just about hear Thora’s muffled voice above the ground calling his name. He crawled on all fours through the tunnel he had been through so many times.


The sound of claws against the earth…


Growling in the night…

He jumped as he collided with something soft, he was just in time to cover Severus’s mouth before he shrieked again.

“Shut up! It’s me. Potter.”

“Oh, splendid.”

“Oi, I’m saving your life here, Snivellus.” James tightened his grip on Severus’s arm as they both receded to the beginning of the tunnel – he could no yet see the moonlight streaming in from the entrance…they must be far away...

The sound of the earth falling beneath clawed feet…

James and Severus stopped until the noise receded. James gasped as light suddenly erupted from the end of Severus’s wand, illuminating the tunnel, it was narrow enough for about four people, but high enough for Professor Flitwick. Dirt and stones showered them now and again.

“What do you think you’re doing, idiot?” spat James, freezing instantly.

“There’s no-one here, numbskull.” Sneered Severus, though still tense.

James lay still and silent, distant dripping was coming from somewhere…echoing in the tunnel. Both of them listened intently to the beat of the dripping. Something damp trickled down Jame’s forehead and he hoped to God that it wasn’t an insect. No, it was warm and wet…

A putrid odour suddenly met their senses. James touched his forehead and looked at the stuff now stuck to his hand and fingers – silvery, as if someone had spat on his head. Werewolf blood? Was Remus injured? But that could only mean Remus was close to them…

James wrinkled his nose at the smell, “I don’t mean to be funny, Snivellus, but you seriously need a mint.” he spat.

“Thank you, Potter, how kind.” He whispered back.

Silence...it felt like they would never see the light of day again, that if they saw a ray of purest sunlight, it was sure to blind them.

“Sev, just give me your wand a sec…” James hissed curiously, he could hear something above them…no, behind them…it kept on shifting, and he was sure it was Remus.

Severus handed it begrudgingly, the light shifted away from the front of the tunnel to above them. James looked around, he couldn’t see anything. The warm, wt liquid suddenly dribbled once more down his face, he looked up, bringing the wandlight with him, breathing raggedly...fear...

A pair of large, red eyes staring into his. Glistening like drops of blood in the night. The hot breath at his head, throwing his hair backwards, furry arms and claws swiped out for them both with one roar like the coming of the apocalypse. James ducked, missing the deathly talons by inches – they had scraped the end of his nose. – Severus’s scream of terror echoed as he ran in the opposite direction, towards the darkness and dissappeared like a creature of the night.

James took one look at the elongated snout, the teeth lined with mud and dirt…the sheer brute strength of the animal that Remus could in no way have possessed, scared him more than anything as it advanced on him slowly. It turned and bounded off into darkness.

“Severus! Wrong way!” he screamed, “Idiot! Get your arse here!"

But he was already gone; James was quick enough just to see the gnarled feet of the werewolf disappear, out of the range of the wandlight.

Then another voice, a girl's: “Potter? I’m coming down there!” Thora’s.

“No!” he growled, “You stay right where you are! Sirius, get help! Anything!” he wheezed.

Then, he looked into the space where Remus and Severus had disappeared, the sounds of snarling and growling seemed largely lost in the silence. James grimaced, “Idiot!” he cursed, then began to move farword. His fingertips were covered in blood, but not his own. He looked like the one responsible for a massacre.

Earth shifting…heavy breathing…the air was so close…


Then he saw him, curled up in the mud, unscathed but terrified…he stirred and looked back…

“Potter, just get lost! I can handle this myself.”

James’s expression hardened, and he felt anger spark inside him. He was about to turn, like he had been told, leave him there to rot, until:

“SEVERUS! MOVE!” James wrenched Severus out of the mud, narrowly missed by claws and the fangs ready to puncture flesh and bone. The blood-thirsty beast’s growl shook them both as James pushed Severus harder than anyone he’d ever pushed. Both of them crawled frantically, scraping at the earth like their lives' depended on it. Because that was exactly it.

“THORA!” Jame’s voice cracked, he could see the moonlight now, and he could see Thora Jinks’s grey eyes – full of terror. She lunged farword to grab Severus’s arms, but was pulled further down than she already was, mud fell into her eyes and clung to her eylashes. She glanced behind them. She saw the beast. Jame’s heart nearly split as he saw Thora’s face, first composed, now blank. Paler than ever, the strength from her fingers gone. Thora inhaled, her eyes clouded like a winter storm.

“THORA JINKS, GET US OUT!” spat Severus. The clouds around her eyes suddenly passed, and she wrenched with all her strength until Severus was out, gasping for the air. James roared in fear as he felt a claw swipe his shoe, he snagged free and fell past Thora. In just enough time to watch the werewolf grasp his shoe between it's jaws and rip it apart, throwing it to the ground like a lion tosses a carcass.

James watched Thora once more; she didn’t seem to register it! The monster was approaching her, it was as if she couldn't see the talons swiping for her face, trying to tear the flesh clean away. James, for the first time, remmebered it was Remus. Remus trying to rip her throat open, Remus trying to bite her…the red eyes glinted furously, hungrily, a lust for blood beyond anything in the world...

But it wasn’t Remus at all; it was the beast. Remus was not the snarling creature writhing before them, trying to pull itself up from the ground, talons leaving thick, deep marks were the claws dragged. He was human, and nothing could change that. He didn't deserve the guilt he might burden.

But what he could do to someone was irreversible.

With one last surge of energy, James bolted farword and pushed Thora away from the whomping willow, and they staggered backwards, tumbling into the grass, no more strength left in them. James glanced to the side, where he could now see Severus Snape, sprinting towards the building, his black robes flapping around his ankles. Illuminated wholly by the light of Remus Lupin's one try nemesis, the full moon.

Then James heard the growl...

Thora: I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.

Thora felt numb - no feeling, no thinking, no breathing, no seeing. Silver claws flashed before her eyes, and then she was falling backwards…falling into the grass. Just one thought able to register, just the image of yellow eyes glaring at her with a hungry glint.

Just one thought. Thora looked up at the sky, hating the moon that stood watch over her.

That was a werewolf.


Well, I hope you liked it! *hopes like mad*

Feedback is greatly appreciated by anyone and can be dropped here:
Beasty under the Willow....

Fan Fiction If You're Really That Bored

Utopia: Teddy Lupin - 2009+

Thora Jinks - 2008/2010

And if you're feeling it, take a look at my art!

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