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The Choices one Makes {Next Generation}

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The Choices one Makes {Next Generation}

A/N: Hi, people so I know I haven't been around a whole lot and I'm sorry but I got busy with school. But now I'm out of school, I will be on more and posting more. And with that, I decided to start a new FF that I'm excited about. I got most of it written, just need post. So I hope you like it!

So here it is...

In every moment of our lives, we see good and we see evil, black and white, warm and cold and the list goes on. Many would say what do we define as good and as evil? Many of those people would say things in the world enter into the grey area. Where something is not entirely but not entirely evil. Some would say that many events in history could go in this said grey area. But how do we know when something enters the grey area…

Chapter 1: A new Start

Click was the sound that rang through the Kings Cross station as a little Auburn haired girl awkwardly stood by the barrier between platforms nine and ten as her older sister took a picture/ “Evee!” The little girl cried as her older sibling attempted to take another.

“What?” Evelyn LeRose asked as she set down her camera, her dark chocolate locks falling over her light brown eyes. She stood 5’6” tall, with chocolate brown hair that was cropped just below her shoulders. It was straighten and styled in a fashionable layered look. She wore a long scarlet tunic with a dark blue jean vest. Her skinny blue jeans that matched well with her vest were tucked in her black boots. Her simple outfit showed of her slender build with a tiny bit of a natural curve. “I want to document this event, its not every day your little sister starts her first day at Hogwarts. Just one more picture, Jacky!”

“Fine.” The eleven year old girl responded, shifting uncomfortably. Jacqueline LeRose wasn’t one for pictures and she was nervous enough as it was.

Evelyn smiled and raised the camera’s viewfinder up to her eye line. Adjusting the aperture, she clicked for another picture. “There you got your picture, now can we go?” Evelyn gave a small nod, placing her 35 mm camera back in its case. Slinging the strap over her shoulder she grabbed her trunk and owl cage, which was currently empty. Her owl, Xavier, was its way to her parents. Her parents were currently on a trip to Zimbabwe, being ambassador’s for the Minister of Magic. Her parents were always traveling and to make up for their absence, Evelyn filled in on the parent role. But that always changed when she entered the Halls of her beloved school, Hogwarts.

Evelyn carrying her trunk, led the way through the barrier to the Platform nine and three quarters where the Hogwarts Express waited for them. They had arrived early, so Evelyn could have time to show Jacqueline around. They handed their trunks to the assistant and hopped on the train. “Now this is the infamous Hogwarts Express. The one train that takes us in and out of Hogwarts.” Evelyn explained with a smirk.

“I know!” Jacqueline declared with desperation. “Just let me wander around mum, I’ll be fine.”

Evelyn frowned, “I’m not acting like mum.”

“No, if you were you would leave me alone.”

Evelyn frowned further and shrugged. “Fine, I should catch up with my friends anyway. If you need me all you have to do is to just look for me at the far end of the train.”

Jacqueline nodded as she turned and walked in the opposite direction. “Bye!” Evelyn called one last time, receiving no response from her younger sister. She sighed and turned, heading down the corridor walking towards her usual compartment. Not to her surprise, she found her four friends there waiting for her. Raelene, the cute blonde who the boys most sought after, sat by the window brushing through her perfect blonde curls chatting away with Ryan. Ryan was a tall, gangling quidditch jock who prided himself in his perfect dark red curls, his chiseled jaw, his deep blue-green eyes and his strong arms. Across from Ryan was Genevieve, the shy bookworm of the group. Her long curly brown hair hung loosely around her shoulders with her nose on her book. The final and probably the most famous of the group was James Potter the second. He had a knack of reminding people that he was named after a very famous Marauder. And when people asked what a Marauder was, James was more than willing to explain it.

Like his predecessor, James had a gift for mischief, quidditch and annoying the house of Slytherin. He sat with his arm on the windowsill, his jet black hair perfectly messy and his green eyes sparkling with mischief. The way he sat was one of the many things that caused Evelyn’s heart to flutter. Yes, she had a crush on James Potter the second and everyone but James knew it. Too much of Evelyn’s disappointment, James only considered her one of the boys and nothing more. His best mate. She was never the girlfriend material in his eyes. Not that Evelyn ever tried to change his opinion of her. She would rather be his best friend, then another name in his little black book and James had a large little black book.

Those emerald eyes that she loved so much turned and met her gaze and a smile came on his face. “About time, LeRose. I was starting to think that you would miss the train.” He declared causing the other people in the compartment to look up in Evelyn’s direction.

Evelyn in turn returned James’ smile and shrugged, “Have I ever missed the train. Just helping my little sister.”

“There’s another one?” Ryan asked smirking, “Maybe this one will actually agree to go on a date with me.”

“She’s eleven!” Evelyn snapped protectively as she walked further into the compartment. She sent the red head a glare before taking a seat between James and Genevieve.

“Even if she was of proper age for you to date, Ryan, you know that Evee would kill you before you got a chance to utter the word hello.” Genevieve added in her very quiet, musical voice, paying no attention to Evelyn forcibly sit between James and her.

Ryan laughed, “I’m faster with a wand.”

“Do you seriously want to test that, mate?” James smirked, “Cause my money is on Lynny here.” He gave Evelyn a wink and wrapped his arm around her shoulder, in a friend to friend way, and gave her a squeeze. Evelyn didn’t respond but simply blushed, glancing away from James. Raelene smirked, noticing Evelyn’s reaction.

“How’s your summer?” Raelene asked flipping her hair off her shoulder.

“Long,” Evelyn replied, “Mum and Dad were gone for the whole thing, so Jacky and I stayed with our grandparents.”

“Sounds like fun,” Raelene laughed knowing how much Evelyn detested her grandparents. “Have you heard the latest gossip though?”

“Well no, since I’ve been at my grandparents…”

Genevieve set her book down and rolled her eyes, “What Rae means is have you seen the new Slytherin boy? A seventh year transfer. No one knows who he is or where he came from.”

Evelyn’s mouth made an o shape as James and Ryan rolled there eyes. Raelene ignored the boys and looked at Evelyn. “Yea him, I saw him when I got on the train. He was gorgeous!”

“I think Rae’s exact words when she saw him were,” Genevieve laughed, “Hottie McHot Hot.”

Evelyn laughed softly, watching as Raelene examined her nails. “Well he was.” was her response, making the boys rolled their eyes again.

“Who cares,” Ryan started.

“He’s a Slytherin.” James finished.

“Jeez, I would think the son of Harry Potter wouldn’t judge people based on where he was sorted.” Raelene snapped glaring at both Ryan and James.

“He looks like a bad guy!” James defended his arm fell off of Evelyn’s shoulder as he fully prepared himself for another argument with Raelene.

Evelyn sighed and leaned back in her seat. Her eyes clothed, blocking out her friends bickering and she slowly drifted off to sleep.

Evelyn was woken up abruptly as the train was slowly down. She looked up to see James looking down at her, “Hey, time to wake up sleepy head.” He smirked.

She sat up slowly and nodded, yawning softly. “Thanks.”

“No problem.”

Evelyn stood up, grabbing her book bag and her camera case. She took the camera out of the case and held it up towards James. “Cheese.” she laughed catching James’ attention as she took his picture.


“Sorry mate but need to document this year, its our last at Hogwarts.” She replied slipping the camera back in the case.

James rolled his eyes, extending his arm towards her. “Come on, I’m hungry and would like to get to the Castle sooner than later.”

She laughed harder, knowing that James was always hungry, and accepted his arm, allowing him to lead her out of the compartment. They were soon greeted by the cool nights air. They made their way across Hogsmeade station, Evelyn glancing around hoping to catch sight of her sister and James rushing off to catch the next carriage. Evelyn’s hair ribbon slipped out of her hair, causing her to curse and stopped. “Go ahead. I’ll meet you in the Great Hall.” She commented as James looked annoyed as they stopped.

He gave a nod and continued on his way. Evelyn slipped through the crowd of students as she searched for her ribbon. She saw the scarlet fabric resting on the ground looking untouched and unharmed. She knelt down to pick it up only to be greeted by another hand reaching for it as well. Evelyn stared at that hand for a while, it was now covering hers, it had a nice golden tan and looked much bigger than most. It was well proportion; the fingers weren’t too long or too short. Her eyes slowly moved up the arm that the hand was connected too. It too had a nice golden look about it and was well sculpted with muscles. The shoulders and chest were wide and hidden within the freshly clean white shirt. Evelyn’s gaze slowly made its way up to the face that the hand, the arm, the shoulder and the chest belonged it. She was greeted by smoky silver eyes that sent a cold shiver down her back. The hand moved from hers and picked up the ribbon. “Did you drop this?” A deep manly voice asked which sent another set of shivers down her back.

Evelyn swallowed hard and nodded slowly, “Um yea…”

The boy smiled, revealing a set of pearly white teeth. “May I?” He asked standing up to his full height holding out the ribbon before her.

Evelyn slowly stood up, now seeing how much taller the boy really was compared to her. From what she could tell he was a couple inches taller. “Uh huh…” She managed to say, her eyes never leaving his.

He smiled a little wider, and reached out for her loose braid, tying the ribbon around the rope of hair making a small bow with it. “There you go. Double knotted it so you won’t lose it again.”

She looked down at her braid and returned his smile. “Um thanks…”

“Name’s Reggie.”

“Evelyn but most people call me Evee…” She replied glancing back up at his dark silver eyes once more feeling herself warm and shiver under his gaze. Was that even possible?

“Nice to meet you Evee,” Reggie replied, “So I’ll see you around?”

“Yea.” She replied a little to eagerly.

He smiled and nodded, walking past her and blending in with the crowd of students. Evelyn let out a deep breath and shook her head. How could one glance from a cute guy make her feel… so different inside?

The Great Hall was filled with chatting, happy students. The first years were sorted and now all they were waiting for was the Headmistress’ speech and the food to appear. The whole time since Evelyn arrived in the hall was spent looking for Reggie and after she found him, sitting with Scorpius and his group of friends, she couldn’t help looking at him when she thought no one was looking. Of course like the coward she was whenever he glanced her way she would look away and pretend she was in a conversation with Raelene. Which wasn’t hard because Raelene always seemed to be talking. Evelyn did manage to take notice of her sister’s sorting into Gryffindor.

“He’s cute isn’t he.” Raelene finally declared, noticing that Evelyn was looking Reggie’s way.

Evelyn blushed softly, “No not really.” She lied.

“Oh just because you only have eyes for James doesn’t mean you can’t notice other guys.” Raelene declared laughing.

“That’s not true,” Evelyn defended looking towards James to see if he had heard what Raelene had said. Of course he did not, still oblivious. “Okay Reggie’s a little cute but that’s all your getting out of me.”


Evelyn cringed slightly, she had forgotten that Raelene didn’t know his name yet. “That’s his name. The new kid.” She explained.

“Aw.” Raelene replied looking back towards Reggie, flipping her blonde hair hoping that he would notice, “He doesn’t look like a Reggie. He should have a name a bit more… exotic.”

“Hmm how about Captain Remington LePhaine.” Evelyn retorted sarcastically.

Raelene’s usual pale complexion slowly became red as Evelyn used the name of the main male character of Raelene’s favorite romance novel. “Well maybe…” She whispered in response joining Evelyn in a fit of giggles.

They both were interrupted as Headmistress McGonagal stood up before the student body. She cleared her throat making the whole room fall silent. “Now welcome back to another year at Hogwarts everyone. I hope that this year will be better than the last. You all should know the rules but for those who are new to Hogwarts this year… The Forbidden Forest is as its name says forbidden. Also no magic or Weasley products should be use in the halls.”

“Also I would like to say that this will be my last year teaching at Hogwarts. After I retire Professor Neville Longbottom will become your new Headmaster and I know you all will treat him with the same courtesy as you have shown me. Now Let the feast begin.” The Professor declared and with a clap of her hands the food appeared before their eyes.

The room filled with gossip and chatter as the students started their meal. “Where do you think he’s from?” Raelene asked Evelyn looking back at Reggie.

“Merlin’s beard, Rae! Our Headmistress has just told us she’s retiring and all you want to talk about is the new student?” Genevieve asked in disbelief setting her book down, pretending to glare at Raelene.

“Well we all saw it coming,” Raelene defended, “The poor professor was getting a bit slow. I mean she let James off the hook for his final prank last year when she usually gives him a weeks detention.”

Evelyn laughed softly, she remembered the prank. Making the Slytherin’s “In” crowd do a small Irish jig. It was her idea of course and as always James took credit for it. Evelyn never had the courage to actually fulfill her prank ideas but James did.

“That’s not the point.” Genevieve declared with a huff.

“Okay, Jen, look at him.” Raelene retorted pointing to Reggie, “He’s totally topic worthy. And drool worthy and naught fantasies worthy!”

“Okay will you three stop it!” Ryan declared interrupting the argument.

“Yea seriously,” James added, “Like we need to hear whether or not you want three want to do him or not.”

Evelyn, Raelene and Genevieve all blushed deeply at James’ final comment. “We weren’t arguing about that!” Genevieve retorted finally after recovering quickly.

“Yea but that’s where you were going to go.” Ryan and James countered in unison.

Raelene and Genevieve rolled their eyes as Evelyn looked down at her plate. Eventually the conversation moved away from Reggie and it gave her time to catch one more glance at Reggie before they were all dismissed to their dormitories. This time Reggie looked up at the same time she did, catching her slightly off guard. He smiled warmly at her before standing of and following the other Slytherin’s to the common room.

Evelyn stared in utter disbelief feeling her whole body grow unnaturally warm as the Slytherins exited the great hall. What is happening to her? That was the question that was going through her mind. That and, wasn’t she suppose to be in love with James Potter the second not some boy named Reggie who she barely knew? For Evelyn, whether she realized it or not, this year was going to be interesting.

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Re: The Choices one Makes {Next Generation}

A/N: Thank you to all who gave feedback. Means the world to me! This post is dedicated to Luigi_Potter whose feedback inspired this next post.

Chapter 2: Life begins… now…

“EVEE!” Raelene screeched as she jumped up and down on Evelyn’s bed. “Wake-y, Wake-y!” She added laughing along side with Genevieve.

Evelyn groaned and rolled onto her side, pulling her covers over her head. She was never a morning person and her friends knew it. They knew it so well, that they took every opportunity to torture Evelyn each and every morning and they enjoyed every minute of it. “Come on Evelyn, time to get up.” Genevieve declared through her giggles.

The brunette, sat up slowly rubbing her very exhausted eyes. “You’re horrible.”

“But you love us.” Raelene smirked as she jumped off the bed and smoothed out her school skirt.

With a roll of her eyes, Evelyn slipped out of her bed and headed towards the bathroom. “How long time first class?”

“Fifteen minutes.”

Evelyn poked her head out of the bathroom, glaring at them both, “What?”

Genevieve and Raelene burst into a fit of laughter and stood up, “Sorry, but we thought to give you some more time to sleep.” Raelene replied.

Evelyn growled as she watched her two friends skip out of the dormitory and down to the Great Hall. Evelyn sighed and started to get ready as quick as she could. As usual, Evelyn dressed ignoring the school’s uniform rules. She wore the qualified skirt and blouse with a scarlet cami. She wore her favorite black vest, instead of the grey sweater that she found the most annoying. She pulled on her black boots and tying a scarlet ribbon in her hair like it was a headband. Grabbing her leather book bag she slipped out of the dormitory and headed down to the Great Hall, hoping that she still had time to grab a quick bite to eat.

She yawned as she descended down the stairs, throwing the strap of her bag over her shoulder. She stumbled as someone brushed into her making her drop her book bag. “Watch where you’re going.” She snapped glancing up as she went down to pick up her stuff.

The raven haired girl who had ran into her, “Why don’t you.” She countered.

Evelyn rolled her eyes, how much she hated Slytherin’s some times. She grabbed the last of her quill that had spilled out of her bag. “Need help?” Someone asked.

Evelyn looked up with a raised eyebrow, seeing Reggie standing before her. “Um, no I got it thanks.” She replied standing up quickly. Looking up at him, she again realized how much taller he was than she. It was a nice difference since James was only a few centimeters taller.

Reggie gave a small shrug, “Okay…”

She gave a small smile, and nodded. “I gotta go.” She added quickly and slipped away before he could even think about calling her back. “Merlin, Evee get a hold of yourself, you’re in love with James…” She thought aloud to herself as she entered the Great Hall. It was still full of students and her friends were sitting in their usual spot, waving her toward them.

With a sigh, Evelyn took a seat in between Raelene and James. “Hey, Sleepy head.” James laughed patting her on the shoulder, like he would do with any of his other friends… which annoyed her to no end.


“How did you sleep?”

Evelyn rolled her eyes, grabbing a roll. “Fine. What’s with the small talk?”

James shrugged and watched as Professor Longbottom came down the table, handing each other students their new schedules. Evelyn, in turn, placed her attention on her roll and started to nibble on it. Why couldn’t James see how much she cared? Why couldn’t he look at her the way he looked at other girls? Wasn’t she cute?

All those self depressed thoughts disappeared when Reggie walked into the Great Hall. And like every other girl in the room, Evelyn turned and stared. “Oh I got some new, juicy information on the mysterious Reggie.” Raelene commented, poking Evelyn in the side.

Evelyn and Genevieve looked towards Rae, while Ryan and James rolled their eyes. “Who cares.”

“We do!” Evelyn, Raelene and Genevieve replied in unison.

James frowned and gave Evelyn a weird look which caused her to quickly look away. “Anyway, well Reggie is from New York, hence the cute American accent. His last name is LaNoir and for those who don’t know…”

“Noir means Black in French.” Genevieve interrupted earning a glare from Raelene.

“Oh how cool.” Ryan said with his fake girl voice.

“Shut up!” Raelene snapped, “Anyway, he’s from New York, last name LaNoir which is means Black and he’s gorgeous and single!”

“He’s single?” Genevieve asked looking at Reggie as he took a seat by Scorpius.

“Yea!” Raelene giggled, “Isn’t it amazing. Oh and he has a younger brother whose a sixth year, not as cute as Reggie but cute in his own right. His name is Dante.”

“Is Reggie Reggie’s real name?” Evelyn asked, glancing over at the Slytherin table.

“Who cares.” James snapped taking his schedule from the Professor. Evelyn nodded her thanks towards Professor Longbottom before taking her schedule.

“What’s got your wand in a knot?” Genevieve asked sounding truly concerned.

Ryan rolled his eyes, “We’re just tired of you three talking about the new guy. Who cares if he has perfect hair or a perfect smile.”

“Well when you two stop talking about girls the way you do,” Genevieve retorted, “We’ll stop our girl talk. And knowing you two, us stopping is no where in sight.”

Evelyn and Raelene giggled at James and Ryan’s scornful looks. “And since you mentioned it, he does have perfect hair. We haven’t seen him smile yet.”

“It’s pretty nice.” Evelyn replied without thinking of the response she was about to get.


“You’ve seen it?”

Evelyn looked between the two girls, both looking extremely curious. “Well I dropped my ribbon the other day and he picked it up. We talked for a little while and he smiled.”

“And you didn’t think to tell us?” Raelene hissed looking ready to pounce.

James frowned and stood up, “We got class you guys.” He muttered as he started on his way out of the great hall. Evelyn frowned and stood up as well.

“He’s right,” She muttered following him out. “James wait!” She called rushing after the prankster.

James, with a sigh, stopped and waited. She managed to catch up with him, the heels of her boots clicking along with her. “What’s wrong?” She asked.
“Nothing.” was the response and it made her frown.

“Liar,” Evelyn responded as she walked along side him, “Now tell me.”

“Seriously, nothing.”

Evelyn took a deep breath and nodded, knowing it wasn’t wise to push it. They made their way to their Defense class to see the new Professor Exavior. They took their usual seat in the third row and waited, silently, for the others to make their presence. Raelene took the seat beside Evelyn and stared at the door. “What are you looking at?”

“Looking for Reggie, hoping that he has this class.” She replied, her voice no higher than a whisper to make sure that James wouldn’t hear.

Evelyn laughed, shaking her head. Not to her surprise, Reggie entered the classroom, taking the seat behind Raelene., which made her even more giddy. Evelyn rolled her eyes and watched as the new Professor stand before the students. Exavior was slightly shorter than average height for a man, his hair was a dark read and was slowly balding, and he stood before them with a smirk. “Welcome to your final year of Defense against the Dark Arts and your in for a year of very hard work.”

Evelyn raised an eyebrow as the other students started to groan. The new professor leaned against the front of his desk and crossed his arms over his chest. “The rules are on the board, please copy them down and the homework assignment. Its due next class period, and I’m sure you’ll do well, if you do we’ll do something fun the next class period.”

His statement made the class a little happier and they worked in silence, which was a rarity. The class was shorter than Evelyn expected and they were soon dismissed. Evelyn, now excited, headed to her next class. It was Muggle studies and before you judge it right away, like most purebloods, the class was more like one big debate instead of a normal class. Evelyn loved the class and felt she was herself in it. They discussed current events, art, literature, and the current muggle moves that were coming out. Pirates of the Caribbean seemed to be a common discussion.

But the topic discussions, or the grand projects, weren’t just the thing that attracted Evelyn to the class it was the teacher. She considerably young for teachers at Hogwarts, and she tended to do things her own way instead of the traditional way. Professor Graham was someone Evee could trust and didn’t fear talking too.

Evelyn made her way to the muggle studies classroom, smiling at the Professor. Graham smiled at her and her silver eyes shining with delight through her thick, curly blonde hair. “Morning, Evee.” She declared with her bright, musical voice.

“Morning.” Evelyn replied taking her usual seat in the second row. The other students entered the classroom, talking loudly and happily. James wasn’t among them, he figured that from his family he knew a lot about muggles. Evelyn on the other hand, came from a pureblood family who were considered a bunch of blood traitors.

To her surprise, Reggie walked into the classroom and sat down beside her. He was probably the only Slytherin in the room. Well besides Clarisse, who entered late and sent a flirtatious smile towards young Mr. LaNoir. The only reason why she was in this class was for Reggie and it was obvious and it annoyed Evee. Not in a way that meant she liked Reggie but in an academic way.

Professor Graham grabbed a pile of books and head down the aisle passing them out. Reggie handed Evee’s hers, not even looking her way before opening his. They were reading Othello, a play that Evelyn had already read. “Now class at the end of last year we discussed several works of William Shakespeare, like Romeo and Juliet and Much to do about Nothing.” Graham explained as she walked back down the aisle.

Evelyn flipped through the book rather quickly before setting it down. “Now, um, help me out here. Whose this Shakespeare guy?” Reggie whispered softly to her.

Evelyn tried her best to hide her laughter, “Um he’s a famous Muggle writer.”

Reggie still looked a little confused as he flipped open to the front page. “Oh…”

Evelyn laughed a little harder and joined into the classes normal conversation. Clarisse, of course, was complaining about how they had to read the story.

Class over sooner than Evelyn wanted and she waited to leave, to say goodbye to Graham. She exited the classroom only to be greeted by Reggie. “Hey…” He muttered softly.


Reggie ran his hand through his glossy raven black hair, which caused Evee’s heart to skip a couple beats. “Okay, I need help. I’m confused in all my classes and so far you’re in my important one. Can you help me?”

Evee raised an eyebrow, crossing her arms over her chest. “Why don’t you get one of your Slytherin friends to help you?” She asked not meaning to sound rude.

“Cause I don’t like any of them,” Reggie explained unaltered by her tone of voice. “Please.”

Evelyn bit her lower lip as she slowly nodded. She couldn’t say no, he said please. Signaling for him to follow her, she continued her way towards the Great Hall. “So you’re from New York?” She asked softy.

Reggie, walking along side her, nodded, “Yea how did you know?”

“Gossip spreads faster than anything here.”

Reggie laughed in response, a nice low laugh. Her heart fluttered again. “Well, yea that’s where I came from last. Grew up mostly in Montana. Mom and I moved up here cause mom’s job changed. We’re living with family…. Distant family, I think.”

Evelyn now intrigued, “Distant family?”

“Yea like third or fourth cousins.”


“Yea Scorpius and I are in like the same generation, I think…”

Evelyn stopped abruptly, he was related to Malfoy? “Really?” She whispered now feeling new resentment towards the New Boy. Anyone from that family was bad news.

Reggie frowned as he watched her expression change, “Hey don’t just me based on who I’m related too. Gimme a chance first.”

Evelyn frowned further, but before she could reply she was interrupted by James’ voice, “Oi Lynny!”

Evelyn turned around and gave James a weak smile. “Hey…”

“Ryan and I are gonna get some practice in, do you want to come and watch.” James asked his green eyes scanning over Reggie’s very awkward stance.

Evelyn nodded, “I’ll see you around.” She commented to Reggie before walking after James. Thankful for any excuse to get away from the… tense conversation.


“Is he ready?” A sinister voice asked a tall, beautiful woman.

The woman’s silver eyes moved back and forth before she looked back into the darkness. “He will be…”

“Be sure that he is, Violet LaNoir,” the Voice replied, “Because I would hate to see something bad happen to your oldest son.”

A/N: Okay that’s it… the end of the second chapter and I hoped you liked it. Also I hoped you noticed the little hints I left in there for you.


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Re: The Choices one Makes {Next Generation}

A/N: Hello and thank you so much for the feedback. Means a lot to me and I hope you like this post. Sorry this is my shortest post, but i guess it will have to do.

Chapter 3: Relaxations Cures almost Everything

Evelyn enjoyed being outside, it was a comfort for her usual stressful days. She spent almost all her spare time outside, no matter the weather. Fall it was playing in piles of dead leaves, Winter was playing in the snow, Spring and Summer was days of enjoying the sun. It was still early in the year, which meant the sun was till shining and it meant spending her afternoons at the lake with friends and her little sister, Jacqueline.

Raelene, Genevieve, Evelyn and Jacqueline rushed towards to cool, dark lake wearing just their school skirts and camis. Raelene and Jacqueline were the bold ones and jumped into the cool water, splashing and sputtering when they surfaced. “Aren’t you coming?” Raelene called eyeing Evelyn and Genevieve, who were taking a seat beneath a tree.

“I have some History of Magic to catch up on.” Genevieve replied, that was her usual excuse.

“I don’t swim.” Evelyn responded.

“Unless Jamsie-poo is the one asking you too.” Raelene retorted as she started to float on her back.

Evelyn rolled her eyes, deciding not to reply as she leaned against the base of the tree. The wind was blowing and it made everything around Evee move. The only interruption to this peaceful scene was Raelene’s and Jacqueline’s splash fight and a snap of the twin. Genevieve and Evelyn turned to the direction of the noise and stared at the Reggie look a like. “Um… Evee… right?” Dante asked rather quietly looking extremely nervous. It made him seem a little more adorable than handsome.

“Yea?” Evelyn replied with a smile to ease his anxiousness, “What can I do for you?”

“Just here cause my brother asked me too,” Dante started to explain his eyes moving back and forth.

Genevieve raised an eyebrow, “What did he want?” She asked softly closing her history book.

Dante took a deep breath and explained rather quickly, “He wanted me to warn you that our cousin, Scorpius, was planning to pull a prank on you out here. He couldn’t do it himself because Scorpius would have known it was him and give him more of a hard time. Scorp doesn’t take much notice to me because I’m not his competition…”

Evelyn frowned, “Thank you, Dante.” She whispered softly.

Dante gave a small smile, his blue eyes sparkling with mischief. That was one of the differences between Dante and Reggie. Dante seemed to be more of the prankster of the family, whereas Reggie was more serious. Or that’s from what Evelyn observed, of course she hasn’t been giving Reggie much of a chance lately. “You’re welcome, talk you later then?” He asked softly.

Genevieve smiled slightly as Evee nodded, “Would love too.”

Dante’s smile widen before he turned to walk away. When he was out of hearing range, Genevieve started to giggle, “Someone has a crush on you.”

“He does not!”

“Oh, would you prefer it to be his hot older brother,” Genevieve countered, “Which is already true so you have nothing to worry about.”

“What does Evee not have to worry about?” Raelene asked as she walked towards them, dripping wet and Jacqueline right behind her.

“Reggie not having a crush on her.”

“He does not!” Evelyn quickly snapped.

Raelene smirked, “Her quick defense means she has one on him too. What happened to James? Got tired of waiting?” She joked.

Evelyn glared at her friends and her little sister who were all laughing at her. “Shut up!” Was her only response as she crossed her arms over her chest. Since when was it gain up on Evee day.

“You know Evee will never give up on James. Even if she stopped liking him, she would never stop liking his family. She’s always wanted a big, close family.” Jacqueline added with a smirk.

“You shouldn’t say a word, unless you want your diary revealed to the whole school.” Evelyn replied bitterly.

“He does have a big family.” Genevieve whispered softly, the others could almost barely hear her. “It’s gotta be nice to have so many people you can depend on.”

Raelene and Evelyn was stunned into silence. Did Genevieve have a crush on James? The thought made Evee’s whole body shake with jealousy. But Gen was her friend and Evelyn wasn’t about to fight with her over a boy. A boy she didn’t even have and sadly, James was fair game. Genevieve noticed the three looking at her, “What? I was just stating a fact. Not like… like I like him or anything. He’s Evee’s” She quickly stammered. Her defensive reply definitely didn’t ease Evelyn’s jealous feelings.

The group was silent for awhile, eventually Evelyn stood up. “Maybe a nice swim would be okay…”

“Yea a swim.” A cold voice laughed. Evelyn and her group turned to see Scorpius and his minions were walking towards them. Each member of their group rolled their eyes, this is what Dante must have been talking about. “Wanna us to help with that?” Scorpius concluded crossing his arms over his chest.

“Go away, Malfoy, no one wants you here.” Genevieve snapped standing up and walked over to stand beside Evee.

“And what she means by go away,” Raelene added, “Is like transfer. Go to a different school.”

Scorpius sneered with distain at the group of Gryffindor girls and was about to pull out his wand to send a spell at them but was interrupted by flying in the air, soaring towards the dark, murky lake. He resurfaced, causing a huge splash, sputtering and gasping as he struggled to swim towards the shore. Unfortunately for him, he was greeted by one of the Giant’s Squid’s tentacles and was tossed carelessly to the shore. The girls couldn’t watch as Scorpius was helped up by his friends because they were too busy laughing their heads off to notice. Young Mr. Malfoy sent a glare as he whimpered off back towards the castle, while James walked towards the girls his wand still out. “You okay?” He asked looking between the girls.

“Nice job James,” Ryan called as he ran towards them. “Saw what happened at the entrance of the school. Bloody Brilliant.”

Evelyn gave a hug to James, meaning nothing really by it, still laughing, “Merlin’s beard, that was amazing.” She declared through her giggles.

James cleared his throat, caught of guard by the hug, but returned it just the same. “Yea well LaNoir warned me that Malfoy was up to no good.”

“Which LaNoir?” Jacqueline piped up, staring at Ryan and blushing.

“Reggie, the one the girls keep talking about.”

Evelyn noticed that she was still hugging James and let go immediately, running her hand through her brown locks, laughing a little awkwardly. “Um, thanks.”

“Should say thanks to Reggie,” Ryan replied not noticing either Jacqueline’s or Evelyn’s blushing faces. “He was the one who warned him.”

James sent a glare towards Ryan and shrugged, “Come on, got some butterbeer from Hogsmeade in the common room. Lets go before it mysteriously disappears. My cousin Hugo is there watching over it.”

“If Hugo’s watching it.” Raelene laughed, “It’s sure to be gone by now.”

Their small group walked back towards the castle, James and Evelyn falling behind. When their group of friends was out of site, James looked towards Evelyn. “Hey, can I ask you something?”

Evelyn’s heart literally jumped in her chest, “Uh huh.”

“You’ve been hanging out with Reggie a lot lately,” James started running his hand through his hair.

Oh bugger, was the only thought that went through Evelyn’s mind. “We’re not… I mean we’re just friends… Me and Reggie. I mean Reggie and I.” She interrupted rather quickly.

James looked at Evelyn, his green eyes piercing through her silver blue ones. “I know, just want to make sure that everything is okay…”

Evelyn’s heart dropped, wanted to make sure everything was okay? That’s all he wanted? Not, Oh well in that case care to go to Hogsmeade with me as like a date? No, will you be my girlfriend. Augh, James can be such… such…. “You’re an idiot.” She blurted out without even thinking of what she was doing.


“I said you’re an idiot.” Evelyn snapped as she started to walk faster.

To her dismay, James caught up with her easily. “What do you mean? What did I do?” James countered standing in front of her, so she would stop walking.

“I LIKE YOU!” She screamed stabbing her finger into his chest, hard. “I like you more than just a friend. And you’re an idiot for not noticing. You’re a blind, stupid idiot. That I can’t believe that I had any interest in you.”

James mouth fell open and so did the other students around them. Evelyn’s skin turned bright red at the sight of her audience. She rushed past James, he didn’t stop her this time, and turned the corner rather quickly only to run into a tall, hard being. She fell to the ground with a big thud and only to look up into Reggie’s hurt grey eyes. His expression made her heart break even more. With a sigh and a frown, Reggie held out his hand and silently helped her up. She allowed him to lead her to the library and set her down in a chair off in the back corner. “Sorry…” He muttered softly as he sat down beside her and pulled out a book and started to read. He didn’t ask questions, he didn’t pester her, just waited until she let herself spill out.

He didn’t wait long and Evelyn started to cry, revealing things she hadn’t told anyone. Not even Rae, not Jacky or Genevieve. Reggie, surprisingly, listened setting his book aside wiping her tears when she needed him too. “I’m sorry you have to hear all this.” She whispered, rubbing her red eyes.

Reggie shrugged, “It’s always nice to have someone to listen too.”

She nodded glancing back at him every once and awhile. “Are you okay?”

Reggie shrugged not looking at her, “Yea I will be.”

“What’s wrong?”

With a sigh, Reggie turned and looked at her. “Its just hard to know that someone you like, likes someone else.” He muttered softly. His statement surprised Evee and she was speechless. All she could do was stare at his grey eyes slowly coming closer to her. Her gaze slowly drifted to his mouth, “You he doesn’t deserve you, if he hasn’t by now realized what a great girl you are…” He whispered.

Evelyn was about defend James, like she always does but was silenced by something quite pleasant… his mouth. Even more to her surprise, Evelyn LeRose found herself kissing Reggie LaNoir back… in the Library?

A/N: Luigi don’t kill me!!! Please… remember I have to write the next chapter… Please read and Review… it will be much appreciated.


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Re: The Choices one Makes {Next Generation}

A/N: Okay your feedback for the last chapter made me laugh uncontrollably and my dear ol’ dog thought I was going insane (Sadly that might be true).

Chapter 4: Oh what a Tangle Web we Weave

Okay what do you do when a cute guy, a gorgeous guy starts to kiss in the middle of the library. Well not in the middle of the library, but the library nonetheless. You don’t kiss someone behind a stack of books! Though Reggie had one good thing for him, he was a great kisser. Not that Evelyn had much kissing experience, her last kiss which just so happened to be her first kiss was in her fourth year and it was very, very wet. Sadly, the boy wasn’t crying…

As all these thoughts were running through poor Evee’s head, she forgot to realize that she was kissing him back. And kissing him back made him gain a little more courage because he started to deepen the kiss, which made her sigh softly. Sigh? Really, she wasn’t the sighing type. That was Raelene and Jacqueline, not Evelyn.

What about James? Didn’t she just a moment ago declare her affections towards him? What would it look like if she’s found kissing another guy. That would be… very Slytherin of her. With that thought she jerked away, pulling their mouths a part, making a rather loud sucking noise. If people who were in the Library at the time didn’t hear that, they most definitely heard the loud smack of Evelyn’s palm as it collided with Reggie’s jaw. He stumbled forward, shocked by the blow, “What the?” He declared looking at Evelyn as she quickly stood up.

She smooth out her skirt and blouse as she glared down at Reggie, “You shouldn’t have done that.”

“I thought,” he started, “I thought you wanted it. I didn’t mean…. sorry.”

Evelyn gave a small nod, ignoring his attempts of an apology. She grabbed her book bag, slung it over her shoulder and stormed out of the library. She couldn’t believe that she had just done that. She kissed Reggie, Reggie LaNoir… and it wasn’t James. She wanted it to be James, or she thought she wanted it to be James. Her confused thoughts were interrupted by a call. She turned around to see a fellow Gryffindor, a sixth year, Amanda Eavin. “Evee, are you okay?”

“Yea why?”

“Well,” Amanda replied in a quiet tone, “I sorta saw you, um, with the new Slytherin boy and then you slapped him, so I was wondering… well if you’re okay.”

Evelyn gave a small laugh to hide her embarrassment. Was everyone in the library watching? She hoped not. “Yea I’m fine. I just gave him the wrong signals.”

“Well you sorta been fooling everybody. The way you have been acting, I thought you liked him.” Amanda explained.

Evelyn only turned more bright red. “Well no, I don’t like him like that.” and with that Evelyn turn around, continuing on her way. Did everyone think that she liked Reggie? No wonder James was being an idiot, he probably thought that she liked Reggie and not him. Well that would require him to like her back.

Her thoughts were clouding her other senses and she barely reacted when someone had pulled into the secret passageway by the common room. “What the?” She screeched before looking up into the familiar green eyes. “James?”

“Hey…” He replied in a hushed tone. He sounded a bit of out of breath.

“Is everything okay?” She asked softly now well aware how close they were. If she held her head straight the tip of her nose would be touching his chest.

James nodded slowly, looking down at her with a strange look in his eyes. She didn’t know how to interpret it. “Yea um, just wanted to talk about earlier. You kinda ran off without giving me a chance to comprehend what happened.”

Evelyn swallowed hard, “Look I didn’t mean to say what I said. It just came out.”

“You didn’t mean it?”

James’ expression changed slightly, frowning softly. “Well I meant it. Just didn’t mean to say it like that… then…” She explained quickly.

A small smile appeared on James’ face and it caught Evee off guard and she didn’t know how to react. James scanned over her face, searching for something. Evelyn was no better, she was frozen between the wall and James. No where to go and in fact, she didn’t want to go anywhere… unless it was closer to James. Her heart was hammering in her chest and she was sure that he could hear it.

To her delight, James did take a step forward his fingers brushing against her face, brushing away a few stray hairs that had fall over her eyes. “You ran off before I could even respond.” He whispered softly.

Heat rose to her cheeks and she knew for sure that she was turning a shade of red that didn’t look very well on her, but she didn’t care all she wanted was those lips that she had longed to kiss to kiss her.

Her heart was now soaring as she watched as his mouth moved towards her. Without hesitation, Evelyn broke the space between them and kissed James passionately. He didn’t take long to respond because his arms instantly locked around her waist. Now this is what she wanted, James to be kissing her not Reggie, though Reggie’s kiss was good but he was no James. Sadly her perfect dream kiss was cut short when laughter interrupted them. “Albus!” James growled whipping around quickly to glare at his younger brother.

Albus, being as smart as he was, ran quickly out of the hidden passageway. “Sorry…” James muttered.

Evelyn shook her head and laughed, “Well we’re not going to let him get away are we?” She asked.

James smirked and shook his head no, and both Evelyn and James went running after the young Potter. They were too late, the whole common room now knew what happened within the passageway. There was no doubt that Evelyn had moved from being Best Mate to Girlfriend that night.


The news of James and Evelyn dating spread around the whole school far quicker than anything before. There were many different reactions to the new couple and Evelyn didn’t know how to handle it all. She didn’t expect being James’ girlfriend would give her so much attention. The negative attention was worst.

Girls who also liked James, sneered and snarled whenever she would walk by. Evelyn was use to girls not liking her but the comments were growing to be more annoying than ever. “I don’t know what he sees in her.”

“How can he kiss that?”

“She must be a rebound.”

Evelyn bit her lower lip to keep her temper in check, she couldn’t afford to get in anymore trouble. She had promised her parents that she would be good this year and her brother had bet that she wouldn’t survive without at least one detention so a new Nimbus was on the line.

Her day went better when James had joined her in the Great Hall, sitting next to her and wrapping his arm around her waist. The glares, snide remarks and snarls were now bearable. Raelene, Genevieve and Jacqueline were happy for her. Ryan had won a couple of bets. “How’s it feel?” Raelene giggled as she sat across from Evee.

“How does what feel?” Evelyn asked completely clueless on what Raelene was talking about.

“Being James’ girlfriend,” Raelene replied, “Come on spill the dirt. I’ve been waiting all night.”

Evelyn blushed softly, glancing towards James who only smirked in response. “Not now, Rae.”

“Oh no,” Raelene retorted, “I’ve spent the last six years listening to you complain, cry and whine about how James saw nothing in you. Now that you two finally got together I want to know everything.”

Poor Evee blushed even more and ignored Raelene’s commented as she stood up. “I’ll talk to you later.” She added leaning down to kiss James on the cheek and headed out of the great hall.

Muggle Studies was next and she was excited. She had finished Othello the night before and was ready to talk about it with the other students. “Afternoon, Professor Graham.”

“Afternoon Evee,” Graham smiled softly, “How are you.”


“I heard about you and James.”

Evelyn blushed deeply, “Yea who hasn’t heard about that?” Reggie muttered as he walked into the room, taking a seat in the back row as far away from Evelyn as he could.

Evelyn narrowed her eyes at him while Professor Graham watched them with interest. Evee walked towards Reggie, crossing her arms over her chest. “What’s wrong with you?”

“Nothing.” Was the rough response.

“Obviously not.” Evelyn said rolling her eyes. “Tell me.”

“It’s nothing.” Reggie growled acting more and more like the Slytherin’s that Evelyn had grown to hate.


Evelyn turned and started to leave but was stopped by Reggie grabbing her arm. “Sorry.” He whispered softly and with great determination like it was hard to say that word. “But life’s been rough lately and I just thought…. Never mind.”

Evelyn slipped out of his grip and sat down beside him. “Life’s been rough, how?” She asked softly. She wanted to listen, Reggie had become her friend and she didn’t want him to be miserable. She knew how it felt to like someone when they’re with someone else. That of course would mean that Reggie liked Evelyn and she didn’t know that since they haven’t really talked since the Library. Reggie glanced over her, “Mom’s been pestering me about this family thing and I don’t want to do it. But its for the good of the family but not good for me…” He explained softly cracking his knuckles as he did so.

Evelyn frowned, “Then you shouldn’t do it.”

“Then mom will go after Dante and I sure as hell don’t want him to do it.”

“Then you’re at a crossroads,” Evelyn replied, “Do what you think is best. Follow thy instinct.”

Reggie gave a small laugh, “Last time I did that I got slapped.”

Evelyn cringed slightly, “Sorry…”

“Nah, its okay,” Reggie smirked, “There’s always a first time for everything!”

Evelyn shook her head and laughed, Reggie joined in. Maybe this year will be some what normal after all…

Of course, people have been wrong before…

A/N: Ending it there… cause you know I love to do cliffhangers. Review please!!!


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Re: The Choices one Makes {Next Generation}

A/N: Thank you so much for the feedback! I’m glad you guys like it.

Chapter 5: With All things Good, There is the Bad

“Violet, my dear, have you any idea how long have I’ve waited for this moment,” A cold voice declared from within the darkness where Mrs. LaNoir was looking. Her silver eyes were wide in horror. “But now that I’m so close, you tell me that your son said no!” The voice yelled.

Violet cringed and she seemed to shrink down, blending in with the room. “I’m… I’m sorry. I can’t force him.”

“You can’t force him?” The voice snarled causing the poor women to whimper.

“I’m sorry.” She whispered softly, “I can’t force someone when they can do the same to me.”

“Well then, if that’s the case,” The voice declared, the tone of voice gave Violet the sense that he was smirking. “I’ll have Margarita handle it.”

Violet’s lower lip was quivering as she watched a young red head walk down the stone stairs, her perfect curves swaying. Her violet eyes were glowing in the darkness and a smirk appeared on her red lips. “It would be my pleasure.”


Evelyn woke up abruptly, finding herself in the dormitory by herself. She groaned and checked the clock. She was late, again. Great. Now she will expect a detention from Binns.

Rushing out of bed and changed into what she could grab, luckily, it was something that matched and looked some what like the school’s uniform. She ran her hands through her hair to comb out the knots. She grabbed her book bag and rushed out of the common room.

She skidded to a stop, glad she wore flats, and almost ran into a dark red-haired girl. “Oh sorry!” Evelyn declared quickly as she straighten up, looking over the girl she didn’t recognized.

A smile appeared on the girl’s face, “No, its alright. Late for class?” She asked partially giggling.

“Um yea,” Evee replied simply, “Sorry but who are you?”

“Oh I’m Margarita, but I prefer being called Margie.” The red head replied.
Evee nodded and extended her hand, “Evee…” As she shook Margie’s hand. Her eyes fell on the girl’s emblem on her sweater. Slytherin. “So you’re no.”

“Yes, my first day,” Margie replied, “Kind of scared of going in there.”

Evelyn laughed softly and nodded. She knew that first day nerves. “Come on, it’s not bad. It get’s easier the sooner you get it over with.”

Margie smiled softly. “Yea I guess.”

Evelyn smiled and opened the door for her. They both entered the History of Magic classroom. The Ghostly Professor Binns looked up from his book, and the sleepy students looked their way. “You are late, Ms. LeRose.”

“She was showing me where the classroom was. Sorry Professor.” Margie quickly defended which was a lie but Evee didn’t argue. She took her usual seat next to Reggie and Margie took the seat on the other side of him. Reggie’s back seemed to stiffen when Margie sat down but Evelyn didn’t take any notice to it.

Professor Binns continued on his lecture. Evelyn found herself slowly slipping out, not noticing how uncomfortable Reggie was. He shifted awkwardly and Margie slowly smirked. Without anyone noticing, Margie flicked her wand and silently entered Reggie’s mind. You know why I am here…

Reggie snarled and tried to block her out, but she was far more powerful. Get out of my head.

Make me

Reggie didn’t respond because the class was soon dismissed and he quickly got up, rushing out of the classroom. Evelyn watched him with a raised brow. “Wander what’s wrong with him?” She thought a loud.

“have no idea.” Margie replied with a smile and that made Evelyn feel slightly uneasy.

Evelyn made her way down the Great Hall, her stomach growling and with her regretting skipping breakfast. Her eyes fell on the ground standing outside the hall and it made her curious. She pushed her way through the crowd and her mouth fell open, seeing Reggie fighting with…. With the new girl. “What’s going on?”

“Margie insulted our mom.” Dante whispered as he appeared next to Evelyn. Like his brother, Dante was taller than she.


“Called her something,” Dante whispered softly, frowning, “Something not very nice.”

Evelyn’s mouth made a shape of an o and she watched as the two sent curses toward each other. Flashes of red was sent every where and several students ducked down. Evelyn sighed, “Someone has to stop this, or we’ll all get detention.” She muttered as she pushed further through the crowd.

Reggie had duck the jet of Red light and Evelyn dodged it. “Stop!” She called.

“Oh here’s your lapdog to come save you.” Margie giggled as she waved her wand again. Evelyn watched in horror as Reggie’s body become rigid and his expression fill with pain. It didn’t take long for Evelyn to realize what was happening. “That’s illegal!” She hissed softly as she flicked her wand with ease. She sent dear Ms. Margie flying backwards, knocking over a few students as she did so.

Margie stood up quickly, her violet eyes flashing with anger. With her wand she sent Evelyn flying backwards, only making the young Gryffindor even more angry. Picking herself up, Evelyn waved her wand, disarming Margie. To Evee’s dismay, Margie returned the favor.

With both disarmed, and the crowd no silent all wandering what will happen, both girls angry as ever charged at each other. Reggie shook his head and got between them, throwing Margie back with his wand and gripped Evelyn. “Evee stop!” He ordered looking directly in her eyes. “This isn’t you.”

Evelyn looked up at him coldly, “What you mean? I was helping you!”

“Yea, but you’re going a bit too far.”

“Too Far?” Evelyn growled looking up at him in surprise. “What she did was illegal and the Headmistress should know!”

Reggie nodded in agreement, “Yea but you don’t need to act like her and attack back.”

Evelyn’s eyes flashed with something Reggie thought was familiar, chillingly familiar. “Fine!” She snapped moving her gaze away from him and looking at the crowd who was now gawking at her. She gave a snarl, “Don’t you have somewhere to go?” She added, her tone made the crowd jump and scatter. Snatching Reggie’s wand, Evelyn pinned Margie magically against a pillar.

Reggie grabbed his wand back and glared, “Evee.”


Reggie shook his head and didn’t reply. “Evee will you take a look at what you’re doing? What happened to the girl who told me that I had a choice. The girl who told me to go with my instinct. What happen to the girl who was a brave Gryffindor and not conniving like Slytherins.” He declared looking directly at Evelyn.

His stare cut through her and made her stop, actually think about what she was doing. She watched as Margie glared back at her, seething in her spot on the pillar. Evelyn turned her gaze back to Reggie, who was smiling down at her. He seemed to already know that she was back in her usual mind set. “What in Merlin’s name had gotten into me. Did I drink something that made me that way?” She asked knowing she wasn’t going to like the answer.

Reggie frowned, “No…”

“Should of lied.”

Reggie shrugged, “Not in a lying mood today.”

“What about her?” Evelyn asked softly, “What are we gonna do with her.”

“Let the Headmistress deal with her.” Was the response as Reggie walked back into the Great Hall. Evelyn’s mouth fell open a little before shaking her head. She will never get Reggie and why he is the way he is. Sad thing though, that mere fact is what intrigued her about him.


The Headmistress did deal with Margie but not in a way Evelyn would have thought was reasonable. Margie was out of her binds and walking free soon after Reggie and Evee left. But Margie was wise enough to know not to stay in Hogwarts and headed straight toward Lestrange manor. Though Lestrange manor is significantly smaller than the Malfoy Manor, it still holds an aura of respect about it. It’s a type of manor that Margie expected to have of her own someday. She hoped that this someday will be sooner rather than later. If only Reggie was agreeable and currently he was not.

Margie entered the manor tossing her cloak to the poor house elf that wait. The place was cold and dark and made Margie feel right at home. She made her way through the corridors arriving in a familiar room, she smirked at the sight of the quivering Violet LaNoir. How weak the woman looked, Margie wondered how she ever bore such a fine specimen of a man like her son Reggie.

Margie took a step forward and knelt down before her master, her lord and her savior. The man who made her life full of meaning. “I have some information you would like to know.”

“What is it?” The cold voice rang through her ears. Any normal person would shrink in fear, Margie only grew more confident.

“Are you aware that your daughter is attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.”

The Dark figure leaned forward a bit, shifting in his seat. “What do you mean. My daughter died long ago.”

“Really?” Margie asked simply, “What was her name?”

The Figure snarled, “None of your concern.”

“Oh but pretty please, tell me.” Margie pleaded making a pouty expression.

With an annoyed sigh, “Her name was Evelyn.”

Margie smiled with triumph. “I suggest you call forth your wife. Because your daughter is not dead.”

The Dark figure leaned forward, revealing the pale face of Rabastan Lestrange. “Violet go get my wife.” He ordered softly, his dark eyes staring straight into Margie’s.

Violet stood up quickly and rushed out of the room. The moments passed in silence as the two waited for Violet to return. When she did, she led a very dignified woman in with her. From the woman’s Auburn hair to her bright blue eyes one could tell that she held herself in high esteem. And there was no doubt, this woman was an older version of Evelyn. Rabastan stared at his wife with a slight awe, Margie found herself slowly getting jealous of this woman. He cleared his throat. “Elizabeth… I’ve just received something that disturbs me greatly.”

Elizabeth raised a brow, “Oh? Besides the little wench before you.” She retorted with a smirk signaling to Margie. Margie snarled in response and Rabastan hid his amusement. “That our bouncing baby girl is still alive when you had me believe she died at the age of three.”

Elizabeth didn’t falter nor did her smirk. “Is that so.”

“Yes.” Rabastan replied looking directly into his wife’s blue ones. “Why would that make me feel completely disturb?”

“Maybe because it’s true.”

Rabastan paused, he wasn’t use to his wife being this blunt about the truth. “And why is that. I was led to believe my only heir was dead.”

“Because she needed to be raised in a different environment than we could offer.” Elizabeth replied with ease.

Rabastan raised a brow, “A different environment?”

“Don’t worry,” Elizabeth smirked, “She was raised by purebloods.”

Rabastan sighed and ran his hand through his thinning hair. “Violet, Margarita leave.”

Margie opened her mouth to protect but Rabastan’s look silenced her. With a sigh, both Violet and Margie left as quickly as they could. “Now tell me everything that you haven’t been telling me, woman.” He ordered.

A/N: That’s all you get this chapter. Please leave feedback, I really want to hear what you have to say!


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Re: The Choices one Makes {Next Generation}

A/N: Hey, thanks for the feedback means a lot! Here is the new post

Chapter 6: Hope is only for those who Care

Hogsmeade was Evelyn’s second favorite place in the world, next to Hogwarts, and when everything seemed stressed and strained, she always looked forward to the next trip. So the morning of the Saturday of the Trip, Evelyn took extra care on what she wore for that day. She ended up decided in a loose pale blue tunic with a silver cami underneath. Her dark denim jeans were skinny and showed up her well toned legs nicely and were tucked in her knee high black leather boots. Her hair was loose and curly falling in front of her face, making her blue eyes extra bright. Raelene walked out of the bathroom and smiled, “You look cute.” She complimented and went to the mirror beside Evee.

Evelyn smiled at her friend and shook her head, she was no competition for Raelene. The blonde was a picture of perfection. She wore a long white blouse that was button half way up revealing a dark scarlet cami. She was wearing one Genevieve’s dark denim jeans that matched well with the jean vest she wore unbuttoned. She also wore her jeans tucked into her black boots. Her blonde locks were down too but was tucked neatly beneath a red ribbon headband. “Why do you two have to look so much better than me?” Genevieve declared jokingly as she entered the dorm.

Evelyn and Raelene smiled, “Well if you actually let us pick out your outfit, that wouldn’t be a problem.”

Genevieve rolled her eyes and looked down at the pair of sweats she wore, “Do your worst, I guess I can deal with it for a day. Its our last first trip to Hogsmeade in Hogwarts.”

Raelene smiled and squealed, while Evelyn grabbed her makeup bag. “You won’t regret it.” Evee declared happily.

Evelyn was linked arms with Raelene as they walked down to the Entrance way. They dramatically made their entry down the stairs. Their dates, James and Shane Ryan, gawked up at them making them giggling a little harder. “Hey!” Evelyn smiled as she walked towards James, giving him a kiss on the cheek.

“You look great.” James smirked wrapping his arm around Evee’s waist, kissing the top of her head.

Ryan stood beside James, his hands in his jeans pockets. “Where’s Gen?” He asked.

Raelene and Evelyn smirked at each other before looking at the staircase. “There.” They declared in unison pointing towards the stairs. James, Ryan and Shane looked to where their pointing and like everyone else around them, their mouths fell open. Genevieve walked down the stairs slowly, like Evee and Rae had instructed her too. She wore a simple black skirt with a satin Royal blue tunic. Genevieve’s long curly brown hair was no longer in her usual pony tail but falling perfectly around her pale shoulders. A small flirtatious smile, that Raelene had taught her, appeared on her face as she made her way towards the group. Ryan was the first to get out of their shock and walked over to her. “Care to go to Hogsmeade with me?” He asked instantly.

His date, a girl named Darcy, stared in horror with her mouth falling open. “But I was your date!” She declared in a shrill voice.

Ryan cringed slightly, “Yea but I worry about my eardrums.” He replied back.

Genevieve raised an eyebrow, “Really, Ryan you don’t have too.”

Ryan sent her an un-amused expression. “Don’t help her.”

Darcy growled and stormed away. “Ryan I will never ever talk to you again.”

“Promise?” Ryan called after her and turning back to Genevieve who was glaring at him. “What? Come on, you hate her too.”

Genevieve rolled her eyes. “Whatever.”

Ryan pouted slightly, “Come on Gen, you need a date and I do too. And you would never go with someone you don’t know and you know me.” He added.

Evelyn shook her head, she knew that Ryan had a fair argument. Genevieve stared up at him, trying to figure out his logic before sighing in defeat. “Fine.” She muttered.

Ryan smirked in triumph and held out his hand for her. Genevieve rolled her eyes and walked ahead of him. Ryan ran his hand through his hair and followed behind her. James laughed softly, “This is going to be interesting.” He stated as he lead Evelyn out behind the two.

Hogsmeade was buzzing with excitement as Hogwarts students made their way through the streets. Evelyn smiled to herself as she walked through the streets with her boyfriend and her friends. Everything was going to be okay, or so it seemed.

Like every time they go to Hogsmeade, the group headed straight to The Three Broomsticks. Evelyn smiled as she watched her friends socialize. This was the part of the year she waited for. Everyone together, having a good time and enjoying the day outside of school. She slowly sipped her drink as her gaze drifted outside. Her blue gaze watched a couple walk into the pub. Something about them made her watch them more carefully. The man, with his dark hair and dark gaze made her think of someone regal. Like he knew that he was better than everyone else. It didn’t help that the woman on his arm was perfectly beautiful. Her auburn hair was curled perfectly and flowed about her elegantly. Her slim body was hugged nicely by a long navy blue fleece jacket. The woman’s blue eyes drifted around the room and fell on Evelyn, a smile appearing on her face. Evelyn was taken back from the smile and found herself shrinking back when the man followed his wife’s gaze towards her.

The man smiled but it wasn’t as warm as the woman’s and he lead his wife to a booth near Evelyn’s. “Hey what’s wrong?” Genevieve asked


Genevieve raised a brow, “You sure?”

“Uh huh.” Evelyn replied looking back at Genevieve. “Really.”

Genevieve nodded and dropped the subject. Evelyn tried her best not to watch the man and the woman, but that proved harder than expected. The group soon finished their drinks and started to collect their things together. Evelyn was slower than everyone else and was still watching the couple.

Evee, sadly, soon found herself walking out of the pub by herself. The man stood up and followed her, “May I have a word.” He asked softly for only Evee to hear.

Evelyn stopped, wrinkling her forehead slightly. “Um okay…”

He smiled softly and extended his hand, “Rabastan Lestrange.”

Evelyn cocked a brow, “Oh well nice to meet you.”

Rabastan nodded, “A Pleasure to meet you as well.”

Evelyn, now feeling a bit more awkward, looked around. “Um, is there something that you wanted?” She asked looking back at Rabastan.

Rabastan’s dark eyes scanned over Evelyn’s face, slowly smirking. “Now, Evelyn there is something you should know.”

Evelyn frowned, she didn’t think she told this man her name. “How do you know my name?” She asked softly.

His smirk remained and it seemed to have grown more darker than before. It seemed to make Evelyn shrink in fear. “Now, Evelyn, you would think I would know my own daughter.”

Evelyn’s mouth fell open and she stared up at him in shock. “You have to be mistaken. My father is on a work trip. I just got a letter from him yesterday.” She declared taking a step back.

Rabastan wasn’t about to give up, he took a step forward, his dark eyes staring straight into her. “Your parents have been lying to you for the past fifteen years.”

Evelyn started to shake her head violently, “No you’re lying.”

“Dear,” The woman who Rabastan was with, with those familiar blue eyes. “We’re not lying. We are your parents.” She added.

“Evee?” Genevieve whispered, she appeared behind Evelyn looking concerned. “We’re getting worried, is everything okay?”

Evelyn nodded, “Yea, this guy just needed help with something. I helped him and now I’m leaving.” She lied openly before turning quickly and rushing out the door.

“Well if you need me to return your favor, I’ll be around.” Rabastan called after her, his voice sending a chill down her spine, but at the moment she ignored it. Stepping outside, she gave her friends and boyfriend an uneasy smile.

“There you are,” James laughed walking over to her and wrapped his arm around her waist. “Ready to go to Honeydukes?” He asked.

Evelyn gave him another smile and nodded. James has been her boyfriend for about a week now and he was starting to not notice things. He, obviously, didn’t notice that something was bothering her. That annoyed her a bit, wasn’t a boyfriend suppose to make you feel better? The James, just on time, gave her a nice kiss on the cheek and her waist a squeeze sending a sea of butterflies to her stomach. Okay, now she was better.

They made their way to Honeydukes, and Evelyn wasn’t paying much attention. She slipped away from James and started to wander around the small shop. Her blue eyes scanned over the rows of candy, trying to figure out what she wanted. But soon her eyes fell on a couple. The woman, about 5’5” with long curly black hair and eyes darker than that. “Chris really, you’re getting on my last nerve.” The girl declared with a hiss.

The boy, or young man, she was talking too, Chris, just smirked and crossed his arms over his chest. “Now, Lena, that’s nothing new. I always seem to get on your last nerve.” He laughed.

Lena sent a glare towards Chris, which made Evelyn giggle softly. “You’re so insufferable.”

“You know you love me.” Chris replied with ease, pulling Lena into his arms and brushed his nose against Lena’s.

Lena laughed and shook her head, “The only thing that’s keep you a live.” She muttered before giving a quick kiss on the cheek.

“That’s all I get?” Chris pouted pulling her closer.

“Being nosy?” A voice asked from behind Evelyn forcing her to turn around quickly.

Evelyn shook her head, looking up at the tall Raven-haired boy. “Really Reggie, you scared me.”

“I think that was the point.”


“Wanna meet them?” He asked with a smirk.

“You know them?” Evelyn asked with a raised brow.

“Yea,” Reggie replied as he took her hand, leading her towards the couple. “They’re cousins.”

“You have a big family.”

“I know,” Reggie laughed before punching Chris in the arm. Chris narrowed his eyes, before laughing softly. “Aw Regulus Jr. Jr. nice to see you too.”

Reggie openly cringed at the use of his full name. “Its Reggie, and hey Christopher.”

“Chris.” Chris countered with a frown.

“I really don’t understand why you don’t like being called Christopher. It’s a nice name.” Lena laughed pulling out of Chris’ arms and gave Reggie a hug. Her dark eyes drifted over to Evelyn. “Who’s this?” She asked.

Reggie pushed Evelyn forward, “This is Evee, a friend from school.” he replied.

Lena smiled and extended her hand, “Selena Atherton, but just call me Lena.”

“Could be Selena LaNoir if you want too.” Chris muttered softly earning a chuckle from Reggie.

Lena sent a glare towards Chris and rolled her eyes. “You expect me to marry you, when you propose to me at the wrong moment!”

Reggie took a step back pulling Evelyn with him, “This might not end up good, don’t want to get stuck in the cross fire.”

Chris pouted softly, “Come on Babe, you know you love me. Just say yes.”



“Because that would give you too big of a head.” Lena replied with ease. Before returning back to Evelyn and Reggie. “So Reggie how are you, how is Dante?”

“Good,” Reggie said with a smirk, “And Dante’s good.”

Chris leaned against the wall, pouting trying to catch Lena’s attention again. His grey eyes darting back to Reggie, practically asking him for help. Reggie didn’t seem to help. “So how long have you two known each other? I mean you and Chris.” Evelyn asked wanting to help Chris out. He seemed to be a nice guy.

“Our mother’s were best friends in school.” Lena said with a sigh.

“We met during our seventh year and I knew then I loved her.” Chris explained taking his opportunity, beaming at Evelyn. “She was dating someone else at the time. But lucky ol’ me, he cheated on her and I was there to comfort her.”

Selena rolled her eyes, trying to hide the smile that was forming. “Yea, well…”

Reggie smirked, “You guys make a cute couple.”

Selena smile and blushed, Chris gave a triumphant smirk, “Thanks, you do too.” He added.

Evelyn’s mouth fell open and she found herself blushing as well. She was about to respond, “Nah, just friends. She’s dating James.”

Evelyn gave him a thankful smile before looking back at the two. “Déjà vu.” Chris laughed loudly, only to earn a punch to the stomach by Selena. He knelt over and started to cough loudly.

“I should get you back to James anyway.” Reggie added as he started to pulled Evelyn away from the two. Evelyn nodded and followed willingly.

As she turned around she heard Chris say, “Five gallons they’re together by Christmas break.” Which only made her blush even more.

Reggie disappeared before Evelyn made her way back to James. But Evee highly doubted that James would have noticed if Reggie walked up with her. He was in a center of a crowd of girls. Evee pushed her way through and stood by James as he showed off his wand knowledge. She rolled her eyes as he did the wrong wand movement and was sent flying backwards. The girls gave a shocked gasp in unison and Evelyn went after him. “Are you okay?” She asked as she knelt down beside him.

James lifted his head off the ground and gave a cheeky smile, “Never better.”

Evelyn rolled her eyes and frowned. Her mind had drifted towards what happened at the pub. What was she going to do? Was he telling the truth? She didn’t know what to do at the moment and was thankful for Reggie for distracting her even for a moment.

A/N: Sorry it took forever to post!!! Hope you like it. The next post will be up sooner than the last one, since I’m excited to write it.


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Re: The Choices one Makes {Next Generation}

A/N: Hola, thank you for the feedback. Means so much! Here’s the new post

Chapter 7: Darkness lurks in the Soul

Evelyn sat on the sill of her dormitory’s window, looking out on the moonlit grounds of Hogwarts. The edges of the window was fogged from the coolness of the night. It was mid October and the weather was already cooling. Not only that, Evelyn’s young heart was cooling.

Before her was a wrinkled letter she had received from her parents… or from the people she thought were her parents. A week ago, on a Hogsmeade trip no less, she was confronted by a man who claimed to be her father. It was a shock to say the least and in the spirit of being Evelyn, she ignored and denied the whole thing. But she couldn’t for long.

The woman with him, seemed so family. Those blue eyes were her eyes. So with that, Evelyn sent a long letter to her parents, explaining everything that happed. The response, We have to talk in person, honey.

So Evelyn was expected to meet her parents in the Three Broomsticks to discuss some things. Discussing some things was something Evelyn dreaded. What were they going to tell her? That they weren’t her parents? That was something she feared. The people who taught her right and wrong, taught her who she was, to sing, to fly… on a broom… were about to tell her that they weren’t her parents? Just great.

With a sigh, she slipped off the window sill, slowly walking back to bed. Hopefully to get some sleep.


Evelyn woke up, drowsy and thick headed. Yet again, she was in the dorm by herself and for once she didn’t mind, She needed a few moments alone.

Choosing her clothes wisely, Evelyn stood before the mirror wearing a simple dark read pleated skirt, a black blouse with matching leggings and her knee-high dark red boots. Grabbing her jean jacket, she dashed out of the dormitory.

Walking to the Great Hall, she looked around for James. He, of course, was stuffing his face with his quidditch buddies. Evelyn walked towards them, tapping him on the shoulder. “Hey… can we talk a minute.”

James nodded, swallowing his large bite of his blueberry muffin and stood up. “What’s up?”

“Um was wondering if you could come with me to Hogsmeade.” She asked. “I need to talk to my parents and I don’t want to go alone.”

James looked uneasy, as he ran his hand through his messy jet-black hair. “Look, Lynny, I would love to go but I have practice and the guys need me. The game against Slytherin is just days away,” He explained not looking Evelyn directly in the eye.

This was one of the reasons Evelyn got annoyed with James. Quidditch came before anything else. She shook her head, holding up her hand. “Know what, forget that I asked. I can handle it on my own.” She replied.

“You sure?” James asked softly looking concerned.

“Uh huh.” Evelyn replied already turning around and leaving. She slipped out of the Hall heading towards the Entry way. She felt someone grab her arm. “James really…” She started to say until she turned around to see Reggie was holding her arm.

“Hey, you okay?” He asked.


Reggie frowned at her response, seeing it as a lie. “No really, what’s up?”

Evelyn sighed and shook her head, “Just going to see my parents.”

“Want someone to come with you?” He asked giving her a reassuring smile. “I hate going to see my parents by myself. But I bet your parents aren’t as bad as mine.”

Evelyn gave a small laugh, “They raised you, they couldn’t be that bad.” She replied with a shrug, “But if you would come with me, that would be great.”

Reggie nodded, tucking his hands in his jean pocket and started to follow her our of the entrance, walking towards Hogsmeade. “Trust me, anyone’s parents are better than mine.”

Evelyn nodded and laughed, “So how are you like Hogwarts?” She asked, moving away from the topic of parents.

Reggie shrugged, “The people are great, can do without the school work.” He said with a chuckle.

Evelyn nodded, “Understandable. Ready for the game next Saturday? Rumor has it you’re Slytherin’s new Keeper.”

Reggie laughed harder, “Let me guess, you heard it from your friend Raelene.”

“Nope Genevieve.”


“Uh huh,” Evelyn replied with ease. Genevieve, lately, has been up on the latest gossip. Even more surprising is the fact that she and Ryan are closer than ever. “Its true.”

Reggie nodded, “Well good for her… I think.”

Evelyn smirked as the entered the village. Hogsmeade wasn’t as busy as it usually was. It was nice that way, too bad she couldn’t enjoy it. The made their way towards the pub. “Want me to go in with you?” Reggie asked.

Evelyn looked at the door and shrugged, “No I got to do this by myself. Just needed the distraction on my way here.”

Reggie nodded, giving her shoulder a squeeze. “Okay, if you need me I’ll be in Honeydukes.”

Evelyn nodded and waited till he walked away before entering the Three Broomsticks. She looked around until her blue eyes fell on two familiar figures. Her mother and father sat in the corner, as rigid as ever. Her mother’s long, curly chocolate brown hair was pulled up in an elegant French twist showing off her beautiful features of her face. Her glasses reflected the candles in the room, creating shadows on her face. Evelyn’s father sat there wearing his best suit, his red hair pulled back perfectly. Evelyn made her way towards them and slipped in the seat in front of them. “Hey.”

Mrs. LeRose smiled uneasily, “Hello honey. How are you? Want something to eat?”

Evelyn frowned, they were avoiding the task at hand. “Please just tell me. Is what Rabastan said isn’t true.”

Mr. LeRose frowned, “Now Evee let us get comfortable. We just got back, we haven’t seen you in awhile.”

“Dad!” Evelyn snapped rather loudly, “Is it or isn’t it true?”

Mrs. LeRose lower lip quivered, “We’re sorry that, that’s the way you found out. We were going to tell you when you graduated.” She started to explain looking at Evelyn’s horror stricken expression. Were they serious? They were now telling her that she wasn’t theirs That was something you would tell someone when they first started to have reasonable thought. That for Evelyn was when she was eleven, not seventeen. Even worst. She was told at the Three Broomsticks by a random stranger who claimed to be her father. Could anything get worst?

Evelyn let out a deep breath and leaned back in her seat, trying to hold back her tears. Not wanting to deal with anything anymore, she stood up, grabbed her jacket and started to get ready to leave. Mr. LeRose frowned, “Evelyn don’t walk out on your mother.” He declared.

“Well according to you, she’s not my mother.” Evelyn snapped. She didn’t mean to say such a low blow. But Evelyn’s temper was taking control.

She stormed out of the pub, rushed across the street and headed into Honeydukes. She looked around until she spotted Reggie. She walked towards him, “Can we take a walk?” she asked.

Reggie nodded and put down the lollipops he was holding and followed her out. They walked towards the shack, and walked silently. Reggie kept glancing back at Evelyn every now and then, looking concerned. She, in turn, leaned against the fence on the outskirts of the shack, staring at the unstable building. The silence was getting to Reggie, “What happened?” He asked softly as he leaned against the fence next to her.

Evelyn hung her head, “They told me that they weren’t my parents,” She whispered.

“Whoa…” Reggie replied his silver eyes going wide. “I’m really sorry.”

“Not your fault.”

“Yea,” Reggie said, “But… its really not something you hear every day.”

Evelyn nodded, trying not to cry. Everything was perfect one moment and then just horrible the next. She looked up at Reggie, feeling her tears prickling her eyes. Without another word, Reggie pulled her into the hug that she needed desperately. She clung onto him, crying into his chest and allowing herself to be engulfed in his arms. And for the time first time that day, she felt safe, secure and loved.

Reggie allowed her to cry as long as she needed, her tears socking his evergreen sweater. She eventually pulled away, wiping her eyes. “Thanks… I needed that.”

Reggie nodded running his hand through his dark locks. “No problem. Its what friends do.”

Evelyn nodded looking up at his expression, instantly reminded of the day he kissed her. Watching Reggie stand before her, a little awkward, made her wonder how he was dealing with her dating James. She didn’t get a real chance to talk to him about it. One part of her hoped he still wanted her

Moving her gaze away from him, blushing softly at her thoughts. Reggie smirked, “What?”



Evelyn wrinkled her nose in response. “I’ve been such a horrible friend. How can you still be nice to me?”

“I dunno.” Reggie replied with a shrug. “You need a friend.”

Evelyn smiled softly and nodded, “So how are Chris and Lena?”

Reggie laughed, “On their way to meet up with Chris’ twin, Christine, in Paris.”

“Paris? I want to go!”

“Well if you become closer friend with Lena,” Reggie laughed harder, “She might dragged you along sometime. And I really mean, drag you a long.”

Evelyn smiled, “Will she ever marry Chris?”

“Yes, she’s just making him sweat.”

Evelyn nodded slowly and looked around. “Wish it was snowing. This place is perfect for snowball fights.” She explained turn her back to him. “Great hiding places. So many surprise attacks.” She added not noticing that Reggie pulled out his wand conjuring a snowball.

Evelyn slowly turned back to him, opening her mouth to say something but was interrupted by a snowball flying into it. Her blue eyes went wide as Reggie stumbled backwards with laughter. “How about that for a surprise attack?”

She wiped her face and sent a glare towards him as she whipped out her wand, sending a snowball flying at Reggie’s head. It grazed across his head, making him duck lower. “Hey!” He called.

“You started it!”

“And I’m gonna finish it!”

On that autumn day, there were a series of snowballs flying back and forth. The teens by the end were soaking wet, their hair dripping and both breathing heavily. “Bloody hell.” Evelyn laughed.

“So who won?”

“I have no idea.” Evelyn smirked. “We’re both completely wet.”

“It’s a nice look for you.” Reggie laughed. His laughter grew louder as she tried to cover herself up with her arms. “I should get you back before we get ourselves in trouble.” He added.

Evelyn rolled her eyes. “I had parental consent.”

“Well let’s get back before I get in trouble.” Reggie added mimicking her eye roll. “Because I don’t know about you but I want to be allowed to go to Hogsmeade.”

She laughed and nodded, “Come on Yankee, let’s go.”

They waddled their way back to the castle, by the time they reached the Great Hall most of their clothes were dry. Reggie gave her shoulder a squeeze, “How you feel better.” He said softly before heading over to the Slytherin table.

She nodded and spotted Raelene and Genevieve. Sitting down across from them, she cringed slightly as they started to laugh at the state of her clothes. “Sweetie what happened?” Raelene asked.

“Don’t ask, I’ll explain later.” Evelyn replied running her hand through her damp hair. “Seen James?”

“Ryan and him are still at practice. They’re determined to win against Slytherin.” Genevieve explained.

Evelyn nodded and frowned. But soon was distracted by an owl dropping a small parcel in front of her. She took the letter and opened it:

I send you my sincere apologies for catching you off guard. I thought you knew and that was my fault. I hope you can forgive my wife and I.


Rabastan LeStrange

Evelyn sighed and set the letter down and went to the box. Opening it and tilting it slightly, she allowed the gift inside fall in her hand. It her palm was an elegant white gold right. The emerald and the two diamonds shimmered against the candle light. “Merlin, that’s beautiful.” Raelene declared loudly as she grabbed the ring.

Evelyn laughed softly, “No you can’t borrow it.”

Her blond friend pouted as Genevieve giggled softly. Evelyn took the ring back and stood up slowly. “I’m tired, talk you later.”

“Get some sleep.” Genevieve and Raelene ordered in unison

The corners of Evelyn’s mouth slipped upwards as she nodded, walking out of the Great Hall. She made her way to her dormitory. She changed into her baggy plaid pajama bottoms and a black tank top. She sat on her bed, looking at the ring. Raelene, like always, was right. It was beautiful. It was cool against her skin as she slowly slipped the ring on her finger.

Before her eyes, the ring’s emerald started to glow. The green light grew brighter and soon engulfed her until she was no longer in the room.


Evelyn found herself in a Grand Hall and not her Hogwarts dorm. Her blue eyes grew wide as she looked around. Before her, Margie walked into the room her arms full of parchment. The red head looked Evee’s way and she snarled, “What are you doing here?”

“I have no idea!”

“Margarita!” A dark voice yelled, “Don’t you have somewhere to be?” Rabastan growled.

Margie muttered something under her breath before she quickly exited the hall. Rabastan turned to Evelyn, his hands behind his back. “Please follow me.” He ordered as he turned on his heal and walked in the opposite direction of Margie. Evelyn stared after him still in slight shock. But Rabastan was the only one who can send her back. She quickly followed. Evelyn’s mouth fell open as she looked around. The place was grander than anything she has ever been in. They entered a library that Genevieve would be envious of. Walls after walls of books of different sizes. In the middle of the room was a dark wood table where Rabastan’s wife, Elizabeth, sat. Her auburn hair hung loosely, her blue eyes darker than they were before and shining brighter from her smile. “Welcome, Evelyn.”

Evelyn gave an awkward nod and sat down in the chair that Rabastan held out for her. “Thanks.”

“You’re welcome, my dear.” The couple said in unison. Evelyn nodded slowly, feeling even more awkward at how well the two went together. Rabastan sat down beside his wife and took her hand. “I think we have some explaining to do.”

The young girl before them pressed her lips together. “Yea you do.”

Elizabeth leaned forward as she squeezed her husband’s hand. “Actually I have some explaining to do.”

Evelyn turned her attention to the woman and arched an eyebrow. “Uh huh.”

Rabastan frowned at her attitude but leaned back in his chair, deciding not to respond to it. Elizabeth cleared her throat, ignoring Evelyn’s obvious displeasure. “Let me start by explaining when I was pregnant with you the Wizardry world was trying to reorganize itself. After the final fall of the Dark Lord, the Ministry search all the families that were associated with him. Your Father and I had nothing to do with that part of History. Your father’s brother, your uncle Rodolphus, and his wife, Bella, were prominent Death Eaters. Since of that close relations, the Ministry figured that we too were apart of that evil.”

Rabastan frowned softly as his wife explanation. He had already heard it before and he still held a small amount of resentment towards the Ministry. Evelyn furrowed her forehead as she listened. “You had nothing to do with it? Why would the Ministry think you were if you weren’t?”

“All sides of the story has prejudice.”

Evelyn frowned softly and nodded, deciding to let her continue. There was no point of fighting, waste of energy at the point. She was going to listen and then leave. Leave it at that.

Elizabeth sighed, sensing Evelyn’s feelings through the way the young woman held herself. It was going to take a lot to convince Evee otherwise. Especially after what was taught to her for years. Maybe she should have been more careful in who she chose to raise her daughter. “Azkaban at that moment in time was unavoidable and the idea of you growing up knowing your parents were in such a horrible place would be horrible. Traumatizing for a young woman. So I decided to give you over to a close friend that I held close in my school years. She took you in willingly and I told the world, my husband that you died.”

Rabastan shifted awkwardly as his wife talked about how she didn’t tell him. He was still uneasy about that. Elizabeth ignored her husband and continued. “I told them to tell you when you were in a mature enough age to understand and to send me a letter when they do. Of course, Rab’s little servant girl found you before they had a chance to even think about telling you. So I had to explain to Rab what happened before you even knew and he made the mistake of confronting you in a public place.”

“I made the mistake?” Rabastan snapped glaring at his wife.

Elizabeth didn’t falter or flinch at Rabastan’s dark expression which made Evelyn respect her even more. It had to take a lot of strength for someone to stand up to a man like Rabastan. “Yes, dear, you did. You have no idea how the female mind works and because of that you just thought that she would be happy and give you a daughterly hug.” Elizabeth retorted earning a small smirk from Evelyn.

“That’s how she was suppose to respond.” Rabastan grumbled softly, crossing his arms over his chest.

“You scared the hell out of me!” Evelyn growled her voice just as dark as his. “How do you expect me to respond.”


Evelyn shook her, her curly auburn hair bounce around her face. “To get respect you must earn it and give it.”

Elizabeth smiled softly before looking at her husband who was taken back by Evee’s statement. “You has your quick wit.” Mrs. Lestrange commented softly.

Evelyn and Rabastan sent her identical expression and rolled their eyes. “No one can outwit me.”

“That you can think of.” Evelyn retorted softly, giggling.

Rabastan huffed softly deciding it wasn’t best to speak. But Evelyn turned her attention back to Elizabeth. “You’re obviously not in Azkaban anymore, so why didn’t come for me?”

Elizabeth’s frowned, her eyes showed her sadness. “Because I didn’t want you to be involve in something that didn’t require you to be involve. You were safe in the LeRose’s home.”

“Then why contact me now?”

“Because we need you.” Rabastan interrupted. Elizabeth opened her mouth but closed it and silently leaned back in her seat.

Evelyn pressed her lips together as she eyed her supposed father. “Need me for what?”

Rabastan was about to answer when there was a knock on the Library door. He stood up and sighed, walking towards the door and opened it. After a moment he returned to the two women and Evelyn’s eyes fell on a familiar figure. Reggie LaNoir was being carried in by two house elves, unconscious.

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Re: The Choices one Makes {Next Generation}

A/N: Now this is dedicated to Luigi only because he makes an appearance.

Chapter 8: As Leaves change

Evelyn’s mouth fell open at the sight of Reggie. His hair was still damp from their snowball fight earlier. “What did you do?” She screeched as she rushed towards the unconscious boy.

“I’ve done nothing.” Rabastan frowned shocked by Evelyn’s reaction. “You know him?”

“Yes! He’s my friend.” She growled as she knelt down where the House elves had laid him down.

Elizabeth raised a brow before glancing at Violet LaNoir who walked in after her son, looking worried. “I fin-finally got-t him for y-y-you-u.”

“I didn’t ask for him practically dead.” Rabastan hollered.

“I’m sorry.”

“You should be.”

“Enough!” Evelyn shouted glaring at her father and the woman she didn’t recognized. “Can someone help me wake him?” She turned as no one moved from where they were. With a sigh, she lightly slapped him hoping that it didn’t hurt him.

His silver eyes fluttered open as he groaned. “Are you okay?” Evelyn asked.

“Besides my throbbing?”

“Uh huh.”

“Then I’m great.” Reggie said attempted to smirk. His eyes drifted over to his mother. “Should have known. Lovely to see you mother.”

“Mother? She’s your mother?” Evelyn asked. “No wonder you don’t like your parents.”

Violet cringed at Evelyn’s statement and Rabastan gave a small smirk. “Get him some water.” He ordered. The Elves nodded respectfully and disappeared.

“Dear may I have a private word?” Elizabeth asked, clearing her throat and stood up. Rabastan nodded and followed his wife out to the corridor. Elizabeth closed the door behind them and turned to him. “Evelyn’s friendship with the boy might work in our favor.”

“How do you figure?”

“Did you not see how they looked at each other?” She asked her husband. “It will be like hitting two birds with one stone. Evelyn is warming up to us and with her becoming who she is meant to be, she’ll have him follow willingly.”

“You think he’ll do as she says?”

Elizabeth smirked, showing her natural dark side. “Don’t underestimate the wiles of our daughter.”

Rabastan nodded as he thought. “Are you sure she will do as we want?”

“She wears the ring. All we need is to get the necklace around her neck and we’ll be all set.”

“But she won’t be completely with us…”

“We’ll find it and give it to her.”

Rabastan paused, “How do we get her to wear the necklace?”

“Leave that to her mother.” Elizabeth replied as she leaned up and kissed her husband affectionately on the cheek. With that, she turned and returned to the Library. Rabastan smiled, now reminded why he loved her and he couldn’t wait to prove his love later that night. Clearing his throat, he pushed those thoughts to the back of his mind, he reentered the library. “Evelyn, Reggie really should get some rest. He can’t return to school like this.” Elizabeth explained.

“I’m not leaving him.”

“I know that.” Her mother said. “That’s why we have a room prepared for you right next to Reggie’s. Connected by the bathroom so you can keep track of him.”

“But you will sleep in your own bed.” Rabastan ordered making his presence known. “And he will be where near your bed as well.”

Evelyn looked up at her father, blushing softly, not seeing Reggie’s amused expression. Clearing her throat, Elizabeth broke the silence. “Come on I’ll show you to your rooms.”

Evelyn and Reggie nodded as they stood up, he stood up slower trying to gain his balance. Once both were steady, Elizabeth lead them out, smiling sweetly at her husband. Evelyn followed quickly behind. Reggie walked after them, not even acknowledging his mother as he passed her. Violet LaNoir shook out of fear. Unlike her son, she was weak and filled with fear of the future.

“This is where you will sleep, Reggie. The elves will assist you with whatever you need. Don’t be afraid to ask.” Elizabeth explained opening the door for him. Reggie gave a small nod to her and glanced at Evelyn. They locked eyes for a moment before he turned and entered his room. “Now your room is this one.” Elizabeth added pretending to be oblivious to the teenagers interaction.

Take a step towards the room, Evelyn’s mouth fell open. It was a girl’s dream. The walls were painted a pale yellow and matched well with the daisy comforter on the bed. Evelyn walked towards it. “Daisies are my favorite.”

“My too.”

Evelyn turned to look at Elizabeth. There was so many things they had in common. Most of them were more physical because she still didn’t know her that well. She still had no idea what she had in common with Rabastan. As if she read her mind, Elizabeth smiled. “You have a lot in common with your father.”

“We’ll see.”


Evelyn woke up to the sounds of curtains being drawn and a blinding light. She sat up, brushing her hair out of her eyes. “Sorry young mistress.” a small elf squeaked. “But Master Lestrange doesn’t like it when people sleep in past seven. Says they waste the day away.” She explained.

“Oh… it’s no problem.” Evelyn replied, “Thank you… ?”


“Nice to meet you, Artie.” Evelyn smiled as she stood up slowly, stretching. Elizabeth entered wearing a dark green button up dress with a high-waist black belt, her black stilettos clicked against the stone floor as she walked towards Evelyn.

“Good morning, your bath is drawn. While you do that I’ll pick out your clothes.” She declared with a smile. “Then we will join your father, Reggie and Mrs. LaNoir for breakfast.” She added.

“I can pick out my own clothes…” Evelyn started but her mother shushed her.

“Get in the bath.”

“Yes ma’am.”

Elizabeth laughed softly as she watched Evelyn scurry towards the bathroom. Closing the door behind her, Evelyn shimmied out of her pajamas and slipped into the warm water. A small sigh escaped her lips as she allowed a moment to enjoy the relaxed feeling of the water. That moment didn’t last long as her mind drifted to Reggie. She quickly scrubbed her body down and got out of the tub. Wrapping a towel around her body she stepped back into her room. Her eyes fell on the clothes on her bed.

“Hurry dear, I hate to be late for breakfast.” Elizabeth smiled as she entered the room from the closet, holding a pair of blue heels.

“Does this house just run on schedules?” Evelyn asked as she dressed quickly.

“Only around meals.” Elizabeth laughed, “You don’t want to see your father when he gets hungry.”

Evelyn smirked as she tugged her hair out of her messy bun. She wore a loose royal blue tunic, the collar was cut low to her mid-section revealing a brown cami. Her jeans fitted her well and were longer than she was use too, but hung nicely over the shoes Elizabeth had brought out. She slipped into a black satin vest and gave her hair a good shake. “You’re very beautiful. I should be jealous, I know young Margarita will be.”

“Why is she even here?” Evelyn muttered coldly, “You know she used an unforgivable against Reggie.”

Elizabeth raised an eyebrow. “I will talk to Rabastan about that. And before we head down to the Dining room, I have a gift.”

Evelyn raised a brow. “Oh?”

Elizabeth smiled and pulled out a long velvet box. Opening it, she revealed a beautiful silver necklace. Dangling on the chain was an oval shaped emerald. “It was my mothers, I want you to have it.”

“I couldn’t-”

“Yes you can.” Elizabeth laughed as she took it out of the box and placed it around Evelyn’s neck. Clasping it, she smiled. “It looks magnificent on you.”

Evelyn smiled as she fiddled with the emerald. “Thanks.”

“Your welcome. Now I’m getting hungry.” Elizabeth smiled as she watched Evelyn’s eyes flashed green for a moment before returning to their natural blue color. Both mother and daughter descended the grand staircase, waiting for them was Rabastan talking to Reggie, Margie stood off in the corner glowering at no one in particular and Violet LaNoir standing close to her son.

Rabastan was the first to look up. He smiled as he excused himself and walked toward his wife, taking her hand and tucking her arm in his. Evelyn took a moment to watch her parents, seeing the chemistry and the love between them. She wanted that. Her thoughts moved to James and she frowned softly. She really needed to fix their situation.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a pair of silver eyes and her heart skipped a beat. “Ready to go to breakfast? Or do you want to stand here the whole time?” Reggie asked giving her his usual smirk.

Shaking her head and smiling, “Sorry got stuck thinking.”

“Well think and walk at the same time.” Reggie laughed tucking her arm in his. “I want to get there before all the scones are gone.”

“You could’ve gone ahead.”

“That wouldn’t have been gentlemanly of me.”

“Reggie, you’re such a charmer.” Evelyn whispered as they entered the dining hall. Reggie held out her seat and she sat down. “Its nice for you to join us.” Rabastan commented.

Evelyn blushed and nodded. Her father’s eyes fell on the necklace on her neck and he smirked.


Breakfast ended sooner than Evelyn wanted. Reggie and her had to return to Hogwarts. When they arrived, they were greeted by a small welcoming committee. Genevieve and Raelene rushed to her and gave her a big hug. Reggie whispered his good byes and disappeared into the castle. “Merlin, we were so worried.” Raelene declared taking a step back, “Bloody hell you look amazing! Where have you been?”

“With family,” Evelyn explained, “Long story. Where’s James, I sorta need to talk to him.”

“Practice.” Her friends said in unison.

Evelyn nodded, “Of course.”

“Everything okay?” Genevieve asked.

“Uh huh.”

The next day, Evelyn arrived in her Muggle Studies class, slightly thankful for it. She took her normal seat, pulling out her class journal. It was thicker than the others in the class, she probably wrote more than the other students and added more to it. It was filled with pictures, Muggle and wizard, as a representation of what she wanted to say. Muggle Studies was her favorite class.

The classroom slowly filled and buzzed with chatter. Raelene sat down next to her and Reggie sat in his usual seat behind Evelyn. Professor Graham smiled and flicked her hair out of her eyes. “Well first things first. We have a new student in this class, Patrick Fitzgerald. He was in the class before yours and he felt that his class didn’t have enough class discussion for his liking.”

“They didn’t talk at all.” A voice appeared from the back. The class turned to look at the Ravenclaw who was leaning back in his seat/ His dark brown hair was cropped short and he held a small smirk. His Ravenclaw tie hung loosely around his neck. Raelene’s elegant brows shot up as she looked over Patrick with interest. She rested her head on the palm of her hand and started to nibble on her pinky nail. Evelyn narrowed her eyes at her friend before returning her attention to her teacher.

“True, so he decided to switch into this class. So be nice, it’s his first day.” Graham added as the class start to laugh. “Okay the last time we met what were we talking about?”

“Debating whether or not prisoners of war should be tortured.” Reggie replied.

“What was the verdict?”

“Undecided,” Evelyn added, “Half the class was for and the other was against.”

“Like I said before.” A blond Slytherin girl said, “If they torture our men we have every right to torture theirs back.”

“But that would be stooping to their level.” Evelyn countered, “We pride ourselves in being apart of one the greatest countries in the world but we still use barbaric third world ways to get what we want?”

“Plus torturing prisoners doesn’t get people very far,” Elizabeth added, “We’re just hurting a single person not our enemy as a whole.”

“The specific person chose to fight against us.” The Slytherin hissed, “They should be punished for that decision.”

“Most people don’t have a choice in the matter.” Reggie stated, “Many are forced into what their government wants.”

“Question…” Patrick said clearing his throat. “What does everyone think torture is? I mean is attacking them with spoons count?”

Several girls in the room giggled as his question. He even earned a small smile from Raelene. “I think it depends on how they use those spoons. Life if they gauge their eyes out then that’s torture. If the just smack their hand once with a spoon that’s more…” Elizabeth explained pausing to think of the right word to describe what she meant.

“A spanking?” Reggie suggested.

“Yeah, that.”

The class was in an uproar for most of the period after that. Evelyn, Reggie, Raelene and Patrick were vetoed from the discussion so some of the other students could get a say in. Graham soon silenced the class and held up a book. “The Great Gatsby.” She declared with a smile. “One of my favorite books. Read at least five chapters and write what you think in your journals. No one-liners.

Evelyn skimmed through the book, it looked interesting enough. The dismissal bell rang and she rushed out of the class, heading towards the Great Hall. “Hungry much?” Reggie laughed as he caught up with her.

“Um, yea.” Evelyn replied, “That and I have to talk to James.”

“Awe…” Reggie said, “Hey where’s your book?”

Evelyn cursed when she didn’t find it in her book bag. “I left it in the classroom. I’ll see you later.” She sighed as she turned back around and headed back to the Muggle Studies room.

By now, Evelyn expected the classroom to be empty. She most definitely didn’t expect what she saw when she entered the class. Before her eyes was Raelene was in Patrick’s lap, snogging like there was no tomorrow. It wouldn’t have been much of a shock if Evelyn didn’t know that Raelene always has at least three dates before she even thought about the first kiss. Coming out of her stupor, Evelyn cleared her throat. “Sorry forgot my book.”

Patrick and Raelene broke apart, Raelene’s skin was a nice shade of red. “Here.” She said her voice higher than normal as she tossed Evelyn a book.

“Sorry again.” Evelyn declared before she left the classroom and shutting the door behind her. She gave a small laugh at the situation and started back on her way. James soon caught up with her, covering her eyes with his hands.

“Guess who.”

“James Potter.” Evelyn replied with a laugh.

“Correct, you win a kiss.” James smiled turning her around, leaning towards her with every intention of kissing her on the lips but missed as Evelyn turned her head at the last minute. James’s frown, “What’s wrong?”

“We need to talk.”


“I want to break up.” Evelyn replied looking up at him, her blue eyes filled with sadness. She has had the feeling for awhile and feared that their friendship was going to end… forever.

A/N: There is the post and I kno there was a lot of clearing throats but yea... sorry hope u like it!!


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Re: The Choices one Makes {Next Generation}

A/N: Yo, yo, yo. Hey my peeps here’s the new chapter..

Chapter 9: Maturity at it’s best

James started at her in disbelief. “What?”

“I want to break up with you.” Evelyn said a little louder in case he didn’t hear her clearly.

“No, I heard that.” James remarked. “What I meant was, why? What did I do?”

“You didn’t do anything! It’s not you, it’s me.” Evelyn explained feeling slightly uncomfortable. Breaking up with someone isn’t something she did, Raelene was the one who was the expert at that, while Evelyn experienced the burn of being dumped.

“Don’t tell me that!” James snapped, “Cause I know it’s a lie.”

Now that took Evelyn by surprise. New in the time she had known James, had he ever use such a mean tone towards her. The fact that he did use it, now, just made her annoyed and angry. “Well it’s the truth, James. I’ve been feeling this way for awhile now and well… James, I just think should go back to being friends.”

James still stared at her in disbelief. Taking a step back, his eyes scanning over her face. “Fine!” He yelled his voice rising higher than Evelyn would ever expected him to go, making her jump back. He turned on his heal and left Evelyn standing there in the corridor with her mouth a gaped.

In a slight haze, Evelyn found herself in the Great Hall. She walked slowly towards the Gryffindor table and sat down next to Genevieve. Her friend glanced over and her eyes narrowed in concerned. “What’s wrong sweetie?”

“I just broke up with James,” Evelyn explained softly, her voice quivering. “He’s mad at me.”

Genevieve’s mouth fell open, “Oh sweetie!”

Ryan now focused on the two girls, sensing something wrong from Genevieve’s voice. “Everything okay?”

“No, now shush.” Genevieve ordered.

Ryan wrinkled his nose but that was the only sign of protest he gave before returning to his chicken pot pie. Genevieve pulled Evelyn into a hug, rubbing her back gently. “It’s going to be okay.”

Evelyn nodded slowly but didn’t believe her. “Bugger you would think that I’m the one who got broken up with.” She muttered.

Raelene, finally able to slip away from Patrick, sat down next to Evelyn and looked to Genevieve to see what happened. “Evee broke up with James.”

“Oh why is she crying?”

“Because James is having a fit, most likely.” Ryan explained. “He’s not use to being dumped.”

“What a prick.” Raelene snapped, her angelic features hardening.

“But we still consider him a friend.” Genevieve added.

“Better get over himself unless he’ll find himself friendless.” Raelene retorted sending a glare towards Ryan, silently telling him not to back up James.

Ryan held up his hands in surrender, “Hey I’ll back up Evee any day. Who else is going to help me with my potions essay?”

Ryan’s statement definitely lightened up the mood, Evelyn even let out a small chuckle while her blue eyes scanned over the Slytherin table looking for a certain Silver-eyed young man but only found that he wasn’t there.


The next couple days were hell for Evelyn. The news of her break up with James spread far more quickly than she had expected. At first, many girls were overjoyed by that fact but after Gryffindor’s lost to Slytherin, Evelyn became the blame for James’ lost of focus.

Evelyn buried herself in her school work, her teachers exalted her new found study habit. Even that wasn’t enough to distract her from her thoughts. Reggie has been dancing in and out of her mind and it was becoming more irritating. Ever since the break up, Reggie has only been seen in the classes she had with him. They only talked when it was required of them too, it was starting to annoy.

Evelyn spent most of her time in the library, it was the only place where she didn’t get glared at, writing in her journal. The Library was where she was confronted by Jennifer DeSilva, the editor in chief of Hogwarts Headlines the only school newspaper. Evelyn was shocked as any as Jennifer asked her to write something for the paper.

“You want me to write something?” Evelyn repeated still completely shocked by Jennifer’s request. “How are you even sure that I can write?”

“Professor Graham suggested you.” Jennifer replied placing her book bag on the table, digging through it. “She gave me something you wrote. A small prose piece and it really made me think, you know.” She added as she pulled out a couple pieces of parchment paper and handed it over.

Evelyn’s eyes glanced over it, it was a short story she wrote in her journal. She did give Graham permission to use it but she never thought she would show it to Jennifer. “I’m sure you don’t want me to publish something that came from your journal. That’s why I came to you to ask if you could write something else.”

So Jennifer knew the story was based off her personal life… hopefully she know it was about Reggie. “I’m already dealing with enough drama, I don’t want more by writing for the Headlines.”

“It can totally by anonymous!”

Evelyn paused looking the girl over. Jennifer’s glasses sat delicately on her nose making her seem more intelligent. Her curly tawny hair fell nicely around her face and her green eyes looked up at Evelyn in a pleading sort of way, “How do I know this is not some way for you to get me to finish the story?”

“You don’t.” Jennifer smiled, “Just gonna have to trust me.”

Evelyn smirked softly, “Fine I’ll do it.”

Jennifer squealed loudly and clapped her hands with excitement. “Thank you!” She declared as she stood up, cleaning up her books.

“Here.” Evelyn said, “Put this in the next edition.” She added as she handed over the original story.

Jennifer smiled as she took the copy. With a small nod she turned to leave only to stop and look back at Evelyn. “Does the heroine get what she wants in end?” She asked.

Evelyn smiled, “You’re going to have to wait till my next article.” She laughed.

Jennifer pouted softly but nodded as she left. Evelyn shook her head and pulled out her journal and started to write.

The Choices one Makes
Chapter 2:
By: Evelyn LeRose

Staring at the paper, sighing in frustration as she had no idea what to write. She need her muse, her inspirations, her Reggie. Cleaning up her books and throwing her book bag on her shoulder, Evelyn exited the library determined to find Reggie.

She did manage to find him. On the quidditch field. He was with his younger brother and they were passing the quaffle back and forth, as they flew around the stadium. Dante was the first to notice Evelyn. He caught the quaffle and landed in front of her. “Please tell me you’re here to see me.” He declared with a cocky smirk. “Because you know you’re the only one I’ll ever love.”

Evelyn laugh, “Awe I’m sorry. But I’m here to see your brother.”

“Gutted, wounded!” Dante said dramatically. Turning pretending to glare at his older brother. “You win this time. But the fair heart of Evee shall be mine.” And with that he took his leave.

Evelyn shook her head laughing harder as she watched Reggie land beside her. “My mother dropped him when he was a baby.”

“Aw.” Evelyn replied, “Practicing?”

“Yeah. We Slytherin’s have to keep our first place position.” Reggie laughed, “I guess we have you to thank. Or so rumor has it.”

Evelyn winced. James still hasn’t talked to her. “Yeah.”



“Bringing it up.” Reggie sighed. “I know you have been having a hard time with it.”

Evelyn frowned, “Then why the hell are you avoiding me?” She asked a little louder than intended.

Reggie frowned, “I thought that’s what you wanted. At least that’s what James told me…”

“James told you what?”

He raised a brow, “So James was wrong.”




“I will tell you once you stop snapping my head off. I’m no James.” Reggie countered.

Evelyn took a deep breath, “Sorry.”

“No problem. Now come on.” Reggie replied as he extended his hand.

"Come where?"

Reggie shook his head, his raven hair bouncing back and forth. "You're going to have to trust me, huh. Come on, let's go do something that gets your mind off the whole situation."

Evelyn glanced between his hand and his silver eyes. Taking a deep breath, she took a step towards him and placed her hand in his. "Fine.... better be fun." She replied.

Reggie smiled and gave her hand a squeeze before mounting his broom. He lightly pulled her on to the front of the broom. Evelyn gave a small groan, realizing that they were going to fly. "I'm not a big fan of flying... Ryan and James tried to beat that fear out of me and it didn't work." She muttered biting her lower lip.

Reggie chuckled softly in her ear and nodded. "You can close your eyes, I won't let you fall promise."

Evelyn frowned and didn't respond. Her stomach lurched as she felt the broom rise into the air. She gripped the broom tighter as she closed her eyes. A small groan escaped her mouth but she was silenced as one of Reggie's arms wrapped around her waist. "It's going to be okay." He whispered in her ear.

The broom was urged faster before Evelyn felt the ground beneath her feet. A sigh of relief came from her as she opened her eyes. "Where are we?" She asked looking around.

"Um." Reggie started, "A place I use to come here with my dad when I was young."

Evelyn took a look around before she walked towards the swing she saw hanging from a tree. "I thought you were from the States."

"I am."

"So we're in the states?" She continued.

Reggie laughed, "No... My dad and I... and Dante too use to come over here every summer."

"Oh." Evelyn smiled as she started to swing back and forth. "This is the first time I think you've talked about your dad."

Reggie walked behind her and started to push her lightly, "Yeah, he's been dead for the past three years."

Evelyn nodded, "So you're Regulus LaNoir the third?"

Reggie nodded, "Actually that would be Regulus Black the Third."

Evelyn wrinkled her nose. "Oh... I feel... dumb. Genevieve probably already guessed that."

Reggie laughed and nodded, "Yeah I'm the grandson of the Infamous Death Eater Regulus Black brother to Sirius Black."

"No wonder you're related to Malfoy!"

Reggie laughed and nodded, "Yeah."

"Wait... are we related since I'm technically a LeStrange?" She asked, feeling herself pale. That would be horrible if she had kissed her... her cousin.

Reggie shook his head, "No... we're not blood relatives."

"Oh thank Merlin."

Reggie smirked, "Glad you're happy."

"You have no idea."

A/N: OKAY sorry about how long it took me to write this and this probably a suckie post but I promise the next one will be WAY better.


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Re: The Choices one Makes {Next Generation}

A/N: Hello, I’m sorry it has been taking me forever to write these posts. I’m really, really sorry but I do have a good excuse, blame it on my College Professors *giggles* I can actually say that now. But I do have good news, My Essay Writing Professor has complimented me on my writing and my ability to engross the reader in the story… I think that’s good… I hope… J But anyways, I’m wasting time writing this Author’s not when I should be writing Evee’s story… *whistles* Hope you enjoy, Much Love…



Out of the Darkness comes the Light

Evelyn returned back to the common room, completely exhausted. Who knew Reggie LaNoir, or in this case Reggie Black, could wear a girl out. And not in the way you’re thinking. She fell on the couch with a big sigh and closed her eyes for a brief moment. Her relaxation didn’t last long, groaning as she sat up again and grabbed her writing notebook. Well it seemed that she had her inspiration back. Her quill quickly darted along the page as Evelyn herself yawned. Knowing her, she won’t get any sleep until this thought was written down. “Evee?” A small familiar voice called from the top of the stairs that led to the girls’ dormitory.

Evelyn turned, her bright silver eyes scanning around. “Yeah?”

Out of the shadows, her little sister or who use to be her little sister appeared, with a small piece of paper in hand. “Can we talk?” Jacqueline asked, still whispering.

Evelyn nodded and patted the spot next to her on the couch. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing!” Jacqueline quickly defended as she slowly sat down, “Just worried about you.”

Evelyn frowned, “What do you mean?”

“There’s been a lot of talk going around.-”

“You’re certainly not listening too it!” Evelyn snapped making Jacqueline jump. Swallowing her initial annoyance, Evee gave the first year a reassuring smile. “I’m fine. Really. Don’t believe what you hear. People just like to talk.”

Jacqueline nodded as she slowly stood up. “Mum and Dad are worried too.” She added before she quickly darted off towards the girls’ dormitory.

Evelyn frowned, feeling more horrible than before. How could she just dump the people who raised her? How could she be so… so… cold. Sighing, she took a blank piece of paper and wrote a quick not of apology, hoping her parents… her guardians would be kind enough to forgive her.

She was willing to walk to the owlery to send it off then, but sleep consumed her and she curled up into a small ball, sleeping soundly.


Evelyn was woken by a rough shake and she let out a small gasp. “Wha?” She mumbled, rubbing her eyes as her vision adjusted.

She looked up to only be greeted by the hazel eyes she knew all too well. “James?” She whispered, completely shocked to see him.

He gave her his famous smirk and nodded slowly, “Hey…”

“What…?” She started until he held his hand up.

“Let me go first.” He muttered as he ran that very hand through his hair, making it all the more messy. “Look I handle everything all wrong. I was a big and a Jerk and I don’t deserve your forgiveness but it wouldn’t be like a Potter not to try… and yeah…”

Evelyn’s brow slowly rose through his babbling speech, even a small smile appeared. James seemed to be back to normal but she wasn’t sure she should forgive him. But his pleading hazel eyes did her in as she slowly nodded, “Well… I guess I can forgive you.” She whispered not trying to sound completely desperate. She missed her best friend.

James’ smiled victoriously and clapped her on her shoulder. “Thank you! Really glad you didn’t make me grovel.”

“I should have.”

“Aw that’s mean.”

“That’s what you deserve after the way you’ve been treating me,” Evelyn retorted, sending a fake glare towards the messy haired boy. “But I’m not in the mood to decide your punishment at the moment, I have too much to tell you.”


“Like, Jennifer DeSilva asked me to write a story for the school’s paper.” Evelyn countered, shaking her head in amusement.

“Yeah I know,” James replied as he dug in his school bag and pulled out the morning’s edition. “Everyone’s been reading and obsessing over it.”

“WHAT?” Evelyn snapped. She had not expected it to be printed so soon. She grabbed James’ paper, ignoring his pretend hurt expression, and scanned over the words. Her picture was beside the article it self and her name printed boldly on the page. “I didn’t… I thought it was going to be anonymous.”

“Obviously, its not. You should’ve gotten a written contract.” James replied as he took his paper back. “Get your own.”

Evelyn wrinkled her nose and stood up. “Fine I will.” She said rolling her eyes as she pushed her way towards the girl’s dorm to change into some clean cloths.


Evelyn turned to look at James with a raised brow.

“Which character is inspired by me?” He asked as he cocked his head to the side.

Evelyn laughed, “Figure it out yourself.” and with that she turned and rushed up to the dorm.

Soon after she entered the Great Hall, properly clean and wearing fresh clothing. Her silver-blue eyes scanned over the room, blushing softly as it seemed that every eye was on her. Clearing her throat, she walked quickly to her usual spot between Raelene and Genevieve. Raelene flashed her a smile, “Merlin’s beard when did you learn how to write!” She asked, sounding rather giddy.

“When my parents put me in a muggle school to learn my ABCs.” Evelyn replied with a shrug.

Raelene rolled her eyes, “But you couldn’t have learned such a rush of a story from a Muggles school.”

Genevieve shook her head, her brown curls bouncing after her. “Ignore her, she’s slightly obsessed with Romance.”

“Ha ha.” Raelene retorted as she threw a roll passed Evelyn and hit Genevieve.

“It’s true.” Genevieve countered, “Ever since she’s been with Patrick, she’s been a hopeless Romantic.”

Evelyn gave a small giggle, seeing the truth in Gen’s words. “So everyone has read it?” She whispered taking a glance around. It seemed that everyone was still watching her.

“Yep.” Ryan replied as he sat down, soon followed by James.

Raelene and Genevieve glared at the Potter boy.

Evelyn placed her hands on her friends’ shoulders and shook her head, “Be nice. He apologized.”

“Oh.” The two girls said in unison before laughing. “So when’s the next installment?” Raelene asked.

“Whenever I finish writing it.”

“and that will be?”

“Don’t rush me,” Evelyn snapped, “Or you’ll never get it.”

Raelene opened her mouth to respond but decided not to say anything.


Fall turned into winter rather quickly that year, and November came rolling around. To Evelyn’s enjoyment, her and Reggie have been spending more time together… but sadly Reggie still hasn’t asked her out. Raelene had suggested several times that Evelyn should make the first move since in fact Evelyn turned him down the first time he tried to win her attentions. Genevieve suggested to wait for him and that she didn’t want to seem too desperate. James’ had offered to talk to Reggie, to convince him to ask her out but Evelyn declined rather quickly. The last time James’ talked to Reggie, he told him to avoid her. She wasn’t going to risk it.

Like many times before, Evelyn found herself by the shore of the lake, reading a letter. It was from her biological mother, Elizabeth Lestrange, telling Evee that she had talked to Mrs. LeRose and that she should continue with the Christmas festivities as she always have. At the LeRose’s. Evelyn certainly didn’t mind, since a Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without the LeRose’s anyway. Mr. and Mrs. Lestrange had promise to join in on Christmas day, which was fine by Evee. She still needed to get to know them.

A shadow appeared over her shoulder, as a voice interrupted her thoughts. “So is the famous author writing the next segment in her story?” Reggie asked as he sat down beside her.

Evelyn looked at him and shook her head, “No just reading letters…”

“From Fans?”

She laughed, “No from Family. Telling me the Christmas situation this year.”


“I will be spending it with the people I’ve spent it with all those years before.” Evelyn explained, “They’re still family, even though I’ve haven’t treated them that well.”

Reggie nodded, “Awe.”

Evelyn’s eyes scanned over him for a few seconds. “What are you doing this holiday break?”

Reggie frowned, “Dante and I are staying here.”

Evelyn’s heart fell, knowing his family’s situations. Well, she didn’t know all of it. But from what she understood, it wasn’t a good one. Glancing down at her letter, it did say that she could bring any guest that she would like. “How about you and Dante come to my home for the Holidays. The LeRose’s have plenty of space and they would love to meet you. Jacqueline would be ecstatic that Dante would be there. She’s developed a small crush on him…” She started, looking at him hopefully.

“I don’t want to intrude-”

“You won’t.”

Reggie looked at her, thinking hard. A small, thankful smile appeared on his face as he slowly nodded. “Sounds like fun.”

Evelyn gave a small squeal, as she wrapped her arms around him tightly. “Thank you, thank you. Now I don’t have to use my family’s stupid owl to send your Christmas gift and worry if you got it or not.” She declared happily as she pulled away from the hug, blushing.

Reggie raised an eyebrow, “You got me a gift?”

“Yeah, silly.” Evelyn laughed, “That’s what … friends… do for each other.” She replied. The word friends rolled harshly off her tongue. How she hated saying it when referring to him.

Reggie’s smile widen, “Good cause I’ve gotten you something.”

“Really? What?”

Reggie shook his head, “Not telling you. It would ruin the surprise.”

Evelyn pouted, “Can I guess?”

“You’ll never guess what it is.”

“Are you insulting my intelligence?” Evelyn retorted, her eyes narrowed playfully.

“No-” Reggie started until he spotted Scorpius walking their way. “What in Merlin’s name do you want?” He barked, sounding cold and full of authority.

The young Malfoy flinched slightly, before glaring. “Quidditch practice remember. Can’t practice without our captain.” He growled, “But I’m sure the team will understand when I tell them you’re consorting with your Gryffindor.” and with that he turned and stormed away.

Reggie growled back before turning to look at Evelyn. “I gotta go… and he didn’t mean that. You’re not my Gryffindor… well you are… I mean… no… I mean… I gotta go.” He stammered before he jumped up and rushed after the other Slytherin.

Evelyn sighed, picking up a rock and tossed it to the lake, “But I want to be your Gryffindor.” She whispered to herself.

A/N: That’s all you’re getting till the next chapter!!! I hope you like! Please give Feedback because I will be sad if you don’t and will never ever post again!!!!

well… you know what I mean. Just give feedback…. PLEASE!


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Re: The Choices one Makes {Next Generation}

A/N: Ohmigosh, thank you so much for the feedback, it means soo much.

Chapter 11 part 1: Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Evelyn looked at her reflection as she brushed the knots out of her long Auburn hair. Through her mirror, she watched Raelene walked into the dormitory. “Hey, I’m thinking of a change.” Evelyn declared with a small smile.

Raelene looked her over with a curious expression. “What do you mean?”

Pulling her hair into a low pony, she sighed, “A hair cut.”

“Oh?” Raelene asked as she walked towards her friend. She ran her fingers through Evelyn’s hair, “How short?”

Evelyn closed her eyes for a brief moment before looking up at the blond. “Um just above my shoulders.”

Raelene’s eyebrows shot up with amusement. “A drastic change then, huh?”

“Yeah, I was think that with everything that has been going on… I just want a change. A new me.” Evelyn explained with a small shrug.

Raelene nodded in agreement, “Well I’m will to help.”


“Yeah, of course.” Raelene laughed as she pulled out Evelyn’s hair out of the ponytail. She turned to her desk and pulled out a pair of scissors. “Are you sure?” She asked one last time.

Evelyn nodded as she closed her eyes, taking a deep break as she listened to the snip of the scissors.

Evelyn sat upon her bed, her journal in her lap, rereading the chapter she had been working on. Her newly cut hair fell in front of her eyes, as she started to giggle softly. Raelene and Genevieve were fashioning each others clothes. “So New Years plans still ago?” Raelene asked readjusting the floppy, woven hat that sat one her head.

“Yes, of course.” Genevieve laughed.

“It’s tradition!” Evelyn added as she closed the journal.

“Just making sure,” Raelene explained, “Because I wanted to invite Patrick along.”

“Ooo.” the other two girls declared in unison.

“Getting serious?” Genevieve giggled.

“Well if he has to come.” Evelyn started, “He has to go through the initiation.”

“With the blue and yellow paint.” Genevieve added.

“And Marshmellows.”

Raelene’s blue eyes went wide, “No! You’re going to scare him away!” She screeched as she chased her friends out of the dormitory and down to the common room.

The two girls who were about to face Raelene’s wrath, giggled as they hid behind Ryan and James’ for protection. “She’s going to eat us!” Evelyn declared pointing at the very hostile Raelene.

“Really?” James laughed, “And why would we help you?”

“Ryan you’ll get no kisses from me, all holiday break. No matter how many mistletoe you put over my head.” Genevieve quickly retorted, pouting up to her boyfriend.

Ryan threw his hands up in surrender. “My hands are tied.”

James raised a brow and looked at Evelyn expectantly. “What are you going to threaten?”

“Hey buddy, been there and done that. We’re just friends.” She remarked as she stood up straight, crossing her arms over her chest. “And if you don’t protect me James Potter, you’re going to lose a great friend.”

James looked her over before quickly turning to Raelene who was still fuming. “Call me the White knight, and why are you trying to eat them?” He said as he crossed his arms over his chest.

“They’re going to put Patrick through the initiation.” The blond hissed.

James and Ryan looked at each other and laughed, “Well he has too. Its tradition. Don’t worry Reggie already agreed to go through it too. So St. Paddy won’t be alone.” James added with a smirk.

Evelyn’s silver-blue eyes went wide as they glanced up at James, “You talked to him about that?”

“Uh huh, he said he’s not even going to warn Dante, says he needs to get his big head cut down a size.” James replied.

“Did you tell him what we’re doing?” Genevieve asked, raising her brow.

“We don’t even know what you have planned.” Ryan countered, “How are we suppose to tell the Slytherin what to expect.”

“I call Reggie’s initiation.” Raelene quickly added a small smirk on her face.

Evelyn narrowed her eyes and stood up straight, no longer needing James to block her from the blond. “You really want to challenge me? Do you forget that I’m the mastermind behind all of James’ best pranks.” She retorted, crossing her arms over her chest.


Both Raelene and Evelyn ignored James and continued to glare at each other. “Bring it on.” Raelene remarked before she turned gracefully and headed back up to the girls’ dorm.

Evelyn narrowed her eyes before she turned and left. “Going to the library to study up on some things, James I’m using your cloak.” She said to the others as she summoned James’ invisibility cloak.

James frowned, “Like how she didn’t ask.”

“What do you expect. Rae just challenged Evee on a prank Death match.” Ryan laughed, “This holiday break is going to be the best yet. Can’t wait!”


Evelyn stood in the Entrance Hall, wearing her deep royal blue wool cloak. Her, now, short hair fell nicely from under her black winter cap as she glanced around watching the other students get ready to depart. Her nails tapped her trunk as she impatiently wait for the two Slytherin’s to appear. As she started to tap to heel of her black boots, two raven haired young men appeared behind her. “Miss me?” Dante asked as he wrapped one arm around her shoulders.

Evelyn laughed, not noticing the small glare that Reggie gave his younger brother before he smiled down at her. “Sorry took us so long, Dante here took forever to groom himself.”

“Hey, takes a lot of effort to look this good,” Dante countered, “You should try it sometime, it’ll be a nice change to your usual ugly smug face.”

Evelyn giggled as the two brothers bickered back and forth. “Come on you two, where’s your Christmas spirit?”

“Won’t appeared until Christmas gets here.” Reggie smirked.

She rolled her eyes in response and picked up her trunk. “Well come on, we better get going or we’ll miss the train.”

Both Regulus and Dante gave a small nod before following her towards the carriages. It was a quiet ride towards the Hogwarts Express and Evelyn couldn’t help but to be conscious of what she did or said since Reggie was sitting so close. That small fact made it extremely hard to think straight. If Genevieve or Raelene saw her now, she would be teased till the day she died.

Evelyn stepped out of the carriage and headed her trunk to be taken on the train. She stepped on the train, followed by the two Slytherins, and walked down the corridor. The Train was extra full this year, looks like almost the whole school was going home for the holidays. But she did managed to find an empty compartment and she stepped inside. She took her usual spot by the window and sighed happily. It was nice to finally sit down and rest. She didn’t get much sleep last night, with making her plans for Patrick’s initiation and thinking about having Reggie in the same house with her the whole break. It was a surprise at all she got the little amount of sleep she did get.

As Reggie took the seat beside her, and Dante across from her, they were soon joined by James and Jennifer. “Lookie who I found, Evee. Your editor. I just happened to tell her how you finished your latest chapter and how you wanted Jennifer to look it over for you.”

Evelyn’s mouth fell open and she glared at her friend. “You’re evil! I haven’t even checked it for grammar errors yet.”

“Its no problem,” Jennifer quickly defended as she squeezed herself in between Evelyn and Reggie. Reggie gave a small sigh and scooted over to give Jennifer more room. “I can check them for you.”

Sending one more glare to James, knowing he was using her writing as an excuse to get closer to Jennifer, and dug in her book bag and pulled out her journal. “It starts where the bookmark is.” She explained.

Jennifer nodded, opened the small book up and started to read. Evelyn sighed and gave another glare towards James. He held his hands up in surrender and started to chuckle softly. Evee rolled her eyes and looked out the window, determined not to watch as Jennifer scribbled her corrections and notes all over her story.

They were soon joined by everyone else. The compartment was far more crowded than normal. Ryan sat on the floor by the window, with Genevieve in his lap. His arms were firmly wrapped around her waist, holding her close as he snuggled against her neck. Genevieve didn’t mind, she was playing a game of Exploding Snap with Dante who was currently winning. “Hey stop cheating!” Genevieve giggled as another card of hers exploded.

“I am not.”


“Am not.”

Evelyn rolled her eyes as the two. Jennifer had finished reading her chapter and gave her advice, but she ended up asking more questions than giving advice. It seemed that Editor DeSilva wanted to know what happens next more than doing her actual job. It made Evelyn smiled, at least she was positive at least one person liked her story. Now Jennifer was sitting between James and Dante, she was talking away with James about the one book he has actually read, The Art of Flying by Daniel Van Dronge. Jennifer seemed to enjoy to slap James in the arm whenever he disagreed with her opinion. The sight made Evelyn giggle softly.

Finally Patrick and Raelene sat by the compartment door, Raelene in his lap, next to Reggie. Raelene was fast asleep in Patrick’s arms, it seemed she didn’t get much sleep either.

Evelyn allowed a small yawn escape her mouth and Reggie raised an eyebrow. “Are you tired?”

“No!!!” Evelyn said, sarcasm filled her voice, “That yawn was just a figment of your imagination.”

Reggie rolled his eyes and wrapped a arm around her shoulder, pulling her to rest her head on his shoulder. “Close your eyes and get some sleep. I’ll wake you up when we get there.” He whispered in her ear as he lightly rested his head against hers.

She blushed softly and nodded slowly. Her eyes glanced around the compartment before she closed them and drifted off to sleep.

Reggie did not wake Evelyn up when they reached Platform 9 and ¾. It was the loud screeched as the train came to a stop. Her blue eyes shot open as a small groan escaped her lips. “What a wake up call.” She muttered as she sat up straight and stretched.

“Yeah I know, try sleeping on the floor, with someone on top of you.” Ryan muttered as he rubbed his neck.

Genevieve pouted softly, “Sorry.”

Ryan laughed and gave her a quick kiss on her nose. “Not your fault love, James wasn’t willing to move his fat butt so we could be more comfortable.”

“Yeah, James.” Jennifer added with a small smirked, “You’re so rude.”

James’ mouth fell open as he watched Jennifer stood up and slip out of the compartment. She gave a wave to all of them, “See you new years.” She added before she skipped off down the corridor.

Evelyn, Genevieve and Raelene’s eyebrows rose as they looked at James. “DeSilva is coming to New Years?” Genevieve asked.

“Um yeah,…”
The girls looked at each other and smirked, “Lovely.” They giggled in unison before they grabbed their book bags and started to leave the compartment.

With her trunk in hand, Evelyn and her friends made their way through the barrier where their parents and guardians were waiting. Evee didn’t see the LeRose’s anywhere. Her eyes went wide as she saw a familiar face through the crowd. “Derek!” She called as she dropped her trunks and dashed towards the young man before her.

He laughed and pulled Evelyn into a tight hug. “Hey, Lyn-bear.” He declared. Jacqueline appeared suddenly and leaped into his arms. “Hey, JackJack.” He added.

“Merlin, I thought you weren’t coming home for Christmas this year.” Evelyn smiled looking up at the boy she considered her older brother. No matter if they have different parents, Derek would always be her older brother.

“Yeah, coach was merciful this year.” Derek replied as he set both Evelyn and Jacqueline down. “Which means I will be watching over you two this break.”

Evelyn gave a small smile before she turned around looking for Reggie and Dante. Dante waved, while Reggie seemed to be a little stand-off-ish. She smiled and grabbed both of their hands. “Derek this is Reggie and Dante. Dante, Reggie this is my brother Derek.” She declared pointing the appropriate person as she said their names.

“Hey.” Dante smiled shaking Derek’s hand.

Reggie gave a small nodded, slowly lightening up as he shook Derek’s hand. Evelyn smiled, “They’re staying with us this winter break.”

Derek gave a small nod, “And to think that I was just going to have to watch James and where he put his hands. Now I have to watch these two.”

“You don’t have to worry about James,” Evelyn sighed, “We’re just friends. Just like Dante and Reggie… just friends.”

“What happened with James?”

“Long story.”

“Well we have a long drive,” Derek laughed, “You can explain it there.”

Evelyn frowned but nodded, sending a small glare when Jacqueline started to giggle. Derek grabbed both the girls’ trunks and lead them towards the car. “We’re not taking Dad’s magical car?” Jacqueline asked.

“He wouldn’t lend it to me.” Derek muttered, “Thinks I’m gonna crash it.”

“I wonder why?” Evelyn retorted with a small smirk. Her older brother did have a history of crashing cars.

Derek sent a small glare towards her and opened the trunk of the car and placed the luggage into the back of it. “Yeah, Yeah. Laugh it up Fuzzball, remember I know all your embarrassing secrets. I bet you don’t want them all slipped to your friends.” He countered, unlocking the doors.

Evelyn wrinkled her nose and kept silent. She slipped into the front passenger seat before Jacqueline could protest. The other three slipped in the back, Jacky in the middle and looking rather squished between the two boys. “Can’t you at least put a charm on it to make it seem bigger.” Jacky asked pouting softly.

Derek laughed, “You really want to test my wand skills?”

Evelyn looked back at Jacqueline and shook her head no quickly, “Really I don’t think you do.” She said with a small smirk.

“Look the ride will be over in a moment,” Derek said as he pulled the car out of his parking spot. “We’ll just listen to some tunes.”


The ride wasn’t over before they knew it, it was much longer than one would have expected. Traffic was horrible and Derek’s tunes weren’t that good. By the end, Evelyn and Jacqueline both had headaches and were complaining to Derek as he lead them inside the small cottage. “Merlin’s beard, I said sorry!” Derek declared as he dropped their trunks off by the staircase.

“Hey be careful with those!” The two girls declared loudly. Laughter came from the kitchen and both Mrs. LeRose and Mrs. Lestrange stepped out and greeted the children.

“Welcome home.” Mrs. LeRose declared as she waved her wand and all the student’s trunks and bags went to their appropriate rooms. “Come on, Elizabeth and I made you dinner. I bet you are hungry.”

Evelyn raised a brow, crossing her arms over her chest. Elizabeth caught her daughter’s expression and smiled. “Yes I know how to cook. I don’t always depend on the House elves to do my work.” She explained with a small laugh.

Evelyn nodded and didn’t further the conversation. The smell of Pot roast, garlic mash potatoes and peach pie filled her nose and stomach. Along with everyone else, her stomach made a loud growl.

A/N: Okay, I think it’s a perfect spot to leave off. Looks like I might go into three parts for this one… *shrugs* we shall see. Remember to leave feedback people!


check out my fic, Strength of a Dragon and the feedback thread
Also, please check out my fanfics, Past the Point of No Return and please leave feedback
and Ever So Tempted and please leave feedback

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