Waverly Owls

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Waverly Owls


Due to some bad gossip, Jenny Humphrey finds herself attending Waverly Academy; a Boarding School in New York. If Jenny thought life at Constance Billard was hard, she is definitely not prepared for what awaits her at Waverly.

Within the walls of this old academy is the It group of girls: Tinsley, Callie and Brett. This Group of friends, all beautiful in their own right, have secrets of their own. Tinsley, the ultimate party girl, was expelled at the end of the year before and has returned with vengeance. Callie, the Governor’s daughter, is having some relationship problems. Her boyfriend is questioning if he loves her or not and she has no idea what to do. And Finally Brett, the spunky red head, who is having relationship issues from falling for her teacher, falling for her girl friend and still having feelings for her ex, Jeremiah.

Jenny is entering into a world of parties, rich kids and dramatic issues. But Little Jenny Humphrey is causing commotion of her own and is determined to become the It girl. She’s catching the attention of everyone and is causing a big stir on the Waverly campus

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