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The All-Inclusive HBP List

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The All-Inclusive HBP List

Due to its immense popularity, the list now has its own thread for your own convenience.

The list could never have been possible without MasterOfDeath starting it back in January 2008. From then, it would come out once a month in the All-Inclusive HBP Thread, until it gained it’s own thread.

As it came more lengthy with more information flooding in, more people became involved: ArryGrotter, lcbaseball22, meesha1971, Montse, houseelf25 and Rachezee.

Thank you to all of these people!

Before we begin the last version of the list, perhaps a few of you can remember its debut, compiled by the brilliant MasterOfDeath:
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (as of January 22, 2008):    

  1. The Other Minister-CUT- No word on the casting of the muggle Prime Minister nor any news of casting Rufus Scrimgeour so I'm going to conclude that this scene is cut.

2. Spinner's End-CONFIRMED- Helena Bonham Carter has been re-cast as Bellatrix Lestrange and Helen McCrory has been casted as Narcissa Malfoy thus I'm going to conclude this scene is in. UPDATE It has now been confirmed that Timothy Spall who plays Peter Pettigrew will return and will be in this scene.

3. Will and Won't-CUT- Word on the set thus far has been that the Dursleys have been cut, though a problem arises because we know Dumbledore will still pick Harry up that night and visit Slughorn so I must assume that bits of this scene may still be in but the Dursley bit has been cut. No word about Kreacher.

4. Horace Slughorn-CONFIRMED- Many On-set production photos have been taken of Slughorn's house: Both the Interior and Exterior as well as the 'charming' village of Budleigh Babberton.

5. An Excess of Phlegm-ABBREVIATED- Fleur Delacour has not been re-casted nor has Bill Weasley. No word yet on the other parts of the scene though we know Julie Walters has been re-casted as Mrs Weasley and Mark Williams as Mr. Weasley so bits and pieces of this may still be in. No word on if Tonks will be in the scene. Harry and Dumbledore's chat in the shed and Harry with Hermione, Ron and Ginny is still unknown as is the scene where Harry tells Ron and Hermione about the prophecy but I'm guessing this will be cut. The O.W.L.S results are most definitely cut. UPDATE: A scene in Ron's bedroom has been filmed though it remains uncertain what scene will take place there, it is safe to guess it might be the bit where Harry tells Ron and Hermione about the prophecy.

6. Draco's Detour-CONFIRMED- I'm going to say this is in because James Phelps and Oliver Phelps have been casted as Fred and George Weasley and being that they don't have many scenes in HBP I'm going to take this as confirmation that the joke shop is in. No word on Madam Melkin's Robe shop with Draco and Narcissa Malfoy being filmed. Draco Malfoy visiting 'Borgin and Burkes' is unknown but being as how plot-wise this would be the only reason for the Diagon Alley scene to be in the movie, I'm betting it is in.
UPDATE: Mad Eye Moody has been cut.

7. The Slug Club-CONFIRMED- The scene where Harry Potter informs Arthur Weasley about Draco Malfoy's plot and tips him off about Malfoy Manor is in but not at Platform Nine-and-Three Quarters but in Mr. Weasley's muggle-artifacts-tinkering garage and it is not certain where in the film this will be because it may be later at Christmas but the fact is it has been filmed. We know the character of Blaise Zabini has been cast as well as Romilda Vane so it is possible as is the scenes on the train with Neville and Luna since both Evanna Lynch and Matthew Lewis have been re-casted. Marcus Belby has been cast. UPDATE: The Slug Club is now confirmed. Cho Chang is in. On the other hand we know for a fact that the scene within the Slytherin compartment where Harry Potter spies on the Slytherins has been filmed as is the bit where Draco Malfoy performs the 'Petrificus Totalus' spell on Harry Potter.

8. Snape Victorious-UNKNOWN- No word yet on if Nymphadora Tonks will rescue Harry Potter from the Hogwarts Express and escort him to the Hogwarts gates to Severus Snape who escorts him to the great hall. Though it is probably certain the Opening Feast will be in the film, there is no word that the scene has been filmed yet, nor is Severus Snape's public appointment to the 'Defense Against the Dark Arts' position but it is fair to assume it will be, it's just still unknown as of now.

9. The Half-Blood Prince-CONFIRMED- Though the 'Advanced Potion Making book is confirmed, it is unknown whether the first Potions class will be in nor Professor Snape's first DADA class, but I'm going to say they are in because the book is in as well as Horace Slughorn and Snape needs to have more scenes. The bit where Minerva McGonagall hands out course schedules is most definitely cut. I'm also going to say all of the Rubius Hagrid bits are cut as well as the trio's shame at dropping his classes. Still no word on Maggie Smith being re-casted as Minerva McGonagall.

10. The House of Gaunt-POSSIBLE- It has been reported that the Gaunts have been cut. UPDATE: New location pictures have now arisen which point to the fact that the scene where Tom Riddle SR rides on his horse pass the Gaunt cottage may be in the film, though it is still unknown. I am changing this one from CUT to POSSIBLE.

11. Hermione's Helping Hand-CONFIRMED- Harry Potter as Quidditch Captain, Quidditch tryouts and Ron trying out for keeper have all been confirmed as being filmed as is Lavender Brown. Cormac Mclaggen has been casted though it is unknown whether Hermione will confund him in the Quidditch try-out. The scene in Hagrid's Hut and Hagrid's anger is most definitely cut though the hut has been built. It is unknown whether Fang or witherwings will be in the film.

12. Silver and Opals-IN- Katie Bell and her friend Leanne have now been casted though there is a rumor going around that Cho Chang will be the victim. The fact is that this scene will be in the film.

13. The Secret Riddle-CONFIRMED- Young 11 year old Tom Riddle has been casted and the Orphanage has been built.

14. Felix Felicis-CONFIRMED- It has been confirmed that Ron Weasleys antics as Griffindor Keeper are in the film, it remains unknown if the potion Felix Felicis is in. Ron and Lavender will be in the film as well as Hermione's jealousy but the 'Repungo' bird attack is unknown. Ron and Lavender will kiss multiple times.

15. The Unbreakable Vow-CONFIRMED-UPDATE: It has now been confirmed that Slughorn's dinner party has been filmed. David Bradley has been re-casted as Argus Filch so it may be safe to assume the bit where Filch drags Draco into the party to Snape is in as well the bit where Harry overhears Draco and Snape chatting later on.

6. A Very Frosty Christmas-CONFIRMED- The Weasley Christmas scenes at the Burrow have been confirmed as being in the film as is the Lupin and Tonks romance, though Bill/Fleur, Percy and are cut. No word on Scrimgeour. It is unknown if Fernir Grayback is casted so it is not certain if Lupin will talk about Werewolves. UPDATE: A scene in Ron's bedroom has been filmed so the scene where Ron opens his gift from Lavender and gets a necklace with My sweetheart engraved upon it might be in.

17. A Sluggish Memory-UNKNOWN- Though the tragedy of Horace Slughorn is confirmed, it is unknown whether we will see the false memory. It still remains unknown if the scene where Tom Riddle visits Morfin is cut too, it depends on if the Gaunts are casted.

18. Birthday Surprises-ABBREVIATED- Though it is unknown if the Apparation episode will be in the film, it is confirmed that Ron will eat the cake spiked with love potion since Romilda Vane and her love potions have been confirmed. It is also confirmed that Ron being poisoned is in the film. Lavender will ask Madam Pomfrey if Won Won is okay.

19. Elf Tails-CUT- The voice actors for Dobby and Kreacher have not been casted yet, the voice actor for Dobby has said he has not been approached yet and no word from the animation team if the House Elves will be in the film, nor if Harry will wind up with Ron in the Hospital Wing. So far it looks like this scene has been cut.

20. Lord Voldemort's Request-UNKNOWN- No word yet on if Hepzibah Smith has been cut. It is unknown if the scene Lord Voldemort asks for a job will be in the film as a 30 year old Riddle has not yet been casted nor has Ralph Finness.

21. The Unknowable Room-CONFIRMED- The Room of requirement is in the film as is Harry tracking Malfoy. Gloomy Tonks has been confirmed.

22. After the Burial-CONFIRMED- Though unknown whether Aragog's funeral will be in the film or if this will take place in Hagrid's Hut nor Felix Felicis but it is a certainty that a scene where Harry talks Slughorn into giving him the real memory is too important to cut. It's also a safe bet that a scene where Dean and Ginny and Ron and Lavender break up will be in.

23. Horocruxes-CONFIRMED- There is no doubt the real memory scene will be in and we know there is a scene where Harry and Dumbledore talk about horocruxes is in the movie so this one is confirmed.

24. Sectumsempra-CONFIRMED- Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy will have a confrontation and Harry will use the spell on him, then hide the potions book in the Room of Requirement but it is unknown whether the scene will take place in a bathroom or if Moaning Myrtle will be in the film. Harry and Ginny will kiss in the movie.

25. The Seer Overheard-ABBREVIATED- It is unknown as of now whether Emma Thompson as Sybil Trelawny will be in the film nor if the revelation that Snape was the spy will be in the film but the bit where Dumbledore tells Harry he's found a horocrux and they set out to the cave is without a doubt in the film. Hopefully the bit where Harry argues about Snape is in the film.

26. The Cave-CONFIRMED- Pictures of Dumbledore in the cave have seen and the first set report has referenced the design of the Inferi. The location for the cave scenes have been scouted and filmed.

27. The Lightning Struck Tower-CONFIRMED- The Astronomy Tower set has been built and being as this is the climax of the film, it's impossible to cut.

28. Flight of the Prince-CONFIRMED- The Battle of Hogwarts is a given as is Harry chasing Snape across the grounds and having a duel/shouting match with him. Though it is unknown if Hagrid's hut will be burned down (It's stone in the films) or if Hagrid will be in the scene. It's almost certain Harry will find Dumbledore's body at the foot of the tower but unknown if he will find a fake locket or the real one because the film makers may just have the locket in the cave be the real one to condense the complicated plot of DH, though it's all unknown.

29. The Phoenix Lament-CUT- Bill and Fleur have been cut so no hospital scene with Bill attacked by a werewolf. It is unknown if the meeting of heads of houses in the new Head Mistress's office will be in but I'm guessing it's been cut.

30. The White Tomb-CONFIRMED- I'm going to assume it's in because it goes without saying that the funeral will be in. Harry and Ginny will break up. It is unknown though if Scrimgeour will be in the film so the 'Dumbledore's man through and through' is unknown. I'm going to bet the trio's last plans will be the last scene of the film.


Welcome to the eighteenth, and last, edition of the HBP list! Another month gone and we are now closer than ever to this exciting event. We are now at the six day mark in the countdown for this highly anticipated film and it is time for another update to the list. This list compiles everything we've heard about the film thus far from official announcements to script leaks to news stories to rumours. This list is a tribute to all the good times we've had in the All-Inclusive HBP Thread and all the good friends we've made over the past 2 years and all the great discussions. This list is so we can have a reference and keep track of all the news in one place.

Note: We’d appreciate it if you didn’t hotlink any of our images, thanks

WARNING: Includes major spoilers, especially from test screening reviews.

We hope you enjoy!

Ladies and Gentlemen
We now present to you:

As of July 9 2009

(No information from the last week before release is included)

Cast List:    


  • Michael Gambon has been recast as Albus Dumbledore
  • Jim Broadbent has been cast as Horace Slughorn. He has only read the sixth book in preparation for his role.
  • Alan Rickman has been recast as Severus Snape
  • Robbie Coltrane has been recast as Rubeus Hagrid
  • Maggie Smith has been recast as Minerva McGonagall
  • Warwick Davis has been recast as Filius Flitwick
  • David Bradley has been recast as Argus Filch:
    Hogwarts Staff:    


  • Bonnie Wright has been recast as Ginny Weasley
  • Matthew Lewis has been recast as Neville Longbottom
  • Evanna Lynch has been recast as Luna Lovegood:
    Ginny Weasley, Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood:    


  • Tom Felton has been recast as Draco Malfoy:
    Draco Malfoy:    


  • Jessie Cave has been cast as Lavender Brown:
    Lavender Brown:    


  • Georgina Leonidas has been cast as Katie Bell
  • Isabella Laughland has been cast as her friend Leanne:
    Leanne and Katie:    


  • Anna Shaffer has been cast as Romilda Vane:
    Romilda Vane:    


  • Scarlett Byrne has been cast as Pansy Parkinson:
    Pansy Parkinson:    


  • Alfie Enoch has been recast as Dean Thomas
  • Devon Murray has been recast as Seamus Finnigan

  • Shefali Chowdhury and Afshan Azad have been recast as Parvati and Padma Patil

  • Jamie Waylett has been recast as Vincent Crabbe
  • Josh Herdman has been recast as Gregory Goyle

  • William Melling has been recast as Nigel

  • Katie Leung has been recast as Cho Chang.

  • Greta Bellamacina has been cast as Pansy Parkinson’s friend

  • Melanie Slade has been cast as a Quidditch tryout spectator.

  • Dean Garmhan has been cast as Slytherin Student
    Slytherin Student:    


  • Katy Newman Wood has been recast as a Hogwarts Student:
    Hogwarts Student:    



Slug Club (and related):    

  • Freddie Stroma has been cast as Cormac McClaggen
  • Louis Cordice has been cast as Blaise Zabini
  • Rob Knox has been cast as Marcus Belby
  • Amber and Ruby Evans have been cast as Flora and Hestia Carrow:
    The Slug Club:    


  • Charlie Bennison has been cast as Sanguini the vampire:


  • Tom Moorcroft has been cast as Regulus Black. He will appear in a picture in Slughorn's house or office:
    Regulus Black:    


  • Alec Hopkins has been recast as Young Severus Snape. He stated he has filmed a few small things for HBP, mainly a photograph.

  • Tony Coborn has been cast as Young Lucius Malfoy for a picture of Slughorn’s:
    Young Lucius Malfoy:    


  • River George has been cast as Laurasia. She has been noted as saying her scenes have been cut.

  • Nina Voelker has been cast as Wendy Slinkhard
  • Elliot Francis has been cast as 6th Year/Slug Club Member
  • Guy Mannerings has been cast as Slug Club Member in Tom Riddle’s time.
  • Daniel Barnett has been cast as Hogwarts Graduate attending Slughorn’s Party:
    Misc. Slug Club Members:    



Order of the Phoenix Members:    

  • Mark Williams and Julie Walters have been recast as Arthur and Molly Weasley
    Arthur and Molly Weasley:    


  • David Thewlis has been recast as Remus Lupin
  • Natalia Tena has been recast as Nymphadora Tonks:
    Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks:    


  • James and Oliver Phelps have been recast as Fred and George Weasley:
    Fred and George Weasley:    



Death Eaters (and related):    

  • Helena Bonham Carter has been recast as Bellatrix Lestrange:
    Bellatrix Lestrange:    


  • Helen McCrory has been cast as Narcissa Malfoy:
    Naricissa Malfoy:    


  • Jason Isaacs has been recast as Lucius Malfoy for a cameo in a newspaper and a portrait:
    Lucius Malfoy:    


  • Timothy Spall has been recast as Peter Pettigrew

  • Dave Legeno has been cast as Fenrir Greyback
  • Ralph Inseson has been cast as Amycus Carrow
  • Suzanne Toase has been cast as Alecto Carrow
  • Rod Hunt has been cast as Blonde Death Eater Rowle
  • Lord John Paul Castrianni has been cast as Yaxley:
    Death Eaters:    


  • Hero Fiennes Tiffin has been cast as an 11-year-old Tom Riddle:
    11-year-old Tom Riddle:    


  • Frank Dillane has been cast as an 16-year-old Tom Riddle
    16-year-old Tom Riddle:    



Miscellaneous Castings:    

  • Susie Shiner has been recast as Young Lily Evans. Her scenes were cut from OotP.
    Young Lily Evans:    


  • Amelda Brown has been cast as Mrs Cole:
    Mrs Cole:    


  • Ashley Whitehead has been cast as an Orphan:
    Ashley Whitehead:    


  • Taylor Triphook and Katie Head have been cast as redhead twins

  • Teresa Mahoney has been cast as Sofie (Boardroom -Opening Scene):


  • Ben Shephard (host of the ‘Behind the Magic’ Harry Potter movie documentaries in the UK) has been cast as a parent in the WWW joke shop

  • Martin Ballantyne has been cast as Scary Face. It has been stated that his scene will be in Diagon Alley.


General Comments:    

David Yates:
One thing we said when we finished "Order of the Phoenix" was that we want a very different experience next time around. We're very proud of this film, the intensity, the emotion and everything. One of the great things Jo Rowling does in the book is that she captures stages of childhood so the next stage of childhood is a bit more sex, drugs and rock and roll. (This was later clarified to be sex, potions and rock and roll.)

It's about the kind of emotional and sexual politics of being a teenager. It's a very different swing, the next film. I think it needs to be for the series to keep evolving. In my work, every choice I've made I've always gone for something in the neurotically opposite direction. Once I've finished something, I've stayed keen to stay fresh as a story teller to try something different. The "Potter" world is so rich. They're so many things to play with in that world that it's possible to re-gear so the next one will be very different I think.

We'd be crazy not to take a look at the seventh book and not let us influence us as we're refining the sixth script. I think there may be things that could be really helpful so we'll be looking at it as soon as it comes out.

It’s going to be great to work with Kloves on Snape's ambiguity in the script.

The movie will be a cross between the chills of Prisoner of Azkaban and the fantastical adventure of Goblet of Fire.

We've got some really playful sequences and some material that obviously dips into the darker world of ‘Potter’ As the series matures, it tonally does get darker overall. It's sort of inevitable as you follow the material. The kids are getting older, more mature and complex.
Daniel Radcliffe:
I'm not going to be on autopilot. I've invested so much. We all want to make this film better than the last.

Expect to see several characters making out in the flick too.
Alan Rickman
Rickman refuses to talk about his character because he would not want to spoil the story.
David Heyman
The film is finished.

Test Screening Reactions:    

Jimbo Wage (Ain't it Cool News):
The problem with all of this romance is All of This Romance. It dominates the movie, drawing our focus away not only from major plot points – which fall disastrously through the cracks – but also deters the mood, which, in a (nearly) penultimate film, should be at the forefront.

The title of this film is Harry Potter and the HALF-BLOOD PRINCE but the title character gets next to no screen time and even less explanation, save for a few asides that, if you haven't read the book, may as well have been cut. Better to call the movie Harry Potter and the Hormones from Hedes and save us our disillusionment.

For a book based on Harry and Dumbledore's quest to find out more about Voldemort, and how to stop him, via his memories, all but three memories have been cut from the film. Why is it that the filmmakers decided it was more important to focus on teen-age love rather than what are inarguably critical plot points? It is aneurysm inducing logic that will surely leave me dead in my bathtub.

Anyone who has read the book (an incredible sum of folk who Warner Bros. seem to have forgotten are the target audience – either that or they have some personal vendetta against them) will be severely, SEVERELY disappointed with this film. Let's just hope that in the ten intervening months between now and the film's release, Warner's will take the time and the money to fix this incredible mess.

Sadly, I'm not holding my breath.
Michael Bravo (Ain’t it Cool News):
This leads me to another problem I had with the film – the mystery as to who the Half-Blood Prince is takes a backseat to all the dating stuff. Some of it’s pleasant and funny, but it should have been background comic relief to help balance the drama in the forefront.

They have almost a year before this film is released, so there’s plenty of time for editing, which is good news because this cut was quite underwhelming. A woman in our post-screening discussion of about 20-25 people said she usually cries at movies, but didn’t react at all when Dumbledore died. Hopefully, the filmmakers will ease up on the relationship stuff and emphasize more of the potions book/Half-Blood Prince plot.
trax_attacks (IMDB):
Overall, I found the movie to be .. rather odd. Where as the book gave me a "one last hoorah" feel, the movie just seemed out of place. They did a poor job balancing the main plot into the movie, and seemed to add much more romance than needed. It just didn't give me a "Harry Potter" feel at all. More like an "Inspired by Harry Potter and the HBP". Scenes were either cut or changed too much, and while the things that happened in the book are still there, some things are just completely altered. Characterization being one of the largest things. I accepted OotP, because I knew the book would be impossible to translate completely, and what they did include, they included perfectly. In this movie, I thought the book could be easily adapted. Instead they changed too much, and I could not understand the reasoning behind it. I was really excited to see this movie, seeing as it is my favorite book. The movie .. it just didn't do it for me. I'm a little less appreciative of Yates now, and I'm worried about DH. I'm praying justice is given to that book, as it ought to be.

I was so fed up with all the romance it just got annoying at some point.
When I said "too much romance" ... I mean that almost every scene has an added bit of romance to it. It’s like I couldn't escape from it. It really just took over, and the seriousness of the plot just seemed to be drowned in this sea of romantic puns and subtleties. its not that I'm completely against the Romance, but there seemed to be so much. And since HBP really builds the plot bridge for DH, I was surprised they didn't focus so much on the very important plot, seeing as it is … well … important.

Eric (Mugglenet):
A lot of the things people seemed to dislike about the fifth HP film, such as vast amounts of time passing in visually appealing yet otherwise disappointing montages, does not happen in this. The film maintains its director’s neat visuals, however. Right from the initial Burrow scene, it is clear that Mr. Yates has not lost his creative edge and rather moved on to do different and wonderful things with the camera.

The entire movie seems to keep its pace, and I think one of the things that has helped the filmmakers is a clear-cut set of events spread almost evenly throughout the year in the book. There’s not too much stuff going on, rather just enough things at significant enough times of year so that they can document the full year without it feeling rushed. Again I mention the closeness of the movie to the book particularly. Some scenes are almost verbatim, but the ones that aren’t serve to really enhance the movie’s impact and its ability to stand alone as a film

Book Six has either too much snogging or too much Voldemort – neither of which I complained about and both which I rather enjoyed – but this movie completely balances the two quite nicely. It seems effortless almost. But there are really dark scenes and then there are very fun scenes. If you know the characters from having read the books, I think you’ll get more out of the movie than those who haven’t and that’s surprising to me. For the first time, it seems, the filmmakers have made a movie which is REALLY true to the characters of the book and almost not afraid to leave newcomers with the shorter stick.

Also important to mention is that this movie is in NO way, at all, in any shape or form, a children’s movie. … and it makes me so happy that they could make such an intense movie, because it gives me real hope for the adaptations of the seventh book. But I think you should think twice before bringing your kid brother to see it.

Such effort is spent on the characters of the trio throughout the course of the movie.
Rachezee (LeakyLounge):
It is by far the most beautiful view of Hogwarts I have ever seen and completely different than previous movies. The views of the mountains are new and most of the outside landscape has been made far more majestic and beautiful. Though some of it was blue screened. Enough was left the same for continuity sake but many of the scenes we are used to in the movies now look far closer to what I imagined while reading than the way they have in the past few movies. … Whoever was in charge of the lighting for this film did a beyond superb job. I was not prepared for the beauty of this movie

I was really pleasantly surprised by this movie. Many of the changes were actually entertaining and Gambon has improved enough to be tolerable. It was so much better than Order of the Phoenix. Overall I really enjoyed this movie and can not wait to see it again.
beni555 (IMDB):
I wasn't really impressed with the Order of the Phoenix and was kinda skeptical about what David Yates would do with the 'Half Blood Prince' but I’m just blown away... it was so well put together and the re-introduction and growth of the characters was v.v.v.v.v impressive...!

They hit the nail bang on the head for the whole look and feel of the movie, the color scheme, the sets and cinematography was absolutely refreshing!!! It was a lil different from the previous movies and it WORKED!!!!

Get ready to see some noticeable changes in the sets, art production and general look of the movie ... they have been tweaked a bit, but in a very, very good way!! You will NOT be disappointed…

It was very refreshing and the cinematography and color scheme worked so well … it really drew you in ... reminiscent of how Azkaban plunged into such a different theme, compared to the first two movies..

The settings were eerily beautiful … it was so other-worldly … man, I wish I was living in it!!!
trax_attacks (IMDB):
The cinematography is beautiful, really beautiful.
I wouldn't call it a drastic change from OotP though. Think of it this way. As much as OotP was blue, HBP is yellow. It has a very yellow color wash, and it fit well with the overall tone of the film. It seemed to be a lot darker as well. Low brightness and high contrasts, which is a combo I personally love (photo major), and it just looked great in my opinion. Best of the HP series by far.

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Re: The All Inclusive HBP List

1. The Other Minister:    

  • Test screening viewers note that the Muggle Prime Minister is cut, and so is Scrimgeour:
    we don’t meet the Muggle Prime Minister
    There are no scenes with the Minister of Magic, and I don’t believe they even mentioned Fudge was sacked (though I may have missed it)
  • A test screening attendee gave a description of the opening scenes:
    The movie opens with a scene from OOTP, of Dumbledore and Harry at the ministry on the night Sirius dies, standing in front of a barrage of flash bulbs. Then it transitions to the WB logo and Harry Potter (which looked even cooler than the last movie). Then it goes to an interior shot of an ultra modern office building overlooking the Millennium Bridge. There are [Death Eaters] flying through the air and then the bridge starts to wave violently and then collapses with lots of people on it.
  • The second featurette showed shots from the scene in the Ministry of Magic:
    MoM ‘flashback’:    



  • The WB and HBP logos to be used in this film has been seen in the trailers, etc.:


  • It is confirmed from the leaked 5 minutes that track 1 of the soundtrack “Opening” will play during this scene.

  • A new character Sofie was cast for the “Boardroom – Opening Scene”. The test screening description allows us to infer that Sofie will be in the ‘ultra modern office building’. Her scene was shown in the Full trailer, released April:

  • We will see the Millennium bridge collapse, instead of the Brockdale Bridge, as part of a ‘big attack’.
    • Filming is for the bridge collapsing scene.
    • About 60 crew members and 120 extras.
    • Stuntmen will be falling into the river.
    • Bridge was being filmed with helicopter, on foot, and mounted camera crane.
    • Crews were only allowed to film every half hour to allow public on bridge.
    • More location shoots will be taking place in London.
    Pictures from the Millennium Bridge Shoot:    



  • Shots of this attack came from the third trailer, released in November, as well as the Full trailer from April:
    Bridge Attack:    



  • Ollivanders’ capture is seen in the film
    Ah yes I almost forgot about that, we do see His shop being smashed and I think even on fire, and we do see someone who we can all guess is Ollivander being taken away struggling with a bag over his head by masked death eaters
  • The Death Eaters entering Diagon Alley was seen in the TV spots:
    Flying through the brick wall:    



  • Shots of Death Eaters destroying Diagon Alley came from the third trailer, released in November, the ABC sneak peeks from December, the Japanese TV trailer from January and the Behind the Scenes Featurette from February:
    Diagon Alley:    



  • It is confirmed from the leaked 5 minutes that track 2 of the soundtrack “In Noctem” will play during this scene.

  • Rachezee discussed the opening scene during her interview with PrinceWatch:
    PrinceWatch Transcript:    

    PrinceWatch episode 3Rachel: -- it was really cool because it was -- it's -- it's a -- all pedestrian bridge so it's -- there was just --

    Scott: Ah.

    Rachel: -- a lot of people on the bridge and they were holding on for dear life and it was shaking. It was -- it --


    Vince: Wow.

    Rachel: -- looked like a movie about earthquakes. (laughter) But --

    Vince: And you see --

    Rachel: -- but it --

    Vince: -- people die?

    Rachel: -- [inaudible] blood.

    Vince: Do you see people die? Like when they fall into the water or just --

    Rachel: I don't think I re --

    Vince: Is it like violent?

    Rachel: I think it's --

    Vince: Is it --

    Rachel: -- no -- it disappears into the water and there's people on it so I think it's --

    Vince: Oh.

    Rachel: -- [inaudible] you know --

    Vince: Yeah. Yeah. That's pretty dark.

    Rachel: We don't --

    Vince: Yeah.

    Rachel: -- they could have survived, but not -- I mean, they wouldn't have been all that happy. (laughs)

    Vince: Oh, yeah. Yeah. (laughs)

    Scott: So is it just a real quick --

    Vince: And the --

    Scott: -- scene -- over real fast or is it -- is it a good --

    Rachel: It's long enough --

    Scott: -- cinematic opening?

    Rachel: -- I would say. It's not --

    Scott: That's good.

    Rachel: -- super -- but it's long enough. It doesn't -- you understand that something -- something bad is happening and it's not a normal event -- you know, it's not a natural --

    Vince: Right.

    Rachel: -- occurring event.

    Scott: Right.

    Rachel: So ... (laughs)

    Vince: Is it --

    Scott: Well, is there any --

    Vince: -- sort of a bomb --

    Scott: -- other events --

    Vince: -- or --

    Scott: -- from the book from that first chapter -- like where there was murders of people inside houses with like locked windows and doors or was --

    Vince: Yeah. Is it like a part of a montage or --

    Scott: -- was there any Death Eater attacks or anything after the bridge attack?

    Rachel: No. I --

    Scott: I know we --

    Rachel: -- I -- it went to Olli -- I think the one thing I had forgotten when I writ -- wrote it was that the Ollivander sce -- there was a scene where Ollivander -- where it's obvious it's him -- gets dragged out of his shop.

    Vince: It's obvious it's him? Oh -- because some --

    Rachel: Yeah, because --

    Vince: -- people said --

    Rachel: -- it's his shop.

    Vince: -- it's not obvious.

    Rachel: You -- they don't -- you don't see him because I don't think they even got the actor back for it, but -- for this movie -- but the --

    Vince: But it's implied that it's him, yeah.

    Rachel: Yeah, 'cause they put a bag over -- they put one of those sacks over his head and they drag him out.

    Scott: Uh-huh.

    Rachel: But it's obvious he's alive.

    Scott: Cool.

    Rachel: There's no question that -- that he's not -- they didn't kill him. They -- they just dragged out -- dragged him out of the shop and --

    Scott: So it goes --

    Rachel: -- and [inaudible] (attacks?)

    Scott: -- from the bridge attack --

    Vince: That sets up --

    Scott: -- to --

    Vince: -- Deathly Hallows then -- I guess then, at the end? I guess, again --

    Rachel: Yeah. They're --

    Vince: -- to keep that subplot in

    Rachel: Yeah. They were --

    Vince: -- Deathly Hallows.

    Rachel: -- definitely setting it up.

    Vince: Yeah.

    Rachel: So ...

    Scott: It goes the -- the bridge attack to Diagon Alley and then directly to Harry in the café?

    Rachel: Yeah.

  • The final version of this scene was leaked in German. Due to copyright restrictions, this can not be shown here.

3. Will and Won't:    

  • Test screening attendees told us that the Dursleys and Kreacher are cut
    No Dursleys at all. No Privet Drive. No inheriting Grimmauld place or Kreacher as there is no Kreacher or Dobby.
  • It is possible that track 3 of the soundtrack “The Story Begins” will play during this scene.

  • According to the Snitchseeker Set Report Teaser, there will be a scene which features Harry and a waitress:
    We also learned that there will be scenes which indicate our favourite trio are getting older, including an encounter between Harry and a waitress
  • We have further learnt from the EW set report that the scene will take place at the beginning.
    The opening sequence finds Harry flirting at with a waitress
  • Pictures of the waitress have emerged:

  • The first TV spot showed shot from this sequence:
    Waitress Scene:    



  • Test screening viewers further describe the opening:
    Directly following this [Bridge attack] we see Harry in Little Whinging at a cafe called Treats, which is in/by a train station. He is reading the paper about the bridge collapse and he asks the waitress what time she gets off work. However he is then distracted by a train, which departs to reveal Dumbledore standing on the opposite platform. … Harry and Dumbledore Side-Along Apparate (the special effect, which appeared to be completed, was perfect in matching the canon description of the act) to the village where Slughorn is staying
  • Rachezee described this scene during her interview with PrinceWatch, saying that Harry is reading a Daily Prophet during the scene and that he is told off by Dumbledore for being out of the safety of Privet Drive:
    PrinceWatch Transcript:    

    PrinceWatch episode 3 Scott: It goes the -- the bridge attack to Diagon Alley and then directly to Harry in the café?

    Rachel: Yeah.

    Scott: Okay.

    Rachel: And he's flirting with this wait -- well, with like a pretty wait -- well, actually, she's flirting with him and then he flirts back. Like --

    Vince: Oh.

    Meesha: I -- now I -- I'm -- this really --

    Vince: Uh-oh.

    Meesha: -- concerns me. I mean, this scene just does not sound like it flows with the rest of the movie very well.

    Rachel: I think I audibly said "Uh-oh" when I saw it. And I was --

    Meesha: Yeah.


    Rachel: -- I think -- I -- I think I've expressed before that I've been -- I was hesitant about seeing this movie in the first pl -- when it was supposed to be -- you know, I -- of course, I would see the screen -- screening (laughs) no matter what, but --

    Meesha: Right.

    Rachel: -- I was --

    Vince: Of course, I would.

    Rachel: I was debating about whether or not to see -- not because of it being delayed, but just because of -- I -- I was being -- I've been annoyed with the movies (laughs) recently so --

    Vince: Yeah. Bitter.

    Rachel: -- but --

    Vince: Yeah.

    Rachel: -- and this -- like -- I was just like "Oh God" -- I -- you know, what -- what -- you know, what are they thinking? (laughs) But it actually --

    Vince: Yeah.

    Rachel: -- wasn't that bad. Maybe I was just expect -- you know, I've gotten used --

    Meesha: Yeah.

    Rachel: -- to being (laughs) disappointed about the -- you know, about the movies by now, but I thought it wasn't that bad.

    Meesha: Yeah. I see.

    Vince: Is it a really quick --

    Rachel: [inaudible]

    Vince: Is it like --

    Rachel: -- you know? (laughs)

    Meesha: Well, I mean, it --

    Vince: -- a really quick little scene? Is it like --

    Rachel: It's --

    Vince: -- [inaudible]

    Rachel: -- not that long. He --

    Vince: Oh. [inaudible]

    Rachel: Basically, what happens is --

    Meesha: Yeah.

    Rachel: Basically, what happens is that Harry is sitting there reading the Daily Prophet and the waitress comes up and says -- it's basically otherwise empty -- and says, you know, "I saw -- you left one of those papers here another day -- or another -- the other night -- and I saw one of those pictures moving". And he -- he -- and he goes -- he goes, "Oh, well -- you know -- really?" Like, kind of -- you know -- like, I don't know what you're talking about. But -- and then -- (laughter) -- and then -- and then -- then, basically, he goes -- basically, she -- she's kind of flirting and -- and as she's about to leave, he goes -- well -- you know, "what time do you get off?" and --

    Vince: Ah. (laughs)

    Rachel: -- and then, all of a sudden, the windows fog up and I thought Dementors were coming, but -- because of the windows fogging up -- but it turns out to be Dumbledore. (laughs) So ...

    Vince: Oh. That's cool. (laughter) That's a cool effect, yeah.

    Rachel: And --

    Vince: Yeah.

    Rachel: -- Dumbledore does chide him for being there. He says, you know, "you're -- that's really -- you know, you're not being safe."

    Vince: Oh. Very --

    Meesha: Oh good.

    Vince: -- good.

    Scott: Oh, okay.

    Vince: Very good.

    Scott: Okay. That's nice.

    Meesha: That's what I was worried about. Yeah. That's good.

    Vince: That's awesome.

    Rachel: Yeah and there's also little -- little jabs --

    Vince: It's in character too.

    Rachel: -- at Harry that I don't remember the exact -- exactly what he says, but I know that there was little interchanges and that was -- it started there and kept going throughout the movie where it made it really clear that -- that Harry was comfortable with him and -- and thought of him -- you know, was talking to him like --

    Vince: Like a friend.

    Rachel: -- you would talk to your grandpa or his friend --

    Vince: Ah.

    Rachel: -- or mentor, you know, so it wasn't -- it was no longer the same relationship anymore.

  • Lucius’ imprisonment will be highlighted in the opening according to a test screening viewer in a newspaper. This is likely to be the newspaper Harry is reading.
    Also some time in the beginning we see a newspaper article referring to Lucius being in Azkaban. There is a moving picture of him.
  • A scene at Surbiton train station, including the actors Michael Gambon and Daniel Radcliffe, was filmed. Later information clarified that this scene is where Dumbledore picks Harry up:

  • The Full trailer from April showed Dumbledore’s arrival at the Underground:


  • The HBO preview showed Dumbledore looking at a billboard for a fragrance, ‘Magic’:

  • Rachezee discussed the Apparition and its introduction to the film series during her interview with PrinceWatch:
    PrinceWatch Transcript:    

    PrinceWatch episode 3Aaron: They don't really explain any -- how any spells are taught really in the film anyway so ...

    Rachel: Yeah, they never --

    Meesha: Yeah, that's true.

    Rachel: -- actually show them have any --

    Aaron: They just assume it.

    Rachel: -- that they --

    Scott: Yeah.

    Rachel: -- that they have to be a certain age or anything like -- or -- or how difficult it is. It's just, you know, something an adult wizard can do. And so -- yeah -- because, in the beginning, when Harry -- when Harry was taken from the tube station -- from wherever -- he was there -- who knows -- (laughter) -- but -- and -- but, he -- he was taken from the tube station and he says to Dumbledore -- he said, "Did I just apparate", and Dumbledore --

    Vince: Oh.

    Rachel: -- said, "Yeah", you know -- so ...

    Meesha: So they do reference it?

    Rachel: Yeah, and -- and it looks like it was described in the book. Like, I thought it was actually really well -- it looks like your kind of squeezing through a tube -- like a --
    Vince: Oh, really?

    Rachel: -- you know, at a really fast rate of --

    Meesha: Wow.

    Rachel: -- rate of speed. Like -- you know, in IMAX --

    Scott: Well, that's --

    Rachel: -- it will look pretty cool -- especially. It's good --

    Vince: Wow.

    Rachel: -- at the, you know, regular theater too. So ... yeah.

  • Dumbledore's withered hand has been confirmed. Jo Rowling got chills when she saw Gambon with the green screen glove on. A test screening viewer talks of the hand in the movie
    We see his hand, but I wouldn't call it "thoroughly explained" but it is certainly hinted at. So much it would be mindless for one not to understand why his hand is blackened. No mention that it was the cause of his death though, thank god
  • Dumbledore’s hand was shown (from a different scene) in the second trailer, released in October:
    Dumbledore’s Hand:    


  • The second featurette shows Harry and Dumbledore discussing his hand, the latter saying that “The tale is thrilling if I say so myself”

  • The Japanese TV trailer showed Harry and Dumbledore apparating from the station, and Dumbledore telling Harry “That was fun! Most people vomit the first time.”


  • The final version of this scene was leaked in German. Due to copyright restrictions, this can not be shown here.

  • A loose translation of this scene was revealed:
    Radio: Millennium bridge disaster. The navigation is interrupted during police diver still after victims searches. the surrounding range is secured. The mayor…

    Harry (reading to himself): Azkaban's new prisoner....in disgrace please....Malfoy's wife and son leave the Process...

    Waitress: The chosen-one? Who is Harry Potter?

    Harry: Oh nobody...a considerable idiot actually

    Waitress: Your newspaper is weird...I have recently thought a photo moved...
    Harry : really? Woman: I was scared ....that I'm going mad

    Harry (turning after she leaves): I've got a question....

    Woman: 11pm....there I have conclusion here...then you can tell me more about the idiot

    (Dumbledore appears and Harry goes outside)

    Dumbledore: You've been reckless this summer.

    Harry: I like to travel in trains. It's a great distraction.

    Dumbledore: Looks rather unpleasant, doesn't it? The story behind it is quite thrilling, if I may say so. But we don't have time for this right now. Take my arm.
    (Harry looks to the Waitress who is looking for him)
    Do as I say.

    (Scene continues in next chapter)

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Re: The All Inclusive HBP List

4. Horace Slughorn:    

  • Scenes outside Slughorn's house were filmed late 2007. They have recreated the entire village of Budleigh Babberton from the book including the old war memorial. There is a store called “Babberton Arms” in the background.
    Budleigh Babberton:    


  • A picture of Harry and Dumbledore (without effects) surfaced

  • Some test screening viewers describe the films portrayal of Slughorn:
    One of my largest concerns for the movie was getting to see Jim Broadbent as Horace Slughorn. Don’t worry. Throughout the movie, I was continuously impressed with how they adapted the character to the film, and to say that he does reflect my Slughorn from the books satisfactorily, with a little extra, is true. The scene where they meet Slughorn is surprisingly close to the events of the book, as is most of this movie, actually. I was surprised and delighted to see Couch-Slughorn put to film.

    Dumbledore takes Harry along to slughorn's and at this point i thought i was getting a little wary considering slughorn wasn't at all like i imagined him to be... there's an illustration of slughorn in the book and that's more or less what i thought he would look like, whereas in the movie, he's much taller and a little thinner, and less indlugent and opulent looking..so i was a lil dissapointed by that, but trust me, as the movie goes on, that doesnt matter a bit because he fits in very well with the whole package...
  • A sequence of Harry and Dumbledore arriving at Slughorn’s came from the third trailer, released November:
    Harry and Dumbledore outside Slughorn’s:    


  • The inside of Slughorn’s Home was featured on the HBP Sneak Peeks from late 2007:
    Slughorn’s Home:    



  • The second featurette showed Harry and Dumbledore coming into the room:
    Inside Slughorn’s:    



  • The LA Times gave a picture of Harry and Dumbledore at Slughorn’s hideout:

  • The Slughorn chair transformation has been confirmed from the Mugglenet Set Report Teaser:
    The chair version of Slughorn was also in the pressroom. I quickly had a seat in it. I plopped myself down a little too quickly and unexpectedly sank into it. His pajamas (which were right next to the chair) match the cloth on the couch and the transformation should be something hysterical.
  • This transformation was shown in the second featurette and the ’50 minutes’ preview:
    The Chair:    



  • Yates said there was a comical scene where someone goes to draw the drapes and the entire curtain falls. This might be part of the scene in Slughorn's house.

  • A picture of Dumbledore and Slughorn cleaning has surfaced

  • A test screening viewer describes this scene:
    Dumbledore is repairing the damage to the muggle house Slughorn is staying in at the beginning of the movie. Slughorn does not help but just stands there looking amazed and astonished at the magic Dumbledore is performing for some reason. Like he has never seen magic before
  • The two Featurettes showed even more Dumbledore cleaning the house:



  • A shot of Slughorn showing Harry the photos of famous wizards on his mantelpiece came from the ABC sneak peeks and the ’50 minutes’ preview:

  • Nina Voelker, who was cast as Wendy Slinkhard, explains what significance her original character plays in the film:
    Only a very small role, Slinkhard Wendy is a former student of Professor Slughorn's and is now a published author, so I was in a picture with Professor Slughorn, played by Jim Broadbent, which I will dedicate in my book. This picture might be in Slughorn's house.
  • Slughorn will show Harry a picture of Lily, according to a test screening viewer:
    Slughorn does tell Harry that he has his mother's eyes in the beginning when Harry first meets him. Slughorn shows him a picture of Lily. I don't think I have mentioned this anywhere before, but the picture looked a lot like ginny. A lot. It was the first thing I thought when I saw it. Not in a bad way either, I mean you could tell it wasn't her, but it looked like her. Kind of in keeping with a lot of fan art I have seen in terms of similarities.
  • The HBO Preview showed Slughorn discussing the Black family with Harry:

  • Gambon had been ‘camping it up’ on set and word got out that they filmed Dumbledore saying the "I do love knitting patterns” line.

  • Harry and Dumbledore leaving was in the second Featurette:

  • Slughorn will shout "Alright! Alright" I'll take the job!" as Harry and Dumbledore leave his house like in the book.

  • The Full trailer, released April, showed Slughorn outside his house, documenting the dark times:

  • The second and third trailers (Oct and Nov) both showed Harry and Dumbledore apparating from Budleigh Babberton:


  • The final version of this scene was leaked in German. Due to copyright restrictions, this can not be shown here.

  • A loose translation of this scene was revealed:
    Harry: I just apparated, didn't I?

    Dumbledore: Indeed! Exceptionally successful, I might add. Most people vomit the first time.

    Harry: Funny, I wonder why!

    (Dumbledore begins to walk off)

    Dumbledore: Welcome to the charming village of Budleigh Babberton. You probably wondered why I brought you here.

    Harry: Sir, after all these years I sort of just go with it.

    Dumbledore (seeing the askew door): Wands out!

5. An Excess of Phlegm:    

  • The Burrow is confirmed as in the movie.

  • Fleur Delacour and Bill Weasley have both been cut.

  • Test Screening viewers describe Harry’s arrival:
    It's actually another really cute part of the movie - Dumbledore tells Harry that his trunk and Hedwig are waiting for him at the Burrow (whilst they're still... wherever they are getting Slughorn) and then it cuts to the Burrow and Ginny comes downstairs and sees Harry's stuff and yells for her mom, wanting to know when Harry arrived. Molly sticks her head over the railing from one of the higher floors and tells her that Harry HASN'T arrived and Ginny says something about his stuff being there... then Ron sticks HIS head over the railing from higher up and says, 'Did someone say Harry? What about Harry?' and Ginny says, 'Is he up there with you?' and Ron says, 'I'd know if my best mate was here, wouldn't I?' and then the same thing happens with Hermione, and they all get downstairs just as Harry comes in.
  • It is likely that track 4 of the soundtrack “Ginny” will play during this scene.

  • Pictures during this sequence have emerged:

  • A picture of Harry and Ginny hugging at the Burrow has emerged online.

  • A quote from Leaky’s Set Report Teaser discusses Harry’s hug with Ginny:
    The romance bug is making its rounds in this film, with Dan speaking of a script direction indicating an “oddly charged” moment between Harry and Ginny when they first see each other in the burrow
  • The Behind the Scenes Featurette showed Hermione hugging Harry too:

  • A Panini sticker shows Harry at the Burrow:

  • Staying true to the book, according to the HPANA Set Report Teaser, the Weasley Clock will have all hands pointing to “Mortal Peril”
    and the Weasley's Burrow (complete with the family clock -- all hands pointing to "Mortal Peril").
  • A calendar picture showing the Weasley clock and the living room emerged:
    The Burrow:    


  • A scene in Ron's bedroom has been filmed and a picture of this scene has been leaked:

  • Shots from this scene emerged:

  • The Behind the Scenes Featurette from February showed Harry in this scene:

  • The HBO Preview showed the trio laughing in this scene:

  • IESB debuted this scene. It can be seen here.

  • A test screening viewer describes this scene
    This picture is when Harry first arrives at the burrow and Hermione and Ron tell him people are saying Dumbledore is not as sharp as he used to be.

    I believe Hermione does asked Harry how he is doing regarding Sirius. This would be sometime during the scene in Ron's Room when they are all sitting on the floor. My memory is that he answers with an "I'm fine" with an obvious sense of more meaning, but he did not want to talk about it, kind of thing. Otherwise I do not recall any other mention of Sirius
  • A scene between Ron and Hermione was noted by a test screening viewer
    At the Burrow, there is some tension between Ron and Hermione when Ron wipes spearmint toothpaste off of Hermione's cheek.

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Re: The All Inclusive HBP List

2. Spinner’s End:    

  • A test screening attendee mentions that the Spinner’s End scene is moved in the film:
    The scene of Spinner's End happens just after Harry arrives at the Burrow.
  • It is highly likely that track 5 of the soundtrack “Snape & the Unbreakable Vow” will play during this scene.

  • A picture of Spinner’s End came from a calendar picture, as well as a sticker.
    Calendar picture:    


  • Information about this scene came from a reliable source
    The real Unbreakable Vow scene is really good. A lot like the book. Wormtail even appears briefly at the beginning. When we first see Snape he's reading a newspaper about the bridge collapse and Harry now being The Chosen One.
  • A shot of this newspaper came from the original HBP sneak peeks from the OotP DVD:

  • Snape was seen reading this in the HBO preview:

  • More information came from the test screening
    There is no insults or jibes between Bellatrix and Snape. The only thing I remember clearly is Bella goes to the mantle over the fire place and starts picking things up. Snape snaps at her to “Put that down” and something about being rude and Bella glares at him with a touch of humor but puts it down.

    Snape does say that the Dark lord has already told him of the plan Narcissa is about to reveal and Bellatrix does seem surprised.
  • Information that somewhat contradicts the test screening comes from a press screening:
    Snape's struggle in the movie is trying to "prove" to Bellatrix he serves the Dark Lord. Bellatrix doubts the whole way, even with his agreeing to the unbreakable vow.
    [A image emerged of Snape and Bellatrix:

  • Another press screening attendee describes this scene:
    I find it hard to be objective about the Snape/Cissy/Bella scene because I hate the casting of Narcissa (Bella too for that matter but that's another story) You really got the impression that Snape was making a big decision in agreeing to the Unbreakable Vow. You could tell he REALLY didn't want to have to do it. Excellent acting by Rickman at that moment. In that sense we get the inkling Snape is a double agent but that's only to us in the know who have read book 7. The same goes for Snape's argument with Dumbledore in which he tells him he doesn't want to do his job anymore (a nice rare emotional moment for Snape)
  • A shot of Narcissa crying came from the fourth trailer, released March:

  • The HBO preview showed more of this scene:
    The Unbreakable Vow:    



  • A picture of the vow has surfaced

  • A similar shot with special effects was also seen:

  • A close up shot of the vow came from the Full trailer, released April:

6. Draco's Detour:    

  • Information about these scenes came from a fan set report. Firstly, Diagon Alley will be seen again and Ollivander's has been destroyed:
    We walked around Diagon Alley. Ollivander's had been destroyed, all the windows were smashed and it was trashed. The shops had complete interiors in case the camera caught a glimpse inside by accident. Quality Quidditch supplies had a Quidditch equipment display, uniforms on dummies and drawers full of clothing. Florean Fortescue's had fake ice cream sundaes lining the walls on shelves. Flourish and Blotts had hundreds of books inside the doorway piled up and on shelves. The large books in the windows are actually Watford phone directories covered!
  • The ’50 minutes’ preview showed a shot of Diagon Alley:

  • The empty Ollivanders shop will be visited, according to Mugglenet’s test screening review
    Ollivander’s shop is empty. Can you believe they mention it? They do. They even have time to walk inside and feel sad.
  • A shot from the TV spots could possibly be of the trio looking in the destructed Ollivanders:

  • More info from the fan set report tells us that WWW Joke Shop is in the movie:
    But WWW stood out in bright orange with a curved front door. It was the most wonderful place. It was like every dream you had as a kid. There were skiving snack boxes, puking pastels, U-No-Poo, sweets from floor to ceiling. It had a set of stairs winding up the middle and was three floors high. The detail was amazing; the shelves were crooked with brightly coloured goods on every surface. It was truly breath taking. At the end of our tour we watched them filming a scene there. When you see the scene where Fred and George are talking to Ron on the stairs, he asks how much for an item, they say '5 galleons', Ron says 'but I'm your brother' and they say '10 galleons'. Well I am standing behind the stairs (out of sight) by the door! It took eight takes just for that few seconds and I was told they only complete 2 minutes of film a day
  • The shot of entering the joke shop came from the ’50 minutes’ preview:

  • A reliable source gave us the script for the WWW scene; shots of the shop came from multiple sources:

    CLOSE ON a SHOPPING BAG, bearing Weasley's Wizard Wheezes, clutched in the hand of a boy being pulled by his mother through the throng packed sardine-tight in the store. It's utter madness:

    Ever-Bashing Boomerangs whip through the air, Dr. Filibuster's Fabulous Wet-Start No-Heat fireworks spit sparks, and Nose-Biting Teacups bare tiny porcelain teeth.

    FRED & GEORGE WEASLEY, in SCREAMING MAGENTA, stand upon a counter, selling to the masses:

    Step up! Step up!

    We've got Fainting Fancy...

    Nosebleed Nougats...

    And just in time for school...

    Puking Pastilles!

    A BOY stops chewing, turns PALE GREEN--literally.

    Into the cauldron, handsome

    Together, with the tips of their toes, Fred and George launch a SLOSHING CAULDRON down the counter, drop down on either side of Harry, begin to steer him through the store.

    What'd you think, Harry?


    (to a browsing boy)
    Pocket that and you'll pay in more than Galleons, my friend.

    We've got eyes in the back of our heads.

    The boy, working a SCREAMING YO YO, blanches as Fred and George turn, reveal they do in fact have EYES IN THE BACK OF THEIR HEADS--phony, but unnerving. As the EYES WINK, the tiny boy bolts.

    Bloody urchins.

    Harry eyes a display of ORANGE AND BLACK LUMPS.

    Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder?

    A real money spinner that.

    Handy if you need to make a quick escape. Hello ladies!

    George drops one of the lumps in Harry's hand, turns to Ginny and Hermione, who peruse a display of "Wonder Witch Love Potions."

    GEORGE (cont'd)
    Yes, they really work.

    Then again, the way we hear it, sis, you're doing just fine on your own.


    Are you not currently dating Dean Thomas?

    Harry pretends to consider a rack of "Ten-Second Pimple Vanisher," but secretly eavesdrops.

    None of your business.

    These are adorable.

    Inside a cage, small round BALLS of FLUFF roll about, SQUEAK.

    Aren't they? Pygmy Puffs. Can't breed them fast enough.

    Just then, a HUGE BOY (CORMAC MCLAGGEN) passes behind Hermione and, with his eyes, takes the full measure of her. Noticing, she turns, receives a faint smile as he moves on.

    How much for this?

    A TINY WOODEN MAN ascends a TINY GALLOWS and...DROPS. George rides a rolling ladder into FRAME, drops next to Fred.

    Five Galleons.

    How much for me?

    Five Galleons.

    But I'm your brother!

    Ten Galleons.

    C'mon. Let's go.

    The trio head for the door, passing LAVENDER BROWN, who smiles flirtatiously at an oblivious Ron.

    Hi, Ron.


  • Even more info from the fan set report confirmed that Borgin & Burke's is in the film and there will be wanted posters of Bellatrix Lestrange and the Carrows in Knockturn Alley:
    We saw Knockturn Alley but the lights weren't on so it was by torch light! Saw Borgin and Burkes that way. The vanishing cabinet was in the centre, it was dark wood with a slanted roof. There were lots of skulls and creepy looking objects – even creepier due to the lack of lighting. There were wanted posters on the alley walls for Bellatrix and the Carrows.
  • These wanted posters were shown at the Harry Potter Exhibition:

  • They were also seen on display during the ’50 minutes’ preview:

  • Sky News showed the trio climbing onto the roof:

  • A test screening viewer describes the Borgin and Burkes scene
    Yes we see draco in Borgin and Burkes, greyback is there too. The trio actually follow Draco and Narcissa to the shop (did I mention, there is no scene at Madame Malkins, some of you have asked). So Narcissa actually accompanies Draco. There are very unique camera angles over Knockturn Alley and Borgin and Burkes for this scene. It is fairly well done. Though Hermione does not go in.

    We didn't actually see the inside of Borgin and Burke's except through a dirty window, and it's Fenrir Greyback that pulls down the shade.
  • A Panini sticker showed Draco looking into the Borgin and Burkes shop:

  • More Panini stickers show the trio watching:


  • A final Panini sticker shows Greyback before he closes the curtain:

  • The HBO preview showed the trio seeing the Malfoys inside from the roof and hiding:


7. The Slug Club:    

  • From the test screenings, it was noted the Hogwarts Express felt different.
    Apparently the Hogwarts Express seems a little different somehow. In a good way, and not like continuity is ruined, but it apparently has a different feel to it.
  • Rachezee elaborated on this in her appearance on PrinceWatch, telling that a new area of the Express, a dining car, is shown:
    PrinceWatch episode 3 Aaron: From that – how it was different it was kind of –

    Rachel: It – it had the dining car. That was how – I mean – that was – there was – there was other cars besides just the ca – you know, the – cabins that they usually are in. They – There was the – Draco was actually in a dining car, like there definitely – there was tables – was a – was a place to eat, you know (laughs)

    Aaron: Ah, ok.

    Rachel: It was bigger. So it wasn’t – it was more like a, you know, a real train rather than – and it – it was a little bit bigger looking.

  • Shots of the Hogwarts train travelling to Hogwarts have been filmed. A shot of the Hogwarts express featured in the first trailer, released July and another was released in hi-res:

  • A image showed Arnold riding on Ginny’s shoulder:

  • A scene in the train can be witnessed during a Spanish dubbing session:

  • Luna Lovegood will wear her Spectrespecs as in the book. This was first seen in an official picture, but also seen in a calendar and the third trailer:

    Alternate Views:    


  • Rachezee discussed this picture and Lynch’s Lunaish way of handing out the Quibbler’s in her appearance on PrinceWatch:
    PrinceWatch episode 3 Scott: Oh, and – and then we’ve got a picture of Luna, which is quite hilarious, in her Spectrespecs. (laughs)

    Vince: Yeah.

    Meesha: I love –

    Rachel: Yeah, she’s passing –

    Meesha: – this picture.

    Rachel: – out the Quibblers to everybody.

    Scott: Oh.

    Rachel: Like – she’s just giving them away to everyone…


    Vince: How is that scene, anyway? I – Like, is that like a…

    Rachel: Oh, she was cute, you know – she was – she was typical Luna – I mean Evanna Lynch does a great job, so – as Luna – so – and she was just, just passing them out in her very Lunaish way and – and you know, Gin – Ginny gets one and Her – and I think even Hermione takes one too (laughs) at one point. (laughs)

  • Test screening viewers have stated the first Slug Club meeting has been moved from the train.

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Re: The All Inclusive HBP List

8. Snape Victorious:    

  • The HBP sneak peeks from late 2007 have confirmed the scene where Harry is spying on the Slytherins in their compartment under the cloak and then where Draco freezes Harry on the train and covers him with his cloak is confirmed.
    Petrificus Totalus!:    


  • Luna will replace Tonks’ role of saving Harry.
    Luna uses her Spectrespecs to find Harry and save him herself.
  • A script of this scene emerged from a reliable source; screenshots of this scene came from multiple sources:
    HBP script

    Let's just say I don't think you'll be seeing me wasting my time in Charms Class next year.

    Confused, Pansy glances at Blaise, who snorts derisively.

    Amused, Blaise? We'll see just who's laughing in the end.

    Blaise shakes his head, smiling as he looks out the window at the darkness. Just then the small bag in the upper rack shifts. Malfoy's eyes play over it.


    The Hogwarts Express steams into the station.


    Ron and Hermione step into the crowded aisle.

    Where's Harry?

    Probably on the platform. C'mon.


    As Blaise and Pansy make to exit, Malfoy takes down the small bag, grips the handle thoughtfully.

    You two go on. I want to check something.

    Malfoy slides shut the door. LETS THE BLINDS DOWN. A beat.

    Didn't mummy ever tell you it's bad manners to eavesdrop, Potter? Petrificus Totalus!

    Malfoy wheels, points his wand at the luggage rack. Something hits the floor with a THUMP. The Invisibility Cloak slips away and reveals Harry, paralyzed on the floor. Malfoy grins.

    Oh, right, she was dead before you could wipe the drool off your chin.

    Malfoy brings his boot down hard on Harry's face. SNAP! Blood squirts from Harry's nose. Malfoy snatches up the Invisibility cloak, pitches it over Harry.

    Enjoy the ride back to London.


    Malfoy steps off, pulls his cloak tight and disappears into the night.

    Softly, a SOUND rises, of a GIRL LIGHTLY HUMMING and we CUT TO a...



    Luna Lovegood wanders down the aisle HUMMING, red and blue Spectrespecs wobbling on the bridge of her nose. Up ahead one compartment's BLINDS are shut. Luna stops HUMMING. Cocks her head curiously. As she does, the LIGHT from an overhead lantern kicks off the cheap plastic lenses of her glasses and, for the briefest of seconds, a FLUTTERING CLOUD appears.

    Of tiny insects. Or pixie dust. Or a trick of the light.


    Luna's SILHOUETTE SWELLS over the blinds, then the door opens. She calmly draws her wand and sends forth a blast of RED LIGHT.

    The Invisibility Cloak slithers from Harry's body.

    Hello, Harry.

    Luna. How'd you..?

    Wrackspurts. Your head's full of them.

  • A test screening viewer commented on this scene:
    I do not remember seeing alot of blood, but I think the blood might be added in with cgi. But we also experience the stomping from Harry's point of view as though we are lying on the ground and Draco is stomping on us. It was a very effective scene though, although I remember the audience gasping. In the following scene luna offers to repair his nose, and Harry asks something like, "Have you ever repaired a broken nose before?" so we do know that is was broken. (Luna fixes it without a hitch)
  • A behind the scenes shot showed Luna fixing Harry’s nose:

  • Rachezee discussed this scene during her appearance on PrinceWatch:
    PrinceWatch Interview:    

    PrinceWatch episode 3Meesha: Did – did Draco actually stomp on his nose –

    Rachel: Yes.

    Vince: Yes, he did.

    Rachel: Yes, and – and like – and you see it from the point of views as if it’s Harry lying down on the ground.

    Meesha: Oh. Oh, that’s cool.

    Rachel: So, he kinda stomps on you, if you know what I mean (laughs)

    Meesha: Yeah

    Vince: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

    Scott: Yeah (laughs)

    Meesha: The big foot coming down, yeah.


    Rachel: – it’s the sound that matters – there was a sickening sound of a nose breaking, you know.

    Vince: Oh! That’s good – something.

    Meesha: Yeah.

    Rachel: Yeah. And that’s – that’s what pulls it off is it’s – I thing they put a snap in the script, you know what I mean, and it was a – it was a – (It sounded great)

    Vince: Oh, they did? A snap?

    Scott: Hm.

    Rachel: Well that’s what they say in the script leak.

    Vince: Oh, in the script. But in the movie, you can’t hear a little snap?

    Rachel: We hear something that sounds gross you know…

    Vince: Ah.

    Meesha: Sounds like a bone breaking.

    Rachel: Something you won’t want happening to you (laughs)


    Rachel: The only – the only problem with this scene is potentially that – is that – so, you know, Luna can see through an Invisibility Cloak with Spectrespecs. You know (laughs) –

    Vince: Yeah.

    Rachel: – it is one of the Deathly Hallows, so… (laughs) But – so …

    Scott: So she can actually see his body? I thought that…

    Rachel: Well no. I mean she can see something. So – It’s not completely –

    Scott: Oh.

    Rachel: – doesn’t make him completely invisible.

    Scott: I just thought she saw the things kinda floating around in the air with…

    Vince: Ambiguous, then eh?

    Rachel: She does. But then – But she – But she knows that something’s there.

    Scott: OK. But yeah, yeah, I see what you’re saying. She can see the things floating around his head. Kind of.


    Scott: So…

    Vince: It’s ambiguous. It sounds like it’s ambiguous, like…

    Scott: Yeah.

    Vince: … not sure really, like – it…

    Rachel: Yeah, it doesn’t look like anyone –

    Vince: Luna …

    Rachel: – It doesn’t look like anyone. It looks like, you know, a really small form of flies maybe. Colourful flies, maybe, you know what I mean? It doesn’t – It doesn’t…

    Vince: So I guess they’re real then?


    Scott: I suppose so.

    Rachel: Well they are seen through Spectrespecs, so (laughs)

    Vince: Yeah.

    Scott: So, the train then, isn’t about to leave. It doesn’t appear it’s pulling out and he gets found, you know, before he’s – you know, off, and gonna miss the feast. It –It’s like she discovers him right away as they...?

    Rachel: Yeah. Yeah – they’re not too far. I mean they’re – they’re definitely behind everyone else, but they’re not – they’re not superbly behind. They – they make it to the feast. Well they at least – they make it to the announcements…

  • We will see the Hogwarts Gates for the first time, due to a comment from the set report:
    We were shown the Hogwarts gates; they are in a small clump of trees with the tops lopped off and have blue screen on each side (blue instead of green because of the trees and grass). The spikes on the gate are made of rubber for health and safety reasons! There are huge carved [boars] on top of the gate columns. They said the CGI will be added later with Hogwarts castle on one side and the trees will be repeated to make the Forbidden forest.
  • A few shots of Harry and Luna going through the Hogwarts gates have now been seen:
    Hogwarts Gates:    



  • Rachezee discussed the scene at the gate during her appearance on PrinceWatch, telling that Draco brings Lucius’ cane into school and Filch tries to confiscate it, but Snape intervenes:
    PrinceWatch episode 3Rachel: He was carrying -- he actually came in with his dad's -- you know -- that -- the cane --

    Vince: The cane, yeah.

    Rachel: -- that -- you know --

    Scott: Yeah.

    Rachel: -- that Lucius always has and so --

    Vince: He had a walking stick, yeah.

    Rachel: -- yeah -- and Filch tries to stop him and then the -- Snape comes to his rescue, but Filch

    Scott: Huh.

    Rachel: -- was trying to say that it was full of dark magic and he couldn't bring it in. So ...

  • A behind the scenes shot of Dumbledore giving a speech (with his glasses) emerged

  • It is highly likely that track 7 of the soundtrack “Dumbledore’s Speech” will play during this scene.

  • A Panini sticker shows Ginny wiping blood off Harry:

  • The shots from the opening feast have come from the second featurette, ABC sneak peeks, stills, Panini stickers and the HBO preview:
    Opening feast:    



  • Rachezee discussed the opening feast and the presence of Dumbledore’s glasses during her appearance on PrinceWatch, notably talking about a CGI effect of Dumbledore’s lectern:
    PrinceWatch episode 3Vince: How often does he wear them in this movie, how often?

    Rachel: He wears – he wears them more than more then I think in the previous movie, but they’re definitely off…


    Rachel: McGonagall’s are off too though. You know, McGonagall is supposed to be wearing glasses and she almost never does in the movies, so…

    Scott: Yeah.

    Vince: At least it’s more than usual. It’s something.

    Scott: What is that scene like, the Great Hall opening feast scene this time. I don’t think we’ve heard too much about it.

    Rachel: The one – the one cool think about that scene I – I personally liked it, was – when – Dumbledore goes up to that – to his, his lectern or whatever it is, with that owl there. It’s actually – the owl has its wings down as though is – standing like a statue. And then when he goes up there to make his speech, it like raises its wings up and like – into that pose that it’s always in when he standing there. You know what I’m talking about?

    Scott: Yeah. Right.

    Vince: Yeah.

    Aaron: Yeah.

    Rachel: Yeah. So that’s – that was a C – that was a CGI effect that was – that was done. And it was – it looked really cool.

    Scott: And does he make the announcement of the – post changes for Slughorn and…

    Rachel: Yes.

    Scott: …for Defence Against the Dark Arts and Potions?

    Rachel: Yes, and – there – there was a little was a little bit of murmuring but there wasn’t a huge uproar or anything about the whole idea.

    Scott: Well that’s because…

    Vince: Well there is a reaction, though, right?

    Rachel: There is a reaction.

  • The Full Trailer showed Hermione smacking Ron with a book in the Great Hall. This could or not be part of this scene too:
    Ron and Hermione:    


  • Ron and Hermione at the table was also seen in the HBO preview:

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Re: The All Inclusive HBP List

9. The Half-Blood Prince:    

  • The scene where McGonagall hands out course schedules and Harry decides to continue potions has been filmed.
    A source from the set today revealed to me that the scene being shot was Professor McGonagall telling Ron and Harry that they can take Potions for their NEWTS. This scene involved 200 extras, ranging from First Years to Seventh Years.
  • A shot of Hogwarts students and McGonagall in a corridor featured in the teaser trailer, part of the above shoot:

  • A test screening attendee describes this scene
    That is the first day of classes. McGonagall spots Harry and Ron along the wall, just chilling, acting like teenage boys, and calls to Harry and asks him what he is doing. He tells her he and Ron have a free period. And she asks him why he isn't in potions. She goes through the same explanation as in the book about how he can take potions now that Snape is not teaching it. That she says something funny, like "go take Mr. Weasley with you, he is enjoying himself a little too much over there." (major paraphrasing)
  • The first TV spot showed Harry and Ron against a corridor wall laughing:

  • The HBO preview showed McGonagall telling them to go to Potions:

  • Rachezee discussed OWLs in HBP during her appearance on PrinceWatch, saying their only mention was during this scene:
    PrinceWatch episode 3Scott: Oh, and then another question that crops up related to that I just thought of is – was there anything about the OWLs or the grades they got or Harry’s ambitions to be an Auror?

    Rachel: No. No, In fact that was the only mention of the OWLs what so ever that – I was almost surprised they talked about them but didn’t talk about them. (laughs)

    Scott: ‘Cause I thought they would use the scene when I had heard about it too, just briefly go over how he had ambitions to be an Auror, and the grades he got on his OWLs

  • A small special on HBP from E! Entertainment showed the filming of a scene of Harry and in a corridor:

  • A picture of this scene has emerged:

  • A picture of the first potions class was released. From left to right, in the picture is: Slughorn (with Dean behind him), Neville, Lavender, Leanne, Katie, Hermione, Romilda and (half in the picture) Pansy:

  • Hermione will describe the Amortentia potion as in the book and reference a Ron/Hermione scene from earlier
    When Hermione is around the Amortentia, the last thing she trails off with is that she can smell spearmint toothpaste
  • A test screening attendee gave more details regarding the Potions class scene:
    Now to the subject of how Harry gets the potions book. Harry and Ron arrive in potions, and Slughorn tells them to go to the cabinet to take one of the extra copies he has. They open the cabinet which has several ratty old books and one virtually new one. Harry and Ron scramble in a typical teenagish way for the nice copy, which of course, Ron gets, leaving Harry to settle for one of the tattered old ones. When they begin to make the Draught of Living Death we see Harry open his books and the camera pans over the marked up pages.

    They all start to make there potion and we see Hermione and Ron struggling to cut up the sopophorous bean. The camera then shows us the handwritten addition in the book (Harry may read it to himself out loud, I can’t remember for certain) “Crush with flat side of dagger, releases juice better than cutting.” After he crushes the bean, looking excited, Hermione, whose hair is becoming increasingly messy, frizzy and puffy, leans to him and asks him how he is doing that. He tells her what the handwritten instruction says to do, and she says something like, “but that not in the official instructions” and starts rereading her own book frantically.

    When Slughorn later declares Harry the winner and presents him with the Felix Felicis in front of the class, Ron and Hermione look annoyed and the whole class claps very unenthusiastically, while Harry with a huge shameless grin on his face accepts the bottle of potion.
  • It is possible that track 8 of the soundtrack “Living Death” will play during this scene.

  • Shots from this scene was revealed from multiple sources:
    Shots from this scene:    




  • The Cover ofAdvanced Potion Making was seen in full from a Panini sticker:

  • Rachezee discussed the above picture in her appearance on PrinceWatch:
    PrinceWatch episode 3Scott: So, we have a picture then – uh, another one that was released, of the potions class – this one is just Harry and Slughorn by themselves, he appears to be handing him the bottle of Felix Felicis and is that correct Rachel?

    Rachel: Yeah. The class is on the other - you know, is looking at them, so…

    Scott: Oh. Ok. We were wondering why it’s just the two of them.

    Rachel: They’re standing in front of them.

    Meesha: …so this is just the different angle.

  • Test screening viewers confirmed that DADA classes were cut.
    No DADA class at all. The only class we actually see is potions
  • Rachezee discussed non-verbal spells in the film during her appearance on PrinceWatch, saying they are there, but not explained:
    PrinceWatch episode 3Rachel: But there’s no non-verbal spells or anything. So...

    Scott: Well it sounds…

    Rachel: I – I actually…

    Scott: …like they don’t have the spells…

    Rachel: Well they use them, but never talk about them. (laughs)

    Scott: (laughs) Yeah, true.


    Meesha: They’ve actually been using non-verbals the whole time, so …

    Scott: Yeah

    Rachel: In fact – in fact it was used a lot during the movie and I couldn’t actually tell if anything was going to be added later. ‘Cause it seems like there were – there were times that – that there should have been words, like… I – I thought it – And they just didn’t use them at all. But – and there’s a lot of epic – then again through out the movies there’s always been, like, spouts of magic without wands and weird things like that (laughs)

  • There will be a scene where the trio sit around the common room and discuss the Prince's book:
    Alternate View:    


  • A test screen viewer has described the context of this scene:
    Later in the common room the trio sit around (Ginny is somewhere around) and Harry is reading the Potions book. He notices the spell for Sectum Sempra and tries to show this to Hermione and Ron. Hermione gets upset/annoyed and says that she wants to see whose book it was. She jumps up and tries to grab in from him. Harry holds it back out of her reach but Ginny who comes from behind Harry grabs it and backs away and says she also wants to know who wrote that stuff in the book. She quickly flicks to the back and then reads out loud, “This book is the property of the Half-Blood Prince.”
  • Stills, and a shot from a TV spot, show Ron looking over at Lavender:
    Ron to Lavender:    



  • Rachezee discussed the picture of Lavender on this in her appearance on PrinceWatch:
    PrinceWatch Transcript:    

    PrinceWatch episode 3Meesha: Oh, Ok, yeah. I was wondering – and then there’s this one of Lavender that we had talked about – trying – she looks like she’s either doing homework or writing in a diary.

    Rachel: Oh, oh

    Scott: It looks like the common room.

    Meesha: Lavender – It’s in the common room.

    Rachel: Yeah, I…

    Meesha: Looks like she might be ogling Ron.

    Rachel: Probably. (laughs) I don’t have that picture up in front of me right now…

    Meesha: Yeah.

    Rachel: But yeah – no – that – that sounds about right (laughs)…

    Scott: She was just giving him glances…

    Rachel: She was doing that all the time, I mean she was always ogling – she was always ogling Ron, I mean.


    Rachel: I mean, so, she – she never – yeah.

    Scott: Yeah.

    Rachel: She was always wa – like – looking at him, like, you know – every time she looked at him you got a sick feeling inside, you know, so (laughs) – But – yeah, so…

  • This scene debuted on AOL Moviefone. It can be seen here.

  • Shots of inside the book emerged:


10. The House of Gaunt:    

  • At the U.S. OOTP premiere at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles, director David Yates told us that they are currently working on paring down the many memories in Half-Blood Prince to a workable film format:
    "We're making a decision right now to compress those a wee bit, but we've still got some really cool ones. We've got, you know, the wonderful thing is seeing Riddle as a child, which is really scary, and I've found a really interesting kid to play Riddle. I can't tell you who it is yet -- it's early days."
  • Producer David Heyman later expanded on Yates's comments:
    "There will be memories, but not as many as there are in the book." When I asked which ones they're cutting, he said, "I can't say that yet because it's still a work in progress. We haven't locked up the script yet."
  • The Gaunt scene seems to be cut as Yates recently said that they have only “2 or 3 memories”
    In the books, the memories were a very big part of JK Rowling's story. We've actually pared them down in our story, and she was very supportive of that decision. They're such an enjoyable part of reading the Half-Blood Prince. But we've kind of distilled them down to two or three memories to try to keep everything more in the moment. Flashbacks in movies are tricky things; they tend to hold up the momentum of the story you're telling.
  • Test screening viewers confirm that the Gaunts are cut and that the “2 or 3” memories are the orphanage and the fake and real horcrux memories.

  • Yates spoke further about this decision:
    Prince presented challenges because of "a series of memories that inform the past and the present." While Yates "enjoyed the flashbacks enormously as separate incidents, he didn't feel they were satisfying within the whole. In other words, they diluted the dramatic experience from his point of view and he felt we needed to concentrate exclusively on those memories that informed one particular thread of the story - the story I was, by and large, telling."

    Yates says, "We often have conversations which go along the lines of 'Will the fans really like it if we lose that?' Some choices may be right for the framework of the film but will put the fans out." Yates wants "to make sure the fans are happy" and says he always lets pieces of the book go "regretfully," but his goal is to make "the best adaptation that will warrant spending two-and-a-half hours in the dark."

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Re: The All Inclusive HBP List

11. Hermione's Helping Hand:    

  • It appears the Quidditch Tryouts will be included in HBP, based on Devon Murray's (Seamus) comments:
    Devon says that he's hardly in Half-Blood Prince, but still has a bit of fun (says Seamus is the stupidest wizard in all of Hogwarts, in his opinion); there might be some pyromania with his character and he mentions Seamus trying out for Quidditch trials in the sixth film and doing a bad job at flying.
  • The ’50 minutes’ preview showed an establishing shot of the stadium:

  • Tryouts were confirmed by an official picture:

  • Panini stickers show more shots from the tryouts:



  • An E! special showed this scene:

  • McClaggen’s presence at the tryouts has been confirmed by him being in a calendar picture of Ron on a broomstick during tryouts:
    Calendar Pic:    


  • The ABC sneak peeks showed more shots of the tryouts:

  • The HBO preview showed interaction between McClaggen and Ron:

  • A clip of the tryouts came from IESB:

  • The second featurette, Panini stickers and the HBP preview shows McClaggen at the hoops, and Harry watching:



  • A Panini sticker shows Ron watching from the ground:

  • Shots from the Full trailer and the second featurette shows Ron alone in an empty Quidditch Pitch, likely to be during his trial:

  • A shot of Hermione watching the tryouts came from the Behind the Scenes Featurette shown in February, a Panini sticker, and the ’50 minutes’ preview:

  • Another image shows Lavender in the stands:

  • The ’50 minutes’ preview showed part of Ron’s tryout:



  • Ron’s tryout was also seen from Panini stickers:

  • Another sticker showed Harry and Ginny watching from the ground:

  • The ’50 minutes’ preview showed a 360 degree shot of Quidditch players that will be during the tryouts:

  • Melanie Slade, who can be seen also in the above shot, talked briefly about her small role in the film:
    I was in a scene with Hermione watching a Quidditch game and had a couple of lines to say.
  • A picture of Ron came from a different calendar:

  • Another shot of Hermione in the stands came from the first TV spot:

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Re: The All Inclusive HBP List

13. The Secret Riddle:    

  • A Panini sticker and the third trailer showed Harry on his way to his first lesson:

  • Pensieve lessons were shown on the OotP DVD sneak peeks:


  • It is likely that track 9 of the soundtrack “Into the Pensieve” will play during this scene.

  • According to a test screen viewer, Harry and Dumbledore do not physically appear in the memories:
    I should add that the present day Dumbledore and Harry do not appear in the memory scenes. Harry sticks his head in the pensive and watches it from there. It is not implied that he sees everything from above, but its like by sticking his head into the pensive immerses him into the memories world
  • The HBO preview showed Dumbledore leading Harry to the memories:

  • An image of Harry and Dumbledore from this first lesson emerged:

  • This scene was shown at the MTV awards, and further extended on a Canadian site, Dose. It can be seen on the Dose website

  • Rachezee discussed the scenes’ differences from the first trailer during her interview with PrinceWatch:
    PrinceWatch Interview:    

    PrinceWatch episode 3Rachel: That was the first memory he sees -- I believe -- is the orphanage.

    Aaron: But –

    Rachel: But –

    Aaron: -- like what –

    Rachel: -- and the orphanage scene is very much like the -- the trailer . So -- we -- I mean -- you saw most of it. There was -- there was very little extra added on there. So (laughs) –

    Vince: That's all –

    Rachel: -- but it was a really good scene.

    Vince: That's all the lines that we heard in the trailer in that scene or is there like a little bit more lines in that scene? In the orphanage scene.

    Rachel: There's a little bit more. Like –

    Vince: Like what?

    Rachel: -- it's a little bit -- it's not quite as jumpy. Like he talks about -- you know -- the fact that he can talk to snakes and stuff like that. But it -- it wasn't -- I mean that -- there -- it was in the trailer, but it was slightly -- a slightly –

    Vince: Edited.

    Rachel: -- a slightly different order.

    Vince: Edited. Yeah.

    Rachel: Yeah. But there was no talk to Mrs. Cole or anything.

    Scott: Huh. I wonder if –

    Rachel: They took –

    Scott: -- they cut that because we saw a trading card with –

    Vince: Yeah.

    Scott: -- Mrs. Cole and Dumbledore talking it looked like.

    Rachel: I -- they may have been cut. But it wasn't there when I saw it. (laughs)

    Scott: Yeah.

    Rachel: Yeah.

  • A picture of Dumbledore with the memories came from a trading card:

  • A picture of Harry filling the Pensieve with a memory emerged:

  • Stuart Craig has built the Orphanage set confirmed in the HBP sneak peak and the trailer.


  • The third trailer, released November, showed Dumbledore’s arrival to the orphanage with special effects added:
    Third trailer screencaps:    


  • A test screening viewer talks of this sequence:
    Dumbledore does not really speak with Mrs. Cole. He just follows her up the stairs as she shows him to Riddle's room. What you saw in the trailer is very close to what we saw.
  • Two trading card pictures have emerged from this scene:
    Trading Cards:    


  • The HBO preview showed Tom looking at the flames:

  • The fourth trailer, released March, showed Tom looking at his box of treasures in his burning wardrobe:

  • A Panini sticker seems to show Tom holding the box inside the burning wardrobe:

  • The ABC sneak peeks showed the end of this scene as the memory dissolves away:

  • The Behind the Scenes Featurette from February showed Dumbledore in this first lesson, telling Harry that Slughorn “possess something I desire very dearly”:

  • Rachezee discussed Harry and Dumbledore’s relationship in the film:
    There are a lot of one liners and subtleties that we have never seen before between DD and Harry in this film. They are very effective at showing a confort and friendship between the two. At one point DD delicately asks Harry about his relationship with hermione. Harry makes it clear they are just best friends.
  • This scene was shown in the first TV spot:

12. Silver and Opals:    

  • A call sheet shows a small section of a scene 51 (two scenes before the script leak) in the common room being filmed, described as follows:
    Prophet Moving Photo No. 3
  • A call sheet shows a scene 52 (one scene before the script leak) in Hogsmeade, with the characters Harry, Ron, Hermione, Hagrid, Neville, Slughorn, Belby and Flitwick in it, described as follows:
    The trio discuss the book, they bump into Hagrid and go into the Three Broomsticks
  • It is possible that track 10 of the soundtrack “The Book” will play during that scene.

  • Panini stickers emerged of this scene:

  • A section of script was leaked on IMDB about a scene in the Three Broomsticks; A shot of this scene came from a magazine image:

    As the trio enter, Harry glances round, locates Slughorn at the bar, planted plumply on a stool.

    No. Over here.

    Hermione and Ron, in the midst of seating themselves at a perfectly acceptable---and clean---table, see Harry seat himself at one strewn with detritus of a previous customer--but which puts him in direct view of Slughorn. They exchange a glance, shrug, join Harry. Ron starts to take the chair directly opposite Harry--blocking his view.

    No, no. Sit next to me.

    Ron stops, exchanges another glance with Hermione.


    A SKINNY KID in an apron appears, tosses a FILTHY RAG upon the table--which begins to wipe the surface on its own. Harry cranes his neck around the kid to keep Slughorn in view.

    What'll we have?

    Three Butterbeers. Splash of ginger in mine, please.

    The kid WHISTLES and the rag leaps back into his pocket. Harry continues to eye Slughorn, when he sees Draco. They lock eyes briefly, then Draco exits.

    Aw, bloody hell...

    Harry turns, and sees Ron glowering at Ginny who sits in a dark corner with Dean, their faces lit by a guttering candle.

    Oh, honestly Ronald. They're just holding hands...
    (as Dean kisses Ginny)
    And snogging.

    I'd like to leave.

    Leave? You can't be serious.

    That happens to be my sister.

    So? What if she looked over here and saw you snogging me? Would you expect her to get up and leave?

    Ron blinks, utterly speechless. Then:

    Harry, m'boy!

    Slughorn's voice BOOMS so loudly even Ginny jumps--and catches Harry looking. As Slughorn waddles over, SLOSHING mug in hand, Harry rises immediately--an action so grossly out of character that Hermione regards him with amused curiosity.

    Hello, sir. Wonderful to see you.

    Hermione, brow wrinkling, turns to Ron, silently mouths: wonderful to see you?

    So what brings you here, sir?

    Oh, the Three Broomsticks and I go way back. Longer than I'd care to admit. In fact I remember when it was simply One Broomstick!

    As Slughorn GUFFAWS, Harry joins in, LAUGHING HEARTILY as well. Slughorn's belly trembles next to Hermione's cheek and his waving mug sloshes over, spattering the table.

    Oops! All hands on deck, Granger!

    Hermione smiles thinly, when a WHISTLE is heard and the FILTHY RAG is back, whisking away Slughorn's mess as the SKINNY KID slides three foaming mugs onto the table. (In the b.g. Katie Bell emerges from the back, starts for the exit. Her friend LEANNE follows her out.)

    Listen, m'boy. In the old days, I used to throw together the occasional supper and invite a select student or two. Would you be game.

    I'd consider it an honor, sir.

    You'd be welcome too, Granger.

    Hermione in the midst of emptying her Butterbeer in one long draw, SLAMS down her mug--leaving behind a "mustache."

    Be delighted, sir.

    Brilliant. Look for my owl.
    (exiting, to Ron)
    Good to see you, Wallenby.

    Ron frowns as Slughorn waddles away, turns to Harry.

    What're you playing at?

    Dumbledore asked me to...get to know him.

    Get to know him?

    Dunno. But it must be important. Otherwise Dumbledore wouldn't ask.

    Slam! Ron turns, see that Hermione has emptied his mug as well. Ron gestures to her upper lip.

    Um...You've got a little...

    Without a thought, she flicks her tongue up, wipes it clean.

  • This scene debuted on MTV.com. It can be seen here.

  • There is a small scene concerning Ginny’s relationship with Dean:
    During Dan's interview, he commented about a scene where Ron says, in the beginning of the movie - while Ginny is dating Dean Thomas: "You have to hate anyone who goes out with their sister as a matter of principle." Harry, a bit ashamed, answers: “Yeah, I suppose so…."
  • On Rachezee’s appearance on PrinceWatch, she said “Yeah, I think that’s in the Three Broomsticks when Ginny and Dean are making out.”

  • A shot of Harry in the Three Broomsticks came from the fourth trailer, released in March:

  • Footage from the MTV show Spoilers showed a few shots of the sequence in Hogsmeade:


  • Panini stickers show more of this scene:



  • A released image also showed this scene:

  • Information has surfaced about the scene:
    There were mannequins of Katie Bell when she had been hexed, one life size and one smaller for when Hagrid is holding her. She was wearing a red scarf and red coat. The hair on its head was real and the girl I was with knew the actress and was quite shocked because it looked so life like lying there...
  • The Full Trailer from April showed this scene in detail:
    The Opal Attack:    



  • A picture of Harry and Hermione in the snow was released, during this sequence:

  • A call sheet shows a scene 54 in Hogsmeade, with the characters Harry, Ron, Hermione, Hagrid, Katie and Leanne in it, described as follows:
    Katie gets hexed by necklace, Hagrid saves her
  • A test screening viewer describes the scene:
    It was truly chilling, the girl playing Leanne had an outrageous scream. I wouldn't be surprised if they actually toned it down with a voice over or something for the actual movie. It happens almost exactly as its described in the book, although Hagrid seems to appear "just in the nick of time". We see Katie and Leanne fighting over the necklace, Leanne telling Katie it was a mistake to take it. Then, Katie is suddenly lifted into the air and we see her head awkwardly go back and we can see inside her mouth. It was kind of awkward, in a good way though.
  • Another test screening viewer describes this scene more in detail:
    Just like in the book we see the trio walking back along a snow covered lane, with Katie Bell and Leanne a little ahead of them arguing. Leanne says something like, you should never have taken it and then Katie collapses and Leanne screams.

    Just as the trio run forward to help Katie rises very high up into the air, with her arms stretched out the side and her head all the way back and her mouth wide open. We can see every single tooth of her top row of teeth (the audience laughed at that so I wonder if it will be cut). She hangs up there for a moment, then comes crashing to the ground.

    Hagrid comes out of no where yell, get back picks her up shaking her slightly shouting Katie! Then Harry notices the necklace on the ground which has fallen out of the package. Hagrid yells "don't touch it!" and takes Katie.

    I really can't remember if Harry picks it up with the packaging around it or if that is my knowledge of the book tainting my memory of the scene, but Everyone seems to end up in the entrance hall (or it looked like an entrance hall which was nice because previous HP movies never really had an indoor one) and McGonagall is there and is given the necklace which Snape, who runs up, picks up the necklace, using his wand.

    Then McGonagall asks Leanne (who looks a little too similar to Cho Chang, who, for those who wondered, is not in the movie) what happened who says that Katie said she had to bring the package to Dumbledore, but wouldn't say who gave it to her.

    Then McGonagall's attention turns to the trio who is standing a bit behind Leanne and says something like "Now why is it that when something bad happens you three always seem to be present?"

    Ron says something like "Believe me professor I really wish we weren't."

    Harry then says he thinks that it was Draco, and Hermione and Ron stare at him and possibly say something but I don't remember. McGonagall says that is a very serious accusation, and Snape who is watching says "And just what is your evidence?" in his slow deep demanding voice.

    Harry admits he doesn't have any. He may have said more, but I can't remember as I think my memory of what happened in the book might have me misremembering the rest of his words.
  • A picture of Snape, McGonagall and the trio with the necklace has surfaced

  • Panini stickers show the Trio being confronted:

  • The Japanese TV trailer, from January, showed this scene, with Snape saying “How grand it must be to be the Chosen One.”:

  • A similar picture and shot shows McGonagall looking at the necklace:

  • The third featurette showed this scene, McGonagall asking why “it is always you three?”:

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Re: The All Inclusive HBP List

The Slug Club Dinner:    

  • The first Slug Club meeting will not be on the train. As Slughorn asks Harry to this party in Hogsmeade, the first meeting will most likely take place in the timeline here. However, this scene could be anywhere in the movie.

  • Cast and crew discussed the set of Slughorn’s office:
    Slughorn’s demands for a better office were the marching orders for production designer Stuart Craig and his team. “That was the directive: to give him a very substantial office,” says Craig. “We wanted it to be rich and dramatic and have a strong architectural form. It has a huge fireplace and a splendid terrace with a view of the mountains. What it needed most of all was a sense of theatricality, as befitting the character.”

    “The set was magnificent. I’m glad Horace held out for better digs,” Broadbent smiles. “It was wonderful.”
  • A picture of a Slug Club dinner has surfaced. Counter-clockwise, the following people are in the picture: a 6th year student played by Elliot Francis, Harry, Hermione, Neville, a set of twins (probably the Carrow twins they have cast), McClaggen, Slughorn, Blaise, Belby and Ginny.

  • The ABC sneak peeks and the Japanese TV trailer showed multiple shots of this scene:
    Dinner Party:    



  • Another shot of the dinner emerged:

  • A test screening viewer describes Belby:
    Belby was at the slugclub stuffing his face full of ice-cream, oblivious to the fact that his answer about his not being in touch with his uncle had made him lose favor.
  • A picture shows new characters, twin sisters Flora and Hestia Carrow. Any relation to the elder twins with the same last names is unknown:

  • A picture shows Hermione and Neville at the dinner:

  • A movie still shows Slughorn making a funny face:

  • The HBO preview shows a scene between Hermione and McClaggen:

  • The HBO Preview also showed Slughorn asking Hermione about her parents:

  • According to test screening sources, Ginny comes late due to her split with Dean.
    We don't SEE it happen ... at Slughorn's dinner party, though, Ginny comes in late with her eyes all red and Hermione whispers to Harry that Ginny and Dean have been fighting "again" and so it's kind of implied - I don't recall if it's ever implicitly mentioned!
  • During her interview with PrinceWatch, Rachezee said how when Ginny arrives late to the dinner, Harry is the only one to stand and is embarrassed.

  • Another picture shows this:

  • The HBO Preview and third featurette showed this too:

  • Test screening viewers also talk of Neville’s involvement in the Slug Club:
    Neville is at the first dinner that Slughorn holds - the one that Ginny's late for, but is never seen with the Slug Club again.
  • Two calendar montages are of the Slug Club dinner scene:
    Calendar Montages:    


  • A picture of Harry and Slughorn has emerged. It was first unclear what the context of this scene was, but the set and costumes are the same as the above picture, so it probably straight after that scene. This scene also was seen in the Japanese TV trailer:

  • Rachezee discussed these picture’s context during her appearance on PrinceWatch:
    PrinceWatch episode 3Scott: Oh and then from the Slug Club there’s pictures we’ve seen both from the calendar now and before that that we were confused – there’s a scene with like just Harry and Slughorn and it’s either – we’re guessing before or after the Slug Club dinner.

    Rachel: Yeah

    Scott: And, what’s the context of that, and – when does it occur?

    Rachel: The context is basically that – there’s also in the script leak, Harry talks about it, Dumbledore does say to Harry that he wants him to allow Slughorn – Slughorn to collect him.

  • Slughorn at a desk was seen in a Panini sticker:

  • An image of Harry sitting at a piano during this scene emerged. A press screening viewer said he does not play it in the movie, though:

  • Panini stickers shows Harry looking at Slughorn’s crystal hourglass, which features in a memory later:

  • A press-screening attendee describes this (and other) scenes:
    Harry has several private scenes with Slughorn, and the elder seems to bring her up nearly every time. It helps to show the audience how much Slughorn prized her, which in turn makes the scene when he gives Harry the real memory that much more meaningful.

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Re: The All Inclusive HBP List

14. Felix Felicis:    

  • A test screening viewer talks of Lavender
    Lavender Brown is indeed "comic relief" - and she's perfect for the role. She does the whole 'Won-Won' thing and it's actually believable
  • Hermione's jealousy is confirmed; a test screening report further confirms this:
    Hermione showed big time jealousy! Emma Watson is excellent in these scenes.
  • A picture and a ABC sneak peek shot shows a small scene involving Ron and McClaggen:
    Ron and McClaggen:    


  • Pictures of Luna with her lion hat have emerged:

  • A picture showing the morning of the match has been released:

  • A test screening viewer describes this picture:
    This picture is before Rons first Quidditch game (the only one shown) and he is scared to death. I think he is saying here how he plans on quitting. Thats when Harry pretends to slip him the FF potion but it is Luna who notices and says something not Hermione. Hermione does not get as mad as she does in the book either.
  • A description of this scene in the Great Hall has been released from the Daily Snitcher Set Report, probably scene 59, which the last line of dialogue is in the below script leak:
    Once we had learnt all of this information filming of the scene was again about to start. "Take 11" was called along with "Action" and the scene began. Harry, Hermione, Ron and Luna are sitting on the Gryffindor table alongside all of the other Gryffindor students. Ron asks Hermione how the dinner party was the night before, to which Hermione responds. Ron, feeling a little miffed, believes that Hermione is going to ask McClaggen to go to Slughorn's party; however Hermione shocks him by stating that she was in fact going to ask him to go. Luna, wearing a Gryffindor lion's head headdress is shocked to see Harry put something into Ron's drink, to which she believes is Felix Felicis. Cue Lavender who comes onto the scene, whispers into Ron's ear and states that he will be great, to which Ron feels revitalised and exclaims they have a match to wins and leaves.
  • A few more pictures come from this scene:
    Breakfast in the Great Hall:    



  • An E! special showed Lavender coming up to the table saying good luck to Ron:

  • The HBO preview showed more of this scene:

  • Multiple test screening viewers have mentioned that this the only Quidditch sequence

  • It is likely that track 11 of the soundtrack “Ron’s Victory” will play during the Quidditch scene.

  • It appears that the Quidditch game will take place in a winter setting from a comment made in a test screening report.
    "quidditch - bloody brilliant!!! done in a never before seen sorta way, and it was pretty cool to see it in a snow & ice sorta setting"
  • A picture of Harry on his broom came from a foreign magazine:

  • A Brazilian magazine showed Ginny with her broom:

  • The scene directly before the script was shown at the end of an interview:

  • A reliable source on IMDB has leaked a scene from the script about this Quidditch scene; shots of the scene came from multiple sources:
    HBP script leak RON (CONT’D)
    C'mon, Harry. We've got a game to win.

    CLOSE UP - QUAFFLE, as it ROCKETS into the AIR...


    Instantly, Slytherin snatches the Quaffle and rushes en masse toward Gryffindor's end, weaving and passing with wicked skill, culminating in a vicious, slicing shot on

    Just when it appears it will clear the hoop, Ron streaks out of nowhere and sends the Quaffle screaming in the opposite direction.

    Ginny pauses on her broom, stunned.

    What's gotten into him?

    She glances up at Harry, circling high above and he grins. Just then, Dean streaks by:

    Ginny! Let's go!

    Instantly, she rolls backwards, jets off and races down her fellow Chasers. Flying in spread formation,

    Dean--on the far wing--starts the Quaffle "up the line" until it lands in Ginny's hand.

    Pitching herself into a wide slide to avoid a PAIR of WHISTLING BLUDGERS, she leans recklessly off her broom and whips the Quaffle through the goal untouched.

    As the CROWD SCREAMS, Harry eyes the Gryffindor section,

    where Luna's LION HAT ROARS, Lavender CLAPS for Ron and Hermione sits with her arms crossed, a look of supreme annoyance on her face. Harry grins, jets off.


    The room teems with students celebrating Gryffindor's victory. It feels like Mardi Gras. Or a mosh pit. Or a riot. And Ron is right smack in the middle of it.

    Weasley! Weasley! Weasley!

    Harry takes his backslaps on the periphery, smiling as he sips a Butterbeer and enjoys Ron's turn in the spotlight.

    Ron seems to be enjoying himself.

    Yep. Apparently it's his lucky day.

  • Test screening viewers talk of when Ron finds out about NOT having taken Felix
    Harry tells Hermione the truth after the match, with a great line about it being 'almost as unfair as a Confundus Charm'.
  • Harry showing Hermione the full Felix bottle was the subject of a Panini sticker:

  • A shot of Harry and Hermione with other Gryffindors in the Common Room came from the first TV spot:

  • Won Won and Lav-Lav’s relationship has been confirmed by many sources and they will kiss many times.

  • Information of their first kiss came from test screening reviews
    As far as the kiss... they get the Harry/Ginny kiss everyone was hoping for as described in the book. She runs at Ron after the Quidditch victory and jumps on him and kisses him... actually kind of looks like she's trying to eat his face (it's PERFECT - I promise!)... but it just... works, you know? It's a good scene, and the two of them seem to work well together! The first kiss of Lavender and Ron was witnessed by both Harry and Hermione. Harry watches with a stupid boyish grin and Hermione faces slowly turns from a smile to looking utterly heartbroken. She quietly turns away to leave, and just as she leaves Harry turns and notices. She is far less angry than she is just heartbroken. She does send the birds she conjures at Ron but she is not so much furious as she is crushed and hurt
  • A picture of Lavender grabbing Ron after the match came from the third featurette and ABC sneak peeks; a shot of Ron and Lavender’s kiss came from the behind the scenes featurette; and a picture emerged of them together after the kiss: has surfaced:
    Ron and Lavender:    



  • A test screening viewer briefly describes this scene:
    That is the scene where they are kissing the first time. Lavender flirts with him incessantly before that
  • A call sheet shows a scene 62 in a Hogwarts corridor, with the character Harry, in it as well as some snogging couple extras, described as follows:
    Harry leaves the party. He hears chirping.
  • Panini stickers showed Harry approaching Hermione:

  • A shot of Hermione crying came from the third trailer, released November:

  • The scene involving Hermione shooting Ron with birds is confirmed in from the EW set report. The birds will replace the ‘wind’ in post-production. It should be noted that test screenings confirmed the spell was Oppungo.
    In this scene, Harry tries to console his friend but the job becomes infinitely harder when Ron and Lavender come bumbling into this dark corner of Hogwarts looking for a place to snog. Hermione shoos them away with a magical gust of wind, then weeps harder
  • The first featurette from February showed this sequence:



  • The TV spots showed Hermione crying next to Harry:

  • Hermione will mention that she can tell Harry likes Ginny
    Hermione mentions it to Harry when he's comforting her after she sends the birds after Ron in the empty classroom - she asks him if it hurts him to see Ginny with Dean as badly as it hurts her to see Ron with Lavender... she says she's "seen the way he (Harry) looks at her (Ginny)" and knows he loves her...
  • A press screening viewer discussed this scene:
    The bit I mentioned with Ron's realisation is brilliant: Ron and Lavender snog and Hermione runs off. Harry follows her outside to find her crying on the outdoor steps (new location) He's obviously a bit unsure of what to do but he does his best and sits next to her. She asks something I wasn't expecting at all: "Is this what it feels like when you see Ginny kissing Dean?" Harry is taken off-guard too and she continues "I know: I'm your best friend; I see the way you look at her." This brings Harry down to her level of depression: she's obviously hit the nail on the head. At this point (or maybe after a line or too) Ron and Lavender run in holding hands and Lavender goes "Oh sorry, this room's already taken!" She runs off pulling Ron with her but he stays rooted to the spot and has his almost-realisation moment. He starts to ask a question which is when Hermione sends the birds at him and he runs off. She sits back down, right next to Harry with renewed tears and leans on his shoulder. He hugs her back and says "It feels just like this." The camera slowly backs away. It's so beautiful.
  • The third featurette showed a shot of Ron and Lavender kissing afterwards:

  • A press screening attendee described the rest of this scene:[indent]There's snogging in the common room, which is when Hermione gets upset and Harry leaves to comfort her. The evil birds. Ron getting offended by said evil birds and walking up the stairs with Lavender. More snogging (That [tower] shot [from outside]). Pan up to Draco all moody overlooking the grounds.[indent]

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Re: The All Inclusive HBP List

15. The Unbreakable Vow:    

  • A shot of Harry and Hermione talking in the library has emerged off a trading card:

  • It is confirmed that track 13 of the soundtrack “School!” will play during this scene.

  • Test screening viewers tells us of this scene
    The picture we saw of Hermione and Harry in the library is of Harry and Hermione talking about how Ron's at perfect liberty to date who he wants to date.
  • This scene was shown on the show Friday Night with Jonathon Ross:

  • There is a picture of Neville on his bed in winter:

  • Rachezee, her appearance on PrinceWatch, discussed this picture, pinpointing its location and describing its context:
    PrinceWatch episode 3Meesha:But he’s sitting on his bed, in his pyjamas. Do you know what was going on there? ‘Cause he – he looks upset…

    Rachel: I’m trying to find this picture really quick – it’s still loading – I’m sure where this picture is actually. I’m not sure – it probably -… probably was – he was upset that he wasn’t in the Slug Club, so –

    Meesha: Ah. Ok.

    Rachel: – so I’m sure that’s probably what it’s about.

    Meesha: That makes sense.

    Vince: Oh, Poor Neville. Oh, Poor Neville.

    Rachel: Yeah. So without seeing it, that’s probably what it – that would be my guess ‘cause – he does talk about it with Harry later, like, and that’s why he becomes a steward at the party, instead of – a server, what ever it is, at the party. And he serves, like, food (laughs)

  • Mugglenet confirms the inclusion of Slughorn's Christmas Party:
    Wikén witnessed a scene during a filming day. In it, the new Potions Master of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Horace Slughorn (played by the British actor Jim Broadbent, known by supporting roles in classic movies such as "Brazil and "Richard the Third"), celebrates a Christmas party in his room for a selected group of students. Slughorn walks from one group to another chatting with his guests, trying to gain his favourite students' favour.
  • Harry and Luna making their way to the party was shown in a calendar:

  • A picture of Draco brooding had been released, said to be Malfoy watching the party attendees arriving:

  • A wide shot of the above was seen in a Panini sticker:

  • It’s been mentioned in the Leaky Cauldron Set Report Teaser that Luna will wear a Xmas tree dress:
    We saw Luna’s Christmas tree dress
  • Luna’s comments at the party have been cut:
    Oh and most sadly of all, no description from Luna about the dangers of the Rotfang Conspiracy.
  • A picture of Luna at the party in her dress, next to Sanguini and another of Slughorn’s guests:

  • A picture of Slughorn and Harry from the party has surfaced:

  • The Japanese TV Trailer from January showed Harry and Slughorn being photographed:

  • A Panini sticker also shows them together:

  • Panini stickers show guests at the party:

  • Neville is in attendance at Slughorn's Christmas Party according to a test screening viewer:
    Neville is at the Christmas party, where he's serving champagne in a waiter's uniform and he tells Harry, 'I didn't get in to the Slug Club...'
  • An image shows Neville serving Harry:

  • Test screening viewers also talk of McClaggen at the party:
    There's a snippet at the end of the dinner party scene where he's looking at Hermione and licking his finger and... oh my gosh, I died. He's a big part of why the movie tickled me.
  • Also described is a scene between Harry and Hermione about McClaggen
    She and Harry are hiding behind a curtain and a waiter comes and offers 'Dragon Tartar' - they both say no, and the waiter says something like, 'Probably for the best - it gives you really bad breath,' and Hermione says, 'On second thought, maybe I will...' and stuffs a few in her mouth...
  • A test screening attendee has given extensive details about Slughorn's Christmas Party:
    Harry attends with Luna (who is dressed in a peculiar silver dress that got lots of laughs from the audience), and Hermione goes with Cormac. Harry finds Hermione hiding from him behind a curtain looking disheveled because he tried to corner her under the mistletoe (her lines are straight from the book, word for word). As I know there are many here who care about such details, she is wearing a rather low cut dress that shows she is not such a little girl anymore. Harry then pulls her behind another curtain when she spots Cormac approaching and she makes a quick getaway and Harry is left trapped with Cormac behind the curtain. They discuss Hermione (I don’t remember details). Cormac is just about to leave in search of Hermione when Snape sharply pulls the curtain aside, apparently with the belief he has just caught students making out or something, because he seams shocked to see Harry and Cormac (who is on his way out). Before Snape can say something more, Filch comes through the door dragging Draco with him. Just as in the books he admits he is, what’s the words? Gape-crashing? And Slughorn like in the books forgives him. Meanwhile both Harry and Snape are watching this (Snape’s face is unfathomable as usual but his body language suggests interest or concern, Harry is standing slightly behind Snape).
  • It is likely that track 15 of the soundtrack “The Slug Party” will play during this scene.

  • The ’50 minutes’ preview showed Harry and Hermione behind a curtain:

  • A shot of Snape pulling aside a curtain came from a TV spot:

  • A Panini sticker shows Ginny at the party:

  • A picture of Slughorn with an unknown guest, looking to be disturbed by Filch and Draco’s arrival, had emerged:

  • The Japanese TV trailer showed Harry reacting at the party, probably to Draco’s appearance:

  • Stills and a Panini sticker shows Draco being dragged in by Filch:

  • A picture of Filch bringing in Draco was leaked:

  • Snape talking to Draco was shown in a Panini sticker and the HBO preview:

  • A description of Draco and Snape’s discussion came from a test screening viewer:
    The next scene is Draco and Snape in a corridor trying to convince Draco to accept his help and Draco repeatedly refuses (I know there was more to this, though not much, but I just can’t recall exactly what it was). The screen starts to pan towards the right, still keeping Draco and Snape in view, but revealing Harry standing with in a parallel corridor or classroom perhaps, standing stock still listening closely. Harry overhears Draco and Snape fighting, though not in his invisibility cloak. And what Snape says is slightly different and in the book what he says does not happen in the movie (stuff about helpers and Crabbe and Goyle). But I really don't remember what he says exactly.
  • A montage of pictures from this scene came from a calendar:


  • A picture of Draco walking away after his discussion with Snape, was leaked online:

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Re: The All Inclusive HBP List

16. A Very Frosty Christmas:    

  • A test screening viewer has informed us that there was a scene of the Hogwarts Express, as the students are going home for Christmas:
    Now, the next scene is another I described, with Harry and Ron on the Hogwarts Express going to the burrow for Christmas. I actually think they were discussing unbreakable vows but I am not really sure because that is when Lavender turns up outside the compartment steaming up the window with her breath and writing with her finger on the glass making a heart with R+L and then steaming it up again to make it show up better. Then she mouths to Ron “I really miss you” or something and leaves
  • Lavender’s heart seen in the second featurette, and a Panini sticker:

  • The third featurette shows Harry and Ron in the compartment:

  • A shot from the third trailer, released November, shows the Hogwarts Express leaving in Winter:

  • Test screening viewers describe the above scene
    It's a really cute scene at Christmas at the Burrow... Ginny comes and sits down next to Harry and is feeding him and they're kind of sharing a "moment" and then Ron comes in with a huge plate full of pies and really obliviously sits down between them - like, squeezes in between them, because there's not much room - and offers Harry a pie.
  • The ‘50 minutes’ and HBO previews showed this scene:
    Harry and Ginny:    



  • Two pictures of Harry, Ginny, and Ron (one with and one w/o director David Yates) celebrating Christmas at the Burrow have been released:

    Christmas at the Weasley's:    


  • A picture emerged of Harry sitting on the Burrow stairs in thought:

  • A test screening viewer describes the a scene at the Burrow during Christmas:
    But I am guessing they were discussing unbreakable vows because in the next scene at the Burrow Harry is talking to Lupin and Tonks and I think Arthur, I think about what he saw heard Draco and Snape discussing, but the audience was still going from the previous scene with Lavender. The first lines I caught was Lupin saying, “It all comes down to whether you trust Dumbledore. I do, therefore I trust Severus.”
  • Natalia Tena, who portrays Tonks, has mentioned that her characters role has been reduced to ONE scene (Xmas at the Burrow) and that Lupin and her are already a couple when they arrive at the Burrow.

  • A test screening viewer talks about Tonks and Lupin’s roles in the film
    Tonks has only a couple of lines. There is no explanation as to her change in hair. Lupin does not talk about Greyback.
  • A shot of Lupin, Harry, Arthur and Tonks talking at the burrow came from the second featurette:

  • David Thewlis discussed Tonks and Lupin in HBP:
    "I will say that by the sixth book/movie, we're holding hands and she calls me 'Sweetheart.'
  • This scene debuted on MSN. It can be seen here
  • There is a scene in the Weasley’s garage, likely to be during Christmas, first seen in the HBP sneak peeks from late 2007:
    Weasley's Garage:    


  • Two pictures from this scene came from a calendar:

  • The script of this scene has emerged; a shots from this script came from multiple sources:

    Harry trails Mr. Weasley through his cluttered workshop, which is chock-a-block with MUGGLE OBJECTS: Steam irons. Toasters. Clock radios. Plugs. Lots of plugs. The PARTY can still be heard, drifting faintly from the main house.

    You'll have to forgive Remus. It takes its toll--his condition.

    (studying him)
    Are you alright, Mr. Weasley?

    Arthur tries to smile, but it fades. He frowns, pained.

    We're being followed, all of us. Molly doesn't leave the house most days. It's not been easy

    (a nod, then)
    Did you get my owl?

    Yes, but I thought it best if I replied in person. If Dumbledore's traveling, it's news to the Ministry. But perhaps that's the way Dumbledore wants it. As for Draco Malfoy--I know a bit more.

    Go on.

    I sent an agent to Borgin & Burkes. From what you describe, I think what you and Ron saw at the end of summer--the object that Draco seemed so interested in--was a Vanishing Cabinet.

    A Vanishing Cabinet?

    They were all the rage when Voldemort first rose to power. You can imagine the appeal. Should the Death Eaters come calling, one needed only slip inside and disappear for an hour or two. But they're tricky contraptions. Require a tremendous amount of looking after. Eventually they fell out of favor.

    What happened to it? The one at Borgin & Burkes?

    Nothing. It's still there.

    Harry nods, pondering this.


    Harry. You know, I went through all this before--the last time around. Times like these—

    dark times--do funny things to people. It can bring them together and it can tear them apart. Things...speed up. It's what happens when you don't know if today will be your last.

  • Rachezee discussed this scene in the garage during her appearance on PrinceWatch:
    PrinceWatch Transcript:    

    PrinceWatch episode 3 Scott: Yeah, the one other interesting one was this one here with Arthur and Harry – and it’s an added scene to the movie, right, in the workshop? And we had the script for that scene…

    Rachel: Oh, yeah, yeah!

    Scott: What did you think of that scene?

    Rachel: … It was an interesting, I mean, that was where they – did – they changed it with – in that scene they’re talking about how Arthur checks – checks to see what – what Draco was doing in the…

    Scott: Right.

    Rachel: I think in Borgin in Burkes or something. It had to do with – And he tells Harry that they were – he was looking at a cabinet and then Harry said ‘What, did he take the cabinet with him?’, or something, and then Arthur says ‘No. It’s still there.’ –

    Scott: Hm.

    Rachel: – and they seem puzzled by the whole idea – they can’t figure it out. But the scene is kinda cool ‘cause it – they actually pan his – his workshop – his garage of Muggle – Muggle stuff and it’s actually kinda funny – it – it has – there’s a lot of detail – there’s a lot – I mean that could have been the Room of Requirement, you know with all the junk – it was like that kinda – you know, clutter and it’s just filled with Muggle stuff and – and being obviously tampered with in someway or another, so…

    Scott: Right.

    Rachel: It’s a good scene. It’s a good shot. It was fun to see that – it’s a detail you never see in the book, but – but it – you know, that it was always implied, so (laughs)

  • There will be a scene in the Burrow which involves an untied shoelace, source, USA Today:
    Ginny notices Harry’s shoe is untied, simply says “Shoelace” and reaches over and ties it. “Then it changes from that kind of maternal looking after him to something more heightened and sexual,” Yates said.
  • Test screening viewers talk about a H/G moment straight after the ‘shoelace scene’
    They almost kissed once but death eaters prevented that. It was just at the end of the night and she must have taken a shower.
  • Percy Weasley has been cut.

  • WB confirmed there is a brand new scene after the winter holidays where the burrow is attacked

  • It is likely that track 16 of the soundtrack “Into the Rushes” will play during this scene.

  • A call sheet shows a scene 83 outside of the Burrow, with the characters Harry, Ron, Ginny, Lupin, Arthur, Molly, Tonks, Fred and George in it, described as follows:
    Fireball crashes to the ground
    Track into burning house - reactions
  • A yarn picture of Harry and Ginny is likely to be during (or before) this attack.

  • Multiple shots from multiple sources show shots most likely to happen before the below leaked script begins:
    Start of Attack:    



  • Many believe that this attack makes the Burrow burn to the ground, but this is not so, as told by the member on Leaky Lounge who got to visit the set:
    I saw The Burrow both the inside and outside sets; the outside set had been burnt in a Death Eater attack
  • Pictures of Arthur, Lupin, Tonks, Harry, Ginny and Fred or George during the battle emerged:

  • Many Panini stickers showed this scene:



  • Rachezee discussed the start of the Attack during her appearance on PrinceWatch:
    PrinceWatch Transcript:    

    PrinceWatch episode 3 Scott: So, continuing with the topic of the Burrow…uh, the new scene that they added- The Battle. We’ve seen the script, but it’s only portions of it. It’s the end portion it looks like. Can you tell us about the beginning and how it all started?

    Rachel: Yeah, it starts when Lupin and Tonks are about to leave. The dinner is over, you know their night is over…of Christmas. And um, they’re about to leave and they open the door to the Burrow and Molly is there, everyone’s there saying goodbye. And um…and then Lupin suddenly looks out into those cornstalks and like starts looking and he looks like he’s sensing something is not right, like he hears something or he smells something…something’s wrong, And um, cause he’s you know…it seems like his werewolf senses are heightened or something, you know? And um, he’s looking around and all of a sudden this ring of fire kind of breaks out around the Burrow. And Harry sees Bellatrix and calls her name and runs after her and then as soon as Ginny sees that she runs right after him. And then the ring of fire closes, so no-one can get to them at that point…so they’re stuck. And so it’s just the 2 of them running through the corn and they can’t see each other but they’re like right, you know Ginny is right behind him somewhere. And then they are running through the corn and he’s looking for her and he’s running really fast and then all of a sudden he stops cause he doesn’t know where in the heck she is and um…but then he starts running again, you know what I mean? It kind of seemed like a slightly lost scene but um, like it seemed a little odd…

  • A reliable source from IMDB leaked the script of this scene, though it seems that there has been a few changes; shots of this scene came from multiple sources: (Note: it is very difficult to place screencaps of this scene against the script)
    HBP Script leakWithout hesitation, she races for the reeds.


    Harry careens through the marsh, reeds flashing past,

    then spies Bellatrix. She GRINS, looking like a crazed wood nymph, then flits off, her LAUGHTER mocking him. As he pursues, FIRE SNAKES through the reeds toward him.


    Fred, George, Ron and Arthur fan out, running full-out, their feet kicking up SPARKS as SHADOWS splinter throughout the reeds. It's like chasing ghosts.


    Ginny, copper hair gleaming, races through the reeds.

    Bellatrix leads Harry on, grinning madly.

    Ginny comes dashing to a halt, chest heaving as she peers into the smoking marsh. A HUGE FIGURE QUIVERS through a veil of smoke. Ginny's eyes SHIFT, see Bellatrix racing forward through the reeds, then SHIFT back as the veil of smoke evaporates, reveals...Greyback.

    Bellatrix makes an ODD, CLICKING noise--like a signal--and Greyback edges forward, sweeping away the reeds in front of him and revealing...

    ...Harry as he pelts forward.

    No, Harry! It's a trap!

    Harry falters, looking toward Ginny's voice and spies Greyback. Bellatrix stops dead, wheels in her tracks and, seeing Ginny, SHRIEKS with RAGE. Raising her wand, she fires a BOLT of RED LIGHT which explodes in a SHOWER of SPARKS around Ginny.

    Ginny fires back, then wheels away, flashing through the reeds coming face to face with...

    Greyback, sharp teeth glittering.

    Don't you smell clean.

    Just then, a BOLT OF BLUE bursts off Greyback's back and he turns, sees Harry standing several yards off. As Greyback gives chase, Ginny pelts after and we CUT back and forth between Harry, Ginny and the beast between them, faster and faster, their BREATHS shortening until...

    Greyback rushes into a clearing, panting, glancing about.

    Just then, TWIN BOLTS of light blast from opposite sides of the clearing and Greyback is lifted in the air, slammed to the ground. As he regains his feet he looks into the reeds and sees Harry and Ginny, wands poised. He grins...when Bellatrix's odd, CLICKING signal carries through the night once again. Turning away, he exits.

    Harry and Ginny slowly step out of the reeds, stare at each other wordlessly. Then...Ron, Fred, George, Arthur and Lupin come thrashing into the clearing, stop. All around them, the reeds SMOKE, the flames dying. Across the marsh, Bellatrix's cackle rises briefly on the air--then all is quiet.

    You're lucky you weren't killed.


    Hermione reads the Daily Prophet as she walks alongside Harry. The HEADLINE is GLOOMY: `MORE DISAPPEARANCES.`

    You have to realize who you are, Harry.

    I know who I am, Hermione, alright?

    So tell me what Arthur said.

    If Dumbledore's travelling places, it's news to the Ministry. But get this: that night at Borgin & Burkes? It seems Draco was looking at a Vanishing Cabinet.

    What would Draco want with a Vanishing Cabinet?

    You tell me.

    Hermione frowns, pondering this. Then:

    He looks different, don't you think? Draco. Almost...ill.

    Who could tell the difference?

  • A clip of the start of the Burrow attack (thought to have been cut down for time) debuted on MySpace. It can be seen here
  • The calendar picture of Hermione with her newspaper shows a small piece on Amelia Bones’ disappearance:

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Re: The All Inclusive HBP List

17. A Sluggish Memory:    

  • A reliable source on IMDB has leaked a scene from the script regarding the "modified" memory; shots of this scene came from multiple sources:
    That's my Won-Won.

    Excuse me, I have to go vomit.

    As Hermione exits, Harry spies Ginny, in an alcove, sitting
    by as Dean laughs with SEAMUS. Looking up, she sees Harry,
    gives a feeble wave. He waves back. CUT TO:




    We emerge from the CRACKLING EMBERS of a FIREPLACE. A much
    younger--and more smartly dressed--Slughorn probes a dish
    of CRYSTALLIZED PINEAPPLE as he holds court before 16-YEAR-
    sits on a side table.

    Sir, is it true that Professor Merrythought is retiring?

    Slughorn chuckles, wags a sugar-encrusted finger at Riddle.

    Now, Tom, I couldn't tell you if
    I knew, could I? I must say,
    m'boy, I'd like to know where you
    get your information. More
    knowledgeable than half the staff,
    you are.
    (as the other boys laugh)
    By the way, thank you for the
    pineapple--you're quite right, it
    is my favourite--how is it you


    Riddle smiles but his expression suggests intuition had
    nothing to do with it. Slughorn chuckles uneasily.

    Good gracious, look at the time.
    Off you go, boys, or Professor
    Dippett will have us all in
    detention. Lestrange, Avery,
    don't forget your essays...

    As the others file out, Slughorn busies himself with some
    papers when--Ping!--

    he turns, finds Riddle still there,
    standing by the crystal hourglass.

    Look sharp, Tom. You don't want
    to be caught out of bed after

    I know a secret shortcut or two.

    Yes, I imagine you do. Something
    on your mind, Tom?

    Yes sir. I couldn't think of
    anyone else to go to. The other
    Professors, well, they're not
    like you. They

    Go on.

    Riddle slips off the RING on his left hand, begins to roll
    it between his fingers. It is set with a BLACK STONE.

    I was in the library the other
    night, in the Restricted section,
    and I read something rather odd,
    about a bit of rare magic, and I
    thought perhaps you could
    illuminate me...

    Suddenly a DENSE FOG engulfs the room and SLUGHORN'S VOICE
    twists into an ANGRY SHRIEK:


    I don't know anything about such
    things and I wouldn't tell you if
    I did! Now get out of here at
    once and don't ever let me catch
    you mentioning it again!

    The FOG grows thicker and...


    ...CAMERA emerges from the swirling Pensieve. Harry blinks,
    finds Dumbledore studying him from across the room.

    Confused? I would be surprised if
    you weren't.

  • Two pictures show young Riddle and young Slughorn from this scene:

  • It is likely that track 18 of the soundtrack “Dumbledore’s Foreboding” will play during this scene.

  • The Japanese TV Trailer from January shows Harry and Dumbledore during this lesson:

  • A shot from the OotP DVD sneak peeks and another shot from the third trailer shows that Dumbledore sits down during this scene:

  • A picture emerged of Harry and Ron, hiding from Professor Slughorn according to the blurb. Rachezee states that this is a attempt of Harry’s at gaining the memory:

  • This scene was featured in the Japanese TV trailer, where Harry asks Slughorn what Voldemort was like as a student:

  • This scene debuted on IESB. It can be seen here

18. Birthday Surprises:    

  • Apparition lessons have been confirmed cut by test screening viewers.

  • The ABC sneak peeks from January showed Harry and Hermione in the common room, Harry with the Marauder’s Map. The Japanese TV Trailer from January showed this scene again, Hermione telling Harry that Slughorn isn’t likely to tell Harry about his secret, confirming this scene takes place after Harry’s questioning of Slughorn:

  • Test screening viewers talk of Romilda’s role:
    We only see her briefly and not very close up. Hermione warns Harry Romilda is planning to slip him love potion, and he looks over at her. The other time we see her is her picture is on a card with the box of love potion spiked chocolates Ron eats.
  • It is confirmed by the official plot outline that Ron will eat Vane's chocolate cakes spiked with love potion.

  • Later information clarified that the first officially released still of the film is indeed when Harry comes into the dormitory to find Ron lovesick:

  • A picture of Ron during the sequence has been released:

  • The scene in the dormitory was released in May. It can be seen here

  • A shot of Slughorn from this sequence came from the Japanese TV trailer:

  • Ron hugging Slughorn was shown in the HBO preview:

  • A shot of Harry, Ron and Slughorn drinking together came from the ABC sneak peeks; a shot of Ron falling over came from the third trailer, released November:

  • A shot of Ron convulsing on the ground came from the ’50 minutes’ preview:

  • A picture of Harry looking in a potions cupboard not in uniform has appeared online:

  • A test screening viewer describes the above picture:
    That is not a dresser but actually Slughorn's potion kit. Ron has just been poisoned and he is frantically searching for something that will help. How he knew about Bezoars, I have no idea
  • An image of bezoars came from the Harry Potter Exhibition:

  • A Panini sticker showed Harry holding what seems to be a bezoar:

  • A picture of Ron poisoned in Slughorn’s office was in the first trailer, released July:

  • The ABC sneak peeks the first featurette and the ’50 minutes’ preview showed Ron awaking to tell Harry “These girls … they’re gonna kill me”:

  • A description of this scene surfaced after the test screening
    The scene opens with Ron staring lovingly at the moon from the boys' dormitory window (lol). Harry comes into the room and Ron tells Harry that he's in love. Harry sits on his bed and Ron climbs on right next to him (more lol) and the dialogue follows about the same from the book if I remember correctly. Harry says, "I thought you were getting tired of her" or something and Ron gets offended, Harry gets confused, thinks they're talking about Lavender but Ron says he's talking about Romilda Vane and asks to be introduced. Harry asks if Ron's eaten something, Harry sees the empty wrappers and box and puts two and two together and gets him to Slughorn's office. Harry asks Slughorn for the antidote, Slughorn lets them in, and he concocts the potion. At one point Ron comes from behind Slughorn and hugs him and so Harry sets him down on the couch (scene is shot with Harry and Slughorn in front, couch behind). Slughorn wonders why Harry couldn't just perform the potion himself but Harry says it's particularly strong and Slughorn agrees. Ron is acting goofy in the back, at one point he sits on the back seating of the couch and falls off! After they get Ron right, Slughorn pulls out a flasks, pours glasses, and they toast to their health. Ron of course slurps his down before the others and he immediately collapses. He starts going a bit gray, convulsing, foaming at the mouth a bit; Harry freaks out, tells Ron to breathe, yells at Slughorn to do something, Slughorn is too stunned to move so Harry hurries through his potion supplies, pulls out a bezoar and pops it into his mouth.
  • Another attendee describes the emotions of the scene
    it went from funny to scary very quickly. You're right that Rupert is AWESOME as "lovestruck Ron"... and then after the bezoar sits up and says, 'They're going to kill me!' before dropping back down on the floor again... a little comic relief in the midst of a very tense moment.

19. Elf Tails:    

  • The initial test screening attendee continues…
    I forget the transitioning but we find Harry, Slughorn, Ginny, Hermione, and Ron at the infirmary wing. Everyone was definitely laughing at Ron. He was hilarious under the love potion, very sensitive, very touchy to those near him! Everyone surrounds Ron's bed in the Hospital Wing, Hermione and Ginny either side of him. Dumbledore, McGonagall and Snape walk in, shortly followed by Lavender who basically starts arguing with Hermione as to why she's there. Then Lavender goes over to Ron and grabs his hand, at which point Ron mutters Hermione's name. Lavender runs off in a strop. Dumbledore says something along the lines of "Ah, the pangs of teenage romance", to which McGonagall gives a look and Snape rolls his eyes. Then I think after a little talking, with Slughorn telling Dumbledore it was the meade that poisoned Ron and that it was actually meant for Dumbledore himself, they all leave, but Harry turns at the door to see Hermione holding a still-unconcious Ron's hand. Hermione says something like "Oh, shut up" and Harry leaves.
  • Shots of the hospital wing scene came from the third featurette and the first TV spot:
    Hospital Wing:    



  • More test screening report…
    The next day they're sitting at breakfast, and Ron asks Hermione something about, "HOW, again, did that happen? She seems really angry at me!" and then we see Lavender glaring at Ron from across the room and Hermione smirks a little and changes the subject..
  • A scene in the Great Hall at breakfast or lunchtime is confirmed to happen sometime in the movie by a calendar montage, ABC sneak peeks, and Panini stickers. It is likely to be the scene described above:
    Great Hall:    



  • A picture of Harry talking to Katie Bell emerged, probably during this ‘Great Hall lunch’ scene:

  • The Panini stickers showed Draco walking into the Hall as Harry talks to Katie:



  • A shot of the trio looking at something came from the TV spots:

  • Another shot showed Hermione and Ron smiling in this scene:

  • The Quidditch scene from this chapter has been confirmed cut

  • The house elves have been confirmed cut from the film, according to test screening viewers.

20. Lord Voldemort's Request:    

  • Hepzibah Smith has been cut.

  • However, there will be a scene with a pair of hands stealing Hufflepuff’s Cup:
    So what will Berendt be doing in the film as 18-year old Tom Riddle? His role merely consists of a pair of hands stealing the Hufflepuff cup – that's it. The actor has no dialogue and no face time on screen

21. The Unknowable Room:    

  • The Full trailer and a TV spot has shown Filch standing guard along the Hogwarts Wall and Death Eaters failing to get through the protection. This could occur anytime in the film, and it is also rumoured to occur during Dumbledore’s opening speech:

  • Test screening viewers note that Crabbe and Goyle have little screen time and are never seen transformed as girls.

  • According to a source on IMDB (which can sometimes be very unreliable), there will be a scene where Malfoy is testing the Vanishing Cabinet by putting apples inside it. This has either been changed or Malfoy will test it with Birds as well, due to info from the TLC Set Report:
    Draco spending time in the Room of Requirement, sending birds through the Vanishing Cabinet as practice
  • A shot showed Malfoy looking at an apple in the Room of requirement:

  • It is likely that track 14 of the soundtrack “Malfoy’s Mission” will play during these scenes.

  • An image of the Vanishing Cabinet emerged:

  • A TV spot showed Draco making his way to the Room to test the cabinet:

  • A calendar picture and a sticker book picture of Malfoy and a bird have both emerged:
    Malfoy with bird:    


  • A promotional picture shows Malfoy testing the cabinet:

  • A screencap from the Full trailer, released April, shows Draco holding a feather:

  • A test screening viewer discusses the birds Malfoy uses:
    Throughout the movie we keep seeing Draco going to a cage full of birds, like the one he has in his hand. He would would take one and then go off to the RoR. Later in the movie, I believe just before the Sectum Sempra Scene, we see him put one of the birds into the Vanishing Cabinet looking hopeful and closes it. When he opens it, the bird is dead.

    Though we, as the audience are not really supposed to know what Draco is doing, his reaction to the bird being dead makes it obvious that whatever he is trying to do with that cabinet is not working. He is so upset that he ends up in the bathroom crying. And the Sectum Sempra scene takes place.
  • Rachezee discussed the Draco’s use of the birds during her interview with PrinceWatch
    PrinceWatch episode 3Rachel: Draco was going around with -- throughout the whole movie you keep seeing him get -- go to this cage of birds somewhere in the castle and he keeps taking one out so every time you see the cage it has one less bird in it. And so --


    Rachel: -- and then -- and he takes the bird and -- to the Room of Requirement and -- and puts it into the cabinet. You only see him do it once, but you -- you see him take the birds many times. But --

    Vince: So they all die? All the birds die?

    Rachel: Well -- well, you can assume that they did. Except for probably the last one when he finally --

    Scott: Yikes. (laughs)

    Rachel: -- makes the cabinet work.


    Vince: That's just awful.

    Meesha: Where does he get the birds?

    Vince: Yeah.

    Rachel: That's a good question. It was -- I don't know if that was supposed to be in McGonagall's room or if it was --

    Vince: That's what we were thinking.

    Rachel: -- just some random place in the castle, but he was getting them from somewhere in the castle. There was a cage of birds there.


    Meesha: So he didn't actually walk in through the gates carrying a cage of birds.


    Rachel: No.


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Re: The All Inclusive HBP List

24. Sectumsempra:    

  • Evidence from scene numbers using two scripts from the Horcrux discussion and the after Sectumsempra kiss tells us that the Sectumsempra > Kiss sequence has been moved BEFORE the Aragog’s Death > Real Memory > Horcrux Discussion sequence, when it was the other way around in the book.

  • The Sectumsempra scene appears to be confirmed, due to a set report:
    We couldn't get into moaning Myrtle's bathroom because it was locked. They filmed the Sectumsempra scene there last week. They told me Tom had to lie in the fake blood and water for hours. He had a prosthetic chest on which pumped out fake blood and for each new take he had to get cleaned up and dry his hair before starting again. There are some pictures floating about of the scene and they look like Tom is lying dead in a pool of blood, very freaky for his friends to see!
  • Moaning Myrtle is cut

  • It is likely that track 19 of the soundtrack “Of Love & War” will play during this scene.

  • Test screening viewers describe the scene
    When Harry and Draco fight in the toilets, Nigel is sits frozen in a cubical.

    The scene is truly dark and serious; the touch of humor with the kid on the loo was a surprisingly well placed moment of humor as it did not spoil the mood. You think it would but it doesn't. It’s only about 5 seconds of screen time, something tells me it may be cut later, but I think they should leave it in.

    It's actually more of a "fight scene" - it's kind of cool that way - and yes, Harry is obviously disturbed by what he's done and horrified at the effect that the spell has

    For those asking about the bloodiness of the Sectumsempra scene, it was not very bloody but many of the wounds on Draco did not appear to be gushing. Before you all get upset, I think the extra blood is probably just a special effect not yet added. The scene implied much more blood than was seen. I am pretty sure this will be added in later.

    When Harry casts Sectumsempra, Snape runs in and heals Draco's wounds with a spell that sounds almost like a song. Snape does not use Legilimency on Harry, and Harry runs straight out of the bathroom and into McGonagall who's standing in the doorway.
    Snape does not question Harry whatsover. He does not even speak to him. No Roonil Waslib
  • A shot from the third trailer, released November, another shot from the Japanese TV trailer and a Panini sticker showed Draco crying in the bathroom:

  • The Behind the Scenes Featurette showed the start of the Sectumsempra battle:

  • The Full trailer from April showed more of the Sectumsempra battle:

  • A Panini sticker shows Harry hiding/looking under a toilet:

  • Tom Felton stated in a interview that the Sectumsempra battle will be more than wandwork:
    …usually it’s all wands, whereas we actually got to get a bit rough with each other.
  • This scene debuted on IESB:

  • An attendee of the test screening, Katie, discussed this scene’s bloodiness on an episode of Pottercast:
    Pottercast transcriptKatie: Like, the Sectumsempra scene, like, takes a lot of people off, cos it’s not it how should have been I don’t think – I mean it wasn’t dumbed down, it’s just to keep the little kids to watch it as well they like – they didn’t open his shirt –

    Melissa: So it’s just blood coming through?

    Katie: Yeah. Snape comes in and when he does the healing – the counter-curse for Sectumsempra, the blood like sorta seeps away from the shirt, basically doesn’t go through or whatever, so, yeah.

  • The Panini sticker book showed Snape healing Draco’s wounds:

  • The Harry/Ginny kiss has been altered
    Ginny takes Harry to the RoR to hide the book. She kisses him in there, it's their first kiss. The relationship is done a bit differently compared to the book. There's a lot of build up since there wasn't much Ginny in the other movies. In fact I'd say there's more H/G in the movie. There's a lot of Ginny. She's very canon like and you can see that especially from her first scene.

    The kiss between Harry and Ginny in the RoR isn't sad.
  • This is the kiss seen in the third Sneak Peek.

  • Test screening viewers describe the scene
    [After Sectumsempra,] Hermione and Ginny band together and tell Harry to hide the potions book so not even Harry can find it. Ginny takes Harry to the room of Requirement, and makes him close his eyes while she hides the book. Then she kisses him briefly. By the time he opens his eyes she has vanished.
  • It is likely that track 20 of the soundtrack “When Ginny Kissed Harry” will play during this scene.

  • A script of this kiss scene appeared from a reliable source.
    HBP script GINNY
    You've got to hide it. Today.


    Harry, potions book in hand, follows Ginny past the empty birdcage and down the corridor when she pauses, turns to the wall and shuts her eyes.

    Take my hand.


    Ginny and Harry materialize.

    The Room of Requirement...

    Ginny nods, turns away. Harry follows.


    Harry eyes the shelves that tower above him and the odd things they hold: a SMALL CAGE bearing the SKELETON of some long-dead creature. A JAR of QUIVERING EYEBALLS which track him as he passes.

    Over the years, if someone had a secret, if they wanted to conceal something, this is where they came. Some of these things are almost as old as the castle itself.

    Who showed you this? First.

    Fred and George. First Year. I hid Tom Riddle's diary here for a time. Wish I'd left it...

    As Ginny drifts off in memory, Harry studies her, then a SCUFFLING SOUND is heard nearby. They turn, look off.

    (at the same time)
    What was that?

    They turn back, look at each other. Ginny smiles. Then:


    Harry and Ginny approach. The SCUFFLING GROWS LOUDER. Harry reaches out, pulls aside the tapestry. Reacts. The cabinet door VIBRATES. Slowly, he opens it and...

    ...the BLACK BIRD flies free in a rush of FLAPPING wings.

    See, you never know what you'll find up here.

    Harry nods, looks back at the cabinet, mystified.

    All right. Close your eyes. That way you can't be tempted.

    Ginny slips the book from his fingers and starts to back away. She mouths: Close...your...eyes. As she leaves FRAME, CAMERA pushes ever-so-slightly in on Harry. Still. Waiting. For a long moment, there is only silence. Then a shadow gently eclipses Harry's face.

    There's something else. Another secret of sorts. One of mine...

    Ginny leans in then and places her mouth on Harry's.

    That can stay hidden up here too, if you like.

    Harry opens his eyes, watches Ginny back away, then disappear around the corner. He stares at the empty air, blinking, then watches the black bird flutter overhead.


    Harry, looking a tad dazed, walks aimlessly.

    RON (O.S.)
    So. Did you and Ginny do it?

    Harry jumps, watches Ron appear.


    You know. Hide the book.

    Oh. Yeah.

  • A picture of this scene emerged:

  • A picture of the Room of Requirement came from an agenda book:
    Room of Requirement with Hidden Junk:    


  • According to test screen viewers, the H/G romantic relationship is basically non-existent:
    There is really no implication that Ginny and Harry are dating, much to my dismay. It seemed much more that their feelings were both made very clear but no further action was taken. No implied stolen hours in secluded corners in the Hogwarts grounds.

    Hm. I don't really remember arms around one another - but Harry's response was surprise for sure. It was a really kind of "forward" Ginny-esque moment.
  • Rachezee talked about Ginny’s situation with Dean during this scene in her appearance on PrinceWatch:
    PrinceWatch Transcript:    

    PrinceWatch episode 3Meesha: Now. Does – does Ginny – does the break-up with Dean happen before the whole thing with the room – the Room of Requirement?

    Rachel: I know that they were unhappy, but I don’t remember anything about a break-up. I – I just remember – I just know that it was – Hermione keeps saying that they are unhappy together and stuff. I don’t – Maybe they did break up – I didn’t see it. (laughs)

    Meesha: Maybe it was – was it Kristen who talked about the dinner party when Ginny came and said Hermione told Harry that they had broken up?

    Scott: Yeah, she had red puffy eyes and said that –

    Aaron: No, it was just that they were fighting.

    Scott: – they’d been fighting.

    Rachel: Oh.

    Meesha: Oh, they were fighting, okay.

    Rachel: They were fighting. I don’t think they actually – just like they never get together – they never really – Ginny and Harry never get together.

    Vince: So, Ginny –

    Rachel: Yes.

    Vince: Ginny is cheating on him then (laughter) when she’s kissing Harry.

    Rachel: Ginny seems to be making her way around. (laughs)

    Meesha: Yeah. The Ginny haters will love that.


22. After the Burial:    

  • Panini stickers showed Harry drinking the Felix:

  • The scene of Harry drinking the potion was featured in TV spots:
    TV Spot:    


  • Dan stated that the tragedy of Horace Slughorn will outweigh the comedy and the memory retrieval is being filmed

  • It appears the Aragog storyline will be in the film, based on a statement made during pre-production:
    ...as for Dudman's assignments, "A lot of it is up in the air, but we know we'll have a giant dead spider to produce."
  • A reliable source confirms Aragog’s presence in the film
    From what I can tell Aragog's death is in the film…
  • It is likely that track 17 of the soundtrack “Farewell Aragog” will play during this scene.

  • Test screening viewers describe this scene
    We see the greenhouses, but not in a lesson (Harry on Felix finds Slughorn there, but no Sprout in the movie

    Yes Aragog is on the screen for about 3 minutes, but he is dead. I think it would be quite easy for you to have your friend close his eyes during that moment. Slughorn says the same words over his body that he does in the book. Word for word (I am wondering if it is sort of sad that I know that...). That is how long Aragog is on screen.

    We do get to hear Hagrid and Slughorn singing about Odo the Hero, and Harry is funny and a few lines where true to the book while under the influence of Felix Felicis.

    You know, I can't remember the details of what Harry said to get the memory, but I know they most definitely deviated from canon, which had surprised me at the time because up until then, the scene was very close to canon. Actually I am starting to remember, but before getting upset please remember that I am not remembering it all, and the accuracy is questionable. But the gist of it is Slughorn drunkenly starts to tell Harry about this fish he had that he loved and was so beautiful, but died. Towards the end of the story he reveals that the fish was given to him by Lily and just disappeared the day she died. Harry uses this story to persuade him to give up the memory. Frankly I thought it was rather lame. But then, I believe that what happened in the book should have been there instead, so I wasn't listening to the story with a very open mind either.
  • The Panini sticker book showed Slughorn at the greenhouses:


  • Another Panini sticker shows Slughorn following Harry to Hagrid’s:

  • More Panini stickers showed Aragog’s Burial:


  • The Japanese TV trailer showed an establishing shot of this scene:

  • Even More Panini stickers show Hagrid and Slughorn at the table, and singing Odo the Hero:
    Hagrid and Slughorn:    



  • A TV spot showed Slughorn telling a story, then everyone going “Poof!”:

  • A TV spot showed Harry in Hagrid’s Hut, telling Slughorn to “Be Brave”

  • A trailer screenshot and a promotional picture, and more Panini stickers show Slughorn extracting and giving his memory:

  • It is likely that track 21 of the soundtrack “Slughorn’s Confession” will play during this scene.

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Re: The All Inclusive HBP List

23. Horcruxes:    

  • The same reliable source on IMDB has leaked a page from the script about this scene; various shots came from various sources; Bolded Italicised Lines have been seen in either Sneak Peeks or Trailers, and have been changed to reflect them:
    HBP Script leakDUMBLEDORE
    How is he? Horace?

    Harry shrugs. Dumbledore nods, then tips his hand. A LONG strand hangs suspended like glass. A pearl forms...and as it hangs...

    Harry's eyes shift, notice a DRAWING on Dumbledore's desk, one of Tom Riddle's drawings seen at the orphanage, of the CAVE and the distinct OUTCROPPING. Then...

    the pearl drops.


    As before. The CRACKLING EMBERS of the FIRE. Slughorn, a circle of six. Riddle commanding the room.

    Sir, is it true that Professor Merrythought is retiring?

    Slughorn chuckles, wags a sugar-encrusted finger at Riddle.

    Now, Tom, I couldn't tell you if I knew, could I? I must say, m'boy, I'd like to know where you get your information. More knowledgeable than half the staff, you are.
    (as the other boys laugh)
    By the way, thank you for the pineapple--you're quite right, it is my favourite--how is it you knew?


    Riddle smiles but his expression suggests intuition had nothing to do with it. Slughorn chuckles uneasily.

    Good gracious, look at the time. Off you go, boys, or Professor Dippett will have us all in
    detention. Lestrange, Avery, don't forget your essays...

    As the others file out, Slughorn busies himself with some papers when--Ping!--

    he turns, finds Riddle still there, standing by the crystal hourglass.

    Look sharp, Tom. You don't want to be caught out of bed after hours...

    I know a secret shortcut or two.

    Yes, I imagine you do. Something on your mind, Tom?

    Yes sir. I couldn't think of anyone else to go to. The other Professors, well, they're not
    like you. They might...misunderstand.

    Go on.

    Riddle slips off the RING on his left hand, begins to roll it between his fingers. It is set with a BLACK STONE.

    I was in the library the other night, in the Restricted section, and I read something rather odd, about a bit of rare magic, and I thought perhaps you could illuminate me. It's called, as I understand it...a Horcrux.

    Slughorn's weak smile evaporates altogether.

    Excuse me?

    Horcrux. I came across the term while reading and I didn't fully understand it.

    I'm not sure what you were reading, Tom, but that's very Dark stuff, very Dark indeed.

    Yes sir. Which is why I came to you. I mean no disrespect to the rest of the staff, but I thought if anyone could tell me...it would be you.

    Slughorn frowns, clearly disturbed, then speaks quietly.

    A horcrux is an object in which a person has concealed part of their soul.

    Yes, I thought it might be something like that. But I don't understand how that works, sir.

    One splits one's soul and hides part of it in an object. By doing so, you are protected should you be attacked and your body destroyed.


    That part of your soul that was hidden, lives on. In other words, you cannot die.

    Riddle nods and TURNS AWAY, staring at himself in the MIRROR on the wall opposite. A hint of RED glints in his eyes.

    How does one split his soul, sir?

    I think you can guess the answer to that, Tom.


    Yes. Killing rips the soul apart. It is a violation against nature. After, one is never the same.

    Out of curiosity, sir--can you only split your soul once? For instance, isn't seven the most
    powerfully magical number--

    Seven! Merlin's beard, Tom! Isn't it bad enough to think of killing one person? To rip the soul into seven pieces...
    (stopping; worried)
    This is all hypothetical, isn't it, Tom? All academic...

    Of course, sir. And I promise I'll not speak of our conversation. It'll be our little

    Riddle reaches out then and pinches the FLAME of a candle, killing it. As SMOKE RISES, we DISSOLVE into...


    ...the surface of the Pensieve, where Riddle quivers. We RACK FOCUS and Dumbledore's troubled face bleeds through Riddle's.


    Dumbledore holds up his withered hand, silencing him, turns away. Harry studies him, waiting, the hush palpable.

    This is beyond anything I imagined. In my life I’ve seen things that are truly horrific. Now I know you will see worse.

    Dumbledore looks off, his eyes distant. Harry watches him intently, as do the HEADMASTERS in their frames above. Finally, tentatively, Harry speaks.

    Do you mean to say he succeeded, sir? In making a Horcrux?

    Oh he succeeded. And not just once. Think, Harry. He's just told us.

    Seven. He made seven--the most powerfully magical number. But...what are they exactly?

    They can be anything. The most commonplace of objects. A ring, for example. Or a book...

    Dumbledore slides open a drawer, removes the RING and Tom
    Riddle's battered DIARY.

    Tom Riddle's diary--

    It's a Horcrux, yes. Four years ago, when you saved Ginny Weasley's life in the Chamber of Secrets, when you brought me this--
    (holding up the diary)
    I knew. This is a different kind of magic. Very dark. Very powerful. But until tonight I had no idea just how powerful...

    And the ring...?

    Belonged to Voldemort's mother. It was difficult to find and...
    (raising his damaged
    ...even more difficult to destroy.

    But if you find them all. If you destroy it/each Horcrux...

    One kills Voldemort

    Harry begins to reach out for the ring...

    But how would you find them? They could be hidden anywhere, couldn't they...

    True. But magic, especially Dark magic [leaves behind a]...

    Just then, as the flesh of Harry's fingers make contact with the ring, IMAGES FLASH by in DIZZYING succession: VOLDEMORT'S FACE, twisted in pain.

    A DERELICT HOUSE, deep in a haunted clearing. An ANCIENT CUP, gleaming as it tumbles from an old woman's hand. A SNAKE (NAGINI) slithering through damp grass.

    Dumbledore slipping the ring onto his finger, recoiling as his skin decays...

    {...leaves traces} / […mark].

    Harry's clenched hand SPASMS, RELEASES. The ring skitters across Dumbledore's desk and Harry brings a hand to his chest, a look of bewilderment on his face. Dumbledore watches the ring spin down, then glances at Harry and slowly extends his own hand,

    lightly touching the center of Harry's chest with the tips of two ashen fingers, as if reading braille, as if he can somehow "see" into Harry's heart.

    Trepidation--and recognition--flicker over his face. He looks up, meets Harry's eyes
    It should be noted the above couple of paragraphs were absent from the test screening.
    Update: A press-screening viewer confirmed this sequence.
    It's where you've been going, isn't it, sir? When you leave the school.

    Harry's eyes drift once again to the postcard on the desk. Dumbledore withdraws his hand, nodding, still studying Harry oddly, his voice, when it comes, distant.

    Yes. I think...perhaps...I may have found another. But this time I cannot hope to destroy it alone.

    Harry peers into Dumbledore's eyes. Dumbledore nods.

    Once again, I shall ask too much of you, Harry.


    Harry stands at a window, looking out. He brings his fingers to his chest again when...Hermione comes up behind him.

    Harry. It's time.


    Harry, Hermione and Ron walk.

    Hermione, is the Room of Requirement unplottable?

    If one wants it to be. Why?

    It would explain why I thought Malfoy was leaving the castle when he disappeared off the Map. He was going to the Room of Requirement.

    Of course, and that explains the Vanishing Cabinet as well!

  • A calendar picture of Dumbledore, the ring and the diary emerged
    Calendar picture:    


  • A test screening viewer discusses Horcruxes in the film:
    I honestly don't know if those not familiar with the book will understand the horcruxes. I think they will understand what they do and how they work. But I am not sure if it was clear Harry still needed to kill Voldemort in the end, I think it is just assumed. What I don't think a book reader will understand is the significance in the objects chosen as horcruxes. I think the reason why Voldemort chooses those particular objects is not explained whatsoever. I don't think it was ever even mentioned that the locket was Slytherin's.
  • A press-screening viewer describes the foreshadowing in the film and this scene:
    Perhaps what I love the most about this movie is the level of foreshadowing it contains. I felt like every long-range shot, every close up, was intended to send a message to the audience. I think book readers will pick up on a lot of the subtle lines and looks between characters. I swear you can see the apprehension on Dumbledore's face as he seemingly realizes Harry, too, could be a horcrux.

    Harry does do the head/neck movement. It is one of the moments that help to foreshadow that horcrux idea; it strengthens the idea that he holds a deep connection with Voldemort.
  • Another press screening attendee describes this scene:
    This is immediately after Harry and Dumbledore watch Slughorn's real memory. Dumbledore is reeling about how far Voldemort has actually gone into his dark magic pursuits. He then shows Harry the diary and the ring. Harry touches the ring and has that weird, immediate and vivid 'flashback' you describe. Those of us who have read book 7 know he's remembering his life as Voldemort (not that Harry is aware of this.) Harry then does that weird snake-like movement with his neck that he did a lot in film 5. Dumbledore gives him a very deep look. I'm dead certain this is the moment when Dumbledore's brain is beginning to realise that Harry could be a horcrux- you can see the gears going in his brain. Brilliant! Don't remember Dumbledore touching Hary's chest.
  • Shots from the last scene from the script came from the second featurette:

  • A press-screening attendee has said that the scene in the courtyard is unfortunately cut.

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Re: The All-Inclusive HBP List

25. The Seer Overheard:    


26. The Cave:    

  • A picture was released of the trio in the Boy’s Dormitory. Though all other sources deny this scene’s existence, it is possible there could be a scene where Harry goes up to the Dormitory before heading off to the cave:

  • According to a test screen viewer, there is a scene before they leave Hogwarts which seems to have replaced the argument in the forest between Dumbledore and Snape:
    ...when Harry goes to the top of the Astronomy Tower to meet up with Dumbledore to go to the cave. He is just walking in when Snape who had obviously been discussing something with Dumbledore gives Harry his infamous intimidating stare and walks swiftly out. It is a very brief moment and nothing more is said about it. Although I think it is safe to assume Snape and Dumbledore were discussing Dumbledore’s death. (and/or maybe discussing Harry and how he has to die).
  • A watcher of a press-screening explains further:
    I don't specifically remember what they say, but from what I gather they're arguing about how Snape doesn't want to act as a double-agent. And Harry takes it as confirming his suspicions since he doesn't learn the truth until movie eight. But Snape says something along the lines of, "I can't do this anymore." Dumbledore says something like, "You need to," or something. Know the lines aren't precise, but the gist is there.
  • Snape meeting Harry on the staircase was seen in the HBO preview:

  • A picture of Harry and Dumbledore on the Tower came from EW:

  • This scene was featured in the second featurette:

  • A shot of Harry and Dumbledore apparating from the Tower was seen in the Japanese TV trailer, shown in January:

  • This scene debuted on iTunes. It can be seen here
  • It is confirmed that track 22 of the soundtrack “Journey to the Cave” will play during this scene.

  • The exterior Cave scenes are to be filmed at Cape Wraith.

  • The exterior of the cave was shown in the second and third trailers, as well as in the second featurette:



  • Stuart Craig has stated in an interview for Movie Magic that the decision was made to use a Crystal Cave instead of a Limestone Cave:
    A key to what we did this time was our initial research. We started by saying, "What's interesting about a cave?" Well, stalagmites and stalactites are probably the most familiar, almost clichéd, of limestone caves. So we started to examine crystal caves and looked to the pictures of this incredible quartz cave in Mexico. We did visit one in Switzerland and thought, "What other kind of crystal caves are there?" It turned out to be a salt crystal cave outside Frankfurt in Germany, so we went there, and it's part of a cast phosphate mining complex, but there's also rock salt down there, and in this one area salt crystals, which are completely transparent and glass-like. We took extensive photographs and used that as our inspiration. What it's done is given us this hopefully fantastic set and fantastic world but with a bit of geological credibility at the same time, which we've always tried to do. Yes, it's a magical world, but it's grounded in a recognizable reality. We've treated the cave as an extension of the architecture in that respect
  • A Set Report Teaser from Snitchseeker, contained a brief description of the Cave:
    In terms of new sets, we saw the cave construction, which will feature in a climactic scene with Dumbledore and Harry, the inside of which I can only describe as being a cross between Isla de Muerta in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl and the cave in Superman Returns. With the CGI effects added, I can only imagine how expansive it will look, and how eerie it will be with its Inferi inhabitants.
  • A Panini sticker shows Dumbledore finding the entrance to the cave:

  • Dumbledore’s cursed hand was first seen in a shot of him opening the entrance to the cave:

  • Shots of Michael Gambon in the interior Cave set were glimpsed in the HBP sneak peak with his hair down and Yates is directing him how to drink the potion or how to pull up the invisible chain and pull the boat out of the water.


  • A Panini sticker shows Harry at Dumbledore at the edge of the lake:

  • The Full trailer and a Panini sticker showed Dumbledore casting a spell to illuminate the locket island:

  • The ABC sneak peeks showed Dumbledore grabbing the chain:

  • A picture of Harry in the Cave emerged:

  • Shots of Dumbledore and Harry looking over the basin came from the second featurette, as well as a Panini sticker:



  • It is likely that track 23 of the soundtrack “The Drink of Despair” will play during this scene.

  • Another Panini sticker showed Harry using a clam-shell to scoop up the potion for Dumbledore:

  • The Behind the Scenes Featurette had a shot of Harry, holding the clam-shell scoop:

  • A shot of the locket being taken came from the ABC sneak peeks:

  • Panini stickers showed Harry with a weak Dumbledore and then going to get water:

  • The Inferi were briefly described by Dan Radcliffe:
    They’re horrible,” shivers Radcliffe. “They made me think of bodies in concentration camps. It’s that terrible look of a body that’s wasted away, but not a skeleton. There are a couple of child Inferi too.”
  • An additional brief description was contained in the Leaky Set Report Teaser:
    …and the dried-out, twisted mutation on zombies that will end up as the Inferi.
  • Special effects worker Nick Dudman described the Inferi:
    Although the Inferi maquettes are made to be photorealistic, the actual shape of the characters means they cannot be played by actual actors. Instead, the finished pieces will be cyberscanned by the visual effects department to be used as digital models. As Dudman explains, "They can't be make-up or people in suits or anything like that, and that was our brief from the very beginning, but it can get very difficult when you hit genre characters like dragons, zombies or werewolves. They've all been done so much that the most difficult at of the job isn't to design a cool-looking creature; it's to design something that hasn't been done before, and a big part of that is throwing things away rather than finding new ones."
  • Visual effects supervisor Tim Alexander gave more detail about this sequence as well as saying it was 7 minutes long:
    Alexander said it took several months to complete the approximately seven-minute scene, from rendering millions of Inferi to whipping up Dumbledore's flame tornado (best for combating meddling dead folks.)

    DM: So how many Inferi lie in the lake?
    TA: A couple million? Above water, you’d probably see about a hundred at a time. But when Harry gets dragged into the lake, there is a whole underwater environment…and it’s actually covered in bodies. It’s all just ... bodies crawling on top of each other, and that’s how you get into the millions.

    [fieldset=DM: That sounds … disturbing. Certainly, more so than the previous “Potter” films.

    TA: It’s certainly much bolder and scarier than we imagined that they’d ever go in a "Potter" movie. Director David Yates was really cautious of not making this into a zombie movie, so we were constantly trying to figure out how not to make these dead people coming up look like zombies. A lot of it came down to their movement – they don’t move fast, but they don’t move really slow or groan and moan. We ended up going with a very realistic style. They move like anyone coming up out of water.

    DM: How so?

    TA: When we go underwater with Harry, this female Inferi kind of comes up and grabs him and is pulling him down, but it’s more like a hug. Like an embrace. Like she’s trying to encourage him to join them. We were always trying to avoid turning the scene into one you’d see in a horror film.

    DM: You’re going to scare a lot of little kids.

    TA: Yeah, I think it will.

    DM: Tell me about how the Inferi look. How did the design come about?

    TA: The art department on the film gave us a lot of references, like Dante’s "Inferno," where they have all those bodies. The Inferi themselves are very skinny and emaciated people. Very humanoid, but way skinnier than humans could be. Waterlogged and gray. We used the old lady that comes out of the tub in ‘The Shining’ as a reference. Most of the Inferi are adult, but we did also build two children, too.

    DM: Yikes. Parents, you've been warned..[/fieldset]
  • Rachezee discussed the Inferius during her interview with PrinceWatch. She has later noted after seeing them in the third trailer that they were different than what was seen in the test screening:
    PrinceWatch Transcript:    

    PrinceWatch episode 3 Scott: Is there any place in the film where they give some background or explain the Inferius?

    Vince: Inferi.

    Rachel: No --

    Scott: 'Cause I know there was discussion in that scene in the book.

    Rachel: Yeah. That's a good question. I don't -- I didn't -- I don't remember hearing anything about them in the movie. But -- I -- it's possible, you know, that -- that -- that was something that was something that was quickly said and I missed it, but I'm virtually certain there wasn't anything said about it.

    Scott: So the audience that hasn't read the book would have no idea what those are at the end? (laughs)

    Rachel: No. And, actually, they --

    Vince: I guess --

    Rachel: They didn't --

    Vince: -- they're zombies, right? They couldn't be that hard to understand.

    Rachel: Yeah, and also -- they're also not -- I don't -- I don't think it was really -- it's really important, I guess, in there -- in the movie as to what they really are 'cause it -- you couldn't tell that they were dead bodies. Like, it -- they -- they were just --

    Vince: Awww, you couldn't?

    Rachel: -- they were just fig -- they were -- but they were scary as hell looking. They're just - they were just --

    Vince: Oh.

    Scott: Hmm....

    Vince: Were there like --

    Rachel: -- they --

    Vince: Were there like children Inferi or --

    Rachel: No. They were just like the new -- you know --

    Vince: Oh. Dan said --

    Rachel: -- you know, the newer looking demen -- dementor -- which I personally don't like that much -- but the new -- but the newer looking dementor -- the -- you know, the scary kind of like -- it looks -- they look more solid, but they're -- but they're --

    Scott: Hmm ...

    Rachel: -- like brown and -- there -- there's no features really to them, but they are of -- of a human body. Like they're just -- but they -- but I don't know --

    Scott: Okay.

    Rachel: -- I don't remember -- all I remember is thinking that they looked good.

  • It is likely that track 24 of the soundtrack “Inferi in the Firestorm” will play during this scene.

  • Trailer shots show Harry fighting away Inferi:



  • The fourth trailer, released March, as well as Panini stickers show the sequence where Harry is dragged underwater by the Inferi:


  • The Trailers and Featurette show shots from the Ring of Fire sequence:
    Ring of Fire:    



  • Rachezee stated that the cave scene was of a good length during her appearance on PrinceWatch:
    PrinceWatch episode 3Scott: So they said about – what – 20 to 25 minutes – how long would you say the cave scene was? 5 – 10 minutes?

    Rachel: Oh, at least 10 minutes I think.

    Scott: At least 10 minutes? That’s good.

    Rachel: Yeah.

    Meesha: Yeah, that’s a good long scene.

    Rachel: Yeah, because there’s a – there’s multiple parts to that scene so – yeah, it could be even slightly longer…

    Scott: Cool.

  • A test screening viewer describes the cave sequence in great detail:
    Dumbledore meets Harry at the top of the Astronomy tower and they apparate to outside the cave. As they are leaving Harry is surprised that that they can apparate from within the Hogwarts grounds, and Dumbledore says something along the lines of "That's the beauty of being headmaster."

    The scene they apparate to, despite being slightly unfinished was nonetheless absolutely breathtaking. Cliffs and huge waves dominate the scene. Dumbledore finds their way to the anti-chamber and slits his hand (for you star trek fans – he does it in a Klingon way – straight across the inside of his hand). The wall crumbles away and Dumbledore explains to Harry that Voldemort would have set up defenses around the Horcrux.

    The cave is very different than what I had pictured and than all the fan art I have seen, but still a chilling and amazing sight. It reminded me a bit of a normal cave mixed with the ice crystal place Superman goes to in one of his movies. The whole cave is a vast formation of huge crystals, jagged and rough, jutting out from the ceiling walls and floor.

    They make their way to the water and Dumbledore cautions Harry not to touch it and he starts to raise the boat with magic. Then he has Harry reel it in with a very heavy long chain.

    The island is a formation of crystals as is the basin. Now the only really cheesy and unspectacular thing about this whole scene is that they use a large white clam shell partially imbedded in a small rock to scoop up the potion. In my opinion it looked rather silly. Dumbledore tell Harry to force him to drink the potion and Gambon once again does a slightly better than usual job being forced to drink the potion.

    At one point towards the end you can very softly hear Dumbledore mumble something like "please don't hurt them, it's all my fault." But it was almost inaudible and I doubt anyone who has not read the book caught the line at all. Then after the last scoop is drunk, Gambon kind of goes back to his rather poor, unresearched acting and says with far too much strength. "Harry, Water."

    But first Harry goes back to the Basin and recovers the locket and in the background we can hear Dumbledore saying "Harry, water" getting slightly weaker each time he says it. Harry attempts to fill the basin with water the aguamenti charm, but can not get the scoop the water up with that silly shell. After trying several times and Dumbledore starting to collapse he goes to the lake to fill it there.

    Suddenly the light that was emanating from the island with the basin goes out, and Harry lights his wand (most unfortunately with the non-existent spell luminous-maximus, or whatever it was he used in the beginning of the third movie), and slowly reaches down to scoop up the lake water. The moment he touches it a hand reaches out and grabs Harry's wrist. The whole audience jumped in fear. Harry tries to fend off the inferi with all the spells we hear him try in the books. But in the end he is pulled down into the water.

    Before I go on I must say the inferi scene was one of the most spectacular of this movie. They looked a bit like the newer version of the dementor, but much more human shaped and brownish. I fear I am not describing them well, because they were truly a scary site to see. The camera angles captured the scene of Harry trying hopelessly to defend himself and Dumbledore from them as they clambered onto the island from all different angles and the sheer number of them eventually overwhelms Harry and he is pulled down deep into the lake.

    While Harry is underwater the view we have is from below him looking up and we can see the whole island from below as well. Suddenly the inferi hold harry releases him and he swims up to a surface covered in fierce flame. The "ring of fire" Dumbledore conjures is an unbelievable sight, far more than I think anyone pictured in the books, but incredibly spectacular. Harry and Dumbledore climb back in the boat and the scene then cuts to Harry helping Dumbledore through the cave.

    The ever so anticipated lines of (I am paraphrasing) "Don't worry sir, I'll get us back" and Dumbledore replying "I am not worried, I am with you" are said. Executed very well by Radcliff though rather poorly in my opinion by Gambon who clearly does not know the significant emotional value we fans know those lines have.
  • Press-screening attendees have said that the above line is cut.

  • Rachezee said that Dumbledore’s wand was given importance during this scene during her appearance on PrinceWatch:
    PrinceWatch episode 3Rachel: Well, they make a point about showing his wand ‘cause it’s unique looking –

    Vince: And it’s the Elder Wand

    Rachel: – and they show it in the – in the Inferi scene – they actually like show and I remember thinking, I wonder why they are showing it cause like otherwise –

    Vince: Because it’s a Deathly Hallow.

    Rachel: – I wouldn’t recognize anyone else’s wand but his so…

    Scott: Yeah, ‘cause I thought it was such a cool –

    Vince: Yeah, there is like little bubbles on it, yeah

    Scott: – idea that –

    Rachel: Yeah, that’s his.

  • A Panini sticker of Dumbledore’s wand is likely to be during this scene:

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Re: The All-Inclusive HBP List

27. The Lightning Struck Tower:    

  • Another script leak from IMDB shows the beginning of the "Invasion of Hogwarts"; Shots came from multiple sources:
    HBP script124 EXT. ENTRANCE/CAVE

    Harry and Dumbledore emerge from the cave. Dumbledore, pale and weak, scans the stars wearily, leans heavily on Harry.

    Don't worry, sir. We're nearly there.

    I am not worried, Harry. I am with you.


    We HOLD on the gothic glass of the main window. Ambient light, ominous and cool, plays across its shimmering surface. Flitwick, arms flowing gracefully, conducts a group of FIFTH YEARS, looks up toward the window, eyes the pulsating light.


    McGonagall stands in the courtyard as the CHOIR DRIFTS FAINTLY on the night air. She glances up to the sky, a curious expression on her face, then spies a pair of First Years straggling across the courtyard.

    To your Houses. No dawdling.

    As they scuttle off, McGonagall looks back to the sky.
    A VORTEX of CLOUDS swirls eerily in on itself.

    We PULL BACK...


    ...out of the window, its glass prickling with ambient light, and find Snape standing silently, staring at the gathering storm, his expression inscrutable. The choir a murmur.


    Darker than usual. The fire muted. Ron and Hermione sit together. Silent. Glance toward the window, the sky beyond.


    Draco's face, skin glimmering with the light crawling across the ceiling above him. He stares, unblinking, swings out of the bed. Bare feet--Draco's--drop to the tiles.


    The choir echoes eerily. SIXTH YEARS, little more than SHADOWS, hang out, giggling in dark corners. Malfoy glides by in his bare feet. Unnoticed. A ghost.


    Dense with shadow. Strange slashes of light. Malfoy, a shadow within shadows, pulls the tapestry, from the Vanishing Cabinet, steps back...

    He stares at the monolith before him, lifts his wand and begins to CHANT eerily. The surface of the cabinet glimmers, atremble in the ambient light. Almost alive. Then he stops. Looking back, his eyes haunted, he slips away.

    Light plays within the cabinet. Movement. Shadows flicker within, coalesce. We ease up, reveal...

    Bellatrix. Greyback. And a few friends. Bellatrix steps into the light. Glances around. Grins.

  • Composer Nicolas Hooper stated the choir was cut from this segment.

  • Rachezee discussed this script leak in her appearance on PrinceWatch:
    PrinceWatch Transcript:    

    PrinceWatch episode 3 Scott: So -- continuing on that and the discussion of Draco -- I had a question on -- did Draco use the hand of glory or the darkness powder at all? When --

    Rachel: No.

    Scott: -- they infiltrated the castle? Ah ...

    Rachel: No. He -- he didn't. He - they -- the Death Eaters just basically came right in. (laughter) Well -- I mean -- they were in the Room of Requirement so no one knew they were there and there was no Order of the Phoenix waiting for them either so --

    Scott: Okay.

    Rachel: -- so they -- you know -- they made their way up -- I mean, Draco got up there first for some reason or another, but -- and then they came up afterward.

    Scott: The part that was in the script -- when he lets them in through the cabinet -- that's actually seen --

    Rachel: Yeah -- that was --

    Scott: -- or was that cut?

    Rachel: -- I saw that script and it was accurate. It was exactly what I saw.

    Scott: Oh, cool.

    Rachel: So -- yeah. And it's an impressive looking scene. I mean, it was -- the -- the way he takes the tapestry that he has over the cabinet off kind of looked pretty cool and stuff --

    Scott: Right.

    Rachel: So ... (laughs)

    Scott: So then -- from the end of that script -- what happens like right after that? Does it go right into Dumbledore and Harry apparate back to the Astronomy tower or is there something in between?

    Rachel: I'm not -- I can't -- you know what I can't remember is if that happened like -- I -- I think that actually happened right after they -- they were about to come back -- you know -- like -- it was assumed they were on their way back and then we see all that. But I -- I could be slightly wrong about that order. It could have happened right before we saw them at the cave. Do you know what I mean? Like they -- right after they left, but before they went in.

    Vince: Right.

    Scott: Right.

    Meesha: Right.

    Rachel: I just can't remember. So ...

    Scott: Yeah, cause in -- in the script -- it showed the very tail portion of the cave where he said, "I'm not worried", and they were about to come back and then they --

    Vince: Oh, that line.

    Rachel: That would be right, yeah. That's what I thought.

    Scott: -- they went to Hogwarts and -- showing some tension or something or dark skies outside and then Draco sneaks off to the Room of Requirement and lets the Death Eaters in --

    Rachel: Yeah.


    Meesha: Ok, then we had this little tiny picture, looks like Ron and Hermione in the Gryffindor common room.

    Scott: Yeah.

    Rachel: With their backs…

    Vince: Oh, is that…

    Meesha: Yeah, with their backs to the camera.

    Vince: Is that the end of the movie?

    Rachel: I believe it was. I can’t guarantee anything that I know – but it looks like – you had the script leak and I think that was actually in the script leak, like the – they’re staring out the window.

    Vince: Right, the montage of everybody…

    Rachel: Yeah that was a slight – it was a really cool looking scene, was that whole – that whole script that you – that we were reading – I couldn’t figure out what was going on, though – like I didn’t understand why it was there, but it was really good looking, I mean the style looked amazing and it was – and it gave you a really eerie feeling. But I didn’t understand what the point was. Do you know what I mean? (laughs)

    Vince: I guess it’s just like – just like – to set up –

    Rachel: I think it’s just mood.

    Vince: – set up the mood.

    Scott: Just an ominous feeling for them entering the castle.

    Vince: It's good for racking up the tension

    Rachel: Yeah.

    Scott: Yeah.

    Rachel: Like darkness is coming – something bad is going to happen.

    Scott: Yeah

    Rachel: But it didn’t necessarily make much sense.

  • Rachezee said during her interview with PrinceWatch that although Harry and Dumbledore depart and return to the top of the Astronomy Tower, an explanation is given by Dumbledore why he can Apparate on the school grounds:
    PrinceWatch Transcript:    

    PrinceWatch episode 3Rachel: Yeah. And -- and -- yeah -- 'cause Harry and -- and Draco -- I mean, Harry and Dumbledore apparate right on to the top of the tower so they're already up there.

    Scott: Huh. Okay.

    Rachel: And then --

    Scott: So no flying on the broomsticks? (laughs)

    Rachel: Yeah. No -- no broomsticks. They just go right -- they apparate -- and Dumbledore at some point says -- when -- right before they leave for the cave -- is -- he says that -- I don't remember the exact words, but he says -- you know -- that's the joy of -- that's -- you know -- the pleasure of being Minister of Magic is -- or I mean, not -- I'm sorry --

    Vince: Headmaster, yeah.

    Rachel: -- the headmaster, yeah.

    Aaron: Headmaster. (laughs)

    Vince: Headmaster.

    Rachel: -- it's like --

    Scott: Yeah.

    Rachel: -- you know -- you can do that kind of thing. So ... (laughs)

    Vince: Yeah.

    Rachel: But Harry does say it --

    Vince: Yeah. That's fine.

    Rachel: -- Harry actually does say the words -- you know -- "I thought you couldn't apparate or disapparate within the grounds of Hogwarts" so ... (laughs)

    Vince: Well, that's good. That's good.

    Rachel: Yeah. (laughs) With them, like, I felt that was --

    Vince: Yeah. At least he refers to it, yeah.

    Rachel: Yeah.

  • Stuart Craig has confirmed he built the Astronomy Tower set and says the scene is going to be powerful.

  • A Set Report Teaser from Harry Potter Fan Zone contained a brief description of the Astronomy Tower:
    We’re nearing the end of the visit when we’re given a first-hand look at the construction of the Astronomy Tower. The wooden structure is enormous. Even at a place like Leavesden it looks as if it towers above everything else. I can’t imagine what it’ll look like on film. Construction is well underway - the framework appears to be complete, and on one side the walls are being pained. This is a truly breathtaking spectacle.
  • It is likely that track 25 of the soundtrack “The Killing of Dumbledore” will play during this scene.

  • A change in Harry’s (and Dumbledore’s) actions has occurred, according to test screening viewers
    Harry is not frozen by Dumbledore and is on the floor below the top of the astronomy tower looking up through floorboards at the events.
  • The two arriving came from the third trailer, and then Dumbledore telling Harry to leave, with Dumbledore saying for Harry to trust “whatever happens”, came from the second featurette:

  • A test screening viewer also confirms Draco’s disarming of Dumbledore
    Yes he [Draco] does [disarm Dumbledore], and Dumbledore looks startled.
  • A test screening viewer describes the tower scene
    They then apparate back to the top of the astronomy tower. There is no dark mark in the sky. But as Dumbledore says he needs Severus not Madame Pomfrey they hear a commotion and Dumbledore orders Harry to go and hide and not come out or interfere. A command the book Harry would never have followed, but that the movie Harry would obey. Harry goes underneath the wooden floor of the tower where Dumbledore is standing where he can see everything through large gaps between the wood slates. Draco arrives and Tom does a brilliant job as a boy trying to be fierce and terrified at the same time. Some lines from the book are rather butchered by Dumbledore saying things like "Draco, you are not an assassin." Then the deatheaters arrive all in masks except Bellatrix and Greyback. Bellatrix urges Draco to do it though his wand lowers slightly.

    Meanwhile under the floor Harry who is watching terrified with his wand at the ready is sneaked up on by Snape, whose wand is also out and puts his finger to his lips to make sure Harry stays quiet. My description does not quite capture that scene well enough, but I was surprised to find my heart ripping, perhaps because I knew what was going to happen when Snape appeared there. Snape quietly appears above, and Dumbledore, with far too much strength says "Severus Please."

    And Snape does the avada kadavra, and Bellatrix is ecstatic. The scene with Dumbledore being lifted into the air was unfortunately unfinished because we see him up in the air and then apparently falling down the side of the tower, but there was no motion yet. He is stationary in both scenes. I am sure more special effects will be added later. Then Bellatrix casts the Dark Mark (another amazing updated special effect with a black smoke skull and snake tongue).
  • Shots of this scene came from multiple sources:
    Lightning Struck Tower:    



  • Test screening viewers note that the film is basically finished once Dumbledore dies
    there’s maybe 5-8 min after his death.
  • A press-screening attendee described Dumbledore’s death:
    I think little edits similar to that throughout the movie is what helped bring the rating down. In addition, the way Dumbledore's death scene was edited; not that it's watered down, in fact I really liked the way it was edited. Kind of in the book, how you see Dumbledore fall back and then Harry's running. Also, after Dumbledore dies, there's no close up of his face like in GoF when you literally see the life drained from Cedric's eyes.
  • Rachezee discussed the Lightning Struck Tower scene during her interview with PrinceWatch:
    PrinceWatch Interview:    

    PrinceWatch episode 3 Rachel: I talked a little bit about the tower scene and -- with Draco and -- and Harry watching from underneath and snake -- stape -- Snape comes --

    Vince: Snape, yeah.

    Rachel: -- but it in -- like people are really, I think, worried about that scene. But when Snape showed up, I mean, it gave -- it actually gave me chills and that --

    Vince: Oh.

    Rachel: -- and I wasn't expecting that at all because I was -- I was -- I was still -- I was really caught up in the fact that it wasn't --

    Scott: Hmm.

    Rachel: -- you know, on how they interpreted it. I knew -- I knew they weren't going to do the invisibility cloak. I -- I had a big feeling about that, but I was cur -- you know, I thought it was kind of weird that Harry wasn't doing anything, and -- but Snape turned up just in time. It looked like Harry was just about to do something and --

    Vince: How long is that scene before Snape shows up?

    Rachel: It's not super long --

    Vince: Like how long --

    Rachel: -- but it's not -- it's not terribly -- it's not -- it seemed perfect to me. Like it seemed like he was just starting to gather, you know -- he -- it looked like -- the Death Eaters had just shown up and that -- you could tell that Harry was realizing this is not a -- this is not a joke. It -- you know --

    Vince: Yeah.

    Rachel: -- Draco is -- Draco might not be doing something, but those Death Eaters will. And so -- and that's when Snape showed up and he had his fingers to his lips and, you know -- and it was -- and Harry kind of is startled by him, but is scare -- you know -- and then turns really quickly back to look up, you know what I mean? And --

    Scott: Right.

    Rachel: -- and then Snape disappears and ru --goes up to the top. So ... (laughs)

    Vince: Wow.

    Scott: So we had a question about that scene on like the dialog from the book -- how much was that kept intact between --

    Vince: Yeah, like Draco and Dumbledore.

    Scott: -- Dumbledore, Draco, and the Death Eaters? Did Dumbledore refer to any of the Death Eaters by name or did they all have --

    Rachel: He said something like --

    Scott: -- their masks on?

    Rachel: -- I -- I know that it's -- a little bit was -- he didn't name any of the Death Eaters that were there. I -- it was obvious Bellatrix and Greyback were there, but that was about it. But the -- he didn't name like the Carrows or anyone else who was supposed to be up there. But he did say the Draco things like -- like -- I -- you know, it caught my -- I think -- "Draco you are not an assassin" and I thought, you know couldn't they just say killer? You know? (laughs)

    Vince: Yeah.


    Rachel: He's like -- [inaudible]

    Vince: I know.

    Rachel: But --

    Vince: Yeah, murderer would be power -- more powerful.

    Rachel: Yeah -- or something like that -- I --

    Vince: Yeah, it would.

    Rachel: -- assassin sounded strange to me, but -- but -- but it was - that's what they said. But -- or what -- what, you know, Gam -- Dumbledore says, but -- but it was similar. It was just -- you -- they had to leave everything out that was just not relevant to the movie so ... (laughs)

    Scott: So a lot of those witty things were cut then -- like where he was talking to them as if they were being invited to a tea party and was like, "Oh, you brought Alecto too".

    Vince: (laughs) Yeah.

    Rachel: No, because Gambon doesn't know how to do that. I mean, (laughter) it -- you -- I think he could have done it, but it was -- it -- it didn't come off that way because it -- it -- that's -- that's all about the acting and the directing and they have to know --

    Scott: Right.

    Rachel: -- to do that and I don't think they knew that. But it wasn't bad -- it wasn't poorly done either. It was -- he -- even Harry says at some point later that it looked like Draco was dropping his wand. He wasn't going to do it.

    Vince: Oh, he says it? He says it --

    Rachel: Yeah. He does say that.

    Vince: -- later on? Ah ...

    Meesha: Oh, that's good.

    Rachel: Yeah. I don't remember exactly where he says it, but I do remember him saying he was gonna drop -- he was dropping his wand. And I remember thinking --

    Vince: What --

    Rachel: -- I don't even remember seeing that, but I -- I'm glad he said that, you know what I mean? (laughs)

    Meesha: Yeah.

    Rachel: So ...

    Vince: What is Draco's reaction when Snape does the deed?

    Rachel: They -- he -- they turn and run really quick -- he's stunned.

    Vince: Ah ...

    Rachel: He was -- he was -- he was so, you know, destroyed pretty much anyway that he -- I don't -- I think he was relieved and scared and, you know -- and disappointed --

    Vince: Oh.

    Rachel: - and -- he looked right for the pa -- I mean -- he looked exactly what I would think you should -- he --

    Scott: Right.

    Rachel: -- but they run so quickly that it's not -- it's hard to capture that too quickly, you know?

    Vince: Bellatrix laughs, right -- or something when -- when it happens?

    Rachel: Yeah, she laughs. She laughs and then, you know, like that, you know -- crazy --

    Vince: She cast the Dark Mark, right?

    Rachel: Yeah.

    Vince: She cast -- yeah.

    Rachel: And that -- that was really cool. I don't think that that was the same as the last -- as the --

    Vince: Oh, so it --

    Scott: Goblet of Fire.

    Rachel: Yeah.

    Vince: -- was a different effect?

    Rachel: Yeah. That was a finished effect. It was really good.

    Vince: Okay.

    Scott: All right.

    Vince: Cool.


    Aaron: Going all the way back to when Snape tells Harry to be quiet on the tower -- do you think that can be viewed in both the perspectives of Harry -- of Snape is good and both --

    Vince: Good question.

    Aaron: -- that Snape is bad?

    Rachel: Well, I think it was just -- I think this is about -- I think that -- that what they were trying to show is -- is that -- whether or not Harry trusted Snape at that point. And it was obvious because of his -- you know, that he wasn't trusting Snape through some of this movie, but it wasn't super, you know -- it wasn't -- it wasn't -- it wasn't pushed as much as I thought it could be, but it was -- it was definitely there, like -- the idea that Harry did not trust Snape. It really seemed as though, you know, Harry, who -- wasn't -- didn't seem to trust Snape throughout the movie, actually decided to trust Snape at the last minute there and -- and then was totally betrayed, you know, when -- when Snape killed Dumbledore. So ... and that -- that was -- that seemed to be portrayed well enough to bring it into Deathly Hallows as Snape being a bad guy. You know what I mean? (laughs)

    Vince: Yes.

    Meesha: Yeah.


28. Flight of the Prince:    

  • Lord John Paul Castrianni, has confirmed an invasion of Hogwarts:
    I am involved in the invasion of Hogwarts (not so much of an invasion more of a skirmish) in which several Death Eaters attempt to infiltrate Hogwarts and find Dumbledore
  • The battle has been downsized, according to test screening viewers
    There is no battle in Hogwarts like in the books. Bellatrix and the others run through Hogwarts triumphantly destroying a bit of the castle in a euphoric tantrum along the way and then Hagrid's house is set on fire. But no one but Harry takes any action and that is only on Snape as far as I can remember. Snape blocks all of Harry's curses.
  • Producer David Heyman was interviewed about the film, one of the questions concerning the omissions at the end of the film:
    As you know, Half-Blood Prince screenings were recently held in Chicago, which has given fans an idea what to expect come July 2009. Many were shocked to see the omission of the Battle at Hogwarts and Dumbledore's funeral. Can you explain why these scenes were left out?

    DAVID HEYMAN: The reason why we left out the Battle at Hogwarts is because we have a battle at Hogwarts in the Seventh film and we are avoiding repetition. Dumbledore’s funeral was something that I really loved and is a fantastic part of the book and part of me would have loved it in the film. But we decided that while we loved it that what we came up with was the right ending for the film that we had made.
  • Many trailers and previews showed the Death Eaters passing through the Great Hall, whilst wrecking havoc:
    Great Hall:    



  • The Featurette and HBO preview also showed Snape leading the Death Eaters through the Castle:

  • A Panini sticker shows Draco with the Death Eaters:

  • It appears that Hagrid's Hut will be burned (staying true to the book) as evidenced by a set report
    Hagrid's hut was a short bus ride away, it had been burned, even saw Hagrid's pumpkin patch though there were no pumpkins. They filmed it burning with a load of cameras (I forget how many they said) because they only got one chance to film it burn. A lot of the outdoor sets have camouflage nets around them. This is because the neighbours complained that the light was reflecting off them and that they were ugly.
  • A picture of Bellatrix further confirms this, showing Hagrid’s Hut burning in the background.

  • More screencaps from the second and third trailers, show Hagrid’s Hut on fire again:

  • Trailer and Featurette screenshots show Harry during the Flight of the Prince sequence:
    Flight of the Prince:    



  • A test screening attendee confirms the reveal of the Half Blood Prince:
    Many of you asked what Harry’s reaction to Snape’s revelation that he is the Half-Blood Prince was. To be honest it was hard to say because he was lying on the ground besides being hit with counter curses from Snape, Bellatrix at one point runs up and curses him too, though I am unclear what spell she tried to use on him (much of the spell casting throughout the movie was done without words, and I am guessing, or rather hoping this is because voiceovers were just not added yet, but who knows).

    Snape yells at her, saying “Potter belongs to the Dark Lord” and she leaves. That’s when Snape approaches Harry who is on the ground whimpering and enraged. He says the line “You may have your mother’s eyes but you are as dim as your father” [Press screening reports state this line has been cut.] That is when he reveals he is the Half-Blood Prince. Then he leaves.

    I was disappointed that we didn't see the "DON'T CALL ME A COWARD!" line (I was waiting for it!) but I wasn't disappointed with the scene overall

    He doesn't scream like in the books - Alan Rickman's Snape has always been a lot more "controlled" than Jo Rowling's Snape, though. He is perfectly in character as what I think of as "movie!Snape"... very "dangerous" but no overabundance of anger
  • A Panini sticker shows Snape in front of the burning hut:

  • Rachezee discussed Flight of the Prince scene during her interview with PrinceWatch:
    PrinceWatch Transcript:    

    PrinceWatch episode 3 Scott: So, basically, the Death Eaters just walk in, kill Dumbledore, and walk out, and then Harry chases them? Nobody's in the halls? There's no confrontation at all? They just --

    Rachel: No.

    Scott: -- stroll on out of the castle while destroying things?

    Rachel: I vaguely -- I -- I'm -- I hope I'm not confusing what I remember with my book, but I -- I -- I vaguely remember them passing students who were kind of ducking down, but --

    Scott: Oh. All right.

    Rachel: -- and I think that actually did happen, but, you know what I mean? (laughs) Like it's --

    Vince: Yeah.

    Rachel: -- it's -- sometimes I find that I'm getting confused, but -- no -- that -- that -- I am virtually certain that happened. But, other -- but then no one stopped them, you know what I mean? No one -- no one was like --

    Scott: Right.

    Rachel: -- like -- no fight. And -- and Bellatrix was cele -- they were cele -- I mean, they were happy as hell. (laughter)

    Meesha: Right.

    Vince: She like jumps on the table, right?

    Scott: What parts of the castle were they destroying? Like -- they ran through the Great Hall -- it looks like and --

    Rachel: Yeah. I was hoping they would do the -- the hour glass, but they didn't. They didn't have those in the movie. You know, where they destroy --

    Scott: Oh.

    Aaron: Yeah. It's in a really bad spot in the movie.

    Rachel: -- the Gryffindor hour glass, but -- but -- but, no -- but they -- they -- they were just celebrating. And -- and then they -- and then Bellatrix set -- I believe it was Bellatrix -- set -- set Hagrid's house -- hut on fire, but Hagrid didn't seem to be in it.

    Vince: Oh --

    Scott: So Hagrid wasn't --

    Vince: -- he wasn't in the scene?

    Scott: -- in the scene?

    Rachel: He wasn't there, so ...

    Vince: That's weird.

    Scott: Huh.

    Rachel: I believe --

    Vince: Where would he be?

    Rachel: I don't know --

    Vince: That's weird.

    Rachel: -- at the pub, you know? (laughs)

    Meesha: Did he show up in that scene at all or --

    Rachel: No.

    Vince: Or Fang?

    Scott: Doesn't sound like it.

    Vince: Or Fang?

    Rachel: No. He didn't. He wasn't -- he wasn't in the movie very much at all.

    Vince: Is Fang in the movie at all?

    Rachel: I'm sorry?

    Vince: Fang.

    Rachel: I --

    Vince: Fang -- the boarhound.

    Rachel: Yeah. I -- I think he was there at one point, but I don't -- he --

    Vince: Oh.

    Rachel: -- he -- not very much. I mean, they were -- he was barely in the movie. He was there for the necklace scene the most and that's main -- mainly what I remember. I don't -- I just don't remember seeing much of Hagrid at all.

    Scott: That's odd.

    Meesha: Was he there at the end at all -- when they were doing like the -- the candlelight thing?

    Rachel: I believe he was, but I -- yeah, I think he was, but it was -- he didn't stand out unfortunately, (laughs) but I think -- I'm virtually certain the entire school was there.

    Meesha: Oh, okay.

    Rachel: So, yeah. But the person who stood out to me was McGonagall. She looked -- she -- she was the one who captured my eye. So ...

    Meesha: Yeah. Okay. I -- I want to ask you about when -- okay -- Harry chases Snape down -- do they actually duel or -- I mean -- is it just --

    Rachel: I'm sorry? Oh, Harry and --

    Meesha: When Harry chases down Snape and -- I mean -- do -- do they actually have a duel with Harry trying to --

    Rachel: Yes. And actually, that was -- that was --

    Meesha: -- send spells at him?

    Rachel: -- that was actually pretty good -- well done too. It -- the -- Harry tries to curse Snape -- we don't know with what, but he's -- he's ob -- he's throwing curses at him and the -- and -- and Snape has -- it deflects every single one of them. Like, he doesn't get hit by any of them. So --

    Meesha: And how's Rick -- how's Rickman doing through all -- I mean, is he -- can you tell he's angry or --

    Rachel: Yeah. He looks angry, but he also -- I think -- not enough -- for me, it wasn't quite enough.

    Meesha: Uh-huh.

    Rachel: It may have been for some people. It was - for me, it was -- he was a little -- a little too --

    Vince: [inaudible]

    Rachel: -- soft with Harry, you know what I mean? (laughs) But --

    Meesha: Yeah.

    Rachel: But --

    Meesha: Did they cut Buckbeak?

    Rachel: Yeah. (laughter) There's no-- there's no Buckbeak. There's no --

    Meesha: Yeah.

    Rachel: -- Grawp either.

    Meesha: Yeah. Yeah. I kind of --

    Vince: He actually --

    Rachel: At least I don't --

    Vince: -- just leaves?


    Meesha: So Snape --

    Vince: Snape just --

    Meesha: -- Snape just walks away. Nobody intervenes or whatever? He just walks away?

    Rachel: No. But then no one --

    Vince: What hap --

    Rachel: -- really knew he was -- there was anything wrong with Snape in the book either until after -- until they got to the hospital wing, so ...

    Meesha: Uh-huh.

    Scott: Hmm.

    Rachel: You know, that wasn't out of character -- you know out of --

    Meesha: Right.

    Rachel: -- [inaudible] wrong necessarily, you know, but no one seemed to know -- no -- none -- there was no teachers around or any -- no one was -- no one had caught up with them. It was just -- it was just Harry and Snape. And -- oh, Bella --

    Meesha: Right.

    Rachel: -- and Bellatrix runs up and tries -- and -- and then curses Harry and -- and gets Harry and Harry -- so Harry is down on the ground by the -- when Ha -- when --

    Vince: Snape --

    Rachel: -- Snape --

    Vince: [inaudible]

    Rachel: -- goes up to him --

    Vince: Yeah.

    Rachel: -- and says, you know -- says -- and says, you know, "you're as -- you -- you may have your mother's eyes, but you're -- you're as dim as your father" and then he says that -- "I am the Half-Blood Prince" or something like that. (laughs) And, I think --

    Vince: Ahh ... that's all he says? That's all he says about that?

    Rachel: Yeah.

    Vince: He just says that he's --

    Rachel: It wasn't [inaudible] --

    Scott: Was there a line -- a line about not using my own spells against me or something along --

    Rachel: No.

    Scott: -- those lines?

    Rachel: No. I didn't -- I didn't -- unless it -- unless I missed it, but I was lis -- I was listening for it so I -- I'm virtually certain it wasn't there. I was hoping --

    Scott: Oh. Okay.

    Rachel: -- for it. I liked that line. (laughs)

    Meesha: Yeah. That --

    Vince: Yeah, me too.

    Meesha: -- was a good scene.

    Rachel: I thought it was good. I thought the whole -- actually, I -- I thought that they were going to keep that dialog from the book because I thought it was usable --

    Meesha: Right.

    Rachel: -- but they didn't. So --

    Meesha: Yeah. It -- it sounds like they watered it down a little bit and --

    Rachel: I understand that they get --

    Meesha: Yeah.

    Rachel: -- you know, they don't use things from the books because it --

    Meesha: Right.

    Rachel: -- it can't -- more because it doesn't apply, but this applied. (laughs)

    Meesha: And that --

    Rachel: You know?

    Meesha: Yeah. That -- that will probably make more sense when they get to Deathly Hallows too so ... yeah.

    Rachel: Yeah. Yeah. So ...


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Re: The All-Inclusive HBP List

29. The Phoenix Lament:    

  • Test screening viewers tell us of the discovery of Dumbledore’s body
    Harry then returns to find the whole school gathered around Dumbledore's body, McGonagall in the front completely stunned and silent. Harry kneels down at Dumbledore's side, brushes a hair out of his face and finds the locket, but does not open it. Clutching the locket He starts to cry and Ginny goes and holds him also crying. Then following McGonagall's lead, everyone lights there wand (I think they all murmur something in unison but I can't remember what) and slowly raise them as one in the air. Final shot of that scene is from above with all the lighted wands surrounding the tower, Dumbledore, Harry and Ginny

    The scene with Dumbledore's body at the foot of the tower is very, very cool... I cried. Everyone is gathered around - I mean, lots of students, faculty, etc. Harry is next to the body, crying, and Ginny is comforting him - all of the others are keeping a respectful distance. Someone - I don't remember whom - raises their wand in the air, lighted up at the tip, and everyone else slowly follows suit as the camera pans out until all you can see are the lighted tips of the raised wands

    everyone raises their wands to get rid of the Dark Mark.
  • It is likely that track 26 of the soundtrack “Dumbledore’s Farewell” will play during this scene.

  • Rachezee discussed this scene in her appearance on PrinceWatch:
    PrinceWatch Transcript:    

    PrinceWatch episode 3 Meesha:… and they’ve got the tribute to Dumbledore – was that like a candlelight vigil with their wands?

    Rachel: Yeah, yeah it was definitely like a ceremonial type of raising of their wands – you know what I mean? It – there was meaning behind it – so, it was good – it looked nice. (laughs) It’s not the funeral but I mean at the same time, I actually wasn’t expecting the funeral. I think the cost of getting all those people for it would have been enormous so –


    Vince: And the scene at the bottom of the tower too like – and he sees the body at the bottom of the tower…

    Rachel: Yeah, and he fixes he – and he goes up to Dumbledore and he like fixes his hair or – moves the hair out of his face or something and then he starts to cry and then Ginny comes up…

    Scott: Was Dan good in that scene or was it another – “he was their friend”

    Rachel: No, he was good – he wasn’t screaming –

    Meesha: Oh, good

    Rachel: – he wasn’t overacting. I thought, well – this is just a personal opinion – I just thought that it looked slightly po – like Ginny was kind of holding him in an awkward way (laughs) like but it still was effective, you know what I mean? She was crying too…

    Scott: But the emotions were – were good, it was the…

    Rachel: Were there, yeah – I just remember thinking; she must be really uncomfortable (laughs) that was about it (laughs)

    Vince: Was she like sobbing or like – sobbing or tearing or…

    Rachel: Yeah, sobbing – the quiet sobbing, you know what I mean?

    Vince: Oh ok, that’s good

    Meesha: Yeah

    Rachel: But it’s truly a devas – you know it’s a devastating moment. I think they could have used Hagrid being there to say something but he wasn’t.

    Vince: But then if they put the music in there – the sad music that…

    Rachel: And that is what was missing is the – effective music for that scene would make all the difference in the world –

  • The second trailer, Full Trailer, a picture and Panini stickers show this scene:



  • The Panini sticker book showed a shot of an empty Great Hall. This shot could be used here:

  • Tonks and Remus’ part in this chapter has been cut.

  • There's a picture of Harry and McGonagall in Dumbledore’s Office assumed to be after the Battle. Harry appears to be holding the Elder Wand; Test screeners have noted this scene was absent:

  • Producer David Barron discussed this scene in SFX magazine, inferring the scene could be cut:
    Steve Kloves had written something for the end of this film, which I had accepted as being the ending from the book. It was only when I was reading the seventh book, and it was to do with Dumbledore's wand and where it went at the end of the sixth book before reappearing in the seventh. What we had in the script turned out to be logically impossible – we had Harry picking it up and taking it as a keepsake. When I was reading book seven and Hermione broke Harry's wand, I was thinking, "use Dumbledore's, you idiot". It was only when I was well into the book that I realized that we'd made that up.
  • A press-screening attendee describes this scene:
    The scene you first mention is simply Harry in mourning. He is in Dumbledore's office looking through some of his things, picking up his wand, almost as if he's trying to memorize everything he can about the man. McGonagall reiterates how much Harry meant to Dumbledore. It's touching, though not tear-jerking.
  • A fan visited the set and reported they saw Dumbledore’s portrait:
    She apparently visited Dumbledore's office, "...where his portrait is already hanging since they just told [him] they finished filming his death last week" (the set visit was at the beginning of March).
  • During a visit to the Deathly Hallows set, the portrait of Dumbledore was shown, sleeping. There are conflicting reports whether the portrait will be shown at the end of HBP:

30. The White Tomb:    

  • There is a scene is the common room, according test screening viewers vague remembrances
    No there is something in between but my memory of it is vague, I remember Harry standing alone looking at his dormitory, then he goes downstairs where Hermione Ginny and Ron, maybe Neville? Not sure, but they are sitting solemnly in the common room. One of them says "Harry's here" and they all turn to look, but I honestly can not remember what happens next but it was very brief.

    No Eileen Prince, but then, Hermione was not actively trying to figure out who the prince was. As for more explanation at the end about the Half-Blood Prince, I did not hear any. However, there is the scene I somewhat missed due to those annoying girls babbling away next to me at the end with Harry coming down to the common room to join Hermione, Ron and Ginny. I don't know what they said. It may have been about the Prince. I just don't know. *grumbles*
  • Mad Eye Moody has been cut and will not appear in this scene.

  • A reliable source seems to have confirms the rumour that the funeral was cut
    but Dumbledore's funeral has been cut.
  • However it seems it's just been "adapted" due to a comment made by Yates:
    "The film's playfulness is going to be great, and Dumbledore's death will be quite moving. Steve has taken the funeral from the book and written a beautiful scene. One of Jo's recurring themes is death and loss, and even though the sixth movie is playful and funny, Steve has adapted that Half-Blood Prince scene in a very poignant, plaintive, and special way"
  • Although, the funeral may possibly be filmed according to EW’s 2009 film preview and could be included as deleted footage or as part of DH1 as some speculate:
    Shooting Dumbledore's funeral was another tough scene for Radcliffe, as it took on the personality of an Irish wake thanks to some not-so-mournful extras: ''Because there's a lot of people there, it's one of those things that takes on a party atmosphere.''
  • Virgin Media’s preview stated there was a surprise at the end of the film. Whether it is a surprise for the book fans or for the movie-only fans, it is uncertain.
    If you thought that you knew everything about Harry Potter then think again, producers have hinted that some new revelations about the boy wizard will be revealed in the closing minutes of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince! Ooooh...
  • Test screening viewers describe the last scene of the film
    The last scene begins with the four of them there. Harry and Hermione at first are the only ones we see looking out into the grounds discussing the locket. Ginny and Ron are behind them on the sculpture and when we see them as hermione reads RAB's note.

    Speaking of the locket - some others have asked about RAB's note. In the very last scene with the Trio plus Ginny at the top of the astronomy tower, Harry and Hermione are talking and she says something like- "Its hard to believe that contains a piece of Voldemort's soul."

    He says something like "actually it doesn't. Its a fake. Open it, see for yourself."
    Hermione opens it and finds the note and reads it for us all to hear. I am virtually certain the note is identically worded to the one in the book. Harry says he knows that RAB has the real locket and they have to find him, or it. (Ginny and Ron are sitting on a sculpture behind them quietly listening) Ron probably says something but I don't remember what, because at some point towards the very end he joins Harry and Hermione.

    Harry then says he is going alone to find the Horcruxes. Hermione says something like, yeah right, you think your going alone? We are coming too. (major paraphrasing there) Then Ginny not saying a word sadly just walks away and leaves. She actually does not speak during the entire scene. Nor is she spoken to. She just listens looking sadder and increasingly heartbroken.
  • A press screening viewer further describes the scene:
    Hermione and Harry are looking out onto the horizon while Ron sits on the steps in the background. Ron still looks like he's in mournful shock. She says the line about his approval aside, as in, to where only Harry can hear it. But that's when Harry expresses his understanding that the horcruxes need to come first. He says the same stuff he does in the book, how he's not coming back and he'll try to keep them informed. That's when Hermione protests, calling him thick, and saying he needs them to determine and discover the other horcruxes, whatever they may be; during this line Ron moves from the step to stand next to them.
  • Discussion of Harry’s kiss with Ginny also takes place according to the press-screening attendee:
    Like the last few Potter films, it's like everything important happens in the last 48 hours of the school year and there's o-m-g-like-no-time. However, they don't completely sweep [the kiss] under the rug. The trio talk briefly about it in the closing scene.
  • The Guardian Set Report revealed a certain line from this final scene:
    "I'm not coming back, Hermione ... I have to finish what Dumbledore started."
  • It is likely that track 27 of the soundtrack “The Friends” will play during this scene.

  • The third trailer, released November, showed this scene:

  • The HBO preview also showed this scene:

  • A Panini sticker showed RAB’s note inside the locket:

  • A press sceening viewer discusses this scene:
    The ending of the movie was... odd. They seemed to need to tie up loose ends. It's basically Harry and Hermione standing talking on top of the astronomy Tower. It's a rather disjointed conversation about a number of things. There is a wonderful moment when Harry says he's not coming back and tells Hermione (it turns out Ron is sitting behind them listening but we don't see him for a minute or so of the conversation) he'll update the two of them with letters. Hermione tells him they'll be staying with him (duh!) and Dan's performance of Harry's reaction is so genuine- he really thought he would be on his own. It's like he's finally realised how wonderful his friends are and he's really grateful. Hermione then gives a terribly out-of-place line about Ron not being upset that Harry and Ginny have had something between them (the line is solely there to update the audience that Ron knows about Harry and Ginny's feelings for one another since Harry and Ginny don't date in the movie) It ends with the camera sweeping around the surrounding countryside and I felt genuinely sad that we wouldn't be going back to Hogwarts again- from now on, everything would change.
  • A test screening viewer stated that there was a slightly cheesy line at the end of the film:
    Well perhaps if they cut one of Harry's last lines in the movie I would not mind too much. He says to Hermione "You know, I never really realized how beautiful this place is." Oh well. Silly movie cheese. That is always to be expected.
  • Fawkes’ departure is in the film, from a comment made from a test screening viewer
    No fawkes lament, but the end of the final scene is the trio watching fawkes flying joyously through the blue sky and away. Movie ends.
  • The final shot was also described by a press-screening viewer:
    And of course the most promising foreshadow is the final shot which closes with the rising sun as Fawkes flies over the horizon. A promise of hope and glory and peace.
  • This viewer finally describes the credits:
    The credits look like parchment with ink splatters; I think it's supposed to be the HBP's book. I like watching credits, so I sat through them all, but this style only lasts until "unit production." Then it goes to the classic black and white credits with scrolling text.
  • Composer Nicholas Hooper stated that the track “In Noctem” was omitted from the film, but can be heard in the credits.

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Re: The All-Inclusive HBP List

Posters and Other Promotional Material:    

Teaser Posters

Character Posters 1

Character Posters 2

Character Posters 3

Character Posters 4

French Posters

Train Character Posters

Final One-sheet Poster

Darkest Hour Posters

Misc Posters

Cinema Displays Poster



TV Spots

Sneak Peeks:

[fieldset=Collective Videos:]HBP as of July 8th (in full) @ Megavideo (Youtube removed the first 2 parts).

Soundtrack Listing:    

  1. Opening
  2. In Noctem
  3. The Story Begins
  4. Ginny
  5. Snape & the Unbreakable Vow
  6. Wizard Wheezes
  7. Dumbledore's Speech
  8. Living Death
  9. Into the Pensieve
  10. The Book
  11. Ron’s Victory
  12. Harry & Hermione
  13. School!
  14. Malfoy's Mission
  15. The Slug Party
  16. Into the Rushes
  17. Farewell Aragog
  18. Dumbledore's Foreboding
  19. Of Love & War
  20. When Ginny Kissed Harry
  21. Slughorn's Confession
  22. Journey to the Cave
  23. The Drink of Despair
  24. Inferi in the Firestorm
  25. The Killing of Dumbledore
  26. Dumbledore's Farewell
  27. The Friends
  28. The Weasley Stomp

Release Dates:    


July 15:
Australia, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Egypt, France, Hong Kong, Holland, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Panama, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland (French), Taiwan, Turkey, Uruguay, United Kingdom, United States of America, Venezuela

July 16:
Czech Republic, Germany, India, Indonesia, Israel, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, Philippines, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland (German), Thailand

July 17:
Austria, Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, Norway, Ukraine

July 22:
Puerto Rico

July 23:
Argentina, Croatia, Hungary, Lebanon

July 24:
Bulgaria, Cyprus, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Romania

August 25:


Hope you enjoyed.

v.18 (the last) updated on 9/7/09

Go watch that film!

And none will come after...
Farewell to the Harry Potter films

(this was written way before Fantastic Beasts was a thing... )

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